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(BCS & Other Division I Football Index Page)

Get the Best Fight Songs (HQ Stereo) on 20 Different Music CD’s. Please Help Support This Site.

Welcome to the “LARGEST” College Football Fight Song web site in the universe, where all the songs are now in MP3 format. I have always been a fan of college football and especially the Nittany Lions of Penn State. All the MP3’s on this site have been compressed 11 to 1 in size and reformatted in mono, all to help save webspace. It has been a rough ride these past 2-3 years as interest seems to hae waned a bit and it is more costly to keep the site up for FREE! And now certain schools like Miami (FL), Washington and Utah forced me to remove the school’s songs from the website, even though they are free to download and isn’t this kind of like FREE advertisement for those schools? And all those millions of dollars the football programs bring and to top that with the price of tuition, you would think they would want to share the songs with their alumni, current students and fans of those schools. If anyone can help, please do to get those songs back up and available on this site. I am also in the process of adding as many or all of the football schools from the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision). After completion, there will be well over 1,000 total songs for you FREE to download. I will also be reformatting all the music CD’s, moving teams to the correct conference CD and adding all the new schools, even the FCS schools.

Also, you will still be able to purchase your favorite school songs via email for $5 or less per school or per conference. Especially the FCS conferences, where 1-2 schools songs will be prevailant throughout. You will want the higher quality songs for your ringtone(s) on your cellphone and iPhones. But please don’t forget about the CD’s, they also help in the funding for this site or shopping at one of the sponsors on this site. And if you are not considering a purchase at this time, please consider a friendly donation of $10 or $20 or any value at that to make sure this website stays up and running for many years to come and into the future. Thank you very much for your continued support.

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College Football Fight Music CD’s (21 Volumes)

My College Football Fight Music CD/MP3 Store has changed many times over the years as the NCAA Football Conference realignment is a never ending process as money dictates which schools play in the
(5) major BCS conferences and who play in the other FBS mid-major football conferences. My collection now contains 21 different CD’s, with Volumes 1 & 13 focus on all five of the power five conferences (ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, PAC-12, SEC and Notre Dame). These same conferences are also focused on: Volumes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 19, 20 and 14 (alma maters). The mid-major conferences, which now include the AAC, CONF-USA, MAC, MWC an the SUNBELT are representive on Volumes 9, 10, 11, 12 and 15 (alma maters). I also now have different fight music CD’s (Volumes 16, 17 and 18 (alma maters) focusing on the schools from the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision). Of course it is impossible to include all the songs on the CD’s, thats for both the FCS and FBS CD’s, so you can also purchase the individual songs from each college for only $1-$5 each depending on the number of songs I have available. And if you already purchased in the past, at least a donation would be of great help to me. To send a donation, just click on the PayPal banner just below. Thank you very much.

Greatest Original Oldies Music Ever Of All-Time

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How to Become a Game Designer #school #game #design


How to become a game designer

With the advent of arcade, home console, computer, and now mobile and tablet games, game design has become an elaborate process. Specialists trained in a variety of disciplines collaborate to create great computer or video games replete with state-of-the-art animation and visual effects. These individuals need not be in the same room, city or even the same state. Not only are many game designers (about 57 percent) self-employed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a significant portion work from home, regardless of their employment.

Historically, game design has primarily been male-dominated, but in the past 25 years, more women have been entering the field. From 1989 through 2009, women went from being 3 percent to 11 percent of the game design workforce, and since 2009, the number of women hired by gaming companies has tripled.

What are the educational requirements?

If you are interested in pursuing a career in game design, go to college the minimum requirement for employment is typically a bachelor’s degree, the BLS reports. Some schools have dedicated degree programs in game design, but if you can’t find one that suits you, remember it isn’t the only educational option. You can earn this degree in computer graphics, art, animation or a related field.

While it may be helpful to possess artistic ability and talent, people lacking in those areas can often compensate with robust technical and computer skills, and those abilities might be preferred by some employers. Likewise, those who do not have strong computer skills may make up for it through demonstrable artistic talent.

Some skills that game designers may need include:

  • Computer programming and knowledge of programming languages
  • Coding
  • Problem solving and critical thinking
  • Knowledge of audio and video equipment
  • Written and verbal communication

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in game design or computer programming, consider one of these sponsored schools:

How much do game designers make?

