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Counselling courses for all circumstances

Counselling has proven to be an extremely effective therapy for the wide variety of situations with which people find themselves struggling. The counselling process is therefore engaged in by caring people involved in many different vocations, from professional counsellors and psychotherapists to loving parents with children at home.

The courses in counselling offered here have been meticulously researched and compiled to meet the needs of the many different circumstances involved and the different levels of learning required.

Counselling courses at different levels of learning and for different needs

You can choose to study one of the counselling skills courses starting at level 2 all the way through to the BTEC (HND) Diploma in Counselling Studies. Maybe you need to specialise in counselling children, bereavement counselling or helping those with addiction challenges. You will find counselling courses that specialise in such subjects.

Below you will find our counselling courses ordered by popularity, each with a brief description. You can also sort courses alphabetically and by the latest ones added. Click the course category drop down menu to see the CBT, counselling, mediation, NLP and psychotherapy courses that we provide.

Be sure to click through to get full details of the course that suits your requirements and enrol without delay. Because the knowledge and understanding you are sure to gain will definitely help you to help others help themselves.

All CBT, Counselling and Psychotherapy Courses

Where Can I Find Free Online Christian Counseling Courses? #christian #counseling #degree


Where Can I Find Free Online Christian Counseling Courses?

Free online Christian counseling courses can be found at the Master’s International School of Divinity. Students will be able to access course materials at their own convenience. Schools offering Christian Counseling degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Need to Know

Free online Christian counseling courses teach you counseling techniques, using the Bible’s teachings as a guide to the human mind and mental health. You’ll learn how to provide counseling for common issues, such as marriage, money and anger issues. You may be presented with test questions after reading each chapter to help you assess your understanding of the content.

Master’s International School of Divinity

With these three courses, the Master’s International School of Divinity presents the Bible as a basis for providing psychological counseling. The first course is a 5-step, scripture-based counseling course where methodology is covered. In the Bible as the inerrant guide for mankind course, you’ll delve into this topic during this class, which also attempts to answer the question of the Bible’s authenticity. A third course, on the Biblical foundation for mental health, is a 6-part course (including an introduction), where students will explore the concept of sanctification as a foundation for Christian counseling. This course doesn’t address the treatment of serious mental disorders – and it is no substitute for the professional training needed to become a licensed healthcare provider – but it may help you give better advice to a fellow churchgoer.

Biblical Directionism Counseling

What Will I Learn?

You’ll compare Christian counseling and Biblical counseling methods, and you’ll learn how various counseling models are developed. You’ll also learn how to gather data from a counselee and apply the five-step counseling model.

What Materials Are Included?

You need to have a Bible on hand during the course. Otherwise, study materials are easily accessed on the Master’s International School of Divinity website. Materials consist of audio highlights – which can be downloaded and played via Windows Media Player – and seven chapters of online instruction in the Biblical Directionism counseling model.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

This course features self-correcting exams at the end of each chapter. You should take these multi-question tests if you are taking this class to earn the Certificate of Completion.

The Bible As The Inerrant Guide for Mankind

What Will I Learn?

This course discusses the validity of the Bible, the reality of God and the scholarly and scientific debate surrounding these subjects. Opinions of theologians, professors and other preeminent thinkers are presented.

What Materials Are Provided?

The course is presented in the form of a downloadable textbook in Microsoft Word format. The only other required text is a copy of the Bible. Written exercises based on the course chapters allow you to further explore and understand key messages.

The Biblical Foundation for Mental Health

What Will I Learn?

You’ll cover topics like sin, grace and sanctification. You’ll learn how a cooperative effort between God and an individual can facilitate the counseling process. Scriptural examples are used throughout to reinforce Christian concepts. End of chapter questions help you assess your understanding of the material.

What Materials Are Provided?

You can access all of the necessary materials for this course through the school’s website. The school also provides a web link to helpful Bible study tools which can aid your learning.

To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

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Full Media Diploma


Advertising executive, creative director, graphic designer or animator? DJ, radio presenter, journalist or marketing strategist? Whichever media career you have in your sights, Boston Media House offers you a flexible qualification structure that includes a broad range of career choices, to launch you into the dynamic world of media.

SAQA ID 83166, NQF (HEQSF) Level 6, minimum Credits 362.


  • Radio or Television Presenter / Broadcaster
  • News Reader or Editor
  • Radio or Television Producer
  • Sound Engineer
  • Advertising or Sales Executive
  • Promotions Coordinator
  • Marketing and Promotions Practitioner
  • Video Production Practitioner
  • Public Relations Practitioner
  • Journalist
  • Animation Producer or Animator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Record Company Recruiter and Administrator
  • Programme Administrator



A minimum requirement for admission into the diploma is a:

  • National Senior Certificate (NSC), with English as one of the subjects passed and with endorsement for admission to Diploma study; or
  • National Certificate (Vocational) (NC(V)), with English as one of the subjects passed and with endorsement for admission to Diploma study; or
  • Prior to 2009, Senior Certificate with English as one of the subjects passed.


A number of higher education qualifications may meet the requirement for admission into the diploma:

  • Higher Certificate, NQF (HEQSF) Level 5, minimum Credits 120; or
  • Advanced Certificate, NQF (HEQSF) Level 6, minimum Credits 120; or
  • Equivalent qualification from a foreign higher education institution – see section on Foreign Applicants.


Based on the credits and notional hours (i.e. the total number of hours of learning to complete the programme) for this qualification, the minimum duration is six (6) semesters over a period of three (3) years, and the maximum duration is six (6) years.

( All subjects are compulsory)

  • Academic Literacy 1
  • Advertising 1
  • Marketing 1 or Photography 1*
  • Television 1
  • Radio Broadcasting 1
  • Journalism 1
  • Public Relations 1
  • Professional Skills 1
  • Computer Skills 0 (MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel)

*Photography 1 only available at the Sandton branch

(All subjects are compulsory)

  • Academic Literacy 1
  • Advertising 1
  • Television 1
  • Graphic Design Practice 1
  • Graphic Design Process 1
  • Professional Skills 0 (MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel)

All subjects are compulsory

  • Academic Literacy 1
  • Television 1
  • Animation 1
  • Art/Drawing 1
  • Professional Skills 1
  • Computer Skills 0 (MS Windows, MS Word, MS Excel)

Animation elective specialization only available at the Sandton branch

All subjects are compulsory

  • Media skills 3
  • Digital Media Convergence 2
  • Media Law 2
  • Computer Skills 0 (MS Powerpoint)

Choose three (3) of the following six (6) electives

  • Advertising 2
  • Marketing 2
  • Television 2 Sound Engineering 1
  • Radio 2 Sound Engineering 1
  • Journalism 2
  • Public Relations 2

All subjects are compulsory

  • Media Skills 3
  • Digital Media Convergence 2
  • Advertising 2
  • Graphic Design Practice 2
  • Graphic Design Process 2
  • Computer Skills 0 (MS Powerpoint)

All subjects are compulsory

  • Media Skills 3
  • Digital Media Convergence 2
  • Animation 2
  • Art/Drawing 2
  • Sound Engineering 1
  • Computer Skills 0 (MS Powerpoint)


All the subjects within each specialization are compulsory

  • Advertising 3
  • Media Planning 3
  • Brand Management 3
  • Integrated Marketing Communications 3
  • Creativity 3
  • Finance in Media 3
  • Entrepreneurship 3
  • Professional Skills 2
  • Graphic Design Process 3
  • Graphic Design Practice 3
  • Advertising 3 (core module only)
  • Entrepreneurship 3
  • Professional Skills 2
  • Animation 3
  • Art/Drawing 3
  • Entrepreneurship 3
  • Sound Engineering 2
  • Professional Skills 2
  • Journalism 3
  • Internet journalism 3
  • Sub-Editing 3
  • Photojournalism 3
  • Finance in Media 3
  • Entrepreneurship 3
  • Professional Skills 2
  • Marketing 3
  • Media Planning 3
  • Brand Management 3
  • Integrated Marketing Communications 3
  • Creativity 3
  • Finance in Media 3
  • Entrepreneurship 3
  • Professional Skills 2
  • Radio 3
  • Sound Engineering 2
  • Finance in Media 3
  • Entrepreneurship 3
  • Professional Skills 2
  • Public Relations 3
  • Media Planning 3
  • Brand Management 3
  • Creativity 3
  • Finance in Media 3
  • Entrepreneurship 3
  • Professional Skills 2
  • Television 3
  • Sound Engineering 2
  • Finance in Media 3
  • Entrepreneurship 3
  • Professional Skills 2

Download the Diploma in Media Practices Fact Sheet 2017 – Click Here

Apply Online Now – click here

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Review Our Weekender

How’s this for an unforgettable weekend? Take a class on a Friday night—or a couple classes on Saturday and Sunday—and before you know it, you’ll have earned an AA or AS degree.

When you register now for NCC’s Weekend College, you’ll have access to more than 150 courses and many of the same degree programs we offer during weekdays and nights — from liberal arts and accounting to business administration and criminal justice.


Through Weekend College, a student may complete any of the following degree or certificate programs:

  • AA or AS degree in Liberal Arts
  • AS degree in Accounting
  • AS degree in Business Administration
  • AS degree in Criminal Justice
  • Certificate in Paralegal Studies
  • HS Equivalency – 24 Credit Program

You may also take distance education/online courses in nearly every subject or through our “College of the Air” program.

Contact the Office of the Weekend College

Advisement and help with registration are available at the Office of Weekend College during the week as well as on most weekends from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

(Appointments are recommended please call to ensure availability)


A legend is used for the day each class is scheduled for:

  • M = Monday; T=Tuesday; W=Wednesday, R=Thursday, F=Friday, S=Saturday, U=Sunday.
  • Some classes meet on more than one day and will be listed as such.
    For example: TR=Tuesdays AND Thursdays; SU=Saturday AND Sunday.


Wouldn’t it be great to earn college credit for your life experience? At NCC, you can do just that. We’ll match your life experiences with college course content so you can earn academic credit for what you’ve learned in the school of life.

You may also accelerate your studies through our College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). If you receive qualifying scores on the CLEP test, you may earn college credit in the areas of business, composition and literature, foreign language, history and social sciences, and science and mathematics.


If the next step along your educational plan isn’t clear, visit our academic advising program or contact our office directly at 516.572.7832. When calling Friday night or on the weekend please call 516.572.7832, ext 25464. Your advisor will help you develop a solid plan to achieve your goals—from registration to graduation.


Think you can’t afford to study at NCC? Think again. NCC offers financial aid to eligible students. To see if you qualify, just complete the necessary forms. Need help? Contact our financial aid office and we’ll walk you through the steps to apply.


To view Weekend College classes, go to the MyNCC/Banner class schedule. Choose to search for the semester you are e in and click Submit. Next to Session, scroll down and click “Weekend” or “Friday Evening” and then “Class Search”.


From the beginning of the 4th week until the end of the 9th week of classes, you may officially withdraw from a credit-bearing course. To do so, you must submit a withdrawal form signed by your professor to the Registrar’s Office in the Tower, lower level. A “W” (Withdrawal) will appear on your transcript and is not calculated in your Grade Point Average (GPA), but can impact your Academic Standing. (Note. You cannot withdraw from remedial/developmental courses.)

After the ninth week of the semester, an official withdrawal is permitted only at the professor’s discretion.

If you are registered for a course and stop attending without following the official withdrawal procedure, it will be treated as an unofficial withdrawal, resulting in a grade of “UW”. Grades of “UW”are included in calculating the GPA and count as an “F”.

You may wish to talk with an advisor about the impact of withdrawing from a course before doing so.

If you register for a course and never attend, you will be given a grade of “NA” (Never Attended). This grade is not calculated in your GPA but, like the “W” grade, can impact your Academic Standing.

Supply Chain and Logistics Courses – Oxbridge Academy #online #supply #chain #management



Supply Chain and Logistics Courses

Find out what other logistics and supply chain management students have to say:

The course was very fine and easy to understand. Material was delivered on time; that makes it easy to prepare yourself. Completing my studies opens doors for me as I was promoted to Logistics Operations Manager. Thanks to your staff for a job well done by making sure we understand the modules.

Johannes Khutlane

What will I learn when I study supply chain management and logistics at Oxbridge Academy?

The field of supply chain management and logistics involves managing all the processes relating to the provision of goods and services to the end consumer. It involves activities such as establishing consumer needs, procuring goods, managing the movement and storage of goods, pricing products, and managing inventory levels.

When you study a supply chain management course at Oxbridge Academy, you will learn the fundamental principles of logistics and supply chain management, and you will also learn about related topics such as sales management and project management.

How will I benefit by studying supply chain management and logistics at Oxbridge Academy?

By studying a course in this field at Oxbridge Academy, you will acquire valuable knowledge and skills that you will be able to apply in a wide range of careers in the business world.

By registering as an Oxbridge Academy student, you will also:

  • Receive all the study material you need to complete your course (as part of your course fee).
  • Be able to work through the study material at your own pace.
  • Be able to ask a qualified tutor for academic assistance via telephone and e-mail.
  • Be able to submit your assignments, view your results, and check your account balance online via our Student Portal.
  • Be able to pay your course fees in affordable monthly instalments (without having to take out a student loan).
  • Be able to change your course within the first 5 months of registration, at no additional cost if you decide that you would rather study a different course.

What careers are available in supply chain management and and logistics?

Supply chain management and logistics are essential aspects of business, and career opportunities in this field are available in almost any type of organisation. Due to the growth of the global economy, the number of jobs in this field is increasing. Job opportunities are available at all levels of employment, and there is plenty of room for career growth and advancement. With the necessary skills and qualifications, it is quite possible to work your way up from a junior position to a managerial position within a relatively short period of time.

Jobs in supply chain and logistics cover a wide range of duties and activities relating to the movement and supply of goods, all the way from the point of manufacture to the point of distribution to the end consumer. Some jobs are more administrative in nature, while others are hands-on positions that may require frequent travel.

Here are a few examples of the types of jobs that you may come across in the field of supply chain and logistics:

  • Customs Clerk
  • Distribution Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Import/Export Clerk
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Co-ordinator
  • Operations Manager
  • Procurement Officer
  • Scheduling Clerk
  • Shipping and Logistics Co-ordinator
  • Stock Controller
  • Transport Manager
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Wholesale/Retail Buyer

What skills do I need to pursue a career in supply chain management and logistics?

To pursue a successful career in this field, you will need the following skills and characteristics:

  • Critical and analytical thinking skills
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • Flexibility
  • Willingness to travel and/or work irregular hours

In addition to these skills and characteristics, you will need the relevant technical knowledge and practical work experience for the particular role that you wish to fulfil.

Ready to start developing your skills in supply chain management and logistics?

Call us on 021 1100 200


  • Logistics: The process of managing the movement and storage of goods (or other resources).
  • Maritime law: The branch of law that applies to activities taking place on oceans, seas, and other navigable waters. Maritime law therefore covers, amongst other things, maritime insurance and the international carriage of goods by sea.
  • Supply chain: All the systems, steps, and resources involved in moving goods or services from the point of origin to the end consumer.

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Online Bookkeeping Courses at Accredited Schools

Penn Foster Career School. the school below with the highest overall ranking, is effective at equipping students via its bookkeeping courses to be successful bookkeepers, bookkeeping clerks, accounting managers, accounting officers, etc. and connect them to future employers. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, at present there are 1,757,870 people employed as bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $34,750. Accountants and auditors make on average $67,430 per year and there are about 1,106,980 of them employed today.

Ranked by Excellence

The Gaining Employment program will help participants develop the requisite skills to plan and conduct an effective employment search or determine their suitability for self–employment. Students will set goals and objectives, develop interview and presentation techniques, resumes, and detailed job search or self–employment plans.

