Expert Dry: Dry Out Without the Tear Out, Mold Remediation, Water Damage

Why Expert Dry?

  • 16 Years Experience in Multi-owner, High-rise Commercial Properties
  • Familiar with Condominium Associations
  • IICRC Master Restorer on Every Project
  • Licensed Florida Mold Acessor and Mold Remediator
  • Gulf Coast Hospital Engineers Association Member
  • Baldwin County Homebuilders Association
  • Baldwin County Realtor’s Association

Expert Dry: We Dry Wet Buildings

Expert Dry, specializing in water damage restoration, mold remediation and indoor environmental consulting, is the leader along the Gulf Coast in drying out wet buildings. Our remediation and restoration specialists provide essential services, including the following:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Indoor Environmental Consulting

Concentrating on commercial, residential and vacation rental condominiums, we are your source to call along the Northwest Florida and South Alabama coastlines for any and all water damage problems.

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Latest Review by Actor Alec Baldwin:
Quality rug care is essential for the upkeep of any New York home and Haim Shemesh at Sunlight Fine Rug Care Restoration does not disappoint. I highly recommend them!
Actor Alec Baldwin

Dear Haim,
It has been so very busy here, thank God, that I never had the chance to formally thank you for the absolutely beautiful job you and your team did with our rugs and sofa. I know when a job is superior and such is the case, much to my surprise, upon entering the apartment after you completed the work.
Thank you again – you will ever be our service provider etc.
Gabriel J. Letizia, Ph.D

New York Professional Rug Carpet Cleaning Services

New York New Jersey Connecticut – Tri State Carpet Cleaning
Sun Light Fine Rug Care Restoration was established in Brooklyn, New York, in the
late 90 s. specializing in Oriental rug cleaning – Antique area rug cleaning, wool rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning,oriental rug cleaning nyc repair and restoration,upholstery cleaning.
The company s goal is to provide top quality professional carpet cleaning services (in New York City, Connecticut, New Jersey), using state-of-the art equipment and a highly skilled crew.
The result is 100% satisfaction guaranteed on every carpet and upholstery fabric job.

Why Choose Sun Light Fine Rug Care Restoration Services?
Your home should be your sanctuary, whether it s filled with beautiful things or highlighted by
few key pieces. Your oriental rugs, area rugs and furniture are an integral part of this; regular
cleaning, stain and odor removal, maintenance and restoration, and organic carpet and rug cleaning, will not only keep your investments and heirlooms in excellent shape, it will enhance your entire home, keeping the air fresher and your family healthier.

Sun Light Fine Rug Care Restoration understands this, and we work hard to make sure your
furniture s, oriental Antique rugs are well taken care of and protected for many years to come.Once you put your trust in us, you become part of our family; through testimonials and word-of-mouth, our clients continually refer friends and family members to us. We go the extra mile in service and customer interaction to keep you satisfied, and coming back for more.

Sunlight Fine Rug Care and Restoration – The Best Quality Rug Cleaning in New York

Finding orientalrug cleaning in New York isn t difficult at all. Sunlight Fine Rug Care and Restoration offers a variety of different services for rug cleaning. Our carpet cleaning company is a professional and careful company that will take care of your rugs and upholstery and make them look brand new again. We do all that we can to make sure that we have satisfied customers that will want to return again and again.

Professional Cleaning from Wall to Wall

One service that Sunlight Fine Rug Care and Restoration offers is a complete cleaning of your carpeting from wall to wall. We do professional cleaning of your carpets in a very precise way. First, we get the carpeting ready pre-conditioning your carpet to get the stains ready to be removed. Then we use a cleaning solution on your carpet using a high pressure sprayer. Then we go in by hand and use a unit to get rid of the stains. We do this all very delicately to protect your carpeting from being damaged and to keep it looking plush and beautiful.Having your carpet cleaned by professionals not only removes dirt and grime, but it also gets rid of allergens like dust and mold in your carpeting.

Upholstery Cleaning

Another service that Sunlight Fine Rug Care and Restoration offer is cleaning of your upholstery. We will work on both home upholstery and business upholstery. Our group comes in and does a very professional job of getting your upholstery looking clean and new. There is no fabric that we won t work on or can t get clean.The pricing will vary for this service based on different kinds of fabric as well as how much you will need to have cleaned. First, we will send someone to your home and that person will give you an assessment as well as an estimate. You will be given a quote on the price and then we wills up a convenient date and time for you. The company will come to your home and use technologically advanced techniques to clean your upholstery. Depending upon the amount of work to be done, the work typically takes several hours. You should also be aware that you will need to give the upholstery one day to dry after treatment.

Area Rug Cleaning

Another service that we offer is the cleaning of area rugs. Area rugs need to be treated with great care against damage. We don t recommend that you try to clean this yourself. This type of work should be done by professionals. We service all kinds of oriental rugs, but we do not service silk rugs because these should by dry cleaned. We are very careful in the way that we treat your rug because we do research ahead of time on the rug. We want to be aware of what the rug is made of, its age, as well as where it came from.When we come to your home to clean area rugs. we take three steps to do our work. The first thing that we will do is give the rug a good dusting. A lot of dust a person can t necessarily see, but the dust will cause damage to your rug. Next, we use a deep pile process in which we give your rug a deep cleaning. Then, we might also mothproof the rug if that would be beneficial for the rug. We also have a process for restoring oriental rugs to their original beautify.

The Professional Touch

Here at Sunlight Fine Rug Care and Restoration. we recognize how important your oriental rug is for you. We make sure that we are very careful with your rug and treat it as if it were our own rug. We are careful to make sure that we have enough information about your rug before we begin treating it, so there are never any errors.If we treat your rug, you will know that you are working with professionals that won t damage your rug with unnecessary chemicals. The chemicals that we do use are designed to be non-toxic to your rug. Nor will we use machines on your rug that could wear and tear on it. We have customized our services to your unique needs. We use gentle techniques to wash your rug thoroughly without being damaging to your precious rug. Our deep cleansing techniques will restore your rug and make it look beautiful. Our cleansing processes will remove pet dander and dust that may cause allergic reactions to people. We are also capable of removing stains and odors on your rug that are from animals.
Have confidence that when you are working with us, you are working with professionals.

Nashville TN Aggregate Driveway Clean and Seal #water #damage #nashville #tn


Driveway Clean Seal

Driveway Cleaning Aggregate and Concrete

(Driveway, patio, sidewalk, garage..)

Driveways can be made from many different elements. Aggregate and poured concrete are the most popular in areas such as Brentwood and Franklin, TN. Aggregate drives are usually brown or gray in color, have rock showing through and have a sheen when sealed. The mixture typically contains concrete, sand, gravel and crushed stone. Aggregate driveways are cleaned the same as the smooth concrete seen in both residential and commercial.

The Hot Water cleaning difference!

Our Commercial Hot water equipment is not something you can rent at your local home improvement store. Our commercial equipment heats the water up to 200 degrees. Just like washing dishes and clothes at home, hot water does a much better job of cleaning and sanitizing! Combined with detergents and degreasers we promise results that Wow you and leave your neighbors jealous!

Why is your Clean Seal the Best in town?

  • Pre treatment with soaps degreasers
  • Hot Water cleaning!
  • We can provide water anywhere!
  • Your concrete sealer is the same one chosen by Opryland Hotel for ALL their aggregate after the 2010 Flood.
  • Watch our Cleaning Video below.#1
  • Watch our Sealing Video below.#2

Aggregate Driveway Sealing

Sealing your aggregate or concrete driveway is not a necessity but is recommended. Most driveways on new homes are not sealed by the contractor due to added cost. Using the proper sealer has long and short term benefits. Short term, if you use a topical sealer, you will have a nice sheen that will definitely add curb appeal. Long term, a sealer can prevent or minimize cracks. One reason for driveway cracking is Freeze Thaw Weathering. This is when temperatures fluctuate from below freezing to above freezing. This allows water to seep into any surface when temps are above freezing, then when it drops below 32 degrees this water freezes and expands. The force of the expansion creates cracking. When temperatures stay close to the freezing mark the water does not have a chance to evaporate and continues to exacerbate the situation.

2 Types of Sealers

For aggregate, concrete and stone

Acrylic Aggregate Sealer and other topical sealers will form a film on top and will not allow moisture to penetrate. This film also creates a slick surface that dirt and oils do not adhere to as easily. This makes homeowner maintenance much easier. With garden hose pressure you will be able to keep your driveway cleaner longer. Our commercial grade sealers are guaranteed to protect your property and enhance the beauty for many years. Note: The aggregate sealer used on your driveway is the same sealer chosen by Opryland Hotel after the 2010 Flood. We sealed all interior walkways and majority of the outside walks. We were proud to know they agreed that we were using the best in town!

Penetrating sealers do not leave a film on top, thus not changing the appearance at all. These do not create a sheen and do not leave the surface slippery when wet. These are great for pool decks, natural stone and white concrete driveways. As you see in the picture, these still form a seal and do not let moisture intrude.

The video below refers to Acrylic Aggregate Sealers. (the most popular shiny kind)

Overall Rating / 12 Total Testimonials

South Jersey Termite – Pest Control – AB-Con Exterminators #pest #control, #exterminator,


AB-Con Termite Pest Control of South Jersey

Serving Camden County. Burlington County and Gloucester County in South Jersey, we specialize in Hard to Solve Problems for Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers and Real Estate transactions .

Our fully trained, experienced and certified staff is committed to providing you with prompt, professional and efficient service at an affordable cost to protect your most valuable investment – your home or business and give you peace of mind.

We provide Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Pre-Purchase property inspections to protect our customer’s Real Estate investments can handle even the most complex structural damage repairs. We pride our excellence on our experienced Inspectors. Inspectors are full-time, credentialed, licensedspecialists who provide home buyers with the security of an inspection service for which they can rely.

Our team of experienced trades’ people can assess damage due to wood destroying insects and perform the repairs in a timely cost-efficient manner. This is important because it means you only deal with one company.

AB-Con Termite and Pest Control – the right choice for you — “Professional People. Positive Solutions”

  • Free Estimates
  • Advanced Technical Methods of Applying Chemicals
  • Prompt, Professional Service
  • Guaranteed Results
  • FHA, VA Conventional Certifications
  • Senior Citizen and Veteran’s Discounts
  • Fully Licensed and Insured

Serving Camden, Burlington. and Gloucester Counties in South Jersey. we also provide One Year Renewable Termite Warranties, Necessary WDI Treatments and Structural Repairs Due to WDI Damage.

We look forward to working with you!

