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Get more from your email marketing

Easy email marketing

Easy email marketing

Design, send, and analyse email marketing campaigns

Professionally designed templates with a user friendly drag-and-drop editor

Easy email marketing

Automate your customer journey

Turbo charge your lead generation by setting up email nurturing campaigns designed to convert leads into paying customers. Create workflows of automated, personalised emails.

Easily build, manage, and segment your customer database

Easily create forms to match your branding and manage your database contacts in one central location. Develop rich buyer insights and lead profiles, and build segmented target lists to achieve optimal results.

Easy email marketing

Easy email marketing

Integrate with lead generation tools

It’s already super easy to collect new subscribers using our web forms, but if you choose you can easily connect with other leading services like LeadPages, OptinMonster, SumoMe, Unbounce, and many more!

Measure your marketing ROI with interactive reporting

Our visual and detailed reports provide valuable insights into your subscribers behavior

Easy email marketing

The best customer support

We absolutely guarantee it

At Vision6 we take customer feedback very seriously. We have reached a 99% Customer Satisfaction Score from our customers for the last 15 years. Unlike other software vendors, we love speaking to our customers. You will feel supported every step of the way with technical support, training sessions, and our online help centre available 24/7.

Easy email marketing

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Easy email marketing

Easy email marketing

Easy email marketing

Easy email marketing

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Send better emails with ezymsg email marketing solutions

ezymsg is an online database management service and email marketing agency solution that helps businesses to market their products and services more effectively to the most appropriate target audience. If you’re looking to send email newsletters, press releases, bulk email product updates or all of the above, our custom-designed, direct email marketing templates, real-time response trackers and user-friendly features ensure you impress your audience and grow your business. As one of the leading Australian email marketing companies with over 11 years experience, we re committed to delivering email marketing services that get results enquire about our effective marketing software solutions today.

CRM tools

Scheduled sends, CRM functionality and more! Click here to discover how the advanced features of our direct email marketing software ensure you get the most out of your campaign.

Business Email Solution: Small Business Email and POP3 Hosting Solution #small #business


Business Email Solution

Completely Hosted. Quick Setup. The email system is completely hosted by us. You don’t need to setup any hardware or download. Just sign up online and get started!

Microsoft Exchange Alternative . All the benefits of Microsoft Exchange without having to set up hardware or software. Access mail, power Outlook, share contacts, calendars and tasks, synchronize across devices and more!

Outlook Email Integration. HyperOffice lets you operate your email account through your Outlook client.

Integrated Address Books, Calendars, Tasks. Completely integrated productivity tools like shared contact lists, calendars and task management supercharge team productivity.

  • Mobile Push Mail. Push email support for almost every well known mobile devices including iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, many Nokia and Android phones, and others. Keep your mail in synch between your mobile, online and Outlook accounts.
  • Live Training Support. Just call. Our solution experts are always at hand to help. Attend our daily live webinars.

    Business Email Features

  • Retain Your Current Email Address. You can use HyperOffice’s power and retain your current email if you choose.
  • IMAP and POP3 Email . Access you mail through any IMAP or POP3 client on your desktop or mobile
  • Webmail. Get webmail access on any web browser on any PC or Mac.
  • Mobile Mail. Push mail to mobile devices including iPhone, Blackberry. Windows Mobile, many Nokia and Android phones, and others.
    • Share Outlook. Access your mail, contacts, calendars and tasks on Outlook. Even share Outlook contacts, calendars and tasks with your team.
    • Automatic Synchronization. No matter where you access your mail, contacts, calendars and tasks – Outlook, online on HyperOffice or mobile – they are automatically updated and mirrored.
    • Spam and Virus Protection. Corporate level spam filters and virus protection ensures that only legitimate email gets to you.
    • Generous Storage. Generous 5 GB storage with our basic plan which can be upgraded.
    • Email Address Books. Organize individual and group contacts by setting up unlimited shared contact lists.
    • Shared Online Calendars. Manage individual and group schedules, and keep everyone informed of important events with shared calendars.
    • Email to Tasks. Having a tough time keeping track of tasks assigned to you by email? A single click coverts any email into a task and pushes into HyperOffice’s inbuilt task management system.
    • Rules and Filters. Create email rules and filters to direct incoming messages to specific folders.

    Founded in 1998, HyperOffice is a market leader in cloud collaboration and communication software for small and medium sized businesses. We provide the most comprehensive suite of solutions developed over more than 12 years of understanding your growing business needs. HyperOffice’s capabilities include customer portal intranet software. online document management. online project management. shared calendars. contact management software. business email. Outlook sharing and synchronization. push email and mobile collaboration. online database software and web forms and much more – offered as an integrated, easy to use solution accessible over any web connected PC, Mac, or mobile device. HyperOffice is also a viable Microsoft Sharepoint alternative and Microsoft Exchange alternative for growing companies looking for the power of enterprise class messaging and collaboration – but without the associated costs and hassles.

    Copyright 2014 HyperOffice. All rights reserved.

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    Recently, Cheap Domain Registration support was rated 4.9 out of 5. based on 110 customers’ ratings. Give us a call and try us out!
    Since 2002, has provided all your domain, domain name search. web, VPS and email hosting needs at a cheaper price than our competitors. Owning and operating a business in the modern day means you must have an online presence. Whether it be an online store, an informative website, or a personal blog, your customers, fans, and other general traffic need to find you and have a great user experience with your services and site. We offer a variety of services to take care of your everyday business needs!

    How and Where to Buy Domains on
    Being a business owner today means having an online presence is necessary to sustain and grow. We have a wide selection of domain names at the lowest prices ready for you! Bundling your domain name with our setup service allows you to jump start your website hassle-free.

    At, we buy domains in large quantities so that we can sell them at a much lower rate. Doing so allows businesses to buy a domain name and register it at a low price, avoiding having to buy large quantities to get a good deal. When buying a domain, you’ll want to be sure that it is easy to integrate. We can help you integrate your domain without technical problems or delays in launching your domain site.

    Varieties of Domains to Choose From
    We offer .com. co. org. me. info, and .net to provide the perfect personalized domain for you and your business. Having a domain for your business helps develop credibility of your business, establishing your presence online.

    If you already have a domain but need some additional features, we’ve got you covered! We offer our Design Wizard website builder, search engine visibility, e-commerce, and domain name security to increase your domain’s presence on the web.

    Cheap Web Hosting
    Did you know? A 1 second delay in your website page load time can cause a 7% reduction in conversion. This could majorly impact your bottom line, so we work hard to maintain the top page load times in the industry.

    At, our goal is to offer top-of-the-line web hosting at a cheap and affordable price. With options like our Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate packages you have the flexibility to choose the perfect web hosting package for your business. All packages offer one click installation of free applications, high quality routers, firewalls, and servers all starting a .79 a month! With cheap web hosting prices like ours, you can grow and optimize your website at an unbeatable price.

    Email Hosting
    Email isn’t just the foundation of your internal and customer communication anymore. It’s a key component in successfully integrating your branding efforts. Choose the superior email experience with the technology and service that never lets you down.

    Create an email account with your domain to give your company unique and professional email addresses for a perfect professional touch. Our email packages features tools to boost the presence of your business’ website online. Merging your domain registration and email hosting with is a cheap and effective step into building your business’ identity, offering three different email hosting packages, so you can find which suits you best.

    VPS Hosting
    VPS hosting gives you a handful of benefits that enhance a visitor’s experience with your domain site. We offer cheap VPS hosting. as an addition to our web hosting services, to really enhance the speed, script use, and custom controls for websites.

    To customize the perfect VPS integration, our cheap VPS hosting services offer a variety of packages and management options for you to choose from. With the ability to choose the operating system best for your site and online presence success, our VPS packages offer resources instantly, in all of our flexible plans designed to grow and develop as you need them to!

    SSL Certificates
    Secure Sockets Layer Certificates, or SSLs, as they’re commonly called, encrypt sensitive data as it moves to and from your website. With an SSL on your site, important information such as social security and credit card numbers will never be intercepted by an outside party, regardless of their intentions.

    SSL certificates serve are the most powerful means of reassuring wary internet shoppers. Visitors know that information flowing both to and from your site is protected when they see the padlock icon in the lower corner of their browser. There’s no need to worry that someone will view the private information they provide to you. offers a variety of bit sizes of SSL Certificates, with up to 256-bit encryption, the highest available.’s cheap SSL certificates come with a warranty and offer 99.9% browser recognition for up to 70% less than the other leading SSL Certificates on the market!

    Use of this Site is subject to express terms of use. By using this site, you signify that you agree to be bound by these Universal Terms of Service.

    Why use a dedicated SMTP server #email #dedicated #server


    Why use a dedicated SMTP server

    Many marketers still think that to make their recipients get a bulk email – a newsletter, for instance – they can rely on a common, free SMTP server. Well, it’s a big mistake. There are three main reasons why it’s imperative to use a dedicated SMTP server when it comes to email marketing:

    1. A normal SMTP server – like the one associated to a common email provider such as Gmail – has two big limitations: first of all, it doesn’t allow you to send more than a certain number of emails (or to treat manage more than a certain number of recipients) per day. Secondly, not being designed for bulk mailings, it cannot guarantee a good deliverability – that is, your messages will always run the risk to be rejected by antispam filters and ISPs. On the contrary, a dedicated outgoing server like turboSMTP will let you send unlimited emails ensuring you the highest delivery rate.
    2. A professional SMTP service generally comes with some advanced tools to analyze your email campaign. getting useful stats like the bounce rate, the open rate, the click-through rate etc.
    3. If you run into a technical issue – either a typical SMTP error or anything more serious – a good, dedicated SMTP server will provide you a customer support to help you solve it quickly and make sure that all your emails correctly reach the inbox. (turboSMTP, in particular, offers a 24/7 support).

    So, if you are managing an email campaign or simply need to send a mass message once, it’s definitely time to switch to a professional service .

    You can try turboSMTP subscribing now and getting 6.000 free emails per month, forever . For all clients with very large mailing needs (that is, more than 100.000 emails/month), turboSMTP gives the possibility to get a dedicated IP to make even safer your email campaign.

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    Crafting a neatly coded HTML layout is essential to boost your delivery rate. We suggest to do that with MailStyler. an excellent and easy-to-use software.

    Unable to Send emails from Outlook Solved, how to send an encrypted


    Unable to Send emails from Outlook [Solved/Closed]

    I have a friend who is suddenly unable to send emails. Can receive, however.

    Error Message is unknown error Ox800CCC81.

    Help would be most appreciated

    • Unable to Send emails from Outlook
    • Cant send emails
    • Can’t send as in outlook, but can in owa
    • Unable to Send emails from Outlook [Solved]
    • Unable to send emails through outlook
    • Unable to send email from outlook
    • Outlook 2007 is not sending mails [Solved] (Solved)
    • Unable to send email. Outlook 10.

    How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

    Outgoing Server (SMTP): 25

    How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

    You are the bomb!

    How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook


    THANK YOU BY arc

    How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

    How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

    How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

    How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

    How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

    Solved my problem

    How to send an encrypted email in outlook How to send an encrypted email in outlook

    2. On the Tools menu, click E-mail Accounts.

    3. Select View or change existing e-mail accounts, and then click Next.

    4. Select the account that you want to verify, and then click Change.

    5. Follow these steps:

    1. Make sure that the E-mail Address field contains the correct account name.

    2. Verify that the User Name and Password fields contain the correct information. The User Name field should contain your complete e-mail address.

    3. Make sure that the Incoming mail server (POP3) field contains

    4. Make sure that the Outgoing mail server (SMTP) field contains .

    5. Click More Settings.

    6. On the Outgoing Server tab, make sure that My Server Requires Authentication and Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server are selected.

    7. Click the Advanced tab.

    8. Make sure that both the boxes that indicate This server requires a secure connection (SSL) are selected. Make sure that Incoming mail port is set to 995 and Outgoing mail port is set to 25 .

    The Use of Email in Business Communication #business #email #system


    The Use of Email in Business Communication

    How businesses utilize email.

    email simbol image by vladislav susoy from

    Related Articles

    Email is widely used as a form of business communication and overall it is a highly effective communication tool. Email is inexpensive, only requiring an Internet connection that is generally already present in the business. Although a printout of emails is possible, emails often stay as soft copies because archiving and retrieving email communications is easy to do. From the CEO to the janitorial staff and even temporary employees of the business can send and receive email communications.


    Although it cannot and should not replace all face-to-face communication and others forms of communication, internal email usage can cover many areas within the business. Internal emails can function as an effective communication for sharing basic information, such as new cafeteria prices, paper use guidelines or security precautions, for example. Sending simple messages to an entire workforce with just the click of a mouse is fast, easy, convenient and can save the company money. If saved, the email can function as proof of a message sent or received, and is easily accessible to remind the recipient of pertinent information. Many businesses use email as part of its marketing efforts to share information with prospects, customers, vendors.


    Business emails should be concise and to the point. Use plain text and common fonts with a simple signature line. Fancy graphics, fonts, and backgrounds can take up unnecessary storage space in the recipient s inbox and may load slowly, or not at all. Stick to one topic in a business email and write only the things that are appropriate for anyone to read, as email forwarding makes it possible for originally unintended parties to receive the email. Proper grammar and spelling is very important in business emails because it reflects on you and your abilities. Attachments should be prepared in a format that any recipient can easily access/download.


    Whether sending an internal or external email, the subject line should accurately represent the content of the email. Use proper punctuation and capitalization, and use bold, italics and white space to make important information stand out from the rest of the content. Use a salutation to begin the email and only send to individuals that readily need or request to receive information from your business. Business emails should be brief, positive and professional.


    Using email in business communication is certainly less personal than face-to-face communication. It can hinder social interaction and lead to less relationship building in the workplace. Misunderstandings are commonplace in written communication simply because the recipient cannot read the writer s tone and expression, and therefore is left to interpretation. Consider that even though email can be quite informal, it is also a permanent record and should be treated carefully.


    Email has been revolutionary in the world of business communication because information is quickly passed along with instantaneous efficiency and effectiveness. Employees are able to access information from a computer, phone or PDA nearly anywhere, and so are the company s current and potential customers. The use of email within a business can greatly increase productivity for employees and can be a quick way to increase sales as well. More companies are using email communications as part of the marketing mix to communicate and interact with its target markets.

    About the Author

    Kristie Lorette started writing professionally in 1996. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in marketing and multinational business from Florida State University and a Master of Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University. Her work has appeared online at Bill Savings, Money Smart Life and Mortgage Loan.

    Photo Credits

    • email simbol image by vladislav susoy from

    5 quick fixes that help when Outlook is slow – Email –


    5 quick fixes that help when Outlook is slow

    We all know that working with Outlook each day can become frustrating quite quickly. Sometimes it decides to slow down, hang or stop responding for a time, other times it crashes and takes your whole system with it… in most people’s minds Outlook and “slow” have become notoriously associated with each other. What most forget, though, is that situations like these can be easily remedied by performing some simple things like:

    1.Update to the latest version of Outlook.

    I remember that about a year ago, Microsoft launched an update that caused many users to pull out their hair in frustration. Outlook was ridiculously slow and everything took up to 5 times as much to do (especially browsing folders) The Outlook team very quickly launched a fix for this, but even 3 months afterwards we received emails regarding issues caused by that buggy patch there were lots of users who simply didn’t install the latest updates. So, if you’re on Outlook 2003 or 2007 just go to the Help menu, then click on Check for Updates and follow the steps displayed; if you’re on 2010 you can achieve the same thing with the Windows Update entry in your Control Panel.

    If you’ve installed the latest updates and Outlook is still slow then you can just perform a Detect Repair procedure. This basically scans for and repairs any issues that may have arisen since you first installed it. It doesn’t erase any files, rules or accounts, so it’s a quick and safe procedure one that you can perform even if not on an Admin account (note though, that it’s quite slow, so be sure you won’t have need of Outlook for about an hour). To do this, Outlook 2003 and 2007 have the option in the same Help menu, accessible from the main window. For 2010, go to your Control Panel – Programs and Features – in the newly-opened window, right click MS Office 2010 – choose the Change function (notthe Uninstall one ) – click Repair, then follow the steps displayed. If Outlook is still slow afterwards, you can also try reinstalling it (that is, if you have the original CD those on corporate networks should consult their Administrator).