Program description: The Accounting Assistant/Bookkeeper Diploma Program prepares students for careers in bookkeeping and accounting. In this 30-week program, students develop an excellent background in general accounting and bookkeeping principles with significant emphasis on the use of accounting software. The program covers the latest versions of Simply Accounting, AccPac and QuickBooks Pro, the most popular commercial accounting software used in business today. While not all companies will use one of these packages, graduates will have well rounded skills and will easily adapt to other software programs. In addition to the accounting software, students learn a full set of computer applications that are required to compete in a competitive job market; including MS Excel, Access, MS Word and Outlook

Bookkeeping Courses by State City

  • Bookkeeping Courses in Alabama
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Alaska
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Arizona
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Arkansas
  • Bookkeeping Courses in California
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Colorado
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Connecticut
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Delaware
  • Bookkeeping Courses in District Of Columbia
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Florida
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Georgia
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Hawaii
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Idaho
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Illinois
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Indiana
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Iowa
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Kansas
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Kentucky
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Louisiana
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Maine
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Maryland
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Massachusetts
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Michigan
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Minnesota
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Mississippi
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Missouri
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Montana
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Nebraska
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Nevada
  • Bookkeeping Courses in New Hampshire
  • Bookkeeping Courses in New Jersey
  • Bookkeeping Courses in New Mexico
  • Bookkeeping Courses in New York
  • Bookkeeping Courses in North Carolina
  • Bookkeeping Courses in North Dakota
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Ohio
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Oklahoma
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Oregon
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Pennsylvania
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Rhode Island
  • Bookkeeping Courses in South Carolina
  • Bookkeeping Courses in South Dakota
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Tennessee
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Texas
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Utah
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Vermont
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Virginia
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Washington
  • Bookkeeping Courses in West Virginia
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Wisconsin
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Wyoming
  • Bookkeeping Courses in New York City
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Los Angeles
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Chicago
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Houston
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Phoenix
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Philadelphia
  • Bookkeeping Courses in San Antonio
  • Bookkeeping Courses in San Diego
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Dallas
  • Bookkeeping Courses in San Jose
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Detroit
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Jacksonville
  • Bookkeeping Courses in San Francisco
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Indianapolis
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Austin
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Columbus
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Fort Worth
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Charlotte
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Memphis
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Baltimore
  • Bookkeeping Courses in El Paso
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Seattle
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Boston
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Denver
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Milwaukee
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Nashville
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Washington
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Portland
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Atlanta
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Las Vegas
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Oklahoma City
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Louisville
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Tucson
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Albuquerque
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Fresno
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Sacramento
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Mesa
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Long Beach
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Kansas City
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Omaha
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Virginia Beach
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Miami
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Cleveland
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Raleigh
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Oakland
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Colorado Springs
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Tulsa
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Minneapolis
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Arlington
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Honolulu
  • Bookkeeping Courses in Wichita

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Utility menu

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Social Service Worker Ontario College Diploma | SSW_D

Our Program

Humber’s Social Service Worker diploma program prepares you to work with people in a professional helping role. Approaching your education from an individual and a community perspective, you will learn how to empower people to meet their goals and to access needed services and programs.

Our curriculum is updated frequently to ensure that what you are learning is current and relevant. Skilled, committed faculty with real-life work experience in the human services field teach with a focus on promoting equity and addressing barriers people face on the basis of race, class, disabilities, gender or sexual orientation.

You will study topics such as human behaviour and development; interpersonal, interviewing and counselling skills; family dynamics; legislation and social policy; and how to work effectively with groups and communities. In your field placements, you will gain experience in at least two different types of human service agencies, where you will have supervised contact with clients. You will develop the skills needed to intervene in crisis situations and to work with a broad range of people including those experiencing poverty, settlement challenges, domestic violence, mental health issues and substance abuse, post-traumatic stress, and other challenging life events.

To apply to The Social Service Worker part time program use program code 0122P at .

How will Courses be Delivered?
Courses will be taught at the Humber Lakeshore Campus on evenings, weekends and during intensive Summer Institutes with course work condensed into five or six days. Select courses are also delivered at the Humber North Campus. Some courses will be available online or onsite at your agency. Any agency with 20 or more staff who are interested in the program may arrange for courses to be delivered onsite. In addition to inclass courses, students are require to complete 3 work placements. Should a student already have prior experience in the Human Services field, they may be eligible for prior learning credits.

Do you have experience in the field of Human Services already?

The program recognizes that professionals who have been working in the field have tremendous knowledge for which they may be eligible to gain credit. To learn more visit PLAR.

Prepare for work in women’s shelters, community centres, refugee centres, youth employment agencies, hostels, drop-in centres for homeless people, other social assistance agencies, group homes and with clients who have psychiatric issues, developmental delays or disabilities, and in agencies in the justice system.

Gain skills needed to become a case manager, intake worker, residential counsellor, community/family support worker, mental health or outreach worker.

Professional Accreditation, Endorsement and Recognition

Graduates may apply for membership in the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers (OCSWSSW) – visit – and the Ontario Social Service Worker Association (OSSWA) – visit

Additional requirements may apply.

Note: The requirements for the additional credential(s) are determined by the granting body, which is independent from the College. Students are encouraged to obtain the specific requirements directly from the granting body before enrolling.

Advisory Committee

The advisory committee is comprised of people with extensive experience in the social service work profession, representing a variety of settings that employ Social Service Worker graduates. Many are members of the Ontario Association of Social Workers and Social Services Workers.

Community Partnerships

Humber has successful partnerships with an extensive list of agencies that provide placements and/or employment opportunities for students/graduates: The Canadian Mental Health Association – Court Support, Victim Services of Peel, Bayview Community Services, Toronto Bail Program, Toronto Association for Community Living, LAMP, Probation and Parole, and Native Child and Family Services.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission, you must possess the following:

  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent including these required courses:
    • Grade 12 English (ENG4C or ENG4U or equivalent)
    • Three Grade 11 or Grade 12 C,M or U courses in addition to those listed above
  • Mature student status
  • College or university transfer status

All applicants whose first language is not English must meet Humber’s English Language Proficiency Policy .

Selection: Admission selection is based on the academic criteria indicated. Meeting minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee admission.

  • Throughout the program, employers who provide field placement opportunities may require students to undergo a vulnerable sector check for criminal offences.
  • Mandatory bonding is a requirement for some sectors of the corrections field.

It is important for potential students to understand that the requirements noted above are beyond the control of Humber and may prevent students from completing the full program including the field placement component and/or securing employment. Applicants are advised to check the requirements for specific positions in which they are interested before enrolling in this program.

Note: A vulnerable sector check will be requested during your program of study. In respect of the 90-day limit on validity of checks and the types of checks required by various agencies, please do not attain a vulnerable sector check prior to being accepted to the program. Faculty will support students upon arrival to the program to ensure they apply for the correct type of police documentation at the appropriate time.

Applications to Humber are made through Be sure to submit your application by the equal consideration deadline of February 1. You may apply after February 1, however, post-February 1 applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on the availability of the space in the program. To check program availability refer to the Campus/Availability listing on Humber’s program pages or .


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Computer and Technology Courses

  • 3ds max
  • Adobe
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe In Design
  • AutoCAD
  • Business Marketing Design
  • C++ Programming
  • Cisco – CCNA Certification Training
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA A+ Prep
  • CompTIA Network+ Prep
  • CompTIA Network+/Server+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Security+ Prep
  • Corel
  • Creating Web Graphics
  • Creating Web pages
  • Crystal Reports
  • Digital Arts Certificate
  • Digital Camera
  • Digital Photo Editing
  • Dreamweaver
  • Forensic Computer Examiner
  • Front Page
  • Help Desk Analyst: Tier 1 Support Specialist
  • InDesign
  • Internet E-Mail
  • Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay
  • Lotus
  • Macromedia
  • Maintaining your Computer
  • Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS)
  • MS Certified Database Admin (MCDBA)
  • MS Certified Desktop Support Tech (MCDST)
  • MS Certified System Admin 2003 (MCSA)
  • MS Certified System Admin+ 2003 (MCSA+)
  • MS Certified System Engineer 2003 (MCSE)
  • MS Access MS Excel MS Money
  • MS Office Specialist (MOS) 2003
  • MS Office Specialist (MOS) 2007
  • MS Outlook
  • MS Powerpoint
  • MS Project
  • MS Publisher
  • MS Visio
  • MS Word
  • Multimedia Design Certificate
  • Novell
  • PC Security
  • PC Troubleshooting
  • Peachtree
  • PhotoShop CS4
  • Pivot Tables in Excel
  • Purchasing a Computer
  • Quickbooks SAP
  • Search Engine Marketing/Optimization
  • Video Game Design Development
  • Visual Basic
  • Web Database Developer
  • Webmaster
  • Windows/Vista
  • Wireless Networking

Respiratory Programs at Ontario Colleges #respiratory #programs, #respiratory #programs #in #ontario, #college


Respiratory Programs at Ontario Colleges

What to expect from a career as a Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapy is a popular career choice for those wishing to enter the health care field. Respiratory therapy programs at Ontario colleges prepare students to apply for certification to become registered respiratory therapists. From there, graduates can work in both home care and public health care settings, assisting patients with cardiopulmonary abnormalities or deficiencies.

If you re interested in helping people in need and can see yourself specializing in respiratory care, here s what you need to know. More

Respiratory Therapy Courses

Ontario college respiratory therapy programs combine in-class theory with hands-on training and lab work. Core courses in anatomy and physiology provide a foundational knowledge of the human body, while classes on arterial blood gases and anesthesia give information targeted to respiratory therapy.

Practical classes such as cardiac function testing, mechanical ventilation and respiratory care procedures will help you build the skills you need to assess and treat patients. You will then put these skills into practice through a clinical placement or hospital practicum.

General Respiratory Therapy Program Requirements

Respiratory therapy programs require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, including a grade 12 English and grade 12 mathematics credit. Additional senior science credits will be required but will vary by institution, so be sure to check each institution s requirements closely.

A medical history and background check may also be required.

Note: To become a licensed respiratory therapist, graduates of respiratory therapy programs must complete the Canadian Society of Respiratory Therapists (CSRT) certification exam. Graduates may also wish to continue their education in a graduate studies program specializing in anesthesia assistance (or other health care program).

Respiratory Therapy Jobs and Salaries

Certified respiratory therapists have the option to specialize in adult or child care, and also have a number of different care settings available to them. These include (but aren t limited to):

  • Emergency / Operating rooms
  • Intensive care units
  • Neonatal nurseries
  • Community care facilities

Other career opportunities can be found in sales. maintenance, education and consulting positions.

The average starting salary for respiratory therapy graduates is roughly $50,000, with the potential to increase with experience and skill level.

Ontario Colleges Offering Respiratory Therapy Programs

Use the left-column navigation to refine your search by College, Program Availability, Program Start Date and more, or see the table below for a complete list of respiratory therapy programs at Ontario colleges. Less

Christian Counseling PDF Books #christian #counseling #courses, #christian #counseling #pdf #books


Online Christian Library
of Virtual Theological Resources

A Leading Worldwide Christian Internet Community Learning Resource

The NTSLibrary
A Christian Online Referral Services Library Project
Offered by Northwestern Theological Seminary
and Northwestern Christian University

We need the prayers and financial support of visitors like you who are committed to increasing their knowledge by the use of the resources offered at the NTSLibrary. Prayerfully consider supporting this project with a financial gift of any size. Your contributions are highly appreciated and used toward the continued growth of this library.

NTSLibrary .com
Your link to online
theological resources.


Leading the World in Online Christian Education

Bachelor Master Doctorate
Degree Programs

Biblical Studies
Christian Counseling
Christian Education
Christian Social Work

Save up to 98% of costs, when compared to private colleges and universities!

To visit the Northwestern Theological Seminary Online Campus: Click Here


In order to open and read these PDF books you will need to have Adobe Reader on your computer. If you do not have a copy of this free software, you can download it by clicking on the Adobe logo below.

NOTE: New Christian Counseling PDF books continue to be added on a regular basis, so be sure to bookmark this site for your future browsing convenience.

Click on Adobe Logo to Download Free Adobe Reader.

Counseling Recipes, Timothy Tow (PDF Download)
Biblical Counseling Manual, Adam Pulanski (PDF Download)
Biblical Counseling Seminar, Dr. Edward Watke Jr. (PDF Download)
Sex, God, and Marriage, Johann Christoph Arnold (PDF Download)
Sex, God, and Marriage Workbook, Johann Christoph Arnold (PDF Download)
Introduction to Biblical Counseling (PDF Download)

NIBM Online MBA #mba #courses #online


About NIBM

National Institute of Business Management (NIBM) has been set up with a vision to establish an Education Power House with a global reach.

Various fields of study have been established by a team of eminent professionals from both Industry and Academics. To emerge as the leader in the field of education and to excel in its area of operations a team comprising of dedicated Eminent Academicians, Senior Executives and Industrialists are engaged to assist the dissemination of knowledge and provides learning edge to our students.

NIBM is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Educational Institution that has acquired a distinct place of honor among the different Business Schools owing to its innovative and objective approach to its studies. The training of NIBM have been appreciated and recognized by the trade and business communities for its quality, updated syllabi and scientific methodology of instruction. It has an exemplary track record of over two decades proudly projecting a large number of alumni who are hardcore professionals working all over the globe in different echelons of management in major industries and trade circles.

These courses provided with varied electives to choose from equip the students to formulate various strategies and manage their business with efficiency in different management areas. The studies also help the students to acquaint themselves with the latest developments emerging in the business environment and also enhance the prospects of their career.

NIBM conducts various training courses in Management in different levels to enhance the efficiency of the working professionals.

2000-2012 NIBM. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction of any pages without written permission is strictly prohibited.

live chat for website

Open Yale Courses #religious #studies #online #courses


Religious Studies

Department of Religious Studies

The Department of Religious Studies at Yale provides opportunities for the scholarly study of a number of religious traditions and disciplines. At the undergraduate level, the Department offers a wide array of courses that cover the major religions of the world, with a strong emphasis on their history and their intellectual traditions. At the graduate level, the Department is organized into ten fields: American Religious History, Ancient Christianity, Asian Religions, Islamic Studies, Judaic Studies, New Testament, Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics, and Theology. Learn more at

This course provides a historical study of the origins of Christianity by analyzing the literature of the earliest Christian movements in historical context, concentrating on the New Testament. Although theological themes will occupy much of our attention, the course does not attempt a theological appropriation of the New Testament as scripture. Rather, the importance of the New Testament and other early Christian documents as ancient literature and as sources for historical study will be emphasized. A central organizing theme of the course will focus on the differences within early Christianity (-ies).

This course examines the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) as an expression of the religious life and thought of ancient Israel, and a foundational document of Western civilization. A wide range of methodologies, including source criticism and the historical-critical school, tradition criticism, redaction criticism, and literary and canonical approaches are applied to the study and interpretation of the Bible. Special emphasis is placed on the Bible against the backdrop of its historical and cultural setting in the Ancient Near East.

Palliative care courses #childrens #hospice

#palliative care courses


WHO Definition of Palliative Care

Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psychosocial and spiritual. Palliative care:

  • provides relief from pain and other distressing symptoms;
  • affirms life and regards dying as a normal process;
  • intends neither to hasten or postpone death;
  • integrates the psychological and spiritual aspects of patient care;
  • offers a support system to help patients live as actively as possible until death;
  • offers a support system to help the family cope during the patients illness and in their own bereavement;
  • uses a team approach to address the needs of patients and their families, including bereavement counselling, if indicated;
  • will enhance quality of life, and may also positively influence the course of illness;
  • is applicable early in the course of illness, in conjunction with other therapies that are intended to prolong life, such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and includes those investigations needed to better understand and manage distressing clinical complications.

WHO Definition of Palliative Care for Children

Palliative care for children represents a special, albeit closely related field to adult palliative care. WHO s definition of palliative care appropriate for children and their families is as follows; the principles apply to other paediatric chronic disorders (WHO; 1998a):

  • Palliative care for children is the active total care of the child’s body, mind and spirit, and also involves giving support to the family.
  • It begins when illness is diagnosed, and continues regardless of whether or not a child receives treatment directed at the disease.
  • Health providers must evaluate and alleviate a child’s physical, psychological, and social distress.
  • Effective palliative care requires a broad multidisciplinary approach that includes the family and makes use of available community resources; it can be successfully implemented even if resources are limited.
  • It can be provided in tertiary care facilities, in community health centres and even in children’s homes.

