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Bethany Arms Motel and Apartments Bethany Beach (Delaware) – Reviews and Rates #hospice #brochure

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Railay Garden View Resort Krabi

Bethany Arms Motel and Apartments

30-40 mile an hour winds.

We stopped for a picnic lunch in Cape Charles, hoping to catch a glimpse of the lighthouse which bears its’ name. We did not find it – instead seeing a town water tank painted to resemble an iron lighthouse. Someone here has quite a sense of humour.

We have ended the day in Fruitland – a place where most people, like us, are “just passing through”.

A travel blog entry by gurufamily on Sep 15, 2015

This morning, woke up at 7:00am and Legend was ready to go outside. Beautiful brisk morning. I have on pants and jacket. The sun feels good! Legend is getting used to going to the bathroom with cars buzzing by on the highway. Jess and I spent some time today at the outlet mall next to the hotel browsing. We tried a very popular seafood restaurant this evening too. It was crowded at 5:30 with a 20 minute wait. when we left, the wait was over an hour. It’s.

A travel blog entry by gurufamily on Sep 14, 2015

Ryan and I awoke early and headed outside with Legend. The air is brisk. I had my jacket on and Ryan wished he wore his. Invigorating and awesome. We had breakfast and coffee and are preparing for the day. I will work from the lobby for a few hours and Ryan may have to go to his testing for work soon. Matt and Jess are still.

A travel blog entry by happytrails123 on Aug 28, 2015

3 comments. 22 photos

what we’re going to be looking for on our future beachcoming!

Next stop was “linner” as Barb calls it, at her favorite crabcake restaurant, Captain’s Galley II, on the waterfront in the Ocean City harbor. We three enjoyed the crab filled cakes and adult Orange Crush drinks.

Thanks Barb for a wonderful visit! Time to move up the road Annapolis, MD is our next stop and a hopeful boating.

A travel blog entry by gsnakehill on May 03, 2015

State Park
without hookups ($38) is unreal especially for an out of state camper. Considering that the parking RV sites are all
on the loop roads with one s picnic table, fire pit and tenting sites.

Other places to stay in Bethany Beach

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Digital Communications: Albright College offers one of the only evening accelerated-hybrid programs in Digital Communications in the area. Focus on strategic communication across media platforms including publications, videos, and websites in the Albright College Digital Communications program. (This program is currently offered exclusively at our Reading location.)

Computer and Information Systems: The accelerated program in information systems is based on common structures and degree programs in the United States and Canada. It also meets the recommendation of the Association for Computing Machinery, which sets a variety of standards in technology fields, as well as graduate study programs.

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Information Systems and Management: Albright s distinctive new major in information systems and management (ISAM) is designed to provide students with both the technical skills and the business acumen required to excel in information systems and business environments.


  • Curriculum designed specifically for adult learners
  • Applied thesis project completed in workplace setting
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  • 20-24 months accelerated schedule (including breaks)
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Openbare Bank – Fiscale paradijzen: Welkom in Delaware #dexia #delaware #llc


Fiscale paradijzen: Welkom in Delaware

Marco Van Hees – Solidair 11 10 10

Delaware, met 873.000 inwoners en een oppervlakte van pakweg de helft van Vlaanderen, is een van de kleinste staten van de VS. Maar meer dan 50% van de grootste Amerikaanse fortuinen en 43% van de in New York op de beurs genoteerde bedrijven hebben er hun domicilie.

“De zogenaamde ‘zwarte lijst’ van belastingparadijzen van de G20 is compleet ongeloofwaardig. Delaware staat er niet op, en Wyoming en Nevada ook niet…” De man die in 2009 zo durfde tekeergaan tegen de groep van 20 rijkste landen na hun voornemen om de internationale financiën bij te sturen, was niemand minder dan de Luxemburgse eerste minister Jean-Claude Juncker. De man vond het niet kunnen dat zijn land zo hard werd aangevallen.

Het valt inderdaad moeilijk te ontkennen. Monaco, de Bermuda-eilanden, Liechtenstein, het Eiland Man… De meeste economische supermogendheden hebben allemaal een belastingparadijs aan hun achterdeur liggen. In het geval van de VS, met Delaware, zelfs op het eigen grondgebied. En allen klagen ze over de paradijzen van de andere. Delaware voert trouwens het klassement aan dat de ngo Tax Justice Network opstelde op basis van een “index van financiële ondoorzichtigheid”.

