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Welcome to Astro Locksmith Your Trusted Boston Locksmith!

Astro Locksmith, Inc. is a highly experienced, fully licensed insured business that acquires expertise in any and all lock door related jobs. Even the most complicated and non-conventional jobs. In addition to jobs related to locks doors, we also perform any related services to CCTV (Closed Circuit T.V.), Intercom, FDNY-Approved Fire-Escape gates, mailboxes and much, much more. This includes supply replace of all the above mentioned items.

My door frame and locks were damaged in a break in. The Astro Locksmith was fantastic. He worked fast and did a very impressive job. My doorway is now perfect, you can’t see one trace of the damage. As a matter of fact, it is now reenforced like it’s Fort Knox. Thanks Astro Locksmith. I highly recommend Astro Locksmith.

– Mark C. in Boston, MA

Boston Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith Boston:

As Boston residential locksmiths we provide services to homeowners and property managers that are dependable and reliable. We offer a 15 minute response time for all residential calls and requests. We help families and even individuals with lock repair, mailbox locks, door replacements, keyless entry locks and much more!

Commercial Locksmiths Boston:

As Boston commercial locksmiths we take great pride in our offering of accounts with management companies and even homeowner associations. Our commercial services provide our clients with everything our residential services do but also include things like closed-circuit television, all jobs related to locks and doors, intercoms, special mailboxes, and much more. All of our commercial locksmiths services are offered at extremely low rates and clients can even set up payment terms.

Auto Locksmiths Boston:

If you’ve ever reached in your pocket, noticed your car keys were missing, and then peered through the window of your car to see the keys still in the ignition or lying on the seat then you know just how important a Boston auto locksmith is. Our automotive locksmith services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and at very low rates. Moreover our automotive locksmith services are as safe as using a key and our clients won’t have to pay for costly key replacement and duplications afterward.

Read More About Our Boston Auto Locksmith Services

Boston Security/Surveillance Services:

Security in both the home and the workplace is a must these days and gives both business owners as well as homeowners peace of mind knowing that their people/families and their belongings/equipment are being kept under watchful eye. This is why we offer Boston security/surveillance services. Having us install a surveillance system in your business can help you negotiate a lower insurance rate with your broker as well as deter robbery attempts or theft of records. Homeowners who utilize our security and surveillance services will be able to do things such as keep a close eye on nannies/babysitters, watch their home from a remote location, and even see who is at the front door from the inside of the house.

Read More About Our Boston Security Services

Boston Locksmith Serves the Following Areas:

Cambridge, Newton, Brookline, Braintree, Brighton, Chestnut Hill, Dorchester, Lexington, Medford / West Medford, Milton, Natick, Needham, Norwood, Quincy, Waltham / North Waltham, Watertown

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Dukan Diet

Balanced Diet

These diets contain more than the government’s recommendation that between 10 to 35 percent of daily calories come from protein.

Pros Cons

  • All-you-can-eat
  • Filling
  • Lots of rules
  • Could fall short nutritionally

The aim: Weight loss.

The claim: You’ll lose up to 10 pounds within the first week, and continue at a clip of 2 to 4 pounds a week until you reach your goal weight – all while eating as much as you want (of the approved foods, of course). If you follow the rules to the letter, you’ll never regain.

The theory: Counting calories isn’t the key to weight loss; protein is. It’s a weight-loss powerhouse – it’s filling, takes time and work to digest, and has very few calories for each gram of food compared to carb-heavy foods. When protein supplies the majority of a diet. and fats and carbs are all but squeezed out, fast weight loss ensues. (Limiting carbs, the body’s preferred energy source, forces the body to turn to an alternative fuel – stored fat.) That’s motivation enough for dieters to follow a strict plan that rewards the faithful by slowly adding back the bread, cheese and fruit they so dearly missed.


Dukan Diet ranked #37 in Best Diets Overall. 38 diets were evaluated with input from a panel of health experts. See how we rank diets here.

Dukan Diet is ranked:

Dos Don’ts

Prepare for lots of rules. All four phases of the Dukan Diet – named for former French physician Pierre Dukan, its creator – are heavy on do’s and don’ts, and even the slightest slip-up is considered destructive. You’ll move from the all-you-can-eat, pure protein “Attack” phase to “Cruise,” which allows selected vegetables on selected days. In the third phase, “Consolidation,” you’ll add more foods that, by now, you’re longing for, such as cheese and bread. By the last phase, “Permanent Stabilization,” you’re relatively free. With just a few (very crucial and very specific) parting rules, you’re permitted to eat anything you want.

Attack: A gourmand’s dream diet, this phase is all-you-can-eat, portion-wise. Any of the following is fair game: lean beef, veal, pork and venison; organ meat including liver and tongue; fish; shellfish; poultry; low-fat ham, turkey and chicken; eggs; vegetable protein such as tofu and seitan; nonfat dairy; water and other no-calorie drinks (yes, even diet soda); and 1 1/2 tablespoons of oat bran. Spices and herbs are encouraged to avoid monotony. Craving something else? Too bad – cheating is expressly forbidden. “[S]uccumbing to any other foods, as small as the lapse may be, will be like puncturing a balloon with a needle,” warns Dukan.

The Attack phase lasts between one to 10 days, depending on how much weight you have to lose. For the majority of dieters – those with 20 to 40 pounds to shed – Attack is typically five days and weight loss is usually 4 to 7 pounds, according to Dukan.

Cruise: In this phase, you’ll add back certain all-you-can-eat vegetables (the nonstarchy ones, such as cucumbers, mushrooms, zucchini, peppers and salad greens). Still, Dukan recommends alternating one day of the “pure-protein” Attack phase with one day of protein plus vegetables. (A five-day protein then five-day protein-plus-vegetables plan is also an option). The oat bran recommendation rises slightly to 2 tablespoons.

You should lose at a rate of about 2 to 4 pounds per week, according to Dukan. You’ll continue alternating until you reach your goal weight.

Consolidation: Now, the name of the game is keeping the pounds off. You’re very vulnerable to weight regain, says Dukan, and the only option is a transition phase that lasts five days for every pound you’ve lost. That means dieters who’ve lost 20 to 40 pounds will stay in Consolidation between 100 to 200 days. The proteins and vegetables from the previous phases are still all-you-can-eat, but you can now mix them together as you please. Each day, you also get a serving of fruit, two slices of whole-grain bread and 1 1/2 ounces of cheese. Each week, you’re also allowed two servings of starchy foods like pasta or quinoa, three specific protein indulgences (leg of lamb, roast pork and cooked ham), and one or two “celebration meals” where you can eat anything you want, provided you don’t binge or have them back-to-back. The daily 2-tablespoon oat bran requirement stays.

You’re still required to revert to the “pure-protein” Attack phase once per week.

Permanent Stabilization: Freedom! (Well, sort of.) You can now eat whatever you want six days out of the week, provided you don’t abandon what you learned during Consolidation. And 3 daily tablespoons of oat bran is now a must. The seventh day is a purest-of-pure protein day that mirrors the Attack phase but restricts even more the acceptable foods list. As its name suggests, this phase is meant to last a lifetime.

In 2014, diet creator Pierre Dukan was removed from the French medical register for promoting the plan commercially, as reported by the Guardian.

Dos Don ts

Dos Don ts

Savory galette (pancake)
Savory galettes made with oat bran and Greek yogurt can be eaten alone like bread or as blinis topped with a slice of smoked salmon, or cooked lean ham, chicken or turkey. (Courtesy of Dukan Diet)

Dukan Parsley Tabbouleh
Dukan Parsley Tabbouleh serves as a healthy snack or appetizer alternative to traditional social fare. Filled with herbs and rich greens, it pairs easily with grilled fish or baked ham. (Courtesy of Dukan Diet)

Lettuce-wrap burritos
This lettuce-wrapped burrito is made with lean ground beef and low-sodium broth. For more nutrients, texture, and flavor, substitute iceberg lettuce with cabbage, romaine, or loose leaf lettuce. (Courtesy of Dukan Diet)

Tofu kebabs
Tofu kebabs with red pepper, mushroom, and zucchini can be prepared ahead of time and refrigerated. This dish pairs well with warm soup or with shirataki rice. (Courtesy of Dukan Diet)

How much does it cost?

Animal protein, vegetables and dairy products are pricey, especially if you’re eating a lot of them – which you will be.

You can buy books like “The Dukan Diet” and “The Dukan Diet Made Easy.” Plus, coaching is available for $29.95 per month.

Will you lose weight?

It’s hard to say. No clinical trials have evaluated the Dukan Diet. An online survey of 1,525 people in 2010 reported that dieters lost, on average, 15 7/10 pounds after the first two phases.

How easy is it to follow?

How much do you like rules? If you want to be told exactly what to do – no matter the difficulty of the request – you’ll appreciate the Dukan Diet’s many guidelines. And while the restrictive phases are short, they are very restrictive, so don’t underestimate the willpower you’ll need.

Convenience: Recipes are abundant and simple. Eating out is allowed, but alcohol is banned during early phases of the diet. Some online support is offered. And offers resources such as packaged food and supplements. An 8-ounce serving of Goji berries, for example, is $16.99.

Eating out: No problem, as long as you order from your approved-foods list. If you’re in Attack, try steak with a side of shrimp. During Cruise, throw in some steamed veggies. Just make sure the chef doesn’t add any oil – or worse – butter. If you’re tempted by dessert, Dukan suggests ordering coffee or keeping a yogurt on hand to end your meal on a sweet note.

Alcohol: Off-limits until you reach the Consolidation phase when you can have a glass of wine or bottle of beer with your celebration meal.

Timesavers: None, unless you hire somebody to plan your meals, shop for them and prepare them.

Extras: Online forums and live chats connect you with other dieters and Dukan nutritionists. And for a fee, which varies based on your plan, you can get a personalized program and online weight-loss coaching. Prepackaged Dukan food that conforms to the diet is available online.

Fullness: Nutrition experts emphasize the importance of satiety, the satisfied feeling that you’ve had enough. You won’t go hungry on Dukan. Protein is filling, and you don’t have a calorie limit.

Taste: You’re making everything, so if something doesn’t taste good, you know who to blame. In the absence of many traditional condiments and oils, you’ll want to make full use of the approved herbs and spices to enliven your meals.

Health Nutrition

If you want a healthy diet, look elsewhere, our panel concluded. The high amount of protein could lead to long-term health problems, and shutting out entire food groups poses a risk of nutritional deficiencies. Possible side effects include lethargy, bad breath and constipation.

What is the role of exercise?

It’s required. Brisk walking is Dukan’s exercise of choice – 20 minutes a day in Attack, 30 to 60 minutes in Cruise, 25 minutes in Consolidation and 20 minutes in Permanent Stabilization. Dukan also offers instruction on toning your stomach, thighs, arms and butt.

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Your Best Pick for Specialists in Carpet Service

Welcome to E.Z. Carpet Service. your premier choice for your carpet and flooring needs in New York. From the time we have started with our service in 2001, we have evolved into the company that we are now. We have improved through the years but remained with our commitment towards offering the best carpet installation and other related services. With the five-star feedbacks that have been provided by our clients in the past, with confidence, we can say that choosing us is a decision that you will never regret.

Most people would know us as a leading choice for carpet installation in New York, NYC, Jamaica, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, and State Island. We offer wall to wall carpet installation not only for residential clients but also for commercial clients. We also offer wood floor sanding and refinish, water damage repair, Oriental rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning. and window treatment, among others. Whether it is for wood floor or laminate flooring. put your trust on us. We promise to provide you with service that is unrivalled by any others.

We offer all name brand of carpet and flooring These top brands include Shaw. Mohawk. Milliken. Floor/Interface and many others. E verything is in wholesale pricing .We offer wall to wall carpet, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring,Linoleum flooring and much more.We give full service from selling installing and cleaning any one of our product.

For sure, you will be confronted with tons of options when looking for the best company for carpet installation and other flooring services. One of the reasons on why you should choose us is the fact that we go beyond installation. We can be your one-stop shop as we offer a diversity of services, making sure that your floor will look at its best.

We also take pride in having the best people in the business, who we consider to be our greatest asset. With a team of highly qualified individuals, we are sure that every job will be completed successfully. Regardless of the borough where you are, our employees will be to the rescue once we have received a request for a service. We can guarantee providing you with professional installation and cleaning services!

In spite of the top-notch quality of the services that we are offering, we make sure that price remains reasonable. Whether it is for residential or commercial carpet services, our rates will not hurt your wallet. We even have a cheap carpet store where we keep an inventory of carpets made from different materials and textures. Regardless of the color and design that you want, we have them.

Call us at EZ Carpet Service today and we will let you know how we can help. We can provide you with a free estimate and same day service. making sure that your floor will not have to be bare for too long! We offer customized solutions based on the needs and budget of our clients.

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Reliable Plumbing Services

Since 1995, Rush Plumbing & Rooter has been providing the plumbing services in Perris and the surrounding area. We provide plumbing services for both residential and commercial customers. Whatever your plumbing issues are, our experts can handle it. Our services include hydro jetting. drain cleaning service and more.

Our licensed professionals are committed to provide you with quality plumbing and drain cleaning services. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We are open 24 hours a day for your convenience. Call us at (951) 297-7615 to learn more about our services.

Why Choose Us?

  • California Contractor License Number – 26324
  • Licensed, Insured and Bonded
  • 24-Hour Emergency Services
  • 22 Years in Service
  • Experienced Technicians

Our Services Include:

  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Water Heaters
  • Pipe Lining Services
  • Sewer Cleaning Repair
  • Trenchless Replacement
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Leak Detection
  • Commercial Services
  • and More

Trusted Plumbers in Temecula, Corona, Riverside and Surrounding Areas

Trust Rush Plumbing & Rooter with your drain cleaning needs, and we are sure to exceed your expectations. No job is too big or too small for us. We pay attention to detail on each project and get the job done right the first time. We proudly serve Perris, Riverside, Terra Cotta and the surrounding area.

We provide plumbing services with no damage to your property. We are a team of friendly, knowledgeable plumbers who will work hard to solve your plumbing problems. To learn more about our services, call us at (951) 297-7615.

Rely on Us For:

  • Residential and Commercial Plumbing Services
  • Rooter Services
  • Plumbing Video Inspection Services
  • Drain Cleaning Services
  • Hydro Jetting
  • Rooter
  • Dripping Faucets
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Running Toilets
  • Leaky Pipes
  • Slow or Clogged Drains

Want to Learn More?
Call Now at (951) 297-7615.

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Welcome To Dagley Insurance Financial Services:

Your Local Insurance Agency in Texas and Colorado!

At Dagley Insurance Financial Services, we are proud to offer comprehensive insurance solutions at great rates. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding service to our clients each and every day. With offices throughout Texas and Colorado, we do our very best to meet your insurance needs.

If you are living in Texas or Colorado, we would love to earn your insurance business! We provide complete insurance packages for businesses. If you are in need of personal insurance such as homeowner s insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, or renter s insurance, we have you covered there as well. When you work with Dagley Insurance Financial Services, you get personalized service, convenient locations, and a company that cares about you.