Forensic Science Institute, Online Forensic Course, Training & Internship #forensic #science #courses


We will also study about Physical evidences, Evidence handling, Investigation technique, Audio/Video enhancement, crime scene photography,Forensic Anthropology and Odontology.

Fingerprint as evidence to aid crime scene investigation here you will learn every possible aspect of fingerprinting in details such as, Fingerprint Identification & Classification.

Handwriting analysis is the forensic discipline pertaining to documents that are disputed in the court of law and examining by using a variety of scientific processes and methods.

The objective of this course varies and can include protection of information from theft or corruption, or the preservation of availability, as defined in the cyber security.

In the course of Private investigator or inquiry agent is a person who has been hired by an individual or by a group to undertake investigatory law services.

It is the study of dental applications in legal proceeding cases. It covers wide range of topics including age verification, bitemark analysis.

Forensic Psychology is the link between psychology and the justice system. It involves understanding fundamental legal principles, particularly with regard to expert witness testimony.


Looking for Forensic Courses

Forensic science course is an emerging trend in India. Still needs to develop a lot, it is possible only through online social network, blogs, websites like SIFS INDIA. SIFS is owned by young enthusiasts who are forensic experts. I wish and support SIFS to grow and spread like a forest fire. Proud to be a part of it.

The education imparted and the knowledge given is quite very useful and the study criteria, material and the practical exposure is very knowledgeable. Complete help in all the possible ways is provided by the whole team with full dedication and sincerity. I am truly very thankful to the whole SIFS INDIA team a very success for the future.

Private institutions as SIFS INDIA play a vital role in bringing this field of Science before the eyes of the common people. The team, as a whole contributes a lot in teaching. I am truly indebted to SIFS INDIA and wish whole team good luck for future success.

SIFS INDIA has contributed a lot in upbringing the position of Forensic Science in India. In short, not even a single minute aspect is left behind. The whole team very sincerely puts its effort from solving the case to the training of students. All the best Team SIFS INDIA.

Forensic Science is an application of a broad spectrum of science. It is the fastest emerging discipline in these times. I was privileged as I attended 2 months training in SIFS India and got an opportunity to be trained by the highly learned staff of SIFS India, which helped me in enhancing my knowledge. I thank the whole staff of SIFS India.


Sherlock Institute of Forensic Science (SIFS) INDIA was set up in 2006 with aim to write a new era of forensic education as a comprehensive teaching, training, research and consultancy in the fields of Criminology Forensic Science to meet the ground level demand of the Law enforcement, Criminal Justice Administration of the country.We aim to encourage new developments and research in the field of Forensic Sciences including Cyber Law, Cyber Forensic, Fingerprint Verification and Question Document Handwriting Analysis.

SIFS INDIA is proud to launch several courses in Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation, offered as classroom, online/distance learning courses, the content will include Hands on Training based on experience from REAL COURT Cases and along with detailed forensic science study metarials, books and online help.

Worldwide, Forensic Science plays a crucial role in the justice system by providing scientific and foundational information for criminal and civil investigations.
The SIFS INDIA Department of Education and Training Programme in Forensic Science focuses primarily on Forensic Education (Online and Distance Mode). Association with the work of Forensic Science Laboratories and many corporate sectors is a part of the training for these courses..

SIFS INDIA was founded with an aim to impart high quality and easily accessible Forensic Education to meet the growing demand of Law enforcement and other Government and private legal Departments. We aim to encourage new developments and research in the field of Forensic Sciences including Cyber Law, Cyber Forensic, Fingerprint Verification and Handwriting Analysis.

Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to provide practicing lawyers, students and employees from various streams and industries to select the course that will help them gain an advantage in their career. We has gained recognition in the industrial sector by equipping its students to analyse and think strategically, to bring in necessary changes and facilitate growth of the organization by participating in change management.

Our case study methodology and practical approach not only helps students to understand and analyse complex situations but also make them competent to take corrective action and make necessary forecast to contribute in organization’s profitability.

Forensic scientists are educated and trained to uncover and analyze physical evidence for criminal and civil cases. Many times, forensic scientists play a vital role in the criminal justice system, and provide crucial information about the evidence being presented. Forensic scientists are usually found in the courtroom, in the laboratory, or at the crime scene. Therefore, their educational background in science and Criminalistics needs to be strong, up-to-date and accurate at all times.

Earning a training gives a prospective forensic scientist the experience, tools, skills, education and training one needs to be successful in the exciting and developing field of forensic science. SIFS INDIA in forensic sciences develop and deliver online continuing education for forensic scientists. Many practicing forensic professionals are not able to attend regional or national meetings for training, but still need to stay current with best practices in their field. These online courses are designed to provide various levels of forensics knowledge and practice in order to train a wide variety of forensic professionals.

SIFS India Forensic Science Institute offers fee concession for students who belongs to economically weaker section, physically challenged, Govt. officials, Lawyer, Judges, Scientists, Police and melodious students that are doing exceptionally well in course and subject, we also give them chance to work with us as forensic expert in our laboratory to enhance the empower the knowledge graph.

Graduate psychology courses #graduate #psychology #courses


At age 24, alumnus Joshua Hoyos is living his dream on broadcast journalism s biggest stage.
See full story here

  • Graduating Senior Zenaib Said is a budding oncologist who wants you to know the journalist is in.
    See Full Story Here

  • Biology Professor Jessica Ware received a coveted featured-speaker slot at the March for Science in Washington, D.C. See full story here

  • The Biology and Economics honors student is one of just 62 winners nationally and the first ever from Rutgers University-Newark. See full story here

  • Assistant Professor Mary Rizzo is breathing new life into a long-lost magazine by digitizing it on the Web
    for a new generation of readers and cultural historians. See full story here

  • Newest Americans has received an NEH grant to support its neighborhood immigrant history project and Newark history bus initiative. See full story here

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    News & Announcements

  • All About Forensic Psychology #forensic #psychology #courses, #forensic #psychology


    All About Forensic Psychology

    Many Thanks For Visiting

    My name is David Webb and I’ve had a passionate interest in studying and teaching this fascinating topic for many years.

    This website was launched in 2006 and is designed to help anybody looking for informed and detailed information – key definitions, history, theory and practice, careers, criminal profiling and degree options are just some of the many forensic psychology topics on offer here.

    Want To Study Forensic Psychology?

    The Thinking Behind The Website

    In recent years the discipline of forensic psychology and related topics such as criminal profiling have been the subject of a whole host of books, films and television series. However, despite its continued coverage and popular profile very few people get to study the topic in depth.

    One of the main reasons for putting this website together, therefore, was to the make the academic study of forensic psychology much more accessible.

    I say academic study because what I hope this site will also offer, is a balanced account of forensic psychology, as opposed to the distorted, sensationalized and inaccurate view that often appears in the popular media.

    I sincerely hope that you find this forensic psychology resource informative and engaging.

    Amazon Prime Student 6-Month Free Trial!

    Get FREE two-day shipping on textbooks and tons of other stuff, exclusive discounts available only to students and access to Prime Photos and Prime Video.

    See following link for full details.

    Did You Know?

    Never Stop Learning

    See following links to visit the other websites built around my teaching and research interests.

    Jul 31, 17 06:00 PM

    Thomas Story Kirkbride was born. A leading advocate for the compassionate and humane treatment of the mentally-ill, Kirkbride’s most influential treatise on the subject ‘On The Construction, Organizat

    Jul 30, 17 06:00 PM

    James S. Jackson was born. A pioneering researcher within the field of race relations, Jackson’s work has greatly increased our understanding of many important issues within the field, in particular t

    Jul 29, 17 06:00 PM

    Muzafer Sherif was born. One of social psychology’s most historically significant figures, Sherif conducted influential research on a range of topics within the field including, social norms, percepti

    Jul 28, 17 06:00 PM

    Edward B. Titchener’s classic book ‘An Outline of Psychology ‘ was first published; the aim of which Titchener noted in the preface was ‘to present in brief outline and simple form the methods and most

    Jul 27, 17 06:00 PM

    Daniel Kahneman’s classic book ‘Attention and Effort ‘ was first published. A critique of research into the role of attention in perception and performance, the book marked the first of many notable co

    IMHS Metaphysics Institute – Premier Metaphysical University, Metaphysical Studies, Metaphysics PhD Degrees


    I always knew I wanted my degree, but the traditional setup of college was a drag to me and every semester there was always an additional class that was required or an increase in tuition or both. I feel as if this program is designed for people like me who want to expand their thinking and be challenged without feeling dumb or getting into debt. I am extremely grateful for a degree program that allows me to simply think and to be myself. —Britney Bryant, USA

    IMHS is Fresh, Innovative, and Contemporary: [ Read More ]

    Metaphysics is about more than just the abstract; it is also about a successful life. The abstract will certainly stimulate your thinking and can lead to great spiritual development, but for spiritual development to be effective and meaningful, it must be activated by practical life-skills; powerful everyday tools that will enable you to have better relationships, better communication skills, better critical thinking skills, and more. IMHS gives you both the spiritual development and the practical life-skills you need for a balanced, successful life!

    IMHS is Powerful and Cutting-Edge: [ Read More ]

    The IMHS curriculum is based on the Life Leadership Paragon TM. an exclusive and elegant model for success that has changed countless lives for the better. It is only taught at our schools. For more than a decade, this model has been carefully crafted and developed into a powerful, cutting-edge system for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. The Life Leadership Paragon TM also serves as the foundation for Life Leadership Coaching TM. a blend of life coaching and transpersonal spiritual counseling which is also only taught at our schools. Students specializing in Holistic Life Coaching or Spiritual Counseling will really appreciate this creative and highly effective approach to helping others!

    IMHS Gives You the Training and Skills You Need: [ Read More ]

    In addition to spiritual development and practical life-skills, IMHS actually gives students the skills they need to be successful in their chosen areas of specialization (major). Many of our students take additional courses in their areas of interest beyond the ones required for graduation because they have come to know that our courses are comprehensive and beneficial to their personal and professional development. IMHS graduates are well-equipped to go out and make a positive difference in the world!

    IMHS is Objective and Grounded: [ Read More ]

    Rather than obscure, fringy, and highly esoteric concepts, IMHS approaches metaphysics in an objective, grounded, and real-world manner while still keeping the door open to the great mysteries of consciousness and our Universe. As humanity evolves, many people are leaving the confines of old religious and social notions and seeking new paradigms that focus on the value and worth of the individual. This is why IMHS teaches a human-centered spiritual philosophy which does not surrender one’s power to anyone or anything else. It empowers, encourages, and builds people up. It refreshes the mind, spirit, and soul!

    Genuine, Bona-Fide, and Legal Degrees: [ Read More ]

    Our degrees are absolutely genuine, legal, and “real.” IMHS is not a diploma mill. Our degrees are non-secular (religiously-based) in nature and require effort on the student’s part. Non-secular degrees are neither better nor worse than traditional degrees; they are simply used for different purposes. Therefore, students can rest assured that the degree they earn is completely legal and “real,” and the title of “Doctor” can be used in front of their names. This applies to nearly every country in the free world–especially countries that protect religious freedom.

    Metaphysics for the 21st Century: [ Read More ]

    With the many demands of life in this day and age, most adults simply do not have the time to spend several years getting a degree. Nevertheless, many busy adults would like a degree to enhance their lives and careers. Therefore, we have simplified and streamlined our Metaphysics PhD program by offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in an accelerated format that takes less time to complete thus allowing students to begin using their degrees sooner. And the best part is that our degree program provides an excellent learning platform that is concentrated, comprehensive, and affordable. We think you’ll find this 21st Century approach to getting your Metaphysics PhD degree a refreshing change from the past century!

    RDI Distance Learning Courses, UK Online University Degree, MBA or Diploma RDI,


    Flexible online study to fit your lifestyle

    Go to university the modern way and significantly reduce your fees by studying a university degree, masters or MBA by distance learning. RDI has 25 years’ experience providing online courses and UK university qualifications by distance learning, helping thousands of people like you to succeed in their careers. Find out more »

    Our UK Partners

    Home design courses online

    Home design courses online

    Home design courses online

    Home design courses online

    At RDI, we offer a range of distance learning degrees including masters and MBA that you can study for at home in your own time without compromising on the quality of your qualification. With our online study programmes, offered in partnership with universities, you can give your career a kick start.

    Online learning with RDI gives you the opportunity to study for a wide range of qualifications including bachelor degrees, and diplomas or develop your skills in business further with a highly respected MBA tailored to a range of job functions.

    Find out more about the advantages of distance learning degrees and how RDI can help you achieve your goals by discovering our full range of courses and reading about our students’ success stories. Find out more

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    Home design courses online

    Home design courses online


    with rdi

    The latest social updates

    Home design courses online

    Home design courses online

    What is a Degree or Masters worth?

    In a climate where university tuition fees have increased significantly, it s understandable that many potential.

    Home design courses online

    Online distance learning provider RDI has achieved university title

    Resource Development International (RDI), a leading independent provider of UK university qualifications by distance learning.

    (2017) Arden University Ltd. All rights reserved.

    Midland Management Centre, 1A Brandon Lane, Coventry, CV3 3RD, UK.

    Home design courses online

    Home design courses online

    Quality Recognitions

    Home design courses online

    RDI is reviewed by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, the independent body entrusted with monitoring and advising on standards and quality in UK higher education

    Home design courses online

    ISO 9001

    The Quality Management System of RDI has been assessed against IS09001:2008 requirements. The scope of the registration is “The provision of high quality, innovative and flexible higher education”

    Surgical Technologist Schools #surgical #technologist #schools, #colleges, #courses, #classes, #degrees


    Surgical Technologist Schools

    Surgical Technologist. Aide to the Operating Room

    The Surgical Technologist plays a key role in the fast-paced environment of the hospital operating room. From the preparation of sterile equipment before surgery until the patient is taken to recovery, the job of the Surgical Tech. also known as a Scrub Tech. is to ensure the surgery runs smoothly and cleanly.

    Most Surgical Technologists hold an associate s degree or certificate from a junior college, medical career college or technical school. A 12 or 24-month program will give you the training and job skills necessary to gain an entry-level position, and further on-the-job experience can open new opportunities to advance and earn more.

    You can find out about entering this field today by contacting Surgical Technologist schools near you and getting valuable information including enrollment details, degree options and placement opportunities. Simply complete the search form above to find Surgery Tech schools in your area, then click to have all the details sent to you, directly from the schools you select.

    *Please Note: Program outcomes vary according to each institution s specific curriculum and employment opportunities are not guaranteed.

    Surgical Tech Job Description

    The Surgical Technologist is essential to the smooth flow of the operating room. They are responsible for preparing the operating room before surgery, assisting the doctors during the surgery itself, taking care of the patient immediately after the operation, then preparing and restocking the operating room for the next surgery.

    The Surgical Tech s duties can include:

    • Setting up instruments and equipment
    • Preparing patients for surgery
    • Assisting the surgical team with preparations
    • Passing instruments to doctors during surgery
    • Assisting in minor surgical tasks
    • Using diagnostic equipment
    • Tending to patient after surgery
    • Resetting and restocking operating room

    To find out about Surgical Technologist training programs in your area, simply complete the school search form above and request training details from schools near you.

    Surgical Technologist Training Requirements

    Surgical Tech training involves either a 24-month program for an associate degree, or a shorter program for a certificate or diploma. Training can be found at career and junior colleges, technical schools or medical training colleges.

    After graduation, most Surgical Techs take a certification exam to become certified by the Liaison Council on Certification for the Surgical Technologist ( LCCST ). To be eligible, you must have graduated from a program accredited by CAAHEP. so it is a good idea to ask school reps about a school s accreditation before enrolling.

    Some of the coursework involved in a Surgical Technologist degree includes:

    • Anatomy
    • Physiology
    • Microbiology
    • Medical Terminology
    • Patient Care and Safety
    • Sterile Techniques
    • Surgical Procedures

    To find Surgical Technologist schools near you, simply complete the search form above and select the schools you d like to hear more about.

