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International Maintenance Chemical Distributor


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Automotive: Bio-degradable Degreaser – Brake Cleaner – Battery Protector – Fan Belt Protector – Lanolin/Grit Hand Cleaner – Non-flammable Moisture Barrier – Vinyl Protector – Hand Protector – Waterless Hand Soap – Teflon Lubricant – Aerosol White Lithium Grease – Aerosol Red Grease – Choke Carburetor Cleaner – High Impact Tube Grease –

Industrial/Building Maintenance: Non-flammable Penetrating Oil – Safety Solvent – Acid Drain Opener – Caustic Drain Opener – Bio-enzymatic Drain Opener – All Purpose Cleaner – Citrus Degreaser – Citrus Grease Trap Cleaner – Enzyme Drain Maintainer – Non-flammable Contact Cleaner – Non-acid Coil Cleaner – Aerosol High Temperature Anti-seize Lubricant – Vandalism Remover – Food Grade Equipment Grease – Aerosol Silicone Spray – Air Fresheners – Lint Free Disposable Wipes – Credit Card Reader Cleaner – Dollar Bill Reader – CRT Cleaner – Ozone Friendly High Pressure Air – Aerosol Adhesive –

Disinfectants: Disinfectant Cleaners – Aerosol Surface Disinfectants – Quaternary Disinfectants – Quaternary All-purpose Cleaner – Disinfectant Toilet Bowl Porcelain Cleaner –

Floor Carpet Care: High Speed Floor Finish – Interlocking Floor Finish – Wax Emulsifiers – Wax Stripper – Anti-slip Floor Restorer – Non-flammable Solvent Spot Remover – Bio- Enzymatic Carpet Cleaner –

Insecticides Ground Control: Aerosol Flying Insect Killer – Residual Insecticide – Fire Ant Injector Spray – Ant Roach Killer – Non-conductive Wasp Hornet Spray – Personal Insect Repellant – Indoor Fogger Insect Spray – Total Weed Killer – Selective Weed Killer –

Housekeeping Kitchen Care: Mildew Stain Remover – USDA All Purpose Degreaser – Odor Neutralizer – Organic Grease Trap Cleaner – Non Acid Bowl Cleaner – Emulsion Bowl Cleaner – Oven Grill Cleaner – Concentrated Liquid Deodorizer – Glass Cleaner – USDA Stainless Steel Cleaner – Furniture Polish – Citrus Dust Mop Treatment – Aerosol Tile Grout Cleaner –

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Are you or someone you care about addicted to alcohol, opiates, or other substances? Is that addiction complicated by other psychiatric disorders such as depression and anxiety? At McLean Hospital, we understand the pain and turmoil caused by substance use disorders and we are here to help.

Consistently ranked #1 by U.S. News World Report. McLean provides exceptional clinical care for individuals with substance use disorders and their often co-occurring conditions.

Our Signature Recovery Programs are two state-of-the-art, luxury alcohol and drug abuse rehab settings Fernside. located in Princeton, Massachusetts and Borden Cottage. located in Camden, Maine.

As an alternative or supplement to inpatient care, Fernside and Borden Cottage are 30-day residential addiction treatment programs where you will receive comprehensive around the clock care and supervision in a home-like, unlocked setting. Our Harvard Medical School-affiliated treatment teams recognize your individual needs and will work with you one-on-one and in small group settings to help you take the necessary steps towards conquering alcohol and drug addiction.

Our dedicated intake staff will work directly with you and your family to determine which of our programs is right for you. To learn more about how the Signature Recovery Programs can help you overcome alcohol or drug addiction, please call 844.222.6037 .

Signature Recovery in the News: Robb Report Health Wellness Fall 2015 issue highlights our Borden Cottage program.

“My experience at Fernside is invaluable. The individualized attention from the doctors and staff was uniquely satisfying and a crucial part of the program.” – Fernside patient

Radon (Rn) – Chemical properties, Health and Environmental effects #radon, #rn #chemical #properties, #health #and #environmental #effects #element #elements #periodic #table #chart #measurement #laboratory #environment #healthy


Radon – Rn

Radon is colorless at standard temperature and pressure and it is the most dense gas known. At temperature below it’s freezing point is has a brilliant yellow phosphorescence. It is chemically unreactive, it is highly radioactive and has a short half life.