Office Cleaning NJ, House Cleaning New Jersey, Janitorial Services, Mold Removal #house


Professional Janitorial, Commercial, Industrial Cleaning Services
Residential Cleanup – Heavy Detailed House Home Cleaning
Certified Mold Remediation Removal Of All Health Hazards
Eight Diverse Service Divisions Serve NJ, NY, PA

Call 732-225-0662 Now For A Free Cleaning Quote

Gerrus Maintenance, Inc. and its eight service divisions are the best providers of professional cleaning services and complete building cleaning services in New Jersey and nearby areas of Staten Island NY and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We offer a full range of janitorial. health hazard removal. sanitizing. certified mold remediation and certified microbial remediation services from customized office building cleaning contracts, to specialty industrial cleaning and maintenance, to heavy-duty residential projects. When you need one-time or repetitive commercial cleaning services. or our heavy duty residential cleanups, our quality-controlled staff, supervised and managed by professional chemical engineers, provides extraordinary detail. Green maintenance supplies are always available. Our US EPA Certification number is NAT-43984-1. Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete scheduled janitorial programs or one-time service calls for any building. We clean carpets, floors, windows, walls, and everything in between. Comprehensive, flexible, professionally trained staff. Fully insured and bonded. Sanitary and maintenance supplies. Optional “green” products. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.

Complete cleaning and sanitizing services from floors to ceilings and everything in between, including basement cleaning. attic cleanup and garage clean out. We perform heavy-duty, move-in, move-out, pre-sale, and post-construction cleanups. Throw-outs with dumpster service. Health hazard cleaning and odor control. ACAC-certified microbial and mold removal and retardation. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. Disaster and emergency services. Specialized teams for compulsive hoarding cleanup, sanitizing and deodorization. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete cleaning services from floors to ceilings and everything in between. We perform heavy-duty, move-in, move-out, pre-sale, and post-construction cleanups. Throw-outs with dumpster service. Health hazard cleaning and odor control. ACAC-certified microbial and mold removal and retardation. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. Complete fog and contact sanitizing. Disaster control and comprehensive emergency services are available. Call us for experienced, sensitive hoarding syndrome cleaning, senile squalor cleanup, OCD cleaning assistance, and pet or other animal hoarding sanitation problems. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete industrial and warehouse cleaning for buildings and their contents. We utilize specialized equipment and proprietary techniques to provide clean room sanitizing, HEPA vacuuming, steam cleaning, high pressure washing, solvent degreasing, and other state-of-the-art cleanups. Engineer on staff. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.

Sewage, flood and water damage disinfecting, deodorizing and drying. Fire, soot and smoke cleaning and odor neutralization. Heavy duty, health hazard and total premises cleaning. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. ACAC-certified microbial and mold cleaning and remediation. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Safe indoor allergen neutralization and removal. The staff of Gerrus Maintenance Inc. is managed by an experienced chemical engineer. We will treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate house allergens and other biological pollutants. Our experts employ modern technology to accomplish the task and improve indoor air quality at your home or business. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Safe odor neutralization and microbial decontamination services at home or work. Our chemical engineer managed staff will treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate odor, chemical and biological pollutants at your home or business. We are experienced certified mold and microbial remediators. We will eliminate a bad smell at the source using modern bio and physical remediation technologies, such as HEPA air scrubbing, allergen neutralization, contact and fog disinfecting, enzymatic digestion, chemical oxidation, and decontamination washing. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Floor cleaning and sealing services. We apply hardeners, densifiers, dust-proofers, penetrating sealants, and coatings. Resurfacing and repairs. Contract or one-time auto-scrubbing or sweeping services. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Click Here to read our Healthy Cleaning Blog .

Complete Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, House Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Business Cleaning Services, Building Maintenance & Remediation by a Chemical Engineer Managed Staff – The Best In New Jersey Since 1974.

Call today for more information! For emergency service, call 24x7x365

The Steam Team, water damage clean up cost.#Water #damage #clean #up #cost


Total Cleaning & Restoration by The Steam Team of Austin, Texas

For water damage, fire damage, carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, all types of restoration and disaster clean up call Steam Team a division of TST Restoration. We have been serving Austin since 1983. Call us at 512-451-8326 today.



Water damage clean up cost

About Us

The Steam Team is the number one choice for cleaning and restoration in Austin,Texas. We have over three decades of experience in cleaning and maintaining commercial and residential flooring. We take pride in our reputation, experience, systems, education and guarantee. Our mission is to provide you with the most outstanding service experience ever. We also are leaders and specialize in restoration, from water damage to smoke and fire damage restoration. Voted best rug cleaning in Austin by the Austin Monthly Magazine.

Steam Team and TST Restoration Services:

Water Damage Restoration,Fire Damage Restoration, Storm and Flood Restoration, Disaster Restoration, Construction Services, Contents Restoration

Since 1983, our number one goal has been customer satisfaction, and over the years we have continually raised the bar in exceeding customer expectations. In fact, we even guarantee our services; if at any time you are not completely satisfied, we will do whatever it takes to rectify the problem. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and all of our technicians are IICRC Certified. We provide award winning customer service and are recognized as a leader in the industry.

Contact us today for a quote or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you as we have served the larger Austin area for over thirty years! If you live in Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Marble Falls, Westlake, Lakeway, Cedar Park, Leander, Dripping Springs, Buda, Kyle, Bastrop, Pflugerville, Spicewood, San Marcos or in any other city in the Austin Metroplex area, Call us at 512-451-8326 to schedule an appointment for all of our residential or commercial cleaning or restoration services. We service Cedar Park, Leander, Liberty Hill, Lago Vista, Lakeway, Georgetown, Round Rock, Manor, Hutto and Austin carpet cleaning customers everywhere.

Water Damage Atlanta, Water Damage Restoration Atlanta #water #damage #marietta


Our Professional and Certified team of Restoration Services Technicians have been serving the Water Damage a needs of the Atlanta area for many years. Our Company is a family owned and operated company that has been offering emergency services like FLOOD DAMAGE CLEAN UP, WATER DAMAGE RESTORATION, WATER DAMAGE CLEANUP, EMERGENCY WATER REMOVAL, WATER EXTRACTION, STORM DAMAGE RESTORATION, WATER LEAKS, FIRE DAMAGE RESTORATION, COMPLETE STRUCTURAL DRYOUT, AFFORDABLE CARPET CLEANING FLOOR DRYING and SEWAGE CLEANUP, and many more services to the Atlanta area.

Our Company is based right here locally owned and operated and is licensed and insured to offer comprehensive water damage restoration services. We service both residential and commercial settings, and we are experts at working with the insurance companies and establishing direct billing with them to save you out of pocket cost for your Atlanta restoration services.

We know that a damaged property must be restored in a timely manner so that you and your family can get back to your normal life, and so that the possessions affected by the water, or storm damage are restorable. That’s why our emergency service teams are available to you 24/7/365. Our restoration team will reach you in a timely manner. Fast, reliable, dependable and affordable. We have been trusted by people in the Atlanta Metro Area for many years and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

When a disaster strikes, you will need the services of a local restoration company that offers a complete restoration package and that meets the highest standards of the industry. Our services include water removal, damage cleanup, fire and water damage repair, soot and dirt cleanup, smoke removal, mold prevention, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, carpet restretching, carpet repair and restructuring, insurance claims and much more. Below is a summary of our Water Damage services.

Flooded basement? Storm Damage? Hurricanes? Need local water removal services?

Call us now for local water damage restoration services! Water damage can be caused by natural disasters like floods, hurricanes or storms. It can also be caused by broken or leaky pipes, fire hoses, regular humidity or simply human negligence. It can affect every aspect of your home or business. Not only is dangerous to your health, but can also affect your property and personal belongings. Time is of essence in such critical situations! Our emergency water damage services team will help you with all your water restoration needs. We also offer sewage removal cleanup and sewage backup services. Our water removal and damage restoration services include extraction, cleanup, drying, dehumidifying, disinfecting, sewer cleanup and much more. Call us now for all your Atlanta water damage repair needs!

100%Satisfaction Guarantee | 24/7Water and Fire Damage Restoration Company Serving Atlanta

Water Damage Repair Atlanta

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Main Navigation

Flood Damage Prevention

While fire may be a more common concern among homeowners, your home could in fact be as much as ten times more likely to be damaged by water than by fire.* Significant sources of water damage to one s property can come from weather-related moisture or flooding, including flooding from heavy rains, flash floods, dam and levee failures, tidal storm surges and mudflows. In addition, new construction of buildings, roads or bridges can alter the flow of water, increasing the potential for flooding.

Living in a high-risk flood zone can increase the likelihood of experiencing a flood, but being outside a high-risk zone does not mean homeowners are safe; flooding is always a possibility due to causes such as heavy rains, snowmelt and spring thaws.

Protecting Your Property Before, During and After a Flood

There are a number of things you can do to help minimize or prevent water damage to your property. Follow these tips to help prepare and recover from potentially costly flood damage.

Before the Flood:

  • Know your properties flood zone risk and evaluate your flood risk with this reference guide from IBHS.
  • Have your furnace, water heater and other permanent equipment elevated above the expected flood levels of your area.
  • Inspect sump pumps and drains regularly to ensure proper operation.
  • If you own a generator, have a licensed electrician provide a transfer switch to your sump pump so you can operate it in the event of flooding.
  • To help prevent sewage backup, have a licensed plumber install an interior or exterior backflow prevention valve.
  • Keep sandbags on hand to help divert unusually high water away from your foundation.
  • In snowy climates, flag drains to avoid plowing snow on top of them.
  • Learn the flood alert signals of your community.
  • Collect emergency building materials if you live in a frequently flooded area. These may include plywood, plastic sheeting, lumber, nails, shovels and sandbags.
  • Plan and practice an evacuation route. Designate a place for family members to meet in the event they become separated.
  • Review with all family members how to shut off utilities in an emergency.
  • Plan a survival kit with important documents, including insurance documents, medications and critical items in the event you need to leave your home.

During the Flood:

  • Listen to a battery-operated radio or television for the latest storm information. If advised to evacuate, shut off all utilities and evacuate immediately.
  • Move to high ground, avoid rising waters and do not walk or drive through any floodwaters.
  • Stay away from downed power lines and electrical wires.

After the Flood:

  • Listen to the radio and do not return home until authorities indicate it is safe to do so.
  • Once allowed back into your home, inspect it for damage. If your property has been damaged, promptly report the loss.
  • Be watchful of snakes that may have found their way into your home.
  • Throw away all food that has come in contact with floodwaters.
  • Remove standing water as quickly as possible, including from your basement. If your basement is flooded, pump out about 1/3 of the water per day to avoid structural damage.
  • Properly dry or remove soaked carpets, padding and upholstery within 24-48 hours after a flood to prevent mold growth. Discard anything that cannot be properly dried.
  • Wash and disinfect all areas that have been flooded. This includes walls, floors, closets and shelves, as well as heating and air-conditioning systems. Do not energize electrical or electronic equipment that may have suffered water damage without first having a qualified electrician inspect and/or test it.

