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Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) Certification Programs


The Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) offers the only payroll certifications in Canada: the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) and the Certified Payroll Manager (CPM). These programs prepare payroll practitioners to manage the compliance requirements of an organization’s annual payroll cycle, deliver clear and reliable payroll information, and contribute a payroll perspective to organizational policy and strategy discussions.

Payroll is a growing field and those holding Payroll designations earn higher salaries than those who don’t. Check out our full and part time course options today.

For all Payroll programs and courses, students are required to register with the Canadian Payroll Association and pay their associated fees. Students in our full time offering qualify for a student rate with the Association.

News Announcements

Launching New Full Time Payroll Program

NAIT now offers a full time Professional Payroll Program in addition to our part time courses. The Program runs from late August until the end of February every year. Students take the required courses for the Payroll Compliance Practitioner (PCP) designation. Additional courses that typically round out the skills required of payroll professionals such as Sage, Business Communications, Word and Excel are included. We also provide training in areas of time management, change management, networking and computers so that our students are fully prepared to enter the workforce. Students participate in networking sessions with industry professionals so that they can get a head start on their job search.

The courses are full days Tuesday’s to Fridays. Registration opens in February.

Canada Job Grant


Whether you need an existing course from NAIT’s wide spectrum of programs or a solution customized specifically for your organization, Corporate and International Training can help. We assess your needs, design a training program and deliver an economically feasible training solution to your employees, anytime, anywhere. Learn more

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Visit NAIT

Visit NAIT and learn more about your program of interest, the services we offer and student life at NAIT. There are a number of different ways to learn more.

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Julian Harris Financial Consultants and Julian Harris Mortgages Ltd have over 24 years of experience in providing highly competitive, professional and completely independent network adviser services, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our Independent Adviser Network

One of our main services is providing a route for Financial and Mortgage Advisers to be authorised in giving regulated pensions, investments, mortgages and associated insurances advice. We offer a more comprehensive regulatory and consultancy service than our main competitors in this industry. With over 150 members in our network (80% increase within 2009!), this makes us by far the largest and fastest growing adviser network based in Kent.

Our qualified and authorised IFAs and Mortgage Advisers pride themselves on their experience and ability to provide independent and impartial advice upon the whole market place to clients on their investment, mortgage, general insurance and protection requirements.

Protection Comparison

General Insurance Comparison

Commercial Insurance Comparison

Specialist Lending and Packaging Service

More info on joining our network More info on investments, Mortgages and Protection and General Insurance Download our brochure

Julian Harris Financial Consultants are Independent Financial Advisers. Julian Harris Mortgages Limited (Co No. 3927189) are whole of market Mortgage Advisers, both of Julian Harris House, Musgrove, Ashford, Kent. TN23 7UN.

Both firms are authorised regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA Nos. 153566 304155 respectively.

The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is an agency for arbitrating on unresolved complaints between regulated firms and their clients . Full details of the FOS can be found on its website .

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PCI Compliance Made Easy!

More Info

PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance can seem daunting. That’s why every day we receive questions from dozens of terrified business owners about what responsibilities a small merchant has when it comes to compliance.

It doesn’t matter how many transactions a company does, it is a sure shot that PCI compliance applies to you, your business, and every company that collects, transmits, processes or stores cardholder information. This includes point-of-sale (POS) terminals (remember the Target hack?), e-commerce and even the lonely mail/phone orders.

PCI DSS is not a federal law or a state law. Rather, it’s a security standard developed by the the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The council is composed of credit card bigwigs such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and JCB.

PCI SSC developed the Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a comprehensive security standard that acts as a set of guidelines for merchants to ensure the protection of their customer’s sensitive card data. The industry regulations were put in place on June of 2005, in a secret cave. The PCI SSC enforces the security standard with corporal punishment and/or fines (but really just fines). It applies to any company that accepts credit cards in any form (except for a hologram projection). If your company stores, processes, or transmits any of the information recorded on a credit or debit card then you are required to be PCI compliant or face serious consequences such as:

  1. Compensation to regain lost trust. Sometimes after the general public has lost faith in your company, the only way to get them back is with bribes.
  2. Legal fees. The world is quick to sue. If you suffer a security breach prepare for lawsuits to follow.
  3. Bank fines. If you’re not PCI Compliant and you suffer a security breach your merchant bank is going to come down on you for every customer who they had to reimburse after the theft or fraud.
  4. Federal audits. The FTC might get involved if you’re company is one of the big players. They might audit you from that point until eternity and throw in a few fines while they’re at it.
  5. Cleanup. Chances are that you’ll have to investigate the security breach, hire or fire employees and up your security.
  6. Profits will fall. After the internet finds out about your security breach nobody is going to come near your business for a long while. Remember, many large companies have declared bankruptcy after a security breach. Target’s profits fell $440 million in their fourth fiscal quarter following their POS security breach in 2013.
  7. Google will haunt you. Even a decade after your security breach, everytime someone Googles your name, chances are one of the breach headlines will surface. If your company was once a bright, shining success in the eCommerce world, it certainly isn’t anymore.
  8. Angry witches will beat you with broomsticks. As a merchant it is your responsibility to protect consumer credit card data and any other data you collect. This could include:
  • Card readers
  • POS systems
  • Store networks and wireless access routers
  • Credit card storage and transmission
  • E-commerce applications and web services
  • Phone numbers from over-zealous, flirtatious, househusbands or housewives.

The PCI DSS standards are in place to give merchants, like you, a step by step list of what you need to do to meet compliance standards so that you’re not schooled by the terrifying PCI SSC humans. This standard consists of 12 requirements that are fairly direct in their instructions on what one must do to be compliant (it no longer involves a riddle and a troll named rumpelstiltskin). What’s more, the PCI Security Standards Council even explains why you should put each of the requirements in place. Get a copy of the PCI DSS 3.0 requirements at It is also required that your business maintains current compliance at all times. Small merchants can do this by filling out an annual self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) and fulfilling any other compliance validation requirements set by their merchant bank such as Security Scanning to PCI Compliance. It’s very easy to “fall out of” compliance; for example, failing a PCI Security Scan, forgetting to renew malware, etc. If at any time your business is not in complete compliance, your business will be liable should you suffer a security breach. The PCI SSC will come for you. They’re like the Russian mafia, only not at all. Still, you don’t want to get on their bad side.

The ability to accept credit cards is absolutely necessary for business owners to conduct business regardless of size. Losing the privilege to process cards could mean bankruptcy for even the largest corporation. You don’t want your children to end up like that little orphan girl in Annie (the original, not the remake), so please, make sure you’re compliant.

A Beginners Guide to Call Recording and Compliance #oak #innovation, #news, #call #recording, #compliance, #fca, #pci,


A Beginners Guide to Call Recording and Compliance

In this educational piece, we look at what the law says regarding call recording and financial transactions and how Oak’s solutions can help you tick the right boxes.

Compliance is a murky subject. A casual glance presents the uninitiated with a series of rules and regulations that can seem at once critical and yet apparently contradictory. Some state that certain financial transactions must be recorded, whilst others, so it seems, demand that financial details be excluded or covered up. The only thing that appears obvious is that as a company you have the obligation to get it right or you will be in trouble.

Let us shine a little light on the situation.

There are currently several guidelines and laws relevant to the recording of calls. First and foremost under the Data Protection Act. you must let your employees and customers know that you are recording calls and why the ubiquitous calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes serves this purpose well. In terms of what calls or parts of calls must be recorded or not, these are laid out by two central bodies: the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). In this article we ll examine the requirements of both of these and explain how Oak s products work to help you meet the necessary criteria.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Thou shalt record thy calls

The FCA regulates firms and financial advisers so that markets and financial systems remain sound, stable and resilient, thereby inhibiting abuse and promoting confidence in the sector. Since March 2009, the FCA has determined that certain types of business must record some calls in particular:

i) calls that conclude an agreement with any client or with another regulated firm on behalf of a client; or

ii) calls that are conducted with a professional client or eligible counterparty with a view to concluding an agreement.

These calls must be recorded and stored securely so that they may not be tampered with (this also complies with EU law). They must also be made easily accessible for a minimum of six months .

These rules apply to firms whose products include qualifying investments (shares, bonds, options and futures) that are traded on a prescribed market, or other types of investments that are related to these. The rules do not apply to other financial services (financial advisors, insurance and mortgage brokers, solicitors, estate agents and firms receiving and executing loans). However, these firms may well be advised to use call recording.

