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BREAKING DOWN ‘Freelancer’

A freelancer tends to work in the creative, skilled or service sector such as in: film, art, design, editing, copywriting, proofreading, media, marketing, music, acting, journalism, video editing and production, illustration, tourism, consulting, web site development, computer programming, event planning, photography, language translation, tutoring, catering, and many more. An example of a freelancer would be an independent journalist who reports on stories “at large” and then sells his or her story to the highest bidder. Another example is a web designer or app developer who does one-time work for a client and then moves on to another client.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) categorizes freelancers as self-employed. A self-employed worker, unlike an employee of a company, does not have his taxes withheld by the company s/he is doing business with. Paying income taxes is therefore, the sole responsibility of a freelancer. In addition to the income tax, a freelancer is also subjected to the self-employment tax mandated by the IRS. The self-employment tax applies to a freelancer who earned $400 or more in any given tax year. The self-employment tax has two components, namely Social Security and Medicare tax.

Since the IRS considers freelancers to be business owners, freelancers have to pay self-employment tax as both an employer and employee. For example, Social Security tax is assessed at a rate of 6.2% for an employer and 6.2% for the employee. An independent worker such as a freelancer would be taxed 6.2% + 6.2% = 12.4%, as s/he is considered to be both an employer and an employee. The Social Security tax is only applied to the first $127,200 income earned. The Medicare tax rate, which is 1.45% for both entities, is 2.9% for the self-employed worker. Total self-employment rate that a freelancer has to pay is therefore, 12.4% + 2.9% = 15.3% (as of 2017).

Freelancers may qualify for certain tax deductions that business owners can claim on their business expenses. According to the IRS, these expenses have to be ordinary and necessary for the operation of the business. This means that a freelancer would not be able to claim a deduction on an expense that s/he would normally make without the business. Some examples of deductions that can be claimed include home office deductions such as rent and utilities, costs of traveling to a job, costs of entertaining a client, costs of courses or certifications that directly relate to the business profession, etc.

In the U.S. freelancers do not receive W-2 forms for income tax purposes and instead will file a 1099 Misc. tax form which does not typically include any tax withholdings. A freelancer who provided services to multiple clients during a given tax year, will receive 1099 Misc forms from each of those clients.

Benefits of freelancing include freedom to work from home, flexibility of work schedule and a better work/life balance. Freelance work can benefit workers who have been laid off, reducing the incidence of overall unemployment in an economy.

Drawbacks include uncertainty about future income, job stability and consistency with getting new work. There is also a lack of typical employer benefits such as insurance and retirement plans, and typically lower per-hour rates compared to employed salary earners.

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Introduction to HTML and CSS

Get started creating web pages with HTML and CSS, the basic building blocks of web development. HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is a standard set of tags you will use to tell the web browser how the content of your web pages and applications are structured. Use CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, to select HTML tags and tell the browser what your content should look like. Whether you are coding for fun or planning to start a career in web development, learning HTML and CSS is a great place to start.

HTML Basics

Learn HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the language common to every website. HTML describes the basic structure and content of a web page. If you want to build a website or web application, you’ll need to know HTML.

CSS Basics

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a style sheet language that describes the presentation of web pages. Whereas HTML is what forms the structure of a web page, CSS is what we use to style the HTML with colors, backgrounds, font sizes, layout, and more. As you’ll soon learn, CSS is one of the core technologies for designing and building websites.

JavaScript Basics

JavaScript is a programming language that drives the web: from front-end user interface design, to backend server-side programming, you’ll find JavaScript at every stage of a web site and web application. In this course, you’ll learn the fundamental programming concepts and syntax of the JavaScript programming language.

CSS Layout Basics

Learn to work with common layout and positioning methods used in web design. In this course, you’ll get hands-on practice with basic CSS layout techniques like display modes and floats. You’ll use your new CSS layout skills to build the layout for a simple web page. Then learn to enhance the layout using relative, absolute and fixed positioning.

Responsive Layouts

Responsive web design is a collection of techniques for building websites that work on multiple screen sizes. In these lessons, we’re going to use the foundational principles of responsive design as a framework for thinking about page layout. By the end, you should have a better understanding of how to approach common decisions in responsive design.

CSS Flexbox Layout

Flexbox is a set of CSS properties that give you a flexible way to lay out content. With flexbox you can change the direction, alignment, size and order of elements, regardless of their original size and order in the HTML. You can even stretch and shrink elements and distribute space, all with just a few lines of CSS!