What is third party liability insurance? #third #party #damage #insurance


What is third party liability insurance?

Find a clear definition of third party liability insurance, explained with practical examples.

For any business owner, third party liability insurance is an important consideration, as it covers you for claims made by a member of the public against your business. It’s another way of describing public liability insurance. which is a core cover for businesses that come into contact with clients, suppliers, and other third parties. Since insurance terms like ‘third party’ and ‘liability’ can be confusing, we’re going to provide a definition of third party liability insurance and delve a bit deeper into what it covers and whether it’s right for you.

Definition of third party liability insurance

When you take out an insurance policy, you’re forming a legal relationship with your insurance provider. In this relationship, you’re the ‘first party’ and the insurer is the ‘second party’. The ‘third party’ is someone who doesn’t have any involvement with creating this contract, but could be affected by it. This is usually a member of the public who can make a claim against you.

If you face a compensation claim from a third party, your liability insurance could pay out to cover your legal expenses as well as the compensation payment, up to the limit of your policy.

So, who exactly could the third party be?

In the case of business insurance, the third party could be a customer, a client, a supplier, or just someone who comes into contact with your business on your premises or in the street. If they’re injured or their property is damaged by your business, they could claim compensation from you.

Typical third party liability claims

Imagine you’re a builder working on scaffolding and you drop a brick that damages a car parked below, or you’re a restaurant owner whose supplier trips over a wet floor while delivering ingredients. In either case your business could be faced with a compensation claim.

This compensation payment can take into account medical costs, lost earnings, and the replacement or repair of damaged property. As you can imagine, this means that compensation payments can be huge, so it’s important that you’ve got the right level of third party liability insurance. You can usually choose £1 million up to around £10 million of cover, based on the risks that your business faces and the possible extent of compensation claims. You should also check your client contracts, as some clients will demand a particular level of public liability cover.

Getting covered

Simply Business offers third party liability insurance from some of the UK’s leading providers. You can compare public liability quotes. add any extra cover you need to your policy, and buy online in minutes. Hit the start your quote button below to begin.

Let us know if you have any more questions in the comments section, and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Ready to set up your cover?

As the UK’s biggest business insurance provider, we specialise in public liability insurance and protect more trades than anybody else. Why not take a look now and build a quick, tailored quote?

Disaster cleanup services #fire #damage #cleanup, #water #damage #restoration, #disaster #recovery, #reconstruction


Mooring Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be caused by flash floods, burst pipes, backed-up sewers, or sprinklers. When these disasters strike. Mooring Recovery Flood Restoration Services has the knowledge and experience to quickly, yet carefully, dry and decontaminate the area, recover as much of your property as possible, and guide you through an effective Water Damage Restoration process.

Fire Damage Restoration

Within minutes a fire can devastate your property, leaving valuable belongings and equipment in ruins. When this disaster strikes, Mooring Recovery Services is there to mitigate the damage, maximize recoverability, and compassionately guide you through the healing and fire restoration process. Initial response to a fire determines the full extent of the fire damage and cleanup that will be required. Contaminated equipment and media can sometimes be salvaged if they are first cleaned by a professional before used again.

Mooring Construction Services

Construction projects can be highly complex and without proper planning, even the smallest construction project can devolve into a costly nightmare. Operating as an extension of the owner’s staff, Mooring provides pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise to ensure a successful project regardless of the delivery method.

Mooring Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be caused by flash floods, burst pipes, backed-up sewers, or sprinklers. When these disasters strike. Mooring Recovery Flood Restoration Services has the knowledge and experience to quickly, yet carefully, dry and decontaminate the area, recover as much of your property as possible, and guide you through an effective Water Damage Restoration process.

Fire Damage Restoration

Within minutes a fire can devastate your property, leaving valuable belongings and equipment in ruins. When this disaster strikes, Mooring Recovery Services is there to mitigate the damage, maximize recoverability, and compassionately guide you through the healing and fire restoration process. Initial response to a fire determines the full extent of the fire damage and cleanup that will be required. Contaminated equipment and media can sometimes be salvaged if they are first cleaned by a professional before used again.

Mooring Construction Services

Construction projects can be highly complex and without proper planning, even the smallest construction project can devolve into a costly nightmare. Operating as an extension of the owner’s staff, Mooring provides pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and management expertise to ensure a successful project regardless of the delivery method.

Mooring Excavation Services

At Mooring we are working with Engineers, Architects, and Building Consultants to develop cost effective solutions that are designed specifically to address the unique circumstances of each project. Our customized method will not only repair the damage but also correct the underlying cause so that the problem does not return.

Mooring provides water damage restoration, as part of its outstanding commercial residential disaster recovery and reconstruction services. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mooring provides fire damage restoration as part of its superior commercial residential disaster recovery and reconstruction services. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mooring provides recovery from tornado damage, hurricane damage and other disasters as part of its commercial residential disaster recovery and reconstruction services. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mooring provides mold removal, asbestos removal, lead abatement and other environmental services as part of its commercial residential disaster recovery and reconstruction services. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Carpet Cleaning Buffalo NY #carpet #flood #damage


Welcome to Aladdin s Carpet Cleaning

Need your upholstery cleaned? Did a flood damage your carpets?
Call the experts at Aladdin s Carpet Cleaning 24/7!

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • 24-Hour Emergency Water Damage Repair

Before you contact one of those big national franchise carpet cleaning companies, call us. We are family owned and operated and have been serving Western New York for over 35 years. With thousands of satisfied and repeat customers, why would you call anyone else? Leave your cleaning needs to the experts at Aladdin’s Carpet Cleaning.

Aladdin s Carpet Cleaning, serving the Greater Buffalo NY area, is your bonded and insured carpet cleaning professional. We offer a broad array of cleaning services necessary for any job, whether flooring or upholstery. Trust our experienced technicians for a job well done every time, guaranteed!

Our talented cleaning staff is comprised of meticulous and detail-oriented individuals who will ensure that your home or business is as clean as it can be. At Aladdin s Carpet Cleaning, we understand that you have a variety of choices when choosing a cleaning service and strive to be more thorough than the competition.

At Aladdin s Carpet Cleaning, our staff will always be respectful of your property and personal space. When you hire Aladdin’s, you hire carpet cleaning specialists ; you’ll get dedicated, responsive individuals who will cater to your every need. Call us today to learn more about the wide variety of cleaning services we offer.

Serving Amherst, Angola, Blasdell, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Clarence, Depew, Eden, Elma, Grand Island, Hamburg, Kenmore, Lancaster, Lewiston, Lockport, Niagara Falls, North Tonawanda, Orchard Park, Tonawanda and Williamsville.

Here’s what one customer had to say about our service.

Aladdin’s did a great job. We will see you next year.
Frank. Orchard Park

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Who we are?

We provide 24/7 Emergency Services for Water Damage, Fire Damage, Smoke Damage & Mold Remediation. With Over 15 Years Of Combined Experience & Expertise. We offer Property Damage Cleanup Assistance, Water Removal & Property Restoration In The Event Disaster Strikes. Our Goal Is To Make It Like Nothing Ever Happened By Restoring Your Property Back To Its Original, Pre-Loss Condition With Customer Satisfaction Our #1 Goal!

What we do?

Water Damage

Fire Damage

Sewer Damage

Mold Damage

Smoke Damage

Why hire us?

All Our Technicians Are Certified licensed & Experienced to handle Any Situation. Our Staff Is Background Verified, Fully Insured & Trained to Treat Your Property with Respect like its Their Own. We are available 24/7 to assist you With a Fast Emergency Response averaging 45 minutes. We Bill Your Insurance Directly So You Will Never Even Have to See a Bill! Our Work is Guaranteed and we Offer Free on Site Consultations with a Low Price Guarantee. Call Us Now!

In The News

Heavy Rain Storms Have Caused a Tremendous Amount of Flooding This Year. Like we Have Been Doing for over a Decade, We helped Many Homeowners, Business Owners & Property Owners Deal with the Aftermath of Recent Flooding. We Assisted With Water Removal, Water Damage Cleanup & Water Damage Restoration. Due To Our Outstanding Response time, Quality Work & superior customer service, We Were Chosen to Be Featured on NBC News!

Elite Water Damage Restoration, Inc.

Water Damage Cleanup, Mold Removal, Fire and Smoke Damage

Elite Water Damage Restoration, Inc. is one of the leading providers of 24/7 emergency services for water damage, fire and smoke damage, and mold remediation. When you need fast and effective services, you can rely on our experienced remediation specialists for a fast response and exceptional service. We have more than 15 years of combined experience restoring properties in Philadelphia. Let the experts return your home to its original condition while taking care of mold removal, flood cleanup, and fire and smoke damage removal.

At Elite Water Damage Restoration, we provide comprehensive remediation and restoration services for homes and businesses of all types throughout Philadelphia. When disaster happens unexpectedly, you can rely on us for immediate professional assistance. We will arrive onsite fully equipped with the right tools to provide the fast cleanup and remediation services you need. Our aim is to fully restore your property back to pre-loss condition so it looks as though nothing was ever damaged.

Certified, Licensed, and Experienced Technicians

Our certified, licensed, and experienced technicians are fully trained and provide the expert services you need during an emergency. We go above and beyond to exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering unsurpassed services with a fast response time averaging 45 minutes or less. Our technicians are professional and courteous and always provide the friendly and compassionate approach our customers deserve.

Contact Us

Contact Elite Water Damage for fast and immediate response for your property damage emergency. Give us a call at (215) 995-0005 today

Proudly Putting Our Revenue Back into Our Community

Featured In The Newspapers For Volunteering to Restore A Church In our Community

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Why Call Ser viceMaster?

  • 24/7 Quick Response Time
  • Best Customer Service,BBB “A” Rating
  • FREE* Estimates
  • Insurance Preferred Vendor Direct Billing
  • Over 60 Years of Experience
  • One Stop Service for a Complete Restoration
  • Licensed, Insured Bonded
  • Latest Technology and Equipment
  • People you Can TRUST, No Hidden Fees
  • Worldwide Company, Industry Leaders
  • We do it all! from Plumbing to Rebuild; Hassle Free!

What We Do:

  • Water Damage Restoration (Dry out, Cleanup Repairs)
  • Sewage Backup Cleanup (Dry out, Cleanup Repairs)
  • Fire / Smoke Damage Cleanup Restoration
  • Mold Removal Remediation
  • Trauma Bio-hazard Cleanup
  • Carpet Upholstery Cleaning
  • Tile Grout Cleaning
  • Mold Inspection
  • Reconstruction
  • Plumbing, Roofing Flooring

We are the Experts on Water Damage, Fire Damage and Mold Damage Restorations

You have come to the right place. With over 60 years of experience, ServiceMaster by Reed, can take care of any Water, Fire, Smoke or Odor Damage of any size.
Our goal is to restore your home and peace of mind as quickly as possible. We understand that water damage or fire damage can be a stressful situation, that s why ServiceMaster s team of trained, caring and professional technicians will guide you and your family through every step. We are here to help you. For over 60 years, ServiceMaster has been the leader in restoration services across the nation, and worldwide. Call Service Master Experts Now! 24/7 Water Damage Restoration.