    Surgical Tech Salary Figures

    Most Surgical Technologists earn between $28,000 and $47,000 annually, while the highest-paid Surgical Techs earn over $57,330, according to the U.S. Department of Labor s Occupational Employment Wages database .

    To advance to the higher end of the pay scale, Surgical Technologists can specialize in specific areas, such as neurosurgery or open heart surgery. They may also become Circulating Technologists, or receive additional training to become First Assistant.

    Annual Mean Surgical Tech Salaries by Industry:

    • Physicians Offices $55,840
    • Employment Services $48,460
    • Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools $47,590
    • Specialty Hospitals $46,630
    • Other Ambulatory Health Care Services $44,030

    To learn more about the Surgical Technologist field, complete our easy School-Finder form above and request information from schools near you.

    Surgical Technologist Job Outlook

    Surgical Technologist employment is predicted to increase 23% by 2018, much faster than most occupations, according to the U.S. Department of Labor .The highest employment levels will be seen in hospitals, physicians offices and outpatient care centers.

    Growth is caused by increased demand for surgical procedures as the population of elderly increases. It also comes from advancements in technology, which allow new surgical procedures to be performed. Employment opportunities will be best for Surgical Technologists who are certified (see Training Requirements).

    To learn more about Surgical Technologist schools in your area, use our easy School-Finder form above to browse schools near you.

    2016 EduSearch Network, Inc. All Rights Reserved | Privacy Policy

    List of Free Online Interior Design Courses & Learning Materials #online #degree


    List of Free Online Interior Design Courses Learning Materials

    • Advertising and Commercial Design
    • Commercial Photography
    • Fashion Design
    • General Visual Communications Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration and Drawing
    • Industrial Design
    • Interior Design and Decorating

    Free Online Interior Design Courses

    Although most free online interior design courses aren’t affiliated with schools, a select few university classes related to design concepts are available. Most courses don’t confer credits and can’t be applied toward degree programs. Interior design classes and learning materials are often offered by commercial concerns in the industry. Users interested in these free online interior design resources should have a computer with high-speed Internet access to take full advantage of streaming videos and online software tools. You can also learn about interior design right here on For an affordable monthly subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to’s engaging Interior Design Basics Principles course as well as over 3,000 other courses.


    • Autodesk Homestyler allows users to place doors and windows in floor plans, experiment with actual product brands and see their designs in 3D. This web-based software is supported by Windows. Learners also have access to tip sheets for paint colors and design ideas, in addition to video presentations from an interior designer.

    Decorating Studio

    • Decorating Your Home is a 6-lesson course developed by a member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Students learn key concepts about color and ideas for decorating various rooms in a home through text and pictures. Practice exercises are included.

    Home and Garden Television

    • Design 101 is available through Home and Garden Television’s website. The articles provide a general foundation on basic design topics, like choosing the right furniture, selecting a cohesive color scheme and deciding between traditional and contemporary designs. Users can also read about the fundamentals of feng shui, color theory and decorative fabrics. Additional resources include furniture and design glossaries and an 8-question design IQ quiz.

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

    This school offers most of its classes free through OpenCourseWare. Credits are not awarded, and access to faculty members is not included. The entire contents of original courses may not be reflected in the materials that are made available.

    • Principles of Design is an undergraduate course dealing with advanced theories of design. Students complete readings and assignments dealing with historic periods, lighting and color. Although this course is geared toward stage design, concepts learned may be transferred to design in the home, as well.
    • Daylighting is an advanced course concerned with the design decisions related to both daylighting and electric lighting. Students complete reading and homework assignments, in addition to a final design project.

    Open University

    Through LearningSpace, Open University offers free courses on a variety of topics.

    • Design Thinking is a 10-hour introductory course available through download, content feed or print. Learners study principles of composition, such as structure, repetition, symmetry and proportion. Assignments include readings, how-to guides and design activities.
    • People-Centred Designing is a 12-hour introductory course that focuses on usability. Topics include design for users, inclusive design, ergonomics and designing for customers. Although product design is the major focus in this course, the concepts could also be related to the design of buildings, rooms, appliances and furniture.

    Sweet Home 3D

    • Sweet Home 3D allows users to draw house plans and arrange furniture pieces within them, seeing the results in 3D. Learners also have access to a users’ guide, video tutorial, picture gallery of home examples and a blog.

    Next: View Schools

    Students of a 1-2 year interior design diploma program will have developed the creative and technical skills needed to create.

    An interior design diploma introduces students to the design and decorating industry without a large time commitment. It is a.

    Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree programs offer students conceptual and practical experience in the design of.

    Associate of Business Science (ABS) in Interior Design programs provide basic training in the field. They emphasize visual art.

    Minnesota State – Career and Technical Education #minnesota, #msu, #university, #midwest, #twin


    We want to know you!

    Minnesota State is working to improve our website and add new features to better serve you, but we can’t do that without you!

    So we’re conducting a brief survey to get to know more about you and the reasons you are checking out. If you are interested in participating in our survey, the survey should only take about 5 minutes and your responses are completely confidential. You will be given the option to participate in further studies or you can choose to stay anonymous.

    (To view this survey, pop-ups must be allowed from this page. )

    ” data-content=”Privacy Policy. ” data-placement=”right” > Read more about our privacy policy

    Thank you!

    No thanks. Yes, take me to the survey!

    Career and Technical Education

    Quick Links

    Welcome to Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Minnesota State. We partner closely with the Office of College and Career Success at the Minnesota Department of Education to prepare students to enter high skill, high wage or high demand employment in Minnesota.

    What’s new?

    • The 2017 CTE Works! Summit Call for Proposals is Open
      Get full details on how to submit your conference proposal and register at .
    • Consortium Perkins Plan Opens March 1st
      Consortium leaders will submit their plan on WebGrants
    • CTE Student Success Infographic Released (January 2017 Edition)
      This CTE Student Success infographic is a collaboration between Minnesota State and Minnesota Department of Education.
    • The iSPEAK CTE Blog
      We invite you to peruse our blog on all things related to career trends, the future job market, and higher education in Minnesota.

    What’s New?

    Toll-free: 800-456-8519
    International: +1-651-5560596
    MN Relay: 800-627-3529

    Why Are Basic College Courses Necessary? #basic #online #college #courses


    Why Are Basic College Courses Necessary?

    Basic college courses provide you with a broader learning experience.

    Many universities require each student to take a basic list of college courses to earn his diploma. While the specific courses and requirements differ from college to college, most schools focus on arts, humanities, English, writing, science and social studies. These core classes provide you with a foundation for reading, writing and critical reasoning. Core classes can also be entertaining and fulfilling. This is your opportunity to explore your interests in a variety of subjects and disciplines.

    Basic Principles

    Students take basic courses because it instills a range of knowledge and skills to take into the real world. The fundamental principles behind basic courses are to teach you how to acquire facts and to think critically and creatively. The broad range of courses ensures your college experience is not too narrowly focused on one topic. This guarantees a math major leaves college still being able to write while a foreign language major still can think analytically.

    Helps You Find A Major

    When you enter college, you might be unsure of your major. With basic courses covering a broad range of subjects, you are exposed to a variety of topics. You might find a topic that you want to explore further and even major in. You also might meet a professor with whom you build a strong relationship, providing you with a mentor for the remainder of college.

    Allows You To Grow

    Basic courses introduce you to people, ideas and experiences that you might never have found. Requiring all students to take basic courses cultivates an environment of openness, Katherine Bergeron, dean at Brown University, said in 2008. Each student is forced to explore different modes of thought and subjects. This provides a freedom to intellectual learning that otherwise would not have been in place.

    Picking Basic Courses

    Most universities offer a list of classes from which you can choose to fulfill your basic course requirements. At the University of Alabama, for example, students must take foreign language, computer science, humanities, literature, fine arts, history, social studies, natural science, mathematics and writing classes. At the University of Chicago, students must take humanities, civilization, arts, natural and mathematical sciences, social sciences, foreign language and physical education. At both schools, there are at least half a dozen classes to pick from to fulfill each requirement, which is typical of other universities. As a way to help you pick your classes, choose those that intrigue you or inspire passion. Meet with your academic advisor and design a plan with your basic courses so you can earn a minor without too many additional courses.


    About the Author

    Fitzalan Gorman has more than 10 years of academic and commercial experience in research and writing. She has written speeches and text for CEOs, company presidents and leaders of major nonprofit organizations. Gorman has published for professional cycling teams and various health and fitness websites. She has a Master of Arts from Virginia Tech in political science and is a NASM certified personal trainer.

    Photo Credits

    More College Articles

    Earn College Credit from 6 Free Online Classes #ace #online #courses


    Amid the height of the disruption produced by massive open online courses (MOOCs) in 2012, the American Council on Education (ACE) shook the world of higher education by announcing that it was going to review a handful of the free university-level classes for college credit recommendation. Each of the five free online classes the council reviewed was developed as the online version of a course offered by a major university, and each was ultimately accepted.

    The credit recommendation service, ACE CREDIT, evaluates nontraditional learning experiences to determine if they re worthy of college credit, including professional training programs, certifications, and apprenticeships.

    6 Free Classes Approved for College Credit

    These five MOOCs were the first to be approved for college credit.

    Since these initial courses were officially recommended for credit in January of 2013, ACE has only reviewed one additional MOOC.

    Documenting Your Experiences for College Credit by Kaplan University is an excellent way to earn college credit for learning acquired outside of the traditional classroom such as in the workforce, volunteering, or military training. Getting credit for what you already know can save you time and money as you pursue your college degree.

    You can register for all six of these ACE-reviewed courses on .

    How Credit Acceptance Works

    So what does this mean for you? Can you actually get college credit for taking these recommended classes? The answer is both yes and maybe .

    Once courses are recommended for credit by ACE, each of the 2,000 colleges and universities that accept ACE’s recommendations must choose for itself whether or not to accept the course. Having the stamp of approval from ACE is a necessary first step.

    The universities that created these online classes naturally have chosen to offer credit to students who pass. Other institutions may follow suit or continue to watch from the sidelines to see what happens. The more popular the for-credit paths of these courses become, the more likely that colleges and universities will accept them readily.

    Although these MOOCs are free to begin with, it is important to note that there are fees associated with taking them for college credit. To qualify for credit, Coursera’s five courses have to be taken in special Signature Track © versions that can verify students’ identification, and there is a proctored exam at the end of each course that students must pay for as well.

    If you have college credit in mind, find out if the MOOC you are planning to take will be accepted for credit before investing the extra money. These six ACE-recommended MOOCs may be just the beginning. With thousands of available free classes, there can only be more room to grow.


    • Get Your College Degree Faster with Prior Learning Credit
    • Earn a Bachelor’s Degree with Free College Courses
    • ‘Open College’ Offers Affordable Adult Degree
    • College Credit for Your Life Experience
    • How to Jump over the Hurdles to a New Career

    Certificate – Asset Management Academy Ltd #certificate #courses #in #management



    The IAM Certificate in Asset Management

    The IAM Certificate is concerned with knowledge and comprehension of Asset Management principles, practices and the business benefits these can deliver. It is an ideal first step towards the IAM Diploma. Our Certificate courses gives a thorough grounding in the principles of asset management, how these apply in practice and the business benefits they deliver. The contents are based on specifications published by the IAM and, therefore, fully aligned with the 2014 IAM Competences Framework. the requirements of ISO 55001 and the GFMAM Asset Management Landscape .

    Achieving it requires:

    • An ability to select/use relevant knowledge and understanding, methods and skills to complete tasks which are well-defined and routine but have some complexity
    • Comprehension of best practice Asset Management principles, requirements and frameworks

    Our training is designed by Asset Management experts and consultants and taught by experienced Asset Management practitioners. It prepares candidates for the specific demands of the IAM Principles of Asset Management exam .

    IAM Certificate Benefits to Employers

    • Significant improvement in performance through the application of newly acquired knowledge, methods and techniques
    • Formal development of high calibre individuals
    • Practical coursework is designed to deliver immediate benefits back to the employer
    • Our practical course assignments deliver immediate benefits back into the workplace

    We offer four types of IAM Certificate course:

    • Our Comprehensive course is for people new to asset management such as graduates or people moved to asset management roles from other functions. This is an 8 day in-depth course involving case studies, group discussions, exercises and practice exam questions.
    • Our Compact course aims to consolidate the knowledge and understanding of people who have had some experience of asset management. This is a 5 day taught course.
    • Our Crash course is for people with a good working knowledge of asset management who plan to take the IAM Principles of Asset Management exam but want to make sure they are ready for it. It is a 2 day course, geared to the needs of each course group.
    • Our Executive Briefing one day course is for top level executives and management. Delivered by our most senior trainers, these briefings are designed to get critical asset management buy in where it is needed most. Please inquire for more information about this.

    Why choose the Asset Management Academy?

    The AMA is unique in offering an IAM Principles of Asset Management examination following the final day of every course it runs. We know how busy you are and we want you to be able to sit the course and be immediately ready and able to sit an examination.
    We have an amazing track record backed up by strong client testimonials. Don t just take our word for it, download the testimonials here: Course Testimonials
    For a full guide to our services, please download our Asset Management Course Prospectus

    Which IAM Certificate course is right for me?

    Download our useful guide to understand which course is right for you: Asset Management Course Finder

    The Blackford Centre: About us #study #courses #online, #home #study #certification #correspondence


    Distance Learning Courses

    Our online courses can give you a new career

    At the Blackford Centre you can study for a new career – in fields that are exciting and in demand.

    What’s more, our courses let you study where and when you want.

    There are no exams: we use positive assessment instead.

    And you don’t ever have to show up and be ‘stuck’ in a musty classroom to attend evening classes.

    Since it’s distance education, everything is at your convenience.

    Plus, you get a valuable qualification that reflects your new knowledge.

    Courses like this one can give you a whole new career and way of life. We’ll give you the confidence to start the new career you’ve been dreaming of.

    And we specialize in courses that let you start your own business.

    To find out more, click the subject on the left that captures your interest.

    Learn from the experts

    Each of our separate divisions has its own specialized, expert tutors.

    And we only employ tutors who are actively working in their field and who want to spread their knowledge.

    Like this page?
    Tell your friends

    That way, you don’t get armchair experts or professional academics who lack experience of the real world.

    Plus, we’re more practical than many organizations. So you’ll find our courses contain more detailed information and instructions about how to run your own business.

    Study online

    When you study one of our courses you’ll access all of the materials online. So you won’t have to wait for the course to arrive.

    Once, you’ve enrolled we’ll provide you with login details and the name of your tutor. And as soon as you have these details you can log straight into the system and get started on the course.

    Your tutor

    As we’ve said, you’ll have your own personal tutor. Research shows you’re more likely to succeed in this interactive, customized way, compared with mere self-study or book learning.

    Our courses are fun

    Some organizations make their courses stuffy and tedious. We hate that. Our materials are written in a light-hearted way, so you’ll absorb the serious information while enjoying yourself.

    That means you’re more likely to complete your course, and get the qualification.

    We’re recognized

    As you’ll see from the logos on the top right of this page, we’re accredited by many independent certification organizations. That means your qualification has real worth in the eyes of other people.

    Payment is simple

    You can pay online using our secure SSL server. In fact, we never see your credit card details, because they get passed straight to the bank without us even glancing at them.

    But we know it’s quite a big website (we have lots to talk about). So If you can’t find the online payment page, let us know and we’ll tell you how to locate it.

    Take the next step

    Want to learn more? Simply click on the topics at the top of the page.

    And if you have any questions, please get in touch.

    Cheapest Online Colleges in Oklahoma by In State Tutition #cheapest #online #college


    Oklahoma Online Colleges In State Tutition Ranking

    Cheapest Online Colleges in Oklahoma

    Online courses offer the advantage of time and location flexibility which can be extremely helpful for those working and attending college simultaneously. Online degrees are a great way for working mothers to further their education while balancing child care duties. In some cases, the cost of online courses is more affordable than attending traditional on-campus classes, especially if you factor in the cost of commuting to class if you don’t live near a traditional campus.

    Our list below of the lowest cost online colleges in Oklahoma is not confined to online-only colleges, but includes all four year colleges in Oklahoma which offer distance learning classes through the internet. Selecting a local college in Oklahoma which offers both online degrees or online classes will give you the option of attending class either in a traditional classroom or online.