Dagley Insurance Financial Services makes it easy to start saving on all of your insurance policies immediately by offering many locations.
We have six insurance agencies in Texas, including Katy, Houston, Cypress, Sugarland, Plano and Cleburne. We also have three insurance agencies in Colorado, including Aurora, Denver, and Greeley.

Give us a call today, or fill out any of the quote forms on our website for more information. We look forward to working with you.

Proud Member of:

Proud Member of:

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Inc

23102 Seven Meadows Pkwy

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Inc

1 N Walnut St, Ste 125

Cleburne, TX 76033

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Inc

3011 W 10th St, Ste 113

Greeley, CO 80634

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Inc

17515 Spring Cypress Rd, Ste G

Cypress, TX 77429

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Inc

15510 Lexington Blvd, Ste A2

Sugar Land, TX 77478

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Inc

2055 S Federal Blvd

Denver, CO 80219

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Inc

17105 Clay Rd, Ste C

Houston, TX 77084

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Inc

8000 Coit Rd, Ste 500

Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Inc

10310 E Colfax Ave

Aurora, CO 80010

We are licensed in all of Texas & Colorado. License #12053.

Developed by Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, Inc #12053. Nationwide Life Insurance Company. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and Affiliated Companies. Home Office: Columbus, OH 43215-2220

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Homeowners and Auto Insurance in Las Vegas, NV

Preventing Las Vegas Residents and Businesses from Gambling with Risk

Individuals flock to Las Vegas for big risk, big reward adventures. However, when the bright lights fade, the greatest reward resides in protection against financial burdens associated with risk exposure. At Sage Insurance Services, Inc. we specialize in securing individuals and businesses in Las Vegas, and surrounding Nevada communities, with reliable insurance services.

A Full House of Insurance Coverages

We don t roll the dice on your protection. Instead, we play the same cards that have held true since our agency s establishment more than two decades ago.

Our agents work one-on-one with the clients we serve, confirming coverage is personalized to their needs. We ll take the time necessary to not only develop fitting coverage, but also educate clients on the integral components of their policy.

Once requirements are mapped out, agents route coverage toward an established insurance product. At Sage Insurance Services, Inc. we have a close relationship with Nationwide Insurance, as well as Travelers Insurance and Progressive. For our clients, this translates to personalized service courtesy of a local agent partnered with a product from a nationally-renowned insurance company.

Protection for the long-term profitability of Nevada companies is instituted within our business insurance program . Our current clientele consists of a variety of specific industries . including restaurants, bars, and churches. We administer insurance for Las Vegas businesses of all sizes and scopes, but for small to-medium sized operations we recommend a business owners policy (BOP) . A typical BOP encompasses essential coverages relevant to businesses of this stature, such as commercial property insurance . general liability coverage . and crime insurance .

To learn more about the coverages we offer, contact our agency at your convenience.

What Happens in Vegas, Is Protected by Our Agents

Ongoing service continues long after the policy purchasing process, as agents consistently monitor coverage and confirm rates remain competitive. If changes arise, we ll work directly with you to make certain these alterations are mirrored in your insurance policy.

Don t take the gamble on insurance coverage. To begin working with us to secure a policy, feel free to request a quote .

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Phoenix Water Heater

The Phoenix is a highly efficient and extremely versatile gas fired water heater. It is manufactured with super durable stainless steel materials to last longer and provide optimum heat transfer. It is up to 96% efficient with a five to one turndown, making it Energy Star rated and a great choice for your heating needs..

Free Consultation & Cash Back Offer!

for more information and product savings, select an option below

Watch and Learn

Energy Efficient

The Phoenix has up to a 96% thermal efficiency rating, making it Energy Star certified. According to Energy Star, heating water accounts for 15% of a home’s energy use. HTP high efficiency water heaters consume anywhere from 10-50% less energy than standard models. The Phoenix has a 96% efficiency rating—that means that 96 cents of every dollar is used toward heating compared to a standard efficiency unit with 60% which only provides 60 cents worth of energy toward heating.

It provides high system efficiency even during low load conditions. The modulating burner operates at a five to one turndown ratio for greater savings. This unit also complies with the SCZQMD Rule 1146.2 – ultra low NOx emissions – making it eco-friendly!


The Phoenix is available in three gallon sizes (55, 80, 119) and four BTU inputs ranging from 100,000 to 199,000. It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Quality Construction

The Phoenix is laser welded and constructed with a 316L stainless steel tank to resist corrosion and last longer. It is also manufactured with a hybrid cupronickel/stainless steel heat exchanger for ultimate heat transfer capabilities. It expands and contracts rapidly with the change in temperature, eliminating scale built up and promoting self-cleaning. No anode rods are needed to fight the corrosive properties of scale build up. The Phoenix is equipped with an outdoor sensor that auto adjusts for maximum efficiency. It is also created with 2” thick foam insulation for minimal heat loss!

A Better Experience with Every Installation

The Phoenix has a light weight tank for easier installation. It vents in inexpensive PVC and CPVC. Power vent or direct power vent options are available. These units come with intake PVC tee with screens and exhaust PVC coupling with screens. LP conversion kits are also included if needed (natural gas models only).

Solar and Sanitizer water heating options are also available with the Phoenix. The Phoenix Solar Gas Fired Water Heaters are the first modulating condensing solar water heaters with an integrated gas fired back-up all in one unit.

The Phoenix Sanitizer provides high temperature sanitation for those need to be clean applications. This is great for use in restaurants, breweries, wineries, dairies and more!

Still not convinced? See what a customer has to say!

Mr. Matt Karshna of the Whitnall School District took out time to talk about his experience with Phoenix Water Heaters at Hot Water Products booth at the WASBO Conference (Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials) in the Wisconsin Dells.

Have your own review? Submit it here !

The HTP Guarantee

The Phoenix is backed by a limited 7 year residential warranty and 3 year commercial warranty (with a 5 year commercial warranty option available for purchase ).

Your Personal Assistant is a Download Away!

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Commercial Flooring

Commercial Flooring is our focus and speciality. We have very strong buying power with both local and overseas commercial flooring suppliers. We can offer continuity and consistency with our own flooring installers across the country. No matter what type of commercial flooring is required, we will provide the flooring solution for you. Our flooring installers are experts in all aspects of commercial vinyl floors through to carpets and carpet tiles. Our national team of experienced Project Managers provide qualified technical advice on design, supply and installation of all types of carpet, carpet tiles. commercial vinyl flooring and timber flooring to meet the rigorous demands of commercial buildings. We are quite unique in our service delivery with a one point of contact nationally delivering an End to End solution for your specific requirements.


Asset Flooring Group Australia is one of Australia’s leading commercial flooring companies. We have established a proud reputation as trusted providers of quality floor covering solutions for over 19 years. Our national team work to the highest industry standards.


Asset Flooring Group provides expert technical advice, design, supply and installation of all types of carpet, vinyl and timber flooring that meets the rigorous demands of commercial facilities. We provide the right flooring to suit each client’s individual requirements.


We provide the widest range of product choice direct from both local and international manufacturers. We co-ordinate nationwide to deliver an appropriate outcome, working closely with industrial specialists to meet your time frame and budget.

Be it a one off Shopfitting project or a National Rollout, we have never been disappointed. The whole Asset Flooring team are a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. They arrive on the right day, at the right time, do the job as per plans, leave no mess and do the job to our complete satisfaction.

Commercial Insurance Web Leads #commercial #insurance #leads, #business #insurance #leads, #business #insurance


In addition to offering the best Commercial Insurance Leads in the industry, we give you the ability to set when you accept leads and even what coverage and/or industries you would like to target. You can select as few or as many states as you like, what days and hours you wish to accept lead delivery, as well as your maximum # of leads per day. The coverage and industry filters allow you to select as many or as few coverage and industry combinations as you like.

Bond | BOP | Commercial Auto | Commercial Property | Liability | Workers Compensation

Accounting Financial | Advertising, Design | Media Services | Agricultural | Associations Religious Orgs | Auto Dealers, Service, Equipment | Cleaning Services | Computer, Web, IT Svcs Tech | Construction Contracting | Consultants – Management Marketing | Design Professionals | Energy | Entertainment, Hotels, Recreation | Home Based Business | Insurance Professional Stock Brokers | Laundry | Lawn Care / Landscaping | Lessors Risk | Manufacturers | Marine | Medical, Health, Wellness | Nonprofit / Social Services | Pet Services | Photography Video Services | Printing Copying | Professional Specialty Services | Professional Installers | Real Estate, Title Mortgage | Restaurants Bars | Retail | Salons Personal Services | Schools | Services Miscellaneous | Transportation – Trucking | Transportation – Uber/Lyft/Taxi/Limo | Wholesalers


Lead contact-ability is one of the yardsticks by which lead quality is measured. It is the measure of how often you can get in touch with a lead via phone or email. We take this measurement very seriously and our goal is for you to be able to reach your prospects 100% of the time. As a matter of fact, we already have industry leading lead contact-ability levels and we are always working to improve them for you.

Business owners searching for commercial insurance find our site using the major search engines. Some of these visitors complete our web form that helps them select the appropriate set of coverages for their business. Once they submit the form, we run a series of automated quality checks to make sure the lead is valid. Additionally, we phone verify many of the leads ourselves to make sure they meet our standards. We then match the prospect to the agent that is the best fit. We also display that agent’s contact information to the prospect and deliver the lead to the agent all in real-time.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ for answers to common questions or feel free to give us a call!

Tulsa Personal Injury Attorneys #risperdal #commercial


Serious Lawyers For Serious Injuries

Have you been seriously injured in an accident that was not your fault?

If so, you need the top-rated Tulsa, Oklahoma Personal Injury law firm Graves McLain PLLC. We represent victims and their families in serious injury and wrongful death cases arising from car crashes, medical mistakes and other catastrophic accidents. If you or a loved one is the victim of a serious accident, you need qualified and experienced lawyers to represent you. You need attorneys you can trust to protect your rights and who will fight to gain you the maximum compensation for your injuries, so that you can spend your time getting well.

The attorneys at Graves McLain are uniquely qualified to handle the many details that arise from injuries sustained as the result of the negligence of others. We don’t take short cuts! We devote the necessary resources needed to fight for your rights and take on even the most complex cases. Whether resolving the matter in or out of court, the lawyers at Graves McLain understand the intricacies of very specialized personal injury cases. You’ve been through enough, and your legal battle shouldn’t make things worse.

At Graves McLain, we treat our clients like family, working every case to the best possible resolution. You don’t have to be wealthy to have the best representation. We take almost all our cases on a contingency basis, which means if we don’t recover money for you, you don’t owe us anything. We advance all costs related to your case out of our pocket.

Contact the Tulsa, Oklahoma Personal Injury Lawyers at Graves McLain, at 1-800-390-6600, email us directly, or request a free consultation online.

An experienced attorney will review your situation at no cost to you. Trust our team, we are here to help. Graves McLain, Serious Lawyers For Serious Injuries.

Justice for Victims of Car Accidents

The Facts Are…Over 700 Oklahomans die in car accidents each year and over 36,000 people are injured in car accidents each year in the U.S. Many of these accidents were caused by someone else’s negligence.

A serious car accident not only results in damage to your car, but also can cause life-changing, serious injuries to your body and well-being. Medical bills become overwhelming and you may be unable to return to work for a period of time.

You need an experienced car accident attorney who can work your case to put it in the best position for pre-suit resolution or to proceed with a lawsuit. The attorneys at Graves McLain will fight for your rights and ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

Justice for Victims of Serious Injuries

Patients rely on doctors and healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat them properly. When doctors and healthcare professionals make mistakes, many times serious injuries and even death result.

If your healthcare provider didn’t follow the standard of care when diagnosing or treating you or a loved one, and it resulted in injury or death, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. The attorneys at Graves McLain will find the best medical expert to review your case. We will carefully and thoroughly prepare your case and work diligently so that you receive the maximum compensation for your loss. The attorneys at Graves McLain will fight to help turn your life back around.

Justice for Victims of Medical Mistakes

Patients rely on doctors and healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat them properly. When doctors and healthcare professionals make mistakes, many times serious injuries and even death result.

If your healthcare provider didn’t follow the standard of care when diagnosing or treating you or a loved one, and it resulted in injury or death, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit. The attorneys at Graves McLain will find the best medical expert to review your case. We will carefully and thoroughly prepare your case and work diligently so that you receive the maximum compensation for your loss. The attorneys at Graves McLain will fight to help turn your life back around.

Justice for Victims of Wrongful Death

A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found 225,000 deaths are caused by preventable medical errors annually.

If you have suffered the tragic loss of a family member due to another’s negligence or intent to cause harm, seek the counsel of Graves McLain. Your tragedy should have the legal support and guidance it deserves to help you and your family through these very delicate situations.

Although we cannot make up for the loss of your loved one, together we can work to bring justice to the forefront of this untimely tragedy. One of our wrongful death attorneys will consult with you to determine if we can help.

Justice for Victims of Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Many people suffer from unsafe medical treatments in desperate hope of relief, while drug and medical technology companies’ goal is to increase business and satisfy shareholders.

Medical technology can progress at an incredible rate, sometimes faster than testing and studies can keep up with. It is the Food and Drug Administration’s duty to review these advances and release the safe ones. However, that is not always the case.

The attorneys at Graves Mclain have substantial experience in representing these often difficult, complicated cases, and we have the financial resources to conduct a thorough investigation to prosecute the case through trial and appeal if necessary.

Local Area News

06/10/17 – New Oklahoma law to raise small claim court limits – Press-leader

06/09/17 – Oklahoma law enforcement officers kill man, sparking protest – ABC News

06/09/17 – Tulsa law officers kill man, sparking street protest – KTXS

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After a bad experience with another law firm, I brought my accident case to Graves McLain. Without hesitation they worked hard.

The staff at Graves McLain was fantastic. The entire team took me under their wing and made me feel at ease throughout my case.

Free Consultation • Home & Hospital Visits • No Recovery / No Attorneys Fee • On-Call 24/7

Office Cleaning NJ, House Cleaning New Jersey, Janitorial Services, Mold Removal #house


Professional Janitorial, Commercial, Industrial Cleaning Services
Residential Cleanup – Heavy Detailed House Home Cleaning
Certified Mold Remediation Removal Of All Health Hazards
Eight Diverse Service Divisions Serve NJ, NY, PA

Call 732-225-0662 Now For A Free Cleaning Quote

Gerrus Maintenance, Inc. and its eight service divisions are the best providers of professional cleaning services and complete building cleaning services in New Jersey and nearby areas of Staten Island NY and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We offer a full range of janitorial. health hazard removal. sanitizing. certified mold remediation and certified microbial remediation services from customized office building cleaning contracts, to specialty industrial cleaning and maintenance, to heavy-duty residential projects. When you need one-time or repetitive commercial cleaning services. or our heavy duty residential cleanups, our quality-controlled staff, supervised and managed by professional chemical engineers, provides extraordinary detail. Green maintenance supplies are always available. Our US EPA Certification number is NAT-43984-1. Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete scheduled janitorial programs or one-time service calls for any building. We clean carpets, floors, windows, walls, and everything in between. Comprehensive, flexible, professionally trained staff. Fully insured and bonded. Sanitary and maintenance supplies. Optional “green” products. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.

