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1 Environmental Education Outreach Research, Development, And Implementation Of A Public Outreach And Media Strategy: Services May Include Research Of Most Effective Public Outreach Channels And Development Of Plans To Utilize Those Channels.

Cardon Outreach has been working with IASIS Healthcare to help manage their revenue cycle for nearly 12 years through the delivery of secondary placement for Medicaid eligibility and out-of-state services.

The outreach committee will continue to look for ways to encourage more donations, as even small amounts will help a great deal.

In his new role at Outreach. Gilligan will focus on the UK marine and offshore sectors, responsible for field sales of the Palfinger range of marine cranes, including knuckle boom, stiff boom and telescopic models, as well as Ned Deck’s range of Davits and Rescue Boats.

The state-run National Aids Control Organization (NACO) had recently terminated the services of nearly a thousand outreach workers in India, citing lack of grants and funds.

I wondered at first if my questions were misguided: perhaps global short-term medical outreach is just clinical care, and not “research” at all.

Quick found out Monday that Single Mothers Outreach has been selected to receive a $25,000 grant from the Paul Hughes Family Foundation based in Glendale.

The student loan community [has] been involved in college outreach for years.

In August, the League of Women Voters was honored as the first recipient of the Hod Greeley Judicial Outreach Award at the American Bar Association (ABA) annual meeting in Hawaii.

The Outreach Recruitment Champions, which includes sworn and civilian members of the Ottawa Police Service and community members and leaders, is one of the recruitment project’s pivotal elements.

But DNC spokesman Damien LaVera said a fact sheet issued the day after the Grassroots Report shows the Democratic Party is as gay-inclusive as ever and that all outreach director posts were eliminated by Dean in favor of a new, more effective outreach program called the American Majority Partnership.

FMCSA’s education and outreach programs–New Entrant, Non-Entrant, Motor Coach, Safety Belt, and Household Goods’ target different audiences, including the motor carrier industry, commercial vehicle drivers, and the public.

GeSI home: thought leadership on social and environmental ICT sustainability #global #e-sustainability


Building a sustainable world through responsible, ICT-enabled transformation

Developing key tools, resources and best practices to be part of the sustainability solution

Providing a unified voice for communicating with ICT companies, policymakers and the greater sustainability community worldwide

UNFCCC / Momentum for Change

How digital solutions will drive progress towards the sustainable development goals

SMARTer2030 Action Coalition


Project Portfolio

Thought Leadership

News Events

Interview with Carmen Hualda, CSR Manager at Atlinks Holding Atlinks Holding is the winner of this year’s Leadership Index in the Manufacture & Assembly of ICT Equipment sector (SMEs). We speak to their CSR-QHSE Manager, Carmen Hualda. Read More Big Data for big impact: Let’s accelerate sustainability progress We now live in an era of exponential growth for data flows driven by the proliferation of connected objects in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. Read More Innovation our way to the SDGs – a forum summary report The Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) and Verizon recently hosted a multi-stakeholder forum to identify the potential for information and communications technology (ICT) to catalyze progress towards the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Leaders from the ICT industry, other industry sectors, the technology startup sector, financial community, sustainability NGOs, academia, multilateral organizations, government, and media convened at the Verizon Innovation Center in San Francisco to spend a day focusing on the potential for innovative technology to address four priority solutions core to advancing the SDGs: (1) Food and agriculture; (2) Energy and climate; (3) Smart, sustainable communities; (4) Public health. Read More

To practise what we preach the GeSI website is hosted on an environmentally-friendly data centre located in Toronto, Canada. Green methods were employed wherever possible in the construction and for the ongoing and future operation of the data centre.

Become a Member

Each of us has the opportunity to help change the world. Join GeSI to work directly with members of the ICT sector and the greater sustainability community worldwide to alter the direction of how technology influences sustainability.

NACM – National Association of Credit Management #national #association #of #credit #management,


of being a member of NACM

NACM is committed to assisting every member, meeting their needs and addressing their concerns by offering easy-to-obtain, high-quality products, services and programs.
Here you will find valuable tools for the credit professional, including links to training resources, online education, useful forms and timely publications.

