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Fleet Fuel Cards That Move You Forward.

Welcome to WEX. We’ve been helping fleets large and small move forward efficiently since 1983. We don’t stand still. We don’t brake for mediocrity. We mobilize fleets of all sizes with tools that help get more out of every gallon and liter. And help drivers deliver more for business.

Every day, we give millions of people around the world new reasons to smile. And we’re just getting started. We’re WEX. We see corporate payments differently.


WEX Large Fleet

WEX offers large fleets the chance to optimize operations across many geographies, company divisions, and multiple vehicle and equipment types. Learn more about how you can reduce complexity and improve efficiencies.

WEX Small Business

The WEX Fleet Card can help your small business save up to 15 percent* on fuel costs each year, while reducing risk of fraud and easing administrative hassles.

WEX Government Fleets

Government agencies across America work with WEX to reduce costs and taxes, and increase data accuracy and control.


Count on the WEX Fleet One OTR Card to buy fuel and other products more efficiently, optimize your purchasing processes, and improve tracking and reporting.

UK businesses reluctant to switch to electric fleet vehicles #companies #with #fleet #vehicles, #guardian #sustainable #business


UK businesses reluctant to switch to electric fleet vehicles

UK businesses reluctant to switch to electric fleet vehicles

Wednesday 16 June 2010 09.01 BST First published on Wednesday 16 June 2010 09.01 BST

Despite growing commitments from car manufacturers and the UK government to create an electric car infrastructure, businesses in the UK remain wary of investing in electric fleet cars, according to a new report by Corporate Vehicle Observatory.

The independent research, sponsored by Arval, a company car fleet operator, claims that compared to fleets in 13 other countries, UK company fleets are likely to show the slowest uptake of electric vehicles over the next three years.

The poll compared feedback from UK company fleet decision makers with those from their peers in 13 other countries. A total of 3,500 fleet decision makers were surveyed from Belgium, Brazil, The Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey.

Less than 30% of larger businesses in the UK questioned in the poll were planning to introduce electric vehicles compared to 61% opting for hybrids. For small to medium sized companies, the figures were lower with only 12% considering electric vehicles compared to 26% planning to introduce hybrids.

Reasons cited by companies for the lack of electric car take up included worries over the limited number of recharge points, concerns that the cars would be too difficult to run over longer distances and would be too costly to buy in the first place and doubts over the vehicles’ overall green credentials over time.

The UK government has pushed for an electric car network in an attempt to revive the country’s car manufacturing industry and lower transport emissions. Policies have included introducing regional electric car networks in the North East, London and Milton Keynes, as well as a £5,000 government subsidy on the cost of buying an electric car – a measure introduced under the previous Labour government which may be pulled under the new Conservative-Lib Dem coalition.

Car manufacturer Nissan recently committed to manufacturing electric cars at a new UK plant, based in Sunderland, from 2013 and plans its UK launch of the electric Nissan Leaf car in February next year.

Interest from Chinese companies

The Leaf will cost just under £30,000, £10,000 more than its hybrid competitor, the Toyota Prius. However, manufacturers, including Nissan, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Mitsubishi, are in a race to sell electric cars on the mass market, partly fuelled by EU legislation encouraging companies to produce electric cars to offset the emissions of the manufacturers’ higher emission vehicles. Chinese companies will soon be in on the act too, bringing the possibility of lower prices and improved technology for electric cars, according to Peter Wells, director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research at Cardiff Business School.

Build Your Dream. a Chinese automobile manufacturer based in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, grew from a battery company to a car manufacturer and, with its “high sophisticated” knowledge of batteries, will be battling with European and Japanese manufacturers to gain ground in the European electric car market, says Wells.

Companies’ concerns, revealed in the fleet survey, over the environmental credentials of electric cars are yet to be resolved as car companies have not been forthcoming with figures showing the overall carbon footprints of their electric cars, including the manufacturing stage. There are also disputes over the EU’s acceptance of electric cars as ‘zero-carbon’, a ranking which excludes the carbon emitted at the electricity production stage.

Peter Wells dismisses rumours circulated last year that over the entire lifecycle of the car, the Hummer came out as better for the environment than the Prius. but a spokesman for the Campaign for Better transport told Guardian Sustainable Business that the organisation was concerned that “[electric and hybrid] car makers will be getting parts from around the world [to manufacture batteries]” and called on electric car manufacturers to reveal the overall carbon impacts of their vehicles.

The transport campaign is also keen to stress that sustainable transport means putting less cars on the road by encouraging alternatives, such as cycling and public transport.

The car fleet report showed a similar appetite amongst UK businesses to decrease car use, with its conclusion that “there is an appetite for car pooling and sharing emerging over the next three years”.

TMS Pricing – Transportation Management System #transportation #management #software, #tms, #saas, #broker #tms, #tms #software #for #brokers, #freight #broker #software, #3pl #transportation #management #software, #freight #broker #software, #mercurygate, #mcleod, #brokerage #solutions, #trucking #software, #fleet #management, #transportation #management #software, #secure #tms, #transportation #management #software, #tms, #saas, #broker #tms, #tms #software #for #brokers, #freight #broker #software, #3pl #transportation #management #software, #freight #broker #software, #mercurygate, #mcleod, #brokerage #solutions, #trucking #software, #fleet #management, #transportation #management #software, #secure #tms


Software Pricing


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Auto email notifications
  • Auto posting to load boards
  • Carrier profile
  • Carrier Service Rating
  • CRM for Customers and Carriers
  • Customer credit limits and thresholds
  • Customer Portal: AR with document images
  • Customer Portal: Online Tracking
  • Customer Portal: View and Accept Quotes
  • Customer profile
  • Dispatch
  • E-billing
  • E-Mails Included
  • FMCSA/Safersys integration
  • Google mapping
  • Home Page Designer
  • Inbound Document Portal
  • Integrated email, faxing texting*
  • Internal notes for loads, customers and carriers
  • Invoicing
  • Links to state traffic and Accuweather
  • Quote system for customers
  • SmartSearch Comprehensive carrier search for the load


$440/m (up to 5 users) $75/m (per additional user) (level 1 features included)

  • Auto rating line haul and accessorial rates
  • Analytics
  • Available Loads List on the Web
  • Burst emails to carriers for Available Loads, Load Status, and AP information.
  • Carrier Cancellation Tracking
  • Carrier Portal:
    • Available loads list on the Web
    • Add available equipment
    • Update undelivered shipments
    • Quick Pay Options
  • Commissions for Dispatch and Sales
  • Data Logging
  • Fuel Surcharge Auto Rates
  • Inbound Document Portal
  • OSD Tracking
  • Send Customer and/or Carrier Pack


  • Aljex s Lane-Pricing $300 one-time setup fee
  • Agent Security $300/month
  • Carrier Advance Administration $300/month
  • Chat $100/month
  • Customer Portal: Online Order Entry $150/month
  • Factor your AR and AP $250/month
  • QuickBooks or Sage 50 Premium Version Accounting Integration View our Partners page for info and pricing


What our customers say

“We value the partnership we have developed with Aljex over the past 6 years as our TMS provider. Over that time we have grown from 5 users to 200 on the system and support 25+ EDI partner,s covering a broad portfolio of services industries. We have given Aljex many challenges to meet and without faltering they have risen to the occasion every time. From warehousing to significant distribution projects and everything in between, the system has proven reliable and scalable. Our customers rank our information delivery as one of our leading strengths and that is a direct result of what we have accomplished with Aljex. We look forward to our continued and mutual success for many years to come.”

Kathi C. Laughman, Director – Business System & Solutions Crane Freight & Cartage – Crane Solutions LLC

“…..YOU ( as in Robyn ) have been helpful, VERY helpful…whereas I sometimes get more formal/cold/hard to figure replies back from other support teams in other companies. Your reply was what support SHOULD be, it breeds good relations and customer service. It’s attitudes like yours that create success and goodwill. ”

Jim P Taylor Truckline (Northfield, MN)

“Aljex is imminently scalable, and our business is the proof of that. In just over 2yrs we’ve been able to grow our business from 5 employees to almost 45, without missing a beat or having any systems issues whatsoever… the reason I still work with Aljex is due to the simplicity and adaptability of the systems.”

David Broering Cherry Hill, NJ

Ready to experience the next generation?

GPS Fleet Tracking #fleet #gps #tracking


Affordable Pricing For Quality GPS Fleet Tracking

Monthly Device Monitoring $23.95

  • Choice of FREE Tracking Device: OBDII Plugin OR Wired
  • NO Contract! Month To Month Service
  • Complimentary US-Based Telephone Support
  • Free Unlimited Individual On-Going Training
  • 24/7 Access From Any Web-enabled Device
  • One-time $20 SIM card activation fee- NO OTHER FEES!
  • We collect First and Final Month Up-front
  • Free 2-3 Day Priority Shipping Included

We Work With All Fleet Sizes

US-Based Phone Support

Application Boasts 99.9% Uptime

Never EVER Sign a Contract!

95% Annual Client Retention

Automatic Software Updates

Stable Business You Can Trust!

Serving 2000+ Organizations

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For the Dungeoneering titles, see Dungeoneering/Titles .

Titles are honorifics, accolades, ranks, and other descriptions that modify a player’s name as either a prefix or a suffix. Titles will appear with a player’s name in public chat, when the player is right-clicked, on the forums, and on the player’s adventurer’s log. Titles are accessed and changed through the Customisation Interface under the “Titles” tab. Titles may be obtained in game or from Solomon’s General Store. A number of titles do not appear in the interface until they are unlocked.


Collections of titles Edit

List of all titles Edit

This list is automatically generated based on the values on each individual title article.

Trivia Edit

  • A player’s title would change to the corresponding gender when doing Fremennik Sagas.
  • According to Mod Jack, the cost of adding new titles is not insignificant despite appearing simple. [1]
  • If a player comes near the Mobilising Armies Command Centre. his or her title will be replaced by their Mobilising Armies rank prefix, if they have one activated. Previously, if they had no rank prefix activated, their title would vanish. Upon leaving the area, their title will not return, and will have to be reactivated. Since then, if no Mobilising Armies title is activated, the existing title will stay with the character.
  • Putting on and taking off any piece of the Darkmeyer outfit will cause any title you have active to disappear; it can be fixed by repeating the process.
  • If one had a title that was dependent on gender. there was a glitch where the player’s title (for example, the title Lord/Lady) would not change to the players current gender; the players title would stay the same until log out. This has since been fixed.
  • There was a glitch that allowed players to use titles they had not yet unlocked by selecting it, selecting a title they had unlocked, and quickly clicking the “Activate” button. This has since been fixed.
  • When right clicking, titles that are displayed before a player’s name will cause their name to be grey.
  • Titles are limited to 255 characters and each colour requires 12 characters.
  • The first titles to be released into the game were the military ranks from Mobilising Armies.

References Edit

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DMB Interlock – Safety Services, Inc #interlock #montana, #ignition #interlock, #ignition #interlock #montana, #alcohol #interlock,alcohol #interlock, #device,iid,baid,dmb #interlock, #interlock, #montana, #wyoming, #dui #offense, #madd, #draeger #safety,court #ordered #interlock,dui #attorney,interlock #montana,interlock #wyoming,drunk #driving,driving #under #the #influence, #billings #interlock, #helena #interlock, #kalispell #interlock, #bozeman #interlock, #alcohol #ignition #interlock #device #montana, #safekey, #safe #key #montana, #vehicle #tracking #devices, #gps #tracking, #theft #prevention, #otr #tracking #devices, #cargo #tracking, #fleet #tracking


DMB Interlock Safety Services, Inc has teamed up with Draeger Safety to provide our customers with the very best in Ignition Interlock products. We pride ourselves in being the very best at what we do and strictly adhere to our business ethics.

Our Customers and Employees are the very backbone to the success of DMB Interlock Safety Services. The owners will strive to ensure that each customer is treated with the utmost care and service, providing them the service they deserve. Our employees and Contract vendors will be compensated competitively, providing a work environment in which they can be proud to be a part of.

Our success will be ensured by providing our customers a personalized service during every transaction, with fanatical attention to detail in everything we do. The competitive strength of the company is outlined in our every day operating principals of Safety, Accuracy, Timeliness and personalized friendly service.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we are doing. We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you in the future.


DMB Interlock Safety Services is proud to announce our new partnership with SafeKey, Inc. to provide the States of Montana and North Dakota with the latest in GPS vehicle tracking devices and Voluntary Interlock devices.

F eatures S napshot:

  • Rapid and noninvasive assessment of reaction time – More
  • SOS feature – More
  • Theft prevention – More
  • Real time tracking – More
  • Results by SMS text messaging or Email alert – More
  • Remote access – More
  • GeoFence and defined routing capability – More


  • Fleet Fuel Management System, Vehicle Gas Cards – Enterprise Fleet Management #fleet #gas #cards #with #rewards


    Fleet Fuel Management

    Fleet Fuel Management System

    You may have no control over gasoline prices, but your business can still reduce fleet fuel expenditures by making better-informed decisions. Enterprise Fleet Management offers custom reporting tools and a fleet fuel management system that provide the insights needed to enhance the company s fuel purchasing practices.


    Save up to 15% by using the fleet fuel management system to set purchase limits and locate the lowest-cost fueling options.


    Protect against unauthorized spending through detailed reporting that records all fleet gas card transactions and driver identification numbers.


    Fleet vehicle gas cards can be selectively authorized for fuel only giving your drivers the convenience of filling up almost anywhere or anytime they want.

    Get the right vehicles at the right price without sacrificing safety or productivity. Our fleet management experts negotiate the best incentives and help you plan proactively to acquire at the lowest possible cost.

    Improve your cash flow by establishing your own line of credit with us. You ll free up capital to invest in your business and receive a custom financing plan based on your holding period and mileage.

    Through multiple selling channels, Enterprise Fleet management sells more used vehicles than any other company in North America. Take advantage of our resale process to get your vehicles sold for the highest return quickly and efficiently.

    Reduce downtime with our streamlined maintenance process and fleet reporting tools, utilizing our nationwide network of 65,000 service centers and accredited team of ASE certified technicians.

    Real-time logistical data pinpoints every detail of in-vehicle operations to identify areas that can be improved upon, optimizing productivity and efficiency.

    Handle accident claims quickly with risk management services that are available 24/7.

    Programs that handle license and registration for your entire fleet ensure you will meet every regulation without investing personal time.

    Fleet Management Live 2017 #fleet #management #live,fleet #management #live #2017,fleet #management #event,fleet #management #event #2017,fleet #event,fleet #manager #event


    Join us at the UK s leading event for the fleet management community.

    Welcoming organisations with car and van fleets of all sizes, to face future challenges and opportunities together with 2 days of free-to-attend learning, sharing and networking at the NEC.

    Whether you re a manager in fleet, transport, finance, procurement, HR, or you re an SME owner/managing director; uncover opportunities to help lead your business with next generation fleet management best practices.

    Fleet Management Live is the UK s only annual event to deliver:

    9 free-to-attend best practice workshops, presented by fleet experts, for managers in fleet transport, and discover fleet sessions for finance, procurement and HR, as well as SME owners/managing directors: promising to deliver an unparalleled level of knowledge and insight in to:

    • Latest and most innovative fleet management tools and technologies
    • Developments in legislation and regulations impacting fleet management
    • Every important area of risk and responsibility carried by fleet managers

    As well as, giving show visitors unlimited access on the exhibition floor to senior representatives from 120+ exhibitors, including:

    • The world s leading vehicle manufacturers
    • The UK s leading professional service providers in fleet management, including leasing companies, technology providers and fleet consultants
    • The full range of suppliers to the fleet management community

    Fleet Management Live 2017 promises that all your fleet purchasing and operational questions can be answered – in two days!

    Fuel Cards, Fuel Price, Retail, Fleet, Haulage Card, Fuel, Key Fuels, Texaco, Card Marketing, Key Fuels: NWF Fuels #fuel #cards, #fuel #price, #retail, #fleet, #haulage #card, #fuel, #key #fuels, #texaco, #card #marketing, #key #fuels


    Fuel Cards

    NWF Fuels is one of the fastest growing Fuel Card providers in the UK, our buying power means we attract a keen fuel price which in turn is passed onto customers, providing considerable savings against national retail prices.

    At NWF Fuels you are more than just a number. We are passionate about delivering a first class service. You will have a dedicated Account Manager who will be your regular point of contact, provide you with on-going support and guidance and help drive down your fuel spend and maintain control of your fleet.

    As standard, we issue the Fuel Cards for free with no contract or obligation to use them.

    By cho osing NWF Fuels you will receive the following benefits:

    • A personal Account Manager.
    • Comprehensive UK site networks for both National and Regional users.
    • Locate our strategically handpicked sites using site directories, free satellite navigation downloads and free smart phone applications or by clicking on the FUEL SITE LOCATOR
    • Competitive weekly fixed pricing nationwide.
    • Competitive payment terms.
    • Detailed weekly V.A.T approved invoices to provide a real insight into your fuel spend
    • A range of card readers and capital equipment for own yard refuelling.

    See Also