Complete cleaning and sanitizing services from floors to ceilings and everything in between, including basement cleaning. attic cleanup and garage clean out. We perform heavy-duty, move-in, move-out, pre-sale, and post-construction cleanups. Throw-outs with dumpster service. Health hazard cleaning and odor control. ACAC-certified microbial and mold removal and retardation. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. Disaster and emergency services. Specialized teams for compulsive hoarding cleanup, sanitizing and deodorization. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete cleaning services from floors to ceilings and everything in between. We perform heavy-duty, move-in, move-out, pre-sale, and post-construction cleanups. Throw-outs with dumpster service. Health hazard cleaning and odor control. ACAC-certified microbial and mold removal and retardation. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. Complete fog and contact sanitizing. Disaster control and comprehensive emergency services are available. Call us for experienced, sensitive hoarding syndrome cleaning, senile squalor cleanup, OCD cleaning assistance, and pet or other animal hoarding sanitation problems. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete industrial and warehouse cleaning for buildings and their contents. We utilize specialized equipment and proprietary techniques to provide clean room sanitizing, HEPA vacuuming, steam cleaning, high pressure washing, solvent degreasing, and other state-of-the-art cleanups. Engineer on staff. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.

Sewage, flood and water damage disinfecting, deodorizing and drying. Fire, soot and smoke cleaning and odor neutralization. Heavy duty, health hazard and total premises cleaning. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. ACAC-certified microbial and mold cleaning and remediation. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Safe indoor allergen neutralization and removal. The staff of Gerrus Maintenance Inc. is managed by an experienced chemical engineer. We will treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate house allergens and other biological pollutants. Our experts employ modern technology to accomplish the task and improve indoor air quality at your home or business. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Safe odor neutralization and microbial decontamination services at home or work. Our chemical engineer managed staff will treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate odor, chemical and biological pollutants at your home or business. We are experienced certified mold and microbial remediators. We will eliminate a bad smell at the source using modern bio and physical remediation technologies, such as HEPA air scrubbing, allergen neutralization, contact and fog disinfecting, enzymatic digestion, chemical oxidation, and decontamination washing. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Floor cleaning and sealing services. We apply hardeners, densifiers, dust-proofers, penetrating sealants, and coatings. Resurfacing and repairs. Contract or one-time auto-scrubbing or sweeping services. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Click Here to read our Healthy Cleaning Blog .

Complete Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, House Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Business Cleaning Services, Building Maintenance & Remediation by a Chemical Engineer Managed Staff – The Best In New Jersey Since 1974.

Call today for more information! For emergency service, call 24x7x365

Miami Painting Contractor Company # #painting #company, #painting, #miami #painting #company, #painting


Miami Painting Contractor Company


Quality and Professional Painting Contractor in Miami

Are you looking for a Painting Contractor to update the appearance of your property?
Gonzalez Painting Waterproofing, Inc. is a Miami based painting company with 25 years of experience. We handle any type of project, from commercial to residential jobs, always using the best quality materials and paint coating. Our sincere desire is to exceed the expectations of our customers.
Our team of professional painters takes great pride in their craft. We pay attention to detail providing the highest quality workmanship. We handle your painting project from end to end from setup to cleanup. Our commitment is to always provide 100% satisfaction to our customers. We aren t finished painting until you are completely satisfied .

We are #1 Miami Painting Contractor company

Call us Today. (305) 687-0903 or (305) 970-4977

Residential Painting Contractor

Painting is a fine art. Your home is our canvas

The Miami Painting Contractor you can trust

Our team of professional painters will give your home a fresh new look. You will be pleased with the appearance. From the beginning to the end of your project, our crew will work with you to coordinate a mutually convenient work schedule. Hiring a professional and trustworthy residential painter isn t easy. That s why at Gonzalez Painting Waterproofing, Inc. we pride ourselves on making every step of your painting project smooth and pain-free. A dedicated project manager will be your single point of contact and will be there to answer questions about your project and help to schedule the work.

Residential Painting Services:

• Pressure washing
• Interior Preparation and Painting
• Exterior Preparation and Painting
• Wall paper removal
• Garages floors
• Decks and fences
• Roof coatings
• Sealing of brick pavers
• Wood stain applications
• Crown molding and baseboard installations

Go to the residential services details

Call us Today. (305) 687-0903 or (305) 970-4977

Go to the commercial services details

Call us Today. (305) 687-0903 or (305) 970-4977

Commercial Painting Contractor

Quality, craftsmanship, and customer service

The Commercial Miami Painting Contractor you can trust

Whether you need painting services for a small office space, a large commercial complex, an industrial building, apartment buildings, or a condominium building, Gonzalez Painting Waterproofing, Inc. will complete the project on time and within your budget. We are fully licensed and insured. All our work is performed by skilled professionally trained painters. We work closely with paint manufacturers such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr and Coronado Paints to provide a written warranty for your painting project. We offer 5, 7, and 10-year warranties.

Commercial Painting Projects:

• High-rise buildings
• Mid-rise buildings
• Office buildings
• Multi-family residential dwellings
• Industrial and warehouse painting
• Anti-slip floor painting
• Epoxy and concrete floor painting
• Existing Construction
• Shopping Centers
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Schools

Step Property Painting Process

Welcome to KCSI Construction #commercial: #commercial #remodeling, #commercial #contractor, #build #outs, #trade


At KCSI Construction, we specialize in the highest quality work and personalized service for your homes exterior remodeling needs. (The principals at KCSI Construction, Inc. have been serving commercial and residential customers throughout the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area for nearly twenty years).

KCSI specializes in the installation of exterior building products. At KCSI we use the highest quality products and tradespeople for each product price-line.

Our firm was founded by experienced professionals who focus on the principles of team work, customer service, and quality of work. Once we have been provided the opportunity to perform as part of your remodeling team, our goal is to become a long-term player. When contracting with KCSI, you can be assured:

  • Work is completed as specified, in accordance with your critical path.
  • Constructive and effective customer interaction.
  • Professional craftsmanship, work ethic and site appearance are maintained at all times.

Our staff have learned important lessons in the construction contracting industry. We believe that your ultimate satisfaction is most important to our long term success. We understand that to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction and to ensure a productive and long term business concern, a team approach is mandatory. We know our position, and will provide competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality of work and seamless trade transition.

Our services include:

  • Siding
  • Roofing
  • Replacement Windows
  • Patio Entry Doors
  • Gutters

We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and our prompt professionalism. We provide unparalleled service for your remodeling needs, within a nice, neat working environment. Since our work is based on referrals, we complete your project on-time on-budget!

KCSI Construction is a Class-A Licensed contractor Insured and Bonded.

Fairfax, Arlington, Falls Church, Woodbridge, Fairfax City, Mantua, Willow Woods, Leesburg, Warrenton, Vint Hill, Bristow, Alexandria, Loudoun, Prince William, Fauquier, Clarke, Virginia, Roofing, Siding, Windows, Gutters, Roof Repair, roof repair, roof leak, storm damage, fiber cemenet siding, hardiplank, HardiPlank, hardie, plank, hardy, hardi, vinyl siding, new window, window replacement, vinyl window, wood window, metal window, basement window, broken glass, door, wood door, door replacement, security door, metal door, siding contractor, re-side, reside, my home, my house, new siding, best siding, best windows, energy savings, energy, green, environmental, environmentally, tax refund, tax break, window contractor, roofing contractor, siding contractor, siding installer, window installer, door installer, gutter installer, roof installer, certainteed, owens corning, GAF, Tamko, Heartland, Alcoa, Alside, Pella, Andersen Windows, Andersen, Marvin windows, Marvin, Traco windows, Traco, Renewal, Thompson Creek, Window Man, Elk, triple pane, insulated glass, low e, efficient window, efficient, best value, value, Gorel, Simonton, Certainteed, Weather Shield, Jeld Wen, cement siding, best window installer in northern virginia, vinyl siding, aluminum siding, new siding, new windows, new gutters, roofer, roofing, roofs, slate, tile roofing, cement roofing, cedar roofing, cedar siding, factory approved, manufacturer approved, energy star, metal roofing, rain barrel, copper roofing, copper gutters, leader head,

Admiral heating and cooling #rochester #nh #hvac #contractor, #furnace #air #conditioning #sales


When you lose your heat during a raging Nor’easter…
Or you’re A/C dies in the middle of a blistering heat wave…

Will you be able to find a reputable N.H. HVAC contractor
who can fix your heating or cooling system FAST?

Prompt • Affordable • Professional • Friendly
Residential Commercial Heating Cooling Equipment
Installation • 24/7 Emergency Service • ALL Brands and Models

Admiral Climate Control in Rochester, NH will save the day. Our friendly, knowledgeable HVAC technicians have 70+ years of combined experience, and will quickly and accurately diagnose and fix your furnace, boiler, air conditioning, or refrigeration system – no matter what brand you have.

  • If your furnace stopped working on a Saturday night during a Nor’easter…
  • Sweating profusely in a 98 degree heat wave because your air conditioning went on the fritz…

Oh no! What should you do?

First… take a deep breath…

Our heating and cooling specialists will keep you comfortable all year ‘round

If you’re uncomfortable in your home or business because it’s too darn hot or cold, call Admiral Climate Control at 603-330-3014!

You’ll get a reputable, experienced HVAC contractor with 5 factory-certified technicians, all experts at fixing heating and cooling problems just like yours, quickly, affordably, and professionally.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s for your home or business… Your heating system or A/C repair or new installation will be done right… the first time… on time

PLUS you’ll get our One-Year Satisfaction Guarantee on all installations.

“Your installations are done right, and your crew is very professional. I and my customers are very pleased with your service.”
Ron Richard, D.F. Richard Energy, Dover NH –

This air conditioner works great!

Click the link that describes your
NH or ME heating or cooling needs…

  • You’re freezing, and want to get toasty warm with a reliable heating system or repair
  • You’re stifling hot… but so is the cooling system that’s supposed to blow refreshing cold air, but stopped working
  • You’re interested in other heating and cooling services. such as radiant heat or commercial refrigeration

We fix and sell ALL brands models of
furnaces, boilers A/C equipment

Our certified, licensed, and factory-trained technicians can install and repair ALL brands of heating and refrigeration equipment in your New Hampshire or southern Maine home or business…

Get prompt, affordable, experienced furnace repairs by our certified techs.

  • Furnaces and boilers, repair or installation
  • Cleaning yearly furnace boiler tune-ups
  • Air conditioning
  • Air filtration systems
  • Ductwork modifications
  • Duct cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing
  • Hot water heaters
  • Radiant heat, new or retrofits
  • Steam or forced hot air systems
  • Natural gas, propane, or oil-fired equipment
  • And more!

We install and service heating and cooling equipment in Southern New Hampshire and Southern Maine towns and cities like Portsmouth, Dover, Rochester, Wolfeboro, Kittery, and York. Give us a call, we’ll be glad to discuss your needs. We hope to earn your business!

Get your heat or A/C fixed in a jiffy by calling 603-330-3014

Just a Few of Our Manufacturers

Advanced Security Systems home burglar alarms and monitoring Northern VA #biometric #access


Access Control Alarm Transmission Systems Biometric Access Control Burglar Alarms CCTV/Video Equipment Control Alarm Panels/Communicators Central Vacuums Custom Electronics Environment Controls Fire Alarm Systems Fire Protection Equipment
Home Commercial Security Alarm Systems Home Automation Systems Home Business Intercom/Audio (Along with AV, Home Theaters, Whole House Audio, Telephone and Cable) ID Cards/Badges Intrusion Life Alert Products Monitoring Equipment Monitoring Services Networking/Communications NVR/DVR/Storage Systems Power Supplies Batteries Perimeter/Outdoor Protection Security Cloud Computing Sensors/Detectors Sound/Intercom Systems Wire Cabling Installation Wireless Alarms

Hours: Call Anytime 24/7 Standard Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday
P. O. Box 3568, Alexandria, VA 22302

ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEMS, Inc. serving Northern VA and Washington DC with wired and wireless camera, security and burglar alarm systems. Call (703) 323-9535 today for pricing on residential and commercial access control and monitoring systems. Since 1989, we have offered Northern Virginia’s best state-of-the-art home security systems.

24 Hour Monitoring Average Call Back Time 15 Seconds!

We Offer No Contract Security Systems!

We market home and business burglar alarm and access control systems in Alexandria. Arlington. Falls Church, Fairfax. Fairfax Station. Tyson s Corner, Vienna, Oakton, Great Falls, Springfield, Burke, Clifton, Gainesville, Centreville, Chantilly, Ashburn, Leesburg, Reston, Herndon, Woodbridge, and Manassas.

Monitored Home Security System For Less Than $1.00 a Day!

We do not claim to be the largest national security company, as some of competitors boast, and we prefer it that way. We build our customer base one customer at a time. This is how we can offer you more personalized service. You will get to know our staff on a first name basis. We are not committed to any one monitoring station or manufacturer which allows us to custom design your personal security package that will protect you and your family with the best service and products available. And we do not use proprietary equipment nor do we put lock out codes in any of our panels. All products come with a minimum one year warranty on all parts and labor and in some instances the manufacturers have extended the warranty.

We also introduced three new product lines from Crestron, HAI and Powerhouse Dynamics for home automation and energy management. Like the rest of our many products these companies are some of the best in their respective industries.

So call or use our convenient Email Form today and we’ll show you what we can do for you. You’ll save more than just money, you will also save time and energy!

Why Contact Us?
• We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
• All work done is guaranteed.
• The Price we quote is the price you pay.
• No Job is too small or too big.
• No contract systems available.
• We do not sell your information to anyone.

Schedule Your Free Estimate.
Same Day Response!

ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEMS, Inc. sells and services Axis Communication. the leader in high-quality network cameras. Based on open IP standards, Axis network cameras connect to any kind of IP network, including the Internet, and enable remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world. They also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm.

Central Vac

Our company sales and services Beam Central Vacuum Systems for your cleaning and healthy home needs.
Introducing the built-in cleaning appliance that improves indoor air quality so effectively it’s clinically proven to relieve allergy symptoms.

You are concerned with asthma and allergies increasing at epidemic proportions – affecting one out of five people. Americans are now searching for effective solutions to help them and their families live normal, active lives.

Installing a Beam Central Vacuum System offers a built-in cleaning appliance that can help reduce your family’s allergy conditions. Using a Beam system, you can clean your whole house with ease and improve indoor air quality while you’re at it! Call us now for details and pricing.

Beam Central Vacuum Systems meet your cleaning and healthy home needs.
Up to five times more powerful than conventional vacuums!

ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEMS, Inc. designs, installs and services CCTV systems that specifically meet your surveillance requirements. The CCTV systems are designed to provide video surveillance that you want of specific identified facility areas. Cameras and lenses are selected and placed to monitor those areas with camera activation per your requirements which could include constant monitoring or event monitoring activated by motion detectors or alarm devices. Recording is also designed based on your requirements using a DVR, with or without an internet connection, or tape recording using a VCR and a switcher or multiplexer.