The FCA s Policy on Telephone Recording 08/01 2.1 states that recorded communication increases the likelihood of successful prosecution. This in turn, it argues, reduces the perceived value of committing market abuse of the system in the first place, and in principle leads to greater market confidence and greater price efficiency.

Since November 2011, the FCA does not discriminate between landline and mobile calls, so a good call recording solution will be able to securely store transactions made on both.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Thou shalt not record thy calls

PCI DSS does not just affect certain financial services, but is concerned with any business that handles card payments. Its purpose is to minimise the risk of fraud etc through the best practice handling of card details. For our purposes here, that means that if your company uses call recording software, that software must ensure that the card validation codes and values in particular (the actual payment details needed to transfer money) are not accessible following authorisation and preferably not stored on a system. The PCI DSS website states:

It is a violation of PCI DSS requirement 3.2 to store any sensitive authentication data, including card validation codes and values, after authorisation even if encrypted.

It is therefore prohibited to use any form of digital audio recording for storing CAV2, CVC2, CCV2, CID codes if that data can be queried. Where technology exists to help prevent the recording of these data elements, such technology should be enabled.

For companies who record calls and take payments over the phone, this is a major compliance issue. Any call recording software must offer features that allow the required parts of the calls to be hidden or omitted.

Oak Call Recording Solutions

Oak s call recording solutions have been designed to help you comply with all the legislation outlined above.

For when you must record calls, Oak solutions offer.

  • Full security – All call recordings are automatically encrypted and tamperproof.
  • High capacity storage Our storage capacity far exceeds the minimum requirement of 6 months; you may choose to archive calls for much longer.
  • Easy search and retrieve Calls can be found easily using criteria such as date, time, extension, CLI, DDI, phone number, user defined flags or even customer reference if linked to a CRM system.
  • Fraud deterrence Just letting callers know that you record calls can prevent misconduct.

Mobile compliance – Oak s mobile application is currently available for Blackberry users only. This is because the app can be loaded centrally onto the Blackberry Enterprise Server (rather than individual handsets) making it scalable from one mobile user to hundreds. The app enables calls to be recorded and stored on the business central Oak call recording solution, keeping all the call information in one place. The app we use is secure and tamper proof, it cannot be turned off, and will even flag up if a user tries to change the SIM. It is also a cost-effective solution, as most alternatives require a separate SIM and may vastly increase your call charges.

. And for when you must not record calls

Oak s solutions also provide a number of means to ensure that card details are not recorded or stored on the system. Whichever option you choose, that part of the call is simply replaced with a silence.

  • DTMF Detection This is the most basic method that will work on any system. To pause and resume the recording of a call, the agent simply presses a series of digits on their phone pad. The CV2 number is not recorded at all while the rest of the call is recorded and made easily available for playback. There is also a built in timeout option that can tell the system to resume recording should the agent forget to do so manually. Oak line side call recording solutions include this manual option as standard.
  • PCI Click An Oak software client is installed on each client PC allowing a user to login as themselves with an associated extension. Calls are stopped and restarted on demand by right clicking. This method requires a CTI connection.
  • PCI Web This automated method integrates Oak s call recording system with a business s payment system and is set up at the time of installation. A call can be paused either by a change of URL (when the user goes to a different screen to input payment) or by clicking on specific fields on the payment system. The call recording is resumed when the user clicks on a certain field or through some other agreed trigger. A CTI connection is essential to ensure that the correct call is paused.

Hopefully things will feel a little clearer now, but If you have further questions, would like to discuss the best options for your business, or want to know more about the benefits of call recording, then do get in touch. We d be very happy to help.

Environmental Consulting #environmental #assessment, #environmental #management #plans, #asbestos #testing, #lead, #mold #inspection, #phase #i, #phase #ii, #environmental #risk #assessment, #environmental #compliance, #environmental #compliance #audits, #los #angeles #environmental #site #assessments


Andersen Environmental is a full service consulting firm that is comprised of leading environmental professionals dedicated to providing effective solutions for our clients’ environmental needs. Andersen Environmental’s services include: asbestos testing, Phase I Environmental Assessments, Phase II soil and groundwater testing, soil remediation including soil vapor extraction, hazardous waste characterization and removal, and many other services as listed below. Andersen Environmental’s corporate headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California, with offices throughout the United States.