Het moet gezegd dat de wetgeving er nogal bijzonder is. Er is geen belasting op winst, noch op de dividenden die aan aandeelhouders gestort worden. Er dienen ook geen erfenisrechten betaald te worden op aandelen die niet-residenten bezitten en er is ook geen verplichting een boekhouding bij te houden. Bedrijven moeten gewoon een forfaitaire belasting van ongeveer 200 euro betalen.

Je kunt er op 48 uur tijd een bedrijf oprichten, zonder je te verplaatsen: een internetverbinding en kredietkaart volstaan. En men kan er een bankrekening openen zonder de naam van de echte eigenaars van het bedrijf te moeten opgeven. Bovendien zijn de rechters en de rechtspraak er bijzonder bedrijfsvriendelijk. Als er klachten zijn van consumenten of kleine aandeelhouders, valt het vonnis meestal uit in het voordeel van de bedrijven.

Al deze ‘deugden’ van Delaware zijn zelfs tot in België bekend. Volgens een onderzoek van Solidair (november 2009) hebben 8 van de 30 grootste fortuinen in België, met hun groep een of meer filialen in Delaware, met name de families Lhoist, Emsens, Bekaert, Janssen, D Ieteren, Collinet, Huts en Thermote.

Eigenaar van gebouw van fiscus heeft domicilie in… fiscaal paradijs

De RTBF bracht in oktober 2010 een reportage waarin getoond werd dat de staat gebouwen aan de privé verkoop om ze dan terug te huren. Wat de omroep niet zei, is dat een van de nieuwe eigenaars zijn maatschappelijke zetel in Delaware heeft, een belastingparadijs.

Het gebouw aan de rue des Trois Boudins in Bergen wordt momenteel door de Belgische fiscus gehuurd van een Amerikaans bedrijf dat gevestigd is in Delaware, een notoir belastingparadijs.

Geen grap: de rue des Trois Boudins (de Drie Worstenstraat) in Bergen bestaat echt. De Federale Overheidsdienst (FOD) Financiën heeft er een gebouw dat te zien was tijdens het programma Questions à la Une op de Franstalige openbare omroep RTBF. Daarin wordt aandacht besteed aan de verkoop van gebouwen in staatseigendom.

Sinds enkele jaren al verkoopt de overheid een groot deel van haar openbare gebouwen aan de privé om van eigenaar in huurder te veranderen. Die operatie, gekend onder de naam sale and lease back. werd onder meer ook in de rue des Trois Boudins doorgevoerd. Eind 2003 verkocht de overheid er een gebouw van de FOD Financiën (bedrijfsbelasting en kadaster) voor een bedrag van 9,41 miljoen euro. Daarbij werd een huurcontract van 18 jaar ondertekend. Voor de huursom van… meer dan een miljoen euro per jaar. Na die 18 jaar zal de nieuwe privé-eigenaar dus twee maal zijn inbreng terugverdiend hebben.

Wie is nu de gelukkige die van die operatie profiteert? In de uitzending van de RTBF wordt enkel gemeld dat het een groot Amerikaanse vastgoedbedrijf is. De domaniale wet van 18 juli 2005 schept meer klaarheid in de zaak. Vermits de waarde van het goed meer dan 1,25 miljoen euro bedroeg, moest minister van Financiën Reynders (MR), bevoegd voor de Regie der Gebouwen, de verkoop voorleggen aan het Parlement. De wet werd goedgekeurd met 79 voorstemmen (de paarse meerderheid) en 42 onthoudingen. Geen enkele van de volksvertegenwoordigers stemde tegen.

Er stond nochtans zwart op wit in de wettekst te lezen: “Verkoop door de Belgische staat aan de rechtsgeldige onderneming in de staat Delaware ‘Belgov (DE) QRS 15-66, Inc.’”. De Amerikaanse staat Delaware is een bekend belastingparadijs (zie artikel ‘Welkom in Delaware’). De federale dienst die als opdracht heeft de fiscale fraude te bestrijden heeft dus nu als eigenaar een onderneming die in de troebele waters van de internationale fiscaliteit schippert.

