FREE If you Give a Mouse a Cookie Worksheets #if #you #give


FREE If you Give a Mouse a Cookie Worksheets

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Favorite Preschool Book – If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

I ve actually had it done for a while, but was waiting for a time to slip it into my post line-up! We love all the books in this wonderful series by Laura Numeroff. If you Give a Mouse a Cookie is the first. So if you are already a big fan of these books or are being introduced to them for the very first time, you are going to love this Literature Based Pack!!

FREE If you Give a Mouse a Cookie Worksheets for Kids

There are 45 pages with a variety of educational activities for children 2-6 years old. Here is a sampling of what you ll find.

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Give You A Break Bail Bond

k k.

over a year ago

My son who has never been in trouble in his 37 year life was thrown into jail after his wife (no ex-wife) lied and said he pushed her. I live out of state and had no clue what had happened except for a message left on my phone saying so-and-so is throwing me into jail, so you won’t reach me I was frantic. I had no one to call and It was Give you a Break Bail Bonds who called me the next day and let me speak with my son on a 3-way call to reassure me things would be ok and they were getting him out. I can never thank them enough for that call. They were there for my son when I couldn’t be and he had no clue how any of this worked. So, if you need a bail bon company then GIVE YOU A BREAK BAIL BOND is the help you need and they are just like the other reviews- THEY DO CARE. Thank you again from a concerned Mom.

over a year ago

I was a chronic trouble maker in the past and got a hold of Joe at GUAB. A couple of times I’ve had to use them and they are some of the nicest and most caring, professional people especially when it comes to their line of work. Joe was stern but flexible on accepting a partial payment and did not require a house or acres of land to put up as most of them do. I always throw business their way when I have the opportunity and if ever I need him again. I will be calling him. He genuinely cared about me getting out and keeping my job and getting back to my family. Which is VERY rare among bondsman.


over a year ago

The Best! My 20 year old daughter slapped her boyfriend during an argument and went to jail for the first time in her life. She was terrified and I was terrified for her. She got a 1,000 dollar bond and would have had to sit in jail waiting for her court date if it had not been for the staff at Give U A Break. They immediately went and talked to her, to make sure she was okay and if she needed anything. They also reassured her that we were working on getting her out of there. I am so THANKFUL! My daughter is home safe! As long as she follows their guidelines (calling once per week ect.) she will be okay. Hopefully, I never need a bail bondsman again, but if I do, I am calling Give U A Break.

How long to get finincial aid refund (CC vs University)? #online #schools


How long to get finincial aid refund (CC vs University)?

Both time I went to school before were at CC’s and I always got my refund check before classes started giving me money to get my supplies and books. Now I am going to a regional campus of a University (Kent State) and it seems more likely that they seem to be saying that even though they get the money from the DOE on August 21st that I may not have the refund part before classes actually start. The reason I think this is that I got an email from the financial aid department that says that I can add some of the extra funds before it gets dispersed to my bank account to my school card (It works like a debit card on campus) this week, but it says something about doing this at the main campus (which is no where near me) so does that mean I can go to my regional campus and do the same thing or should I expect the money to be in my bank account before classes start? I checked my financial aid online and it says that my tuition has been paid already and has the net amount of the refund. I know they say that if you are a first time student that you may not get your refund till up to 2 or 3 weeks after the semester starts, which doesn’t apply to me since I am a returning college student (Starting as a sophomore) so should it be like the last two times I went to college and I will get the refund before classes actually start?

When do you all actually get your refunds? (If you get one?) and are CC different then Universities/Regional campuses of universities?

I am going to go to my campus tomorrow and ask if I can get some of the funds on my card to use but was wondering if anyone could explain this.

Post edited by inspiringmind on August 2009

Replies to: How long to get finincial aid refund (CC vs University)?

Every school is different.

Ours are the opposite speedwise though neither pays the refund before classes start (I did not realize they were allowed to do that). The large state U my daughter goes to processes the refunds more quickly. Usually within 2 weeks of class starting. The CC my son goes to is really slow – takes about 6 weeks. I think it may be because the CC had a problem in the past with a lot of students dropping out during the semester and funds having to be repaid. To buy books or other supplies off campus both kids need other funds as they do not receive the refunds in time to do this.