“I am very pleased with their services. They’re very honest and hardworking. Big thanks to you!”
Superpages review
by maileytine

“Very pleased with their services They were on time and my carpet looks new and smells fresh. They were very careful with my furnishings and walls and it was obvious that they take pride in their works. I will definitely use them again.”
Superpages review
by transportationnewengland

Some of the Areas We Serve:

Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood – Pembroke Pines – Weston – Miami Beach – Aventura – Sunny Isles – Coral Gables – Kendall – Coral Springs – Doral – Tamarac – North Lauderdale – Pompano Beach – Sunrise – Plantation – Hialeah – Miramar – Homestead – Hallandale – Davie – North Miami – Miami Lakes

Some Zip Codes of The Areas We Serve:
33002 33008 33009 33010 33011 33012 33013 33014 33015 33016 33017 33018 33021 33023 33024 33025 33026 33027 33028 33029 33054 33055 33056 33101 33102 33109 33111 33112 33114 33116 33119 33122 33124 33125 33126 33127 33128 33129 33130 33131 33132 33133 33134 33135 33136 33137 33138 33139 33140 33141 33142 33143 33144 33145 33146 33147 33149 33150 33151 33152 33153 33154 33155 33156 33158 33159 33160 33161 33162 33163 33164 33165 33166 33167 33168 33169 33172 33173 33174 33175 33176 33178 33179 33180 33181 33182 33183 33184 33185 33186 33188 33193 33194 33197 33199 33222 33231 33233 33234 33238 33239 33242 33243 33245 33247 33255 33256 33257 33261 33265 33266 33269 33280 33283 33296 33299

*For homeowners based on visual assessment, does not include mold inspection reports, other restrictions may apply, call for more details.
2013 ServiceMaster by Reed. All rights reserved. An independent business licensed to serve you by ServiceMaster Clean
Unless otherwise noted, the graphic images, buttons, layout, and text contained in this Web site are the exclusive property of ServiceMaster by Reed and its related, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and may not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of ServiceMaster by Reed. 4099 N. 28th Way Hollywood, FL. 33020

Does My Homeowner – s Insurance Cover Water Damage? #water #damage #milwaukee


Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Written by James Hirby and Fact Checked by The Law Dictionary Staff

Your homeowner s insurance policy is likely to cover certain types of water damage to the interior of your home. Exactly what it covers will depend upon several factors. First, the type and cost of the homeowner s policy that you carry will determine its deductible as well as any limits to payouts arising from specific claims. There are three basic kinds of homeowner s insurance policies: HO1, HO2 and HO3.

These are differentiated mainly by their premium costs and coverage restrictions. HO1 policies demand lower premium payments but carry high deductibles and may not cover certain types of damage to covered homes. HO2 policies are intermediate products that tend to have moderate deductibles and cover most types of damage. HO3 policies are the most generous and expensive form of homeowner s insurance. These policies have limited deductibles and carry plenty of perks that make them well worth their added cost.

There are some types of water damage that homeowner s insurance won t cover. Damage caused by natural flooding from an exterior source must be covered under a distinct flood insurance policy. Homes in dry climates or elevated areas away from natural sources of water may not require flood insurance policies. By contrast, homes in low-lying areas along rivers, lakes or oceans may require flood insurance.

The market for flood insurance is highly localized: In flood-prone areas where basements flood regularly, flood insurance can be ruinously expensive. This is also true in regions that regularly experience hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. In Florida, the flood insurance market is highly regulated to reduce out-of-pocket costs for the state s homeowners.

If your house sustains water damage during a weather event, a generous homeowner s insurance policy may cover your repair costs in certain circumstances. You ll probably need to show your claims adjuster that the damage occurred due to a defect in your home s construction. This line of reasoning might work to explain water seepage through a poorly-sealed window or weak point in the building s structure. It is less likely to be an adequate explanation for water that clearly entered the home through an open window or door.

Homeowner s insurance is more likely to cover water damage associated with faulty plumbing or appliances. Of course, this outcome isn t guaranteed. Before your provider will agree to pay your claim, you ll need to prove that the leak or flood was caused by poorly-manufactured water-bearing equipment or shoddy repair work on an existing water line.

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Early Symptoms of Liver Damage From Alcohol #liver #damage #recovery


Early Symptoms of Liver Damage From Alcohol

by COREY LEIDENFROST Last Updated: Sep 17, 2011

Corey Leidenfrost has been writing and working as a mental health therapist since 2001. His published works include college newsletters, articles for the “Batavia Daily News” and creative writing anthologies. He holds a Master of Arts in psychology from State University of New York-Brockport and is pursuing a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Walden University.

Symptoms of liver damage due to alcohol general due not emerge until the disease is in advanced stages. Photo Credit Stockbyte/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Heavy consumption of alcohol over a period of many years may result in liver damage; however, the National Digestive Diseases Clearinghouse states that the amount of alcohol needed to causes damage varies from individual. Symptoms often do not emerge until the damage to the liver becomes advanced, according to MedlinePlus. These symptoms may differ from each individual and will tend to worsen following incidents of heavy alcohol consumption.


Reduced liver functioning due to damage results in high amounts of bile pigment or bilirubin in the blood. As a result the skin and whites of the eyes turn yellow. Additionally, the University of Maryland Medical Center indicates that urine may become dark due to bilirubin passing through the kidneys. The University of Maryland Medical Center states that jaundice is often the first symptom of liver damage and may remain the only sign present.


In the early stages of liver damage the liver may become inflamed; a reaction to infection and an effort to repair damage. As a result the liver will become enlarged and result in potential abdominal pain and tenderness, according to MedlinePlus. The swelling of the liver is known as alcoholic hepatitis. The American Liver Foundation identifies symptoms associated with this condition, including loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting and fever.


In the early stages of liver disease caused by alcoholism, the American Liver Foundation indicates that fat may accumulate in the liver, a condition called fatty liver disease. Symptoms generally do not accompany this condition, according to the American Liver Foundation. If symptoms do develop they may include fatigue, weakness and weight loss.


Liver damage may result in fluid leaking from the liver and intestines. This fluid will accumulate in the abdominal cavity, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, resulting in a symptom called ascites. As a result of fluid buildup, the abdominal cavity may become distended, causing discomfort and shortness of breath. MedlinePlus indicates that the individual may gain weight due to the buildup of fluid in the abdomen.

General Symptoms

Other symptoms may emerge in the early stages of liver damage. MedlinePlus identifies that an individual may experience dry mouth, excessive thirst, fever and nausea. Other symptoms identified by MedlinePlus include, agitation, bloody bowel movements, breast development in males, changes in mood, attention problems, concentration problems, impaired judgment, light-headedness, paleness, redness on the feet or hands, sluggishness and vomiting blood. The University of Maryland Medical Center warns that symptoms associated with alcohol-induced liver disease may also be caused by other conditions and diseases, therefore, an individual should seek medical care to determine the cause of the problems.

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Sprint Total Equipment Protection Review – Phone Insurance App #does #sprint #insurance


Sprint Total Equipment Protection Review Phone Insurance App


Sprint Total Equipment Protection

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.

While it is thrilling to whip out your new smartphone and gain access to a world of information, that exhilaration can be replaced with a terrible, sinking feeling when your phone is damaged or lost. Mobile service providers sell insurance plans to allow their customers to receive a new phone in the event of loss, damage, or theft.

Sprint now offers the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App to Sprint and Nextel customers. The plan goes beyond a simple replacement policy, by developing a useful application that can assist you if something happens to your phone. The coverage is optional and can be canceled at any time.

How It Works

Tracking Features

Sprint s protection plan offers a traditional insurance plan, and a nifty application that you can download. With this app, if you misplace your phone, you can activate the app s tracking feature and pinpoint the phone s exact location to facilitate recovery.

In addition, you can go online and trigger an alarm on your phone, even if you had the phone set to vibrate or silent; this can come in handy when your phone is in between a sofa cushion or hiding in a jacket pocket. If you cannot locate your phone, Sprint can synchronize your contacts, remotely disable the phone, and erase address book contacts from the phone.

Insurance Policies

The basic insurance policies apply as well. If you damage your phone, Sprint will repair or replace the phone. There is a deductible of $50 or $100, depending on the cost of the phone covered. The Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plan can help people who have a knack for damaging or misplacing phones.

For those interested in trying the service, the app and the plan costs $8 a month. Customers can also purchase the Equipment Replacement Plan and the Equipment Service and Repair Plan separately. Occasionally, Sprint offers customers an open enrollment plan (until 8/30/11), where customers who previously opted out of the insurance can still purchase the plan. Typically, Sprint customers must activate the plan within 30 days of purchasing a new plan or activating a phone.


  1. Phone Recovery Tools. While many people can find their phone simply by calling it, that trick doesn t work when the phone is set to vibrate or when the ringer is turned off. Customers can track their phones across town or on the other side of the country with the Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plan.
  2. Security Features. You can remotely erase your personal information if your device is lost or stolen.
  3. Data Synchronization. If you cannot recover your phone, your data will be reset to a new phone.
  4. Service and Repair. The Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plan provides customers with coverage for issues related to normal wear and tear, routine maintenance, and mechanical or electrical failure not covered by the manufacturer s warranty. Customers can bring phones in for repair to one of Sprint s 1,300 service and repair locations.
  5. Replacement Policy. If you accidentally lose or destroy your phone, your phone will be replaced. Customers can file claims online and the replacement phone typically arrives within one business day. Customers can submit up to three claims for replacement phones in a 12-month period.


  1. Cost. The two-year cost for this service, $192, might equal the discounted price of a new phone, or mitigate the cost of a new phone when your contract comes up for renewal.
  2. Used Phones May Be a Better Replacement Option . New phones quickly begin to depreciate. If you lose or destroy your cell phone, you may purchase a used phone for less than the combined price of the plan s premiums and deductibles. Before buying this policy, consider that alternative.
  3. Deductible. With a $100 non-refundable deductible applied to some claims, you still have a lot to lose if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged. The $100 deductible applies to most of the smartphones provided by Sprint.
  4. No Upgrades. If you file a claim for a replacement phone, you receive the same type of phone, even if newer models are available. The replacement phone may be new or refurbished. The plan also does not guarantee the color, features, or accessory compatibility of the replacement phone. The maximum replacement value for any replacement phone claim is $1,000.
  5. Security Can Be Defeated. Criminals can bypass safety and security measures by removing the battery, and selling the device overseas, outside of Sprint s reception area.