    3.Run the trusty Inbox Repair Tool (ScanPST).

    One thing that I’ve never understood is why a useful little program such as this doesn’t get its own shortcut in the Office folder from the Start menu, but rather you have to know about it in order to use it. I’m sure that at least once you have encountered a corrupt file on your hard-drive – be it a photo or a document. The same thing can happen with one of your emails, especially since your PST file is basically an archive that holds thousands of different files (one for each email). If just one of those files gets corrupted, it will slow down Outlook and all its operations. What ScanPST does is go through each byte of your PST and checks if “they fit together”. Once it detects a problem it either fixes it or puts the file away (if it can’t be fixed) so that it doesn’t slow down Outlook anymore. I recommend using it every 3 months, since even if Outlook isn’t slow errors may still be present. So, either go to the link above to see where you can find it or click here to run it straight away, from Microsoft’s servers.

    Usually, we install a program and expect it to perform as new for however long we will use it. This isn’t the case with Outlook, its complexity being its eventual downfall. With this in mind, from time to time you will have to perform the instructions detailed above, but if you want to squeeze every bit of performance and speed from it you will also have to remember these steps:

    a) Download full IMAP items. If you are working under an IMAP account (Gmail for example), then make sure that it behaves just like POP meaning, it downloads whole emails and not only their headers. If not, every time you click on a new item Outlook will slow down. To find out how to do this, just go here for Outlook 2003 or here for 2007 ; by default, Outlook 2010 downloads IMAP items in full. Even easier, just press Ctrl+Alt+S and then Edit your IMAP account.

    b) Disable add-ins that you no longer use. This is self-explanatory, actually – Outlook will perform slower if there are a million other things running in the background, accessing its data. You can manage them either from the Outlook Options screen or with the free Add-in Utility that comes bundled with Bells Whistles for Outlook (our performance add-in). You can download the trial version from here and keep the Utility afterwards – it’s absolutely free!

    c) Disable the RSS feature found in Outlook. Just go to the Options screen, then search and uncheck the option Sync RSS Feeds to the Common Feeds List . So that Outlook doesn’t slow up searching old RSS items, be sure to delete them all afterwards.

    5. Keep your PST file size under control.

    This one’s a doozy! Since your PST file is a database of all your emails, the larger it is – the slower Outlook will run. So, I found that it’s best to start a new PST every year or so (this is what I’m currently doing). In addition, you should also delete your duplicates (which can appear because of many factors) and your obsolete emails, compact your PST and archive old items. Another thing to remember is that by moving your attachments to your hard-drive instead of keeping them within the emails, Outlook will run much faster .

    If Outlook is still slow or you would just like a program that effortlessly deals with all these options and more, then you can try our speed-improving add-in, Weight Diet for Outlook . Through a user-friendly interface you will be able to move compress file attachments to disk, identify eliminate obsolete emails, find delete duplicated emails, automatically upload attachments to the cloud and compress your PST file. All these options will take less time than if you would do them manually and will make your Outlook installation run like a race horse (or, because we’re talking about Outlook here, at least as a regular horse J ). You can download the latest version from here or just go and buy a license for only $29.95 (30-day money back guarantee).

    RAID recovery #undelete,unerase,data #recovery,recovery,recover,recovering,software, #file,files,restore,retrieve,deleted,ntfs,utility,utilities,un #delete,partition,memory #card, #hd,hdd,hard #drive,disk,disks,drive,window,windows,2000,nt,xp,cd,cds,pc,tool,tools, #program,programs,download,raid,unformat,microsoft,system,systems,network,email,fix, #repair,bad,erased,how #to,houston,texas,crash,shareware,computer,service,services,


    How to successfully recover data from a failed RAID

    Recovering data from a failed RAID can easily turn into a costly ordeal. Please read this page carefully before proceeding. If you would like to get help from experts, please consider using our fee-based RAID recovery service.

    First determine whether the RAID is hardware-based or software-based. The recovery procedures are very different.

    Recovering a hardware RAID

    First determine if the problem is caused by the underlying RAID mechanism. If it is not, follow the simpler recovery procedures for an ordinary drive. The following causes of problem are not related to the RAID:

    • Virus attacks.
    • The volume being deleted, resized, reformatted or otherwise changed in Disk Manager or other disk management utilities.

    If the problem seems to be in the RAID mechanism, determine the operating state of the RAID and take the appropriate actions.

    Avoid the most common mistakes that may cause data to become unrecoverable.

    Hardware RAID operating states

    Current status is normal.
    No controller or disk errors.
    No recent change in RAID configuration.

    RAID is displayed as a single disk.
    Volume configuration has not been changed (screenshot ).

    Volume is inaccessible or accessible with missing files.

    RAID mechanism is operating normally .
    Problem may be unrelated to RAID.

    RAID is displayed as a single disk.
    No drive letter or unformatted volume (screenshot ).

    RAID is displayed as a single disk.
    Volume has been deleted, reformatted, resized (screenshot ).

    RAID is displayed as a single disk.
    Disk Manager is not aware of degradation (screenshot ).

    Volume is accessible

    RAID is degraded due to a disk failure

    Current status is normal.
    RAID failed and was rebuilt unsuccessfully.

    RAID is displayed as a single disk (screenshot ).

    Volume is inaccessible or accessible with missing files.

    Current status is normal.
    RAID settings have been changed.

    Current status is normal.
    Disks have been reconfigured and disk order may have changed.

    Abnormal RAID status such as “offline”, “inactive”, “undefined”, etc.
    There may be disk or controller hardware errors.

    RAID is not displayed. Sometimes the individual member disks are displayed as unformatted disks (screenshots ).

    Volume is inaccessible.

    Recovering a software RAID

    First determine if the problem is caused by the underlying RAID mechanism. If it is not, follow the simpler recovery procedures for an ordinary drive. The following causes of problem are not related to the RAID:

    • Virus attacks.
    • The volume being reformatted.

    If the problem seems to be in the RAID mechanism, determine the operating state of the RAID and take the appropriate actions.

    Note that a RAID 0 is also referred to as a striped volume.

    Software RAID operating states

    Publishing software – label, letterhead, flyer, postcard, brochure, email flyer software.#Email #flyer


    email flyer software

    Email flyer software Email flyer software Email flyer software Email flyer software Email flyer software Email flyer software Email flyer software Email flyer software

    Email flyer software Email flyer software Email flyer software

    Small Business Publisher 5.1

    CD/DVD Label, Envelopes,

    Name/ID Badges, Newsletter,

    Print from predesigned templates, or create your own. Email flyer software

    2. Professional Letterheads

    3. Address/CD-DVD Label/Name Badges

    2. Link data from MS Excel, Access

    3. Supplied professional templates

    4. Supplied design templates

    5. Good design tools with shadows

    Belltech Small Business Publisher helps you create address and shipping labels, letterheads, Envelopes, Flyers etc. and print them right-away on any Windows compatible printer. This designing and printing software should suite for small businesses. This product comes with ready made templates and supports all standard paper stocks including Avery papers.

    Product Highlights:

    • Quick and Easy Design: Use our easy-to-use software to create and print your labels, letterheads and more. Choose from readymade templates, insert your text and print. It’s that easy!!
    • Use your own clip-arts, logos: We supply you with many graphics that you can use, but don’t think that it is all you can use. Get your logo, clip-art and design the perfect letterhead or envelope you want.
    • Choose publish type: With this application you can create 3 different type printing: Letterheads, Labels, Envelopes. More to come later.
    • Use templates and graphics: Don’t know how to start the layout of your printing work? Use our templates, background and clip-arts to start with easily. Simple to use yet so powerful!
    • Convenient Design tools: Draw rectangle/triangle/circle or use freehand lines and shapes to create professional designs.
    • Link to data files: Link to your Microsoft Excel or Access data files or any comma delimited csv files for data-driven publishing.
    • Use Color blends: You can now have a color blend the way you want, This is not a static background image, but a filled shape whose color-blend and texture you control completely.” Possibilities are endless!
    • Supports any printing papers: Supports all standard papers from Avery and other suppliers.
    • Others: Add partial transparency and shadow to your text and logos.

    -Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)/XP/Vista/2000/2003/NT/98

    –64 MB of RAM and less than 30 MB of hard drive space.

    -Cut-Copy-Paste: Offers cut-copy-paste functionality for all the design elements. You can also copy-paste texts and images from other applications.

    -Undo/Redo: Supports Undo/Redo.

    -Align/Rotate: You can align the selected elements to the right, left, top or bottom, or can rotate them to any desired angle.

    Bulk SMS MMS Broadcast Singapore – Auto Mass SMS – SMS Blast


    email blast advertising

    Email blast advertising

    SSL DigiCert Certified

    Email blast advertising

    SMS Voting Polling Survey

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    SMS Q A / Feedback / Presentation / Greeting

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    Contact Number Mining / Grabber

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    Email Mining Crawler Scanner Sniffer System

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    Who’s Online


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    Prompt Response. Reliable Service. Friendly Technical Staff on site to assist. . Singapore Power (SP Singapore)

    Accommodating and Delivered as promised. Well done Teddy and team! . IKEA Singapore

    The service render by the service provider is fantastic! They are always on hand to assist and guide the user till they are familiar with the system. The SMS system is also robust and very user friendly. . National Environment Agency

    Email blast advertising

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    Fort Digital Pte. Ltd. is TrustSG Certified for all your peace of mind conducting business with us, and we also certified TrustSG Auditor.

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    Official Singapore NDP (National Day Parade) SMS System

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    Guinness St Patrick Day SMS Campaign Case Study

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    Singapore Air Show 2016 Award

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    Dengue Alert SMS System

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    2013 NDP Award

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    Lucky Draw SMS

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    StandChart Marathon

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    Email blast advertisingEmail blast advertisingEmail blast advertising

    Email Open and Click-Through Rates: Benchmarks by Vertical #email #blasts #free


    Email Open and Click-Through Rates: Benchmarks by Vertical

    Published on May 13, 2013

    Education, retail, and computer hardware/electronics are the best-performing verticals in email marketing, according to a recent report released by Silverpop that benchmarked open rates, click-through rates, and churn metrics across 14 industries and four geographic regions.

    In addition, top marketers across all industries far outpace their peers with top quartile performers achieving click-through rates nearly four times higher than the median (8.8% compared with 2.3%).

    Among the other findings:

    • Emails sent by top performers in the education vertical had the highest unique open rate (46.1%) and highest click-through rate (12.8%).
    • The healthcare vertical had the best click-to-open rate (33%), which measures click-through rates as a percentage of messages opened.
    • Bottom quartile performers had a hard bounce rate of 6.9%, while top quartile companies experienced a rate of only 0.1%.

    Below, additional email marketing benchmarks and key findings from the 2013 Email Marketing Metrics Study :

    Unique open rate was defined in the report as the percentage of received messages that were opened by one recipient.

    • Consumer products scored the highest open rate among industry verticals, tallying a median 25.4% unique open rate.
    • While median open rates were fairly close across the board, top quartile performers achieved open rates more than four times higher than bottom quartile performers.

    Click-through rate (CTR) was defined as the percentage of delivered email messages that drew at least one click.

    • The education, healthcare, retail and consumer products/services verticals performed the best of the 14 industries studied.

    Hard bounce rate was defined as the percentage of sent messages that failed because the email address didn t exist or the account was closed.

    • Across industries, top quartile performers were very consistent, with all segments falling in the 0.1% to 0.2% range.
    • Top performing companies had hard bounce rates roughly one-seventieth that of bottom performers.

    Unsubscribe rate was defined as the percentage of delivered email messages that generated unsubscribe requests.

    • The best performers had a 0.03% unsubscribe rate across all regions, while the bottom quartile companies had a unsubscribe rate around 0.5%.

    Message size was defined as the size of an email message measured in kilobytes (KB), including all text, images and coding.

    • The majority of companies are keeping messages below 40KB with a median size of 15.9KB.

    About the research: The study examined messages sent in 2012 by Silverpop s client base 2,787 brands from 40 countries across a variety of industries. A broad set of message types was included in the study, from promotional emails and content-based newsletters to notifications and transactional messages.

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    • by adike vijayalakshmi Mon May 13, 2013 via mobile

    Wonderful analysis data for to proceed. Marketing ads development

  • by Bryan Mon May 13, 2013 via web

    What is/are the average list sizes sent to? Doesn’t that have to factor in to the percentages? Obviously a sender who has 1,000 in their send list will have a much higher percentage open rate and click thru rate compared to those who may have 10,000 in their database. I’d like to see the bell curve on list size compared to the above percentages.

  • by Cheryl McCullough Mon May 13, 2013 via web

    Some very interesting information. I know these are based on research but there’s no reason every company can’t have high rates no matter what industry they are in.

    Thank you for this information. Do you have any stats on Deliverability Rates? Please let me know.

    I wonder if web vs. mobile would add an interesting dimension to these results?

  • by Henrik Tue Jun 4, 2013 via web

    Great post. Somewhat difficult to draw conclusion though, considering the variety of underlying email formats. Would you have any stats for B2B marketing mails?
    All the best

  • by Sofia Andretti Wed Jun 12, 2013 via web

    I appreciate your article. This is the kind of information I am looking for. For travel industry, I also found a rate of .08% CTR for Flash ads. 09% for static ads. Source: DoubleClick for Advertisers, EMEA advertisers, a cross section of major industry verticals only. January – December 2009. Can you explain the difference between this number and your number of 2.1% average CTR for Travel? Thanks!

  • by Ayaz Nanji Wed Jun 12, 2013 via web

    Sofia – I think the CTRs you’re citing are for ads (as opposed to email CTRs in this article). That should explain the discrepancy. Thanks for commenting!

  • PC Hell: How to Set Yahoo As Your Default Email Program #yahoo


    If you use web-based email like Yahoo or Gmail, you know the biggest drawback occurs when you click on a link on a web page to email someone and you realize the default email program on your computer is not the web based email one. Instead of opening Yahoo Mail, Outlook Express or some other client-side email program opens. Of course, if you have Yahoo Mail Plus, you could setup Outlook Express or any other default email application to use it. But is there a simple way to set your default email application to Yahoo Mail or Gmail.

    There are actually two ways to accomplish this, unfortunately only one way works in both Windows XP and Windows Vista. If you follow the steps below you should be able to use the mailto links on a web page to email someone easily.

    Using Yahoo Messenger

    The first way to set Yahoo as your default email program is to install Yahoo Messenger. Yahoo Messenger can be download at If its installed correctly it will set Yahoo as your default email application. You will need to install the Browser Services option to make this work properly. Without the browser services installed, you still cannot set Yahoo Mail as your default.

    Once Yahoo Messenger is installed, follow these steps to set the default email program.

    1) Open Control Panel
    2) Double-click on Internet Options
    3) Click on the Program tab
    4) Select Yahoo Mail from the drop down list (as shown below)

    5) Click Ok
    6) Close Control Panel

    Unfortunately, this procedure DOES NOT work with Windows Vista computers.

    YAttach! is a free simple to install program developed by a fellow named Chris Wood. It was created to allow someone to attach files to Yahoo Mail but works great at opening Yahoo Mail with a new message window all filled out when you click a mailto link on a web page. YAttach works in Windows XP and Windows Vista.

    Yattach! sets itself as the default email program in Windows and will work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and other browsers. When you click on a mailto link you’ll see a window pop up similar to the one below, then it will open Yahoo Mail and create a new message with the To: field already filled in.

    Sometimes, the program will appear to hang at the screen above instead of opening Yahoo Mail. This issue can be easily resolved by logging into Yahoo Mail and choosing the option to “keep me signed in”.

    YAttach! is the easiest to use program to allow web based email programs the ability to send documents directly from your computer or intercept mailto links clicked on web pages.

