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‘Cloud tax’ upsets Chicago tech community: ‘Life just got 9 percent harder’

Chicago’s new 9 percent tax on streaming and cloud services appears to have the local technology community agitated and, more than anything, confused.

Reports on Wednesday of the “cloud tax” took many Chicagoans by surprise, leaving providers and consumers of streaming and cloud services scrambling to understand the implications. Technology companies, among the heaviest users of cloud services, are likely to be taxed for the services they use as well as those they provide.

The cloud tax extends ordinances governing two types of taxes — the city amusement tax and the city personal property lease transaction tax. The taxes cover many products streamed to businesses and residents. They also cover use of various online databases that could especially affect businesses.

The city expects the taxes to bring in about $12 million a year.

Adrian Holovaty, founder of music-education web platform Soundslice. said he doesn’t know how the tax changes affect his business.

Holovaty’s questions include which of his subscribers should be taxed; whether he should be tracking his user’s physical locations; and how the city will enforce tax collection.

“I’m trying to hold off on being frustrated or angry until I actually understand what the new rules are,” Holovaty wrote in an email to Blue Sky. “But at face value, it seems like this new policy flies in the face of Mayor Emanuel’s efforts to build the tech community here.”

Confusion is driving widespread anger over last week’s quiet enactment of a “cloud tax” in Chicago, said Harper Reed ⇒. technologist and CEO of mobile commerce startup Modest.

“We need clarity on what it actually means, what it actually means for all of us,” Reed said. “What, as businesses, we.

Confusion is driving widespread anger over last week’s quiet enactment of a “cloud tax” in Chicago, said Harper Reed ⇒. technologist and CEO of mobile commerce startup Modest.

“We need clarity on what it actually means, what it actually means for all of us,” Reed said. “What, as businesses, we.

Several in the Chicago tech industry criticized the mayor and the city for creating an environment that they see as less friendly to tech startups than other places around the country.

Terry Howerton ⇒. co-founder at TechNexus, a private-sector venture collaborative, said the rulings do not properly define categories such as “cloud computing,” leaving them open to apply to almost any company.

“Every tech startup in Chicago is either using cloud computing services or selling them, and the city being the first to set this precedent puts us at a disadvantage to every other major tech hub. or even our own suburbs,” Howerton wrote in an email to Blue Sky.

Blagica Bottigliero, an Oak Park resident and longtime member of Chicago’s tech community who now serves as VP of digital media for California-based Metaverse Mod Squad, said the additional tax makes Chicago a less attractive location for startups.

John Byrne and Amina Elahi

Chicagoans who pay to stream movies and music from services like Netflix and Spotify will now need to fork over an additional 9 percent for the privilege, as will Chicago businesses that pay to use everything from real estate to court databases online, under a decision the city quietly made recently.

Chicagoans who pay to stream movies and music from services like Netflix and Spotify will now need to fork over an additional 9 percent for the privilege, as will Chicago businesses that pay to use everything from real estate to court databases online, under a decision the city quietly made recently.

(John Byrne and Amina Elahi)

“I wouldn’t be surprised if people look at other alternatives of places to go to that are near the city,” Bottigliero said.

She said she understands that the city needs to add revenue but that doing it this way hurts startups.

Michael Reever, VP of government affairs at the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, criticized the taxes as quick, insufficient fixes to larger fiscal problems.

“Given the economic climate and the economic picture, this is a step backward to making Chicago a tech hub,” Reever said.

Justin Massa ⇒. founder of restaurant data startup Food Genius, said his company has been using cloud services efficiently but that they remain his second-biggest expense after labor. Food Genius can handle the 9 percent cost increase for those services, Massa said, but it’s “not insignificant.”

Beyond the additional dollars Food Genius will owe, Massa expressed concern about how the tax will affect sales. Food Genius customers pay a subscription to access its cloud-based database.

“To customers that we call on in the city of Chicago, we just got 9 percent more expensive,” Massa said. “For anyone selling cloud services, life just got 9 percent harder.”