Final Word

Insurance policies are not designed to save customers money; they are designed to provide customers with peace of mind. If you depend on your smart phone, and can t function without it or the data contained on it, this plan is a bargain. If you travel, and have an increased risk of misplacing, damaging, or losing your phone, this might be the right plan for you.

However, if you can regularly back up your data, take care of your phone, and plan to upgrade your existing phone in the future, you may want to consider just saving the $8 monthly premium to pay for a new phone.

Do you use the Sprint Total Equipment Protection Plan? If so, have you ever filed a claim?

Water Damage Colorado Springs – Call (719) 888-3500 #water #damage #colorado #springs,


Water Damage Colorado Springs (WDCS) is the leader in Colorado water and flood damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire/smoke damage restoration. We provide 24 Hour emergency service and have a super fast response time. We are licensed and insured so we have the capability to work on all commercial and residential jobs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Trusted in Colorado for many years! #1 Voted many times
  • Licensed and Insured IICRC Clean Trust Certified
  • Highly trained employees NO sub-contractors or day labor workers
  • Fast Response Time 24 Hour Service
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment Technology

Residential Services

We have the experience and equipment to respond 24/7 to any residential restoration job. See a full list of our residential services below.

Commercial Services

Your business property’s appearance is the number one factor in gaining new clients. When it’s impacted by fire or water damage, you need professional help. Every hour spent restoring your property is lost revenue. Count on us to handle all of your commercial water damage restorations.

  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Mold Remediation / Removal
  • Commercial Sewage Backup Cleanup

What You Should Do First!

  • Safety is Your #1 Top Priority
  • Do not use any form of electrical equipment or appliances while standing in or on wet floors.
  • Never use electrical equipment that has been water damaged.

Stop the Leak or Drip (Water Source)

  • Prevent any further Damage
  • If water is coming from a burst or leaking pipe, try to find the closest shut off valve and turn it off immediately.
  • If water is coming in through the roof or broken windows, cover as best you can with tarps or plastic.
  • Take detailed Notes
  • Take lots of photos and videos. This is key, and the ultimate form of proof for insurance agents.
  • Save all your damaged items. Your claims representative may want to inspect them and compensate you.
  • Keep a list of temporary repairs you make and associated out of pocket costs.
  • Save all claim related bills and receipts to be reimbursed later.

Protect Your Belongings

  • Clean Up as best as possible.
  • Move wet items to drier areas.
  • Place aluminum foil, coasters, or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • Remove area rugs from the floor. Dyes in carpets can stain flooring, carpeting and wood floors. Mold can also set in.
  • Clean up as much water as possible by mopping, blotting with towels, and wet vac use.
  • When safe to do so, use fans to circulate air and encourage drying.
  • After r eporting your claim to your insurance provider. you can use a water mitigation company like us to fix the damage. Talk to your claims representative about which option is best for you and how to proceed.

We’re on call 24 hours a day. Dial (719) 888-3500 or click the button below from your mobile device.

Service Area

We serve the entire Colorado Springs Metro area. See our list below.

Avondale | Black Forest | Briargate | Calhan | Canon City | Cascade | Castle Rock | Centennial | Central Colorado Springs | Central Pueblo | Cherry Hills Village | Cimarron Hills | Colorado Springs – Downtown | Colorado Springs- Downtown | Columbine Valley | Divide | East Colorado Springs | East Pueblo | Edgewater | Elizabeth | Englewood | Florence | Florissant | Fountain | Greenwood Village | Highlands Ranch | Ken Caryl Ranch | Lakewood | Larkspur | Littleton | Lone Tree | Manitou Springs | Monument | Mountain View | North Colorado Springs | North Pueblo | Northeast Colorado Springs | Northgate | Northwest Colorado Springs | Old Colorado City | Parker | Penrose | Peyton | Pine | Pueblo – Downtown | Pueblo West | Rock Creek | Security | Sedalia | Sedona – Yavapai | Southeast Colorado Springs | Southwest Colorado Springs | Teller County | University Park | Vineland | West Colorado Springs | Wheat Ridge | Woodland Park | Yoder

Water damage in homes causes mold growth #water #and #mold #damage, #water


Home Water damage in homes causes mold growth

Water damage in homes causes mold growth

Water damage in homes is the major cause of mold growth. Mold growth not only destroys walls, furniture, carpets, flooring, and other stuff in the building but it can also result in poor indoor air quality. Inhaling airborne mold spores is known to cause respiratory problems including asthma, bronchitis and other mold allergy symptoms .

Mold smell after water damage

After water damage in homes, molds are likely to grow inside the building on or in wet materials. Therefore, even if you can t see any visible mold but you detect a noticeable musty or earthy smell, you most likely have mold growth in hidden places.

Types of mold after water damage in homes

The types of mold caused by water damage depends on the amount of moisture available for mold growth. The available water is referred to as water activity and has a scale of 0 to 1. A scale of 1 means almost running water in the material. Based on water activity molds can be divided into 3 categories.

  1. Primary colonizers. Primary colonizers can grow at a water activity less than or equal to 0.80;
  2. Secondary colonizers. Secondary colonizers grow at a water activity level of 0.80–0.90
  3. Tertiary colonizers. Tertiary colonizers require a water activity greater than 0.90. Since tertiary colonizers will only grow well in presence of excessive water, they are used as indicators of serious water damage.

What is water damage

Water damage refers to losses caused by water when it comes into contact with materials. The damage could be direct or indirect by enabling attack of a material or system by destructive processes such as rotting of wood, growth, rusting of steel, de-laminating of materials such as plywood, etc.

Causes of water damage in homes

The leading causes of water damage in homes may include broken dishwasher hose, washing machine overflow, dishwasher leakage, broken pipes, clogged toilet, leaking roof, moisture behind walls, foundation cracks, plumbing leaks, slab leaks and other water sources such as flooding from melting snow and rain.

Dr. Jackson Kung’u is a Microbiologist who has specialized in the field of mycology (the study of moulds and yeasts). He graduated from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, with a Masters degree in Fungal Technology and a PhD in Microbiology. Jackson has analyzed thousands of mould samples from across Canada. He also regularly teaches a course on how to recognize mould, perform effective sampling and interpret laboratory results. Jackson provides how-to advice on mould and bacteria issues.

Cincinnati Storm Damage Restoration Contractor #storm #damage #contractors


StormeX Restoration

Storm Damage Restoration Contractor

Storm damage restoration in Cincinnati, OH

Every year we hear reports of homes damaged by lightning and thunderstorms, tornadoes, ice or snow blizzards, or heavy winds and rain in the Cincinnati area. Roofs are destroyed, home siding and windows are ripped apart, and trees are collapsing roofs. If you’ve had storm damage to your home, the experts at StormeX Restoration are here to help!

  • Dependable 24/7 Emergency Response Restoration Services.
  • Our Construction Restoration Team works with all major insurance carriers .
  • Our Homeowners receive a detailed storm damage repair written scope of work.
  • Your Restoration Project Manager helps expedite your insurance claim and repair your home.

If a storm has caused damage to your home call your local Storm Damage Restoration Contractor Professionals at Stormex Restoration at 513-939-5496 .

Priority Service:

24/7 Fast Emergency Repairs

Mother Nature’s storms can be unpredictable and brutal.

  • Flooding Heavy Rain – We focus on preventing mold and moisture damage to your house or structure.
  • Wind and Tornadoes – Prompt response to exterior structural damage prevents excessive interior damage.
  • Snowstorms Ice Damage – Can rip away your gutters and collapse the roof.

Our Storm Damage Restoration Response Team arrives promptly to prevent additional damage. Contact StormeX Restoration 24/7 to repair your damaged home.

Local Restoration Contractors

Our Restoration Construction pros can handle the job!

  • The StormeX Restoraton Team is on-call 24/7 for emergency or insurance claim repair.
  • Close to 20 years of experience in insurance-related restoration.
  • Over 20 years experience in the construction industry.
  • You’re protected from unethical emergency-service contractors. Always avoid out of state “Storm Chasers ” .

We are a full time and local storm damage restoration contractor. Trust your home to storm damage repair and restoration specialists for storm emergency repair, cleaning, and reconstruction.

Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys #personal #injury #lawyer, #injury #lawyer, #accident #lawyer, #accident


Zanes Law

Tucson Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers

The Zanes Law injury lawyers have helped clients recover tens of millions of dollars on their personal injury claims. Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients on everything from normal everyday car accident claims to extremely complex wrongful death claims. We take an aggressive approach to how we represent our clients because we care deeply about them and understand that we are here to fight for them. Our personal injury lawyers are some of the best in Arizona and have helped clients on a variety of injury cases, which include car accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death claims, and more. We are personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers with years of experience.


We are an Arizona personal injury law firm with offices in Tucson and Phoenix, but we help clients nationally. So regardless of your location, we can help you on your personal injury or car accident case. Our Tucson and Phoenix personal injury lawyers are here to help you, regardless of where you live.


If you drive a car, unfortunately sooner or later you will be involved in a car accident. At least that is what the statistics show. If and when that happens, Please call a Zanes Law Phoenix car accident lawyer or Tucson personal injury attorney so that we can help you. This is important. It is important that you have a Phoenix personal injury attorney or a Tucson car accident lawyer who has the experience to get you the compensation that you deserve. Hiring the right personal injury lawyer will help to ensure that you get the highest compensation possible. Although there are many car accident law firms and personal injury lawyers to choose from, it is the Arizona car accident lawyers at Zanes Law who have a proven track record of success. Our personal injury lawyers strive to provide our clients with the best possible representation and our car accident lawyers have successfully helped thousands of clients.


The attorneys at Zanes Law have helped thousands of injured people make smarter, more confident legal decisions so that they are made whole after an accident. Today it’s your turn.

Do you have questions or concerns about health insruance, providers, and covering medical costs?

Medical Bills

Medical bills caused by an auto accident are a cost that should be covered by your injury settlement. If you have health insurance, you should present your insurance card to all medical providers so they will bill your health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, you will need to find a medical provider that will treat you on a lien. This is something that Zanes Law can help you with.

*Treating on a lien: This means that you will not be charged any up-front costs for treatment and the provider will be compensated upon your settlement. This provider would require payment for their services before you receive your proceeds from the claim.

Property Damage Insurance

Car rentals: If you have rental car coverage through your insurance carrier, you should request your car rental through them. It’s usually an easy process and your insurance will be reimbursed if liability is accepted by the adverse party. When you do not have rental coverage, you will have to wait until liability is established with the other driver’s insurance.

Property damage: Open a property damage claim with your insurance company (even if the accident is not your fault). If you have collision coverage on your insurance, your insurance company will fix your car and will work with the other car’s insurance to ensure they cover the costs. Please note, you may be required to pay your deductible up-front if liability has not yet been established. Once it is, your insurance company will be able to get your deductible back and reimburse you. Click here for information about property damage after a car accident.