    There is also a program called GAttach! that accomplishes the same thing for Gmail. My only complaint about that version is that it creates a message in the drafts folder instead of opening a new message window. Because of that issue, I prefer the Gmail Notifier. During the installation of the Gmail Notifier be sure to check the box for “use for outgoing email”.

    Printer Friendly Version of This Page

    Top Email Marketing Software – 2017 Reviews & Pricing, top email marketing


    Email Marketing Software

    Price Range



    Campaign Monitor



    Xert Precision Suite


    Zoho Campaigns

    PlanPlus Online



    Oracle Marketing Cloud

    Real Magnet

    Buyer’s Guide

    Market Research Associate

    Last Updated: August 14, 2017

    Email marketing is one of the most popular marketing techniques around. In fact, if measured by volume alone, it s probably the most popular marketing method of all time! So what exactly is email marketing, what does it accomplish for businesses and why is it so popular? We answer these and other questions below.

    Many describe email marketing as the online version of direct mail marketing. They re similar, since both help companies reach out to customers with their marketing message. They re also similar because both are relatively cheap and so can be sent in large quantities. This lets companies reach larger and wider audiences with greater frequency and lower expense.

    While there are some similarities, it s not until we look at the differences between the two methods that email marketing really begins to shine. Most significantly and unlike direct mail, emails are trackable. This allows marketers to see which recipients are engaging with their content and, in some cases, how they engage with it. Mature email marketing efforts use this information to refine future marketing efforts, whether by email or other channels.

    Email marketing software is the tool that businesses use to run and automate common email marketing tasks. The software is also used to measure the engagement and impact of each email marketing campaign and to help companies find better ways of segmenting their customers and audience. (While it s theoretically possible to engage in email marketing without dedicated software, the vast majority of companies need the automation that email marketing software provides in order for it to be a profitable strategy.)

    This guide will help you learn more about email marketing software systems and their range of functions. With this information you ll be ready to make the right purchase decision and put email marketing to work for you. Here’s what we’ll cover:

    Reviewers’ Choice

    Top email marketing software

    Reviewers’ Choice Products

    IiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange, hosted exchange email.#Hosted #exchange #email


    iiNet Email Hosting with Microsoft Exchange

    iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange is enterprise class email for everyday small businesses. You get seamless integration with Outlook, a rich web client, synchronisation across your mobile devices and tools for improved team collaboration.

    Exchange 1

    $ 2 95 /mailbox per month

    • 3GB of email storage
    • Use your own domain name
    • POP/IMAP support
    • Outlook Web Access
    • Sync emails, calendars contacts
    • Push notification for mobile devices
    • 30 day money back guarantee



    Ideal For

    Exchange 2

    $ 6 95 /mailbox per month

    • 25GB of email storage
    • Use your own domain name
    • POP/IMAP support
    • Outlook Web Access
    • Sync emails, calendars contacts
    • Push notification for mobile devices
    • 30 day money back guarantee


    Syncs with

    Ideal For

    All iiNet Hosted Microsoft Exchange plans include these neat extras:

    No contract required

    Aliases email forwarding

    Distribution lists

    Included antivirus antispam

    14 day deleted items retention

    30MB outgoing message size

    Hosted exchange email

    The iiNet difference

    Hosted locally, right here in Australia.

    iiNet Hosted Microsoft ExchangeВ infrastructure is housed locally, meaning faster access, no data sovereignty issuesВ or scheduled outages in the middle of the day.

    Award winning customer service

    Hosted Microsoft Exchange is supported by iiNet’s award winning support team. Our dedicated and experienced hosting team is ready to take your call.

    No. 2 DSL provider,

    No. 1 hosting partner

    Trusting someone else with critical emails can be daunting. With over 1.2 million services and our award winning hosting platform, iiNet knows a thing or two about managing large systems reliably.

    The full Outlook experience

    Contacts, calendars, tasks. Everywhere you are.

    • Hosted exchange email

    iiNet’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange has rich integration with Outlook allowing it to work seamlessly with all major features available in Outlook. Create out of office replies, manage inbox rules, organise emails through conversation view and even recover deleted items.

  • Hosted exchange emailHosted exchange email

    All iiNet’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange plan comes with access to Outlook Web Access, providing a desktop-like experience and is compatible with most major browsers. For customers hosted on Exchange Plan 2, you can also sync emails, contacts and calendars across your mobile devices; allowing you to check-in from wherever you are.

  • Hosted exchange email

    Sharing calendars and contacts across teams and managing resource bookings (cars and meeting rooms) will all become second nature thanks to the power of Outlook and iiNet’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange.

    Hosted exchange email

    Mobility, upgraded.

    Keep on top of work, when you’re not at work

    Advanced Control Panel

    • Hosted exchange email

    iiNet provides Hosted Microsoft Exchange customers with a control panel to manage their employees’ mailboxes. Through this control panel you can easily add remove mailboxes; create aliases forwards and manage multiple domain names.

  • Hosted exchange email

    Our hosting control panel allows you to easily delegate access to your mailbox to another member of your team. This is especially useful if you have a business partner, receptionist or assistant that needs to interact on your behalf.

  • Hosted exchange email

    If you have a resource (e.g. meeting room or company car) that is shared amongst various members in your team, use Exchange to help you manage bookings of those appointments.

  • Hosted exchange email

    Creating distribution lists for your teams is a cinch with iiNet’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange. Create a single email address that can be distributed to various members of your team. For example sales, support, billing emails.

  • Macs html email marketing template – Free Download #macs #html #email #marketing


    Arclab MailList Controller is an email mailing list management. emailmarketing and email newsletter software solution for windows designed to send out personalized email messages. email newsletter services. list automation and opt-in permission emailmarketing. The email newsletter software and opt-in emailmarketing software runs on MS Windows machines.

    THIS PACK CONTAINS 3 XML DRIVEN TEMPLATE S. PLEASE PREVIEW THESE TEMPLATE S BELOW. SAVE 50% PER TEMPLATE BY PURCHASING THE WHOLE PACK. THE PACKAGE CONTAINS THE FOLLOWING TEMPLATE S: PowerFULL XML TEMPLATE http://www. net/component/powerfull_xml_template. html XML Creative Studio Template http://www. net/component/xml_customizable_creative_flash_template. html XML Collage Template http://www.

    Nesox Email Marketer Business Edition 1.95

    Nesox Email Marketer is a bulk email newsletter software and opt-in emailmarketing software for targeted mailing list building. email campaigns creating. Email Marketer is the perfect desktop solution for all your targeted emailmarketing needs and it covers every aspect of bulk emailmarketing. Email Marketer helps you create successful opt-in newsletter and emailmarketing campaigns.

    Tickets from Template s. 99/- with more then 100 Free Template s. Easy Flyer Creator is the best way to Create. leaflets and other Marketing Material. After Making Flyers user can Print and Share his Doucments via FTP and Email. Easy Flyer Creator Makes and Design Flyers. Brochures and Leaflets from Template s. It is the most easy to use desktop publishing software in market. you just choose the template.

    For the commencement of OLM to PST conversion the users at first have to opt for such a tremendous convert Mac mail to Outlook utility which should not only be proficient to migrate from Mac to Windows platform however also to make one read Mac Outlook email s in Outlook platform prior to the installation of any additional E-Mail application. The tools to change Mac to Windows not anymore convert Mac email to outlook since from now onwards it will convert Mac mail to PST.

    This tool is Professional high performance emailmarketing software for targeted bulk emailmarketing campaigns and email lists building at your desktop. With This tool You can easily manage mailing lists for your subscribers. create high personalized HTML messages and newsletters and send them in just few minutes. The tool is the most comprehensive and yet simple tool among the leading emailmarketing software.

    Email Marketing Specialist #email #marketing #los #angeles


    FabFitFun is looking for an Email Marketing Specialist to help develop, manage, and optimize lifecycle, transactional, and promotional email campaigns. You’ll be working closely with our Managing Editor, while creating beautiful and effective campaigns.

    In your cover letter, please let us know why you think email marketing is still relevant today.

    Day-to-Day, You Will:

    • Do day-to-day production of email campaigns
    • Report on key KPIs
    • Develop and execute email marketing strategies in promotional, transactional, and highly targeted trigger campaigns across the customer lifecycle
    • Establish and manage a rigorous A/B testing platform to enhance productivity, deliverability, and customer engagement
    • Work with our Managing Editor to build the email marketing calendar
    • Work closely with our Art team to develop artwork and copy to fulfill channel objectives and deliver on brand look, tone, and feel
    • Work closely with our Growth team to improve back-end automation, as well as to launch and optimize lead nurturing and win-back campaigns
    • Stay on current trends and best practices in email marketing
    • Contribute new innovative ideas towards the growth of FabFitFun
    • At least 1 year of experience working directly in email marketing
    • Bachelor’s degree
    • Copywriting/ copyediting skills
    • Proficiency in AP Style
    • Light HTML experience
    • Experience working with MailChimp or a comparable email marketing program (example: bonus if you’ve ever worked with Sailthru or Iterable)
    • Experience working with Excel
    • A knack for being incredibly organized
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
    • Experience working well in a fast-paced environment

    Bonus Points for:

    • Interest in beauty, fashion, fitness, and women’s lifestyle
    • Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, Marketing, or Communications
    • Familiarity with automated drip campaigns
    • Subscription box / start up experience
    • Experience with CSS

    FabFitFun, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and will not tolerate discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, disability, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally protected classification or status.

    Digital Marketing Course Online – Certification Course, email marketing companies in bangalore.#Email



    Email marketing companies in bangalore

    The world in now online and popularity of Digital Marketing is increasing day by day. Every established company or a startup needs a Digital Marketing expert – which has made Digital Marketing one of the most sought after skills.


    At present, all the functions in business involve digital platforms. That’s why every individual demands the basic knowledge & techniques which are being used commonly in digital marketing. It is one of the most economical and beneficial skills you can acquire nowadays. This course has been designed to meet the expanding needs for Marketeers who are skilled in the utilization of a unique blend of technology using search engine tools & social media channels.

    Digital Marketing Course Details:

    As the name suggests, digital marketing can be termed as an approach, a strategy, or a branding and marketing exercise using digital platforms. Digital Marketing is the promotion of your brand, product or service online. It includes many channels namely SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay per click and Affiliate Marketing.

    Following topics are covered in the Online Digital Marketing course by EduPristine:

    Introduction To Digital Marketing:

    • Planning Digital Marketing Campaign
    • Website Planning and Development
    • Essentials of a website

    Google Analytics:

    • Fundamentals of Google analytics
    • Monitoring bounce rate
    • Tracking conversions
    • Monitoring Traffic Source Performance
    • Monitoring Visitor behavior
    • Setting up Dashboards

    Search Engine Optimization:

    • SEO Strategy
    • Tools to find keywords (paid & free)
    • Keyword research
    • Planning SEO of a website
    • On Page Optimization
    • Off Page Optimization
    • Google Search Console
    • Content Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing:

    • Online advertising & Ad Networks
    • Introduction to Google AdWords
    • Keyword Research
    • Creation of Search Campaigns
    • Writing Compelling Ad Copies
    • Creation of Effective Campaigns and Ad groups

    Search Engine Marketing:

    • Display Campaigns
    • Tracking & measuring ROI of online advertising
    • Optimizing Ad Performance
    • Strategy of allocate funds to various online advertising platforms

    Strategy for Social Media Marketing:

    • Defining the communication strategy
    • Setting up brand presence
    • Social Listening
    • Engaging with followers
    • Facebook Marketing

    Social Medial Marketing

    • Essentials of Writing a good email
    • Using Opt-in
    • Segmentation of subscribers
    • Scheduling sending frequency
    • Blacklisting
    • Email Service Provider
    • Split testing and A/B testing of campaign
    • Monitoring Email Campaign
    • Post Campaign Strategies
    • Going mobile & Competitor Benchmarking
    • Affiliate/Ecommerce Marketing
    • Setting up a lead management system
    • Landing Pages Optimization
    • Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Growth Hacking
    • Apply all the learnings of the course on one of the assigned websites and create a future actionable plan


    Lectures were very informative and on par with the current times. Approachable lecturers and lively environment has aided in making the course a memorable one. This course will certainly help everyone looking to make big in the Digital Industry.

    The Structure of the digital marketing course online is understandable and well-organized. This course is a great foundation for Digital Marketing jobs, which makes it a course worth looking out for. The Staff is co-operative, hence making it easy for us to grasp the nitty-gritties of Digital Marketing through their practical approach. I strongly recommend people to take this course..

    Trained employees from the following corporates

    Many companies agree that it’s a effective strategy to train their employee in Digital Marketing for better ROI. Following are the top industries and Companies which trained their employees to improve their skills and efficiency.

    • Bennett coleman and co.
    • Haworth India
    • Max life insurance
    • Reliance communication ltd.
    • Oxford Brookes University – IIMT
    • The Body Shop India
    • Birla White (Aditya Birla Group)
    • Tech Mahindra Business Services Pvt. Ltd.
    • Ogilvy Mather
    • Meru Cab Company Pvt. Ltd.
    • Sahara Worldwide Ltd.
    • iBall
    • Hyundai
    • Sony
    • Webazaar
    • Samsung
    • ICICI
    • Tata Consultancy Services
    • Kotak Mahindra Bank
    • Business Standard Ltd
    • Netcore Solutions
    • Godrej
    • Renaissance Holdings Developers (P) Ltd
    • London School Of Commerce
    • KidZania India
    • Times Of India
    • Tata Sky Ltd
    • Emirates Airlines
    • Toyota

    Online Digital Marketing Training by EduPristine

    Live Online Classes are being conducted using professional grade IT conferencing system from Citrix. The students can interact with the faculty in real-time during the class using chat and voice. The students will be required to install a light-weight IT application on their device which could be a laptop, desktop, tablet or a mobile. Citrix supports Windows, iOS operating system and recommends an internet speed of 1 MBPS at the user’s end.

    Digital Marketing Career

    It is believed that Digital Marketing is the most demanding job roles of the marketing mix nowadays. It has grown rapidly in the past few years as more and more businesses are realizing the importance of a good online presence.

    According to LinkedIn, SEO/SEM Marketing is one of the top 10 skills that can get you hired globally. There is a huge shortage of specialized professionals. Digital Marketing is here to stay and everyone wants to be a part of its future. After completing digital marketing training you can work in the following digital marketing job roles

    1. Digital Marketing Manager
    2. SEO Manager
    3. SEM Specialist and Digital Sales Executive
    4. Content Manager
    5. Social Media brand manager
    6. Email Marketing Specialist
    7. Mobile Marketing expert
    8. Web Analytics Executive

    The average salary for a Digital Marketing Manager is 4 to 5 lakhs per annum. Most people move on to other job roles of digital marketing if they have more experience in this field. The highest paying skills associated with this job are Strategic Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Google Analytics, and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

    Digital Marketing Course Highlights of EduPristine

    Live Virtual Classroom

    Webinar(Live Virtual Classes) covering all topics. Learn from Digital Marketing Industry Experts and Prepare yourself for Google certification

    Online Materials

    Topic Wise study material in the form of Presentation and Case Studies

    Quiz/Assignment with detailed answers and explanation

    Doubt solving forum to interact with faculty & fellow students


    Login id and password validity for a year.


    Prepare yourself for Digital and Google certification.


    Participants get placement assistance after successful completion of the course.

    24×7 Online Access

    24×7 Access to Course Material (Unlocked Excel Models, Presentations, etc.)

    MailArchiva Email Archiving, Email Discovery, Email Compliance, email discovery software.#Email #discovery #software


    Email Discovery

    Find Emails with Ease

    Email Archiving

    Store Emails Reliably

    Email Compliance

    Comply with Archiving Regulations

    MailArchiva V5 Released

    We are proud to the annouce the release of MailArchiva V5.

    Export To PDF With Attachment Content

    Finally! It is no longer necessary to print out attachments separately. When fulfilling a records request, it is now possible to include attachment content in PDF exports. MailArchiva automatically renders attachment content in the PDF export file. Most common file formats (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.) are supported.

