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The Music of George Frederick Root


George Frederick Root, aka G. Friedrich Wurzel, was born in Sheffield, MA on 30 August 1820, and died, at the age of 74, on Bailey’s Island, ME on 6 August 1895. He published over 500 pieces of music from 1848 until 1896. He used his German surname Wurzel, the English equivalent of Root, for his minstrel songs. He had two brothers, Ebenezer Towner Root and William A. Root; and five sisters, among whom were Francis A. Root (who played and taught piano, sang and gave vocal instruction) and the youngest was Fannie Root. He married Mary Olive Woodman in August 1845 and they had two sons, Frederick Woodman Root and Charles Root, and four daughters: [Mrs.] Clara Louise Root [Burnham] (who collaborated on several cantatas with him); Grace Woodman Root, Mary “May” Olive Root, (a mezzo-soprano), and Helen “Nellie” Clara Root (a contralto). His father, Frederic Ferdinand Root, died in 1866 and his mother, Sarah Flint, lived from 1796-1881, dying at the age of 85. For fuller biographical info, see The Story of a Musical Life: An Autobiography by Geo. F. Root (Cincinnati: The John Church Co. 1891; reprinted by AMS Press, Inc, New York, NY in 1973, ISBN 0-404- 07205-4).

For two excellent dissertations about Root, see: George Frederick Root, Pioneer Music Educator: His Contributions to Mass Instruction in Music (1971) by Mazie Pauline Hinson Carder (aka Polly Hinson Carder); and A Study of Oratorios and Sacred Cantatas Composed in America Before 1900 (1954) by Ralph McVety Kent. Both are available from UMI Dissertation Services .

He is best known for the songs The Hazel Dell (1853), Rosalie the Prairie Flower (1855), Departed Days (1857), There’s Music in the Air (1857), Flee As a Bird (arr. 1857), The Vacant Chair, or, We Shall Meet But We Shall Miss Him (1861), The Battle Cry of Freedom (1862), Just Before the Battle, Mother (1864), Tramp! Tramp! Tramp. or, The Prisoner’s Hope (1864), Farewell Father, Friend and Guardian (1865), Blaine for Our President (1884), and The Plumed Knight (1884).

reprinted in The Sabbath Bell (1856): p. 128

The Ladies’ Wreath: An Illustrated Annual for MDCCCXLVIII.– IX.. Edited by Mrs. S. T. Martin, pp. 323-4

Hundred Years Ago (Song and Chorus

The Academy Vocalist;
or Vocal Music Arranged for the Use of
Seminaries, High Schools, Singing Classes, Etc.

Published by Mason Brothers, New York
[Feb 1852]

p. 126; also, The Repertoire. p. 72

p. 170; also, The Repertoire. p. 173

p. 201; also, The Repertoire. p. 131

New York: William Hall & Son, Plate No. 2734; Mills

The Shawm:

A Library of Church Music

embracing about one thousand pieces, consisting of psalm, and hymn tunes
adapted to every meter in use, anthems, chants, and set pieces;
to which is added an original cantata, entitled
DANIEL; or, The Captivity and Restoration.
including, also,
an entirely new and practical arrangement of the elements of music,
interspersed with social part-songs and practice.
By WILLIAM B[atchelder]. BRADBURY and George F[rederick]. ROOT,
assisted by
[350 pages; 6 Jul 1853]

My Shepherd (6’s and 4’s

Hail Happy Day (Fourth of July Chorus)

Universal Chorus (Praise)

The World Is Not So Bad

My Mother’s Voice (Quartette)

Summer Days (Glee)

Shed Not a Tear

Rock of the Pilgrims (Patriotic)

George Pope Morris

A Farmer’s Life (Glee)

Our Country Home

Blaisedell (Hymn, L. M.)

p. 89 [also on p. 110 of The Jubilee (1857)]

Portland (Hymn, L. M.)