Beaches in Orleans, Cape CodOrleans Chamber of Commerce #budget #hotel

#skaket beach motel



Nauset Beach, rated as the 5th best attraction on Trip Advisor!

Nauset is nearly perfect. It looks like a football field of sand, and then another, off into the distance. The sand itself is grainy, with enough heft for a preteen to produce world-class seashore architecture to last for generations, or at least until the waves roll in. Eiders alight, their heads white and chests puffed out, then take flight again with a brief rustle. Nauset gets crowded, but it s a Saturday-afternoon-at-the-park kind of crowded, not Coney Island on Independence Day. There s always room for touch football. Weekdays are better than weekends, late August or June better than July.

This very popular public beach, with miles of white sand, is located on the Atlantic Ocean. During the summer season the beach offers lifeguards, restrooms, outdoor showers, changing rooms, bike racks, benches, picnic tables, and beach equipment rentals. The snack bar is open from Memorial Day until Labor Day. There are trails for inspected and permitted oversand vehicles. On Monday and Thursday nights, during July and Monday nights in August enjoy a free outdoor concert in the Gazebo at Nauset Beach.

Beach Statistics

Saltwater: Yes
Seasonal: Yes
Public: Yes
Lifeguards: Yes
Food: Yes
Showers: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Boardwalk: Yes
Picnic Area: Yes
Handicap Chairs: Yes


Handicap Parking: Yes
Resident Parking Fee: Free
Daily Parking Fee: $20

Non-Residents: All Towns
Seasonal Parking Fee: $220
Weekly Parking fee: $75 (one week)
Parking fees are in effect Memorial Day to Sept. 18th.
Parking fees are not required after 4:30 pm.

Nauset Beach Great White Shark Public Safety

From the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. Recently, Cape Cod s white sharks and grey seals have gained local and national attention. Both species existed long before Cape Cod was settled or became a popular destination, and in recent years their numbers have increased. Sharks have existed for more than 400 million years. As top predators, sharks are critical for maintaining a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem.

The inshore waters off many Cape Cod and South Shore beaches are preferred feeding grounds for white sharks. They come to these areas to feed on seals. While white shark encounters with humans are rare, they can happen.

Do not swim near seals
Swim close to shore in waist deep water
Avoid swimming at dawn and dusk
Swim and surf in groups
Download the Sharktivity App to receive alerts and report sightings

Skaket Beach

A public beach on Cape Cod Bay has warm clear waters and is ideal for families who prefer calm water, perfect for children to play in the tidal pools. At low tide, you can walk for miles on the flats. The sunsets at Skaket Beach are legendary! Skaket Beach offers restrooms, bike racks, lifeguards, outside showers, benches, picnic tables, a snack bar and is handicap accessible.

Beach Statistics

Saltwater: Yes
Seasonal: Yes
Lifeguards: Yes
Food: Yes
Showers: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Boardwalk: Yes
Picnic Area: Yes
Handicap Chairs: Yes


Handicap Parking: Yes
Resident Parking Fee: Free
Daily Parking Fee: $20

Non-Residents: All Towns
Seasonal Parking Fee: $220
Weekly Parking fee: $75 (one week)
Parking fees are in effect Memorial Day to Sept. 18th.
Parking fees are not required after 4:30 pm.

South Orleans Beach on Pleasant Bay

South Orleans Beach is a best kept secret in Orleans. With scenic views of the bay islands, and the Orleans and Chatham shoreline. South Orleans Beach is a ocean barrier beach with warm water and sail boarding. South Orleans Beach has no fees, lifeguards or facilities and limited parking.

Beach Statistics

Saltwater: Yes
Public: Yes


Resident Parking Fee: Free
Daily Parking Fee: $20

Non-Residents: All Towns
Seasonal Parking Fee: $220
Weekly Parking fee: $75 (one week)
Parking fees are in effect Memorial Day to Sept. 18th.
Parking fees are not required after 4:30 pm.

