The CPS makes a major contribution towards improving effectiveness and efficiency of

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Working Together

The Criminal Justice System involves many agencies working together to ensure that our country is a safe place to live. These agencies include the Police, The Crown Prosecution Service, Prison Service, Probation Service, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts and many others. For more information about the Criminal Justice System visit the GOV.UK website’s Crime and Justice page .

The Criminal Justice System

The CPS works in partnership with the police, courts, the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice and other agencies throughout the Criminal Justice System.

For comprehensive information about the Criminal Justice System (CJS) please visit the GOV.UK website’s Crime and Justice page .

Others in the Criminal Justice System

The Law Officers

The Attorney General fulfils the role of chief legal adviser to the government and superintends the principal prosecuting authorities within England and Wales. These are the Crown Prosecution Service and the Serious Fraud Office. The Attorney General also has overall responsibility for the Treasury Solicitor’s Department, the National Fraud Authority and Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate, and fulfils a number of independent public interest functions. The Attorney General for England and Wales also holds the office of Advocate General for Northern Ireland. For more information about the Law Officers go to .

The Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice has responsibility for different parts of the justice system – the courts, prisons, probation services and attendance centres. Its work spans criminal, civil and family justice, democracy, rights and the constitution. For more information about the Ministry of Justice, go to

The Home Office

The Home Office is the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, counter-terrorism and police. For more information about the Home Office go to .

The Serious Fraud Office

The Serious Fraud Office prosecutes serious or complex fraud, and corruption. For more information about the Serious Fraud Office go to .

The Courts

Provide administration of the civil, family and criminal courts in England and Wales.

Advocates representing the CPS prosecute the majority of the criminal cases that are heard within the magistrates’ courts and the Crown Courts. Magistrates’ courts deal with the less serious criminal offences. Youth courts are special magistrates’ courts which deal with all but the most serious charges against people aged between 10 (the age of criminal responsibility) and under 18. Crown Courts deal with the most serious offences, which are triable by judge and jury. For more information about the courts go to .

The Police

There are 43 police forces across England and Wales responsible for the investigation of crime, collection of evidence and the arrest or detention of suspected offenders. Once a suspect is held, in minor cases the police decide whether to caution them, take no further action, issue a fixed penalty notice or refer to the CPS for a conditional caution, or in the more serious cases, send the papers to the CPS to decide upon prosecution. For more information, go to your local police force website through the Police Services Portal at .

The National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

The National Offender Management Service provides administration of correctional services in England and Wales through Her Majesty’s Prison Service and the Probation Service. Prison and probation services ensure the sentences of the courts are properly carried out and work with offenders to tackle the causes of their offending behaviour – .

Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate (HMCPSI)

HMCPSI is an independent organisation that inspects and reports on the operations of The Crown Prosecution Service. For more information go to .

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Credit Abuse and Resistance Education CARE

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Bankruptcy Blog

Financial Tips After Filing Chapter 7 08/28/17

Learn about some helpful hints on how to begin rebuilding your credit after filing Bankruptcy!

“Wake Up To A Fresh Start, Debt Free” book written by our very own Julie O’Bryan 10/11/16

The O’Bryan Law Offices staff is excited to announce that Julie’s new book, “Wake Up To A Fresh Start, Debt Free” is on it’s way!

James R #criminal #law, #dwi, #parole, #traffic, #houston, #texas, #attorney, #parole #revocation,

I have recently been honored as one of Houston s Top Lawyers for 2014 in H Texas Magazine. I humbly thank my fellow attorneys and H Texas Magazine for this recognition. It is nice to receive appreciation for my work in representing clients in the courts and before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Again, I want to thank everyone involved for this honor.

(Versión en Español) March, 2017 RUMORS: Once again, the rumor-mongers of TDCJ are waging their campaign that the Legislature has changed a law. Once again, I am informing the inmate population: The Texas Legislature does meet this year, but no one will know whether there will be any new laws affecting the inmate population until at least June 2017. Just because a Bill (a suggestion by one of the Legislatures for a.

Parole in Texas is rather unique. If a family member or loved one has been placed in prison in the state of Texas you should forget about everything you have seen on television. In Texas the parole board members very seldom interview an inmate personally, the inmate is never brought before the parole board to meet and answer questions put to him by the parole board members. A parole package (an evidentiary.

I am often asked by family members, loved ones, and inmates what type of cases I accept and how successful I have been in representing inmates before the parole board. I have attempted to take a cross-section of the numerous letters I have written to inmate/clients over the approximately 25 years I have argued cases to the parole board informing my clients of the parole board decision in their case. I have.

Houston Top Lawyer Award I have recently been honored as one of Houston s Top Lawyers for 2014 in H Texas Magazine. I humbly thank my fellow. News (Versión en Español) March, 2017 RUMORS: Once again, the rumor-mongers of TDCJ are waging their campaign that the Legislature. Paroles Parole in Texas is rather unique. If a family member or loved one has been placed in prison in the state of Texas you should. Parole Wins I am often asked by family members, loved ones, and inmates what type of cases I accept and how successful I have been in.

Pardon the Disruption: The Future You Never Saw Coming.

Pardon The Disruption high-lights the exponential advances in technology that have disrupted the legal system and the economy over time but those changes will pale in comparison to what is about to occur!

James Randall Smith Noted for Background in Criminal Justice Law by Worldwide Registry.

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I just wanted to thank you for the Texas Parole webpage! Having worked for TDCJ for 17 total years and with the Institutional Parole Division for 6 of those years, I can honestly say you did a good job addressing the many questions offenders and families ask!

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Pasadena Criminal Attorneys

Pasadena Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Pasadena Police Department any other law enforcement agencies in the San Gabriel Valley generate thousands of arrests each year. These cases are sent to the Pasadena Courthouse at 300 East Walnut Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101 for prosecution. This court is considered a hub and the Los Angeles County District Attorney s Office maintains a Branch Office at the Pasadena Courthouse. In addition, the Pasadena City Attorney s Office is responsible for prosecuting misdemeanor offenses which occur within the City of Pasadena.

Anyone arrested for a crime in Pasadena should consult with an experienced and respected Pasadena criminal defense attorney immediately. The following are some of the more common criminal offenses prosecuted in the Pasadena region.

Theft Offenses in Pasadena

Pasadena is home to many high-end retail establishments and as a result there are numerous arrests and prosecutions for theft offenses. including shoplifting, that are litigated at the Pasadena Courthouse. These theft offenses can either be felonies or misdemeanors, depending on the extent of the theft and the defendant s criminal history. Those who are arrested for theft will often be cited for an arraignment date at the Pasadena Courthouse. It is very important to contact a criminal defense attorney experienced in handling Pasadena cases right away if you receive a citation for theft.

Pasadena Domestic Violence

Domestic violence arrests are also very common in the Pasadena area. Law enforcement take these crimes seriously and will pursue criminal charges against those arrested. In many cases, the alleged victim has no interest in pressing charges, however the prosecutor can, and often will, pursue criminal charges even without the cooperation of the victim. It is absolutely critical to meet with a qualified criminal defense attorney as soon as possible, as the early intervention before a case has been sent to the prosecutor can result in charges being rejected or reduced significantly. In addition to domestic violence involving those who are married or in romantic relationships, domestic violence offense also include elder abuse and certain other assault and battery cases. These are often considered domestic violence crimes and those convicted may be subject to mandatory sentencing provisions.

Pasadena White Collar Offenses

White collar crimes can include a number of different criminal offenses, including grand theft, embezzlement, credit card fraud, computer crime, mortgage fraud, identity theft and many more. The loss suffered by a victim does not have to be extensive for an offense to be considered a white collar crime, however the extent of financial damages can often steep. Prosecutors and law enforcement officers take these crimes very seriously as they often involve taking advantage of a position of trust or feature a high degree of criminal sophistication. These cases often involve complex legal issues and extensive amounts of evidentiary material and anyone who has been charged with a white collar crime or who believes they may be under investigation for this type of offense should speak with an attorney experienced in handling complex criminal matters immediately.

Drug Crime in Pasadena

Every week, law enforcement officers in Pasadena conduct arrests for a wide variety of drug crimes. including possession, production, drug sales and possession for sale. These can be very serious charges and anyone facing drug charges in Pasadena should speak with an attorney right away.

If you or someone you know have been arrested for a criminal offense in Pasadena, it is imperative that you discuss your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Michael Kraut is a former Deputy District Attorney with over 14 years of prosecutorial experience who previously was a Senior Trial Attorney in the Pasadena Branch Office. Mr. Kraut is highly respected by judges, prosecutors and law enforcement officers in the Pasadena area for his in depth understanding of law and procedure and his unmatched skills as a criminal litigator.

For more information about Pasadena criminal defense, and to schedule your free consultation, contact Michael Kraut at the Kraut Law Group located at 790 East Colorado Boulevard, 9th Floor, Pasadena, CA 91101. Mr. Kraut can be reached 24/7 at 888-334-6344 or 626-345-1899.

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Trespassing Basics

Trespassing is a legal term that can refer to a wide variety of offenses against a person or against property. Trespassing as it relates to real estate law means entering onto land without consent of the landowner. There are both criminal and civil trespass laws. Criminal trespass law is enforced by police, sheriffs, or park rangers. Civil trespass requires that the landowner initiate a private enforcement action in court to collect any damages for which the trespasser may be responsible (regardless of whether a crime has been committed).

Intent and Knowledge Requirements

Traditionally, for either type of trespass — criminal or civil — some level of intent is required. Thus, the trespasser must not simply unwittingly traverse another’s land but must knowingly go onto the property without permission. Knowledge may be inferred when the owner tells the trespasser not to go on the land, when the land is fenced, or when a no trespassing sign is posted. A trespasser would probably not be prosecuted if the land was open, the trespasser’s conduct did not substantially interfere with the owner’s use of the property, and the trespasser left immediately on request.

The landowner may indicate — verbally or in writing — permission to enter onto the land.

The existence of consent may be implied from the landowner’s conduct, from custom, or from the circumstances. Consent may be implied if the landowner was unavailable to give consent, and immediate action is necessary to save a life or prevent a serious injury.

Homeowner Liability: What if a Trespasser Gets Hurt?

As bizarre as this may sound, there are some limited protections for trespassers if they get injured while in the act, so to speak. Homeowners can typically be liable to trespassers if they willfully injured the person or knew or should have known about the presence of frequent trespassers and kept an unsafe condition.

What does all this mean? Well, let’s say you, as a homeowner, set up a booby trap for a trespasser that sets off a shotgun if someone triggers a wire. Now let’s say that happens and it causes severe injuries to the trespasser. While this might seem unjust to some, you may be a liable for the injuries the trespasser sustains. More examples include booby traps, trip wires, bear traps, bamboo tiger pits, and other devices.

What are some things you can legally do? For one, if you are concerned about trespassers coming onto your land, start with a Private Property or No Trespassing sign in a visible place. Not only does it put the trespassers on notice, it conveys your intent to keep your land to yourself and not as a make-shift easement for others. Next, you should consider installing video cameras in the traveled area. The presence of the camera itself can be a deterrent to some. Be sure you are up-to-date on your state’s laws regarding videotaping or filming before installing a camera. You can do this by speaking with a local attorney.

Trespassing Basics: Additional Resources

Get a Free Real Estate Attorney Match for Your Trespassing-Related Needs

If you think someone is entering your property unlawfully, it will help to get an understanding of trespassing law and the various exceptions. A real estate attorney will be able to apply the law to your particular situation. Get a head start today with a free attorney match .

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San Jose Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Santa Clara County, Monterey County, San Francisco Bay Area, the Central Valley, and Throughout California

A serious injury or the loss of a loved one can dramatically derail anyone’s life. When the injury or death is caused by negligence or recklessness, it is essential to hire a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney to fight for your rights and ensure you are properly compensated for all of your damages.

At the San Jose personal injury law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, L.L.P.. our attorneys have a reputation for successfully holding insurance companies and negligent parties accountable for our clients’ injuries and losses.

Experienced Personal Injury Representation in San Jose, California

From medical bills to lost wages to pain and suffering, those who have been injured in an accident caused by negligence or intentional wrongdoing are entitled to fair compensation under California law. Unfortunately, insurance companies and big corporations do not willingly provide full compensation to injured parties. They must be compelled to do so. Our attorneys are experienced negotiators and litigators dedicated to aggressively advocating for our clients’ rights. We handle a wide variety of personal injury cases involving serious injuries and wrongful death. including:

Pursuing Maximum Compensation for Serious Injuries and Deaths in California

Cases involving serious injuries and deaths require legal representation from attorneys who are skilled and experienced in personal injury law and have the necessary resources to build an effective case for maximum compensation. With six attorneys and an experienced support staff, our firm has the capability to handle even the most complicated personal injury claims. We know what is at stake for our clients, and we go the extra mile to protect your interests and achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

To learn more about how we can assist you in getting the compensation you deserve for your accident, contact us at 408-289-1417 to schedule a free consultation. One of our experienced attorneys will meet with you to discuss your case and your legal options. Our firm handles cases throughout Santa Clara County and Monterey County including San Francisco Bay Area, Central Valley, San Jose, Santa Cruz, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Monterey, Carmel and the surrounding areas of Northern California.

More About Us

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Trust, experience, success, results – Expect more

Mike Slocumb created his law firm for one simple reason – to get accident victims the money they deserve. That goal remains the same. That’s what drives him and everyone at his firm to work hard every single day. Remember, you didn’t do anything wrong. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s mistakes. Your case is about more than just money. It’s about justice, about holding people responsible for their reckless behavior.

Over $200 Million in Recoveries
and Growing

Car Accident Victim Recovery

Product Liability Wrongful Death

Tractor Trailer Accident

Tractor Trailer Wrongful Death

Free Case Evaluation

Cases We Handle

We specialize in all types of personal injury accidents, including:

In some cases, accidents result in death. If a loved one died in one, we can help. We can file a wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf. We can explore other legal options.

Primary Locations

We think big at Slocumb Law Firm. We handle big court cases all over the country. From Alabama to Washington, DC, Baltimore to Detroit, our lawyers work in your community and tackle tough cases every day. When you contact us, you get a real lawyer who handles real legal problems. And even if another attorney told you that you don’t have a case, don’t be so sure. Contact Slocumb Law and watch Mike work his magic on your case.


With offices in Auburn and Mobile, we handle tough cases throughout Alabama. We want to hear from you if you were injured or lost a loved one anywhere in the Yellowhammer State. The Alabama Hammer, Mike Slocumb, is the attorney people turn to for help when they’ve been seriously injured through no fault of their own. Contact Slocumb Law and watch Mike work his magic on your case.

Washington, DC

From car and truck accidents on the beltway to workplace injuries and other personal injury cases, Slocumb Law Firm offers clients in the Capital region aggressive representation. We welcome you to contact our Washington, D.C. office today for a free consultation. We will take a tough stand on your behalf. Our lawyers work in your community and tackle tough cases every day.


Slocumb Law Firm’s Baltimore office is staffed by top attorneys who know what’s required to get results. We provide personal attention for people facing a wide range of challenges in Maryland. Whether you were injured in a car crash or harmed by a doctor’s negligence, you can depend on us to be with you every step of the way. When you contact us, you’ll get a real lawyer who handles real legal problems.


Were you injured in the Motor City? Slocumb Law Firm is building a strong reputation in Detroit as the go-to personal injury law firm. Our office is conveniently located in Troy, one of Detroit’s northern suburbs. If you can’t make it to our office, we can come to you – wherever you’re located. And even if another attorney told you that you don’t have a case, don’t be so sure. Choose the experienced legal professionals who know how to win.

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DUI Law in Ambler, PA

The Charges of driving under the influence can devastate a person s life. Knapp Law in Ambler, PA, we d like to help you mitigate those consequences. We focus on DUI law and handle cases involving driving under the influence of alcohol as well as banned and illegal substances. Our law firm represents clients who are first-time offenders as well as those who have prior convictions.

Every DUI-related case is different, and we work hard to research your situation and personalize our services to your individual circumstances. In some cases, we can force the law enforcement to prove their case against our client. Other times, we can negotiate lesser charges and penalties. We will explore all possible defenses and strive to lessen or eliminate:

  • Post-trial driving license restrictions
  • Driving record violations
  • Financial penalties
  • Jail time and community service

Knapp Law represents clients throughout the Greater Ambler area in DUI law matters. Call our office today with any questions or to schedule a meeting with an experienced DUI attorney.

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Experienced Attorneys Serving the North/Northwest Chicago Suburbs

At Lois Kulinsky Associates, Ltd. you will find lawyers who have been providing skilled representation to people throughout Illinois for more than 45 years combined. We have helped thousands of people get positive outcomes in practice areas that include family law, estate planning, disabled estates, guardianships, probate and business law.

“Excellent attorney and caring person. Very professional and informed. Actually returns phone calls! Highly recommended!” — S. Lindstrom, Palatine, Illinois. Read more testimonials.

We have earned the trust and respect of the people we serve, as well as from the legal community itself. In fact, a significant portion of our clients is referred to us by members of the legal community, including attorneys and judges. These people have seen our integrity in action in the courtrooms of Illinois; they know we care about our clients and work hard to get a positive outcome in every case we handle.

We charge affordable rates and maximize every dollar by working as a team on each case. Installment plans are available, and we accept credit cards. Contact us online or call 847-459-4448 (Wheeling office), (Buffalo Grove Office) or 847-281-0200 (Libertyville office) to set up a free half-hour initial consultation with our experienced family law attorneys.

Communication Is Key

The hallmark of our practice is communication. By communicating frequently with our clients, we make sure that their needs are being met and that they feel secure in what we are doing for them. We pledge that we will:

  • Send monthly statements to you, with all expenses carefully itemized (this is above and beyond the quarterly statements required by law in family law cases)
  • Return all of your calls and emails quickly
  • Get your approval for every action we take
  • Keep you informed about all developments in your case

Even if you do not become one of our clients, we can provide you with information to help you through your legal issues.

See our Articles page to read articles written by our attorneys.

Contact Us Now for a Free, Half-Hour Initial Consultation

Contact us to speak with one of our attorneys about your legal needs. We focus our practice on the north and northwest suburbs, but we serve clients throughout greater Chicago. Our main office is in Wheeling, and we also have an office in Libertyville and Buffalo Grove for your convenience. We are pleased to provide free, half-hour initial consultations to all new clients.

Case Tried by Lois Kulinsky Sets Precedent in Illinois on Military Survivor Benefit. Read More

Texas – SB4 Immigration Enforcement Law: 5 Things to Know – NBC


Texas SB4 Immigration Enforcement Law: 5 Things to Know

Protesters against SB4 rally outside the Texas Department of Insurance building, where Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has an office in Austin, Texas. Jay Janner / AP

The state of Texas has passed a law that has been described as a ban on “sanctuary” cities, but there is much more to the law that doesn’t get captured by that term.

Opponents say it not only puts immigrants in the cross hairs of law enforcement, but also U.S. citizens, legal residents, public officials and law enforcement officers. The law’s supporters say it is designed to boost public safety by enforcing laws already in place.

The Texas law, which goes into effect in September, follows one passed in Arizona that also tried to use local and state law enforcement to question the immigration status of residents. The Supreme Court gutted the Arizona law and a settlement removed a “show me your papers” provision requiring officers to investigate a person’s immigration status if they had “reasonable suspicion” the person was illegally in the U.S.

The legal fight over the law has already begun, so here are five things to know about the law:

It’s not just police who will enforce immigration

The law enlists city council members, members of county commissions or other local governing bodies, sheriffs, district and city attorneys and even police on the campuses of colleges and universities in the effort. It prohibits them from adopting any policy to prohibit or “materially limit” a corrections officer, commissioned peace officer, booking clerk, magistrate, district attorney, criminal district attorney or other prosecuting attorney from checking into a person’s immigration status and reporting that information to the feds or another local entity.

Government officials or campus police in those positions also can’t stand in the way of federal immigration officers enforcing immigration laws at a local jail.

Officials can be removed for not complying with the law

Some officials have said the law doesn’t mandate that local entities investigate a person’s immigration status, but it permits it.

But the law allows state officials to remove from office any elected or appointed official who prohibits or “materially limits” enforcement or cooperation with immigration federal officials. Uncooperative sheriff, police chief, constable or jail administrators could face Class A misdemeanor charges. Defiance could mean fines of between $1,000 to $1,500 for the first violation and $25,000 to $25,500 for each one after that.

Thomas Saenz, president and general counsel for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF) said the state is treading precarious ground with those provisions. He argues a local official who voices disagreement with the provision could be seen as obstructing police officers from immigration enforcement. The provision may not stand up against First Amendment protections, he said.

But Texas Governor Greg Abbott said the law has “already been tested at the United States Supreme Court and approved there.”

It encourages people to turn in their local government or university officials

The state’s cops, sheriffs and government officials may have to keep looking over their shoulder. Employees of the local governments or colleges and universities can turn in any employer who is not following the law. Then, the attorney general can order compliance or take the entity to court.

Victims and witnesses could be asked about their immigration status

There are protections for crime victims or witnesses from being questioned about immigration status. But the law also provides some exemptions.

Officers can ask the victim or witness about their nationality or immigration status if the officer has “probable cause” to believe the victim or witness committed another crime. (Entering the country without inspection is a misdemeanor, so that would constitute as a crime).

It promises to defend those who are sued for complying with the law

The law says the state attorney general will defend anyone who is sued for complying with the law. The governor says it’s about public safety.

“This bill will help keep dangerous criminals off our streets and protect innocent lives. For every ounce of criticism, there is a pound of praise from Texans who simply want laws to keep them safe,” stated a spokesperson for Abbott.

Civil rights organizations like MALDEF say there is no question there will be litigation. They say public officials and law officers that honor detainers are certain to face Fourth Amendment legal challenges because there often isn’t sufficient cause for local officials to hold someone in detention beyond a release date. There also are certain to be civil rights and racial profiling accusations.

Texas taxpayers will be footing state costs for defending the law and its enforcers.

“It’s an open checkbook and there are going to be lots of suits,” said Saenz. “Why a fiscally conservative governor and legislature would write a check like that is the untold story.”

IMHS Metaphysics Institute – Premier Metaphysical University, Metaphysical Studies, Metaphysics PhD Degrees


I always knew I wanted my degree, but the traditional setup of college was a drag to me and every semester there was always an additional class that was required or an increase in tuition or both. I feel as if this program is designed for people like me who want to expand their thinking and be challenged without feeling dumb or getting into debt. I am extremely grateful for a degree program that allows me to simply think and to be myself. —Britney Bryant, USA

IMHS is Fresh, Innovative, and Contemporary: [ Read More ]

Metaphysics is about more than just the abstract; it is also about a successful life. The abstract will certainly stimulate your thinking and can lead to great spiritual development, but for spiritual development to be effective and meaningful, it must be activated by practical life-skills; powerful everyday tools that will enable you to have better relationships, better communication skills, better critical thinking skills, and more. IMHS gives you both the spiritual development and the practical life-skills you need for a balanced, successful life!

IMHS is Powerful and Cutting-Edge: [ Read More ]

The IMHS curriculum is based on the Life Leadership Paragon TM. an exclusive and elegant model for success that has changed countless lives for the better. It is only taught at our schools. For more than a decade, this model has been carefully crafted and developed into a powerful, cutting-edge system for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. The Life Leadership Paragon TM also serves as the foundation for Life Leadership Coaching TM. a blend of life coaching and transpersonal spiritual counseling which is also only taught at our schools. Students specializing in Holistic Life Coaching or Spiritual Counseling will really appreciate this creative and highly effective approach to helping others!

IMHS Gives You the Training and Skills You Need: [ Read More ]

In addition to spiritual development and practical life-skills, IMHS actually gives students the skills they need to be successful in their chosen areas of specialization (major). Many of our students take additional courses in their areas of interest beyond the ones required for graduation because they have come to know that our courses are comprehensive and beneficial to their personal and professional development. IMHS graduates are well-equipped to go out and make a positive difference in the world!

IMHS is Objective and Grounded: [ Read More ]

Rather than obscure, fringy, and highly esoteric concepts, IMHS approaches metaphysics in an objective, grounded, and real-world manner while still keeping the door open to the great mysteries of consciousness and our Universe. As humanity evolves, many people are leaving the confines of old religious and social notions and seeking new paradigms that focus on the value and worth of the individual. This is why IMHS teaches a human-centered spiritual philosophy which does not surrender one’s power to anyone or anything else. It empowers, encourages, and builds people up. It refreshes the mind, spirit, and soul!

Genuine, Bona-Fide, and Legal Degrees: [ Read More ]

Our degrees are absolutely genuine, legal, and “real.” IMHS is not a diploma mill. Our degrees are non-secular (religiously-based) in nature and require effort on the student’s part. Non-secular degrees are neither better nor worse than traditional degrees; they are simply used for different purposes. Therefore, students can rest assured that the degree they earn is completely legal and “real,” and the title of “Doctor” can be used in front of their names. This applies to nearly every country in the free world–especially countries that protect religious freedom.

Metaphysics for the 21st Century: [ Read More ]

With the many demands of life in this day and age, most adults simply do not have the time to spend several years getting a degree. Nevertheless, many busy adults would like a degree to enhance their lives and careers. Therefore, we have simplified and streamlined our Metaphysics PhD program by offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in an accelerated format that takes less time to complete thus allowing students to begin using their degrees sooner. And the best part is that our degree program provides an excellent learning platform that is concentrated, comprehensive, and affordable. We think you’ll find this 21st Century approach to getting your Metaphysics PhD degree a refreshing change from the past century!

Texas Criminal Laws #texas #criminal #laws, #criminal #law


Texas Criminal Laws

Texas’ criminal statutes identify a wide range of conduct considered illegal, such as theft or murder, made punishable by fines, imprisonment, and other sanctions. Criminal laws and sanctions in Texas are similar to those of other states, but the Lone Star State is unique in a number of ways, such as its tough penalties for drug offenses and frequent use of the death penalty. This section covers a wide variety of Texas criminal laws, including statutes prohibiting child abuse, kidnapping, extortion, and illicit drugs. Speak with a Texas criminal law attorney if you have additional questions or need legal representation.

Learn About Texas Criminal Laws

The basics of assault and battery law under Texas statute. Criminal assault is the threat of violence and criminal battery is the unwanted touching (such as hitting) of another person.

Overview of Texas domestic violence laws, beginning with the legal grounds for charging defendants with the crime, penalties and sentences for offenders, information for victims, and links to related resources.

The main provisions of Texas capital punishment laws, which govern when and how the death penalty may be applied as a punishment for particularly serious crimes, like first degree murder.

Details about the Texas Controlled Substances Act and its prohibition of illicit drug possession, including classifications, defenses to possession charges, penalties for offenders, and links to other drug-related resources.

Despite the popularity of Texas Hold ‘Em, gambling is strictly prohibited in Texas except for dog and horse racing. This page summarizes gambling laws in the Lone Star State.

Basics of Texas sexual assault (or rape) laws, which prohibit the commission of sexual acts against an unwilling partner, often through force or threat of force.

Nashville Criminal Lawyer-Criminal Defense Law Firm in Nashville #nashville, #law, #criminal, #defense,



If you are charged with a crime

If you are being questioned by the police

If you are under criminal investigation


Haymaker Heroux, P.C. is a Nashville, Tennessee based criminal defense law firm practicing in both State and Federal Courts.

Haymaker Heroux is dedicated to providing excellence in the area of criminal defense.

Haymaker Heroux has a team mentality. When the complexities of a case require the efforts of more than one lawyer, Haymaker Heroux will bring its team of lawyers to your defense.

Make no mistake, the prosecution will use every asset available to win a case and has the technical and financial resources of State and Federal law enforcement agencies at its disposal. The legal team of Haymaker Heroux is ready, willing and able stand between you and the Government to protect your liberty and present the best criminal defense for you and your loved ones.

The clients of Haymaker Heroux benefit from the knowledge that they are being represented by criminal defense professionals devoted to providing the best possible defense to persons charged with crimes.

In the criminal context every person has rights which include: the right to counsel, the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, the right to a speedy public trial by jury, the right to not testify against oneself, the right to cross examination, and the right to appeal. Over the years, many of these rights have been reduced or qualified by the Courts. The law is complex, and persons charged with crimes need the best legal representation available to ensure that these and other rights are protected. Haymaker Heroux, P.C. having handled hundreds of criminal cases, brings years of criminal defense experience to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected.

If you or a loved one is charged with a crime, it is imperative that you secure the best legal defense available. Time is of the essence, and valuable legal advantages can be lost by waiting to secure legal representation. Haymaker Heroux is here to help you in your time of need. Contact us so that we may discuss your case. The consultation is free, and if you are unable to afford our services, we will gladly refer you to other legal defense resources.

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Rhode Island Medical Malpractice Attorneys – Lubin – Meyer #medical #malpractice, #law,


New England’s Best Lawyers ® Features Lubin Meyer Attorneys on Cover

“Two Decades of Best Lawyers ,” highlights Lubin Meyer’s leadership on patient safety issues, which has earned the firm recgonition nationwide.

New England’s Best Lawyers

Rhode Island Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Free Case Evaluation: Our trial lawyers and nurses are available to review your case free of charge. Call (800) 866-2889. Strictly confidential. No obligation.

The medical malpractice attorneys at the law firm of Lubin Meyer PC are committed to providing unparalleled legal representation to the victims of medical malpractice and catastrophic personal injury. While our attorneys are chosen and renowned as Boston’s Best medical malpractice and personal injury lawyers, it is important to know that our attorneys represent victims of medical malpractice and personal injury throughout the state of Rhode Island as well.

New England’s Most Experienced Medical Malpractice Law Firm

Lubin Meyer is one of region’s most successful medical malpractice and personal injury law firms representing patients harmed by medical errors. With verdicts and settlements that regulary surpass those of any other law firm in New England, Lubin Meyer remains dedicated to protecting the rights of injured patients and to bringing positive change to health care.

Lubin Meyer’s attorneys have achieved some of the largest verdicts and settlements in Rhode Island for medical malpractice and wrongful death lawsuits. Below are examples of recent significant cases we have successfully litigated in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Medical Malpractice and Personal Injury Settlements

Wrongful death (dram shop ); man killed by drunk driver

Attorneys at Lubin Meyer licensed to practice in Rhode Island are:

Contact a Rhode Island Med Mal Attorney

If you (or a loved one) are the victim of medical malpractice (a medical error, medication error, medical negligence, misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis), involving a Rhode Island physician, hospital or health care provider, please contact one of our malpractice attorneys today to discuss your case.

For a medical malpractice case evaluation at no cost. please contact us by e-mail form or call us toll-free at 800-866-2889 .

Our highly experienced lawyers are here to help you.

Lubin Meyer — Rhode Island’s Leader in Medical Malpractice
and Personal Injury Law

Our RI medical malpractice attorneys are experienced in handling all types of medical malpractice lawsuits, pursuing claims for the victims of medical injuries in Massachusetts. New Hampshire and Rhode Island. Our areas of practice include, but are not limited to:

Birth Injury (Cerebral Palsy /Erb’s Palsy)
Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack
Failure to Diagnose Stroke/Aneurysm
Hospital Errors
Medication Errors
Misdiagnosed Cancer/Delay in Diagnosing Cancer/
Failure to Diagnose Cancer (breast cancer, prostate cancer,
lung cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, uterine/cervical cancer)

Request a Free Case Evaluation

Lubin Meyer can evaluate your case at no charge. Please use the form below, or call us toll-free.

* All fields required.

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Hospice Law, Regulations and federal laws #red #deer #hospice

#hospice regulations



You can rest assured that the Federal and State governments have specific standards of care written into law to protect you and your loved one. Federally recognized hospice care in the United States began with implementation of parts of the Social Security Act (including Sections 1102, 1861 and 1871/42 U.S.C. 1302 and 1395hh and other sections). Regulations governing the conditions under which hospice agencies may participate in the Medicare hospice benefit are spelled out in the US Code of Federal Regulations, hospice regulations originally published in the Federal Register.

Hospices must meet these Conditions of Participation to become licensed and certified by state regulators and to be allowed by the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) to continue to particpate in the Medicare hospice program. Without certification as meeting these standards, hospices cannot receive reimbursement for enrolling patients in their program. Certification does not necessarily mean that a hospice actually will comply with all the standards in any one patient’s case; it simply means that after the last inspection, the regulators decided to certify the hospice as meeting the standards. There are many reasons why state inspectors may not find all violations occurring in any one particular hospice agency’s program of services.

Hospice administrators are extremely aware of what the regulations are, however hospice staff are not always fully informed about all the details of the standards of care. In the case of rogue hospices which choose to consciously violate the standards for their own financial benefit, you can be sure that most of the hospice staff do not really understand all the laws governing hospice (however well-motivated hospice staff may be).

The rogue hospice agencies take a calculated risk when they violate the standards, basically betting that these violations will not be discovered by inspectors, or that even if discovered, they can take actions to avoid being decertified. Their actions clearly show that they believe that they will, in the long run, benefit more financially by violating the standards than by complying with the standards. However, if you are fully informed about your rights, you can protect your loved one and yourself from exploitation and easily require the hospice to provide all the care needed for your loved one.

The Federal law on hospice can be found in any metropolitan public library in the books containing the Code of Federal Regulations (See 42 CFR ch iv. Part 418 which governs hospice). Ask your reference librarian for assistance. Federal laws governing hospice may also be directly found at the U.S. government printing office’s website

State administrative rules governing hospice can be found at our list of state administrative rules governing hospice or by searching at your own state websites. Then look under Administrative Law – Hospice , Administrative Code – Hospice or Regulations – Hospice . or you can search at: p

Cornell University Law Library’s website
You can find links to your State’s laws on healthcare in general and then search on the state website for hospice at this site an excellent resource!

Top Law Schools in California #law #school,school #of #law,law #college,college #of #law,law


List of Law Schools in California

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.S.W.; J.D./Ph.D. History; J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./Ph.D. Political Science; Health Law Masters in Advanced Studies

Student activities: In support of our desire to be what law school ought to be , we offer numerous Student activities. including two law journals; trial, negotiation and appellate teams; and many diverse student organizations which address a variety of legal and social issues. Our competition teams have successfully competed in tournaments throughout the country.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; LL.M. in Taxation Law

Student activities: We have three law journals in which students participate: The Chapman Law Review; NeXus Law Journal; and the Chapman Journal of Criminal Justice. We also have active competition teams at the trial and appellate levels and in skills areas such as negotiations and client counseling. Our Student Bar Association is very active and sponsors numerous student organizations.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./Ph.D.

Student activities: GGU Law has a diverse and enthusiastic student body. Our students have established and maintain over thirty student organizations, which reflect a variety of social and professional interests. GGU students are also members of numerous local and national specialty bar associations. GGU supports three law reviews and legal journals, several moot court competitions and an active student government.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.

Student activities: Loyola Entertainment Law Review, Loyola of Los Angeles International Comparative Law Review, Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review. Scott Moot Court, National Moot Court, ABA Moot Court, Jessup Intl Moot Court, Byrne Trial Advocacy, Rich Patent Moot Court Competition, Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration. More than 30 student organizations reflect its diverse, active student body.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./M.D.R.; J.D./M.P.P.; J.D./M.Div.

Student activities: Four journals: the Law Review, Dispute Resolution Law Journal, Journal of the National Association of Administrative Law Judges, and the Journal for Entrepreneurship and Business Law. We have extensive inter- and intra-school trial and appellate advocacy programs, and numerous and varied student organizations on campus.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.

Student activities: Student-run law journals include the Santa Clara Review, the Computer High Technology Law Journal and the Journal of International Law, each holding annual symposiums on emerging legal issues. The internal Galloway Criminal Law Moot Court Competition is open to all Santa Clara Law Students, with the Law School sponsoring 8 to 12 teams to compete in external moot courts around the country.

Joint degrees awarded: N/A

Student activities: Law Review; Journal of International Law; Journal of International Media and Entertainment Law; Moot Court Honors Program; Trial Advocacy Honors Program; Negotiation teams; 35+ student organizations; community outreach programs; public interest law fellowships and summer work grants.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./Ph.D.; J.D./M.D.; J.D./M.P.A.; J.D./M.A.; J.D./M.S.; J.D./M.P.P.

Student activities: Stanford students publish 8 journals. More information on each can be found at The Law School is also home to more than 60 student organizations. See Intra- and extramural moot court and mock trial competitions abound, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals visits annually.

Joint degrees awarded: JD / MBA

Student activities: The School has developed an academic program and overall environment that encourages individual student achievement. With an active Academic Success program and a Bar Preparation program, the School focuses on individual student achievement and success. There are over forty student organizations that provide opportunities for special concentrations.

Joint degrees awarded: N/A

Student activities: Students work on eight law journals focusing on vital issues of public importance; participate in a thriving moot court and trial advocacy program; and are active in over 50 student organizations. Hastings students have a strong tradition of creating public service projects and programs, including programs that provide legal services to indigent people in San Francisco.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./Ph.D. Jurisprudence Social Policy; J.D./M.A. Public Policy; J.D./M.A. Energy Resources; J.D./M.A. Social Welfare; J.D./M.A. Economics; J.D./Ph.D. English; J.D./M.A. Journalism; J.D./Ph.D. Computer Science; J.D./M.A. Psychology; J.D./M.A. Political Science; J.D./M.A. City and Regional Planning; J.D./M.A. Business Administration

Student activities: Berkeley Law offers a wide range of opportunities to students outside of the classroom. In keeping with the law school’s spirit of cooperative education, journal membership is open to all students and first-year students are encouraged to participate. The wide array of unique student organizations at Berkeley Law reflects a devoted willingness to dedicate time to activities outside the classroom.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./M.S.; J.D./M.A.; J.D./M.C.P.

Student activities: Cooperation and collegiality define student life ( 5 journals: UC Davis Law Review; Environs; UC Davis Journal of International Law and Policy; UC Davis Journal of Juvenile Law and Policy; Business Law Journal (electronic and print); extensive appellate and trial advocacy; parent co-operative nursery for law students’ babies; Law Student Assoc. and 30+ student groups.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./M.A. Urban Planning; J.D./M.A. American Indian Studies; J.D./M.S.W.; J.D./M.P.P.; J.D./M.A. African American Studies; J.D./M.P.H.

Student activities: UCLA Law students participate in more than 50 student organizations and law publications, including the Federalist Society, Sports Law Federation, International Law Society, Public Interest Law Fund, UCLA Law Review, Chicano-Latino Law Review and Entertainment Law Review. The UCLA Moot Court Program, recognized as one of the finest in the country, helps students develop appellate advocacy skills.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./M.P.A.

Student activities: The Journal of Juvenile Law is the College of Law’s nationally recognized law review. Students compete at the national level in moot court competitions involving criminal procedure, entertainment law, cybercrimes and more. A variety of student organizations sponsor events and activities, both social and educational, throughout the academic year.

Joint degrees awarded: JD-MBA; JD-International-MBA; JD-MA International Relations

Student activities: Nearly 40 organizations serve the student body, ranging from special interest groups to the San Diego Law Review and the International Law Journal. The Moot Court Board oversees a number of activities including the McLennon Honors Competition, which has featured justices of the US Supreme Court as presiding judges. The USD Mock Trial Team regularly ranks as one of the finest in the nation.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.

Student activities: USF has a wide range of activities. Student editors publish 4 scholarly journals. Students compete in regional national trial competitions. Frequent symposia and panels provide exchanges among students, faculty, alumni, and visitors. Over 40 student groups reflect the diversity and varied interests of our community. Volunteer/pro-bono activities offered through Law in Motion Service Program.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.A. Economics; J.D./M.A. International Relations; J.D./M.P.A.; J.D./M.S.W.; J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./M.B.T.; J.D./M.A. Communications Management; J.D./M.R.E.D.; J.D./M.A. Philosophy; J.D./M.S. Gerontology; J.D./M.P.P.; J.D./Ph.D.; J.D./Pharm.D.

Student activities: 3 student-run journals (Southern California Law Review; Interdisciplinary Law Review; Review of Law and Social Justice). Public Interest Law Foundation among the nation’s largest and most active public interest student groups, offering 25 summer public interest grants annually. Hale Moot Court Honors Program as well as nationally competitive teams. Over 30 diverse student organizations.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.; J.D./M.S. M.I.S.; J.D./M.P.P.A.; J.D./M.Acc.

Student activities: Over 35 professional, social, and academic student organizations represent the breadth of interests and diversity of our student community. Two student law reviews offer the opportunity to contribute to legal scholarship at the national and international levels. Many students serve on competition teams which represent the law school in interscholastic competitions regionally and nationally.

Joint degrees awarded: J.D./M.B.A.

Student activities: Law Review; Moot Court Team; 16 student organizations, including American Trial Lawyers Association, Asian Pacific-American Law Students Association, Black Law Students Association, Business Law Association, Christian Legal Society, Criminal Law Association, Entertainment and Sports Law Society; International Law Students Association, Latino Student Bar Association, Phi Alpha Delta, and more.

Joint degrees awarded: N/A

Student activities: Whittier Journal of Child and Family Advocacy; Moot Court; Honors Board; Trial Advocacy Honors Board; Whittier Law Review; National Juvenile Law Moot Court.

Arlington, VA Family Law Divorce, Child Custody, Immigration Attorney #arlington #va #family


Dedicated and Passionate Northern Virginia Family Law Attorney

Celebrating 25 years serving the families of Northern Virginia – Martindale Hubbell Client Appreciation Award. read more

If you are going through a challenging family law matter such as divorce, separation, or a child custody dispute, family law attorney Claudia Zucker is here to help. Ms. Zucker is a lawyer who is dedicated to listening to your needs and learning about your concerns. When you choose her to represent you, she will help you focus on solutions for your immediate issues while helping you develop a long-term plan to deal with any future needs.

To discuss your case with her, please send her an e-mail or call (703) 596-1005. English, French, and Spanish are all spoken in her office.

“You will understand the process because I will take the time to outline it for you. I do not believe in setting unrealistic expectations. I only provide sincere, straightforward guidance so that you truly understand what you will be going through. I will guide you throughout your journey.”

Articles by Attorney Claudia Zucker

The firm is available to help people throughout Virginia, including those in Arlington, McLean, Alexandria, Falls Church, Fairfax County, Loudoun County, and Prince William County.

When you turn to an attorney for help, you want honest answers to your questions. Claudia Zucker will provide them. She has more than 15 years of experience dealing with all types of complex family law matters, including those involving multi-jurisdictional and international issues.

The hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisement. Before you decide, ask us to send you information about our qualifications and experience. For honest and practical legal advice, contact the Law Offices of Claudia Zucker at (703) 596-1005. Our firm is committed to the highest level of integrity while resolving your family law matter.

All of the materials within this website have been prepared by Attorney Claudia Zucker is for informational purposes only and it is not to be deemed, in any manner, legal advice.

The Law Offices of Claudia Zucker represents people throughout Northern Virginia. including those in Arlington, Fairfax, McLean, Alexandria, Falls Church, Vienna, Manassas, and residents in all cities within Fairfax County. Loudoun County. Arlington County. and Prince William County .

Attorney Advertising | The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. You should consult an attorney for individual advice regarding your own situation.

© 2016 Claudia Zucker, All rights reserved. Powered by Strategic Legal Web | Sitemap

You may reproduce materials available at this site for your own personal use and for non-commercial distribution. All copies must include this copyright statement.

Paralegal Diploma At Unisa #diploma #in #financial #planning,diploma #in #law,paralegal #diploma,pretoria #branch


Paralegal Diploma At Unisa

SOUTH AFRICAN School Of Paralegal Studies 2005
Die Senior ParalegalDiploma stel my in staat om ook bystand te kan bied met ander aspek-te van sy professie, aangesien dit my met meer kennis en Insurance Law through UNISA. as well as the ACSL (Cer-tificate in Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law).

The SACP. Sdumo, who has a paralegal background, is a strong negotiator with developed conflict management and dispute skills. and a Higher Education Diploma Literature from UNISA. Her interest in the relationship between language

Corporate Social Investment
Bianca Oelofse and Elsje Van Der Mescht, both 1st year paralegaldiploma students from the Pretoria branch posted above average results. Unisa and will mentor Paulus in establishing his business. The One Great Business Idea 2010

FACULTY OF LAW Welcome To The University Of Namibia / UNAM
G.8 Awarding of the DiplomaParalegal Studies (UNISA ); LL M (Utrecht-Netherlands) Associate Professor: Prof N Horn: B Proc (Univ. Johannesburg); LL M (UNISA ); B Th (Hons) (UNISA ); MA (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Full Page Fax Print Unisa Online
National Diploma. Correctional Services Management New Curriculum From 2010 (NDCSM please go to the Unisa website Paralegal Studies Should be taken together with or follow on SCL1501 and ILW1501

In Business Leadership from UNISA and a reputation postgraduate diploma in financial planning (specialising holds an Advanced Diploma in Tax Law from UCT and a Paralegal Short Course in Property Law and Deceased Estates.

Faculty Of Law Undergrad U Te I N FO R M T IO N B R OCHU Re
dIPLOMa COUrSeS Paralegal Studies Labour Law Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation Corporate Law LLD (Unisa ) Reinecke, MFB BA, LLB (UP) gaSPrOFeSSOre Brincker, E BA, LLB, LLM, LLD (US) (RAU) (tot 30 Mei 2012)

* Diploma in Law (Paralegal Studies) * Diploma in Library and Information Science * Diploma in Local Government Studies * Diploma in Midwifery Science * Diploma in Music * Diploma in Natural Resources Management * Diploma in Public Relations * Diploma

The National Diploma in Law (Paralegal Studies) presented by the faculty of law of the University of Johannesburg is a whole qualificationthat focuses on studying the basic principles of law in combination with the skills that a

ELMI Occupation Report for Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers, Postsecondary –


Education and Training – Knowledge of principles and methods for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for individuals and groups, and the measurement of training effects.

English Language – Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.

Psychology – Knowledge of human behavior and performance; individual differences in ability, personality, and interests; learning and motivation; psychological research methods; and the assessment and treatment of behavioral and affective disorders.

Public Safety and Security – Knowledge of relevant equipment, policies, procedures, and strategies to promote effective local, state, or national security operations for the protection of people, data, property, and institutions.

Sociology and Anthropology – Knowledge of group behavior and dynamics, societal trends and influences, human migrations, ethnicity, cultures and their history and origins.

Administration and Management – Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources.

Clerical – Knowledge of administrative and clerical procedures and systems such as word processing, managing files and records, stenography and transcription, designing forms, and other office procedures and terminology.

Communications and Media – Knowledge of media production, communication, and dissemination techniques and methods. This includes alternative ways to inform and entertain via written, oral, and visual media.

Computers and Electronics – Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming.

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. Revised every two years, the Handbook describes what workers do on the job, working conditions, the training and education needed, earnings, and expected job prospects in a wide range of occupations.

Go to Occupational Outlook Handbook

Handbook occupations related to Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers, Postsecondary :

CareerOneStop is.

  • Your source for employment information and inspiration
  • The place to manage your career
  • Your pathway to career success
  • Tools to help job seekers, students, businessess and career professionals

    O*NET Online is an interactive web site for those interested in exploring occupations through O*NET, The Occupational Information Network database. All of the descriptive information on this page comes from the O*NET database, version 18.1, released March 2014. The O*NET database takes the place of the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) as the nation’s primary source of occupational information.

  • For additional information on Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teachers, Postsecondary. go to O*NET Online Detail Report .

  • Home page is at

  • Criminal Law Attorney Richmond #lawyer, #attorney, #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


    Helping You When You Need It Most

    The Richmond phone book is full of lawyers. It’s easy to find an attorney who will take your case. You don’t want an attorney from the phone book. You want — and deserve — an attorney who takes the time to get to know you, who understands your unique situation and who knows what it takes to get you where you want to be.

    Experienced and Dedicated Lawyer Representing Your Interests

    You do not have to face your legal issues alone. I have years of experience that I use when handling my clients’ cases – whether defending a client facing solicitation or prostitution charges, assisting a client in obtaining a record expungement or advising a client through a real estate matters. A substantial portion of my practice involves helping individuals restore their right to own firearms. If you have a prior felony conviction, I can help you explore your options and file a petition to the Governor and the circuit court in the city or county where you live.

    I am thorough and detail-oriented, which allows me to better present your case to the opposition, a judge or a jury. It is important that we develop a trusting relationship. When you are honest with me about your situation, needs and goals, I can take steps toward protecting your rights and pursuing a resolution that is in your best interests.

    Guiding People Through The Expungement Process

    There is no greater satisfaction than helping a client overcome barriers. Many people do not recognize the damage that comes with a criminal case even when an arrest does not result in a conviction. Arrest records and court documents are publicly available and may appear on a background check. These records can be viewed negatively by prospective employers. As an experienced Virginia criminal law attorney, I can help you put the matter to rest once and for all by helping you get criminal records expunged.

    At the Law Office of Susan E. Allen in Richmond, I offer friendly, aggressive and experienced legal counsel to people throughout Richmond and the surrounding area. Contact my office or call me at (804) 592-2058 to set up a meeting to discuss your legal needs.

    My areas of practice include:

    • Criminal defense : I provide vigorous criminal defense for people facing felony and misdemeanor charges. As a knowledgeable Virginia criminal law attorney, I provide aggressive defense representation in a full range of criminal cases. I handle offenses that include solicitation and prostitution. drug crimes. assault and battery, theft and probation violations.
    • Traffic violations : I represent Virginia residents and out-of-state motorists, including commercial truck drivers, who have received traffic tickets for speeding and reckless driving.
    • Expungements : If you were charged with a crime but never convicted, I may be able to help you remove the charges from your criminal record.
    • Fathers’ rights : I protect the rights of fathers in actions involving custody, visitation and support, including modifications.
    • Child support : I defend fathers in child support actions, including enforcement actions and modifications.

    E-mail meor call me at (804) 592-2058. I am available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. and evenings and weekends by appointment.

    Long Island Lawyers – Attornies – Law Offices in Nassau – Suffolk


    Long Island Lawyers

    No matter what type of legal issues you are facing, having a lawyer assist you can make addressing legal issues less stressful, and easier to take care of. From preparing wills and protecting assets, to helping you resolve legal troubles and lawsuits, having a lawyer work with you through the process of handling legal matters can take much of the burden off of your shoulders. There are many lawyers on Long Island that specialize in different types of law, whether it be property, taxation, criminal, divorce or any other specialty, finding the right law firm to help you handle your. Read More No matter what type of legal issues you are facing, having a lawyer assist you can make addressing legal issues less stressful, and easier to take care of. From preparing wills and protecting assets, to helping you resolve legal troubles and lawsuits, having a lawyer work with you through the process of handling legal matters can take much of the burden off of your shoulders. There are many lawyers on Long Island that specialize in different types of law, whether it be property, taxation, criminal, divorce or any other specialty, finding the right law firm to help you handle your issues can make a world of difference in resolving your troubles promptly and efficiently. Show Less

    Finance Legal
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    1300 Veterans Memorial Highway,Suite 320 Hauppauge, NY 11788

    Palermo Tuohy Bruno, P.L.L.C. Hammering money out of stingy insurance companies and into our clients hands for nearly 20 years! More

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    For over 50 years – Personal Injury, Estate probate, wills – recovering millions for seriously injured clients. Free Consultation. More

    NH Divorce Lawyer, NH Family Law Attorney, New Hampshire Law Firm, nh


    A Full-Service NH Law Firm Focusing on Divorce Family Law, Estate Planning and Business Law.

    Effective NH Divorce and Family Law Attorneys with Offices in Dover, NH and Portsmouth, NH

    New Hampshire Family Law Attorneys at the T.W. Stevens Law Firm have the experience and skill to handle all types of family law issues, including divorce , high net worth cases, child custody visitation , child support and more. If you are currently experiencing family law issues in New Hampshire, you should strongly consider consulting with a family lawyer at T.W. Stevens Law Firm. Our offices are conveniently located in Dover, New Hampshire and Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

    NH Business Attorneys Exceeding Client Expectations

    The T.W. Stevens Law Firm handles a variety of business issues entity formation, p/s agreements, and litigation. Our experienced business lawyers not only meet our clients’ expectations, they exceed it.

    Experienced NH Personal Injury Lawyers Who Maximize the Amount of Your Settlement

    Attorney Stevens is uniquely qualified to represent you in your NH personal injury case. For ten years, Attorney Stevens worked as a claims adjuster handling complex and high exposure cases for a Fortune 100 insurance company. In that time, he evaluated, negotiated and settled thousands of claims for millions of dollars. Attorney Stevens brought these hard-won skills to private practice and has achieved favorable settlements in all manner of personal injury cases slip and fall accidents, spinal injuries, wrongful death, etc. Contact our Dover, NH or Portsmouth NH office to schedule a one-half hour free consultation with Attorney Stevens.

    High Quality Legal Representation, Outstanding Results

    We are a small, highly successful New Hampshire law firm with a growing regional reputation. We have offices in Dover, New Hampshire and Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Our reputation is based upon achieving client objectives in high conflict, high exposure matters where the difference between a good result and a great result is understood and appreciated. We have a loyal personal injury, divorce, family law and business law client base and generally accept clients through referrals. If you strongly desire to prevail in your legal dispute and realize that there are no “short cuts” to doing so, please contact us to schedule an initial consultation.

    Contact Us for Legal Help

    If you have questions or need legal help, please contact the T.W. Stevens Law Firm for a free initial consultation: Dover, NH: 603-749-6400; Portsmouth, NH 603-292-3727.

    Learn about divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, property division and more.

    Learn more about Intellectual Property law, patent protection, copyright, website content theft law and more.

    Learn how to protect your rights due to personal injury, accidents at work, car accidents and more.

    Law Blog RSS Feed

    Implied Modification of a NH Parenting Plan

    Modification of a New Hampshire Parenting Plan is Governed by a Statute RSA 461-A:11 Experienced New Hampshire child custody lawyers and divorce attorneys often file a Petition to Change Court Order after a Final Decree has been issued in a New

    Approved Online Law School – Approved Online Law Schools #accredited #online #law


    You are here: Approved Online Law Schools

    Approved Online Law Schools

    ABA approved online law schools do not yet exist.

    ABA approved online law schools don’t exist yet because the ABA Standards for the Approval of Law Schools currently do not allow for an online law school Juris Doctor degree program. ABA Standard 306 allows an ABA approved law school to award up to 12 credits toward the Juris Doctorate degree for distance education courses, but does not set any guidelines or standards for online law schools. ABA accredited law schools can only grant four credits a semester and students cannot take online law school classes in their first year of law school.

    The State Bar of California has approved online law schools in order to provide students an opportunity to receive a legal education while working. One approved online law school the California School of Law is committed to providing an education as close to an ABA residential law school as possible online.

    Donald Polden, Dean of the Santa Clara University School of Law said “There’s growing comfort with online education as a useful and meaningful method of offering a part of the law school curriculum,” he says. “[But], for a high quality program, you have to have students together because so much of learning happens in that interaction in the classroom space.”

    That is exactly what the California School of Law’s does. Their virtual classes meet each week on Tuesday and Thursday evenings with students and professors participating in a live video conference in which they discuss and debate the law as if they were physically in the same room. In these classes students and professors utilize the traditional Socratic Method. The virtual classes at the California School of Law provide a genuine law school experience at a pace and cost that is manageable for a working adult.

    For over a hundred years all of the law schools in the United States have taught using the Socratic question and answer method, and all of the ABA approved law schools in the United States teach by the Socratic Method. Under the Socratic Method system of legal instruction, before each class students are assigned cases and statutes to read and brief. A crucial part of the learning process, students are questioned by the professors, sometimes rigorously with follow-up questions, regarding the facts, rule of law, and the court’s reasoning.

    At the California School of Law students have over 270 hours of class time a year and can form study groups that can meet at any time. And with Westlaw the students have access to the largest law library in the world.

    Approved Online Law Schools

    The legal profession has traditionally been conservative and slow to adapt to change. Also, there is no pressure on the ABA approved law schools, since bricks-and-mortar schools are having no problem attracting applicants to pay their hefty tuition. More than 100,000 people apply annually for 45,000 open seats at ABA approved law schools. Average cost of law school is upwards of $50,000 to $150,000 for a degree, depending whether a school is public or private.