Dat bedrijf, een filiaal van W.P. Carey, een van Amerika’s grootste vastgoedbedrijven, draagt dezelfde naam als de Belgische regering (Belgov), waarschijnlijk als eerbetoon aan zijn weldoener. Want naast de rijkelijke huuropbrengst, factureert de onderneming ook de kadastrale heffing en nog een aantal kosten die in principe ten laste van de verhuurder zijn.

Tot slot nog dit: de sociale zetel van het bedrijf is gevestigd in Wilmington, de grootste stad van Delaware, maar zijn Belgisch fiscaal domicilie is op… de rue des Trois Boudins. Inderdaad, het adres van de FOD Financiën. De Belgische fiscus herbergt dus zijn paradijselijke eigenaar.

Men privatiseert toch ook de banken…

De verkoop van de staatsgebouwen is een privatisering in de lijn van de privatisering van bedrijven als de ASLK, Belgacom, Sabena, De Post of Cockerill Sambre. Voor de staat leveren die privatiseringen op korte termijn inkomsten op, maar op lange termijn veel zwaardere lasten. Voor de privé is het de kans op zeer lucratieve investeringen.

Sinds de eerste verkopen, waartoe de regering in oktober 2000 besliste, hebben alle regeringspartijen meegewerkt aan dergelijke operaties, ook al laten sommige van hun mandatarissen zich eerder kritisch uit in de media. Het moet gezegd dat het Rekenhof in 2006 een nogal belastend rapport publiceerde over die verspilling aan nationaal patrimonium.

Zoals zo dikwijls bij privatiseringen, gaat de verkoop van dat patrimonium gepaard met de sabotage van de openbare dienst, wat moet aantonen dat een overgang van die activiteiten naar de privé zich opdringt. Dat is ook zo wat de Regie der Gebouwen betreft, waar een gebrek aan middelen en personeel, slecht beheer en zelfs affaires van corruptie aan de top, zeker geen toeval zijn.

De privé verrijkt zich daarmee niet alleen ten koste van de bevolking, maar biedt ook geen garantie op een gezond beheer. De openbare ASLK functioneerde meer dan 130 jaar zonder ooit een beroep te moeten doen op staatshulp. Tien jaar privébeheer, onder het logo van Fortis Bank, volstonden om aan de rand van het faillissement te staan en de regering om hulp te moeten smeken.

Delaware Hospice 5k #weston #hospice

#delaware hospice


5:30pm- Registration opens
6:30pm- Race start

Entry Info

Register online – click here (online registration closes Tuesday, July 5th, at Noon)

Register by mail – universal entry form (Delaware Hospice 5k, 100 Patriots Way, Milford, DE 19963). Make checks payable to Delaware Hospice. All mailed in registrations must be received by Thursday, June 27th.

Regular- $20 pre-registration (until July 5th) / $25 after and day of event

Group of 4- $70 pre-registration (until July 5th)



Since 1982, Delaware Hospice has provided the highest quality hospice and healthcare services, and serves as a trusted community partner in end-of-life education and support. Delaware Hospice provides advanced illness management through its programs and services Transitions, Delaware Palliative, Delaware Hospice, Delaware Hospice Center, Katybug Pediatric Program, Bereavement, and New Hope. Accredited by the Joint Commission, Delaware Hospice continues to be the largest and only licensed, nonprofit, community-based hospice serving Delaware. Now also providing care in Pennsylvania; southern Chester and Delaware counties. For more information about Delaware Hospice’s programs and services, upcoming events, or employment opportunities, call 800-838-9800 or visit our website, .


Fast and flat course wheel measured by Doug White.

NOTICE: no baby strollers are allowed in the run portion of this event. You may WALK with strollers. No dogs allowed due to insurance liability. Bibs are non-transferable. Please reference our policies page for more details.


-Post race refreshments
-Post race BBQ provided by Milford Parks and Rec staff which includes hot dogs and hamburgers
-Mispillion Brewing beer for those 21 and older
-Door prizes


-Awards for top male/female winners
-Awards for top 3 male/female in 10 year age groups 13 under through 70 over
-Awards to top 3 male/female walkers
-Top family and open team awards
-Prize for most money raised


NOVA Timing Systems will chip time using the MYLAPS BibTag Timing System


Click HERE for race results. They will be posted online during the race and complete results will be posted once the race is complete.


Click HERE for race photos. They will be posted online later after the race.