HTML Forms

The web is a two-way communication medium. There’s lots of HTML elements for displaying data and producing output, and conversely, there’s also lots of HTML elements for accepting input. Accepting input from the user means creating web forms. In this course, we’ll learn about all the most important form elements that web professionals use on a daily basis.

JavaScript Loops, Arrays and Objects

Storing, tracking and handling data is a large part of computer programming. Arrays provide a method for storing multiple values into a single variable. That makes an array a convenient way to pass around a list of items. In this course, you’ll learn how to create arrays and use loops to access their contents. You’ll also learn some advanced methods that make working with arrays easier.

CSS Selectors

In this short course, we’re going to go beyond the basic selector concepts covered in CSS Basics. Besides the common ways to select elements with type, ID and class selectors, we’re able to target elements based on their attributes, position in the HTML document, even their relation to other elements. By the end of this course, you’ll have gained a better understanding of the power and flexibility behind CSS selectors. You’ll have a new set of valuable tools in your CSS toolkit to use on your next project.

jQuery Basics

jQuery Basics covers why you’d want to use jQuery, what it is and how to include it in your projects. You’ll build several projects over the course to give you the confidence to integrate jQuery in your own projects and add that level of flair and interactivity to any site you work on.

Bootstrap 4 Basics

Learn to use Bootstrap 4, one of the most popular open source front end frameworks, to help you build a functional design and layout in little time.

HTML Tables

The web is filled with text and images, but it’s also filled with information like sports scores throughout the years, list of employee names and email addresses, or nutrition facts for your favorite foods. HTML tables enable the display information in what is commonly known as tabular data, which is information that’s stored in a table-like structure of columns and rows. In general, anything that you might put into a spreadsheet could go in a table. There are many use cases for a table, so it’s important to add them to your skills because it’s a very common method for displaying information.

HTML Video and Audio

Text and images have always been the foundation of web content, but more than ever, video and audio are also a part of that content mix. Fortunately, we can now create standards-based video and audio players that don’t require the use of plugins. Adding video and audio to a webpage is almost as easy as adding an image or formatting some text.

Create a Media Player with MediaElement.js

MediaElement.js allows you to offer a consistent experience with audio and video across browsers. You can also customize the players to your heart’s content. Let’s learn how to use MediaElement.js to share audio and video with your users.

AJAX Basics

AJAX is an important front-end web technology that lets JavaScript communicate with a web server. It lets you load new content without leaving the current page, creating a better, faster experience for your web site’s visitors. In this course, you’ll learn how AJAX works and how you can use JavaScript to communicate with a web server. We’ll use plain JavaScript as well as jQuery to create AJAX requests and use the response to dynamically update your web pages. Along the way, you’ll build mini-projects to reinforce your learning. We wrap up the course with a small project, showing you how to apply what you’ve learned to pull images from Flickr and display them on your web site.

Object-Oriented JavaScript

Objects in JavaScript are everywhere. Whether you know it or not, you’ve been using them already. You can use the document object to find HTML elements and modify their contents. You’ve been using the console to log out values. However, you can make your own objects to organize your own code and do some awesome things. In this course we’ll build a couple of projects to get a handle on creating your own objects.


Accessibility is the practice of making websites available to all people, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Website Optimization

In this course we’ll cover tools needed in keeping your website in top shape. These tools will help you perform tasks like debugging a problem to improving your page load times.

Console Foundations

The console is an important skill for any developer. Many programs can only be used via a command line interface, and often the only access you have to a server will be over a command line interface. Once you are familiar with the basics of the console, you will be able to perform very powerful tasks quickly and easily.

Git Basics

If you’re serious about pursuing a career as a software developer or designer, at some point, you will need to learn a version control system. A VCS is an important, but sometimes overlooked, tool that is essential for keeping all but the most trivial projects on track. In this course we’ll talk about what version control is and how it works before covering the basics of one of the most popular version control systems available today – Git. By the time you’re finished with the course, you’ll be ready to start using Git on your next project.

Introduction to Front End Performance Optimization

People want to use websites that load quickly, and every second counts. If a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you can lose 40% of your audience. Every additional second in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. In these lessons, we’re going to take a slow website and make it load faster using front end performance optimization. By the end, you’ll know many practical techniques that can speed up any website.

Front End Web Development

In this track, you’ll learn how to build beautiful, interactive websites by learning the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript — three common coding languages on which all modern websites are built. This is a useful and lucrative skill to acquire as it used by nearly every single business in the world that needs a website to communicate to its customers. By the end of this track, you’ll have all the skills required to build your own websites or even start a career with one of the thousands of companies that have a website.

An entry-level salary for the technologies covered in this track is about $51,000 / yr on average.