Bodily injury: Injury claims are completely different than property damage claims. If you are injured due to a car accident, we recommend you consult with a personal injury lawyer or accident lawyer to open your bodily injury claim for you. If you were injured in the accident, you need to seek medical care immediately and you need to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If you are injured and choose to speak with the insurance adjuster on your own, you must make it clear to the adjuster that you are in fact injured. However, our advice is that you seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney and that you limit the conversations that you have with the insurance adjuster. Let your personal injury attorney handle all of these conversations on your behalf.

Lost Wages Compensation

Lost wages: If your accident has caused you to miss time from work, you are entitled to some type of compensation through your injury claim. You should document all time you took off and keep all doctor’s notes that justify your time off.

Pain and Suffering: This is a term used in the legal industry that refers to emotional and physical stress, as well as the actual physical pain, caused by a car accident. Injury victims are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

Overall compensation: Settlement amounts are directly correlated to the facts of a particular case. Some factors that determine a settlement amount are: types of injuries sustained, how long the individual sought medical treatment, total amount of medical bills, future medical bills, and many other factors. We recommend that you contact the personal injury attorneys at Zanes Law in order to find out what the actual value of your claim is.


Bills, property damage, medical treatment, insurance, lost wages, and compensation.

If all of the above are concerning you right now, we recommend you speak to a personal injury attorney to answer your specific questions. Yes, a personal injury attorney. Not a general attorney who practices all case types. A personal injury attorney works on these cases all day, everyday and is more experienced when it comes to injury claims. An accident attorney can assist with motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, construction accidents, premise accidents, bicycle accidents, mass torts, burn injury and class action lawsuits to name a few.

Arizona Law Offices

4222 E. Thomas Rd. #230
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
United States
Phone: 602.999.9999
Google Plus

Mold remediation south florida #water #removal, #water #damage #cleanup, #water #damage #restoration,


When disaster strikes, you want to get back into your home and living your life again as soon as possible. You want to clean up and move on, so it is all just a bad memory. But what do you do? Where do you begin when you have just been overwhelmed by flood, fire, mold or other disaster?

You want answers fast, and you don’t want to pay an arm and leg. You don’t want to get “taken” by someone out to make a quick buck at your expense.

Super Restoration is here to help. Anytime day or night, click the link above for a response within five minutes, or dial 800-516-8059 to be connected immediately.

Or keep reading for some background information without needing to talk to a soul until you are ready.

What to do when you have experienced a disaster

  1. Schedule an appointment. When a natural disaster hits a community, restoration providers quickly become overwhelmed with requests. You want to schedule your appointment right away to minimize long-term damage to your home and to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.
  2. Ensure safety. Nothing in your home is more valuable than you and your family. Before taking any additional steps, always make sure the situation is safe. If in doubt, wait for a professional. You don’t want to fall through a floor that has been weakened by fire or flood, or to get sick from breathing in mold spores.
  3. Take steps to clean what you can and minimize damage. Click on the appropriate link for the disaster you have experienced (water. mold. fire ) to learn what steps you can take to reduce damage while you wait for the restoration team to arrive.
  4. Take pictures. Although some people like to keep these as a reminder of a life experience they have overcome, there are more reasons than just emotional ones to have photos. A photo provides a reference point that shows the situation at its worst. For example, by the time your response team arrives, water may have receded. Any photos you may have can provide additional information for your team, and can be added to your case file.
    It is also an unfortunate truth that empty houses are sometimes targeted by thieves. Super Restoration will secure the affected area and provide an itemized inventory of the items in the affected area. Photographs can be additional documentation provided to your insurance company if any items come up missing between the time of the disaster and the time you are able to return to your home or restoration is complete.
  5. Contact your insurance company. Advise your insurance representative of the nature of the disaster, the restoration company you have chosen, the date and time of your appointment, and what steps you have taken to minimize damage.
  6. Relax . If possible, spend a few minutes relaxing. Do something enjoyable that will take your mind off the situation, knowing you have done all you can for the moment. You will have enough stress working through the restoration process, especially if you have to leave your home, so now is the time to give yourself space to breathe.

Why Super Restoration

Super Restoration is here to make the restoration process as quick and stress-free as possible. We realize that until your life is completely back to normal, there will be stress. So we make it our priority to focus on serving your needs quickly and completely.

Our exemplary restoration services have made us leaders in the disaster restoration industry. We handle any restoration task. From the cleanup to the disaster restoration process, you can rely on Super Restoration to get the job done right.

Not only is Super Restoration is an industry leader, but through Super University, we provide training for restoration professionals throughout Southeast Florida. So you can rest assured that when we restore your home, we address all the issues… even the ones you cannot see. We know the hidden damage that disasters can cause and we address them during your project, so you don’t have to deal with bigger problems later.

Living with the after effect of damage is difficult and oftentimes dangerous. Don’t risk the safety of your family. Let Super Restoration take care of the damage repair necessary, restoring your property to its former state.

We’re experienced in restoring damage caused by mold, fire, water, or other sources of natural disasters. Dial 800-516-8059 anytime for your free estimate.

When life throws you an unexpected curve ball, we’re available 24 hours a day to assist you. Don’t let a disaster ruin your home or harm your family.

At Super Restoration, we’re focused on serving the community. In addition to the work we do, we are active in the community, donating to charities and giving back to our surrounding area. Learn more about Super Restoration and our involvement with the community here .

WATER DAMAGE ST #water #damage #restoration #st #louis


Your source for water damage cleanup
in St. Louis, Missouri!
(314) 664-8844

Do you have water damage or damage due to smoke, fire or mold in your home or office building in St. Louis, Missouri? We can help! This is our specialty. With Pride Cleaning Restoration, you get an instantaneous response, prompt action, years of experience and highly proficient staff on your side. We are specialized to help recover and restore your property and minimize your inconvenience. We are a veteran owned business that takes pride in our service, and we look to employ veterans whenever possible. Our business started in 1987, and we use our industry experience to ensure that you get the best services possible. Call for service, today. You’ll see why people all over the Metro area trust us for cleaning and restoration!

Water Damage St. Louis Missouri

We’re the ones to call for expert water damage in the St. Louis area. In fact, our water damage services include water extraction, sewage removal, decontamination and cleaning, structural drying, specialty drying of hardwood, concrete, crawl spaces and similar areas, and other emergency services. However, we don’t just work with water damage. You can also call our professionals for the restoration of fire or smoke damage. Furthermore, we offer quality cleaning services for most parts of any home or business. Call our staff, and ask about cleaning of floors, carpet, tile, hardwood, etc. We even do air duct cleaning, removal of pet stains pet odors, upholstery cleaning, and more. Ask for more details about our complete services list!

We proudly provide water damage restoration services to the St. Louis Metropolitan area. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team works with insurance companies to save you a paperwork headache, and ensure your claims are fulfilled perfectly. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau of St. Louis with an A+ rating, and offer fast and friendly service. Go check out our website and then give us a call for a free, no-obligation water damage estimate!

Make pride your choice for cleaning and restoration. Call today!

Water Damage St Louis MO

Foundation water damage #foundation #water #damage


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We cannot stress enough that the symptoms of liver disease are VERY subtle and your dog may be acting normal other than a few small differences in behavior. DO NOT WAIT TO CONSULT YOUR VETERINARIAN. Often times, by the time the symptoms below are present, the disease is quite advanced. Early detection is the KEY for treatment and survival.

Pets with liver disorders can show a variety of physical symptoms. Very few of the symptoms are specific for liver disease, but can be signs of multiple diseases and conditions. Symptoms of liver disease are variable and subtle in the early stages of the problem. All, some, or only one of these signs may be present:


Intermittent recurrent abdominal or gastrointestinal upsets ; vomiting, diarrhea, constipation

Progressive depression or lethargy ; does not want to play anymore or refuses to go for walks.

Swollen belly with a fluid filled look. This is also known as ascites and is actually fluid accumulation in the belly due to circulation alterations in the abdomen.

Pale gray feces. Bile pigments are what give feces it s characteristic brown color and if the liver is not processing bile properly, the feces will not get their color.

Orange urine. The improper processing of bile results in the excretion of bilirubin in the urine in high amounts, thus orange urine.

Jaundice, also known as icterus. Any pale or white skin or visible tissue takes on a yellow hue. Again the biliary pigments are accumulating in the body because the liver is not processing them.

Bleeding problems. Many of the proteins required for proper blood clotting are created in the liver. Remove these proteins and blood clotting decreases.

Hepatic encephalopathy, or severe neurological signs ; behavioral changes, seizures, aimless pacing or circling, head pressing.

Pain associated with the abdomen. This is due to the stretching of the liver capsule. May be noted when the dog is lifted around the belly or when the veterinarian probes the abdomen. The veterinarian may also notice a swollen liver while palpating with some of the more acute liver diseases

Chronic weight loss or wasting. The liver processes all the building blocks. If it fails to process, the body fails to maintain itself.

Increased water consumption and urination. Most likely due to dramatic shifts in serum and kidney salt balances.

In a recent study it was found that dogs with liver disease can also have high blood pressure. This is called hypertension, and should be monitored to see if therapy is needed

If you notice any of the above symptoms, make sure you consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. Because the liver is able to function effectively even at 70-80% capacity, the disease may be in its advanced stages by the time the condition manifests itself.

Fort Lauderdale Water Damage #water #damage #fort #lauderdale


Fort Lauderdale’s Trusted Water Restoration Company Since 1986

  • Non Stop 24 Hour Service
  • 30 min Response 24 Hours a Day
  • Comercial & Residential Services
  • We Accept ALL Home Owners Insurance
  • DON’T WAIT CALL NOW: 954-385-9755
  • Have a Question?

When you think of Fort Lauderdale what comes to mind? Lovely weather? Sandy beaches? Beautiful people? The one thing people don’t think of is water damage. Although it’s a nasty bit of reality, it is reality nonetheless. Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Co. will make it so that you can keep your picturesque idea of Fort Lauderdale, minus the water damage.

After 20 years of experience we know what we’re doing when it comes to water damage. We know all the ins and outs of the business, and we know what to do so that no permanent damage occurs to your home or business. Timing is everything when it comes to water damage, that sooner you call us the better.

Do not let yourself become overly confident and feel as if you are invincible to water damage. Almost every homeowner in South Florida has dealt with water damage at least once in their lives, so it is better to be prepared. Know who to call when disaster strikes, and do it as soon as possible.

Client Testimonals

Copyright 2010. Fort Lauderdale Water Damage. All Rights Reserved

Serving all of Fort Lauderdale: Atlantis, Belle Glade, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Greenacres, Lake Worth, Pahokee, Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, South Bay, West Palm Beach.