    Rating is a CollegeCalc proprietary national percentile ranking of a college’s overall difficulty and educational effectiveness. An average score is 50. Dollar value is a measure of a school’s academic rating compared with the average net price paid. Colleges which are ranked “n/a” didn’t report sufficient data to formulate a score. Read more about our rating methodology

    All price data are reprinted from the U.S. Department of Education’s 2014-2015 IPEDS Survey and reflect reported costs for the 2014-2015 academic year.

    Please click into the schools below for more detailed cost information and links to each college’s website where you can get more information about the specific cost of online degrees and classes offered.

    Oklahoma’s Cheapest Colleges by In State Tutition

    • Filter Oklahoma Schools
      • Colleges in Oklahoma
      • Public Colleges in Oklahoma
      • Private Colleges in Oklahoma
      • Four Year Colleges in Oklahoma
      • Community Colleges in Oklahoma
      • Colleges with Open Admissions in Oklahoma
    • Oklahoma Price Rankings
      • Most Affordable In State Tuition
      • Most Affordable In State Total
      • Most Affordable Out of State Tuition
      • Most Affordable Out of State Total
      • Most Affordable Online
      • Most Expensive In State Tuition
      • Most Expensive In State Total
      • Most Expensive Out of State Tuition
      • Most Expensive Out of State Total

    Sponsored Links


    CollegeCalc is a source for students and parents seeking college pricing data and higher education cost calculation. Learn more.

    Data Sources

    All school data is sourced from the U.S. Department of Education IPEDS Surveys for school years 2015-2016 and 2014-2015 and is in the public domain. Site data was last updated in August 2016. This site is not affiliated with or endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education. We believe the content represented on this website to be correct yet make no guarantee to its accuracy. has no direct affiliation with the schools presented on this website and the school names are the property of their respective trademark owners.

    Contact Us

    If you represent a school and believe that data presented on this website is incorrect, please contact us.

    The Advanced Integrated Communication Program #xic, #xavier #institute #of #communications, #mumbai, #mass


    The Advanced Integrated Communication Program 2016 – 2017

    Course Outline and Method:

    The Advanced Integrated Communication Programme is a part-time post-graduate Course designed and meant specifically for working professionals. The programme focuses on different aspects of the Communication space where design and implementation will reflect success. It looks at the subject of Communications in an integrated manner where different parts of the field are not broken up but need to be consolidated to give the right impact. Effective Communication necessitates that all Marketing Communication elements like the Public Relations Campaigns, Sales Promotions and others must blend into the larger Marketing objective for the Client. This integration will ensure that the organization delivers a ‘One Voice – One Message’ Campaign and manage effective change through Communication.

    Hence irrespective of which individual domain like Advertising or Media that practitioners work in, the resultant impact will always be larger when we look at the integration of all Communication alternatives. Hence this course addresses the practitioners of the Advertising, Marketing, Public Relations, Media, Production and similar domains.

    The Course comprises 25 Modules. seminars and workshops consisting of a total of 200 sessions / 40 credits. This Module completion makes the student eligible for the Diploma. Students will have to attend week-end class, do assignments and projects which are research-based to enhance their understanding of the subject. A major part of the Programme shall be conducted from the basis of Practice to Theory and on the basis of Case Studies to drive the learning to participants who have good work experience.


    • A Graduate in any discipline and Work experience of 2 years in a non-staff function (executive or supervisory function desired).
    • Organizational sponsorship for this program preferred but not compulsory

    Class Timings (and Location):

    • Saturdays: 3.30 PM – 7.45 PM (4 hours contact sessions) and Sundays: 10 AM – 5 PM (6 hours contact sessions).
    • The program will be conducted over 200 sessions of 400 Hours in total.
    • The program shall be conducted in our State of the art facility at either the XIC Campus situated at the St. Xavier�s School campus or at The XIC Campus situated in St. Xavier’s College, both located at Dhobitalao, Mumbai

    75% attendance is mandatory in each Module. This is a necessary criteria for successful award of the Diploma.

    Participants will develop a holistic and mature approach to solve all Marketing Communication issues. The Integration of this type of a holistic nature will give organizations more sound solutions and better Campaigns. Employees of all Communication or related organizations largely stand to benefit from this approach and this program.

    Course Content, No. of Sessions and Credits are subject to minor changes.
    All modules in this course are obligatory. The Management reserves the right, as and when necessary, to
    change the syllabus without prior notice.

    Register for Courses – Graduate and Professional Registrar – Azusa Pacific University


    Azusa Pacific University

    Featured Links

    Register for Courses

    Graduate Students

    Registering for graduate classes is quick and simple through online registration, located at Complete your registration or add/drop from your home or office, immediately see whether there is room in a class, and receive instant registration confirmation.

    Professional Students

    Professional undergraduate students register for courses using the online Enrollment Activity Form .

    Who Cannot Register Online

    Online registration is not available for certain programs or courses. Students in these programs or courses must complete a paper registration form. Contact the Graduate and Professional Center for more information about the registration process for the following programs or courses:

    • Audits
    • Education Technology Alumni Program
    • Independent Studies/Course Tutorials
    • Study Abroad Programs
    • Undergraduate Classes

    How to Register Online for Graduate Courses

    To register or add/drop classes for a session online, do the following:

    • Using any web browser, go to: and click at the top of the home page or go directly to .
    • Logon using your APU Net ID and password.
    • Click “Enroll” under the Academics heading.
    • Follow the simple steps.
    • See Class Registration Instructions (PDF) for a detailed tutorial.

    APU Net ID and Password

    To login to your account you will need the APU Net ID and password that was sent to you when first admitted to APU. If you have password difficulties, contact the Help Desk at 866-APU DESK or .

    Registration Questions or Problems Navigating the Online Registration System

    Contact the Graduate and Professional Center at (626) 815-4570 or (866) Talk-APU for assistance. Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Friday, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

    Schedule Information

    The Online Graduate Class Schedule is an interactive tool that provides the most up-to-date class information.

    Please consult your academic advisement materials or advisor for help with class selection.

    Can’t find your class?

    Please Note: Class offerings can change on a daily basis. For information regarding classes not listed within Enroll or Class Search and not mentioned below, please contact your academic department .

    If an independent study, course tutorial, directed research, capstone project, etc. will be one of your class choices, please register online for all of your other classes and then submit an Independent Study/Course Tutorial Application (PDF) to the Graduate and Professional Center before the “Last Day to Add/Drop.” Forms are only available online.

    Contact Information


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    Apply or Request

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    Schools and Colleges

    Conflict Resolution Training – Strategies for Improved Communication #conflict #resolution #training #courses


    Seminar Savings Pass—Save up to 53%

    Training a small team or a large group? AMA’s Seminar Savings Pass offers a variety of options to maximize your budget while achieving your goals! This is a call-in offer only. Call 1-877-566-9441 and mention code LD8L .

    SSP 3-Pack : Choose 3 AMA classroom or Live Online seminars in 6 months for $5,250.

    SSP 6-Pack : Choose 6 AMA classroom or Live Online seminars in 12 months for $9,995.

    SSP 12-Pack : Choose 12 AMA classroom or Live Online seminars in 12 months for $18,995.

    AMA’s Annual Pass—Unlimited training for 1 year!

    Looking to build your skills without breaking your budget? AMA’s Annual Savings Pass is exactly what you need to energize your career and make this your year. This is a call-in offer only.

    ANNUAL PASS : Choose as many courses as you need from over 140 AMA Classroom Seminars, and all Live Online Seminars for $3,995. Call 1-877-566-9441 and mention code LDVY. ALL-ACCESS PASS : Get one year of unlimited access to ALL AMA Classroom and Live One Seminars, plus all Express Skills Courses and Webinars for $4,995. Call 1-877-566-9441 and mention code LDVY.

    Certificate Programs

    3 designated seminars for $3,995

    Expand your knowledge and capabilities in one of six crucial skill areas and earn an AMA Certificate —an acknowledged standard of achievement and excellence. Get your certificate by successfully completing 3 designated AMA seminars within 24 months.

    Call mention code XGJQ .

    Bring a Friend— Take 20% Off 2nd Seat

    Bring your boss, colleague, team member or friend to the same session (classroom or live online seminar) and learn new skills together.

    Call mention code LCTJ .

    LAST MINUTE SEATING—save up to 25% on selected AMA Seminars

    Ready to get started NOW? AMA’s Last Minute Seating gives you access to select upcoming programs at a reduced price. See the current list of available programs here . This is a call-in offer only. Call 1-877-566-9441 and mention code XAMD.

    AMACOM Books—Save 40% or MORE When You Order Books for Your Team!

    Online Certified Travel Agent Courses with Certification Info #travel #agent #online #courses,


    Online Certified Travel Agent Courses with Certification Info

    Essential Information

    Most online travel agent courses are part of diploma programs that prepare graduates for national travel agent certification. Online travel agent programs can typically be taken fully online and depending on the school, can usually be completed in six months or less. After completion, graduates are prepared for entry-level jobs as travel agents.

    There are several certifications available to travel agents. First is the Travel Institute’s Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP) test, which certifies that graduates have entry-level understanding of the travel industry. For those who successfully pass the test, six months of work experience is required for the second certification, the Certified Travel Associate (CTA) certification. CTA agents are prepared for a career with a travel company or through independent practice.

    For those who wish to advance into management roles, Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) certification qualifies travel agents in business negotiations and marketing strategies. The Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) credential is geared toward agents in upper-level management and indicates a higher-level understanding of business relations.

    Online Travel Agent Classes

    Commonly offered online travel agent courses are summarized below.

    • Travel Agent Training Course: The initial component of this class covers the history, function and marketing of the travel industry. Geography and travel technology are discussed, as well as the financial and business aspects of the travel industry, including marketing, communication and specialized sales. A second component of the course covers the function and use of industry-standard travel agent computer programs and students learn to operate by using a simulation mode that mimics real-world travel agent operations. The course culminates with career education, and students learn job-searching techniques and the fundamentals of working in the travel industry.
    • Certified Travel Associate (CTA) Certification Course: Travel agents must have 18 months of full-time industry experience or 12 months with TAP test completion to qualify for this program. Classes build upon topics covered in the travel agent training course, with emphasis on specialized travel sales techniques, consumer-focused professionalism and office skills. Students also choose four electives to supplement the eight core courses, with options ranging from management of time to sales of specialized travel packages.
    • Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) Certification Course: This 6-month program is designed for the established travel professional with CTA certification and at least five years of experience. Courses focus on marketing and consumer relationships and classes discuss the development of marketing strategies, productive management of office politics and effective presentation tactics. Graduates must complete relevant continuing education classes every year to keep certification.
    • Certified Travel Industry Executive (CTIE) Certification Course: Candidates for this program must have at least five years of experience within the field and CTC certification. Courses cover advanced elements of travel industry business management and topics include the logistics of travel law, mutually beneficial conflict resolution, bookkeeping and marketing management. Students can have 18 months to complete the program.
    • The Hospitality Industry Course: This course provides students with a broad overview of the travel industry. Coursework typically includes the history of the hospitality industry, the influence of food and beverage services, sales and reservations technologies and branding.

    Next: View Schools

    Travel agents need little formal education. Learn about the training, job duties and voluntary certifications to see if this is.

    Travel agents provide customized service for clients and make arrangements for transportation, hotel reservations, and car.

    Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a travel agent. Get a quick view of the requirements, including.

    Get info about online travel agent certificate programs. Read about program requirements, course topics, and descriptions, and.

    NACM – National Association of Credit Management #national #association #of #credit #management,


    of being a member of NACM

    NACM is committed to assisting every member, meeting their needs and addressing their concerns by offering easy-to-obtain, high-quality products, services and programs.
    Here you will find valuable tools for the credit professional, including links to training resources, online education, useful forms and timely publications.

    Take advantage of these resources and so much more as a member of NACM.

    Visit our Knowledge and Resource Center

    div > .uk-panel’, row:true>” data-uk-grid-margin data-uk-scrollspy=” div > .uk-panel’, delay:300>”>

    Business Credit Magazine

    Credit Manager’s Index

    National Trade Credit Report

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    Aug 2, 2017 | 11:01 am

    Aug 1, 2017 | 10:20 am

    Jul 31, 2017 | 13:38 pm

    Jul 28, 2017 | 16:40 pm


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    Written on 2017-08-02

    Written on 2017-08-02

    New Texas Law Will Allow Suppliers and Others to Void Clauses on Projects that Require Out-of-State Resolution:

    Written on 2017-08-01

    Construction Spending Falls in June:

    div > .uk-panel’>” data-uk-grid-margin>

    As the advocate for business credit and financial management professionals NACM and its network of Partners take great pride in being the primary learning, knowledge, networking and information resource for commercial creditors nationwide.

    NACM membership begins with a local NACM partner. Join our network today!

    Follow us on

    National Association
    of Credit Management

    Please schedule a visit. We are located close to Baltimore and not far from DC.

    Guide to an Online Automotive Education #online #automotive #training, #online #automotive #schools,


    Guide to an Online Automotive Education

    by Beau Johnson

    The automotive industry is becoming more technologically-advanced every day. It is certainly a great advantage for mechanics-to-be to seek higher education in the automotive field, and also to continue that education to stay on the cutting edge of the trade. Now, automotive enthusiasts have the opportunity to explore their passion through online degree programs in car-care fields.

    How Online Automotive Programs Work

    Students enrolled in online automotive programs will typically have all necessary materials available to them on the Internet and through downloads. Additional materials may be mailed out for the student to have a means of studying independent of the Internet, if necessary. If students have questions, they can contact their instructor through e-mail or make an educational support phone call. Examinations are completed online and students move forward once they’ve completed their chapter testing.

    Certification and continuing education programs are also available online for working mechanics, auto body professionals, and automotive instructors.

    “The big advantage of online education is the convenience of not having to physically go to a location,” said Kersten. “There are a number of organizations that provide online training. We do allow it to count towards our instructors’ annual training, and ASE-certified programs helps technicians keep up with technology changes within the industry.”

    ASE certification is good for a five-year period, and then must be earned through testing again. See the ASE Test Preparation page for informationa on online test preparation.

    Online Automotive Schools

    The following are some of the options available to automotive students and professionals for online study:

    • PCDI – offers an online auto mechanic program.
    • Penn Foster Career School – offers career diplomas for auto body repair, auto detailing, auto repair technician, diesel mechanics, small engine repair, and motorcycle repair technician.
    • I-CAR – an ASE-certified training provider offering online training and a virtual classroom.
    • The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) – facilitates automotive information exchange through continuing education programs.
    • Bergwall – offers a wide array of online courses, test preparation, and classes pertaining to the automotive industry and ASE certification.
    • Autoshop 101 – offers several free online tutorials, online practice tests and technical articles.

    10 ways to… Prioritise your workload #small #business #management #online #courses



    10 ways to… Prioritise your workload

    This page has been archived because it is no longer current information but is still relevant, or it is current but over 12 months old

    • Publish date: 01 June 2011
    • Archived on: 01 June 2012

    Working efficiently is important for any business but getting snowed under is a too-familiar situation. A well-structured workload is key to good time management and will increase your productivity.

    Small Business Update

    This update was published in Small Business Update 90 – June 2011

    Small Business Update from Atom Content Marketing is a monthly magazine for people running their own business. Articles vary in length and cover ‘hot topics’, issues of importance, and current affairs.

    Find out how to prioritise tasks.