Pilgrim Lake

A favorite freshwater, swimming pond in Orleans on Herringbrook Road. The Pond offers handicapped accessibility, restrooms, benches, and picnic tables. Pilgrim Lake has a 70 car parking lot, there are no parking fees, no lifeguards, restrooms or handicapped accessibility. Inflatables are allowed. Fresh water fishing and no internal combustion engines are allowed.

Beach Statistics

Freshwater: Yes
Seasonal: Yes
Public: No
Lifeguards: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Boardwalk: Yes
Picnic Area: Yes
Swimming Lessons: Yes


Handicap Parking: Yes
Resident Parking Fee: Free
Seasonal Parking Fee: Free

Crystal Lake

On the Monument Road side is a clear swimming lake with an 8 car parking lot and handicap ramp. There are no fees, lifeguards or facilities. Crystal Lake on the Route 28 side offers fishing with a state-stocked pond (fishing permit is required), launching ramp for canoes, row boats, there are no internal combustion engines allowed.

Beach Statistics

Freshwater: Yes
Restrooms: Yes
Picnic Area: Yes


Handicap Parking: Yes
Resident Parking Fee: Free
Seasonal Parking Fee: Free

Bakers Pond

On Bakers Pond Road off Rte 6A offers fishing with a state-stocked pond (fishing permit is required). No combustion engines are allowed. There are no lifeguards or facilities and very limited parking is available.

Explore Orleans

Best Interest Rate on Senior Citizens Bank Fixed Deposits- July 2017 #fd #rates #for #senior #citizens,senior #citizens,fixed #deposit #rates #for #senior #citizens,allahabad #bank #fd #rate,andhra #bank #fd #rate,axis #bank #fd #rate,bandhan #bank #fd #rate,bank #of #baroda #fd #rate,bank #of #india #fd #rate,bank #of #maharashtra #fd #rate,canara #bank #fd #rate,catholic #syrian #bank #fd #rate,central #bank #of #india #fd #rate,city #union #bank #fd #rate,corporation #bank #fd #rate,dcb #bank #fd #rate,dena #bank #fd #rate,dhanalakshmi #bank #fd #rate,federal #bank #fd #rate,hdfc #bank #fd #rate,icici #bank #fd #rate,idbi #bank #fd #rate,idfc #bank #fd #rate,indian #bank #fd #rate,indian #overseas #bank #fd #rate,indus #ind #bank #fd #rate,j #k #bank #fd #rate,karnataka #bank #fd #rate,karur #vysya #bank #fd #rate,kotak #mahindra #bank #fd #rate,lakshmi #vilas #bank #fd #rate,oriental #bank #of #commerce #fd #rate,post #office #5 #year #rd #fd #rate,punjab #and #sind #bank #fd #rate,punjab #national #bank #fd #rate,repco #bank #fd #rate,south #indian #bank #fd #rate,state #bank #of #bikaner #and #jaipur #fd #rate,state #bank #of #hyderabad #fd #rate,state #bank #of #india #fd #rate,state #bank #of #mysore #fd #rate,state #bank #of #patiala #fd #rate,state #bank #of #travancore #fd #rate,syndicate #bank #fd #rate,tamilnad #mercantile #bank #ltd #fd #rate,the #ratnakar #bank #fd #rate,uco #bank #fd #rate,union #bank #of #india #fd #rate,united #bank #of #india #fd #rate,vijaya #bank #fd #rate,yes #bank #fd #rate,citibank #fd #rate,deutsche #bank #fd #rate,standard #charted #bank #fd #rate,,j #k #bank #fd #rate,allahabad #bank,andhra #bank,axis #bank,bank #of #baroda,bank #of #india,bank #of #maharashtra,canara #bank,catholic #syrian #bank,central #bank #of #india,city #union #bank,corporation #bank,dcb #bank,dena #bank,dhanalakshmi #bank,federal #bank,hdfc #bank,icici #bank,idbi #bank,indian #bank,indian #overseas #bank,indus #ind #bank,ing #vysya #bank,j #k #bank,karnataka #bank,karur #vysya #bank,kotak #mahindra #bank,lakshmi #vilas #bank,oriental #bank #of #commerce,punjab #and #sind #bank,punjab #national #bank,south #indian #bank,state #bank #of #bikaner #and #jaipur,state #bank #of #hyderabad,state #bank #of #india,state #bank #of #patiala,state #bank #of #travancore,syndicate #bank,tamilnad #mercantile #bank #ltd,the #ratnakar #bank,uco #bank,union #bank #of #india,united #bank #of #india,vijaya #bank,yes #bank,bank #fd,fixed #deposit,fixed #income,investment #plan


Best Interest Rate on Senior Citizens Bank Fixed Deposits July 2017

Highest Interest Rate on Bank Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens July 2017

The post lists down the rate of interest on Bank fixed deposits for Senior Citizens as of July 4, 2017.

You might want to bookmark this page as the FD interest rates would be updated every month. Would help you in better decision making.

Fixed Deposit Highlights:

  • Most banks offer FDs for tenure of 7 Days to 10 Years.
  • The Ratnakar Bank IDBI Bank do offer fixed deposits up to 20 years too .
  • For very short Term Deposits the interest rate is similar to that of Savings Account and so you should not worry about FD. Also Interest up to Rs 10,000 in Saving Account is Tax free .
  • Most banks compound interest quarterly
  • Banks offer Loan/Overdraft against the amount available in Fixed Deposit. The interest is generally 0.5% to 1% more than that offered to FD.
  • TDS (Tax deduction at source) at the rate of 10% is deducted, if the interest income is more than Rs 10,000 in financial year per bank. You can fill Form15G/H
  • You can fill Form15G/H if you want to avoid TDS .
  • There might be penalty for pre-mature withdrawal of Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates:

The highest interest rate is offered by The Deutsche Bank at 8.25% for 1 to 2 years Fixed Deposit.

For comparing the best interest rates on fixed deposits over different duration of investment, we have it divided into following 5 slabs:

  • FD for Less than 1 Year
  • FD for 1 to 2 years
  • FD for 2 to 5 Years
  • FD for 5 to 10 years
  • FD for More than 10 years

We show the highest interest rates on fixed deposits for the above duration buckets. We have also compared the best interest rates on offer by that being offered by State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank and Post Offices.

Interest Rate (Senior Citizens) for FD Less than 1 Year:

The highest interest rate is offered by The Ratnakar Bank (241 days to 364 days) at 7.60% .

Shankar Iyer says:

I suppose there has to be an extensive study before stats are pur out esp. with reference to Ratnakar Bank. If you could check Varacha Bank, Surat Peoples Bank, Sutex Bank, Sarvoday Coop Bank ( all coop banks in Surrat) whose financials are available and NPAs are available for view. These give better returns than Ratnakar. Also, see Gujarat Rajya Karmachari Coop Bank. Investments upto Rs. 1 lac is insured. Also, the investor needs to be educated on the maneouveing of applicant names while opening accounts with coop banks, so that only the benefit of sr citizen is obtained, but the deposits are also insured.

I agree with your views and you can use various combinations of names of account holders to get benefit of deposit insurance. Historically co-operative banks have been riskier and so they offer higher interest rate. Also claiming insurance in case of default is not easy and it may take time. So it s individuals call weather to take risk for slightly higher interest rates.

Hotels – Motels – Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce #solari #hospice

#hotels motels


The Red Lion Hotel in Wenatchee is on the main thoroughfare through town, next to Highway 2 and just 15 minutes from Pangborn Airport via complimentary airport transportation. The Red Lion Inn of Wenatchee boasts 149 spacious guest rooms, including one suite. All feature the services and amenities you would expect of a first-class hotel, including free Net4Guests high-speed wireless Internet access, telephone data ports, room service and laundry valet service. Kick back and relax in the seasonal outdoor pool and whirlpool or work out in the fitness center.

1730 N Wenatchee Avenue | Wenatchee. WA 98801

Spacious studio suites, innovatively laid out, stylishly furnished and smartly designed

Complimentary Suite Seasons Breakfast® daily as well as a Manager s Reception Monday Wednesday

Indoor pool and spa, outdoor fire bar/grill, market, fitness center open 24 hours

1401 N. Miller Street | Wenatchee. Washington 98801

Non Smoking Rooms, Free SuperStart Breakfast, Fitness Room, Outdoor Pool Tub, Pet Friendly, High Speed Internet.

1004 N. Wenatchee Avenue | Wenatchee. Washington 98801

Travelodge is located close to the Convention center. shopping and Riverfront Park. Complimentary Continental Breakfast. Jacuzzi suites. Non Smoking Rooms. Disabled Rooms. Outdoor Pool. Hot Tub and Sauna. High Speed Internet.

1640 N. Wenatchee Avenue | Wenatchee. Washington 98801

Value Inn is located on North Wenatchee Avenue, offers 33 spacious rooms all equipped with a coffee maker and coffee, cable and premium movie channels. Each guest has availability to free high speed Internet. laundry facility. business center. and seasonal outdoor pool and sauna. A delicious hot continental breakfast including waffle station. biscuits and gravy. muffins. and cereal. Some rooms offer kitchenettes with a microwave and refrigerator. This is a pet friendly property.

102 East Park Street | Waterville. Washington 98858

Waterville Historic Hotel. Hidden but not forgotten in the small rural community of Waterville, Washington stands the beautifully restored Waterville Historic Hotel. High on the Big Bend Plateau the traveler is surrounded by wheat fields, sagebrush, mountains and coulees. Built in 1903, this three story hotel features a quality of workmanship that
made this hotel the pride of the community. High ceilings, claw foot tubs, a front row seat on the hotel porch overlooking Pioneer park and easy walking to the historic downtown shops and eateries make this a destination.

730 Saunders Road | Peshastin. Washington 98847

The Wedge Mountain Inn is conveniently located near Wenatchee and five minutes outside of Leavenworth, WA. Offering clean, comfortable, and newly remodeled guest rooms with breathtaking views. Complimentary breakfast is offered on the weekends. There is a seasonal outdoor pool and a huge field for kids to play on. Next door is the locally renowned “Big Y Cafe.” The Wedge Mountain Inn is pet friendly (based on availability) and offers a large parking lot for both RV and Semi-Truck parking.

Amenities include microwaves, mini-fridges, free local calls, 32” flat screen TVs, hairdryers, coffee, and free wireless high-speed internet access in all rooms.

Come stay at the Wedge Mountain Inn, perfect for individuals and families that want the Leavenworth experience without the Leavenworth price!

580 Valley Mall Parkway | East Wenatchee. Washington 98802

The Inn is located next to the Columbia River in East Wenatchee, Washington. We pride ourselves with clean and spacious rooms at fair and economical rates. With our great facilities, proximity to stores and restaurants, and nearby Airport we have become an ideal place to stay for all occasions. This is a great opportunity to enjoy our beautiful country surroundings while being in the heart of the city.

700 N. Wenatchee Avenue | Wenatchee. Washington 98801

Breakfast Included, Kitchen Units, Non-Smoking Rooms, Disabled Rooms, Pool, Pet Friendly.

924 N. Wenatchee Avenue | Wenatchee. Washington 98801

Breakfast Included, Kitchen Units, Pet Friendly, Outdoor Pool Hot Tub

2921 School Street | Wenatchee. Washington 98801

Moonlight Motor Lodge

features: 18 rooms. some with kitchenettes. heated outdoor pool. all rooms have fridge. microwave. flat screen TV s free WIFI.

Lobby has espresso bar. pool table and a ping-pong table.

The Moonlight Motor Lodge hotel close to Performing Arts Center of Wenatchee and Stanley Civic Center and Mission Ridge. Ohme Gardens as well as the Columbia River and the Wenatchee Valley.

Upcoming Events

Friday, September 9th, 4:00pm – 9:00pm

Thursday, September 8th, 5:30pm – 9:00pm

Thursday, September 8th, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Thursday, September 8th, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Thursday, September 8th, 7:00pm – 8:00pm


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InfyTalk: Mobility and the Enterprise #forrester, #building #tomorrow’s #enterprise, #mobility,flypp, #cloud,cornelius #vanderbilt, #mobile #solutions, #new #commerce, #digital #consumers


Planet Earth has yet to pass the 7 billion mark when it comes to human beings alive on its surface. Yet it recently passed the 7.3 billion threshold for mobile devices. That there are more mobile telephones than people in the world is one thing. But when you factor out the many humans that are barely out of diapers, or very old, that ratio becomes even more extraordinary.

The folks at Forrester Research recently published a study that points to a startling phenomenon: that although there are a lot of mobile devices out there, true mobility is difficult for organizations both to attain and, later, to maintain. (Coleridge comes to mind: “Water, water, every where, nor any drop to drink!” )

According to Forrester, ready-to-go mobile solutions that are both horizontal and industry-specific are now de rigeuer. That’s why the leading providers of enterprise mobility services are all flocking to make their apps what shift-on-the-fly did for off-road driving three decades ago. “More than just reusable assets, these are full-blown solutions — both cross-industry or ready for specific industries,” the Forrester report stated. Enterprise mobility has become a “go strong or go home” market arena. Yes, it’s a crowded space. But sheer numbers of entrants don’t mean nearly as much as the fact that the space is changing dramatically. oh, every five minutes or so. The popularity of the Cloud and the ever-increasing demands of consumers to be everywhere at the same time (and in real time) means providers of mobility solutions have to work innovatively and tirelessly to stay ahead of their competitors with product offerings that impress.

Speaking of outsmarting the competition, I’m reminded of one of the most extraordinary businessmen of the 19th century, Cornelius Vanderbilt. When he first saw the potential market for people who needed to be ferried back and forth across New York Harbor, he assembled a fleet of sailboats. While his competitors were building their own fleets of wind-powered boats, he was already thinking about a steam-powered operation. And when his competitors jettisoned wind for steam power themselves, he redefined travel altogether – he was investing in railroads! Vanderbilt was a business leader because his vision and abilities had both breadth and depth of focus. So must providers of solutions be when it comes to modern-day enterprise mobility.

Those of us who are dedicated to building tomorrow’s enterprise today might not be surprised at all. We continue to make deep investment into future areas. What makes us stand apart is that we know fully well that such areas have vast potential. And as we lead the field in user experience, process consulting, development, and end-to-end capacity to support our clients across a broad spectrum of their mobility needs – we are delighted that we are already the standard by which other companies are gauging themselves.

Master Management – Trouvez votre Bac 5 Management #master #management, #master #gestion, #master #commerce, #master #management #alternance, #bac+5 #management


Rejoignez un Master en Management !

Le master de management forme les futurs dirigeants d entreprises. Ce dipl me reconnu par l tat peut tre pr par au sein d une cole de commerce ou de management .

Qu est-ce qu un master en management ?

M thode mise en place afin de g rer une quipe dans diff rents domaines. le management requiert de la rigueur ainsi qu un sens des responsabilit s. Il est pr sent dans de nombreux secteurs. marketing . finance . gestion . commerce et ressources humaines .
l issue de leur cursus, les tudiants sont op rationnels dans l organisation et la coordination des clients, des investisseurs, des fournisseurs et des employ s.

Dans le master management, il existe plusieurs sp cialit s. En voici quelques-unes :

La plupart des tablissements proposent cette formation en alternance. Cela permet aux tudiants d appliquer leurs nouvelles connaissances dans la vie active et d tre, au passage, r tribu s .

