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So adventurer, you wish to become a gold member!?

Upgrading your agma account to GOLD means you will receive numerous benefits in the game and in the forums. You will be marked one of the elite prestige, people will look up to you in the game. Your membership and donator rank will be visible when you chat and play. Plus more benefits:

Get instant access to exclusive Gold member skins. gold nickname when you play, gold crown when you chat, unlimited fast feed by holding W, and more!

Gold Nickname ingame

White Sparkly forum nickname color

Unlimited Change forum username

Double Starting Mass

Unlimited Freeze your own cell (F key)

A wearable VIP Hat(Coming Soon)

Gold crown when you chat (coming soon)

Donator Rank for Charity

Unlimited Fast feed
(Hold W)

And more benefits

Custom Skins – Coming Soon!

Upload your own skins here!

How it works:
1. Buy an empty skin slot
2. Upload an image of your choice
3. New skins must be approved by staff before use
4. Play with your skin after approval

Image requirements:
– png files only
– maximum file size: 1MB
– recommended dimension: 512 x 512 pixels (min = 128 x 128, max = 1024 x 1024)
– no abusive or inappropriate content

Upload a YouTube video of Agma.io!

Record and upload a gameplay video of agma.io, and include your skin image and name in your video description. We will find your video on YouTube and add your skin to the game!



Ice Barrage – Freeze Opponent

Macro Split

(1 day)

Freeze yourself

(F Key)

Sleight of Hand

(1 day – Fast Feed)

2x Spawn Size

(1 day)

2x Exp

2x Speed

(1 day)

Locked (Requires level 10)

Locked (Requires level 20)


Minions/Bots are cells which will follow your mouse or your cell, and suicide into you giving you their mass. You can control them by splitting them or ejecting mass from them.
Minions are highly sought after, and only the most precious experiences are gained when playing with these 100% smooth minions! What are you waiting for? Give them a try!
Click here to turn on Minion Panel Interface (lets you start minions ingame – Top of screen).

10 Bots

1 hour

Stetson University (DeLand, FL): Top Tips Before You Go #stetson #university, #deland,


Stetson University, DeLand: Address, Phone Number, Educational site Reviews

Stetson University

What is available for visitors to do here? I have always heard wonderful things about this massive college that it s an attraction of Deland on it s own! I want to visit the University and see what s here, but I am not a student on the campus. What is available for visitors/community to visit here? Any recommendations or advice?

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Response from Mary H | Reviewed this property |

The college is probably the only attraction there. I was just next to it this Friday. The town is in existence because of the college and Daytona nearby. It would be an overflow area for Daytona, but not as nice as. More

The college is probably the only attraction there. I was just next to it this Friday. The town is in existence because of the college and Daytona nearby. It would be an overflow area for Daytona, but not as nice as Daytona. The only nice hotel is not real nice. There is a strip of about 4 blocks of small antique, restaurant and other shops. It only took me about one hour to go thru it. I m a thrift shop person so I don t like to pay antique store prices. There is a Good will and a Bealls Outlet but not much selection. I would recommend living in the town as it is genuinely a USA town of friendly people. They had the High School parade through the town last year when I visited. Quite a big deal compared to what my town offers a school. The town has beautiful oak trees. The campus is OLD and smells musty in the older buildings. The campus has a great feel and student attitude, but it is expensive. I spoke to a native there and he said the college was very small until they added the athletic program, then more dorms were built etc. To get an idea of how nice the town is. We went to several fast food places and they all had polite young people working there and they were fast and efficient. I ve never seen that consistency in a town with Mc D s Arbys, Wendy s etc. But bottom line is you can visit the college and town in a day and drive somewhere else to spend the night, unless there is a bread and breakfast in the town. That I don t know about.

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