Some companies that use these technologies regularly include: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay, Amazon, and Treehouse

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European Dynamics

We are a leading supplier of products and services in the field of e-Procurement internationally.

We are a leading supplier of ICT products and e-services in the field of Customs and Taxation internationally.

We provide complex ICT solutions and e-services for national and international Intellectual Property offices.

e-PPS suite is an open, secure, interoperable and re-configurable e-procurement platform offered as open source software. It uses open European standards and fully comply with both national and EU legislation on public procurement.

ECDP (European Customs Dynamic Platform) is a modern environment allowing the design and deployment of EU Customs 2013 compliant applications.

CPMS is a full contract and project management system that facilitates monitoring, controlling and following-up many concurrent contracts and projects. Its document management, calendar, forum, meeting support and KPI/SLA management features support the collaboration between contractors and contracting authorities that may interact in a secure and audited collaborated environment.

MERMIG is a powerful, Web based collaboration platform that allows the implementation of a wide spectrum of knowledge management applications for modern communities and organisations.

Job Vacancies

We seek for well educated, flexible and ambitious people who thrive on change and challenge, are innovative, self-confident and accept responsibility by taking initiative and adapting to a stimulating international working environment.

Learn more about our career opportunities or select the city you want to work at from the list below and browse the relevant posts.

Software developer qualifications Software developer qualifications

Recruitment Services

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS offers advanced recruitment services and engages talented and qualified professionals across all Information Technology and Information Communication domain fields. Our specialised team uses advanced processes to recruit staff for a wide range of clients internationally.

Scholarship Program

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS announced an annual program of 10 scholarships for young Information Technology university graduates per year. Each scholarship has a value of 5.000 EURO and concerns post-graduate studies in high technology areas


Software developer qualifications

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS sponsors the Post-graduate Intensive Seminar of the Belgian School at Athens, 1 – 9 October 2016. The subject is: “How to tackle Ancient Greek Coinage”.

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS sponsors the following cultural institutions:

EUROPEAN DYNAMICS sponsors sprinter Lykourgos Tsakonas Software developer qualifications


Software developer qualifications EUROPEAN DYNAMICS SA received the TRUE LEADERS 2013 award

Software developer qualifications EUROPEAN DYNAMICS SA Greece is listed among the “Diamonds of the Greek Economy 2014”


EUROPEAN DYNAMICS provides a wide range of services in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to the public and private sector, in 49 countries world-wide.

Software developer qualifications

Latest News

The Ministry of Finance in Poland awarded a Contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS for the implementation and support of ISZTAR4.

The system implements the complete European Commission (DG TAXUD) and National TARIC functionality and requirements.

05/11/2013 EUROPEAN DYNAMICS implements an IT Framework Contract for EIOPA Software developer qualificationsEIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority) awarded a 4-year IT Framework Contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS concerning the provision of services in the fields of technology architecture, software development, quality assurance and project management support. The contract has a budget of 4.5 million EUR. Tasks include the implementation of the new EIOPA Web site, data collection and register applications, publishing large amounts of European financial data related to the areas supervised by EIOPA. 30/09/2013 EUROPEAN DYNAMICS implements an IT Framework Contract for ESMA Software developer qualificationsESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) awarded a 4-year IT Framework Contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS with a budget of 1.5 million EUR. It concerns the development and integration of a Data Registers portal, publishing large amounts of European financial data related to the areas supervised by ESMA, and supplied to member states in the EU. The audience and users for the Registers portal comprise National administrations, ESMA officials, investors, supervising bodies, media, EBA, EIOPA, the academia, researchers, analysts, and business leaders active in the field. 19/08/2013 EUROPEAN DYNAMICS implements an IT Framework Contract for EBA Software developer qualificationsEBA (European Banking Authority) awarded a 4-year IT Framework Contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS concerning the supply of Website Services and the provision of hosting, operation, helpdesk, as well as corrective and evolutive maintenance services. The company has already delivered successfully and currently operates the new EBA web site, where the stress tests of the European Banking sector are being published. 25/04/2013 EPO awarded an IT Framework Contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS Software developer qualificationsThe European Patent Office (EPO) awarded an IT Framework Contract to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS concerning the provision of services in the following areas: Business Analysis, Project Management Support, Software Development, Maintenance Testing. The contract has a duration of 4 years. 09/11/2012 OECS selects e-PPS and CPMS for Public Procurement and Contract Management Software developer qualificationsThe Organisation for East Caribbean States (Commonwealth of Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia and St. Vincent the Grenadines), assigned to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a contract for the provision of an Electronic Tendering and Contract Management system for OECS’s Pharmaceutical Procurement Services. 06/02/2012 UK’s Renfrewshire Council selected CPMS for its Contract and Project Management needs Software developer qualificationsThe Renfrewshire Council awarded to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a contract for the provision of the CPMS platform for conducting its contract, document and project management activities. 23/01/2012 UK’s FSA (Food Standards Agency) selected e-PPS for its electronic Public Procurement needs Software developer qualificationsThe Food Standards Agency awarded to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a 2-year contract for the provision of the e-PPS platform for conducting its e-procurement, e-auctions and e-contract management activities. 03/01/2012 The Scottish Government selected e-PPS for its Collaborative Content Management needs Software developer qualificationsThe Scottish Government awarded to EUROPEAN DYNAMICS a five year contract for the provision of the e-PPS platform and in particular its e-Catalogue sub-system for fulfilling its Collaborative Content Management needs (CCM) in this field.