Our professionals at ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEMS, Inc. know the questions to ask and with their many years of experience know which components will best meet your needs.

ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEMS, Inc. represents most of the major manufacturers of CCTV equipment available in the United States. Our CCTV technicians understand which manufacturer’s equipment works best in each particular situation. This knowledge base provides us with the ability to design a system that best meets your requirements in the most cost effective manner.

When you purchase a CCTV system from ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEMS, Inc. you are buying a system designed and engineered specifically for you with installations that include everything needed with no surprises and all inclusive training for your staff.

Our company offers preventative maintenance contracts and emergency service for your system performed by our highly trained technicians.

  • Giving convenience for voice and video communication between each room and exterior doors
  • Built in AM-FM-CD player for background music through all intercom speakers
  • Auxiliary input distributes any audio source throughout the home
  • Perfect for residential or small office use
  • Our Intercoms provide you with a communications link to every area of your home and business without having to raise your voice or take any extra steps

Just think of transforming an area of your home into a special place to escape the everyday world and with the simple push of a few buttons, you and your family and friends could be transported to another town, another time or another galaxy. Now that s what we are talking about at ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEMS, Inc.

Just think of this special space appearing at your command and elegantly transforming into a exciting home theater with performance beyond even the finest first-run cinemas.

ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEMS, Inc. specializes in the sales, installation and service of custom installed home theater systems. Let our architectural, audio and video consultants assemble and install a complete, high performance home theater, uniquely tailored to your decor, your lifestyle and your budget.

ADVANCED SECURITY SYSTEMS, Inc. goal is to improve the lives of our customers using state-of-the-art technology designed for living, working, recreation and entertainment. Please call us today to enjoy the beauty and security of a truly interconnected home and lifestyle with integrated smart home, entertainment and communication systems. The great advantage of a home automation system is that you have the convenience of turning on/off and dimming lamps from your couch; beyond that you can save energy by turning off voltage sucking appliances and electronics that continue to draw power even when turned off.

So when you are on vacation or on a business trip you can save precious energy dollars.

Call Us Today:703-323-9535 for all
YOUR Home and Business
Security Needs!

Remember, the average lost in a residential burglary is nearly $2000 and if you are hit once, you are likely to be hit twice.
Is protecting your home worth it? You bet!

Trusted Service Partner
Harris Electric is a Class A Electrical Service Contractor. Call us today for pricing specials for all your Home or Business Additions and Repairs.

Affordable Self Storage in Hampton, VA #affordable #self #storage, #reviews, #ratings, #recommendations,


Affordable Self Storage

Information about this business (4 )

6 locations to serve you6 va locations to serve youavailable-boxes andceilings-truckscobbs creek shacklefordcontrolled unites-highgloucester matthews hampton poquoson safe-clean-climatethe friendlier morethe friendlier more affordable alternative 223910attr:climate controlledstorage household & commercial

Posted on May 08, 2015. Brought to you by localcom.

Affordable Storage Inc is located at the address 1635 W Pembroke Ave Ste A in Hampton, Virginia 23661. They can be contacted via phone at (757) 723-6551 for pricing, hours and directions.

Affordable Storage Inc has an annual sales volume of 0 – 500K. For more information contact Dan Bolkhel, Owner or go to

Affordable Storage Inc provides Dry Storage Units, Self.

Posted on September 02, 2014. Brought to you by chamberofcommerce.

We offer self storage to keep your personal items safe while you are moving, haveing work done to the house, TDY, or just need a place to put your access items till you can make room for them. We are open 7 days a week and will stay later if needed to assist with your move in. We are the friendlier more affordable storage company.

Posted on July 20, 2014. Brought to you by facebook.

Posted by Anonymous on June 30, 2009. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

Average Rating 20

I rented a unit for one month back in July 2007. As of today, March 4, 2008, I have not received my $10.00 deposit. I have spoken to them several times. I will not stop until I get my money. Are there others who have not gotten their deposit?

Posted by jj9801 on March 03, 2008. Brought to you by localguides.

Business description (5) view all

Affordable Storage can be found at W Pembroke Ave 1635. The following is offered: Warehouse Storage. The entry is present with us since Sep 9, 2010 and was last updated on Nov 14, 2013. In Hampton there are 6 other Warehouse Storage. An overview can be found here.

Posted on September 20, 2015. Brought to you by opendius.

Business, Climate Controlled, Home, Packing Supplies, Personal

Posted on November 03, 2014. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

Commercial Electrician – Commercial Electricians #electricians #commercial


Commercial Electrician

Everyone would love to hire expert electricians for their construction, rehab or renovation projects. Our network electricians provide the needed expertise necessary to successfully help you complete your project on time and on budget. Every responsible company always has all the tools, professional education, and expertise to correctly run all the wiring on your building. Good electrical contractors are always keeping up with technology and training all their electricians to provide the latest techniques .

Find commercial electricians for your home or business.

Most people like to choose contractors that promise outstanding craftsmanship right from the start to finish off projects right on point. We help you find fantastic companies. Our continual dedication to make an impression in the market by providing referrals has made us grow on the internet. We have and always will meet or exceed our website visitor s objectives when it comes to researching good electricians online. This is what sets us apart from other local websites. So visit our online PHONE BOOK to see different company profiles.

Commercial Services Should Provide:

Lighting Updates

Sick and tired of those humming fluorescents and outdated lights? Fed up with clients spotting your flickering fluorescent light bulbs? Hire local electricians near you. These lighting upgrade experts will help you get the job donel.

Parking lot lighting

We know many electrical companies that have a team that specialize in installing new parking lot lighting and upgrading old ones. Find electrician businesses that will help you make a positive impact at night. Are you a business owner who owns huge parking lot that requires lighting? Here you find a number of considerable companies. Get lighting rigs installed on large outside poles with modern and even energy efficient equipment. Find electrical contractors that install, guarantee, upgrade and keep your commercial lighting poles and equipment in tip top shape.

Bedspreads, Duvet Covers, Sheets, Towels, Pillows – Commercial Supplies – New Zealand

#motel bedspreads


Commercial Supplies

Actil Commercial Range

Commercial Supplies are very proud to be the only New Zealand National Distributor for the Actil Commercial by Sheridan range of products.

You will see lots of Actil Commercial products throughout our website including bedspreads (Callahan Shiraz pictured on right), duvet covers and accessories – all made and tested for commercial use and laundering.

You will never regret buying quality!

Be Assured of our Best Service

Commercial Supplies is a truly 100% Kiwi family-owned and operated business. Established in 2003, we commercially represent and distribute major branded linen and small appliances to the hospitality industry in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. In addition to first-class knowledge and service, we have made our website easy to use while at the same time giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision. In addition we will happily give you good old-fashioned honest advice if you need to talk things through. No matter how big or small your project is, you can trust us to listen to and understand your needs, respond quickly and efficiently, give you friendly service and be able to offer you a range of options to suit your project and budget.

Russell and Nadine Barnes

Insurance Plus ® Auto, Home ?>


Insurance Plus. Texas Auto Homeowners and Commercial insurance

Auto Insurance in Texas

In Texas, the minimum Auto Liability Insurance Requirements are 30,000 Per accident for bodily injury per person, 60,000 liability per accident aggregate for bodily injury, 25,000 Property damage per covered auto accident. This provides a total of up to 85,000 for each accident.

In order to meet state financial responsibility requirements you must have at least the above policy limits on your Auto Insurance in Texas. Your policy must be issued by an insurer authorized to do business within the state. Although 85 K is the state s minimum requirements, higher limits are available from most insurers if desired.

Homeowners Insurance in Texas

Texas Home owners Insurance – Dwelling Coverage

Coverage is available for most Texas Home Insurance and other Property Risks at this time. Forms HOA, HOB, HO2, HOC, DP1, Fire. Low Cost Texas Home Insurance in Dallas Fort Worth and Texas Wide.

Homeowners Quotes are available with Credit Score or Non Scored factoring here at Insurance Plus. Good or bad credit is not an issue with our new no credit check HOA / HO1 policy. Coverage can be effective same day or following day. Coverage can not start before we have received your completed application. For your convenience, a Home Owners Insurance application is on the forms page of the website. The application may be printed or submitted over the web.

If your homes electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC and roof have all been updated in the last 20 years, then you can get a discount rated policy by using the first remodeling date as the age of the home to receive up to a 10% credit.

We have coverage available for all Texas Protection Class codes

Home owners living on 1 or more acres, with or without hobby animals, now qualify for our homeowners program, No need for a Farm and Ranch type policy if AG sales are less than $5000 yearly you can still go in our residential programs. It s a great time to shop for new home insurance in Texas.

Landlords Insurance

Residential Rental Property Coverage For Let properties and stand alone landlords insurance risks can be covered on DP1 and DP2. For Texas Commercial Property lines see the Commercial lines page of the website.

Insurance for Apartment Buildings

F or clients that operate Apartment Houses with between 10 and 50 units, this Landlords Insurance program is a package or BOP type policy covering Basic, Broad or Special perils and with values of $25 thousand to $2.5 Million per location in all Texas counties except tier 1.

We provide Building, Contents, Rents, Liability and Crime as well as the tenants contents extension clause. Risks do not need to be loss free.

Rates are very competitive with other underwriters of this Texas business trade group.

Truckers OTR Liability Insurance

Houston Home Inspection, Professional Inspector Greg Genser #professional #real #estate #inspection, #inspector,


Professional Real Estate Inspection services include New Home Inspection, Resale Home Inspection, Room Addition/Remodel Home Inspection, Condominium Inspection, Town Home Inspection, Vacation Home Inspection, Apartment Building Inspection, Multi-Family Building Inspection, Commercial Building Inspection, Home Maintenance Inspection, 1 Year Home Warranty Inspection, Home Construction Phase Inspection and Construction Draw Certification Inspection.

All Professional Inspections thoroughly performed by Greg Genser . with Experience Professionalism you can depend on since 1991.

Introductory Video by Greg Genser

• Detailed Thorough Home InspectionReports emailed same day

•General Liability, Errors Omissions Insurance Coverage for your protection

•Supra Key for electronic lockbox for Scheduling Convenience

•Credit Cards accepted through PayPal (CC payment required prior to inspection)

Thank you for considering Cypress Inspections for your professional real estate inspection needs, as it would be my honor and privilege to work for you. My commitment to you is to perform the most detailed and thorough inspection and written report that I can provide, and deliver that information to you in a clear manner so you can make an educated and informed decision. If you do not hire Cypress Inspections. please do your due diligence and hire the most experienced, knowledgable professional inspector you interview that meets your specific inspection needs. All Texas licensed home inspectors are required to perform a minimum level of service as stated in the Standards of Practice 535.227-535.233 by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), which I exceed. However, all inspectors and inspection companies may not provide you with this minimum level of service required by law. Please perform a thorough interview of each company you are considering. For reviews-testimonials from actual customers, please click the Angie’s List icon below.

Serving areas including Houston, Cypress, Houston Heights, Rice Military,Museum District, West University, Galleria, Bellaire, Downtown, Midtown, Greenway Plaza, River Oaks, Montrose, Garden Oaks, Memorial, Spring Branch, Oak Forest, Timbergrove, Briar Forest, Tomball, Spring, Jersey Village, Spring Branch, The Woodlands, Kingwood, Humble, Conroe, Lake Conroe, Champion Forest, Sugar Land, Richmond, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Royal Oaks, Katy, Cinco Ranch, Magnolia, Hempstead, Waller. Surrounding areas include Harris County, Fort Bend County, Northern Brazoria County, Montgomery County and Waller County. Additional areas upon request.

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Pricing Real Estate Photography and Commercial Photography can be a confusing thing. Most stock and commercial photography is priced based on several criteria but it all comes down to where and how the images will displayed and for how long will the images be used. In other words, the greater the usage, the higher the cost.

As both an Atlanta Real Estate Photographer and Commercial Photographer in Atlanta, I have structured my pricing to accommodate both, albeit in separate packages. Read on to learn more about my different pricing for photographing Homes for Sale in Atlanta and Commercial Photography .

ATTENTION AGENTS! Working with the right Atlanta real estate photographer will empower you to win more listings and get more buyers through the doors. Successful agents know that the images put forth to represent their brand and listing inventory should be consistent with the quality of service they offer. If you are actively looking for a real estate photographer in Atlanta, GA that understands this, then look no further. As a fellow agent I know what buyers and sellers respond to and I am able to reproduce that for my broker and agent clients reliably and consistently. I am confident that you will be satisfied. It s as simple as that!

Basic Photography Package $345*

Production Time up to 3 hours

Up to 25 final images

Territory of Use GA

License Terms Unlimited media, single use (up to one year)

The Basic Photography Package is best suited for Residential Real Estate (less than 7500 SF) and other projects where the images will only be used once, or for a short period of time. Emphasis is placed on quick and efficient workmanship and fast turnaround.

Standard Commercial $595*

Production Time up to 6 hours

Up to 35 final images

Territory of Use USA

License Terms Unlimited media, 3 years

Standard Commercial is best suited for Residential Real Estate (more than 7500 SF), Multi-Family Real Estate (fewer than 100 units), Rental Housing and other projects where the images will be used on an ongoing basis for a moderate amount of time. Emphasis is placed on quick and efficient workmanship and high quality imagery.

Expanded Commercial $1175*

Production Time up to 10 hours

Up to 45 final images

Territory of Use North America

License Terms Unlimited media, 7 years

Expanded Commercial is best suited for Multi-Family Real Estate (more than 50 units), Hotels, Restaurants and Retail, Vacation Rentals and other projects where the images will be used for large distribution or for an extended period of time. Emphasis is placed on project planning, efficient location work and most importantly creative, high quality imagery.

*Please note that package pricing does not apply to stock photography licenses. For single image commercial usage please contact me at 770-363-3350 for a custom quote.

Looking for something special? The majority of my shoots are customized based on what the client wants. In addition to my standard photography package I also offer Panoramas, Twilight Exterior shots, Low-Level Aerial photography, Light Painting and even Time Lapse photography at very reasonable rates. The bottom line, if you can conceive it, we can achieve it. Call now! 770-363-3350

While the bulk of my business is mutli-family and single family residential real estate, my skills and talent are just as valuable to commercial products and services and retailers. Whether you are a remodeling contractor, landscaper, interior designer, hospitality provider or restaurant owner, we can supply the type of images that discerning customers expect to see in high-end products and service providers. All of our commercial and retail work is custom designed to your project needs and typically priced based on Full day or Half day rates. Licensing at this price tier is very generous with often no limitations on the type of media in which the images may be used.

Whether you need one image or hundreds, no job is too small nor too large. Simply tell us your vision and let us work with you to make it a reality. Call now! 770-363-3350

Still need more info? Find answers to frequently asked questions on the Atlanta Real Estate Photography FAQ page.

Atlanta Real Estate and Apartment Photographer Iran Watson services most of the South East U.S. including all of the Metro Atlanta areas of Cobb, Cherokee, Fulton and Paulding counties and the cities of Marietta, Kennesaw, Roswell, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, Woodstock, Acworth, Atlanta, Dunwoody, Holly Springs, Vinings and Buckhead.

Atlanta Real Estate Photographer Iran Watson Photo

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Dealers Choice: The Premier Direct To Dealer Distributor Of Building Materials #dealers


We Sell These Featured Building Materials
Exclusively To Building Supply Dealers

GAF Timberline HD GAF Timberline HD provide homeowner with architecturally stylish but practically priced shingle and features GAF’s patented High Definition color blends and enhanced shadow effect for a genuine wood shake look – with a lifetime limited warranty.
Learn more.

CertainTeed Landmark Pro Designer Shingles Landmark Pro is designed specifically for the professional roofing contractor that takes pride in providing more to their customer. Landmark Pro offers the industry’s strongest warranty. Protecting your reputation and safeguarding homeowners from manufacturing and aesthetic defects.
Learn more.

TAMKO Heritage TAMKO Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles have always provided years of striking beauty and durable roofing protection. Now TAMKO has enhanced the Limited Warranty coverage on all Heritage products with longer up-front protection, reinforcing the outstanding value they provide.
Learn more.

WeatherBoards Fiber Cement Siding As a low-maintenance alternative to wood, CertainTeed WeatherBoards offers a broad line-up of profiles, decorative siding shapes, soffits and trims. Historically accurate wide board and batten, wide profiles and vertical panels create attractive architectural designs. WeatherBoards has a Class A flame spread rating, will not rot, resists UV rays, and is impervious to wood-boring insects.
Learn more.

Simonton Windows
Asure Series Simonton Asure windows feature a narrow frame and expansive viewing area, so you’ll see more of your world. Crafted of premium vinyl, they require virtually no maintenance to look beautiful for years. Thanks to advanced glass packages, they provide excellent energy efficiency—helping to lower heating and cooling costs. And for your peace of mind, they’re backed by a Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty.
Learn more.

Synthetic Underlayment TITANIUM UDL-30 is a highly engineered, mechanically attached, coated woven synthetic roofing underlayment for sloped roofs. TITANIUM UDL-30 represents the future in felt replacement technology, and used in conjunction with TITANIUM PSU-30 self adhered underlayment, offers the sloped roofing industry a truly revolutionary system of safety, security and simplicity.
Learn more.

Vinyl Shutters If the windows are the eyes of a home, shutters are the makeup that provides a beautifying touch. Our louver, raised-panel, combination and Board-N-Batten™ shutter styles add sophisticated color and dimension. Shutter Tops provide an enhanced finish, working with our variety of shutters to frame a window with standout style and a custom flair.
Learn more.

Johns Manville
Kraft-Faced Insulation JM’s Kraft-Faced Batts Rolls are made of naturally white, Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass, reducing environmental concerns including the risks of poor indoor air quality and the effects of manufacturing on the environment. JM’s Kraft-Faced insulation is available in R-values ranging from R-11 to R-38 and in pre-cut batts to fit standard wall cavities. JM’s Kraft-Faced insulation is also ideal for moisture control in external walls.
Learn more.

Cement Board Durock cement board offers architects, builders and tile contractors a strong, water-durable tile base for tub and shower areas. Also an ideal underlayment for tile on floors and countertops in new construction and remodeling.
Learn more.

We Now Proudly Stock
Mid-America Shutters SturdiMount Blocks!

Dealers Choice: A Leading Two Step Distributor Of Roofing,
Siding, Windows And Exterior Building Materials!

Dealers Choice has earned the reputation as one of the nations leading two step distributors of residential roofing, commercial roofing and exterior building materials. With branch locations throughout the South and Midwest, Dealers Choice has one of the largest inventories of roofing shingles. slate roofing. tile roofing. commercial roofing. siding. windows. gypsum. millwork. building insulation and accessories in the entire country.

Servicing building supply dealers, lumber yards and home centers throughout the US, is it our goal to make sure that you have the products to meet the demands of your customers. Prompt turnaround of product price and availability information is our specialty. Our traders routinely display their unique ability to mix and match loads for optimum delivery times and delivered costs.

Why Choose Dealers Choice?

  • Our Experienced Staff
  • Full Line Inventory
  • Industry Leading Service
  • Competitive Prices
  • Wide Product Offerings
  • Unmatched Product Availability
  • Reliable Delivery of Materials
  • We Care About Your Business

Learn more about Dealers Choice

Best Bridging Loans UK – Fast Decision Bridging Finance #bridging #loan,bridging #finance,lender,broker,uk,residential,commercial,deals


Low cost bridging loan deals

As a specialist bridging finance broker with access to a number of lenders in the UK, we’ll get the best possible deal for you.

Our bridging loans are designed to suit your individual requirements and we have access to exclusive lending facilities and can beat or match any arrangements that you may have already been offered.

We can arrange a bridging loan from �30,000 to �5 million on a first or second charge basis. Terms are available from 1-12 months with extensions available. Rates are very competitive.

We operate a flexible approach to bridging finance and can arrange loans for people with a good or bad credit history, the self employed and limited companies with no accounts.

Simply complete our quote request form or call us on 0800 292 2115

Plugging the finance gap

Traditionally, bridging loans have provided a solution in the broken residential chain. Bridging finance enables someone to purchase one property before they complete on the sale of another.

So when a buyer for the borrowers property pulls out, they could opt to take out a loan against an existing property (as long as it is not the borrower’s home) to allow them to complete on the purchase of their new home.

Bridging can also be used where the property in question is unsuitable for mainstream mortgage purposes, where a mortgage offer may have been withdrawn, or where there is a time constraint such as buying at an auction.

Getting deals done

In recent times, the credit crunch and subsequent recession has changed the financial landscape considerably. A dramatic fall in mortgage approvals and LTV ratios has meant even quality borrowers have experienced difficulties in securing finance.

As the mortgage market has stagnated, the role of bridging finance lenders has become increasingly important as a mechanism for getting deals done.

Bespoke approach

Specialist short term lenders can often be distinguished from their high street counterparts because they tend to be more flexible in their approach meaning they will look far more closely at a borrower’s circumstances rather than simply applying computer generated credit scoring techniques. Each bridging loan is assessed on its own merits to determine whether it’s a sensible course of action from the perspective of both the borrower and the lender. If the deal makes sense, bridging lenders will do their best to make the funds available as quickly as possible, often within days.

  • Personal or Commercial Loans
  • Loans from �25,000 – �5 million
  • Competitive rates
  • No minimum term
  • No exit fees
  • Fast decision
  • Rapid completion
  • LTVs based on Open Market Value
  • Unlimited mortgage arrears
  • Up to 100% available
    (with additional security)

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

Commercial Roofing of Tulsa, OK – Conklins Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing for


Trusted Roof Coatings in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Businesses and Industries throughout Tulsa and Oklahoma are turning to Commercial Roofing of Tulsa, OK for their Spray On Commercial Roofing needs.

We are the leader in Conklin Spray On Products and Services in the Tulsa, OK Metropolitan area, and are proud to partner with Conklin Roofing Systems to provide Superior-Quality Products.

Building Managers and Industry Investors know that a poorly maintained commercial roof will allow for leaks as well as energy loss. Stop the Leaks and Stop the Energy Loss Now! This is costing businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars a year!

Stop Wasting Thousands of Dollars in Lost Energy
Call Commercial Roofing of Tulsa, OK at (918) 992-2020
for a Free Consultation on how your roof can save your Business money.

Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing System

Conklin’s Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) System is a seamless barrier that insulates and waterproofs your Tulsa Commercial roof to save energy costs. Commercial Roofing of Tulsa, OK will deliver all these benefits on a new or restored roof for years to come.

With Commercial Roofing of Tulsa, OK applying this revolutionary SPF System to your Commercial Roof, you will see immediate results! This product paired with our Superior Service will:

  • Stop Leaks
  • Increase Energy Efficiency and Lower Utility Expense
  • Stop lateral water movement with the foam’s closed cell structure
  • Simplify repairs – most damage can be fixed with a caulk gun and coating
  • Extend the life of your roof

Dark, flat roofs attract the sun, pulling in heat to your building. Sun burn on roofs lead to cracks and buckles ultimately causing leaks and bad damage. This SPF System is designed with a cool, white, reflective surface to deflect the suns harmful rays. It has an insulation value of R-6.5 per inch of thickness.

Interestingly enough, you can foam insulate your interior walls as well. Commercial Roofing of Tulsa, OK has received many inquiries regarding the insulation of not only a roof, but walls as well. This is certainly possible! This will multiply the insulation benefits of the roof and your building’s envelope.

We recommend the use of Conklin’s Spray Polyurethane Foam System on these surfaces:

  • EPDM/BUR/Mod-Bit
  • Concrete
  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Composite Decking

The Smart Way to Stay in the Black

You can reduce your cooling expense by up to 30%! The average Tulsa roof absorbs a large portion of the sun’s ultraviolet rays as heat. Conklin’s white SPF roofing system reflects 85% of the suns heat, cooling your building and saving you as much as 30% in air conditioning costs.

Years of Trouble-Free Protection

Commercial Roofing of Tulsa, OK provides leak-free protection and exceptional energy savings for years, often exceeding the Conklin Roofing System warranty period. Annual or bi-annual is all that is needed to keep them clean. We will inspect your roof and advise you of the best Conklin system for your building.

Commercial Roofing Services in Tulsa, OK

We are proud to have partnered with Conklin Roofing Systems to provide Tulsa Businesses the very Best in Commercial Roofing Solutions. No other company offers what Conklin does, as as Tulsa’s Premiere Conklin Roofing Systems Contractor, we are experts in the details. Commercial Roofing of Tulsa, OK provides a wide range of Conklin Products for Commercial Grade Roofs, offering superior protection against our Oklahoma weather.

  • Conklin Single-Ply Membrane Roofing Systems
  • Benchmark Premier Roof Coating
  • Equinox Low Temperature Roof Coating
  • Conklin MR System for Metal Roofs
  • Conklin Rapid Rood III – Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating
  • Puma XL Polyurethane Modified Acrylic Roof Coating
  • Conklin Spray Polyurethane Foam Roofing System
  • Conklin Fabric-Reinforced Roofing System
  • Membrane Coating System

Real Estate Attorney, Personal Injury, Immigration, Commercial Litigation Lawyer Miami Florida #real


Live Help 305-397-8547 Call Now

Real Estate, Personal Injury, Immigration Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Miami, Florida

Isaac Benmergui believes your lawyer should be your partner in helping you build a better business and living. As part of that philosophy, he emphasizes being proactive and essentially practicing preventive law: we want our clients to get it in writing, document everything and keep accurate, comprehensive records. When you have a question or a legal problem, talk to us as soon as possible. By becoming involved early in the process, it is often possible for us to resolve matters more efficiently, thus keeping the legal process short and your overall costs down.

Real Estate

As a Real Estate attorney in Miami, Florida. Mr. Benmergui helps solve the legal issues facing businesses, homeowners, contractors, architects, engineers and others in the business, real estate and construction industries. Mr. Benmergui provides the tools anyone entering into a real estate transaction needs to help avoid many of the legal pitfalls from the very beginning. The real estate law topics in which Mr. Benmergui concentrates are the following:

  • Foreclosure foreclosure defense
  • Leases leasing law
  • Title property rights law
  • Commercial real estate law
  • Closings
  • Loan modifications
  • Bankruptcy
  • Condominium law

Florida Personal Injury Law

There are a wide variety of injuries and claims which fall under the general title of Personal Injury Law. Some examples of this type of claim are automobile accidents. slip and fall accidents. and premises liability claims. The most common and well known of these claims are those relating to automobile accidents. The automobile accident claim does not start with the filling of a lawsuit, but from the moment of the accident onward. Mr. Benmergui’s pre-litigation process gets involved from the moment you come to his office. Prompt contact to the insurance company is initiated as quickly as possible as well as the process for the injury claim. Other Florida personal injury law areas in which Mr. Benmergui concentrates are:

  • Construction accidents
  • Dog attacks
  • Negligent security incidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Car accidents

Immigration Law

Immigration attorney Isaac Benmergui provides immigration legal services to Florida’s business community and individuals seeking visas, residency, citizenship or relief from detention and deportation proceedings. Mr. Benmergui is highly qualified to assist clients on immigration issues such as:

  • Interpreting the text of laws
  • Filling requests for citizenship, state residency, green cards, student or work visas
  • Filling all type of immigration forms
  • Appearing in court for any necessary immigration proceeding

Commercial Litigation Law

Miami Commercial Litigation Attorney, Isaac Benmergui defends the rights of his clients throughout the Miami Dade area. If you are a property owner, we want to help you protect your investment against construction defects or unscrupulous contractors. While we try to mediate whenever possible to seek a timely and cost-effective resolution, we will aggressively litigate whenever necessary. Mr. Benmergui has been involved in complex commercial litagation matters, contract disputes, real estate claims and other matters involving arbitration throughout Miami dade and South Florida.

We have close to 10 years of experience handling Real Estate, Personal Injury, Immigration and Commercial Litigation cases throughout Miami and South Florida, and will use our expertise to help your case to the best of our abilities.

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Santa Fe Roofing – Rain Gutters, Inc #roofing #company, #commercial #roofing #contractors,


Top-rated roofing company since 1990, Santa Fe Roofing Rain Gutters has over 5,000 satisfied customers!

Welcome to Santa Fe Roofing Rain Gutters

Santa Fe Roofing Rain Gutters has been offering roofing installations and repairs plus gutter services to the San Diego, CA community since 1990. We specialize in all aspects of roof installations from new projects, re-roofing, and roof repairs. Our team is also fully prepared to handle all gutter installations and repair. Our staff offers quality and reliable expertise that you can count on.

Santa Fe Roofing Rain Gutters s services include: hot mop, concrete and clay roof tile, roof maintenance, and roof coatings.

Roofing Services asphalt shingles, storm damage repair, roof inspections. Light weight concrete and clay tile, asphalt shingles, hot mop, single ply, self-adhered and liquid applied low slope roof systems. Experts in roof detection and repairs.

Gutter Services – seamless aluminum, copper and galvanized, leaf guards installations and rain gutters systems.

Contact Santa Fe Roofing Rain Gutters today at 1-800-352-3403 to schedule your on-site construction appointment.

Santa Fe Roofing Rain Gutters Serving San Diego’s Roofing Rain Gutter Needs for Over 20 Years

No hassle, affordable roof and rain gutter solutions!

You won t have to worry about your roofing project with our superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service.

Our staff is dedicated to great customer service and building strong, lasting relationships, roofing systems, and rain gutters. We take pride in using quality material and building exceptional roofing systems with our professional roofing specialists and their excellent craftsmanship.

We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations in all areas of a roofing or rain gutter project, including customer service, craftsmanship, affordability, energy efficiency. quality materials, and construction. We will get the job done in a quick, efficient, and clean manner.

Santa Fe Roofing Rain Gutters, Inc. are part of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. We believe in holding ourselves to a high standard and work to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their roofing and rain gutter installation.

Call Now! Ask about our roofing warranties!
1-800-352-3403 Free On-site Estimate!

Our Services Include:

What Local Areas Do We Service?

We are proud to be San Diego’s premier roofing and rain gutter contractor servicing areas in the city of San Diego, Alpine, Bonita, Bonsall, Borrego Springs, Bostonia, Boulevard, Camp Pendleton, Campo, Cardiff, Cardiff by the Sea, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, Coronado, Crest, Del Mar, Descanso, Dulzura, El Cajon, Encinitas, Escondido, Fallbrook, Guatay, Imperial Beach, Jacumba, Jamul, Julian, La Jolla, La Mesa, Lakeside, Lemon Grove, Leucadia, Lincoln Acres, Mount Laguna, National City, Nestor, Ocean Beach, Oceanside, Olivenhain, Pacific Beach, Pala, Palomar Mountain, Paradise Hills, Pauma Valley, Pine Valley, Potrero, Poway, Rainbow, Ramona, Ranchita, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Santa FE, San Diego (County Seat), San Diego State University, San Luis Rey, San Marcos, San Ysidro, Santa Ysabel, Santee, Solana Beach, Spring Valley, Tecate, Valley Center, Vista, and Warner Springs .

What Local Zip Codes Do We Serve?

We pride ourselves in serving the following cities and zip codes throughout San Diego County, California: 92101, 92102, 92103, 92104, 92105, 92106, 92107, 92108, 92109, 92110, 92111, 92112, 92113, 92114, 92115, 92116, 92117, 92119, 92120, 92121, 92122, 92123, 92124, 92126, 92127, 92128, 92129, 92130, 92131, 92132, 92133, 92134, 92135, 92136, 92137, 92138, 92139, 92140, 92142, 92145, 92147, 92149, 92150, 92152, 92153, 92154, 92155, 92158, 92159, 92160, 92161, 92162, 92163, 92164, 92165, 92166, 92167, 92168, 92169, 92170, 92171, 92172, 92174, 92175, 92176, 92177, 92179, 92182, 92184, 92186, 92187, 92190, 92191, 92192, 92193, 92194, 92195, 92196, 92197, 92198, 92199 .

Whether you ve had a roofing accident, such as a falling tree or a leaky ceiling, our experts are here to provide you with a plan to complete the roof repairs that are needed. We will provide an efficient consultation to come up with the best estimate at an affordable price. There is no roofing job to large or too small for our roofing contractors.

Other types of damages may include: fragile or brittle shingles, curling shingles, cracking due to hot temperatures, and loss of granules, and blisters. Generally, these are signs that you may need a new roof. We want to make sure that our estimates are based around your needs and budget.

For Emergency Service Call 1-800-352-3403

You may not think of rain gutters as an important part of protecting your home. A properly constructed and maintained gutter system is an essential part in protecting your home from water damage. Your rain gutters will protect your home during storms and downpours by drawing the water away from your home and directing the water flow to drain properly.

Properly installed and maintenance gutters can save you $$$ when it comes to roof damage, not to mention siding and foundation repairs.

Santa Fe Roofing Rain Gutters can help you select from the many gutter types, including seamless, copper, aluminum, steel, etc. We ll help you choose the right options, styles, and colors to match your home, your needs, and your budget.

Santa Fe Roofing Rain Gutters has more than 20 years experience and has over 5,000 satisfied customers. Our strong professionalism produces top quality workmanship and on time construction. We are equipped to handle any size commercial roofing construction project.

We provide the following commercial roofing services:

  • slate and tile roof
  • shingle and composite roofs
  • standing seam roofs
  • copper, metal, and flat roofing
  • steel roofing
  • sloped roofing
  • commercial roof maintenance
  • roof inspections
  • roof repair
  • roof cleaning

When it comes to your home, a quality roof will keep your family safe and dry. Santa Fe Roofing Rain Gutters cares about our customers safety and protection. We specialize in residential roofing for new roof installation, re-roofing, roof remodeling, roof replacement, and roof repair.

  • pitched roofs
  • green roofing
  • metal roofing
  • flat roofs
  • skylights
  • gutters

Auto Insurance Fullerton 714 526 5588 Car Insurance Fullerton #auto #insurance #fullerton,


Williams Insurance
(714) 526-5588


Williams Insurance has been a Family-owned and operated independent agency serving the Southern California community for over 70 years. Our knowledgeable, experienced and independent agents will find you premier coverage for the lowest price. We can help with any of your insurance needs, providing, personal, and commercial, life and health policies. In just a few minutes, our agents will determine your true coverage needs, knowing that the cheapest insurance is not necessarily the right insurance.


We do not use voice mail; clients who phone Williams Insurance are greeted by a live person. Customers are directed to their own individual agent who is familiar with their insurance needs.


Williams Insurance is located in Fullerton and has been serving the communities of Fullerton, Brea, Anaheim, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Buena Park, La Habra, Orange, Tustin, Santa Ana, Irvine, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and all of Orange County since 1941.

Over the years, we have supported dozens of local charities and community activities, understanding that it is the people of Orange County that make this place great. Our mission is to continue to grow the trust these communities have placed in us, while providing excellent customer service.

Chicago Commercial Locksmith #commercial #locksmith, #chicago #commercial #security


Goldy Locks can repair and open locks, make keys, and change lock and safe combinations. We can install and repair safes, disassemble mechanical or electrical locking devices.

Goldy Locks has our very own custom fabrication shop located in our Joliet store. We build and deliver our custom doors directly to your home or job site.

Take control of your business environment. With Goldy Locks advanced microprocessor Access Control Systems – identify and regulate who enters your premises.

In this day and age, protecting your family, home, and business is a top priority. Even though you have access to local emergency services, you should still invest in some form of private protection.

Welcome to Goldy Locks, Inc.

The premier Chicago locksmith and security systems company Commercial and Residential

Goldy Locks, Inc. has served the lock and security needs of residential and commercial customers throughout Chicagoland and its surrounding suburbs since 1981.

Our reputation is built on our highly trained locksmiths and security technicians who are experts in their field, pay attention to the details, and provide exceptional service for every residential locksmith customer, commercial locksmith customer, security, commercial door, and residential door customer.

We provide a wide range of locksmith services from installing, repairing and re-keying locks to requests as simple as key duplication.

We are proud of our high quality work and affordable rates. Most of all, we understand your need to feel secure while giving you and only you access to your home and life assets. We also recognize that commercial buildings require a high level of security. As the premier residential and commercial locksmith in Chicago, we offer optimum property security through our up-to-date and efficient locksmith services.

Goldy Locks is Chicago land’s commercial door specialists, protecting your home and business with the latest technology for over 35 years.

As meeting the needs of our clients is on top of our priorities, we customize our services depending on your requirements. With our professional locksmiths, efficient door products, and the latest security systems, we provide you with a top-notch service.

You ve come to the right place!

Call 1.800.640.6560 Now for a FREE quote on your home or business security and lock needs!

Commercial Refrigeration, Refrigerator Systems and Freezers in Los Angeles #commercial #refrigeration #los



Full service commercial refrigeration services and systems have been the business of Super Cool Refrigeration for over 30 years. We provide a wide variety of cold storage construction and industrial refrigeration solutions for any business in the Los Angeles area. By providing the right solutions and refrigerator systems for customers throughout the area, we have a long established reputation for being the best in the business of commercial cooling.

For any cooling need whether it be an industrial ice machine, freezer doors, a custom food processing facility, or other commercial refrigeration need, we at Super Cool Refrigeration offer the right solution for every business. Along with our fantastic products, which are built, tested, and installed by our courteous and professional service team, we offer customers the peace of mind of 24 hour emergency services should the cooling units ever need service or repair.

Because we create custom cooling solutions and refrigerator systems, we are able to be brought in during the planning phase of construction to know what the needs of the business are going to be. Once we understand the needs, we are able to confidently and efficiently create a cooling solution that is right for the business and is convenient, appropriate and as energy efficient at possible. This part of our business sets us apart from much of our competition and has allowed us to be the top name in refrigeration and cooling needs in the Los Angeles area for over three decades.

We advertise turn-key solution to any cooling needs. Once we have properly installed the cooling system that is right for the needs of the business, the refrigeration system is ready to use and take full advantage of, lessening the time needed in waiting for the refrigeration units to be installed and operational.

We at Super Cool Refrigeration are the right option for any and all commercial refrigeration and cooling needs in the Los Angeles area. With our comprehensive testing prior to installation, turn-key installation, and 24 hour support and service we offer the best service and support in the industry for any company to take full advantage of.


Types of Service – Honeywell Intrusion and Communications #burglar #alarm, #burglary, #home


Types of Service

The AlarmNet network’s reliability is assured with a state of the art network control center that houses dedicated communication services and hardware platforms. Hardware servers and communication paths are completely redundant, with hot back-up databases housed in two separate locations. If one system were to have a catastrophic event, the other system can take over without any service interruption. Both locations are equipped with battery and generator backup along with technical support 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week for uninterrupted service. This level of sophistication allows us to handle alarm communication for UL listed and critical high-line security installations.

Network Architecture

In the AlarmNet architecture, although each of the networks are independent of one another, subscriber radios and Internet transmitters may send messages from one network and be received at nearly any central station location in North America over another technology. The AlarmNet Network Control Center (NCC) accomplishes this integration. This design offers the following important benefits:

1. Integration of Multiple Networks

One of the fundamental principles behind AlarmNet is the integration of different network types. In the AlarmNet architecture, member central stations are equipped with AlarmNet wireless or Internet receiving equipment or both. This equipment communicates directly with the AlarmNet network. Depending on its needs at installation at the protected premise, an installer may choose to use any of the available types of subscriber radios or Internet transmitters, whichever works best for that installation. Although each of the different products may report through a different network, the central station does not need to incur the costs of time, money, or labor to operate, maintain, and integrate all of these networks.

When a central station signs up with AlarmNet, it establishes a network connection scheme between the central station and AlarmNet and as a result gains access to any of its customers at the protected premise through that scheme and the interaction of AlarmNet.

2. Learn One, Know Them All

All of the different subscriber devices used for the different network services have a similar look and feel. The same programming tool is used for most of the devices. All signals are delivered to the central station in a uniform, familiar reporting format. This assures that the central station can receive signals from any type of AlarmNet subscriber; past, present, or future. Once equipped to receive alarm messages from the AlarmNet network, the central station can provide network services to any subscriber without additional expense.

3. Supervision and Speed of Delivery

AlarmNet radios and transmitters are supervised on a regular basis. The supervision is performed automatically, and is transparent to the central station. The AlarmNet network communicates with all AlarmNet devices on a regular basis, assuring that they are operational. The AlarmNet network reports to the central station only when there is a problem. The central station does not need to worry about supervision or maintenance of the network, since the network performs these functions automatically. The central station only receives the signals it needs: actual alarm or trouble messages. When the network receives an alarm, it automatically and immediately forwards the signal to the appropriate central station. The AlarmNet transmission generally will reach the central station before the traditional dialer-based signal, in cases where an AlarmNet device and the digital dialer both send signals.

4. Secure, Redundant, Wireless Protection

Not all competitive wireless subscriber services offered in the market are wireless at both ends. For example, due to the design of the cellular network, competing cellular services deliver signals to the central station over the regular switched telephone network. In these cases, the communications integrity of the central station (and all premises protected by that central station) is vulnerable to the same weaknesses as any landline-dependent customer (line cut, service outages, and natural disasters). Limited services such as these protect only a portion of the communications chain. Standard AlarmNet wireless delivery, however, assures an end-to-end wireless system that provides redundancy, supervision, and verification of message delivery. It only makes sense that the central station should use wireless communications to maintain the same level of security and performance in its communications infrastructure as it does at the protected premises.

In order to maintain a redundant, invulnerable link to subscribers using wireline-terminated networks, a service provider must maintain at least two physically distinct and independent connections to every network type. AlarmNet maintains such connections at every level, saving the central station the expense and complexity of maintaining such an elaborate communications infrastructure. AlarmNet’s connection to the central station also has two layers of redundancy: every central station is equipped with a primary and backup transceiver.

Walker Roofing Ltd, Norwich, Norfolk – Industrial Roofing and Cladding Contractors, Agricultural


Welcome to the Walker Roofing web site! Based in Norwich, Norfolk, we are a family firm with an excellent reputation for offering high quality, but cost effective, roofing. Since 1973 we have been supplying and fitting roofing for Industrial and Commercial buildings throughout East Anglia and surrounding areas. We specialise in:

  • Supplying and fitting of metal and composite panel roofs and cladding on Industrial and Commercial buildings
  • Covering existing Asbestos roofs with new metal roofing
  • Stripping and replacement of existing roofs
  • Upgrading insulation values
  • Asbestos cement removal

At Walker Roofing we pride ourselves on offering a prompt, reliable, friendly and professional roofing service. Situated in Norfolk the company is ideally situated to serve customers throughout East Anglia and surrounding areas. All our staff are fully qualified within the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and all our contracts are fully insured – your satisfaction is assured.

We constantly monitor our work to ensure our customers receive the best value for money and complete satisfaction with our service. Walker Roofing are also members of the Skills Register, an online directory of skilled trades companies committed to the very highest of standards.

With customers including individuals, local authorities and the construction industry, no job is too small or too large. We have worked on properties ranging from residential houses to large industrial buildings.
Former and current clients include: British Sugar, ICI, Anglian Windows, Jackson Building Services, Dencora 2000, John Young’s Ltd, Big Box Storage Centres, The Royal Norfolk Agricultural Associations and the MOD, Forestry Commission and Breckland District Council.

For any further information or assistance, please complete the e-mail enquiry form below. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly.

Walker Roofing (Norwich) Ltd

44 Greenways,
NR4 6PE,
United Kingdom.

Tel +44(0)1603 452493
Mobile +44(0)7766 463416
Fax +44(0)1603 259726

Wymondham Office and Works

Unit 18 Postmill Close,
Spur Industrial Estate,
NR18 0NN,
United Kingdom.

Registered in England No: 01216120

Registered office: 54 Thorpe Road, Norwich NR1 1RY

Top 5 Canadian Home Insurance Companies – Our Insurance Canada – Demystifying


Top 5 Canadian Home Insurance Companies

Chances are that purchasing a home will be the biggest investment you will make. Such an investment needs protecting. Following is a list of five of the top home insurance companies in Canada.

Intact Financial Corporation

Intact Financial is Canada s largest provider of home, auto, and business insurance. Formerly ING Canada, Intact Financial offers a variety of coverage plans from brokers across Canada. Customer service takes center stage at Intact Financial. Examples of this customer commitment can be found in Intact s 24 hour Claim Service Guarantee, and the fact that one out of seven Canadians has chosen Intact Financial for their home insurance coverage.

Aviva Canada

Aviva Canada offers home insurance that covers not only the home, but all the valuables inside it as well. Homeowners can choose a policy that fits their needs. Add on packages are available for detached buildings, and liability coverage. Home insurance premiums depend on a number of factors such as the age and value of your home, as well as the number of family units contained within. Aviva does, however, offer a number of discounts for a variety of reasons, making insurance coverage more affordable for the average Canadian.

Industrial Alliance

Industrial Alliance is an insurance and financial services company that was founded in 1892. Serving over three million Canadians, Industrial Alliance is the fourth largest health and life insurance company in Canada. The company entered into the auto and home insurance sector in 1973, and offers homeowners three coverage plans. Plan deductibles vary depending on coverage and range from $300-500. Industrial Alliance also offers consumers condo and single dwelling insurance.

The Co-operators Group

The Co-operators Group Limited is a Canadian owned and operated company that serves over $2 million Canadians and has $42.9 million in assets. Farmers wishing to take care of themselves, and their communities built the company in 1945. Today, the Co-operators Group offers homeowners a wide range of policies so that you get the right coverage for your needs. Each policy also comes with 24/7 after-hours service and convenient payment options.

Federated Insurance

Federated Insurance is licensed in all Canadian provinces and territories. Founded in 1920, Federated Insurance offers homeowners not only comprehensive insurance coverage, but a reputation of excellence as well. The company has been given an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best Company, and has received recommendations from over 50 Trade Associations and Buying Groups across Canada.

Canadians have a number of options when it comes to home insurance. This list provides a small sampling of insurance providers, but is based on high customer ratings and usage numbers. When shopping for home insurance, it is important to search for those companies that offer plans that fit your requirements. Gather any information relevant to your coverage, and start shopping for a company that provides what you need. Your home is an investment, and you need to protect it. Whether or not you use one of these companies, having the right insurance is a crucial component to owning a home.

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AeroNet – Puerto Rico s Leading High-Speed Internet Services #commercial #high #speed

Accelerate your

Don’t let your Internet connection slow your business down, AeroNet has the
solutions for all of your business endeavors. Faster connection, a robust
coverage around the entire Island and the best, most personal customer
service around. Take your business to the next level with AeroNet.

Follow our lead

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About Us

We are reliable

AeroNet makes use of the latest commercial grade technology to provide dedicated, secure and reliable High Speed Broadband access to our customers. Our network reliability combines the advantages of microwave antennas and fiber-optic installation.

We are safe

Security is one of our main concerns. It’s a fact that some home WI-FI equipment can harbor security vulnerabilities, but you don’t have to worry a bit about that, because our system does not utilize such protocols nor operates in the same frequency. Instead we use various security mechanisms starting with proprietary transmission protocols and seconded by data security protocols like VLAN and VPN. In other words, we’ll take care of you.

We are flexible

Bandwidth is NOT an issue when dealing with AeroNet. Here we manage bandwidth in our very own Network Operations Center (NOC), where we can provide bandwidth upgrades at customer’s request. In other words, in need of more bandwidth? Just give us a call and your upgrade will be ready in just minutes. That’s how flexible we are.

We are fast

Waiting to get connected is not an issue at AeroNet. If and when you need our service, just request a site survey and we’ll have your service installed in less than 5 business days! Our system is completely independent from the local providers, which means we will provide you with the fastest installation available in PR. Accelerate your business.

We have guarantees

We are the only Enterprise Provider to offer a true industry Service Level Agreement (SLA). Yes, the ONLY one. That is our commitment to provide our customers the most outstanding service possible. That, we can guarantee.

We go direct to the Net

Our network design bypasses local provider’s infrastructure, so our customers connections go directly from our network to the Internet through one of the world biggest Tier1 Internet Fiber Providers. This architecture permits lower latency, faster response and shorter connections to the global Internet. Remember: whatever’s the fastest, we’ll do.


Pricing Solutions For:

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Denver Movers #denver #mover, #movers #denver, #colorado #moving #company, #denver #commercial #mover


denver movers / denver commercial moving company

Denver Mover, Vosco Moving . Really Knows The Moving Business!

Today’s families are not always rooted in one place. Most families move locally, and sometimes interstate as well. They relocate from one place to another and live their lives in various parts of the country. While this sort of life is very exciting and opens up various dimensions of experience, the process of relocating an entire family is always a huge undertaking.

Moving from or to Denver, Colorado / Packing and storage? Why should you trust Vosco Denver Movers .

Relocating from one place to another is not just about packing involves planning the whole move from conception to execution. All your possessions should be sorted, carefully packed and readied for the move, which only experienced packer/movers can do. The layout of the new house has to be planned and furniture and other items placed accordingly. Your utility accounts like gas, electric and and city water, etc need to be scheduled for turn-off at the present location and new accounts established at the new location. This is an important step many overlook. Seeing to this can take the chaos out of your move

If all that wasn’t enough, there’s a lot of paperwork too! Various relocating permits, address change notifications, insurance papers, customs clearances and other documentations. All the hard work related to relocation can make the move frustrating and very stressfu!

To make the process of relocation simpler . it is imperative to hire a reputable moving company . Though moving companies in Denver are numerous, only Vosco Denver Movers works in coordination with you to organize the move in a way that’s convenient for you – and affordable at the same time.

FYI – To pack jewelry when moving, you need a sturdy box to keep everything together. If you don’t have your own jewelry box you can use a simple sturdy box. Make sure you have plenty of soft tissues, packing paper, packing tape and a moving blanket available.

Contact Us For a Free Estimate

Read Our Great Customer Reviews!

Local Moving Services in the Denver Colorado Area

All moves are different, and the requirements for any move can vary greatly. Vosco Denver Movers understands the demands of every move and will strive to make your relocation easier!Vosco Denver Movers offers cost effective, convenient local moving services for moves within the Denver Colorado area or throughout Colorado.

Moving an Office or Commercial Business Space

Commercial moving for offices and business spaces needs to be fast and efficient. These moves are usually carried out on evenings or weekends in order to prevent the loss of a work day. To carry out commercial moves without a hitch, getting trained professionals from Vosco Denver Movers is your best bet. Our expert planners will give you a complete checklist of items that are necessary for a successful move.

Residential Moves – Packing and Moving Your Precious Keepsakes!

Residential moves may be Local or within the same state. Apartment moving falls under residential moving as well. Residential or apartment moving need special care with packing and may require additional storage facilities too. The number of items to be moved will vary. So, at times, we may need more than one truck. We maintain our own moving truck fleet, eliminating the need for secondary hiring or outsourcing of moving vehicles.

We’ll Move Your Home – To Your New House!

Vosco Denver Movers will take care of most of your moving worries and ensures that relocation is a hassle-free experience. What’s more, Vosco Denver Movers will move your valuables with care, as if they were our own, you no longer need to worry about treasured possessions being lost – or damaged goods being delivered to your new address.

Vosco Denver Movers not only takes care of commercial, office, residential and local moving to and from Denver, but also offers additional specialized services.

Special services from Vosco Moving of Denver include:

Flexible moving plans

Vosco of Denver also provides free estimates so you can match your moving plans to your budget. Apart from offering efficient packers, moving and storage facilities are also available to suit your individual needs. In other words, Vosco Denver Movers has all the experience and expertise to take care of all your relocation needs.

At Vosco Movers, We are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction!

The staff at Vosco Denver Movers is well trained in every aspect of moving to ensure a smooth and hassle-free relocation. Our staff goes above and beyond to make sure that every customer is happy with their move and we ensure customer loyalty through excellent service.

Vosco Denver Movers. Relax and let us do the moving!

Free Moving Quote!

Compare Cheap Van Insurance Quotes #van #insurance, #quotes, #compare, #cheap, #commercial #vehicle,


Looking for cheaper insurance?

Search over 40 different van insurance providers

Quotezone increases your chance of finding a great deal by searching the market for you.

  • Over three million users

    Join our ever-growing list of satisfied customers today.

  • Buy online or by phone

    Purchase your Van Insurance policy quickly and easily, monthly and annual payment options available.

  • Norton secured

    Our quote form uses 128-bit SSL encryption for your peace of mind.

  • You could save time and money

    Get your quotes by filling in one simple form, compare prices, and start saving.

  • Independent and unbiased service

    We aren’t owned by or have any investment from any insurance company.

  • Compare Van Insurance

    Compare Van Insurance

    Compare van insurance quotes – we search over 40 companies with one quick quote form

    Quotezone’s UK Van and Commercial Vehicle Quote Comparison System could save you time and money.

    About the Quotezone van insurance comparison system

    Quotezone’s UK van and commercial vehicle quote system could save you time and money. You just have to fill in your details once to compare the market, and you could receive up to 60 quotes back from our panel of UK insurance providers which includes insurers such as Gladiator, More Th n, Direct Choice. You should see the quotes appear online in around 60 seconds, each motor quotation shows the prices offered including discounts, then you can select the best quotes that suit your budget from our website.

    Why use Quotezone to compare van insurance quotes?

    We compare UK van insurance providers so you could get cheaper prices.

    You can buy online or buy by phone with options to pay monthly (some companies may offer no deposit van insurance schemes) or to pay annually.

    Most of the quotes will be displayed on your screen within 1 minute, you can find insurance for vans of all kinds if you are researching before purchasing a new large, small, business or private van and we will also email you the quotes online so you can consider them at a later date – so you won’t need a calculator immediately to see if the rates are within your budget!

    Van insurance guide

    With increasing costs of living and budgets stretched everywhere in the UK, saving money might be a priority for some households. This may be especially true when shopping for the best vehicle insurance products as prices increase due to a rise in uninsured drivers. Put this together with escalating fuel costs and driving might seem prohibitively expensive for some. This is why more and more people are choosing to compare van insurance companies to ensure they get the best van insurance at a low cost.

    Driving without insurance is illegal so unless an owner has declared a vehicle off road via a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) then they could well fall foul of the law.

    Having appropriate vehicle insurance in place could be extremely important for a persons livelihood, especially if driving a white van or other commercial vehicle for business purposes, so finding the cheapest van insurance quote possible may be a priority.

    Different types of cover

    With any type of insurance quotation there tends to be different levels and types of cover. People might search for cheap van insurance in order to save money but getting the right type of commercial van insurance that is appropriate for a vehicle is likely to be more desirable. Cutting corners on insurance could be costly so using a UK van insurance provider that has a reputation for quality may be the best option long term.

    The types of motor cover available when searching for van insurance quotes tend to be fully comprehensive, third party and third party fire and theft. Each one has different aspects of what a policy might cover; therefore it could be wise to explore the benefits of each one carefully before committing.

    Fully comprehensive van insurance

    Price wise, fully comprehensive cover is usually the cover that costs the most money. This is because it typically offers protection for the van, the driver and any property. Its still possible to acquire a very cheap van insurance policy which is fully comprehensive. It might also be possible to add on additional cover, such as breakdown protection or legal cover.

    People often opt for third party cover as this could offer the cheapest van insurance available. This offers the basic cover that is legally allowed in the UK and could be ideal if the van to be insured is a low value or if a person only has a small budget.

    Taking out only third party van insurance might be risky as it means being liable for the costs associated with replacing or fixing the vehicle owned by the policyholder. This type of policy tends to only pay out damages to the other parties involved. Choosing a greater level of cover might offer more peace of mind as third party van cover is likely to be just basic insurance protection.

    Third party fire and theft

    Like the above this type of van insurance cover offers basic protection at a low cost. However it also could provide cover for a van that is stolen or fire damaged so has extra benefits and is typically a lower cost than fully comprehensive cover.

    Finding a suitable policy

    Searching for very cheap van insurance to compare online tends to be the way many people choose to find cover. Comparing prices to find the cheapest van insurance is very typical before deciding on a particular policy to go with. What is useful about comparing quotes on van cover is that it could be tailored to different circumstances and therefore take into account individual details before returning the results. For example a young driver might think they will be charged a great deal for a van insurance policy. In reality it might be much easier to compare cheap van insurance UK and get a policy that takes into account their unique needs. The same might be said of a driver that has previous convictions and a comparison service could help them secure an affordable insurance rate.

    With any insurance policy it is more than likely that the policyholder could be required to pay the first part of any claim. This is known as the policy excess and could be variable depending on the insurance quote. A lower excess could in turn mean a higher premium and again using a comparison might be a good way of surveying the companies available to van drivers.

    Paying for a van insurance policy

    Many people like to stagger payments for their insurance policies and pay monthly which could cost more overall than paying in one go but might be more convenient. By paying a deposit and spreading payments over time it could make life easier although a policy tends to be cheaper overall if it is paid up front. To save even more cash there could be the option with some insurers to have a no deposit van insurance policy which might give people the option to distribute payments evenly over the term of the cover.

    Getting even cheaper van insurance

    People may drive a van as a second vehicle or use it for work rather than pleasure. As such they might have built up some years of no claims with a different vehicle. It could be possible that these be used on a new UK van insurance policy or transferred providing their benefit isn’t already being used elsewhere. It might also be possible to protect a no claims discount depending on the insurer used which could mean keeping the no claims benefit at renewal even if a person has had an accident during the previous year.

    Sealing the insurance deal

    It is always a good idea to read the details of a policy fully before committing. This way the policyholder knows exactly what they are signing up for. A van insurance comparison site could direct a person to the terms and conditions prior to finalising a deal so they can be certain the policy is right for them.

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    HVAC Repair Palatine, IL – Highland Park, IL #commercial #hvac #installation


    Commercial Heating Air Conditioning Northbrook, Glenview, Highland Park, Wilmette, Arlington Heights Palatine, IL

    Welcome to Atomatic’s Commercial HVAC Team. Our Team consists of our Construction, Service and Controls groups. These groups position Atomatic as the HVAC Design/Build leader and service provider in the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. With our experience in design (LEED), project management (BIM), Controls and System Servicing, we have the resources and talent to meet all your HVAC needs.

    Residential Heating Air Conditioning Northbrook, Glenview, Highland Park, Wilmette, Arlington Heights Palatine, IL

    Atomatic’s certified team of experts design, install, maintain, and service residential heating and air conditioning systems that deliver maximum performance within your budget. With commanding skill and the highest standards for quality, responsiveness, and integrity, Atomatic technicians listen first, and then provide the information and recommendations that will address your needs, whether you’re building your dream home, replacing your existing home comfort systems, or need those systems serviced or improved.

    HVAC Service, Heating and Cooling Repair, Heating Air Conditioning Service, HVAC Maintenance HVAC RepairWilmette, IL, Northbrook, IL, Arlington Heights, IL, Palatine, IL, Glenview, IL Highland Park, IL

    Thank you for visiting our website. We are proud of the services we offer and the reputation we have built over the past 65 years. Please let us know how we can help you by completing the inquiry form below. We will respond to your request by the next business day. If this is an emergency, please call our office at 847-818-4300. Thank You.

    Welcome to Atomatic Mechanical Services!

    Founded in 1945, for over 70 years Atomatic Mechanical Services continues to provide the highest quality workmanship, innovative designs, and reliable service to commercial, institutional, industrial and residential buildings and homes throughout the greater Chicagoland area. By bringing superior products together with certified professionals, we ensure results that not only exceed your satisfaction, but also continue to perform to exceptional standards year after year. Our solid reputation is built on the highest standards, innovative design and exceptional customer service. We honor our word and commitments.