    At the California School of Law classes are paced and the tuition of $9,000.00 a year is a cost that is manageable for a working adult. State of the art technology enables students to submit examinations, essays and memoranda of law online, for professors to review, discuss, and grade. The Approved Online Law Schools technology also enables the students to form study groups as at ABA law schools in which they discuss cases, trade class outlines, prep for tests and make friends and networking connections that may last a lifetime.

    In conclusion, the ABA continues to remain behind the technological curve when it comes to approving online law schools that use technology to facilitate legal education. Online law schools provide students with access to a law degree which they may have never been able to obtain due to outrageous tuition at traditional brick and mortar law schools and the additional costs associated with relocation. Luckily, for this new generation of law students, schools like the California School of Law are utilizing technology without sacrificing the benefits of traditional legal pedagogy.

    The California School of Lawoffers all the benefits of a traditional law school education at a fraction of the price of the ABA accredited online law schools. Prospective law students need not wait for ABA accredited online law school they can to see for themselves what the opportunities are at California Approved online law schools.

    Request Information

    Miami Personal Injury Lawyer – Miami-Dade County, Florida Accident Attorney – Boyers


    Boyers Law Group is a Florida trial firm that is committed to the relentless pursuit of justice on behalf of individuals and families who suffer from serious and debilitating injuries or the death of a loved one due to the negligent or harmful conduct of others. The Boyers firm consistently devotes its team’s ample experience, legal skill and resources to every case and every client. Our Miami personal injury lawyers have a long track record of success in holding wrongdoers accountable for their hurtful conduct while also obtaining many millions of dollars in compensation for the injuries and losses suffered by our clients.

    Our Florida injury lawyers advocate across the state for victims of serious personal injury, medical malpractice, wrongful death, product liability, premises liability, premises security, maritime negligence and professional malpractice.


    For the past 25 years, the firm s founding trial lawyer, Robert Boyers. has demonstrated a degree of dedication to his clients and the pursuit of excellence that has earned him recognition and acclaim throughout the legal community. He has been selected repeatedly as a Best Lawyer in America as published in U.S. News and World Report. a Top 100 Trial Lawyer in Florida by the National Trial Lawyers Association. as a Florida Super Lawyer in Super Lawyers Magazine. a Top 100 Super Lawyer in Miami as published in the Wall Street Journal. as a Top Lawyer in the South Florida Legal Guide. as one of Florida s Legal Elite in Florida Trend Magazine, a Top 100 Litigation Lawyer in Florida by the American Society of Legal Advocates and as a Legal Impact Leader in Business Leader Magazine. He also holds an AV Preeminent rating in the Martindale Hubbell Legal Directory and is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum based on a record of achieving outstanding results for clients in serious personal injury and medical malpractice cases. He also holds a 10/10 Avvo Rating .

    Mr. Boyers is joined by his associate trial lawyer Matthew Mazzarella who has been consistently named a Rising Star in Florida Super Lawyers Magazine and is also rated AV Preeminent in the Martindale-Hubbell Legal Directory.


    The Miami personal injury attorneys at the Boyers Law Group handles high profile cases throughout Florida. Robert Boyers has appeared on national and local television programs. including the Today Show. to discuss his clients cases. He has also written and lectured frequently on negligence and trial matters. Among other publications, he is the author of the 2010 Supplement to the James Legal Publishing treatise, Proving Mental and Emotional Injuries. and authored chapters on “Strategies for Traumatic Brain Injury Cases, ” and “Cross-Examination of Defendant’s Traumatic Brain Injury Expert .”


    Combining genuine concern for our clients with aggressive advocacy, Boyers Law Group lawyers have secured many large damage awards from Jacksonville in the northern part of the state to Key West in the south and from Miami and West Palm Beach on the East Coast to Naples and Sarasota on the West coast and all along the I-4 corridor including Orlando and Tampa. Having successfully represented clients throughout the state, Boyers Law Group has earned the reputation of being “Your Florida Trial Lawyers .” The firm’s team of experienced Miami personal injury lawyers, paralegals, nurses and investigators devotes countless hours and whatever resources are needed in order to achieve the best possible results for each client, wherever they are located across the state of Florida. Some of our attorneys recent awards include $5.5 million in a medical malpractice case, $5 million for a traumatic brain injury in a construction site motor vehicle accident and $4.2 million in a products liability / wrongful death case

    We look forward to serving you.

    • Unarmed Citizen Shot by North Miami Police Officer The circumstances surrounding the shooting of a North Miami resident, Charles Kinsey, by local police officers shine a brighter light on the divided
    • Fatal Gator Attack at Disney Preventable Commentators in the media pointed out that “no one would reasonably expect that a man-made beach and lake” would be infested with deadly gators. True
    • 8 STEPS TO TAKE AFTER A FLORIDA CAR ACCIDENT The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported more than 350,000 crashes last year. Of those crashes, more than 240,000 involved

    2333 Ponce de Leon Blvd. Penthouse 1120

    Coral Gables. FL 33134

    Main: 305-512-7600 Toll Free: 800-545-9100 Fax: 786-509-8021

    We serve the following localities: Brevard County including Melbourne; Broward County including Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and Weston; Collier County including Naples; Duval County including Jacksonville; Hillsborough County including Tampa; Lee County including Fort Myers; Leon County including Tallahassee; Miami-Dade County including Coral Gables, Hialeah, Homestead, Key Biscayne, Miami Beach, and Miami; Monroe County including Duck Key, Key Largo, Key West, Marathon, and Tavernier; Orange County including Orlando; Palm Beach County including Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Palm Beach, and West Palm Beach; and Polk County including Bartow and Lakeland.

    Miami Personal Injury Lawyer – Miami-Dade County, Florida Accident Attorney – Boyers Law Group

    Family Law Attorney San Angelo, TX #family #law #attorneys #in #san #antonio




    No matter the nature of your legal troubles, it s important that you track down skilled legal counsel. When your future is on the line, why settle for subpar assistance?

    At the Law Office of Jimmy Stewart, you ll gain an invaluable ally in the courtroom. Thanks to years in the industry, Attorney Jimmy Stewart offers a versatile approach to representation, which you re sure to love. With our help, you stand to gain the justice that you rightfully deserve!

    To schedule your preliminary consultation, be sure to call (325) 658-1532 today!

    A Trusted Divorce Lawyer for the San Angelo Area

    Attorney Jimmy Stewart works in a variety of practice areas to meet the needs of his clients. He has over four decades of experience providing legal service to his clients. As a trusted family law attorney. Stewart handles cases pertaining to child custody and visitation, child support, family disputes and more. He also serves as a divorce lawyer for settling family cases.

    In addition to family legal services, you can also count on Attorney Jimmy Stewart as your trusted probate attorney or real estate law professional. If you have a case, consult with the firm directly. You can schedule your preliminary legal consultation today!

    A Criminal Lawyer Serving You

    Jimmy Stewart understands that bad things can happen to good people. Criminal charges often cause feelings of embarrassment, not only for the victim, but their family, friends, and sometimes even their employer. But Jimmy Stewart is committed to using his experience as a criminal lawyer to minimize any cause for these feelings, as well as reduce potential sentencing so you can maintain the freedom you deserve.

    Criminal lawyers handle many different types of cases, ranging in severity. If you’re faced with burglary, speeding, or even drug charges, you can count on Attorney Jimmy Stewart to provide professional service throughout your case. For a consultation with a criminal lawyer. call Jimmy Steward Law Office right away.

    Criminal Law Syllabus #criminal #law #outline #dressler


    Criminal Law Syllabus

    Fall 2000

    Professor Muller

    Please note that I will occasionally post the syllabus in segments as the semester progresses in order to allow us flexibility. By the end of the semester, this site will contain a complete syllabus that accurately reflects all of the reading that was assigned.

    The required text for this course will be Joshua Dressler, Cases and Materials on Criminal Law (West Pub. Co. 2 nd ed. 1999). Professor Dressler has also published a good hornbook on the criminal law that you might find useful. It is Joshua Dressler, Understanding Criminal Law (Matthew Bender, 2 nd ed. 1995). Copies of it are on reserve in the library.

    Reading Assignments

    I. Course Introduction

    A. The criminal process. 1 – 19 B. Principles of criminal punishment. 29- 60 C. The legality principle. 78 – 81, 90 – 96 n.7, 101 – 110, and possibly some supplemental material to be distributed via the course website.

    II. The Components of a Crime

    A. Actus reus 1. The “act” must be “voluntary.” 111 – 118 2. Omissions as acts. 118 – 124, People v. Beardslee (handout/website) 3. The voluntary act must cause social harm. 129 – 30. B. Mens Rea 1. General principles of intent (and knowledge). 131-45. 2. Willful blindness. 145-49. 3. Mens rea and statutory construction. 149-55. C. Strict Liability 1. Background. 155-56. 2. The Pluses and Minuses of Strict Liability. 156-72. D. Mistake 1. Mistake of Fact. 172-77. 2. Mistake of Law. 177-93. E. Causation 1. Actual Cause. 194-200. 2. Legal Cause. 200-09. 3. Concurrence of the Elements. 209-11.

    A. Background: Statistics and Statutes. 212-23. B. Intentional Killings. 229-38. C. “Heat of Passion” Killings and “Extreme Emotional Disturbance.” 238-63. D. Unintentional Killings. 266-84. E. Felony Murder (and Misdemeanor Manslaughter). 284-308, 312-13.

    IV. A Brief Look at the Developing Law of Rape

    A. Background. 353-59. (Will not be specifically discussed in class) B. The traditional approach: forcible rape. 363-72. (Will not be specifically discussed in class) C. Force and consent. 382-406. D. Mens rea and mistake. 413-20

    V. Defenses to Crimes

    A. Background. 435-41. B. Self-defense. 452-62, 466-79, 486-501. C. Choice of Evils. 526-34, 542-48. D. Duress. 548-61.

    Paralegal Diploma At Unisa #diploma #in #financial #planning,diploma #in #law,paralegal #diploma,pretoria #branch


    Paralegal Diploma At Unisa

    SOUTH AFRICAN School Of Paralegal Studies 2005
    Die Senior ParalegalDiploma stel my in staat om ook bystand te kan bied met ander aspek-te van sy professie, aangesien dit my met meer kennis en Insurance Law through UNISA. as well as the ACSL (Cer-tificate in Advanced Corporate Law and Securities Law).

    The SACP. Sdumo, who has a paralegal background, is a strong negotiator with developed conflict management and dispute skills. and a Higher Education Diploma Literature from UNISA. Her interest in the relationship between language

    Corporate Social Investment
    Bianca Oelofse and Elsje Van Der Mescht, both 1st year paralegaldiploma students from the Pretoria branch posted above average results. Unisa and will mentor Paulus in establishing his business. The One Great Business Idea 2010

    FACULTY OF LAW Welcome To The University Of Namibia / UNAM
    G.8 Awarding of the DiplomaParalegal Studies (UNISA ); LL M (Utrecht-Netherlands) Associate Professor: Prof N Horn: B Proc (Univ. Johannesburg); LL M (UNISA ); B Th (Hons) (UNISA ); MA (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

    Full Page Fax Print Unisa Online
    National Diploma. Correctional Services Management New Curriculum From 2010 (NDCSM please go to the Unisa website Paralegal Studies Should be taken together with or follow on SCL1501 and ILW1501

    In Business Leadership from UNISA and a reputation postgraduate diploma in financial planning (specialising holds an Advanced Diploma in Tax Law from UCT and a Paralegal Short Course in Property Law and Deceased Estates.

