Britannia Hotels is the worst chain in UK, satisfaction survey finds #horse #motels

#brittania hotels


Britannia Hotels is the worst chain in UK , satisfaction survey finds

John Cleese as Basil Fawlty, whose hotel is a byword for poor service BBC

With “rundown” hotels that are “well past their best-by-dates”, Britannia Hotels’ accommodation is said to be more Fawlty Towers than first class.

Now, the hotel group, used by the Home Office to house asylum seekers, has been rated the worst hotel chain in the UK for the second year in a row by the consumers’ association magazine Which?

Ranked last out of 29 chains, Britannia Hotels was awarded just one star – the lowest possible rating – for categories including bedrooms, cleanliness and whether the description of the hotel matched reality.

The Which UK hotel satisfaction survey, based on 5,888 member-experiences, ranked each chain according to an overall customer score based on categories such as customer service, food and value for money. Britannia Hotels, which fared poorly in all categories, achieved 33 per cent for its overall score – 3 per cent lower than in 2013, when it was also bottom of the poll.

The Britannia group, owned by businessman Alex Langsam, has previously acknowledged its problems and plans to “improve the standard” of its hotels, which include the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, Bosworth Hall Hotel in Warwickshire, The Grand in Scarborough, the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton and the Russ Hill Hotel in Surrey.

The Roundhouse Hotel and Heathlands Hotel in Bournemouth and The Grand Burstin Hotel in Kent have been used by the Home Office to temporarily house more than 280 asylum seekers this year due to “overcrowding” at London’s detention centres. The group was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Premier Inn and Travelodge are the most used chains according to the survey, together accounting for more than half of all hotel stays. Premier Inn, visited by 668 members, gained four stars across the board, and an 81 per cent customer satisfaction score. The UK’s largest hotel brand came second only to Sofitel, which was awarded five stars in nearly every category and an 83 per cent customer rating.

Travelodge achieved a 60 per cent overall customer score, improving by 10 per cent since last year. The chain was placed in the bottom three in both 2012 and 2013, but has since invested £57m.

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Gentiva: When is Hospice Appropriate? #melbourne #motels

#when is hospice appropriate


When Is Hospice Appropriate?

Signs that you or a loved one may need to consider hospice care can be subtle, but they may include:

  • Multiple trips to the emergency room in a short period of time
  • Shortness of breath while resting
  • Several falls over a six-month period
  • Increasing issues with pain
  • Weight loss with a noticeable difference in the way clothes fit
  • Spending most of the day in a chair or bed

These signs don’t necessarily mean you need hospice immediately. But they are indications that now is a good time to find out about hospice care and that you should ask your doctor about it. Learning how hospice can provide the care, compassion, and support you and your family needs can be a comfort to everyone.

Patients Caregivers

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Click on the arrow for our video on “Hospice and Your Loved One.”

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Hospice Patients Alliance – When It is Inappropriate to Have PRN Medical Orders for Morphine #cheap #hotels #in #nyc

#end stage copd hospice


Allowing PRN Orders for Morphine
May Result in Untimely Death
For COPD Patients

Morphine is an opioid medication often used to relieve severe pain in cancer and some other diseases. When prescribed by a physician appropriately for relief of pain, it is a blessing to those whose symptoms are relieved, and to the families of those patients who had suffered watching their loved one in agony. When the patient has severe pain, hospices aim at achieving good pain control as one of their top priorities.

Because morphine is regularly prescribed in hospices for relief of pain and suffering, physicians and nurses come to rely on its power to relieve pain and promote a death without suffering. A death with symptoms well-managed is one important aspect of what is called a “death with dignity.”

Patients in hospice who have diseases without severe pain may not need morphine for comfort. Some take other analgesics and some take none. But patients who have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or “COPD” may especially be sensitive to the adverse effects of morphine. COPD patients have breathing difficulties and anxiety which can sometimes be lessened by very small dosages of a sedative and/or a very small dosage of morphine. However, given in too high a dose, morphine can seriously interfere with a patient’s ability to breathe. In fact, anyone who is given a dosage of morphine which is much higher than they are accustomed to, may stop breathing.

One of morphine’s main adverse effects is slowing down the respiratory rate, i.e. respiratory depression. If the dosage of morphine is too high for what the patient is accustomed to, the respiratory depression can become severe and actually stop the breathing periodically for a few seconds or many seconds. This pattern of breathing where the patient stops breathing (skipping breaths) and then starts breathing again is termed “apnea.” Apnea commonly occurs as a result of the terminal illness and the dying process, when certain metabolic changes occur in the patient’s body. If the breathing is stopped completely without restarting, the patient dies. Because COPD patients have compromised breathing already. very inefficient breathing, overly high doses of morphine can quickly cause these patients to stop breathing.

Hospice Patients Alliance has received many, many reports from families about patients with COPD who were given morphine in dosages higher than they were accustomed to receiving. who died shortly after getting those morphine dosages. Most of these patients were given these dosages of morphine by nurses in the hospice setting. In all the cases reported, the physician had ordered that the morphine might be given “as needed” or “PRN” within a certain range and at a certain frequency of time intervals between doses given.

Giving a medication “as needed” requires a careful assessment of the patient’s vital signs, pain level and need for the medication being considered. When a physician writes a PRN order for morphine, most nurses are very dedicated to assessing the patient’s actual needs and doing everything possible to meet those needs by administering the medication as needed. But in the case of COPD patients, the need for extra vigilance in determining the appropriate dosage is very urgent. Pharmacy and drug references, such as the Physicians Desk Reference and morphine package inserts warn about the dangers of giving too high dosages of morphine to COPD patients. The package inserts and the Physicians Desk Reference even write that morphine is “contraindicated” in general for COPD patients. However, when a patient is truly terminal, some of the rules of prescribing medications are adjusted to meet the needs of the patient. In the terminal COPD patient, morphine is sometimes ordered by the physician to be given in very small dosages.

If the physician orders the morphine to be given on a PRN or “as needed” basis, when the patient has COPD, and allows a shorter frequency of administration than that needed for the previous dosage to “wear off” or be metabolized, the concentration of morphine actually in the patient’s blood may increase beyond a therapeutic level, causing severe adverse effects, even respiratory shutdown. If you have a loved one with COPD in a hospice care setting and if you are concerned that he may be euthanized before his natural time of passing on, then it is wise to request that the physician NOT write a PRN order for morphine. If the morphine is actually helping your loved one to breathe better, and is comforting, then you may wish to request the physician to consider ordering the morphine on a fixed dosage and schedule, determined by the physician only, not the nurse.

If you have concerns that your loved one may be medically killed or euthanized in a hospice setting, you should discuss these concerns with the physician and request that PRN orders for morphine not be used. If the physician refuses to do so, you may be able to determine whether the physician is sympathetic to your concerns about euthanasia or not. If you believe the physician is determined to euthanize your loved one, involuntarily, or without your knowledge, then you always have the right to change physicians or to change hospices. Any time that you have concrete evidence that a nurse or physician is acting to euthanize your loved one, the patient, or the patient’s representative may act to change the physician and hospice to a setting that will provide true hospice care.

Real hospice care is NOT about hastening the death of a patient. It is about providing relief from distressing symptoms, supporting the patient and letting them know that they are valued and loved. Hospice patients necessarily choose not to try to cure the terminal illness, because all efforts to cure the disease are believed to have failed and further efforts are believed to be of no use in curing the disease, i.e. the physician has determined that no efforts would succeed in any case. That does NOT mean that treatment for a urinary or respiratory infection is to be withheld, or that food and water are to be withheld if the patient can absorb them. Withholding food and water is a form of euthanasia for the patient who is not already actively dying! Withholding appropriate treatment for an infection when the patient is not actively dying is also a form of euthanasia!

Giving overly high dosages of morphine to a COPD patient, or a patient with another terminal illness, is a form of euthanasia. By being alert, discussing your concerns with the physician and hospice staff and acting promptly to prevent overly high dosages of morphine from being administered, you can save your loved one from an untimely death. Removing your loved one from a setting that is bent on euthanizing your loved one may be the only way to save them from being medical killed.

There are many nurses and physicians who would never even think of doing such a thing, but unfortunately, there are many who would. Surveys and research into the attitudes and practices of physicians and nurses reveals that a significant percentage of nurses and physicians believe that euthanasia is acceptable. If you don’t agree, then you must act to protect your loved one. The best protection is to know what medications are being given, what effect the medications have, what dosages are being given (by being there if possible when they are given) and knowing why the medications are being given. If your instincts tell you that something is not right, act promptly to check with someone you trust who is a nurse, pharmacist or physician who can give you some feedback and further information.

PRN orders for morphine may be totally inappropriate for COPD patients who do NOT have severe pain!

Permission is granted to share these articles with others, to print them, or post them on other websites so long as credit
is given to the author and Hospice Patients Alliance with a link to this original page.

What is Hospice? Crossroads Frequently Asked Questions #avalon #hospice

#hospice questions


Frequently asked questions

There are many questions. and myths. about hospice. Below are answers to some the most common questions asked. They will give you get a better understanding of what hospice care is and how it can benefit your family.

Have more questions about hospice care? Please contact us now.

  • What is hospice care?
  • Is hospice only for people who are dying?
  • Who is best suited for hospice care?
  • Isn t using hospice the same as giving up ?
  • Should we wait for the doctor to suggest hospice?
  • When is the best time to start hospice care?
  • Who pays for hospice care?
  • Once you begin hospice care, you cannot leave the program?
  • Is hospice a place?
  • Does hospice only care for cancer patients?
  • Is hospice only for housebound or bed-ridden people?
  • Hospice “dopes people up” so they become addicted or sleep all the time?
  • What is hospice care?

    Hospice is a philosophy of care. It treats the person rather than the disease and focuses on quality of life. It surrounds the patient and family with a team consisting of professionals who not only address physical distress, but emotional and spiritual issues as well. Hospice care is patient-centered because the needs of the patient and family drive the activities of the hospice team .

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  • Is hospice only for people who are dying?

    Hospice is for people who have a limited life expectancy. (Actually, we all have a limited life expectancy, so it is more specific than that.) Hospice is for patients whose condition is such that a doctor would not be surprised if the patient died within the next six months. This doesn’t mean the patient is going to die in the next six months–it simply means that he or she has a condition that makes dying a realistic possibility.

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  • Who is best suited for hospice care?

    Hospice patients are those with very serious medical conditions. Usually they have diseases that are life threatening and make day-to-day living very uncomfortable—physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Some are in pain. Others experience difficult symptoms such as nausea, extreme fatigue, and shortness of breath. These symptoms may be caused by the disease, or they may have been caused by treatments intended to cure the disease. Often patients turn to hospice because they are anxious or depressed, or they are feeling spiritually distressed because of their medical condition. Hospice specializes in easing pain, discomfort, and distress on all levels. The care provided by hospice is often helpful for conditions such as cancer, heart disease, COPD (emphysema) and advanced dementia. Seriously ill patients who have decided that their priority is to have the best quality of life possible are the people who are best suited for hospice.

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  • Isn t using hospice the same as giving up ?

    Not at all! This is one of the most common questions about hospice but it is actually a misconception. Although your loved one’s condition may have reached a point that a cure is not likely—or not likely enough to be worth the side effects of treatment—that does not mean there is nothing left to do. In fact, an emphasis on quality of life and easing pain and distress often allows the patient to spend his or her last months focusing on the things that are ultimately the most important and meaningful. As one man put it, “I’d rather spend my time with my children and grandchildren than waste my limited time and energy driving to the treatment center and recovering beside the toilet bowl.” With the expert guidance of a nurse and case manager, as well as the assistance of bath aides, social workers, and chaplains, patients and families find they can focus on their relationships, healing old wounds and building wonderful memories together. Far from giving up, hospice helps families truly live well and support each other during a stressful, but, in the end, very natural family life passage.

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  • Should we wait for the doctor to suggest hospice?

    You can, but oddly enough, doctors often wait for families to bring it up. This is part of the reason that people often receive hospice care so late in the process. If you think your loved one and family might benefit from the support of weekly home visits from staff who specialize in pain control and the easing of distress, ask your doctor if hospice might be something to consider now, or in the near future. If, when you are truly honest with yourself, you realize that you would not be surprised if your loved one were to die in the next six to twelve months, ask the doctor if he or she would be surprised. If the answer is anything close to “No, I would not be surprised,” then maybe it’s a good time to begin a discussion about hospice. If you would like more information, please feel free to call us toll-free 1-888-603-MORE (6673). We would be happy to talk with you or to do an informational home visit—no obligation or strings attached.

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  • When is the best time to start hospice care?

    Most patients and families who receive hospice care say they wish they had known about it earlier, that they needed the help much sooner than they received it. Research has shown that hospice can increase both the quality of life and how long a patient lives. Families who receive hospice near the very end–just a few days to a week–have been shown to have a harder time adjusting during the bereavement period than do those whose loved one receives hospice care for weeks and months before passing on. If you even think that your family and the person you care for could benefit from pain or symptom management, assistance with bathing and grooming, emotional and spiritual support, and telephone access to caregiving advice, ask your physician if hospice might be a service to consider. Experts agree that at least two to three months of care is optimal. It is better to ask sooner rather than later so you do not regret having missed the support that hospice has to offer.

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  • Who pays for hospice care?

    Patients have several options when it comes to paying for the cost of hospice care. If the patient has Medicare and meets hospice eligibility requirements, then the government will pay as much as 100% of the cost. In such a case, there is no deductible and no copayment. Not only are the services of the hospice staff entirely covered, but medical supplies and prescriptions relating to pain and comfort management are also covered. Individuals who do not have Medicare coverage but have coverage from private insurance should talk with their insurance company to find out about eligibility and what deductibles and copayments may apply. Medicaid provides coverage, but it varies by state.

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  • Once you begin hospice care, you cannot leave the program?

    A person may sign out of the hospice program for a variety of reasons, such as resuming aggressive curative treatment or pursuing experimental measures. Or, if a patient shows signs of recovery and no longer meets the 6 month guideline, he or she can be discharged from hospice care and return to the program when the illness has progressed at a later time.

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  • Is hospice a place?

    Hospice is not just a place – it’s a service. Hospice brings physical, emotional, and spiritual care and support to wherever our patients call home.

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  • Does hospice only care for cancer patients?

    Hospice is not just for cancer patients. Crossroads Hospice cares for patients with any life-limiting illness. Among the illnesses our patients have had are cardiac and respiratory diseases, renal disease, and neurological illness including Alzheimer’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, AIDS, Cirrhosis, and others.

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  • Is hospice only for housebound or bed-ridden people?

    Hospice is not only for those who are housebound or bedridden; most are living their day-to-day lives. Care is given where ever the patient lives; in their home, long-term care facilities, assisted living or retirement communities, rest homes and hospitals.

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  • Hospice “dopes people up” so they become addicted or sleep all the time?

    When patients have a legitimate need for pain medication, they do not become addicted to it. Crossroads Hospice has the expertise to manage pain so that patients are comfortable yet alert and are able to enjoy each day to the fullest extent possible, given their medical condition.

FAQ: What might I expect to happen when someone I – m caring for is dying? #franconia #notch #motel

#hospice dying process


This is a difficult topic for many people to think about, and especially to bring up in a public forum, but people still want and need to know what they might expect as they or someone they care for are declining. It is understandable to fear the unknown, and to fear suffering. I would say that there are a few leading points here:

1) Most patients don t suffer much as their cancer progresses and as they transition through the dying process.

2) This process is quite variable from one person to another, but we typically have a good idea of what a patient s leading problems will be weeks to months before a person is experiencing a more rapid decline.

3) Engaging hospice services/palliative care can help guide expectations and generally manage many of the problems effectively by anticipating them, rather than waiting until very late to accept palliative care.

