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Medical Transcriptionist Certification Online

Online Medical Transcription Course Tuition | Career Step
Find out more about Career Step s online medical transcriptionist course tuition, payment plans and available tuition assistance.

Medical Transcriptionist Salary PayScale
A medical transcriptionist transfers codes from doctor s notes, in order to include the treatments and diagnoses in a document or a computerized database.

RMT CMT Medical Transcription Certification
Medical transcription certification is an additional, optional step medical transcription school graduates can take to become more competitive in the job market.

medical transcriptionist
The RHDS certification, formerly known as the Registered Medical Transcriptionist (RMT), is for recent graduates with less than 2 years of experience and who work in a single specialty environment, such as a clinic or a doctor s office.

Medical Transcription And Editing | Everett Community College
About the Program. Our Medical Transcription and Editing Program is an online, 43-credit certificate program utilizing state-of-the-art software and text materials for the at-home training of medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors (MT/MTEs).

Online Medical Transcription Training Certification
Blackstone Career Institute teaches you how to master medical transcription practice using modern transcription equipment. Speak to an enrollment specialist at 800.826.9228!

Medical Transcriptionist Training, Schools Career Guide
Medical transcription training programs are designed to prepare students to join the work force as professional medical transcriptionists. Medical transcription training is offered by medical transcription schools and colleges, and in some cases by online medical transcription training institutions.

Certified Transcriptionist, Transcription Institute
Transcription Certification Institute is the place for new transcriptionists to start their career by getting certified at a very affordable fee.

Medical Transcriptionist Tuition | Penn Foster Career School
Learn how to become a Medical Transcriptionist online. Start the Medical Transcriptionist training program at Penn Foster Career School today!

Online Medical Transcription School Online Career Training
Online Medical Transcription school. Real-World Instructors 100% Online Study at Home. Start your new career Today! Request Info or call 866.250.6851.

Become A Certified Medical Transcriptionist | Meditec
Medical Transcription. With Meditec s Medical Transcription program, you will develop the skills necessary to succeed as a medical transcriptionist.

How To Become A Medical Transcriptionist CollegeQuest
Thinking of becoming a medical transcriptionist? Discover what the career entails and the education required at

Medical Transcription Training Online Ashworth College
Medical Transcription Training Online. Put your interest in administration and your passion for healthcare to use with our Medical Transcription training.

Online Medical Transcriptionist Training, Stay At Home
Medical Transcription Training can help you secure Stay at Home Jobs with guaranteed results. Self Paced Class that can be taken from home.

Medical Transcriptionist Training Online | Penn Foster Career
Learn how to become a Medical Transcriptionist online. Start the Medical Transcriptionist training program at Penn Foster Career School today!

Medical Transcription Online Career Training Program | Ed2go
This nationally recognized medical transcription online course and training program prepares you to start a new career as a medical transcriptionist. This online certificate program is only offered in partnership with accredited college and universities.

Accredited Online Medical Transcription Training
Medical transcription is a form of record keeping. If you choose to study medical transcription, you will learn to listen carefully to audio recordings that contain notes from doctors.

Medical Transcription Training Online | Career Step
Career Step s online medical transcription training program prepares students to become both medical transcriptionists and medical transcription editors.

Online Medical Transcription Training | Brighton College
Brighton College, a leader in distance education and online career training, will help you begin a new career with our medical transcription diploma program.

Medical Transcription Tuition Online Career Training School
Online Medical Transcription tuition. Real-World Instructors 100% Online Study at Home. Start your new career today! Request Info or call 866.250.6851.

Top 10 Medical Transcription Schools

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Career and Technical Education

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Welcome to Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Minnesota State. We partner closely with the Office of College and Career Success at the Minnesota Department of Education to prepare students to enter high skill, high wage or high demand employment in Minnesota.

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  • The 2017 CTE Works! Summit Call for Proposals is Open
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  • Consortium Perkins Plan Opens March 1st
    Consortium leaders will submit their plan on WebGrants
  • CTE Student Success Infographic Released (January 2017 Edition)
    This CTE Student Success infographic is a collaboration between Minnesota State and Minnesota Department of Education.
  • The iSPEAK CTE Blog
    We invite you to peruse our blog on all things related to career trends, the future job market, and higher education in Minnesota.

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The General Data Protection Regulation is Coming fast: Will you be ready for 2018?

Data transparency

Your company has no shortage of data about customers and employees. But without a doubt, you don’t have complete knowledge as to all its whereabouts, its composition, its usage, how it was captured and how well it is being protected – at least not at the level of detail required by GDPR. Software AG gives you the means to fully comply with GDPR restrictions on personal data with solutions to properly classify the data you have and build a comprehensive record of processing activities and business processes. You’ll be able to satisfy customer inquiries and requests competently, and react quickly and effectively in the event of a data breach.

Reporting efficiency

Communication will be both a strategic and tactical strategy against compliance violation. If you can ensure stakeholders both internal (employees, subsidiaries, outsourcers) and external (customers, auditors and business partners) get the information they need, when they need it and in a palatable form, you’ve won half the battle. Use Software AG’s powerful reporting capabilities to deliver compliance status and progress reports for every audience, compile evidence of lawful processing for auditors and certification boards, and totally fulfill disclosure requests from data subjects.

Company-wide commitment

Even the slightest misstep in handling personal data could put your company at risk of non-compliance. Make sure everyone in your company understands the basic underpinnings of GDPR, their specific role in the matter, and, especially, what’s at stake – huge fines and a damaged reputation. Software AG’s GDPR solution, with its enterprise-wide reach, ensures you can effectively communicate and enforce your policies, principles, and procedures for compliance. Conduct readiness surveys and regular trainings – in particular, what to do in case of a data breach – to help foster personal engagement.

Risk sensitivity

The frenetic pace of our highly competitive digital marketplace and daily pressures to meet work demands can make risk seem like an afterthought. Yet, as GDPR demonstrates, data protection and security demand greater attention in the digital age – ignore it at your own risk! Make risk awareness universal to your business operations with Software AG’s solution to integrate impact analysis, risk assessment and mitigation into business processes. We’ll even help you identify where to direct your energy with issue and incident tracking capabilities.

Informed transformation

The authors of the GDPR recognize that the business world keeps evolving. They mandate privacy impact assessments when you introduce new technologies. This means for every software tool and process you add, you need to establish a risk-aware IT planning procedure for GDPR assessment. You also have to assess existing projects for GDPR-relevance and revise them accordingly. Use Software AG’s GDPR solution to implement privacy-by-design requirements, coordinate and synchronize all parts of the enterprise on planned changes, and work collaboratively with business to assess impact of GDPR on digitalization strategy. Move forward confidently on business and IT innovation with Software AG’s “whole-view” business and IT strategic planning and compliance platform.

Customer intimacy

Some are concerned that GDPR will put a dent in companies’ digitalization strategies. But the truth of the matter is that when it comes to delivering a superior customer experience, GDPR presents the opportunity to add data protection rights to your portfolio of personalized services. Software AG’s strong business process analysis and customer journey mapping capabilities help you assess the impact of GDPR on your digitalization strategy and the customer experience you offer. It will also show you where data capture occurs to provide GDPR-mandated information and where to implement “right-to-know” touchpoints.

Software AG offers the world’s first Digital Business Platform. Recognized as a leader by the industry’s top analyst firms, Software AG helps you combine existing systems on premises and in the cloud into a single platform to optimize your business and delight your customers. With Software AG, you can rapidly build and deploy digital business applications to exploit real-time market opportunities. Get maximum value from big data. make better decisions with streaming analytics. achieve more with the Internet of Things. and respond faster to shifting regulations and threats with intelligent governance, risk and compliance. The world’s top brands trust Software AG to help them rapidly innovate, differentiate and win in the digital world. Learn more at .

Your personal data is protected by Software AG in accordance with our privacy policy. You will be contacted only with your permission. Your personal data will only be processed within Software AG group and will not be made available to any third parties.

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Distance Learning Courses

Our online courses can give you a new career

At the Blackford Centre you can study for a new career – in fields that are exciting and in demand.

What’s more, our courses let you study where and when you want.

There are no exams: we use positive assessment instead.

And you don’t ever have to show up and be ‘stuck’ in a musty classroom to attend evening classes.

Since it’s distance education, everything is at your convenience.

Plus, you get a valuable qualification that reflects your new knowledge.

Courses like this one can give you a whole new career and way of life. We’ll give you the confidence to start the new career you’ve been dreaming of.

And we specialize in courses that let you start your own business.

To find out more, click the subject on the left that captures your interest.

Learn from the experts

Each of our separate divisions has its own specialized, expert tutors.

And we only employ tutors who are actively working in their field and who want to spread their knowledge.

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That way, you don’t get armchair experts or professional academics who lack experience of the real world.

Plus, we’re more practical than many organizations. So you’ll find our courses contain more detailed information and instructions about how to run your own business.

Study online

When you study one of our courses you’ll access all of the materials online. So you won’t have to wait for the course to arrive.

Once, you’ve enrolled we’ll provide you with login details and the name of your tutor. And as soon as you have these details you can log straight into the system and get started on the course.

Your tutor

As we’ve said, you’ll have your own personal tutor. Research shows you’re more likely to succeed in this interactive, customized way, compared with mere self-study or book learning.

Our courses are fun

Some organizations make their courses stuffy and tedious. We hate that. Our materials are written in a light-hearted way, so you’ll absorb the serious information while enjoying yourself.

That means you’re more likely to complete your course, and get the qualification.

We’re recognized

As you’ll see from the logos on the top right of this page, we’re accredited by many independent certification organizations. That means your qualification has real worth in the eyes of other people.

Payment is simple

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All merchants accepting credit cards must comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) before July 2010.

What is PCI-DSS?

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is a worldwide information security standard mandated by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Who makes up the PCI Council?

The council was formed as a collaborative effort between the five major card brands: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. By coming together, standards were created to help organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud through increased controls around data and its exposure to compromises. The major card brands have allowed acquirers and processors to enforce compliance through their own means.

Why should I become compliant?

You should become PCI compliant in order to make sure you are taking the proper care to ensure that cardholder data is protected. If a breach were to happen at your location, and if you are not PCI compliant at the time, the card associations may assess a fine against you and you will be liable for all the fraudulent transactions caused by the breach. However, if you are compliant, the fine may be reduced and you may not be responsible for the fraudulent transactions.

How do I become compliant?

As a merchant, you will be responsible to become PCI compliant by PCI regulations. However, as a USBSI merchant, we offer in house PCI assistance to guide you and your business in achieving PCI compliance. Merchants are often advised to complete compliance by going online or by requesting a Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). Through these outlets, USBSI’s dedicated staff will provide guidance and advice to questions you have regarding PCI compliance.

If you have further questions concerning PCI compliance and its requirements, you may contact a USBSI PCI Specialist at 888-525-8558 or visit the PCI Council’s website at

USBSI PCI Compliance


Online Certified Travel Agent Courses with Certification Info #travel #agent #online #courses,


Online Certified Travel Agent Courses with Certification Info

Essential Information

Most online travel agent courses are part of diploma programs that prepare graduates for national travel agent certification. Online travel agent programs can typically be taken fully online and depending on the school, can usually be completed in six months or less. After completion, graduates are prepared for entry-level jobs as travel agents.

There are several certifications available to travel agents. First is the Travel Institute’s Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) test, which certifies that graduates have entry-level understanding of the travel industry. For those who successfully pass the test, six months of work experience is required for the second certification, the Certified Travel Associate (CTA) certification. CTA agents are prepared for a career with a travel company or through independent practice.

For those who wish to advance into management roles, Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) certification qualifies travel agents in business negotiations and marketing strategies. The Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) credential is geared toward agents in upper-level management and indicates a higher-level understanding of business relations.

Online Travel Agent Classes

Commonly offered online travel agent courses are summarized below.

