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Sheet Metal Hand Brake Machines by Chicago Dreis Krump

Our metal benders are available in standard straight bending or Box Pan brake style, floor mounted or benchtop and even push button control with hydraulic power. A sheet metal hand brake normally bends sheet metal by using a hinged clamping bar to hold the metal down against the bed. A hinged bending “leaf” is lifted to fold the metal around the fulcrum point of the clamping bar to the desired angle which is controlled using a stop rod.
A box and pan brake machine is needed to avoid having the metal hit against the clamping bar when the 3rd and 4th sides are being bent. This is done by removing a “finger” from the clamping bar at each end of the box since the clamping bar is divided up into many sub-assemblies called “fingers”.

Chicago Dreis Krump offers more machine options: Extension Fingers are used to form inside corners with a return flange across the top. See pictures above and down below. Open End Fingers are used to form tubes of triangular, square, rectangular, or tapered shape. See picture below. Radius Nose Bars are available for bending your metal around a radius, which is useful for bending aircraft aluminum. See picture below. An insert bar is used to form offset (“zig-zag”) bends close together. Radius formers are attachments used for hand forming of thin sheet metal shapes such as gutters, architectural mouldings and prototype modeling.

Don’t settle for a poorly engineered machine. Since the Chicago Dreis & Krump Company pioneered the standard sheet metal bending Hand Brake in the year 1899, lots of people have copied their designs, but none have been able to surpass their quality, engineering, dependability, or options, then or now. Available options include a handwheel back gauge, extra small insert bar, radius formers, open end fingers, extension fingers, radius nose bars, and even push button hydraulic powered metal bending.
For even more info, click for our instructions How to use a Sheet Metal Brake .
If you need parts for your old Chicago Dreis & Krump machine; CLICK HERE to see a parts list.
If you dont want use the strength of your back and arms to manually bend metal on a Hand Brake machine, we offer a push button electric-hydraulic power leaf brake machine to do the same work.
Also see the new innovative magnetic powered hand brake down below.

Below is a conversion chart that converts sheet metal gauge numbers into metal thickness.


Chicago Dreis & Krump heavy duty machinery construction. Designed for accurate and economical bending of standard and special design forms. Ideal for bending mild steel with a 1 inch minimum flange to the rated capacity of the machine. Capable of 1/4 inch reverse bends on lighter metal. Even usuable for occassional hemming.

Options most hand brakes can’t offer:
� Handwheel Back Gauge – 25 inch travel to measure and square up your metal (see below)
� Insert Bar – 1/4 inch (for closer offset bends)
� Radius Formers – for forming gutters, mouldings, prototypes, etc, from thin sheet metal.

NOTE: Mild Steel = 55,000 psi tensile strength and Stainless Steel = 90,000 psi tensile strength

Incorporates all of the outstanding features of the standard hand brake plus removable, sectioned fingers that can bend any length of metal from 3 inches long to the full length of the machine. Boxes and pans can be up to 6 inches deep. A very versatile well built Chicago Dreis & Krump machine.

Options most hand brakes can’t offer:
� Handwheel Back Gauge with 25″ travel to measure and square up your metal (see below)
� Extension Fingers (to form rigid inside corners with a return flange across the top)
� Open End Fingers (to form tubes of triangular, square, rectangular, or tapered shape)
� Radius Nose Bars up to 1.5″ (great for aluminum aircraft work)
� Insert Bar – 1/4 inch (for closer offset bends)
� Radius Formers – for forming gutters, mouldings, prototypes, from thin sheet metal.

Add an optional Chicago Dreis & Krump Back Gauge:

Who says a hand brake can’t have sophistication?
Tired of always using a tape measure to mark lines that must be lined up with the nose bar? This back gauge has a 25 inch travel with a inch/cm scale so it is a must for those who want a labor saving, time saving, accuracy improving hand cranked back gauge to speed up production and improve quality. It measures where your metal bend will be and it squares up your metal to the machine.