While I would never want to romanticize or minimize the challenges of the dying process, I find that the majority of my patients experience a controlled decline in which they really don t suffer. The most common pattern I see is that someone with a progressing cancer will slow down, eat less, begin to lose weight more steadily, and just gradually become less and less active. They no longer go out on walks, then leave the house less often, then spend more time alternating between sleeping and getting up in a chair, then eventually get to a point where they are sleeping most of the time and are pretty much bed-bound. They have less interest in eating, which is sometimes frustrating to the patient but often more so to the family and supporters of the person, who may pressure the patient to force down food that they have little or no appetite for (the danger is that some patients describe distress from the unyielding pressure from well-intentioned but nagging loved ones). Soon, they are sleeping more and more, to the point that they eventually sleep all of the time and are no longer communicative; this is followed by irregular breathing, more prolonged pauses between breaths (called agonal breathing, though it isn t uncomfortable for the person, just a reflex the last phase of the dying process), and then they stop breathing. It s important to remember that this common pathway of progression isn t a lack of will on the part of the person with progressing cancer: they would eat and be more active if they could, but the cancer pours out toxic proteins that mediate this inexorable process.

It s true that some patients have pain, or a terrible cough, or shortness of breath, agitation, and other problems, but I would say that most of the time, we have signals that these are going to be issues for a long while before the later stages, and it s advisable to deal with them as aggressively as possible before these symptoms become a crisis. Secondly, I most commonly see problems emerge when people (patients and/or their doctors) are very resistant to enlisting hospice support, which typically does a very good job of addressing symptoms proactively, before they become a crisis, and also being able to provide the comfort of helping patients and families/caregivers to understand what to expect in the near future. Just as on a plane, turbulence is much easier to understand if you know to expect it, what it represents, and how you ll get through it.

About 20 years ago, I spent some time in medical school doing home visits with the very compassionate and thoughtful Medical Director of a Boston hospice. I asked him about his feelings on euthanasia, and he told me that he didn t actually feel that it was a pressing need in almost any cases. Specifically, he noted that it was most common for people to fear two things about dying: being alone in being in pain. Though being a primary caregiver is a very hard job, it is a great blessing to have someone there to help as a caregiver to a terminally ill patient something that even attentive medical care can t substitute for. That care and the ability to ensure that people aren t alone is incredibly helpful. But a medical team today can usually do a good job to minimize the physical suffering of the process to relieve pain and other symptoms. And most of the time, what we see is a patient gradually withdrawing and eventually passing comfortably.

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Weldmar Hospicecare Trust is fundraising for Weldmar Hospicecare Trust #hotel #nikko

#weldmar hospice


Weldmar s Mont Blanc Trek 2015

Three countries in three days – our spectacular long weekend trek around Mont Blanc is one of Europe’s most beautiful hikes from 5th to 9th August 2015.

Our overseas challenges are proving to be very popular and we now have our exciting 2015 adventure planned.

The spectacular long weekend trek around Mont Blanc is one of Europe’s most beautiful hikes. From the massif of Mont Blanc, seven valleys extend into France, Italy and Switzerland and each retains its own unique culture, architecture and landscape. Each day, hike up ridges and descend into the valleys enjoying views of glaciers, peaks and meadows.

You will be joining a team of 10-30 other Weldmar supporters and Matt Smith, Events/Challenges Fundraiser for Weldmar

Learn more at

Thanks for taking the time to visit our JustGiving page.

Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally secure. Your details are safe with JustGiving – they’ll never sell them on or send unwanted emails. Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to the charity. So it’s the most efficient way to donate – saving time and cutting costs for the charity.

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Watford Colour Run is SOLD OUT! #jervis #bay #motel

#peace hospice watford


Watford Colour Run is SOLD OUT!

Friday, 13 May 2016

This year over 1,000 people have signed up to Peace Hospice Care’s Watford Colour Run, which is more than double the amount of people that attended the event last year!

The event, which takes place on the 22nd May 2016 at Aldenham Country Park, is now sold out due to the record number of participants.

Vibe 106.7 FM’s very own Ben Day and his family have signed up to the Watford Colour Run. Ben will be participating in the event in memory of his father who was in the Hospice’s Inpatient Unit in 2007.

Ben said: “Sadly my Dad died from throat cancer and when he needed help, the Hospice were there to provide end of life care in a dignified way and in pleasant surroundings. I cannot thank them enough for the care they provided at an awful time.”

Ben added: “I am proud to be able to represent both the radio station I work with (Vibe 107.6) and Peace Hospice Care.”

Pete Watson, Events and Community Fundraising Manager at Peace Hospice Care said: “We’re happy that Ben could join our Colour Run and we’re delighted to be partnering with Vibe 107.6 FM this year. The Watford Colour Run is guaranteed to be a great day for participants, their families and spectators! Even though the run is sold out, people can still come along and buy packets of powered paint to throw at the runners, so everyone can get involved.”

After the run there will be plenty of other activities to keep everyone entertained. There will be food stalls, live music, rides and lots more; so bring the whole family along! This really is going to be biggest, brightest and most colourful day of the year.

So far Ben has raised 243 to date. If you’d like to sponsor him please visit Ben’s Fundraising Page .

Bristol Hospice and Home Healthcare is formed #hospice #providers

#bristol hospice


Bristol Hospice and Home Healthcare is formed

VANCOUVER, Wash. Aug. 30, 2012—Prestige Care, Inc. a leader in exceptional senior living and skilled nursing care, announces that it has joined with nationally recognized hospice provider Bristol Hospice, LLC, a subsidiary of Avalon Health Care, Inc. to form Bristol Hospice and Homecare Northwest, LLC which will offer comprehensive home health and hospice care to Portland-area residents and their families. Together they will offer an expanding continuum of care that focuses on a family-centered approach to providing specialized clinical care to hospice and home-care patients by compassionate caregivers and interdisciplinary professionals. The joint venture will operate as Bristol Hospice and Homecare Northwest and will utilize Bristol’s proven care and management model, which is successfully replicated in several regions across the United States.

“At Prestige, it is our privilege and commitment to personally touch the lives of all of those who are members of our family of care communities,” said Prestige Care President and CEO Harold Delamarter. “In Bristol and its parent organization, Avalon, we’ve found care providers whose care philosophy so closely aligns with our core values that together we’ll provide the highest level of compassion, respect and quality care to residents entering life’s final stages.”

Prestige’s care philosophy is rooted in a set of shared core values that deliver on a promise to provide exceptional care, guided by a compassionate heart. Across the company, Prestige team members are guided by the four pillars of the company’s core values: respect, integrity, commitment, and trust, and they strive to personally touch lives every day.

“Our mission to embrace a reverence for life and build a continuum of care that serves the entire community fits seamlessly with Prestige’s values-driven approach to providing quality care,” said Christie Franklin, president of Bristol Hospice and Homecare-Northwest, LLC. “We look forward to growing our relationship in Oregon and beyond in the years to come.”

The first hospice and home-care programs will be based in Oregon’s Clackamas County. The programs will voluntarily seek Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) status—a process which includes access to and adherence with a set of quality and performance standards geared to drive performance above the minimum standard.

Bristol Hospice programs provide hospice services to meet the physical, psychosocial, and spiritual needs of patients and their families and caregivers. An interdisciplinary group of professionals and volunteers develops an individualized plan of care which includes, as appropriate, the following services: nursing, physician, home health aide, counseling, spiritual support, therapy, dietary, counseling, volunteers, durable medical equipment, supplies and bereavement services.

Bristol Homecare programs are focused on the care continuum model. The Homecare Programs are designed to provide the following services: skilled nursing, therapy (speech, physical and occupational), home health aide and medical social worker assistance. “Bristol’s forward-thinking and well-respected approach to home health and hospice care are integral to offering a more complete continuum of care for our residents,” Delamarter said.

The new company will expand Prestige’s ability to provide comprehensive hospice and home health care to residents within its family of Portland-area senior living, rehabilitation, and skilled nursing centers. Bristol Hospice and Homecare-Northwest services will also be available to residents outside of the Prestige Care network. Learn more at and

Springhill Hospice is lauded for restoring an empty pub into a tea room – Manchester Evening News #hospice #care #for #cancer #patients

#springhill hospice


Springhill Hospice is lauded for restoring an empty pub into a tea room

Pamela Gray, team leader (left) and Sarah-Lee Ford, income services manager at Springhill Hospice

Springhill Hospice has been praised for its ‘inventive’ work to renovate an empty pub.

The charity received an award from Hospice UK in recognition of its transformation of The Craven Heifer into Springhill Tea Rooms and Gift Shop at the Craven.

The Broad Lane site had been derelict for two years, but was taken on by the hospice in early 2014 and revamped into the building to sell cuppas, cakes and other items to raise funds for the charity.

Now, the venture, which was launched last December, has received the Most Inventive Hospice Retail Initiative Award at the recent Hospice UK Retail Conference.

Julie Halliwell, chief executive at Springhill Hospice said: “I am delighted that we have won this award. Staff and volunteers have worked so hard to renovate the premises and get the tea room and gift shop up and running.

They very much deserve recognition for the work they have done. It is increasingly difficult to secure the funds we need to operate the Hospice, and we are constantly looking for innovative income generation schemes.

“The sale of the pub came at just the right time for us, and gave us an opportunity to house our income services team at the same time as developing the tea room and gift shop. We are very grateful to the public for continuing to support us so well.”

The tea room has space for 60 customers and serves home made treats such as crumpets, sandwiches, cakes, soup and afternoon tea. An outdoor seating area is being set up for the summer months.

Sarah-Lee Ford, income services manager at Springhill Hospice added: “Opening the tea rooms has been one of our biggest challenges for the income services team.

However, it’s also been one of the most rewarding seeing people meeting friends and enjoying a cake and a catch up whilst making money for the hospice.”

Antonia Bunnin, director of Hospice Support and Development at Hospice UK, added: “In recent years there have been lots of headlines about pub closures and empty premises in our communities.

“The way that Springhill Hospice has brought this old building back to life, back to the community – all while raising vital funds for hospice care – is a wonderfully impressive and creative initiative that deserves to be recognised.”

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What Is Terminal Illness? #motel #santa #cruz

#what is a terminal illness


What is Terminal Illness?

What is terminal illness; what do the words actually mean? It is a topic frequently brought up in the media, but what is the definition?

Simply put, a terminal illness is an infection or an illness which will result in death. Terminal illnesses or infections are considered incurable when there are no conservative therapies available which will eliminate it from the body. This medical phrase is usually used when there is a life expectancy of six months or less and complimentary and alternative medicine (CAM) options are not included when referring to “treatments.”

It is possible to be diagnosed with a “terminal illness” and outlive the six-month life expectancy. Examples of illnesses and infections which could have relatively long life-spans are: Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and neurological illness such as Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

Now, knowing what is terminal illness, you may be wondering “are there any treatment options”?

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Couple marries at hospice center where groom is dying from cancer #gala #hotels

#mjhs hospice


Brooklyn, NY He may have been completely reliant on an oxygen tank and too frail to move, but Christopher Robinson was determined to marry the love of his life.

According to the NY Daily News. Robinson was diagnosed in August 2014 with a rare and aggressive form of renal cancer. By the time it was discovered, doctors said it had already spread to his lungs and he only had a few months left to live. Then, last week, he checked into MJHS Hospice for all-day care.

But despite the fact that he was running out of time. Robinson was determined to make Terry Torres his bride. A kind city clerk brought him the paperwork, and hospice staff miraculously pulled together music. cake, and decorations in 24 hours. On Thursday, the ceremony was officially held.

Christopher Robinson kissing his new bride Terry Torres (MJHS Hospice)

“Christopher actually stood up from his wheelchair and that brought me to tears,” Terry said to the NY Daily News. She and their two-year-old son, C.J. looked amazing dressed all in white inside the hospice.

The couple had already seen each other through several rough patches on the road to their union. Robinson had been shot five times during a burglary in 2013, and for some time, they lived through the shelter systems as they struggled to find work and a place to live.

The new bride Terry Torres (MJHS Hospice)

But for Robinson, the important thing for now is that his beautiful bride is now officially his wife. “She’s the love of my life, she’s my friend and my moon, my stars. my sky, she’s my everything,” he said.

What is Private Duty Home Care? #hospice #atlanta #center

#private duty nursing


What is Private Duty Home Care?

Published: Feb 25, 2014

What is Private Duty Home Care?

In-home care is one of the greatest long-term needs for seniors with chronic illness or for those who are unable to attend to themselves. Private duty home care is one option that may fit your loved one’s needs. This type of home care can come from an agency or you may hire a private caregiver. The question is: What is private duty home care?

Private duty home care is just a sub-set of general home care. Caregivers can provide a broad range of services. from medical and nursing care to bill paying and transportation services. Their goal is to provide whatever the senior and their family needs in order for them to remain independent in their own homes. Some services provided by private duty home caregivers are:

  • Personal care – bathing / dressing, hygiene, transfers, and ambulation
  • Homemakers / companions
  • Meal preparation
  • Medication reminders
  • Caregivers trained for clients with specialized conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, hospice, end of life or other needs
  • Transportation for shopping, doctor’s visits or other needs

Private duty home care may differ from traditional home care because of the payment method. Also known as insurance-paid in-home services, there are usually two types of approaches for payment:

  1. Full coverage medical insurance where the insurance company pays the claims for their customers
  2. Medicare supplemental insurance where a medical insurance policy either supplements the customer’s Medicare insurance or takes the place of Medicare insurance

With private duty paid in-home services, some patients pay for in-home services out of their own pocket, or from a long term care insurance policy. Additionally, there are a number of hybrid forms of payment methods including various combinations of the commonly used insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and private duty. Private duty home care is a great way for your loved one to stay independent and receive professional care. Being looked after by a professional also inserts a new companion in your loved one’s life.

So now when someone asks, “What is private duty home care?” you can confidently provide an answer. For more information on what private duty home care includes, visit the Private Duty Home Care Association website, or contact a Comfort Keepers representative to help you find a location offering these services near you.

Which Is The Best Cheap Online Stock Broker, Top Five Successful #cheap #online #stock #broker, #which #is #the #best #cheap #online #stock #broker

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A Trusted Payroll Company in Houston #what #is #a #payroll #company


Aloha The Payroll Company

Aloha, I’m Tom Rathjen. I’ve been providing payroll services to my CPA clients for more than 10 years. Together with my wife, Nicole, we started Aloha Payroll to expand our payroll offering and provide outstanding service. We are located in Texas but Nicole is from Hawaii, which explains our name!

We’ve seen a lot of changes in HR and payroll over the last decade alone. The Internet, electronic devices and software advances created opportunities for time savings, making our lives easier and more productive. But payroll became more complex and technology was slow to catch up.

So we went on a mission. We sought out the best software products available for our payroll clients. We looked for a “Payroll Paradise” solution that would give our clients the latest in capability, compliance, time savings and ease of use, with plenty of room to grow.

As a result we partnered with Evolution, the leading Payroll, HR and Tax Engine provider in the payroll industry. The combination of Evolution’s cutting-edge technology and Aloha’s expertise and service allow us to bring you … Payroll Paradise.

Aloha Payroll provides payroll services to a wide range of companies in the Houston area. We understand that different industries have different needs when it comes to payroll and timekeeping. From retail stores and medical providers, to law firms, restaurants and everything in between – Aloha Payroll will customize a modern payroll solution perfect for you!

What Makes Us Different?

  • Easy-to-use, accurate, secure payroll services coupled with competitive pricing and no hidden fees.
  • Client relationships are a priority. Using a local based payroll company right here in Houston means you don’t deal with a call center or trouble tickets. Our clients have dedicated, Houston based team members focused on customer needs.
  • We’ve partnered with the payroll industry’s leading payroll and tax engine, Evolution. This ensures built-in best practices in data security, uptime, and tax/ACA compliance.
  • No payroll is too big or too small! Whatever your payroll needs, we can tailor a solution that’s just right for you.

Join us and experience how the personal service of a local payroll company along with the backing of a national software provider changes your small business payroll hassle to Payroll Paradise.

Is online school easy #is #online #school #easy


Welcome to portaportal, the original online bookmarking utility!

  • Store your bookmarks on the web for easy access anywhere
  • Share your links with guests through a read-only url
  • Add links for use through a school year, but only show students the links currently being studied

Create personal pages, class pages, school pages, topic based pages. The uses are limitless!

It’s free! So signup today!

Your basic membership permits up to 5 portals, allowing each one to be viewed unlimited times.

You can start by importing your current bookmarks, or by collecting links as you browse the internet.

Upgrade to a pro account. Starting at $15/year!

