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Free Backup Software

Main Features

It’s free for personal and commercial purposes

FBackup is a backup software free for both commercial and personal use. This means that you can save some money by not having to buy another backup program.

  • Automatic backups

    You define a backup job, set it to run automatically, and forget about it. FBackup will automatically run the backup at the scheduled date, so you have the benefits not only of having your data protected, but you’ll also save precious time.

  • Backup with standard zip compression

    When using “full backup”, the sources will be archived using standard zip compression. FBackup uses ZIP64 compression, which means that it can create zip files over 2GB in size. Also, you can password protect your backup zip files.

  • Exact copies of files

    If you don’t want to have the files stored in one zip file, FBackup can make exact copies of the backup sources using “mirror backup”. Since FBackup will also back up empty folders, you can use this backup type to create in the destination a “mirror” copy of the original files. So it’s not only a file backup software.

  • Protection against WannaCry & other ransomware

    WannaCry Ransomware is one of the most aggressive crypto-viruses and FBackup protects your data against it. With FBackup you can create backups of your important data and store those online in Google Drive. This way, even if your data gets encrypted by WannaCry or other ransomware viruses, you’ll still have uninfected copies stored online.

    • Easy to use

      The main functions of a backup program are backing up and restoring. These are very easy to run with FBackup by using the included backup wizard. Just start the wizard, select What, Where, How and When to run the backup and you’re all set. For restoring you just need to open the restore wizard and you’ll be asked where you want the restore data to be saved (original location, different one. ).

    • Run actions before/after backup

      For each backup job, you can define an action to execute before or after the backup. For example, you can select “Clear backup” before the backup runs, so that all the previous backed up files will be cleared before loading the new ones. As an after-backup action, you can set it to stand by, log off, hibernate or even shut down the computer once the backup has successfully finished.

    • Automatic updates

      FBackup automatically checks for updates weekly, so you’ll know when a new version is released. The option to check for updates can be disabled, but we recommend that it is enabled so that FBackup will be up-to-date.

    • Multiple backup destinations

      By default, your backups will be stored on the local Windows partition. To be sure you have a secure backup, we highly recommend you to store the backups on other destinations supported by FBackup (such as an external USB/Firewire drive, or on a mapped network drive). This way, if your computer suffers a hardware failure, you’ll have your data safe on an external location.

    • Backups in the Cloud

      With FBackup you can back-up your files and folders in the Cloud to your existing Google Drive account. Simply connect your account with FBackup and you’ll be able to use it as a Cloud destination. This lets you combine the best of both worlds, your favorite free backup program with world-renowed free cloud storage.

    • Backup plugins

      You can load plugins for backing up or restoring specific program settings or other custom data (like game saves, email data, etc.). Once loaded in FBackup, these plugins will list the sources needed to be backed up for that particular program in “Predefined Backups.” You can see a list of all the available backup plugins here: Free Backup Plugins

    • Backup open files

      If a file is in use by another program at the time of the backup, FBackup will still be able to back up that file, because it uses the Volume Shadow Service that Windows provides. So, as long as you’re using Windows 10, 8/8.1, 7, Vista, XP, 2012/2008/2003 Server (32/64-bit), FBackup will back up those open files. As an example, you will be able to back up your Outlook emails and settings without closing the program first.

    • Multi-language

      You can choose a language for the user interface from the languages currently supported. If you want to help us translate the website or its interface into another language, you can do so by visiting the Languages page.

    FBackup is a free data backup software, it is not recommended for full system backup (disk image backups).

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    (BCS & Other Division I Football Index Page)

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    My College Football Fight Music CD/MP3 Store has changed many times over the years as the NCAA Football Conference realignment is a never ending process as money dictates which schools play in the
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    Your Chance To Purchase Unique Music Nowhere Else Available

    Panda Free Antivirus – Free download and software reviews – CNET #panda #free #antivirus, #free #panda #free #antivirus #downloads, #download #panda #free #antivirus, #panda #free #antivirus #downloads


    Panda Free Antivirus

    Panda Free Antivirus is one of many free antivirus programs working to distinguish itself from the herd — and with a history stretching back to 1990, the company has a lot of experience under its belt. In recent years, its focus has shifted to enterprise security, but its home user antivirus program is worth a look.


    Scores well in independent tests: In evaluating a mix of behavioral detection and virus signatures, AV-Test and AV-Comparatives indicate that Panda is very good at recognizing what is and isn’t malware, to a degree that puts it in the same league as Kaspersky (Windows. Mac. Android ), Norton (Windows. Android ), and Avira (Windows. Mac. Android. iOS ). While you can never guarantee 100 percent protection, Panda locks things down surprisingly tightly, especially for a free product.

    It doesn’t give you a hard sell: Free antivirus programs frequently dangle bonus features that you need to pay for to unlock, to the point of implying that your protection isn’t “complete” until you do. Panda just puts a banner in the lower left corner of the main window inviting you to upgrade. (It would be nice to see both the monthly and annual subscription displayed; the annual looks like a better deal.)


    Installer ignores a user preference: The installer offers “Panda Safe Web” in addition to Panda Free Antivirus; this is a browser security add-on empowered to change your browser’s default search engine and default home page. If you elect to install the add-on but disable those changes, the add-on will make the changes anyway. The only way to revert them is to uninstall the add-on altogether.