Malleville (7’s and 6’s)

127/007; Our Song World. p. 65

Flying Home (Happy news for my mother) (Song and Chorus) [27 Apr]

Proud World Good Bye! I’m Going Home (No. 6 from Six Songs by Wurzel )

Swinging, Swinging All Day Long (The Song of the Old Hall Clock) (Solo and Chorus)

The Grammar Lesson

Music Is Ringing

We’ll Follow Where You Go

Where the Warbling

To the Mountain

Thoughts of Childhood

Hark! the Rain Drops

Over the Mountain

Graceful the Willow

Sweet the Quiet Evening

The Singing School

Softly on the Lakelet

Rushing Down the Mountains

The True and Noble

Softly the Day Reclining

Delight and Joy

On Atlantic’s Wave

Golden Glories Slowly Rise

In Tones of Grief

High in the Sky

p. 71-72; The Triumph. p. 120-121

The Passing Bell

“Up into the light”

To the Woodland

How Still Is the Air

When the Woodland

p. 84-85; The Triumph. p. 124-125

Lightly Fall the Snow-Flakes

Down the Valley

Sounds of Night

Beethoven. L. M. (from Beethoven; Arr.)

Sabbath Morn. C. M.

Varina. C. M. (Double,) (from Rink, by G. F. R.)

Denville. 7s. (6 lines.) (From HUMMEL. By G. F. R.)

Gainesville. 8s & 7s. (6 lines.)

Calore. 8s, 7s & 4s.

Eldred. 6s, 7s & 8s.

Lauda. 6s, 8s & 4s.

Weep Not. 7s & 8s. (Peculiar)

Olga. 8s & 4s. (Peculiar) (Arr.)

Stilltan. 8s & 9s.

Day Star. 11s. (Peculiar)

HYMN. “The Shining Shore.” (Quartet or Semi-Chorus)

SENTENCE. “The Lord is in his holy temple.”

ANTHEM. “O praise God in his holiness.”

SENTENCE. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” [from the Cantata of Daniel ]

MOTET. “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace.”

SENTENCE. “Come unto Him.”

MOTET. “How long wilt thou forget me.”

MOTET. “Return, O Lord”

HYMN ANTHEM. “He lives, the great Redeemer lives.”

Gloria Patria (Chant)

Te Deum Laudamus. No. 3. (Chant)

ANTHEM. “From the rising of the sun.”

CHRISTMAS ANTHEM. “Glory to God on high.”

PATRIOTIC HYMN. “The Pilgrim Fathers.”

CHORUS. “Hark! from the regions of Glory.

QUARTET AND CHORUS. “God of the nations.”

Mrs. Mary Ann Whitaker

HYMN. “In the silent midnight watches.”

SONG. “Flee, as a bird.” (Arr.)

[Mrs. Mary Stanley Bruce Dana, 1810-1883]

SOLO AND CHORUS. “How lovely is Xion.”

QUARTET or CHORUS. “Good night.” (German Folk Melodie) (Arr.)

Flee As a Bird [first published in 1856 on p. 373 of The Sabbath Bell ]

The Crystal Spring

The Repertoire. p. 200

128/091; The Repertoire. p. 59

Aleen (The Pearl of Juna)

Kind Friends, One and All (Song of Greeting)

128/023; The Silver Chime. p. 86 (for SAB)

126/016; The Diapason. No. 167

Lily Brook (No. 5 from Six Ballads [c1859; 13 Apr 1860]

Chicago: Root & Cady, Plate No. 6-4 (or 3760)

Low in the Dust of the Valley He Sleeps (Song and Chorus) [To the memory of my friend Isaac Baker Woodbury, 1819-1858)

My Home Is on the Prairie (No. 6 from Six Ballads ) [29 Oct]

Chicago: Root & Cady, Plate No. 7-4 (or 3762)

My Father’s Bible

My Mother She Is Sleeping (c1859) [26 Jan. 1861]

Oh Are Ye Sleeping Maggie

128/040; The Diapason: page 116

She Has Told It to the Winds

Softly She Faded (No. 2 from Six Ballads ) [29 Oct]

Chicago: Root & Cady, Plate No. 3-4 (or 3733)

The Forest Requiem (No. 3 from Six Ballads ) [29 Oct]

Chicago: Root & Cady, Plate No. 4-4 (or 3738)

Be Sure You Call as You Pass By

Don’t Run in Debt

C O L L E C T I O N O F C H U R C H M U S I C.