While the BLS does not have individual information on the salary of game designers it does provide information on multimedia artists and animators, which includes the role of game designer. According to the BLS, the mean annual wage for these artists and animators in the U.S. was $72,400 as of May 2013. At the same time, the top five states for annual mean wages were:

  • California: $88,150
  • Washington: $76,900
  • Washington D.C. $76,110
  • New York: $72,530
  • New Mexico: $70,310

If you’ve been called a gamer for as long as you remember, you might as well make a career out of it, right? To learn more about how to become a game designer and for a complete list of sources, check out the visual that follows.

Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2013: Multimedia Artists and Animators, Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor,

Multimedia Artists and Animators, “Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition,” Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Jan. 8, 2014,

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Hungarian Language Lessons – Puzzles, Quizzes, Sound Files #learn #hungarian,magyar,language,lessons,puzzles,quizzes,sounds,grammar #reference, #wav,multiple #choice,match,hungary,learn #on-line,internet #study,multimedia #files,tutor,tutoring,nyelv,grammar #table,tutorial,pronounciation,kiejtes, #game,games,online,on-line,tests,chat,chatroom,message #board,beginner, #intermediate,advanced,help,newsletter,letter,practice,exercises,sample #sentences


Hungarian Lessons / Magyar leck�k

Hungarian is spoken by 15 million people worldwide. However, it is hard to learn magyar outside of Hungary, since it is almost impossible to find local source, classes or tutors to help. This website offers lessons for those, who really want to learn Hungarian. You also find a growing collection of sound files, self-quizzes, tests and language puzzles here to support these lessons. Please post your question on my message board or send e-mail if you need more help.
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Disclaimer My material and sound files can not be used outside of this website without my written permission. These can not be part of any collection, and can not be displayed on other websites for any reason. These are copyrighted files for personal use only. Thank you! Please, create links to this site if you plan to use this material.

This site is part of Hungarotips
Please visit for more than a hundred pictures and lots of information about Hungary.
Hungary | Genealogy | Traditions | Links | Travel tips

Get the most from these lessons

In general you can find here:

  • A growing collection of tutorial, puzzle and grammar pages. You can download and use all of the sound files from this site.
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    The focus of each lesson is a single grammar topic or the use of one word, supported with at least 10-15 sample sentences, and detailed explanation. Sentences are related to Hungarian history, culture, tourism or everyday life. See a sample e-mail. One full year of subsciption is $18, ask for detail. You will receive at least 150 lessons in one year. Also, you can ask for a topic or word you would like to learn. Full refund during the first 20 days.

    Lessons are not available this time, they will start again in May 2015.

    Chatroom hours: (check your local time compare to New York, USA.)
    1. Beginners:
    Monday and Saturday 7PM EST

    2. Advanced:
    Thursday 7PM EST Please note, here Hungarian is the primary language.

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  • Top Video Game Design Schools in Texas #game #design #schools #in #texas


    There are schools offering video game design programs in Texas!

    Approximately 0.1% of graduates in of Texas receive video game design degrees every year. Thus, Texas’ 13 video game design schools put out approximately 293 video game designers each year.

    Top Schools

    The University of Texas at Dallas, which is located in Richardson, is the top-ranked school in Texas that has a video game design program. It received a ranking of 28th in the country in 2010. In 2010, 146 students graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas’ video game design program. Students at The University of Texas at Dallas paid $9,886 per year in tuition fees.

    University of the Incarnate Word, which is located in San Antonio, is the second-ranked school in Texas that has a video game design program. It received a ranking of 45th in the country in 2010. In 2010, University of the Incarnate Word graduated 3 students from its video game design program. Tuition at University of the Incarnate Word was $21,890 per year.

    The third-ranked school in Texas with a video game design program is Southern Methodist University, which is located in Dallas. In 2010, it was ranked 63rd nationwide. In 2010, Southern Methodist University graduated 61 students from its video game design programs. Southern Methodist University charged in-state students $37,230 in tuition fees per year.


    If you are hoping to attend one of Texas’ video game design schools, you can expect to pay an average tuition of $10,754 per year, though tuition can range from $37,230 per year to $1,024 per year. In 2010, the video game design schools that charged the highest tuition rates in Texas were:

    1. Southern Methodist University – located in Dallas, students are charged $37,230 per year
    2. University of the Incarnate Word – located in San Antonio, students are charged $21,890 per year
    3. The Art Institute of Houston – located in Houston, students are charged $17,618 per year

    The video game design schools in Texas that charged the lowest tuition rates were:

    1. Collin County Community College District – located in McKinney, students are charged $1,024 per year
    2. Lee College – located in Baytown, students are charged $1,086 per year
    3. Richland College – located in Dallas, students are charged $1,230 per year

    More Information

    The charts and graphs below have additional Texas statistics regarding a career in video game design. Take a look and compare salaries with various related fields such as video game design or computer animation.