Le programme du Master de manager

Selon la sp cialisation choisie, le programme varie. N anmoins, il existe un tronc commun d enseignement avec les fondamentaux du management et :

  • Comptabilit
  • Statistique
  • Analyse des co ts
  • Gestion fiscale et juridique
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Strat gie
  • Langues vivantes

Tout au long du cursus, les tudiants assistent des s minaires et des conf rences anim s par des professionnels en exercice .

Rejoindre un Master en Management et Gestion

Les masters requi rent l obtention d un bac+3. par le biais d une licence et parfois d un bachelor. La s lection s op re sur les crit res suivants. le dossier scolaire. l entretien de motivation ainsi qu ventuellement les r sultats aux concours d entr e.

Quels d bouch s l issue d un Master Manag rial ?

Les tudiants qui souhaitent poursuivre leurs tudes peuvent int grer une cole d ing nieurs afin de pr parer un double dipl me du type Management / Ing nierie . De m me, ils peuvent choisir de se sp cialiser avec un master sp cialis .
Ils peuvent pr tendre aux postes de :

  • Directeur d entreprise
  • Responsable formation
  • Directeur des ressources humaines
  • Conseiller en management
  • Chef de projet
  • Chef de produit
  • Attach commercial
  • Responsable qualit
  • Contr leur de gestion

Intégrez une école de commerce avec les admissions parallèles 19/04/2017 Rejoindre une école de commerce après un BTS, un IUT, une licence ou un master est envisageable. Eh oui, la classe préparatoire ne constitue pas nécessairement une voie royale pour intégrer ce type d’établissement.

Trouver une alternance. tous nos conseils pour chercher votre entreprise 04/04/2017 Grande angoisse des jeunes étudiants, la recherche d’une alternance est un art qu’il s’agit de maîtriser. Diplomeo vous donne tous les conseils pour trouver une alternance.

Comment trouver son stage de fin d’études ? 30/03/2017 La fin des études est à l’horizon. Vous allez devoir effectuer le dernier stage de votre cursus. C’est un premier pied dans le monde du travail avant de faire le grand saut. Diplomeo vous livre ses conseils pour trouver un stage de fin d’études. le nouvel outil pour les bac+5 01/02/2017 Le ministère de l’éducation nationale, de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche vient de lancer un portail dédié à la recherche des diplômes de master. servira notamment aux personnes non sélectionnées dans les masters de leurs choix, comme le prévoit la réforme récente.

5 bonnes raisons de s’engager quand on est étudiant 06/01/2017 La fin d’année 2016 a apporté une nouvelle loi égalité et citoyenneté et des mesures concernant les étudiants. Parmi elles, une meilleure reconnaissance de l’engagement des jeunes. Diplomeo vous donne 5 raisons de vous lancer dans un projet parallèle à vos études.

Spécialisations des Masters Management

Scolarités des Masters Management

6 Easy Ecommerce Shopping Carts for Small Business Websites #e #commerce #shopping #carts


6 Easy Ecommerce Shopping Carts for Small Business Websites

An ecommerce shopping cart is the heartbeat of any online retail site. When shopping for a shopping cart, it’s important to choose one that can be customized to match your business and be flexible enough to grow with your business.

Shopping cart software serves a number of roles on a business website. It acts as an online store product catalog, provides the customer user interface, handles the ordering process and is the interface among the company website, the back-end inventory infrastructure and the payment gateway.

Some small business merchants, when venturing into the world of ecommerce, will start with hosted ecommerce software. These fully-featured and hosted platforms provide everything from domain name registration to the tools you need to build an ecommerce website, all from one vendor. While hosted ecommerce is easy and secure, it doesn’t give online retailers a lot of control, since most functions are managed by the ecommerce service provider.

If total control is what you want, an option for tech-savvy business owners is to integrate a standalone shopping cart to add ecommerce to a business website. These shopping carts are a good choice for small businesses that already host their own secure websites and have in-house technical expertise to configure and manage ecommerce operations.