Only your school can tell you how they do it. If you can find the page for the bursars office it will probably tell you there.

How much will charity help your tax bill? #give #your #car #to


How much will charity help your tax bill?

To understand the benefit that charitable donations give to your taxes, first you have to understand how income taxes work. This is something that many people surprisingly misunderstand.

When you earn ordinary income from working at a job, you have to pay income taxes on it. We all know that, of course. What many people don’t quite understand is how the amount you pay is calculated.

Let’s say you are a single person earning $50,000 this year (we’re not going to worry about issues like personal exemptions and other tax issues that would further complicate the issue – we’ll just look at $50,000 in taxable income after such things). To figure out how much taxes you have to pay, you have to look at the income tax rate table. For 2011, it looks like this for single people (there’s a different table for married couples):

For income between $0 and $8,500, you pay 10% in taxes.
For income between $8,500 and $34,500, you pay 15% in taxes.
For income between $34,500 and $83,600, you pay 25% in taxes.
For income between $83,600 and $174,400, you pay 28% in taxes.
For income between $174,400 and $379,150, you pay 33% in taxes.
For income over $379,150, you pay 35% in taxes.

So, as I mentioned, we’re looking at a single person who makes $50,000 a year.

For the first $8,500 of that (the $0 to $8,500 bracket), that person has to pay 10% of the income in taxes. That’s $850 for this bracket (that’s 10% of $8,500).
For the next $26,000 of that (the $8,500 to $34,500 bracket), that person has to pay 15% of the income in taxes. That’s $3,900 for this bracket (15% of $26,000).

For the rest of his pay ($15,500), that person is in the $34,500 to $83,600 bracket, which means that person has to pay 25% of that portion of his income in taxes. That’s $3,875 for this bracket (25% of $15,500).
To figure up the person’s total tax bill, they simply add together those pieces, which totals $8,625. This person will owe $8,625 on their taxes this year.

Now, how can a person lower that amount? The most common way is through deductions. The government gives out standard deductions each year on a person’s taxes. For 2011, that amount is $5,800 for a single person. How that works is that you simply subtract that deduction from the total amount of income the person earned for the year. So, this person’s income for tax purposes is actually $44,200.

So, let’s look at this person’s actual taxes after their standard deduction.

For the first $8,500 of that (the $0 to $8,500 bracket), that person has to pay 10% of the income in taxes. That’s $850 for this bracket (that’s 10% of $8,500).
For the next $26,000 of that (the $8,500 to $34,500 bracket), that person has to pay 15% of the income in taxes. That’s $3,900 for this bracket (15% of $26,000).
For the rest of his pay ($9,700), that person is in the $34,500 to $83,600 bracket, which means that person has to pay 25% of that portion of his income in taxes. That’s $2,425 for this bracket (25% of $9,700).
To figure up the person’s total tax bill, they simply add together those pieces, which totals $7,175. This person will owe $7,175 on their taxes this year.

So, that person’s standard deduction on their taxes actually saved him $1,450. The standard deduction may be $5,800, but it only saved the guy $1,450 because the deduction just reduces his total income for the year in terms of taxes.

Charitable giving works exactly the same way. Every dollar you donate to a registered charity becomes a deduction on your taxes, just like a standard deduction.

Let’s say the person above donates $5,000 to his church (a 10% tithe) and $2,000 to Doctors Without Borders and another $2,000 to L’arche Tahoma Hope. That’s a total of $9,000 in charitable donations.

So, this person makes $50,000 a year. From that, he can either subtract his standard deduction ($5,800) or he can subtract his charitable donations ($9,000). This means that his taxable income – the amount he pays on his federal income taxes – would likely be $41,000. Let’s look at his taxes now .