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Ph: +91 98110 50802

We only assist in preperation. We are not authorized partners of

Our advise to all Salesforce Certification aspirants is not to mug up for the exam. Instead do Salesforce exercises yourself and spend time on every step. has the descrition to give you any set of 60 questions from it’s question bank. You cannot learn all questions and answers by heart.

There are several books available in the market these days, which give good pointers for preparation for the exam.

For the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam, read the “Salesforce for Dummies” book. It is available for 10$ at Amazon.
For the Salesforce Developer Certification Exam (DEV 401), go through the Fundamentals book available on Website. You can google for this and getyour free copy.

Practise a lot on practical examples before you go for the theorey topics.

My most important piece of advise to all of you is: if you know the right answer to a question, and why it is the right choice, you will pass.
Wish you luck.

Ph: +91 98110 50802

We only assist in preperation. We are not authorized partners of

Our advise to all Salesforce Certification aspirants is not to mug up for the exam. Instead do Salesforce exercises yourself and spend time on every step. has the descrition to give you any set of 60 questions from it’s question bank. You cannot learn all questions and answers by heart.

There are several books available in the market these days, which give good pointers for preparation for the exam.

For the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam, read the “Salesforce for Dummies” book. It is available for 10$ at Amazon.
For the Salesforce Developer Certification Exam (DEV 401), go through the Fundamentals book available on Website. You can google for this and getyour free copy.

Practise a lot on practical examples before you go for the theorey topics.

My most important piece of advise to all of you is: if you know the right answer to a question, and why it is the right choice, you will pass.
Wish you luck.

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Must Have: Internet Explorer Web Developer Toolbar

Pucker up, Web developers. You will want to kiss Bill Gates on the lips for this one. In this article, new author Tyme shows us why we won’t want to miss this web development tool from Microsoft!

Pucker up, Web developers. You will want to kiss Bill Gates on the lips for this one.

I recently stumbled upon the Internet Explorer Web Developer Toolbar. which bears a release date of 5/9/2007, and we’ve been happy together ever since. It is the kind of tool that likely was birthed from a Web developer’s a-ha moment followed by the thought “It’s so obvious. Why didn’t I think of it sooner.”

Oh, sure, a 100% standards compliant browser would be even better, but this little gem will help developers – from beginner to advanced — navigate the still turbulent waters of structural markup.

This lightweight (only 624 KB) add-on by Microsoft pins unobtrusively and compactly above the taskbar (as shown above), or can be floated on demand, or hidden completely. Simply slide the top resize bar to see detail, when applicable.

The toolbar features will apply to whatever Web page is in the main browser window. It will help you troubleshoot layout issues, fine-tune CSS, analyze the page’s DOM, and validate your work. Sometimes a developer just becomes blurry eyed staring at code and can overlook the obvious. How many times have you spent way too much time in this scenario. Meet your new best friend: Internet Explorer Web Developer Toolbar 1.0.

For beginners, it also serves as a great learning aid. Browse to a favorite Web page and dissect its construction easily with the toolbar features. The graphical nature of the toolbar – color-coded highlighting and bordering, for example – provide a great visual reference, which is accompanied by the associated source code. Moreover, because the tool with deliver the code for one element (or more) at a time, the viewer need not be overwhelmed by scanning through pages and pages of code to find that coded sweet spot.

What’s In It For Me?