    Faculty Of Law Undergrad U Te I N FO R M T IO N B R OCHU Re
    dIPLOMa COUrSeS Paralegal Studies Labour Law Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigation Corporate Law LLD (Unisa ) Reinecke, MFB BA, LLB (UP) gaSPrOFeSSOre Brincker, E BA, LLB, LLM, LLD (US) (RAU) (tot 30 Mei 2012)

    * Diploma in Law (Paralegal Studies) * Diploma in Library and Information Science * Diploma in Local Government Studies * Diploma in Midwifery Science * Diploma in Music * Diploma in Natural Resources Management * Diploma in Public Relations * Diploma

    The National Diploma in Law (Paralegal Studies) presented by the faculty of law of the University of Johannesburg is a whole qualificationthat focuses on studying the basic principles of law in combination with the skills that a

    New York City Legal Malpractice Attorneys #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


    New York City Legal Malpractice Lawyers

    Bold labels are required.

    Manhattan Lawyer Misconduct ◊ Attorney Ethical Violations

    The Catafago Law Firm, P.C. in New York City brings more than 20 years of experience helping individuals and businesses who have suffered financial loss because of lawyer malfeasance. The firm understands the breach of trust that clients feel when an attorney engages in misconduct. The firm’s lawyers emphasize honesty and integrity throughout the course of representation, working hard to restore clients’ trust and confidence in the legal profession.

    The firm offers a complimentary consultation to all new clients. Contact the firm.

    The Firm’s Legal Malpractice Counsel

    To successfully recover on a claim for legal negligence, you must demonstrate that your attorney committed errors while handling your case and that those errors caused financial loss. Because of their experience and knowledge, the lawyers at the Catafago Law Firm, P.C. know how to gather, assess and prepare evidence to support your claim. They will conduct a thorough investigation of the details of your prior case and provide you with a quick assessment of your likelihood of success.

    The firm provides counsel in all types of legal malpractice claims, including cases involving:

    • General negligence — failure to meet accepted standards of conduct within the legal profession
    • Conflicts of interest — taking action that promotes the interests of another person (including the attorney) at your expense and in conflict with your interests.
    • Failure to file documents or pleadings in a timely manner, including failure to file the summons and complaint within the period of the statute of limitations .
    • Ethical violations — behaving in ways that contradict the Code of Professional Responsibility which require an attorney to act in your best interests.
    • Billing and fee abuses — over-billing, charging for services not rendered, charging for unauthorized services

    Contact the Catafago Law Firm, P.C.

    To arrange a complimentary consultation with experienced New York City legal malpractice attorneys, contact the firm. Evening and weekend meetings can be scheduled by request. The firm maintains offices in the Empire State Building.

    Las Vegas NV State – Federal Criminal Defense Attorney #lawyer, #attorney, #law


    From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, I will handle all important tasks including research for and preparation of any necessary legal pleadings as well as evaluation of the evidence.

    Your case will not be handed off to an assistant or associate, but will be managed directly by me. This allows me to handle your case in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

    When you are charged with a crime, you need a powerful defense. Let me take immediate action in your case to protect your rights, to challenge the evidence presented against you, and to fight to reduce the penalties in your case. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.

    Nevada State and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Patricia M. Erickson

    When you are charged with a crime, you need experienced, strategic, results-driven legal counsel to protect your rights throughout your case. My name is Patricia M. Erickson. and I have defended clients in Nevada state and federal courts for over 20 years. Whether you have been charged with a crime or believe that you may be charged with one, I can begin an immediate review of your case and take every necessary step to protect your rights.

    Reliable, Honest, and Strategic Legal Counsel

    I will always provide forthright and honest feedback regarding all aspects of your case. I will not tell you only what you want to hear, but what you need to know to make a sometimes difficult decision. Some attorneys aren’t as straightforward with their clients as they should be, even when the outcome may be significant penalties or jail time. I understand that you need to know what is going on and will keep you informed about the status of your case.

    During your entire defense, you can be confident that I will be thoroughly prepared regarding the facts and evidence so that I will be able to make the most compelling arguments in your defense.

    I can assist you with the following:

    A Lawyer You Can Trust in Confidence

    Many of my clients are facing very difficult situations by the time they seek my legal services. They may have been charged with crimes that their families or employers are unaware of, and they worry about how a trial, or worse, a conviction, would affect their lives and security. When you work with me, I will remain an open and supportive advocate on your behalf. I will never judge you based on the facts of your case. Throughout your case, every detail will be kept confidential and I will do my best to protect you and your reputation.

    Contact me today for a consultation with an experienced Las Vegas, Nevada criminal defense attorney. Located conveniently in downtown Las Vegas near the courts and jails, my law office is open 8:30 – 5:00 weekdays, and after-hours appointments and jail meetings are available upon request.

    The Reeves Law Group #reeves #law #group


    The Reeves Law Group – Santa Ana CA Law

    The Reeves Law Group. Featured in Newsweek’s 10 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in the US and The National Trial Lawyers’ list of Top 100 Trial Lawyers, The Reeves Law Group is a successful and award-winning law firm specializing in accident and personal injury cases including brain and spinal cord injuries, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death, car and truck accidents, and more. Our lawyers have been helping injured clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California for over 25 years. If you or a loved one is in need of an experienced personal injury attorney, call The Reeves Law Group for a free consultation today.

    About This Law Firm

    At The Reeves Law Group, our attorneys handle a variety of personal injury cases, which include car accidents, truck accidents, wrongful death, serious and catastrophic injuries, slip and fall accidents, brain injuries, defective products, and many others. Our size, legal expertise, and financial resources have allowed us to build a long record of successes against large insurance companies and well-financed corporate and individual defendants. We are passionate about our work and about winning for victims of wrongdoing. We believe that by vindicating the rights of injury victims we are helping to change the conduct and practices of wrongdoers, while promoting the public’s safety and well-being. If youâre in need of a personal injury attorney in Orange County or within the Southern California area with an outstanding winning record, give us a call today for a free no obligation case evaluation.

    Areas of Law

    Littleton Divorce – Family Law Lawyer #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


    Call 720-316-0394

    Littleton Divorce and Family Law Attorney

    Protecting Clients’ Interests and Pursuing Positive Resolutions

    The outcome of a divorce case or other family law matter can have a major impact on your life, from your relationships with your children to your income and assets. Your attorney’s responsibility is to ensure that you are treated fairly and that your interests are respected.

    At the law firm of Martin D. Brown, PLLC, we provide zealous representation in family law cases. Littleton divorce and family law lawyer Martin Brown is committed to protecting clients’ rights while pursuing resolutions that enable them to move on with their lives.

    An Experienced and Recognized Legal Advocate

    Our firm practices primarily in the area of family law. and every case we accept is handled by attorney Martin Brown. Mr. Brown has been practicing law since 1965 and in Colorado since 1982, and he has gained a number of prestigious peer recognitions; namely, he has been:

    • Selected for inclusion in every edition of Colorado Super Lawyers since 2006
    • Rated AV Preeminent* through Martindale-Hubbell’s peer review process
    • Admitted to membership in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

    Our approach to family law representation is to carefully advise clients on their legal rights and practical options, help them minimize unnecessary conflict, and diligently advocate for their interests in settlement negotiations and — when necessary — in contested litigation.

    Highlands Ranch Lawyer · Divorce, Child Custody, Property Division

    If you need assistance with your divorce or any other family law matter, we encourage you to contact us at 720-316-0394 or by e-mail to discuss our services. Our offices are conveniently located off State Highway 470 in Littleton, and we accept credit cards for payment of our fees.

    * AV Preeminent and BV Distinguished are certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc. used in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards and policies. Martindale-Hubbell is the facilitator of a peer review rating process. Ratings reflect the confidential opinions of members of the bar and the judiciary. Martindale-Hubbell ratings fall into two categories: legal ability and general ethical standards.

    BEATING A SPEEDING TICKET #how #to, #beat, #a, #speeding #ticket, #ticket, #court,


    The best way to beat one is NOT to get one, so we’ll deal with that first.

    1. Don’t act like a dick. If you act like a belligerent idiot, you will end up with a lot more than just a speeding ticket. More likely you will end up in jail with your car impounded!

    2. Do not admit guilt. Say nothing, if possible. The cop can use your admission against you in court. Better to say nothing or act dumb (see below )


    1. Say yes Officer, no Officer to everything. You want this over with – fast!

    2. Act stupid. It helps, even cops don’t want to torture the stupid!

    3. Act scared! As if the tickets means the end of your life! Again, cops waver at this point. They may not write it if they feel sorry for you.

    4. Act ignorant about what you did. Even if they give you a ticket at least you didn’t admit you were speeding, which they will use in court against you later.


    1. Don’t argue the situation out on the road – you will not win! You don’t want them to remember you when you do go to court. SAY NOTHING – then drive away.

    2. Remember everything about the situation! How much traffic, the weather, which lane you were in. Write it down if you are too stoned to remember this stuff.


    1. Always plead ‘not guilty.’ This may be a pre-trial appearance, or you may be able to send in the ticket with ‘not guilty’ plea. Try to delay a pre-trial appearance if possible. There will be a specified date if you have to mail in the plea.


    1. Very important. DELAY, DELAY, DELAY. Keep putting off that court date! You don’t want to go to court! You want to make it so the cop thinks the case is so far in the past he’ll never remember anything. A small story: When John Hussar, the director of The Blur of Insanity went to college he got a speeding ticket (90 mph in a 55 mph zone) from a New York State Trooper. He successfully put off going to court for two and a half years (mainly by lying about going on various trips to Europe). When he final did show up in court he discovered that the Trooper had been transferred out of the area! The case was immediately dismissed!
    The Lesson? The longer you wait the better chance the cop won’t show up!

    2. Request information (optional, it can work for you, or make them want to nail you more!) Also they may or may not give you any of this depending on local laws!:

    a.Copies of manufacturers names, including makes, models and serial numbers of all radar/laser guns in use by the Town/City/State Police Department.

    b. Copies of manufacturers recommended maintenance for all of the above stated radar guns.

    c. Copies of any manufacturer literature as it relates to the correct use, including but not limited to mounting, aiming, weather and traffic limitations, for all radar guns in use by the Town/City/State Police Department.

    d. A copy of the past six months’ maintenance records for all of the above stated radar guns, including, but not limited to, calibration specifications.

    e. A copy of the Authorized Certification of Training, issued to the Officer who gave you the ticket, in the proper use of all radar guns in use by that Town/City/State Police Department he/she works for.

    f. A copy of the patrol car assignments for the date you got the ticket.

    This should give you something to work with, and also make the cop not want to show up to deal with all this crap!


    What happens in court:

    • Go check in with the clerk.
    • See if your officer arrives, if he doesn’t that will often be the end right there.
    • The judge will call your case.
    • The officer will testify first.
    • You then question the officer
    • You then call any witnesses you have
    • The officer can make a closing statement
    • You can make a closing statement
    • The judge decides.

    1. Wear a suit, if you own one. If you look like a derelict, you will be treated like a derelict. We don’t care if you think that is unfair! The world is not fair – grow up.

    2. Be nice. Again, being a dick will just get you in trouble and solves nothing.

    3. IT is the officers duty to prove you GUILTY. If he fails to prove your guilt the case will be dismissed.

    BE confident that you will win the case!

    Check the actual wording of the code you violated. If the officer fails to prove guilt in any part of the code then you should be dismissed.

