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Hotels in Iran – Hostels in Iran – Book Online

Hotels in Iran, Hostels in Iran; Book Online

The first Iranian website for booking hotels and hostels in Iran. . was started by SevenHostels Group in May 2015. The purpose of starting such a website has been to solve the common difficulties that most foreign travelers face as they try to find decent hostels or hotels in Iran. Here on this website it’s possible to book a bed/room at any hotel or hostel in Iran online; There are listings of hotels in Tehran, hostels in Tehran . hotels in Kashan, hostels in Kashan, hotels in Isfahan, hostels in Isfahan, hotels in Shiraz, hostels in Shiraz, hotels in Yazd, hostels in Yazd, hotels in Dizin . etc. The reason that it’s not easy to earn reliable information about hotels or hostels in Iran is not that there is a shortage of them in this country, but that there are few hostels or hotels in Iran that have proper websites in English. Now, what could SevenHostels Group do to facilitate the process of earning reliable information about accommodation facilities in Iran?

Hostels and Hotels in Iran; Information

First, several groups of professional travelers were sent to major touristic cities and towns. Their goal was to gather reliable information about all hostels and hotels in Iran. The earned information included a list of all accommodation facilities in different cities, their exact locations, a list of the facilities and services they offer, photos from the facilities, and finally of course the services’ prices. The second step in creating such a platform for booking hostels and hotels inIran was to process and classify the information that was earned by our inspectors. In this step all the hostels or hotels in Iran went through an objective process of assessment and were ranked. It is necessary to mention that SevenHostels Group has tried its best to follow international ranking norms in its assessment process. It’s also necessary to mention that this process of assessment is a constant one; our inspectors visit the enlisted hostels and hotels regularly to make sure they follow the standards with which they’re introduced to the travelers.

Hotels in Iran, Hostels in Iran; Tourist Attractions

Our domain of info is not just limited to hotels and hostels in Iran; the most special feature of our website is that we provide the tourists with information on most of the popular tourist attractions in this country plus the list of hotels or hostels that are in the vicinity of the attractions. Needless to clarify that the phrase tourist attraction does not only refer to interesting places like historic and natural places in a country, but also to all sorts of manifestations of cultural particularities such as the way Iranians celebrate Nowruz to start the Persian new year. As far as the historic and natural attractions are concerned, we are trying our best to provide the tourists with informative articles and also clear directions to these attractions. All in all, SevenHostels group is determined to create a reliable tourism infrastructure in Iran and encourage more and more property owners to open new hostels or hotels in Iran with facilities and services that meet a variety of tastes.