Radon was sometimes used in hospitals to treat cancer and was produced as needed and delivered in sealed gold needles. Radon is used in hydrologic research, because of it’s rapid loss to air. It is also used in geologic research and to track air masses.

Radon in the environment

Radon can be found in some spring water and hot springs. There is anyway a detectable amount of radon in the atmosphere. Radon collects over samples of radium 226 at the rate of around 0.001 cm3/day per g of radium.

Radon occurs in the environment mainly in the gaseous phase. Consequently, people are mainly exposed to radon through breathing air.

Background levels of radon in outside air are generally quite low, but in indoor locations radon levels in air may be higher. In homes, schools and buildings radon levels are increased because radon enters the buildings through cracks in the foundations and basements.

Some of the deep wells that supply us with drinking water may also contain radon. As a result a number of people may be exposed to radon through drinking water, as well as through breathing air.

Radon levels in groundwater are fairly high, but usually radon is quickly released into air as soon as the groundwater enters surface waters.

Exposure to high levels of radon through breathing air is known to cause lung diseases. When long-term exposure occurs radon increases the chances of developing lung cancer. Radon can only cause cancer after several years of exposure.

Radon may be radioactive, but it gives of little actual gamma radiation. As a result, harmful effects from exposure to radon radiation without actual contact with radon compounds are not likely to occur.

It is not known whether radon can cause health effects in other organs besides the lungs. The effects of radon, which is found in food or drinking water, are unknown.

Radon is a radioactive compound, which rarely occurs naturally in the environment. Most of the radon compounds found in the environment derive from human activities. Radon enters the environment through the soil, through uranium and phosphate mines, and through coal combustion.

Some of the radon that is located in the soil will move to the surface and enter the air through vaporization. In the air, radon compounds will attach to dust and other particles. Radon can also move downwards in the soil and enter the groundwater. However, most of the radon will remain in the soil.

Radon has a radioactive half-life of about four days; this means that one-half of a given amount of radon will decay to other compounds, usually less harmful compounds, every four days.

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Get free Engineering courses online from the world’s leading universities. You can download these audio video courses straight to your computer or mp3 player. For more online courses, visit our complete collection, 1200 Free Online Courses from Top Universities .

  • Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits – YouTube – Professor Simone Gambini, UC Berkeley
  • Atomistic Computer Modeling of Materials – YouTube – iTunes Video – Web Site – Gerbrand Ceder Nicola Marzari, MIT
  • Basic Electronics – YouTube – Web Site – Prof T.S. Natarajan, IIT Madras
  • Chemical Engineering: Process Dynamics and Controls – iTunes – YouTube – Web – Peter Woolf, University of Michigan
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering – iTunes Audio – Marios Agathoklis Panagiotou, UC Berkeley
  • Control Systems Engineering – YouTube – Benjamin Drew, UWE Bristol
  • Convex Optimization I – Multiple Formats – Stephen Boyd, Stanford
  • Convex Optimization 2 – Multiple Formats – Stephen Boyd, Stanford
  • Digital Signal Processing – YouTube – Prof. E. Ambikairajah
  • Direct Solar/Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion Technologies – iTunes – Download Course – Gang Chen, MIT
  • Dynamics of Machines – YouTube – Web Site – Amitabha Ghosh, IIT
  • Electrical – Digital Signal Processing – YouTube – Web Site – S.C Dutta Roy, IIT
  • Electro Magnetic Fields – YouTube – Harishankar Ramachandran, III
  • Electronics Communication Engineering – Signals and Systems – YouTube – Web Site – K.S. Venktesh, IIT Kanpur
  • Electronic Feedback Systems – YouTube – Web Site – Prof. James Roberge, MIT
  • Electronic Techniques for Engineering – iTunes Video – YouTube – Web – Vivek Subramanian, UC Berkeley
  • Electronics – High Speed Devices Circuit – YouTube – Web Site – K. N. Bhat, IIT Madras
  • Elementary Fluid Mechanics – iTunes Audio – Mark Stacey, UC Berkeley
  • Engineering Dynamics – YouTube – iTunes Video – Web Site – Kim Vandiver and David Gossard, MIT
  • Engineering Ethics – Web Audio – Taft Broome, MIT
  • Engineering Statics – Web Site – Carnegie Mellon
  • Environmental Air Pollution – YouTube – Web Site – Mukesh Sharma, IIT
  • Fluid Mechanics – YouTube – Web Site – T.I.Eldho, IIT
  • Groundwater Hydrology – YouTube – Web Site – Charles Harvey – MIT
  • High-Speed Digital Design (requires registration) – Free Online Video + Course Info – Howard Johnson, Oxford
  • Information and Entropy – Web Video – Paul Penfield and Seth Lloyd, MIT
  • Information Theory and Coding – YouTube – Web – S.N.Merchant, IIT Bombay
  • Introduction to Chemical Engineering – YouTube – iTunes Video – Channing Robertson. Stanford
  • Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits – iTunes – Elad Alon, UC Berkeley
  • Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits – YouTube – Professor Jan M. Rabaey, UC Berkeley
  • Introduction to Engineering – iTunes – Tod Laursen, Duke
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  • Microcontroller Design – YouTube – Beuce Land, Cornell
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  • Nano-to-Macro Transport Processes – iTunes Audio – Web Site – Gang Chen, MIT
  • Nanomanufacturing – iTunes Video – iTunes Audio – Web – John Hart, U Michigan
  • Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis – YouTube – Klaus-Jürgen Bathe, MIT
  • The Engineering Profession – iTunes Video – Web – University of Michigan
  • The Fourier Transform and its Applications – YouTube – iTunes – Multiple formats – Brad Osgood, Stanford
  • Technology Entrepreneurship – YouTube – iTunes – Chuck Eesley, Stanford
  • Understanding Lasers and Fiberoptics – YouTube – Web Site – Prof. Shaoul Ezekiel, MIT