The features as described by Microsoft include the following:

  • Explore and modify the document object model (DOM) of a Web page.
  • Locate and select specific elements on a Web page through a variety of techniques.
  • Selectively disable Internet Explorer settings.
  • View HTML object class names, ID’s, and details such as link paths, tab index values, and access keys.
  • Outline tables, table cells, images, or selected tags.
  • Validate HTML, CSS, WAI, and RSS Web feed links.
  • Display image dimensions, file sizes, path information, and alternate (ALT) text.
  • Immediately resize the browser window to a new resolution.
  • Selectively clear the browser cache and saved cookies. Choose from all objects or those associated with a given domain.
  • Display a fully featured design ruler to help accurately align and measure objects on your pages.
  • Find the style rules used to set specific style values on an element.
  • View the formatted and syntax colored source of HTML and CSS.

How Will This Help Me?

FILE. The only option here is Undo All, which will disable your selections. Since you can turn on several features at a time, this is a convenient reset device.

FIND. This option allows you to locate a code block by clicking on a particular section of the displayed Web page or by searching for an element by type, class, id, or name.

When I build a Web site, I assign an id to at least each parent element and a class to every element. It is much easier to do this from the start. Doing so, however, leads to many names to keep in mind.

If an element is not behaving as you expect, click on it and check to be sure that the necessary class has been assigned to it. Expand the toolbar to see the particulars about that element.

DISABLE. Straight forward, this option allows to you turn off Script, Popup Blocker, or All CSS. Hmmm. I guess that this feature is for illustrating just how bland the Worldwide Web would be without CSS.

VIEW. With the View feature, you can analyze source:

  • DOM by Page
  • DOM by Element
  • DOM by Element + Styles
  • Original (all page source code).

    You also can view:

  • Class and ID Information
  • Link Paths
  • Link Report
  • Tab Indexes
  • Access Keys
  • CSS Selector Matches

    Source code is formatted with indents and syntax color code for easy review.

    When invoked, Viewing Class and Id Information, Link Paths, Tab Indexes, and Access Keys appear as highlighted blocks on the displayed Web page in your browser. You can show one or more at a time; each appears in a different color for easier differentiation. Hover over the highlighted reference point to read the detail in tool tip.

    Expand the toolbar area, by dragging the resize bar upward, to see the guts and the glory for things as the DOM information. Reports, such as CSS Selector Matches, will open in a popup window, while Link Report will open in your default Web editor as an XML file. This is useful for sitemap creation.

    OUTLINE. The Outline feature is chocked full of troubleshooting goodness, and is one of the go-to features. No more setting an element border in your stylesheet — only to have to undo — to debug layout issues. From the Outline menu, select an element to be outlined, and it will be so. Choose from preset menu options or add your own element with a color of your choice. As with other toolbar features, color-coding is used to differentiate the element types, and you can show as many or as few at once as you would like.

    The tool is perfect for sorting out DIV issues, and especially useful when working with floated elements that can give you puzzling results. Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar is worth the download just for this handy tool.

    IMAGES. This feature tells you everything that you want to know about the images on the viewed page:

  • Disable Images
  • Show Image Dimensions
  • Show Image File Size
  • Show Image Path
  • View Alt Text
  • View Image Report

    I find the quick reference of image size particularly convenient.

    The Alt Text viewing is a great overview of how well you have incorporated keywords into your alt attributes. You are incorporating keywords in your alt attributes, right?

    The View Image Report option generates an XML file listing all the images on the page.

    CACHE. The Cache feature is sexier than you might think. It includes the following handy options:

  • Always Refresh From Server
  • Clear Browser Cache
  • Clear Browser Cache For This Domain
  • Disable Cookies
  • Disable Session Cookies
  • Clear Cookies For Domain
  • View Cookie Information

    Love the many options here, especially Always Refresh From Server – the most accurate way to view your revisions. The selective cache clearing gives the developer control over the domain, while leaving other open sites intact.

    TOOLS. There are a few options here that warrant a couple more layers of lip balm, namely Show Color Picker and Show Ruler.

    So, there you are loitering around when you realize that their green is exactly the green you want for your new Web site. No worries. Faster than you can pick your nose, you can pick the color (identified by both RGB and hex code values) using the eyedropper. You can even copy it for pasting into your stylesheet or Photoshop color selector.

    Show Ruler is a great tool for determining absolute positioning values, for example. Perhaps you have just started laying out your page and you have the masthead in place. You want to position your next element from the top, but how many pixels would you need? Just whip out your Show Ruler option and map the distance. This option has several other components, each of which can be color-coded so that you can easily use them in multiples:

  • Snap to X/Y Axis
  • Snap to Element
  • Hide Tick Marks
  • Hide Endpoints

    The Tools feature also offers browser window Resize with preset values as well as a custom option. Admittedly, this option does not seem to work well. But, hello, Color Picker!