    1. The to-do list. Don t keep it on different post-it notes or in your head at the beginning of each day or week, write on a sheet of paper what you want to get done and by when. Rank tasks according to importance or urgency to plan your day and focus your mind.
    2. Review your workload regularly. Is there one task that always ends up at the bottom of the pile? If you find you re avoiding it, can somebody else do it? Consider delegating whole projects that you don t need to be involved in or allocate a specific time when you only do your admin, for example.
    3. Remember the 80:20 rule of workloads. It s very simple 80 per cent of our work contributes to less than 20 per cent of its value. Concentrate on the most crucial 20 per cent of your workload, because performance would still be strong.
    4. Set realistic deadlines for your tasks. Look at your to-do list and estimate the time each task needs to be completed but don t be overoptimistic. Be honest of what you can achieve in a working day or week so that you don t feel overwhelmed from the start.
    5. Allow time for interruptions. If you need to finish a certain task at a certain time, only deal with urgent queries during this time. You can then quickly pick up again where you left off.
    6. Structure your workload. Avoid picking up a job, doing a bit and then putting it back on the pile. Deal with them one at a time and finish each one before starting another. Your mind will be clear and ready for the next one.
    7. Don t let your inbox drive your workload. If you get 50 mails per day, this means 50 interruptions to your day. Don t check your inbox every time a message arrives. Switch off instant alerts if necessary and allocate a time when you will check your inbox.
    8. Fun, fun, fun. Ticking items off your to-do list is great, but are you concentrating on the quick-and-easy ones? Tackling more challenging projects first might mean more time, but also that a major task is completed and a weight off your shoulders.
    9. Keep multitasking to a minimum. Starting a number of jobs simultaneously means most of them won t get your undivided attention. Think of multitasking as dealing with more than one task during a day, not at the same time. That way you focus on the project in hand.
    10. Keep a log of your workload. If you re unsure how long things take, how often your focus shifts or how many times you get interrupted, keep a log of your working week. This will help you plan your week in future.

    Contact us


    Information services


    Photography Classes & Courses #nikon #school, #photography #courses, #photography #classes, #photography #lessons


    Nikon School offers classes in photography and video around the country

    Educating and inspiring more than 100,000 students over the past 35 years.

    From beginner to advanced–take your photography to the next level with a Nikon School class.

    For over 30 years, Nikon School has been educating and inspiring photographers of all levels with affordable photography classes across the country. Whether you re a passionate enthusiast or pro, Nikon School lets you explore expand your skills on any camera. Join experts and enthusiasts in discovering sharing new techniques, smart tips, great fun and true passion.

    • Classes for both beginners advanced shooters
    • 3-hour and full-day classes conveniently scheduled
    • Locations across the country
    • Hands-on instruction from working pros
    • Wide range of technical and creative topics
    • Prices Ranging from $99.00 to $629.00

    [The instructor s] passion for photography comes through even when talking about the technical aspects of camera operation.
    –Kathy Westfall

    The knowledge [I] gained made me understand the camera settings better and the effect on the photo subject.
    –Doug Ross

    Nikon is proud to support exceptional workshops, mentorships
    and expeditions around the world.

    Each year, Nikon sponsors thrilling photography workshops, mentorships and expeditions designed to educate and inspire passionate photographers. From events held year round by Santa Fe Photographic Workshops to Mentor Series Treks that occur around the globe, to the 75+ pro faculty of the Summit Series Workshops and more, Nikon sponsored workshops offer truly world-class experiences.

    2017 Sponsored Workshops

    Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, an inspirational resource for photographers, is a year-round educational center. Each season, imagemakers of every kind travel to magical Santa Fe to engage their imaginations and rekindle their passion for photography. In the beautiful and serene setting of our campus, the senses are stimulated and creativity flourishes.

    Pop Photo s Mentor Series Treks are some of the most exciting hands-on photography learning experiences available today. The series offers multiple workshops throughout the year in photogenic locations across the US and the globe. Learn from the Nikon pros leading these treks.

    For nearly 3 decades, we have brought the most elite photographers, editors, and creatives from all over the country and abroad to be a part of our unique ‘team-teaching’ workshops. At our workshops, Nikon provides in-personal technical support as well as consignment bodies and lenses to rent out for use throughout the workshop time. This has helped many photographers learn on the latest equipment to become the better photographer they want to be.

    The Sports Shooter Academy is a hands-on workshop that gives participants the opportunity to shoot real sports under the guidance of award-winning sports photographers. After each day of shooting sports like college football, basketball, soccer, rugby, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse and water polo, students edit their images and receive one-on-one critiques from the faculty.

    This once in a lifetime trip to Chile will provide you with the opportunity to capture amazing images. The program is designed for photographers of all skills and experience—anyone who has passion for photography, nature and adventure.

    Meet Nikon Ambassadors and product experts
    at your local Nikon Authorized Retailer.

    Nikon Authorized Retailers are not only the place to find the latest Nikon gear, they are also the place to find expertise, hands-on demonstrations and guidance on using your Nikon gear. Check with your local Nikon Authorized Retailer for a schedule of upcoming events.

    Nikon Ambassadors Events

    From an outstanding lecture series to meet and greet events, Nikon Ambassadors and photographers of all levels connect at retailers across the country. Contact your local Nikon retailer for more information.

    Retail Learning Events

    Nikon Retail Learning Events include hands-on events in-store or during a location shooting (walkabout) event, launch parties for new products, “Clean and Check” events and Nikon product expert presentations on-site to demo new products and answer technical questions about Nikon gear and more. Contact your local Nikon retailer for information.

    MBA Courses #mba #programs #in #india, #mba #colleges #in #india, #india #mba


    MBA Courses and MBA Programs in India

    MBA Courses assist you in customizing your learning through a course pathway based primarily on your education, career experience and goals. It provides in-depth understanding of traditional and nontraditional aspects of Management Education.

    MBA programmes are designed to help students formalize ideas and look at them logically. A combination of rigorous research-based curriculum with an emphasis on real-life applications, the experiential knowledge pushes students to discover practical business solutions using the tools and techniques that develop in and outside classroom during course duration.

    How to choose from types of MBA Courses?

    Choice of the right MBA course depends on one’s career goals. It’s on to the students to find the right fit. It takes students to the next step of their career.

    MBA courses are further divided into traditional courses and those tailored to particular industries. All top MBA colleges in India have full-time, part-time, and executive MBA specialization programmes.

    The top MBA courses list is:

    • Finance.
    • Human Resource.
    • Marketing Management.
    • Entrepreneur Management.
    • Banking and Insurance.
    • IT Management.
    • Tour Travel Management.
    • Health Management
    • International Business Management.
    • Retail Management.

    • Bachelor s degree (3-year course) or equivalent from recognized University
    • Clear MAT entrance exam or Common Admission Test (CAT) or Xaviers Admission Test (XAT) or ATMA entrance test or State CET or College CET

    Top MBA Colleges in India:

    Top Colleges offering MBA courses in India are categorized into three. Class A includes premier colleges like the IIMs, Class B is considered to be the second best and Class C that gets huge number of applications. We have shortlisted some of the top MBA colleges in India based on performance and popularity.

    • Indian Institute of Management- There are 13 IIMs across the country.
    • International Management Institute, New Delhi.
    • FORE School of Management, New Delhi.
    • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Pune.
    • Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.
    • Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Mumbai.
    • Xavier Labour Research Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur.
    • SP Jain Institute of Management Research, Mumbai.
    • Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad.
    • Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar.

    Most Favored MBA Specialization in India An Infographic


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    Courses in ICT for Language Teachers #ict #courses #online


    Courses in ICT for Language Teachers
    compiled by
    Graham Davies

    Links checked 10 December 2011

    University of Giessen
    Sprachtechnologie und Fremdsprachendidaktik

    The Consultants-E (Online)
    Cert ICT: Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology, validated by Trinity College, London.
    Blended Cert ICT: Certificate in Teaching Languages with Technology, validated by Trinity College, London.
    Cert IBET (Certificate in International Business English Training), jointly validated and managed by English UK and Trinity College, London.

    ICT for Language Teachers – the ICT4LT website
    Not actually a full-blown course, but a large collection of ICT training materials for language teachers that can be accessed free of charge. The English-language version of this site is regularly updated by the editor, Graham Davies.

    University of Essex, UK
    Masters Degree in Computer Assisted Language Learning

    University of Manchester, UK
    MA in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education
    MA in Educational Technology and TESOL
    MA in Information and Communication Technologies in Education

    The University at Albany, State University of New York
    Educational Theory and Practice Department

    Iowa State University
    Master’s Degree Program in Teaching English as a Second Language/Applied Linguistics
    PhD Program in Applied Linguistics Technology

    St Michael’s College, Vermont
    Online Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) – demo available

    Degree Programs at MCCC #mercer #county #community #college, #mccc, #programs, #degree #programs,


    Visual Arts
    concentrations: Art History, Ceramics/Sculpture, Fine Arts

    * State approval pending
    1 offered with Camden County College
    2 offered with Mercer County Technical Schools
    3 offered with Rider University
    4 A.S. degree awarded by MCCC; Diploma awarded by St. Francis Medical Center School of Nursing
    5 A.S. degree awarded through a cooperative program with the School of
    Health Related Professions at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

    6 A.A.S. degree awarded through a cooperative program with Brookdale Community College

    The academic programs offered by Mercer County Community College are among the most diversified and comprehensive in the country. Included are transfer programs that prepare students for entry into baccalaureate programs and career programs that prepare students for immediate employment after graduation.

    The terms “transfer” or “career” simply describe the primary objective of the program. Many transfer graduates have been successful in gaining employment upon graduation. Many graduates of career programs have been successful in transferring to four-year colleges, with many of their MCCC credits being accepted.

    In general, both kinds of degree programs require no more than 66 credits for graduation.

    Because Mercer is committed to promoting intellectual development, aesthetic appreciation, and cultural awareness, every program of study includes a general education component. This component, addressed through a variety of courses, focuses on reading analytically, communicating ideas clearly, solving problems, and developing a broad base of knowledge. Students are given the opportunity to develop analytical, synthetic/creative, and evaluative thinking; scientific reasoning; artistic response and expression; historical consciousness; cultural awareness; and sensitivity to the contemporary world.

    Transfer degree (A.A. A.F.A. or A.S.) programs are designed primarily to enable students to enter the third year of baccalaureate study at four-year colleges. The largest student enrollments in transfer degree programs are in humanities and social science, business administration, education, criminal justice, and nursing. Other transfer degree programs range from architecture, communication and visual arts to engineering science and plant science.

    For many students, the transfer experience is made easier by “dual admission” and “program articulation” agreements between Mercer and other colleges.

    Career degree (A.A.S.) programs are designed primarily to prepare graduates for entry-level employment in an occupation which requires both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Mercer has A.A.S. programs as varied as accounting, aviation, chef apprenticeship, electronics, ornamental horticulture, microcomputer systems administration, television, funeral service, and computer graphics.

    Two engineering technology programs function both as transfer degree and career degree programs, with slightly more than half of all graduates transferring to four-year technology programs and others finding employment. Many employed students use career programs to gain advanced positions in their chosen field or to change careers. Some other A.A.S. programs also provide a basis for transfer to four-year colleges; a student may lose credits, however, if he or she transfers to an unrelated program of study.

    Many students enroll at Mercer for purposes other than earning a degree or certificate. The college offers four enrollment categories for such students:

    • Other college — Students take courses at Mercer to fulfill program requirements at another college.
    • Job Related — Students take courses specifically selected to enhance knowledge and skills for current or future employment.
    • Exploratory — Students are undecided about which degree or certificate program they intend to pursue. They may take courses from several program areas to help them select.
    • Personal — Students take courses for other reasons. Advisors at each campus help non-degree students select courses.

    Mercer offers a comprehensive program for students who are learning English as a second language. The multilevel sequence consists of two pre-credit and eight credit courses that emphasize grammar, speech, reading and writing skills. The free ESL placement test, arranged through the ESL Learning Center, should be completed at least two weeks before registration for classes.

    The noncredit preparatory courses are offered through the English Language Institute (ELI) at the James Kerney and West Windsor campuses. Contact ELI at the James Kerney Campus or the ESL Learning Center at the West Windsor Campus for further information.

    The LPN-RN advanced placement option offers licensed practical nurses (LPNs) the opportunity to gain experiential credit for their LPN license and receive credit for Fundamental Concepts of Nursing (NRS 110). Applicants must possess a high school diploma (or equivalent), have graduated from an accredited LPN school, possess a valid New Jersey LPN license and complete all the prerequisite course requirements for the nursing curriculum.

    Admission to the professional phase of the program requires a minimum GPA of 2.5 and a passing score on the HESI Admission Assessment Exam. Six credits are given for Fundamental Concepts of Nursing (NRS 110). The student is then able to enroll in Alterations in Health I (NRS 120), Alterations in Health II (NRS 121), or Concepts of Mental Health Nursing (NRS 123). Students must earn a minimum grade of C in all nursing, science, and mathematics courses to graduate.

    Please note that admission to either of the LPN-RN Advanced Placement program options are on a space available basis only.

    Students who complete the college’s Nursing program earn the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree and eligibility to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for Registered Nurses (RNs).

    Cooperative education integrates textbook and classroom learning with work experience. Several academic programs offer cooperative education components. The program affords many advantages to students who are able to earn an income while attending college and earn college credits for their cooperative education experiences. In addition, many graduates find employment easier to obtain if they have had prior work experiences.

    A successful co-op experience requires careful delineation of learning objectives and employer willingness to support them. The college assists students in defining objectives and obtaining co-op positions.

    Welcome to GPC Online #gpc, #gpc, #georgia #perimeter #college, #georgia #perimeter, #perimeter


    GPC Online is the largest online program in the University System of Georgia. Students may choose from 18 online pathways. including Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Teacher Education. We offer online classes in accounting, computer science, education, English, math, Spanish and a number of other subjects. Use the following links to view a schedule of upcoming classes and a complete list of course descriptions .

    Check out GPC s Online Student Success Community forum for up-to-date information on online registration, online courses and other online information.

    Georgia Perimeter College has partnered with Georgia Southwestern State University to offer the state s first three–year accelerated bachelor s degree in Georgia. This program is offered fully online and offers students two degree options in management or accounting. For additional information on the FastTrac program email the program advisor Shannon Perry or 478-304-1491.

    GPC is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) with all courses taught by SACS-qualified instructors. As a result, GPC courses are widely accepted for transefer to other colleges and university. Online students may choose to participate in GPC s Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) agreements, which guarantee admission to some of the best public and private colleges and universities in the country.

    Current GPC students considering transferring to Georgia Institute of Technology (GaTech), should familiarize themselves with the Ga Tech s Course Transfer Tool in order to determine if/how your coursework will transfer. Contact a Georgia Perimeter College on-campus or online adviser if you have questions or need assistance with selecting courses for transfer.

    Electrical Courses Online, Electrician Classes Gig Harbor, Online Electrican Classes #electrician #training


    A 64 hour non-CEU class. This is the famous class that gives you the knowledge to pass the test. An intense, in-depth review of the NEC, WAC/RCW, OHMS law and general trade knowledge.

    Class Duration: 64 hours typically in 8 (8) hour sessions.

    8 hours of required code update training for all electricians. This class uses Holt material as well as class participation to explore the new changes to the current version of the NEC. Cost includes book of questions and Holt’s NEC update text. Must bring your NEC.

    Class Duration: 8 hours

    8 hours of IR CEU training on the fundamentals of OHMS law, with exploration of properties of series circuits. Cost includes worksheets and Holt text. Will need to bring calculator.

    Class Duration: 8 Hours

    8 hours of required state regulation training for all electricians. This class includes a printed copy of the current Washington State electrical laws. Bring your NEC.

    Class Duration: 8 Hours

    8 hours of IR CEU training on the components in any electrical installation. Cost includes book of questions and Holt text on topic. Bring your NEC.

    Class Duration: 8 Hours

    8 hours of IR CEU training focusing on Code Articles: 430, 440,725 and other related material. Cost includes textbook and questions. Bring NEC, WAC calculator.

    Class Duration: 8 Hours

    8 hours of IR CEU training on chapter 5 of NEC. Cost includes textbook and worksheets. Bring NEC.

    Class Duration: 8 Hours

    4 hours of IR CEU training covering basics of trouble shooting and

    meter usage. Bring Volt/OHM meter.

    Class Duration: 4 Hours

    Online Masters In Special Education #online #courses #in #special #education


    Online Master of Science in Education in Special Education

    Purdue University’s online MSEd in Special Education program combines a unique view of the entire education landscape with practical experience addressing the latest breakthroughs in assessment, instructional strategies, and evidence-based practices for teaching students with disabilities. In as little as 20 months, this online master’s degree in special education will give you the skills to:

    • Plan and administer special education curricula.
    • Facilitate a safe and effective classroom environment.
    • Meet the needs of exceptional children who require highly skilled educators.

    The MSEd in Special Education program focuses on mild intervention, with the option to add a focus in intense intervention. Different tracks are available to meet your career needs:

    • Master’s only. Intended for those seeking knowledge in the area of special education. No practicum is required; an additional elective course is taken in its place.
    • Master’s with initial special education licensure. Intended for those seeking a master’s degree as well as an initial license in special education in mild intervention or mild and intense intervention. This track requires practicum and student teaching field experiences.
    • Master’s with advanced special education licensure. Intended for those who already have initial (teaching) licensure and are looking to add an advanced licensure in mild intervention or mild and intense intervention. This track requires practicum experiences.
    • Master’s with advanced special education licensure – intense intervention only. Intended for those who already have a special education teaching license in mild intervention and looking for advanced licensure in intense intervention. This track requires practicum experiences.

    Students who choose to add the intense intervention focus to their studies complete additional hours and coursework.

    Advance Your Training in the Field of Special Education

    This advanced special education degree is for passionate educators who value all learners, regardless of skill level or ability, and who want use the latest instructional, behavioral, and communication strategies to meet the unique needs of students with disabilities. The Master of Education in Special Education combines the latest technology and research with practical experience in one program to advance your expertise and position you as a leader in the field.

    The core curriculum of the program focuses on mild intervention, with an emphasis on helping students achieve their academic and behavioral potential. These special education online courses are geared toward assisting students with learning disabilities, mild developmental disabilities, emotional behavioral disorders and high functioning autism.

    By the time you complete the MSEd in Special Education requirements, you will be able to:

    • Understand the various characteristics and categories of disability identified by law.
    • Be able to apply methods of assessment including the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to make instructional decisions.
    • Empirically validate instructional methods to provide age-appropriate curriculum adapted to individual students’ needs and educational plans.
    • Ensure students have access to the general education curriculum using evidence-based practices.
    • Use current and emerging technologies to promote increased mobility, communication, self-determination, and cognitive functioning.
    • Provide behavioral support for students with challenging behavior that promote and teach appropriate functional behavior and social skills.
    • Create safe and positive learning environments where diversity across culture, race, ethnicity, and gender are valued.
    • Understand and apply ethics and standards for professional practice in special education.

    Intense Intervention Focus

    You have the option to add a focus on intense intervention to complement your studies in mild intervention. This add-on to the online special education degree consists of three courses plus a practicum in addition to the mild intervention curriculum.

    In this focus area, you will learn to help students who require more significant interventions to help them learn and function. These are children and adolescents with severe intellectual and/or physical disabilities that require intense intervention techniques, usually in a dedicated classroom. You will learn strategies for developing self-determination, self-advocacy and independence to help your students succeed in school and beyond. Courses examine:

    • Characteristics of severe disabilities.
    • The medical and physical management of individuals with multiple disabilities.
    • Methods for teaching students with severe challenges.

    Purdue’s College of Education is accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and is ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of the top 50 best education schools in the United States.

    Complete Your edTPA

    The curriculum of the online MSEd in Special Education is aligned with edTPA, formerly the Teacher Performance Assessment. EdTPA is a performance-based, subject-specific assessment and support system that is designed to meet state and national standards – including Common Core State Standards and the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC) – to ensure new teachers are empowered to teach each student effectively.

    The edTPA process involves three tasks: planning, instruction and assessment. As part of the edTPA requirements for this advanced special education degree, you will create four professional portfolios, three of which you will complete under faculty supervision and one of which you will complete on your own. You will also submit unedited video recordings of yourself teaching in your classroom. These will demonstrate your ability to:

    • Design plans and teach in ways that support your students’ strengths and needs.
    • Engage students in learning.
    • Analyze levels of learning and comprehension.
    • Adjust instructional plans and techniques to be more effective.

    Licensing Information

    Purdue’s special education online degree program is designed to give you the skills and training needed for licensure in the state of Indiana. The State of Indiana has a compact agreement with most states, meaning a student with a valid Indiana teaching license can obtain a license in another state. Specific coursework, testing, or grade point averages may be required.

    To learn more about each state’s requirements for licensing, please contact the Department of Education in your desired state or visit the United States Department of Education website for license requirements and application procedures.

    Advance Today

    If you would like to advance your teaching career and gain the skills necessary to become an effective special educator, discover the possibilities of distance learning through Purdue University online. For more information, click here or call 877-497-5851 to speak with an admissions advisor.

    Engineering Courses #courses #for #computer #engineering


    The online system of study was comprehensive and easy to navigate Steve Schober – Ergon Energy, Australia

    I am more aware of why I do some of the things I do. Paula Palmer – Barbados Light Power Co, Barbados

    It has opened my eyes to pitfalls otherwise hidden from an engineer. I will definitely be attending another course in the near future. Henk Barnard – Iritron, South Africa

    I would like to thank the instructors for readily sharing their experience and making the course both enjoyable and immensely practical. Paul Ashurst Ampcontrol, Australia

    Good interaction with the lectures, practical oriented content and flexible schedules for working students. Clement Muzite Thiess, Australia

    If you want to improve career prospects and be trained by excellent trainers with a thorough knowledge of the industry and train at your own pace then i would recommend this course Gary Burrowes, BHPBilliton

    Engineering Institute of Technology Course Overview

    The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) offers online programs through innovative and live eLearning in the following disciplines:

    Benefits of eLearning to Students

    • Cost effectiv e: no travel or accommodation necessary
    • Interactive. live, interactive sessions let you communicate with your instructor and fellow students
    • Flexible. short interactive sessions over the Internet which you can attend from your home or office. Learn while you earn!
    • Practical. perform exercises by remotely accessing our labs and simulation software
    • Expert instructors. instructors have extensive industry experience; they are not just ‘academics’
    • No geographical limits. learn from any location, all you need is an Internet connection
    • Constant support. from your instructor(s) and a dedicated Course Coordinator for the complete duration of the course
    • International insight. interact and network with participants from around the globe and gain valuable insight into international practice

    Benefits of eLearning to Employers

    • Lower training costs. no travel or accommodation necessary
    • Less downtime. short webinars (60-90 minutes) and flexible training methods means less time away from work
    • Retain employees. keep staff who may be considering a qualification as full time study
    • Increase efficiency. improve your engineering or technical employees skills and knowledge
    • International insight. students will have access to internationally based professional instructors and students

    How Does it Work?

    EIT eLearning courses involve a combination of live, interactive sessions over the Internet with a professional instructor, set readings, and assignments. The courses include simulation software and remote laboratory applications to let you put theory to practice, and provide you with constant support from a dedicated Course Coordinator.

    Practical Exercises and Remote Laboratories

    As part of the groundbreaking new way of teaching, our online engineering courses use a series of remote laboratories (labs) and simulation software, to facilitate your learning and to test the knowledge you gain during your course. These involve complete working labs set up at various locations of the world into which you will be able to log to and proceed through the various practical sessions.

    These will be supplemented by simulation software, running either remotely or on your computer, to ensure you gain the requisite hands-on experience. No one can learn much solely from lectures, the labs and simulation software are designed to increase the absorption of the materials and to give you a practical orientation of the learning experience. All this will give you a solid, practical exposure to the key principles covered and will ensure that you obtain maximum benefit from your course.

    Programs available through the Engineering Institute of Technology include:

    • Professional Certificates of Competency
    • Diplomas
    • Advanced Diplomas
    • Graduate Certificate
    • Graduate Diploma
    • Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)
    • Corporate/On-Demand eLearning Courses

    Learn more about our proposed Bachelor of Engineering here .

    Contact Our Course Advisors

    Click here to submit a course query.

    Course Fees

    Education Pathways – Choose a path that is right for you

    EIT now has several education pathways available to you, allowing you more flexibility and choice.

    Completing an EIT Advanced diploma provides a convenient exit point which ensures that you still receive a qualification should you need withdraw from your studies early. If you successfully complete an EIT Advanced Diploma and choose to continue your studies, you will be eligible to receive credit for a significant proportion of an EIT bachelor degree, fast-tracking your studies.

    Alternatively, if you have completed a prior qualification from another institution, you may still be eligible to apply for credit. If successful, you may choose to progress through a Bachelor degree, with part-time or full-time, completing the required units as they are scheduled.

    If you are not eligible to apply for credit, you can enter directly into our Bachelor program, and select either a full-time or part-time intensive study load depending on your personal circumstances.

    You are now able to progress smoothly through to a Master qualification, with our unique, practical delivery model. In some cases you are able to select between our interactive online approach or classroom based learning (or a combination of both); however this is subject to availability. Please contact us for more information.

    The diagram included below aims to help you understand how you can seamlessly progress your engineering career with EIT in a successful way. The options include: part-time and full-time study mode; pathways with and without credit; and suitable exit or rest points that allow you to earn accredited and valuable qualifications while you continue to work. You can also view the Online Routes to Engineering Career Success diagram by clicking here .

    17th Edition Training, Inspection and Testing Courses, Electrical, Plumbing #trade #skills, #electrical


    Do not have an account yet?

    If you wish to apply for training courses, you need to be registered with trade-skills. It’s easy and free.

    Trade-skills believes in protecting the privacy of its customers and will not disclose personal details to any third parties without either your consent or a court order requiring us to do so*.

    *We comply with the UK Data Protection Act.

    Featured Course Categories

    City Guilds, NVQ, NICEIC and EAL Electrical Qualifications

    Accredited Green Deal Training Courses! City Guilds plus many more.

    CPC, Forklift Truck, PASMA, IPAF MEWP Qualifications

    City and Guilds, NICEIC, Logic and BPEC Solar PV Qualifications

    Trade Skills Offers All types of offshore training through it nationwide network including.

    City and Guilds, SIA Door Supervisor, CCTV, Close Protection and Conflict Management

    Gas Training Engineer Qualifications

    City Guilds, NVQ and F-Gas Classroom and E-learning Qualifications

    City Guilds, NVQ and Diploma Locksmith Qualifications

    Cuty Guilds Basic, Intermediate and Advanceed Qualifications

    We now offer a range of e-learning software programmes which produce a cost effective solution.

    Recent Blog Entries

    The Necessity of PASMA Training

    There are two excellent reasons why pasma training is so essential. First reason is a legal issue. The Work at Height Regulations state that anyone who is working on a mobile access tower must be competent or be supervised by someone.

    The Best PASMA Training Courses in the UK

    There are many places in the UK where you can easily attend the one day pasma training course. The course is designed for anyone who has to operate or oversee the operation of mobile access towers. You can decide to attend the.

    Fundamental Inspection Testing Training

    If you have limited experience testing or inspecting electrical installations further electrical training may be essential. There is an excellent course available which will not only give you a qualification; it will teach you the.

    Animal Care Courses #animal #care #courses,animal #courses,animal #studies


    Animal Care Courses

    Animal Jobs Direct is approved and accredited by OCN, Lantra, ABC Awards, ASDAN and AIM all national awarding bodies. Our tutors and course writers are experienced animal care professionals, experts in their field and passionate about animal care and welfare.

    Our animal care courses are put together following the standards of the QCF (Qualifications and Credit Framework) and learners can be assured of excellent standards and the best quality of study materials available.

    Our courses are unique as we place great emphasis on ethics and welfare in the animal care. The feedback from students is a testimony to the passion and commitment of everyone at Animal Jobs Direct, dedicated to providing the highly informative animal care courses that raise the standards in animal care education.

    Animal Jobs Direct offers free careers advice to anyone wanting to work with animals. Whether you have just left school or are looking for a new career, please contact us for free animal care and conservation careers and training advice .

    It’s never too late to turn your compassion for animals into a rewarding career. Graduates include school leavers to mature students and there are no age limits. Our courses are open to students worldwide.

    There are no time limits to completing these courses and our animal courses from level 1 – 4 are open entry and there are no prior qualifications necessary.

    You may be eligible to receive funding towards your studies. Please visit our Course Funding section for more information.

    If you prefer to study at college here is a list of colleges that also offer Animal Care Courses.

    Please click here for a list of Frequently asked Questions about our courses

    All Animal Jobs Direct Students are eligible to apply for the NUS Extra Student Card

    NUS Extra Student Card information for Animal Jobs Direct Students:

    This is the number 1 student discount card, with over 200 UK student discounts and 1 year FREE ISIC un-locking over 42,000 international discounts, it is available to all Animal Jobs Direct Students.

    NUS extra has the best student discounts around that you can use online and in store. Top brands include: 10% off at The Co-operative Food, 5% off at Amazon, 10% off ASOS, Up to 40% off at PizzaExpress, 25% off Odeon student priced tickets.

    The NUS extra card comes with 1 year free ISIC. The ISIC card is the only internationally accepted proof of certified student status. The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) is your access to fantastic discounts and services at home and around the world. Your ISIC card is accepted in over 130 countries, as well as at your favourite UK high street retailers, restaurants, attractions, and more. Exclusive discounts on worldwide flights, including STA Travel Discounted rates at hotels & hostels worldwide. Recognised by universities, academic institutions, student organisations & national governments worldwide. Endorsed by international organisations such as UNESCO and the European Council. it provides over 42,000 international discounts in over 130 countries including: 30% off Lonely Planet, 20% off Eurolines, 5% off Homestay!

    We offer course discounts for group charity staff and volunteer course bookings; please contact us to discuss your training requirements

    Not sure which course is right for you or want some careers advice?

    For advice on which course would be suitable or to discuss a career path in animal care please contact us.

    Course Categories:

    UAB – Information Engineering – Management #engineering, #professional, #masters #degree, #engineering #management,


    Masters of Engineering Management
    Information Engineering Management
    Online Campus

    What to expect from Our Information Engineering Management (IEM) Master s Program:

    Entrepreneurship focus on Engineering IT management
    Invest 2 days a month for 20 months 100% online
    Engineering undergraduate degree not required
    Flexible classes that fit into work and family schedules
    All online student clients pay in-state tuition
    Real-world focus with immediate life/job use
    Faculty comprised of employed industry leaders
    No GRE/GMAT required for admission

    Is IEM right for you? Here’s what we look for:

    Who we are:

    IEM stands for Information Engineering and Management. We are an executive master degree available in house or 100% online. providing an entrepreneurial focus to engineering and technology.

    Why you want a master degree in Information Engineering and Management:

    You will learn how to network effectively, identify your strengths, bolster your weaknesses, and you will gain the technical skills and perspectives you cannot get anywhere else.

