Zafira not starting, ignition goes on, but no clicks from starter FIXED


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Zafira not starting, ignition goes on, but no clicks from starter FIXED 14th Jul 12 at 5:23 PM

Wife’s Zafira is not starting again.
The last 2 times this happened it was the starter, replaced and all was OK.

The difference between the last 2 times and this time is that the solenoid on the starter is not clicking (still clicking before)
And when I took the starter off it was still free. (was jammed before)

Also checked the old starter at the 2 live connections while off the car.
1) starter starts to spin OK
2) the solenoid clicks OK

Tried a new starter anyway but same symptoms.

The other symptoms is that the central locking is sluggish, and feels like the battery is quite low – however same symptoms as when the starter did go previously.
When trying to start all the dashboard lights go out. (or is that normal)

I have checked the earth wire from the starter to the battery earth and no resistance – so OK here
The battery was tested with Gunson’s Start check battery tester and was 75-100% so seems OK here too.
Battery has been smart charged anyway just in case.

It would appear that the solenoid is not getting power to get the starter spinning.

Any mechanics here that know what to check now, or what the likely cause is ?

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If your dash lights are going out and theres barely enough juice to activate the central locking, while I’d check all major connections, I’d bet the battery is just about to give up the ghost.
Modern batteries appear to be all or nothing and can go off very suddenly.
Check the voltage across the battery terminals and if its less than 10.5 – 11 volts, it’s very tired. Get it started with a jump, check across the terminals again and make sure it’s at least 13v with the engine running, ideally around 14-14.5 volts to make sure the alternator is fine. Anything higher is just as much a problem too!

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It ended up being the battery – a shorted cell.

What threw me was that it initially was showing OK.
After charging it was not showing OK and 10.6 volts
I checked it an hour later to confirm readings and checked out OK with around 12.5 volts – so intermittent readings.

So wasted my time and effort changing the starter motor twice, and that’s not easy to do on a Zafira.

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