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Ontario Personal Injury Law Firm

Ontario Personal Injury Law Firm

Ontario Personal Injury Law Firm

Greg Monforton and Partners has grown into a highly respected accident and injury law firm that serves injury victims and their families throughout Windsor and Essex County, together with affiliate relationships with law firms throughout Ontario, Canada and the United States.

Every client’s claim is personally handled or supervised by one or more of the firm’s personal injury lawyers, each of whom restricts his or her practice exclusively to the representation of accident victims.

Greg Monforton and Partners is committed to protecting the rights of injured accident victims. The firm never represents insurance companies or product manufacturers. We only help people.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, or through someone else’s carelessness or wrongdoing, our lawyers will work hard to get you everything you rightfully deserve for your losses. For free answers to your questions about accidents and injuries, simply complete our online contact form. You can see us for free. In fact, we’re paid only if we win your claim and you collect.

Some examples of the personal injury cases that we handle include:

Windsor Car Accident Injury Lawyer

With many auto accidents occurring due to the negligence of other motorists, at the law offices of Greg Monforton and Partners we genuinely understand the trauma that drivers and their passengers can often endure after a collision.

Whiplash, broken bones, concussion and other assorted personal injuries can often take victims months to recover from, which can lead to expensive medical and outpatient treatment costs, lost wages, pain and suffering and other associated expenses.

With this in mind our team of Windsor, Ontario car accident lawyers can help to fight for your MAXIMUM injury compensation and guide you through the entire personal injury litigation process.

Some of the automotive accident injury cases we offer legal solutions to include:

Windsor Slip and Fall Lawyers

In Ontario and throughout Canada, slip and fall accidents are the leading cause of injury aside from car accidents.

Have you or someone that you love been injured in a slip and fall accident?

The law firm of Greg Monforton and Partners can help. Our Windsor slip and fall lawyers have the expertise to evaluate the details of your incident, help to determine whether you may be entitled to compensation and provide legal guidance through the personal injury litigation process.

Some of the most common causes include (but are not limited to):

  • Torn carpets
  • Un-textured or uneven concrete
  • Faulty escalators
  • Unsafe or narrow stairs
  • Missing handrails
  • Safety code violations
  • Malfunctioning elevators
  • Negligent care of public areas
  • Failure to guard danger in adjacent areas

Windsor Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Medical malpractice injuries generally occur when a physician, medical practitioner or other associated care giver fails to correctly diagnose and / or treat an illness or physical ailment, which then causes a new or aggravated injury to the individual that is receiving treatment.

These mistakes often leave victims incapacitated for months with many people requiring surgery and other medical procedures to correct the initial error.

In light of the suffering that these victims often face, at our firm we have the knowledge and experience to fight for the rights of medical malpractice victims and are not afraid to confront the insurance companies that often protect many hospitals and other care facilities.

To find out how we can help with your injury litigation today, contact our Ontario medical malpractice lawyers for your 100% FREE initial case review by calling (866) 320-4770 .

Wrongful Death Lawyers

The death of a loved one can be an extremely traumatic experience for everyone involved. Unfortunately, many deaths are caused by the negligence of another individual or due to a dangerous drug or defective item, which often further complicates a very delicate situation and then leaves family members unsure of what to do next.

At the law offices of Greg Monforton and Partners, we have a proud history of standing up for the rights of both individuals and their families and can provide the type of dependable, confident legal representation that families need during such difficult times.

With a team of highly skilled wrongful death lawyers, we can help to construct a robust argument for your compensation claim and are prepared to pursue justice to the fullest extent of the law.

If a family member or someone you love has become the victim of a wrongful death, contact our offices today. We have intake staff ready to handle your call.

Some common causes of a wrongful death may include:

Contact The Law Offices of Greg Monforton Partners Today

If you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury due to the negligence of another person or as a result of a dangerous product malfunction, you or that injury victim may be eligible to file a lawsuit claiming for financial compensation.

For more than 35 years, the law offices of Greg Monforton Partners have been helping Ontario residents fight for the justice that they deserve.

Our co-founding partner Greg Monforton, is an award-winning lawyer, a former president of the Head Injury Association (Windsor-Essex County) and past president of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association .

Collectively, we have successfully recovered MILLIONS in compensation for our clients and can provide the experience and dedication to guide you safely though the entire personal injury litigation process.