    Here are the different levels of study available for you to explore.

    • Associate’s Degree in Video Game Design in Texas
    • Bachelor’s Degree in Video Game Design in Texas
    • Master’s Degree in Video Game Design in Texas
    • Certificate in Video Game Design in Texas

    A multiplayer MMO game #agma, #agario #private #server, #play #game, #agario #online #server, #free #agar #modded #game, #cells, #virus, #petridish, #alis, #gota, #bacteria, #blob, #game, #games, #web #game, #agario #forums, #community, #clan #wars, #team #tournament, #fun, #flash #mobile



    North America

    So adventurer, you wish to become a gold member!?

    Upgrading your agma account to GOLD means you will receive numerous benefits in the game and in the forums. You will be marked one of the elite prestige, people will look up to you in the game. Your membership and donator rank will be visible when you chat and play. Plus more benefits:

    Get instant access to exclusive Gold member skins. gold nickname when you play, gold crown when you chat, unlimited fast feed by holding W, and more!

    Gold Nickname ingame

    White Sparkly forum nickname color

    Unlimited Change forum username

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    A wearable VIP Hat(Coming Soon)

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    Donator Rank for Charity

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    And more benefits

    Custom Skins – Coming Soon!

    Upload your own skins here!

    How it works:
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    Image requirements:
    – png files only
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    Record and upload a gameplay video of, and include your skin image and name in your video description. We will find your video on YouTube and add your skin to the game!



    Ice Barrage – Freeze Opponent

    Macro Split

    (1 day)

    Freeze yourself

    (F Key)

    Sleight of Hand

    (1 day – Fast Feed)

    2x Spawn Size

    (1 day)

    2x Exp

    2x Speed

    (1 day)

    Locked (Requires level 10)

    Locked (Requires level 20)


    Minions/Bots are cells which will follow your mouse or your cell, and suicide into you giving you their mass. You can control them by splitting them or ejecting mass from them.
    Minions are highly sought after, and only the most precious experiences are gained when playing with these 100% smooth minions! What are you waiting for? Give them a try!
    Click here to turn on Minion Panel Interface (lets you start minions ingame – Top of screen).

    10 Bots

    1 hour

    2017 Draft Prospect Rankings #nhl,,, #playoffs, #scores, #video, #photos, #standings, #news, #features, #players, #shop, #auctions, #tickets, #mobile, #game #center #live, #stanley #cup, #winter #classic, #draft, #free #agency


    Bienvenue à le site officiel de la Ligue nationale de hockey

    Добро пожаловать на, официальный сайт Национальной Хоккейной Лиги

    Tervetuloa NHL:n viralliselle nettisivustolle NHL.comiin

    Välkommen till, NHL:s officiella web-sida

    Vítejte na, oficiálních stránkách National Hockey League

    Vitajte na, oficiálnych stránkach National Hockey League

    Willkommen auf, der offiziellen Seite der National Hockey League

    2017 Draft Prospect Rankings


    ABOUT is the official web site of the National Hockey League. NHL, the NHL Shield, the word mark and image of the Stanley Cup, the Stanley Cup Playoffs logo, the Stanley Cup Final logo, Center Ice name and logo, NHL Conference logos, NHL Winter Classic name, and The Biggest Assist Happens Off The Ice are registered trademarks and Vintage Hockey word mark and logo, The Game Lives Where You Do, NHL Winter Classic logo, NHL Heritage Classic name and logo, NHL Stadium Series name and logo, NHL All-Star logo, NHL Face-Off name and logo, NHL. TV, NHL Premium, NHL After Dark, NHL GameCenter, NHL GameCenter LIVE, NHL Network name and logo, NHL Tonight name and logo, On The Fly, NHL Awards name and logo, NHL Draft name and logo, Hockey Fights Cancer, Because It’s The Cup, NHL Green name and logo, NHL Vault, Hockey Is For Everyone, NHL Thanksgiving Showdown name and logo, NHL Centennial Classic name and logo, NHL Centennial Season logo, NHL100 Classic name and logo, NHL Global Series name and logo, NHL China Games name and logo, and Don’t Miss A Moment are trademarks of the National Hockey League. All NHL logos and marks and NHL team logos and marks depicted herein are the property of the NHL and the respective teams and may not be reproduced without the prior written consent of NHL Enterprises, L.P. NHL 2017. All Rights Reserved. All NHL team jerseys customized with NHL players’ names and numbers are officially licensed by the NHL and the NHLPA. The Zamboni word mark and configuration of the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine are registered trademarks of Frank J. Zamboni Co. Inc. Frank J. Zamboni Co. Inc. 2017. All Rights Reserved. Any other third party trademarks or copyrights are property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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    Business Leaders

    Craig J. Duchossois, MBA

    Mr. Craig J. Duchossois is Independent Director at Churchill Downs, Inc. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Trinity Rail Group LLC, Chief Executive Officer & Director at The Duchossois Group, Inc. a Principal at Duchossois Technology Partners LLC, Chief Executive Officer at TCMC, Inc. a Member at World Presidents’ Organization, a Member at Economic Club of Chicago, Chairman at The Chamberlain Group, Inc. a Principal at Duchossois Capital Partners LLC, Managing Member at HeathCo LLC, and a Member at Chief Executive Officers’ Club of Boston.

    He is on the Board of Directors at Churchill Downs, Inc. The Duchossois Group, Inc. World Business Chicago, The Culver Educational Foundation, The University of Chicago, The University of Chicago Medical Center, Illinois Institute of Technology, Northwestern University, The Executives Club of Chicago, AMX Corp. Milestone AV Technologies, Inc. The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, AMX UK Ltd. Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, AMX LLC, Amsted Industries, Inc. and Kellogg School of Management.

    Mr. Duchossois was previously employed as Independent Director by Levy Acquisition Corp. a Board Member by LaSalle National Bank, Chairman by United States Naval Academy, and a Principal by United States Marine Corps.

    He also served on the board at Platinum Entertainment, Inc. Blue Rhino Corp. and Trinity Industries, Inc.

    He received his undergraduate degree from Southern Methodist University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University.

    Current positions of Craig J. Duchossois, MBA

    Chief Executive Officer

    The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

    Duchossois Capital Management LLC

    Amsted Industries, Inc.

    The Duchossois Group, Inc.

    Chief Executive Officer & Director

    Milestone AV Technologies, Inc.

    The University of Chicago Medical Center

    Illinois Institute of Technology

    The University of Chicago

    World Business Chicago

    The Executives Club of Chicago

    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs

    The Culver Educational Foundation

    Edgewater Funds LP

    Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

    Kellogg School of Management

    Duchossois Technology Partners LLC

    World Presidents’ Organization

    Economic Club of Chicago

    Duchossois Capital Partners LLC

    Chief Executive Officers’ Club of Boston

    Holdings of Craig J. Duchossois, MBA

    Craig J. Duchossois, MBA: Personal Network

    Churchill Downs, Inc.
    Duchossois Capital Partners LLC
    The Duchossois Group, Inc.
    Milestone AV Technologies, Inc.
    TCMC, Inc.
    The Chamberlain Group, Inc.

    Churchill Downs, Inc.
    The Duchossois Group, Inc.
    Milestone AV Technologies, Inc.
    The Executives Club of Chicago
    Duchossois Technology Partners LLC
    The Chamberlain Group, Inc.
    Economic Club of Chicago
    AMX Corp.

    Kellogg School of Management
    Northwestern University
    The Executives Club of Chicago
    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
    Economic Club of Chicago

    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
    Northwestern University
    Kellogg School of Management
    Economic Club of Chicago
    The Executives Club of Chicago

    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
    World Business Chicago
    Economic Club of Chicago
    The Executives Club of Chicago

    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
    The Executives Club of Chicago
    World Business Chicago
    Economic Club of Chicago

    The Chicago Council on Global Affairs
    World Business Chicago
    The Executives Club of Chicago
    Economic Club of Chicago

    Economic Club of Chicago
    World Business Chicago
    The Executives Club of Chicago
    The University of Chicago

    The Duchossois Group, Inc.
    AMX Corp.
    The Culver Educational Foundation

    Economic Club of Chicago
    World Business Chicago
    World Presidents’ Organization
    The University of Chicago
    The Executives Club of Chicago

    Shopping Addiction Help – Treatment from Rehab Recovery #shopping #addiction, #addiction #help, #rehab, #rehabilitation, #eating #disorders, #alcohol #rehab, #drug #rehab, #video #game #addiction


    Shopping Addiction Help Treatment

    Shopping addiction, also called compulsive shopping and omniomania, is one of the most socially “acceptable” behavioural addictions in the world. Shopping is a normal part of life but it becomes a problem when people start feeling compelled to buy things they don’t need or even want, and find themselves getting a thrill or “rush” from the experience of shopping, both online and in stores.

    Some “shopaholics” may make an effort to stop but find themselves unable to stop spending money, which often leads to many financial difficulties. This in turn causes shame, guilt and anger, which makes the problem worse as shopping becomes a coping mechanism, and often causes relationships to break down.

    Symptoms of Shopping Addiction

    Do you know someone who is worrying you by exhibiting possible signs of having a shopping addiction? Try asking yourself the following questions.

    • Do they hide evidence of purchases like receipts, bags or even the items themselves, perhaps even throwing newly bought things away?
    • Are they preoccupied with shopping and tend to do it a lot at the expense of relationships and other commitments?
    • Do they stay out a lot of the time in shopping centres or spend a lot of time on their computer using online shopping sites?
    • Do they seem to be having problems with money but dismiss these or get angry if questioned about it?

    Do you know someone who is suffering from a shopping addiction? Call us now for free help and advice on how simple and easy it can be to get free of a shopping addiction and live a happier, healthier life.

    Get Help For Shopping Addiction

    Finding the right treatment service that can help you live free of the problem of shopping addiction is often a complicated and time-consuming process. If you need urgent help and are finding the wide variety of treatments on offer overwhelming, that’s where we come in.

    Our shopping addiction treatment assistance gives you:

    • A free help and evaluation service to help you choose
    • Guidance on the best treatment options for your circumstances
    • Assistance in picking out the most cost-effective options
    • Information on quality of care, best clinical practice and more
    • Complete clarity so you can make the right choice of treatment

    Call today in complete confidence on 08000 886 686 to take your first steps on the road to a happy and healthy new life.

    Request Call Back

    Leave your details and we will discreetly call you back. All calls are completely confidential.

    Video Game Designer Training, Education Requirements, Jobs – Salary #video #game #designer, #training, #online, #education, #requirements, #salary, #job, #skills, #description


    Video Game Designer

    If you love gaming, and have a desire to learn the latest programming, art and media production skills, then video game designer is the career path for you. Depending on your interests and employment goals, the video game design job market offers a wealth of opportunities. According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, video game designer employment will skyrocket 19% this decade, placing it among the fastest growing careers in America.

    Most video game designer jobs fall into one of three disciplines: Game Artist. Game Designer or Game Programmer. The game design career track you choose will determine your daily activities and responsibilities, as well as the skills and education requirements to get hired. Learn about video game designer skills by discipline below.

    All video game designers spend a lot of time in the classroom – or virtual classroom for online students – learning new skills to keep up with the gaming industry’s rapidly evolving technologies, trends and emerging platforms. However, with hard work and intense training comes great rewards — most video game designers with 6+ years of experience earn over $100,000 per year, according to Game Developer Magazine’s 2012 Salary Survey.

    Explore video game design schools online and in your area to compare game design training programs.

    a.k.a. Video Game Developer | Simulation Programmer | Game Artist | Mobile Game Designer | Game Programmer

    Video Game Designer Skills Responsibilities

    In-demand skill sets and day-to-day activities for Video Game Designers include the following. Game designers:

    • Devise the missions, challenges and puzzles that will be encountered in game play.
    • Create narrative features, such as story-lines, role-play mechanics and character bios.
    • Conduct periodic design reviews throughout the video game development timeline.
    • Collaborate with artists and sound engineers to achieve the desired audio/visual style.
    • Plan games using screenshot mockups, gameplay flowcharts and other visual devices.
    • Maintain design level documentation, including mechanics, guidelines and mission outlines.
    • Work closely with game programmers and artists to ensure that the design is being followed.

    Sought-after skills and typical responsibilities for Video Game Artists include the following: Video game artists:

    • Are responsible for the aesthetics (or visual style) of video games and simulations.
    • Are skilled in traditional art concepts and techniques, such as line, form and color theory.
    • Design the artwork for all visual game aspects, such as characters, weapons and vehicles.
    • Use 2D/3D computer animation software to mockup and animate video game levels and worlds.
    • Some game artists use motion-capture software to incorporate live-action actors into the video game.
    • Collaborate with game programmers and designers to ensure finished product is consistent with original artwork.

    Marketable skill sets and daily activities for Video Game Programmers include the following. Game programmers:

    • Are fluent in the popular video game development programming languages, such as Java, C and C++.
    • Develop the artificial intelligence (AI) that dictates reactions of computer-controlled elements.
    • Write and fine-tune precise computer code that controls the difficulty level of a video game.
    • Develop the code that enables multiplayer gameplay over a network, such as Xbox Live.
    • Test develop game physics, which controls how objects interact in the video game environment.
    • Work closely with game artists and designers to accurately incorporate their visions into the game.

    Video Game Designer Education Requirements

    Video game designer education requirements vary according to your game design job specialty. Game design training programs focus on three main disciplines – design, art, and programming. Your personal interests, passions and employment goals will determine which video game design training program is the best fit to get hired for the job you want. Here is a breakdown of video game designer education requirements by game design specialty:

    Video Game Designer A college degree or certificate in game design or creative writing will help you get hired as a video game designer. Skills to look for in a video game designer education program include game theory, storytelling storyboarding, game planning and strategy, creative content writing, brainstorming creative thinking, and game design project management.

    Video Game Programmer For game design programming jobs, the education requirement is typically a bachelor’s degree in video game development, computer science, software engineering, mobile application development, game simulation programming, or a similar programming-focused area of study. Video game programmers should be fluent in the object-oriented programming (OOP) languages commonly used in video game design, such as Java, C and C++.

    Video Game Artist Education requirements for game art jobs ideally include a specialized 2- or 4-year game art degree, however a traditional art school degree is acceptable in many cases. Video game artists must first master traditional art techniques and principles, such as form, perspective color theory, before they can apply these skills to game elements like characters environments. A prospective video game artist’s most crucial asset is his or her design portfolio; the stronger and more relevant your portfolio, the less you will have to rely on your formal education to land the job. The ability to effectively use modern graphic design computer animation software, such as Adobe Flash, will also help you get hired as a video game artist.

    With video game popularity at an all-time high, schools are evolving their game design education programs with topics like 3D modeling, character animation, world design, storyboarding, simulation programming and more. Research and compare the top-reviewed game design programs in the U.S. Canada and online.

    What Traits do Game Design Studios Look for in a New Hire?

    Game studios seek out designers who love gaming, because real players recognize what makes a video game good, bad, ugly, or incredible. Strong problem-solving skills are key for game designers, as the video game creation process is ripe with challenges and pitfalls. To succeed as a video game designer you need to be patient and willing to work long hours and overtime to solve these problems. Successful video game designers need the ability to work well as part of a team, as video games are an intensely collaborative medium.

    Video Game Designer Training, Certificates Degrees

    Browse the top-rated undergrad graduate degrees, professional certificates, online courses and self-paced training programs matching the video game designer education requirements and career path.

    Admissions advisors can provide more info about game design programs and curriculum, admissions start dates, online learning details, career opportunities, tuition costs, personalized financial aid scholarship options.

    Got targeted learning goals? Many schools offer individual courses from campus and online degree programs.

    Average starting salary for video game designers and related positions:

    • QA/Video Game Tester: $54,000
    • Video Game Artist: $77,000
    • Game Level Designer: $80,000
    • Video Game Designer: $80,000
    • Video Game Art Director: $87,000
    • Video Game Developer: $87,000
    • iPhone Game Developer: $90,000
    • Blackberry Game Developer: $90,000
    • Android Game Developer: $94,000
    • Java Game Developer: $96,000


    Video Game Designer Jobs

    Your specialized game design training and experience qualifies you for a variety of exciting job roles including:

    Video Game Designer Job Outlook

    There’s never been a better time to learn video game design. The multi-billion dollar video game industry has more than tripled in size over the past decade with no signs of slowing. Beyond the booming market for video games on PCs and the major consoles (Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii) the increased popularity and sophistication of mobile technologies has opened up a new world of career opportunities for video game designers and developers. Game designers with mobile development expertise will be especially sought after as smart phones and tablets, such as the iPhone, iPad, and a host of Android devices, continue to change the way we access and play video games. Employment of video game designers is expected to grow by 19 percent from 2014 through 2024, much faster than the 7% average for all occupations.

    Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ 2016-2017 Occupational Outlook Handbook

    Game Design Related Careers

    Subject Matter Expert Contributor

    Daniel Greenspan is an IT education specialist and entrepreneur living in New York City. Working closely with IT professionals, world-class trainers and technology executives since 2005 has given him a unique perspective into the IT job market and the skills and credentials IT professionals need to succeed.

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