  • Travel Agent Training Course: The initial component of this class covers the history, function and marketing of the travel industry. Geography and travel technology are discussed, as well as the financial and business aspects of the travel industry, including marketing, communication and specialized sales. A second component of the course covers the function and use of industry-standard travel agent computer programs and students learn to operate by using a simulation mode that mimics real-world travel agent operations. The course culminates with career education, and students learn job-searching techniques and the fundamentals of working in the travel industry.
  • Certified Travel Associate (CTA) Certification Course: Travel agents must have 18 months of full-time industry experience or 12 months with TAP test completion to qualify for this program. Classes build upon topics covered in the travel agent training course, with emphasis on specialized travel sales techniques, consumer-focused professionalism and office skills. Students also choose four electives to supplement the eight core courses, with options ranging from management of time to sales of specialized travel packages.
  • Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) Certification Course: This 6-month program is designed for the established travel professional with CTA certification and at least five years of experience. Courses focus on marketing and consumer relationships and classes discuss the development of marketing strategies, productive management of office politics and effective presentation tactics. Graduates must complete relevant continuing education classes every year to keep certification.
  • Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) Certification Course: Candidates for this program must have at least five years of experience within the field and CTC certification. Courses cover advanced elements of travel industry business management and topics include the logistics of travel law, mutually beneficial conflict resolution, bookkeeping and marketing management. Students can have 18 months to complete the program.
  • The Hospitality Industry Course: This course provides students with a broad overview of the travel industry. Coursework typically includes the history of the hospitality industry, the influence of food and beverage services, sales and reservations technologies and branding.

Next: View Schools

Travel agents need little formal education. Learn about the training, job duties and voluntary certifications to see if this is.

Travel agents provide customized service for clients and make arrangements for transportation, hotel reservations, and car.

Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a travel agent. Get a quick view of the requirements, including.

Get info about online travel agent certificate programs. Read about program requirements, course topics, and descriptions, and.

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Ph: +91 98110 50802

We only assist in preperation. We are not authorized partners of

Our advise to all Salesforce Certification aspirants is not to mug up for the exam. Instead do Salesforce exercises yourself and spend time on every step. has the descrition to give you any set of 60 questions from it’s question bank. You cannot learn all questions and answers by heart.

There are several books available in the market these days, which give good pointers for preparation for the exam.

For the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam, read the “Salesforce for Dummies” book. It is available for 10$ at Amazon.
For the Salesforce Developer Certification Exam (DEV 401), go through the Fundamentals book available on Website. You can google for this and getyour free copy.

Practise a lot on practical examples before you go for the theorey topics.

My most important piece of advise to all of you is: if you know the right answer to a question, and why it is the right choice, you will pass.
Wish you luck.

Ph: +91 98110 50802

We only assist in preperation. We are not authorized partners of

Our advise to all Salesforce Certification aspirants is not to mug up for the exam. Instead do Salesforce exercises yourself and spend time on every step. has the descrition to give you any set of 60 questions from it’s question bank. You cannot learn all questions and answers by heart.

There are several books available in the market these days, which give good pointers for preparation for the exam.

For the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam, read the “Salesforce for Dummies” book. It is available for 10$ at Amazon.
For the Salesforce Developer Certification Exam (DEV 401), go through the Fundamentals book available on Website. You can google for this and getyour free copy.

Practise a lot on practical examples before you go for the theorey topics.

My most important piece of advise to all of you is: if you know the right answer to a question, and why it is the right choice, you will pass.
Wish you luck.

Business Intelligence Analyst Jobs: Career Options and Requirements #business #intelligence #analyst #certification,


Business Intelligence Analyst Jobs: Career Options and Requirements

  • Doctorate
      • DBA with an Emphasis in Data Analytics
      • Bridge (Doctor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Data Analytics)
  • Master
      • Bridge to the M.S. in Information Technology Management
      • M.S. in Information Technology Management
      • M.S. in Instructional Technology
      • Master of Science in Cyber Security
      • Master of Science in Cyber Security (Bridge)
      • Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • Bachelor
      • B.S. in Information Technology
      • BS in Business Admin. – Business Intelligence
      • B.S. in Information Technology with an Emphasis in Cyber Security
      • Bachelor of Science in Applied Business Analytics
      • B.S. in Computer Programming

Get Started with Grand Canyon University

4 Colorado Technical University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED
School locations:

Get Started with Colorado Technical University

5 Ashford University

Minimum eligibility requirements:
  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Programs offered by Ashford and listed below may not be related to the topic covered by the above article.
School locations:

  • DBA with an Emphasis in Data Analytics
  • Bridge (Doctor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Data Analytics)
  • Bridge to the M.S. in Information Technology Management
  • M.S. in Information Technology Management
  • M.S. in Instructional Technology
  • Master of Science in Cyber Security
  • Master of Science in Cyber Security (Bridge)
  • Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • B.S. in Information Technology
  • BS in Business Admin. – Business Intelligence
  • B.S. in Information Technology with an Emphasis in Cyber Security
  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Business Analytics
  • B.S. in Computer Programming
  • View more

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    of being a member of NACM

    NACM is committed to assisting every member, meeting their needs and addressing their concerns by offering easy-to-obtain, high-quality products, services and programs.
    Here you will find valuable tools for the credit professional, including links to training resources, online education, useful forms and timely publications.

    Take advantage of these resources and so much more as a member of NACM.

    Visit our Knowledge and Resource Center

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    Business Credit Magazine

    Credit Manager’s Index

    National Trade Credit Report

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    Aug 2, 2017 | 11:01 am

    Aug 1, 2017 | 10:20 am

    Jul 31, 2017 | 13:38 pm

    Jul 28, 2017 | 16:40 pm


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    Written on 2017-08-02

    Written on 2017-08-02

    New Texas Law Will Allow Suppliers and Others to Void Clauses on Projects that Require Out-of-State Resolution:

    Written on 2017-08-01

    Construction Spending Falls in June:

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    As the advocate for business credit and financial management professionals NACM and its network of Partners take great pride in being the primary learning, knowledge, networking and information resource for commercial creditors nationwide.

    NACM membership begins with a local NACM partner. Join our network today!

    Follow us on

    National Association
    of Credit Management

    Please schedule a visit. We are located close to Baltimore and not far from DC.

    Health Care Administration Certification Program Overviews #health #care #administration #degree, #health #care


    Health Care Administration Certification Program Overviews

    Essential Information

    In addition to traditional coursework, students in a health care administration certificate program may be required to complete internships at local clinics or health care facilities. Graduates may be eligible to pursue professional certification. Those seeking certification as a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) from the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) must possess at least a bachelor’s degree from a school accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education ( ).

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Health Care Administration
    • Health Information and Records Admin
    • Health Information Technology
    • Health Management and Clinical Administration
    • Health Unit Coordinator
    • Health Ward Supervisor
    • Medical Administrative Assistant or Secretary
    • Medical Claims Examiner
    • Medical Facilities Management
    • Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
    • Medical Insurance Services
    • Medical Office Computer Technologies
    • Medical Office Management
    • Medical Office Specialist
    • Medical Receptionist
    • Medical Staff Services
    • Medical Transcriptionist

    Certificate in Health Care Administration

    Courses within a graduate certificate program in health care administration focus on the intricacies of the health care industry, financial management, ethics, facility maintenance, legal aspects and patient care. Typical courses offered may include:

    • Public health administration
    • Health care management
    • Health care systems
    • Health care organization financial management

    Job Outlook and Salary Information

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), employment of medical and health services managers was expected to increase by 17% from 2014-2024 ( ). This increase was predicted due to an expansion of the health care industry overall, and thus an increase in the need for managers. In May 2015, the BLS reported the annual median salary for medical and health services managers was $94,500.

    Continuing Education and Certification Information

    Upon completion of a health care administration graduate certificate program, individuals may go on to earn a graduate degree, if they do not already possess one. In some cases, graduates may be able to apply their certificate coursework towards their graduate degree program. Most master’s degree programs include a thesis or field experience requirement, and doctoral degree programs focus on research, oftentimes requiring a dissertation.

    The AHIMA offers a certification program with the credential of RHIA. In addition to possessing a bachelor’s degree, applicants must pass an exam to obtain certification. Additionally, those who work as nursing care administrators and some assisted living administrators must pass a state licensing exam to be eligible for employment. General areas of health care management do not require licensure. For those required to maintain certification or licensure, continuing education courses must typically be completed at an accredited school, college or training organization.

    A certificate in health care administration provides professionals with a prime opportunity to advance their careers. Coursework for the certificate also prepares workers for certification, a requirement in some parts of the industry.

    Next: View Schools

    There are many schools within a 50-mile radius of Anaheim, CA, that offer healthcare administration degrees. Read about the top.

    Students interested in earning a master’s degree in health care administration in Dallas, TX, have only a few schools to choose.

    Read about programs in healthcare administration, through which students learn how to plan, implement and manage healthcare.

    Doctoral programs in health administration explore how to supervise the daily functioning of a healthcare organization.

    7 Accredited Medical Coding Schools in Tennessee #online #medical #coding #certification


    Find Your Degree

    Medical Coding Schools In Tennessee

    There are 7 accredited medical coding schools in Tennessee for faculty who teach medical coding classes to choose from. The graphs, statistics and analysis below outline the current state and the future direction of academia in medical coding in the state of Tennessee, which encompasses medical coding training at the following levels:

    • Medical Coding Certificate
    • Associates degree in Medical Coding
    • Bachelors degree in Medical Coding


    Arrange By

    340 Plus Park Blvd, Nashville, Tennessee 37217

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1556 Crestview Dr, Madison, Tennessee 37115

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    500 South Davy Crockett Parkway, Morristown, Tennessee 37813-6899

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1186 Highway 45 Bypass, Jackson, Tennessee 38301

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1860 Wilma Rudolph Blvd, Clarksville, Tennessee 37040-6718

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    415 Golden Bear Court, Murfreesboro, Tennessee 37128

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    441 Donelson Pk Ste 150, Nashville, Tennessee 37214

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking




    Professional Trends

    Tennessee Vs. National Medical Coding Employment

    Of all of the medical coding professionals in the country, nearly 2% are in the state of Tennessee.

    Employment Growth for Medical coding professionals In Tennessee

    This represents a growth in salaries of 15%. This growth is mirrored by state trends for all professionals. In the state of Tennessee, there is a huge variation in pay, within the field of medical coding. The pay differential between the highest paid medical coding professionals and those in the bottom 10% of the pay bracket is 139%

    Average Salaries for Medical coding professionals and related professions in Tennessee

    Health Information Management

    In Tennessee, medical coding professionals make, on average, less than their counterparts in related professions.

    Educational Trends

    Medical Coding programs available for each degree type for all schools in Tennessee

    As the number of medical coding professionals is decreasing in Tennessee state, the number of students graduating from the 7 accredited medical coding schools in Tennessee state is increasing. In 2006, 12 students graduated from medical coding courses in Tennessee. And in 2010, 170 students graduated.

    Thus there was a 1317% percent increase in the number of medical coding school degree or certificate graduates in Tennessee. A majority of these graduates, or 50%, graduated with a undergraduate certificate in medical coding.

    Medical Coding Faculty Salaries in Tennessee

    Share Compare

    Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

    We are now in the process of collecting data for the number of medical coding faculty in Tennessee, growth in the field of medical coding academia and medical coding faculty salaries in Tennessee. If you are involved in teaching medical coding courses to students at the certificate in medical coding, associates degree in medical coding, and bachelors degree in medical coding levels, please take a moment to anonymously submit your information to help us build a valuable database resource for the benefit of current and future faculty in the field of medical coding in Tennessee. Once you submit your information, you will get a chance to see the data we have collected thus far.

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    About Board Certification #health #informatic #certification


    The Commission for Certification in Geriatric Pharmacy offers a psychometrically valid and legally defensible board certification examination in geriatric pharmacy practice. Pharmacists who meet the criteria and pass the examination are entitled to use the designation “Certified Geriatric Pharmacist” and put the initials CGP after their name.

    Licensure to practice the profession of pharmacy requires passing a licensure examination. This licensure exam covers a very broad range of topics and knowledge. The basic licensure examination does not ensure that the pharmacist has an in-depth knowledge of geriatric drug therapy.

    Most training of health professionals involves learning about basic physiology, diseases, and the use of medications to treat disease. As a result, most prescribers and pharmacists tend to focus on the treatment of one disease at a time or the use of one drug at a time.