Choirs, Singing Schools, Musical Conventions
A N D S O C I A L G A T H E R I N G S.

G E O R G E F. R O O T.

Boston: MASON & HAMLIN. Philadelphia: J. B. LIPPINCOTT & CO. Cincinnati: W. B. SMITH & CO.
Chicago: ROOT & CADY

Electrotyped by SMITH & MCDOUGAL, 82 & 84 Beekman St. N.Y.
Printed by C. A. ALFORD, 15 Vandewater St.[N.Y.?]


The Repertoire

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Geico vs 21st Century
Car Insurance

Geico and 21st Century are two of the biggest names in insurance, with an advertising reach to match. Chances are you’ve seen more than one commercial from either in the past month. Geico was founded in 1936, while 21st Century was founded in 1958. Both are widely-trusted companies, but which has the discounts, services, and customer ratings that matter most to you? See how they stack up below.

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Geico uses a direct-to-consumer sales model rather than relying on independent agents to provide exceptional service and superior coverage to their valued customers.

21st Century, part of the Farmers Insurance Group, is a leading US insurer of automobiles, dedicated to providing customers with superior coverage and service.

You can use a mobile app to request service from Geico s Emergency Roadside Service, which will assist you if you need a tow, are locked out of your car, run out of gas, have a dead battery or flat tire.

21st Century customers are automatically enrolled in the 21st Roadside Assistance program at no additional cost. 21st Roadside Assistance provides 24/7 towing, lock-out service and other emergency services, limited to five service calls per vehicle per calendar year. 21st Roadside Assistance coverage is provided for up to $75 ($80 in TX, $100 in NC) in roadside services. Service applies to labor only. Parts (tires, batteries, belts, etc.) and gasoline are not included.

Geico offers an additional discount for vehicles with daytime running lights.

21st Century offers an additional discount for seniors in select states.

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The Benefits of Getting an Auto Insurance
Quote Online

According to the 2010 U.S. Online Auto Insurance Report by comScore, a record 2.8 million auto insurance policies were purchased online in 2009; that’s an increase of 80% since 2006!

The statistics around online shopping are not surprising. It’s easy, quick and more convenient to compare auto insurance quotes when you do it online. For many people, comparing auto insurance costs online means you can shop at your own pace. For others, it’s just a quick and easy way to save some money.

So are you in the market for auto insurance? Are you interested to see how 21st Century Insurance can give you the same great coverage for less? Here’s how you can make the most of it:

1. Be Prepared
Shopping for car insurance is incredibly easy if you’re prepared. Before getting started, make sure you have the following information available. That way you can be sure you’re making an apples-to-apples comparison of the coverage you’re pricing:

Your current insurance declarations page.

Year, make, model and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of each car you’re insuring.

Your annual mileage and distance to work.

Any security features on your vehicles.

Name, occupation, gender, number of years licensed, and driver’s license number of each household member old enough to drive.

Information about any accidents or violation in the past three years, including dates, who was at fault, if someone was injured and the amount of any claims.

2. Think about your needs
Look at your current policy and make sure it reflects your current situation. If a recent job change has you commuting fewer miles each day, it may entitle you to a lower rate. If you first bought your current coverage when your car was new, you may not have adjusted your collision coverage over the years. Older cars may not need as much coverage as newer ones.

3. Check Reputation
Your auto insurance is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Check the financial stability of a company by visiting a rating agency website. A.M. Best, for example, assigns a grade that indicates a company’s ability to meet its financial obligations. To see how satisfied other consumers are with the companies you are considering, view consumer complaint data at your state’s department of insurance.

4. Apply
Once you’ve found the best coverage, at the best price, go to the company’s Website and apply. Be sure to cancel the coverage you have with your existing insurance company and ask about getting a refund of any unused premium.

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Source: comScore, Inc.

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What You Need to Know About Getting
An Online Auto Insurance Quote

Determine your car insurance needs and requirements

Check for discounts when you buy auto insurance online

Make sure you have sufficient coverage

Getting an online auto insurance quote from will help you save time and energy. While the process is simple, there is some essential knowledge that will ensure you get the best coverage for your money.

Determine Your Insurance Needs Before You Buy Car Insurance Online

Establish a definitive list of your auto insurance needs before getting an online auto insurance quote. There are two separate aspects to this list – the legal requirements of your state and your own coverage needs.