  • Phase I Environmental
  • Phase II Environmental
  • Soil Gas Surveys /
  • Vapor Intrusion Studies
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Third Party Report Review
  • Brownfields Consulting
  • Vapor Intrusion Studies
  • More.

  • Remediation Planning and Monitoring
  • Underground Tank Removal
  • SWPPP – Storm Water Pollution
  • Oil Well Abandonment
  • Environmental Planning
  • More.

  • Asbestos Testing
  • Lead Test
  • Mold
  • Abatement Oversight
  • Formaldehyde Test
  • Soot and Smoke Assessment
  • Radon
  • Clandestine Laboratories
  • More.

  • Alta Survey
  • Property Condition Assessment
  • LEED Consulting
  • Methane Testing
  • More.

  • Alta Survey
  • Property Condition Assessment
  • LEED Consulting
  • Methane Testing
  • Catastrophe Response
  • Environmental Expert Witness
  • More.

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Ensure compliance and reduce mail server costs with your email archiving solution

The only email archiving solution you need

Email is flexible and convenient—often serving as an organization’s primary written communication channel. As such, more than half of an organization’s’ confidential information is stored in email form, which, when paired with stringent email retention policies, creates momentous challenges for IT departments. Not only must admins protect valuable email records, they must also address storage costs and deliver against legal, regulatory, and corporate governance requirements.

Arcserve UDP Archiving resolves these business challenges, giving small and overstretched IT teams the ability to manage their entire data protection and email archiving strategies through a single, elegantly simple user console.

Supporting on-premise and cloud-based email platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Gmail, Arcserve’s email archiving solution delivers robust capabilities on- and off-site, as well as across multiple tenants and languages:

Automatically capture and retain emails as encrypted, unalterable corporate records right from the moment they’re sent and received

Quickly and accurately search, retrieve, and export emails for legal discovery and compliance audits

Automatically remove email records when retention periods have expired, simplifying lifecycle management

Save time and money by reducing mail server storage, while simultaneously increasing email platform performance

Effortlessly manage emails against exclusion, hold, and disposition policies

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FreePCI Compliance:FreePCI Scan: Why becoming PCI Compliant matters

PCI Free provides free compliance resources including quarterly scans and questionnaires. Merchants and business owners can save time and money with free PCI compliant merchant solutions.

If your business accepts or processes payment cards, it must comply with the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards). All businesses and merchants that store, process and or transmit card holder information are now required to be PCI compliant.

PCI DSS is a set of requirements for enhancing data security. This originally began as individual programs from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB. To facilitate the broad adoption of consistent data security measures Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB aligned their individual policies to release the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Is PCI Compliance just another profit center for my merchant processor?

Many believe that the new PCI compliance standards are little more than new revenue stream for merchant processors. Most small business owners and merchants have little information about the process and as a result wind up paying inflated PCI compliance fees. Merchant processors have been charging up to 300.00. Completing a form is frequently all that is required for many merchants to meet the standards, charging small businesses 300.00 for nothing more than completing a form is excessive, to say the least.

Smart business owners becomePCI Compliant

In today’s economy, merchants and small business ownersare required to thoroughly evaluate operating costs, merchant processing fees is an area frequently overlooked.Evaluating and comparing merchant processing solutions including fees for services such as ours for your business can be well worth the time it takes and result in considerable savings for your company.

Small Business Compliance Guide Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) Merchants

Visa MasterCard American Express Discover

2009 All Rights Reserved 5122 Leesburg Pike, Alexandria, VA 22302

Hospice Compliance, Documentation Webinar #vna #hospice

#hospice documentation guidelines



Our Expert Audio Conferences Will Improve Your Hospice/Palliative Services!

Are you facing CoP compliance challenges and claim denials for your rightful reimbursement? Sail straight through the hurdles – compliance issues, documentation loopholes, and claim denials through training and education on Hospice by experts from the industry. We have the strategies you need to keep your hospice on the straight and narrow, so that your cash flow is constant and increasing. Hospice training is exactly what you need – tackle all your tight spots and steer past compliance challenges and claim denials.