101 Home Hospice RN Jobs in Lewes, Delaware #adelphi #hotel #liverpool

#hospice rn jobs


Job Search Tips

The ZipRecruiter job matching algorithm analyzes millions of jobs from hundreds of job boards to instantly return the most relevant results. Here are some additional tips to help you optimize your search:

Job titles are best:

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You can exclude certain terms:

Enter a minus sign before any terms you want to exclude, like: -travel or – entry level .

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Enter a plus sign before any terms you want to require, like: +full-time or + full benefits .

101 Home Hospice RN Jobs in Lewes, Delaware

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Delaware Division of Motor Vehicles – Vehicle Services #delaware, #dmv, #vehicles, #vehicle, #licenses, #inspection, #motor #vehicle, #driving #records, #titles, #cdl


State of Delaware – Search and Services/Information

Q. What are the insurance requirements for vehicles registered out-of-state operating in Delaware?

A: Only liability insurance policies validly issued by companies authorized to write in the State of Delaware shall satisfy the insurance requirements. Minimum coverage for any one accident is:

  • $15,000 for bodily injury or death of one person
  • $30,000 for bodily injury or death of two or more persons
  • $10,000 for injury to or destruction of property of others

As long as there is a valid registration, even if the vehicle is off the road, liability insurance must be in effect at all times.

Q. What is the penalty for driving without insurance?

A: When a law enforcement officer stops you for any reason, you will be required to show valid proof of insurance on the vehicle. If you are driving a vehicle while not having the proper insurance, upon conviction, you will be fined not less than $1500 for the first offense and $3000 for each subsequent offense occurring within 3 years of a former offense. Driving license and/or privileges will also be suspended for 6 months.

Q. Do I have to surrender my plates when I cancel my vehicle insurance?

A: Yes. License plates must be surrendered to the Division prior to canceling insurance for any reason on vehicles with active registrations. You may take your tag to the nearest Delaware DMV office. Tags will be returned at no charge if proper insurance is provided and the registration has not expired.

Tags may be mailed to the Division along with a note explaining why tags are being surrendered, for example:

  • canceling the liability insurance
  • sold the vehicle
  • titled vehicle in another state
  • vehicle was junked

Mailing address:
Division of Motor Vehicles
Uninsured Motorist Section
P O Box 698
Dover DE19903

Q. What can happen if I don t surrender my plates when I cancel my insurance?

A: The DMV receives notices from insurance companies when insurance has cancelled. As a result, you may be audited to provide proof of valid liability insurance from the date of cancellation. If it is determined that you were uninsured the penalties are:

  • $100 per vehicle for being uninsured from 1-30 days
  • An additional $5 per vehicle for each day after the 30 days or until tags/registration are surrendered, insurance is obtained or the registration tag expires
Q. What must I do if DMV audits my vehicle for proof of insurance?

A: Contact your insurance company/agent immediately and have them provide you with a Delaware Insurance Certification Form, FR-19. The FR-19 is a certification that the vehicle has been continuously insured since the verification date and that coverage is presently in force.

Q. What can happen if I don t respond to the DMV insurance audit?

A: The vehicle registration and all owners driver s licenses will be suspended. Any suspension imposed by DMV will require owners to pay reinstatement fees of for each driver s license and for each registration in addition to the penalties imposed for lapse in insurance coverage.

Q. What should I do if I move?

A: If you move, you have the responsibility for notifying both your insurance company and DMV of your new address. You should not rely on the Post Office to redirect your mail. The insurance company and DMV are only required to send their notices to the address on their records. Therefore, not receiving their correspondence because of an address change does not relieve you from replying to an audit. Driver s licenses and vehicle registrations must reflect current address.

Q. What if I no longer own the vehicle?

A: You must complete a seller s report of sale. This notice is attached to the bottom of the Delaware title. Complete the requested information and immediately return the form to the Division of Motor Vehicles. Seller s reports of sale forms are also available at any Delaware Motor Vehicle office.

Q. What are the auto insurance requirements for vehicles registered in Delaware?

A: No one may operate or authorize anyone to operate an out-of-state vehicle unless the owner has insurance on the vehicle equal to the minimum liability insurance required by the state or jurisdiction where the vehicle is registered. If the state or jurisdiction requires no minimum liability insurance, then the owner must have insurance equal to the minimum insurance coverage required for motor vehicles registered in Delaware.