    “The project was completed on time and under budget. This was due in most part because of the team work between the store and Atomatic. I would like to go on record and say that this project was one of the smoothest I have done. The biggest reason is the 100% cooperation…Everyone did their part and worked together…”

    Our best advertisement is positive customer testimonials. Written reviews and word-of-mouth continue to build our client list, and we are extremely proud and appreciative of the recommendations we receive from our satisfied customers. At Atomatic Mechanical Services, we never take your time, property, or investment for granted, and it’s our goal to provide a rewarding experience from start to finish. Whether you are in need of new installation, system upgrade, unexpected repair work, or preventative maintenance, our trained service team delivers swift, trustworthy, cost-effective resolution. Count on us to take very good care of your comfort.

    Heating & Air Conditioning Service HVAC Service HVAC Installation Arlington Heights, IL

    MN Insurance Agent Minnesota Auto Car Homeowners Life Health Quote Columbia Heights


    McAlpin Agency, Inc.

    Our Mission

    As an Independent Insurance Agency, it is our goal to provide you with the best coverage at the lowest price from a top quality company.

    To request a quote for MN insurance, click on the Quotes link above.
    Then choose the line of insurance from the Quote Forms menu that will appear.

    There are quote forms for Auto / Car, Homeowners, Health, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans, Life, Dental, Long-Term Care, Disability Income, Global / Travel Medical insurance, Employee Benefits, Commercial, Motorcycle, Watercraft (boats), Jet Ski (personal watercraft) Snowmobile.

    At McAlpin Agency, Inc. we are committed to protecting your privacy as a visitor to this Web site and as our customer. To our visitors and to our customers, we offer this pledge:

    McAlpin Agency, Inc. is the owner of the information, which is collected on this Web site. We will not sell, disseminate, disclose, trade, transmit, transfer, share, lease or rent any personally identifiable information to any third party not specifically authorized by you to receive your information except as we have disclosed to you in this Privacy Policy.

    Information Collection
    We will ask you to provide your personal information to us when you enroll for coverage and when you purchase an insurance policy from us. We will also ask you to provide your personal information to us when you send e-mail to us from this Web site. When you enroll for an insurance policy at McAlpin Agency, Inc. we will ask you to provide your name, home address, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address. This information will be provided to the insurance company when you purchase an insurance policy so they can establish you as a policyholder. We will maintain a record of your information at the offices of McAlpin Agency, Inc. so we can provide you with policyholder service. The employees of McAlpin Agency, Inc. are each required to sign and acknowledge a Confidentiality And Nondisclosure Agreement. Each employee has been instructed on maintaining the privacy of each customer and the importance of protecting the customer’s personal information.
    When you purchase an insurance policy from McAlpin Agency, Inc. you will pay the premiums with your credit card or personal check. If you use your credit card to pay the premium, your credit card information is deleted from our records after your purchase has been authorized. A transaction number will be provided to you on your Binder Of Insurance. You may use this transaction number as a reference to the credit card purchase. We do not keep a record of your credit card information. If you pay the premium using your personal check, we will keep a copy of your check in your file.

    When you send us e-mail from this Web site, you will provide us with certain personally identifiable information including your e-mail address.

    Third Party Links
    This Web site may contain links to third party Web sites that are not controlled by McAlpin Agency, Inc. These third party links are made available to you as a convenience and you agree to use these links at your own risk. Please be aware that McAlpin Agency, Inc. is not responsible for the content of third party Web sites linked to YOUR AGENCY NAME nor are we responsible for the privacy policy or practices of third party Web sites linked to McAlpin Agency, Inc. Our Privacy Policy only applies to information we collect from you while you are at and while you are actively in a session with McAlpin Agency, Inc. If you should link to a third party Web site from McAlpin Agency, Inc. we strongly encourage you to review and become familiar with that Web site’s privacy policy.

    Changes In Our Privacy Policy
    We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy without providing you with advance notice of our intent to make the changes.

    If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us at:

    Statements on this web site as to policies and coverages provide general information only. This information is not an offer to sell insurance. Insurance coverage cannot be bound or changed via submission of any online form/application provided on this site or otherwise, e-mail, voice mail or facsimile. No binder, insurance policy, change, addition, and/or deletion to insurance coverage goes into effect unless and until confirmed directly by a licensed agent. Any proposal of insurance we may present to you will be based upon the information you provide to us via this online form/application and/or in other communications with us. Please contact our office at [insert phone number] to discuss specific coverage details and your insurance needs. All coverages are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the actual policy issued. Not all policies or coverages are available in every state. Information provided on this site does not constitute professional advice; if you have legal, tax or financial planning questions, you should contact an appropriate professional. Any hypertext links to other sites are provided as a convenience only; we have no control over those sites and do not endorse or guarantee any information provided by those sites.

    Personal Lines Insurance

    Supreme Plumbing Heating Cooling #air #conditioners, #air #conditioning, #air #conditioning #compressors, #hvac


    For more than 50 years, Supreme Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has served residential and commercial customers with the highest quality products and service from NATE-certified* technicians. Whether servicing an existing unit or installing a new or replacement system, Supreme will work with you to find the most cost-efficient, energy-saving system for your home or business, with our goal being your year-round, uninterrupted comfort.

    Our conscientious, efficient technicians are factory trained to assist you with your home and business comfort needs. They are experts in all types of applications including heat pumps, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, boilers and geothermal systems. Call us for a free estimate on installations.

    Our licensed, professional and courteous plumbing experts provide solutions for all of your plumbing problems including water heaters, bathroom and kitchen faucet and fixture installation and repair, washer and dryer connection, water and gas lines and more. We also have a full-service sheet metal fabrication shop for custom installations and repair needs.

    Supreme is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. What makes a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer stand out is the unparalleled performance the company offers – true excellence in every aspect of operations, product solutions and technical know-how. The Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer emblem indicates Supreme meets high standards for superior skills, service, products and comfort.

    Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning Co. Inc
    1399 E Margaret Dr, Terre Haute, IN 47802
    Call 812-234-4845

    For more than 50 years, Supreme Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has served residential and commercial customers with the highest quality products and service from NATE-certified* technicians. Whether servicing an existing unit or installing a new or replacement system, Supreme will work with you to find the most cost-efficient, energy-saving system for your home or business, with our goal being your year-round, uninterrupted comfort.

    Our conscientious, efficient technicians are factory trained to assist you with your home and business comfort needs. They are experts in all types of applications including heat pumps, high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, boilers and geothermal systems. Call us for a free estimate on installations.

    Our licensed, professional and courteous plumbing experts provide solutions for all of your plumbing problems including water heaters, bathroom and kitchen faucet and fixture installation and repair, washer and dryer connection, water and gas lines and more. We also have a full-service sheet metal fabrication shop for custom installations and repair needs.

    Supreme is a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer. What makes a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer stand out is the unparalleled performance the company offers – true excellence in every aspect of operations, product solutions and technical know-how. The Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer emblem indicates Supreme meets high standards for superior skills, service, products and comfort.

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    • 14/02/2017 09:54AM New Complete Weed Control team for East Midlands Complete Weed Control, the UK’s largest weed control contractor, has announced Conor Flynn as its newest franchisee to operate in the East Midlands. Conor is the latest to join Complete Weed Control and after working with cars for the majority of his working career, he decided that it was time for a change of direction. When the opportunity arose to join Complete Weed Control he decided to learn more about the company, which ultimately played a major factor in his decision to alter his career path. “I’ve worked with cars all my life, whether it is sales, events or driving around a track. Cars are my passion but when the chance arose to join Complete Weed Control I think the opportunity was just too good to ignore. “I met with managing director Ian Graham, to find out more on the company and learn about what would be involved in the daily running of the business – and that made my mind up.” Conor spent a year learning the business inside out by working under David Cocks, who had been in charge of the East Midlands area since 2000. Having recently just taken over the full day-to-day running of the business, Conor feels he is now ready to push on and grow the business. “I’ve got some great clients and work at some fabulous places, which includes golf courses and sports clubs and I’m really enjoying it so far. My plan is to keep growing and building on the relationships that David has built up over the past 16 years.” Since its beginnings in 1972, Complete Weed Control has gone from strength to strength and has built a reputation as the most professional and relied upon weed control contractor in the UK. The CWC group has been complimented by its hugely successful business model. Every inch of the UK is now occupied by a Complete Weed Control operative and also has a growing presence in Ireland. “It’s an incredibly progressive and forward thinking company, says Conor. “Head office is always on hand to provide you with support and everyone has a high ambition which is a great motivation. “I’m really looking forward to the road ahead with Complete Weed Control. It is great to be a part of this company.” For more information, please contact Complete Weed Control’s national office on 01325 324 277. Read More
    • 06/02/2017 12:25PM Statement regarding BTME and SALTEX In a company statement, Ian Graham – managing director of Complete Weed Control has announced that the company will no longer exhibit at BTME or SALTEX. “Historically both shows have been successful events which have resulted in good levels of interest. However, BTME and SALTEX enquiry numbers and values have been in steady decline. As a consequence our continuing presence has become a topic of conversation each year. “We have attended the two exhibitions since 1983 and therefore our decision to withdraw has not being an easy one. Overall, the budget for both shows, including stand space, time and all other associated costs, runs into many tens of thousands of pounds. We are very confident that this sum of money will be better diverted into digital and online channels where we have seen an increase in enquiry levels over the same period.” “It is also our intention to put together a series of regional events where we can invite existing and potential clients along to discuss the various services we can provide. Our opinion is that trade shows in general are becoming obsolete as a consequence of the success of digital platforms. Customers can find information quickly and at their own convenience whilst vendors are far more willing to visit a client for bespoke demonstration of their equipment or services. We will continue to attend both shows in the capacity of visitors and wish both BTME and SALTEX the very best for the future.” Read More

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    Complete Weed Control Ltd registered in England and Wales. Company Nº 2832234. Registered Office: Unit 16, Hurworth Road, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham DL5 6UD

    Motels for Sale NZ, Motel for Sale NZ, Motel Brokers – NZ

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    Motels for Sale

    Search our Commercial Property for Lease and Sale and subscribe to our very latest commercial real estate for lease / sale listings. Check out and enquire about several Commercial Real Estate properties to ensure you find the right commercial property to lease or buy.

    Search through 2 Motels for Lease and Motels for Sale NZ on NZ Biz Buy Sell. We support New Zealand’s leading Hotel Motel Brokers NZ.

    Find a Motel for Sale NZ, or choose from over 2500 businesses for sale NZ wide. Looking to list your Motel for Sale? See how to sell a Motel

    Save this search (“Motels for Sale”) and email me the latest listings.

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    • Motel Investment Property for Sale | Christchurch | $205,000

    Superb Freehold Motel Investment Unit – Asking price reduced by highly motivated vendor with genuine reasons for needing to sell. [more. ]

  • Motel Investment Property for Sale | Fox Glacier | $1,599,000

    Motel Investment Property in Top Tourism Destination. Land Buildings $1,599,000. [more. ]

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    Your Local Insurance Agency in Fort Myers FL

    Avalon Insurance Group, Inc. is a home grown independent insurance agency in Fort Myers, FL. Our purpose is to provide residents with the best personal insurance and business insurance that Fort Myers, Florida has to offer.

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    About Us

    Comprehensive Range of Commercial Dishwashers

    Our Comprehensive Range of commercial dishwashers are ideal for use in restaurants, pubs, cafes, bed and breakfasts, bars and hotels, ranging from compact dishwashers up to commercial passthrough hood dishwashers.

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    Established in 1977. our engineers sales team have many years experience with commercial dishwashers and know the internal workings extremely well.
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    As an independent company, we can choose from a wide range of commercial dishwasher manufacturers to find the right one for your commercial kitchen.

    Nationwide Coverage

    We have a network of commercial dishwasher engineers across the UK and we supply dishwasher spare parts direct nationwide across Europe for all makes of commercial dishwashers at competitive prices.
    If we don’t have stock of the required spare part the part is sent out direct from the manufacturer to you saving time on a next working day delivery.

    We Carry our Own Stock

    We stock our own specially formulated commercial dishwasher chemicals for use on all dishwasher brands. All the commercial dishwashers we supply are built to a high standard, our commercial dishwashers are constructed in high grade stainless steel with easy operation and built in detergent and rinse injectors

    The Right Dishwasher For You

    Commercial dishwashers are generally larger and more powerful than the domestic equivalent.
    Undercounter commercial dishwashers may even contain similar features to residential units, including push-button start options and wash cycles that offer lower temperature water to save on energy consumption.

    All commercial dishwashers have a wash tank that circulates the hot water in the wash tank (between 55C to 60C, mixed with detergent) around the dishwasher at high speed for the duration of the wash cycle and a rinse/boiler tank that brings in fresh water at around 85C to 90C to rinse them off.
    While in motion the commercial dishwasher will heat the water to the appropriate temperature, automatically opening the detergent dispenser before spraying water through the jets to get the dishes clean.
    The machine then drains the dirty water and sprays water from the rinse tank to give a sparkling finish.
    Amazingly these commercial machines complete that full cycle in 2 minutes – also monitoring themselves to make sure everything is running properly.
    Improvements in onboard technology allow your commercial dishwasher to regulate wash cycle, whilst inbuilt sensors can detect the water and air ­temperature to prevent the dishwasher from overheating or damaging your dishes.
    Further sensors can tell if the water level gets too high and activates the draining function to keep the dishwasher from overflowing.

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    In business since 1946, this second generation business provides a full range of insurance services—including home auto for our personal lines customers to the specialized needs of our small to large commercial customers. Together, we’ll discuss your individual insurance needs and tailor a program that fits you. Regardless of size of premium or insurance needs, our customers can expect personal, professional and knowledgeable service that every customer deserves.

    Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:

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    Our customers are located throughout the Denver Metro area as well as in cities from Ft Collins to Colorado Springs, Colorado. The agency also holds licenses in surrounding states to help service our customers with multi state locations including California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Missouri, and more.


    Motels for Sale NZ, Motel for Sale NZ, Motel Brokers – NZ

    #motels for sale nz


    Motels for Sale

    Search our Commercial Property for Lease and Sale and subscribe to our very latest commercial real estate for lease / sale listings. Check out and enquire about several Commercial Real Estate properties to ensure you find the right commercial property to lease or buy.

    Search through 2 Motels for Lease and Motels for Sale NZ on NZ Biz Buy Sell. We support New Zealand’s leading Hotel Motel Brokers NZ.

    Find a Motel for Sale NZ, or choose from over 2500 businesses for sale NZ wide. Looking to list your Motel for Sale? See how to sell a Motel

    Save this search (“Motels for Sale”) and email me the latest listings.

    Saved Searches

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    • Motel Investment Property for Sale | Christchurch | $205,000

    Superb Freehold Motel Investment Unit – Asking price reduced by highly motivated vendor with genuine reasons for needing to sell. [more. ]

  • Motel Investment Property for Sale | Fox Glacier | $1,599,000

    Motel Investment Property in Top Tourism Destination. Land Buildings $1,599,000. [more. ]