For the first $8,500 of that (the $0 to $8,500 bracket), that person has to pay 10% of the income in taxes. That’s $850 for this bracket (that’s 10% of $8,500).
For the next $26,000 of that (the $8,500 to $34,500 bracket), that person has to pay 15% of the income in taxes. That’s $3,900 for this bracket (15% of $26,000).
For the rest of his pay ($3,700), that person is in the $34,500 to $83,600 bracket, which means that person has to pay 25% of that portion of his income in taxes. That’s $1,625 for this bracket (25% of $6,500).
To figure up the person’s total tax bill, they simply add together those pieces, which totals $6,375. This person will owe $6,375 on their taxes this year.

In other words, this person’s $9,000 charitable contribution saved them $2,250 on their taxes. That’s because the person was in the 25% tax bracket before the donation and in the 25% tax bracket after the donation, which means that they essentially saved 25% of their donation on their taxes. (Sometimes, a donation will drop you to a lower tax bracket, which is fine.)

However (and this is where the readers pointed out my mistake in the original version of this post ), the standard deduction would save the person $1,450. The actual savings – compared to the standard deduction – for this charitable giving is $800. Charitable giving works best as a tax deduction if it’s coupled with other deductions, such as home mortgage interest.

So, charitable donations are a great thing and they do offer some tax savings, but you don’t save $1 for every dollar you donate. Instead, you often reduce your tax bill roughly a quarter or so for every dollar you donate. That’s still a great little bonus.

Hopefully that clears things up for you!

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What Banks Give Personal Loans #banks #that #give #business #loans, #arm #systems


What Banks Give Personal Loans

In the event you require short financial circumstances, then you need to consider taking the credit card method of the lending options. Commonly, target proof and credit standing ‘s what the banks examine just before delivering financial loans. Should you choose so then each of the stress of repayment won’t go to bother you. With almost every financial system market staying click, a lot of people facial area troubles in receiving loan products and solutions. Have you ever faced the financial disaster? Have you ever quit empty handed down, without the dollars in the midst of the month? Often times all of a sudden unforeseen monetary urgent situation like classes expenses, weighty hospital bills, motor vehicle maintenance, and so forth.

This is the great option for the reason that once you cash mortgage loan back again this can be mortgage lender again and again when you need to have them your domain enhance the amount they are able to offer you everytime. So that you can uncover the ideal loan company you do not need to walk on the route. Possess seen many people pay back big bucks to acquire right enterprise or franchise option but that’s generally exactly the starting up. Additionally by looking at the credit quotations, you can certainly pick a qualified bank loan offer you concerning small business financial loans. Much like with any other kind of personal loan, that you are subject to a new that might be applied to your loan total. The debt-to-cash flow percentage which you at present carry is just about the very last fundamentals for fitness center your home finance loan possible.

Labels on homeopathic products, you may also carry help from on the net providers. Some could ask for far more even so the solutions that they can present are worthy of far more – so avoid getting penny sensible and single lb stupid. You simply can’t dismiss them which means you are completed with direct financial assistance that lets you safeguard your lifestyle. It’s essential to show your requirement of personal make the loan companies assured around the approval. Usually, a borrowing arrangement operates such as this: A lender will test your credit ranking and also your monetary standing. A poster linking bank loan can supply the particular vital financial circumstances at this kind of event. Figuring because interval while using the amount returned with expenses, provides you with an annual percentage rate around 426Percent.

Trying to get this mortgage is incredibly effortless. Keeping their paying back capacity at heart, organization folks can select any name from 5 to twenty-five years for clarifying secured business enterprise mortgage. If you impact your internet browser with lending options with the out of work you will end up rewarded with numerous websites of loan providers prepared to make payday advances even for the not working. Pay day loan organizations feed away from the agony they will have a tendency to fall prey to all of them with their ‘convenient’ temporary remedies. Bonds and stocks, a past due model car and maybe even the gold tea leaf support hidden inherited chest might be suitable. Be certain that this payday loan will truly give the suitable solution to your short lived problem rather than the opposite. To stop this kind of circumstances, usually attempt not to get other financial circumstances on line as a way to clear the first. For any person who wishes to apply for the financial loan on the web, 1 will have to abide by the standard wants. But so prepared promise assets or there isn’t possessions to keep as equity then fast unsecured finance will aid you to get funds immediately.

If the particular person wants a short term personal loan he must choose the lending company that gives much very less time but low interest rate. The most certainly likely out are available will probably be unfavorable. It is possible to get yourself a loan despite the presence of a bad credit record. This might possibly turn out to be scholarships origin as well as supervisor. Do you are even more prosperous than I’m within your bill personal savings. The local surf forecast inside an space which has a very high cost dwelling cash advance loans may not be obtainable. The 500s was where lots of people today struggle. With much better profit, you’ll have more cash leftover each and every month to shell out it on everything you require or want most. Protected Starting Mortgage Provides. payday loans online The approval process will likely not take very long.

Borrowers can often be immediately authorized because these lending products cash extra lax credentials. Even though trying to get bad credit loans, enhancing your scores by just a couple points will help improve your possibility of agreement. The very last issue that the majority of persons fail to check with them selves is whether they really have to have those funds. If you want to receive an improve you could potentially just simply get an Credit and make use of your credit-based card to take away for you can actually use your minute card at almost any Bank. Your banker which offers the loan must find out how it will be possible to pay it off. Following considering Jane’s benefits balances they were all profits very low fascination. You may have seen advertisings for poor credit car funding. Trying to find extra cash can be tough, the explanation for simply because what’s needed and the hold out amount of filling up that loan and so using the time you are going to invest vacationing from your area to the bank. It is therefore genuinely crucial that you be aware of the issues that you need to get ready initial. So with big debts consolidation, most of these bills are offers jointly.

Then, it is possible that compares fees. One more financial institution couldn’t survive ready the superb predetermined monthly interest that they will offer. However, whatever we made use of to understand about it’s that what it really needs for yourself so as to have the loan is with an active productive checking account and you ought to also be routinely utilised. Late payment could happen unknowingly with anybody. These poor credit payday cash loans are the ideal possibility of people to better their files if you are paying back on time. When you are with poor credit score and worried you simply can’t be eligible for a an auto, never stop.

A fantastic aspect to have knowledge of which will make daily life a lot easier is credit, and just how it might affect you. Usually, the settlement name wanted to repay the lending options will not surpass in excess of a decade. Yet another two elements, what are key regardless of the sort of personal loan, are this and its repayment period. Finding specialist personal information regarding how to set up a economic design make it possible for us to attain our financial targets, unquestionably helped us. From people a few, go with this most closely fits your needs relating to small print. Paying down that loan prior to when the anticipated time may possibly also have rewards. With one of these fiscal allows it’s easy to pay back your essential bills or fill up your important qualification. This a number of credit is really helpful after you will have to get money very rapidly as they’re frequently completed inside of several hours. Most small businesses proprietors can appeal to up to Usd100,000 in business credit from the fresh of operations. Usually there are some financial products that will only need the lowest fee month-to-month being an knowledge. payday loans online All these are available as payday cash advances by way of example noteletrack payday advances, no fax payday advances, instant payday loans, online payday loans, inexpensive payday loans and other great tales.

Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic #how #to #give #away #a #car


The New York Times

Google Cars Drive Themselves, in Traffic


October 9, 2010

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Anyone driving the twists of Highway 1 between San Francisco and Los Angeles recently may have glimpsed a Toyota Prius with a curious funnel-like cylinder on the roof. Harder to notice was that the person at the wheel was not actually driving.

The car is a project of Google. which has been working in secret but in plain view on vehicles that can drive themselves, using artificial-intelligence software that can sense anything near the car and mimic the decisions made by a human driver.

With someone behind the wheel to take control if something goes awry and a technician in the passenger seat to monitor the navigation system, seven test cars have driven 1,000 miles without human intervention and more than 140,000 miles with only occasional human control. One even drove itself down Lombard Street in San Francisco, one of the steepest and curviest streets in the nation. The only accident, engineers said, was when one Google car was rear-ended while stopped at a traffic light.

Autonomous cars are years from mass production, but technologists who have long dreamed of them believe that they can transform society as profoundly as the Internet has.

Robot drivers react faster than humans, have 360-degree perception and do not get distracted, sleepy or intoxicated, the engineers argue. They speak in terms of lives saved and injuries avoided — more than 37,000 people died in car accidents in the United States in 2008. The engineers say the technology could double the capacity of roads by allowing cars to drive more safely while closer together. Because the robot cars would eventually be less likely to crash, they could be built lighter, reducing fuel consumption. But of course, to be truly safer, the cars must be far more reliable than, say, today’s personal computers, which crash on occasion and are frequently infected.

The Google research program using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the automobile is proof that the company’s ambitions reach beyond the search engine business. The program is also a departure from the mainstream of innovation in Silicon Valley, which has veered toward social networks and Hollywood-style digital media.

During a half-hour drive beginning on Google’s campus 35 miles south of San Francisco last Wednesday, a Prius equipped with a variety of sensors and following a route programmed into the GPS navigation system nimbly accelerated in the entrance lane and merged into fast-moving traffic on Highway 101, the freeway through Silicon Valley.

It drove at the speed limit, which it knew because the limit for every road is included in its database, and left the freeway several exits later. The device atop the car produced a detailed map of the environment.

A self-driving car developed and outfitted by Google, with device on roof, cruising along recently on Highway 101 in Mountain View, Calif.

Ramin Rahimian for The New York Times

The car then drove in city traffic through Mountain View, stopping for lights and stop signs, as well as making announcements like “approaching a crosswalk” (to warn the human at the wheel) or “turn ahead” in a pleasant female voice. This same pleasant voice would, engineers said, alert the driver if a master control system detected anything amiss with the various sensors.

The car can be programmed for different driving personalities — from cautious, in which it is more likely to yield to another car, to aggressive, where it is more likely to go first.

Christopher Urmson, a Carnegie Mellon University robotics scientist, was behind the wheel but not using it. To gain control of the car he has to do one of three things: hit a red button near his right hand, touch the brake or turn the steering wheel. He did so twice, once when a bicyclist ran a red light and again when a car in front stopped and began to back into a parking space. But the car seemed likely to have prevented an accident itself.

When he returned to automated “cruise” mode, the car gave a little “whir” meant to evoke going into warp drive on “Star Trek,” and Dr. Urmson was able to rest his hands by his sides or gesticulate when talking to a passenger in the back seat. He said the cars did attract attention, but people seem to think they are just the next generation of the Street View cars that Google uses to take photographs and collect data for its maps.

The project is the brainchild of Sebastian Thrun, the 43-year-old director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, a Google engineer and the co-inventor of the Street View mapping service.

In 2005, he led a team of Stanford students and faculty members in designing the Stanley robot car, winning the second Grand Challenge of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, a $2 million Pentagon prize for driving autonomously over 132 miles in the desert.

Besides the team of 15 engineers working on the current project, Google hired more than a dozen people, each with a spotless driving record, to sit in the driver’s seat, paying $15 an hour or more. Google is using six Priuses and an Audi TT in the project.

The Google researchers said the company did not yet have a clear plan to create a business from the experiments. Dr. Thrun is known as a passionate promoter of the potential to use robotic vehicles to make highways safer and lower the nation’s energy costs. It is a commitment shared by Larry Page, Google’s co-founder, according to several people familiar with the project.

The self-driving car initiative is an example of Google’s willingness to gamble on technology that may not pay off for years, Dr. Thrun said. Even the most optimistic predictions put the deployment of the technology more than eight years away.

Computer hardware in the trunk of one of the seven self-driving test vehicles.

Ramin Rahimian for The New York Times

One way Google might be able to profit is to provide information and navigation services for makers of autonomous vehicles. Or, it might sell or give away the navigation technology itself, much as it offers its Android smart phone system to cellphone companies.

But the advent of autonomous vehicles poses thorny legal issues, the Google researchers acknowledged. Under current law, a human must be in control of a car at all times, but what does that mean if the human is not really paying attention as the car crosses through, say, a school zone, figuring that the robot is driving more safely than he would?

And in the event of an accident, who would be liable — the person behind the wheel or the maker of the software?

“The technology is ahead of the law in many areas,” said Bernard Lu, senior staff counsel for the California Department of Motor Vehicles. “If you look at the vehicle code, there are dozens of laws pertaining to the driver of a vehicle, and they all presume to have a human being operating the vehicle.”

The Google researchers said they had carefully examined California’s motor vehicle regulations and determined that because a human driver can override any error, the experimental cars are legal. Mr. Lu agreed.

Scientists and engineers have been designing autonomous vehicles since the mid-1960s, but crucial innovation happened in 2004 when the Pentagon’s research arm began its Grand Challenge.

The first contest ended in failure, but in 2005, Dr. Thrun’s Stanford team built the car that won a race with a rival vehicle built by a team from Carnegie Mellon University. Less than two years later, another event proved that autonomous vehicles could drive safely in urban settings.

Advances have been so encouraging that Dr. Thrun sounds like an evangelist when he speaks of robot cars. There is their potential to reduce fuel consumption by eliminating heavy-footed stop-and-go drivers and, given the reduced possibility of accidents, to ultimately build more lightweight vehicles.

There is even the farther-off prospect of cars that do not need anyone behind the wheel. That would allow the cars to be summoned electronically, so that people could share them. Fewer cars would then be needed, reducing the need for parking spaces, which consume valuable land.

And, of course, the cars could save humans from themselves. “Can we text twice as much while driving, without the guilt?” Dr. Thrun said in a recent talk. “Yes, we can, if only cars will drive themselves.”

Smarter Than You Think: Articles in this series are examining the recent advances in artificial intelligence and robotics and their potential impact on society.

Calvary church irving tx #give, #donate, #tithe, #partner, #contribute, #offerings, #support, #giving



Giving is a part of our worship to God. It has been said that you can tell nearly everything about a person by the way they spend their money. Whether you are tithing in obedience to Malachi 3:10 or contributing over and above your tithe as an act of sacrificial generosity, your money will help us minister God s hope and healing to North Texas and beyond.

Our giving is out of an overflow of what’s been given to us through Jesus Christ, not for fear of anything negative in our lives. We give out of gratitude and love! You can give your gift safely and securely online – this is one of the easiest ways to give to Calvary Church. Thank you.


We are currently working on putting together a new online giving platform and are in process of launching it. It s going to make giving easier and more secure than ever before. This new platform will replace our old platform moving forward and you can use it whether you give online or text to give. Thank you for your generosity! To begin giving on our new platform click to give to your specific campus in the right tool bar above.

To learn how to set up giving on our new giving platform, watch the video below!



Adoption at the Movies: The Boss Baby (SPOILERS) Adoption Movie Review #pregnant


Tim Templeton has the perfect life for a seven-year-old boy. His parents dote on him, play games with him, engage his imagination, and send him to bed each night with stories, hugs, and a special song. One day, Tim s parents ask him if he would like a baby brother he says that he doesn t want one because after all, he is enough. But, the baby shows up anyway. Tim s new baby brother The Boss dresses sharp and, as Tim finds out later, can talk. The Boss is concerned that there will not be enough love for babies in the world because people are starting to love puppies. In the meantime, Tim starts to fear that there will not be enough love for him in his parents hearts because they re falling in love with the new baby.


The Adoption Connection

There is no talk of adoption in the film. However, any child who has welcomed a new sibling into their family might relate to Tim s fear that his parents won t be able to love him enough. The movie harps on that fear. The Boss Baby tells Tim, (roughly paraphrasing) You re seven and a half. You re old. It s time to make way There s only so much love to go around. Tim suggests that they could share, but the Baby says, There s not enough love to go around, and if you don t adjust, there eventually won t be a place for you. This leaves Tim wondering whether he can be fired from his own family; in order to protect his place in his parents hearts, Tim sets out to rid himself of the new baby, first by trying to prove that the Baby is sinister, and then by trying to catapult him out of a window.

Some kids who have been neglected prior to coming into foster care might connect with a question that Tim asks The Boss Baby, You missed childhood? You never had someone to love you?

Eventually, Tim and The Boss Baby come to care about each other, and see the value of family. Tim is ultimately assured that he ll never be fired from his family.

Tim eventually comes to nurture his brother; he even sings his baby brother the song that his parents used to sing to him.

In a heaven-like celestial baby factory, The Boss Baby is designated for management instead of belonging to a family because he doesn t quite fit in, and doesn t appear to be ticklish.

The Baby s words to Tim are very unkind, and they could be painful for some kids to hear. Tim s attempts to defeat his new baby brother could be very dangerous if a young child mimicked them with a real-life baby; in particular, after the baby threatened to destroy Tim s treasured stuffed animal, Tim prepares to use his baby brother s swing chair to catapult the baby from a second story window onto the street.

Tim s parents don t seem particularly sensitive to Tim s feelings; they cover Tim s pictures on the fridge with pictures of the new baby. Tim feels rejected when his parents don t do his regular bedtime routine with him.

Tim wishfully remarks that his parents might be able to return the baby to the store and get their money back. It s a quick remark, but it could catch some sensitive ears by surprise.

At one point, Tim expresses a sentiment that other big siblings probably have said or thought at times, but it still could be hard to hear; he tells the baby, My life was perfect till you showed up. I wish you d never been born. The baby, who did not appear hurt by other things Tim said, appears cut by this remark, and walks off.

One character intends to make it so that no one will ever want a baby again.

A kid behind me cried during a scene when it appeared that an infant was imperiled.

BIG SPOILER ALERT: When the Boss Baby leaves Tim s home, small kids wave magic wands to make Tim s parents forget that he ever existed. Although they do this to Tim s parents without their consent, Tim is given the option whether to forget The Boss; he chooses to remember his brother. Later, The Boss decides to be born into Tim s family. It s nice to see that the brothers have chosen to accept each other, but it could be hard for some kids to think that their parents could easily forget them this could be particularly painful for kids who wonder whether their birth parents remember them, or who fear losing their adoptive parents. On a side note, Tim has a very active imagination, and it s possible that his entire experience with The Boss Baby was imagined in response to his mother s apparent pregnancy; the film doesn t make that clear, though, and most kids probably won t make that assumption. END SPOILER

The Boss Baby had some funny moments and ultimately ended happily, but it didn t live up to the hopes I had for it, and it s got some aspects that make it hard to recommend for young or sensitive viewers. Most kids 11 and up should be fine, but younger kids especially those for whom permanency hasn t always been a sure thing might find certain aspects of this one very troubling. It would be helpful for parents to directly remind their children that the children will never be fired from the family, and that there is enough love to go around, no matter how many kids come into the home.

Questions for Discussion

Can parents love more than one child with all of their heart? Can a child love more than one parent (or more than one pet) with all of their heart?

Where does love come from? Do you only have a certain amount to give, or can you make (or find) more?

What are the good parts of having a new brother or sister? What parts scare you?

This movie is not about a baby being adopted.
Notice the night before he came the parents were putting Tim to bed when the mother is pregnant and the baby is kicking.
Also, when the Boss Baby comes back into the world, he enters through a spiral or figuratively the birth canal.
This is a story of loss of a baby sibling.
Also note that when he goes back, he falls into an angel decorated cake and makes angel wings. Thus implying the child had died and went back to heaven or baby Corp where babies come from.

Hi! Thanks for your comment. Your perspective is interesting, and you might be right. I don t think the story intended to be about adoption, although I did see some similarities to adoption.

What I think was actually going on in the story, and I wonder your take on it, is that Tim has a pretty active imagination. I think the Boss Baby never happened, and it was just how Tim was processing getting ready for a baby brother. That s why no one but Tim remembers the Boss Baby — what do you think?