Fort Lauderdale Water Damage is a South Florida based company with over 20 years experience in Water remediation, Mold remediation, and Fire damage remediation for both residential and commercial properties. Serving all of South Florida with locations in Atlantis, Belle Glade, Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Greenacres, Lake Worth, Pahokee, Palm Beach, Riviera Beach, South Bay, West Palm Beach, we are only moments away from helping you mitigate your Water, Mold or Fire damages so your home or business can get back to normal.

Whether you’ve just experienced a water leak in your home or office and are facing minor to serious water damages, Fort Lauderdale Water Damage has helped thousands of customers in Miami, Miami Dade County, Broward County and West Palm Beach mitigate their water damages through our highly trained, licensed staff team member and state of the art of equipment. We consult our clients and advise them that damages related to Water can accelerate the creation of toxins like Mold behind base boards, floors, walls and roofs within 24 hours of an accident. Therefore do not hesitate to call us for a free telephone evaluation. Mold creates an unsafe environment for you, your children or pets, let Fort Lauderdale Water Damage stop the spreading of the ill damages caused due to Mold.

Unfortunately Fires can ignite in practically any environment due to accidents or negligence on someone’s part, even more unfortunate are the dangers and toxins Fire’s release into the home or office environment once they’ve been ignited. No matter how small or extensive your Fire damage is, Fort Lauderdale Water Damage has assisted numerous residents and businesses in Miami, Miami Dade County, Broward County and West Palm Beach in restoring their home or office environment through the removal of Soot and Fire particles. Let Fort Lauderdale Water Damage help you restore the missing pieces in a Fire accident so you can recover the home or business environment you’ve worked so hard to establish.

Our Trucks are Standing By

Our team members at Fort Lauderdale Water Damage believe in customer satisfaction and are devoted to going above and beyond your expectations.

Please Call Us for:

  • – Water Restoration width: 250px; margin: 0 10px 5px 0;” src=”” />

    Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Service Co. specializes in 24 Hour property emergency services. From water extraction to fire damage clean-up we provide a full service solution to restore properties to pre-loss conditions.

Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Restoration Services #water #damage, #restoration, #cleanup, #flooding,


SERVPRO of Greensboro North
Faster to Any Size Disaster

Residential and Commercial Restoration and Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of Greensboro North is a trusted leader in the restoration industry and has the training, equipment, and expertise to handle your restoration and cleaning needs. As a locally owned and operated business, we can provide 24-hour emergency service and are dedicated to responding immediately to commercial or residential needs.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any Size Disaster
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment

Have Questions? Call Us Today – (336) 379-1772

Residential Services

Whether you need emergency flood restoration or just need your upholstery cleaned, SERVPRO has over 1,700 Franchises ready to respond faster to any size disaster. SERVPRO of Greensboro North has advanced equipment and highly trained technicians to make it “Like it never even happened.” We can help you with the following residential services :

Commercial Services

Fire and water damage can interrupt your business operations in an instant without notice. An unexpected period of lost productivity and revenue can be devastating. SERVPRO of Greensboro North has the training, equipment, and resources to get your commercial property back to business quickly. Learn more about our commercial services :

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We are proud to be an active member of this community. SERVPRO of Greensboro North is locally owned and operated. so we’re already nearby and ready to help Greensboro, NC residents and business owners with any size cleaning or restoration emergencies.

We are proud to serve our local communities:

How much does flood damage repair cost? #flood #damage #repair #costs

As with any home service you need, costs vary for cleaning up flood damage in your property. There are many things that factor into the cost and here are a few things to consider.

How long has the flood water been standing in your property?

If the flood just occurred and you re able to respond quickly to the event, you ll be able to limit the damage and should be able to salvage and restore household items as opposed to completely replacing them.

What type of water has entered your property?

We ve written about it previously, but there are 3 water damage categories that are used to determine the type of water standing on your property: white, grey, and black. Depending on the contents of the water costs may vary. For instance, if you ve experienced a massive flood that has caused the city s sewer lines to overflow and that sewage has entered your home, the costs will go up.

What items have been affected?

And obviously what areas of your home or office as well as what items have been affected by the storm will also affect the price. If you re a business owner and have many computers in your office that have been damaged, you re in for more costs than someone who simply got water in an unfinished basement and needs it extracted.

If you re simply looking storm water extraction services, that is just having a professional come in and pump out all of the water and dry out the property, they can usually price that per square foot of affected area (usually between $4-$8/square foot) .

If it s the case your home or office has experienced significant damage due to a storm and most of the things in your home will need to be replaced, there is a simple tool at that lets you enter in the height of the storm water in your property and then it provides a ballpark figure for complete flood damage restoration services and breaks down the cost based upon the items that it assumes were damaged (cabinets, appliances, personal items, etc.). As with any tool like this, it isn t perfect, so it s best to call a professional flood damage service. They ll be happy to provide you with a free estimate for any work you might need performed!

If you would like to learn more about how a water damage restoration contractor determines how much to charge for its services you can watch the video below:

We have emergency crews available nationwide!

IPhone 5 Water Damage Repair #water #damage, #water #damage #restoration, #iphone #5


Это видео недоступно.

iPhone 5 Water Damage Repair

Опубликовано: 12 мая 2014 г.

This is the actual way to repair a water damaged iPhone. Whether you have dropped it into the toilet, alcohol, pool, at the beach or in a puddle or creek this is the way. DO NOT listen to the ‘bag of rice’ trick. This is not a solution. You need to ‘wash’ the logic board. Putting it in a bag of rice or drying it out and turning on your iphone will cause corrosion to progress.

Please note not all water damaged phones can be replaced. From my experience the sooner you jump onto it the more chance you have to recover it. I have restored phones that have been in the beach water for up to a hour and phones that have fell into the toilet.

If you wet your iphone I advise of the following:

1. Turn it off immediately. DO NOT try and turn it back on.
2. Arrange for someone to repair it or repair it yourself. Please note opening your phone can void warranty.
3. Ensure that the person who is repairing it is not ‘drying’ it out.

The required tools as outlined in this video are:

1. iSesamo Seperating Tool
2. Pentalobe Screw Driver
3. Phillips head screw driver
3. Isopropyl Alcohol or Rubbing Alcohol (ideally 70%+)
4. Hairdryer or a fan to dry our the logic board
5. iPhone 5 Screw Chart:

It is also very common for the Battery or Power/Lock button to be affected by water damage so please ensure you check these.



Water Damage Minneapolis MN #water #damage #restoration, #water #damage, #fire #damage, #restoration


ARG Logo

Water, Fire or Wind Damage.
When Disaster Strikes, ARG Will Be There!

Don’t let water damage, fire damage, or wind damage shut you down! Whether it is a natural disaster such as severe floods, storms or earthquakes, or more common emergencies like leaking or burst pipes, fire or smoke damage; a well prepared property manager or home owner is ready to handle the type of problems that will arise. Acting immediately after the emergency can save time and dollars in the restoration process.

American Restores Group provides Full Disaster Restoration Services

We specialize in complete water damage and fire damage restoration services to help put our customer’s minds at ease – minimize loss – when it comes to the property damage that natural disasters, accidents or other acts can cause. No matter how extensive the damage or difficult the job; commercial, industrial or residential, American Restores Group can handle it!

ARG is on the leading edge of the industry when it comes to using state-of-the-art restoration technology and equipment. ARG successfully restores water, fire and wind damaged property, shortening restoration time and reducing claim amounts.

American Restores Group has experienced and fully trained personnel who are ready to roll at a moment’s notice with a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles to handle virtually any job.

American Restores Group Specializes in:

  • Quick Response
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Trained Personnel
  • Water Extraction
  • Wet Carpet & Pad Removal
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Structural Dehumidification
  • Contents Restoration
  • Drying
  • Temporary Heat
  • Mold Remediation
  • Fire Damage Repair
  • Board-Ups
  • Smoke & Soot Removal
  • Smoke Damage Cleanup
  • Cleaning & Deodorizing

Ready to get started with our top-notch services?

Water Damage, Mold Removal – Fire Damage #water #damage, #mold #removal, #fire

Rouse Inc. Restoration, is the leading provider of water and fire damage restoration services in the Baltimore area. With most every home expected to experience some form of water or fire damage at some point, it is imperative to call the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the industry to take care of your home and your possessions.

Water Damage

Water can affect your home any number of ways, from small leaks that go unnoticed until the damage is done, to large scale flooding problems that can literally shift your home on its foundation. The damage left behind can be overwhelming, and the long term problems that crop up as a result can make a bad situation even worse. In many ways, water is a more serious threat to your home than fire, because water will continue to cause damage until it has been removed and the area properly dried out and treated. Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest tools and procedures to remove the water and return your home to its pre loss condition. We will also dry and clean all carpets and rugs, upholstery, and furniture, dehumidify the property, and deal with any mold or mildew that may have occurred as a result.

Mold Remediation

Mold is the single most common byproduct of water damage. and can in many ways be an even greater problem. Water can be dried out, while mold continues to grow and spread rapidly. Mold that is touched or otherwise disturbed releases hundreds of thousands of spores into the air, meaning that you can conceivably end up with multiple growths in your home. While most molds are not dangerous, they are unsightly and may produce a disagreeable smell. Those molds that are dangerous can cause various health problems ranging from slight allergic reactions and skin irritations, to coughing sneezing, and even respiratory problems requiring a doctor’s attention. No, mold needs to be taken care of, and the staff at Rouse Inc. Restoration is able to handle any size mold problem, containing the growth, removing it, and most importantly, treating the affected area to improve ventilation and bring down relative humidity. Doing so ensures that the mold will not return in the future.

Fire Damage

Few elements can ravage a home or business like a fire. Flames can destroy property within minutes, and the residual effects from smoke damage can be just as bad. It is of utmost importance to isolate the damaged area and completely repair and restore all affected rooms in the home. This may include the scrubbing and cleaning of walls and flooring, as well as removal of smoke odor and airborne ash and soot. Fire can also adversely affect the structural integrity of the home, and proper restoration means repairing all structural support members and making the home safe for habitation. Our staff at Rouse Inc. Restoration are ready and able to handle even the largest cases of fire and smoke damage.

Rouse Inc. Restoration is a family owned and operated company comprised of third generation restoration professionals. Owner John Rouse remains involved in the cleaning process and can be found out in the field most every day. This hands on approach and commitment to excellence and first rate customer service. We treat every job as if the home we are working on is our own, which means using biodegradable and hypoallergenic chemicals that are completely safe for children and pets. Rouse Inc. Restoration serves the greater Baltimore area. Call our office at (443) 224-5294 .