    Predictive Coding

    Predictive coding reduces the cost of e-Discovery by automating the process of finding relevant documents in and amongst a larger corpus of documents. Users first build a training set by identifying responsive (i.e. relevant) and non-responsive (irrelevant) documents. Thereafter, advanced machine learning algorithms are used to predict further documents that might be relevant to the e-Discovery search.

    Synonym Search

    Exact keyword matching has its limitations. With synonym search, it is possible to match keywords with a similar meaning. For instance, when performing a keyword search using the word dog , documents containing the word hound will also appear in the search results.

    Find Similar Document

    Select multiple emails, and click the Find Similar button to find similar emails to selected ones. The Find Similar feature is useful when looking for emails that are closely related to one another. It achieves this by maximizing term frequency inverse document frequency scores (tf*idf).

    Find Similar Attachment

    Drag a file of any common format (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, PDF, etc.) and drop on the search bar to find similar documents to the content of that file. It is based on same tf*idf engine of the Find Similar feature above.

    Search For Unrecognized / Encrypted Documents

    When performing a records request, it is useful to know exactly which documents are excluded from a result set due to the fact they are either encrypted or contain attachments of an unrecognized format. A simple search using the macros %encrypted% and %unrecognized% reveals all encrypted and unrecognized documents, respectively.

    Search Keyword Highlighting

    After performing a search, the matching keywords are highlighted inside message body and attachment content. This usability feature draws the users attention to specific areas of a document for speedy review.

    Drag n Drop Import

    It is now possible to drag n drop huge export files ( 3GB) from the desktop right onto the import dialog for convenient and easy ingestion.

    Soft Reindex

    To ensure uninterrupted searching, existing indexes are no longer deleted at the start of the reindex process. Rather, they are updated so as to ensure that users can continue to obtain comprehensive search results throughout the reindexing process.

    Quick Attachment Peek

    Take a quick peek at the contents of an attachment, without the hassle of having to download and open using client software. At the click of a button, MailArchiva displays the content of attachment from within the MailArchiva console.

    Analytics Enhancements

    Analytics now outputs statistics on different attachment types. Shows outgoing and incoming percentage split between images, audio, text, video pdf, document, presentation, spreadsheet and other.

    Export Entire Mailbox to PST

    Right click user on tree view to export entire mailbox to PST.

    GUI Enhancements

    Icons have been added to the MailArchiva Console.

    Copyright Stimulus Software. All rights reserved.

    Voted Among Top 20 Most Promising e-Discovery Providers

    Email discovery software

    Copyright Stimulus Software. All rights reserved.

    Happy Holidays

    Email discovery software

    Copyright Stimulus Software. All rights reserved.

    MailArchiva V4 Now Available

    We are proud to announce the availability of MailArchiva V4. This version includes the following significant features:

    • Conversation threads – Follow the conversation threads between people. MailArchiva uses sophisticated pattern matching algorithms to construct the linkages between emails.

  • Social graph – Chart the connections between people based on their email communications. This feature reveals surprizing insights on the nature of the human networks in your organization.

  • Advanced statistics – View detailed statistics on traffic flow, mailbox size, attachment types per user and domain. Such analytics data is useful for a myraid of use cases, for instance, capacity planning.

  • Task Manager – The rudimentary process monitor page is replaced with an always accessible task manager.

  • REST API – Simplified search, retrieval and archival of data using REST API. Minimizes the hassle and time needed to integrate MailArchiva into third party enterprise apps.
  • Copyright Stimulus Software. All rights reserved.

    MailArchiva Multitenant Brings New Business Opportunities for ISP’s and Cloud Providers

    Stimulus Software s MailArchiva product is redesigned for multitenancy, enabling ISP s and cloud providers to offer cost-effective email archiving and e-Discovery solutions in the cloud.

    Stimulus Software is pleased to announce a major update to their MailArchiva product. The new version brings native multitenancy to the platform, enabling ISP s and cloud hosting providers to expand on their product portfolio and tap into the lucrative e-Discovery market.

    In recent times, many ISP s are experiencing increased competition and lower margins in traditional areas such as email, anti-virus and anti-spam. As a result, ISP s are under pressure to bolster their offerings by deploying higher value added services.

    Until the advent of MailArchiva Multitenant (MT), offering e-Discovery services in the cloud had largely been the preserve of specialist e-Discovery providers. Using MailArchiva MT, it is now possible for any ISP serious about protecting their customer s data, to offer cost effective email archiving and e-Discovery solutions to their customer base.

    e-Discovery and email archiving is a great complement for those ISP s already accustomed to delivering mail related services such as email, anti-spam and anti-virus. Furthermore, the e-Discovery related regulatory requirements imposed on many businesses, serve as a powerful driver for the take up of the service. said Jamie Band, CEO of Stimulus Software.

    The MailArchiva MT product includes everything an ISP needs to centrally manage and deploy email archiving services to their customer base over the Internet. Furthermore, due to its support for native multitenancy, new customers can be added to the system with minimal hardware overhead.

    In recognition of the fact that many ISP s have already invested heavily in their brands, ISP s are free to market and run their email archiving and discovery service under their own brand. With the release of MailArchiva MT, it seems, forward thinking ISP s finally have the means to capitalize on an e-Discovery market that is anticipated grow to an est. $2.3 billion in 2016 (Radicati Group).

    Copyright Stimulus Software. All rights reserved.

    Cerberus Helpdesk Download Linux – Softpedia Linux #cerberus #helpdesk, #download #cerberus #helpdesk,


    Cerberus Helpdesk or Cerb is a web-based commercial, platform-independent and open source email response system that is easy to integrate, customize and extend. It was created to decrease the need for time-consuming and redundant human interaction with customers.

    Originally written as a trouble ticket system, Cerberus Helpdesk helps your sales, billing or support departments to be able to easily and quickly interact with inbound customer email inquiries. With more 12 years of continuous innovation, Cerb has been successfully deployed on over 18,000 organizations.

    Features at a glance

    Key features include email fetch and retrieve support, adaptive anti-spam engine, web-based support portal, service level agreements, due date management and schedules, email templates, as well as a comprehensive knowledge base.

    When using Cerb, your employees will be able to work efficiently, capture feedback and collaborate with customers better, from anywhere in the world, automate workflow, flag opportunities, share expert knowledge, stay informed, build shared workspaces, manage tasks, reply to huge number of emails, as well as to remember anything about anyone.

    Pricing and availability

    While you will be able to download a free trial of Cerb, or grab the latest source code from GitHub and compile it yourself, pricing starts from 252 USD (202 EUR) per seat if you install the software on your hardware, as well as 25 USD (20 EUR) per month per seat if you host Cerberus Helpdesk in the cloud.

    Supported operating systems and requirements

    At the moment, Cerberus Helpdesk has been successfully tested with numerous GNU/Linux distributions, as well as with the BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. It supports the Apache, Nginx or IIS web servers, the MySQL 5.0 or newer database server, and PHP 5.3 or newer, which should have the gd, mysql, mailparse, imap, dom, json, spl and mbstring extensions installed. The xcache and memcache PHP extensions are recommended.

    New in Cerberus Helpdesk 7.0.4:

    • We design major functionality updates with backwards compatibility in mind — both technically and conceptually. This means that when you update between two versions in the same generation (e.g. 6.8 to 6.9), you can expect your environment to still meet the same system requirements, and your workers should still feel completely familiar with how the interface and common functionality works.
    • Every two years or so, we plan and release a generational update. Those are the milestone where we allow ourselves to break backwards compatibility. We remove features and concepts that have been deprecated by new improvements along the way, and we introduce new features and concepts based on thousands of ongoing discussions with the community and several more years of accumulated experience. Generational updates may be a bit more disruptive than typical updates, but they are where Cerb takes big leaps forward.
    • Each generation of Cerb has had a central theme:
    • In 4.x, the theme was a clean slate. We completely rewrote Cerb from scratch to use modern design principles, to be highly stable and secure, to enable a much faster pace of development, and to be extensible through plugins with our Devblocks framework.

    Read the full changelog

    Best Email Clients 2017 – Compare Reviews and Pricing #email #program, #email


    Compare Email Clients

    How to Choose the Right Email Client

    An email client is a software computer program that is used to efficiently and effectively manage emails. A good email client can save you time and energy as it aggregates all of your email addresses into one spot while giving you functionality not found in most web-mail solutions. When searching for an email client, there are certain features you should look for. Possessing basic functionality such as HTML Support and UTF-8 can assure that you never run into problems with formatting. Message labeling and virtual folders will make organizing your emails extremely simple while image blocking and spam filtering will keep you safe from unwarranted solicitation.

    Make sure to use the filters on the left hand side to find the best email software for you. First, select the platform of the computer from which you will be accessing the email client, this will assure that the software will function properly on your system. Use the Software License filter to differentiate between paid and free email clients. Then use the General and Message Features filters to find a solution with all the tools you need to take control of your emails.

    Software License

    The type of software license that the email client is distributed under.

    • Free Software License. A free software license will usually allow for use, alteration, and even resale of the software without any fee.
    • Proprietary. A proprietary software license can be purchased for personal use.

    The chart above displays the percentage breakdown of software license across all Email Clients on SoftwareInsider.

    General Features

    These general features reflect the functionality of the email client.

    • Conversation View. The conversation view feature consolidates related replies into one email. This creates a thread of back and forth emails, creating a conversation out of several messages.
    • Encryption. Email encryption secures the contents of the message through authentication protocols and cryptography. This protects the content of the messages from being intercepted and read by unintended third parties. Some email software deal exclusively with providing secure encryption and validation functionality.
    • HTML Support. An email client with HTML support will be able to read and present HTML tags in the emails contents, whereas an email software without HTML support will not be able to transform text dependent on HTML tags.
    • Image Blocking. The image blocking feature can be set to block images in your emails by default. This will speed up your email load time and protect you from inappropriate spam.
    • Local Spam Filtering. Local spam filtering refers to the email software’s ability to filter out spam after it has been distributed to you from the mail server, allowing your local computer to automatically filter out unwanted mail.
    • PGP Support. PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy, which is a legacy encryption program. Email software with this feature will have increased privacy and security by supporting the PG framework.
    • Phishing Filtering. Phishing is a way to extract personal information from a victim who would not normally give that information to the perpetrating party. The victim gives this information to the other party because they are fooled to believe that the other party is actually a trusted source, such as the victim’s bank or health insurance provider.
    • Scheduled Backup. A scheduled backup will automatically create backup copies of your emails in order to prevent valuable data loss in the event of a system failure or other error.
    • Server Spam Filter. The server spam filtering features signifies that the email software allows the server to screen for and remove spam emails before they even reach your computer.
    • UTF-8. UTF-8 is a character encoding unicode. This allows you to write emails in a variety of fonts.
    • Virtual Folders. Virtual folders allow you to easily organize your emails in folders which you create.

    The chart above displays the percentage breakdown of general features across all Email Clients on SoftwareInsider.

    Message Features

    These features relate to the type of messaging functionality included in the email clients.

    • Bi-Directional Text Support. Bi-directional text support allows emails to be read and written in any language. An email software without bi-directional text support can only support languages that read left to right (ex. English or Russian); email software with bi-directional text support can display languages that read right to left as well (ex. Arabic or Hebrew).
    • Bottom-Posts Replies. The bottom-posts replies feature automatically posts a reply to an email underneath the original quoted email in order to provide context.
    • Message Labeling. The message labeling feature allows you to add labels to an email or ‘conversation’ (group of subsequent emails). These labels act in the same way that folders do, in that they allow you to organize your emails by category. The difference between folders and labels is that more than one label can be added to an email.
    • Reformat Received Messages. Reformatting received messages allows you to change the layout of an email that was sent by someone else.
    • Scheduled Message Sending. Scheduled message sending allows you to delay sending a message until a specified time.
    • Signatures. The signatures feature signifies the ability to add a signature with your name, title, and contact information underneath any email you send automatically.
    • Spell Check. Spell check automatically checks your spelling inside of the email in order to eliminate typos.

    The chart above displays the percentage breakdown of message features across all Email Clients on SoftwareInsider.

    Smart Rating

    The SoftwareInsider Smart Rating for email software is a weighted average ratings from CNET, PCMAG, and

    Range across all Email Clients

    SMSWEB – SMS – Email Messaging Services for Schools Wishing to Communicate


    SMS Service

    An online communications solutions provider, working with schools in South Africa for the last 14 years, sms web enables schools to keep parents up-to-date with what is happening at the school via SMS amp; Email messaging. Schools can use our stand-alone web based platform or connect to our system via nbsp;their existing administration system.

    sms web prides itself on offering exceptionally high levels of service to our schools and works as a communications solutions provider, tailoring solutions to each school. What we have learnt over the last 14 years is that each school is different and has different needs.

    We offer the most cost-effective nbsp;packages for schools and can give you wold class nbsp;SMS amp; Email services to suit your budget and communications needs.

    “Thank you all at smsweb for the smsweb system. We are now able to keep our parents informed if we are sending out letters, having a parents evening, handing out reports etc. In the past when we handed letters to the pupils to give to their parents, very few of the letters reached the parents. Especially in the case of the difficult pupils, where they don’t want you to be in contact with their parents. We are able now to inform parents if pupils do not arrive at school. Inform them of problems in class and good and not so good results of tests. It is a wonderful system for last minute changes in closing times. In a culture where pupils have to be fetched from school it enables us to inform parents of cancelled sports fixtures etc. I don’t know how we managed before it.
    TEL: (011) 435-0362 ”


    “The SMS Service specifically helps our Pre-Primary with important messaging like the Big event that we had yesterday. It is also helping us get rid of a lot of excess paper in that we do not have to send out as many flyers to inform parents of things happening at the school, which often they do not even collect let alone read, making it very environmentally friendly and cost effective. I also use it as a reminder to pay monthly fees and to remind parents should the child need to bring a specific item to school. It has really enhanced our administration and communication channels and we cannot imagine life without SMSWEB.
    TEL: (011) 782-7212”


    “Firstly I would like to thank SMSWeb for this great service that you and your team is offering our school. Last night the Governing body had a meeting and one of the topics is the positive feedback from our parents. The parents just can not get enough sms’s. Now for the first time the school can keep them up to date with everything happening. Nothing is a crisis anymore … this morning we had cancellations on our netball championships, it took us only one SMS to short out the problem. Parents do not always have the time to read newsletters, but you would not believe the response of the sms. Thank you again for the BEST SMS service.
    TEL: (017) 634-7612”


    “Since we began using SMSWEB’s service at the start of last year we have had nothing but positive feedback from our parents at the school. We use the service primarily for notifying parents of changes in matches, venues, onset of wet weather, special events, etc. The service is very simple to use and to update. We have had a noticeable drop in complaints from parents not knowing what is happening as they feel far more informed and up to date. I thoroughly recommend the use of this service in both the academic and commercial sectors. It is a very practical, affordable and efficient method of communication and the service from SMSWEB has been outstanding.
    TEL: (021) 659-1052”


    “SMSWEB has opened new doors for our school, and we will never look back. Parents do not read letters, even if it just a short note, but they read a sms. Things could change very quikly in a school day, for instance if the weather changes, the sport arrangements have to be changed. In today’s world where it is not safe for children on the streets, it is a valuable asset to keep parents informed about the school programme all the time. Thank you to smsweb for this wonderful tool you put in our hands.
    TEL: (046) 653-0651”


    OneProvider – Dedicated servers #hosting, #dedicated #server, #dedicated #hosting #server, #server #hosting

    value=””>Home value=”#”>Why? value=”/hosting-provider/why-one-provider”> Why OneProvider? value=”/hosting-provider/onepanel”> OnePanel™ value=”/dedicated-servers-locations”>Dedicated servers value=”/dedicated-servers-locations”> All Server Locations value=”/dedicated-servers-in-north-america”> North America value=”/dedicated-servers-in-europe”> Europe value=”/dedicated-servers-in-asia”> Asia value=”/dedicated-servers-in-south-and-central-america”> South and Central America value=”/dedicated-servers-in-oceania”> Oceania value=”/dedicated-servers-in-africa”> Africa value=”/dedicated-servers/dedicated-server-promotions”>Promotions! value=”/dedicated-servers/dedicated-server-promotions”> Current Promotions value=”/dedicated-servers/clearance-deals”> Clearance Deals value=”/onecloud”>OneCloud™ value=”/onecloud/ssd-virtual-servers”> SSD Virtual Servers value=”/onecloud/students”> OneCloud for Students value=”#”>Complex solutions value=”/complex-dedicated-hosting-solutions/complex-solutions”> Complex Solutions value=”/complex-dedicated-hosting-solutions/colocation”> Colocation value=”#”>Support value=”/support/support-center”> Support Center value=”/support/vip-support”> VIP Support value=”/support/frequently-asked-questions”> F.A.Q. value=”/about-us”>About us value=”/about-us/terms-of-service”> Terms of Service value=”/about-us/acceptable-usage-policy”> Acceptable Usage Policy value=”/about-us/service-level-agreement”> SLA value=”/about-us/privacy-policy”> Privacy Policy

    What is OneProvider?

