Deutsche Bank – Singapore Executive and Operating Committees provide fresh fruit juice

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Singapore Executive and Operating Committees provide fresh fruit juice at Dover Park Hospice

October 2014 │ Singapore

On October 4, members from Deutsche Bank Singapore’s Executive and Operating Committees volunteered their time to brighten up an otherwise wet and dreary Saturday for Dover Park Hospice patients, families and staff.

The mission at hand was a simple one: Deutsche Bank volunteers would provide to the patients made-to-order fresh fruit juices along with soft Swiss Rolls and some very sunny smiles.

The visit started with a short briefing by the CEO of Dover Park Hospice, Dr. Stella Wee, telling the volunteers more about the hospice and good work that it does. This was followed by a frenzy of juicing activity. The volunteers walked the wards, accompanied by a small medical team, taking juice orders and chatting to patients while group of four Deutsche Bank volunteers got their hands (or more accurately, rubber gloves) dirty operating fruit juicers to meet the constant demand for fresh juices.

While all of the patients are terminally ill, the majority with a life expectancy of less than three months, many were still able to enjoy the healthy and tasty addition to their late morning meal. What touched the hearts of all the volunteers were the tears of one patient, moved by the volunteers’ companionship on the day, which coincidentally was his birthday.

All too quickly, the ward rounds were over, and the fruit and cake supplies depleted. As the volunteers said their goodbyes and went back to their own lives, they each took away some small comfort that they might just have made a little difference to someone else’s day, brought a smile, or lent some support and companionship, on a wet and grey morning. The fruit juices were only a simple token, but to many of the hospice’s patients and families, it was a tiny but important reminder that they were not alone.