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State of Delaware – Division of Corporations #forming #a #delaware #llc


State of Delaware – Search and Services/Information

Department of State Division of Corporations

Main Menu

How To Form A New Business Entity

The State of Delaware is a leading domicile for U.S. and international business entities. Businesses choose Delaware not for one single reason, but because we provide a complete package of business entity services. We hope that this step by step process will assist you in forming your new business entity with the Delaware Division of Corporations.

The Delaware Division of Corporations does not provide legal advice. When choosing a business entity type, we recommend that you contact an Attorney or Certified Public Accountant familiar with Delaware law to obtain advice on the business entity type that will best fit your needs. Corporations, Public Benefit Corporations effective August 1, 2013, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Limited Partnerships (LP), Statutory Trusts and many General Partnerships (GP) are required to file with the Delaware Division of Corporations. Sole proprietorships do not file with the Delaware Division of Corporations. Unincorporated nonprofit associations and partnerships have the option of making certain filings with the Delaware Division of Corporations.

For a basic overview of entity choices and the business registration process in Delaware please see the Delaware Division of Revenue’s Legal Business Structure Table and its Registration Process Flow Chart. If you are planning to conduct business in Delaware or hire employees in Delaware, you may also wish to visit the State’s One Stop Business Registration and Licensing System and the Delaware Economic Development Office.

Delaware law requires that every business entity have and maintain a Registered Agent in the State of Delaware who may be either an individual resident or business entity that is authorized to do business in the State of Delaware. The registered agent must have a physical street address in Delaware. You may view a list of Delaware Registered Agents on our web site. If the business is physically located in Delaware, then the business may act as its own registered agent. If the registered agent is other than the entity itself, please contact the selected Registered Agent used in your entity formation and inform them of your intentions.

The Delaware Division of Corporations allows for the reservation of an entity name. This is not a requirement in order to form your entity but will guarantee that your name is held for you for a period of 120 days. You can reserve your entity name online at our web site at The fee is $75.00. You may charge a Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover card. Please print your confirmation page if you reserve your name online. You may also submit your reservation application in writing. The forms are available at You may fax or mail in your request to our office.

Sample forms with instructions and fees are available on our web site. at The entity forms are PDF fillable and can be mailed or faxed to our office. A cover sheet with your name or entity name, return address and phone number is required. You may download a PDF fillable cover sheet on our web site. at You may also contact our office at 302-739-3073 with any questions or help needed in order to complete your forms.


    You may either mail or fax in your completed request to our office. The fax number is 302-739-3812. The mailing address is Division of Corporations -John G. Townsend Building – 401 Federal Street – Suite 4 – Dover, DE 19901. All filing fees must be paid upon submission of your request. All requests are returned regular First Class mail unless a Federal Express or UPS account number is provided to our office.


    Some Financial Institutions will require a good standing certificate or a certified copy of your new entity filing. Please check with your Financial Institution to determine whether additional information is required to establish a business account with them.

    You may order a Certificate of Status or Certificate of Good Standing at the time of filing your new entity by indicating this request in the comment section of the Document Filing Sheet.

    The fee is $50.00 per certificate for a Short Form Certificate of Status (states name and status of entity) or $175.00 for a Long Form Certificate of Status (states status and all documents ever filed on entity). If you are requesting Expedited Services for your new entity filing then there will be an additional Expedited Fee for your Status requests.

    Corporate Annual Report and Franchise Tax Payments

    All corporations incorporated in the State of Delaware are required to file an Annual Report and to pay a franchise tax. Exempt domestic corporations do not pay a tax but must file an Annual Report. The Annual Report filing fee for all other domestic corporations is $50.00 plus taxes due upon filing of the Annual Report. Taxes and Annual Reports are to be received no later than March 1st of each year. The minimum tax is $175.00 with a maximum tax of $180,000.00. Taxpayers owing $5,000.00 or more pay extimated taxes in quarterly installments with 40% due June 1, 20% due by September 1, 20% due by December 1, and the remainder due March 1. The penalty for not filing a completed Annual Report on or before March 1st is $125. Interest at 1.5% per month is applied to any unpaid tax balance.

    Notification of Annual Report and Franchise Taxes due are sent to all Delaware Registered Agents in December of each year. Delaware has mandated electronic filing of domestic corporations Annual Reports.

    Although Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and General Partnerships formed in the State of Delaware do not file an annual report, they are required to pay an annual tax of $300.00. Taxes for these entities are to be received no later than June 1st of each year.

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