Here are six fully-featured options for anyone investing in ecommerce shopping cart software for a small-to-midsize business (SMB). Most carts can be either integrated with existing websites or used to create a new site or storefront.

1. 3D Cart: Design Templates, Business Management Tools

3dCart shopping carts serve as ecommerce storefronts. If you already have a website, 3dCart can import the existing design or migrate your business from Yahoo Stores, Miva, X-Cart and others. 3dcart provides customizable design templates as well as business management tools for order processing, shipping, sales reporting and other business functions.

3dCart Pricing starts at $19.99 per month, which is suitable for low-traffic websites with up to 100 products. A Gold account for medium-traffic websites with up to 1,000 products will cost $49.99 per month. All accounts include free technical support.

2. AgoraCart: A Secure, Open-Source Shopping Cart

AgoraCart can support your own code base or can be built using a series of templates. AgoraCart features include customizable store designs, unlimited products, multiple tax rates, more than 10 payment gateways and PCI compliance. The free community edition (version 5.2.x) is supported only though online community forums. Meanwhile, the Gold Version of AgoraCart (6.x Gold) is available for $49.95 and provides additional features and support.

3. Avactis: The Visual Shopping Cart

The Avactis ecommerce shopping cart requires no programming skills to set up or manage— when designing or customizing your website, you use a visual CSS Editor and visual layout editor.

Avactis can be integrated with existing websites or used to create a new website and storefront. The shopping cart software offers a number of management tools and useful ecommerce features for merchants, including price-based discounting, customer reviews, and Facebook integration.

The free Avactis shopping cart software is PHP-based and is embeddable in existing PHP sites. You can upgrade to obtain additional features; one-time payments for Avactis shopping carts range from $249 to $449.

4. CubeCart: Reporting Options, Sage Integration

CubeCart gives small business owners many reporting and customer management options. The store administration dashboard lets you set product options, view sales and inventory data, manage customer accounts and view sales reports. The sales reporting tool, meanwhile, allows you to display and export custom sales reports for third-party spreadsheet software and integrates with Sage Accounting software.

CubeCart Lite is a free cart that can be used for up to 100 customers and 250 orders. The paid version, CubeCart Pro, offers all features with no limits and provides access to the code for a one-time payment of $180. Other services, including copyright removal and upgrade services, are also available.

5. ProductCart: Hundreds of Shopping Cart Features

EarlyImpact’s ProductCart is PCI compliant and features hundreds of ecommerce shopping cart options for design, functionality and back-end management. If you’re just getting started with ecommerce, you can use ProductCart’s design tools to create a new online store.

Cannon Fuse sells a complete line of supplies for the pyrotechnics builder. The company’s ecommerce site is powered by EarlyImpact’s ProductCart software.

Highlights of the cart include advanced order management, store administration tools and marketing features. To help businesses better manage an online ecommerce presence, ProductCart integrates with a number of applications, including FedEx label printing and QuickBooks .

The license for ProductCart (Standard version) is $695. The Build to Order version, which includes a product configurator for more complex products and services, is $1,495. Other services for installation, technical support, hosting and mobile commerce are also available.

6. Zen Cart: Community-Contributed Additions

The open-source ecommerce shopping cart known as Zen Cart provides community-contributed additions to the software than can be applied to your shop. Plenty of documentation and help with your cart is readily available in the community forums, too.

Designed by shop owners, programmers, designers and consultants, this cart features a template-based system to select a design for your cart and to configure product categories, sales discounts and shipping and payment options. Nearly every piece of information about your products can be customized and managed within the Zen Cart Admin view.

Zen Cart v1.5.0 requires PHP 5.2.14, MySQL 4.1.3 and Apache 2.0 (or higher). It can run on Windows/IIS servers, but Linux/Apache servers are recommended. For those who need help with ZenCart, the product’s website provides a list of affiliated service providers.

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