Take advantage of these resources and so much more as a member of NACM.

Visit our Knowledge and Resource Center

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Business Credit Magazine

Credit Manager’s Index

National Trade Credit Report

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Written on 2017-08-02

Written on 2017-08-02

New Texas Law Will Allow Suppliers and Others to Void Clauses on Projects that Require Out-of-State Resolution: nacmsts.com

Written on 2017-08-01

Construction Spending Falls in June: nacmsts.com

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As the advocate for business credit and financial management professionals NACM and its network of Partners take great pride in being the primary learning, knowledge, networking and information resource for commercial creditors nationwide.

NACM membership begins with a local NACM partner. Join our network today!

Follow us on

National Association
of Credit Management

Please schedule a visit. We are located close to Baltimore and not far from DC.

Global cash credit card #www.globalcashcard.com/activate, #activate #global #cash #card


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If you don t have a bank account and are still using the traditional cash-checking method to get your payment, you may consider Global Cash Card which will help you reduce fees and risks of lost or stolen checks, and mitigate check fraud. It is more cost-effective than other payment methods.

Activate Global Cash Card Instructions
Global Cash Card is easy to use, you can use it anywhere Visa and MasterCard are accepted or withdraw cash at millions of ATMs worldwide. You can check card balances, transfer funds, pay bills and do much more on your mobile. Cardholders can also enroll in Global Cash Card s Rewards and Discounts programs to enjoy discounts on health insurance, travel, restaurants and more. When changes happen to your account, you will receive text and email alerts.

For employers, Global Cash Card can reduce costs of traditional paper paychecks which is between $ $2 and $4 for each, and potential additional costs including postage, overnight delivery charges, and other expenses. Global Cash Card also offers customized solutions to meet your needs and expectations. You can create customized paycards as well as online cardholder and administrative interfaces to promote your company s brand and identity.

If you have got a Global Cash Card, you will have to activate it before using it. The activation is simple and takes only a few steps:

  1. Visit www.globalcashcard.com/activate
  2. You will be asked if you have a card, click yes .
  3. Enter your card number and click Submit button.
  4. If you don t have a card, click No when you are asked if you have a card and you will view paystubs, W-2s or 1099s. Enter your last name and unique ID used by your company. This could be your SSN, employee id, or other keyfield.

You can activate your GCC at www.globalcashcard.com/activate. if you have any problem with it, refer to Reference Link 1.

About Global Cash Card
Global Cash Card offers a paycard solution to take your payroll electronic. Its solution is compliant in all U.S. states. For states that require pay-to-the-penny options for paycards, Global Cash card provides several solutions which allow cardholders to receive full paycard balances. It is also fully compliant with Regulation E guidelines.

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International Account #international #bank #transfer, #global #money #transfer


International Bank Transfer and Global Money Transfer

The quick and easy way to manage your money

Moving your money around the world should be straightforward, and with Citi International Personal Bank it is. With Citi International Personal Bank’s international banking services, you can make a global money transfer safely and quickly by choosing from our wide range of options below.

Moving money into your account

If you want to make an international money transfer into your account you can do so quickly and easily by providing the appropriate information to your current bank. For a list of these details see the ‘transferring funds internationally’ documents, on our
fees and important documents page.

Transfer up to £25,000 a day online

We’ve increased the transfer limit from £10,000 to £25,000 per day for online payments.

Transfer up to £25,000 via Citi Online or by using the Citi Mobile® UK app.

When using the Citi Mobile® UK app you’ll need to have already registered the payee on Citi Online to transfer up to this limit.

Citibank Global Transfers





Citibank Global Transfers allow you to set up an international bank transfer instantly and fee free between Citibank accounts in over 20 countries across the world.

Funds are debited from your account straightaway and can be used immediately in the recipient’s account.

International Money Transfer and International Money Transfer services

Provided you have a Citi Debit Card you can use Citibank Online to make an international money transfer to other Citibank accounts free of charge to over 20 countries. You can also use Citibank ATMs or arrange Citibank Global Transfers through your Citi International Personal Bank Relationship Manager .

Countries included in the Citibank Global Transfer service:
  • Australia
  • Bahrain
  • China
  • Colombia
  • Hong Kong
  • India* (selected locations)
  • Indonesia
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • UAE (United Arab Emirates)
  • United Kingdom
  • USA (selected locations)
  • Vietnam

*Changes affecting Citibank Global Transfers (CGT) to India: Due to a change in policy from Citibank India, effective from 1st February 2016 you can no longer make a CGT to a Citibank India domestic (Savings) account. CGTs to Non-Resident Indian (NRI) accounts are not affected by this change in policy. Read more

You can still transfer money quickly and conveniently to domestic accounts in India via an International SWIFT funds transfer. A fee may be charged for each transfer, for more detailed information on fees see our fees schedule

If you are unsure whether you are paying into a domestic or NRI account, please check with the recipient account holder.

Changes affecting Citibank Global Transfers (CGT) to the Czech Republic: Citibank Czech Republic has been sold to Raiffeisenbank, therefore from 28th February 2016 CGTs to Citbank Czech Republic will no longer be possible.

** Please note: Citi Japan has been sold to Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) therefore from 1st November 2015 clients will only be able to transfer money through this service if the Citibank account in Japan was opened prior to this date.

You can still transfer money quickly and conveniently to accounts in India or the Czech Republic via an International SWIFT funds transfer. Please refer to our Fee Schedule on the fees and important documents page for more detailed information on fees.

Make the most of our international money transfer services

Already a client?

Interested in joining us?

Our SWIFT Funds Transfer service is suitable if you want to make a global money transfer to a country that is not part of our Citibank Global Transfers service, as money can be sent to most countries in most currencies.

An international bank transfer via SWIFT Funds Transfers usually clears within five working days. A fee is charged for each transfer and Citibank exchange rates may apply. For more detailed information on fees see our fees and important documents .

SWIFT Transfer and SWIFT Number

Making a SWIFT Funds Transfer

Ensure you have the following information to hand before requesting a SWIFT Funds Transfer through your Relationship Manager :

  • The Citi International Personal Bank account number you wish to transfer funds from.
  • The amount and currency you wish to transfer.
  • The BIC (Bank Identifier Code)/SWIFT Number (Code) and IBAN (International Bank Account Number, in a European country) of the account you are transferring funds to. You will need to ask the payee for this information.
  • Full name and address of the beneficiary bank.
  • Correspondent bank details for payments in currencies different to that of the receiving country e.g. if you are paying US Dollars to the UK. Some foreign currency transfers need an additional transfer bank account, which is Citibank UK’s clearing, or correspondent bank for that currency.

For more information on how to make a SWIFT Funds Transfer, refer to the transferring funds information for London and Jersey, on the fees and important documents page.

Please note: To view the SWIFT Funds Transfer fees please refer to our Fee Schedule on the fees and important documents page.

Find out about making SEPA payments with our international banking services.

Take advantage of SWIFT Funds Transfers

Already a client?

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Important information

Please note, in certain circumstances we will contact you to confirm your request before processing it – e.g. if you are making a withdrawal for a large sum of money. This is to maintain the security of your account and is designed to protect your interests.

Costs may be incurred when transferring funds from another bank. Citi International Personal Bank does not apply a fee for receipt of incoming funds.

Transfer funds electronically within the UK on the same day with CHAPS Transfers.

CHAPS Funds Transfers can be arranged via your Relationship Manager for a competitive fee – for more information on fees see our fees and important documents .

CHAPS Funds Transfers

If you wish to send a CHAPS payment within the UK, please provide your Relationship Manager with the following information:

  • The full account name of the person or company you wish to pay
  • The name of their bank, branch and 6 digit sort code
  • Their bank account number
  • The amount to be paid
  • Payment reference (if required)

For more information on how to make a CHAPS transfer, as part of our offshore banking services, please refer to the ‘transferring funds internationally’ documents for London and Jersey, on our fees and important documents page.

Take advantage of CHAPS Funds Transfers

Already a client?

Interested in joining us?

Master of Science in Strategic Human Resources at the University of Denver


Strategic Human


The MS in Strategic Human Resources provides strategic skills in development, operations, and employment relations, plus the integral knowledge needed to succeed in a 21st century HR marketplace. You will gain the tools needed to align organizational aspirations with the talents of employees—all while addressing ethical considerations and global implications. Develop insight to a diverse range of organizations and how they each address talent management, employee relations, legal issues, inclusivity and diversity, and ethical challenges.

This program prepares students to:

  • Analyze the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals
  • Influence the achievement of organizational objectives
  • Analyze the importance of the financial and budget implications of HR functions and decisions within the organizations
  • Evaluate the organizations, alliances, and agencies that impact HR and business

Each course in the Strategic Human Resource Management curriculum is approved for 48 recertification hours of General, Strategic, or International credit with HRCI.

“>An Approved Provider with the Human Resource Certification Institute

Human Resource Certification Institute

The University of Denver University College is an Approved Provider with the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). Each course in the Strategic Human Resource curriculum is approved for 48 recertification hours of General, Strategic, or International credit with HRCI. Upon successful completion of the course, human resource professionals may apply the credit earned towards their Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), or Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) certification. HR professionals are required to earn 60 recertification credits every three years to continue their designations with HRCI. To recertify in the SPHR designation, 15 hours out of the 60 hour requirement must be Strategic credit. To recertify in the GPHR designation, 30 hours out of the 60 hour requirement must be International credit.

Master’s Degree Concentration: A career-relevant master’s degree at University College requires 48 credit hours and is designed, delivered, and priced exclusively for working adults. Classes are offered online, on campus in the evenings, or in a combination of both.

“>Master’s Degree Concentrations

Six courses are required to complete a graduate certificate, which is designed to help students sharpen their abilities or add to their skillset through a shorter, focused program. Credits earned through a graduate certificate program may be applied toward a master’s degree in the same area.

Director’s Message

Thank you for visiting the Strategic Human Resources page(SHR). Human resources professionals are responsible for people and processes, leading to successful organizational outcomes, and meeting competitive challenges. It can be a busy, wonderful, and empowering profession. University College’s SHR program offers knowledge about theory and applications for experienced human resources (HR) professionals, people new to HR, career changers, and those managers who know the value of understanding HR roles and functions. Whether your interests lie in the critical role of HR management or in the fascinating world of global HR, this program offers ideas to provide the environment to retain and attract the best employees. I look forward to sharing this program with you!

Airframe – Powerplant #airframe, #powerplant, #test #prep, #school, #mechanics, #airplane, #pilot, #global


Airframe and Powerplant

Your first step toward a career in Aviation Maintenance Science is obtaining your FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A P) Certification.
Global’s hands-on approach trains students in the specific skills employers seek in the airframe powerplant mechanics and aircraft inspection fields. Students take courses in simulated work environments from instructors with real-world experience.
Our curriculum was developed by educators and industry representatives to ensure that course offerings accurately reflect current industry standards. Students must complete the required course to qualify for the program’s Certificate of Achievement. Once trained, technicians will also be successful in related fields of aircraft manufacturing, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, welding, sheet metal, quality control, civil and military defense.
F.A.A. Eligibility Requirements
The A P mechanics course is for applicants who meet FAR 65.71-65.77 only. Under these regulations, you must have a certain type of mechanical experience before the F.A.A. will allow you to take the F.A.A. written exams. The required experience for the powerplant mechanic rating is a minimum of 18 months working with tools on any type of aircraft engine. The required experience for the airframe mechanic rating is a minimum of 18 months working with tools on any type of airframe. If you want both ratings, and your experience was a combination of airframe and powerplant, then you need a total of 30 months experience (not 36).
Obtaining Your Authorization Slips
To be enrolled in GLOBAL SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS as a mechanic student, you must first meet the F.A.A. experience requirements. The purpose of this is to be sure the F.A.A. will permit you to take the written exam after you finish the course.
Oral and Practical Examinations
The F.A.A. requires the written results to be in the student’s hands before an Oral and Practical examination may be given. Therefore, in order to take an oral and practical examination with one of our examiners, you must bring your written score slips and your airmen certificate and/or rating application 8610-2. Your F.A.A. inspector should give you two copies of the 8610-2 form, both bearing original signatures. Photo copied signatures are not accepted.
Classroom Time
The average time to obtain the A P rating is from 11 – 13 days. Our instructors work closely with each student, progressing him/her based on their own capabilities. Our course is guaranteed 100% – we keep working with you until you pass – good for 36 months.

Missouri Laws On Wrongful Death and Survival #public #health #law, #medical #law,


Missouri Laws On Wrongful Death and Survival

537.080. Action for wrongful death–who may sue–limitation

1. Whenever the death of a person results from any act, conduct, occurrence, transaction, or circumstance which, if death had not ensued, would have entitled such person to recover damages in respect thereof, the person or party who, or the corporation which, would have been liable if death had not ensued shall be liable in an action for damages, notwithstanding the death of the person injured, which damages may be sued for:

(1) By the spouse or children or the surviving lineal descendants of any deceased children, natural or adopted, legitimate or illegitimate, or by the father or mother of the deceased, natural or adoptive;

(2) If there be no persons in class (1) entitled to bring the action, then by the brother or sister of the deceased, or their descendants, who can establish his or her right to those damages set out in section 537.090 because of the death;

(3) If there be no persons in class (1) or (2) entitled to bring the action, then by a plaintiff ad litem. Such plaintiff ad litem shall be appointed by the court having jurisdiction over the action for damages provided in this section upon application of some person entitled to share in the proceeds of such action. Such plaintiff ad litem shall be some suitable person competent to prosecute such action and whose appointment is requested on behalf of those persons entitled to share in the proceeds of such action. Such court may, in its discretion, require that such plaintiff ad litem give bond for the faithful performance of his duties.

2. Only one action may be brought under this section against any one defendant for the death of any one person.

537.090. Damages to be determined by jury–factors to be considered

In every action brought under section 537.080, the trier of the facts may give to the party or parties entitled thereto such damages as the trier of the facts may deem fair and just for the death and loss thus occasioned, having regard to the pecuniary losses suffered by reason of the death, funeral expenses, and the reasonable value of the services, consortium, companionship, comfort, instruction, guidance, counsel, training, and support of which those on whose behalf suit may be brought have been deprived by reason of such death and without limiting such damages to those which would be sustained prior to attaining the age of majority by the deceased or by the person suffering any such loss.

In addition, the trier of the facts may award such damages as the deceased may have suffered between the time of injury and the time of death and for the recovery of which the deceased might have maintained an action had death not ensued. The mitigating or aggravating circumstances attending the death may be considered by the trier of the facts, but damages for grief and bereavement by reason of the death shall not be recoverable.

537.010. Action for damages to property to survive regardless of death of either party

Actions for wrongs done to property or interests therein may be brought against the wrongdoer by the person whose property or interest therein is injured. If the person whose property or interest therein is injured is dead, the action survives and may be brought against the wrongdoer by the person appointed as fiduciary for the estate of the deceased person. If the wrongdoer is dead, the action also survives and may be brought and maintained in the manner set forth in section 537.021. Such actions shall be brought and maintained in the same manner and with like effect in all respects as actions founded upon contracts.

537.020. Action for personal injury or death to survive regardless of death of either party

1. Causes of action for personal injuries, other than those resulting in death, whether such injuries be to the health or to the person of the injured party, shall not abate by reason of his death, nor by reason of the death of the person against whom such cause of action shall have accrued; but in case of the death of either or both such parties, such cause of action shall survive to the personal representative of such injured party, and against the person, receiver or corporation liable for such injuries and his legal representatives, and the liability and the measure of damages shall be the same as if such death or deaths had not occurred. Causes of action for death shall not abate by reason of the death of any party to any such cause of action, but shall survive to the personal representative of such party bringing such cause of action and against the person, receiver or corporation liable for such death and his or its legal representatives.

2. The right of action for death or the right of action for personal injury that does not result in the death shall be sufficient to authorize and to require the appointment of a personal representative by the probate division of the circuit court upon the written application therefor by one or more of the beneficiaries of the deceased. The existence of the right of action for death or personal injury that does not result in death shall be sufficient to authorize and to require the appointment of a personal representative for the person liable for such death or injury by the court having probate jurisdiction upon his death upon the written application of any person interested in such right of action for death or injury.

537.030. Section 537.010 not to extend to what action

Sections 537.010 and 537.020 shall not extend to actions for slander, libel, assault and battery or false imprisonment.

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See DR-KATE.COM for home hurricane and disaster preparation

See WWW.EPR-ART.COM for photography of southern Louisiana and Hurricane Katrina
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Bancroft School #pre-k-12 #independent #school, #private #school, #day #school, #coed, #academics, #music,


  • June 2017
    • Tue Jun 06 LS Closing Ceremony 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
    • Tue Jun 06 MS Closing Ceremony 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
    • Fri Jun 09 Commencement 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
    • Tue Jun 13 Admission Tour Tuesday 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
    • Tue Jun 20 Admission Tour Tuesday 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
  • July 2017
    • Tue Jul 11 Admission Tour Tuesday 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
    • Tue Jul 18 Admission Tour Tuesday 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Bancroft History Students Memorialize Soldiers Who Gave Their Lives

Faculty Honors Friend and Colleague Who ‘Seizes the Day’

Bancroft Robodogs Earn 3 of the 15 Spots Available in the Region

Lisa Baker Will Assume the Leadership Role on July 1, 2017

Senior Basketball Guard Surpasses Milestone That Few Ever Achieve

14 Honorable Mentions Round Out the Talent Pool

Lower School

PreK to Grade 5

At Bancroft School, we are not only knowledgeable about education, we are smart about kids. We know that every child is unique, so we base our teaching on flexibility and creativity. In the Lower School, small group and one-to-one learning grants teachers the opportunity to connect with students personally and adapt lessons to their individual learning styles, levels of mastery, and even their interests.

Middle School

Grades 6 to 8

Bancroft Middle School provides students with an education that s unsurpassed in excellence. From our individualized teaching approach to our interdisciplinary, globally focused curriculum to our broad range of extracurricular options, Bancroft students enjoy the full range of experiences they need to grow as self-aware, confident learners ready to thrive when they reach the Upper School.

Upper School

Grades 9 to 12

Bancroft s Upper School fosters much more than academic achievement it prepares students for the full range of intellectual, ethical, personal, and professional challenges they will face in college and beyond. Our rigorous liberal arts curriculum combined with countless opportunities for scholarly, athletic, artistic, social, workplace, and global engagement gives students the broad education they need to succeed in the world s top colleges and build meaningful careers and fulfilling lives.

Hope Graham Program


Building upon Bancroft’s commitment to nurture, respect, and educate diverse learners, the Hope Graham Program (HGP) at Bancroft School is designed for students with diagnosed language-based learning differences (LBLD), such as dyslexia, in Grades 2 through 8.

What Is Health Economics? Master of Health Science in Health Economics (MHS)


What Is Health Economics?

Health Economics is an applied field of study that allows for the systematic and rigorous examination of the problems faced in promoting health for all. By applying economic theories of consumer, producer and social choice, health economics aims to understand the behavior of individuals, health care providers, public and private organizations, and governments in decision-making.

From economic modeling to policy analysis, I am confident that the skills I have gained throughout the year will stay with me throughout my life. I am beyond lucky to have been at this incredible school alongside inspiring classmates, learning from professors who are true experts in this field. The MHS in Health Economics here at Hopkins is by far the best thing I could have done to start my career.

Analyst, Healthcare Value Analytics

McKinsey Company

The MHS in Health Economics
Program at Hopkins

Health economics is used to promote health through the study of health care providers, hospitals and clinics, managed care and public health promotion activities. Health economists apply the theories of production, efficiency, disparities, competition, and regulation to better inform the public and private sector on the most efficient, or cost-effective, and equitable course of action. Such research can include the economic evaluation of new technologies, as well as the study of appropriate prices, anti-trust policy, optimal public and private investment, and strategic behavior.

Health economics can also be used to evaluate how certain social problems, such as market failure and inequitable allocation of resources, can impact on the health of a community or population. Health economics can then be used to directly inform government on the best course of action with regards to regulation, national health packages, defining health insurance packages and other national health programs.

Faculty of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School are currently conducting research on a wide variety of topics including the impact of health care, health insurance and preventative services on health lifestyles as well as providing research and advice to governments around the globe to enable a more effective and equitable allocation of resources. Further information on faculty retreat can be found on individual faculty research pages.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
615 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21205

Institute4GOD 2 #global #outreach #program


Our Mission

Graduate Programs

The Masters of Theological Studies is a 48-credit master’s program. The MTS program assumes a thorough familiarity with the Bible and the original languages in which it was written. Building on this foundation, the MTS is designed to lead students into a deeper understanding of God’s Word – in regards to both overarching biblical themes that span the canon, as well as more nuanced truths that can be derived from particular texts.

Online Courses

The Institute Online program is for anyone who wants to further his or her knowledge of the Bible. It is specifically catered towards adult learners who are unable, for whatever reason, to attend a traditional school. Our students range from people involved in full-time ministry and careers to parents of a student enrolled in the Institute or Academy for G.O.D.

Educational Philosophy

Biblical illiteracy is a problem. Most people who claim to have faith in Jesus have not put in the necessary time to learn his Word, and in turn, understand their faith. People get caught up in the practices of their faith institution, learning to appreciate the symbol, but having little to no idea about its biblical significance. The solution to the problem is not just access to the bible, but teaching people how to read it.

Oracle SQL temporary tables #oracle #global #temp #table


Speed Oracle SQL with Temporary Tables

For certain types of SQL operations, the creation of intermediate result tables can result in stunning performance improvements. We will discuss how you can use the global temporary tables (GTT) syntax to improve the speed of queries that perform complex summarization activities, and how to speed up two-stage queries that perform both summarization and comparison activities.

Please read these important notes on SQL tuning with temporary tables:

For the full details of the huge benefits of temporary table query tuning. see my book Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference .

Let’s begin by looking at how the creation of temporary tables can speed non-correlated subqueries against the Oracle data dictionary.

Using temporary tables with Dictionary Views

The prudent use of temporary tables can dramatically improve Oracle SQL performance. To illustrate the concept, consider the following example from the DBA world. In the query that follows, we want to identify all users who exist within Oracle who have not been granted a role. We could formulate the query as an anti-join with a noncorrelated subquery (against a complex view) as shown here:

select username from dba_users where username NOT IN (select grantee from dba_role_privs);

This query runs in 18 seconds. As you may remember from Chapter 12, these anti-joins can often be replaced with an outer join. However, we have another option by using CTAS. Now, we rewrite the same query to utilize temporary tables by selecting the distinct values from each table.

create table temp1 as select username from dba_users; create table temp2 as select distinct grantee from dba_role_privs; select username from temp1 where username not in (select grantee from temp2);

With the addition of temporary tables to hold the intermediate results, this query runs in less than three seconds, a 6� performance increase. Again, it is not easy to quantify the reason for this speed increase, since the DBA views do not map directly to Oracle tables, but it is clear that temporary table show promise for improving the execution speed of certain types of Oracle SQL queries.

Using Temporary Tables

If the amount of data to be processed or utilized from your PL/SQL procedure is too large to fit comfortably in a PL/SQL table, use a GLOBAL TEMPORARY table rather than a normal table. A GLOBAL TEMPORARY table has a persistent definition but data is not persistent and the global temporary table generates no redo or rollback information. For example if you are processing a large number of rows, the results of which are not needed when the current session has ended, you should create the table as a temporary table instead:

The “on commit preserve rows” clause tells the SQL engine that when a transaction is committed the table should not be cleared.

The global temporary table will be created in the users temporary tablespace when the procedure populates it with data and the DIRECT_IO_COUNT will be used to govern the IO throughput (this usually defaults to 64 blocks).

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Отель данных по всему миру

Отчеты Custom Profitability Report идеальный способ понять структуру доходов, расходов и прибыли. Отчет дает возможность владельцам и операторам гостиниц сравнить свои объекты с выбранной конкурентной группой. Участвующие в проекте гостиницы получают результаты по рынку бесплатно.

Сравните показатели загрузки номерного фонда вашей гостиницы, среднесуточной стоимости номера (ADR) и доходов с номера (RevPAR) с выбранной вами конкурентной группой, чтобы увидеть, растет или уменьшается доля рынка вашей гостиницы.

Последние новости

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Hoteliers are holding out in the continued fight to lower OTA commission rates and bring more business in house, and representatives from both sides met during the first day of the Hotel Data Conference to debate distribution.

Editors recap the opening day of the Hotel Data Conference with takeaways, quotables and more highlights from the event.

Copyright © 2016 STR, Inc. Все права защищены

The STR family of companies reached a milestone in 2015, celebrating 30 years of benchmarking and analysis for the hotel sector.

We have experienced incredible growth since founding STR, Inc. in 1985 and the launch of our first STAR report in 1987. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our people, today we receive data from more than 185 countries. In 2008, we expanded our reach throughout the world by establishing STR Global Limited in the United Kingdom. Shortly after, we opened the STR Analytics division in 2009 to provide our clients with greater detail and insight to our data. Then in 2014, the Sector Analysis division was formed to expand STR’s presence to additional market sectors.

As we look ahead to the next chapter, we are excited to announce that STR, STR Global and STR Analytics are now united as a single global brand: STR.

More than a brand, STR is the name that unites our companies across the world. It stays true to our shared heritage and upholds the expert level of service and first-rate products our clients have come to expect from us, in the hospitality sector and beyond.

Changes to our corporate brand are underway and will continue over the coming months.

Although many changes to the way STR looks will take place, our commitments as a company will remain the same to each and every one of our customers and partners. We will continue to bring actionable performance data and insightful analysis that will help you identify opportunities and make sound business decisions. Additionally, we will apply our experience to advance performance across other industries.

As we embark on the next 30 years of our history, we look forward to continuing our working relationship with you and reaching new heights together.

Amanda W. Hite
President & COO, STR

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Organization of the CDC Center for Global Health

Provides technical assistance to host governments, working through its strong partnerships with Ministries of Health and local and international partners to implement integrated HIV/AIDS clinical and preventive services and systems; develop and strengthen laboratory services; and provide epidemiologic science, informatics, and research support to develop sustainable public health systems in resource-constrained countries.

Prevents and controls parasitic diseases in the United States and throughout the world by providing diagnostic, consultative, and epidemiologic services and training.

Works with ministries of health and other partners to protect the health and improve the well-being of people globally by building public health capacity to prevent disease, disability and death from communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Provides scientific and technical support to ministries of health and other public and private partners to control vaccine-preventable diseases around the world.

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Global Hospice Care

Knowledge. Hope and compassion. Love and dignity. This is the essence of Global Hospice.

Global Hospice Care, Inc. operating since 2005

Knowledge, Hope and compassion. Love and dignity. This is the essence of Global Hospice.
Founded on a commitment to quality care, Global Hospice is licensed in the state of Texas, certified by Medicare and Medicaid and accredited to higher standards by The Joint Commission. We are a locally owned and operated company providing personalized, one-to-one care in the comfort of your home. No strict hospital rules or sterile surroundings. Just the care you want in the company of those closest to you.

Hospice is not simply a path to the end. It is about enhancing quality of life through comfort care. With a skilled team of physicians, nurses, therapists and spiritual advisors, Global Hospice takes care of everything so you can be there for those who need you most.
It is terrible and devastating to find out that your loved one has a terminal illness. You might think that there is not much to be done. But in fact a lot has to be done and we can help you.

With knowledge, love and compassion we will help you. We will be there with you every step of this path of sorrow and sadness.

Our promise to you; we will provide you with knowledge, support, love and compassion to survive grief.

Some day the pain will lessen, leaving you with cherished memories of your loved one.

The happiness that you had when your loved one was still alive will make you strong until you and your loved one meet again.

Until that time comes, you may find the support you need here with us at Global Hospice Care 915-543-6060 anytime, any day.

We have built a state of the art facility to provide in-patient hospice care. Our facility is the only free standing facility in El Paso licensed by the State of Texas to provide hospice care and accredited by the Joint Commission. www.texaspalliative.com

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