    What is different about older adults is the common presence of multiple diseases at the same time, along with multiple medications. Older adults also frequently have diminished kidney and liver function, which may require different doses or the use of different medicines than in younger adults.

    The geriatric pharmacist knows that the focus must be on the total patient, looking at all of the diseases and all of the medicines to evaluate appropriateness of drug therapy. The geriatric pharmacist also knows that the elderly are subject to conditions, such as falls, delirium, and cognitive impairment, that are not usually a concern in younger adults. Drug therapy must be evaluated with respect to the potential for medications to cause or worsen these “geriatric syndromes.”

    The contributions of the Certified Geriatric Pharmacist are especially important as the population continues to age. The baby boomers in the United States began turning 65 in 2011 and the aging of the population will continue to accelerate.

    Click on a link below for more information.

    Certified Paralegal (CP) – Paralegal Association of Florida #paralegal #certification #florida


    Inspiring professional growth. one paralegal at a time. ®

    Certified Paralegal (CP)

    In order to call yourself a paralegal in the State of Florida, you must meet the Florida Bar s™ definition: A paralegal is a person with education, training, or work experience who works under the direction and supervision of a member of The Florida Bar and who performs specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a member of The Florida Bar is responsible. Paralegals enter the field either through formal education training, work experience, or a combination of both. The vast majority of law firms now require a degree as a minimum requirement for prospective new hires. In addition, many firms also require the CP designation.

    To become a CP (certified paralegal), you must take the CP exam offered through NALA. Once you have passed the CP exam, you are eligible to take the Florida Certified paralegal examination offered by the paralegal Association of Florida (PAF). Upon passing the exam, you are entitled to use the FCP designation. Advanced certifications for particular areas of law are available through NALA; however, you must have obtained the CP designation before you are eligible for any of these advanced certifications.

    The National Association of Legal Assistants, Inc. ( NALA ), administers the CLA/CP Examination. Successful completion of this national, comprehensive, two-day written exam entitles paralegals to use the designation CLA or CP after their names. This signifies that these paralegals are capable of providing superior services to the law firms and companies who employ them and are eminently qualified to perform those services. As of January 31, 2009, there are 14,965 CLAs/CPs in the country and 3,866 of those are from the State of Florida.

    CLA s are required to have 50 hours of continuing legal education credits over a five year period to maintain the CLA/CP certification. Visit for more information.

    In 2006, NALA initiated a new web-based format for the advanced certification program. Current specialty certifications include Contracts Management/Contracts Administration, Discovery, Social Security Disability, Trial Practice, Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Business Organizations: Incorporated Entities. Programs added since then include Trademarks, Personal Injury, and Land Use. See NALA s ACP Page for more details.

    Paralegal Association of Florida does not offer any study groups at the State level; however our chapters do occasionally offer study groups and courses. Please contact the chapter nearest you for more information.

    Paralegal Association of Florida does not offer any study groups at the State level; however our chapters do occasionally offer study groups and courses. Please contact the chapter nearest you for more information.

    HILLSBOROUGH CHAPTER: (Anyone from the State may attend)

    Nancy Akins, ACP, FCP, FRP of our Hillsborough Chapter, conducts a CP Test Preparation Course on an as needed basis.

    PLEASE NOTE: You can take her class anytime – you do not need to be registered for a test. A lot of people prefer to take this class right before attending the test, however, it can be beneficial at the beginning of your study program because you will receive additional study materials, and know what direction to go in. If you want additional information, or have any questions, feel free to e-mail her directly, or give her call. I am sure she will look forward to hearing from you. Here is her contact information:

    Recent News

    Medical Administrative Assistant Certification Guide #administrative #medical #assistant #certification


    Medical Administrative Assistant Certification Guide

    Why is the CMAA certification popular?

    The CMAA (Certified Medical Administrative Assistant) exam is one of the more popular certifications available to secondary high school health science programs of study. There are several reasons for the popularity of medical administrative assistant certification.

    1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that medical secretaries are among the fastest growing professions, both in percentage and absolute terms.
    2. The CMAA certification is a great starting point for students who are interested in getting a job, while they continue their education towards positions like Medical Transcriptionist, Billing/Coding Specialist, and Medical Office Manager.
    3. The program is easier for schools to implement, because there typically aren’t requirements for clinical externships.

    How do Health Science Programs of Study work?

    Students who are interested in further study with CTE will choose a program of study, in this case for Health Science.

    Most health science programs have one or two years of foundational courses, where students learn basic skills that are required of all health workers. The basic skills typically include Anatomy Physiology. Legal/Ethical, HIPAA, Vital Signs, Medical Terminology. Medical Math, and more.

    Once students complete the health science core curriculum, they will choose a specialty within that career cluster. Popular career pathways for health science include Certified Nurse Aide, Administrative Medical Assistant, Clinical Medical Assistant, Patient Care Technician, EKG, and Phlebotomy .

    Each career pathway has unique requirements. Some will require clinical externships and others will not. Some jobs require state licensure and other’s don’t. Students need to be aware of the job requirements before selecting a particular pathway/career goal.

    How does the CMAA Certification Process Work?

    Eligibility: Students need to be 18 years old to be officially certified, but the National Healthcareer Association allows students under 18 to sit for the test and become provisionally certified. The provisional certifications can be converted to full certifications once students graduate and turn 18.

    Practice Testing: The best situation for students occurs when practice tests are provided by the institution. When this happens, students get 5 attempts at the test. Teachers can get feedback for each test attempt and help guide students towards successful results.

    Certification Test: Once students are ready, they can take the official certification test. The format of the real test is the same as the practice tests (100 questions), but the actual questions will be different.

    Medical Administrative Assistant Certification Best Practices

    1. Review the CMMA Test Plan (linked at the bottom of this article) to gain an understanding of what is on the test. Please note that the test will be changing in July 2015. Be sure to review the correct edition for your students.
    2. Start with a strong core curriculum, that is aligned with the certification tests.
    3. Provide opportunities for students to take many online assessments. This will help prepare them for the online multiple-choice format used in CMAA test.
    4. Use a curriculum that goes beyond the health care core, to help students master the concepts specific to the CMAA certification. NHA provides study guides and practice exams, but they aren’t meant to be used as a curriculum.
    5. Have students take their first practice assessment early in the school year, so there is plenty of time to close any knowledge gaps.
    6. Students should use the NHA study guides and practice assessments, in combination with normal course curriculum, to be as prepared as possible.
    7. Take one last practice assessment, close to the scheduled time of the official exam. This will give students one more practice attempt.
    8. Pass the exam!

    Medical Administrative Assistant Certification Resources

    About Ken Richard

    23 Accredited Human Resources Schools in North Carolina #human #resources #certification #programs


    Find Your Degree

    Human Resources Schools In North Carolina

    There are 24 accredited human resources schools in North Carolina for faculty who teach human resources classes to choose from. Below are statistics and other relevant data to help analyze the state of human resources and human resources training in North Carolina, which includes human resources training at the following levels:

    • Human Resources Certificate
    • Associates degree in Human Resources
    • Bachelors degree in Human Resources
    • Masters degree in Human Resources


    Arrange By

    Boone, North Carolina 28608

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    340 Victoria Rd, Asheville, North Carolina 28801-4897

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    200 ACC Drive NE, Wilson, North Carolina 27893-7000

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1105 Kelly Dr, Sanford, North Carolina 27330-9840

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1201 Elizabeth Avenue, Charlotte, North Carolina 28204

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    297 Davidson Community College Rd, Thomasville, North Carolina 27360-7385

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    2201 Hull Rd, Fayetteville, North Carolina 28303-0236

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    201 Hwy 321 S, Dallas, North Carolina 28034

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    601 High Point Rd, Jamestown, North Carolina 27282

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    833 Montlieu Ave, High Point, North Carolina 27262-3598

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    3800 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, North Carolina 27607-5298

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    310 Gaither Circle, Box 1267, Montreat, North Carolina 28757-1267

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    634 Henderson St, Mount Olive, North Carolina 28365-0919

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    103 South Bldg Cb 9100, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599

    29 U.S. News National University Ranking

    15 E Peace St, Raleigh, North Carolina 27604-1194

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1986 Pitt Tech Road, Winterville, North Carolina 28590

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1900 Selwyn Ave, Charlotte, North Carolina 28274-0001

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    Hwy 65w County Home Rd, Wentworth, North Carolina 27375-0038

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1315 Oakwood Avenue, Raleigh, North Carolina 27610-2298

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    1247 Jimmie Kerr Road, Graham, North Carolina 27253-8000

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    9101 Fayetteville Road, Raleigh, North Carolina 27603-5696

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    Cullowhee, North Carolina 28723-9646

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

    3800 Arco Corporate Dr Ste 100, Charlotte, North Carolina 28273-3409

    N/A U.S. News National University Ranking




    Professional Trends

    North Carolina Vs. National Human Resources Employment

    Approximately 3% of the country’s human resources professionals work in North Carolina state.

    Employment Growth for Human resources professionals In North Carolina

    Educational Trends

    The number of students graduating from the 24 accredited human resources schools in North Carolina is increasing. In North Carolina, there were 283 graduates in 2006. And there were 421 graduates from human resources courses in 2010.

    There was an increase in the number of human resources school degree or certificate graduates in North Carolina by 49%. A majority of these graduates, or 36%, graduated with a undergraduate certificate in human resources.

    Human Resources Faculty Salaries in North Carolina

    Share Compare

    Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

    The number of human resources faculty, growth in the field of human resources academia and human resources faculty salaries in North Carolina, is all data we are currently in the process of collecting. Please enter your information in the form below if you are involved in teaching human resources courses to students at the certificate in human resources, associates degree in human resources, bachelors degree in human resources, and masters degree in human resources levels This will help us build a valuable free database resource for the benefit of current and future faculty in the field of human resources in North Carolina. All information you submit will be anonymous. Once you submit your information, you will get a chance to see an overview of what we have learned thus far from you and your peers.

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    Houston Home Inspection, Professional Inspector Greg Genser #professional #real #estate #inspection, #inspector,


    Professional Real Estate Inspection services include New Home Inspection, Resale Home Inspection, Room Addition/Remodel Home Inspection, Condominium Inspection, Town Home Inspection, Vacation Home Inspection, Apartment Building Inspection, Multi-Family Building Inspection, Commercial Building Inspection, Home Maintenance Inspection, 1 Year Home Warranty Inspection, Home Construction Phase Inspection and Construction Draw Certification Inspection.

    All Professional Inspections thoroughly performed by Greg Genser . with Experience Professionalism you can depend on since 1991.

    Introductory Video by Greg Genser

    • Detailed Thorough Home InspectionReports emailed same day

    •General Liability, Errors Omissions Insurance Coverage for your protection

    •Supra Key for electronic lockbox for Scheduling Convenience

    •Credit Cards accepted through PayPal (CC payment required prior to inspection)

    Thank you for considering Cypress Inspections for your professional real estate inspection needs, as it would be my honor and privilege to work for you. My commitment to you is to perform the most detailed and thorough inspection and written report that I can provide, and deliver that information to you in a clear manner so you can make an educated and informed decision. If you do not hire Cypress Inspections. please do your due diligence and hire the most experienced, knowledgable professional inspector you interview that meets your specific inspection needs. All Texas licensed home inspectors are required to perform a minimum level of service as stated in the Standards of Practice 535.227-535.233 by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), which I exceed. However, all inspectors and inspection companies may not provide you with this minimum level of service required by law. Please perform a thorough interview of each company you are considering. For reviews-testimonials from actual customers, please click the Angie’s List icon below.

    Serving areas including Houston, Cypress, Houston Heights, Rice Military,Museum District, West University, Galleria, Bellaire, Downtown, Midtown, Greenway Plaza, River Oaks, Montrose, Garden Oaks, Memorial, Spring Branch, Oak Forest, Timbergrove, Briar Forest, Tomball, Spring, Jersey Village, Spring Branch, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Humble, Conroe, Lake Conroe, Champion Forest, Sugar Land, Richmond, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Royal Oaks, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Magnolia, Hempstead, Waller. Surrounding areas include Harris County, Fort Bend County, Northern Brazoria County, Montgomery County and Waller County. Additional areas upon request.

    CheckmOut Security and Investigation Services, LLC #ctpat, #c-tpat, #free #and #secure #trade,


    Check-M-Out.Com – About Us


    Was formed to support supply the legal industry and corporate human resources personnel with the best sources of legally available data.

    Quality people and high standards are ensuring an urgent and professional response to all your legal needs!

    Check-M-Out Security Services Investigations has over 120 years of combined legal services, including retired law enforcement supervisors DEA / ATF agents. We provide professional investigations, interviews, surveillance, trial preparations, level #3 background investigations. All programs designed to help your clients solve problems and meet today’s legal challenges.


      Our policy is to supply services that comply with all Best Practice rules and that meet our customer requirements with a goal of 100% customer satisfaction.

    We declare our commitment to apply the resources and programs necessary to achieve preferred vendor status in all areas targeted for excellence, speed, quality, delivery, cost, technology and management.

    Jim O’Connor CAS, CHS-III, CFE – Director of Operation: Licensed N.J. Private Investigator –

      Is a Retired Detective Lieutenant of Police, from Newark, N.J. He is the Senior Partner with Check-M-Out Security Services, Investigations, LLC. CAS- Certified Anti-Terrorism Expert and NJ SORA Certified Instructor.

    Member Meadowlands Regional Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors. Chairman Meadowlands Security Committee, Meadowlands USA magazine Column entitled – “The Meadowlands Regional Security Corner”

    Partial list prior commands:

    • Essex / Union Auto theft Task Force – Operations Commander
    • Commander Newark Police Narcotics Section
    • Commander – TARGET Auto Recovery Unit
    • Tactical / Emergency Service Unit
    • Section Commander Vice Unit
    • Executive Officer Criminal Investigation Division – Newark Police
    • Special Enforcement Teams – Training Coordinator
    • Certified NJ State Police Training Commission as an Instructor – Newark Police Academy

    Partial List Awards:

    Class A Medal of Honors

    Partial List of Training: Dozens of continuing education programs attended. Including – FBI, Secret Service, DEA, ATF, NJ State Police. Essex County, Rutgers University, as well as South Western University. FEMA – Trained, Member American College of Forensic Examiners

    Consultants – Also N.J. & N.Y. Licensed Private Investigators

    Jerry O’Connor MA, CAS, CHS-III

    Health Care Jobs with a Bachelor s Degree #health #care #administrator #certification


    Bachelor’s Degree Careers in Health Care

    Do you have an bachelor’s degree or are you considering getting one? Discover your options for a career in health care.

    The field of health care offers hundreds of career opportunities for those prepared with a bachelor’s degree (4-year degree). The pay in health care career fields is often at or above that of other sectors for the bachelor’s educated professional. The great thing about health care is that there is something for almost everyone with a bachelor’s level education. You might be looking for direct patient interaction like a nurse has. Or you may be a non-patient interaction type, but still want to be in the field of health care since the sector is booming. Health care needs bachelor’s educated people in non-patient interaction roles as well, for instance, in the marketing or IT departments at a hospital.

    Related Bachelor Degree Resources.

    What are the benefits to earning a bachelor’s degree?

    Some bachelor’s degree careers in the health care field will require additional training once on the job, some require certification, and some will require a license. Ultimately these are part of the professional career track and necessary for growth in the field. The great thing about a bachelor’s degree, in addition to the level of career preparation it offers, is that it opens the door to graduate school. Bachelor’s educated individuals frequently decide to return to school to earn a graduate degree once they have found an area of work they enjoy and want to excel in.

    The difference between online and campus based learning

    Bachelor’s degree programs can be found at colleges and universities across the U.S. A majority of these colleges and universities also offer online options to complete the degree. The one exception to this is the baccalaureate of science in Nursing (BSN), which requires clinical hours and laboratory time that cannot be completed via an online format. So, if you are planning to become a nurse, expect to attend a campus-based baccalaureate in nursing program.

    The online format does offer flexibility to pursuing a bachelor’s level education. Many students choose to work while completing their degree online. Hybrid bachelor’s degree programs are also quite popular. These programs are administered partly online and require some classroom attendance.

    The significance of school accreditation

    One of the most important items to be aware of is the school’s accreditation as well as the program’s accreditation or approval. There are numerous accrediting bodies and some are not as well respected as others. Some professional certifying bodies require graduation from a program that has been accredited by a specific agency to be eligible for their certification exams. An example of this is for RHIA certification, which requires graduation from a Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) accredited bachelor’s program in Health Information Management.

    Do your research on schools and programs. Ask the admissions department about their accreditation, job placement rates for graduates, NCLEXRN pass rates (for nursing schools) and about financial aid opportunities. Learn about the opportunities a bachelor’s degree can provide in the field of health care by exploring the careers in this category.

    Health Care Careers that may Require a Bachelor’s Degree

    Health Care Pathway

    Certification / Licensure Requirements

    Cloud Computing Security Training, Certification – Institute of Information Security, Mumbai(India) #cloud



    Cloud computing is the use of hardware and software resources that are delivered as a service typically over the Internet. It entrusts remote services with user’s data, software and computation.

    Although there are numerous business advantages and opportunities offered by cloud computing in terms of improved availability, scalability, flexibility etc. it is important to tap its business potential carefully. Securing the client data in the “cloud” must be the prime concern for the cloud service provider. Legal concerns over jurisdiction of client data in “cloud” needs to be addressed properly. This is because the stored data may not reside with service provider in its own data center or at a single location.

    In this course, we shall first discuss the characteristics of cloud computing and later on focus specifically on cloud security’s best practices taking reference from industry standards like NIST, OWASP, Cloud Security Alliance etc. We then look into the broad set of policies, technologies, and controls deployed to protect client data, applications and infrastructure associated with cloud computing.

    Who should attend?

    • Business Owners
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Senior Managers
    • Cloud solution providers
    • Business Analysts
    • Developers
    • Compliance managers
    • Security Enthusiasts

    Course Contents

    Session One: Cloud Knowledge Foundation
    • Introduction to cloud
    • History of Cloud Computing
    • Architectural Overview
    • Security Architecture
    • Terms & Terminologies
    • Cloud Deployment Types
      • Public Cloud
      • Private Cloud
      • Hybrid Cloud
      • Community Cloud
    • Service Model Types
      • Software As Service
      • Platform As Service
      • Infrastructure As Service
    • Some Real-world Cloud scenarios – Case Studies
    Session Two: Knowing Cloud Vendors – Demos

    Online Course: Effective Communication 101 – CEUs and Certificate #communications #class #online,


    Effective Communication 101

    Lesson 1: Recognizing and Understanding Communication Styles

    This lesson will help recognize four of the major communication styles. Each style serves a different purpose, and you will be able to identify those and understand which is the most effective.

  • Lesson 2: Verbal Communication

    This lesson will break down verbal communication into various subcategories. It will help to find key areas for improvement when misunderstandings arise.

  • Lesson 3: Nonverbal Communication

    This lesson will help you learn to use nonverbal cues to better understand others. Likewise, you can hone these skills to be sure you are effectively communicating your ideas.

  • Lesson 4: Communicating in Writing

    This lesson will address the different components of written communication. It will enable individuals to use writing to maximize their ability to communicate for personal and business reasons.

  • Lesson 5: Cultivating Conversational Skills

    This lesson teaches the most important skills required to use conversation as an effective form of communication. Mastering conversational skills makes you more interesting, and more likely to truly experience two-sided communication.

  • Lesson 6: Group Communication

    In this lesson, you will learn more about group dynamics and how to use them to your advantage. Groups have very specific ways of interacting, and anticipating this can be invaluable in making sure the group actually is effective.

  • Lesson 7: Communications Technology

    In this lesson, you will learn more about the technology currently available to make communication faster and easier. You will also learn what kinds of repercussions this access to instant communication has on business and personal relationships.

  • Lesson 8: Barriers to Communication

    The goal of this lesson is to learn to recognize where there might be breakdowns in communication. By knowing what problems you are facing, you are more prepared to avoid them altogether.

  • Lesson 9: Cultural Aspects of Communication

    In this lesson, you will learn about the field of cross-cultural communication. You will discover what types of barriers to expect, and what you can do to overcome them.

  • Lesson 10: Disagreements and Conflicts

    In this lesson, you will learn how to handle disagreements before and after they occur.

  • Lesson 11: Negotiation

    In this lesson, you will learn the basics of negotiation. It will also pull together some of the skills you have learned throughout this course and show you how to utilize them to reach a specific goal.

  • Lesson 12: Constructive Criticism

    In this lesson, you will learn how to offer and receive constructive criticism. You will also learn the dynamics of the critical relationship.

  • Additional Course Information

    • Document Your Lifelong Learning Achievements
    • Earn an Official Certificate Documenting Course Hours and CEUs
    • Verify Your Certificate with a Unique Serial Number Online
    • View and Share Your Certificate Online or Download/Print as PDF
    • Display Your Certificate on Your Resume and Promote Your Achievements Using Social Media

    Course Title: Effective Communication 101

    Course Number: 7550121

    Learning Outcomes

    By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:

    • Recognize and describe various communication styles.
    • Define verbal communication.
    • Define nonverbal communication.
    • Demonstrate proper techniques when communicating in writing.
    • Demonstrate techniques for improving conversational skills.
    • Demonstrate techniques for improving group communication.
    • Describe techniques for improving communications with technology.
    • Define barriers to communication.
    • Compare and contrast cultural aspects of communication.
    • Describe communication strategies to resolve disagreements and conflicts.
    • Describe negotiation strategies.
    • Describe how to receive and deliver constructive criticism, and
    • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

    Related Courses

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    Copyright 1999-2017 Universal Class All rights reserved.

    Online Project Management Graduate Certificate #management #certification #programs


    Online Project Management Graduate Certificate

    Related Programs

    The Boston University online Graduate Certificate in Project Management is an opportunity to study alongside motivated professionals as you master tools and techniques to help you deliver solutions on time and within budget—and to achieve the career advancement you seek in today s competitive project management environment.

    Under the guidance of distinguished faculty, you will examine detailed case studies, conduct project simulations, and gain both theoretical and practical expertise in:

    • Project planning and control
    • Project management life cycle
    • Methodologies of effective leadership and motivation
    • Essential project management tools and techniques
    • Cost-management and risk management
    • Project quality management and procurement management

    Successful graduates will be prepared to move forward in a wide variety of project management related careers, and will have gained excellent preparation for PMP ® Certification from the Project Management Institute.

    Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Project Management will be able to demonstrate:

    • Proficiency in developing a project management life cycle.
    • Proficiency in all basic project management tools and techniques, with an emphasis in communications, risk analysis, cost estimation and budgeting, and quality control.
    • Knowledge of tools for project scheduling, templates for project management and communication, and techniques to measure cost variance, schedule variance, and earned value.

    Why Choose BU’s Certificate in Project Management?

    • Boston University certificate programs comprise just four courses (16 credits) and provide essential skills and capabilities in high-growth industry areas. Certificate programs also provide a pathway to Metropolitan College management degree programs.
    • Learning from expert faculty from MET’s Department of Administrative Sciences, students will be prepared to move forward in a wide variety of project management related careers, and will have gained excellent preparation for PMP ® Certification from the Project Management Institute.
    • Online certificate programs share courses and instructors with MET’s master’s degree programs in management, ranked among the nation’s Best Online Graduate Business Programs (Excluding MBAs) by U.S. News World Report in 2017.

    Develop the ability to manage project resources by learning the tools and techniques needed to monitor and track complex projects and schedules. Learn more about BU’s Project Management graduate degrees.

    Career Outlook

    Construction Managers

    5% increase in jobs through 2024

    $87,400 median annual pay in 2015

    Nurse Aide Programs in Louisiana #cna #classes #in #louisiana, #cna #classes #la,


    CNA Classes in Louisiana

    Nurse Aide Training Programs in Louisiana

    Advance Healthcare Institute (AHCI) is one of the schools you should consider when looking for nursing assistant courses in Louisiana. Founded by a nurse with over 30 years of experience, they take the time to give you the 1:1 attention and training needed to help you be successful. Their mission is to educate and train competent individuals who will provide outstanding care and service for patients in a compassionate and respectful manner. Unlike many other programs in Louisiana, Advance Healthcare Institute does not require any previous medical experience, high school diploma, GED, or any college credit. And the best part is that you can be certified in just two weeks! Tuition is just $700 (split in two payments of $350) and the class includes 40 hours of hands-on training and 40 hours of clinical training for a total of 80 hours.

    Tuition also covers the program books, registration fee, liability insurance, required screening exams, criminal background check, one uniform, and the final exam fee. To be admitted into the program you must be 18 years or older, pay the $150 registration fee, and pass the physical exam, TB skin test, drug test, and criminal background check. Advance Healthcare Institute is licensed by the Louisiana Board of Regents and adheres to the rules and regulations of the Louisiana Proprietary Schools Advisory Commission. New classes start twice a month and AHCI is dedicated to providing the best quality and fastest CNA training in Baton Rouge. If you are interested in this CNA training program, you can register on their website, call them or visit their Baton Rouge office during open enrollment every Wednesday from 4:30 – 7:00 PM. Contact information for Advance Healthcare Institute is listed below.

    Our Lady of the Lake College – Baton Rouge
    7434 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808

    L. E. Fletcher Technical Community College – Houma
    310 St. Charles Street, Houma, LA 70361

    Elaine P. Nunez Community College CNA Training Program – Chalmette
    3710 Paris Road, Chalmette, Louisiana 70043

    Sowela Technical Community College – Lake Charles
    3820 J Bennett Johnston Ave. PO Box 16950, Lake Charles, LA 70616

    Cameron College Nurse Aide Training – New Orleans
    2740 Canal Street, New Orleans, Louisiana 70119

    Louisiana Technical College CNA Program – Bastrop Campus
    P.O. Box 1120, Kammell Street, Bastrop, LA 71221

    Louisiana Technical College – Delta Ouachita Campus
    609 Vocational Parkway, West Ouachita Industrial Park, West Monroe, Louisiana 71292

    Louisiana Technical College Nurse Aide Training Course – North Central Campus
    605 West Boundary, Farmerville, LA 71241

    Louisiana Technical College C.N.A. Class – Northeast Campus
    1710 Warren Street, Winnsboro, Louisiana 71295

    Louisiana Technical College – Ruston Campus
    1010 James Street, Ruston, LA 71273

    Louisiana Technical College CNA Training Course – Tallulah Campus
    132 Old Highway 65 South, Tallulah, Louisiana 71284

    Delgado Community College Nursing Assistant Course – New Orleans
    501 City Park Ave. New Orleans, LA 70119

    Nunez Community College CNA Course – Chalmette
    3710 Paris Road, Chalmette, Louisiana 70043

    River Parishes Community College Nurse Aide Program – Sorrento
    P.O. Box 310, Sorrento, LA 70778

    You have decided to become a certified nursing assistant in Louisiana and are willing to devote the time and effort required to complete a state-approved CNA class. One of the questions you might have is how long it takes to complete a nurse aide course? Regardless of the type of facility offering a nurse assistant program, the curriculum must include eighty (80) hours of instruction. The classroom and clinical training are divided equally, with forty (40) hours dedicated to classroom teaching and the remaining forty (40) hours spent during clinical practice. All CNA classes and training programs must address the totality of a resident’s needs, including physical, psychosocial, environmental, and medical needs.

    Nursing assistant students are thought about the attitudes and behaviors that result in a positive impact on a resident’s physical and mental condition. Clinical practice focuses on mastering a set of limited nurse aide skills necessary to provide assistance, support, and basic patient care. The majority of CNA training programs in Louisiana are being offered by two-year community colleges. The length of each particular course varies depending on which institution and class you choose to attend, but typical nurse aide programs take approximately one semester to complete. To find out the tuition cost, admission criteria, and start dates of a course, students are encouraged to contact the nurse aide program coordinator at the educational institution of their choice.

    CNA Training Schools and Programs

    Questions, Comments, Suggestions

    C. Adams on November 8, 2014 at 11:22 AM
    Is it possible to enroll in a CNA class without a high school diploma or GED?

    Admin on November 8, 2014 at 05:34 PM
    There are no federal regulations stating that individuals are required to have a high school diploma prior to attending nurse aide classes but some states such as Florida require a high school diploma or its equivalent prior to testing if you are under 18 years old and have not attended a training program. A program coordinator at the school or nursing facility which is offering CNA training classes may tell you if a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) is required in order to enroll in the nurse aide program. Some facilities do not require a diploma as long as you have completed a 10th grade high school education. In the state of Texas a high school diploma or a GED is not necessary in order to attend and complete a nursing assistant program.

    CNA Resources

    CNA Training Requirements

    There is a wide disparity between CNA training requirements among the states. The difference lies in the mandatory number of total training hours necessary to complete state-approved CNA classes .

    While according to federal law each nursing assistant course should contain a minimum of seventy-five (75) instruction and clinical hours, individual states have the liberty to mandate extra training requirements for certified nursing assistants. The majority of states exceed the threshold federal minimum requirements for nurse aide training programs because they are considered insufficient to result in an optimal and safe level of care for clients.

    A review of nationwide state requirements for nurse assistant courses has found that the following states have mandated highest number of CNA program hours: Maine with a minimum of 90 hours of theory, 20 hours of laboratory skills and 70 hours of clinical instruction for a total of 180 hours; California with one hundred and sixty (160) training hours; Delaware and Oregon each requiring one hundred and fifty (150) hours; followed by the state of Alaska with one hundred and forty (140) hours; Virginia, Arizona, and West Virginia have a minimum of one hundred and twenty (120) training hours for state-approved classes.

    CNA Training Programs

    Nurse Aide Registries

    Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Programs in Florida #online #medical #coding #certification,


    Medical Billing and Coding Certificate Programs in Florida

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Health Care Administration
    • Health Information and Records Admin
    • Health Information Technology
    • Health Management and Clinical Administration
    • Health Unit Coordinator
    • Health Ward Supervisor
    • Medical Administrative Assistant or Secretary
    • Medical Claims Examiner
    • Medical Facilities Management
    • Medical Insurance Billing and Coding
    • Medical Insurance Services
    • Medical Office Computer Technologies
    • Medical Office Management
    • Medical Office Specialist
    • Medical Receptionist
    • Medical Staff Services
    • Medical Transcriptionist

    Essential Information

    Medical billing and coding professionals assign the correct codes to patients’ medical records to assist with billing and reimbursement. Training in medical coding and billing can be found through certificate, diploma and associate degree programs at community colleges and technical schools. Coding instruction typically focuses on learning the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding systems.

    Atlantic Technical College

    Located in Coconut Creek. Atlantic Technical College offers a 10-month medical biller/coder program that prepares students for entry-level employment in medical facilities. Students gain instruction in ICD-CM coding, disease processes, medical terminology, advanced coding and pharmacology. After completing this 1,000-hour program, students receive an Applied Technology Diploma and are eligible to take certification exams for the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) and Certified Coding Specialist (CCS) credentials from AHIMA, as well as the Certified Professional Coder (CPC) credential from AAPC. In addition they can earn the Florida Ready to Work credential, which is a state certification used to establish employment readiness. Students may also transfer 26 credits towards a health information management associate degree program at Broward College.

    Brevard Community College

    The medical information coder/biller program at Brevard Community College in Cocoa is offered on a full- or part-time basis. The 34-credit program has limited admissions, so interested applicants need to meet all requirements. Students take courses in pharmacology, microcomputer applications, hospital coding and billing, computerized physician office billing and CPT coding principles. A practical work experience provides students with the chance to work in a healthcare setting. Graduates are prepared to obtain national certifications such as CCA and CPC credentials.

    Hillsborough Community College

    Tampa -based Hillsborough Community College (HCC) offers two 34-credit technical certificate programs in medical billing and coding, as well as an office administration associate degree program with a medical office administration specialization that includes coding coursework. Students choose the appropriate technical certificate program depending on whether they wish to focus on medical coding or medical billing. The programs prepare students for positions such as medical coders, medical billers or medical office specialists.

    A clinical practicum provides students with hands-on training in a medical setting. Courses can be transferred to the associate degree program. The college also offers a certificate program in medical office management that includes some instruction in medical billing.

    Students pursuing the degree program must also complete general education courses, as well as a practicum in billing and one in coding. Topping off the 63-credit hour program is an internship in HCC’s Office Systems Technology Department. Graduates of this program are eligible for certification exams and management-level careers in medical offices.

    Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center

    Lindsey Hopkins Technical Education Center in Miami offers a medical coder/biller program that can be completed in 11 months. The 1,000-hour curriculum consists of four courses, including a 90-hour course in health information technology and three sequential medical coder and biller courses. Students are accepted into this program every six months. Applicants take an assessment test and participate in an interview. Those who have withdrawn from high school can apply if they are at least 16 years of age.

    Manatee Technical Institute

    Manatee Technical Institute in Bradenton offers a medical coder/biller program that can be completed in less than a year if attending full-time. Through classroom studies and practical experiences, students gain the skills for positions in medical facilities and obtain preparation for the CCA certification exam. Students learn about medical terminology, basic data processing, safety and security procedures, healthcare delivery systems and pharmacology. Students completing this program can transfer credits towards a health information management associate degree program also offered at Manatee Tech.

    Pasco-Hernando Community College

    Students completing the medical coder/biller program at Pasco-Hernando Community College in New Port Richey earn applied technology diplomas and can seek work as medical coders and billers. If students attend full-time, they can complete this 33.33-credit program in a year. Also offered at the North Campus in Brooksville and the East Campus in Dade City. this program offers a curriculum of medical courses and clinical education. The program requires that students complete a four-hour AIDs seminar and also have CPR (Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers) certification. Applicants must have adequate TABE (Tests of Basic Education) scores.

    Pinellas Technical Education Centers

    The Saint Petersburg campus of Pinellas Technical Education Centers offers a medical coder/biller program through distance learning. The 1,000-hour program includes a curriculum of four sequential courses. After taking a health information technology course, students focus on medical coding and billing in three courses. Completing this one-year program qualifies students to sit for the Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) credential from NHA and the Certified Coding Associate (CCA) certification from AHIMA. Additional certifications are available to graduates once they obtain work experience.

    Sheridan Technical Center

    The 1,000-hour medical coding/billing program at Sheridan Technical Center in Hollywood offers evening classes Monday through Friday. The program covers the CPT and ICD-9-CM coding systems and introduces students to electronic health records and health informatics. Topics of study include medical terminology, pharmacology, manual and computer coding, disease processes and ethical issues. Students that successfully complete this program earn applied technology diplomas.

    Career Requirements

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Legal Statistics, certification may be a requirement for most employers. Aspiring medical coding and billing specialists who want the advantage that gaining certification can offer can apply for various credentials. These include certification from agencies such as the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) or the National Healthcareer Association (NHA). Applying for certification is an option after graduation from one of these eight Florida schools.

    School Comparison: At a Glance

    Certification Training – The Grief Recovery Method #jobs #in #hospice #care

    #hospice training programs


    Certification Training

    Help Grievers in Your Community

    The Grief Recovery Method® is the most comprehensive Grief Recovery education and certification you will find.

    People come to us not only to help others, but because their lives were devastated by personal loss. Having gone through grief, they know how hard it can be and want to help others who are also grieving.

    The Grief Recovery Certification Training will give you the tools you need to effectively help grievers recover from loss as well as an opportunity for personal healing. The program was developed by someone who was going through loss himself so this is not just a theory, but also a method that has worked for millions of people continuously over the past 35 years.

    Join thousands of people people and become a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist!

    So what exactly is the Certification Training?

    Hands On

    You’ll gain an invaluable understanding of Grief Recovery principles because the training is interactive. You will be asked to work on one of your own losses, so you’ll have the personal experience to help grievers recover from theirs.

    Grief is the only topic

    You will be on your way to becoming an expert on grief and grief recovery because your training will be specifically focused on helping people deal with loss. It won’t be muddied by other topics.

    Only 4 days

    The in depth certification training gives you the language, tools, and materials you need to start helping people immediately. In 4 days you will be a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist with the format and guidelines to run Grief Recovery Method Support Groups.