    Customer Panel billing system

    • OneProvider’s unique OnePanel
    • Unified billing system
    • 7 node monitoring system

    Enhanced Customer Support

    • 24 / 7 / 365 Technical Support
    • Server monitoring Remote Reboot
    • Ticket system and LiveChat

    Locations near you!

    • Determining your location.

    All our locations are listed below!

    Why a Dedicated server?

    Dedicated servers are more flexible than shared hosting, as your organization have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system and hardware. Try the power of our worldwide hosting service today!

    Email archiving for your on-premise – cloud-based email platforms #email #archiving #compliance


    Ensure compliance and reduce mail server costs with your email archiving solution

    The only email archiving solution you need

    Email is flexible and convenient—often serving as an organization’s primary written communication channel. As such, more than half of an organization’s’ confidential information is stored in email form, which, when paired with stringent email retention policies, creates momentous challenges for IT departments. Not only must admins protect valuable email records, they must also address storage costs and deliver against legal, regulatory, and corporate governance requirements.

    Arcserve UDP Archiving resolves these business challenges, giving small and overstretched IT teams the ability to manage their entire data protection and email archiving strategies through a single, elegantly simple user console.

    Supporting on-premise and cloud-based email platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Domino, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Gmail, Arcserve’s email archiving solution delivers robust capabilities on- and off-site, as well as across multiple tenants and languages:

    Automatically capture and retain emails as encrypted, unalterable corporate records right from the moment they’re sent and received

    Quickly and accurately search, retrieve, and export emails for legal discovery and compliance audits

    Automatically remove email records when retention periods have expired, simplifying lifecycle management

    Save time and money by reducing mail server storage, while simultaneously increasing email platform performance

    Effortlessly manage emails against exclusion, hold, and disposition policies

    Cisco IronPort ESA – Log Integration & Reporting #ironport #email


    Cisco IronPort ESA

    Applies To: Cisco IronPort Email Security Appliance AsyncOS v8.0, v9.0 and v10.0.


    Cisco IronPort Email Security Appliance provides security against antispam, antivirus, encryption, digital rights management, and archiving technologies to halt. The Email Security Appliance is the industry’s first proven zero-hour antivirus solution. It offers a best-in-class capability to control and encrypt sensitive outbound email.

    EventTracker Enterprise monitors and generates the alerts and reports for Inbound and Outbound SMTP authentication logs, HTTP activity, System activity and User login logs from Cisco IronPort ESA.

    EventTracker Knowledge Pack for Cisco IronPort ESA allows you to monitor the following components:-

    • Operations – Email bounced, User authentication success, System activity, HTTP activity and FTP activity.
    • Security – File reputation, CLI audit and Message scanning status.
    • Compliance – User authentication failed, Inbound SMTP authentication failed and Outbound SMTP authentication failed.

    Once Cisco IronPort ESA is configured to deliver events to EventTracker Manager; alerts, dashboards and reports can be configured into EventTracker.

    Some of the Knowledge Packs available in EventTracker are listed below. For more information, please refer Integration Guide.



    • Cisco IronPort ESA-Email bounced: This alert is generated when any email is bounced from Cisco IronPort ESA.


    • Cisco IronPort ESA-Email bounced: This report provides the information related to Email bounced.
    • Cisco IronPort ESA-User authentication success: This report provides the information about username who logged in successfully to the appliance.
    • Cisco IronPort ESA-HTTP activity: This report provides the information about username who accessed the requested resources through HTTP method.
    • Cisco IronPort ESA-System activity: This report provides the information about configuration changed by the admin.
    • Cisco IronPort ESA-FTP activity: This report provides information related to upload, download of documents by the user on Cisco IronPort ESA.



    • Cisco IronPort ESA-CLI audit: This report provides the information related to commands entered by the user for the particular CLI session.
    • Cisco IronPort ESA-Message scanning status: This report provides the information related to attachments dropped due to anivirus positive, anti-spam suspect.
    • Cisco IronPort ESA-File reputation: This report provides the information about initialization of file reputation query and response received for file reputation query from file reputation server.



    • Cisco IronPort ESA-Inbound SMTP authentication failed: This alert is generated when SMTP authentication attempts made during inbound connections are failed.
    • Cisco IronPort ESA-Outbound SMTP authentication failed: This alert is generated when SMTP authentication attempts made during outbound connections are failed.
    • Cisco IronPort ESA-User authentication failed: This alert is generated when user authentication fails.


    • Cisco IronPort ESA-User authentication failed: This report provides the information about username who attempts to log in to the appliance got failed.


    The configurations detailed in this guide are consistent with EventTracker Enterprise version 7.x and later, Cisco IronPort ESA AsyncOS v8.0, v9.0 and v10.0.


    For more information please refer the Integration guide

    On-Premise Vs #cloud #email #archiving


    On-Premise Vs. Cloud Email Archiving

    by Rhonda Sherwood on April 24, 2013

    Suffering from email archive stress syndrome? You’re not alone.

    Managing an email system can be difficult and frustrating at the best of times. Having to worry about email archiving on top of server maintenance and storage allocation can take any sane person over the edge. With growing government regulations and standards, more and more companies are being required to retain and protect the data contained in email messages for a certain period of time.

    A growing number of companies are also implementing their own email archiving policies for productivity and legal issues, or as a cost-effective solution to data storage issues.

    There’s no getting around archiving these days. And to make matters worse, the wrong approach can get you into real trouble.

    To Archive Or Not To Archive?
    The Question Is How To Archive.

    There’s no denying that email archiving is a growth area. With the total North American market for email/content archiving forecast to reach $1.3 billion by 2014, archiving is indeed on the minds of many IT professionals—especially Exchange archive.

    The dilemma? Finding an accessible, easy-to-use solution to archive Outlook that will meet the needs of users, who are easily frustrated by slow or incomplete archive searches. (And we won’t even mention the frustration that’s created when users are forced to learn a new search interface—and which inevitably translates into even more help desk queries for IT.)

    IT teams often struggle under the weight of increased email, and the demand for archiving is quickly outpacing the ability of many organizations to provide effective solutions. Those who have implemented an on-premise archiving solution know all too well that email archiving comes with certain challenges—mainly how to optimize storage and server usage while at the same time simultaneously allowing a straightforward and accessible end-user experience with easy, intuitive searches… and which doesn’t entail having to buy more hardware.

    Archiving goes beyond simply determining auto-archiving settings. Metadata has also become a critical aspect of email archiving, since it allows organizations to prove that the messages held in the archive have indeed been delivered. This added data further increases the need for strong search capabilities and cost-effective storage options. It can be a vicious cycle.

    Solutions For On-Premise Archiving
    (And Why They Often Don’t Work)

    Email administrators who manage email retention policies that must comply with litigation and regulatory requirements have found a couple of solutions for in-house archiving. One option is to save PST files to each user’s computer. Another solution is to limit the size of email files.

    Unfortunately, neither method is an effective solution that allows for long-term scalability. PST files increase risk and put a limit on global search capabilities. Limiting file size only leads to frustrated users and hinders productivity.

    On-premise archiving can also lack the scalability required for managing growing volumes of email. And in many cases, it’s simply not cost-effective. Since email volume is often directly linked to the size of an organization, the infrastructure needed to support effective on-premise archive storage can be overwhelming for businesses of any size. On-premise archiving also means yet another system for IT to manage, back up and troubleshoot. Backing up an on-premise tool—whether it’s archiving Outlook or Exchange—not only monopolizes a lot of IT time; it can also degrade system performance.

    Another important consideration is the fact that email archives that lack capacity or that are poorly protected can lead to security breaches and policy lapses.

    Why A Hosted Solution Could Make Archiving Easier
    And More Cost-Efficient

    For many organizations, archiving in the cloud can make more sense from both a cost and productivity perspective: mainly, reduced capital and labor costs, and less infrastructure and performance requirements.

    With hosted archiving solutions, the biggest challenge for IT managers is finding a centralized email archive storage solution that can handle multiple functionalities. and that integrates closely with other solutions like Outlook. The solution should also be covered with continuity plans that go beyond simple backups.

    In an upcoming blog, we’ll look at common mistakes companies make with their email archiving—and the number one best practice for avoiding them.

    Need help managing your email archives? SherWeb’s hosted archiving solution helps organizations—and their IT staff—save time, money and hassle. Our Hosted Archiving and Compliance solution integrates seamlessly with our hosted Exchange plans. and is managed on a highly secure and scalable network.

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt TV Show on Netflix: Canceled or Renewed? canceled TV


    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    (Eric Liebowitz / Netflix)

    Performers include: Ellie Kemper, Tituss Burgess, Carol Kane, Jane Krakowski, Jon Hamm, Fred Armisen, and Mike Carlsen.

    TV show description:
    This off-beat, single-camera comedy series kicks off in 2014, when authorities free four young women from a doomsday cult in Durnsville, Indiana.

    The Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne (Hamm) held Kimmy (Kemper), Cyndee (Sarah Chase), Gretchen (Lauren Adams), and Donna Maria (Sol Miranda) in an underground bunker for fifteen years and convinced them they were the sole survivors of the apocalypse.

    Thrilled that the world is still here, Kimberly Cougar Schmidt or Kimmy takes it all in with wide-eyed wonder. After Matt Lauer interviews the Indiana Mole Women on Today . Kimmy rejects the label of victim and resolves to start anew in the Big Apple.

    Now, armed with a bright smile, bedazzled sneakers, an eighth grade education, and her Mole Fund money (at least for a brief while), Kimmy takes on New York City, where she rents an apartment from Lillian Kaushtupper (Kane), a woman with a checkered past (and present), and a big heart.

    Ronald Wilkerson, who goes by the name of Titus Andromedon (Burgess), is Kimmy s roommate. Although at first, he is inclined to take advantage of Kimmy s naïveté and generosity, upon realizing what a babe in the woods she is, and learning her history, he grows protective of her. And for her part, Kimmy inspires Titus to take another shot at his show business dreams.

    After a false-start, Kimmy takes a job working as a nanny, for socialite Jacqueline Voorhees (Krakowski). The women met after Kimmy caught Jacqueline s 10 year old son, Buckley (Tanner Flood), shoplifting and returned him to his mother. It is through Kimmy, that Jacqueline realizes how unsatisfying her marriage is.

    Along with her quirky circle of friends, Kimmy is ready to take on life and and all it holds. After all, she is unbreakable.

    Series Finale:
    Episode #TBD
    This episode has not aired yet.
    First aired: TBD

    What do you think? Do you like the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt TV show? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for another season?

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    • Game of Thrones: Final Scripts Finished; No Word on Airdate
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    • Lethal Weapon: Season Two Adds Newcomer Andrew Creer
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    BBC exposes flaws in world s most secure email service – BBC


    BBC exposes flaws in ‘world’s most secure’ email service

    A BBC Click investigation has thrown doubt on claims that the small, personal email server Nomx can provide “absolute security”.

    Created by entrepreneur Will Donaldson, Nomx says it uses the “world’s most secure communications protocol” to protect email messages.

    But security analysts cracked the device’s simple passwords and hacked its hardware and software.

    Defending itself, Nomx disputed the way the tests were done on its gadget.

    Hardware exposed

    The Nomx personal email server costs from $199 – $399 (£155 – £310) and its publicity material claims it is designed to handle email communications for consumers.

    It says that using a dedicated personal server, users can help to stop messages being copied and hacked as they travel to their destination across the net.

    BBC Click asked security researcher Scott Helme and computer security expert Prof Alan Woodward, from the University of Surrey, to scrutinise Nomx. They were asked to assess whether it did let people send messages in a way that was secure against hacking and interception.

    The investigation started by taking the device apart to find that it was built around a £30 Raspberry Pi computer. As the operating system for the Pi sits on a removable memory card, Mr Helme was able to download the device’s core code so he could examine it closely.

    Image copyright Nomx Image caption Nomx has made strong claims for the protections its devices give to customers

    This allowed Mr Helme to run it as if he were the administrator for the device. He discovered that the software packages it used to handle mail were not proprietary and many were very old versions, five years old in one case, harbouring unpatched security bugs. Default passwords found in the code included “password” and “death”.

    Mr Helme also found many problems with the web interface Nomx uses to administer the secure email service. This was vulnerable to several widely known and easy to execute attacks that, if exploited, would give attackers control over a target’s Nomx system.

    He also found a way to create a hidden administrator’s account on the Nomx box that would allow any attacker to fully compromise the gadget.

    In addition, Mr Helme found more than 10 other issues with the Nomx box that left him “horrified” by its approach to security.

    The analysis was reviewed by Paul Moore – an experienced tester of secure hardware.

    Mr Moore said the Nomx was an “overpriced and outdated mail server” and used one of the “most insecure PHP applications” he had ever encountered.

    Update cycle

    In an emailed response to Click, Mr Donaldson thanked Mr Helme and Prof Woodward for finding and sharing information about Nomx’s vulnerabilities.

    Addressing the issue of old software, he said Nomx planned to let users choose which updates should be applied to their device.

    Image copyright Scott Helme Image caption Mr Helme was surprised to find the Nomx uses a Raspberry Pi computer

    “We will selectively allow users to pick and choose when that becomes available but today we’re not forcing any types of updates,” he said, adding that updates can introduce vulnerabilities.

    “Updates actually cause a cascading effect and now you’re patching patches and that is not a good place to be in,” he told Click.

    The default names and passwords found by Mr Helme were used to make it easy for customers to set up their device and they were encouraged to change it afterwards, he said.

    Mr Helme said the set-up process for the Nomx was far from easy and at no point was he told to pick a new password.

    Late on 27 April, Nomx published a strong defence of its product and disputed the way in which Mr Helme tested the device. Mr Donaldson said Mr Helme’s tests were unrealistic, as they involved actions no typical user would undertake.

    Nomx said the threat posed by the attack detailed by Mr Helme was “non-existent for our users”.

    Following weeks of correspondence with Mr Helme and the BBC Click Team, he said the firm no longer shipped versions that used the Raspberry Pi.

    Instead, he said, future devices would be built around different chips that would also be able to encrypt messages as they travelled.

    “The large cloud providers and email providers, like AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail – they’ve already been proven that they are under attack millions of times daily,” he said. “Why we invented Nomx was for the security of keeping your data off those large cloud providers.

    “To date, no Nomx accounts have been compromised.”

    The BBC Click show dedicated to this investigation will air on 29 April on the BBC News Channel and iPlayer, where it will also be available afterwards.

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    Gmail mass email tips: Avoid the spammy look with the personalized touch


    Gmail mass email tips: Avoid the spammy look with the personalized touch

    Gmail contact groups are great for sending a single email message to a specific set of people, but what if you want to give each email a personal touch, such as with a newsletter or promotional offer? Unlike Microsoft Office. Google’s productivity suite doesn’t have a native mail-merge feature you can leverage to do this. But don’t sweat it: With a little help from Google Sheets and a free downloadable script, you can personalize bulk email messages in Gmail in minutes.

    Just remember, Google allows you to send only 100 emails per day using scripts. Here’s how to get started.

    1. Create a spreadsheet

    Log into your Google Drive account. On left sidebar, click New Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet. You’ll be importing your email recipients’ contact information here, so give it a descriptive name.

    Next, go to the menu bar and select Add-ons Get add-ons. This takes you to Google’s add-on store. In the search window, type a name for your mail merge script—for this example, we’ll use Yet Another Mail Merge —and hit Enter.

    This is a public mail merge script. Click the Free button, and a window will open, asking for various permissions to access Google Sheets, Contacts, and Gmail. Click Accept. A window will pop up under Add-ons on the menu bar, indicating that the script has been installed. Click the X to close it.

    The Yet Another Mail Merge script adds a menu to Google Sheets under Add-ons.

    2. Import your contacts

    The next step is to import your email recipients into the spreadsheet. Click Add-ons Yet Another Mail Merge Import contacts from a group. A small window will open with a drop-down menu of all the contact groups in your Gmail account. You can also go into Gmail, and create a new group with all the contacts you want to include in your mail merge. Then repeat the steps above and select this group from the drop-down menu. Click Import contacts. and those contacts will populate your spreadsheet.

    Your contacts import into Google Sheets, complete with column headers.

    3. Draft your email message

    Now open a new browser tab and log into your Gmail account. Click Compose to open a new message. Type a title in the subject field and compose the body of your message. Then type $%headername% anywhere you want to insert column data from your spreadsheet. For example, type Dear $%First Name% if you want each email to use the recipient’s first name in the greeting. Once you’re done, click X to close the message, and it will automatically save to your Drafts folder.

    4. Perform the mail merge

    Go back to your spreadsheet and click Add-ons Yet Another Mail Merge Start mail merge. In the window that opens, select the title of your email message from the Drafts drop-down menu. Check the Track Emails Opened box if you want to see which of your recipients opens the email.

    The text EMAIL_SENT will appear next to each contact in the Merge Status column of your spreadsheet after a successful mail merge.

    To make sure everything is formatting correctly, click Send me a test email to receive a sample message. Toggle to Gmail and check the message. If everything looks good, return to that dialog box and click Send Emails. You’ll now see EMAIL_SENT next to each contact in the Merge Status column of your spreadsheet. If you want to perform another mail merge from that same spreadsheet, remember to delete that text from the Merge Status column of each recipient you want to email again.

    To comment on this article and other PCWorld content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.

    Michael Ansaldo is a veteran consumer and small-business technology journalist. He contributes regularly to TechHive and writes the Max Productivity column for PCWorld.

    Tips – Send Email with attachment of any format #sap,abap,tips,tutorials,email, #any #format,


    Send Email with attachment of any format

    By Amit Bisht, Infosys

    Target Readers: SAP ABAP developers with basic knowledge of Report Programming, Classes and Methods.

    Keywords: Email Body Design, Creating Attachment and Classes ( CL_DOCUMENT_BCS ).

    Purpose of the document: Step by step procedure to learn how to send an Email with attachment of any Format.

    1. The method used here for creating and Emailing an attachment is very lucid i.e. the user does not have to bother about the format of the file. which he needs to send as an attachment, as the below method requires only the file-path and the receiver’s Email ID(s).

    2. SAP has provided a variety of features for sending an Email to an external ID which are dependent (limitation) on the file formats of the attachments.

    3. Many a times there is a requirement where in we need to send the data from a SAP to external Email IDs. If we are sure about the Attachment format, we can easily figure out the best suited Function Module (SAP has provided) and its parameters required to achieve the functionality, for the attachment to be Emailed.

    4. This method of sending Email accepts any format of the Attachment i.e. it can be directly used to attach and send any kind of an Attachment via Email.

    Steps involved Emailing the Attachment:

    Uploading the document (to be E-mailed) to SAP.

  • Framing the body of the Email.
  • Creating the Attachment.
  • Sending the Email using Classes and its Methods.

  • 1. Uploading the Document to SAP:

    For uploading the document to SAP, function Module ‘GUI_UPLOAD’ is used with the below mentioned input parameters i.e. filename, file-type.

    The document data should be uploaded in Binary Format ; hence an internal table (T_MAILHEX in this case) of SOLIX type (Binary data, Length 255 characters) is used to hold the data uploaded into SAP. Once the internal table is populated with the document data it can be used to create the attachment and send it via Email.

    2. Framing the body of the Email:

    In order to Frame the body of the Email we can create Text Symbols with the texts to be used in the body of the Email.

    Once Text Symbols have been created we can populate them into an Internal Table of type SOLISTI1 (Single List with Column Length 255) in the sequence, in which they should appear in the body of the Email.

    1. In the below read Statement we are reading the entire text pool into the Internal table TL_TEXTPOOL of type TEXTPOOL.

    2. Internal table T_CONTENTS can now be populated with the Text symbols as per the sequence of the Texts (or sentences) required in the mail body.

    “Key” above refers to the Text Symbol.

    Once the body of the Email is ready (Table T_CONTENTS is populated) we proceed further towards creating the Attachment using the data in Internal table T_MAILHEX (populated in the step-1 above).

    For creating the Email we need to use the Method Create_Document of Class CL_DOCUMENT_BCS which requires parameters as follows:

    1. i_type: Document Class, here we are using HTML format for creating the mail body (i.e. “HTM”).

    2. i_text: Data to appear in the body of the mail, (T_CONTENTS data).

    3. i_length: Length of the document (Mail Body).

    4. i_subject: Subject of the Email.

    3. Creating the Attachment using Classes:

    Now to create the attachment we use the data uploaded to SAP in Point number 1 (uploading data to SAP) and method ADD_ATTACHMENT of the class CL_DOCUMENT_BCS as below.

    1. i_attachment_type: Extension of the file.

    2. i_attachment_subject: Subject of the Attachment.

    3. i_att_content_hex: Data (of the Document to be attached) uploaded to internal table T_MAILHEX in point number 1 (uploading data to SAP).

    4. Sending the Email using Classes:

    Finally, after creating the mail body and the attachment we can send the Email using SEND method of Class CL_BCS.

    Where in, the result of the method (whether the mail is sent successfully or not) is captured in the parameter result.

    Some useful Tips about HTML:

    1. ‘ FONT face=Arial size=2 ‘. is used to set the Font and Size of the text in the Email.

    2. ‘ br ‘. is used to insert a new line.

    3. ‘ A href= ‘. is used to start a Hyperlink in the Email body.

    4. ‘ /A ‘. is used to end a hyperlink.

    5. ‘ nbsp;’. is used to give a space in between two texts in the mail body.

    6. For more information on HTML please visit the link http://w

    You can also attach Audio and Video files using the above method but there are some size constraints (i.e. if the data is huge, by the time it is converted into binary format, the session might terminate).

    Below, I have attached a demo Program for sending attachment of any format via Email.

    Click here for the report Program for attaching and sending files (any format) via Email.

    Text Symbols used in the above Example:

    001 Please enter at-least one file name

  • 002 Error in reading file for upload
  • 003 Approval Mail Sent Successfully
  • 004 Approval Mail Not Successful
  • T01 Attachment Detail
  • T02 Reciever’s EmailID
  • T04 You can change/add the Text here by changing/adding the text elements and the code.
  • T05 For giving spaces between texts, you can use HTML Keyword: nbsp .
  • T06 For Ex; Employee Numbers:
  • T07 For more information on HTML, Please visit:
  • T08 Email with Attached document

  • Selection Texts used:

    S_MAILID Email ID

    I have only attached the Screen Shots of the Test Emails (so that the document size won’t increase)

    1. A PDF Attachment with Embedded images

    2. MP3 Attachment

    After reading this tutorial you should be able to:

    · Use classes to attach and send Email.

    · Attach a file (of any format) and send it via Email.

    · Explain briefly about the various HTML key words which can be used to Format the Email body.

    © 2006-2007 SAPTechnical.COM. All rights reserved.

    All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. SAPTechnical.COM is in no way affiliated with SAP AG.
    SAP, SAP R/3, R/3 software, mySAP, ABAP, BAPI, xApps, SAP NetWeaver, and and any other SAP trademarks are registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.
    Every effort is made to ensure content integrity. Use information on this site at your own risk.

    Professional Email #professional #email #services


    Professional Email

    Professional Email

    Professional Email


    What is GoDaddy Business Email?

    Our business email helps you stay on customers’ minds with an email address that matches your domain and promotes your businesses with every message you send. You can read, reply and store your email using your favorite email client, like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. You can even access your mail on the go from your iPhone ® or Android ®

    Rest easy knowing we offer 99.9% availability and expert 24/7 support, plus 256-bit encryption and strong virus, spam, and fraud protection to keep your inbox clean and safe.

    What are the benefits of having a paid email account?

    It shows you’re serious enough about your business to invest in an address that looks more professional than Gmail, Yahoo! or other providers.

    Unlike most email providers or free email services, our email plans are ad-free, so there aren’t any distracting or invasive ads polluting your messages.

    My domain or web hosting is with another provider. Can I still use your email?

    You bet! During the setup process, you’ll be offered an option that says “A domain not in my GoDaddy account”. Select this and we’ll guide you through the steps to configure your mail settings currently.

    What email program can I use?

    Any one you choose! Whether you want to set it up on your mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac, GoDaddy Business Email is flexible enough to anywhere. Go to our Help section to see a full list of email clients.

    What is GoDaddy Business Email?

    Our business email helps you stay on customers’ minds with an email address that matches your domain and promotes your businesses with every message you send. You can read, reply and store your email using your favorite email client, like Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. You can even access your mail on the go from your iPhone ® or Android ®

    Rest easy knowing we offer 99.9% availability and expert 24/7 support, plus 256-bit encryption and strong virus, spam, and fraud protection to keep your inbox clean and safe.

    What are the benefits of having a paid email account?

    It shows you’re serious enough about your business to invest in an address that looks more professional than Gmail, Yahoo! or other providers.

    Unlike most email providers or free email services, our email plans are ad-free, so there aren’t any distracting or invasive ads polluting your messages.

    My domain or web hosting is with another provider. Can I still use your email?

    You bet! During the setup process, you’ll be offered an option that says “A domain not in my GoDaddy account”. Select this and we’ll guide you through the steps to configure your mail settings currently.

    What email program can I use?

    Any one you choose! Whether you want to set it up on your mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac, GoDaddy Business Email is flexible enough to anywhere. Go to our Help section to see a full list of email clients.

    Third-party logos are marks are registered trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

    4 Special introductory pricing valid for the initial purchase term only. Product renewal pricing subject to change

    Products will automatically renew until cancelled.

    You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your GoDaddy account.

    + Small business owner and customer surveys, February 2014.

    OneProvider – Plesk Panel #hosting, #dedicated #server, #dedicated #hosting #server, #server #hosting


    Parallels Plesk Panel allows you to set up new websites, reseller accounts, e-mail accounts, and DNS entries through a web-based interface. You can create client and site templates, which predetermine resource-allocation parameters for the domains and/or clients.

    Parallels Plesk Panel for Linux/UNIX supports multiple POSIX platforms, including Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD. Red Hat Linux, SUSE and Ubuntu. Parallels Plesk Panel for Windows supports Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 operating systems.

    Game server hosting

    Security and stability

    Copyright © 2012. All rights reserved. A BrainStorm Network Inc. company

    The Top 7 Benefits of Email Marketing (Pay Close Attention to No


    The Top 7 Benefits of Email Marketing (Pay Close Attention to No. 5)

    The numbers show that email marketing is still a widely used, and successful, marketing channel.

    However, your small business can use email marketing in many different ways. How do you choose your approach? One way might be the following chart from the Email Marketing Marketing Automation Excellence 2017 Report:

    Top Benefits of Email Marketing

    The chart illustrates the seven top benefits of email marketing (ignoring Other ), each of which is a worthy goal depending on what your small business is aiming to achieve.

    1. Generating More Leads

    Encouraging visitors to sign up for your email marketing list is just one way to generate more leads. Another strategy is to encourage your email subscribers to forward your emails on to friends, families, and acquaintances or to share it on social media.

    2. Improved Sales

    If every subscriber on your list turned into a customer, you d be in small business heaven. Unfortunately, that s probably never going to happen. However, you can increase your sales by focusing the right email campaigns on the right people. The secret to doing this is email list segmentation. a process that enables you to nurture each of your list subscribers with the right message at the right time, eventually moving each through your funnel to becoming a customer.

    3. Improved Conversion Rates

    In order to sell, you need to convert and the key to email conversions is to nurture them using content. Like #2 above, the key lies in email list segmentation however, it helps to know what type of content to use at each stage of the sales process. Once you nail that, your nurturing efforts will be much more effective and, your overall conversion rates will increase.

    4. Reduced Marketing Costs

    If your small business marketing budget is tight, you ll be interested in low-cost ways to promote yourself. Happily, there are a lot of email marketing tools out, many of which offer a free tier of service and low prices when you need more features and functionality.

    5. Identifying Better-Quality Leads

    The last thing you need is to waste time on bad leads. That s why, before marketing your small business, it pays to have a lead qualifying system in place. Happily, email marketing itself is a lead qualifying system that demonstrates a prospect s interest based on:

    • The fact that they signed up for your list in the first place;
    • Whether they open your emails; and
    • If they click on any of the links within your emails.

    6. Integrating with Other Media to Boost Response

    • Social share icons;
    • Super-sharable content; and
    • Deals to share which then give a referral reward back to the subscriber who shared it.

    7. Shorter Sales Cycles

    Email marketing is a great way to get your most convincing content in front of prospective decision makers. If you re nurturing the right subscribers via email as mentioned in No. 5 above, and you re using both segmentation and the right content as mentioned in No. 2 and No. 3 above respectively, then you can speed up your sales cycle by getting the right content to the right decision maker at the right time.

    Now that s powerful stuff.

    Install – UltraVNC: Remote Support Software, Remote Support tool, Remote Desktop Control,


    UltraVnc Installation

    • Start the setup and choose the installation language.
    • Click Next on the Welcome screen.
    • Accept the license agreement.
    • Read the release notes.
    • Select the destination directory where UltraVNC should be installed.
    • Select the components which should be installed.
      Note. Updating the driver is experimental and not guaranteed to work at the moment.
    • Select the Start Menu folder where the program’s shortcuts should be placed.
    • Select additional tasks:
      • Select if UltraVNC server should be registered as a system service.
      • Select if UltraVNC service should be started or restarted.
      • Select if MSLogon II should be configured.
      • Select if UltraVNC Admin Properties should be configured.
      • Select if old UltraVNC registry entries should be removed.
      • Select if additional desktop icons should be created for UltraVNC server, viewer and repeater.
      • Select if files with extension .vnc should be associated with UltraVNC viewer.
    • Specify location of ACL file.
      The format of the ACL file should follow the MSLogonACL specification.
      If no ACL file is specified, the Administrators group is configured. This works only on the English OS versions.
    • Specify location of Properties file.
      The Properties file should be a valid registry file.
      The intention is to populate the \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORL key.
      If no Properties file is specified, no options are configured.
    • Verify if you choose the correct installation settings.
    • Read what’s new in UltraVNC.
    • Click “Finish” to end the installation.

    Automate Installation

    If you need to install UltraVNC on a large number of computers, you might consider automating the installation.

    The following command line parameters can be passed to the setup:

    /dir=”Dirname ” Sets installation directory to Dirname. /no restart Suppresses a reboot at the end of the installation.
    Not required since the installation no longer requires are boot. /silent or /very silent Suppresses either pop-up of dialog boxes or any GUI at all. /loadinf=”Filename ” Loads the configuration file Filename for the installation.
    This configuration file can be generated by going through setup with UltraVNC-xxxx-Setup.exe /saveinf=”Filename ” .
    Filename should be fully qualified. /log Writes a log file to the Temp directory.
    Could be used for debugging.

    Best Usenet Providers of 2017 – Newsgroup Reviews #best #secure #email #providers


    Best Usenet Providers of 2017

    Reviews of the Best Usenet Providers

    Newshosting is our choice for the Best Usenet of 2017 based on the level of service and extra features they offer at a great price. Newshosting members have unlimited access to their news servers in the US and Europe. You can use the Newshosting client to search for content, preview, and download from your favorite newsgroups. You can even schedule searches to grab content as soon as it hits Usenet. Newshosting kindly offers our visitors a discount. You can enjoy unlimited Usenet and VPN access from just $8.33 a month.

    Newshosting is at the top of the Usenet industry for a number of reasons. For starters they offer very high binary retention. In fact Newshosting has been spooling retention daily for several years now with no end in sight. Their Usenet servers are placed in strategic locations in the US and Europe to allow for very fast connections. You can expect knowledgeable answers if you need technical support. As a long time Newshosting members I highly recommend them to my own family and friends.

    Newshosting continues to innovate. They didn t stop at just offering access to newsgroups. Newshosting has their own Usenet client software with built-in search. It s free for all members and is comparable to other leading newsreaders like Newsbin Pro and NewsLeecher. Those who prefer a web-based client can easily use SABnzbd as well. Newshosting now offer VPN access as well. Those who sign up for our annual special receive unlimited VPN free of charge. Enjoy unlimited Usenet and VPN from just $8.33 a month with our discount.

    UseNetServer is all about quality and value. They come in a close second in our rankings. The only big difference is that Newshosting offers their own newsreader software. If you already have a favorite Usenet client then I highly recommend UseNetServer. They host news servers in the US and Europe to support high speed connections. UNS members can also add VPN access. The UNS team is kindly offering our guests a discount. Enjoy unlimited Usenet and VPN from just $7.95 a month.

    UseNetServer has been a leading Usenet provider for a long time now. They offer great service at a very reasonable price. At just $95 a year with VPN they are arguably the best value in Usenet. You can expect very high retention and excellent speeds from their service. I have used it through the years without any issues. They have a solid support staff if you have any technical questions. The addition of VPN allows users to protect their privacy and access content in other countries.

    As a huge proponent of Usenet and VPN I m very happy to see UseNetServer offer both services. The benefits of Usenet are touched on throughout our site but I d like to take a quick moment to highlight their VPN service. UNS members with VPN can connect servers in 17 different countres including the US and UK. From there you can access channels just like a local would. It s great for watching services Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, and BBC iPlayer. Enjoy unlimited Usenet and VPN from just $7.95 a month with our discount.

    3. Easynews offers unlimited NNTP access from just $9.95 a month .

    Easynews is our choice for the best provider for those new to Usenet. They are the only service to offer a full featured web Usenet interface. You can easily search for content, preview, and download directly from their site. If you use their web interface then you won t need to set up a newsreader. However, for those who prefer using another client they offer NNTP access. Not to confuse anyone, NNTP is the same access offered by the rest of the industry. NNTP access is available for $9.95 a month.

    While their NNTP service is good, I would recommend the web interface to those considering Easynews. It s very simple to use. There s no installing software and utilities. You just log into the Easynews site and search for your favorite content. They have a number of filtering options. I like the fact that you can preview audio audio and video files. You can view images through the web interface and queue up files to download. As their name suggests the service is very easy to use.

    Easynews offers different accounts based on the amount you plan to user their web interface. Plans start at $9.98 a month for 20 GB of downloads. You can step up to 40 GB for $14.97 a month. Those who want more can sign up for their Big gig account which includes 150 GB and unlimited NNTP access for $29.94 a month. It really depends on how much you plan to use the service. You can add unlimited NNTP to the smaller web plans for $9.95 a month. Those new to Easynews can try it for free for 14 days .

    Outlook 2010: The server you are connected to is using a security


    Outlook 2010: The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified

    The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The target principal name is incorrect.

    This error is caused by a mismatch in enabling SSL and your port number in your account settings. Open Account Settings in Outlook and click on the advanced tab. If you need further assistance to open your account settings please see our Outlook 2010 Accessing Account Settings guide.

    Verify that you are using the correct ports for the incoming and outgoing mail server. If you are going to use the SSL enabled settings you will need to use the correct servers. If you are on a shared hosting plan, you would use: (you will need to replace the ## with the server number in your Temp URL)

    We recommend using the SSL enable options. If by chance you are in a school or somewhere that may have these ports blocked, you can use the non-ssl settings. The correct ports are below:

    Important! To get your SSL settings please see our article on Getting Started Guide: Email .

    Non-SSL incoming POP. 110

    Non-SSL incoming IMAP. 143

    Non-SSL outgoing SMTP. 587

    SSL enabled incoming POP. 995

    SSL enabled incoming IMAP. 993

    SSL enabled outgoing SMTP. 465

    2014-05-01 7:45 am

    The port details are correct, but still the same error is seen. “The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The target principal name is incorrect .

    Secondly when I clicked view certificate it shows issued to and the same settings are done in incoming and outgoing account settings. Also the certificate status says The certificate is OK. .

    I tried all trouble shooting including system restore but nogo. Your help in this regard is highly appreciated.

    2014-05-01 7:58 am

    If you’re using a hostname which is not covered by the SSL certificate, this warning will appear. Could you clarify the hostname that you are using within your incoming/outgoing mail server settings?

    Hi, I have same problem, but i am using yahoo mail.

    wiewing same msg of error.

    i tried all above options but this is all matching, ports are ok,

    “The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that cannot be verified. The target principal name is incorrect .

    Secondly when I clicked view certificate it shows issued to

    and the same settings are done in incoming and outgoing account settings. Also the certificate status says The certificate is OK. .

    In advance settings incoming server SSL and port 993

    Outgoing server. SSL and port is 465.

    I am able to send and receive emails also but only when i am starting outlood daily. only that time this error appears.

    2014-12-24 6:48 am

    Thanks for the question. The article above is primarily intended for Outlook users, but in your case, this issue is happening when you are connecting with the Yahoo email client. The message occurs because the server name on the certificate does not match the name of the mail server in your settings. Click View Certificate again and either use the name they provided or look for Details in the certificate and find Subject Alternative Name. You should be able to find other mail server names you can use for the Yahoo setting in the “DNS Name=” line.

    Also, when I researched this issue. I found another post that mentioned that Internet Search Providers (such as AT ?>

    Tactical Marketing vs #strategic #email #marketing


    Tactical Marketing vs. Strategic Marketing

    Related Articles

    In simple terms, a strategy is a plan for reaching a specific goal, while a tactic is the means you use to reach the goal. In business, a strategy is a broad goal, such as increasing sales or market share or creating an particular image for your business. Tactics for creating an image or brand might include using price to establish you as affordable or high-end. When creating marketing plans, start with broad strategies and support them with specific tactics.

    Strategic Marketing

    Strategic marketing consists of selling your product in such a way that you achieve a goal. Goals can include increasing sales, revenues, market share, segmenting the market or creating a new brand or position in the marketplace. An example of a marketing strategy would be to maintain your existing revenues with less advertising or using fewer locations. Even though strategic marketing goals might be conceptual, try to make them as specific as possible. For example, instead of setting a goal of increasing sales, set a goal of increasing sales by a certain percentage or among a specific market segment, such as women, seniors or parents. Part of strategic marketing includes adjusting your price, position and actual product or service to help you achieve your goals.

    Tactical Marketing

    Once you have goals, including specific strategies for achieving your goals, determine how you will implement your strategies. If you want to increase your revenues, one tactic might be to raise your prices in conjunction with rebranding a product or service as upscale. If you want to increase market share among health-conscious consumers, you might start sponsoring sporting events or advertising in health and fitness magazines.

    Know Your Customers

    To create tactics to support your marketing strategies, create detailed profiles of your customers. Learn the age, gender, marital status, geographic location, educational level, parental status and other information about your current customers, as well as customers you want to attract. Without this information, it will be difficult to create strategies and even more difficult to tactically implement them. Knowing your customer demographics will help you choose the right marketing channels, such as advertising media, to reach your customers.

    Marketing Channels

    Use a variety of marketing channels to implement tactics. Selecting the right advertising media, public relations, cause marketing, sports marketing, public relations and distribution channels are critical to creating effective tactics. For example, if your strategy to increase revenue is to position and price your shoes as upscale, but you sell the shoes in discount stores, your tactic will not effectively support your strategy. If one of your strategies is to increase sales among single women, sponsoring women s 5K runs and tennis leagues might be an effective tactic.

    About the Author

    Sam Ashe-Edmunds has been writing and lecturing for decades. He has worked in the corporate and nonprofit arenas as a C-Suite executive, serving on several nonprofit boards. He is an internationally traveled sport science writer and lecturer. He has been published in print publications such as Entrepreneur, Tennis, SI for Kids, Chicago Tribune, Sacramento Bee, and on websites such, SmartyCents and Youthletic. Edmunds has a bachelor s degree in journalism.

    Photo Credits

    Targeted Email Lists, Multichannel List Managers, List Brokers, Database Appends, Email Marketing


    Micro-Target Your Audience with Opt-In Email Lists

    We understand how difficult it is to find the perfect customers. Fortunately, we have found them for you. We isolate consumers and key business decision makers who have consented and requested to receive information about products and services from companies just like yours.

    Reach Highly Responsive Prospects

    Our targeted email process identifies qualified prospects that are highly receptive to your offers and costs substantially less than traditional direct marketing. Our permission-based email list services offer an improved, faster, highly measurable and more effective way for you to market your products and services.

    We have the capabilities to provide detailed segmentation of email lists to meet your demographic criteria. Our true permission-based email marketing allows you to deliver your campaigns directly to Internet-savvy individuals.

    eTargetMedia has the ability to micro-target your desired audience through targeted email lists. Our email list database is enriched with multiple sources which allows us to verify each record’s authenticity and append a vast amount of demographic and lifestyle data to each record. Our email list database is one of the largest on the market today, containing information on more than 150 million consumers and 15 million businesses.

    • Industry Leader providing the highest quality leads
    • Highly Responsive consumer and business email lists
    • Highest Targeting Capabilities including demographic, geographic and lifestyle targeting
    • Commitment to Excellence will ensure that your campaigns succeed

    Over 150 Million Email Records

    Targeted email offers an improved, faster, highly measurable and more effective way for you to market your products and services.

    Securing Federal Identity – Smart Card Alliance Government Event #securing #email


    A Deep Dive into Government Identity Programs

    Securing Federal Identity 2017. a highly focused and high-energy event, will feature the significant policy issues and technology developments for today’s federal identity and security industry. The select group of speakers on the agenda and security companies in our exhibit area will highlight the present and future direction of the government’s efforts to manage identities and control access across all federal agencies. Don’t miss this year’s event, the best venue to learn, communicate and network with fellow government security industry colleagues!

    Join government and security executives and industry leaders for a one-day showcase featuring comprehensive coverage of efforts toward strong authentication technology in government identity programs. Building off of 15 years of successful Secure Technology Alliance government conferences, Securing Federal Identity 2017 has a new, updated format, bringing together the most important developments, innovations and experts in federal identity credentialing and access security.

    Federal Identity Programs and Standards
    • Implementing Changes to SP 800-63-3 – Paul Grassi, NIST Trusted Identity Group
    • What is Next for CAC? – Colonel Tom Clancy, Office of the CIO Identity Management Programs, U.S. Department of Defense
    • Federal Network Resilience – Using Metrix to Improve Cybersecurity Effectiveness – Michael Duffy, Federal Network Resilience Division. U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Lunch and Exhibitor Time
    Mobile Identity and Authentication
    • Outlining DHS S protected] | 1-703-582-7862

      This year’s Securing Federal Identity event will be held at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel Almas Temple in Washington, DC. The venue is an historic site and the meeting space is an architectural jewel. The layout for the event is also unique in that the conference seating will fill the center of the lower level, with some of the exhibit tables placed around the outer edges and on the 2nd floor balcony overlooking the conference stage via a large atrium-like setting. This unique layout means that exhibit tables are in the “quiet zone” during the presentations to minimize potential distractions. Noise levels will be strictly enforced so as not to interfere with the conference speakers. Adequate time will be allotted to enable delegates to visit the exhibitor tables during breaks, at meal times, and at the end-of-day reception.

    IPhone Gmail Tip: Archive Email on iPhone – The iPhone and iPad


    iPhone Gmail Tip: Archive Email on iPhone

    iPhone Gmail Tip: Archive Email on iPhone

    If you re an archive junkie and use iPhone s email application for checking Gmail, this Gmail tip for iPhone, recently published by Google Gmail team. will be greatly useful for you.

    By default, when you delete a email in iPhone mail application, the email message will be moved to the Trash folder. You probably like this way of email handling. But, for some users, they may prefer to archive the messages to a specific folder when they delete them. Definitely, you can do it by using the Move to folder button and archive the email. However, we always look for a faster way or shortcut to handle that.

    Google Gmail team has published a great tip that you can change the function of Trash Folder button. By re-configuring the Gmail account on iPhone, you can turn the Trash icon into an archive button. Later, when you trash the email, it won t get removed but archived and you can read/search it anytime you want.

    To apply this tip, you ll have to setup the Gmail account on iPhone again. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar. Locate your Gmail account, tap on it and then click Delete account . Then follow this video to configure the Gmail account again.

    This tip is not for everyone. If you re comfortable with the Trash function of iPhone, just leave it as it is. And just bookmark this tip and apply it when you need it some time in future.

    Founder, developer and chief blogger of

    Hi, Thanks for this info. Unfortunately, I did modify my settings, etc. and now my gmail doesn t work. It was working fine before (when I had registered my account via Gmail and not other and before I played with all of the settings Is there any way you could please let me know the factory settings for email accounts so I can change it back to the way it was? Thank you very much for any help you can give me.

    Archiving your mail it not the same as moving it to a folder the example above simple archives the mail for the folder you re in. So if you re in the inbox then it archives it. But I want to actually move it to the folder label. So if I want to treat all facebook request as bacn, I should be able to simply hit the move to folder button and the mail app should then remove the inbox label as it applies the bacn label. Unfortunately, it merely applies the new label and leaves it in the inbox. You then have to manage your gmail from the browser or as you have stated above, navigate to the folder and then delete/archive. This is a rather long winded process and not a very effective workflow.

    Im a newbie here, although i have been watching on the sidelines for a little while.
    Im a part time librarian, love baking and my wesie Daisy. I also am way too excited about Christmas for words!!
    I cant wait to get on here some more and meet lots of new people!

    While on gmail I accidentally archived some emails. How do I find them and restore to the open mail?

    I put some mail into a folder named Archives, on my IPAD, and now I do not know how to retrieve it? any suggestions, I am a newbie with the IPAD..but love it. Judi

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    Next PostDisplay Calendar Event on iPhone Lock Screen using Lock Calendar

    Tips How-to Brief Update of My Experience With watchOS 3 June 30, 2016 by Hawon Nguyen

    Tips How-to Got your Snapchat account Locked? Here s How to Unlock It December 28, 2015 by Hawon Nguyen

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    Tips How-to How to write unlimited words in Snapchat without Jailbreak December 4, 2015 by Hawon Nguyen

    Tips How-to How to clear your iPhone s RAM without restarting December 4, 2015 by Hawon Nguyen

    Hipaa compliant email #hipaa #compliant #email


    Health care providers and health insurance companies are generally aware that when protected health information (“PHI”) is disclosed to a vendor, such as an attorney, consultant or cloud data storage firm, a business associate agreement is necessary to comply with HIPAA and to safeguard the information disclosed. However, not all vendors will be business associates, even when such vendors may have potential access to PHI, and health care providers and insurers often struggle with how to manage risks to PHI in these relationships. The following FAQs address these issues and my solutions for managing and mitigating risk in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Who are non-business associate vendors? Generally, a

    Everyone knows that you call a plumber for a leaking pipe, a mason for a cracked stonewall, and an electrician to fix faulty wiring. However, when faced with an actual or suspected HIPAA data breach, many folks struggle with determining whom to call. Failure to have contacts lined up ahead of time may pose more than an inconvenience–any delay in bringing in experienced advisors to assist with breach investigation, response and mitigation may result in significant financial and legal consequences. HIPAA covered entities and business associates should have a written breach response policy and protocol. The policy and protocol should provide clear guidance to the covered entity’s or business associate’s

    I am asked that question almost weekly. While the answer has traditionally been “no,” the legal landscape is shifting and the risk of being sued continues to increase. Let’s first start with some background. As some of you may know, HIPAA does not include a “private right of action.” This means that an individual may not file a claim against a covered entity or a business associate in order to enforce HIPAA or seek damages in response to a HIPAA violation. For example, a patient is not able to sue a dentist if the dentist fails to distribute a Notice of Privacy Practices or enter into a business associate agreement .

    A party’s responsibilities under HIPAA generally come from two sources the law itself and the business associate agreement entered into between the covered entity (the health care provider or health plan) and the business associate (its vendor). While all parts of a business associate agreement are important, there are certain terms that are most likely to affect the parties’ liability and obligations. One of these key terms is. and it is often the section of the business associate agreement that lawyers most often fight over. Folks often wonder why lawyers tend to focus so much on this section, and the short answer is that when things go wrong such

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability of Act demands that all HIPAA covered businesses prevent unauthorized access to “Protected Health Information” or PHI. PHI includes patients’ names, addresses, and all information pertaining to the patients’ health and payment records. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, HIPAA Rules apply to covered entities and business associates. Complete compliance with HIPAA guidelines requires implementation of basic and advanced security measures. Basic security includes benchmark-based password creation and use, personnel education and training, limited access to PHI, data encryption, use of firewalls, antivirus software, and digital signatures. With increasing adoption of electronic medical records and cloud-based software-as-service (SaaS), advanced security measures are

    Who is ultimately responsible for enforcement of HIPAA and what types of penalties are levied when a covered entity or business associate is found to be non-compliant with the regulations? Many healthcare offices and their staff don’t know the answer to this question; they have only a vague notion about the enforcement and the consequences of not adhering to the law. The real HIPAA enforcement agency is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Complaints are filed with the OCR, and they are responsible for administering, investigating and enforcing the HIPAA privacy standards. The Centers for Medicare Medicaid (CMS) enforce the code

    The health insurance portability and accountability act has set various guidelines, which should be adhered to by anyone who handles any electronic medical data. These guidelines stipulate that all medical practices must ensure that all necessary measures are in place while saving, accessing and sharing any electronic medical data to keep patient data secure. Lack of compliance to the HIPAA security standards could lead to large fines and in extreme cases even loss of medical licenses. Several steps can be followed by medical practices to ensure compliance to HIPAA standards. These steps include: Run a complete risk assessment of the medical practice Some medical practices adopted electronic health recording

    Since the inception of HIPAA in 1996, its broad implications have affected all areas of health care including dentistry. And, if asked, most dentists and their staff would say they know what the HIPAA regulations are, and yes, they have been trained, but are they really up to date with HIPAA’s ever expanding changes and compliance requirements? Are they trained in the areas of HIPAA Security, Privacy, Enforcement and Breach Notification Rules and do they know that they must be in compliance with the 2013 HIPAA Omnibus Final Rule by September 23, 2013? Compared to the ever-growing size of medical practices today, most dental offices are still rather small with

    June 7, 2013. Today, HHS published in the Federal Register Technical Corrections to the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Enforcement Rules that were published on January 25, 2013, as the Final Rule: Modifications to the HIPAA Privacy, Security, Enforcement, and Breach Notification Rules Under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act [HITECH Act] and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act; Other Modifications of the HIPAA Rules. According to the Summary in today s Corrections Final Rule: These technical corrections address certain inadvertent errors and omissions in the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Enforcement Rules that are located at 45 CFR parts 160 and 164. The effective date of the Corrections Final

    March 26, 2013. Today is the first big milestone since the January 25, 2013, publication in the Federal Register of the Final Rule: Modifications to the HIPAA Privacy, Security, Enforcement, and Breach Notification Rules Under the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act [HITECH Act] and the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act; Other Modifications of the HIPAA Rules. Today is the effective date of the Final Rule, and covered entities and business associates must comply by September 23, 2013. Significant rules (defined by Executive Order 12866) and major rules (defined by the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act) are required to have a 60 day delayed effective date, which

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    104 ( 20) FREE Christmas and New Year Email Templates #email #templates


    If you are looking for beautiful and colorful Christmas and New Year email templates. you came to the right place!

    This year we have created a large collection of 104 FREE Christmas and New Year Email Templates that you can easily download, customize with your personal greeting message and send them with SendBlaster. You will also find 6 responsive email templates that look beautiful on any device.

    How to get started with Free Christmas and New Year Email Templates

    Simply follow the instructions provided below:

    • Download this zip file [5.9MB]
    • Unpack the package
    • Install SendBlaster using the launcher attached or download it – skip this step if you have already installed SendBlaster on your pc.
    • Run the installer (xmastemplates2013.exe) – compatible with SendBlaster 3.x and 2.x versions and follow instructions
    • Launch SendBlaster
    • Go to Compose a message panel
    • Click on Choose template and select your favorite Christmas/New Year email template (all Christmas templates are grouped in the Christmas category on SendBlaster 3)
    • Customize your template with your fonts/logos/colors
    • Finally, send it to your list

    Please note that this package contains a number of templates we already provided in the past. If you have already downloaded them, there will be no issues. We did not rename them, so you will not find any duplicates in your copy of SendBlaster.

    BONUS! 20 Free Christmas Templates created with MailStyler

    Do you want to get the most out of your Xmas email templates?
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    We are NetSuite

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    Email Archiving, Outlook Backup, Email Archiving Solution For Outlook 2003 #email #archive


    Comprehensive Email Archiving Solution for Archiving Outlook Emails

    Email Archiving have become very vital due to implmentation of FRCP since Dec 1, 2006. PCVITA Email Archive Magic provides industry most comprehensive solution for Microsoft Outlook Email Archiving. The Outlook Archiving solution provides archiving Outlook emails with ease of use and without any hassle to the users. Apart from using this as an email archiving or Outlook Archiving solution, users can also use this as a outlook backup solution to backup outlook emails. The advantage of using this compare to other outlook backup solution is that it will allow you to search within the outlook backup without the need to restore it explicitly.

    PCVITA Email Archive Magic is highly intuitive email archiving solution for archiving single or multiple Outlook PST files. It periodically archive emails and remove them(*) from the Outlook PST file. This reduces the size of the Outlook PST file. PCVITA Email Archive Magic can also be used to compress the size of Outlook PST file apart from using it as an email archiving solution.

    FREE Demo Version Try and Check the Product:

    Easy Intuitive user interface for email archiving or Outlook Archiving solution.

    Integrated within Outlook for accessing archive emails.

    Email archiving of multiple Microsoft Outlook PST files.

    Powerful search to search within archived emails.

    Search within email attachments stored in the email archive.

    Reduce the size of Outlook PST file and store in email archive.

    PCVITA Email Archiving Powerful Search :

    • Search on Body of the Email Message within the email archiving data.
    • Unique feature of search within attachments for the email archiving data.
    • Search results based on folder, received time and other attributes of email archiving data.

    The Demo Version of PCVITA Email Archive Magic will work for one month from the time of its installation. After the expiry date, you can only search through the previously archived data but archive feature will not initiate. For using the software for a longer period of time, you would need the Full Version.

    • As you install the product, you will get a screen where you will be asked for a storage path i.e. where you want the archived mails to be stored. You can select the frequency also for archiving and this is applicable only for default PST. When you install the product, the default PST will be archived with the selected frequency.
    • The software add-in will be added to your Outlook application. There will a button named as Email Archive Magic.

    Get Full Version for Long Run Usage

    The Full Version of PCVITA Email Archive Magic software works for a much longer period of time as compared to the Demo Version that works for only one month.

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    Get your website online without I.T.

    “Doteasy have been absolutely fantastic over the years. The customer support team have always gone out of their way to help us and they have hosting packages available that help you to grow in an affordable organic way. When I first started, I knew nothing about websites, yet I was still able to get a project off the ground pretty easily. I can honestly say, I am not sure things would have progressed this far without their help.”

    “I’ve been using your services for about 7 years. I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service and support. Your support staff has always been so kind, helpful, smart and understanding. I’m a nervous nellie when it comes to doing this stuff (building websites), and you’ve walked me through the hard parts smoothly and efficiently. Seems I can always count on you.”

    “Many times I have worked with the team members at Doteasy. Some excel in different areas, and others are exceptional and go beyond their daily ‘call of duties.’ Just today I responded to Edwin from Doteasy on how professional he was in handling my questions. He truly deserved a rating of a Perfect 10. Being a business owner since 1988, I know the true meaning of an exceptional worker and Edwin more than shined today. I appreciated all your help. keep on shining.”

    “Just wanted to give a shoutout to Phillip who helped me recover my website. The person who answered the call was Phillip and he went above and beyond to help me understand the problem, and he offered the best solution to resolve my issue. He also followed up to ensure everything was working correctly which was greatly appreciated.”

    Multi-channel Marketing Automation #distribion, #distributed #marketing, #marketing #automation #solutions, #multi-channel #marketing #automation,


    Consulting Services

    Consulting services are the end to end service offerings that make our platform align fully with your business objectives. We assess your current state, make recommendations about where to go via multichannel, distributed marketing automation and measure how our platform is supporting clearly defined business goals.

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    Integration and Implementation

    The best concepts need to be put into practice in order to achieve results. We configure your solution to get to a desired end result. We simplify complex marketing processes, integrate our solution with your existing software solutions and ease the pain of difficult management, optimization and distribution of content across marketing channels.

    Service Packages

    Have a specific goal in mind? We’ve created service packages that solve common challenges for our customers. A simple formula guides our customers’ success: Proven platform + proven methodology + flawless delivery = more leads and sales delivered at a lower cost per client touch point.

    Managing Personal Archive in Exchange Server 2010 (Part 1) #exchange #email #archive


    Managing Personal Archive in Exchange Server 2010 (Part 1)

    Managing Personal Archive in Exchange Server 2010 (Part 4)


    I’m almost sure that PST management is one of the top three nightmares for any messaging administrator and there are several reasons for that, such as, we cannot control PSTs from a central location, users cannot access data using Outlook Web App or even when they use a different machine and so forth, backup is a headache, and data management with PST all over the place becomes a painful task.

    Based on those items the Personal Archive was one of the most anticipated features since the initial beta release of the Exchange Server 2010, as messaging administrator we must be aware that the technical aspect is just one variable of the equation and the personal archive feature must be planned and probably, user training will be required, and a game plan to migrate the current PST information to the new.

    In a brief summary the Personal Archive feature can bring some advantages for your organization, such as PST management; users can access their archive content through Outlook Web App; content can be searchable using Discovery functionality which is also built into the product. A company doesn’t need to use complex software to archive Exchange data. Archive databases can be part of the same High Availability and resilient solution that is being used by regular mailboxes using DAG (Database Availability Groups). The user training requirement is simpler since the Archive will be added to their current environment where they already have the necessary experience to manage their own data.

    When planning for Personal Archive the administrator must be aware that Exchange Server 2010 is totally integrated with Microsoft Cloud Services which means that this article content can be applied to your on-premises or cloud services. We are going over how both scenarios can interoperate in an Exchange organization and even though the users won’t even notice if they are on-premises or in the cloud.

    How Personal Archive works?

    The Personal Archive feature for the end-user is really simple, basically they will have a new mailbox available for them called Personal Archive and that will be accessible on their Outlook Web App, Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2007 (it requires the following update ).

    Outlook 2007 doesn’t provide all functionalities such as: let the users to define personal tags (Archive Policies) and search across both mailboxes (regular and archive).

    A mailbox can have only one archive associated to it, and the archive can have different limits than the mailbox. After Exchange Server 2010 SP1 release the archive can be in a different store than the regular mailbox.

    As soon as you enable the Personal Archive, the end-user will noticed a new item on either their Outlook or Outlook Web App, as shown in Figure 01. In Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 the limit is 50GB and users will start receiving a warning when the 45GB is reached.

    The Personal Archive does not cache information on the client even if the client is using cache mode, if you look at the OST location (Figure 02) you will notice that we have OST just for the mailbox not the personal Archive. That being said we can conclude that Personal Archive only works when the client is connected to the Exchange Server through MAPI (RPC) or Outlook Anywhere. If the user is not connected then the Personal Archive feature won’t be available, just the Mailbox (if the user is using Cache mode).

    Planning for Personal Archive…

    Exchange Server is all about planning and if you want to take advantage of the Personal Archive feature the disk subsystem must be planned very well to support that feature. The feature by itself is great however, if you don’t have enough disk space or the required performance then you may create some problems by using such feature.

    The first step if you haven’t bought hardware for your Exchange is to size properly the mailbox Role and the MSExchange Team provides us with a great spreadsheet where on the file we can use the Personal Archive information to size properly the disk subsystem. Using the spreadsheet we can define up to three tier of storage and on each one we can define the archive information, as shown in Figure 03. Note: The latest Mailbox Server Role Requirements Calculator can be found at

    Another design question about Personal Archive is where to place it. Looking at the big picture we have two main options: on-premises and online and let’s talk about each one of these options:

    On-premises: Here we can have a couple of scenarios: the most simple is having the Mailbox and the Personal Archive on the same database and on the same server; the second one is Mailbox and Personal Archive are on the same server however in different databases, we may have different storage tiers to support the solution; the third one is for bigger companies that decide to have Mailboxes and Personal Archives in different servers and in this scenario different tiers can be associated to each server profile where more performance goes to mailbox and less performance to Archive data.
    If you use on-premises you can take advantage of Database Availability Groups and keep users’ mailboxes and archive using the same high availability solution provided by Exchange Server 2010.

    Cloud Services: The Personal Archive will be in the cloud and the process is seamlessly to the end-user. Your company can define how many years to keep the data with Microsoft. An entire article about this integration and how it works will be published here at later on, stay tuned.

    One last thing about Personal Archive is the client supportability for the Archive feature, where Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 and Outlook Web App are supported, however if you still have Outlook 2003 and older clients or want to access the data using ActiveSync the archive content won’t be available.


    In this initial article we went through the planning phase of the Personal Archive feature and how the feature works. In the next article we will be creating a mailbox database and we will start managing personal archive feature on new and existent users.

    If you would like to read the other parts in this article series please go to:

    Anderson Patricio

    Anderson Patricio is a Canadian MVP in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and Office Server and Services, besides of the Microsoft Award he also holds a Solutions Master (MCSM) in Exchange and several other certifications. Anderson contributes to the Microsoft Community with articles, tutorials, blog posts, twitter, forums and book reviews. He is a regular contributor here at,, and Anderson (Portuguese).

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    Multiterm è il partner ideale per seguire progetti di comunicazione multilingua a 360 gradi: dal supporto durante fiere ed eventi con servizi completi di interpretazione alla traduzione di siti web, brochure o contenuti multimediali; dall impaginazione testi allo studio di una strategia di comunicazione multipiattaforma ed internazionale; dall adattamento testi per contenuti video sino alla gestione multilingue social media merketing .

    Contattaci per discutere la strategia giusta per la tua attività e ricevere un preventivo gratuito!

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    Perchè scegliere Multiterm. Perchè qualunque sia il tuo vocabolario, noi abbiamo la risposta giusta!

    Is National Lottery UK Down Right Now? #morgan #stanley #secure #email #server

    # website not working? Is it down right now?

    * Times displayed are PT, Pacific Time (UTC/GMT 0) | Current server time is 19:31

    We have tried pinging National Lottery UK website using our server and the website returned the above results. If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website maintenance is in progress.

    Can’t Access National Lottery UK – Troubleshooting Instructions

    If the site is UP but you cant access the page, try one of the below solutions:

    Browser Related Problems

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    Clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has. For Windows – (Start > Command Prompt > type “ipconfig /flushdns” and hit enter). For details choose your operating system.

    If you can access a website at office or from a 3G network yet it’s not working on your computer, it is a good idea to use an alternative DNS service other than your ISPs. OpenDNS or Google Public DNS are both excellent and free public DNS services.

    Check our help page for step-by-step instructions on how to change your DNS .