    VALIDATE. No surprise what this feature offers. The menu options link off to known validators and include:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Feeds
  • Links
  • Local HTML
  • Local CSS
  • Accessibility (WAI Checklist and Section 508 checklist)
  • Multiple Validators

    I give the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar a Pucker-Up Rating of 10. What are you waiting for? Start downloading!

    Next week, learn about a similar tool for Firefox called the Firefox Web Developers Extension.

  • Hire Dedicated Joomla Developers for Joomla Development India #hire #joomla #developer, #offshore


    S FI never gives majestic promise of delivering unthinkable solutions to clients. Our aim is to provide innovative and strategic design to fulfill client expectation from our up-to-the-minute Joomla Development Service. Our present clients consider us well-founded Joomla development Company.

    Benefits of hiring with us:

    • Competitive Price: We build dynamic, elegant and robust website at a very completive price that you are used to paying to other webs designing firm.
    • Complete Solution: Our Joomla expert will provide you complete solution to you Joomla application and their needs. Our team has highly skilled Joomla developers who always serve quality products to our clients.
    • SEO Friendly: Websites developed by us are easily accessible and our codes are SEO optimized. And we add Meta tags to your website pages.
    • Heartfelt Designs: We provide simple yet heartfelt design to meet your Business requirement.
    • Organized blackened: We provide organized backend to our clients so that they don’t need to have a sound technical knowledge to manage and update content.
    • Dynamic Content: We used centralized database that stores all the contents and design templates. That’s the reason we give permission to our clients to manipulate the content to meet their requirements.

    Skills Graph

    Joomla Application Development

    Joomla Custom Theme Development

    Joomla Module and Plugins

    Reponsive Joomla Website

    You can hire Dedicated Joomla Developers or work with fixed cost project model.

    Our Expertise in Joomla development

    We have served too many of our global clients and now we are leading and reliable Joomla Development service provider. We have created many website like

    • Joomla template integration
    • Joomla module development/li
    • Joomla web development
    • Joomla customization and development
    • Joomla CMS development
    • Joomla extension development
    • Design (PSD/AI and many other common image formats) to Joomla Conversion
    • Maintenance Work for Joomla Portals

    Joomla theme, module and plugin development

    Joomla Theme: Our experienced Joomla developer create custom theme website as unique as your corporate logo. We have more than 5+ years of experience in Joomla theme Development and our mission is to add signature to your online brand. Our custom Joomla theme adhere to the following:

    • SEO optimized
    • W3C valid code
    • Cross-Browser compatible
    • Pre- sale and post development support

    Joomla Module: We offer custom Joomla module created by our team of expert and experienced Joomla Programmers. Our high performance Joomla module can be used for developing featured website like:

    How Hiring Joomla Developers Help

    If chosen correctly, outsourcing your Joomla project to a team of dedicated Joomla developers can prove to be the finest decision for your business. The reasons why you should hire dedicated Joomla developer instead of building in-house team are:

  • Cost Effective: By outsourcing your Joomla project you save your development cost, you can save upto 60% of your amount used in an in-house setup by reducing several technical and managerial expenses, recruitment expenses, training expenses and several other hidden expenses and overhead.
  • Time Saving: You save lots of time by not wasting it into finding skilled resources and tactical project planning that we do for you. In project development process, lots of time is invested in planning and database structure designing etc. SFI do it for you at no cost.
  • Flexibility: Hiring a dedicated Joomla developer from ServicesFromIndia is highly flexible because you have to pay for only the work done for you. If you have more than one websites, our team is capable of handling all simultaneously. Our Joomla developers have extensive experience in Joomla customization, template integration, component development, module development etc.
  • Want to hire dedicated development team for your project?

    Web Development Apprentice – Leeds #hire #codeigniter #developer


    Estio Training IT Apprenticeships

    Apprenticeship vacancy

    Level 3 Estio Training Apprenticeship

    If you are aged 16 – 18, have 5 GCSE’s at grades A*- C or equivalent (including English Language and Maths), and would love to work in IT, then you can apply for an Estio Apprenticeship.

    Estio Training has a fantastic opportunity for a Web Development apprentice to develop their career within a forward thinking, friendly and fast growing agency.

    We are on the hunt for a Junior Web Developer to join our team of digital experts.

    You will be working alongside the Development and Design team on a number of public-facing websites using your skills. The ideal candidate will have involvement in all aspects of Web Development such as project work, technical specification, development, documentation and testing. You will need to be self-motivated and enjoy working in a close-knit team environment. Within this role you will be expected to exercise a flexible approach to time scales / workloads which are subject to change.