We offer 100% FREE case evaluations to determine the merits of your claim and we only get paid when we win.

If you are unable to meet with us at one of our office locations, our lawyers offer hospital, home and office visits for personal injury victims seeking legal counsel.

To learn more about your legal options, contact us today by calling (866) 320-4770 or simply by completing the Free Case Evaluation form on this page and we will contact you shortly after we receive your inquiry.

Windsor – Headquaters

Greg Monforton Partners
Suite 801, 1 Riverside Drive West,
Windsor, ON N9A 5K3
Phone: (519) 258-6490

GREG MONFORTON PARTNERS and MONFORTON, ROBITAILLE, BEZAIRE & MEJALLI, P.C. (both entities hereinafter referred to as “GMP”) recognize and respect their clients’ personal information and endeavour to safeguard that information from unauthorized use, retention, or disclosure to third parties. It is upon this fundamental principle that our firm adheres to the Law Society of Upper Canada’s Rules of Professional Conduct regarding the security of our clients’ personal information, common law principles of solicitor-client privilege and, where applicable, litigation-privilege. In addition, the protection of our clients’ personal information is governed by GMP privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”), as follows:GMP Privacy Policy assures you as an existing or future client, that in retaining our services to represent you or your business, the entire GMP team will handle your file in accordance with this policy pursuant to all applicable Federal and Provincial legislation including, but not limited to, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (”PIPEDA”). Read more..

2017 Greg Monforton Partners Injury Lawyers – Greg Monforton Partners is a registered business name of Monforton, Robitaille, Bezaire Mejalli, Professional Corporation

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Articles of Incorporation – Free Template Form #articles #of #incorporation, #articles #of


Articles of Incorporation Free for Download

Articles of Incorporation form used to incorporate a corporation

Articles of Incorporation is the actual document name that you file with the state governing agency. When I say governing agency I am referring to an agency such as a Secretary of State or Corporation Division.

Upon filing Articles of Incorporation, some states give you back a certificate of incorporation or a corporate charter. Articles of Incorporation must be filed with the state to incorporate the corporation.

We provide free Articles of Incorporation below in a PDF format or a Word doc format. Please feel free to use our article template, but please do not take this form as a replacement of competent legal counsel for your specific needs.

Articles of incorporation can be long and drawn out articles or they can be drastically simplified. The main purpose is to have something in writing to file with the state.

States have minimum filing requirements, and most states have generic pdf forms you can use on their website to file. The funny trend we’ve noticed in Articles of Incorporation filing has honestly been started by Secretaries of State. They are simplifying their filing processes. Let me explain: Articles of Incorporation used to be specifically drafted by attorneys. As you know, attorneys take on a lot of liability for offering their advice, so their drafted documents can get quite wordy. Ultimately you can write whatever you want in your Articles of Incorporation, as long as the state minimum requirements are met when you file the articles with the Secretary of State. If you meet the requirements you’ll get a new corporation established.

When it started to change was around when the internet came out. People started getting a little smarter. The states started providing generic Articles of Incorporation forms, where they just wrote the state minimum requirements on a form. Why did they start doing that? Well some attorneys can write articles that are 15 pages long, and basically say the same thing as a one page Articles of Incorporation form provided by the state. Can you imagine the training process and how much longer the state agencies would take to just process and read through the never-ending stack of corporations waiting to be filed? All a state clerk is looking for is the minimum requirements so that person can put their approved stamp on it, and move on. When a state only requires 3 things to incorporate, and there are 15 pages of text to look through well, you can see how much of a potential waste of time it can be for the states.

Why are the state generic forms basically the same thing as long drawn out Articles of Incorporation you ask? The law is the law. You can cite code after code about your articles, but if an article contradicts the law, it doesn’t really mean anything. To take it a step further… almost every state has laws stating the limitation of liability of the officers and directors of a corporation. That’s the whole point of incorporating, but some people like to state this fact on the Articles of Incorporation too. When we file Articles of Incorporation, we state this, so it makes people feel good. When you state on your Articles of Incorporation that the officers and directors are limited in their liability, it’s basically regurgitating a state law that if you ended up in court, would be the basis of the judge s decision anyway; not the Articles of Incorporation. That being said, every state is different. For the everyday business, basic Articles of Incorporation are just fine. For bigger businesses with complicated management needs, a more definitive attorney drafted Articles of Incorporation should be required,

Most Articles of Incorporation include:

  • Corporate name
  • What state they are incorporating in
  • The duration of the corporation
  • The purpose of the corporation
  • The powers of the corporation
  • The initial registered agent and registered office address of the corporation
  • A statement of acceptance of the role of the registered agent
  • Principal office address and mailing address of the corporation
  • The authorized shares of stock of the corporation
  • The class of stock
  • The par value of the shares
  • The initial directors and officers
  • The adoption of the corporate bylaws
  • Dissolution procedure
  • Indemnification of the officers and directors
  • The incorporator information
  • Correspondence information

We only charge $100 to custom draft your articles of incorporation and file with the appropriate Secretary of State.

If you would like to only use our registered agent service, and file the articles yourself, it s only $125 a year; and you’ll get the state forms to file, in your online account immediately. You also get filing instructions for the quickest and cheapest way to file articles of incorporation, plus have the most comprehensive registered agent service out there today.

More Corporation Forms:

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Hosted Survey helps you deploy successful online surveys and streamline data gathering for professional survey research projects.

We listen to you, our customers. By talking to our end-users on a daily basis, our team of experts has designed the most feature-rich web survey tool and the most robust, interactive hosting platform available today.

Survey Reports and Data Analysis

We understand how important the presentation of survey results and findings is to the success of your project. Impress you clients, your boss and your project team with meaningful, accurate and good-looking reports and slides.

Our experienced staff of analysts specializes in providing you with comprehensive and high-quality data analysis, reports and presentation materials.

Get frequencies, distributions, charts, graphs and comments online, and ask us for help when the reporting requirements are more complex. Tell us your presentation needs and allow us to consult with you to develop a package that’s just right for you.

And if you need to really get into the details, raw survey results can be exported directly into Microsoft Excel, Access, SPSS, Crystal Reports, XML and other statistical reporting programs and data formats.

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HTML Forms: From Basics to Style: Layouts #form #css #styles


HTML Forms: From Basics to Style: Layouts

Now that we have discussed the different elements of a form, it’s time to look into putting it all together. In this article, I will discuss different table layouts and how to achieve the same results using pure CSS.

Now that we have discussed the different elements of a form, it’s time to look into putting it all together. The layout of a form is crucial–a bad layout will cause confusion, make the form difficult to use, and drive away your traffic. In this article, I will discuss different table layouts and how to achieve the same results using pure CSS.

There are several ways to design a form. A common way in the old days was to use tables. Since the introduction of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), we have a much better way to layout tables. You are free to use whatever method you want to layout your form, but this is the method I have found that works the best. After creating hundreds of forms, this method has served me well. There have been a few studies on how the eye follows forms and how users fill out forms online. Just search on web form study and you will be overwhelmed with the information.

Our First Form

The form we will start off with will be a shipping address form. Figure 1 shows the form with no formatting. As you can see, it’s ugly. It is not too hard to follow now, but as more elements are added later to the form, it will become more difficult.

A Little Better

The first problem is that there is nothing to indicate what these fields are for. There is no grouping. If we have an area for the billing address, what differentiates this set of fields from the billing set of fields? Let’s add some grouping and a header (see figure 2).

This is better, but the form fields do not line up very well–time to add some CSS.

A Lot Better

In Figure 3 below, we’ve added some CSS to align the fields and make the form labels bold. This gives a nice clean look to the form and makes it easier to follow.

Other Form Layout Examples

Right justified fields are just one example. Figure 4 shows form fields organized as left justified. Another way to display the form is to place the field labels above the fields as in Figure 5.

Required Fields

As good as the form looks, how do we know which fields are required and which ones are optional? What if we added another field for a second address line and made it optional? How will the user know what to fill out? There are several ways to show which form fields are required. One way is to use an asterisk ( * ) to denote required fields (figure 6). Another is to use bold field names or labels (figure 7). Yet another way would be to place text in the input area and auto-clear it with JavaScript when the user goes to enter text (figure 8). The only problem with the last approach is that if the user has JavaScript disabled, they will have to clear the text themselves. A way around that would be to use JavaScript to set the text area for input field, but then again, if the user has JavaScript disabled, they won’t know which fields are required or optional.

For the rest of the examples, we will use the asterisk approach.

Getting There

The form is starting to take shape. Let’s add a little more style to the form. In figure 9, we have removed the auto-generated fieldset border and made our own. The legend now has a background as does the form fieldset area.

A Bigger Example

In figure 10, you can see a bigger example of what a form could look like with these elements. The form sections are broken up into their more appropriate areas. Required fields are marked with an asterisk and everything is lined up for easier viewing.


As I stated in the beginning, there are many ways to create form layouts and this is just one example of how this author has done it many times. If this layout does not appeal to you or work for your project, search the web for many other examples. In the next article, we will expand on this form using jQuery to provide even more value to the form.

Chemical Engineering – Chemical Engineering essentials for the global chemical processing industries


About Gold Membership

Revamping Your Process Plant

Revamping a process plant is a complicated issue. This article gives the reader a flavor of some of the various options and possibilities that are considered while executing a revamp. When a process plant is set up, an owner has several things in mind; the market demand for his product and hence the plant capacity, the plant cost, the space availability, space for future expansion and so on. Once a plant has been built, there is equipment that has additional design margins. It is these margins that are utilized when a client decides to revamp his plant for capacity augmentation.

An efficient variable-speed drive for compressors and pumps

This software suite integrates analytics and machine learning

A single-pot system for the food industry

A reactive silencer keeps these compressors quiet

Customized bag filling for cement, minerals and chemicals

Control several channels with this HART multiplexer

A new range of thermoplastic seals

An efficient motorized actuator for globe and diaphragm valves

New PPE garment protects against both chemicals and fire

A fully scalable, single-use bioreactor system

A highly adaptable reverse osmosis system

These ultrafiltration membranes offer extreme hydrophilicity

A new probe for measuring hydrogen peroxide vapor

This gas monitor has a dual-sensor design

Rotary vane pumps for critical applications

Self-tuning transducer senses position, displacement or proximity

Save time and lost revenue with this valve matrix solution

Precise measurement and control of gases

Apply for SBI Clerk Post Online – 11000 Vacant Jobs #state #bank


State Bank of India Clerical Posts vacancy (11000 Posts) Apply Online

Pretty Posts

State Bank of India (SBI) has made an official announcement about it s 11000 clerical posts recently. At first you need to apply for SBI clerk post online and then SBI will intimate you about the further steps. Since unemployment is growing like nothing in India, millions of people are expected to apply for this clerical post. SBI made it very simple for people who want to apply for it via online application form.

Minimum Eligibility for SBI Clerical post

  1. Age limit. 18 to 28 years
  2. Minimum Qualification. Intermediate (10+2) pass
  3. Should be a Indian citizen

Benefits and Salary Details

  1. Salary starts from Rs. 4400 per month
  2. Other allowances as per Bank rules
  3. TA, DA, House perks as per Bank norms

Once you meet the minimum eligibility criteria and have got the salary structure idea, you should proceed and fill up SBI clerk post application form online.

Apply to SBI Clerk Post Online

  1. Go to any branch of State Bank of India and deposit Rs. 250 for Clerical exam fee (Rs. 50 for SC/ST/PWD/XS/BPL candidates)
  2. Upon depositing the exam fee, branch office will provide you a unique branch code number and deposit journal number
  3. Click here to navigate to the online SBI clerical exam application form, fill up the details and submit the form
  4. Upon submitting the online application form, you will get a registration number. Note down this no and keep safely
  5. You are done.

Useful Informations

  1. Online application form requires a valid email address. If you don t have one yet, create one for free at
  2. You can find a nearest SBI branches here
  3. Cash voucher and journals can be found here
  4. Important rules and instructions can be found here
  5. Last date for online registration is 15th September 2009
  6. Written examinations will be held in between 8th November 15th November

  • Hotel Reservation Form #hospice #signs #of #dying

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    ” What I find so unique about is the ability to create a fully personalised online form for your website so quickly and easily without any previous knowledge of online forms, which you can fully integrate anywhere within your website! It’s also amazing to see how will do 99.9% of the work for you and with all the guidance that’s provided such as templates and extra features, you just simply cannot go wrong! All at a very low and affordable cost! Exceptional service! 5*****! “

    Hotel Reservation Form makes it very easy to create a hotel registration form like the sample form below. The form below is available as a template when using the form wizard which can be customized to meet your specific needs. The form wizard walks you through the entire process of building the form and then outputs a snippet of HTML code for you to place on your web site. No special servers or programming required! Additionally, you can use to create 100% customizable forms. To get started, sign up for your free account here .

    How to Calculate Simple Interest: 8 Steps #simple #order #form #template


    How to Calculate Simple Interest

    Whenever money is lent from one party to another, the loan will have an interest rate. This interest is the amount of money that must eventually be paid back to the lender, in addition to the original amount lent (known as the principal). When dealing with simple interest, the amount that the borrower is responsible for is calculated by this original principal (denoted by the variable P) being multiplied by the interest rate (denoted by r, for rate), and then multiplied by the period of time that the principal earns interest (denoted by t). Altogether, the equation for calculating simple interest is I = P r t. <\displaystyle I=Prt.> [1]

    Steps Edit

    Method One of Two:
    Calculating Simple Interest Edit

    Find interest owed with formula I = P r t <\displaystyle I=Prt> .

    • I = <\displaystyle I=> Interest owed
    • P = <\displaystyle P=> Principal, or the initial sum borrowed
    • r = <\displaystyle r=> Interest rate written as a decimal
    • t = <\displaystyle t=> Number of time periods since loan began

    Find total amount owed. The borrower also has to pay back initial loan, so total amount owed is equal to I + P <\displaystyle I+P>. You can either add them together at the end, or combine them into one equation to get total amount A = P ( 1 + r t ) <\displaystyle A=P(1+rt)>.

    Example A. A bank lends you $55,000 at a simple annual interest rate of 3%. How much interest do you owe ten years later?

    • P = $ 55. 000 <\displaystyle P=\$55,000>
    • r = 0.03 / year <\displaystyle r=0.03/<\text>>(To convert a percentage to a decimal, divide by 100. For example, if you’re given a rate of 3%, it becomes 3/100, or 0.03)
    • t = 10 years <\displaystyle t=10\ <\text>>
    • I = P r t = ( $ 55. 000 ) ( 0.03 / year ) ( 10 years ) = $ 16. 500 <\displaystyle I=Prt=(\$55,000)(0.03/<\text>)(10\ <\text>)=\$16,500>
    • Total amount owed = $ 55. 000 + $ 16. 500 = $ 71. 500 <\displaystyle <\text>=\$55,000+\$16,500=\$71,500>

    Method Two of Two:
    Understanding Concepts Edit

    Understand interest. Why does interest exist? The person lending money is giving up other uses for that money until the loan is repaid. The interest is supposed to make up for the fact that the lender could have spent that money in ways the brought in extra value. [2]

    Pay attention to the time period for each loan. Interest accumulates over regularly-spaced periods of time. For annual interest the time periods are years, but the terms of the loan could use months, weeks, or days. The shorter the period of time, the more often interest gets added to the loan.

    • This can make a huge difference. A loan with annual interest adds the interest rate ten times in ten years. A loan with monthly interest adds the same interest rate 120 times in ten years:
      • 10 years × 12 months 1 year = 120 <\displaystyle 10\ <\text>\times <\frac <12\ <\text>><1\ <\text>>>=120>

    Don’t forget the principal. When a loan is paid off, the borrower doesn’t only have to pay the interest — they must also pay back the principal that was borrowed. The sum of the interest generated plus the principal is also known as the “future value,” or the “maturity value” of the loan. [3]

    Learn the difference between simple interest and compound interest. You’ve just calculated simple interest, in which you only pay interest on the principal you borrowed. Many credit cards and other loans, however, utilize compound interest, where the interest you owe gathers interest of its own. Compound interest can result in much higher interest over time than simple interest. Calculating compound interest requires a different formula. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two systems:

    • You take a loan out for $100 at 30% simple interest. You’ll owe $30 interest after the first time period, $60 after the second, $90 after the third, and $120 after the fourth.
    • You take out a second loan of $100 at 30% compound interest. You’ll owe $30 interest after the first time period, then $69, then $119.70, then $285.61.
    • Multiple other factors can come into play when calculating more complex forms of interest, including credit risk and inflation.

    Why is interest calculated in months and not in years?

    Answered by Jasmine Tipping

    • The money being lent may not necessarily take a year to pay back. If someone was lent say $300 even with an interest rate, it may only take months for them to pay it back. With interest calculated monthly, it can be more accurate, otherwise you would have a large amount of interest being paid on a small/large amount of money each year, giving a lump sum that someone couldn’t possibly pay within the time given by the bank or loaner.

    What is compound interest?

    Answered by wikiHow Contributor

    • It is interest calculated on a principal which has been increased by previous interest payments. Essentially it’s “interest on interest.”

    If I have $120 in my savings account and I get 0.25% interest for the first month, how much will I earn in interest?

    Answered by Risto Mononen

    • The savings are multiplied by 1.0025 every month. In a year it would make $120 x 1.0025 ^ 12. You didn’t specify the savings time though; replace 12 with the number months you are saving.

    Is per annum interest simple or compounded?

    How to Use a Simple Interest Calculator to Find Your Payment Amount

    How to Create a Mortgage Calculator With Microsoft Excel

    How to Solve Math Problems

    How to Multiply

    How to Calculate Percentages

    How to Calculate the Diameter of a Circle

    How to Calculate Ratios

    How to Calculate a Test Grade

    How to Find Cubic Feet

    How to Find the Domain of a Function

    CMS Software Ltd UK – Electronic Document Management Software and Hardware, Scanning,


    The Therefore document management system enables you to process information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your department or organization. This means your team can access and use the information they need to meet business objectives, allowing you to have a smarter company and increase efficiency and profits.

    David McQuillan, Services Manager for Mallon Technology stated . have found FormStorm to be a perfect answer to our form capture needs, adaptable, efficient and affordable, my dealings with CMS have also been excellent, they created a robust processing system for us under very tight time constraints within the agreed time frame and budget. The full case study can be found here.

    CMS Software Ltd is a leading provider of document capture, document management systems, email security and support services designed for organisations of all sizes across a multitude of business sectors.

    Our document management systems are designed to offer flexibility in the electronic capture and storage of documents. We use the latest technology in both software and hardware to create the best system to fit your organisation’s needs.

    Intelligent Form Capture

    Businesses are continually looking to increase efficiency, cut costs and reduce errors in processing of business documents and forms. Our software has been designed to help achieve these goals by capturing all types of paper and electronic documents and forms, extracting and validating the important data and exporting to ECM, CRM, ERP or other business application.

    • Streamline the processing of capturing Purchase Invoices to achieve greater accuracy and faster turn around.
    • Extract data from handwritten employee time sheets to reduce errors and remove the time consuming processes of manually entering data in payroll systems.
    • Capture data from questionnaires and export to CRM systems for analysis or customer follow up.

    Additional benefits of using form capture to process your business documents include:-

    • Deliver the images into a document archive for compliance purposes
    • Full visibility of all documents at all times in the process
    • Faster response rates to queries or enquiries
    • Improved customer service

    You can find further information on our intelligent form capture solutions here. Alternatively please contact CMS Software .

    Document Management from CMS Software

    Modern day Document Management can provide an overall streamlining for any size of company and provide a positive return on your investment, typically within 9 months of implementation. In addition to this Document Management can provide the following benefits:-

    • Storage space saving on filing cabinets
    • Protection against business continuity in case of fire
    • Control sensitive information getting into the wrong hands, inside and outside your organisation
    • Real time saving on posting, stationery, paper, ink
    • Personnel overhead can be kept at a minimum due to efficiencies in day to day processes
    • Flow of paperwork electronically and the ability to build in business rules

    We have developed and installed systems that offer full or semi automation in the processing of forms and other business related documents that include:-

    • Electronic network faxing
    • Archiving of important documents in electronic format, PDF. TIFF etc
    • Management of historical archives without the need for large filing cabinets
    • Indexing and retrieval of your data using customer defined search terms
    • Scanning remotely for document capture and distribution
    • Automated data capture from documents received, i.e. purchase invoices, despatch notes
    • Barcode capture for indexing and retrieval
    • Forms Processing, OCR and ICR Character Recognition, including hand written characters
    • Purchase invoice data capture and export to your system
    • Automation of received documents

    Our Clients

    CMS supply to many different market sectors, including:-

    Car and Commercial Automotive Businesses

    NHS and Private Healthcare

    Banking and Financial

    Warehousing and Distribution

    Walraven – ROI and Cost savings

    Walraven is a family owned company with head offices in the Netherlands and 17 sites around the world. They manufacture fixing systems for heating pipes, cooling systems as well as fire protection systems and sanitary systems. Walraven operate in the domestic market with many customers in the construction, electrical and building and public sectors

    Walraven has also seen significant cost-savings since integrating Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) Zetafax seamlessly into their existing business processes. They have saved approximately �800 per month on postage and packaging, �400 on labour, �600 on stationery and fax consumables. So all in all, they are witnessing cost-savings of approximately �1800-1900 per month.

    By implementing EDD, we have immediately saved a lot of money. It has the
    potential to save us more time and money in the future when we look to expand.

    Nicola Luker, Finance Manager, Walraven Ltd

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    • Reports management allowing your system generated reports to be stored electronically. Statements and remittances can now be sent via our Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) system. Company logo s and overlay can be added to make your company stationery to enhance the appearance of the delivered documents.
    • Document Scanners – developed by some of worlds leading manufacturers in document scanning. We offer Canon and Fujitsu scanners capable of scanning speeds from 30 ppm to 128ppm.
    • Redaction software Designed specifically to protect outgoing files or printed hard copy documents. Able to protect sensitive data and make you compliant with Data Protection and Freedom of Information legal requirements.
    • Electronic Network Faxing This software turns your workstation into a fax machine. No need to worry about missing another fax again. Send and receive faxes from your desktop, just like an email.

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    Broward and Palm Beach County Hospice Organizations Sign Agreement to Form a

    #hospice of broward county


    Broward and Palm Beach County Hospice Organizations Sign Agreement to Form a Strategic Partnership

    Transaction Forms a Coordinated, Comprehensive Continuum of Care

    West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, FL. September 12, 2013 � Hospice by the Sea, Inc. (HBTS) and Hospice of Palm Beach County (HPBC)/Hospice of Broward County (HOBC) have signed an Agreement to combine the not-for-profit organizations and form a parent company that offers a coordinated, comprehensive continuum of care for those who struggle with progressive illness.

    The volunteer community boards of both organizations unanimously support the effort, believing it will improve access to a broader array of well-coordinated care for the patients and families who need it most.

    Both organizations have provided not-for-profit hospice care for over 35 years and each has added additional programs and services in response to community need. Many of these programs complement each other and collectively they will provide patients and families continuing support as their needs change. Hospice by the Sea offers home health agency services, caregiver support services and a more robust palliative care program. Hospice of Palm Beach County has a pharmacy program, a durable medical equipment service, central distribution facilities and a foundation that enables patient services over and above those reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance. This includes services such as music and other complementary therapies, along with providing charity care to a growing number of uninsured patients.

    �In today�s complex healthcare environment, any individual receiving health care at any level benefits from coordination of services,� said Hospice by the Sea Board Chair Marian Pearlman Nease. �But a smooth, efficient and well-coordinated transition from one level of care to another is especially important for those with a progressive disease. By working together, these first-rate organizations can meet the varied and ever-changing needs of progressively-ill patients and their families in a seamless manner.�

    The chair of Hospice of Palm Beach County/Hospice of Broward County agreed. �Most of us who are affiliated with hospice have a personal experience with it,� said John Marino. �We know what a blessing these services are and we want to make absolutely certain that anyone who could benefit from this kind of support has ready access. Both Boards believe this strategic partnership will make these services more efficient and more available to patients and families throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties.�

    All health care providers are already experiencing increased regulation and decreased reimbursement. By combing operations, the new organization will capitalize on shared operational expertise and economies of scale (in areas such as pharmacy, durable medical equipment and general purchasing power) to proactively address these challenges. Combining human and financial resources will increase access to services to patients and families throughout Palm Beach and Broward counties.

    The signing of this Agreement follows an extensive fact-finding due diligence process in which each organization and its advisors confirmed responsible fiscal management of the other. Leadership from both organizations are now developing an integration plan that should be fully implemented in 12 to 18 months. No reductions in workforce are planned at this time.

    The two Boards will combine to form a 10 member Board composed of 5 representatives from each organization chosen by the two current Board chairs. Both CEOs will remain with the combined organization. Dave Fielding will serve as CEO and Paula Alderson will serve as President. The parent company (Spectrum Health, Inc.) will be renamed soon, but each of the Hospice programs will maintain their current names.