    It wants your email address every time you open it: You can skip the account creation step that pops up while installing Panda, but you can’t stop it from continuing to ask for your email address.

    Presentation could use more polish: Text in the interface is jagged, which imparts a dated feel. Icons in the main window have no labels, and only one of them has a tooltip that appears when you hover your pointer over it. The Panda logo lights up when hovered over but does nothing when clicked. The settings don’t explain functions like “USB Protection” or “Process Monitor” for the less technically knowledgeable user.

    Bottom Line

    Panda scores well in independent testing, but in a market as competitive as this one, the user experience could use a friendlier touch to make the software stand out.

    Publisher’s Description

    Panda Free Antivirus provides the easiest-to- use and most intuitive protection for your computer. Install it and forget about viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers and online fraud.

    • Real-time protection against spyware, phishing, rootkits and banker Trojans.
    • Behavioral protection against unknown viruses.
    • Vaccinate your USB flash drives against infections.
    • Rescue Kit to disinfect your computer in critical situations.

    Chat, share photos and videos, shop online, read your favorite blogs or browse the Web with complete peace of mind.

    Panda Security’s technologies provide an intelligent protection system based on the user community.

    Your computer will always be up-to- date and protected.

    Panda Free Antivirus is extremely light. All the work is done in the Cloud.

    Enjoy a new, more modern and intuitive user experience. You don’t have to be an expert to use it. Panda Free Antivirus does everything for you. Install it and forget about viruses and other threats.

    What’s new in this version:

    • New UI completely redesigned.
    • Improved subscription and device management integrated in the product. Users can manage their subscriptions and their anti-theft protection (My Devices area) from their products.
    • Fully compatible with the new Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
    • Engine improvements for better protection and performance.
    • Other improvements requested by Panda Community.

    2017-02-10 05:53:16 | By stevenmitchell

    | Version: Panda Free Antivirus 18.0

    It is lightweight as RAM utilization goes. Upgrades are automatic and transparent. The quick scan is very fast.

    I didn’t really see any obvious cons.

    The previous (2016) version was not a cumbersome anti-virus software, as many anti-virus programs are. It’s utilization of RAM has low overhead (as some reviewers above note), and yet it has provided decent protection over that time, in contrast to other products, that I have used on earlier occasions such as Comodo. It also manages the AV upgrades (which are necessary) transparently. The only reason I am reinstalling the product (after having looked again at AVG and Avast) is Oracle’s (actually Sun Microsystem’s) Java upgrade not only removed the old version of Java that it advised it would do, but it also removed the Panda anti-virus software (executable and all) that was apparently entangled in it from my computer. It is something to be aware of should someone do the very recent Java 8 upgrade that Oracle aggressively pushes because of “security concerns.”

    2016-12-21 11:50:30 | By CESSNA150SKYPILOT

    | Version: Panda Free Antivirus 18.0

    When you run an antivirus product you don’t want to see it in action. Like sausage, it’s best made behind the scenes. That’s what I like. You don’t know it’s there till you need it.

    I can’t say much here. I’ve read some of the experts who knock its inability in certain areas, but as a single user at home I can’t see it.

    It’s free. And it really works.

    Free. Generally effective. Lightweight

    It has a known bug. BSOD’s caused by their system file nnsprv.sys that they have yet to resolve

    Have used this product for the past couple of years. I’m generally satisfied with it, but the BSOD’s are unacceptable. May have to look elsewhere

    best free antivirus.

    November 14, 2016 | By

    2016-11-14 23:52:51 | By

    | Version: Panda Free Antivirus 18.0

    1-.Although panda is cloud av but its detection in offline mode is work very well.
    2-good and simple UI.
    3-offline package is lowest compare to other av only 55MB.
    4-daily update is very low or nearly zero.
    5-ram using is low
    6-can disable ad.
    7-no register needed.
    8-low use device storage
    9-antiphishing is acceptable

    1-some times use high disk
    2-advance setting is very simple.

    i think its best free av for that pros feature that i typed.

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    How to successfully recover data from a failed RAID

    Recovering data from a failed RAID can easily turn into a costly ordeal. Please read this page carefully before proceeding. If you would like to get help from experts, please consider using our fee-based RAID recovery service.

    First determine whether the RAID is hardware-based or software-based. The recovery procedures are very different.

    Recovering a hardware RAID

    First determine if the problem is caused by the underlying RAID mechanism. If it is not, follow the simpler recovery procedures for an ordinary drive. The following causes of problem are not related to the RAID:

    • Virus attacks.
    • The volume being deleted, resized, reformatted or otherwise changed in Disk Manager or other disk management utilities.

    If the problem seems to be in the RAID mechanism, determine the operating state of the RAID and take the appropriate actions.

    Avoid the most common mistakes that may cause data to become unrecoverable.

    Hardware RAID operating states

    Current status is normal.
    No controller or disk errors.
    No recent change in RAID configuration.

    RAID is displayed as a single disk.
    Volume configuration has not been changed (screenshot ).

    Volume is inaccessible or accessible with missing files.

    RAID mechanism is operating normally .
    Problem may be unrelated to RAID.

    RAID is displayed as a single disk.
    No drive letter or unformatted volume (screenshot ).

    RAID is displayed as a single disk.
    Volume has been deleted, reformatted, resized (screenshot ).

    RAID is displayed as a single disk.
    Disk Manager is not aware of degradation (screenshot ).

    Volume is accessible

    RAID is degraded due to a disk failure

    Current status is normal.
    RAID failed and was rebuilt unsuccessfully.

    RAID is displayed as a single disk (screenshot ).

    Volume is inaccessible or accessible with missing files.

    Current status is normal.
    RAID settings have been changed.

    Current status is normal.
    Disks have been reconfigured and disk order may have changed.

    Abnormal RAID status such as “offline”, “inactive”, “undefined”, etc.
    There may be disk or controller hardware errors.

    RAID is not displayed. Sometimes the individual member disks are displayed as unformatted disks (screenshots ).

    Volume is inaccessible.

    Recovering a software RAID

    First determine if the problem is caused by the underlying RAID mechanism. If it is not, follow the simpler recovery procedures for an ordinary drive. The following causes of problem are not related to the RAID:

    • Virus attacks.
    • The volume being reformatted.

    If the problem seems to be in the RAID mechanism, determine the operating state of the RAID and take the appropriate actions.

    Note that a RAID 0 is also referred to as a striped volume.

    Software RAID operating states

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    Internet Cafe Software, Cyber Cafe Software, Game Center Software. HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software by Ates Software Ltd. HandyCafe 2.1.36 se is the Latest Free Version.

    HandyCafe 2.1.36 includes tones of new internet cafe software features. Thanks to Firewall/Filter feature you can filter any websites, contents or connections easily in your Cybercafe. You can grant access to your cashiers. Bandwidth warnings will show you a message if a customer overs his/her bandwidth. You will get full control of your cybercafe with remote control option of

    HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software

    Easily track all incomes/expenses. Use multiple pricing schemes. Control your console applications like playstation (PS), playstation2 (PS2), playstation3 (PS3), xbox 360, pool table and etc. Directly connect yourself to Ates Network. Do everything easily in your cybercafe with the best cyber cafe software: HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software

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    HandyCafe internet cafe software

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    HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software

    Cyber Cafe Software

    is the BEST and the Most Popular Cyber cafe Software in the world. Why would you pay for your

    internet cafe software, cyber cafe software. Download HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software Free!

    More than 25.000 internet cafes are using

    HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software

    If you have earlier versions of HandyCafe Internet Cafe Software, please update . All version updates are free.

    We offer our customers free online support. If you think that you are having a problem we recommend you to check Error.log (Server Client) and Dataerror.log (Server) files. These files will help you to explain your problem. If you have these files please email us. We will investigate and reply you back as soon as possible.

    Forgot your Product Key or Serial Number?

    Supported Operating Systems

    HandyCafe Software is compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP and not compatible with Windows 95 NT. HandyCafe Software was developped using latest Windows API (Application Programming Interface) to give you the BEST performance.

    Working With Other Programs

    HandyCafe can work with any 3rd party applications. If you have any conflicts please contact us with a detailed information. HandyCafe Software listens both UDP and TCP ports to communicate eachother. You can change port numbers using Settings panel. If you are using a firewall you must give access to Client and Server. Please contact to your firewall documention for more information.

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    Oracle Solaris (formerly SunOS) is a commercial product that provides users with an integrated and full featured server-oriented platform that combines the powerful OpenStack open source cloud computing software with a stable and reliable enterprise-class operating system.

    Availability, supported platforms, boot options, and a little bit of history

    First of all, we want to remind the reader that this is not a Linux distribution! Solaris OS is a UNIX operating system initially developed by Sun Microsystems, and now maintained by Oracle Corporation under the name of Oracle Solaris.

    It is available for download as installable and live ISO images that can be burned onto blank CD discs using any CD/DVD burning software, as well as USB images that allows users to write the operating system to portable USB flash drives.

    Supported architectures include x86 (32-bit) and SPARC (Scalable Processor Architecture). Recommended system requirements include at least 2GB or RAM (system memory) and at least 15GB of free hard disk space.

    The Live CD ISO/USB images provide users with a modern boot prompt powered by GRUB2, from where users can start the live environment with default settings, using the VESA framebuffer, with SSH enabled, with screen reader, with magnifier, or in text mode. It is also possible to boot an existing operating system installed on the first disk.

    State-of-the-art UNIX technologies for both server and desktop platforms

    Before entering the live environment, users will need to select a keyboard layout and the language they want to use. The graphical session is powered by the traditional GNOME desktop environment, which comprises of two panels, a top one for accessing the main menu and launching apps, and a bottom one for interacting with running apps and switching between virtual workspaces.

    Using the highly acclaimed ZFS filesystem, it includes powerful applications like the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Mozilla Thunderbird email and news client, Glade interface designer, Pidgin instant messenger, Rhythmbox music player, Totem video player, Orca screen reader and magnifier, and GParted partition editor.

    Bottom line

    All in all, Oracle Solaris is a decent server operating system that has been redesigned from the ground up and engineered for cloud computing. It supports the x86 and SPARC architectures, and features the award winning OpenStack software.

    New in Oracle Solaris 11.2:

    • Now available, Oracle Solaris 11.2 is engineered to deliver an efficient, secure, compliant, open and affordable path to enterprise cloud computing for organizations seeking to simplify and modernize their data centers.
    • Oracle Solaris 11.2 is a complete, integrated and open cloud platform engineered for large-scale enterprise cloud environments. It combines OpenStack, application-driven SDN technology, clustering, and zero-overhead virtualization with a proven enterprise-class OS.
    • With its application compatibility guarantee program, Oracle Solaris is designed to make IT’s transformation to enterprise-grade cloud simple, fast, and affordable.
    • Customers can get a cloud up and running in as few as 10 minutes using Oracle Solaris 11.2’s Unified Archive template and OpenStack distribution.

    Read the full changelog

    Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 – Free download and software reviews – CNET #microsoft #office #communicator #2007, #free #microsoft #office #communicator #2007 #downloads, #download #microsoft #office #communicator #2007, #microsoft #office #communicator #2007 #downloads


    Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

    Editors’ Review

    Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 is an official add-on from Microsoft that is designed to allow better collaboration and communications between several individuals. At the core, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 contains an IM and voice call component, with the ability to share desktops and videos between participants. Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 downloads and installs seamlessly.

    Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 integrates with Office tightly and adds to the ways you can share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files with others. Sharing is configurable down to the individual user level, so not everyone on a call will have the same permissions, for example. Also, there’s a presence indicator that shows you who is available and what their status is. If someone makes a change to a shared file, that status change shows immediately. At its heart are the IM and call modules, which allow for audio or video calls and messaging between any number of people. You can share your desktop easily, which is a very handy feature. We tried Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 with sharing in a smallish group (up to 20 people), but we could not try it in larger Enterprise environments, so we can’t comment on the scalability and stability with hundreds of people participating.

    If you are a Microsoft Office user and you share documents with others collaboratively, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 is a tool you will love. Instead of relying on separate messaging and call tools, a desktop sharing tool, and others apps for collaboration markups, you can now use Office and its familiar interface.

    Editors’ note: This is a review of the trial version of Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 2.0.6362.

    Publisher’s Description

    Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 is a unified communications client that helps people be more productive by enabling them to communicate easily with others using a range of communication options, including instant messaging (IM), voice, and video. Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 introduces a wide range of new features, most notably enhanced presence and enterprise voice capabilities, enabling users to place computer-to-computer calls and to place outbound calls to, and accept incoming calls from, traditional (PBX/PSTN) phone users.

    Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 also introduces robust call-forwarding features, support for USB audio devices, automatic setup of audio and video devices, and the ability to add Active Directory Domain Services distribution groups to your Communicator Contact List. This version is the first release on CNET

    What’s new in this version:

    This version is the first release on CNET

    Microsoft Communicator – Lync – No big deal

    2015-01-30 10:40:17 | By wizbang-FL

    | Version: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 2.0.6362

    It is integrated with Outlook and if you use exchange it can share you availability as far as meetings, etc.

    Microsoft has made their server solutions so cumbersome to implement with existing telephone systems that most organizations choose to simply ignore the built in telephone technology. But, it’s impossible to get Communicator/Lync to just ignore it’s built in telephony so a mis-click causes it to try to dial a number and then pop up 3 error windows saying that feature isn’t configured. Also many of the features that an individual may find useful (like keeping logs of prior IM messages) corporate “powers” may not like individuals to have that ability so many times it’s disabled for the individual but on a corporate level the logs are kept for potential future litigation. In other words it’s used to protect the company, but of no use to an employee attempting to substantiate a IM conversation occurred with say. a manager or supervisor.

    Had the potential to be a nice system if it wasn’t so hampered by Microsoft demanding that they be the center of the universe. Also the ability to manipulate the feature set makes useful things disappear and it just becomes another base IM solution (but it can reflect current availability via exchange/outlook if that is your email solution) For a individual it’s only functional with Office Communications Server/ Lync Server so no use to an individual. Some mention that it’s also included with office 365 but the last thing I want to do is subscribe to office suite (or adobe, etc) The last thing I want to worry about during lean times is trying to pay for monthly subscriptions.

    does Communicator 2007 R2 have capability of tracking?

    2012-02-24 11:29:53 | By johnramirez2

    | Version: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 2.0.6362

    Great product when communicating between employee internally.

    Tracking of conversation history not available

    does Communicator 2007 R2 have capability of tracking conversations? is there a special setup required? can this also be setup to NOT keep track of history?

    Read more: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 –

    Reply by superfreddy2002 on May 22, 2013

    if this application is running on servers, linked to exchange and managed by a server admin, then yes it does. all conversations can be traced back to your outlook account. under the tab “conversations”, all communications you have using this application will be there.

    this all depends on what parameters your server admin has in place.

    it links to your AD account

    I cannot get Office Communicator to Launch.

    November 09, 2011 | By JTomey

    2011-11-09 07:22:14 | By JTomey

    | Version: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 2.0.6362

    It was fast to download!

    It is telling me that it is an older version. Also when I go to uninstall it. it never completes the de-installation. Please help!

    Reply by superfreddy2002 on May 22, 2013

    at the time of your post, Communicator 2012 had been released. 2007 R2 is still supported by Microsoft and can run on Server 2008

    2011-02-03 18:37:14 | By Mike Cogswell

    | Version: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 2.0.6362

    No too many. It installs OK I guess.

    Virtually everything about it.

    Completely hopeless communication solution. I work in a company with 2,000+ employees and we use Communicator (or we try to) for text messaging, file sharing (small files between users, rather than larger collaborative sharing for which we use our own company’s software; yes we are a large software company ourselves), voice calls, voice conferences, and one on one screen sharing and conference screen sharing. For a program that is called “Communicator” it makes Communicating pretty darned difficult. Text messaging works 90% of the time, but the other 10% you get (usually minutes after the message has been sent) notification that the server rejected the message or the receipient did not receive it. I don’t think I (or anyone else I know in the company) has successful shared a single file using Communicator. When it comes to voice calls it’s hit and miss. Sometimes we can’t get a connection at all, and other times it works perfectly. When it does work, it works well, but it’s so hit and miss it cannot be relied on. I find I often have to revert to land lines or Skype. Finally, for screen sharing it is like voice calls; hit and miss. For example, last night we had a large conference call. We had people from several countries involved in the call (USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Pakistan) but the video kept disconnecting different people at different times. For a while there it was working great for me since only other people were getting kicked off, but eventually it caught up to me too. I missed probably 45% of the meeting. Other people missed more. We all agreed we can’t keep using this poor software. I strongly recommend you look elsewhere. You’ll regret it otherwise. Lastly, I’m sure the instant rebuttal wil be something along the line of it must be something to do with your internet connection. My answer to that is that this is not just me running into this trouble, it’s everyone I know in my company. Furthermore we do not have these kinds of issues with Skype, LiveMeeting, Outlook or any other communications solution; only Communicator (the software that doesn’t let you Communicate). OK, I’m off to try to sign in to Communicator, but when I right-click the system tray icon and choose “Open”, nothing happens, period. In fact when I right-click and choose “Exit” nothing happens either. This is certainly some truly well engineered software. NOT!

    Reply by wizbang-FL on January 30, 2015

    Found out the hard way that it’s better to start with the telephony solution and look for the feature set you want from the same organization. (avaya, cisco, etc) Microsoft seems set to make things difficult to configure with regard to Lync/Communicator. I actually had a graphic that I downloaded from MS website on how to get everything working together as they promote like it’s simple. The graphic has over 100 connection points and required 6 different servers (plus lync server) Trying to piece a solution together from different vendors never seems to work out the way they would like to promote.

    Top 5 Bandwidth Monitor Software For Windows 7, 8 #top, #best, #bandwidth #monitor #download, #networx #download, #du #meter #download, #bandwidth #monitor, #software, #windows #7, #8.1, #download, #free, #bandwidth, #monitor, #test, #speed, #speed #test, #network, #isp, #network #bandwidth #monitor, #monitoring #software, #internet,


    Know Your Network Bandwidth With Top Bandwith Monitoring Software

    Download 5 Best Bandwidth Monitor Software for Windows 7, 8.1

    Du meter is a network bandwidth monitor that displays real-time graphs. creates reports and alerts depending on uploads and downloads made on your computer to make your computer more efficient.
    Key Features: Security update, fixing of rare memory leakage, enhancement of automatic error reporting and recovery, improvement on install and uninstall and as well as fixation of various additional minor bugs and typos.

    Networx is a powerful and free tool that assists you to evaluate the condition of your bandwidth and makes sure you don’t go beyond your bandwidth limits which have been specified by your ISP.
    Key Features: Networx includes highly customizable visual, sound alerts on different events including bandwidth quotas, network downtime as well as activity of the suspicious network, graphical representation of the traffic and logged files.

    Bandwidth Monitor software offers real-time network traffic of any SNMP gadget and gives the details of the bandwidth usage at both interface and device levels. The SNMP is used to generate the details of bandwidth utilization of the interface network.
    Key Features: Bandwidth Monitor software are the trends of historical bandwidth usage, alert based on threshold, exporting the reports of bandwidth to the format of XLS, monitoring bandwidth, speed, volume used and the packets transferred and agent-less bandwidth monitoring.

    This is one of the ultimate applications used to optimize and prioritize the connections of your internet so as to maximize your subscription. It offers new management system for every internet connection established by your computer without minding the state of uploading or downloading.
    Key Features: Traffic shaping which adds RWIN expansion to the standard of the Windows RCP Auto-Tuning. Another one is prioritization that automatically sets particular applications like Web browsers, VoIP or games to higher priority when compared to ordinary or file sharing download and the operations of uploading. The third one is interface chart display.

    This is one of the applications that assist users to test their internet speed giving them one of the friendly interfaces. It comprises of clean and well arranged interface with few options of configuration to make things much easier. The test performed by this software is pretty fast. It entails test which is the only tab that allows users to adjust settings.
    Key Features: Statistics helps to display the results of the test coupled with the information such as country, IP address, city, state, proxy, ping, average download and upload speed.

    Network Administrators need this softwares for windows 7. 8.1 because it is the best tool when ISP gives limited quota for uploading and downloading. The Bandwidth Monitor Software not only monitors the Internet usage and bandwidth but also checks the speed and detect any activity of the suspicious network.

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    Cerberus Helpdesk or Cerb is a web-based commercial, platform-independent and open source email response system that is easy to integrate, customize and extend. It was created to decrease the need for time-consuming and redundant human interaction with customers.

    Originally written as a trouble ticket system, Cerberus Helpdesk helps your sales, billing or support departments to be able to easily and quickly interact with inbound customer email inquiries. With more 12 years of continuous innovation, Cerb has been successfully deployed on over 18,000 organizations.

    Features at a glance

    Key features include email fetch and retrieve support, adaptive anti-spam engine, web-based support portal, service level agreements, due date management and schedules, email templates, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base.

    When using Cerb, your employees will be able to work efficiently, capture feedback and collaborate with customers better, from anywhere in the world, automate workflow, flag opportunities, share expert knowledge, stay informed, build shared workspaces, manage tasks, reply to huge number of emails, as well as to remember anything about anyone.

    Pricing and availability

    While you will be able to download a free trial of Cerb, or grab the latest source code from GitHub and compile it yourself, pricing starts from 252 USD (202 EUR) per seat if you install the software on your hardware, as well as 25 USD (20 EUR) per month per seat if you host Cerberus Helpdesk in the cloud.

    Supported operating systems and requirements

    At the moment, Cerberus Helpdesk has been successfully tested with numerous GNU/Linux distributions, as well as with the BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It supports the Apache, Nginx or IIS web servers, the MySQL 5.0 or newer database server, and PHP 5.3 or newer, which should have the gd, mysql, mailparse, imap, dom, json, spl and mbstring extensions installed. The xcache and memcache PHP extensions are recommended.

    New in Cerberus Helpdesk 7.0.4:

    • We design major functionality updates with backwards compatibility in mind — both technically and conceptually. This means that when you update between two versions in the same generation (e.g. 6.8 to 6.9), you can expect your environment to still meet the same system requirements, and your workers should still feel completely familiar with how the interface and common functionality works.
    • Every two years or so, we plan and release a generational update. Those are the milestone where we allow ourselves to break backwards compatibility. We remove features and concepts that have been deprecated by new improvements along the way, and we introduce new features and concepts based on thousands of ongoing discussions with the community and several more years of accumulated experience. Generational updates may be a bit more disruptive than typical updates, but they are where Cerb takes big leaps forward.
    • Each generation of Cerb has had a central theme:
    • In 4.x, the theme was a clean slate. We completely rewrote Cerb from scratch to use modern design principles, to be highly stable and secure, to enable a much faster pace of development, and to be extensible through plugins with our Devblocks framework.

    Read the full changelog

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    Avec l’application FaceTime d’Apple Inc. les utilisateurs de Mac peuvent aussi bénéficier des discussions en live. En effet, il s’agit d’un outil de vidéoconférence pour Mac et les autres produits Apple.

    Les principales fonctionnalités :

    • Discussions en live. la communication fait partie des principaux centres d’intérêt des jeunes en ce moment. Avec FaceTime. une application servant d’outil de vidéoconférence pour Mac, les utilisateurs pourront discuter en live avec leurs proches. En plus, elle fonctionne avec les autres appareils Apple de dernière génération, si l’on ne cite que l’iPhone 4, ou plus récent, ou encore l’iPad. Il est important de noter qu’il est aussi compatible avec l’iPod Touch via la connexion Wifi.
    • Simplicité d’utilisation. ce qui est intéressant avec ce logiciel c’est qu’il est facile à prendre en main. Pour pouvoir faire une vidéoconférence, les utilisateurs n’ont qu’à choisir un de leurs contacts, puis il suffit d’appuyer sur « facetime » pour démarrer la conversation. Ainsi, pour accéder à l’application, on ne parcourt pas onglet par onglet. En quelques clics seulement, elle s’active.
    • Partage. étant donné que la plupart des appareils d’Apple disposent d’une caméra intégrée, les utilisateurs auront alors la possibilité de partager des photos ou des vidéos autant qu’ils le souhaitent. De cette manière, leurs proches pourront voir et commenter les vidéos ou images en question.

    Plus :

    Moins :

    • Il ne fonctionne qu’entre des contacts utilisant FaceTime.
    • Ceci est une version d’évaluation valide pour seulement quelques jours d’utilisation à moins qu’on n’achète une licence.

    A voir galement


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    Unity is going away and GNOME is coming back

    Canonical decided to drop Unity in favor of GNOME, which is probably not the best decision. I think that it s probably a mistake, but it was also an unavoidable move for the company.People have to keep in mind that Ubuntu for desktop was never profitable, and it s easy to see why. There are very few ways to monetize a free operating system. The only way to get some money out of it is to provide specialized support for companies, but that s also not a really profitable avenue.It s very likely that Canonical is making some money from its other products, especially the ones built for the.

    The new Apple is a company that changes its mind and is not afraid to take a U-turn or even jump off a cliff

    So, you think you know Apple? You think you can predict what their next move is and how the design is going to change?Think again. The new Apple is taking big steps towards. something else. Even for old Apple die-hards is hard to predict where the company is going. Yes, Apple has always been the company that brought something new, invented a new gadget or switched to a new connector just when you thought you got a new accessory, but this time. things are a bit different.There are two ways in which Apple has changed and became totally unpredictable. The hardware kinda lacks behind and we still.

    And then, your heart stops beating for a few seconds

    You watch TV all snuggled up under the super-soft blanket with your phone just next to you on the couch. It s a commercial break, and you snatch at the glass of wine on the coffee table when, suddenly, you hear a noise. It sounds like something just hit the ground. You don t look around, but in that half of second, you know it can t be good.It can be just two things. It s either the remote or the phone. You start praying it s the remote. It s not. It s the phone, and it s laying on the ground face down after what seemed to be like a pretty strong hit. Yo.

    Here s a case for iPhone 7s, not iPhone 8

    The first quarter of fiscal 2017 is the best ever for iPhone. Apple sold 78.3 million iPhones in the past few months. The revenue from the iPhone business alone topped $54.4 billion. The best model was, rather unexpectedly, the iPhone 7 Plus. But is that enough to make Apple a winner in the long run?Two very low quartersThe market will stagnate for Apple in the next couple of quarters. The first reason is obvious: no Black Friday, no Christmas or any other important holidays will help the iPhone business. Also, keep in mind that every iOS user will quit spending money on an 8-month-old device and wait.

    Will Apple dedicate more time and money to the cloud? How about Siri and the Desktop computer line-up?

    2016 was all about the MacBook. The computer that is going to change the future of ports and connectors was born. We have also got a phone with a missing headphone jack. For some users, this is a big downer. Others are happy with their AirPods. Next year seems to be a good one for the desktop computer. Will the Mac mini survive? Is the Mac Pro still up for a refresh?Siri on macOSSiri jumped from the iPhone to the Mac in 2016. It was a long-awaited move that failed to amaze users. Sure enough, the implementation is simple and elegant, just as Apple would do it, but the functionality lacks. Siri ca.

    Adobe finally brings Linux client in sync with the Windows version, four years after it decided to give up on it

    The top companies in the tech world are getting tired of Adobe s Flash Player, and after many years of struggling to deal with its security vulnerabilities, key players like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Mozilla are finally pushing for the transition to HTML5 in a more aggressive way.Flash Player will be disabled by default in browsers developed by these companies, as HTML5 will be preferred on websites that support it, and users will be given full control over Flash content on websites where it s absolutely mandatory.And while the trend here is to step away from Flash, Adobe is trying exa.

    The higher they rise, the harder they fall

    LeEco is one of world s largest tech companies, or we should say was considering the circumstances. LeEco s businesses cover a wide range of high-tech sectors including smartphones, TVs, media content, electric bicycles and cars, as well as movies.Founded 12 years ago by Jia Yueting, LeEco is a holding company that owns many businesses all over the world. However, the Chinese giant started its climb in the Mainland, as the first streaming company in China to go public.LeEco is also known as China s Netflix since it s the largest company in the country that provides media co.

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    Get Product Support

    Find my model #? Would you like to register a product?

    • Manuals & Documents View and download information for your LG product.
    • Software & Drivers Update your LG product with the latest version of software, firmware, or drivers.
    • Easy TV Connect Guide Step-by-step guide by device and cable, to get your new LG TV connected.
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    • LG Bridge Move pictures, music, and other files between your phone, tablet and computer.
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    • LG Premium Care Extend your protection for years to come with the additional peace of mind of LG Premium Care.
    • LG G6 Support Find available guides, manuals, tutorials, and more for your LG G6 device.
    • Water Filter Finder Need help finding the correct Water Filter for your LG Refrigerator?
    • LG TVs Support Need support for your TV, but don’t know where to start? LG TVs Support will help.

    Product Help

    Repair Services

    Contact Us

    *NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. The LG Electronics “Product Registration” Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the 50 United States and D.C. age 18 or older at the time of entry. Void outside the U.S. in Puerto Rico, and wherever else prohibited by law. Sweepstakes begins at 12:00:01 AM ET on 01/01/17 and ends at 11:59:59 PM ET on 12/30/17, with four (4) separate Sweepstakes Periods: Period 1 begins on 01/01/17 and ends on 03/31/17; Period 2 begins on 04/01/17 and ends on 06/30/17; Period 3 begins on 07/01/17 and ends on 09/30/17; Period 4 begins on 10/01/17 and end on 12/30/17. Click here for how to enter without purchasing or registering a product and Official Rules. Sponsor: LG Electronics Alabama, Inc. 201 James Record Road, Huntsville, AL 35824.

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    Free External Hard Drive Data Recovery

    Publisher’s Description

    Simple to use Free External Hard Drive Data Recovery software which allows you to quickly restore any type of files that you lost from the external hard drive Like WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Transcend, omega, Buffalo due to accidental deletion or to system crash, formatting, virus attack.

    It can recover various files from external storage devices quickly, safely and completely. It fully supports many external hard drive brands: Western Digital. Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, Transcend, SanDisk, Sony, Kingston, Dell, Lenovo, Quantum, Apple, Iomega, Maxtor, Fujitsu, ADATA, Strontium, EMC, LaCie, Buffalo.

    What’s new in this version:

    Version may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.


    0 stars Be the first to review this product

    Results 1 1 of 1

    Complete Recovery from External Hard Drive

    2016-04-02 23:31:47 | By darnellcornelius

    | Version: Free External Hard Drive Data Recovery

    The most powerful file recovery ability for recovering data from damaged or formatted external hard drive or the hard drive is inaccessible for unknown reason. You can use recover data from the partition or external storage devices like memory stick, memory card and flash drive, of whatever happened to cause the data loss.

    Excellent External Hard Drive Data Recovery App.

    Leading Data Recovery software for External Hard Drive.

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    Recruitment Software Simplified


    Manage Job Orders, match candidates to jobs, track candidate progress, fees and forecasting & more.

    • Create and manage Job Orders
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    • JobAdder is recruiting software for recruiters and staffing companies all over the world.



    Add, source, manage, rate, submit & place candidates.


    Add, source, manage, rate, submit & place candidates.

    • Full Candidate management
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    • Bulk resume import
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    • Conduct video interviews (coming soon)
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    Much more than an Applicant Tracking System (ATS): JobAdder is your all in one CRM.


    Much more than an Applicant Tracking System (ATS): JobAdder is your all in one CRM.

    • Create and manage Companies and Contacts
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    Create tasks & reminders to manage your busy day.

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    Post job ads directly to over 200 job boards.

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    • and much much more.



    Powerful, intuitive search lets you find things in a flash.


    Powerful, intuitive search lets you find things in a flash.

    • Global search field on every page
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    Use our native apps or access JobAdder directly from any mobile device.


    Use our native apps or access JobAdder directly from any mobile device.

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    Post job ads and status updates to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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    MasterCard Business Network


    If you use MasterCard Business Network, then this companion application is for you! Make your travels easier by having all your trip information at your fingertips. The MasterCard Business Network mobile application keeps track of everything you book through the desktop application, ensuring you are informed, organized, and connected while traveling.

    The mobile application will keep you informed of your flight status and allow you to check in and get your boarding pass right on your mobile device. Airport parking, hotel, and car rental information is also right at hand when you need it.

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    Finally, essentials like weather reports and maps of all booked services are provided for maximum convenience. Combined with MasterCard Business Network, the mobile application gives you a partner in travel when even you are away from home.

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    * Sync your travel plans with your work or device calendar

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    * Search by restaurant name, cuisine, and location
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    * Direct dialing to discounted providers of ground transportation or car service

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    * Current weather and 7 day forecasts for all of your reservation locations

    More by Deem, Inc.

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    Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) enhances deployment and management of Virtual PC images on a Windows Desktop, while also providing a seamless user experience of a Virtual PC environment, independent of the local desktop configuration and operating system (OS).

    MED-V leverages Microsoft Virtual PC to provide an enterprise solution for desktop virtualization. With MED-V, you can easily create, deliver and manage corporate Virtual PC images on any Windows desktop.

    Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization is an integral component of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (aka MDOP), a dynamic solution available to Software Assurance customers, which will help reduce application deployment costs, enables delivery of applications as services, and helps to better manage and control enterprise desktop environments.

    Enable legacy applications and accelerate upgrades to new operating systems

    Incompatibility of legacy applications with the new version of Microsoft Windows can often delay enterprise upgrades to the latest version of Windows. Testing and migrating applications can take a while, and users are unable to take advantage of the new capabilities and enhancements offered by the new OS.

    By delivering applications in a Virtual PC that runs a previous version of the OS (e.g. Windows XP or Windows 2000), MED-V removes the barriers to OS upgrades, and allows administrators to complete testing and to deal with incompatible applications after the upgrade.

    From the user’s perspective, these applications are accessible from the standard desktop Start menu and appear side-by-side with native applications so there is minimal change to the user experience.

    Known Issues:

    File downloads do not follow web redirection rules.

    If the LAN adapter is disabled when a Workspace configured in bridge mode is started, and the adapter is later enabled, the network will not resume. Restarting the Workspace solves this issue.

    Workspace image download may be delayed if Windows update is running when it is started.

    When the user is required to change his domain password in order to login to Windows inside the Workspace, the client receives a notification about using the wrong username/password, rather than a notification that he should change his domain password.

    When expanding a DOS application (e.g. cmd.exe) window to full screen, the application window disappears.

    When the domain password is changed while the Workspace is running, and the Workspace is restarted, a wrong password notification appears on the client and the user is required to re-enter the new password.

    When installing MED-V using the command line, it is configured by default to launch after installation. This causes problems when installing MED-V in the system context. In this case it is required to use the START_MEDV=0 parameter.

    When working in full desktop mode, manual location changes of icons on the desktop are not saved between Workspace sessions.

    Multiple versions of the same Workspace created on the same machine are always assigned the same unique name. This may cause problems when multiple virtual machines with the same name attempt to join the domain.

    When transferring very large files using the file transfer tool, the transfer may fail.

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    Median GMAT Score

    Harvard MBA Program

    Wharton MBA Program

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    Sloan MBA Program

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    You may take the GMAT as many times as you want. But you could not take it more than once a month. The GMAT score is valid for five years. If you take GMAT more than once, the GMAC will forward the most recent three scores to school you apply to.

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    During the test, you can quit the test at any time. When you quit, no score for any test section will be tabulated or recorded by the testing service, or reported to any school.

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