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I ve reviewd the general reviews for CSN. Can anyone give me more specific information on their experience with the nursing program? I will be transferring credits from out of state and have lived here just over a year. Any advice. do s or don ts. I would appreciate anything you can pass along. All I ve heard is that it s extremely competitive. I have taken most of the prereqs. I only have Microbiology left.

I ve heard that they have a tough program but that it s comprehensive. I have also heard that they have one of the higher NCLEX pass rate in Nevada. If you re willing to work hard and put effort then you ll succeed no matter where you go. College is for adult learners and I believe you will get as much as you put into it so why pay more at a private school/University when good quality education is available at your local community college? My wife goes there and she has not said anything negative. She says that there are a lot of good quality, free resources available to students but she comments that most people, especially those who need it, do not take advantage of it. Free tutoring, online and on-campus resources! Take advantage of all they offer and put your time and effort, after all, you deserve what you ve paid for.

I just moved here and three of the nurses in my office were trained there, all seem very competent and that speaks volumes. I can ask specific opinions on the program itself, if you like.

If recommend finishing ALL your pre-reqs first. Micro is worth 5-10pts. If you re applying for full-time you ll need about 27-29pts. I got in to the part-time track (now called extended track and requires at least 29pts) with 31 pts out of 35. You get points based on GPA, grades in Biology, medical experience, pre-req completion. Once in the program, kiss your social life goodbye. Nursing program at CSN is what pushed me to drink a lot. it made me realize it was interrupting with my travels and drinking and I make the same money as a nurse right now so after 1 year into it, I left.

Roger T. Michael U. Cathy C. thank you so much for taking the time to give ur wonderful feed back. I visited the campus about a year ago and spoke with someone. I calculated my points based on the courses I have and had 29 pts. before my ACT stores added. So Cathy C you confirmed what I was thinking about getting micro out of the way first. That s good news. It s good to know that they have tutoring available. I ve never been good with math so two years ago I once again attempted to pass the pre cal. I started with the remedial math and got it done. So now my concern is that I haven t done any math in about two years and have to take the ACT. I m afraid I ve forgotten it all. Other than that I might be in good standing. Does anyone know whether there is a score requirement for the ACT. I can t remember.

Dish Network Dispute Updates: Comcast SportsNet Stays; CBS May Vanish #csn #bay #area #dish #network


Dish Network Dispute Updates: Comcast SportsNet Stays; CBS May Vanish

Dish Network and Comcast Corp. agreed to a short-term contract extension Tuesday, as CBS threatened to yank its programming. Photo: Reuters

Good news for sports fans: Dish Network and Comcast Corp. have gone into extra innings. In a move that will temporarily avoid a blackout of Comcast SportsNet channels in five major television markets, the two companies agreed to a short-term extension Tuesday to keep the programming on the air. No details of the temporary deal were disclosed.

Dish and Comcast have been engaged in a public battle over programming fees for more than a week, with the latter launching an outright media blitz in an effort to warn viewers that the channels were in danger of being yanked from the Dish lineup. The companies’ carriage contract expired on Monday.

Comcast’s NBCUniversal unit, which operates the SportsNet channels, had set up “microsites” aimed at the five affected markets: New England, the Mid-Atlantic, Chicago, California and the Bay Area. The sites encouraged viewers to contact Dish and voice their objections, or simply switch providers altogether. On Monday, an NBCUniversal spokesperson said hundreds of thousands of viewers had taken action (sent emails, tweets or placed phone calls) through the websites.

As of Tuesday, visitors to the sites are being greeted with a brief message saying a blackout has been temporarily averted.

Fans of “The Big Bang Theory” may not be so lucky.

CBS Corp. embroiled in its own carriage dispute with Dish Network, released a statement Tuesday saying it’s had enough with the extensions and that it will yank its programming from Dish if a deal can’t be reached by Thursday at 7 p.m. EST.

“We would very much like to avoid going dark, thereby joining the more than 120 stations Dish has dropped since 2013 alone,” CBS said in a statement. “Unless agreements are reached, however, our viewers should be prepared to lose CBS from their Dish systems.”

The Dish-CBS contract expired last month, but the two sides reached a temporary extension.

Dish is also involved in a carriage dispute with Time Warner Inc.’s Turner Broadcasting. Several Turner-owned networks, including CNN, the Cartoon Network and TCM, went dark for a month before being temporarily restored on Nov. 21.

Dish viewers are growing increasingly frustrated with the constant fighting and many have taken to social media threatening to cancel Dish. The Dish Network Facebook page is littered with angry comments.

Dish says it is simply fighting to prevent unfair price hikes, and it has good reason to do so. In a report earlier this year, the Federal Communications Commission cited programming fees as one of the main reasons why Americans are seeing their cable bills rise so dramatically.

Some analysts say Dish has been among the most vocal pay-TV providers to push back against the fee increases, even if it is taking a public relations hit in the process.