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the repository of every possible stain or spill that can occur in your home, and as such require thorough cleaning in order to maintain the beauty of your home and health of your family. Carpets are a natural magnet for pet urine and related odors, ink, sodas or tea spills, and even mud and dirt tracked in from the outside. At Rouse Inc. Restoration, our goal is to return your carpets to like new condition, using only biodegradable materials that do not leave sticky residue, unpleasant odors, or chaffed areas. We highly recommend that carpets receive a thorough cleaning at least once per year. Doing so increases the aesthetic appearance of your home, and this may prove invaluable for purposes of resale or rental. As with our other services, all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Sewage Cleanup

The damage caused by sewage and other contaminated water can be devastating, resulting in a myriad of long-term problems that worsen over time. The best way to deal with sewage contamination on your property is to get it taken care of quickly! The health hazards presented by a sewage leak can be serious, which is why you should always seek professional help when dealing with a situation like this. It is important to observe proper safety procedures when removing contaminated water from an area, and, like any water damage scenario, the hard work is just beginning. Once our service technicians arrive on the job, we won’t stop until we have your sewage contamination situation under control. This means not only removing the water from the affected area but also excess moisture from the air and surrounding rooms, as well as cleaning and decontaminating all affected materials. We will clean and dry your upholstery, carpeting, and furniture as well as lowering the humidity back to acceptable levels to avoid further damage from mold.

Service Area

  • Anne Arundel
  • Baltimore
  • Baltimore City
  • Carroll
  • Frederick
  • Harford
  • Howard
  • Montgomery
  • Prince Georges

District of Columbia

Why Choose Us?

  • Free Estimates
  • Certified Water Damage Professionals
  • Family Owned and Operated Since 1991
  • 24/7 Fast Reliable Service

Two thumbs up to the team at Rouse Inc. Restoration for the professional work they did when our basement flooded. When I first saw the basement I thought everything was gone, however the team was so knowledgeable about the water damage restoration process that everything was saved! Thanks again for going above and beyond!

Get in Touch

Best Rate Repair – Construction in San Diego #San #Diego #water #damage

Best Rate Repair

San Diego s Leading Company for Specialty Wood Repair Construction

Best-Rate Repair Co. Inc. is a local company based in Spring Valley. Best-Rate provides Wood Repairs, Structural Improvements and many types of Property Maintenance Repairs. We at Best-Rate understand that finding a trusted and reliable repair company can be strenuous.

Our ability to complete jobs in a quick, timely manner, while maintaining attention to detail has allowed us to complete thousands of projects and become highly respected in our trade. We work in conjunction with numerous property management companies, along with hundreds of real estate and insurance agents thru out San Diego County.

Best-Rate Repair Co. Provides Home Repair Services, Termite Fungus Damage Repairs, Deck Stair rebuilds.

Our High Quality Standards insure You the Best Value!

Contact Us Today at (619) 229-0116


Areas we Serve

San Diego

Best Rate Repair

License #700811
P.O Box 600491
San Diego, CA 92160
phone. 619.229.0116
fax. 619.229.0117

  • Wood Repair Services

    Best Rate Repair offers a variety of specialty wood repair services. Contact us today for projects not listed! More about our services

    Project Gallery

    We ve added new images to our gallery! Click here to see Before and After pictures of wood repair projects. See our project gallery

    Upcoming Events

    We are active in a number of community activities. Take a look at our recent projects and join us at the next event. Find out our events

    Check Out Our Latest Work

    Bridal Path/Patio Cover

    Installed new post beams, replaced damaged joists and re-roofed both patios. Added lattice for privacy.

  • Replaced Deck

    Removed existing deck and installed Trex Accent Decking. Removed old siding, installed new siding, applied a fresh coat of paint and replaced old door.

  • Fascia and Beam Repair

    Dry rot and fungus damage was sectioned out, treated with a fungicide and reinforced. The fascia was replaced and new lath stucco installed.

  • Trex Transcend Deck

    Removed damaged old decking and replaced with new Trex decking.

  • Water Damage Salt Lake City #water #damage #South #Salt #Lake


    Water Damage Salt Lake City

    911 Restoration of Salt Lake City

    When it comes to home restoration, 911 Restoration Salt Lake City has the best water damage, mold, sewage, fire and disaster restoration technicians in the industry.

    Here are but a few of the sources for water related challenges you might expect in your home or store:

    • Washer burst
    • Fire sprinklers
    • Plumbing disasters
    • Storm damage
    • Flooding
    • Toilet overflow

    Our restoration pros respond within 45 minutes of every emergency call, so our customers never have to wait long for assistance.

    We will be there for you any time, day or night, just waiting to give you a fresh start, so give our experts with 911 Restoration Salt Lake City a call today!

    Water Damage Restoration

    Water damage is a destructive force that must be treated immediately in order to avoid costly repairs and save your structure.

    When water is introduced into the home your concrete, hardwoods, and brick can quickly absorb the liquid, causing warping and rot. In many cases, structural damage can occur causing thousands in repairs.

    We are equipped with the most comprehensive water extraction, drying and restoration technology in the industry.

    • Pipe freeze
    • Water heater leak
    • Sewage backflow
    • Pipe burst
    • Roof leaks
    • Ruptured hoses

    These are the primary sources for the water removal services and restorative work performed by our flood removal Salt Lake City staff.

    If you are experiencing any of these situations, then don t hesitate to contact our water damage Salt Lake City staff with 911 Restoration Salt Lake City today!

    Mold Removal

    Water damage is the primary cause for mold growth which is why our Salt Lake City water removal technicians are IICRC certified to perform mold mitigation jobs of all sizes from a pipe burst, flood or any other disaster that introduces water into the home.

    If you have had past water damage, but never called for professional water cleanup from a certified team like our Salt Lake City flood damage pros, you are at greater risk for developing mold, and you may already have a colony.

    We offer a free home damage estimate when you suspect a water damage disaster may have spawned black mold. Some signs of mold include:

    • Visible ones like black or pink spots on surfaces
    • Moldy smell in room
    • Dampness in the air
    • Furniture, textiles and other items damp to the touch
    • Physical symptoms like coughing, skin irritation and headaches

    When ruptured hoses flood your laundry room, in order to get rid of all moisture, we use the latest drying technology and restoration techniques as a means to prevent any mold growth.

    Don’t run the risk of exposing your property and family members to mold. Call our mold removal Salt Lake City team with 911 Restoration Salt Lake City for cleanup on any job today!

    Sewage Backup Cleanup

    If you experience sewage damage on your property do not try to clean it up on your own.

    In fact, keep everyone living in the home away from the area and call our Salt Lake City water damage specialists to come start pumping water out of your home through our sewage backup cleanup services in a safe and prompt manner.

    Our Salt Lake City flood removal techs use protective HAZMAT gear to prevent exposure to the sewage. We treat the flooded area with industrial strength products that are strong enough to remove all traces of bacteria, yet are safe to your home.

    Our years of experience in the industry gives us the know-how on how to safely and efficiently clean your home, leaving it a sanitized and healthy place.

    If you are amid a category two water event, then you need the help of our sewage backup cleanup Salt Lake City team with 911 Restoration Salt Lake City today!

    Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

    Fires cause a wide range of destruction, so for the most efficient fire damage cleanup call our expertly trained water damage Salt Lake City professionals to remove ash, soot, smoke and water from your property.

    When a fire breaks out in a home, water damage is almost always there to follow. The fire department can pump hundreds of gallons of water into a home causing a soupy mess of water, debris, and other toxic materials.

    When you call our Salt Lake City water damage team to address your fire damage restoration, you will get fast, same day service for issues like:

    • Charred surface restoration
    • Smoke removal
    • Water extractions
    • Odor removal
    • Oil and gas cleanup
    • Ash cleanup

    A fire almost always leaves noxious fumes that become embedded in walls, furniture, and textiles that can make people ill and that is very hard to clean.

    Our water removal pros are experts in this area, as well as ridding your home of ashy water, and smoke. We also fully restore the burned rooms of your home making the space even better than it was before the fire started.

    When it comes to protecting your home and family you deserve the most qualified home restoration company in Salt Lake City, so call our fire and smoke damage restoration Salt Lake City crew with 911 Restoration Salt Lake City today!

    Disaster Restoration

    Our Salt Lake City flood remediation agents keep your safety the priority in any disaster restoration situation.

    Our water damage staff is trained in all types of home restoration techniques, natural or man-made.

    Let us handle every aspect of the restoration process, that way you can focus on taking care of your family in the meantime.

    We want to be there for you to give you a fresh start, so give our disaster restoration Salt Lake City team with 911 Restoration Salt Lake City a call at the first sign of water damage, mold, sewage, fire damage or any other disaster scenario today!

    Tmobile Insurance Water Damage #does #tmobile #insurance #cover #water #damage


    Tmobile Insurance Water Damage

    By admin | April 29, 2013

    Water mold damage occurs often in property of all ages and kinds. There are many reasons why this happens. It could be an old property whose upkeep has not been properly maintained, poor plumbing, or problems from nature can cause this. Since you may not notice water damage right away, it is something that you need to check for regularly. If you let it get out of control, you may end up with a severely compromised structure, as well as other issues building up that can be dangerous to your health and entire wellbeing. Mold and weaknesses in the house structure are just a couple of [reasons,ways> that this can become a serious issue to you. This forces you into an unsafe environment and with expensive, necessary repairs ahead of you.

    mold and bacteria damp places. When water accesses behind your walls, under your carpet, and in other difficult to discover places around the home, you are going to be exposed to a growth in mold, bacteria, and other dangerous enzimes. These can if not managed effectively develop into major health risks, like in the case of black mold. that requires remediation on a much larger scale and might end up affecting your health or that of those close to you. This also attracts annoyances, like mozzies, that like the dark damp spaces. They end up developing in huge numbers and spreading across your total house, making it a frustrating place to stay.

    Phone dropped in water? Covered. Keypad stopped working? Covered. 2. This insurance does not apply to loss or damage caused by or resulting from any of the following: a. Delay, Loss of Use tmobile/. To find a T-Mobile

    Check your home s exterior, continued Remember to look under your manufactured home for a sagging, torn or water-spotted bottom

    Will Your Insurance Pay If Vandals Strike? When people buy homeowner s insurance, they usually intend for it to cover the home in which they live. That in Florida during the winter, the policy will not pay for the resulting water damage.

    HOMEOWNERS/DWELLING FIRE/CONDO APPLICATION (3/09) Please fill in Completely. damage unless the water entered the home as a result of a covered peril(s). Form HOA PREMIER, Homeowners Insurance Application Subject:

    FARMERS MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY HOMEOWNERS UNDERWRITING GUIDELINES 11/2009 2 The following guidelines should be considered when offering insurance for certain types of risks.

    Loss, Theft, Damage and Out-of-Warranty malfunctions. We ve got you covered. Enroll your mobile number in Wireless Phone Insurance. Without insurance, replacing a lost, stolen, damaged or

    Insurance Committee Report FIPPOA Fall Membership Meeting September 17, 2011 The Insurance Committee has been very active since the Spring Meeting. As you may be aware, Whtye Hall suffered a water damage loss. This occurred during the final dress rehearsal for Broadway Bares

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