  • No ads on your portals
  • Create up to 20 portals
  • Storage space for you to upload flyers and handouts, whatever you want!
  • Gain access to extra portal tools

“Thanks so much for providing the service. It is a WONDERFUL management tool for educators. As I use the internet daily in the classroom this really saves me time – a click of the button and I am at the sites I need. The kids don’t get bored while I peck away trying to type in an address!”

THANKS for this great service you provide. Every seventh grader can remember portaportal and they use teacher’s portaportal for school work, long after they have finished my class. Plus it saves my life every time my laptop has to be reimaged!

What is Human Resource Development? #human #resource #master #degree, #what #is #human #resource #development?


What Is Human Resource Development?

Find out about the field of human resource development (HRD). Learn about jobs, education requirements and degree programs, as well as the career outlook for HRD professionals. Schools offering Accounting & Human Resources degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Essential Information

Human resource development (HRD), or employee development, is the process of training and mentoring employees to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities. HRD professionals typically work in human resource offices and plan and administer HRD programs. HRD often includes technology, language and leadership training classes. Some companies also encourage their employees to complete degrees by supplying funding and incentives through their HRD program.

Important Facts About Human Resource Development

Instructional, interpersonal, analytical, listening, and speaking skills

Typically working with people and giving presentations full-time during regular business hours, sometimes traveling

Offered through the American Society for Training and Development and the International Society for Performance Improvement

Instructional Coordinator, School/Career Counselor, Labor Relations Specialist

Jobs in Human Resource Development

Jobs in HRD include both trainers and managers. Training and development specialists assess the needs of businesses and organizations, determine what training programs are needed and conduct the training. These workers typically need a bachelor’s degree and some experience in teaching or training. Training and development managers oversee HRD specialists and programs. They determine the HRD budget and sometimes instruct specialists in training techniques. Managers in this field need a bachelor’s degree, but many have master’s degrees, and all need experience in the field. Many managers begin their career as training specialists.

Education Programs

Many colleges and universities offer degrees in human resource development. The majority offer master’s degrees. Some master’s degree programs focus on preparing graduates to teach human resource development. Others focus on preparing graduates to apply what they’ve learned in organizational settings. Many of these programs are directed towards working professionals and offer part-time and online options.

Career Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for training and development specialists are expected to grow at a slightly faster-than-average rate of 15% from 2012 to 2022. Employment of training and development managers is expected to grow at an about-average rate of 11% during the same period. In 2014, the BLS reported that specialists earned a median annual salary of $57,340, while managers earned a median of $101,930.

To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

Texas Felony #is #a #dwi #a #felony #in #texas


Texas Felony

Texas classifies its felonies into four categories. These are weighed according to their seriousness and the number of offenses committed. Capital felonies top the list of categories with the most severe of punishments. A person under this category is subject to the death penalty or life in prison without parole. In the case of capital felonies, the jury will be informed to whether or not the prosecution seeks the death penalty, if not then the jury will be informed that the sentencing of life in prison is mandatory.

First Degree Felonies
First degree felonies are punishable by life in prison or a sentence of no more than ninety-nine years and no less than five years in prison. In addition to a jail sentence, an individual may also be subject to a fine of no more than ten thousand dollars.

Second Degree Felonies
Those who fall under second degree felonies are subject to punishment by imprisonment through the institutional division of a term of no more than twenty years and no less than two years. A fine may also be given along with a jail sentence. In the case of second degree felonies, a fine can be as much as ten thousand dollars but no more.

Third Degree Felonies
Third degree felonies are punishable by up to ten years in a state prison but no less than two years. This sentence may also be served through the institutional division. Like other felonies, third degree felonies can also have a fine implemented. This fine can be as much as ten thousand dollars but no more.

Texas law states that a person can be found guilty of a third degree felony if a deadly weapon was used or if the person was previously found guilty of a felony as listed in the Code of Criminal Procedure. If this is found then a person is housed in a state jail rather than a state prison.

Texas Record Sealing
Public policy allows some criminal records to be legally sealed for public viewing. This allows an individual to be more productive in life and to not be restrained by arrest records. Texas calls this sealing of arrest records non-disclosure. Once a record is sealed, only specific government agencies may have access to the contents within the files. No other persons will have access to the files.

It will then appear that the arrest or conviction never happened. Record sealing is available upon eligibility and request. Court requirements must be met and the proper paper work must be filled out correctly. The court has the right to reject an application for a sealing, if it is in the interest of the court.

To be eligible a conviction must have been acquitted, reversed in court, legally pardoned, or dismissed. Those who do not meet these requirements are most often not eligible for record sealing. Juvenile records can almost always be sealed if the crime was committed when the individual was under the age of eighteen.

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What is Perinatal Hospice? #last #minute #room #deals

#perinatal hospice


Focus on the Family

What is Perinatal Hospice?

Perinatal hospice is designed for parents who have received a devastating prenatal diagnosis and elect to continue the pregnancy despite the likelihood that their baby will die before or after birth. Simply stated, the perinatal hospice team comes alongside the family as they make meaningful plans to honor and celebrate the life of their baby, compassionately providing the clear and relevant information they need, such as:

Practical Guidance

  • Assist with the creation of a personalized birth plan that speaks to parents’ wishes for the labor and delivery experience and care of their baby at birth.
  • Provide coordination of services between different caregivers.
  • Assist the family with the collection and preservation of keepsakes.
  • Help the family plan a memorial service.

Educational Support

  • Provide parents with specific information about their baby’s diagnosis.
  • Help parents as well as other family members know what to expect throughout the grieving process.
  • Offer private childbirth education classes and hospital tours.

Emotional Support

  • Provide grief support beginning at time of diagnosis.
  • Offer referrals for pastoral care as requested.
  • Attend delivery at the family’s request to serve as an advocate and to provide additional emotional support.
  • Provide follow-up support throughout the bereavement period.
  • Refer parents to a local perinatal bereavement support group.

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Renter’s Insurance 101 #renter #insurance, #tenant #insurance, #tenant #insurance #ontario, #how #much #is #tenant #insurance, #rental #property #insurance, #how #much #is #renters #insurance, #what #is #tenant #insurance, #tenant #insurance #cost #


Home Insurance

Renter’s Insurance 101

According to Statistics Canada, less than half of renters in Canada have renter’s insurance 1 (also known as tenant or contents insurance).

We often think of home insurance as protecting the big stuff—like pipes, appliances, and the physical structure of the home or building. If you are renting, your landlord may have his or her own insurance policy to cover these kinds of items. But their insurance will not cover your personal belongings, such as furniture, jewellery, or entertainment equipment. Your landlord’s insurance will also not protect you if someone is injured on your property.

That’s where renter’s insurance comes in. Renter’s insurance will help you replace these possessions in the event of a loss or damage due to a covered risk. Speak to an Advisor to see how we can tailor your insurance to fit your needs.

Let’s start by understanding the importance of liability insurance.

Accidents happen and sometimes those accidents can be quite costly.

For example, a candle in your apartment could cause a fire. If that candle affects other units, you may be deemed responsible to pay for damages to your rental unit.

Or, if someone trips and falls in your apartment, you could be held financially responsible for the cost of medical expenses and lost wages.

Liability insurance could protect you in the event of a lawsuit, and help you cover the cost of any damages.

Next you need to understand a few basic terms:

  • All-Risk insures your building and contents for losses due to the widest range of perils (or risks), unless specifically excluded from your policy like intentional damage
  • Personal Liability insurance protects you for unintentionally injuring someone or damaging their property and have to pay damages (example: someone has a slip and fall on your walkway, breaks his/her leg and now cannot work for a period of time)
  • Contents Insurance covers your belongings (including when you travel) for losses resulting from the most common types of perils (or risks) up to a specified amount
  • Replacement Cost Coverage means that the contents of your home are insured for the amount it costs to replace them without depreciation
  • Additional Living Expenses Coverage will help you pay for reasonable and necessary expenses (like hotel and food costs) in the situation you are forced to leave your home following an insured peril (or risk) for a period of time

Find the home insurance coverage that best fits your needs

1 Most renters skip home insurance. (2010, January 19). CBC News. Retrieved January 20, 2016, from

16-13-2 – Conditional discharge for possession of controlled substances as first offense and certain nonviolent property crimes; dismissal of charges; restitution to victims #what #is #conditional #discharge


2010 Georgia Code
§ 16-13-2 – Conditional discharge for possession of controlled substances as first offense and certain nonviolent property crimes; dismissal of charges; restitution to victims

O.C.G.A. 16-13-2 (2010)
16-13-2. Conditional discharge for possession of controlled substances as first offense and certain nonviolent property crimes; dismissal of charges; restitution to victims

(a) Whenever any person who has not previously been convicted of any offense under Article 2 or Article 3 of this chapter or of any statute of the United States or of any state relating to narcotic drugs, marijuana, or stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogenic drugs, pleads guilty to or is found guilty of possession of a narcotic drug, marijuana, or stimulant, depressant, or hallucinogenic drug, the court may without entering a judgment of guilt and with the consent of such person defer further proceedings and place him on probation upon such reasonable terms and conditions as the court may require, preferably terms which require the person to undergo a comprehensive rehabilitation program, including, if necessary, medical treatment, not to exceed three years, designed to acquaint him with the ill effects of drug abuse and to provide him with knowledge of the gains and benefits which can be achieved by being a good member of society. Upon violation of a term or condition, the court may enter an adjudication of guilt and proceed accordingly. Upon fulfillment of the terms and conditions, the court shall discharge the person and dismiss the proceedings against him. Discharge and dismissal under this Code section shall be without court adjudication of guilt and shall not be deemed a conviction for purposes of this Code section or for purposes of disqualifications or disabilities imposed by law upon conviction of a crime. Discharge and dismissal under this Code section may occur only once with respect to any person.

(b) Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, any person who is charged with possession of marijuana, which possession is of one ounce or less, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and punished by imprisonment for a period not to exceed 12 months or a fine not to exceed 1,000.00, or both, or public works not to exceed 12 months.

(c) Persons charged with an offense enumerated in subsection (a) of this Code section and persons charged for the first time with nonviolent property crimes which, in the judgment of the court exercising jurisdiction over such offenses, were related to the accused’s addiction to a controlled substance or alcohol who are eligible for any court approved drug treatment program may, in the discretion of the court and with the consent of the accused, be sentenced in accordance with subsection (a) of this Code section. The probated sentence imposed may be for a period of up to five years. No discharge and dismissal without court adjudication of guilt shall be entered under this subsection until the accused has made full restitution to all victims of the charged offenses. Discharge and dismissal under this Code section shall be without court adjudication of guilt and shall not be deemed a conviction for purposes of this Code section or for purposes of disqualifications or disabilities imposed by law upon conviction of a crime. Discharge and dismissal under this Code section may not be used to disqualify a person in any application for employment or appointment to office in either the public or private sector.

Disclaimer: These codes may not be the most recent version. Georgia may have more current or accurate information. We make no warranties or guarantees about the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the information contained on this site or the information linked to on the state site. Please check official sources.

Conroe Divorce Attorneys At Bradford L #who #is #the #petitioner #in #a #divorce


Understanding Texas Divorce Laws

Thorough explanations from an experienced Conroe divorce attorney

Divorce law is state law, so each of the 50 states has its own wrinkles on the procedures for dissolving a marriage. Attorney Bradford L. Atkinson prides himself on keeping his clients informed, so they can make fully informed decisions at every stage of the legal process. To help you understand divorce law in Texas, Mr. Atkinson offers this brief discussion:

Texas residency requirement to petition for divorce

To file for divorce in Texas, one of the parties must have been a resident of the state for at least six months. The petitioner must file the complaint in the district court of the county where either party resides. District Court 9 in Montgomery County is the proper court for divorce in Conroe and The Woodlands. You should choose a family lawyer familiar with the court where you must file.

Grounds for divorce in Texas

Texas will grant a divorce on a no-fault basis, if both parties agree. In a no-fault divorce, the parties state under oath that their marriage has become unsupportable because of irreconcilable differences. If the parties cannot agree and the divorce goes to trial, the grounds are whatever the petitioner pleaded in the complaint and can prove to the judge. Grounds for divorce in Texas include:

  • Cruelty — The petitioner alleges that the respondent is guilty of cruel treatment to such a degree that living together is no longer an option.
  • Adultery — The mere suspicion of adultery is not sufficient to secure a divorce. The court requires proof through direct or circumstantial evidence. Generally, evidence that a spouse had both the proclivity and opportunity to commit adultery will satisfy the court. This evidence can include emails and text messages to a third party expressing a desire for sexual intimacy, and photographic evidence or testimony that the two were together at a venue, such as a hotel, that would permit an adulterous act to take place.
  • Conviction of a felony — The court may grant a divorce if a spouse was convicted of a felony and has been imprisoned for a least a year, but only if the incarcerated spouse was not convicted on the testimony of the petitioning spouse.
  • Abandonment — This occurs when the respondent spouse leaves the petitioner with the clear intent of abandoning the marriage and remains away for one year.
  • Living separately — Though Texas does not recognize legal separation, the court may grant a divorce if spouses have lived apart without cohabitation for at least three years.
  • Confinement in a mental institution — This is grounds for divorce when the respondent spouse has been confined for at least three years, and the prognosis makes recovery unlikely.

Required or voluntary arbitration and mediation of divorce in Texas

If the court does not believe that parties to a no-fault divorce have irreconcilable differences, the judge may postpone the divorce proceedings and order mediation or counseling. The court may also act on its own motion or accept an agreement between spouses to employ arbitration or mediation to reach agreement on aspects of a couple s divorce, including child support . child visitation . property division and spousal maintenance .

Contact an experienced Texas attorney for divorce in Conroe and The Woodlands

Bradford L. Atkinson offers reliable advice and skilled advocacy in Texas divorces. To schedule an initial consultation. call 936-230-5462 or contact his office online .

How Is Chemotherapy Used to Treat Cancer? #hospice #care #definition

#palliative chemotherapy


How is Chemotherapy Used to Treat Cancer?

Chemotherapy is the use of any drug to treat any disease. But to most people, the word chemotherapy means drugs used for cancer treatment. It s often shortened to chemo.

Surgery and radiation therapy remove, kill, or damage cancer cells in a certain area, but chemo can work throughout the whole body. This means chemo can kill cancer cells that have spread (metastasized) to parts of the body far away from the original (primary) tumor.

Goals of chemotherapy treatment

If your doctor has recommended chemotherapy to treat your cancer, it s important to understand the goals of treatment when making treatment decisions. There are three main goals for chemotherapy (chemo) in cancer treatment:


If possible, chemo is used to cure cancer, meaning that the cancer is destroyed it goes away and doesn t come back.

Most doctors don t use the word cure except as a possibility or intention. So, when giving treatment that has a chance of curing a person s cancer, the doctor may describe it as treatment with curative intent.

There are no guarantees, and though cure may be the goal, it doesn t always work out that way. It often takes many years to know if a person s cancer is really cured.


If cure is not possible, the goal may be to control the disease. Chemo is used to shrink tumors and/or stop the cancer from growing and spreading. This can help the person with cancer feel better and live longer.

In many cases, the cancer doesn t completely go away. but is controlled and managed as a chronic disease, much like heart disease or diabetes. In other cases, the cancer may even seem to have gone away for a while, but it s expected to come back. Then chemo can be given again.


Chemo can also be used to ease symptoms caused by the cancer. This is called palliative chemotherapy or palliation.

When the cancer is at an advanced stage, meaning it s not under control and has spread from where it started to other parts of the body, the goal may be to improve the quality of life or help the person feel better. For instance, chemo may be used to help shrink a tumor that s causing pain or pressure.

It s important to know that any treatment that s used to reduce symptoms or improve comfort is called palliative care . For example, anti-nausea treatments or pain medicines are palliative, and can be used at all stages of treatment. It can be confusing when chemo is used as a palliative treatment, because it s most often used to try to cure or control the cancer. But when it s used with the goal of comfort, chemo becomes palliative care.

Planning chemotherapy treatments

You and your cancer doctor, called an oncologist, will decide what drug or combination of drugs you will get. Your doctor will choose the doses, how the drugs will be given, and how often and how long you ll get treatment. All of these decisions will depend on the type of cancer, where it is, how big it is, and how it affects your normal body functions and overall health.

Cancer can be treated with a single chemo drug, but often several drugs are used in a certain order or in certain combinations (called combination chemotherapy). Different drugs that work in different ways can work together to kill more cancer cells. This can also help lower the chance that the cancer may become resistant to any one chemo drug.

Sometimes chemo is the only treatment you need. More often, chemo is used with surgery or radiation therapy or both. Here s why:

  • Chemo may be used to shrink a tumor before surgery or radiation therapy. Chemo used in this way is called neoadjuvant therapy.
  • It may be used after surgery or radiation therapy to help kill any remaining cancer cells. Chemo used in this way is called adjuvant therapy.
  • It may be used with other treatments if your cancer comes back.

Determining which chemotherapy drugs to use

In some cases, the best choice of doses and schedules for each chemo drug is clear, and most doctors would recommend the same treatment. In other cases, less may be known about the single best way to treat people with certain types and stages of cancer. In these cases, different doctors might choose different drug combinations with different schedules.

Factors to consider when choosing which drugs to use include:

  • The type of cancer
  • The stage of the cancer (how far it has spread)
  • The patient s age
  • The patient s overall health
  • Other serious health problems (such as heart, liver, or kidney diseases)
  • Types of cancer treatments given in the past

Doctors take these factors into account, along with information published in medical journals and textbooks describing the outcomes of similar patients treated with chemo.

Determining chemotherapy doses

Most chemotherapy (chemo) drugs are strong medicines that have a fairly narrow range for dose safety and effectiveness. Taking too little of a drug will not treat the cancer well and taking too much may cause life-threatening side effects. For this reason, doctors must calculate chemo doses very precisely.

Depending on the drug(s) to be given, there are different ways to determine chemo doses. Most chemo drugs are measured in milligrams (mg).

The overall dose may be based on a person s body weight in kilograms (1 kilogram is 2.2 pounds). For instance, if the standard dose of a drug is 10 milligrams per kilogram (10 mg/kg), a person weighing 110 pounds (50 kilograms) would get 500 mg (10 mg/kg x 50 kg).

Some chemo doses are determined based on body surface area (BSA). which are calculated using height and weight. BSA is expressed in meters squared (m 2 ).

Because children s bodies process drugs differently, dosages for children and adults differ, even after BSA is taken into account. Children may have different levels of sensitivity to the drugs, too. For the same reasons, dosages of some drugs may also be adjusted for people who:

  • Are elderly
  • Have poor nutritional status
  • Are obese
  • Have already taken or are currently taking other medicines
  • Have already had or are currently getting radiation therapy
  • Have low blood cell counts
  • Have liver or kidney diseases

Determining a chemotherapy schedule (cycle)

Chemotherapy is commonly given at regular intervals called cycles. A cycle may be a dose of one or more drugs followed by several days or weeks without treatment. This gives normal cells time to recover from drug side effects. Sometimes, doses may be given a certain number of days in a row, or every other day for several days, followed by a period of rest. Some drugs work best when given continuously over a set number of days.

Each drug is given on a schedule that makes the most of its anti-cancer actions and minimizes side effects. If more than one drug is used, the treatment plan will say how often and exactly when each drug should be given. The number of cycles given may be decided before treatment starts, based on the type and stage of cancer. In some cases, the number is flexible, and will take into account how the treatment affects the cancer and the person s overall health.

Changing chemotherapy doses and schedules

In most cases, the most effective doses and schedules of drugs to treat specific cancers have been found by testing them in clinical trials . It s important, when possible, to get the full course of chemo, the full dose, and keep the cycles on schedule. This gives a person the best chance of getting the maximum benefit from treatment.

There may be times, though, when serious side effects require adjusting the chemo plan (dose and/or schedule) to allow you time to recover. Sometimes, you might be given supportive medicines to help your body recover more quickly. Again, the key is to give enough chemo to kill the cancer cells without causing other serious problems.

To learn more

We have a lot more information that you might find helpful. Explore or call our National Cancer Information Center toll-free number, 1-800-227-2345. We re here to help you any time, day or night.


Fuchs-Tarlovsky V. Role of antioxidants in cancer therapy. Nutrition. 2013;29(1):15-21.

What in the World Is Roxanol? #st #lukes #hospice #sheffield

#roxanol hospice


Posted on Thursday November 13, 2014 in

Morphine sulfate is the gold standard in the treatment of pain and shortness of breath in end-of-life care. It’s a valuable tool for symptom management in the hospice setting.

So what is it? Well, let’s start with the basics of morphine. Morphine is a drug that hospice nurses are well-versed in, and it’s a safe and effective medication when given in appropriate doses. The doses should be administered at prescribed intervals, and increased slowly to address escalating pain. The medication can only be given by order of a primary care physician or the hospice medical director.

What is Roxanol?

Morphine sulfate. known under the brand name Roxanol. is a short-acting. immediate release, morphine in liquid form. It’s used in the hospice emergency kit and allows for pain to be more rapidly addressed in a crisis. Some patients shy away from using morphine (and other opioid medications) because of a preconceived notion that it does more harm than good; that addiction is imminent. Here are some facts about morphine sulfate, and how it can help hospice patients during their end-of-life care:

Administration: Morphine sulfate is available in tablet form. Roxanol is always a liquid form of immediate release morphine, used when the patient has difficulty swallowing.

Time. Onset is rapid so symptoms are managed more quickly. It can also be used in conjunction with a long-acting pain medication, MS Contin for example, to address any breakthrough pain that occurs between doses of a long-acting pain medication.

Dependency: It’s important to remember a patient may become dependent on medication for pain relief but dependence is not synonymous with addiction. A person can be dependent on Tylenol to relieve a headache but they are not addicted to the Tylenol and do not take it compulsively in the absence of a headache. A person in pain will rarely compulsively seek pain medication in the absence of pain.

Safety: Overdose with use of Roxanol should not be a concern when used exactly as prescribed by the physician. Morphine sulfate, in both its long-acting and immediate-acting forms, is a safe and effective medication in the management of pain. The hospice nurse will educate the patient and family regarding the correct dose, how frequently to give the medication, and the correct technique for safe administration. Remember: the hospice nurse partners with the patient, family and under the direction of the physician in providing safe and effective pain management.

If you have questions about the use of Roxanol or about the care of hospice patients. please visit our hospice care tips and guides section to learn more. You can also give us a call at 888-564-3405.

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What Is Respite Care? A Break for the Caregiver

Taking care of an older or ill family member can be enormously rewarding — but it can be physically and emotionally draining as well. That’s why it’s important for caregivers to seek occasional respite from their responsibilities. Whether it’s for a few hours a week to run errands or a few weeks a year to take a much-needed vacation, respite care offers you the chance reduce stress, restore energy and keep your life in balance.

Some things to remember when deciding on respite care:

1. Involve your loved one. When planning for time off from your caregiving duties, make sure to keep your loved one in the loop. Get their input in deciding how much time you will be away — and who will fill in for you when you’re gone. Make sure to tell them that they will benefit from you being more relaxed and refreshed. And assure them that they will also reap rewards from socializing with other people.


  • Develop a Respite Plan. Read
  • How to Prepare a Home Care Agreement with a Family Member. Read
  • Your Caregiving Questions — Answered. Read

2. Assess your needs. Make a list of what care will be needed in your absence. Also decide if the respite care provider will need any special skills or training to be able to stay with your parent. If so, understand that your options for respite caregivers may be more limited.

3. Stay organized. Use a calendar to assist you with helpers or check out online tools such as Lotsa Helping Hands or CarePages to keep track of appointments and send requests to friends and family. Don’t forget to include time for yourself and note it on the calendar.

Is Palliative or Hospice Nursing For You? #golden #chain #motels #nsw

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Is Palliative or Hospice Nursing For You?

“It must be so depressing,” is often the first comment. It’s followed by, “Oh, you must be special because it has to be really hard.” The first time I heard those comments, I was actually taken aback. But these are often the first things you hear when you tell someone that you work as a palliative or hospice nurse.

I don’t work in palliative care anymore. But I had the privilege of doing so, part-time, for almost five years. It wasn’t depressing and it wasn’t “really hard.” In fact, it was the most rewarding nursing job I’ve ever done.

In nursing school, we’re taught how to help people as they recover from their illnesses, injuries, or surgeries. Death is discussed, most often in terms of us trying to avoid it. However, there are some lessons on how to deal with dying patients and their family members.

More schools are introducing a palliative care and hospice component to their nursing programs . But it is only recently that palliative and hospice care is coming into its own as a specialty that nurses want to work in.

Often, the question asked is “why?” Why would someone want to work in palliative or hospice care? To me, it’s very simple. It’s a completely different type of nursing career than what we’re used to in the hospitals. We know that these people are dying and that they will die, sooner than later. Our goal isn’t to prolong their life, but to help them live their life as comfortably as is possible in their remaining time.

It used to be that people just waited to die. But with modern medicine and know-how, we can help make those final days comfortable enough for many for them to enjoy them. They can visit with family members and friends. They can tie up loose ends. They can laugh and cry. They can take the time to say good-bye to those they love.

When I was a nursing student —and later working on the floors—I came across many situations where dying patients weren’t told they were dying. In fact, often the patients would ask outright; only to be told, “No, you’re not dying” by their family members. They had decided it was best for the patient not to know.

Even back when I was 20 and not all that experienced, I knew that was wrong. It was wrong to rob someone of the opportunity to end their life in a way that they could finish what they could finish.

I would often say, “How lonely must it be to be dying,” and know that the people around you are lying to you and won’t talk about it. I say that because in my heart, I truly believe that the vast majority of dying people know that they are dying, even if they are told that it isn’t so. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be denied that honesty right up to the end.

Palliative care and hospice nursing allow for that honesty. It allows us, as nurses, to help the patients do what it is they need to do. We provide to them the most intimate of care possible. What is more intimate than being there to listen to them, to talk to them, to care for them, in their final days?

The reward from palliative care comes out throughout the time we have with our patients. When they can move from one stage to another, when they can ask for help and get it, when they can talk openly about what they want and what they can do.

In the end, we know we have our job when we know that the passing has been as pain-free as is possible, when the families have had a chance to say good-bye, and when we can turn around and give the same care to the next patient who needs us.

Have you ever considered working as a palliative or hospice nurse? What are your thoughts?

Submitted by trudyarmstrong on Sat, 05/24/2014 – 20:33

I have been a hospice nurse 7 years and can say this is the most rewarding and humbling experience of my life. We are allowed into a patients and their families lives in the most personal time of their lives. We care for the families, not just the patient. Itis continuous education for the families by the nurse walking them through their grief as well as the grief experienced by the patient. I have taken part in making finsl wishes come true.We have prepared a luau for one patient, a wedding for another, a baptism for another. Oh and the patient who wanted to see the sun rise once more. We bundled her in blankets, placed her in a gerichair and rolled up and down a snow filled driveway for the perfect view of the sunrise. Her expression was priceless. But then she requested watching the sun set. No problem, our routine was mastered by that point, and oh what a view it was that wjnter evening. So, you see, hospice nursing is so much more about symptom mgmt with medication. Its caring for the spiritual, emotionsl, and social sides of the patient and the family all while respecting final wishes and treating others ss you want to be treated ehe your time comes.


Submitted by kate-carpentier on Mon, 05/26/2014 – 04:52

I have had the honor of working in a faith based, not-for-profit Hospice for 10+ years and feel truly blessed to be able to do the work we do there. This is the reason I went to nursing school! Hospice and palliative care is CARE. care to listen, touch, clean, teach, pray, share, and do all you can within your knowledge and skill to help this patient, family and friends walk this journey with peace, dignity and comfort. And yes, it is very rewarding- you get more than you give often time. You learn something with each patient. That helps you take even better care of the next one.


Submitted by chardison50-at-. on Mon, 05/26/2014 – 15:07

Hospice nursing means doing all the things you wanted to do when you were in nursing school. Comfort, care, touch, teach, laugh and cry with patients and their families. It is not depressing to me, but it is not for a nurse who gets seriously attached to every pt and can’t accept death as part of life. I have met the most amazing patients who have chosen to take control of the life they have left. It is a privilege to walk the journey with these pts and their families. It is the most rewarding nursing I have ever done.


Submitted by connielynnsmith13.cs on Tue, 11/18/2014 – 16:29

My choice out of nursing school was oncology. I worked there for 8 yrs. Loved it and loved my patients. Nursing staff worked together and we had our patients from diagnosis to death. We were fortunate enough to have support from our doctors and administration. We also had a psychologist who came to our floor weekly. This was for patients but more for staff. On any given day we could check obits and usually there was someone we knew. Some of our docs were not good at explaining DNR status. I explained hundreds of times to patients and families. Most people do not understand what goes on during a code. I explained. Or to encourage families to adhere to the requests made by their family member. And to think of the patient and not make selfish decisions. Palliative care should be in every hospital. Our floor was very upbeat and we did everything to make sure it was never a depressing place.
We are all going to die at some point. My job was to ease the patient and family into the inevitable. Keep the patient comfortable. Know that sometimes you are medicating the family. If family thought the patient was hurting because they groaned or grimaced, they asked for meds to be given. As a nurse, it’s not up to u to judge whatever decision is made. Talk to the family and encourage them to keep talking to the patient. Let them know u are there and that u will be ok. Give them the peace they need to slip away


What is palliative care: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia #hospice #careers

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What is palliative care?

To use the sharing features on this page, please enable JavaScript.

The goal of palliative care is to help people with serious illnesses feel better. It prevents or treats symptoms and side effects of disease and treatment. Palliative care also treats emotional, social, practical, and spiritual problems that illnesses can bring up. When the person feels better in these areas, they have an improved quality of life.

Palliative care can be given at the same time as treatments meant to cure or treat the disease. Palliative care may be given when the illness is diagnosed, throughout treatment, during follow-up, and at the end of life.

Palliative care may be offered for people with illnesses, such as:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Lung diseases
  • Kidney failure
  • Dementia
  • ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

While receiving palliative care, people can remain under the care of their regular doctor and still receive treatment for their disease.

Who Gives Palliative Care?

Any health care provider can give palliative care. But some providers specialize in it. Palliative care may be given by:

  • A team of doctors
  • Nurses
  • Registered dietitians
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Massage therapists
  • Chaplains

Palliative care may be offered by hospitals, home care agencies, cancer centers, and long-term care facilities. Your provider or hospital can give you the names of palliative care specialists near you.

The Difference Between Palliative Care and Hospice

Both palliative care and hospice care provide comfort. But palliative care can begin at diagnosis, and at the same time as treatment. Hospice care begins after treatment of the disease is stopped and when it is clear that the person is not going to survive the illness.

Hospice care is usually offered only when the person is expected to live 6 months or less.

What Does Palliative Care Include?

A serious illness affects more than just the body. It touches all areas of a person’s life, as well as lives of that person’s family members. Palliative care can address these effects of a person’s illness.

Physical problems. Symptoms or side effects include:

Treatments may include:

  • Medicine
  • Nutritional guidance
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Integrative therapies

Emotional, social, and coping problems. Patients and their families face stress during illness that can lead to fear, anxiety, hopelessness, or depression. Family members may take on care giving, even if they also have jobs and other duties.

Treatments may include:

  • Counseling
  • Support groups
  • Family meetings
  • Referrals to mental health providers

Practical problems. Some of the problems brought on by illness are practical, such as money- or job-related problems, insurance questions, and legal issues. A palliative care team may:

  • Explain complex medical forms or help families understand treatment choices
  • Provide or refer families to financial counseling
  • Help connect you to resources for transportation or housing

Spiritual issues. When people are challenged by illness, they may look for meaning or question their faith. A palliative care team may help patients and families explore their beliefs and values so they can move toward acceptance and peace.

Learning More

Tell your provider what bothers and concerns you most, and what issues are most important to you. Give your provider a copy of your living will or health care proxy.

Ask your provider what palliative care services are available to you. Palliative care is almost always covered by health insurance, including Medicare or Medicaid. If you do not have health insurance, talk to a social worker or the hospital’s financial counselor.

Alternative Names

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When is the right time to call hospice care?

Hospice care can help ease the end-of-life transition for your loved one. Many people wait to call hospice until the final days, but that might not be the best option.

Calling Hospice Care: When is the Right Time?

Making the decision to call hospice care for your loved one can be heartbreaking. But in giving your loved one the best end-of-life care possible, hospice is a very good choice. How do you know when it’s time?

What is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is designed to provide medical care, comfort, and compassion during a person’s last days. When all potential treatments have been exhausted and a person decides it is time to let nature take its course, hospice care provides pain management and emotional support. It also offers bereavement counseling for those who are left behind.

Why Hospice Care Matters

Hospice care vows to neither prolong nor hasten death. Hospice workers strive to provide the utmost dignity for a person while allowing death to occur naturally. Hospice support can ease the physical end-of-life transition, but it can also provide the immense relief that peace of mind can bring.

Hospice patients can know that their loved ones are not alone in their struggle to accept death and grieve the loss. That simple yet vital knowledge can make their last days much easier.

Is it Time to Call for Hospice Care?

Each person’s final months and days are unique to that individual. Therefore, setting a certain time frame on how long hospice care will be needed can be a difficult decision. The best way to clarify the situation is to sit down with a hospice professional as soon as a terminal illness or serious medical situation is diagnosed, and discuss what to expect in the near future.

When a patient has decided to forgo any medical treatment or search for a cure, they are probably ready for hospice care. It is important to contact hospice before pain management becomes an issue. Most insurance companies pay for hospice care during the last six months of life. Some might find hospice useful for that entire period of time, while others might prefer to wait until they are closer to the end of their life.

Hospice is Not Just for Patients

Though hospice care focuses on making the last weeks and days comfortable for patients, it is also a great relief to their loved ones. End-of-life decisions are always hard, but hospice workers are trained to help family and friends let go in a peaceful, loving atmosphere.

Hospice support continues for surviving family members after a patient’s death. Hospice care can include supportive discussions, visits, phone calls, and even provide help with funeral arrangements.

When It’s Time.

Choosing hospice is a very personal decision. Keep the lines of communication open with your loved one, and when they mention it might be time to consider hospice, take them at their word and make the call–and then trust the highly trained and compassionate hospice workers to help you with whatever comes next.

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Our Faculty

Marian College Faculty:

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• BSN from San Pablo Colleges, Laguna, Philippines

Jessica L. Bringas, BSN, LVN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
LVN license from the California BVNPT
• BSN from Butuan Doctors’ College, Philippines
• Graduate Nurse from Chong Hua School of Nursing, Cebu, Philippines

George L. Chua, MSN, APN, FNP-C, CLS, ASCP, RNC, CSN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
RN license from the California BRN
• MSN and Master of Public Health from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix, Arizona
• MSN in Family Nurse Practitioner from Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science/UCLA Mervyn M. Dymally School of Nursing, Los Angeles, California
• Credential in School Nursing from California State University, Long Beach, California
• MD from University of Fatima, Philippines
• BSN from Olivarez College of Nursing, Philippines
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PatriciaL.Francis,BSMed,LVN (part-time,LA Director of Nursing, Van Nuys Campus; part-time faculty, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
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• BSHCA from West Coast University, Los Angeles, California
• VN Diploma from Marian College, Marian Health Careers Center

Oliver C. Perez, BSB, LVN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
LVN license from the California BVNPT
• BS in Business from the University of Phoenix, Arizona
• VN Diploma from Marian College, Marian Health Careers Center

Nenuca T. Ramirez, BSN, RN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
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• BSN from the University of the East, Philippines

Leny J. Ramos, BSN, RN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
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Tuesday Ann B. Siao, BSN, MSN, RN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
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• BS Biology from Immaculate Concepcion College, Davao City, Philippines
• Doctor of Medicine from Davao Medical School Foundation, Inc. Davao City, Philippines
• BSN from North Valley College Foundation, Inc. Kidapawan City, Philippines

Flordeliza Sortigosa, BSC, LVN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
LVN license from the California BVNPT
• BS in Commerce from University of Iloilo, Iloilo City, Philippines
• VN Diploma from Casa Loma College, Los Angeles, California

Kimberley A. Stotmore, LVN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
LVN license from the California BVNPT
• VN Diploma from North Orange County Regional Occupational Program, Anaheim, California

Yee Juan (Jennifer) Yong, ASN, BA-Psych, RN (part-time, LA & Van Nuys Campuses)
RN license from the California BRN
• BA Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles, California
• AA from East Los Angeles College, California
• ASN from Pasadena City College, Pasadena, California
• VN Diploma from Marian College, Marian Health Careers Center

Missouri Workers – Compensation – What is Workers – Compensation? #what #is #workers #compensation,missouri #workers #compensation,st #louis #workers #compensation #attorney,workers #compensation #attorney #st #louis,st. #louis #workers #compensation #lawyer


Missouri Workers Compensation

Filing a workers compensation claim can be a complicated process with unexpected pitfalls that can potentially prevent you from getting the benefits you need.

Details are important at every stage, and if you don’t understand exactly what the bureaucracies are looking for you could be missing out on compensation or treatment options.

We hope that you find the information contained in our practice center useful in answering your workers compensation questions and familiarizing yourself with the work comp process.

Missouri Workers Compensation Claims

US employers and their employees rely on our dependable workers compensation system to resolve disputes about vocational injuries and disease and to provide for related worker needs. Workers compensation benefits are commonly awarded for work-related injury, illness and death, helping to meet the needs of injured workers and their families even when faced with overwhelming situations. (read more)

Have you been injured in an accident?
Call (314) 361-4300.
Free Missouri Workers Compensation Consultation !

Employees can suffer all kinds of injuries while working. In Mr. Hoffmann s 20 plus years of practicing workers compensation law, he has represented clients who have suffered all types of work-related injuries, from head, back and neck injuries to foot injuries. (read more)

The workplace is one of the most common places that people are injured and Missouri has rules in place that are supposed to help people who have suffered an on-the-job injury. We have assisted all types of injured workers through the claim process to obtain workers comp benefits. Unfortunately, it is sometimes difficult to get the benefits you deserve. (read more)

You do not have to be involved in a terrible accident to claim workers compensation benefits. Your injury could be a severe back strain from lifting a heavy object, a cumulative injury from repetitive tasks or an illness related to chemical exposure. (read more)

Our St. Louis legal team can provide you with answers to frequently asked questions regarding Missouri workers compensation. (read more)

Attorney Fees

The Law Office of James M. Hoffmann advances all costs and expenses associated with our clients cases and does NOT charge a fee until there has been monetary recovery. This arrangement is called a contingency fee agreement . We pay all of the expenses (medical records, expert fees, depositions, etc.) along the way. (read more)

Workers Compensation Laws

The Missouri Workers Compensation Laws were substantially changed effective August 28, 2005. This is a brief summary of the new workers compensation laws. Please do not hesitate to contact attorney James M. Hoffmann for any questions regarding the workers compensation laws. (read more)

Free Workers Compensation Consultations

Our legal team has a strong history of helping injured workers get the medical attention and financial compensation that they need. Based in St. Louis, and handling workers compensation cases throughout the State of Missouri, our law firm will ensure that your rights are protected. Please call (314) 361-4300 or toll free at (888) 872-6795. You can also complete our online contact contact form. All communications are returned promptly.

Missouri Workers Compensation

DuctPro Duct Cleaning in Toledo, Maumee, Perrysburg, Sylvania, Rossford, Northwood, Bowling Green, Findlay, Northwest Ohio and Bedford MI #what #is #dryer #vent #cleaning


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Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies, asthma, headaches, eye irritations, respiratory or sinus problems? If so the cause may be in the air that you are breathing right inside your home.

More than 70% of all indoor air quality problems involve the HVAC (heating, ventilation air conditioning) system as dirty ducts are an ideal breeding ground. Over the years, dirt, dust (and mites), pet hair and dander, pollen, mold, mildew and other contaminants build up and can be trapped inside the ductwork of your home. This isn’t just a nuisance, it’s unhealthy!

We have all told our kids cover your mouth whenever they sneeze because it makes sense to keep germs from flying through the air, but many times a day our heating and cooling systems blow around germs in the same way and we don’t give that a thought!

Common indoor air contaminants include:

  • fibers and chemicals from carpeting and fabric
  • formaldehyde and other chemicals from furniture
  • vapors from cleaning products
  • germs, bacteria and viruses
  • hair, skin and pet dander

The combined health effects of these pollutants can be significant, especially on those suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory aliments.

Think about this:

Your home’s air duct network acts as a respiratory system. It collects viruses, mold, pollen, bacteria, dirt, dust, debris, and microbial growth that are hidden from view. This debris congests the system and makes it difficult for the house to breathe properly and function efficiently. The heating and cooling industry has stated that over seventy-five percent of repair work needed on furnace systems is a result of dirty mechanical components. Reduced air supply can be the cause of premature failure of expensive heating, ventilation air conditioning components.

New Home Construction

If you have recently built a new home, most likely there was quite a lapse of time between the installation of the duct work and the completion of your home. There was plenty of opportunity for dust and dirt to have gotten in, along with foreign objects such as rocks, sticks and other objects that children may have dropped down the register openings while the house was being built. Building materials such as drywall dust and hardwood floor dust are the worst. Most filters are not dense enough to keep this type of dust from finding its way into your duct system. Some clean up crews even use your register openings as a garbage shoot. We have also found some workmen’s unfinished lunches in the ducts.

If you just purchased your first home or are moving into a different home DuctPro has heard horror stories about how filthy some homes are when they were purchased. Yet this did not stop you from purchasing the home. First you will embark in a whole lot of cleaning. Next you will paint the walls and then you will have the carpets and drapes cleaned or replaced. As you sit back and look at all your hard work, you can’t believe it is the same house. But if the visual areas were dirty, what do you think was left behind in the duct system? If you never see the dirt in your duct system, do you care if it’s dirty? DuctPro says you should as this is the air you will be breathing!

Finding a Qualified Duct Cleaning Company:

Our customers have told us that finding an indoor air quality specialist or an air duct cleaner you can count on is not easy. That’s why Duct Pro cautions you to get the facts and compare before you choose a duct cleaning service!

  • There are many service companies that offer duct cleaning such as: carpet cleaners, chimney sweepers, heating and cooling companies; but ask yourself what is their primary business?
  • Multi-service companies clean carpet, clean chimneys, and install and maintain furnace and air conditioning equipment in addition to duct cleaning.
  • Do they have the proper duct cleaning equipment to do the job properly?

It always makes sense to compare prices but not all duct cleaning companies offer the same method of cleaning as DuctPro.

Remember the old saying, if something is to good to be true. Avoid advertisements that offer $49 – $99 whole house specials and other sales gimmicks (see this BBB Article )

To narrow down your local contractors you might ask them the following questions:

  1. Do you SPECIALIZE in Air Duct Cleaning?
  2. Will you COME TO MY HOUSE to quote the job?
  4. Do you provide a WRITTEN QUOTE prior to the start of the job?
  5. Are your workers FULL TIME EMPLOYEES of YOUR company?
  6. Are the workers you send out FULL TIME Duct Cleaners?
  7. Do your technicians bring PHOTO IDENTIFICATION ?
  8. Do your workers PROTECT MY FLOORS ?
  9. Will my REGISTERS RETURN COVERS be REMOVED and cleaned?
  10. Do you use 18 BRUSHES in the Main Ducts (SUPPLY RETURN)?
  11. Will you provide proof of LIABILITY INSURANCE ?
  12. How LONG has the company been in business?
  13. Is the company in good standing with our local Better Business Bureau ?
  14. May I make a VISUAL INSPECTION after the system has been cleaned?
  15. Do you SUB-CONTRACT your Duct Cleaning work?

Don’t just get a price: You must compare apples to apples and that goes for Duct cleaning companies too.

If you would like to learn more about indoor air quality and its importance to your family please contact us .

Duct Pro is committed to offering our customers not only the most thorough cleaning possible, but the knowledge of how the duct cleaning is done, along with honesty in the way we price out services.

Compare High Speed Internet Providers In Your Area, is cable internet better than dsl.#Is #cable #internet #better #than #dsl


Compare High Speed Internet Providers Special Offers: Cable, Dialup, Satellite DSL Providers

Is cable internet better than dsl

If you are considering switching or upgrading high speed internet providers you have come to the right place. In the event you already know what type of service you want, review the special offers page where you can compare the latest online-only offers from the top cable, satellite, dialup and DSL providers.

Which High Speed Internet Provider Is Right For You?

There are many choices to consider to avoid making a costly mistake that could tie you down with lengthy contracts. So selecting the right service is of paramount importance. Our unique approach helps you compare and find which high speed internet providers’ plan is right for you what level of service fits your lifestyle in a simple 2 step process. To get started proceed to: Step 1 – Matching High Speed To Your Needs Lifestyle.

We believe you should only pay for what you need not a penny more by:

  1. making a highly educated decision
  2. taking advantage of special internet only offers that cable DSL providers have tucked away.

We search for weekly changes to rates, online-only offers plans to keep the most current information on our site. You will also have the option of taking advantage of an abundance of special offers and deals from many of the most popular high speed internet services. The following are in order of popularity chosen by our visitors:

AT T DSL: With it’s vast network and proven infrastructure, AT T has made getting connected to the internet easy nationwide. AT T DSL is one of the most affordable and competitive services available today, and was the top selection on this website last year.

Verizon Internet Service: With several great speeds and packages to choose from, along with Verizon’s tested and trusted name behind the service, Verizon Internet Service is a great pick for high speed broadband. Verizon’s considerable network covers 13 states.

XFINITY: The name XFINITY is synonymous with reliable cable broadband. With great introductory packages available, XFINITY is a terrific choice for high speed internet.

Charter Internet: Counted among one of the top cable providers for internet service, Charter offers some amazing speeds between 5 Mbps to 16 Mbps now that’s highly respectable velocity in this industry.

CenturyLink DSL: With programs and speeds available to match your online activities, CenturyLink offers a selection of great packages and bundles. Free Wi-Fi included along with back-up protection and competitive speeds up to 20 Mbps.

By researching the best internet providers and their respective offers on an ongoing basis, we keep a beat on the industry thereby helping our visitors save money.

So Lets Get Started

DSL Providers Overview

Cable Providers Explained

  • Cable internet providers offer shared bandwidth so the more people online in your area will slow down your connection speed
  • Average speeds range are around 5-6 Mbps
  • Relatively more expensive than DSL
  • No need for an additional phone line

Compare High speed Internet providers In My Area

If you are curious to know what internet providers are available in your area, the process is quite simple. After comparing price plans, you simply click on any of the links on the offers and promotions page and enter your address. You will then see if that ISP is available in your area. Comparing internet service is always the best way to ensure you make a wise choice.

Featured Article

Is cable internet better than dsl4 Ways to Slash Your Telecom Costs

U-verse is dropping their triple play pricing to unprecedented levels. Find out what you need to know to get the best deal, as well as understand how to manage your overall telecommunications and entertainment costs without sacrificing service. We have tips on managing your usage caps and mobile broadband consumption.

Industry News – Read more about any of these news articles

Investment Into Barnes & Noble Gets Microsoft Equity Stake, Bundle Deal – April 30, 2012

Microsoft and Barnes & Noble, two companies with a combative history have signed a deal which will see Microsoft obtaining 17.6% equity stake in the company, as well as Nook digital bookstore software bundled with its latest version of Windows 8, scheduled to launch later this year.

Facebook Boasts New Record For Users – April 25, 2012

Active Facebook users, which are those who use the site at least once per month, now number over nine hundred million, according to information found in its regulatory filing.

New Google Cloud Storage Rumours Persist – April 17, 2012

A new addition to cloud storage options could soon be coming from Google. Called Google Drive or GDrive, the solution is rumoured to be officially announced next week, although a Google spokesman has said that the company does not comment on rumor or speculation.

Stolen Cell Phones Will Be Unsellable On Black Market – April 11, 2012

The Federal Communications Commission and major wireless carriers have united to ensure that far fewer stolen phones can be resold by thieves.

Facebook App Allows Tracking And Comparison Of Energy Use – April 03, 2012

A new Facebook app released today by Opower promises to help lower energy use across the nation. The app allows Facebook users to compare their energy use with friends, compete to improve efficiency, and share tips on how to reduce energy use.

Day Care Centers Enter Digital Age – March 27, 2012

A new app is revolutionizing the operation of day care centers, offering parents up-to-the-second reports on everything from diaper changes to tummy time.

Apple Not Only Company Benefiting From New iPad Sales – March 19, 2012

Apple saw many records being broken with the sale of its new iPad on Friday. But telecoms are also benefiting from the excitement, one of which recorded the most activations in one day.

Rackspace and Dell EMC Partner to Make Private Cloud Easier to Use #what #is #private #cloud #computing, #cloud #computing


Rackspace and Dell EMC Partner to Make Private Cloud Easier to Use

Rackspace is working with Dell EMC to offer a private cloud-as-a-service solution, according to an announcement on Monday at the OpenStack Summit in Boston. Rackspace said that it is the first step in an expanded relationship with Dell EMC where the partners will work to help make it easier to set up private clouds.

Customers will be able to combine Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud with Dell EMC compute and storage solutions, according to the companies. Support for VMAX Hybrid, VMAX All Flash and Dell Servers will be provided initially, with support for Dell EMC ScaleIO forthcoming.

Even as some industry experts and researchers note that private cloud is losing steam as enterprises opt for workloads in the public cloud, the offering with Dell EMC will allow Rackspace to provide more options to its enterprise customers looking for a multi-cloud approach and tap demand for OpenStack.

Dell EMC is committed to providing customers with best in class solutions to simplify their OpenStack deployments while taking advantage of new innovations, Jay Snyder, SVP, Global Alliances, Industries and Service Providers at Dell EMC said in a statement. One example of this commitment to OpenStack is our latest offering with Rackspace, one of a handful of our global Titanium partners which has unmatched experience in operating OpenStack clouds at scale. The ability to consume Rackspace OpenStack Private Cloud as-a-Service coupled with Dell EMC compute and storage solutions brings enhanced best-in-class capabilities for customers looking to take advantage of the opportunities offered by private cloud.

The news comes as Rackspace has announced that its CEO, Taylor Rhodes, will be leaving and Rackspace president Jeff Cotten will be stepping in as interim CEO. Last month, Rackspace launched Global Solutions and Services (GSS) to provide enterprises and mid-market firms with professional services.​

According to the announcement, the partners intend to lower the barrier to entry for private cloud, and provide the same elasticity of public cloud with security and performance benefits.

Rackspace s private cloud can be deployed in a Rackspace data center, customer data center or third-party location.

Rackspace has a unique track record of enabling customer success with private clouds by delivering OpenStack as-a-service and leveraging our operational expertise gained from more than one billion server hours managing OpenStack, Scott Crenshaw, SVP and GM of OpenStack Private Cloud at Rackspace said. This is why 451 Research has said that Rackspace is the world s leading OpenStack service provider.

As a co-founder of OpenStack, Rackspace is committed to innovating OpenStack in a way that makes it easier for customers to consume and benefit from, Crenshaw continued. Our collaboration with Dell EMC will do just this, combining the best of Rackspace expertise and Dell EMC technologies to allow customers to consume an OpenStack private cloud in a way that is more flexible and removes barriers to entry. Our organizations look forward to sharing more updates later this year.

Sell my house FAST – We Buy Houses “AS-IS” Fast For Cash #sell #my #house #fast, #selling #a #house #as #is, #buy #my #house #houston, #texas, #buy #my #home #houston, #texas, #we #buy #homes #in #houston, #we #buy #houses #houston, #we #buy #ugly #houses, #sell #my #house #houston, #selling #a #home #in #houston, #selling #my #home, #sell #house #houston, #home #selling



FAST For CASH! Any Price Range! Any Condition!

We’ll make a FAST CASH offer on your real estate!

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get a FAST no obligation offer:

Sell my house FAST for CASH!

We buy houses in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. You ve come to the right place if you re asking yourself how can I sell my house FAST for CASH. Our specialty is assisting homeowners who find themselves needing to stop a foreclosure, behind on payments, behind on taxes, going through a divorce, settling an estate, relocating, or needing to unload an unwanted rental. We can also assist if you re unable to afford repairs, have experienced a bankruptcy, were laid off from work, or just want to sell FAST for CASH. Regardless of the condition of your home, your reason for selling, or where in the Houston and surrounding area the house is located, we can evaluate your situation and help to identify your options.

Contact us today! Once you ve accepted our offer, we re usually able to pay in CASH and can typically close very quickly. Again, if you re asking yourself how can I sell my house fast simply complete the form found at the bottom of this page, click the button below, or call us 24 hours a day at 832-866-FAST (3278). We buy houses as-is FAST for CASH!

Processor – The Cloud Company #what #is #a #cloud #company





Infraestrutura como serviço

Conservação e restauração de dados

Depósito de longo prazo para dados

Portais e sites de alta performance

Desktops e aplicações

Continuidade para ativos tecnológicos

Soluções como BPO

Software como BPO



LiveCloud disponibiliza de forma inovadora serviços e soluções de tecnologia gerenciados e operados pela Processor para que organizações de qualquer tamanho acelerem seu processo de transformação digital.


Serviço Processor. que disponibiliza uma série de soluções integradas, incluindo capacidade computacional, armazenamento, dados, networking, backup, aplicativos, software, entre outros serviços, que permitem fazer negócios de maneira rápida, flexível e altamente competitivos.

Como evoluir para a nuvem

Benefícios Livecloud

Gestão profissional dos seus recursos na nuvem.
Implementação ágil, simplificada e escalável, com migração total ou parcial do seu ambiente, mantendo a integração de forma transparente.
Monitoramento constante do ambiente por nossa equipe, permitindo que você foque no que realmente interessa: seus negócios.
Permite a criação de novas áreas ou projetos de negócios com agilidade e baixo investimento.
Redução nos custos com tecnologia.
Redução nos prazos de entrega e execução.
Confidencialidade, integridade de dados e informações garantidos por robustos processos de segurança.

Metodologia LIVECLOUD

A Metodologia de Gestão de Serviços Processor foi desenvolvida a partir da experiência e know-how adquiridos pela empresa ao longo dos anos, aliados à utilização das melhores práticas segundo padrões internacionais.

A Metodologia inclui gestão a vista, processos com PDCA contínuo, operação, monitoramento, governança e gestão de desempenho.

de Valor

O que é

Como evoluir
para nuvem


Totalmente em Nuvem ou Híbrido?

Os dois – Flexibilidade para escolher a plataforma dinâmica e flexível do LiveCloud permite adotar a arquitetura mais adequada e consistente para os negócios de sua empresa.

Desde um modelo totalmente baseado em nuvem pública até um modelo híbrido, com cada serviço rodando em nuvem privada ou pública, conforme fizer mais sentido.

Padrões abertos e flexibilidade de escolha

O LiveCloud suporta uma vasta gama de sistemas operacionais, linguagens e ambientes de desenvolvimento, permitindo a criação de aplicações, serviços e ambientes que endereçam todas as necessidades de negócios.

Elasticidade e Praticidade

A elasticidade de uso, combinada com a capacidade de pagar somente pelos recursos utilizados permite uma economia sem precedentes na utilização da tecnologia, bem como a capacidade de responder rapidamente a demandas inesperadas ou sazonais, sem prazos de espera e sem pagar por recursos ociosos no ambiente.

Em todo o mundo e no Brasil também

O LiveCloud é mantido por uma estrutura de datacenters que se estendem pelas principais regiões do Globo, garantindo alcance mundial, com presença no Brasil.

Nuvem ou


Online MBA Accounting Concentration #what #is #mba #in #accounting, #online #mba #accounting


Accounting Concentration

Gain the professional skills and experiences to become a successful business leader with the School of Business’ online M.B.A. with a concentration in accounting.

The curriculum provides an understanding of business fundamentals and accounting concepts in today’s fast-changing business environment.

Accounting concentration courses explore:

-Fund accounting for government, not-for-profit and health care organizations

-Cost accounting with emphasis on cost analysis, capital budgeting and activity-based costing

-Business law for the accountant

-Financial statement analysis using accounting principles, measurement and reporting practices

You will also achieve a broad background in business through general M.B.A. courses including those that address:

  • Core business management functions
  • Oral and written business communication
  • Effective team membership and leadership in work partnerships and cross-functional collaborative efforts
  • Ethical, economically responsible business decisions in the context of a diverse set of stakeholders
  • Business implications of the new economy and applying widely used technologies to management issues

In addition to the analytical tools and technologies necessary to solve complex management problems, our M.B.A. program emphasizes leadership skills within Saint Leo University’s core values and traditions.

Our online M.B.A. is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools Programs (ACBSP) and the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), professional accreditors for business programs in student-centered colleges and universities throughout the world.

Degree Requirements

M.B.A. students take up to two courses per eight-week term. Students can complete the 36 credits required for graduation in as little as one year, or may extend their studies for as long as five years. You may start the Saint Leo M.B.A. program at any of the six terms each year, and—with director approval—can pursue up to two M.B.A. concentrations concurrently. Students may be able to waive the prerequisite courses if the courses were taken as part of their undergraduate degree programs, or as post-baccalaureate students. Prerequisite courses are ACC 201: Principles of Accounting I, ACC 202: Principles of Accounting II, ACC 301: Intermediate Accounting I, ACC 302: Intermediate Accounting II, ACC 331: Cost Accounting, and GBA 231: Business Law I. Students with non-business undergraduate degrees may be required to take additional undergraduate courses to satisfy the requirements for the MBA.ACC and the CPA examination.

Business Core (18 credits)

MBA 525 Professional Development 3

This course is designed to give MBA students a tangible head start in acquiring and honing numerous core skills essential for success in the MBA program and the business world. The emphasis will be on the development of professional skills and perspectives, such as business writing, coaching and counseling, conflict resolution, effective business protocol, interviewing, intercultural awareness and sensitivity, negotiating agreement, and public speaking.

MBA 533 Human Resource Management 3

This course is designed to focus on an in-depth analysis of the major functions of a manager dealing with human resource issues. Issues to be covered include, but are not specifically limited to, staffing, employee training and development, compensation and benefits, legal issues, union versus non-union issues, safety and health issues, and cross-cultural and expatriate issues.

Prerequisites: MBA 525

MBA 540 Managerial Economics 3

This course explores the concepts of economic optimization, the estimation of demand, and cost and pricing analysis. An introduction to economic forecasting and decision making under conditions of risk and uncertainty is also included.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate course in microeconomics strongly recommended.

MBA 575 Global Business Management 3

The student will develop an understanding of international/multinational management by examining the challenges and opportunities of operating globally. Emphasis will be on developing an understanding of the complexities of dealing with diverse social, cultural, economic, and legal systems. The role of business in this dynamic world environment will be analyzed.

Prerequisites: MBA 525

MBA 599 Strategic Management 3

This capstone course integrates knowledge gained in previous graduate business courses. It centers on the theme that organizations achieve sustained success when their managers have astute, timely strategic game plans and they implement these plans with proficiency. Strategic management theory is used in the analysis of case studies of companies operating in the domestic and global marketplace. This course is to be taken in the student’s last term, unless otherwise approved by the Director of the MBA Program.

Prerequisites: MBA 525, MBA 533, MBA 540, MBA 560 or ACC 504, MBA 565, MBA 570, MBA 575

MBA 565 Marketing 3

This course considers the operational and strategic planning issues confronting managers in marketing. Topics include buyer behavior, market segmentation, product selection and development, pricing, distribution, promotion, market research, and international and multicultural marketing. Additional fee applies for marketing computer simulation.

Prerequisites: MBA 525

Accounting Concentration (18 credits)

ACC 504 Fund Accounting for Governmental and Not-for-Profit Accounting 3

A study of financial and management accounting principles as they apply to governments and not for-profit organizations, and health care organizations. Also, an overview of the characteristics of generally accepted government auditing standards and the single audit.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate courses in Principles of Accounting 1 and 2

ACC 505 Fraud Examination 3

Students will learn how and why occupational fraud is committed, how fraudulent conduct can be deterred, and how allegations of fraud should be investigated and resolved. Emphasis will be on fraudulent financial reporting, litigation support, and investigative auditing. Students will work through cases, developing investigative strategies and seeking to prove how fraud was committed.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate courses in Principles of Accounting 1 and 2

ACC 532 Advanced Cost Accounting 3

Emphasis is placed on measurements for decision making and strategic planning, including cost analysis, capital budgeting, activity-based costing, and other advanced cost accounting and managerial decision topics.

Prerequisites: ACC 331 or equivalent

ACC 538 Business Law and the Accountant 3

The purpose of the course is to provide the accountant and aspiring accountant a general understanding of U.S. jurisprudence and the application of U.S. law to the business sector. The course content was developed in consultation with members of the accounting profession, and it focuses on matters pertinent to the practitioner. It takes as a “given” the fact that most accountants will spend their professional time working with or for various types of business organizations, most often corporations.

Prerequisites: Undergraduate course in business law

ACC 549 Using Financial Accounting Information 3

A study of financial statement analysis using accounting principles, measurement, and reporting practices. Also included are insights into income determination and methods for evaluating the firm through the balance sheet, income statement, statement of cash flows, and statement of changes in stockholders’ equity.

Prerequisites: ACC 301, ACC 302

ACC 540 Accounting Theory 3

This course addresses the development of accounting theory, the conceptual framework, and international accounting. It also addresses topics in financial accounting theory including, but not limited to, the concept of income, the income statement, the balance sheet and the statement of cash flows, equity, and financial reporting disclosure requirements.

Prerequisites: ACC 301, ACC 302


MBA 625 Internship 3

This is an elective credit course (added on top of the basic MBA courses). MBA students, along with their designated faculty members, arrange for full- or part-time jobs in fields related to their MBA curriculum. Under the guidance of a designated faculty member, students work to enrich their University experience through a paid internship in order to practice Master’s level business skills. Specific competency requirements (and the associated activities) are outlined by the designated faculty member and agreed upon with the internship site representative. The internship must last the entire term for which the student is registered (specific work hours to be agreed upon with the employer and faculty member). At least two site contacts will be completed by the faculty member to ensure that the outlined competency requirements are completed.

Prerequisites: MBA 525, MBA 550

Manhattan Motel – Cavalhada – Porto Alegre – RS – Guia de Mot – is #low #price #hotel

#motel manhattan


  • Pernoites:
  • dom a 5 a partir das 20h – R$ 295,00
  • 6 , sab, v spera e feriados a partir da 0h – R$ 395,00
  • Essa suíte tem:
  • 2 condicionadores de ar split,
  • churrasqueira,
  • decora o diferenciada,
  • ducha dupla,
  • hidro dupla,
  • piscina aquecida,
  • pista de dan a c/ ilumina o especial,
  • sof cama,
  • som com entrada para iPod,
  • su te para festas,
  • TV LCD 50 ,
  • Informações importantes
  • Sextas, S bados, V speras e Feriados, entre 20h e 8h, os per odos s o de 2h com pre o na tabela de 3h.

* Recomendamos confirmar preços e períodos diretamente com o motel. As informações aqui exibidas podem ser alteradas sem aviso prévio.

O Motel

O Manhattan Motel uma tima op o da zona sul de POA. Com f cil acesso pela perimetral, a 3 minutos do Shopping Barra Sul e 10 minutos do Centro de POA.

O Manhatan Motel possui su tes sofisticadas, com TV a cabo Net em todos os aposentos (60 canais), e garagens amplas e privativas. Seguran a 24 horas proporcionando uma atmosfera tranquila ao nosso h spede. S o 7 categorias com hidromassagem.

Destaque para a su te Manhattan que comporta at 50 pessoas e possui piscina aquecida, churrasqueira, pista de dan a com ilumina o especial e muito mais. Confira!

Este motel aceita:

Banricompras, Hipercard, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron

Gosto e recomendo

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Tive problema nesse motel

Teve algum tipo de problema no Manhattan Motel e não ficou satisfeito?

Use esse espaço para escrever o que aconteceu. Sua mensagem será entregue diretamente à gerência do motel. Garantido!

How Long Is School For Medical Billing And Coding – The Medical Coding Schools #how #long #is #school #for #medical #billing #and #coding


What Is Medical Billing and Coding. Frequently Asked
Medical insurance billing and coding for students seeking a hospital billing career can find medical billing and coding info from Call Now: so it s vital to research any medical billing school you plan to attend.

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The Allen School Of Health Sciences | New York Arizona
Online medical billing courses at the Allen School of Health Sciences offer all of the interaction and one on nursing homes, or long term care facilities in one of the most Medical Insurance Billing and Coding. I joined Allen School of Health Sciences because it was suitable for my daily

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How Long Does It Take To Become A Medical Coder? (ANSWERED)
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Medical Billing And Code Certificate Program Online | DeVry
DeVry s Medical Billing Coding Certificate program offers students the necessary skills for a career in medical billing. Learn more and apply online now! Keller Graduate School of Management is included in this accreditation.

Medical Billing Coding Schools And Training Programs
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Medical Coding Medical Billing Medical Auditing AAPC
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Medical Billing School, Medical Billing and Coding Schools
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Long Island Medical Coding School
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Medical Billing and Coding School | Branford Hall Career
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Medical Billing and Coding Schools, Training Education
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Medical Billing and Coding How Long Does It Take To
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What is Human Resource Development? #human #resource #degrees, #what #is #human #resource #development?


What Is Human Resource Development?

Find out about the field of human resource development (HRD). Learn about jobs, education requirements and degree programs, as well as the career outlook for HRD professionals. Schools offering Accounting & Human Resources degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Essential Information

Human resource development (HRD), or employee development, is the process of training and mentoring employees to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities. HRD professionals typically work in human resource offices and plan and administer HRD programs. HRD often includes technology, language and leadership training classes. Some companies also encourage their employees to complete degrees by supplying funding and incentives through their HRD program.

Important Facts About Human Resource Development

Instructional, interpersonal, analytical, listening, and speaking skills

Typically working with people and giving presentations full-time during regular business hours, sometimes traveling

Offered through the American Society for Training and Development and the International Society for Performance Improvement

Instructional Coordinator, School/Career Counselor, Labor Relations Specialist

Jobs in Human Resource Development

Jobs in HRD include both trainers and managers. Training and development specialists assess the needs of businesses and organizations, determine what training programs are needed and conduct the training. These workers typically need a bachelor’s degree and some experience in teaching or training. Training and development managers oversee HRD specialists and programs. They determine the HRD budget and sometimes instruct specialists in training techniques. Managers in this field need a bachelor’s degree, but many have master’s degrees, and all need experience in the field. Many managers begin their career as training specialists.

Education Programs

Many colleges and universities offer degrees in human resource development. The majority offer master’s degrees. Some master’s degree programs focus on preparing graduates to teach human resource development. Others focus on preparing graduates to apply what they’ve learned in organizational settings. Many of these programs are directed towards working professionals and offer part-time and online options.

Career Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for training and development specialists are expected to grow at a slightly faster-than-average rate of 15% from 2012 to 2022. Employment of training and development managers is expected to grow at an about-average rate of 11% during the same period. In 2014, the BLS reported that specialists earned a median annual salary of $57,340, while managers earned a median of $101,930.

To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

What is Equine Therapy? #equine #therapy,what #is,assisted #therapy, #horse #therapy, #programs, #psychotherapy, #equine


Equine Psychotherapy

What is Equine Therapy?

Equine therapy is the discipline of using horses as a means to provide metaphoric experiences in order to promote emotional growth. The horses provide an excellent way for troubled youth to react when they are otherwise therapy resistant. Equine therapists will usually teach many lessons on ways in which horses learn, react, and follow instructions to the lives of youth themselves.

One example that is used often is when students are just beginning a horse therapy program, the instructor will have the horse stand in the middle of the arena. The youth are supposed to get the horse to move outside of a large circle without touching the horse at all. Many of the students often clap, whistle, yell all to no avail. Lessons are taught that when others, be it parents, friends, counselors or associates try and get us to do something the best way is probably not yelling, clapping, or forcing.

Students will also learn how to lead a horse. Most often they begin by trying to pull on a lead rope, standing in front of the horse. They learn that the best way to lead a horse is not in front or behind the horse, but by its side. A list of equine therapy programs can be found with information on their individual websites on their specific program details

Equine therapy should always be performed by a certified Equine-Assisted therapist. Many associations exists in order to provide certification or training in equine therapy. It has shown to be very effective with patients who manifest depression, attention-deficit, conduct disorders, dissociative disorders, anxiety, dementia, autism, and many other related disorders.

Why use equine therapy?

Equine therapy has shown to have many positive benefits when correctly taught by certified therapists. Some of them include:

  • Confidence
  • Self-Efficacy
  • Self-Concept
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Perspective
  • Decreased Isolation
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Impulse Control
  • Social Skills
  • Boundaries
  • Spiritual Connection

Equine Therapy usually includes instruction in horse care, grooming procedures, saddlery, and basic equitation. Safety is the number one priority for all participants in equine therapy. Participants often wear helmets and other protective gear should they fall from a horse during a therapeutic session.

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The Facts About Bisphenol A, BPA #bpa, #bisphenol #a, #bpa-free, #bpa #risks, #plastics, #avoiding #bpa, #bisphenol #a, #fda #and #bpa, #sippy #cups, #pacifiers, #infant #formula, #fda #recommendations, #what #is #bpa


The Facts About Bisphenol A

In 2008, the possible health risks of Bisphenol A (BPA) — a common chemical in plastic — made headlines. Parents were alarmed, pediatricians flooded with questions, and stores quickly sold-out of BPA-free bottles and sippy cups.

Where do things stand now? Have plastic manufacturers changed their practices? How careful does a parent need to be when it comes to plastics and BPA? Here’s the latest information we have about possible BPA risks.

BPA Basics

BPA is a chemical that has been used to harden plastics for more than 40 years. It’s everywhere. It’s in medical devices, compact discs, dental sealants, water bottles, the lining of canned foods and drinks, and many other products.

More than 90% of us have BPA in our bodies right now. We get most of it by eating foods that have been in containers made with BPA. It’s also possible to pick up BPA through air, dust, and water.

BPA was common in baby bottles. sippy cups, baby formula cans, and other products for babies and young children. Controversy changed that. Now, the six major companies that make baby bottles and cups for infants have stopped using BPA in the products they sell in the U.S. Many manufacturers of infant formula have stopped using BPA in their cans, as well.

According to the U.S. Department of Health, toys generally don’t contain BPA. While the hard outer shields of some pacifiers do have BPA, the nipple that the baby sucks on does not.

BPA Risks

What does BPA do to us? We still don’t really know, since we don’t have definitive studies of its effects in people yet. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration used to say that BPA was safe. But in 2010 the agency altered its position. The FDA maintains that studies using standardized toxicity tests have shown BPA to be safe at the current low levels of human exposure. But based on other evidence — largely from animal studies — the FDA expressed “some concern” about the potential effects of BPA on the brain. behavior, and prostate glands in fetuses, infants, and young children.


How could BPA affect the body? Here are some areas of concern.

  • Hormone levels. Some experts believe that BPA could theoretically act like a hormone in the body, disrupting normal hormone levels and development in fetuses, babies, and children. Animal studies have had mixed results.
  • Brain and behavior problems. After a review of the evidence, the National Toxicology Program at the FDA expressed concern about BPA’s possible effects on the brain and behavior of infants and young children.
  • Cancer . Some animal studies have shown a possible link between BPA exposure and a later increased risk of cancer .
  • Heart problems. Two studies have found that adults with the highest levels of BPA in their bodies seem to have a higher incidence of heart problems. However, the higher incidence could be unrelated to BPA.
  • Other conditions. Some experts have looked into a connection between BPA exposure and many conditions — obesity. diabetes. ADHD. and others. The evidence isn’t strong enough to show a link.
  • Increased risk to children. Some studies suggest that possible effects from BPA could be most pronounced in infants and young children. Their bodies are still developing and they are less efficient at eliminating substances from their systems.

Although this list of possible BPA risks is frightening, keep in mind that nothing has been established. The concern about BPA risks stems primarily from studies in animals.

A few studies in people have found a correlation between BPA and a higher incidence of certain health problems, but no direct evidence that BPA caused the problem. Other studies contradict some of these results. Some experts doubt that BPA poses a health risk at the doses most people are exposed to.

BPA: Governmental Action

The federal government is now funding new research into BPA risks. We don’t know the results of these studies yet. Recommendations about BPA could change in the next few years.

For now, there are no restrictions on the use of BPA in products. The Food and Drug Administration does recommend taking “reasonable steps” to reduce human exposure to BPA in the food supply. The FDA has also expressed support for manufacturers who have stopped using BPA in products for babies and for companies working to develop alternatives to the BPA in canned foods.

A number of states have taken action. Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Vermont have laws restricting or banning the sale of certain products containing BPA, like bottles and sippy cups. So have cities like Chicago and Albany, as well as a few counties in New York. Similar laws are likely to pass in New York and California, and state legislatures are considering restrictions in many other states.


BPA Risks: What Can Parents Do?

Although the evidence is not certain, the FDA does recommend taking precautions against BPA exposure.

Trying to eliminate BPA from your child’s life is probably impossible. But limiting your child’s exposure — and your own — is possible. It doesn’t even have to be hard. Here are some tips on how to do it.

  • Find products that are BPA-free. It isn’t as hard as it once was. Many brands of bottles, sippy cups, and other tableware prominently advertise that they are BPA-free.
  • Look for infant formula that is BPA-free. Many brands no longer contain BPA in the can. If a brand does have BPA in the lining, some experts recommend powdered formula over liquid. Liquid is more likely to absorb BPA from the lining.
  • Choose non-plastic containers for food. Containers made of glass, porcelain, or stainless steel do not contain BPA.
  • Do not heat plastic that could contain BPA. Never use plastic in the microwave, since heat can cause BPA to leach out. For the same reason, never pour boiling water into a plastic bottle when making formula. Hand-wash plastic bottles, cups, and plates.
  • Throw out any plastic products — like bottles or sippy cups — that are chipped or cracked. They can harbor germs. If they also have BPA, it’s more likely to leach into food.
  • Use fewer canned foods and more fresh or frozen. Many canned foods still contain BPA in their linings.
  • Avoid plastics with a 3 or a 7 recycle code on the bottom. These plastics might contain BPA. Other types of numbered plastic are much less likely to have BPA in them.

WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Dan Brennan, MD on December 22, 2015


Harvey Karp, MD, pediatrician, author of The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block; assistant professor of pediatrics, UCLA School of Medicine.

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Renewable Energy #what #is #a #renewable #energy #certificate



Renewable Energy

Please note: the Renewable Energy certificate is not currently being offered.


The Graduate Certificate program in Renewable Energy recognizes post-bachelor preparation for the engineering and design of modern renewable energy systems such as solar thermal, concentrated solar thermal (CSP), photovoltaic, etc. and grid integration of renewable energy. The goal is to provide a broad background in renewable energy technology that enables a certificate holder to understand the fundamental components of various renewable energy systems. At the same time, greater depth of learning is gained in a focus area for professional preparation and/or further study for an advanced degree.

Course location/delivery

The Certificate is offered at the Tampa campus and fully online.

Admission requirements

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university and should have a “B” (3.0) average for the course of undergraduate study.

Application process

To learn about the application process, and to access the application, please review our application process.


EGN 3373 – Introduction to Electrical Systems I or equivalent (3)


12 credit hours. There are 9 credit hours of required coursework.
ECH 5931 – Solar Energy Applications (3)
ECH 6931 – Solar Power Plant Design (3)
EEL 5935 – Renewable Energy Delivery Systems (3)


Choose 3 additional elective hours from the following list:
EEL 6936 – Electrical Energy Distribution Systems (3)
EEL 6936 – Sustainable Energy (3)

Credit toward graduate degree

Up to 12 hours of certificate course credits may be applied to a graduate degree with departmental approval.

Standardized tests

International students must submit a TOEFL score when English is not the native language. A minimum score of 550 on the paper-based test or 79 on the web-based test is required.

Time limit


Graduate Certificates
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This website is maintained by Graduate Certificates.
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General Studies Major #general #studies #degree, #what #is #general #studies, #genearl #studies #jobs


Guide for General Studies Majors

What Does it Mean to Study General Studies ?

An Arts Humanities degree in general studies, also commonly referred to as a “generalist degree,” covers the basics of a university education. It’s a broadly based degree program that demonstrates to employers and peers alike that you have the self-discipline and intelligence to work through a university-level program in a variety of subject areas. Some see it as proof that you’re trainable.

Your general studies degree can serve as a prerequisite for a professional career or as a stepping stone to a college degree in another discipline. In either case, a general studies degree can be the most personally rewarding degree available, precisely because it is so broad. You’ll develop a basic knowledge of classical studies and study a selection of electives in the liberal arts, humanities, and sciences. So you can take a course in sociology along with 17th-century art, or introductory biology with your required English or math courses. In some ways, the relatively new general studies degree has replaced the English degree in terms of providing a sampling of ideas, history, and disciplines. You can even take online college courses in general studies, and get a broad college education from the comfort of your living room.

Career Education in General Studies

Many students pick a general studies degree as a way to earn credits while they decide on possible career paths. If there are particular areas that you find interesting, take as many of them as you can fit into your degree program. For example, if you think you may want to specialize in museum curatorial work, you can take the fine arts courses you’ll need if you decide to go that route. But you’re not limited to a fine arts curriculum if you later discover that anthropology is your true love.

A general studies degree gives you the credentials to enter the work force at a professional level. General studies graduates also find it easier and faster to upgrade their skills by taking online college classes while employed. If your organization needs more people with a particular skill set, you have the prerequisites to be the first one to sign up for the course.

Online Associate Degrees in General Studies

Because it’s considered a gateway degree, general studies is not offered as a master’s or doctorate degree. In two years or less, an associate degree in general studies lays the foundation for future career and educational advancement. You may already be employed or seeking employment in adult education, business, or human services. The general studies curriculum will allow you to explore a sampling of several disciplines such as humanities, psychology, sociology, philosophy, history, and mathematics. You’ll learn how to research and analyze vital information, as well as how to examine the underlying rules and reasons why countries, cultures and companies follow specific patterns. General studies and interdisciplinary studies degrees at the associate level offer a solid general-education foundation that allows you to plan your degree according to your future goals.

Browse associate degree programs in general studies.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in General Studies

An online Bachelor of Science in General Studies–often used as a degree completion program–also allows you to choose a concentration that meets your professional and personal goals. It’s designed to allow you to finish at your own pace, so you can accelerate your program to finish sooner, or take your time and graduate when it is convenient for you.

Browse bachelor’s degree programs in general studies.

What Can You Do With a College Degree in General Studies ?

A general studies degree is a good introduction into the business world. It’s appreciated by employers for positions in which specific skills are not required–just good judgment, critical thinking and analytical skills, and communication skills. Entry-level positions in administrative support, project management, and materials processing are open to a generalist graduate, and many more opportunities exist depending on your chosen electives and previous experience. By remaining adaptable and ready to learn new areas of expertise, you can keep your career options wide open.

Working adults wishing to advance their careers often find that a general studies degree puts them in line for management consideration or helps them to move into more challenging positions. If you want to get your general studies degree without taking time off from work, consider taking your college courses online and studying when it’s convenient for you.

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Britannia Hotels is the worst chain in UK, satisfaction survey finds #lowest #hotel #prices

#brittania hotels


Britannia Hotels is the worst chain in UK , satisfaction survey finds

John Cleese as Basil Fawlty, whose hotel is a byword for poor service BBC

With “rundown” hotels that are “well past their best-by-dates”, Britannia Hotels’ accommodation is said to be more Fawlty Towers than first class.

Now, the hotel group, used by the Home Office to house asylum seekers, has been rated the worst hotel chain in the UK for the second year in a row by the consumers’ association magazine Which?

Ranked last out of 29 chains, Britannia Hotels was awarded just one star – the lowest possible rating – for categories including bedrooms, cleanliness and whether the description of the hotel matched reality.

The Which UK hotel satisfaction survey, based on 5,888 member-experiences, ranked each chain according to an overall customer score based on categories such as customer service, food and value for money. Britannia Hotels, which fared poorly in all categories, achieved 33 per cent for its overall score – 3 per cent lower than in 2013, when it was also bottom of the poll.

The Britannia group, owned by businessman Alex Langsam, has previously acknowledged its problems and plans to “improve the standard” of its hotels, which include the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, Bosworth Hall Hotel in Warwickshire, The Grand in Scarborough, the Royal Albion Hotel in Brighton and the Russ Hill Hotel in Surrey.

The Roundhouse Hotel and Heathlands Hotel in Bournemouth and The Grand Burstin Hotel in Kent have been used by the Home Office to temporarily house more than 280 asylum seekers this year due to “overcrowding” at London’s detention centres. The group was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Premier Inn and Travelodge are the most used chains according to the survey, together accounting for more than half of all hotel stays. Premier Inn, visited by 668 members, gained four stars across the board, and an 81 per cent customer satisfaction score. The UK’s largest hotel brand came second only to Sofitel, which was awarded five stars in nearly every category and an 83 per cent customer rating.

Travelodge achieved a 60 per cent overall customer score, improving by 10 per cent since last year. The chain was placed in the bottom three in both 2012 and 2013, but has since invested £57m.

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Medical Assistant Frequently Asked Questions #medical #assistant #faqs, #medical #assistant #program, #frequently #asked #questions #about #medical #assistants, #how #much #do #medical #assistants #make, #what #is #a #medical #assistant, #everest


FAQs About Medical Assistants

Here are several of the most frequently asked questions about Medical Assistant career training at Everest:

Q. How do I prepare for the Certified Medical Assistant test?

A. A variety of national and regional certified medical assistant (CMA)/ Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) test organizations exist, and many require the school to be accredited. At Everest, all of our schools are institutionally accredited while many of our Medical Assistant programs are programmatically accredited by either CAAHEP or ABHES approved. If a graduate wishes to become a CMA or a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), such as through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) with CAAHEP or ABHES or American Medical Technologists (AMT), the program must be CAAHEP or ABHES approved accredited in order for the graduate to take the test. Check with your local campus Admission Representative for more information as to which test your school’s program accreditation allows.

Q. How long does the medical assistant program take to complete?

A. The medical assistant program can be completed in under a year. Programs may vary by campus.

Q. What type of career can I expect?

A. Outpatient care centers and doctors’ offices are just a few of the venues where you can pursue entry-level employment. Your own hard work, attitude and experience will also play an important role in future employment opportunities.

Q. How comprehensive is the school’s support system?

A. Very. Everest is there every step of the way in helping students make the adjustment in pursuing a higher education.

Q. Will the school I choose help me find employment?

A. Everest is dedicated to helping you find employment in your field of choice. While employment is never guaranteed, Everest is committed in helping you make the best presentation possible with respect to your interviewing skills and cover letter and resume effectiveness.

Q. Is the school I wish to attend respected by the Industry?

A. Everest is accredited. This means programs and teaching facilities have been approved by the industry professionals who set the rules.

Q. What can I do with a diploma in medical assisting?

A. An Everest medical assistant diploma means you’ve met the training standards that qualify you to pursue entry-level employment in your field.

Q. What is a medical assistant and what exactly does one do?

A. Medical assistants help health care professionals by attending patients and providing front or back end office support. Contact a school representative to find out about additional career possibilities.

Q. How much do medical assistants make?

A. Medical assistant salaries or wages may vary depending on location, experience and work ethic. An Everest representative can be of help in providing more information.

We know you may have a lot more questions, please contact us by calling or filling out our contact form. We will occasionally update this page with more questions and answers as we get more of your questions!

2017 Zenith Education Group, Inc.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at .

9 cloud development platforms on the rise #what #is #cloud #platform


9 cloud development platforms on the rise

Cloud development platforms on the rise

Thanks to a growing group of PaaS (platform as a service) providers, cloud computing is becoming more prominent as a mechanism for developers to seamlessly deploy applications. Whereas IaaS providers offer bare compute cycles and SaaS providers offer access to such apps as CRM online, PaaS offerings provide turnkey services for developers to get their apps up and running quickly, no infrastructure concerns needed.

Offered as a service, PaaS runs the gamut from development tools to middleware to database software to any “application platform” functionality that developers might require to construct applications. Developers looking to cash in on this trend would do well to experiment with the following nine PaaS offerings.

Microsoft Windows Azure

Windows Azure lets developers deploy applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers, offering a 99.5 percent uptime SLA. Applications can be developed via technologies like, PHP, and Node.js. Developers can also host Apache Tomcat servers and JVMs via worker roles, while an Azure SDK for Java enables Java development. Microsoft recently added a video delivery service, Windows Azure Media Services, to its Azure arsenal. Azure also features SQL Azure database services, as well as services for storage, business analytics, caching, identity secure messaging, and content delivery. The Windows Azure HPC Scheduler eases development of compute-intensive parallel applications. Also, developers can list Windows Azure applications on the Windows Azure Marketplace.

Google App Engine

Google App Engine enables developers to run Web apps on Google’s infrastructure. It features dynamic Web serving; persistent storage with queries, sorting, and transactions; and automatic scaling and load balancing. It supports Java and languages using a JVM-based interpreter or compiler, as well as Python and Google’s Go. The dev environment enables developers to simulate App Engine on local machines. Applications run in a secure sandbox with limited access to the underlying OS, and Web requests can be distributed across multiple servers. For storing data, App Engine Datastore offers a NoSQL schema-less object datastore, the Google Cloud SQL relational SQL database service, and Google Cloud Storage, for storing objects and files up to terabytes in size. App Engine features APIs for authenticating users.

VMware Cloud Foundry

EMC VMware has positioned its open source Cloud Foundry as Linux for the cloud, providing a level of application portability across clouds. According to VMware, Cloud Foundry does not lock developers into a single framework, a single set of application services, or a single cloud. Cloud Foundry is available via public instances and private distributions. It features, a hosted environment;, for collaborating and contributing to the project; and Micro Cloud Foundry, a VM version of Cloud Foundry to run on a Mac or PC. supports development in Spring Java, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and other JVM languages. Also supported via partners on are PHP, Python. Net, and others. from is billed as a platform for social enterprise applications. Developers can build applications with social and mobile functionality, business processes, reporting, and search. Data is backed up automatically, and applications run in’s data center. A technology stack is provided covering database, security, workflow, and UI. supports the Apex programming language, with developers able to write database triggers and program controllers in the UI layer. Apex syntax will be familiar to Java and C# developers, with features like classes, constants, and annotations, says.

Acquired by Salesforce in late 2010, Heroku supports Ruby, Node.js, Clojure, Java, Python, and Scala development. Heroku leverages “dynos” — processes of any type running on the platform, such as Web or worker processes. Dynos are isolated in their own container for security and resource guarantees; they also feature elasticity, routing, and process management. Dyno distribution is done via a dyno manifold execution environment. Heroku Web scaling offers instant spin-up, infinite capacity, and scaling for each component of an app, according to Heroku documentation. Git is the primary means for deploying apps to Heroku, and apps can use relational database services, including Heroku’s Postgres offering and MySQL from Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Elastic Beanstalk

Elastic Beanstalk provides a way to deploy and manage applications on the Amazon Web Services cloud. AWS services, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, and Auto Scaling, are used as infrastructure, and PHP and Java programming are supported. The platform is built with such software stacks as Apache HTTP Server for PHP and Apache Tomcat for Java. Developers retain control over AWS resources and can deploy new application versions to running environments or roll back to a previous version. CloudWatch provides monitoring metrics, such as CPU utilization, request count, and average latency. To deploy apps to AWS via Elastic Beanstalk, developers can use the AWS management console, Git, or an IDE like Eclipse.

Engine Yard Cloud

Engine Yard features a Ruby on Rails technology stack, including Web, application, and database servers. Also featured is a Rails-optimized Linux distribution. Components are monitored for security vulnerabilities, and apps range from small-scale Web applications to large enterprise applications that run on high-availability clusters. Developers can import applications from Git and are provided with a dedicated environment that can be customized. Capacity management is featured along with self-service provisioning. Resource use is tracked, and developers are alerted when additional capacity is needed. The Engine Yard dashboard enables developers to configure environment, application deployment, and monitoring.

Engine Yard Orchestra

Built on Amazon Web Services, Engine Yard Orchestra is for deploying PHP apps to the cloud. Developers can build applications with popular PHP frameworks and deploy from Git or Subversion. Applications can also be deployed with built-in content management systems, such as Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. The core platform is built on PHP 5.3 and the Nginx Web server. Applications automatically scale with traffic and resource usage. A load balancer distributes loads across available instances, and an HTTP caching-mesh capability enables faster loading and response time. The platform is good for running APIs, Web services, and mobile and Facebook apps alike, according to Engine Yard.

CumuLogic is geared toward Java developers. It features a platform for running apps and migrating them to the cloud. Enterprises can build private PaaS clouds within their data centers, or they can use CumuLogic to build public cloud offerings. A virtualized environment or IaaS can be transformed into an application platform with monitoring, self-healing, and management capabilities. Developers can deploy mobile, HTML5, Web, or enterprise applications, and they can use IDEs like Eclipse or NetBeans, while CumuLogic provides a management layer for deployment and management of applications. CumuLogic is designed to enable devops personnel to better collaborate.

Access Shared Network Folder – Stack Overflow #the #network #folder #specified #is #currently #mapped


I need to access via VBA a folder hosted on a Network File Server. The folder is accessible in writing only via a Service Account (different from normal user accounts) for which I do have username and password.

Via the UI I can see that folder and map it as a local drive but in order to access it in writing I need to log off from Windows and logon via the Service Account.

Is there any way to access the network folder during a normal user session but hardcoding username and pwd in the VBA code?

I did try mapping the folder as local drive with:

but did not work (“S” drive was not mapped). If instead I do the same but without providing Username and password:

it works perfectly.

Wondering now if what I am trying to do is actually possible? If not, is there any alternative?

asked Dec 2 ’14 at 11:24

1 Answer

You might find this answer of value in your testing.

Essentially, I would check a couple things.

Make sure you are not already connected to this resource using the current logged in user. If you are, you might get an error message like the following:

Make sure you are using the domain\username syntax in your username.

Otherwise I think you are the right track. I put together some sample code based on the link above, and was able to successfully connect to a network share under a different user name and iterate through a list of files.

(Note the tip that you don’t actually have to map a drive to establish a connection.)

The following code is a really quick (working) VBA implementation of the sample listed at Access network share from within VBScript eg FileSystemObject

Great stuff, thanks! As I am currently working from home I could only try your code via VPN and did not work (returned a wrong username or password error).Tried with and without domain in the username. I was also able to reproduce your error above (multiple connections) by opening the target folder in via Explorer. I need now to test when back in office but this sounds overall good to me and must work. If you believe there is something else I can try just let me know otherwise let s talk on Monday! cfugge Dec 17 ’14 at 17:30

This worked perfectly for me. Many thanks for a so clean piece of coding. cfugge Dec 22 ’14 at 13:37

Your Answer

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Imperial Whitetail Fusion – Food Plot Seeds – Deer Food Plots – Whitetail Institute #what #is #heat #of #fusion


Fusion (Perennial)

Showing reviews 1-5 of 26 | Next


Posted by Walter-TN on 18th Apr 2017

Planted Fusion last spring and went through our best hunting season ever this past fall. The plot developed well and we wish we had planted more. We all filled our tags and three of the four were killed in the Fusion field. 144 , 151 and a 166 monster. Thanks and we ve converted two more plots to Fusion this spring.

Fusion madness!

Posted by Unknown on 16th Apr 2017

Planted how recommended by Whitetail institute coming in nicely. Let you know later how its doing. Thanks!


Posted by Taylor-TN on 7th Mar 2017

I planted your Fusion last spring. Sorry for the delay in putting together my comments. The plot did great and made it through a couple dry periods last summer. Great hunting season. My father and I killed 2 nice bucks standing in the Fusion plot. Thanks for your efforts to make our property more attractive to the deer. Our sightings have doubled since we started using Whitetail Institute products.


Posted by Sawyer B.-MO on 18th Feb 2017

Best food plots I ve ever had stared with soil tests and Whitetail Institute seed.

Giant Maine Buck 236 lb full dress

Posted by Kevin on 3rd Feb 2017

I can t believe what happened opening day of 2016 Maine deer season. I had 5 different bucks feeding since early August. 2 giants ( in Maine it s a 200 lb+ we all want) a wide 8 and a tall ten. 1.5 hours hunting and I take the 10 point 40 yards from my small fusion plot (1/4 ac) I had two small plots planted with fusion. I m now going to go all out and get much more in plots planted. I ran out of food. Looking to take the wide 8 point as my first bow kill. He will be a 250lb deer in 2017. We don t see lots of deer in Maine. I had them like no one else! Fusion magic. Plant it and they will come.

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Usb flash drive write protected cannot format #usb #drive #is #write #protected


Usb flash drive write protected cannot format

Only solution that worked for me is :

CMD – Attrib -h -r -s /s /d G:/*.* (use your drive letter instead of G)

I have HP-16 GB Flash Drive and for last 3 days trying different methods to Format it like:
1. Regedit — HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageDevicePolicies. Change the value for the key “WriteProtect” to 0
2. Through MS DOS in the Computer Startup.
3. Through Disk Management.
4. HP USB Drive Format Tool.
5. and now the solution you posted. but still got no luck .

every time it gives the same error “The Disk is Write Protected”

Thanks in advance.

i had the same problem and i downloaded hirens boot cd 10.2,boot up with the cd with the usb plugged in, selected partition tool, smart fdisk the deleted the partition,pressed enter to save the changes,then took out the usb put it in a pc then right clicked computer went to manage then disk management then created a new simple partition:)

hope that helps

I have this same problem and I have tried all the solutions that you had listed so I downloaded the utilities that you had said if the others didn’t work. The problem is i cant get the program (AlcorMP_AU698x_RT_v1.0.0.14_L0117) to recognize my usb drive. I’m not sure how to use the program. Can you help guide me onto how to use it.
Here is what the Chip Genius program listed on my USB drive:
Description: [E:]USB Mass Storage Device(Kingston DataTraveler 2.0)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 2.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 200mA

USB Device ID: VID = 0930 PID = 6545
Serial Number: 001CC0EC3450ED3167140119

Device Vendor: Kingston
Device Name: DataTraveler 2.0
Device Revision: 0100

Manufacturer: Kingston
Product Model: DataTraveler 2.0
Product Revision: PMAP

Chip Vendor: Phison
Chip Part-Number: PS2251-61(PS2261) – F/W 05.09.53 [2011-11-02]
Flash ID Code: 983A9992 – Toshiba [TLC]

I appreciate the help


Yeah thats my problem, I cannot get the write protection off the usb drive. I have tried all the steps outlined by user “Samy Youssef” and he had mentioned after completing all steps and if your usb drive is still write protected he said to re-flash it with manufactures flash utility. I have downloaded it but I’m not for sure how to use it.

i appreciate any help at all I hate to lose this usb drive, i think its still good if i can get the write protection removed


When I searched my flash drive’s (flash drive is pqi) PID and VID, it didn’t have anything under the UTILS column so I searched the chip part number instead (that seemed to be the most unique among all the info provided by Chip Genius). Found a utility by the chip vendor, had to run it a couple of times, but it got the job done! Thanks Samy!

I am also having the same problem and tried the solution you said but i could not find the software to repair my flash derive.Please help

Hello guys
I have a problem with Flash Memory Type Transend a write-

protect incurable have you remove the data from the chip

Geniua did not show where the chip Number Unknown. When

using the Alcor program this error appears (get

chip number fail) Please help and thank you

with windows 7 I get this from time to time I just stick the pen drive in my Linux rig and format it to fat32 and they work fine back in the windows 7

I did see guys say that can work with xp as well I think these a bug in 7 [maybe 8 -8.1??] that causes this but formatting them in Linux seems to fix that issue for me.

PLEASE pay attention. This works. Open your start menu, in the search bar type disk mana (and it should autofill to the right one) which is to create / format etc. Once here, it lists all your drives. Find your USB drive, you’ll note on the left it says ‘READ ONLY’. Right click it. Tell it to go offline. Wait for that to process. Right click it again, bring the drive back online. And it’s fixed. Thank me, by replying and letting others know that this is the correct and only fix you need.

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