First, determine exactly what your state s minimum coverage requirements are. Each state is different, so make sure you thoroughly research what you need. This is your auto insurance coverage ground level and you can work up to build a policy that perfectly fits your needs.

The rest is based on your assets, driving record, and comfort.

The amount of coverage you want covered for bodily injury and property damage liability insurance is something to carefully consider. Given today s medical and repair or replacement costs, you want to make sure that you are prepared with adequate protection. It is highly suggested that you purchase enough coverage to insure your own financial security in case of an accident.

Next, checking into your driving record can unveil a wealth of information. This may help you understand why you are paying your current price for auto insurance. Perhaps there is a speeding ticket from a few years back or a small fender-bender that you will need to take into account during the insurance quote process.

Finally, there is your comfort level. Consider extra coverage if you have a newer vehicle, are nervous about losing your car for a week or two and not having extra money for a rental, or simply want to make sure that potential repair bills will be covered. This is the portion you have the most control over – do you want to pay more for peace of mind or save some extra cash on a lower deductible? With a little thought on this point you will know the answer.

Check for discounts when you quote auto insurance online

Make sure to check on what discounts may be available to you prior to buying auto insurance online 21st Century Insurance offers competitive discounts, including a discount for good students and buying a vehicle with safety features like airbags and Anti Lock Brakes (ABS). A little due diligence could uncover cost-savings.

Keep Consistent Coverage when you buy car insurance online

If you are switching auto insurance companies, be especially careful to avoid gaps in coverage. If your current insurance policy expires and your new one has a few days before going into effect, you could be left without coverage. This is not only unsafe, but may be illegal.

To ensure this situation doesn’t happen to you, wait until your new policy goes into effect prior to canceling your old one (if changing mid-policy). If you are changing at the end of your current policy, work closely with a 21st Century representative to ensure that your policy will keep you covered.

Also, when canceling mid-policy, be sure to get confirmation of the termination in writing from your current insurance provider. You will have proof if there are any issues in receiving refunds of an unused premium, just in case.

21st Century is Here To Help

Remember that 21st Century has representatives on hand to help with any questions or issues that may arise and provide you with an online auto insurance quote .

It’s easy to get a free auto insurance quote and even buy a policy if you like what you see – all online at .

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Jackson Fine Art specializes in 20th century & contemporary photography. An internationally known photography gallery established by Jane Jackson. We have a strong focus on contemporary Photography while maintaining a blend of 20th Century and Vintage works.

Our artists include Roger Ballen, Vee Speers, Mona Kuhn, David Hilliard, Andrew Moore, Elliott Erwitt, Sally Mann, Mitch Epstein, Danny Lyon, Ansel Adams, Elton John amd many more. The Jackson Fine Art Private Collection features secondary market color, Black and White, vintage, modern and contemporary Photography. We sell publications, including fine art photography and photography books and monographs, at Jackson Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta.

Jackson Fine Art Gallery is located in Atlanta, Georgia in the Buckhead Area. Jackson Fine Art is an established and internationally known gallery located in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 1990, the gallery has three exhibition rooms, a print viewing area, a resource library with over 1000 books, offices, and a framing room. Exhibitions are rotated every six weeks. Jackson Fine Art believes that education is an important role of the gallery and frequently presents collecting seminars and artist talks to the community. The client list of Jackson Fine Art, Inc. includes public institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and The Museum of Fine Arts in Houston. Jackson Fine Art, Inc. has worked with many corporate collections including: Arnall, Golden Gregory; Delta Airlines; Jones, Day Reavis Pogue; Oppenheimer & Company; and Banana Republic. In addition to numerous corporate collections, Jackson Fine Art has assisted in developing the private photography collections of individuals such as Sir Elton John. The gallery has participated in various international art fairs including The Photography Show (AIPAD) and Works on Paper in New York; Art Chicago – The New Pier Show; Photo Los Angeles; The Gramercy Art Fair in Miami; and the Armory Photography Show in New York.

  • 3115 East Shadowlawn Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30305
  • tel 404.233.3739
  • fax 404.233.1205
  • Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm