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How to successfully recover data from a failed RAID

Recovering data from a failed RAID can easily turn into a costly ordeal. Please read this page carefully before proceeding. If you would like to get help from experts, please consider using our fee-based RAID recovery service.

First determine whether the RAID is hardware-based or software-based. The recovery procedures are very different.

Recovering a hardware RAID

First determine if the problem is caused by the underlying RAID mechanism. If it is not, follow the simpler recovery procedures for an ordinary drive. The following causes of problem are not related to the RAID:

  • Virus attacks.
  • The volume being deleted, resized, reformatted or otherwise changed in Disk Manager or other disk management utilities.

If the problem seems to be in the RAID mechanism, determine the operating state of the RAID and take the appropriate actions.

Avoid the most common mistakes that may cause data to become unrecoverable.

Hardware RAID operating states

Current status is normal.
No controller or disk errors.
No recent change in RAID configuration.

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
Volume configuration has not been changed (screenshot ).

Volume is inaccessible or accessible with missing files.

RAID mechanism is operating normally .
Problem may be unrelated to RAID.

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
No drive letter or unformatted volume (screenshot ).

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
Volume has been deleted, reformatted, resized (screenshot ).

RAID is displayed as a single disk.
Disk Manager is not aware of degradation (screenshot ).

Volume is accessible

RAID is degraded due to a disk failure

Current status is normal.
RAID failed and was rebuilt unsuccessfully.

RAID is displayed as a single disk (screenshot ).

Volume is inaccessible or accessible with missing files.

Current status is normal.
RAID settings have been changed.

Current status is normal.
Disks have been reconfigured and disk order may have changed.

Abnormal RAID status such as “offline”, “inactive”, “undefined”, etc.
There may be disk or controller hardware errors.

RAID is not displayed. Sometimes the individual member disks are displayed as unformatted disks (screenshots ).

Volume is inaccessible.

Recovering a software RAID

First determine if the problem is caused by the underlying RAID mechanism. If it is not, follow the simpler recovery procedures for an ordinary drive. The following causes of problem are not related to the RAID:

  • Virus attacks.
  • The volume being reformatted.

If the problem seems to be in the RAID mechanism, determine the operating state of the RAID and take the appropriate actions.

Note that a RAID 0 is also referred to as a striped volume.

Software RAID operating states

WD My Cloud 6TB External Hard Drive (NAS) White WDBCTL0060HWT-NESN – Best


WD – My Cloud 6TB External Hard Drive (NAS) – White

A Better Alternative for Cloud Backup Posted by: MikeTheRetiredActuary from: Southlake, TX on I was torn between using an Internet Cloud service for backup versus having my own external hard drive connected to my router. I looked at the pluses and minuses of Internet Cloud versus personal Cloud. I decided that the pluses of a personal Cloud outweighed the pluses of Internet Cloud, while its negatives were not great enough to outweigh that decision. What I liked about the WD MyCloud was that I could directly connect the MyCloud to my router via an Ethernet cord so that it could handle backup of all of my wireless devices, be accessible by everything on my home network, and could also be accessed via the Internet when I was traveling. I chose the 6TB version simply because I didn’t want to decide I needed a larger capacity later. I certainly don’t need that much at this time, but the extra cost for the additional capacity wasn’t a problem. It was easy to install, and I had no problems with setting up its backup software on the two laptops and one Surface Pro 3 that I am currently backing up. I will say that the setup process wasn’t quite as simple as the instructions leads you to believe, but it isn’t not so involved that I needed to rely on outside help. It has been functioning fine since I installed it. And it is exactly what I was desiring to add to my home network, and I am glad I purchased and installed it.

15 out of 15 found this review helpful.

Great cloud storage drive. Posted by: Spudmuffin from: on I have always had good luck with Western Digital drives. I needed more space and liked the idea that I could access files from home while on the road. The medical files I had were too much for my Macbook so this was an awesome solution. The only problem I found was streaming video. Higher definition home movies end up buffering a lot (about every 2-3 minutes) which can be annoying. An option is download the file on your computer then play it. Overall I’m very happy with this purchase.

8 out of 8 found this review helpful.

Awesome product Posted by: beast2 from: RI on Currently doing a 750GB time machine backup, while remotely uploading 60GB of data and remotely streaming a 14GB Hd movie, with no buffering. I can mount the drive remotely and even setup users to share data with. The web interface is awesome and so are the apps. the setup was simple. Make sure you have a good ISP with a good router and know what you’re doing. by far one of the best NAS setups I’ve ever used. 20 years in the tech world

7 out of 7 found this review helpful.

Good for the Price Posted by: Jokeronlne from: on Haven’t had any real problems with this NAS. Am able to pull up files, photos or whatever else I have stored on it with ease from any device I have connected, including my iPhone and iPad. Besides basic storage and retrieval, I haven’t played around with the extra features as of yet.

6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

Great external hardrive Posted by: Anonymous from: on At the time of writing 12/13/14 You’re not able to install a plex media server on this drive you will first have to mount or map the drive on the network. You will have to install plex media server on a computer and the computer will have to be on 24/7.

5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

Disappointing Waste of Time Posted by: CrunchyTech from: on BOTTOM LINE FIRST: Does not truly provide cloud functionality. Use free cloud services for remote access, and cheaper alternatives for expanding your LAN storage. You CANNOT connect remotely without using the WD software. This is because this drive (and apparently all the rest of WD’s products) uses AFT protocol to locate the local drive on the local network. This does not work over the internet! I bought this to connect to my iTunes library remotely and to do remote Time Machine backups. But again, the only way to access this drive remotely (outside of your local network) is by using the WD application. This renders this drive useless for what I needed it for. The benefits of this drive are storing your data on your own drive rather than using a cloud service, or having a storage device on your local area network that can be used by devices on that network, or sharing the data with remote users using the provided WD software. But those are no big benefits over the existing free cloud solutions. For storing, accessing and sharing files remotely you can use Google Drive or Dropbox for free. For having extra storage on your local area network you can buy a drive at half the price that will do the same (I was using a 2TB portable USB drive plugged into the back of my router and it worked fine). About WD technical service: I spoke to them several times. Tech service suggested I speak to Sales to see what other products might work for me. The Sales rep said that doing what I want should be possible and told me to call back and ask for a Level 2 tech support, but that didn’t solve the issue either. Turn out that the entire WD product line is NOT MAC FRIENDLY and will not work using anything else but the WD software.

14 out of 21 found this review helpful.

Lots of storage-not powerful enough processor Posted by: Tbobtx from: on I’ve had a 2TB WD nas for last 4yrs but outgrew it. I could use it to stream and backup at the same time no problem. Also the firmware was not so demanding on the unit and user friendly. For backups you did not need to assign a user to it. Now I decided to get the 6TB WD my cloud to allow me to add all new computers and smartphones. First thing I did was update firmware. Then I setup users and shares. The interface is more of a fancier GUI Than older one but very bloated. Anyway, I started backing up 1 computer with multiple partitions and drive at a time and was have issues where it would just sit there and drop off the network and then come back. Repeat. I called WD and was Told to reset to factory defaults to clear it up. Tried again setting all up. Still failed. Tried 1 partition at time. Still failed. Did some research and found Trick was turning off all media sharing for the shares and backups as that was taking up all the nas processor bandwidth and causing the nas to drop off-line. Once all the backups from 6 computers were done, I turned on the sharing. All good but crazy it cannot do what it was built to do which is backup and share. Here are some other tips you can thank me later for. For ensuring long life, I have strapped a 60mm fan to back side of the nas to give it forced airflow. it reduced case temperature from 100F+down to steady 80F Other recommendation is to have it connected to a ups so if power drops out, you don’t stress the electronics.

6 out of 7 found this review helpful.

6 Amazing Terabytes always available Posted by: Dubaya from: on Love this product because it is faster and bigger than my previous 3 TB WD NAS which allows me to share movies, pictures, everything to my laptops, wifi enabled smart phones, tablets, PC’s, WDLIve, and Smart TV.

4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

Stop paying for Cloud Storage Posted by: TomOrlando from: on Buy these and you will never have to pay for Dropbox again. Easy setup and works from anywhere in the world. Score.

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

Cool Posted by: Davesmith82 from: Marietta, ga on Very easy and dependable works great with Mac and windows

3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

Free External Hard Drive Data Recovery – Free download and software reviews


Free External Hard Drive Data Recovery

Publisher’s Description

Simple to use Free External Hard Drive Data Recovery software which allows you to quickly restore any type of files that you lost from the external hard drive Like WD, Seagate, Toshiba, Transcend, omega, Buffalo due to accidental deletion or to system crash, formatting, virus attack.

It can recover various files from external storage devices quickly, safely and completely. It fully supports many external hard drive brands: Western Digital. Seagate, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, Transcend, SanDisk, Sony, Kingston, Dell, Lenovo, Quantum, Apple, Iomega, Maxtor, Fujitsu, ADATA, Strontium, EMC, LaCie, Buffalo.

What’s new in this version:

Version may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.


0 stars Be the first to review this product

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Complete Recovery from External Hard Drive

2016-04-02 23:31:47 | By darnellcornelius

| Version: Free External Hard Drive Data Recovery

The most powerful file recovery ability for recovering data from damaged or formatted external hard drive or the hard drive is inaccessible for unknown reason. You can use recover data from the partition or external storage devices like memory stick, memory card and flash drive, of whatever happened to cause the data loss.

Excellent External Hard Drive Data Recovery App.

Leading Data Recovery software for External Hard Drive.

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Usb flash drive write protected cannot format #usb #drive #is #write #protected


Usb flash drive write protected cannot format

Only solution that worked for me is :

CMD – Attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:/*.* (use your drive letter instead of G)

I have HP-16 GB Flash Drive and for last 3 days trying different methods to Format it like:
1. Regedit — HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies. Change the value for the key “WriteProtect” to 0
2. Through MS DOS in the Computer Startup.
3. Through Disk Management.
4. HP USB Drive Format Tool.
5. and now the solution you posted. but still got no luck .

every time it gives the same error “The Disk is Write Protected”

Thanks in advance.

i had the same problem and i downloaded hirens boot cd 10.2,boot up with the cd with the usb plugged in, selected partition tool, smart fdisk the deleted the partition,pressed enter to save the changes,then took out the usb put it in a pc then right clicked computer went to manage then disk management then created a new simple partition:)

hope that helps

I have this same problem and I have tried all the solutions that you had listed so I downloaded the utilities that you had said if the others didn’t work. The problem is i cant get the program (AlcorMP_AU698x_RT_v1.0.0.14_L0117) to recognize my usb drive. I’m not sure how to use the program. Can you help guide me onto how to use it.
Here is what the Chip Genius program listed on my USB drive:
Description: [E:]USB Mass Storage Device(Kingston DataTraveler 2.0)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 200mA

USB Device ID: VID = 0930 PID = 6545
Serial Number: 001CC0EC3450ED3167140119

Device Vendor: Kingston
Device Name: DataTraveler 2.0
Device Revision: 0100

Manufacturer: Kingston
Product Model: DataTraveler 2.0
Product Revision: PMAP

Chip Vendor: Phison
Chip Part-Number: PS2251-61(PS2261) – F/W 05.09.53 [2011-11-02]
Flash ID Code: 983A9992 – Toshiba [TLC]

I appreciate the help


Yeah thats my problem, I cannot get the write protection off the usb drive. I have tried all the steps outlined by user “Samy Youssef” and he had mentioned after completing all steps and if your usb drive is still write protected he said to re-flash it with manufactures flash utility. I have downloaded it but I’m not for sure how to use it.

i appreciate any help at all I hate to lose this usb drive, i think its still good if i can get the write protection removed


When I searched my flash drive’s (flash drive is pqi) PID and VID, it didn’t have anything under the UTILS column so I searched the chip part number instead (that seemed to be the most unique among all the info provided by Chip Genius). Found a utility by the chip vendor, had to run it a couple of times, but it got the job done! Thanks Samy!

I am also having the same problem and tried the solution you said but i could not find the software to repair my flash derive.Please help

Hello guys
I have a problem with Flash Memory Type Transend a write-

protect incurable have you remove the data from the chip

Geniua did not show where the chip Number Unknown. When

using the Alcor program this error appears (get

chip number fail) Please help and thank you

with windows 7 I get this from time to time I just stick the pen drive in my Linux rig and format it to fat32 and they work fine back in the windows 7

I did see guys say that can work with xp as well I think these a bug in 7 [maybe 8 -8.1??] that causes this but formatting them in Linux seems to fix that issue for me.

PLEASE pay attention. This works. Open your start menu, in the search bar type disk mana (and it should autofill to the right one) which is to create / format etc. Once here, it lists all your drives. Find your USB drive, you’ll note on the left it says ‘READ ONLY’. Right click it. Tell it to go offline. Wait for that to process. Right click it again, bring the drive back online. And it’s fixed. Thank me, by replying and letting others know that this is the correct and only fix you need.

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  • Cant format flash drive write protected
  • solved How to format write protected USB drive. Already tried many methods including Regedit, disk part etc.
  • Cant format flash drive write protected

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  • solved Imation USB flash drive came write protected

Disk Image software #disk #image #software, #disk #image, #data #backup, #freeware, #disk


Disk Image Software

January 8 2014, Richard Pardoe,
technology blogger

Imagine the situation: you’ve just created an image of a really valuable disk. Maybe it’s an image of favourite DVD that you’re taking on holiday, or perhaps it’s a backup of a solid state hard drive containing critical business data.

October 9 2013, Richard Pardoe,
technology blogger

Data is a precious commodity, and a significant data loss can cause havoc in your personal life, career or business.

In today’s digital age, we’re all well aware of the importance of backups. But how many of us are really doing them regularly? If the computer you were reading this on suddenly died, would all your crucial data be safely stowed away somewhere else and easily recoverable?

Keep Your Data Safe Using Disk Image Software

August 27 2013, James Ford
a computer specialist for a medium-sized company

Disk image software provides the ultimate solution to data backup since it allows you to make a complete, byte-by-byte copy of an entire disk without the risk of missing anything important.

An error appears indicating the CreateSnapshotSet() failed. What should I do?

August 8 2012, RobinZon
a data backup software reviewer

If you, like me, find yourself in a constant struggle, trying to keep your computer under control in terms of starting up and keeping your data safe; you should try Disk Image, a program I recently started using. In short, the name describes what it does.

This software helps create a disk image of your computer, which is basically like a backup of your entire machine (you can choose to save less if you want). What’s awesome about this software though is that it comes with more than just the tools to do that. It also comes with a powerful feature called “Boot Disk”. But I’ll talk about that later on in this… review, I guess?

“A great way to restore computers from unstable states”

August 2 2012, Michael Findley
a small business owner in the GTA

Read more: Disk Image Users Guide . Sales Questions

2017 BMW M760i xDrive First Drive Review – Motor Trend #drive #star


2017 BMW M760i xDrive First Drive Review

Although it’s less sumptuous and flashy than the Mercedes -AMG S65’s cabin, the BMW’s interior has its own understated elegance and just as many goo-gah features. Subtle M badging can be seen on the pedals, footrest, and steering wheel, and a V12 logo appears on the center console. Bathed in Nappa leather, the seats are soft to the fingertip but firm for the body. Not to mention the BMW might just have the nicest headliner I’ve ever seen. I suppose it might not be able to compete with Rolls-Royce ’s Starlight Headliner that illuminates the roof with hundreds of lights. But for $150,000, you can’t beat baby-soft anthracite Alcantara.

On the display screen, drivers can change the color of the interior lights that illuminate a horizontal strip running along the doors and dashboard. Like other 7 Series models, the M760i allows you to adjust the volume, switch radio stations, and answer phone calls by gesturing with your hands in the center of the cockpit. We’ve mentioned in previous reviews that this BMW-exclusive feature might feel a bit gimmicky to some, but it generally works well. In the center console, there’s a wireless charger for mobile phones. Optional rear amenities include massaging seats, a majestic electric reclining seat and footrest, an entertainment system, and a 7.0-inch tablet for operating climate and media controls, the ambient lighting, and the sunroof.

If you must drive, perhaps for a sunset stroll by the beach—or in our case, by the Anza-Borrego desert just south of Palm Springs—you might think Comfort mode would suit the occasion. Yet despite its name, Comfort feels a bit disengaged and makes the car seem heavier due to disconnected steering feel. Activate Sport mode, and you’ll be perfectly happy no matter the driving situation. It tightens up the steering considerably, but the car remains supple and comfortable. Offering a relatively nimble experience, Eco mode serves a nice dynamic middle ground between Comfort and Sport, nut it might take just a little more pedal effort to get up to speed.

We haven’t always been in love with the handling of the new 7 Series in general, but we do appreciate the model’s other strengths. Much of the drive experience is about comfort and stability. Aided by smooth gearshifts, the ride is calm and pleasant, but some noise inevitably seeps into the cabin. Cruising along, the power of the M760i hits you like a cheeky chocolate wine. You’re coasting along and feel nothing, but before you know it, you’re gliding along at 75 mph in a stupor. Of course, there’s plenty of juice when you want it. Give the throttle a quick tap, and the less than engaged driver is sure to wake up promptly.

Despite its merits, the 7 Series has long played second fiddle to the S-Class. Mercedes sold 18,803 S-Class sedans in the U.S. in 2016, compared to just 12,918 7 Series models sold during the same time period.

When we first drove the current-generation G11 750i, we lamented that it failed to capture much of the same magic as the S-Class. Striving toward luxury and performance, the V-8 model didn’t seem to get either part of the equation exactly right. Although it’s loaded with technology and creature comforts, the materials aren’t quite as plush as the S-Class. And although it performed well in the 0–60-mph and quarter-mile tests, it lacked in terms of handling and athleticism. With tightened reflexes, the M760i starts to put some of the misgivings about the 7 Series’ performance to bed. But make no mistake: This is still a world-class luxury cruiser.

Used Car Lot Crystal Ball

Today, 20 models on the market (all European makes) offer a V-12 engine. Needless to say, the V-12 is a true luxury available for those who want to enter the 500-hp club, but that glory comes at a significant cost. You can get a BMW 750i xDrive, complete with a 445-hp V-8, for $98,595, but a V-12-powered M760i xDrive requires shelling out at least $154,795.

But there’s one important silver lining. Fat depreciation comes with fat prices—unless you’re in the business of collector car speculation. Based on data from IntelliChoice, the 2017 V-12 7 Series is actually projected to hold more of its value after three years compared to the V-8. The V-12 will retain 40.5 percent of its value by January 2020 compared to just 33 percent for the V-8.*

You Won’t Like

  • Generic BMW styling
  • Redundant infotainment system controls
  • Touch-sensitive black plastic switchgear

Fair Market Price

Fair Market Price is the price a consumer can reasonably expect to pay for a new vehicle at a dealership at the end of negotiations, and includes destination charges, taxes and fees. The actual transaction price will be dependent on innumerable variables, from the dealer s inventory to the buyer s bargaining skills, so this figure is an approximation.

2017 BMW 7-Series News and Reviews

Motortrend – Kelly Pleskot Words May 25, 2017

After a two-decade hiatus, the 8 Series will return to BMW’s lineup in 2018. While we wait, BMW is previewing its future range-topping coupe with a concept debuting at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este competition in Italy. In contrast to the boxy proportions of its predecessor, the new model features lines that flow like water over its Barcelona Gray Liquid

Motortrend – Kelly Pleskot Words May 11, 2017

After months of speculation, BMW has confirmed it will introduce a new 8 Series coupe in 2018. A design concept previewing the new model will debut at this year’s Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este on May 26. BMW boss Harald Krüger announced the plans at the company’s Annual General Meeting today. “The BMW 8 Series Coupe will build on our tradition of

Motortrend – Billy Rehbock Words May 10, 2017

BMW published a video outlining its vision for autonomous driving, and it isn’t slowing down its plans for anyone. The short video guides viewers through the five steps of autonomy, suggesting Level 5 self-driving cars could be realized as early as 2030. The video opens on a BMW 7 Series wafting along a highway. The driver removes his hands from the

Motortrend – Kelly Pleskot Words November 8, 2016

It might not be your first choice of vehicle for fleeing ISIS militants, but this ’90s-era BMW helped save dozens of lives in an attack last month in Iraq. It all started when Ako Abdulrahman, a Kurdish Peshmerga fighter, decided he wanted some protection from ISIS militants that were surrounding the city of Kirkuk, near where he and his family

Motortrend – Erick Ayapana Words September 19, 2016

Back in June we asked, “Is BMW planning a comeback for the 8 Series?” It looks like the answer to that question is a “yes” because these spy photos of a BMW prototype appear to be the long-rumored 8 Series coupe, a model that disappeared from the automaker’s lineup almost 20 years ago. The prototype was caught in a storage

Get more info from BMW

Quickbooks over VPN? Archive – Micro Focus Forums #operations, #work, #quickbooks, #long,


05-Apr-2005, 07:16 PM

I recently set up our new accountant with the BM vpn and NW clients so that
she might be able to access our quickbooks 2000 database via a mapped drive
while connected to our BM3.7 server. She can connect fine, and althought QB
(a known resource hog) is fairly slow for most common operations over the
vpn (both client and server have SDSL connections over 500kbps), it is not
entirely unworkable. SOME particular operations, however, take an
IMPOSSIBLY long time (especially find operations in the records DB),
literally many, many orders of magnitude slower than everything else.

Is this really just due to the number of drive accesses involved in these
operations, or is there some other buggy issue at work here?

Does anyone know how to troubleshoot/work around this problem effectively?
We are really trying to avoid having to shutdown/lock the QB system long
enough for our accountant to copy the DB to a local machine, do her work,
and then write it back out to our system. We really need a way for her to
be able to work remotely AND concurrently with the rest of us.

Many, many thanks in advance for any help.

06-Apr-2005, 04:26 PM

You will probably need to take some traces (Ethereal on the PC’s
involved) to see what kind of traffic is involved. Might be as simple
as needing to reduce MTU size on one or both ends of that connection.

Perhaps simpler would be to use pcANYWHERE, VNC or terminal server/RDP
to remote control an internal PC over the VPN to do the work remotely.

Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp
*** For a current patch list, tips, handy files and books on
BorderManager, go to ***

06-Apr-2005, 04:33 PM

My experience with Quickbooks over a lan is that the newer versions can be a
little slow as it is. I would venture to say that there is just way too
much data to push through that small DSL pipe.

14-Apr-2005, 04:07 PM

Thanks for the input Craig and JP,

I apologize for my own sluggish response. I actually found a post on
another site that echoed Craig’s suggestion of running quickbooks on a local
machine and having the remote client connect to it using pcAnywhere or the
like so that all the heavy drive accesses remain local. I’m going to give
that a try.

Thanks again for the help,

How to Repair LaCie External Hard Drive and Recover Data – EaseUS


How to Repair LaCie External Hard Drive and Recover Data

This article shows how to repair LaCie external hard drive when it corrupted, not recognized or fail to show up within 2 steps. You need to firstly download external hard drive recovery software to recover data from LaCie external hard drive and repair corrupted LaCie external hard drive to factory settings. If you have important data saved on your drive, download EaseUS hard drive recovery software to get your data back right now.

Overview of LaCie external hard drive repair

LaCie external hard drive is a great drive. People always use it for backups. With huge storage capacity, it’s large enough for lots of files such as photos and videos. However, the disk sometimes is prone to be corrupted and not recognized or show up. And following LaCie hard drive failure, it is the data loss disaster. When it happens, the more data you stored on the hard drive, the greater risk you should take.

Then, many victims are trying to find LaCie external hard drive troubleshooting to repair the device and make it work properly. Actually, the easiest way is to format or restore LaCie hard drive to factory settings. But it cannot keep your data on the device. If you are struggling with this issue, please take it easy! Here we offer you a reliable LaCie hard drive repair software. With its data recovery feature, the program allows you to recover your data first before repairing the device.

How to repair LaCie external hard drive without losing data – 2 steps

Step 1. Recover data from LaCie external hard drive

To recover data from LaCie external hard drive when it is not working or after accidental deletion, disk formatting, wrongly pulling out operation and virus infection, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard with user-friendly interface is a good helper. The program works well in external hard drive recovery and supports to retrieve multiple types of files including documents, photos, music, videos, emails and archives, etc. Also, storage media data recovery cases like how to recover files from formatted USB or how to recover deleted files from pen drive can apply to the solution.

Step 1. Connect LaCie external hard drive to PC, launch EaseUS LaCie data recovery software and Select disk partition or storage location where you lost data and click “Scan “.
Step 2. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will start a quick scan first;
After the quick scan, a deep scan will automatically start to find more LaCie external hard drive data;

Step 3. Preview and restore lost data;
You can preview found data by file types, select found data and click “Recover ” to save them to another safe spot in PC/storage device.

Step 2. Repair LaCie external hard drive by formatting and resetting to factory settings

1. In My Computer. right-click on the LaCie hard drive.
2. Click Format
3. Change the File System drop-down menu
4. Use NTFS to use the drive on Windows, without a file size limitation. The other file system choice is exFAT. This format is not the same as FAT32 or FAT. exFAT drives can not be read in Mac OS.
5. Click Start .
6. Click OK when asked to confirm the format request.

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How to Recover a Dead Hard Disk: 9 Steps (with Pictures) #hard


How to Recover a Dead Hard Disk

This wikiHow teaches you how diagnose and potentially recover a dead or dying hard drive (also known as a hard disk). Keep in mind that following these instructions does not guarantee that you’ll be able to recover your hard drive. Additionally, while opting for professional help is your best option, doing so will likely be expensive.

Steps Edit

Part One of Two:
Using Basic Troubleshooting Edit

Stop using your computer immediately. If your hard drive is still spinning but you’re encountering performance issues, it’s best to stop the hard drive from running as soon as possible. Once you’ve turned off your computer, don’t turn it on again until you can take it to a professional repair service.

  • If you’re worried about an external hard drive malfunctioning, you can simply unplug it from your computer.

Try plugging your hard drive into a different port or computer. If you can get your hard drive to work on a computer other than the one in which it currently resides, the problem isn’t necessarily with the hard drive itself–it’s with the cables or the ports on your computer.

  • If you’re using an external hard drive, this is as easy as unplugging it from your computer and plugging it into a different one. You’ll also want to try a replacement cable in case the old one is malfunctioning.
  • Internal hard drives present a more complicated problem. In order to diagnose your internal hard drive’s connection health, you’ll first need to remove the drive from your computer. After doing so, you can buy a hard drive docking station or a USB cable converter (Amazon sells both) that allows you to connect your external hard drive to another computer.
  • Before removing a hard drive, make sure your computer is unplugged and the battery is disconnected (if applicable).
  • Removing a hard drive is an incredibly difficult task on a Mac. If you intend to do so anyway, proceed with caution.
  • In rare cases, a hard drive failing to work on your specific computer (but working on others) can be symptomatic of a failing motherboard. If you can get your hard drive running on any computer other than your own, you should take your computer into a tech company somewhere to get it checked out.

Know the different components of a hard drive. Hard drives have three distinct components that are likely to cause a drive failure if they malfunction: [1]

  • PCB – The circuit board (usually on the bottom of your hard drive) controls most of your hard drive’s functions, as well as translating hard drive information into readable information. Circuit boards are typically green.
  • Platters – Thin disks that store data. Platters are responsible for most of the noise you hear when your hard drive starts up. Unless you’re a professional with access to a clean room and the necessary equipment, you won’t be able to fix your hard drive’s platters on your own.
  • Head Assembly – The head assembly is what reads the data off of the platters. Again, you won’t be able to repair the head assembly without professional-grade experience and equipment.

Assess the sounds your drive was making. Depending on what’s wrong with it, your hard drive will make certain sounds. Be sure to cross-reference your hard drive’s model with the sound it’s making to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

  • For example: if your hard drive was making a clicking noise, it most likely has a problem with the head assembly. [2]
  • Unfortunately, most problems that are diagnosable by the sound they cause will need professional care.

Refrain from using do-it-yourself quick fixes. These include things like freezing your hard drive or applying force to it. While some users may report success from these methods, performing a short-term fix on your hard drive is bound to make successful data recovery from a professional service even less likely than it already was.

  • Even if you can get a quick fix to work, the effects are usually short-term. Your hard drive will still end up dying. [3]

Part Two of Two:
Consulting a Repair Company Edit

Understand that hard drive recovery is a job for professionals. Due to the incredibly complex construction of a hard drive, you won’t be able to fix your own drive to the point of being able to retrieve the data stored on it unless you have an advanced background in electronics. For this reason, you should hand your hard drive over to a professional repair service.

  • Attempting to fix a dead hard drive will only lessen the chances of a professional being able to repair it.
  • Even replacing the PCB board is an advanced exercise that requires knowledge of how to solder circuitry and purchase exact part replacements.

Expect to pay a lot of money for the repair. True hard drive recovery entails the use of clean rooms, specialized equipment, and highly trained personnel. As such, you’ll likely spend over a thousand dollars getting your hard drive’s information back. [4]

Find the repair company that best suits your needs. You can usually find drive recovery services through your local tech outlet, but a couple of outstanding options include the following: [5]

  • Best Buy – Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” branch handles data recovery. You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to a little under $1500, depending on the severity of the hard drive’s damage. [6]
  • Drive Savers – Drive Savers is a 24/7 customer service-based data recovery company with 30 years of experience. In addition to computer hard disk recovery, they can also recover smart phone and camera hard drives.

Pick a company and stick with it. Each time someone opens your hard drive and tries to fix it, the probability of it actually getting fixed decreases. This is because opening your hard drive renders it susceptible to things like dust, static electricity, and other environmental hazards. To minimize the risk, you should avoid asking for multiple consultations from different companies. To be sure of the company’s competence, inquire what kinds of data recovery tools they use. If they use PC3K or DeepSpar, that is a good sign.

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