Learn how to identify the deficiencies in your facility with real-life examples, and arm yourself with strategies to deal with them effectively to get the reimbursement you rightfully deserve.

Select from the below mentioned conferences designed for professionals working in hospice centers. And get the training and education on services like hospice nursing, palliative treatment, hospice-hospital partnership and more:

  • Hospice Eligibility and Certification The Continuing Saga – Hospices are undergoing increased regulatory scrutiny from CMS through Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs), the OIG, Zone Program Integrity Contractors (ZPICs) and eventually Recovery Audit Contractors (RACs). Certifications are a condition of payment. It is critical that hospices understand the regulatory requirements of certification and recertification and to have a process that ensures doing it right the first time. There is no room for error.
  • Updating Hospital Hospice Agreements: New Rules and Issue The critical documents to address compliance issues are the agreements between the hospice and hospital and between the medical director/physician and hospice program. In addition to provisions addressing the new rules, it s essential to make sure the contracts address responsibilities and liabilities of each party, adequate insurance and indemnification provisions and detailed compliance terms.
  • Coding Clinic Updates for 2013 One of the main challenges for coders today is finding enough time to keep up with all of the changes. The Coding Clinic audio conference is one of the best ways to help us do this.
  • And more!

Bottom line: You don t have time to weed through the never-ending onslaught of information about hospice rules and requirements, so let us do it for you. Check out these other benefits:

  • Find your way out of compliance tight spots thanks to official supporting documentation.
  • Save money on travel: Learn while sitting in your office/conference room/home. No need to travel to distant locations. You can listen to the experts live and participate in Q A sessions to clear any confusion.
  • Save time training your whole staff. Gather around a speakerphone or computer and enlighten your entire team for one low price.
  • Do you work with a virtual team or multiple locations? Ask our customer specialists about discounts for your whole staff.

Prices – 35 Gas Safety Certificate #electrical #compliance #certificate


Your legal duties

There are four main areas of law which a property must comply with before it is ready to be let. They have been listed below and I have added my own notes:

Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1994 (as amended) – all gas appliances must be safe – this is a legal requirement for all rented property and this needs to be done every 12 months.

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 – all electrical appliances must be safe – you have a responsibility to ensure that all electrical appliances, circuits, cables, switches and fuse board is safe and sound. There is no legal requirement to produce any certificate BUT, if the unfortunate did happen, would you be covered? A simple PAT test will ensure that all appliances left in your property are tested for earthing, continuity and soundness. All appliances are labelled. This is one way you could prove that you have taken your responsibilty seriously.

Smoke Carbon Monoxide Detectors Act 2015 the property should have smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms – I can supply and fit as a non profit service. Please don’t forget to add this service on. The recent changes to the law require landlords to install smoke alarms on every floor of their property, and test them at the start of every tenancy. Landlords also need to install carbon monoxide alarms in high risk rooms such as those where a solid fuel heating system is installed.
More information here .

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive 2008 – from 1st October 2008 an Energy Performance Certificate must be made available to a prospective tenant. This is a legal requirement and although does not have an effect on safety, you can still be fined for not having one. An agent will always ask if you have on before selling you their own services.

The Department for Communities and Local Government makes recommendations to Landlords and Tenants on how to ensure compliance to the Safety Regulations. The CLG website is a useful reference for the legislation, and clearly states that there is a legal requirement for electrical safety: amongst other things.

Gas Safety
I can carry out am annual gas safety inspection to the property and provide the necessary Gas Safety Certificate (CP12)

Electrical Equipment Safety
I can inspect and test the landlord s electrical appliances (PAT testing) and carry out a visual survey of the electrical power points, light switches, earth bonding and fuse box once a year and possibly prior to a new tenancy. The landlord is provided with Visual Inspection Reports and Appliance Test Results which also help to control property damage

Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) to the Electrical Installation
The electrical circuitry should be inspected and tested on a five yearly cycle. I can carry out this inspection and provide a full report (PIR) with any recommendations needed to bring the electrical system up to the standard required under current regulations BS7671. Some insurance companies require this inspection and any safety issues rectified, before granting insurance cover. Most, if not all, Housing Associations and Councils require this if you are intending to rent you property to them for a fixed 1,3 or 5 year period

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Safety
If required, I can provide a full inspection of the property and advise where smoke and carbon monoxide alarms could be fitted – I supply these at no extra cost and installation is free

Why use me?

  1. I promise to answer the phone, give you a timed appointment, turn up on time and offer you an excellent service.
  2. I am registered with Gas Safe, which is a legal requirement when working on gas. It used to be Corgi but that changed as of 1st April 2009.
  3. I am a qualified Domestic Energy Assessor able to produce EPC’s.
  4. I have a City and Guilds inspection and testing qualification and can carry out PAT testing on all electrical appliances.
  5. I offer huge savings. I will match or beat any genuine quote you have, call me and try. The more services you need, the more you save. Huge discounts for multiple properties, multiple services etc.
  6. Timed, evening and weekend appointments to suit you or your tenant. I prefer to liaise with the tenants anyway, not only saving you the hassle but it also enables me to plan a time to suit both of us.
  7. I always carry my ID cards. Ask to see them. Dont pay someone who isn’t qualified. The certificate will be worthless.

EventLog Analyzer – SIEM Log management software #eventlog #analyzer, #log #analyzer, #event #log #management, #syslog, #windows #event #log, #syslog #management, #log #archive, #windows #event #log #monitoring, #log #monitoring, #event #log #analysis, #syslog #analysis, #event #log #monitoring, #syslog #monitoring, #event #log #analyzer, #syslog #analyzer, #event #log #reporting, #syslog #reporting, #syslog #server, #siem, #security #information #and #event #management, #privileged #user #monitoring, #audit #report, #puma #reports, #audit #log #analysis, #windows #log #analysis, #server #log #analysis, #log #forensics, #it #compliance #reports, #internal #threat #monitoring, #user #activity #reports, #real #time #log #alerts, #application #server #log, #application #log #reports, #network #devices #monitoring, #network #device #logs


Know every bit of your network

Trace the origin of security attacks

Manage compliance with
your eyes closed

Detect anomalies in real-time

Protect your data- it’s child’s play

EventLog Analyzer is an IT Compliance Log Management Software for SIEM

  • Over 70 out-of-the-box event correlation rules for proactive threat management.
  • Pinpoints breach attempts, insider threats, policy violations, and more without any manual intervention.
  • Flexible drag-and-drop correlation rule builder allows users to define attack patterns therefore facilitating proactive security threat mitigation.
  • Includes out-of-the-box reports that help meeting the stringent requirements of regulatory mandates such as HIPAA. GLBA. PCI DSS. SOX. FISMA. ISO 27001, and more.
  • Create custom reports to adapt and comply to the developing regulatory acts of the present and future.
  • Collects logs from heterogeneous sources such as Windows servers and workstations, Linux and Unix systems, network devices, applications, threat intelligence solutions, vulnerability scanners and more at a centralized location.
  • Deciphers any log data regardless of the source and log format with its custom log parser.
  • Supports both agentless and agent based log collection methods.
  • Centrally track all changes and get real time alerts when files and folders are created, accessed, viewed, deleted, modified, and renamed.
  • Get a complete audit trail that answers the ‘what, when, where and how’ of all the changes that happen to files and folders in real time.
  • Collects and analyzes all activities of privileged users.
  • Get detailed report with logon and logoff activity information of privileged users.
  • Get precise user access information such as which user performed the action, what was the result of the action, on which server it happened and track down the user workstation from which the action was triggered.
  • Searches cover more than just the routine options and enable quick detection of network anomalies, abnormal user activities, system or applications errors, security incidents, and more.
  • Conduct a search using Wild-cards. Phrases. Boolean operators, Grouped searches and Range searches .
  • Get real-time SMS and email alerts whenever a network anomaly occurs. You can even run a script to remediate the alert condition.
  • 500+ predefined alert criteria across Windows, Unix/Linux, application, and network device infrastructure increases operational efficiency by eliminating the need to set alert profiles for known indicators of compromises.
  • Easily drill down to the raw log data and conduct a root cause analysis to find out the exact log entry that caused security incidents.
  • Various search options enable you to generate forensic reports from both the raw and formatted logs
  • Automatically archives all machine generated logs, system logs, device logs application logs to a centralized repository.
  • Encrypts the event log archive files to ensure the log data is secured for future forensic analysis, compliance and internal audits.

Multi-channel Marketing Automation #distribion, #distributed #marketing, #marketing #automation #solutions, #multi-channel #marketing #automation, #brand #control #and #compliance, #how #to #improve #marketing #efficiencies, #ways #to #increase #sales #conversions, #best #sales #enablement #tool, #web-based #marketing #software, #email #marketing


Consulting Services

Consulting services are the end to end service offerings that make our platform align fully with your business objectives. We assess your current state, make recommendations about where to go via multichannel, distributed marketing automation and measure how our platform is supporting clearly defined business goals.

Managed Services

Our managed services are wide ranging and enable a more successful platform implementation. The managed services team has experienced over 150 client implemenations and knows what service offerings will work best to increase your revenue. Our managed services fully encompass our multichannel approach and we work with partners to augment client outcomes. Come see what managed services can do for you!

Integration and Implementation

The best concepts need to be put into practice in order to achieve results. We configure your solution to get to a desired end result. We simplify complex marketing processes, integrate our solution with your existing software solutions and ease the pain of difficult management, optimization and distribution of content across marketing channels.

Service Packages

Have a specific goal in mind? We’ve created service packages that solve common challenges for our customers. A simple formula guides our customers’ success: Proven platform + proven methodology + flawless delivery = more leads and sales delivered at a lower cost per client touch point.

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Contract Management Software Microsoft SharePoint

Contract Management Software System on Microsoft SharePoint

As your organization grows, so does the number of contracts you enter with vendors, partners and customers. Has your contract management process evolved along with your business growth? Or, are your general counsel, attorney and contract managers’ days slowed by trying to prioritize contract requests, contract negotiations, checking on contracts’ statuses and looking for contract renewal dates in Excel spreadsheets and share drives?

ConvergePoint recognizes your legal team’s need for a contract management system to handle the full contract management lifecycle, from contract requests, reviews and approvals through obligation management and renewals. Our Enterprise Contract Management System, built on Microsoft SharePoint (available on Microsoft SharePoint 2016. Microsoft SharePoint 2013. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Office 365 – SharePoint Online ), automates the contract management process, ensuring you never again have to worry about uneconomical contracts auto-renewing, missed business opportunities and wasting time searching for and compiling contract information.

Manage the Entire Contract Lifecycle

ConvergePoint’s Contract Management Software streamlines the entire contract process with a full-featured contract solution on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. Let your legal team rely on our contract tracking software to manage contract creation, send automated notifications about upcoming deadlines, manage contracts that are renewing and expiring, and quickly find important contract details that are important to the business.

Because the software is built on the Microsoft’s SharePoint document management platform, it is the best contract management software to work with for Microsoft Office files, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook and Active Directory. The software provides unique functionality to automate contract managers’ most time-consuming and tedious tasks including version control and renewal alerts.

The user-friendly SharePoint and Office 365 contract management system guides your contract managers through the contract process, while the general counsel and business teams are able monitor progress and statuses from the real-time dashboard.

With easy document migration tools and quick deployment options, our SharePoint and Office 365 contracts software allows you to be up and running in days or weeks, not months. Because our top notched software is intuitive, training your users is simple, and our IT support team empowers them to train others with the help of tools and guides.

If you are on the Microsoft Cloud, extend your existing Office 365 business investment with an online contract management system that streamlines your storage of contracts and automatically alerts you on expiring contracts as well provide you with significant tools during the authoring, review and negotiation phases.

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Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Ensuring compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and professional standards of practice, implementing systems and processes that prevent fraud and abuse.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations includes the following aspects:

  • Compliance Program
  • Survey Preparedness
  • Addressing Program Deficiencies

Member hospices can evaluate their organization and operation with respect to compliance with laws and regulations through NHPCO’s Self-Assessment Checklist for Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Pathways to Success

Pathways to success for demonstrating compliance with laws and regulations include:

  • Having a procedure for reporting and investigating compliance concerns.
  • Utilizing the hospice compliance program developed by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).

NHPCO Standards of Practice for Hospice Programs

Resources and Tools

Members can view a wide range of documents and links to online information in Resources and Tools for Compliance with Laws and Regulations

Regulatory Members can access the resources in the Regulatory section of the website.

Background Material and Resources

The following publications support the many aspects of Compliance with Laws and Regulations: