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Texas Criminal Laws

Texas’ criminal statutes identify a wide range of conduct considered illegal, such as theft or murder, made punishable by fines, imprisonment, and other sanctions. Criminal laws and sanctions in Texas are similar to those of other states, but the Lone Star State is unique in a number of ways, such as its tough penalties for drug offenses and frequent use of the death penalty. This section covers a wide variety of Texas criminal laws, including statutes prohibiting child abuse, kidnapping, extortion, and illicit drugs. Speak with a Texas criminal law attorney if you have additional questions or need legal representation.

Learn About Texas Criminal Laws

The basics of assault and battery law under Texas statute. Criminal assault is the threat of violence and criminal battery is the unwanted touching (such as hitting) of another person.

Overview of Texas domestic violence laws, beginning with the legal grounds for charging defendants with the crime, penalties and sentences for offenders, information for victims, and links to related resources.

The main provisions of Texas capital punishment laws, which govern when and how the death penalty may be applied as a punishment for particularly serious crimes, like first degree murder.

Details about the Texas Controlled Substances Act and its prohibition of illicit drug possession, including classifications, defenses to possession charges, penalties for offenders, and links to other drug-related resources.

Despite the popularity of Texas Hold ‘Em, gambling is strictly prohibited in Texas except for dog and horse racing. This page summarizes gambling laws in the Lone Star State.

Basics of Texas sexual assault (or rape) laws, which prohibit the commission of sexual acts against an unwilling partner, often through force or threat of force.

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Burlington Police Department Recruitment Open House

Click here for a flyer announcing an open house to be held by the Burlington Police Department Saturday, April 1st, 2017, from 10 am to 2 pm. This event will be held at the Burlington Police Department, 267 West Front Street in Burlington. Individuals interested in a law enforcement career will obtain in-depth insight of what it is like to be a Burlington Police Officer. Hourly. Burlington Police Department Recruitment Open House Read more

Opportunity for Mock Interviews

The Rock Hill Police Department will be visiting campus on Monday, March 13. There will be a 20 minute mock interview with 10 minutes of feedback on resume and interview skills. Click here for more information. Opportunity for Mock Interviews Read more

Declaration Process

Processing change of majors/minors begins today, Monday, February 27. Click the following links for more information. Click here for instructions to declare Pre-Criminal Justice. Click here for instructions to declare the Criminal Justice major. Click here for instructions to declare the Criminal Justice minor. If you complete the declaration process by March 23, 2017, you will. Declaration Process Read more

Three Criminal Justice and Criminology Faculty Awarded $500,000 Grant

Dr. Shannon Reid, Dr. Shelley Listwan, and Dr. Jennifer Hartman were recently awarded an approximately $500,000 award from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention to evaluate a juvenile program focused on assisting youths who experienced trauma. The project entitled “Evaluating TARGET Trauma-Informed Juvenile Program in Community Corrections” is aimed at advancing evidence-based. Three Criminal Justice and Criminology Faculty Awarded $500,000 Grant Read more

Criminal Records Research Specialist Position Available

Background Investigation Bureau is looking for candidates for Criminal Records Research Specialist Position. Click here for more information. Contact Rosa Mateo if you have any questions. Criminal Records Research Specialist Position Available Read more

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If you are charged with a crime

If you are being questioned by the police

If you are under criminal investigation


Haymaker Heroux, P.C. is a Nashville, Tennessee based criminal defense law firm practicing in both State and Federal Courts.

Haymaker Heroux is dedicated to providing excellence in the area of criminal defense.

Haymaker Heroux has a team mentality. When the complexities of a case require the efforts of more than one lawyer, Haymaker Heroux will bring its team of lawyers to your defense.

Make no mistake, the prosecution will use every asset available to win a case and has the technical and financial resources of State and Federal law enforcement agencies at its disposal. The legal team of Haymaker Heroux is ready, willing and able stand between you and the Government to protect your liberty and present the best criminal defense for you and your loved ones.

The clients of Haymaker Heroux benefit from the knowledge that they are being represented by criminal defense professionals devoted to providing the best possible defense to persons charged with crimes.

In the criminal context every person has rights which include: the right to counsel, the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to a speedy public trial by jury, the right to not testify against oneself, the right to cross examination, and the right to appeal. Over the years, many of these rights have been reduced or qualified by the Courts. The law is complex, and persons charged with crimes need the best legal representation available to ensure that these and other rights are protected. Haymaker Heroux, P.C. having handled hundreds of criminal cases, brings years of criminal defense experience to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected.

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime, it is imperative that you secure the best legal defense available. Time is of the essence, and valuable legal advantages can be lost by waiting to secure legal representation. Haymaker Heroux is here to help you in your time of need. Contact us so that we may discuss your case. The consultation is free, and if you are unable to afford our services, we will gladly refer you to other legal defense resources.

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Criminal Law

You ve seen it time after time on primetime television police shows cops slapping the cuffs on a perp and reading him his rights: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and

Many people believe that if they are arrested and not read their rights, they can escape punishment. Not true. But if the police fail to read a suspect his or her rights, the prosecutor can t use anything the suspect says as evidence against the suspect at trial.

A person s first thought upon landing in jail is often how to get out — and fast. The usual way to do this is to post bail . Bail is cash or a cash equivalent that an arrested person gives to a court to ensure that he will appear in court when ordered to do so. If the defendant appears in court at the proper time, the court refunds the bail. But if the defendant doesn t show up, the court keeps the bail and issues a warrant for the defendant s arrest.

Even the most well-intentioned prosecutors file charges against innocent suspects occasionally. Regardless of the reason charges were filed, innocent defendants want to know what they or preferably, their lawyers can do to avoid a conviction. So, other than going to trial, how can defendants avoid a guilty plea or verdict?

Defendants charged with crimes are almost always best served by obtaining a lawyer, for the reasons explained below.

As anyone who has ever contested a traffic ticket knows, courts frequently assume that whatever an officer says is the truth, even when witnesses refute the police s version of events.

The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution provides that no person shall “be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb.”

Disorderly conduct (also called disturbing the peace in some states) is a crime that usually involves some kind of offensive or disruptive public activity. Criminal statutes in some states include public intoxication as one kind of behavior that can be considered disorderly conduct. In other states, public intoxication is a separate criminal offense, while the laws in other jurisdictions might include a crime called drunk and disorderly conduct. This article highlights disorderly conduct and public intoxication laws.

Manslaughter is an unlawful killing that doesn’t involve malice aforethought—intent to seriously harm or kill, or extreme, reckless disregard for life. The absence of malice aforethought means that manslaughter involves less moral blame than either first or second degree murder. (But plenty argue

A criminal record can create difficult downstream consequences whether you (or your child) was arrested or convicted (or both). For example, employers and landlords commonly ask job applicants and apartment seekers whether they have ever been convicted of (or perhaps even arrested for) a criminal offense.

A noncitizen of the U.S. whether an undocumented immigrant or a lawful permanent resident (a green card holder) needs to understand the immigration consequences of any crime that he or she faces

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New York Criminal Defense Attorneys

At the toughest time of your life, you need the toughest New York criminal defense attorneys. The Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman is a full service New York criminal defense firm which has handled and won some of the largest and most difficult criminal cases in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and all over the country. Recognized by peers, judges and the media as tenacious advocates for those charged with serious state and federal crimes, we understand that being charged with a crime is perhaps the single most terrifying experience anyone can have and that you need a fighter in your corner to get through it. Through exhaustive pretrial preparation we have managed to get dozens of cases dismissed including such serious federal cases as RICO violations and wrecked other prosecutions through meticulous investigations which have revealed major credibility problems with the prosecution’s witnesses. Unlike many lawyers you can find on the internet spouting their own false praise, our New York criminal defense lawyers have a track record of success second to none in the criminal law community in New York City you can look it up.

A 26 Year Record of Success.

The Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman is headed by New York trial attorney Jeffrey Lichtman who is nationally known for his successful advocacy on behalf of high profile clients and for those charged in the most difficult of criminal cases. With over 26 years of practice on some of the country’s largest stages, Mr. Lichtman has developed a cross-examination style described in the media as a relentless pounding in which witnesses were put through the blender and shredded. We have handled major federal cases including trials in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and all over the country; New York state cases in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Nassau/Suffolk Counties, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island, Albany and Westchester.

Recent cases successfully defended include tax fraud, extortion, structuring, assault, bribery, kidnapping, narcotics offenses, murder and conspiracy to murder, firearms offenses, money laundering, Medicaid fraud, securities fraud, and DWI/DUI. In addition, we have successfully handled federal, state and IRS tax investigations and have managed to end them before they become criminal cases, preserving your freedom and career.

Our trial practice has been very successful and not just in the run of the mill cases: we represented John Gotti, Jr. in a nearly two month federal trial which ended with the dismissal of three murder conspiracy charges, an acquittal on a $25 million securities fraud charge and a deadlocked jury on all remaining counts. This case and many more we have had are seemingly long shots but not to us. If you hire a law firm which puts the time in, any case is winnable. A legal strategy can be found to handle any set of facts as long as your lawyer is willing to think outside the box and truly be innovative. And the concepts we employ to win these high profile cases have been used to assist doctors, attorneys, accountants, hedge fund owners, musicians and police officers win their cases as well. Sometimes you can win even when pleading guilty: our enviable success at trial and exhaustive witness preparation have led to very favorable plea bargains with prosecutors, rather than their risking a loss after a trial.

Motion and Appellate Practice.

Our motion and appellate practice has also borne fruit: recently in Newark, New Jersey, a client had his 27 year sentence for sexual assault vacated and walked out of prison a free man after we successfully argued that he was denied constitutionally effective assistance of trial counsel. Additionally, in late 2015 we successfully moved to dismiss a $6 million Medicaid fraud case in Albany prior to trial; the client had been facing 25 years in prison. We have won dozens of suppression motions which have severely compromised the government s cases against our clients, leading to very favorable plea offers.

Call Us Today For a Free Consultation.

Picking a criminal attorney is perhaps the most important decision of your life as your freedom and your family s future rests upon it. Finding the best criminal attorney in New York is difficult due to the unending hyperbole found on the internet and the attorney ratings service which can be manipulated with fake reviews. Yes, at the Law Offices of Jeffrey Lichtman we are rated the highest possible score on every legal ratings service. But more importantly, our verifiable 26 year record of success in the most difficult criminal cases in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and throughout the country are the reason you should contact us today to discuss your own legal case. Our New York criminal defense attorneys understand what you are going through and are willing to go the extra mile to get your legal problem fixed. Call us 24 hours a day to speak with an attorney today.

We are proud to announce the Jeffrey Lichtman Criminal Justice Reform Scholarship. This annual $1,000 award will be presented to a higher education student who we feel embodies and effectively communicates our shared belief in the need for true reform in the criminal justice arena that includes comprehensive review of existing sentencing guidelines and possible eradication of mandatory minimum sentences.

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Criminal Justice Colleges in Florida

Criminal justice schools in Florida prepare you for police and law enforcement jobs in The Sunshine State. Learn more about your education options today.

Florida Criminal Justice Colleges

Students of criminal justice colleges in Florida can find plenty to do when not studying for school. Whether cheering on professional sports teams like the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Heat, soaking in some rays in one of the state’s beautiful beaches, or visiting amusement parks like SeaWorld or Busch Gardens, you’ll find lots of opportunities for relaxation. Law enforcement and police jobs in Florida are also in plentiful supply. The National Institute of Corrections reports that the crime rate in Florida was about 24 percent higher than the national average in 2008. That same year, the state’s incarceration rate was 20 percent higher than the national average. Because the state features a higher crime and incarceration rate than average, working towards a degree at Florida criminal justice colleges increases your hiring potential in a field that’s in-demand in the state.

Salaries Outlook For Law Enforcement Jobs in Florida

Workers in protective service occupations in Florida earned mean annual wages of $38,350 in 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. Take a look at the mean annual wages for law enforcement jobs in Florida for that same year, according to the BLS. For comparison, national wages are in parentheses:

  • Correctional Officers and Jailers: $39,060 ($42,610)
  • Private Detectives and Investigators: $46,490 ($47,130)
  • Detectives and Criminal Investigators: $63,960 ($65,860)
  • Police and Sheriff’s Patrol Officers: $53,970 ($55,180)

Graduates of criminal justice colleges in Florida may have the best career chances in the state’s largest cities: Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. Whether you’re looking for a career in law enforcement, forensics, legal professions, corrections, or another criminal justice career, the job training you’ll find at local criminal justice colleges in Florida can get you started.

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We get you out of debt fast

Bankruptcy with Dignity

No Tricks or Gimmicks

Friendly, Compassionate Staff

Meet My Team

We have one of the friendliest and most helpful offices in Macomb County, or anywhere for that matter. Our staff is friendly, honest and outgoing. Every person here is here because they are the best at what they do and they do it consistently with compassion and professionalism. We are never stuffy or overly formal. We never let our phone go to voice mail during regular business hours. We are always here and available to answer your questions.

As an experienced Macomb County bankruptcy lawyer, Jeffrey J. Randa understands that bankruptcy is difficult, but no matter how bad things may seem right now, our team can help you find a reason to smile. In the end, we make things better for you.

Our staff will carefully and thoroughly review every detail of your case. As a result, our firm has a 100 percent success rate with our bankruptcy clients. Search around and you will be hard-pressed to find another firm that can boast such success.

If you are struggling with too many bills, we can help make them disappear in no time. You will wish you had called us sooner, instead of having wasted months, if not years, stressing out over endless payments on balances that never go down. We believe that bankruptcy is often the best means to get back on your feet and regain your peace of mind.

Phone NEVER Goes to Voice Mail – always Personally Answered

Contact Our Bankruptcy Law Firm Today

We completely understand how an unfortunate circumstance can affect a person’s life. Nobody imagines they will ever have to file for bankruptcy. The reality, however, is that these things do happen.

The question then becomes, what are you going to do about it? Nothing will get better by waiting or ignoring the problem; you have to do something. Jeffrey J. Randa has been working hard in Macomb County for more than 20 years and is here to help you move forward.

Whatever your circumstances, from the moment you pick up the phone and call our office, your experience will be pleasant and informal, even though your concerns are serious. We will make sure that you see how helpful and kind our office is right from the start. You will be glad you called us.

Our office is conveniently located on Main Street in downtown Mt. Clemens, Michigan, across the street from the county court building. We help people who live in the Macomb, Oakland, Wayne, St. Clair and Sanilac counties get out of debt and enjoy the fresh start they deserve.

The Difference Between a Chapter 13 and a Chapter 7

The two most common types of bankruptcies are a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Although we do not practice Chapter 13 bankruptcies in our office, they still need to be mentioned because if you are not eligible for a chapter 7, you most likely will file a chapter 13. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy View Article

What You Should Know About Payday Loans

The payday loan industry is a controversial one, with regular disagreements over what regulations should be placed on payday lenders. As lawmakers explore regulating the payday loan industry, one man who played a major role in bringing payday loans to Michigan speaks out about his experience with the payday loan empire that he operated. As View Article

Men and Women Have Different Reasons for Seeking Bankruptcy Protection

Bankruptcies occur among people of both genders. However, men are more likely than women to go bankrupt. One study of bankruptcies over the course of 2014 found that 60 percent of the debtors who went bankrupt were male compared with 40 percent of the debtors who were female. However, the number of bankruptcies among women View Article

ELMI Occupation Report for Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers, Postsecondary –


Education and Training – Knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, and the measurement of training effects.

English Language – Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.

Psychology – Knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, personality, and interests; learning and motivation; psychological research methods; and the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders.

Public Safety and Security – Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures, and strategies to promote effective local, state, or national security operations for the protection of people, data, property, and institutions.

Sociology and Anthropology – Knowledge of group behavior and dynamics, societal trends and influences, human migrations, ethnicity, cultures and their history and origins.

Administration and Management – Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.

Clerical – Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems such as word processing, managing files and records, stenography and transcription, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology.

Communications and Media – Knowledge of media production, communication, and dissemination techniques and methods. This includes alternative ways to inform and entertain via written, oral, and visual media.

Computers and Electronics – Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. Revised every two years, the Handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations.

Go to Occupational Outlook Handbook

Handbook occupations related to Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers, Postsecondary :

CareerOneStop is.

  • Your source for employment information and inspiration
  • The place to manage your career
  • Your pathway to career success
  • Tools to help job seekers, students, businessess and career professionals

    O*NET Online is an interactive web site for those interested in exploring occupations through O*NET, The Occupational Information Network database. All of the descriptive information on this page comes from the O*NET database, version 18.1, released March 2014. The O*NET database takes the place of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) as the nation’s primary source of occupational information.

  • For additional information on Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers, Postsecondary. go to O*NET Online Detail Report .

  • Home page is at

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    Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney

    Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Being Charged with a Crime can be Overwhelming

    Many people who have to deal with the criminal justice system complain that it is broken. Especially for individuals who are involved with the system for the first time, being charged with a crime can be overwhelming. The bureaucracy and inefficiency can be staggering, particularly in a city like L.A. which is extremely large and has multiple courts and judges.

    You need an attorney who has experience navigating the maze of courts, deadlines, and paperwork. You need someone on your side who is familiar with the working styles of the numerous judges and prosecutors throughout Los Angeles county. Someone who knows what to file when, and how to craft your defense with an eye towards achieving the best possible outcome in a timely manner.

    Attorney Mark Gallagher knows the negative effects that a criminal charge can have not only on the person facing the charges, but also on their loved ones. His goal is to help mitigate those effects so that his clients can move on with their lives. He knows that people who have been charged with a crime need someone on their side, and he has helped thousands of clients facing charges that include:

    • Misdemeanor traffic tickets
    • DUI
    • Domestic violence
    • Drug charges
    • Theft

    He has also worked with individuals to have their driver’s licenses restored and has experience in juvenile court, including both juvenile defense and juvenile dependency court.

    A Former Public Defender with Over 15 Years of Defense Experience

    The possible consequences of a criminal conviction are often severe. However, the high stakes are only one of the reasons that criminal charges can be so stressful. Another factor is that the timeline for taking action is often very short. It is all too easy to spend your time worrying when you know you have only the briefest of windows to make decisions that can impact the rest of your life.

    Obtaining the services of an attorney with experience defending against the specific charges you are facing is important. Equally important, however, is that your attorney is also experienced in the court where your case is being handled. Attorney Mark Gallagher uses his experience to help his clients focused on the big picture and moving forward, rather than becoming paralyzed with indecision or fear.

    Mr. Gallagher is a former public defender with over 15 years of defense experience in Los Angeles county. This has prepared him to craft a defense that not only takes into account the individual being charged and the circumstances of the case, but also how to tailor that defense to the specific court, judge, and prosecutor.

    If you are facing criminal charges in Los Angeles county, don’t delay, and don’t entrust your future to someone who is unfamiliar with that large and unwieldy criminal justice system unique to L.A. Instead, contact Attorney Mark Gallagher as soon as possible for your free consultation.

    Tell Us About Your Case

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    Helping You When You Need It Most

    The Richmond phone book is full of lawyers. It’s easy to find an attorney who will take your case. You don’t want an attorney from the phone book. You want — and deserve — an attorney who takes the time to get to know you, who understands your unique situation and who knows what it takes to get you where you want to be.

    Experienced and Dedicated Lawyer Representing Your Interests

    You do not have to face your legal issues alone. I have years of experience that I use when handling my clients’ cases – whether defending a client facing solicitation or prostitution charges, assisting a client in obtaining a record expungement or advising a client through a real estate matters. A substantial portion of my practice involves helping individuals restore their right to own firearms. If you have a prior felony conviction, I can help you explore your options and file a petition to the Governor and the circuit court in the city or county where you live.

    I am thorough and detail-oriented, which allows me to better present your case to the opposition, a judge or a jury. It is important that we develop a trusting relationship. When you are honest with me about your situation, needs and goals, I can take steps toward protecting your rights and pursuing a resolution that is in your best interests.

    Guiding People Through The Expungement Process

    There is no greater satisfaction than helping a client overcome barriers. Many people do not recognize the damage that comes with a criminal case even when an arrest does not result in a conviction. Arrest records and court documents are publicly available and may appear on a background check. These records can be viewed negatively by prospective employers. As an experienced Virginia criminal law attorney, I can help you put the matter to rest once and for all by helping you get criminal records expunged.

    At the Law Office of Susan E. Allen in Richmond, I offer friendly, aggressive and experienced legal counsel to people throughout Richmond and the surrounding area. Contact my office or call me at (804) 592-2058 to set up a meeting to discuss your legal needs.

    My areas of practice include:

    • Criminal defense : I provide vigorous criminal defense for people facing felony and misdemeanor charges. As a knowledgeable Virginia criminal law attorney, I provide aggressive defense representation in a full range of criminal cases. I handle offenses that include solicitation and prostitution. drug crimes. assault and battery, theft and probation violations.
    • Traffic violations : I represent Virginia residents and out-of-state motorists, including commercial truck drivers, who have received traffic tickets for speeding and reckless driving.
    • Expungements : If you were charged with a crime but never convicted, I may be able to help you remove the charges from your criminal record.
    • Fathers’ rights : I protect the rights of fathers in actions involving custody, visitation and support, including modifications.
    • Child support : I defend fathers in child support actions, including enforcement actions and modifications.

    E-mail meor call me at (804) 592-2058. I am available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. and evenings and weekends by appointment.

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    Trespassing Penalties

    A property owner has the right to use his or her property in any manner that is not otherwise prohibited by law. Part of this right includes being able to use the property exclusively and preventing other people from entering the property without permission. Trespassing is a crime where someone else enters or stays on the property without consent or permission.


    You commit a criminal trespass whenever you enter onto property which you know you do not have the right to enter, or remain on property after learning you do not have the right to be there. Trespassing can occur on both private and public property, and you do not have to receive a verbal warning that the property is off limits. Even if you enter a structure or property with the owner’s permission, you can still commit trespassing if the owner later orders you to leave but you choose to remain.


    A person convicted of criminal trespass faces a range of penalties. In most criminal trespass situations courts do not impose significant jail penalties, fines, or lengthy probation periods, though the potential penalties differ among states. Trespassing is typically considered a minor crime and is not usually associated with stiff penalties. However, depending on the circumstances of the case and the laws in your state, a trespassing conviction can lead to a significant jail sentence and other penalties.

    • Degrees. Many states have laws that differentiate between different types or severities of trespassing. A state might, for instance, have laws that punish both first-degree and second-degree trespassing. First-degree trespass is typically more serious than second-degree, with first degree usually involving entry into a home, a private building, or onto land that is clearly marked as private. Second-degree trespassing is less serious, typically involving entering onto property that isn’t clearly fenced off or private, or remaining on a property after being told by the owner to leave.
    • Jail. While state laws allow judges the ability to impose a jail sentence for trespassing, convictions that result in jail time are uncommon. The potential jail sentences for most trespassing convictions range from several days to several months in jail. However, some states allow for up to a year or more in jail for the most serious trespassing crimes.
    • Timeserved. It’s common for someone caught trespassing to be arrested and placed in jail. If you are later convicted the trespassing charge the court may choose to sentence you to what is known as time served. When a court sentences you to time served, it decides to count the time that you have already spent in jail as your punishment. As with a jail sentence, a court can impose a time served sentence in addition to a fine or other penalties.
    • Fines. A person convicted of trespassing most often faces a fine as a penalty. Fines can be imposed either separately from or in addition to jail sentences. Trespassing fines vary widely, from a few hundred dollars to as much as $4,000 or more. Like jail sentences, trespassing fines are dependent on state law and the circumstances of the crime, and laws allow courts to impose a range of fines. For example, a conviction for trespassing may result in a fine of as little as $25 or as much as $1,000.
    • Courtcosts. Upon a conviction for trespassing courts will almost always require you to pay court costs. Court costs are designed to reimburse the court or prosecutors for the costs spent during the criminal justice process. Court costs differ between states but are typically at least $100 or more. Court costs are imposed in addition to fines, jail time, or other penalties.
    • Probation. Someone convicted of criminal trespassing may also have to serve a period of probation. Probation periods typically last about 12 months, though they can be longer. When you are sentenced to probation you must comply with various probation conditions, such as not breaking any more laws and paying all fines and court costs. If you violate any of these conditions a court can impose additional penalties, such as lengthening the probation period or ordering you to serve time in jail. Probation is typically supervised or unsupervised.
    • Supervisedprobation. A person sentenced to supervised probation must regularly meet with a probation officer and comply with the officer’s orders. Supervised probation may also require you to allow the probation officer to search your home, your vehicle, or order you to take random drug tests. Supervised probation is commonly imposed as a sentence in situations where the trespassing charge was more serious or where an offender has a previous criminal record.
    • Unsupervisedprobation. If you are sentenced to unsupervised probation you must still comply with all the probation conditions the court imposes, but do not need to regularly meet with a probation officer or be supervised by one. Unsupervised probation is more common in trespassing cases where the offender does not have previous convictions.

    Speaking with an Attorney

    Even though trespassing is not usually a serious offense, you still need to speak to a local criminal defense lawyer if you are charged with a crime. Anytime you face a criminal charge you have specific rights guaranteed to you under the law. Only an experienced criminal defense attorney can give you advice on how to protect these rights. A local defense attorney will also have experience with local prosecutors and judges and can give you advice based both on the facts of your case and on his or her experience with the local criminal justice system. Being convicted of trespassing can result not only in fines, jail or probation, but will also saddle you with a a criminal record that will follow you for the rest of your life. You need to speak to an attorney as soon as possible if you’re ever arrested for or charged with trespassing.

    Talk to a Defense attorney

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    Federal And Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney David Elden

    For highly skilled representation in complex criminal cases involving fraud, conspiracy or federal drug charges, Contact the Law Offices of top Los Angeles criminal lawyer David Elden.

    Based in Los Angeles, David Elden is a highly acclaimed and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney who serves clients throughout the United States. With more than 35 years of experience focused on federal criminal defense, he knows how to protect your rights and fight the charges against you aggressively.

    Successful Criminal Attorney Los Angeles

    Named a Top Southern California Lawyer by a Los Angeles magazine, David Elden works with a talented staff of professionals who can spot the weaknesses in the government’s case, no matter how complex the charges might be. In cases involving fraud or corporate crimes, he relies on former IRS agents to provide the forensic accounting support essential to the development and presentation of your defense. In federal drug cases or ongoing conspiracy investigations, he turns to former FBI, DEA, and Sheriffs Department agents whose investigative experience and thoroughness is often greater than that of the officers working the case against you.

    Our ability to attack the government’s case on the basis of a highly professional review of the evidence can frequently give us the leverage you need to negotiate with the prosecution for a non-prosecution, dismissal or a very positive result.

    Use A Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Los Angeles

    As an expert criminal defense attorney, Los Angeles based David Elden is prepared to serve as trial counsel, special counsel, or local counsel in cases where a corporation is based anywhere in the world. He can also assist with the federal defense of California personnel who encounter criminal prosecution in other parts of the country. David Elden has a national reputation for outstanding client service among the leading defense lawyers in the country, and can often arrange for an experienced and skilled criminal attorney to arrive wherever needed within hours of being contacted. Our clients are best served when they engage us at the earliest possible point of a criminal investigation.

    Why You Should Engage This Skilled Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer

    Our ability to protect you from the most serious charges that a Federal Grand Jury might return against you is only effective while the investigation is still under way and before the indictments are filed. In conspiracy investigations involving a drug distribution network or complex fraud, our early intervention can make the difference whether you get indicted or not. If you live in Los Angeles or you simply want the best Los Angeles Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer to represent your freedom and your rights you need to call acclaimed criminal attorney in Los Angeles David Elden today and schedule a Free Consultation.

    Contact The Best Criminal Lawyer

    For additional information about the scope of experienced criminal lawyer, Los Angeles based David Elden’s criminal defense client service, contact our Los Angeles office at (888) 991-9353 for a free consultation. Mr. Elden serves clients throughout the United States.

    Areas Of Practice David Elden Has Experience With:

    Of Counsel

    Criminal Defense Attorney Victor Sherman

    An experience trial lawyer who has tried hundreds of cases in both federal and state courts, Victor has has defended clients in cases ranging from business fraud to drug offenses, tax crimes, securities fraud, money laundering, public corruption, customs violations and racketeering, as well as misdemeanor and felony offenses and crimes of violence such as murder, sexual assaults and arson.

    Victor Sherman s clients have included a Watergate defendant as well as a defendant charged with the largest bank heist in the nation. Attorney Victor Sherman has argued before the United States Supreme Court (United States v. $8,850) and Courts of Appeal in many federal circuits.

    Victor Sherman was a national commentator during the O.J. Simpson murder trial, and is currently challenging the secret and indiscriminate wiretapping of over 100,000 California residents conducted by Los Angeles County District Attorney and law enforcement agencies in Southern California over the past decade.

    Innovative and Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

    The Aspen Advanced Criminal Law Seminar was established by Victor Sherman in 1980 to foster an environment for defense attorney to share common experiences and learn from one another. The seminar has been co-sponsored by by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers since 1997.

    Named one of the Best Lawyers in Southern California, in the 2009 as a supplement by the Los Angeles Times in its December supplement to the 2008 edition of the Los Angeles Times magazine, Victor Sherman regularily appears on MSNBC to provide legal commentary on current high profile cases.

    Victor Sherman received his B.S. in Business from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 1962 and his J.D. from the University of California, Berkeley (Boalt Hall School of Law), in 1965.

    Comments are closed.

    Top 10 Traditional Criminal Justice Schools – Criminal Justice Degree Hub #criminal


    Criminal justice degrees are not just for those seeking a career as a police officer or federal agent. Students can choose from a variety of subjects, including forensics, the prison system and criminal law.

    While nearly every major university in the country offers a criminal justice degree program, choosing a well-known school will help you get a higher-paying job and may be the deciding factor in how fast you will be able to get a promotion.

    Sponsored Undergraduate Criminal Justice Programs

    Sponsored Criminal Justice Graduate Programs

    Before you make a final decision about where to go to school to get your criminal justice degree, consider these top ten American criminal justice schools:

    1. CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    The John Jay College of Criminal Justice is located in New York City. For potential criminal justice majors, their program has been widely touted as one of the best in the country.

    John Jay is an internationally-recognized leader in criminal justice education and employs a number of Pulitzer Prize-winning faculty members.

    Currently, their criminal justice department offers students the chance to study in a variety of different areas of concentration; including Correctional Studies, Criminology, Fire Science, International Criminal Justice, Philosophy, Police Studies, Criminal Justice Management and more.

    The dynamic educational environment that this college provides for its students and the large number of overseas exchanges that are available gives John Jay the number one spot on this list.

    2. George Washington University

    George Washington University is located in Washington, D.C. The criminal justice major is administered by the Department of Sociology. This allows for students to gain a broad understanding of both national and international social issues and how they relate to the criminal justice system and law enforcement.

    Students who are criminal justice majors at George Washington University can either obtain a general criminal justice degree with a specific concentration or take classes to pursue a forensic sciences degree. These majors are catered to their interests and are normally approved by faculty prior to the beginning of the student s college career.

    Because so many of George Washington s faculty are actively involved with community organizations, federal law enforcement agencies and the justice system on a federal level, this college takes the number two spot on this list.

    3. University of California, Irvine

    The University of California at Irvine is located in Irvine, California just south of Los Angeles County. Its criminal justice major intentionally allows students to study two different areas of concentration: criminology and law and society. University of California at Irvine boasts one of two law and society concentration units within the University of California system.

    The criminal justice program at this university allows for students to combine classes and create majors that cater to their specific career paths. The university allows for its students to access a variety of internships in the field; including juvenile centers, police departments, the Orange County Public Defenders Office, legal firms and more.

    The faculty that the University of Irvine employs have held various prestigious positions in law organizations and public office throughout the country. Some of these organizations include the American Society of Criminology, the Law and Society Association and the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

    The prestigious faculty is reason enough to give the University of California at Irvine the number three spot on this list.

    4. American University

    The American University is located in Washington, D.C. and administers their Department of Justice, Law and Society through their School of Public Affairs. Their School of Public Affairs offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees in a wide variety of criminal justice fields.

    American University s degree programs that are offered to their students include Politics, Policy, and Law Scholars, Law and Society, Justice and Law and more. They are well-known for offering their students a chance to study abroad with students who are studying similar subjects and hand out numerous scholarships on a yearly basis to assist students with their college-related projects.

    The large amount of international experience that s offered to their students on a yearly basis combined with their impeccable faculty achievements makes the American University number four on this list.

    5. California State University, Long Beach

    California State University, Long Beach is located in Long Beach, California just south of the city of Los Angeles. California State University, Long Beach is regarded as one of the best schools in the California State University system.

    The Department of Criminal Justice offers bachelor s degrees, master s degrees and certificates in a variety of criminal justice areas of study. Their programs are designed to educate students using a variety of scientific, philosophical and critical reasoning skills to achieve answers to every day criminal justice issues.

    The undergraduate programs that are available to students include a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, a Minor in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Forensic Studies.

    Their interdisciplinary approach towards teaching their students the ins and outs of criminal justice is the reason why California State University, Long Beach takes the number five spot on this list.

    6. Northeastern University

    Northeastern University is located in Boston, Massachusetts. The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice offers both bachelor s degrees and master s degrees in a variety of criminal justice fields.

    Their faculty focus on teaching their students to view criminal justice from a global point of view. Some of their areas of concentration include Law and Justice, Global Criminology, Criminology and Public Policy and Criminal Justice Organizations and Leadership.

    Northeastern University has earned the number six spot on this list because of their interdisciplinary studies program and the teaching theories that they have put into place.

    7. George Mason University

    George Mason University is located in Fairfax, Virginia. Their Criminology, Law and Society Program is administered by the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

    The programs that are offered to criminal justice students include Law and Society, Criminology and Intelligence Analysis. They offer minor certificates, bachelor s degrees, master s degrees and PhD s in these fields.

    This school emphasizes a global learning environment. Their students are taught to analyze worldwide issues using a variety of interdisciplinary skills. The school s concentration on Intelligence Analysis is the reason they have taken the number seven spot on this list.

    8. Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York

    Marist College is located in Poughkeepsie, New York. They offer both bachelor s degrees and minor certificates in a variety of criminal justice fields.

    Marist College teaches their students to use a variety of problem-solving techniques to solve complex problems. Their classes promote an interdisciplinary learning environment that includes liberal arts, science and philosophy.

    Marist College s methods of teaching and popularity among those that have taken the class have earned them the number eight spot on this list.

    9. Indiana University

    Indiana University is located in Bloomington, Indiana. They offer both graduate and undergraduate degrees in a variety of criminal justice fields.

    Some of the programs that Indiana University offers includes Criminology, Law and Society and a variety of interdisciplinary degrees that can be individually planned by the student.

    Indiana University has earned the number nine spot on this list because of the University s desire to allow students to cater their degrees to the career paths they have chosen.

    10. Sam Houston State University

    Sam Houston State University is located in Huntsville, Texas. The School of Criminal Justice offers a variety of bachelor s degrees and master s degrees to their students which includes a specialized online criminal justice degree for those that cannot attend classes on campus.

    They are widely recognized as one of the best forensic science schools in the nation. They have one of the largest training facilities that is widely used by local and federal law enforcement agencies. Because they are so well respected, they have earned the tenth spot on this top ten list of criminal justice schools.

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    Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association – Home Page #arizona #criminal #defense #attorneys


    President’s Message

    This is my last President s Message as I, like other lesser knowns on a more national scale, such as Millard Filmore and Benjamin Harrison, pass on to that most cherished position of Past President. But, before I go, I want to thank all of you for all your help and encouragement these past months. I want to especially thank the Board and our Executive Director, MaryBeth Wyatt, without whose help I could not have done it. I also want to thank the chairpersons and all the members of the CLE, the Death Penalty, and the Legislative committees for their tireless efforts in advancing the causes of ACDLA. On a personal note, I want to especially thank Michael Hanle, Richard Jaffe, John Lentine, Gar and Nettie Blume for all their support, help and prayers as I navigated some troubling personal waters during this time. As Michael and the other officers take the reins of ACDLA, I know our organization will be in great hands.

    A parting shot: Our role as criminal defense lawyers was summed up in the case of United States v. Wade. 388 U.S.218 (1967) where Justices Harlan and Stewart, in their concurring opinion, stated:

    Law enforcement officers have the obligation to convict the guilty and to make sure they do not convict the innocent. They must be dedicated to making the criminal trial a procedure for the ascertainment of the true facts surrounding the commission of the crime. To this extent, our so called adversary system is not adversary at all; nor should it be. But defense counsel has no comparable obligation to ascertain or present the truth. Our system assigns him a different mission. He must be and is interested in preventing the conviction of the innocent, but absent a voluntary plea of guilty, we also insist that he defend his client whether he is innocent or guilty. The State has the obligation to present the evidence. Defense counsel need present nothing, even if he knows what the truth is. He need not furnish any witnesses to the police, or reveal any confidences of his client, or furnish any other information to help the prosecution s case. If he can confuse a witness, even a truthful one, or make him appear at a disadvantage, unsure or indecisive, that will be his normal course. Our interest in not convicting the innocent permits counsel to put the State to its proof, to put the State s case in the worst possible light, regardless of what he thinks or knows to be the truth. Undoubtedly there are some limits which defense counsel must observe, but more often than not, defense counsel will cross examine a prosecution witness, and impeach him if he can, even if he thinks the witness is telling the truth, just as he will attempt to destroy a witness who he thinks is lying. In this respect, as part of our modified adversary system and as part of the duty imposed on the most honorable defense counsel, we countenance or require conduct which, in many instances, has little, if any, relation to the search for the truth.

    Nearly every day on the listserve I see congratulatory messages for those lawyers who have won and whose clients have been found not guilty or guilty of a lesser offense, and that is as it should be. But, I think it is important to put a finer edge on that term, winning . If we believe what Justices Harlan and Stewart wrote and we embrace that as the real role of a criminal defense attorney, winning has a much broader meaning. By that standard every time one of us crosses a witness for the government, every time we file a motion to suppress evidence, every time we put twelve in the box, every time we stop a client from talking to the police, every time we demand proof beyond a reasonable doubt, we win. Maybe not in the traditional sense of the term, but in terms of the preservation of the rights of every individual as guaranteed under our Constitution, we win. So I respectfully suggest that we don t keep score in the traditional sense, but rather keep score by the number of times we have been like doubled up fists, smashing the barriers to mercy, justice, equality and due process. We don t often succeed at first, but we keep on. We may be bloody and tired but we keep on. We may be criticized and ridiculed but we keep on. We know that with each blow the resistance fades, the wall of injustice is weaker and winning is that much closer to being a reality.

    Upcoming Event:

    Long Island Lawyers – Attornies – Law Offices in Nassau – Suffolk


    Long Island Lawyers

    No matter what type of legal issues you are facing, having a lawyer assist you can make addressing legal issues less stressful, and easier to take care of. From preparing wills and protecting assets, to helping you resolve legal troubles and lawsuits, having a lawyer work with you through the process of handling legal matters can take much of the burden off of your shoulders. There are many lawyers on Long Island that specialize in different types of law, whether it be property, taxation, criminal, divorce or any other specialty, finding the right law firm to help you handle your. Read More No matter what type of legal issues you are facing, having a lawyer assist you can make addressing legal issues less stressful, and easier to take care of. From preparing wills and protecting assets, to helping you resolve legal troubles and lawsuits, having a lawyer work with you through the process of handling legal matters can take much of the burden off of your shoulders. There are many lawyers on Long Island that specialize in different types of law, whether it be property, taxation, criminal, divorce or any other specialty, finding the right law firm to help you handle your issues can make a world of difference in resolving your troubles promptly and efficiently. Show Less

    Finance Legal
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    1300 Veterans Memorial Highway,Suite 320 Hauppauge, NY 11788

    Palermo Tuohy Bruno, P.L.L.C. Hammering money out of stingy insurance companies and into our clients hands for nearly 20 years! More

    2450 Middle Country Road,2nd Floor Centereach, NY 11720

    For over 50 years – Personal Injury, Estate probate, wills – recovering millions for seriously injured clients. Free Consultation. More

    Best Colleges for Criminal Justice Majors: List of Top Schools #universities #with


    Best Colleges for Criminal Justice Majors: List of Top Schools

    School Information

    Below, you can explore the top schools that offer criminal justice bachelor’s degree programs. Some of these schools also offer master’s degree programs for those who want to continue their education in the same field. Criminal justice majors look at the theories and practices used by the criminal justice system in understanding crime. They study the judicial system, prison system, criminal behavior and crime’s effect on society. Keep reading to gain more details.

    1. George Washington University in Washington, D.C.

    School Highlight: The Department of Sociology at GWU teaches students on a multitude of sociological subjects pertaining to skills in theory, learning and critical thinking with regard to our society.

    GWU features a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice program that focuses on the sociological, psychological, legal and historical impact of crime on society. Courses include violence and the family, criminal law and deviance and control. After earning the bachelor’s degree, criminal justice majors can go on to purse a Master of Arts in Criminology through the Sociology Department and the Forensic Sciences Department at GWU. This academic program studies the sociology of crime and includes forensic science training. A dual-degree program is also offered as a combined BA/MA in Criminal Justice/Criminology.

    2. Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York

    School Highlight: The Department of Criminal Justice at Marist College requires an internship of all students majoring in criminal justice. These internships can take place at local, state and federal agencies.

    Marist College offers a minor in Criminal Justice and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Students examine the practical causes and effects of criminal behavior. Course work will require students to study the causes of and responses to crime in society.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Corrections Admin
    • Corrections, Probation, and Parole
    • Criminal Justice and Safety Studies
    • Criminal Science
    • Forensic Science
    • Juvenile Corrections
    • Law Enforcement Administration
    • Police Science and Law Enforcement
    • Securities Services Mgmt
    • Security and Theft Prevention Services

    Top Criminal Justice Programs

    Five-Year Combined Bachelor s and Master s Criminal Justice Degree Program #primary:


    Five-Year Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Criminal Justice Degree Program

    Expand Your Career Opportunities with a Bachelor’s — and a Master’s in Criminal Justice

    Many entry-level positions in criminal justice — including those at federal agencies and institutions — now require a master’s degree. Point Park is the first university in Pennsylvania to offer a five-year combined Bachelor of Science in criminal justice and Master of Science in criminal justice administration program. In other words, students have the opportunity to earn both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in just five years.

    Individuals who enroll in this Downtown Pittsburgh program can take advantage of many key benefits including:

    • Early admission into the graduate program ;
    • An opportunity to take six credits of graduate course work (at the undergraduate tuition price) during the last year of the B.S. program ; and
    • Five years of individual mentorship from experienced faculty who have worked directly in the criminal justice field.

    Students in this program will also receive guidance on selecting criminal justice internships and elective courses that will expand their career opportunities.

    Criminal Justice Degree Program Course Offerings

    Point Park offers a well-rounded education through its core curriculum and major-specific classes. Some of the courses in the five-year combined B.S./M.S. program include:

    Take Action

    • Criminal Investigations
    • Criminal Evidence
    • Evolution of Policing
    • Transnational Criminal Activities
    • International Criminal Justice
    • Fraud Investigations
    • Corrections, Probation and Parole
    • Criminal Justice Administration and Management (graduate course)
    • Theories of Criminology (graduate course)
    • Professional and Research Writing (graduate course)

    For a comprehensive list of degree requirements and course descriptions, see the links at the top of the page.

    Tuition Discount for Allegheny County and City of Pittsburgh Employees

    Point Park University offers tuition discounts to Allegheny County and City of Pittsburgh employees, among others. The level of the discount varies according to the agreement in place. View the tuition discount programs page for the full details and list of participating companies and organizations.

    Criminal Justice Internships

    Point Park’s criminal justice students have interned at various places throughout the region including:

    • Allegheny County Department of Corrections
    • Allegheny County Jail
    • District Attorney’s Office
    • Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
    • Juvenile Court
    • Federal Court
    • Federal Probation
    • Gwen’s Girls
    • Public Defender’s Office
    • Shuman Juvenile Detention Center
    • The Bradley Center, Inc.

    Criminal Justice Careers

    Graduates with criminal justice degrees can pursue various career opportunities at the federal, state, county, city and township levels, such as:

    • State and Local Policing
    • Federal Law Enforcement
    • Corrections
    • Judicial System


    Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer #columbus #criminal #defense #attorney,columbus #criminal #defense #lawyer,columbus,ohio,lawyer,attorney,criminal #defense,lawyer,dui


    Columbus Criminal
    Defense Attorney

    What Sets Us Apart

    The Koffel Law Firm acts quickly, every day of the week, and every day of the year. If you or someone you care about is in jail, call us. We can probably get them out today. (To learn more about jail release, click Jail Release Immediate Bond Hearings.) If you or someone you know has a court date right around the corner, we can most likely handle it. If you or someone you know has been contacted by a detective, call us before speaking to the detective. In all likelihood, we’ve seen your situation many, many times before. We have low retainers, connections with bail bondsmen, and we know all the judges and prosecutors quite well in the counties in which we practice. In Criminal / DUI law, being quick, connected, and reputable are the keys to success.

    Same Day Next Day Appointments

    Because clients and their families are scared, we are specifically designed to get you in for a consultation immediately. We always have an attorney at the office with open office hours, Monday – Fridays. Call 614.675.4845 if you would like to come in for a meeting.

    It s not just what you know, it s also who you know

    When you get arrested or are under investigation, you want a lawyer who knows the people on the other side – the police, the prosecutors and the judges. This is our bread and butter.

    We are active in seeking sentencing alternatives, diversion deferred prosecutions

    Many offenses and offenders may qualify for pre-indictment dispositions such as diversion. Post-indictment may permit intervention in lieu of conviction or non-prison sentencing alternatives. We are vocal and passionate about finding non-prison alternatives for our clients.

    Real Reviews

    We deeply appreciate the guidance, confidence, knowledge, support, and professionalism

    It has been a pleasure being your client

    Thank you for your work on [our son’s] behalf and the care shown both to [him] as well as to us.

    Not Guilty Verdict

    Our client was charged with his 2nd DUI / OVI in as many years. The case proceeded to trial after the client rejected a plea bargain. The client was acquitted in 45 minutes.

    Not Guilty Verdict – Hosting a Teen Drinking Party

    Mr. Koffel’s client was acquitted at trial based upon allegations that she knowingly permitted underage drinking a summer pool party at her home where nearly 70 teens were gathered. The party was.

    Charges Dropped

    DRUG CHARGE DROPPED AND DUI REDUCED IN HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER’S CASE– our client, a former winner of the Heisman Trophy and All American Ohio State football player, was charged with DUI and possession.

    1 year Diversion Program Negotiated for 2 Counts of Forgery

    PRESIDENT OF MEDICAL SCHOOL CLASS AVOIDS FORGERY CHARGES–Mr. Koffel’s client was indicted on 2 counts of forgery after she allegedly forged the signature of a professor regarding the reimbursement of.


    17 YEAR OLD’S FELONY DRUG CHARGES DISMISSED – our client was charged with felony drug possession. It turned out he was deeply addicted to Xanax. Mr. Koffel referred the family to Dr. Andy Erkis (Erkis.


    Mr. Koffel’s client, a 46 year old man, was raided by the FBI in the summer of 2015 for downloading suspected child pornography. The client was subsquently indicted on F2 Pandering and F4 Pandering.

    Rape Indictment Dismissed

    Client’s Rape Indictment Dismissed – enters a plea to a reduced charge and receives community service — Mr. Koffel’s client, a 34-year-old husband and father, was falsely accused of raping a.

    DUI Conviction Avoided

    20 Year Old Avoids Delaware County DUI Conviction After Single Car Accident — our client, a 20 year old college student, was on his way home after dinner with his father. He lost control of his.

    Avoided Conviction

    Our client, a 24 year old Columbus resident, was charged with Ohio OVI / Ohio DUI after crashing into the back of a semi-truck. Our client was concerned that if he suffered an Ohio OVI conviction his.

    Charge Dismissed

    Our client, a 22 year old insurance claims representative, was charged with Ohio OVI / Ohio DUI after passing out behind the wheel. Our client performed poorly on the field sobriety tests. His breath.

    Get an Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago-Cook County #criminal #defense #lawyer


    Aggressive Criminal Defense

    If you are facing criminal charges or have been arrested in Chicago or anywhere in Cook County, you need an aggressive criminal defense attorney who mounts a vigorous and effective defense strategy.

    Don t take chances with your freedom. For over 12 years, Melissa Smejkal has provided defense counsel and acted as a criminal defense trial lawyer in the following areas:


    • Drug Charges
    • Weapons Violations
    • Domestic Battery
    • Theft
    • Burglary
    • Homicide
    • Prostitution
    • Probation Violation
    • Preliminary Hearings
    • Bond Hearings
    • Criminal History Expungements


    • Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol (DUI)
    • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
    • Red-Light Violations
    • Speeding Violations
    • Reckless Driving
    • Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License
    • Driver s License Reinstatement

    Get an Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago, Cook County!

    Help is just a click away. Get your free consultation, by following the link provided here or in the upper left column and fill out the Case Evaluation Form.

    Melissa Smejkal, Attorney at Law

    After graduating from Loyola University of Chicago in 1995 with a B.S. degree, Melissa enrolled at Chicago-Kent College of Law through the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) to study law. Ms. Smejkal received her Juris Doctor, JD degree, from IIT in 1998. That same year she began her law career at the Law Office of the Cook County Public Defender where she acted as Assistant Public Defender.

    Melissa remained a public defender for the Chicago and Cook County area for six years until she decided to open her own law office in August of 2005. Ms. Smejkal continues to be an active member of the Cook County Public Defender s Association, represented by the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees under Local 3315.

    Law Office of Melissa Smejkal

    Criminal Law Syllabus #criminal #law #outline #dressler


    Criminal Law Syllabus

    Fall 2000

    Professor Muller

    Please note that I will occasionally post the syllabus in segments as the semester progresses in order to allow us flexibility. By the end of the semester, this site will contain a complete syllabus that accurately reflects all of the reading that was assigned.

    The required text for this course will be Joshua Dressler, Cases and Materials on Criminal Law (West Pub. Co. 2 nd ed. 1999). Professor Dressler has also published a good hornbook on the criminal law that you might find useful. It is Joshua Dressler, Understanding Criminal Law (Matthew Bender, 2 nd ed. 1995). Copies of it are on reserve in the library.

    Reading Assignments

    I. Course Introduction

    A. The criminal process. 1 – 19 B. Principles of criminal punishment. 29- 60 C. The legality principle. 78 – 81, 90 – 96 n.7, 101 – 110, and possibly some supplemental material to be distributed via the course website.

    II. The Components of a Crime

    A. Actus reus 1. The “act” must be “voluntary.” 111 – 118 2. Omissions as acts. 118 – 124, People v. Beardslee (handout/website) 3. The voluntary act must cause social harm. 129 – 30. B. Mens Rea 1. General principles of intent (and knowledge). 131-45. 2. Willful blindness. 145-49. 3. Mens rea and statutory construction. 149-55. C. Strict Liability 1. Background. 155-56. 2. The Pluses and Minuses of Strict Liability. 156-72. D. Mistake 1. Mistake of Fact. 172-77. 2. Mistake of Law. 177-93. E. Causation 1. Actual Cause. 194-200. 2. Legal Cause. 200-09. 3. Concurrence of the Elements. 209-11.

    A. Background: Statistics and Statutes. 212-23. B. Intentional Killings. 229-38. C. “Heat of Passion” Killings and “Extreme Emotional Disturbance.” 238-63. D. Unintentional Killings. 266-84. E. Felony Murder (and Misdemeanor Manslaughter). 284-308, 312-13.

    IV. A Brief Look at the Developing Law of Rape

    A. Background. 353-59. (Will not be specifically discussed in class) B. The traditional approach: forcible rape. 363-72. (Will not be specifically discussed in class) C. Force and consent. 382-406. D. Mens rea and mistake. 413-20

    V. Defenses to Crimes

    A. Background. 435-41. B. Self-defense. 452-62, 466-79, 486-501. C. Choice of Evils. 526-34, 542-48. D. Duress. 548-61.

    Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer #michigan #criminal #defense #attorneys


    Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer

    A Criminal Defense Lawyer is who you need if you are facing a criminal charge in Michigan. You need someone on your side, looking out for your interests.

    It won t be the judge, who is supposed to be neutral, but are increasingly getting tougher on defendants, in court process and sentencing.

    It won t be the police. They arrested you, and will testify against you if necessary, as a witness for the prosecution. Even if they are fair, they are there to help get you convicted.

    It won t be the prosecutor, who is focus on a large caseload, and conviction rates. Even a fair district attorney isn t likely to make the extra effort to treat you compassionately if you are looking to plead guilty.

    When you are called into court, and you hear them say The case of the state of Michigan vs. You , you will truly understand that the full force of the government wants to find you guilty. The state does not care about what is fair.

    But we do. We are criminal defense attorneys in Michigan. Our only job is to fight for you. And that s what we do, in criminal courts across Michigan, from misdemeanor cases like OWI. drug possession. reckless driving. probation violations, and assault. to serious felony cases like Fraud, Bad Checks, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Robbery, Burglary, Delivery and Manufacture of Drugs, Possession of Narcotics, Gun Charges, Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm, Homicide, Manslaughter, Probation and Parole Violations where your life and freedom are on the line. We also handle Michigan Secretary of State cases like reinstatement of driver s license and others before the DLAD. The defense attorneys from The Dailey Law Firm are committed to helping you.

    Even if you think you are guilty, and just want to plead and move on with your life, you need quality criminal defense representation to make sure you are treated fairly.

    Please contact us for our free case evaluation on any criminal charge in Michigan. We can help you evaluation your options, and figure out what you can do to help yourself get out from under a serious criminal charge, a permanent criminal record for life, a driver s license suspension that could cost you your livelihood, and more

    That is what The Dailey Law Firm is dedicated to. We help people, just like yourself, who find themselves up against the Michigan criminal justice system. When you need someone who is on your side, call us. Find out what we can do for you in a free Michigan criminal defense legal consultation.

    Free Michigan Defense Consultation

    Contact our Michigan criminal defense attorneys for a free legal case evaluation on any criminal charge by calling:

    Receive our free Michigan legal defense consultation and case evaluation. We’ll explain what you are facing in plain language, and tell you how we can help. Talk to a MI criminal defense lawyer today.

    Or Complete the Form Below

    Mesa Criminal Defense Attorney #criminal #defense #attorney #mesa #az

    Long story short

    Mark dedicated his legal career to helping those who struggle most. He started as a prosecutor because he wanted to protect the vulnerable but soon learned that the most vulnerable often sat at the other table. After leaving a major crimes division at the Maricopa County Attorney s Office, Mark ventured into private practice at a large law firm. Still unsatisfied, Mark started his own practice to be able to serve his clients the way he would want to be represented. Mark is passionate about criminal defense, about helping the vulnerable, and restoring dignity to those who suffer most.

    At The Heath Law Firm, we care about making your life better. We ve represented people from all walks of life: rich and poor, famous and unknown, young and old, from the unemployed to even other lawyers. Our promise is to do everything in our power to restore hope and satisfactorily resolve your legal problem.

    We believe attorneys should strive to lift their clients’ burdens. We ll lift the weight off your shoulders by speaking on your behalf, preparing motions, analyzing key legal issues, negotiating artfully, and powerfully presenting your case. Throughout the entire process, we work to minimize the impact your case has on your life and future.

    Our Team

    When it comes to attorneys, you have a lot of choices out there. So why hire us? Because we can help. With over 20 years combined experience, we ll help you achieve the best results without forgetting compassion.

    Having handled thousands of cases ranging from simple misdemeanors to homicides, Mark understands how the government operates and how to navigate you to the best results in your case. Elected to Martindale Hubbell s prestigious SuperLawyers, Mark is part of an elite group of attorneys that comprise less than 2.5% of all practicing attorneys in the nation.

    Paula is the brains of the outfit. With over 20 years of experience doing nothing but criminal defense, Paula is an awesome point of contact. She ll ensure your case is expertly handled as it passes through each stage of litigation.

    We have all the right tools, let us Help You

    We ll use every tool in the toolbox to help you. Everyone claims to be the most aggressive attorney as if that s the right tool for every job. Seriously, Hammering a square peg into a round hole doesn t cut it. Aggressiveness is important but we ll use all our skills: negotiation, persuasion, empathy, respect, wisdom, commitment, and so on.

    In sum, we believe there s a better way to defend cases. We utilize a client collaborative approach to solving legal problems. We ve broken the process down into eight simple phases to help you get the best results you can. Take a look at what those phases mean for you if you decide to work with us.

    The Consultation Phase

    The process begins with a simple phone call, web inquiry or email. We ll speak over the phone or set up a time to meet in person. The purpose of this first conversation is to try and identify the problem. I ll determine if I can take your case and the amount of work involved. If everything checks out, we ll discuss the price. We take most cases on flat fees. This means the price is fixed with no hidden fees.

    The Hiring Phase

    If we decide to work together, we ll complete the necessary paperwork. This involves executing a formal fee agreement that outlines the costs and parameters of representation. This can be done in person or through the internet.

    The Learning Phase

    We begin the process with you. We ll next identify your top priorities (avoiding jail, preserving a career, maintaining an immigration status, protecting reputation, reunifying with family or obtaining addiction treatment). We ll prioritize those goals when formulating our plan of action. I ll also want any information you can provide to help me defend you.

    The Initial Feedback Phase

    After listening to your goals, I ll provide you with feedback. The uncertainty after being charged with a crime is torturous. Anxiety levels are high so I ll help to ease that anxiety by explaining the range of possibilities in your case. I ll also explain what won t happen in your case. There s a lot of false information out there and I ll try to set things straight. Lastly, I ll explain the most likely outcomes of your case based on the information I have at the time. I ll identify the best case scenario and outline my plan to get you there.

    The Appearance Phase

    This is the phase where we roll up our sleeves and get to work. I ll work hard to minimize your time in court where possible. I ll take over the communications and insulate you from the stresses of litigation as best I can. You ll no longer need to carry your burden alone because I ll be at your side to fight back.

    The Discovery Phase

    When a case begins, there s a discovery period because we need to know what we re up against. This is where we ll gather the case evidence and track down witnesses. Sometimes we may need to involve experts or private investigators to illuminate your case. Don t forget, we ll work collaboratively because you re often the best source of evidence. Sometimes, the government isn t always forthcoming. In that situation, I ll submit requests on your behalf for the information you re entitled to and, if necessary, file any motions to obtain the evidence.

    The Heavy Lifting Phase

    Once we the facts of your case, we ll finish developing your defense. I ll analyze the law and, where appropriate, submit motions to litigate the legal issues. If your rights were violated, I ll fight to rectify it. We ll also flesh out your most cogent defenses and prepare for trial. Sometimes, we can convince the other side to back off and either dismiss or significantly mitigate the consequences of your case short of trial.

    The Resolution Phase

    Either by trial, dismissal or negotiation, we ll resolve your legal problem. My promise to you is to do my absolute best. I don t care what you ve done or where you come from I care about you and your future. I want your future to be brighter after working with us.

    Northeastern criminal justice #northeastern #criminal #justice


    The College of Social Sciences and Humanities combines Northeastern University’s signature focus on experiential learning with the rigorous study of society, culture, politics, and ethics. Read more

  • Student Pathway: International affairs/economics combined major LEEN ALHAJJAR has engaged in coursework and experiential learning opportunities to address the global refugee crisis. Read more

  • Student Pathway: ANTONIO VÁZQUEZ BRUST, an Urban Informatics graduate student on a Fulbright scholarship, has used big data to identify indicators of gentrification, track them across time, and assess their impact. Read more

  • CSSH faculty members lead in their fields of research while also engaging with our greater communities as public intellectuals. Read more

  • Integrate experiential learning opportunities, such as Northeastern’s signature co-op program or our Dialogue of Civilizations, into your education. Read more

    Upcoming Events

    A Liberal Arts Education for the 21st Century

    A Liberal Arts Education for the 21st Century

    The College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Northeastern University offers students the best of both worlds: the intimacy of a liberal arts college, and the state-of-the-art facilities, breadth of offerings, and the accomplished faculty of a global research institution.

    One of the distinctive features of our scholarly community is how engaged our faculty and students are in public issues – both locally and globally. We are creating new knowledge and building new frameworks for thinking about the past and making the world a better place in the 21st century.

    Quick Links

    The 2016-17 CSSH Admissions Brochure

    The 2016-17 CSSH Admissions Brochure


    Katie Elliot

    Human Services ’17

    Katie Elliot, winner of the Hodgkinson Award, has tailored her Northeastern experience around her desire to help others. After graduation, Katie will continue in her mission as a behavioral youth counselor at a residential program in Memphis, Tennessee.
    Read more

    Anjuli Fahlberg

    Sociology PhD Candidate

    Anjuli Fahlberg s research employs a participatory action approach to examine the effects of urban violence and uneven development on social and political mobilization in Latin America’s conflict zones.
    Read more

    CSSH News

  • Top Criminal Defense Lawyers in Montgomery County, PA #criminal #defense #attorney #bucks


    Montgomery County. PA. Criminal Defense Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms

    Facing Criminal charges?

    You’ve come to the right place. Whether you were arrested for a crime against a person (like assault and battery or murder), a crime against property (like shoplifting, burglary, or arson), or any other criminal offense, a criminal defense attorney can help.

    Use FindLaw to hire a local criminal law attorney to defend your rights at each stage of a misdemeanor or felony case — from an arrest to an appeal after conviction.

    Need an attorney in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania?

    FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning.

    Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire.

    Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Montgomery County, Pennsylvania attorney for legal advice.

    How do I choose a lawyer?

    Consider the following:
    Comfort Level – Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
    Credentials – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
    Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
    City – Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located?

    Not sure what questions to ask a lawyer?

    Here are a few to get you started:

    • How long have you been in practice?
    • How many cases like mine have you handled?
    • How often do you settle cases out of court?
    • What are your fees and costs?
    • What are the next steps?

    Want to check lawyer discipline?

    Las Vegas NV State – Federal Criminal Defense Attorney #lawyer, #attorney, #law


    From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, I will handle all important tasks including research for and preparation of any necessary legal pleadings as well as evaluation of the evidence.

    Your case will not be handed off to an assistant or associate, but will be managed directly by me. This allows me to handle your case in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

    When you are charged with a crime, you need a powerful defense. Let me take immediate action in your case to protect your rights, to challenge the evidence presented against you, and to fight to reduce the penalties in your case. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.

    Nevada State and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Patricia M. Erickson

    When you are charged with a crime, you need experienced, strategic, results-driven legal counsel to protect your rights throughout your case. My name is Patricia M. Erickson. and I have defended clients in Nevada state and federal courts for over 20 years. Whether you have been charged with a crime or believe that you may be charged with one, I can begin an immediate review of your case and take every necessary step to protect your rights.

    Reliable, Honest, and Strategic Legal Counsel

    I will always provide forthright and honest feedback regarding all aspects of your case. I will not tell you only what you want to hear, but what you need to know to make a sometimes difficult decision. Some attorneys aren’t as straightforward with their clients as they should be, even when the outcome may be significant penalties or jail time. I understand that you need to know what is going on and will keep you informed about the status of your case.

    During your entire defense, you can be confident that I will be thoroughly prepared regarding the facts and evidence so that I will be able to make the most compelling arguments in your defense.

    I can assist you with the following:

    A Lawyer You Can Trust in Confidence

    Many of my clients are facing very difficult situations by the time they seek my legal services. They may have been charged with crimes that their families or employers are unaware of, and they worry about how a trial, or worse, a conviction, would affect their lives and security. When you work with me, I will remain an open and supportive advocate on your behalf. I will never judge you based on the facts of your case. Throughout your case, every detail will be kept confidential and I will do my best to protect you and your reputation.

    Contact me today for a consultation with an experienced Las Vegas, Nevada criminal defense attorney. Located conveniently in downtown Las Vegas near the courts and jails, my law office is open 8:30 – 5:00 weekdays, and after-hours appointments and jail meetings are available upon request.

    NeJame Law – Orlando Law Firm – Highly Experienced Attorneys #orlando #criminal


    Attorney Mark NeJame has been a leading attorney and litigator for more than 30 years. Along with his team of lawyers and legal assistants, the firm has represented thousands of clients throughout Florida, the United States and the Caribbean. NeJame Law is AV rated (the highest possible) by Martindale-Hubbell whose ratings reflect both legal skills and attorney’s ethics. NeJame Law has been recognized with multiple additional accolades, including being selected in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers in the U.S.

    The firm’s practice includes multiple divisions devoted to personal injury, criminal defense, immigration law, foreclosure defense, bankruptcy, real estate, business, corporate and civil law, intellectual property, employment and family law. Several of the firm’s attorneys are board certified and considered specialized in their areas of practice. The highest level of evaluation conducted by The Florida Bar is that of board certification, and only the most competent and experienced attorneys are awarded such recognition. Moreover, the firm is highly regarded, in large part, due to its enormous trial experience, with the attorneys at the firm having an impressive total of over a thousand jury trials. NeJame Law has the trial experience and background, which is rarely rivaled.

    In addition, NeJame Law has handled literally thousands of cases and has represented people from every walk of life. Whether an average citizen, a business owner, celebrity, politician, law enforcement officer, or judge, NeJame Law has helped whenever needed. If you have been in an accident, arrested, have a business dispute or need, immigration issue, real estate related matter, or family law case, NeJame Law has the depth, experience, qualifications, and background to help.

    NeJame Law prides itself on its ethnic diversity with its attorneys coming from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. In addition to English some other languages spoken at the firm include Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi, French, and Italian.

    About Mark NeJame

    Attorney Mark NeJame has been a leading attorney and litigator for more than 30 years. Along with his team of lawyers and legal assistants, the firm has represented thousands of clients throughout Florida, the United States and the Caribbean. NeJame Law is AV rated (the highest possible) by Martindale-Hubbell whose ratings reflect both legal skills and attorney’s ethics. NeJame Law has been recognized with multiple additional accolades, including being selected in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers in the U.S.

    Mark NeJame In The News

    Shahzad Ahmed, Esq. a Florida Bar certified immigration expertand former Orlando Regional Vice-Chair of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), called on President-elect Trump to turn to a more productive discussion and to work with Congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle to move forward on immigration reform.

    Attorney Shahzad Ahmed filed for asylum relief for an Iranian Christian. The application is based upon the claim that if Mr. Ahmed’s client returns to Iran, he will be persecuted by Iran’s regime and its people.

    According to The National Advocates Top 100, this award exemplifies “superior qualifications of leadership, reputation, influence and performance in their area of specialty.

    Almanac of Policy Issues: Criminal Justice #criminal #justice #policies #list, #public #policy


    Criminal Justice

    Crime in the United States has declined substantially in recent years. Homicide, robbery, rape, and assault have all dropped sharply since highs in the early 1990s. Substance abuse has declined less sharply, however, and drug-related arrests have actually increased steadily, reaching record highs over the past few years. The number of people under some form of correctional supervision, meanwhile, has also continued to reach new highs. In 1996, over 5.5 million Americans (or about 2 percent) were in prison, jail, on probation or parole.

    While criminologists (and, indeed, most Americans) agree that more needs to be done to lower the national crime rate, there are sharp differences over how this should be accomplished. Some believe that tougher enforcement policies should be pursued, including increased spending on law enforcement and prison facilities, longer sentences for offenders, and stepped up use of the death penalty for the worst crimes. Others argue that more money needs to be spent on prevention, including social services and education, to provide hope and opportunity for potential offenders.

    This section examines all of these issue in depth.


    • Political Magazines. The Almanac’s links to political and public policy magazine sites.
    • Public Policy Jobs. Sites listing public policy, lobbying, and media jobs in government and at major national organizations.
    • Questia. Search over 400,000 books and journals at Questia online.


    • American Bar Association. Voluntary professional association of US attorneys.
    • Cato Institute – Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. Promoting an American public policy based on individual liberty, limited government, free markets and peaceful international relations. Extensive library of studies, articles and monographs available
    • Center for Court Innovation. Information about problemsolving courts, such as drug courts, community courts and mental health courts, which seek to improve case outcomes for communities and litigants.
    • Equal Justice USA. Seeks to bring into clear focus the racial, economic and political biases active in U.S. courts, prisons, jails and policing agencies, and to expand public opposition to the death penalty.
    • Heritage Foundation – Crime
    • Impact of a Criminal Record. Information about the effects of a criminal record on such matters as voting rights, employment, pensions, and ability to obtain a license.
    • Miranda Rights. News and resources on the history and fate of the warnings given while being arrested.
    • National Consortium for Justice Information Statistics
    • National Criminal Justice Reference Service. Lists publications and links on corrections, courts, crime, drugs, international crime, juvenile justice, law enforcement, research, statistics, crime victims.
    • National Institute of Corrections
    • Progressive Policy Institute – Crime & Public Safety
    • Supreme Court Decisions. FindLaw for Legal Professionals is a free resource for attorneys that includes online case law, free state codes, free federal codes, free legal forms, and a directory of products and services for lawyers. This online legal Web site also includes a legal career center.
    • Urban Institute – Justice


    • Check and Credit Card Fraud (US Department of Justice: September 30, 2003) — PDF File
    • Family Violence (National Criminal Justice Reference Service: Added August 7, 2003)
    • Criminal Victimization: 2002 (US Bureau of Justice Statistics: August, 2003)
    • Crime Control: The Federal Response (Congressional Research Service: September 12, 2002)
    • Identity Theft: Growing Prevalence and Cost (General Accounting Office: February 14, 2002)
    • Domestic Violence (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: April, 2000)
    • Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (U.S. Department of Justice: provided through State University of New York at Albany)

    San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney #pittsburgh #criminal #defense #attorney


    San Diego Criminal Defense Corporate Attorney


    Michael E. Cindrich

    The Law Offices of Michael E. Cindrich, APC, located in San Diego, California, has earned a reputation for providing trustworthy advice and effective representation in a wide variety of legal matters. As a former prosecutor with considerable courtroom experience, Michael E. Cindrich has the skill and legal insight needed to protect your rights and interests now and into the future. If you have been charged with a crime, call today for a free consultation (619) 262-2500, or click here to submit a contact form. If you are need of corporate legal or regulatory assistance, please call our office to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys. For information regarding our recent case results and media appearances, click here to view our Facebook page.


    Focusing on work as a Criminal Defense Attorney and Medical Marijuana Attorney in Southern California, Mr. Cindrich can also assist you with a variety of other legal issues. We understand that your legal matters are of critical importance to you, and the lawyer you choose matters. We take the time to get to know you, to understand your situation, to explain the issues, and to help you develop a proactive and effective strategy designed to help you reach your goals. We have the relevant experience and only one goal: helping you successfully navigate the legal process.

    Michael E. Cindrich is one of San Diego’s top medical marijuana attorneys. In 2009 he was nominated by San Diego City Council member Marti Emerald to be on San Diego’s Medical Marijuana Task Force. Mr. Cindrich is an advocate for medical marijuana patients across the state of California and throughout the United States. He currently serves as the Executive Director of San Diego County NORML, and is a lifetime member of the national NORML Legal Committee. Contact us today for assistance with your corporate or regulatory issues.

    As a former prosecutor with the County of San Diego District Attorney s Office, Michael E. Cindrich has considerable experience handling DUIs. If you are arrested and charged with a violation of either Vehicle Code section 23152 or 23153, you should seek the advice of a DUI defense attorney who is familiar with both sides of the criminal justice system. Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Cindrich knows how the prosecutor will attack your case, and he will expose the flaws in their arguments.

    Call (619) 262-2500 today for a free consultation with Michael Cindrich. Click here for our office address and directions.

    John Olash – Criminal Defense Lawyer Louisville, KY #criminal #lawyer,defense #attorney,defense #lawyer,criminal





    Trial Lawyer with over 100 jury trials

    Knows how to get a good deal/plea bargain

    I will not be outworked. When I meet a client I ask him or her what outcome he or she expects. We discuss the probability of achieving the desired outcome and the possible approaches. Since 1988 as a defense lawyer I have represented 1000′s of people in criminal cases. I have 25 years of courtroom experience and a history of winning at trial and through settlement. I handle all types of criminal defense law cases including murder, conspiracy, reckless endangerment, gun charges, criminal mischief, vandalism, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic abuse, sex crimes, rape, sexual assault, date rape, child molestation, child sexual abuse, firearms charges, child pornography, solicitation, possession of methamphetamine, possession of crack cocaine, wanton endangerment, theft. misdemeanors, felonies, drug possession, possession with intent to sell, and drug trafficking, juvenile offenses, assault and battery, burglary, robbery, property damage, embezzlement, fraud, identity theft, bad checks, DUI and many others. If you have been charged with a crime call my cell phone now.

    Client Reviews

    This page is having a slideshow that uses Javascript. Your browser either doesn’t support Javascript or you have it turned off. To see this page as it is meant to appear please use a Javascript enabled browser.

    Hands down the best lawyer around. He was willing to take on a last minute case and dropped everything to do it! He was compassionate and made what was a living hell into a favorable situation.

    John Olash is not just a great lawyer, he is by all means a representation of the Unbridled Spirit of Kentucky. He represents my entire family in all legal matters. We trust and truly love John’s dedication in service for over 20 yrs. Thank you for all you’ve done on.

    If you want a lawyer that will actually talk to you and sit around the office and give you as much time as you need and not rush you out of the door as soon as he has your check in hand — hire John Olash.

    In criminal defense cases, my clients have benefited from dismissals and acquittals for charges including DUI, murder, theft, child abuse, distribution of child pornography, gun charges, drug offenses and many others. I have handled over 100 jury trials. In law school I clerked for legendary attorney Frank Haddad. After law school I worked as a defense lawyer in the Louisville Public Defender’s Office. At the Public Defender’s office I handled a caseload three times the caseload recommended by the American Bar Association. I conducted countless hearings. I am the only defense lawyer in Kentucky to successfully try two circuit court jury trials at the same time. Only 6 of the 100 plus jury trials I handled resulted in an appeal. Two of those six losses were reversed by the Kentucky Supreme Court or Kentucky Court of Appeals.

    Whether you are facing serious criminal charges, have a DUI or have been injured by the negligence of others, the selection of a criminal defense lawyer is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. I realize that your outcome depends on my dedication. I handle every case personally. Even though my practice emphasizes serious matters, every legal issue will receive careful consideration. Whatever your situation is, call me. If I cannot help you, I will refer you to a lawyer who can.

    Get Seasoned Criminal Defense for Your Case

    How The Criminal Court Systems Works- The Basics

    If you watch courtroom dramas or CSI on television, you may think you have an accurate understanding of how the criminal court system works. However, real courtroom cases are very different. It’s more akin to a government-run assembly line.

    1. The criminal court system starts with an arrest. You will be searched for anything illegal or dangerous. The police search for weapons, drugs, and associated paraphernalia. You will be transported to jail, where you will be fingerprinted and photographed.
    2. The police are likely to ask for permission to search your car and home. If they have a search warrant, they do not need your permission. There is no penalty for refusing to permit a search. Only a judge can make the final determination if a search is legal. There is no reason to help the police. Remember, your refusal to consent to a search cannot be used against you.
    3. The police investigate and gather evidence. You cannot talk your way out of being arrested or investigated. You should be quiet and let your lawyer do the talking.
    4. Within a short period of time (72 hours is common) after your arrest, a judge will do several things:
    • Provide you written copy of the criminal complaint against you. • Explain the crime you are accused of committing. • Provide you with time to hire an attorney or appoint you an attorney, if you cannot afford one. • Explain plea options to you.
    1. Assuming you enter a plea of not guilty, you may be released, released on bond (if you can pay) or held without bond. A pre-trial or a trial date will be set.
    2. Until your trial, the police and the prosecutor will investigate and prepare for the trial. Your lawyer will do the same for you. Cooperate fully with your lawyer and avoid talking to anyone about your case. Remember that the police may question your friends and your family.
    3. A plea bargain is frequently reached before the trial. Just because there is a trial date does not mean there will be a trial. It is possible the case will be dropped, depending on what information is discovered during the investigation process.
    4. The order of a jury trial is:
    • Jury Selection • Opening Statements • Prosecution Case • Defense Case • Closing Argument • Jury instructions (if a jury trial) • Deliberations and verdict.
    1. Outcome: Depending on the verdict, you can be found guilty, not guilty, or a mistrial can be declared. In the case of a mistrial, a new trial date will be set. If the jury returns a guilty verdict, the judge will later impose a sentence

    The criminal court system differs from the portrayal shown on TV. Make yourself aware of the basics. Your attorney is trained in the details. The trial process has specific procedures and rules that must be followed. While some people attempt to represent themselves in court, the results are often disastrous. Hire Criminal Defense Lawyers who can really help!

    Murder Manslaugter Charges

    Managing Partner

    Why Should You Work with Our Law Firm?

    Arrested? Under Investigation?

    Real Results for Real People

    Tell Us About Your Case

    Criminal Defense Blog

    Birmingham criminal attorney #birmingham #criminal #attorney


    Lightfoot Franklin White LLC Trial Appellate Counsel

    R. Ashby Pate

    Ashby may have the most interesting resume of any lawyer practicing in the State of Alabama. He has served as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Palau, where he helped design the island nation’s first-ever jury trial system. He also served as a judicial clerk to United States District Judge U.W. Clemon, one of Alabama’s civil rights pioneers. Ashby was the Editor-in-Chief of the Law Review for Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law, and he later earned an LL.M. in International Commercial and Business law from the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England, where he graduated first in his class and was awarded the Sir Roy Goode Prize in international law. He is one of only 50 distinguished lawyers and judges in Alabama currently serving on the American Law Institute, where he contributes to many of the Restatement projects published by that prestigious body.

    Since he returned to the firm in 2016, he has resumed his role as an advocate in some of the most important, and sometimes controversial, matters the firm handles. Most recently he was appointed co-prosecutor in the widely-publicized judicial ethics trial of Alabama’s “Ten Commandments” judge, Chief Justice Roy Moore. Ashby delivered closing arguments in the trial, arguing that a January 6, 2016 Administrative Order issued by the Chief Justice constituted defiance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage decision in Obergefell v. Hodges. In a unanimous verdict, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary suspended the Chief Justice from office for the remainder of his elected term, without pay.

    Ashby is also a sought-after public speaker. A recent speech of his, Be the Light. which has already garnered thousands of views on YouTube, stresses the importance of human connection in the practice of law. Ashby has been invited to speak to organizations across the country and the state, including giving the keynote address, alongside Justice Anthony Kennedy of the United States Supreme Court, at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ Law Clerk Orientation in San Francisco, a speech to the American College of Trial Lawyers’ spring meeting in Maui, a presentation to the Alabama State Bar annual meeting, and many more.

    Before his appointment to the bench, Ashby worked at Lightfoot from 2010 – 2013, during which time he cultivated a general commercial litigation practice and was voted a 2013 Top International Law Attorney by Birmingham Magazine’s Survey of over 2,000 Alabama lawyers. Today, Ashby focuses his practice on international disputes, appellate practice, white collar crime, and medical device litigation. He is married to Christine Caiola of Birmingham, Alabama, and the couple now have two young girls. Prior to law school, Ashby toured regionally in the Southeastern United States in two different bands, releasing two albums of original music. Ashby is also the author of a children’s book about Palau, titled “Sweet Dreams Palau,” published by the Etpison Museum.

    NEWS about R. Ashby

    Presentations Publications

    Chapters of American Criminal Justice Assoc #aa #in #criminal #justice


    At the present time, there are 170 ACTIVE subordinate chapters (excluding Members-at-Large Chapters ) of ACJA/LAE throughout the United States. The active chapters are listed below with their Greek chapter name, Acronym chapter code, and where the chapter is located. Each chapter MUST have a different chapter code (acronym) to comply with our computer program! The collegiate chapters are located in colleges and universities that offer criminal justice programs of study. We also have professional chapters composed of professionals in the field.

    An active chapter consists of at least five paid National members. If you and at least four (4) other persons would like to start a local subordinate chapter at your location (either collegiate or professional), please send us an e-mail to request a starter kit. The e-mail request must include your mailing address.

    Attention Present Active Chapter Officers.

    Please advise the National Office each time there is a change in chapter officers and/or advisors. At least two mailings a year go to the Chapter President, Chapter Secretary, and Chapter Advisors to share with other chapter members. A change in officers/advisors can be e-mailed to the National Office. Please provide correct addresses, telephone number, and e-mail addresses, when applicable.

    Controller Sheet Forms

    It is important to send in a Controller Sheet Form when sending in applications to the National Office. The Controller Sheet Form should have the chapter name and a correct address for returning the membership material. It should also be signed by the person submitting the applications. The Controller Sheet Form can be found here or the forms page .

    Below is a list of our ACTIVE chapters and locations. Members-at-Large Chapters in each Region consist of active members who do not wish to belong to a local subordinate chapter OR who are not in close proximity of a local subordinate chapter.

    Click a position on the map to jump to that region

    Criminal Law #massachusetts #criminal #attorney, #criminal #law


    Criminal Law

    What we call criminal law broadly refers to federal and state laws that make certain behavior illegal and punishable by imprisonment and/or fines. Our legal system is largely comprised of two different types of cases: civil and criminal. Civil cases are disputes between people regarding the legal duties and responsibilities they owe each other. Criminal cases, meanwhile, are charges pursued by prosecutors for violations of criminal statutes.

    Criminal Law: History

    In the United States, British common law ruled during colonial times. Common law is a process that establishes and updates rules that govern some nations. Once America became an independent nation, it adopted the U.S. Constitution as “the supreme law of the land.” The U.S. continues to employ a common law system, which works in combination with state and federal statutes. As far as criminal laws are concerned, each state has its own penal code which defines what is or is not a crime, the severity of any offense and its punishment.

    Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Criminal cases are generally categorized as felonies or misdemeanors based on their nature and the maximum imposable punishment. Each state is free to draft new criminal laws, so long as they are deemed constitutional. Thus, what is a crime in one state may not necessarily be a crime in a neighboring state.

    A felony involves serious misconduct that is punishable by death or by imprisonment for more than one year. Most state criminal laws subdivide felonies into different classes with varying degrees of punishment. Crimes that do not amount to felonies are typically called misdemeanors. A misdemeanor is misconduct for which the law prescribes punishment of no more than one year in prison. Lesser offenses, such as traffic and parking tickets, are often called infractions.

    Police Investigate, Prosecutors File Charges

    Many people think that police officers (who investigate crimes) also charge offenders. That is a common misconception. Police gather evidence and sometimes also testify in court. But prosecutors including district attorneys, United States Attorneys and others ultimately decide whether a suspect is prosecuted or not.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers

    A qualified criminal defense attorney is often a crucial advocate for anyone charged with a crime. These attorneys are very familiar with local criminal procedures and laws some may have even first worked as prosecutors. Most defense lawyers should be able to handle any misdemeanor or low-level crime. But not all lawyers are qualified to handle serious charges. Some courts don’t allow inexperienced attorneys to represent defendants facing capital punishment, for example.

    So whether you were arrested for a crime against a person (like assault and battery, rape, or murder), a crime against property (like shoplifting, burglary, or arson), or a drug crime (marijuana possession or cocaine dealing), a criminal defense lawyer can help.

    Findaw’s Criminal Law section has a wealth of information that covers most criminal law situations. We have definitions of dozens of common crimes, an overview of stages in a typical criminal case, tips on your constitutional rights, information on criminal records, juvenile crime and much more.

    Vancouver Criminal Defense Lawyers – Local Attorneys & Law Firms in Vancouver,


    Vancouver Criminal Defense Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms – Washington

    Facing Criminal charges?

    You’ve come to the right place. Whether you were arrested for a crime against a person (like assault and battery or murder), a crime against property (like shoplifting, burglary, or arson), or any other criminal offense, a criminal defense attorney can help.

    Use FindLaw to hire a local criminal law attorney to defend your rights at each stage of a misdemeanor or felony case — from an arrest to an appeal after conviction.

    Need an attorney in Vancouver, Washington?

    FindLaw’s Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning.

    Detailed law firm profiles have information like the firm’s area of law, office location, office hours, and payment options. Attorney profiles include the biography, education and training, and client recommendations of an attorney to help you decide who to hire.

    Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Vancouver, Washington attorney for legal advice.

    How do I choose a lawyer?

    Consider the following:
    Comfort Level – Are you comfortable telling the lawyer personal information? Does the lawyer seem interested in solving your problem?
    Credentials – How long has the lawyer been in practice? Has the lawyer worked on other cases similar to yours?
    Cost – How are the lawyer’s fees structured – hourly or flat fee? Can the lawyer estimate the cost of your case?
    City – Is the lawyer’s office conveniently located?

    Not sure what questions to ask a lawyer?

    Here are a few to get you started:

    • How long have you been in practice?
    • How many cases like mine have you handled?
    • How often do you settle cases out of court?
    • What are your fees and costs?
    • What are the next steps?

    Want to check lawyer discipline?

    Georgetown Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer #criminal #attorney


    Why do you need a criminal defense lawyer?

    Georgetown Criminal Defense Lawyer

    You re probably here either because you want to know more about criminal law or because you or someone you care about has been arrested in the Greater Austin area and needs a criminal defense lawyer. I know you re scared, worried about your future or theirs, and you have a thousand and one questions running through your mind. Getting arrested is a big deal. It can have long lasting effects on your life. If they re still in jail and you re mostly worried about getting them out as soon as possible, skip below.

    Is that person still in jail? Do you want to get them out of jail?

    Let s get started putting some of your fears at ease and give you a little road map of what to do. If that person is still in jail, start reading here: My son is in jail, what next?

    What happens after jail? What s going to happen with my case?

    Next, we can talk about coming into my office for a consultation on your case. We will talk about the cost you can expect to pay for me to defend you in Court. Many clients have told me that knowing a rough ballpark of the costs before coming in removes a lot of the sting and surprise of choosing to hire me.

    I don t want to surprise clients at the end of a consult with my proposed fee. It s almost like car shopping and not knowing how much the car costs until just before you sign on the dotted line. Wow! I wasn t expecting to spend that! When you work with me. I want you kept up to date every step of the way.

    I wouldn t want that surprise sprung on me and I won t do it with you.

    After you choose to hire me, we can get started on your defense. In the Blog section of my website I ve tried to write about the most common questions that clients have for me. While it isn t really an FAQ section, I ve written it to help give you the bigger picture. Other clients that have read my Blog have found it helpful and it has answered a lot of their questions. Also, a short list is written below of the criminal cases I accept.

    What can you expect from me?

    My goal is to give you an overview of the criminal justice process from the very beginning at the time of arrest. I like to set expectations right off the bat. from day one, with all of my clients. You will know what to expect from me and I will know what to expect from you. I don t promise dismissals. Why? I don t make promises I can t keep.

    We need to be on the same page if you want me to help you as best as I can. We re going to be building an attorney-client relationship. It is confidential and protected by the law. If you know what to expect from the very beginning, I can help minimize the surprises that will come up. A good amount of my job will be removing the fear of the unknown for you .

    Why does this all of this matter?

    You will feel more comfortable about what s going on with your case and you ll know what to expect along the way. On the days you have Court, I ll show up with you. You can be sure that I know your face, know your name, and have reviewed your case. I won t shout your name in the courtroom. Why? Because I wouldn t want that done to me.

    Being in Court will be embarrassing enough. I won t put your name on blast for the whole world to hear. When you have questions about what s going on and the process, I ll explain them. When there is news on your case, you ll get a phone call from me personally. I ll be there to hold your hand through the process and help get this put behind you as soon as possible.

    What criminal charges do I work on? What Courts do I go to?

    Criminal defense is a complicated area of law. I m admitted in Texas State Courts, as well as Federal Court, in the U.S. District Court Western District of Texas. The areas that I work in are mostly Williamson and Travis Counties. These cities include Georgetown, Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Hutto, Leander, and Taylor to name a few.

    If you re accused of a crime that I haven t listed, feel free to give me a call and we can talk about it. Here s a short list of the criminal charges I work on:

    Here – s how state lawmakers plan to reform the bail system


    Here’s how state lawmakers plan to reform the bail system in California

    Under proposed state legislation, each county would have to establish its own pretrial services agency to track inmates, remind them of court dates and develop “risk-assessment” tools to determine whether a defendant should be released. (Getty Images)

    Under proposed state legislation, each county would have to establish its own pretrial services agency to track inmates, remind them of court dates and develop “risk-assessment” tools to determine whether a defendant should be released. (Getty Images) (Getty Images)

    Jazmine Ulloa Contact Reporter

    State lawmakers have unveiled an ambitious plan to reform how counties in California set bail for defendants while they wait for their cases to be resolved or go to trial.

    New language added Friday to bills by Assemblyman Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) and Sen. Bob Hertzberg (D-Van Nuys) would prevent criminal defendants from having to post money as a condition of release from jail and would shift some power from judges to pretrial services agencies to assess the risks they would pose if allowed out in the community.

    Under the legislation, each county would have to establish its own pretrial services agency to track inmates, remind them of court dates and develop “risk-assessment” tools to determine whether a defendant should be released. The programs, in use in other states, allow court and pretrial staff to use data and other evidence to determine whether a person is a risk to the public or likely to flee their charges.

    “The bottom line is we are trying to get to the point that the determining factor for pretrial release is not the size of your wallet, but the nature of your risk,” Hertzberg said. “Are you a risk to society? Are you a public safety risk?”

    Privacy policy More from politics The 10 biggest issues we’re tracking in the California Legislature Are you an independent voter? You aren’t if you checked this box. Follow every step of the 2016 presidential election with the Los Angeles Times Trail Guide.

    Privacy policy More from politics The 10 biggest issues we’re tracking in the California Legislature Are you an independent voter? You aren’t if you checked this box. Follow every step of the 2016 presidential election with the Los Angeles Times Trail Guide.

    Bonta and Hertzberg said they have assembled a broad coalition of organizations and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to push the bail reform forward. Debate over the issue has raged nationwide and has often been waged in court, with cities and counties across the country facing lawsuits over policies that some legal experts say have turned jails into modern-day debtors’ prisons.

    In California, where at least two federal lawsuits over bail practices are pending, 2015 data from the Public Policy Institute of California found more than 60% of people in county jails were awaiting either trial or sentencing.

    When a person is arrested, judges set bail according to a county fee schedule based on the gravity of the alleged crime. Defendants must post the amount upfront or pay a 10% fee to a bond company before they are let go.

    Those who can’t afford to do so can remain incarcerated up to an additional 48 hours before they are formally charged and arraigned. A judge then sets the conditions for release before trial, weighing such factors as whether a defendant is a threat to his or her community.

    Under the proposed legislation, Bonta and Hertzberg said the money bail system would not be completely eliminated, and judges would still have final discretion to use it in compelling cases.

    Defendants charged with violent crimes or certain misdemeanors, including some domestic violence offenses, would continue to be held in jail until their arraignment before a judge. Defendants who commit a crime while they are released when their case is pending would be subject to a hearing.

    But the legislation would require that bail be set based on a person’s income.

    “We didn’t want to have unbridled judicial discretion,” Bonta said. “We wanted to provide policy guidance to help determine where that discretion is exercised and how.”

    The bills are likely to face tough opposition at the Capitol, where legislation requiring counties to use risk-assessment tools when preparing pretrial reports for inmates has failed in the past.

    Significant questions remain, such as the cost of the proposed pretrial services to provide inmates with support and monitoring, including the use of GPS devices. And bail bonds companies point to the potential cost to taxpayers. Other opponents argue money bail works, protecting the community while allowing defendants to fight their cases.

    Wendy Zamutt, who owns a bail bond business in San Diego, said she is trained to screen her clients and provides support to every one. But the laws must be strict on criminals, she said.

    “They are not people who forgot to bring their library books back on time,” she said. “We can’t allow these people to return on a promise. It doesn’t work. It has never worked.”

    Criminal justice advocates counter the proposed laws could lead to long-term savings from keeping fewer defendants in jail. Incarceration expenses vary widely across the state, but counties spend an average of more than $100 per day to jail each defendant, according to the Public Policy Institute of California.

    Mica Doctoroff, a legislative advocate with the American Civil Liberties Union of California’s Center for Advocacy and Policy, said the money bail system is not cost-effective and fuels poverty and racial disparities in the system. It “is not working for California,” she said.

    Then there is the human toll, Bonta said. Time in jail can cost someone their car, their jobs, their kids.

    “Many will take pleas when they shouldn’t have been detained in jail in the first place,” he said.

    San Francisco DUI Lawyer and California DMV Hearing Attorney #san #francisco, #california,


    San Francisco Bay Area DUI Lawyer and California DMV Attorney

    San Francisco Bay Area DUI lawyer Robert Tayac has been an attorney for more than twenty years and is recognized as being among the top driving under the influence (DUI) defense lawyers in California. With offices in San Francisco, Redwood City, San Rafael, Walnut Creek and Napa, investigators and experts working with this highly specialized DUI attorney represent clients accused of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or driving with a blood alcohol level (BAC) at or above the legal limit in the criminal courts of San Francisco. San Mateo. Marin. Alameda. Santa Clara. Contra Costa. Sonoma and Napa counties and the Federal DUI Courts for the Northern District of California. Additionally, Mr. Tayac’s office represents clients accused of driving with blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.08% or greater stemming from California driving under the influence arrests before the Department of Motor Vehicles’ Driver Safety Offices in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Santa Clara. This law office accepts only a California driving under the influence case and a related California Department of Motor Vehicles license suspension action .

    Each investigator and expert working with this San Francisco Bay Area criminal defense firm specializes in drunk driving defense. Mr. Tayac is a present or past member of professional organizations whose focus is directed at representing individuals who are accused of driving under the influence, including the National College for DUI Defense, California DUI Lawyers Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), and California Public Defenders Association. As well, Mr. Tayac is a member in good standing of the The State Bar of California and is licensed to practice law in all California criminal courts and United States Federal courts for the Northern, Eastern, Central, and Southern Districts of California.

    California driving under the influence (DUI) arrests almost always initiate two distinct cases. The first case is the California driving under the influence criminal case. The District Attorney of the county in which the driving under the influence arrest occurred will most often charge the driver with two separate criminal violations following a California drunk driving arrest. The first criminal charge is for driving under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs in violation of California Vehicle Code section 23152, subdivision (a). The second criminal charge is for driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater in violation of California Vehicle Code section 23152, subdivision (b). (Please note, a driving under the influence offense case will be prosecuted in the United States Federal Court for the Northern District of California by a lawyer working for the United States Attorney’s office if the arrest occurred within the geographic boundaries of the Presidio National Park in San Francisco, Moffett Federal Airfield in Santa Clara County or other land under the jurisdiction of the United States.)

    The second driving under the influence case is a California Department of Motor Vehicles administrative per se license suspension (APS) action. in which a person is at risk of having their California driver’s license (if licensed by the State of California) or privilege to drive in California (if licensed by another state) suspended. Drivers arrested for driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or greater in California have only ten (10) calendar days from the date of the driving under the influence arrest to request a DMV administrative per se (APS) hearing. If a hearing is not requested within ten (10) calendar days of the DUI arrest, the person’s California driver’s license (if licensed in California) or privilege to drive in California (if licensed by another state) will automatically be suspended thirty (30) days from the date of the arrest for a minimum of four (4) months.

    California Department of Motor Vehicles license suspension hearings are highly technical and case specific. For this reason, DMV hearings should only be handled by a lawyer with specialized experience in DUI defense and California DMV cases. To suspend a driver’s license following a California drunk driving arrest, the Department of Motor Vehicles need only prove by a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not) that the police had reasonable cause to believe a violation of Vehicle Code Section 23152 or Section 23153 was committed, that the driving under the influence arrest was lawful, and that the driver had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater at the time of driving. California DMV administrative hearings can be won, but usually only by an attorney with knowledge of the administrative per se hearing process. the type of evidence presented and familiarity with the possible defenses in drunk driving and DMV cases.

    The stakes are high in a California drunk driving case and the consequences are severe. A driving under the influence arrest in California may result in jail. large fines. driver’s license suspensions. mandatory alcohol education classes. ignition interlock devices. and other punishment. For that reason, it is important to have a qualified driving under the influence defense lawyer handling your case as soon after the arrest as possible. If you, a relative or someone you know has been or may be accused of drunk driving, driving with a blood alcohol level at or above the legal limit, or driving under the influence of medication or drugs, we invite you to read the information contained in this website and welcome you to call our office to discuss your case with an experienced DUI lawyer. If you prefer, you may submit a confidential case questionnaire which will be reviewed by a lawyer and receive a prompt response.

    Dallas Criminal Lawyer #dallas #criminal #lawyer, #dallas #federal #criminal #lawyers, #dallas #criminal


    Ron Wells is a Criminal Defense Attorney specializing in Federal and State crimes, Bank Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, and White Collar Crimes. Ron Wells protects and defends the rights and freedom of individuals who have experienced unjust criminal conduct or charges, are involved in a criminal investigation, or have been indicted or convicted of a State or Federal crime. We provide legal expertise to individuals who require a confidential environment, intuitive strategies, time tested goals, and dedicated personalized representation with the best results for your case.

    Mr. Wells is a Board Certified Dallas Criminal Lawyer. He has a passion for victory, a respect of the Judges and Courts, a beneficial relationship with the Justice Department, DEA, FBI, ATF, the local District Attorney’s Offices, and a highly effective and experienced network of attorneys, investigators, expert witnesses and resources. With almost three decades of experience and hundreds of trials, he is constantly evolving, improving knowledge, communication, negotiation and trial strategies. He knows this is part of the winning formula, which has provided success for his past clients and is available for our future clients. We are proud of our excellent history of results and the clients we have represented. As a Dallas Criminal Lawyer, Mr. Wells has prosecuted and defended literally thousands of criminal cases from misdemeanors to murder. Experience has developed the one attribute that can most effectively impact your future: our professional judgment, knowing what to do and when to do it.

    Criminal conduct, investigation, or charges may result in significant ramifications to your current financial position and future career, reputation and liberty. It is critical that you do not talk or communicate about your case to anyone or prepare any evidence until you have the case reviewed by a Criminal Lawyer with the right mix of experience, judgment, analytical skill and knowledge. This will provide you the ability to determine your situation, what the evidence will probably prove, and identify any risks or options you have.

    After reviewing your case, there is no substitute for speed, and timing and decisions in the criminal justice system to achieve the best result possible. The government will be using every possible investigative tool to assemble the case. Prosecuting a criminal case consists of gathering crime facts in the light most prejudicial to the Defendant: i.e. putting together a case. Defending a case consists of casting doubt upon � or actually disproving � the Defendant�s responsibility for either the commission of the crime or its aggravating features: i.e. taking apart a case. Knowing exactly how to utilize and examine this process may keep you out of court system altogether, failing can cripple you for life. This requires confidence, intelligence and most importantly, experience in prosecuting and defending cases similar to yours. Without this unique ability and experience of the entire process and system you can be left without the best result in your case.

    In some cases, many offenses can be proven by the State (or, in federal cases, by the Government). Knowing this, to obtain the best result for your case requires a unique strategy. We have developed extensive expertise in punishment mitigation or �damage control.� If investigation establishes that your guilt can clearly be established upon a trial, we have the resources and credibility to create a plea to cut exposure to a minimum, or identify an acceptable alternative to confinement, or at a minimum, show why a lesser punishment is appropriate.

    If you, a business associate, client or a member of your family is in need of assistance, please contact us at the Dallas, Texas office. Allow us to review the case, at no risk or cost. Please refer to the FAQ to receive additional information.

    Criminal Justice Schools, Paralegal Degree in Miami, FL #criminal #justice #schools #in


    Criminal Justice Programs near Miami, FL

    If proper training is the only thing stopping you from a new career as a police officer, crime scene investigator, bounty hunter or a paralegal in Miami, why let another day pass without taking that step towards your dream? There are Miami criminal justice schools ready to help you make that dream come true.

    Criminal Justice Career Now can connect you with the criminal justice program that is right for you. We have helped thousands. Now it is your turn. Arrest your fears – apprehend your dream career – complete the application on this page to get started today.

    Criminal Justice Programs Available at:

    Online Courses Available

    At Colorado Christian University we believe that you deserve a chance to advance your career and pursue your dreams. CCU’s College of Adult and Graduate Studies makes it easy with online classes and flexible schedules. Busy adults can earn a certificate, associate, bachelor’s or master’s from a wide range of programs. Many classes are available online as well as during the evenings at campus locations across Colorado. You can take classes when and where it’s convenient for you. Courses are taught from a Christian worldview, emphasizing how your personal values and ethics can impact your undergraduate or graduate studies, your life and your work.

    • Online and on site options available.
    • Finish each course in weeks, not months –with a schedule that fits our life.
    • Learn vital skills from faculty with real world experience.
    • Transfer credits from another school.
    • Earn credits for life-learning experience.

    Below are some of CCU’s top programs. CCU offers over 50 online and on site programs designed specifically for adults.

    Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science #criminal #justice, #bachelor #of #science


    Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Science

    In our increasingly complex world, criminals and criminal organizations are more sophisticated than ever. Along with so-called traditional activities such as drug trafficking, street crime and extortion they also employ computers and the Internet to threaten our security.

    As criminal activity becomes more complex and global in scope, law enforcement agencies seek a new generation of highly trained and educated criminal justice professionals. Job opportunities for police and detectives are expected to rise by 10 percent over the next decade; for criminal investigators, job growth will be as high as 17 percent.

    You can prepare for these highly sought-after opportunities through the Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Criminal Justice at St. John s. Offered by the College of Professional Studies, this 126-credit program prepares students for career opportunities in the criminal justice field, including the public sector and all levels of government. Additionally, private sector organizations increasingly seek to hire professionals in the field.

    The program draws on the guidance and insight provided by the University s Criminal Justice Advisory Council, composed of distinguished leaders in police service, law, corrections and public safety administration.

    A unique feature of the program is the option to specialize in Forensic Psychology. Minor areas of study are also available, including:

    • Business
    • Computer Science
    • Correctional Counseling
    • Court Administration
    • Criminalistics


    Students may be entitled to receive credit toward the B.S. degree if they have successfully completed training courses at the NYC Police, NYC Corrections, Nassau County, Suffolk County or NYS Police Academies.

    For more information about admission to this and other acclaimed undergraduate programs at St. John s University, please visit Undergraduate Admission online. Or contact us directly at the campus of your choice:


    Common Core 42 Credits

    Discover New York

    Literature in a Global Context

    Emergence of a Global Society

    Modern Foreign Language Requirement or ART 1000C or LAC 1000C

    Philosophy of the Human Person

    1020 or 2200 series

    Perspectives on Christianity

    Choose any THE elective.

    Other Liberal Arts Requirements 21 Credits

    1007 to 1073 (not 1040)

    American National Government

    Choose three credits from HIS 1017, PSY 1007, PSY 1017, PSY 1019, SOC 1026, SOC 1028

    Major Sequence 36 Credits

    An Introduction to the Criminal Justice System

    Theories of Crime

    The Police and the Community

    The American Judicial System

    American Correctional System

    Choose 21 credits in elective course work: it is recommended that students take CRJ 3006.

    5000, 5001, 5002, 5003, 5004, 5005, 5006, 5200, 5201, 5202, 5203, 6000, 6001.

    Computer Science and Business Area 12 Credits

    Add 9 credits from ACC, BLW, ECO, MGT, MKT

    Free Electives – 15 Credits

    Career Outcomes

    The Criminal Justice program at St. John s gives students a comprehensive understanding of our multifaceted criminal justice system. Along with courses in criminal justice theory and application, the curriculum includes a solid, interdisciplinary liberal arts foundation.

    This foundation gives students the knowledge and skills to:

    • Develop an understanding of the functions of the criminal justice system: police, courts and corrections
    • Become familiar with the theories behind the causes of crime
    • Conduct quality research
    • Understand how national and international criminal justice agencies are using their mission statements as prescriptions for ethical behavior
    • Identify and analyze the results of patterns and practices of differential treatment of suspects and offenders based on class, race, ethnicity and gender
    • Recognize how criminal justice agencies utilize technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness

    Global Approach to Education

    Students also benefit from St. John s focus on an international academic experience. The University offers extensive study abroad courses during the academic year as well as the winter and summer semesters. Students can live and learn at St. John s Rome, Italy, campus and Paris, France, location.

    Additional Information

    St. John s provides a wealth of opportunities for students who are pursuing criminal justice degrees. Organizations like the University s Criminal Justice Association offer guidance concerning career opportunities and job availability, through guest lectures, seminars, on-site visits and opportunities to meet and speak with practitioners in the field.

    Hundreds of for-credit internship opportunities are also available for eligible juniors and seniors. These internships offer insight into the inner workings of some of the world s top government agencies, while allowing students to develop skills and gain experience that greatly increase their marketability in today s competitive job market.

    Strengthening internship opportunities for Criminal Justice majors is the aim of the department s Co-Op Education Program. The program provides experience in professional positions with select criminal justice agencies throughout metropolitan New York.

    Students majoring in Criminal Justice or Legal Studies at St. John s can apply for the NYPD Cadet Program. Available to students in their second year at St. John s, the program in partnership with the New York City Police Department offers extra tuition assistance, special internships in police precincts throughout New York City and other preparation for careers in the nation s premiere police department.

    Students gain an academic and professional edge by joining the Criminal Justice Association. One of more than 180 student clubs and organizations at St. John s, the Criminal Justice Association brings students into contact with the structures and procedures of the criminal justice system. The Association acts as an information center concerning career opportunities and job availability. It sponsors guest lectures, seminars, on-site visits and opportunities to meet and speak with practitioners in the field. Membership is open to all students.

    The Legal Society is a student organization that enhances students understanding of and access to the legal profession. The Legal Society offers such student-organized activities as guest speakers, publications and presentations by alumni leaders in the law enforcement field. The Association assists students in preparing for careers in the legal profession throughout the greater New York area.

    The College of Professional Studies offers membership in the following honor societies:

    • The College of Professional Studies Honor Society: Recognizing undergraduates who demonstrate academic excellence and involvement in campus, church or community activities. Applicants must have completed a minimum of 60 credits (30 in CPS) with an index of 3.5 for all coursework.
    • Alpha Phi Sigma: The Alpha Epsilon Rho Chapter of this criminal justice honor society, for students with a 3.2 overall index (including transfer credits) and a 3.2 index in the Criminal Justice major.
    • Lambda Epsilon Chi: Applicants to this national Legal Studies honor society must major in Legal Studies (A.S. or B.S. degree) with an overall index of 3.5 after completing two-thirds of all course requirements for the degree.

    All St. John s students benefit from the University s other outstanding facilities and resources. Computer laboratories contain sophisticated PC and Mac workstations with a full range of the latest academic software packages and full access to the University s award-winning network.

    High-tech classrooms and lecture halls feature sophisticated multimedia equipment. Lounges and quiet study areas enhance the research experience in our 1.7 million-volume University Library.

    Students take advantage of St. John s location in dynamic New York City. Our faculty and Career Center have strong ties to employers and other professional and educational resources throughout the New York area. Students make New York their classroom through innovative courses like Discover New York.

    Woodbury DWI Lawyer #twin #cities #criminal #defense, #dui #charges, #dui #defense, #drug


    Woodbury, MN Criminal Defense DWI Lawyer

    Defending Minnesota from Drunk Driving and Criminal Charges

    If you have been arrested or charged with committing a criminal act, one thing is certain—your rights must be protected.

    I can stand up for you and protect your rights aggressively.

    In my practice as a Woodbury criminal and DWI defense attorney, I defend my clients in courtrooms throughout Minnesota and the Twin Cities Metro Area. I provide experienced, aggressive, and effective criminal defense against a wide range of felony, gross misdemeanor, and misdemeanor charges including:

    Your choice of an attorney is critical because defense against these and other criminal charges is too important to entrust with just anyone. Do you really want an attorney without focus or experience, or a criminal defense lawyer who has spent half of their career prosecuting people instead of learning how to defend them?

    I am committed solely to criminal defense and have been since I began my career over 27 years ago. I do not practice in areas of law other than criminal defense. I have worked for those individuals charged with criminal and DUI/DWI related offenses.

    Free Consultations
    Evening, Weekend, and Off-Site Appointments Available
    Major Credit Cards Accepted

    Thomas W. Jakway, P.A.
    1805 Woodlane Drive
    Woodbury, MN 55125
    Phone: (651) 731-6680
    Fax: (651) 735-6746

    Thomas W. Jakway, P.A.
    1805 Woodlane Drive

    Woodbury, MN 55125

    Minor in Possession of Alcohol #minneapolis #criminal #defense #lawyer


    Minor in Possession of Alcohol

    Minor in possession laws (sometimes called underage drinking laws) target sales of alcohol to minors and public possession of alcohol by minors. Since the passage in 1984 of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act (23 U.S.C.A. 158), all states have had to raise their minimum drinking age to 21. States that did not risked lowering the amount of highway funds they receive under the Federal Highway Act. All states presently comply with the Drinking Age Act.

    Importantly, the national law (and most state counterparts) target public possession, not private possession (although some states have additional laws concerning alcohol possessed or consumed on private property).

    What is Alcohol ?

    The Drinking Age Act defines alcohol as

    • beer, ale, porter, stout, and other similar fermented beverages (including sak or similar products) of any name or description containing one-half of 1 percent or more of alcohol by volume, brewed or produced from malt, wholly or in part, or from any substitute therefor (26 U.S.C.A. 5052(a)
    • wine of not less than .5% alcohol by volume (23 U.S.C.A. 158(c)(3)), or
    • distilled spirits (also referred to as alcoholic spirits and spirits ), or those substances known as ethyl alcohol, ethanol, or spirits of wine in any form (including all dilutions and mixtures thereof from whatever source or by whatever process produced) (26 U.S.C.A. 5002(8))

    What Constitutes Public Possession ?

    Under the Drinking Age act, public possession does not apply in these circumstances:

    • A minor s use of alcohol for an established religious purpose, as long as the minor is accompanied by parent, legal guardian over the age of 21, or spouse
    • Medical purposes, as long as a licensed physician, dentist, nurse, hospital, medical institution, or pharmacist administers the alcohol
    • In private clubs or establishments, or
    • During lawful employment by a licensed manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer.

    How States Regulate Under-Age Drinking

    All states may regulate alcohol distribution and sale (under Article XXI of the United States Constitution, which repealed Prohibition). States also address underage drinking, targeting a number of activities. Common issues include:

    • Sales to minors. Shops or others are prohibited from selling, providing, or giving alcohol to minors.
    • Purchase of alcohol by minors. Minors in turn are prohibited from buying or otherwise obtaining alcohol from vendors.
    • Possession of alcohol by minors. Although the federal law provides its own exceptions (see above), many states have written their own, such as exempting use by minors while under their parents supervision (California), or possession during the course of employment (such as a waiter serving alcohol).
    • Minors consumption. Some states prohibit or limit consumption, regardless of the circumstances
    • Minors misrepresentation of age. In most states, it s a separate offense for minors to misrepresent their age for the purpose of buying or obtaining alcohol.

    Penalties for Minor in Possession Violations

    State laws punish both the provider of the alcohol and the minor who has intentionally obtained it.

    Penalties for Minors

    Minors who break the law may be charged with criminal offenses, and if convicted, face jail sentences, fines, diversion programs (supervised counseling, which often results in dropped charges if the minor participates successfully in the program), and sentences such as a number of hours of community service.

    Penalties for Providers

    Vendors who sell or give alcohol to minors may be violating state and/or local criminal law, as well as state administrative codes. Criminal penalties may include fines and jail time. Administrative consequences can include license revocations, fines, suspensions of the right to sell or serve alcohol, or the revocation of alcohol licenses. In states that prohibit private consumption, hosts of private parties may face jail or fines.

    Aggressive Minor in Possession State Laws

    Some states are more aggressive than others in regulating sales to and possession by minors. For example:

    • Entering bars. Aside from the employment exception noted above, many states bar youth from entering bars, cocktail lounges, and other establishments that are primarily drinking establishments.
    • Kegger laws. Some states, such as California, have kegger laws, that require vendors to tag a keg with the purchaser s identification. (Ca. Bus. Prof. Law 25659.5) If law enforcement finds a tagged keg at a private party where minors are drinking, they can trace the keg back to the purchaser, who might face civil or criminal penalties.
    • Penalties. Some states provide for effective punishment for minors besides fines and jail time, such as drivers license suspension.
    • Making false IDs more difficult to obtain. Some states cut down on the ability to obtain false IDs by prohibiting their manufacture and sale, and providing for significant penalties; making it illegal for youth to lie about their age in order to obtain an ID; and making false IDs less easy to make by issuing cards that cannot be copied.

    Legal Help for Minor in Possession Charges

    Minors who are charged with MIP, particularly when it s the first time, may receive counseling, community service, or other non-punitive sentences. Minors in other states may face stiffer consequences. And besides the letter of the law, the approach of local police, prosecutors, and judges will determine to a large degree how these cases are handled. A lot depends on the local political and social view of underage drinking.

    Because the local response to MIP is so important to know, it may be a good idea to at least consult with a local lawyer who is familiar with how these cases are handled in your city or area. You may learn that it should not be necessary, given your circumstances, to hire counsel to represent you. Or, you may decide that the outcome is uncertain and the stakes are high, making representation throughout the course of the case a good idea.

    When deciding whether to hire counsel, consider whether there s a good chance of a better result with counsel than if you were to handle the case yourself. Keep in mind that some convictions will have a negative impact on the minor s insurance premiums (and possibly the parents’ premiums as well), and that a license suspension may make it hard to get to school or to a job. This seemingly-minor charge can actually have quite an impact.

    State-by-State Information

    For specifics on the consequences of violating a minor in possession law in a specific state, see the state articles below.

    Talk to a Defense attorney

    Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Dallas TX #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


    State and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers — Dallas Law Firm With National Experience

    Sophisticated Criminal Defense at Every Level

    Sorrels, Udashen Anton is a nationally prominent criminal defense firm located in Dallas, Texas. Our firm handles criminal cases at both the trial and appellate levels. With nine attorneys focusing exclusively on representing persons accused of criminal offenses, the firm is large enough to marshal the resources necessary to handle any criminal case at any level.

    It doesn’t matter how large or complex the case is or how daunting the odds. We have the specific legal knowledge and experience you need when facing the power of the government. Contact our state and federal criminal defense attorneys in Dallas to learn more about our practice.

    A Law Firm Other Lawyers Trust

    Sorrels, Udashen Anton is known as a firm other lawyers turn to when there is a need for the assistance of skilled criminal defense attorneys. Other criminal defense attorneys regularly call upon the firm’s attorneys for help with their more difficult cases because of the firm’s experience and deep understanding of criminal law and procedure.

    The attorneys at our firm represent clients charged with crimes at the federal and state level, including white collar crimes. drug crimes, fraud charges and any other criminal charges. From local DWI cases to complex federal defense. criminal defense attorneys at our firm provide diligent and aggressive representation to each and every client.

    Recognized for Excellence

    The attorneys at Sorrels, Udashen Anton are recognized for excellence, not only in Texas, but throughout the country. The firm is listed in U. S. News and World Report Best Law Firm Rankings in White Collar Criminal Defense, Non-White Collar Criminal Defense and Appellate Practice. Barry Sorrels, Robert Udashen, Gary Udashen and Bruce Anton are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. They are also regularly included in prestigious peer-review listings, such as Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers and the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. When Texas Monthly. D Magazine and Texas Lawyer survey Texas attorneys for lists of top criminal defense practitioners, attorneys from Sorrels, Udashen Anton are always among those named.

    DWI — Drug Crimes — White Collar Crimes — State Court —Federal Court — Attorneys in Texas

    To discuss the specifics of your case, whether you are facing federal or state criminal charges, please call our Texas criminal defense law firm at 214-468-8100 or contact a white collar crimes or state court lawyer in Texas by e-mail.

    Barry Sorrels was inaugurated on January 15, 2011 as the 102nd President of the Dallas Bar Association. He was recently interviewed on CBS 11 News concerning Casey Anthony. See the video here. He has been listed in Best Lawyers in America and voted as one of the top 500 lawyers in America by Lawdragon.com. He has also been named a Texas “Super Lawyer” by Texas Monthly since 2003 and listed as D Magazine’s “Best Criminal Defense Lawyers” since 2003.

    Robert Udashen was named in 2007 by Texas Lawyer as one of 5 Top Notch criminal defense attorneys in the State of Texas. Mr. Udashen is listed in Best Lawyers in America in the categories of white collar criminal defense, non-white collar criminal defense and appellate law. He has been named a Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly every year since 2003 and has been listed as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Dallas by D Magazine since 2009. Mr. Udashen was named 2014 Dallas White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers in Amerca.

    Gary A. Udashen is listed in the publication “Best Lawyers in America” in the categories of Criminal Defense White Collar, Criminal Defense Non-White Collar and Appellate Law. “Best Lawyers in America” is the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession. Mr. Udashen was also named by Best Lawyers in America as Dallas White-Collar Defense Lawyer of the Year in 2011 and Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year in 2014. Mr. Udashen has been a Texas Monthly Super Lawyer each year since 2003 and is Board President of the Innocence Project of Texas.

    Bruce Anton has been a Texas Monthly Super Lawyer each year since 2003 and was listed in D Magazine Best Lawyers in 2011. He is a frequent speaker on criminal law topics such as Applications for Writs of Habeas Corpus, DNA Post-Conviction Relief, Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense, Defense of Child Abuse Cases and Preserving Error for Appeal.

    Starting Salaries in Criminal Justice: How Much Can you Make? #criminal #justice


    Last Updated. June 19, 2013

    In a field as diverse as criminal justice, there is a wide array of possible career paths, each with its own pros and cons. Here’s the good news: the need for professionals with a background in criminal justice is predicted to show continued growth for the foreseeable future. That’s according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the government agency that tracks such things. That means that the starting salaries in criminal justice will be competitive to keep up with demand.

    It is certainly possible to command a hefty salary when you work in criminal justice. (Criminal lawyers come to mind.) However, do not let your salary potential be your only consideration as you plan your criminal justice career. Many criminology jobs offer intense rewards, such as helping others and maintaining public safety. While some may offer more eye-popping starting paychecks than others, all are worthy of consideration. The following is a basic salary survey of criminal justice salaries.

    Private Sector Criminal Justice Positions

    In the private sector, starting salaries in criminal justice can be quite high, even for a fresh-faced grad with a criminal justice degree and some internship experience. Of course, public-sector gigs often come with attractive benefits. Here’s what to expect if you go the private route.

    Private detective. Starting salaries for private detectives hover around the $20,000 mark. (When you work for yourself, the payoff comes once you build a clientele.) According to BLS, median earnings are in the area of $32,110.

    Paralegal. In a recent salary survey from Robert Half International, the salary stats in criminology for case clerks or junior paralegals ranged from $22,000 to $47,500; salary expectations are generally tied to the size of the firm.

    Private Security Agent. Based on information from ASIS, a large organization for security professionals, your starting salary as a security agent depends on your industry. Here are just a few:

    • Banking and financial security: $35,000 to $65,000
    • Commercial real estate: $40,000 to $50,000
    • Intellectual property: $20,000 to $40,000
    • Criminal Lawyer: The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites median earnings for a starting lawyer, after nine months, as falling between $40,000 and $80,000. Those who work in a private practice earn the most.

    Public Sector Criminal Justice Positions

    Public-sector criminal justice jobs often offer a lower starting salary than those in the private sector, but again, salary is just one indicator of how well compensated you will be for your work. Well-designed benefit programs and the rewards of working in the public interest make public-sector criminal justice jobs a great choice for the right candidate. Here are the starting salaries in criminal justice in the public sector from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    Probation or Correction Officer. Probation officers typically start out around $25,000. Those who work in urban areas tend to earn more.

    Police Officer or State Trooper. As a police officer, your earnings as an entry-level worker depend on whether you are working in a local, state, or federal agency. At the lowest end of the scale, you might earn in the range of $30,000. You can often earn considerably more as a federal officer.

    Social Worker or Caseworker. Your earnings as a social worker depend heavily on your area of expertise. Median salaries range from $33,920 to $40,080, with starting professionals typically earning less.

    Government Security Agent. Government security agents earn anywhere from $55,000 to $75,000, according to ASIS.

    Of course, these options are just a few of your many career choices, and as you can see, starting salaries for criminal justice graduates span the pay scale. Go with your heart and choose a field that you love. The money will come, but happiness is invaluable.

    Related Articles:

    Florida Marijuana Laws – FL Marijuana Possession Penalties – Florida Drug Charge


    Florida Marijuana Charge?

    Free Legal Defense Case Evaluation on Florida Marijuana Possession Charges

    Florida marijuana possession laws are among the toughest in the county, and the penalties the most severe. With many states passing medical marijuana laws, there is a nationwide trended to decriminalize possession of pot. Unfortunately Florida has not caught up to this trend to lay off the harmless pot smokers. Simple possession of marijuana is still a seriously prosecuted misdemeanor criminal offense.

    If you were convicted of possession of marijuana it is possible to be sentenced to jail time, even for small amounts. Thought there is not a big risk of jail time likely for small amounts of pot, a joint or a blunt, any risk of jail time is enough to make most people very nervous. It is at a time like this that you need a defense attorney you can trust, to help you figure out what you are facing, and what you can do about it.

    Our lawyers know how the Florida criminal courts treat marijuana offenses and can help you get the best possible results in court. Whether you were caught with a small personal amount or busted with plants or a large amount, we can help .

    We have handled many marijuana cases in the past and can tell you about results in cases similar to yours. But we still know each case is different and treat each accordingly. We are interested in learning the specifics of your case.

    Call at at (877) 394-6959 for a free marijuana charge case evaluation, or contact us via the form, and we will be in touch. There s no obligation.

    Florida Marijuana Possession Laws Penalties

    The seriousness of charge you face obviously depends on the amount of marijuana you were caught with or accused of possessing. If you are being charged with possession of cannabis, you will face the following charges:

    With 1 st degree felony charges you may be facing up to life in prison. The minimum sentence listed is only the bare minimum that the judge isrequired to sentence you to.

    Can I Beat a Marijuana Possession Charge?

    Yes, there are always opportunities to fight the case in courts. We can file motions to suppress evidence against in you court, and challenge every element of your arrest, and any alleged evidence against you. Cops can absolutely be known to get out of line on pot busts, and exceed their legal authority.

    If this is a first offense of marijuana possession, and you are facing simple possession charge, we may be able to improve your chances of getting probation rather than serving any time. We will look at the circumstances surrounding your case and be able to give you a good indication of what kind of outcome you may get in court.

    When you are facing possession of cannabis charges or other offenses in Florida criminal courts, time is of the essence. Call today for a consultation on your case with an experienced Florida defense lawyer, who knows how to fight and win marijuana cases in Florida criminal courts.

    Call (877) 394-6959 for no obligation legal defense advice on any marijuana arrest in Florida.

    Free Legal Consultation

    Contact an attorney for a free legal case evaluation on any criminal charge by calling:

    (877) 394-6959

    Orlando Criminal Attorney, Orange County Criminal Lawyers #orlando #criminal #attorney, #orlando #criminal





    Orlando Criminal Attorney / Orange County FL Criminal Defense Lawyer

    The Wilson Law Firm represents individuals who have been charged with criminal felony, misdemeanor, and DUI offenses in the Orlando and central Florida area. In every case we handle, our goal is to keep our clients informed of their legal rights and options, and to protect their interests and freedom to the fullest extent possible.

    Call the Wilson Law Firm Today at: (407) 648-5255

    If you or a loved one have been arrested for a criminal offense, call us today to speak with a experienced Orlando criminal attorney about your situation. An experienced Orlando criminal attorney will be able to recognize the legal issues that exist in your case and properly prepare and present your defenses. In many criminal cases, a properly prepared defense will result in either reduced penalties, reduced charges, or a dismissal of the charges. Even in criminal cases where the evidence of guilt is overwhelming, a properly prepared defense and presentation of mitigating circumstances by a Orlando criminal attorney can result in significant decreases in the penalties you receive.

    Experienced Orlando Criminal Attorney:

    Attorney Joel Wilson is a former felony prosecutor who has handled thousands of complex felony, misdemeanor and DUI cases. Joel is also an experienced trial attorney, having tried numerous cases during his career. While most cases do not result in a trial, there are some that will go to trial. When a case cannot be resolved except by trial, you will want an experienced trial attorney to present your side of the case in a persuasive and effective manner. For more information about Joel s background and experience, please visit our attorneys link on the top of this page.

    Free Initial Consultation Available 24 Hours a Day:

    We provide a free initial consultation, where you will meet with a Orlando criminal attorney to discuss your case. We will go over the criminal process, your legal rights and options, and the cost for our services. For many people this is their first contact with the criminal justice system. The system can be confusing to understand. This can make an already stressful situation worse. We work to alleviate this stress as much as possible for our clients by keeping them as informed as possible about their case and their options.

    Florida Criminal Defenses:

    The defenses available in a case can vary significantly depending on the evidence, facts and circumstances surrounding the case. In some cases, evidence may be suppressed due to errors on the part of law enforcement. In others, the State may lack the necessary physical or testimonial evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime. For more information on the defenses that may be available in your case, call us today to speak with a Orlando criminal attorney or visit the following web page:

    A experienced Orlando criminal attorney will be able to recognize the defenses that may be available in your case and help protect your freedom, rights and interests.

    The Defendant s Rights:

    A defendant has the following rights in a criminal case:

    1) The privilege against compulsory self-incrimination which includes the right to plead not guilty.
    2) The right to a trial in which the State must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
    3) The right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury.
    4) The right to confront the witnesses against them.
    5) The right to compulsory process to obtain witnesses in their favor.
    6) The right to have the effective assistance of counsel for their defense at trial.
    7) The right to appeal.
    8) The right to present any defense on their behalf.

    Florida Criminal Penalties:

    The penalties for a criminal charge include: Jail, Probation, Fines, Community Service and Court Ordered Programs. Visit the following page of this website for more information on the criminal penalties associated with your or a loved ones case:

    In addition to these criminal penalties, there are many other negative consequences that may affect the defendant as well, such as:

    1) Termination or denial of employment.
    2) Loss or Denial of professional licenses.
    3) Suspension or expulsion from school.
    4) Loss of grants or scholarships.
    5) Loss of civil rights, including the right to vote.
    6) Loss of right to possess firearms.
    7) Administrative drivers license suspension.
    8) Deportation or denial of citizenship.
    9) Loss of reputation in your community.

    For more information on Florida criminal penalties, call us today to speak with a Orlando criminal attorney.

    Frequent Questions, Bond and Jail Information:

    Visit the following web pages for more information about the criminal process, bonds and jails:

    You can also call the firm to speak directly with a Orlando criminal attorney and Orlando DUI lawyer to discuss your situation and the legal issues involved in your case.

    NOTE: Calls From Inmates at the Jail are Recorded:

    If you receive a call from someone in jail, do not discuss any details regarding the criminal offense that the defendant is alleged to have committed. Prosecutors use the statements recorded from these calls against the defendant. Your discussion about the facts of the case with the inmate and their responding statements may be the piece of evidence that later results in their conviction.

    Our Orlando Criminal Attorney Services:

    We represent people in all criminal matters and cases. For more information on certain crimes or criminal matters, please visit the following links:



    NEW YORK CRIMINAL ATTORNEY #manhattan #new #york #city #criminal #defense #lawyer, #new


    New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Jon Marks New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer

    The Law Firm of Jonathan Marks, P.C.

    The Law Firm of Criminal Defense Lawyer Jonathan Marks has been successfully defending clients facing criminal charges since 1978. Over the past 40 years, the Firm has earned an outstanding reputation for obtaining favorable results for its clients through all stages of the criminal justice process

    The Firm’s criminal cases range from complex white collar prosecutions to narcotics and violent crimes. In addition, the Firm handles cases involving police brutality and other instances of police misconduct. With 40 years of experience and dedication to the specialized field of criminal law, the Law Firm of Jonathan Marks can be trusted to maintain total confidentiality and to energetically pursue your legal rights and goals.

    Professional New York Legal Counsel for criminal defense

    The Firm believes that all of its clients deserve personalized expert legal services that are cost-effective and that efficiently resolve any pending criminal charges. The Firm treats each client as a partner in his or her case and emphasizes that the best defense results from a well-informed client and well-informed attorney. At the same time, the Firm remains keenly aware that its criminal clients are facing an inordinate amount of personal stress and that part of an attorney’s job is to do all things possible to minimize that stress.

    Hire one of the best criminal attorneys in New York

    Attorney Marks has received the highest rating (AV) for competence and integrity from Martindale-Hubbell for the past 40 years. He has taught trial advocacy to lawyers and at law schools in the New York area. Jonathan Marks is proud of the recognition and appreciation he has received from his clients for his devotion to their cases and the good outcomes that have resulted. One client even named his first son after Attorney Marks .

    Jonathan Marks has been a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a member of the New York Council of Defense Lawyers, the New York Criminal Bar Association, and the Federal Bar Council.

    If you are facing criminal charges in New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens and are looking for highly experienced and personalized legal assistance, please contact the New York City Law Firm of Jonathan Marks. P.C. We speak Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

    Third Degree Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument #third #degree #criminal #possession


    Third Degree Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument

    Although the elements of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument vary with the degree of the crime, the foundation for every offense stems from New York Penal Law 170.20. Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the Third Degree is an A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail. In the event you commit NY PL 170.20 in New York City Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, etc. your one year in jail will be served on Rikers Island. If the same is perpetrated in an outer county, such in White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle in Westchester, the time you serve will be in the Westchester County Jail. Irrespective of where you may be potentially incarcerated, the first line of defense that you and your New York criminal lawyer will confront is avoiding a conviction. To be clear, even without seeing a day in jail, a conviction for Third Degree Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument can, and likely will, devastate your career. This conviction will remain with you forever.

    You are guilty of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the Third Degree if you have knowledge that the instrument in your possession is forged, you possess that instrument with the intent to defraud or deceive another person. Remember, the instrument need not be completely altered, but can be modified and changed through deletion, addition, or any other way in part or in its entirety. An “A” misdemeanor, New York Penal Law 170.20 is punishable by a year in jail.

    In Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx, the New York City Police Department often time will issue a Desk Appearance Ticket or DAT at the time of your arrest for violating NY PL 170.20, Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument in the Third Degree. It is critical to understand that a DAT is no different than a regular arrest where you have been processed and held in custody to see a judge. You will need a criminal lawyer in New York City to handle the case and represent you. Don’t be naive or be so at your own risk. Remember, as serious as an appearance ticket for Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument can be, failure to appear on the date specified will result not just in a bench warrant for your arrest, but will also potentially magnify the crime for which you were charged.

    Don t let an arrest or Desk Appearance Ticket for Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument become a scarlet letter for future schools, employers and professional licenses. Retain an experienced criminal lawyer, such the criminal attorneys and former Manhattan prosecutors at Crotty Saland PC, to protect your rights today and your future and career well beyond tomorrow.

    Call our criminal lawyers and former Manhattan prosecutors at (212) 312-7129 or contact us online today.

    New York. NY 10007

    Office: 212.312.7129 Fax: 212.918.9375

    Attorney Advertising – Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome

    We serve the following localities: New York, Manhattan, New York County, The Bronx, Bronx County, Brooklyn, Kings County, Queens, Queens County, Staten Island, Richmond County, Greenburgh, New Rochelle, White Plains, Yonkers, and Westchester County.

    Third Degree Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument. New York City Third Degree Criminal Possession Lawyer Jeremy Saland

    Top Minnesota Criminal Justice Schools: Programs, Colleges, Degrees, Courses, Classes, Certification, Training


    Criminal Justice Schools in Minnesota

    Minnesota contains 48 schools that offer criminal justice programs. Hamline University. the highest-ranking criminal justice school in MN, has a total student population of 5,166 and is the 277th highest ranked school in America.

    Of the 48 criminal justice schools in Minnesota, only 6 have a student population over 10k. After taking into account tuition, living expenses, and financial aid, University of Phoenix-Minneapolis/St Paul Campus comes out as the most expensive ($26,850/yr), with Leech Lake Tribal College as the lowest recorded at only $5,826/yr.

    Criminal Justice students from Minnesota schools who go on to become criminal justice administrators, public prosecutors, public defenders, judges, etc. have a good chance at finding employment. For example, there are 12,610 people working as criminal justice and law enforcement teachers alone in the US, and their average annual salary is $62,750. Also, Police and sheriff’s patrol officers make on average $55,180 per year and there are about 641,590 of them employed in the US today. In fact, in the Minnesota alone. there are 8,430 employed police and sheriff’s patrol officers earning an average yearly salary of $54,470. Criminal justice and law enforcement teachers in this state earn $60,670/yr and there are 240 employed.

    Also, within the criminal justice schools in Minnesota, the average student population is 3,459 and average student-to-faculty ratio is 18 to 1. Aside from criminal justice, there are 5327 total degree (or certificate) programs in the state, with 2,013 people on average applying for a school. Undergraduate tuition costs are normally around $6,006, but can vary widely depending on the type of school.

    Criminal Justice Programs in Minnesota

    Program ID: 71631

    Criminal Justice/Safety Studies

    Levels offered: Bachelors

    Program ID: 45709

    Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration

    Levels offered: Masters

    Program ID: 45710

    Criminal Justice/Safety Studies

    Levels offered: Bachelors

    Program ID: 182121

    Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration

    Levels offered: Bachelors

    Program ID: 71070

    Corrections and Criminal Justice, Other

    Levels offered: Bachelors

    Program ID: 190825

    Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration

    Levels offered: Masters

    Program ID: 108026

    Criminal Justice/Police Science

    Levels offered: Bachelors

    Program ID: 141978

    Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Administration

    Levels offered: Masters

    Program ID: 141979

    Criminal Justice/Safety Studies

    Levels offered: Bachelors, Masters

    Program ID: 205694

    Criminal Justice/Safety Studies

    Levels offered: Bachelors

    Program ID: 8459

    Criminal Justice Degree – Bachelor Degree Criminal Justice Degree Michigan College #criminal


    Criminal Justice Degree
    Bachelor Degree Criminal Justice

    Student Resources

    Why Major in Criminal Justice?

    The criminal justice degree program provides a combined training and criminal justice education package to prepare men and women for a professional career in the criminal justice system.

    Acceptance into the criminal justice bachelor degree program (junior/senior level) is on a competitive basis, as space permits.

    The criminal justice degree program provides two primary entry points: (1) to accommodate criminal justice students who wish to complete all four years at Ferris; and (2) college criminal justice students who transfer into the Ferris State criminal justice degree program with an associate degree criminal justice or its equivalent.

    Criminal Justice College Graduates Get Great Jobs

    The criminal justice degree program at Ferris State has three options: law enforcement specialist; criminal justice corrections; or criminal justice generalist. Depending upon the criminal justice major or cj program option chosen, Criminal Justice degree students study criminal justice subjects such as administration of police units, police laboratory techniques, collection of evidence, the role of police in forming community opinion, cause and prevention of juvenile delinquency, criminal justice theory and practice of handling convicted law violators, probation and parole, criminal justice processes and problems, crime control policy, and the role of law enforcement in American society.

    During the summer internship between the junior and senior years, the Criminal Justice degree students are assigned to a cooperating criminal justice agency for practical experience in a criminal justice internship program.

    Bachelor’s Degree Criminal Justice Admission Requirements

    College students who major in criminal justice by enrolling in the criminal justice degree program prior to the junior level enroll in the Pre-Criminal Justice curriculum. Completion of the Pre-Criminal Justice degree program does not guarantee acceptance into the criminal justice bachelor degree program. The bachelors degree in Criminal Justice is awarded for successful completion of 128-134 semester credit hours of coursework. These criminal justice degree credit hours are a combination of the 63-64 credit hours as required in the first two years as a criminal justice major (or an equivalent from another college) and the 64-67 semester credit hours required in the junior and senior years at Ferris State. Graduation from the college criminal justice degree program requires a minimum 2.5 GPA for the law enforcement specialist option. Graduation from the criminal justice degree in the criminal justice corrections and generalist options requires a minimum 2.0 GPA.

    College Degree Criminal Justice Graduation Requirements

    Graduates from the Criminal Justice degree program must complete all of Ferris State general education requirements as outlined in the General Education section of the criminal justice course catalog, and have an ACT math sub score of 24, or complete MATH 115 or pass the Math proficiency exam.

    If you would like more information on Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree Programs at Ferris State University call (231) 591-2000 .

    About Ferris State University: College classes including our criminal justice degree program, are taught at all levels by professional teachers, not graduate assistants. College students that major in criminal justice at Ferris State University, study in more than 170 different college educational programs – including doctorate degrees, masters degrees, bachelors degree criminal justice and associate degree criminal justice programs.

    Ferris State University offers a wide variety of scholarships and financial aid. A majority of our students receive financial aid assistance. We encourage you to explore this website for more information on available scholarships and financial aid opportunities at Ferris State University. Ferris State provides all enrolled students access to a variety of academic skill-building opportunities that will assist them in their pursuit of academic excellence in a format that accommodates various learning preferences and schedules. At FSU students experience small classes with individual attention in 170 career-oriented majors leading to job placement for our graduates. FSU students also enjoy 220 student organizations for fun in a relaxed, hometown setting in the heart of Michigan’s recreation area.

    The group presentation, by one of our admissions recruiters, includes information on academic offerings, scholarships, housing, student life, and costs. A question and answer period follows the presentation and includes a few surprises! Lunch is provided at one of our well known dining facilities on campus. After lunch, guests may take part in a walking tour of campus led by one of our exceptional student guides. The walking tour takes approximately 1 hour.

    If you would like more information on Criminal Justice Degree or would like to talk with or visit our campus in Big Rapids, Michigan contact us.

    Bachelor Degree Criminal Justice

    Best Criminal Defense Attorney Miami – Criminal Defense Lawyer #criminal #attorney #miami


    Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Arrested for a crime? Contact Frank Schwartz Spanish Speaking Attorney at (305)379-5661 For Assistance! Se Habla Español. You need to guarantee that your legal rights and freedoms are represented if you have been arrested or charged with a crime in the city of Miami. In our organization, we are honored to deliver superior legal representation and services to people throughout the Miami. We are confident that our deep bench of legal experience will be able to assist your criminal defense needs. Our firm has over 10 years of legal experience delivering justice to our clients with positive resolutions to their criminal circumstances. Additionally, utilizing experience as a former district attorney, we have the breadth of knowledge necessary to overcome difficult legal situations. At our firm, we specialize on figuring out the most reliable way to get the very best possible outcome for our clients. We follow up and pursue cases not only in a court of law, but also, outside of the court as necessary. Rest assured that a trusted criminal defense attorney in Miami is in your corner when it comes time to deliver results for your case.

    Why Frank Schwartz, P.A.?

  • Devoted Defense Attorney

  • Rely on Frank Schwartz, P.A.

    The top 5 qualities clients receive when hiring a tough criminal lawyer:

    • Experience in court with over 100 trials in both Federal as well as State Court
    • More than 15 years of legal experience
    • Insight & knowledge as a former prosecutor
    • Represented as one of the Top 100 Trial Attorney representatives by the Nati onal Trial Lawyers Association
    • Provide cost-free case evaluation to lay the foundation for your defense When you collaborate with Frank Schwartz, P.A, we are prompt in the first step of establishing a legal case, that’s gathering information and details concerning your circumstances, to uncover and discover your side of the story. At our firm, we specialize in the legal frameworks and unique Florida legislation governing crime cases. Other lawyers in Miami may treat you like a number. At our firm, we are dedicated to pursuing justice for each one of our clients. As a client, you will receive detail-oriented legal advice. Additionally, we gather and review statements from witnesses, analyze and challenge evidence, and develop a custom strategy that is unique to your case

    After an apprehension or if you are under an criminal investigation for any reason, it is crucial that you take prompt action to ensure that your situation is being taken care of by a knowledgeable, devoted and experience lawyer. With Frank Schwartz, P.A. we keep a close eye on the needs of your case, and make absolutely sure that your inquiries are addressed in a timely and effective fashion. Clients of our have actually been able to receive many acquittals in both state and federal courts. We are confident that we can achieve the same results for you. No case is too small or too large for our organization to take on. I have actually aided people in cases ranging from driving under the influence to violent crime. Some cases include:

    • Drug crimes
    • Sex crimes
    • Theft crimes
    • Domestic Violence
    • White collar crimes

    We understand that all cases are different, therefore, in order to guarantee that you receive a result that is sensible and reasonable, you need to call Frank Schwartz, P.A. today. If you have concerns or inquiries concerning your scenario, do not think twice to call a trusted Miami criminal protection attorney right away and set up consultation with our office.

    Criminal Defense Firm in Miami