For a full lineup of online courses, please visit our complete collection of Free Courses .


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Naukeag rehab ashburnham ma #addiction, #alcoholism, #chemical #dependence, #cocaine #addiction, #drug #use, #dual #diagnosis, #heroin #addiction, #marijuana #addiction, #substance #use, #prescription #drug #use, #alcohol, #crack, #ashburnham, #ma, #ashburnham, #mclean #fernside


Ambulatory Treatment Center at Naukeag

Where is the Ambulatory Treatment Center at Naukeag located?

The program is located in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. For more information on directions, parking, and local accommodations, please visit our Maps Directions page.

Who benefits most from Ambulatory Treatment Center at Naukeag?

Our residential and partial hospital program focuses on treating individuals with serious substance use conditions who are stable, post detox, have manageable mental health and physical symptoms, who want and agree to come to rehab, and are motivated for treatment.

Is family involved in treatment?

Family involvement is strongly recommended. With permission of the resident, family members can be involved in assessment and in treatment/aftercare planning.

Is smoking permitted?

During free time, smoking is allowed in designated outdoor areas only. No smoking is allowed inside any of our buildings.

When are visiting hours?

Visiting hours are 2-4 pm Monday through Saturday and 12-4 pm Sunday.

Are cell phones allowed?

Residents are allowed to hold and use their cell phones, except during therapy (individual and group), with some guidelines to prevent disruption of the program and other residents. Cell phones may be taken away if they interfere with treatment.

Is aftercare planning a part of the program?

The treatment team works closely with the individual as well as with family, significant friends, and outside providers to develop a personalized aftercare plan. Recommendations by staff are made based upon clinical needs, progress made during treatment, and long-term treatment goals.

Can former residents access their medical records?

All requests for medical records should be directed to McLean’s Health Information Management Department .

Are support groups offered during and after treatment?

To complement our programs services and encourage individuals initiatives in their own treatment course, many self-help groups are hosted by McLean.

Does McLean gather patient feedback?

McLean is dedicated to maintaining high-quality and effective patient care. To ensure that those standards remain at the highest level, we utilize a number of feedback instruments and quality indicators. Among these tools are the Perceptions of Care survey which monitors patient satisfaction and BASIS-24 , a psychiatric outcomes measurement tool created at McLean and widely used in the US and around the world, which delivers feedback on the patient care experience.