    • Providing development-focused feedback to designers
    • Taking part in architecture discussion
    • Using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
    • Creating CMS-driven websites from design documents
    • Ability to solve problems creatively and effectively
    • Strong teamwork
    • A strong interest in web design/development
    • Some experience of web development
    • Experience of PHP websites
    • Experience with CakePHP or another PHP framework (CodeIgniter, Symfony)
    • Experience with Magento, WordPress and Sitecore or similar content management system
    • Up-to-date knowledge of programming techniques
    • NET
    • Sass
    • With gulp, composer
    • Experience and knowledge with cpanels, hosting, server management

    This role offers long term security and the opportunity to progress into a permanent position and is a fantastic opportunity for an online career and is just waiting for the right candidate.

    The Estio Training IT Apprenticeship programme gives young people the opportunity to get hands on experience in the IT industry whilst still employed in a real paid job with no cost or debt.

    Learners will receive eleven weeks of intensive training. Whilst in the workplace, apprentices will also receive continual assessment, and help and guidance from a dedicated trainer who will be there to ensure that they get the most from their work experience.

    Training will lead to industry-recognised qualifications including:

    • Advanced apprenticeship for IT, Software, Web and Telecoms Professionals
    • Level 3 Diploma in Professional Competence for IT and Telecoms Professionals
    • BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in ICT Systems and Principles
    • Functional skills, Maths L2, English L2 and ICT L2
    • PLTS and ERR
    • CompTIA A+

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    Our Previous Project

    Build secure and scalable web and mobile applications supported by innovative solutions, ingenious methodology and global delivery model. 3390+ web projects delivered worldwide.


    APPTech provides you certified team of web and mobile application developers who have extensive experience in providing Enterprise Solutions. The developers at APPTech have high expertise in latest designing, web and mobile technologies.


    At APPTech, We have a competitive pricing module which in turn fits the clients’ budgets and meets all requirements. Each factor is considered separately and clubbed with the whole development package that we provide to our clients.


    After detailed requirement analysis, we suggest the best development method focusing on your requirements and budget. This results into high quality solution at affordable cost and meeting strict deadlines


    Before delivering any project, we make sure a thorough check of quality and standards which meets all guidelines. We deliver tested projects which are responsive and smooth.

    Our Top Quality Service

    APPTech Mobile is one of the top android application development companies in India and USA. We work towards converting your ideas and requirement in reality. Our skilled and adept Android UX/UI designers and developers perform deep analysis before beginning the development process.

    Iphone App Development

    APPTech Mobile is one of the top iOS development companies in USA having top iOS developers team capable of developing and delivering complex iOS applications for iPhone, iPad, and all Apple devices. We host the quality-rich android app development services on the ground of clients’ custom project needs. Our iOS developers work on latest iOS technologies like Xcode, SWIFT, Objective-C.

    Java script web Development

    With cutting edge solution and growing demand on JavaScript. APPTech is among top web development companies in India and USA which works on this platform. You can hire our JavaScript web developers to develop and design web pages on the browser, server-side programs, and even mobile applications.

    AngularJS Development

    Developers at APPTech are expert in developing web applications with single page using AngularJS. Hire our AngularJS developers for developing professional high quality web and mobile applications for your business. Share your requirement with us and our analyst will come up with the best solutions suites to your requirement.

    Php Development

    APPTech is an offshore web development Company in India and USA which offers dedicated PHP website development services. We offer you best solution based on your requirement. We have excellent PHP developers for hire who are always ready for fulfill your web applications requirements with PHP & relevant to all latest technologies.

    Web and Graphics Designs

    APPTech offers high quality designs to get your product to shine; we also have experts in designing marketing materials, banners and websites with Photoshop, Corel Draw and latest tools. Hire graphic and web designers from APPTech to get a quality attraction for your business website. APPTech Mobile designing team has expertise in designing high level applications with beautiful color combination.

    Our Happy Clients

    We wanted to change the CMS and the whole website platform. I had come across multiple agencies explaining about their services, but APPTech got my clear message and we discussed the whole project and signed on it. The team always maintained a regular communication throughout the process and always deployed timely projects. I recommend APPTech Mobile Solutions for every web project there can be.

    Great to work with APPTech Mobile Solutions Team, they have done a great job for my mobile application. Their services on mobile platforms are reliable. I am looking for a long term relationship with the team as its an company with the best mobile application development team. This is the best team I have ever worked with. Apptech mobile has competitive price bandwidth. There analytical and problem solving skills are mind blowing.

