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Uponor Pex Repipe – The World’s First, Best, And Most Widely Used System For Single Family Homes And Residential Units.

What is PEX?

PEX is an acronym for crosslinked polyethylene. It is a flexible, durable, proven piping product that has been used in plumbing systems for more than 20 years. PEX tubing won’t pit, scale or corrode and, because of its flexibility, it also offers potential freeze-damage protection.

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Uponor Pex plumbing systems feature PEX-a tubing, which is considered the superior PEX tubing manufacturing method in the industry. PEX-a is the most flexible of all PEX types, and because of its shape and thermal memory, it can use ProPEX expansion fittings which are the only fitting system that actually gets stronger over time – making it highly leak resistant.

1) Repiping in a home begins at the transition point.

2) The transition point is the point where the potable water system enters the building from the exterior of the building.

3) Repiping a potable water system means you totally abandon the existing potable system and replace it with a new system.

4) The first step in repiping your home is masking or “covering” the floors, and this must be completed before the walls are masked off. This overlap “ enveloped ” system allows the plastic sheeting to be rolled up in one continuous motion.

5) Cutting the sheetrock: You will be shocked at how little sheetrock has to be removed for the layout and installation of a new potable water system. A real Pex Plumber is an expert at HVAC, framing, plumbing, and electrical layout, and will lay out the home pex repipe in the most effective route. The better the repiper. the smaller and fewer the drywall holes!

6) A “GREEN REPIPE” potable water system refers to a Pex repipe potable system only – such as UPONOR or ZURN with corrosion resistant fittings. CPVC and copper systems are not green systems.

7) The drywall pieces that are removed must be used in the patching process as each texture is a little different in thickness. This gives you a uniform surface thickness as you start the repair process. Each piece goes back in the hole it came from.

8) Repipe with an approved material. There are currently three main materials used in pex repiping jobs across the US: copper pipe and fittings, CPVC pipe and fittings, and PEX repipe and fittings. (DO NOT USE CPVC, IT IS THE NEXT POLYBUTYLENE)

9) Repipe inspections must be performed by the local building inspectors after the repipe is completed, with the system under full water pressure.

10) The signed inspection card must be given to the homeowner after the PEX repipe inspection is completed.

11) Drywall repair begins after all the necessary backing has been installed. Backing supports the drywall pieces that were removed to access the potable water pipes and accommodate the repiping of a new Pex repipe or copper potable water system.

12) The fiberglass mesh tape must be used 100% of the time.

13) The patches must be pre-filled with quick set patching compound. The compound comes in 18lb bags, and because it is a powder, it must be mixed with water. This locks the perimeter of each patch and will make the area of the patch stronger than it was before the work process began. The reason this is important is that when you close the doors in the house, the walls flex just a little bit, and if you do not perform this method of repair, the patch will fracture over time from the flex/vibration caused by shutting the doors.

14) Do not coat the drywall patches with regular all-purpose joint compound on the repipe patches.This is a common practice and the patches will crack later 100% of the time, even if it’s years later.

15) Coat all the repipe drywall patches with quick set patching compound only. USG will do and you can find it at any home and hardware store, or you will have fractures in the walls at the patch locations.

16) Float all the walls with quick set patching compound and use a 12″ drywall knife and stagger each coat until the walls become smooth and flat. The next step is wet sanding the patches and this must be done if you want the patches to blend in perfectly after the texture is applied. The reason you’ve seen bad patches in the past is that repairmen do not know how to “kill the edges.” This is an old drywall term that means you must do the detail wet sanding work and there is no short cut.

17) Texture to match the existing texture, and this is not as easy as you might think. This is a real art form for the few that know what they are doing. Also, if the texture is spray texture, you must sponge off the overspray for the texture to match. Nothing gives away the location of a patch more than overspray that is painted over and not “killing the edges.”

18) Paint to match the existing paint. All repipe companies color match the same way. They run down to their local hardware store and have the computer color matching done by the man behind the counter. This is beginner color matching. The proper way to color match is hand color matching. First, match the paint sheen. Second, computer match for the base color. Third, tint for color adjustment. Fourth, match the color and sheen after the paint sample has dried. Repeat if necessary. Did you know that the paint color on the wall after it dries will be different than the paint color while it is wet and in the can?

19) If you follow the basic repiping rules, after a very short time you will not be able to point out all the drywall patches from the repair. You will simply forget where the holes were due to the patches receiving the proper floating, texture and painting techniques. Your friends, neighbors, relatives, and even plumbing contractors will not be able to find the patches.

20) This is a basic guideline for a home repipe. and if done, properly you will have a repipe that was done as well as a repipe can be done.

At Integrity Repipe. we provide total abandonment of your existing potable system, and there are never hidden extras, and we don’t hire subcontractors. You’ll receive nothing but the finest, most complete and professional job in the industry. The scope will be for a lead-free and yellow brass -free potable “GREEN SYSTEM” with a full lifetime warranty that covers material and labor.

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Compton Fundraising Consultants

Other Hospice assignments

St Christopher s: 50 years of specialist care, education and research

A specialist Compton team has been directing fundraising work at St Christopher s since 2005, and works alongside in-house fundraising team members to deliver annual fundraising, plan and implement major gift campaigns and drive one of the best legacy promotion campaigns in the UK. Over 10 million was raised last financial year.

North London Hospice

North London Hospice has also chosen to appoint a Compton team to direct its fundraising and marketing operations in partnership with in-house team members.

Trinity Hospice, Clapham: 125 years of care

Since 2006 our team at Royal Trinity Hospice has helped to raise over 40 million from a range of income generation streams: from high profile major events such as the Royal Trinity Ball- to thousands of regular grassroots donations.

Richard House Children s Hospice, East London

We are so pleased to be working with the team at Richard House Children s Hospice. The Hospice delivers exceptional and innovative care to one of the most rapidly-changing communities in the UK and we are delighted to be involved in driving the next phase of the Hospice s fundraising.

Previous clients include:

HospiceUK – interim direction of fundraising
Peace Hospice, Watford – fundraising review
Katharine House Hospice, Banbury – fundraising resources study
Willen Hospice, Milton Keynes – fundraising campaign management
The Norfolk Hospice – interim direction of fundraising
St Andrew s Hospice, Grimsby – fundraising resources study
Acorns Children s Hospice – fundraising campaign management
St Wilfrid s Hospice, Eastbourne – interim fundraising direction


Hospices are the ultimate local community charities. Most of them are independent of the NHS and receive just 30% (often much less) of their annual funding from statutory sources. Furthermore, the way that hospices receive whatever core funding they can get from their commissioners is changing and even greater demand will be placed on communities to support their local hospice.

A new hospice for Cambridge

Compton began working with the Arthur Rank Hospice in 2012 when it was engaged by the Trustees to conduct a fundraising resources study.

In 2013 a campaign was launched to secure the 7 million needed to provide a much-needed new hospice facility to serve Cambridgeshire.

We worked with the hospice team to raise 1.4 million which was achieved through individual gifts from a dedicated and well connected campaign board of Cambridge professionals, charitable trusts and local businesses.

Building work began in Summer 2015 and it is anticipated the hospice will open its doors to patients later this year.

Lynn Morgan, CEO commented Although the fundraising for the new hospice is ongoing, Compton s input was significant in getting the campaign underway and helping us secure major individual donors and Trusts. They were a great team to work with.

We wish Lynn and everyone at the hospice the best in moving into their new home.

2016 Compton Fundraising Consultants Ltd Company No. 3845093 Incorporated in England

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