    I have seen the mighty effects The Grief Recovery Method has had on multiple people including combat vets (myself included). I had personally been on a search for quite some time for something that worked and this is the action program that I found most beneficial for people who need help.

    LTC Tamara Hurst

    Frankfort, KY
    Certified Grief Recovery Specialist

    The Grief Recovery Method is the most comprehensive and effective process I have seen in my 20 years as a therapist for dealing with grief and unresolved issues from the past….I use The Grief Recovery Method in my counseling practice, in training sessions, speaking engagements, at my church, and in Outreach Programs I conduct….The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training has provided me with a specialized area of focus for my private practice along with better tools to help my clients.

    Tucson, AZ
    Licensed Professional Counselor

    The most beneficial outcome of The Grief Recovery Method Certification Training is that I can pretty much guarantee my clients a life after grief because of The Grief Recovery Method….I am a Marriage and Family Therapist. I use The Grief Recovery Training and materials every day in my work with clients. The most significant emotional experience I have in my therapeutic tools is The Grief Recovery Method….I am respected in my community as someone to turn to when grievers need help.

    Newhall, CA
    MFT – Marriage and Family Therapist

    The Grief Recovery Method has given me fantastic tools to help grievers work through their issues in a step by step manner. I have seen HUGE changes in people during the 8 week program. I know I am facilitating a process which greatly HELPS people….As the Bereavement Coordinator at Crossroads Hospice in Cincinnati, I use The Grief Recovery Method Outreach Program to help families of our patients deal with grief and loss.

    I thoroughly enjoy doing my One on One client work and I will continue to do so as long as I have my Holistic Health Practice. Why? IT WORKS….My clients have had liberating results after going through The Grief Recovery Method with me. Many have made the same comment; I had tried so many other things and nothing worked, but this did!….Even though there are other options for the support of grievers, none of them really move grievers past the pain of loss like the program formulated by John and Russell.

    When visiting hospital/hospice patients and families, I encounter many grieving people and I am able to counter many of the myths and comments they have heard, and convince them they can complete the unfinished business they are carrying….As a hospital chaplain, I am offering The Grief Recovery Method to the staff and community.

    Rolla, MO
    Hospital Chaplain, Phelps County Regional Medical Center

    Who is it for? Do I need a special degree or career?

    What Led You to Get Certified?

    Schedule a Call

    What Makes Us Different?

    Non-Traditional Groups

    Traditional support groups encourage grievers to talk about their pain but don’t always offer (a path to feeling better instead of clear cut solutions). You will use the official Grief Recovery format to guide your participants to take clear actions that will lead them to a happier life.

    Straight From the Heart

    Grief is normal and natural emotional reaction to loss, but most of the solutions people are taught are intellectual. You’ll guide people from their heads to their hearts, which will improve the quality of their lives. Although the training is partially educational, the solution is emotional.

    Loss is our Only Topic

    If you’re like most people you relate grief to death, but here are over 40 types of loss people can experience in their lifetime! Since grief is normal and natural we don’t want to confuse it with personality disorders. We deal with grief and grief only!

    Who are you anyway?

    You Can Help People With Over 40 Life Events That Cause Grief

    Use four formats to help grievers:

    Common Results People Get Using the Grief Recovery Formats

    You Receive Unlimited Support After Your Certification Training Event

    The Benefits of Grief Recovery Method Certification

    Start helping people immediately!

    Schedule a Call

    Project Manager Certification #best #online #project #management #certification


    More Qualifications. More Opportunities. That is the power of the CPMS.

    The Certified Project Management Specialist (CPMS) designation is a self-study, online project management training and certification program. The CPMS program is a global, trusted certification program built exclusively by and for project management professionals. The CPMS was created as a continuing education and professional self-improvement program.

    The CPMS is backed by the Business Training Institute. Every year, registration for the CPMS certification increases.

    To learn more about the requirements of this program and how to get started, please enter your name, phone number, and email address below:

    Our team has had over 4,500 professionals enroll in our programs from over 75 countries. Here are the top 5 reasons you might find this program helpful:

        1. Add the Certified Project Management Specialist (CPMS) to the education section on your resume, showing tangible evidence of your dedication and education as a project management expert.
        2. Speed up your success as a project management expert by listening to recorded audio interviews with experienced project management professionals.
        3. Quickly gain specialized knowledge, learn the common models and words used in project management, and gain confidence in what you know and don’t know.
        4. Scientific studies have shown that earning a certification can increase your earning power permanently.
        5. Complete our program for just $397 at your own pace over a few months, or a few years. Once you pass the online timed examination, we will mail you a certificate in a leather-like diploma holder to display in your office or home.

    To earn the CPMS designation. you must complete the the CPMS program. To learn more about that process, please see our How To Earn the CPMS page. If you have questions you can reach us in our Portland, Oregon office at (503) 922-2752. To get started today, R egister Here .

    How to Earn the CPMS

    Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) Certification #accounting #certifications, #certified #healthcare #financial #professional

    Certified Healthcare Financial Professional (CHFP) Certification

    If you’re looking to improve your career in accounting, obtaining an accounting certificate is an excellent first step. Accounting certifications can expand your accounting knowledge and increase your proficiency in a specific area of the accounting field.

    Introduction to Certified Financial Healthcare Professional Certification

    CFHP certification is designed for healthcare finance managers whose goal is to attain a higher level of education in the healthcare finance field.

    CFHP certification may open up opportunities for professional growth by boosting your credibility and demonstrating your commitment to the field.

    Key Steps to Certified Financial Healthcare Professional Certification

    CHFP requirements for certification are

    • A minimum of 3 to 5 years healthcare financial management experience
    • Passing the CHFP examination
    • Active membership in the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)

    Details of the Certified Financial Healthcare Professional Exam

    The CFHP exam is a four-hour online test made up of 150 multiple-choice questions. The test covers six topics:

    • Revenue cycle. For example, data collection, clinical documentation and coding, bill generation, collections, and reimbursement (21 to 25 percent of the exam)
    • Budgeting and forecasting: Including projection, capital planning, budget analysis, and monitoring (18 to 22 percent of the exam)
    • Financial reporting: Such as preparing financial statements, Medicare/Medicaid, and internal management reporting (16 to 20 percent of the exam)
    • Internal controls: For example, safeguarding assets and data (15 to 19 percent of the exam)
    • Disbursements: Regulatory and workload data collection (4 to 8 percent of the exam)
    • Contracting. Monitoring contracts to ensure performance compliance (13 to 17 percent of the exam)

    As of 2011, the fee for applying for CHFP certification — includes the price of one exam plus the application fee — is $395.

    If you don’t pass the test on your first try, you can retake it for an additional $200. In the event of a retake, the HFMA recommends that you wait at least 90 days before taking the test again to allow for additional preparation.

    While you’re allowed to bring a personal calculator to the exam, some restrictions apply if you have a calculator with more than four functions. These restrictions include the following:

    • Any calculator with a QWERTY keypad arrangement isn’t permitted
    • Any calculator with the following functions isn’t permitted: execute, memo, formula, program, forward, reverse, go to, run, learn, LRN
    • Non-communicating, non-programmable, battery-operated, silent, and non-printing calculators are allowed.

    Preparing for the Certified Healthcare Financial Professional Exam

    Although the HFMA emphasizes that experience as a healthcare financial manager is the foremost way to be prepared for the exam, it also offers an online study guide which, as of 2011, is available for $195.

    Because access to the online study guide is only available for one year, the HFMA recommends that the exam be taken within a year of purchasing preparation materials to allow for further study should you need to retake the test.

    Because the exam questions are designed for the experienced healthcare financier three to five years of relevant work experience is required prior to taking the exam. Positions that meet the standards for adequate CHFP exam preparation include

    • Director Patient Financial Services
    • Director Reimbursement
    • Patient Accounts Manager
    • Billing Director
    • Controller
    • Director Business Services
    • Director Finance
    • General Manager Finance
    • Business Office Manager
    • Treasury Manager
    • Senior accountant or senior financial analyst

    Maintaining the Certified Financial Healthcare Professional Designation

    In order to maintain CFHP designation, you must complete 90 hours of eligible (see HFMA website for details) continued professional education credits during a three-year period.

    Governing Board Information

    CFHP certification is issued by

    The Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)

    2 Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 700
    Westchester, IL 60154

    Hrs certification #water,wastewater,training,certification,continuing #education #hours


    Training Services

    Hosting a16hr class 2(8HR DAYS)(final costdepends onarea of state timeof year)(This is $15.62/hr/student)We
    bring the
    TRAININGto you.
    2)-Host System-24hr class-3(8hr days)($5,000.NEW)(This is $16.66/hr/student –10 students)Discountof $1,250 for 10.
    GUARANTEED-Host system first 10 students are in the base fee OR $250/student for those coming from other systems

    $325. /STUDENT-16 HOURS– IFPaid BY 1ST DAY OF Class –$250/student-(SYSCheck/Cash) or($275by credit card)
    $625./STUDENT-24 HOURS– IFPaid BY 1ST DAY OF Class –$550/student-(SYSCheck/Cash) or ($575by credit card)

    Special Contracts’ with Utilities are made upon request–SAVE MONEY NOW!

    PLEASE make all checks or money orders payable to:Consulting Services of Alabama
    ***Student Fees for class must be paidupon completion of classin order to receive the original
    stated class cost. If Class is not Paid in Advance or by first day of Class. A Late fee will be
    added to Original Quoted Cost of Class.


    Pre-Register for all Classes ,
    You may call us or contact us by phone or Email

    16hrs-$275. 24hrs-$575.


    HPNA Certification Review Course #motels #6

    #hospice certification study guide


    HPNA Certification Review Course

    HPNA Certification Review Course

    Bonnie Morgan, MEd, RN-BC, CHPN, FPCN, IMS, Oncology/Palliative Care Alliance, Mesa, AZ
    Carma Erickson Hurt, RN, South Coast Hospice, Coos Bay, OR

    The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA) supports nurses looking to advance their professional development and career with specialty certification. HPNA is offering a 1-day course at this conference that encompasses the fundamental concepts of palliative nursing. The review course will provide a review of the content areas based on the National Board of Certification for Hospice and Palliative Nurses (NBCHPN®) detailed test content outline. This course may be used to increase the hospice and palliative nurse’s knowledge of general palliative nursing or to assist the nurse in self-identifying topics that require further preparation and study in advance of sitting for the specialty certification examination. Please note: Participation in the review course does not guarantee successful completion of the certification examination. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon refreshments are included.

    Required Materials (bring with you to the course):

    • Core Curriculum for the Generalist Hospice and Palliative Nurse. Order online from the HPNA Specialty Shoppe
    • CHPN Candidate Handbook – print free from
    • Discuss establishing goals of care for hospice and palliative care patients and caregivers
    • Review common symptoms experienced at end of life
    • Describe appropriate pharmacological and non-pharmacologic interventions for the management of symptoms at the end of life
    • Discuss the management of dying, grief, loss and bereavement
    • Recognize the importance of effective communication
    • Identify professional issues related to hospice and palliative nursing
    • Review test taking techniques and development of a study plan

    Continuing Education Credit for the HPNA Certification Review Course*

    Seven and one-half (7.5) hours of continuing education credit is available for nurses who participate in this course.

    *The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association (HPNA) is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation (ANCC).

    Hospice certification study guide #first #world #hotel

    #hospice certification study guide


    Certification for Hospice and Palliative Medicine Specialists

    Today, physicians specializing in hospice and palliative medicine have several certifications available to them beyond their primary board certification: ABMS, AOA, and HMDCB.

    Since 2008, member boards of ABMS and AOA have certified physicians in the specialty-level practice of hospice and palliative medicine. There are 6,952 ABMS/AOA CAQ physicians in hospice and palliative medicine.

    In 2012, AAHPM recommended the creation of the Hospice Medical Director Certification Board (HMDCB) to administer a certification that is complimentary to ABMS and AOA certification but specific to the practice of hospice medicine. The HMDCB examination assesses additional expertise in the unique competencies to perform the role of a hospice medical director, such as regulatory, administrative, legal, ethical competencies, and clinical skills appropriate for hospice patients.


    AAHPM is committed to providing information and support for

    Information for HMDCB’s recertification will be available when it is developed. A number of educational opportunities and resources are offered for both for preparation and continuing education.

    History of Certification

    Certification is widely considered the gold standard of expertise in medicine because of its unique physician-directed approach for assessing qualifications. While medical licensure sets the minimum competency requirements, board certification demonstrates a physician’s expertise in a particular specialty and/or subspecialty of medical practice.

    Although certification is sought and earned by physicians on a voluntary basis, it is recognized by government, healthcare systems, insurers, and patients themselves as an essential tool to judge that a physician has the knowledge, experience, and skills for providing quality health care within a given specialty or subspecialty.


    AAHPM has supported certification by its members since 1996. The creation of the American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (ABHPM) provided an independent organization charged with certifying physicians practicing hospice and palliative medicine.

    In October 2006, ABHPM offered its last certification exam in Hospice and Palliative Medicine and phased out recertification and support of existing certifications when the field was officially recognized as a subspecialty by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) in 2006 and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) in 2007. AAHPM maintains the ABHPM certification database and provides verification (upon request) for diplomates through 2017.

    For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 847.375.4712.

    AAHPM Elevate

    A collection of supplemental web-based, on-demand programs offered through AAPL at a special rate for AAHPM members.

    Online CPR & First Aid Certification #cpr #certification, #cpr #online, #first #aid


    Welcome to

    • We provide training and online certification in CPR and First Aid
    • Whether you need a certificate for your employer, state organization, or simply want to be prepared for an emergency, you came to the right place.
    • We follow the most recent AHA Guidelines
    • Certificates issued exclusively by the American Emergency Education Association and are valid for 2 years, choose the course on the right to proceed
    • One of the leading educational institutions in North America
    • Our certifications are accepted by most employers and state organizations
    • We follow the standards of Red Cross, ECC and OSHA
    • Curriculum have been researched and developed by professional instructors
    • Compare to other programs, you can be done in as little as 30-45 minutes
    • Award winning customer support, assures prompt response to your inquiry
    • Our certifications are offered instantly online and/or via mail
    • Print the Certificate and wallet size Card or have it mailed, click here for sample

    What are Experts saying?

    • In November of 2005, a group of leading medical researchers from top Universities across North America performed a marquee study using employees from American Airlines. The study conclusively showed that 20 minute course in CPR administration is as or even more effective than class room setting courses, which takes days or hours to complete. Published in USA Today. click here to read the full article

    Part Time Quality Assurance Continuing Education Program & Courses #quality #control, #quality


    Quality Assurance (Part-time)

    Credential: Ontario College Certificate Program Code: 0452 School: Engineering Information Technology

    About the Program

    This part-time program would be of interest to people employed in quality engineering functions – quality control and quality assurance, receiving and in-process inspection, and to co-ordinate measuring machine operators, manufacturing technicians and technologists. Topics in quality control and assurance are covered in depth and in a practical and realistic manner. On completion of the program, the graduate will be able to apply the proper techniques and procedures to solve practical manufacturing problems with respect
    to quality. Graduates will receive a College Certificate which is recognized by industry.
    This certificate will help in preparing to write the American Society of Quality s certification examinations such as Certified Quality Technician (CQT), or Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), once qualified work experience is obtained.
    Note: ASQ Certification, examination fees and examination schedules are determined by the ASQ and are not included in the course fees.

    Program Information

    All courses must be completed within 4 years of acceptance into the program.

    Admission Requirements

    • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), or equivalent, OR 19 years of age or older.

    Note re: Admission Requirements

    • Students must be able to receive instruction, respond and research in the English language.
    • Applicants are advised that the ability to read mechanical drawing is necessary for this program.

    Admission Procedures

    • Submit a completed Conestoga College Program Application Form.
    • Attach proof of Admission Requirements.
    • Final selection is made following an assessment of the admission requirements.

    Program Requirements

    • Credit may be given for qualifying courses that were successfully completed up to three (3) years prior to admission into the program.
    • Fundamentals Of Quality Assurance is mandatory and it is recommended that students complete this course first.
    • Students must pass 3 courses in Group A, 3 courses in Group B, and 2 courses in Group C.

    How to Apply

    Students may obtain a Conestoga College Program Application Form from any Conestoga College campus, OR by writing directly to the Registrar s Office, OR by using the college website at

    Send completed applications to:
    Conestoga College
    Admissions Office
    299 Doon Valley Dr
    Kitchener, Ontario
    Canada N2G 4M4

    How to Register for Courses

    Go to How to Register for detailed registration information.

    Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

    Conestoga recognizes prior learning of skills, knowledge or competencies that have been acquired through employment, formal and informal education, non-formal learning or other life experiences. Prior learning must be measurable at the required academic level and meet Conestoga standards of achievement for current courses. Challenge exams and portfolio development are the primary methods of assessment. Other methods of assessment may be available depending upon the nature of the course objectives. Successful completion of the assessment results in an official course credit that will be recorded on the student s Conestoga transcript. PLAR cannot be used by registered Conestoga students for the clearance of academic deficiencies, to improve grades or to obtain admission into a program.

    Learn more about PLAR.

    Graduate Opportunities

    For more details on related occupations, job market information and career opportunities, see the Government of Canada website:

    Program Related Resources

    Program Outcomes

    • Apply the related principles of applied sciences to problem solving in the quality control and assurance fields.
    • Communicate technical information effectively to management, engineering-manufacturing and sales-marketing groups, through the use of language, graphics and computer skills.
    • Identify the major causes of defects and the critical problems of manufacturing processes by applying the concepts of quality assurance and control, and develop techniques and skills to provide solutions.
    • Apply knowledge, skills and practical procedures of quality control and assurance to manufacturing processes and materials.
    • Participate with the manufacturing-engineering team to develop quality manufacturing processes and products.
    • Apply the quality assurance and control related codes and standards with the appropriate safety regulations and practices.

    Program Courses

    Click on the course code or title below for a full description of the course. If available for registration, clicking on “Details” in the status column will open a new browser tab or window in the Student Portal.

    Refer to the planned delivery schedule given below if the course is currently unavailable for registration.

    Note: OL = Online delivery, X = Offered In Class
    All efforts will be made to adhere to this schedule, however the College reserves the right to make adjustments when necessary


    The College reserves the right to alter information including requirements and fees and to cancel at any time a program, course, or program major or option; to change the location and/or term in which a program or course is offered; to change the program curriculum as necessary to meet current competencies in the job market or for budgetary reasons; or to withdraw an offer of admission both prior to and after its acceptance by an applicant or student because of insufficient applications or registrations, over-acceptance of offers of admission, budgetary constraints, or for other such reasons. In the event the College exercises such a right, the College s sole liability will be the return of monies paid by the applicant or student to the College.

    Students actively registered in cohort delivered programs who take longer than the designed program length of time to complete their studies are accountable for completing any new or additional courses that may result due to changes in the program of study. Unless otherwise stated, students registered in non-cohort delivered programs must complete the program of study within seven years of being admitted to the program.


    Register Today

    Program Contact

    519-748-5220 ext. 8126


    Success Stories

    “Part-time Studies is a great way to broaden your skills, build your resume and network with.

    Refining her skill set through flexible, online learning.

    “The course was very well organized and offered the flexibility I needed to maintain success at.


    299 Doon Valley Drive
    Kitchener, Ontario N2G 4M4. Canada
    Phone: 519-748-5220
    TTY: 1-866-463-4484
    Documents are available in an alternate format

    Quick Links for:

    Master Certified Coach Short Course #behavioral #change #coaching, #master #certified #coach, #coach


    For the last twenty years, the Institute has indisputably been a leader in the development of the coaching profession .

    As the world�s most recognized brand in behavioral change coach training their graduates receive instant kudos and respect. BCI develop proprietary behavioral change models and coaching tools (not source it) and they advise many of the companies who are world leaders in the application of the coaching model of learning and change. AND, that means their curriculum is always far more advanced, up-to-date and practice oriented than any other.
    ICAA -Centre for International Education, Annual Report, 2016

    Pioneers of the Coaching field .
    Dr Perry Zeus (BCI’s Founder and current Chairman) is cited as one of the primary originators and influencers in the development of the coaching discipline in the first academic text book written on the History of Coaching.
    – ‘Grounded Theory of the Roots and Emergence of Coaching’ by Dr. V Brock 2009. International
    University of Professional Studies.

    As cited in
    Brain science research has significant implications for coaching. When professionals look at coaching from an investment perspective, they want scientifically proven methodology such as behavior based coaching provided by the Behavioral Coaching Institute .

    Invitational Master Certified Coach Course
    -with specialist Distance Learning Programs
    -Accelerated Credentialing Program for qualified, busy, professional people developers
    – No ADD-ON coach training hours, mentor coaching
    or coaching log required.

    – Learn via our exclusive Fast-Tracked course how to use the latest coaching methodology to help people fulfil their potential and live a more satisfying, happier, healthier life Read more

    – E-Learning, Blended Learning, Videoconference or Campus Format.

    – Full Certification gained upon course completion. No ‘extras’!

    No assessment, post-course supervision or additional

    training hours is required as this is an invitational Program for professionals. ( via submission of Course Application Form )

    -F or busy at work professionals. from HR, Executive Development and a wide range of other specialist fields who require the latest scientifically proven coaching tools and best practices that generate sustainable, measurable behavior change

    Dr. Suzanne Skiffington (BCI Founding Partner)
    Let him who would move the world first move himself.

    Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
    Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council

    ________________________ ICC Founding Board Member __________________________

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    Surgical Technology #university #of #scranton,marywood #university,marywood,keystone #college,keystone,johnson #college,johnson,itt #technical #institute,itt #tech,mccann #school


    Surgical Technology

    Coming to Scranton for Fall 2017!

    Lackawanna College’s Surgical Technology Program is designed to be completed over a two-year period with day, evening, and Saturday courses as well as on- and off-campus clinical hours. Each program also includes summer session courses and clinical lab hours.

    Acceptance into Lackawanna College’s Surgical Technology Program is based on a selective admissions process with a maximum of 15 students selected annually.

    Degree information

    Through a balance of classroom instruction and clinical experience, the student will acquire applied skills and knowledge in the field of Surgical Technology.

    Surgical technologists work in the operating room under the direct supervision of a surgeon and a registered nurse. Surgical technologists help facilitate the draping, and prepping of the surgical patient. They gown, and glove other team members. They get all the instruments, supplies, equipment necessary for specific surgical procedures. As a member of the sterile team, surgical technologists will hand all necessary instruments and supplies to the surgeon and other team members.

    A surgical technologist has a broad knowledge of anatomy and physiology, microbiology, sterile techniques, and patient safety concepts as well as ethical and legal concepts. A surgical technologist must have an understanding of the hospital organization, policies, and procedures.

    Job opportunities and salaries in the healthcare specialty of surgical technology have been rising steadily over the last few years, and the U.S. Department of Labor predicts employment of surgical technologists is projected to grow 30% from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Advances in medical technology have made surgery safer, and more operations are being done to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. The median annual wage for surgical technologists was $41,790 in May 2012.

    Most surgical technologists are employed by hospitals, day-surgery centers with the remainder working in the offices of physicians. After two years of experience, a certified surgical technologist may apply to become a traveling surgical technologist.

    Lackawanna College’s Surgical Technology program combines classroom instruction with practical clinical externships at local hospitals. Both career-specific and academic core courses are included. Students successfully completing the program are eligible to sit for the National Certifying Exam (CST).

    Surgical Technology Program classes are given days, nights and on weekends (based on the availability of the instructors). Clinical externships, however, must take place during the daytime.


    • To give students an understanding the need for surgical intervention
    • To develop an understanding of the role of surgical technologist as a member of the surgical team
    • To instruct students in the responsibilities which the performance of this role entails
    • To assist students in developing the knowledge of the organizational structure of the hospitals, its departments and the operating room
    • To develop a basic understanding of biological science as it relates to safe operating room procedure
    • To facilitate the hands-on, supervised experience in the operating room performing the duties of a surgical technologist.

    OAE-CST Pass Rate

    Annual reporting year

    Admissions criteria and requirements

    Prospective students must meet the college’s minimum requirements. Applicants must submit proof of high school or GED completion with official high school transcript or GED equivalent. Lackawanna College will determine the applicant’s current academic ability based on a combination of following:

    • SAT or ACT test scores, if applicable
      • Recommended SAT scores: 470 Verbal and 470 Math.
      • Recommended ACT scores: 20 or higher in each relevant section.
      • Most scores are valid up to 3 years from test date.
    • College Transfer Credits
      • If transferring credits from another college/university, official college transcripts are required.
    • Placement Test
      • Applicants without valid SAT/ACT scores and who have not previously earned college credits will be required to take the ACCUPLACER exam for determination of current academic ability. Applicants must achieve College Ready scores in Reading, Writing, and Math to be considered qualified for the Surgical Technology program.

    Due to the very specific nature of these degree programs, applicants with transfer credits may only transfer credits related to program core courses including the following:

    • Anatomy and Physiology I – 4 credits
    • Anatomy and Physiology II – 4 credits with lab (if taken within two years)
    • College Algebra
    • Computer Applications
    • College Writing
    • Effective Speaking
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Medical Ethics (subject to review)
    • Medical Terminology (subject to review)

    Items for official placement into program

    • $100 commitment fee
    • Official high school transcripts
    • Official college transcripts
    • SAT/ACT scores, if applicable
    • FAFSA
    • CPR Certification
    • FBI Clearance
    • State Clearance
    • PA Child Abuse Clearance
    • 2 Step PPD
    • Recent Physical Examination
    • Copy of Immunization Records
      • Varicella Vaccination Date or Date/Year of Chicken Pox
      • Hepatitis B vaccination (3 shots) or waiver
      • MMR documentation or titers
      • Adult TDaP (after age 19)

    Interviews will be scheduled for qualified Surgical Technology program applicants who submit a fully completed application. A mandatory informational meeting will be required prior to start of the selected program.Qualified students will be notified of the date and time upon selection into program. The meeting will review the Surgical Technology department’s policies and expectations. The meeting will also allow for question and answer session and tour of the Lackawanna College facilities.


    Changes in the curriculum for this program have been approved by ARC/STSA and will be in effect for students beginning their studies in the Fall 2017 cohort.

    This degree program is moving to our Scranton campus in Fall 2017.

    Texas Principal Certification, Superintendent Certification, Online Certification #online #principal #certification #programs


    Contact Us

    Certificate and Certification Preparation Programs

    Enhance Your Career Skills With Specialized Training

    UT Tyler offers several post-baccalaureate certificate programs. These programs are not part of a degree; however, coursework may be counted toward a degree with the approval of the college in which they are housed. We also offer a number of initial certifications for educators.

    Certificate programs are narrower in their focus than degrees and provide preparation in a specific field. The certificate is not the equivalent of a license or certification required for practice in the professions or to teach.

    ONLINE: Principal and Superintendent – Certificates are offered through the Department of Educational Leadership. These certificates are designed to prepare Texas public school teachers to become principals and/or superintendents. You must already hold a master’s degree to apply to these certificate programs. Not eligible for financial aid.

    STEP Teacher Certification – The STEP program is a 13-month online program designed to meet the needs of people who hold a bachelor’s degree and want to receive a teacher certification without relocating or taking physical classes. The program begins in June each year and ends in July the following year. Not eligible for financial aid.

    The Educational Diagnostician Certificate requires a valid Texas teaching certificate, two years of classroom teaching experience, an earned master’s degree, and successful completion of the TExES examination for certification. Emphasis in educational diagnosis provides the student with the opportunity to assess the competencies of individuals in language, sociological. physical, and behavioral/emotional areas, intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior, and educational performance using informal and formal measures, and prescribe individualized education plans based on test results. Not eligible for financial aid.

    Nursing Education Certificate prepares the nurse to apply teaching-learning theory, principles of curriculum development, evaluation methodology, and role socialization as a nurse educator in a variety of settings. The program is designed to provide essential knowledge and skills required by nurse educators and facilitate the transition of the nurse from the clinical setting into the role of nurse educator. Not eligible for financial aid.

    Nurse Practitioner Certificate – The Post-Family Nurse Practitioner option is 24 semester credit hours in length. Although not totally online, 6 of these hours are offered online with the remainder 18 hours of clinical courses offered in a web-enhanced format requiring some class time on the Tyler campus. Eligible for financial aid.

    Nursing Administration Certificate – This online program is designed for students with a masters degree in nursing that are seeking a nursing administration certification. Not eligible for financial aid.

    Oil, Gas and Energy Accounting Certificate Program – Prepare to provide specialized accounting services in the field of energy through this nine-credit-hour certificate program. Prerequisites include a bachelor’s degree (any major) and completion of Intermediate Accounting I.

    Organizational Development and Leadership Certification Program – Complete an 18-credit-hour program that prepares you to manage in today’s complex and changing business environment. Graduate classes can later be transferred to an MBA program. Not eligible for financial aid.

    The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate program prepares students with the knowledge and tools that they can use to lead quality improvement initiatives in companies, thereby, reducing waste and becoming more efficient. These efforts have allowed companies to become more competitive and successfully compete in global markets. The City of Tyler reports a savings of $5 million from the Lean Six Sigma Program.

    Credits earned in fulfillment of the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate Program may be applied to other graduate degrees in the College of Business and Technology with advisor approval. The following five courses must be completed with a grade of C or better while maintaining a minimum grade point average of 3.0. In addition, a student must pass a comprehensive exam pertaining to the lean six sigma black belt curriculum.

    • TECH 5310: Six Sigma Quality
    • TECH 5320: Total Quality Management
    • TECH 5335: Lean Management
    • TECH 5366: Value Stream Management
    • TECH 5390: Advanced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Technique

    Supply Chain Management Certification – The Supply Chain Management Certificate program is specifically designed to prepare students for advancement in supply chain management careers related to manufacturing and service, logistics, procurement, business development, and operations.

    The Executive Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management (EMGE) focuses on the areas of project management, project cost analysis and accounting, management of project monitoring and technology, project leadership and planning, and project optimization through management systems. This course of study is designed to 1) provide experienced engineers, architects and project/construction managers with rigorous study in the current tools for project management 2) train certificate recipients for positions in upper management within firms providing these type of services and/or 3) provide professional competencies for private and public sector employment. Not eligible for financial aid.

    The Executive Certificate in Nursing Informatics Program (ENIF) will advance your skills in data and information management, and enhance your capabilities in information processing with new tools and technology as they unfold. Prepare to meet the growing demands for nursing informaticists by integrating nursing science with information science and computer science. Learn to design and manage data systems that support nursing practice, administration, education and research. Not eligible for financial aid.

    Hospice and palliative care certification #reservation #hotels

    #hospice and palliative care certification


    Certification for Hospice and Palliative Medicine Specialists

    Today, physicians specializing in hospice and palliative medicine have several certifications available to them beyond their primary board certification: ABMS, AOA, and HMDCB.

    Since 2008, member boards of ABMS and AOA have certified physicians in the specialty-level practice of hospice and palliative medicine. There are 6,952 ABMS/AOA CAQ physicians in hospice and palliative medicine.

    In 2012, AAHPM recommended the creation of the Hospice Medical Director Certification Board (HMDCB) to administer a certification that is complimentary to ABMS and AOA certification but specific to the practice of hospice medicine. The HMDCB examination assesses additional expertise in the unique competencies to perform the role of a hospice medical director, such as regulatory, administrative, legal, ethical competencies, and clinical skills appropriate for hospice patients.


    AAHPM is committed to providing information and support for

    Information for HMDCB’s recertification will be available when it is developed. A number of educational opportunities and resources are offered for both for preparation and continuing education.

    History of Certification

    Certification is widely considered the gold standard of expertise in medicine because of its unique physician-directed approach for assessing qualifications. While medical licensure sets the minimum competency requirements, board certification demonstrates a physician’s expertise in a particular specialty and/or subspecialty of medical practice.

    Although certification is sought and earned by physicians on a voluntary basis, it is recognized by government, healthcare systems, insurers, and patients themselves as an essential tool to judge that a physician has the knowledge, experience, and skills for providing quality health care within a given specialty or subspecialty.


    AAHPM has supported certification by its members since 1996. The creation of the American Board of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (ABHPM) provided an independent organization charged with certifying physicians practicing hospice and palliative medicine.

    In October 2006, ABHPM offered its last certification exam in Hospice and Palliative Medicine and phased out recertification and support of existing certifications when the field was officially recognized as a subspecialty by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) in 2006 and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) in 2007. AAHPM maintains the ABHPM certification database and provides verification (upon request) for diplomates through 2017.

    For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 847.375.4712.

    AAHPM Elevate

    A collection of supplemental web-based, on-demand programs offered through AAPL at a special rate for AAHPM members.

    Advanced Certification: Hospice Palliative Chaplain Certification – The National Association of Catholic

    #hospice chaplain certification


    Advanced Certification:
    Hospice Palliative Chaplain Certification

    About Advanced Certification of Hospice Palliative Chaplaincy (ACHPC)

    Palliative Medicine is a discipline that cultivates in each practitioner (nurse, physician, chaplain, social worker etc.) a servant’s heart and a sage’s mind. One’s effectiveness in this specialty can never be adequately assessed within a set of competencies and/or prescribed guidelines but rather in the human crucible of an integrated, interdisciplinary practice that draws equally from each one’s soulfulness as well as from each one’s skill and life experiences.

    This specialty certification IS NOT about acquiring greater power or prestige, or mastering a particular set of skills/competencies or securing additional letters after one’s name, or delivering a stellar performance at the time of the interview.

    This certification IS a special invitation for an individual candidate to go more deeply in one’s own spiritual life and to learn the way of the wounded healer – the way of authenticity, compassion, forgiveness, and healing. This disposition of mind and heart is cultivated from the inside out and flourishes in an environment where honesty, humility, and courage are in ample supply.

    This certification process invites the candidate to befriend the blessing of paradox and begin to weave a tapestry of harmony within oneself (in solitude) and with others (in community). This process builds upon the foundational belief that “the patient and I are essentially the same” and in this actual ministering of one to the other (patient, family, staff, team members etc.) blest and broken, we become sacrament for each other and a living sign of God’s healing redemptive love in our world. Facilitation of this part of the certification assessment process will invite each candidate to draw from a living palette that evokes a blend of head and heart and is reflective of the human experience – both of the candidate and of those he/she serves.

    The interview team will be interdisciplinary and will be specifically assessing the candidate for indications of ones’ personal integration and ongoing formation, as demonstrated by:

    • Major loss integration
    • Self-awareness understanding
    • Human to human availability
    • Understanding of relevant concepts
    • Team collaboration, leadership and education contributions

    The interview team will discern together each applicant’s desire and capability to be a leader/innovator in recognizing and fostering an Interdisciplinary Team’s (IDT) continuing development in the areas of team respect, openness to new ideas and perspectives, and compassion for all involved in the palliative care/hospice arena. At the completion of the interview, the Interview Team votes to recommend or not to recommend the Applicant to the Certification Commission for certification. It is the decision of the Certification Commission to certify or not to certify.


    • You must be a full member in good standing with the NACC.
    • You must be Board Certified as an NACC Chaplain or Supervisor.
    • You must have at least 500 hours of documented direct spiritual care ministry dedicated to palliative care or hospice (e.g. patient and family visits, ethics consultations, family conferences, medical record documentation).
    • You must have completed extensive education in the field of palliative care, hospice philosophy and/or thanatology.
    • You must have ten hours (not in succession) of direct clinical supervision or professional consultation regarding one’s personal and professional growth in palliative care or hospice ministry (conducted by the CPE supervisor or other member of the interdisciplinary team that provides supervision).

    Upon contacting the office for you will receive:

    • The application for Advanced Certification as a Hospice Palliative Chaplain
    • The Checklist for Supportive Materials required for Advanced Certification as a Hospice Palliative Chaplain
    • NACC Certification Procedures Manual for Advanced Certification as Hospice Palliative Chaplain

    The National Association of Catholic Chaplains advocates for the profession of spiritual care and educates, certifies, and supports chaplains, clinical pastoral educators, and all members who continue the healing ministry of Jesus in the name of the Church.