    Termination Guidelines, by Jeffrey Barnett, Psy #termination, #psychotherapy, #counseling, #abrupt, #treatment #plan,


    Termination Guidelines

  • Clarify expectations and obligations from the outset. The Office Policies are the best way to articulate and discuss such expectations and obligations. (Zur Institute’s Clinical Forms .)
  • Be familiar with the relevant guidelines and standards in your professions’ Codes of Ethics with regards to termination and abandonment issues. Summary of the different Codes of Ethics on Termination Psychotherapy and Counseling
  • Some terminations are short and swift, while others may be long and protracted. Then termination can have different meanings and be just an end of a phase in intermittent-long-term therapy. The form and type of termination depends on the client, setting of therapy, therapeutic orientation, quality and type of therapist-client relationship and the therapist.
  • If necessary, review with patients their insurance coverage, limits to managed care contracts, and how utilization review may impact on termination. Set up arrangements for addressing patient treatment needs if continued authorization is denied.
  • Make adequate arrangements for coverage during any periods of planned or unplanned absences.
  • Provide patients with referrals to other treatment sources, if needed, and work to assist them in their transition to other health care providers.
  • Be cautious in regard to termination of patients who are in crisis. Try to avoid terminating clients who are in acute or temporary crisis due to payment issues.
  • The average number of visits among U.S. patients receiving psychotherapy in 2007 was 8 sessions, according to a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry.
  • 41 percent of patients in the U.S. quit psychotherapy “prematurely,” according to a 2010 study in the journal Psychotherapy Theory, Research, Practice, Training.
  • Many clients unilaterally decide to drop out of therapy. They may do that with a phone message or by simply not showing up to their next scheduled appointment. You must remember that it is the client’s prerogative and choice whether to continue in therapy or not. Except in extreme situations, such as when the client poses a danger to self or others, you need to respect their choice. Do not tacitly condone patients dropping out of treatment when your clinical judgment indicates continued care is needed. When clinically and otherwise appropriate, notify the patient of your assessment and recommendations. There is no ethical, clinical or legal mandate to send a registered letter to client. Different clients and situations may require different actions and, at times, lack of action.
  • The question of whether therapists need to send a letter to clients who unilaterally dropped out (i.e. pre-mature termination) was recently addressed by Davis & Younggren in a 2009 PPRP article, where they clearly stated “In ordinary circumstances, however, letters are typically unnecessary and potentially counterproductive to the natural dissolution of the relationship (Davis, 2008). For instance, the client might feel embarrassed or scolded for his or her oblique termination and be less inclined to return. The client might perceive the psychotherapist’s actions as controlling and unnecessarily intrusive. It might seem that the psychotherapist is trying to break up with the client or get rid of him or her with such a formal action. Routine letters of closure not only present an unrealistic administrative burden on the provider, they add to the risk of negative client reactions.” (p. 575)
  • It is not unusual for therapy to break down rather than go through a smooth, clear or distinct termination process with patients with personality disorders (i.e. BPD) or those who were diagnosed with severe mental illness, such as schizophrenia or Bi-Polar disorders. Termination with these clients can be very abrupt or very long, painful, confusing and tumultuous. Obviously, each case should be handled according to the specific context of therapy. The context of therapy includes client, setting, therapy and therapist factors.
  • You can terminate treatment with clients (or another person with whom the client has a relationship) who threaten or stalk you, your family member or your employees via phone, email, online, in-person or other means. You can also terminate treatment with clients who intrude into your private life via the Internet or in “real” life. You are allowed to protect your privacy and secure your own, your family members’ and employee’s sense of privacy and safety. (Document, document and document.)
  • You must terminate therapy when it becomes reasonably clear that the patient no longer needs the service, is not likely to benefit, or is being harmed by continued service. For those patients who have ongoing treatment needs, when appropriate, one should offer to provide them with assistance with referrals to other appropriately trained and accessible professionals (except when we are being threatened, assaulted, stalked, or other relevant situations).
  • Document discussions of termination issues, agreements reached, decisions made and their rationale, and, when relevant, document the recommendations and follow-ups. Purchase a Termination Summary form
  • Termination of treatment is not always a permanent ending of the professional relationship. Termination is often not relevant during, or an end of phase in, intermittent-long-term psychotherapy. These forms of therapy may continue throughout the life span of individuals and families.
  • Termination is a phase of each patient’s treatment. If possible and appropriate, plan for it, prepare for it, process it. Additionally, each clinician should consider termination in light of their theoretical orientation and treatment approach, each patient’s/client’s diagnosis and treatment needs, and any relevant diversity factors that might impact the process.

  • List of Free Online Management Courses and Lessons #project #management #online #course,


    List of Free Online Management Courses and Lessons

    Online Management Courses for Credit

    Free management courses are available online and don’t require students to register or pay tuition. However, these courses don’t generally lead to college credit. Students who want to earn credit may want to check out options that charge a nominal fee in exchange for access to online lessons. These fee-based courses help students prepare to earn alternative forms of college credit. features this type of online learning through its timely and informative video lessons and self-assessment quizzes. There are also free transcripts available for all of the video lessons. Both the transcripts and the video lessons can help students earn real college credit. Students who explore the Business 101: Principles of Management course will find lessons on these topics and more:

    • Classical School of Management – Examine Max Weber’s impersonal management theory, Gantt charts, Henri Fayol’s management principles and Chester Barnard’s informal organizations theory.
    • Behavioral School of Management Theory – Learn about the human relations approach, the Hawthorne Effect and the Needs theory in this chapter.
    • Motivation in the Workplace – Topics in this chapter include the Pygmalion Effect, Herzberg’s theory on hygiene and motivation, equity theory of motivation and employee empowerment methods.
    • Human Resources – Find out about the hiring process, employee orientations, training programs, employee compensation and collective bargaining.
    • Production and Quality Assurance – Subjects covered in this chapter address managers’ role in quality assurance, total quality management principles and ISO 9000 certification.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Actuarial Sciences
    • Business and Commerce, General
    • Business Statistics
    • Customer Service Management
    • eCommerce
    • Logistics, Distribution, and Materials Management
    • Management Science
    • Office Management
    • Operations Management
    • Public and Nonprofit Organizational Management
    • Purchases, Acquisitions, and Contracts Management
    • Transportation Management

    Free Online Non-Credited Management Courses

    Learners TV

    The Management Science I course on Learners TV consists of several videos, most of them ranging from about 30 minutes to almost an hour. Video topics include job enrichment, management concepts, organizational development and corporate social responsibilities.

    Project and Production Management contains videos that are roughly one hour in length, covering topics like project appraisal, team building and inventory principles. Business Management offers shorter, roughly 30-minute videos on subjects like marketing strategies, selling and corporate planning. While none of the classes offered by Learners TV offer academic credit, users can learn about a variety of managerial topics.

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    MIT’s OpenCourseWare doesn’t offer academic credit, but the school does offer free courses on a number of subjects. Managerial Psychology is focused on behavioral science theories that can be used in a work setting. Students are taught through lecture notes, assignments, quizzes and papers. Lecture note topics include motivation, negotiation and organizational change.

    Management Communication for Undergraduates is a seminar focused on communication, speaking and teamwork skills for managers. The course includes assignments, problem sets and various study materials, such as guides and feedback forms. Strategic HR Management is a graduate course that can show students how to create and carry out human resource management strategies. Course materials include assignment questions, readings, case write-ups, quizzes and a final exam.

    Master Class Management Leadership Training consists of ten lessons with numerous sections. Lesson topics include marketing, sales, decision making skills, employee hiring and department organization. Each lesson includes a quiz at the end, and some include short stories.

    The Open University

    The Open University offers self-taught classes without academic credit. Discovering Management is a graduate-level course that introduces users to management activities for operations management, project management, finance and stakeholder management. A glossary is included with the course, as well as a list of references.

    Understanding Management is an introductory class that helps students cultivate their own method of management, manage their time and develop people skills. Understanding Operations Management is an advanced class where users can learn about supply and demand, manufacturing production and customer satisfaction. A unit summary is included in the course, along with a list of further readings.

    University of California at Irvine

    Introduction to Project Management lays out the fundamental concepts behind project management. Course topics include project management techniques and product-oriented processes. The course requires students to purchase a project management guide for supplemental reading. Training and Human Resources Development explores how managers and leaders can successfully train a company’s employees. Lessons are given on strategic direction and training delivery methods.

    University of Michigan

    Policy and Management in the Nonprofit Sector doesn’t offer academic credit but is a graduate-level course that teaches students about issues related to the nonprofit sector, including sector tensions and helping future policymakers develop positions on policy issues. Course materials include lectures and handouts.

    Next: View Schools

    Students in Doctor of Management programs learn to plan and implement change within an organization, act as leaders in a global.

    Associate’s degrees in business management prepare students to enter the world of business in entry-level management positions.

    The MBA degree remains one of the most popular among working professionals because it can lead to higher-paying management.

    Although a Bachelor of Management isn’t typically available, students can complete a Bachelor of Arts in Management or a.

    The schools in the listing below are not free and may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. Tuition and costs will vary across programs and locations. Be sure to always request tuition information before starting a program.

    An admission advisor from each school can provide more info about:

    • programs curriculum
    • career opportunities
    • tuition financial aid
    • admissions starting dates

    1 Kaplan University

    • Doctor of Business Administration – Management
    • Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership – Organizational Development
    • M.B.A. with an Emphasis in Project Management
    • MBA and MS in Leadership (Dual Degree)
    • MBA: Leadership
    • MS in Leadership
    • MBA
    • Master of Science in Business Analytics
    • BS in Applied Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Business for Secondary Education
    • BS in Entrepreneurial Studies
    • BS in Business Admin.
    • Bachelor of Science in Applied Business Analytics
    • View more
    • Master of Business Administration – Management (Spanish)
    • BA in Business Administration – Management
    • Business Administration, BA – Management
    • AA in Accounting
    • Graduate Business Certificate – Management and Leadership

  • Department of Music #university #of #chicago #online #courses


    Department of Music

    Department of Music

    Performance Opportunities on Campus

    Are you looking for performance opportunities at UChicago? Read our Performance Program FAQ. Learn more.

  • Announcing the Chicago Center for Contemporary Composition Inaugural Postdoctoral Fellow Aaron Helgeson

    A new collaborative environment for the creation, performance and study of music, as well as the advancement of the careers of emerging and established composers, performers and scholars. Details.

  • Undergraduate Study

    Read the FAQ to learn more about the Department s undergraduate offerings. More information.

  • Augusta Read Thomas featured in Huffington Post s Music I (Mostly) Hold Dear

    The music of Augusta Read Thomas was recently featured in Huffington Post’s “Music I (Mostly) Hold Dear” by Daniel Asia.

    Asia writes about the composer’s work EOS (Goddess of the Dawn), displayed in a new release by the Utah Symphony.

    “Thomas’s music is, above all, colorful. Her bright dazzling colors transform over time, so that we are drawn into their metamorphosis,” says Asia.

    Philip Gossett, scholar of 19th-century Italian opera, 1941–2017

    We are saddened by the loss of Philip Gossett, Robert W. Reneker Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus and former Dean of the Humanities Division. Gossett served as Chair of the Department of Music from 1978-84, and again in 1989.

    Read about Phil’s life and legacy in the articles below.

    PhD Candidate Lindsay Wright wins National Academy of Education Spencer Dissertation Fellowship

    Congratulations to Lindsay Wright, PhD candidate in music theory, for winning a prestigious National Academy of Education Spencer Dissertation Fellowship.

    Augusta Read Thomas commissioned by consortium led by Santa Fe Opera, San Francisco Opera

    Augusta Read Thomas has been commissioned by a consortium of opera companies, led by the Santa Fe Opera in association with the San Francisco Opera. Her new opera will receive its world premiere in 2019 at the Santa Fe Opera, and will be realized in collaboration with librettist Jason Kim.

    Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan #communication #courses



    Post Graduate Courses

    • Journalism (English Medium)
    • Journalism (Hindi Medium)
    • Mass Communication (English)
    • Mass Communication (Hindi)
    • Public Relations
    • Business Journalism
    • Industrial Relations Personnel Mgmt
    • Marketing Sales Mgmt
    • Marketing, Advertising Sales Mgmt
    • Event Management
    • Banking, Insurance Financial Mgmt
    • International Trade
    • Storage Materials Mgmt
    • Effective Entrepreneurship Development

    Weekend courses for 12 th pass

    • Office Management Secretarial Practices (one-year)

    Three-month weekend programme

    (Web Design, SEO, SMO, PPC, Google Ad words, Mobile Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

    Minimum qualification 12 th Passed

    Courses recognized by Government of India, Ministry of Education.

    MMC Degree
    Guru Jambheshwar University, Hissar

    (NAAC Accredited UGC recognised University)

    Our Students of PG Diploma in Journalism, Mass Communication and Public Relations are eligible to get MMC Degree of Guru Jambheshwar University, Hissar after passing 2nd year of MMC through Correspondence.

    Bhavan s Founder President Kulapati K. M. Munshi

    Bhavan s Founder President
    Kulapati K. M. Munshi

    (December 30, 1887
    February 8, 1971)

    The Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, an internationally reputed institution dedicated to the promotion of education and culture, is a charitable public trust founded by Dr. K.M. Munshi on November 7, 1938.

    The founding members of the Bhavan include Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of the Republic of India, Shri C. Rajagopalachari. the first Indian and last Governor General of India; Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. the first Prime Minister of free India; Sardar Patel. Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, several distinguished scholars, statesmen and leaders of modern Indian renaissance.

    From small beginning, the Bhavan has grown into a great intellectual, cultural and educational movement with 112 Kendras in India, 8 overseas Centres (in United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Portugal, South Africa, Kuwait, Mexico and Australia) and 280 constituent institutions, besides a number of affiliated colleges.

    For more information about Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan click here

    Vastushastra / Numerology / Palmistry Courses: 12,000/- (Inclusive of Service Tax)

    Fee Structure: Vastushastra / Numerology / Palmistry Courses

    Fee Rs. 12,000/- * (One time payment inclusive of Service Taxes, examination and Diploma)

    Before the commencement of the classes.

    80% of total fees paid will be refunded if any written request is made.

    After the commencement of the classes :

    Those who have not attended any class are eligible for refund of 75% of deposited fee till the end of the first week.


    *All Fee payable in the form of Cash/ DD/Paytm in favour of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , payble at Uco Bank, K.G.Marg, New Delhi. Cheques are not acceptable.

    Admission on first come first served basis

    Certificate Course in Yoga Vidya
    (6 Months Course)

    IMPORTANT: While every care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information furnished in this website, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan does not accept any responsibility or liability for any damage or loss to any person for the result of any action taken on the basis of these information. However, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan shall be obliged if errors / omissions are brought to its notice for carrying out corrections in the next update.

    Courses – StudyCat – Free Online Courses in Computer Science, Programming, Science


    All About Free Online StudyCat Courses
    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are StudyCat Courses are all FREE?
    – Yes. All the StudyCat Online Courses are Free.

    2. What are the subjects in which StudyCat Online Courses are available?
    – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Programming are the courses in which StudyCat Open Online Courses are available.

    3. Will I get a Certificate after completing the courses?
    – Yes. You will receive a certificate of accomplishment after successfully completing all the projects and assignments of the course, signed by the instructor.

    4. What are the benefits of taking StudyCat Online Courses?
    – Learning is always an integral part of life and is a never ending process. StudyCat courses are fruitful in best environments where the user is free from all external pressure and focuses on learning. However, these courses are also fruitful towards company promotions and career advancements.

    5. What are Programming Courses?
    – Programming Courses refer to Computer Science and Programming Courses in which we learn how to teach computers to perform a specific task by specifying certain rules. These Computer Science and Programming Free Online Open Courses are mostly free and offer certificates of special achievement once passed.

    6. What are Special Certificates of Achievement for Free Online Open Courses?
    – Special Certificates of Achievement For Free Online Open Courses are available only for Programming Courses. These courses are special courses which have special focus on computer programming and Information Technology and are essential requirements for future technology.

    7. Who is eligible to take online course from StudyCat?
    – Currently there are no eligibility criteria for Online StudyCat Courses. Anyone who wants to learn something is welcome to learn from StudyCat – An Open Online Free Learning Courses Initiative by

    8. Do StudyCat offers Free Online Cloud Computing courses?
    – Yes. They are now available.

    StudyCat is an Independent and Inspired Initiative of This initiative was started to focus providing free and valuable online resources for learners. Learners can find free online courses regarding Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Programming. Just sign up for the newsletters and we tell you how to take up the courses once they are available with our partners. This Initiative is community supported and all kinds of suggestions are welcome. Please write us back through our contact us form through Contact us page.

    Learning Science and Technology is one of the fundamental requirements for child’s growth. Science helps us understand more about nature, while technology helps us apply our understanding of nature. Because advanced Science and Technology Courses are generally inaccessible, StudyCat has brought to you great mix of Online Courses, both free and paid (mostly FREE).

    StudyCat is an Independent Initiative started to make Online Learning more accessible across the Web and other platforms. With StudyCat. learn more from Free Featured Online Courses, Participate in Exclusively Sponsored Events to Showcase your talents and much more.
    StudyCat aims in providing Free and Fair Education in areas of Science, Engineering and Technology for all. This education is very important for individual growth and understanding of nature.

    Currently StudyCat teams are focusing on additional research in areas such as learning through Recreation, Games and other Entertainment sources which help children learn in more focused way and learn more efficiently. StudyCat focuses on making learning faster, easier and enjoyable process. For making this true, our Course partners have designed the courses keeping in mind with our special requirements. Our Courses are specially designed to encourage learning Science, Engineering and Technology and motivating users to understand nature much better than before.