Tabletop Standard Sheet Metal Brake:

The full featured machines are constructed with hefty steel weldments using brass hinge pins for smooth operation and trouble free forming. Clamp handles include plastic covers for positive grip. Their easy operation, precision performance, portability and cost make them perfect for light duty table top use, on-site work, sheet metal shops, industry and vocational schools.
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Magnetic Box Pan Sheet Metal Hand Brake

A magnet holds your metal during bending!
Maximum Length: Choose from 48 long or 96 long
Maximum thickness: 16 gauge steel or 20 gauge stainless.
Electric Power: 220 volts, 1 phase.
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A strong 6 ton magnet in the bed is activated by foot pedal or push button control to hold down a mild steel clamping bar of almost any configuration across the bed width or bed length. The sheet metal is pinned between the magnetic mild steel clamping bar. The bottom bending leaf is lifted to make the bend. The steel clamping bar can be made of straight bars (of various widths for tight boxes) for straight bends or segmented clamping bars for box and pan applications of any other configuration such as totally enclosed boxes, triangles, alternate bends on varying planes, round items such as scrolling applications, and much more. Great for bending mild steel sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, coated materials, and heated plastics. The bottom leaf�s bending extension can be removed for the tightest bends. The scaled stroke angle control can be set for repeat bends. Parts supports and adjustable back gauge for production runs, easy to use gap adjustments on the clamping bars for different sheet metal thicknesses.

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Diamond Pattern Forming Machine GMC DFM-20

This machine forms Diamond Plate Pattern on stainless steel for truck doors, catering trucks, kitchen, etc.
Features: Capacity 50″ x 20 gauge Stainless Steel.
Motor: 2 HP, 110 Volts. Variable Speed.
Infeed table with side gauge.
Machine weight: 1650 Lbs
Dimensions: 63″ x 53″ x 43 inches
Made in Taiwan

Hand Operated Sheet Metal Notcher

To notch out the corners for making box or pan shapes using pull down lever
Maximum Force: 4 Tons
Max Notching size: 6″ x 6″
Metal Capacity: 16 gauge (.06″) [1.6mm]
Stroke: 3/4″

$ 695. Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine.
Weight: 220 pounds. Optional Stand: $195.

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Load Balancer #spring #balancers, #spring #balancer, #load #balancers, #load #balancer, #tool #balancer, #tool #balancers, #portable #hand #tools, #welder #guns, #spray #guns, #short #blast #guns, #synthetic #bag #closing #machines, #jute #bag #closing #machines, #gauges, #pendant #station


ofSpring Balancers ( Load Balancers / Tool Balancers)

Portable Hand Tools, Welder Guns, Spray guns, Short Blast Guns, Drifting Attachments in mines and Quaries, Jute and synthetic bag closing machines, Gauges, Jigs and Fixtures, Pendant Station, Switch Button of Hoists, incase of de-oxidation, water washing of plating work with raising and lowering of work etc.

Design of Load Balancer

POWERMASTER Overhead Spring Balancers are specially designed to free the operator from weight of the hand tools. When properly balanced by adjusting spring tension, the load balancing tools become almost weightless in the hands of the operator, and can be moved up and down with very little effort.

Safety Features of Load Balancers

Prior to the safety initiatives and modifications undertaken by Powermaster older design Spring Balancers had only limited safety provisions, due to which these older type Spring Balancers were prone to operational hazards and industrial accidents leading tohuge compensations.
Powermaster has introduced several safety features into our new designed Spring Balancers while retaining all the existing safety features.
Powermaster Load Balancers have thus become more user friendly, eliminating chances of accidents.

Exclusive Safety Features of Load Balancers Introduced:

Spring Balancers from other suppliers are supplied with opening both in Body Cover causing accidental crunch of operator’s fingers between revolving drum and the body of the Spring Balancers. To prevent this, side windows on the body of the load balancing tools and cover have been eliminated. This would prevent industrial accidents.
live video of load balancer(Windows Media Video – 2.9MB)

    In the unfortunate event of accidental dislodging of the suspended weight, breakage of bottom hook / wire rope, spring tension will pull back the wire rope, resulting in whiping action likely to hurt personnel around.
    This mechanism of the load balancer will lock the last revolving drum pulley the wire rope assembly will be stopped with max. 20cm travel. This will prevent the whiping of wire rope assembly avoided any injury to operator or any personnel around.
    live video of load balancers (Windows Media Video – 2.8MB)
    In order to prevent wear of the slot of the Spring Balancer body, a split type Nylon liner for wire rope has been introduced in the new design Spring Balancers.
    This liner can be removed and installed on site without any need for dismantling of the wire rope.
    This will prevent wear of the costly body resulting in overall saving and reduced down time of equipment.
    live video (Windows Media Video – 744KB)
    In Spring Balancers from other manufactures the worm gear box for adjustment of Spring Tension worked in the horizontal axis. Gear box position has been rotated through 90 degrees so that spring tension adjustment can be made by working in vertical axis.
    This will facilitate adjustment from ground level without any need to rise up to Spring Balancer hanging level. This reduces down time, facilities easy operation and reduces the chance of any mishap during an operator rising to the level of the balancer.
    live video (Windows Media Video – 1.2MB)
    A small slot has been provided to facilitate removal and Re-installation of the wire rope without any need for dismantling of the Spring Balancers. This will reduce the down time of the equipment. This facility is not available for long range Spring Balancers.
    live video (Windows Media Video – 975KB)
    No longer do you need to handle open springs which are difficult and dangerous to handle with sharp edges. All springs are now supplied in concealed containers for easy replacement. With containerised springs accidents are avoided during maintenance and replacements of springs.
    live video (Windows Media Video – 1.1MB)

  • Advantages of POWERMASTER Spring Balancer / Load Balancer / Tool Balancer

    Increases Productivity
    Balancers keep poised for action, minimize motions required to bring tool from rest to work positions.

  • Extends Tool Life
    Balancers eliminate pick-up and lay down wear and prevent damage from dropping.
  • Reduces Operator Fatigue
    Load Balancers make the heaviest tool light as a feather. Operator effort can be directed to controlling the tool rather than supporting.
  • No Need of Power
    There is no need of electrical or mechanical power.
  • Increases Safety
    Balancers keep work area uncluttered to reduce chances of damages of accessories or accidental start up of tools during handling.
  • Effective Use of Space
    The working place being widely utilized, and also to be cleaned up, the production is smoothly carried out.

  • South Florida Institute of Sports Medicine – Podiatry, Orthopedics, & Physical Therapy #podiatrist, #foot #doctor, #ankle #specialist, #hand, #knee, #shoulder, #wrist, #spine, #pembroke #pines, #weston, #fl, #south #florida #institute #of #sports #medicine, #robert #sheinberg, #dpm, #nathan #vela, #tony #moya, #david #shenassa, #alexander #bertot, #al #desimone, #mark #fishman, #carlo #messina, #orthopedics, #surgery, #broward #county, #ankle #fracture, #sports #injuries, #children #gait #abnormalities, #orthotics, #flatfeet, #bunion


    Foot, Ankle Leg Specialists of South Florida (Sheinberg, Messina, Vela, Cohen)


    Pembroke Pines-Silver Lakes


    Welcome to Our Practice

    It is our mission to provide the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art podiatric, orthopaedic and rehabilitative care for our patients. Caring for our patients is the number one priority at South Florida Institute of Sports Medicine. Our highly trained physicians, physical therapists and staff provide patients with the latest medical technology and surgical procedures. A sincere approach to medical treatment is given to all of our patients whose ages range from newborns to mature adults. Your condition will be thoroughly evaluated and a detailed explanation of your diagnosis and treatment plan will be provided. Each patient is given individual attention and is encouraged to always ask questions. This site is intended for you, the visitor. We hope that you will discover a wealth of information on a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Our goal for this site is INTERACTION. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter, as well as provide your feedback. We want to know what information on this site is answering your questions, what other questions you may have about a particular condition, and any topics of your interest you would like to see reviewed. Again, we thank you for your visit to our site.

    Dr. Al DeSimone
    Knee Shoulder Specialist

    Dr. Tony Moya
    Knee Shoulder Specialist

    USI Weston
    Sports Preformance FitnessCenter

    Download Patient
    Information Brochures

    Descargar los Folletos
    de Informaci n al Paciente
    Espa ol


    1600 Town Center Blvd. Suite C
    Weston, FL 33326
    954-389-5751 fax

    Silver Lakes

    17842 N.W. Second Street
    Pembroke Pines. FL 33029

    954-432-3430 fax (Podiatry)
    954-430-0608 fax (Ortho)


    (Sports Medicine Associates Only)
    220 S.W. 84th Avenue, Suite 102
    Plantation, FL 33324
    (954) 720-1530
    (954) 720-6540 fax

    Patient Education


    1600 Town Center Blvd. Suite C
    Weston, FL33326
    954-430-0608 fax

    Silver Lakes

    17842 N.W. Second Street
    Pembroke Pines. FL 33029
    954-430-0608 fax


    (Sports Medicine Associates Only)
    220 S.W. 84th Avenue, Suite 102
    Plantation, FL 33324
    (954) 720-1530
    (954) 720-6540 fax

    Our Doctors Treat:


    South Florida Institute of Sports Medicine
    1600 Town Center Blvd, Weston FL, 33326 954-389-5900
    17842 NW 2nd St. Pembroke Pines, FL 33029 954-430-9901
    220 S.W. 84th Avenue, Suite 102, Plantation FL, 33324 954-720-1530

    Physical Therapy, Sports Rehab, Geriatric Rehab, Occupational Therapy #palisades #rehab, #rehab, #physical #therapy, #sports #rehab, #geriatric #rehab, #occupational #therapy, #hand #therapy, #outpatient #rehab, #rehab #center, #joint #replacement, #stroke #rehab, #parkinson’s, #arthritis


    Palisades Physical Rehab, Sports Wellness Center

    Palisades Rehab is the Northern Valley’s leader for physical and occupational therapy, including surgical rehabilitation. Family owned and operated since 1997, the Palisades team believes that the secret to healing lies in treating the whole person. We specialize in delivering skilled, customized care to clients of all ages while creating a warm, accommodating treatment environment. Approaching each client with the compassion, respect and concern they deserve, our staff works to restore function, eliminate pain and expedite the return to activity.

    The Palisades Rehab team is comprised of highly trained therapists experienced in a range of disciplines. Aptly described as a family, our therapy team ensures that clients are fully educated about their condition, and that they feel welcome and supported during therapy visits. In addition, we support aftercare and therapy follow-through, encouraging clients to return for periodic check-ups or to participate in our wellness program.

    Palisades Rehab is Medicare certified, and is a member of the prestigious Hospital for Special Surgery Rehab Network. Highly regarded by surgeons, physicians and nearby hospitals, our team of therapy professionals is trained and certified in the industry’s most progressive therapy and rehabilitation techniques. In addition to physician referrals, many patients come to us after learning of our reputation through friends, family and word-of-mouth.

    Click to learn about our orthopedic & physical therapy services

    Palisades provides comprehensive treatment options for a range of injuries, degenerative conditions and long-term health problems, and can provide home visits for patients who are eligible.

    Orthopedic therapy includes, but is not limited to:

    • Joint Replacement
    • Fracture Management
    • Back and Neck Pain
    • Hand Injuries
    • Arthritis
    • Bursitis & Tendonitis
    • Osteoporosis
    • Sports Injuries
    • Rotator Cuff Injuries

    Neurological rehabilitation includes, but is not limited to:

    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Stroke
    • Traumatic Brain Injury
    • Vestibular & Balance Disorders

    Home visits are designed to improve your well-being and everyday quality of life. Features include:

    • Home safety assessments
    • Fall prevention training
    • In-home rehabilitative therapy programs
    • Proactive training for home tasks, like climbing stairs, reaching cabinets, showering, cooking & cleaning

    Aging in Place Home Modifications

    “Aging in place” is a catchphrase that describes baby boomers who are choosing to modify their existing home as they age, rather than move to assisted living environments. If you or someone you love is experiencing a decline in safety, or is frustrated by a lack of independence, the Palisades’ team can help. Our occupational therapy practitioners will come to your home, evaluate your environment and recommend adaptations to prevent injury or frustration.

    Through this service, we focus on reducing falls, promoting a healthy lifestyle and teaching clients to safely carry out their activities of daily living. Palisades’ practitioners are a valuable asset to professional teams, and are experienced in working with clients and their caregivers, as well as architects and construction companies who help to carry out modifications. Call today to schedule your “Aging in Place” evaluation, or speak with a Palisades’ occupational therapy practitioner.

    Driver Safety

    For most of us, driving is a way to stay connected to our world: to visit friends, go shopping and remain mobile. Unfortunately, aging can challenge our senses, along with physical and mental capabilities and ultimately may impact our ability to safely transport ourselves and others.

    At Palisades Rehab, our occupational therapy practitioners have the expertise to assess vision, cognition, motor skills and perception. Through this evaluation, therapists can help older drivers compensate for life changes that impact their driving. And, when it’s time to give up driving, our OT team helps patients (1) adjust to the idea, (2) consider other forms of transportation, and (3) remain as independent and safe as possible.

    Monthly Maintenance Program

    Upon discharge from therapy services, we offer a monthly maintenance program to help you continue your path to good health. Talk to your therapist for more information!

    Click to learn about Direct Access (DA)

    At Palisades Rehab, we understand that things happen unexpectedly and that you may need to see a therapist before you’ve had the opportunity to see your physician. To assist with this, our facility participates in the Direct Access (DA) program. According to NJ Direct Access Law, you can see a physical therapist for up to 30 days before requiring a prescription for further treatment. NJ Direct Access allows you to begin your treatment program sooner so you can get back on your feet faster.

    *While most health insurances cover physical therapy obtained by using Direct Access, plans differ. Please check with your insurance provider. Note: Medicare does not permit Direct Access.

    For more information about Palisades Rehab, or to inquire about program specialties, insurance coverage and admission requirements, call or email our team of therapists today.

    Contact Information
    Other Links

    Hyundai Cars Price List in the Philippines June 2017 #hyundai, #hyundai #cars, #hyundai #price #list, #2017, #hyundai #used #cars, #hyundai #second #hand #cars, #hyundai #cars #for #sale


    Hyundai Cars Price List in the Philippines June 2017

    About Hyundai Cars

    Hyundai – South Korean Pride on Filipino Shores

    Hyundai Motor Company is a renowned multinational automobile manufacturing company from South Korea that was established in 1967. It has its headquarters in Seoul, South Korea and employs over 75,000 people all over the world. It also holds a 32.8% stake in a subsidiary division – Kia Motors. According to a survey conducted in 2008, Hyundai is the 8th largest car manufacturer in the world selling a total of 4.4 million units alone and 7.12 million units along with Kia.

    Currently, it holds the 4th position in the list of leading multinational automobile manufacturing companies. It also has the largest manufacturing unit in the world, producing a total of 1.6 million units every year.

    Historical Foundation

    Hyundai Motor Company was founded by Chung Ju-Yung as an automotive division of Hyundai Engineering Construction Company back in 1967. It released its first car model – Cortina, in a partnership with Ford in 1968. Hyundai started its solo career with incorporation of leading British engineers designers John Simpson, Edward Chapman, John Crosthwaite, Peter Slater and Kenneth Barnet, under the active supervision of former British Leyland Managing director George Turnbull. Its first model – Pony – was installed with an advanced power train technology developed by Mitsubishi and was styled by famous ItalDesign’s Giorgio Giugiaro.

    Hyundai Asia Resource Inc

    Hyundai Asia Resource Inc or HARI is a leading Hyundai dealer based in Philippines. It was established in 2001 and initially offered a product lineup of only one model – Starex. Since its foundation, its undergone an expansion currently appointing a work force comprising of 2000 people. It is motivated to aptly provide the motoring lifestyle as per the needs and aspirations of its Filipino customers.

    According to company experts, HARI now provides premium Hyundai products services to the Filipino market making it the 3rd largest Hyundai customer base surpassing America, Japan and other Asian countries. It has been awarded the Asia Pacific Distributor of the Year for years 2005, 2006 2008. Other notable awards include – 2006 Hyundai Elite Award, 2009 Award of Excellence for outstanding sales 2008 Best DEP Award.


    Hyundai Motor Company is currently headed by board chairman and CEO Chung Mong-Koo. He was formally involved in a case of corruption and was charged for embezzlement of over $106 million by the South Korean government in 2006. As a result, he was forced to step down as company head and was replaced by Vice Chairman Kim Dong Jin. However, after retirement of Hyundai Motor Co CEO Yang Seung Suk, Chung Mong-Koo has resumed his position as company CEO, that he now shares with Kim Eok-Jo. Hyundai Resources Asia Inc is currently headed by President CEO Maria Fe Perez-Agudo. She has been awarded the 2011 Philippines Ernst Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

    Motorsport trends

    Hyundai debuted in motor sports at the 1998 and 1999 F2 class World Rally Championships. It also unveiled a personalized and specific world rally car – Accent WRC based on Hyundai Accent in 1999. Other notable motor sports achievements include Swedish World Rally Championships, Rally Argentina, etc. It has also worked with some notable world famous drives including Kenneth Eriksson, Alister McRae, Juha Kankkunen – a four-time world champion, Freddy Loix, Armin Schwarz, etc. Hyundai’s i20 WRC deserves a special mention because of its much-awaited debut in 2014 World Rally Championships held in Monte Carlo.

    Product Lineup

    Hyundai Resources Asia Inc offers a wide range of car models for customers to choose from including Passenger vehicles, Recreational car and other commercial vehicles. Specific car models offered include Genesis Coupe, Azera, Sonata, Elantra, Accent, Accent Hatch, Grand i10, i10, Eon, Grand Santa Fe, Tuscon, Grand Starex and H100. These cars have been specifically tuned to capture hearts of families, as well as next generation Filipino motorists.

    In addition to the above-offered products, HARI also has a very reliable service network to address customer issues and sort them out in the most-effective manner possible through trained skilled professional technicians. Its department stores also provide genuine Hyundai accessories to its customers, which can be easily identified by the 100% Genuine company seal on its packaging.

    Marketing Sales

    Hyundai markets its products in over 193 countries through an efficient and integrated network of 6000 dealership or show rooms all around the world. It had an average production output of about 4,721,156 units last year that amounted to a humongous total revenue of $86 billion while making a net income of about $8.4 billion. It has established manufacturing plants in India, Pakistan, Czech Republic, China, North America and Turkey. Hyundai saw an overall 11% increase in sales in 2005 by selling over 2,533,695 units worldwide. It became the 2nd largest company in South Korea making over $57.2 billion in sales in 2004. HARI has over 36 dealership stores all over Philippines and has witnessed a total yearly growth of 6% in July by selling over 1,952 units.

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