    APPTech produced an amazing product for us and they have a reliable, tech savvy and creative group. We wanted to create a new design structure for our web application and we couldn’t be happier with the results. The designer got in touch with me to understand the requirement & my idea and it was his ability to literally read our minds & quick understanding that made me give my project to them. They really took on our project as it was their own and our corporate identity has changed because of the design that they delivered.

    APPTech Mobile is one of the top website development company based in USA, Australia and India offering web and mobile application solutions. Our in depth core industry experience of 8+ years offer excessive amount of client centric services by enabling customers to achieve competitive advantage through flexible and next generation global delivery models.

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    Drupal Custom Theme Development CompanyOur Porfolio

    A Cost-Efficient Drupal Web Development and Responsive Web Design Services

    Companies which need powerful control systems with user-friendly interfaces will find that Drupal provides some of the most innovative solutions.

    Webmyne, a Drupal Development Company in India, has the expertise to provide Drupal powered programs to any number of clients from varied business spheres around the globe. Our team of Drupal web developers has the knowledge, proficiency, and skills as well as the experience needed to deliver high performance solutions that are both safe and dynamic.

    Our Drupal Web Developers have designed and developed scores of applications that rely on sophisticated programming techniques enabling successful promotion of brands online. Drupal is an application with multiple level functionality of the highest standard and can be deployed within quickly and affordably!

    Custom Drupal Development Services and Applications

    Drupal Website Development Services:

    • Installation
    • Integration
    • Modules Development
    • Custom Development
    • Theme Design Development
    • Template Design Development
    • Drupal Optimization Maintenance
    • Migration of Existing Sites to Drupal
    • Testing and Quality Assurance of the Drupal Site
    • Complete Drupal Website Frontend and Backend setup
    • Customization of Existing Drupal Modules and Development of Custom Modules

    Drupal Based Business Web Applications:

    • CMS Development
    • Corporate Website
    • Social Networking website
    • Community Website
    • News Website
    • Media Website
    • Review Website
    • Ecommerce Applications
    • Forum Website
    • Auction Website
    • Shopping Cart Website
    • Portal Development
    • Content Management Systems
    • Web 2.0 Platforms Such as Blogs

    Drupal Theme Design Services + Integration at Affordable Cost

    Drupal Developer can be employed on a part-time, full-time or even hourly basis. As an experienced and respected service provider online, we extend our best outsourcing services for Drupal web development to all our client/partners.

    Employ a dedicated Drupal Developer to implement the Drupal theme and Drupal CMS development that fits your needs and specifications. Our developers will keep to the time schedule you establish and provide the finished product in a timely manner.

    Advantage Offered By Our Drupal Web Development Services in India

    • Open source application so free to use
    • Infrastructure is totally flexible
    • Multiple browser compatibility
    • Installation process is easy
    • Can be configured on a live server
    • Interface is also easy to use
    • Content and theme can be easily integrated and managed
    • URLs, search functions and other categories SEO friendly
    • Multi level Menus and Modules that are fully customizable
    • Easy to integrate with a large community of Drupal users
    • Application is highly flexible and can be extended

    Drupal Extension Development

    • Drupal templates
    • Genshi
    • Php smarty template engine
    • Mako templates for python

    Drupal Extension Developer

    All our Drupal Web Developers have the knowledge, skills and experience for developing and maintaining Drupal extensions which have advanced features as well as desired flexibility to ensure fast building of state-of-the-art websites by using simple codes.

    Drupal Extension Development Solutions

    Making the Drupal Website Development process user-friendly, webmyne has developed world class Drupal extension solutions that are extremely cost-efficient. These extensions are compatible on all types of browsers regardless of their versions.

    Need more information about our low cost Drupal site development services, Contact Us!

    our work

    Start Live Chat

    11 Best PHP Developers For Hire In June 2017 #find #a #php


    Hire the World’s Best PHP Developers

    At a Glance: PHP Developers

    PHP is one of the most widely used server-side scripting languages, and is perhaps the most popular programming language in use today. PHP is one fourth of the LAMP software stack, a database, framework, and server software bundle used to engineer a site’s back-end architecture. With a number of modern frameworks designed to leverage its speed and scalability, like CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Laravel, and the Zend framework, PHP is an established programming language with staying power.

    PHP development is used to build many content management systems (CMS) and e-commerce platforms such as WordPress, Joomla. Drupal, Magento, and ZenCart, so if you’re using any of these platforms for your site or online store, a skilled PHP developer can help you build, migrate, and maintain it over time. An experienced PHP programmer can develop and manage your CMS, server-side applications, website, or e-commerce platform. PHP developers on Upwork have the expertise to work within your site’s many moving parts—they’re often full-stack developers, involved in database management, server technology, and operating systems.

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