    BEFORE an officer can use the radar/laser reading as evidence, he has to establish a few things Jurisdiction Certification, up to date, accurate, traffic and engineering survey, radar/laser properly calibrated, tuning forks calibrated (with radar), FCC license, radar/laser unit appears on that FCC license

    If the officer attempts to use the radar reading before establishing those things above, politely interrupt and say objection your honor, inadmissible evidence.

    Then tell the judge why. If the officer fails to prove your guilt at the end of his testimony don’t question him, move to have the case dismissed. And explain what he failed to prove.

    If the officer was moving when was his speedometer last calibrated? Have the records to see if he contradicts himself. If officer guesses your speed. throw something and ask him how fast it was going. If he is off by 3 MPH at 15 MPH speed then think about how far off he is at 35 MPH.

    Were the speed limits prima facie? or Absolute? If prima facie then prove the speed you were traveling at wasn’t unsafe.

    ASK questions like: what color clothes was I wearing? did I have any passengers?

    What was the weather like? To see how well versed the officer is.

    See if you can attend traffic school in exchange for a dismissal of the charge (never bothers your insurance.)

    OFTEN the worst part of a ticket is the increase in your insurance. By beating the ticket you don’t have to worry about that.

    Hopefully the cop won’t show up – in which case you will ask that the case be dismissed – 99% of the time it will.

    Anyway – there you have it. Good Luck. And if you beat a speeding ticket with any of this advice you have to make ten people you know go and see the movie!


    Dripping Springs Family Law Attorney #lawyer, #attorney, #law #firm, #law #office, #legal


    Dripping Springs Family Law

    Don’t see what you’re looking for?

    At The Law Office of Milena Christopher, we offer caring, knowledgeable legal representation to help individuals and families going through divorce and other family-related matters.

    Our Dripping Springs family law attorney works with clients to resolve child custody and child support issues, as well as many other legal disputes that affect their lives and their families.

    If you need the assistance of an attorney with nearly 25 years of experience, then you should call 512-858-9779 or contact our Texas law office online today.

    Professional Representation Focused on Your Goals

    Attorney Milena Christopher has practiced law since 1988 and has been in private practice in Texas since 1997. While developing her law practice, attorney Christopher was at the forefront of the mediation boom, and she became a certified mediator in 1991. She currently holds the designation of Credentialed Mediator – Advanced by the Texas Mediation Credentialing Association (TMCA).

    She is a strong proponent of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution as the best means for resolving most legal disputes. She has been a pioneer in the field of collaborative law, a relatively new approach to resolving disputes that offers many benefits to divorcing couples, including saving money and time.

    In collaborative law and mediation, the focus changes from who is at fault to how to solve the problem. – Attorney Milena Christopher

    Compassionate and Experienced Legal Counsel

    With a master’s degree in psychology counseling in addition to her law degree, attorney Christopher knows how to handle sensitive family issues. Her communication skills, professionalism and compassionate demeanor also contribute to her success as a mediator and negotiator. Speak with our law firm today if you need help resolving:

    • Family law issues, including divorce. child custody, child support, visitation and other family law matters.
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation or collaborative law
    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Personal injury
    • Business startups

    Contact a Texas Child Custody Attorney

    To learn more about our legal practice, please contact our family law office online today or call 512-858-9779 to schedule an initial consultation with Milena Christopher.

    Criminal Law #massachusetts #criminal #attorney, #criminal #law


    Criminal Law

    What we call criminal law broadly refers to federal and state laws that make certain behavior illegal and punishable by imprisonment and/or fines. Our legal system is largely comprised of two different types of cases: civil and criminal. Civil cases are disputes between people regarding the legal duties and responsibilities they owe each other. Criminal cases, meanwhile, are charges pursued by prosecutors for violations of criminal statutes.

    Criminal Law: History

    In the United States, British common law ruled during colonial times. Common law is a process that establishes and updates rules that govern some nations. Once America became an independent nation, it adopted the U.S. Constitution as “the supreme law of the land.” The U.S. continues to employ a common law system, which works in combination with state and federal statutes. As far as criminal laws are concerned, each state has its own penal code which defines what is or is not a crime, the severity of any offense and its punishment.

    Felonies and Misdemeanors

    Criminal cases are generally categorized as felonies or misdemeanors based on their nature and the maximum imposable punishment. Each state is free to draft new criminal laws, so long as they are deemed constitutional. Thus, what is a crime in one state may not necessarily be a crime in a neighboring state.

    A felony involves serious misconduct that is punishable by death or by imprisonment for more than one year. Most state criminal laws subdivide felonies into different classes with varying degrees of punishment. Crimes that do not amount to felonies are typically called misdemeanors. A misdemeanor is misconduct for which the law prescribes punishment of no more than one year in prison. Lesser offenses, such as traffic and parking tickets, are often called infractions.

    Police Investigate, Prosecutors File Charges

    Many people think that police officers (who investigate crimes) also charge offenders. That is a common misconception. Police gather evidence and sometimes also testify in court. But prosecutors including district attorneys, United States Attorneys and others ultimately decide whether a suspect is prosecuted or not.

    Criminal Defense Lawyers

    A qualified criminal defense attorney is often a crucial advocate for anyone charged with a crime. These attorneys are very familiar with local criminal procedures and laws some may have even first worked as prosecutors. Most defense lawyers should be able to handle any misdemeanor or low-level crime. But not all lawyers are qualified to handle serious charges. Some courts don’t allow inexperienced attorneys to represent defendants facing capital punishment, for example.

    So whether you were arrested for a crime against a person (like assault and battery, rape, or murder), a crime against property (like shoplifting, burglary, or arson), or a drug crime (marijuana possession or cocaine dealing), a criminal defense lawyer can help.

    Findaw’s Criminal Law section has a wealth of information that covers most criminal law situations. We have definitions of dozens of common crimes, an overview of stages in a typical criminal case, tips on your constitutional rights, information on criminal records, juvenile crime and much more.

    Discrimination Attorney California #alioto #law, #angela #alioto, #discrimination #attorneys #california, #discrimination #attorneys


    The Angela Alioto Law Group has helped many people who have been discriminated against in the workplace.

    Our firm provides legal advice and representation to employees across California who have been wrongfully terminated by their employer.

    We represent employees who have experienced retaliation after reporting workplace harassment or other violations.

    The Law Offices of Mayor Joseph L. Alioto and Angela Alioto P.L.C. is distinguished by its expertise and national recognition in Civil Rights and Employment Law. We successfully represent individuals in the areas of work-place discrimination based on race, age, disability, gender, religion and sexual orientation, as well as harassment, wage/hour, retaliatory discharge, and wrongful termination. We also represent individuals in personal injury, elder abuse, industrial accidents and toxic exposure.

    Based on the values and beliefs of Angela Alioto, the Firm has one mission: to deliver justice for our clients. We pride ourselves in the good working relationships we develop with each of our clients.

    California and federal law regulate the way employers treat employees in the workplace. California employment law and federal law each provide employees with various legal rights. Our experienced lawyers can help employees determine whether they have a legal right to recovery when they believe their employer has treated them unfairly.

    Types of Employment Law include the following:

    Discrimination in the workplace is illegal according to both California and Federal laws. Types of discrimination include:

    It is illegal for employers to terminate employees or discipline them unfairly under certain conditions. These conditions include:

    • Whistleblower termination
    • Termination for refusal to perform an illegal act

    Retaliation refers to a prohibited employment action (e.g. termination or discipline) taken against an employee as a result of a his or her participation in a legally protected activity. These legally protected activities inclue:

    • filing a discrimination lawsuit
    • joining a collective action class action
    • giving testimony in a discrimination suit

    Sexual Harassment describes an unwelcome sexual advance by an employer or supervisor that represents a threat to the employee’s employment or becomes a condition of continued employment. Additionally, such harassment can be classified as a “hostile work environment” when the presence of demeaning or sexual photographs, jokes, threats, or overall atmosphere is so pervasive as to create an intimidating and offensive work environment.

    California Employment Law Lawyers

    If you need the services of a California employment law attorney, it is important to seek an attorney with experience and an excellent reputation. Contact the Law Offices of Mayor Joseph L. Alioto and Angela Alioto P.L.C. to discuss your employment law or discrimination law issue with a member of our team.

    Tell Us AboutYour Case

    Divorce lawyers in st louis mo #st. #charles #bankruptcy #attorney,st. #louis #debt


    A L, Licker Law Firm, LLC provides bankruptcy. personal injury. and family law legal services to residents of St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County, Missouri and to nearby Illinois residents. While our cases may seem small to other attorneys, we understand that your case impacts your life in a big way. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and professional legal services that get results.We will do our part, so you can move past this difficult time in your life.
    Our clients agree. Our awards include:

    • Voted #1 Law Firm in St. Charles by the Reader s Poll of the St. Charles Flash Flyer: 2008, 2009, 2010
    • Named Law Firm of the Year 2012 by the Consumer Business Review
    • A rating from the Better Business Bureau

    Our attorneys are experts in their fields. They stay up-to-date on the latest changes in bankruptcy, personal injury law, and family law so our firm can provide you with the best possible service. We are members of:

    • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy
    • American Bankruptcy Institute

    Our attorneys help protect your liesence after a driving violation such as speeding (Traffic Ticket), driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while suspended (DWS).

    A L, Licker Law Firm, LLC handles bankruptcy cases for individuals and companies in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

    When you just can t pay your debts, bankruptcy may be an option. Bankruptcy can stop the sale of your house, harassing creditor calls and wage garnishments. Our attorneys have helped thousands of people just like you to get out of debt and move on with their lives. Call our bankruptcy lawyers; we are here for you.

    We guarantee our clients that their debt will be discharged through their bankruptcy or we will refund the attorney fees. We have filed over thousand bankruptcy cases and have not had one case rejected by the court. Our main office is located in St. Charles where we are the most trusted bankruptcy law firm, we file more bankruptcy cases (chapter 7 and chapter 13 ) than any other law firm.

    Contact our office to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys will determine which form of bankruptcy will work for best in your situation. Our office will prepare the bankruptcy petition and fill out the necessary documents and file them on your behalf. We are with you every step of the way.

    Want more information? Request our free book: Everything You Need To Know About Bankruptcy . The book explains the bankruptcy process in Missouri and how it can help you to get a fresh start.

    A divorce or custody battle can be a traumatic experience. Whether you are starting divorce proceedings or revising a previous agreement, you need a caring and professional lawyer who will make sure your needs are protected. The family law attorneys at A L, Licker Law Firm, LLC can guide you through the process and look out for your interests while minimizing the emotional impact on your family. We provide a full range of family law services, including:

    • Divorce
    • Child custody
    • Separation agreements
    • Support (alimony/palimony, child support)
    • Modifications to existing agreements

    Our Missouri family law attorneys will help you get through this difficult time in your life, so you can take the first steps to a brighter future.

    A L, Licker Law Firm, LLC represents victims of car accidents in the greater St. Louis area. If you have been in a car crash and need help dealing with the insurance companies, give our office a call. We can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and help you get fair compensation for your property damage, medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income. If we can’t recover damages, you don’t pay anything.

    Do you need a fast, fair settlement? Contact the Licker Law Firm. The initial consultation is always free.

    1861 Sherman Drive

    A L, Licker Law Firm, LLC provides bankruptcy, personal injury and family law legal services to residents of St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County, Missouri, including the cities of St. Charles, St. Louis, Florissant, O’Fallon, St. Peters, Wentzville, Troy, Lake St. Louis, Bridgeton, Hazelwood, Ferguson and the surrounding area.

    Disclaimer: The use of our web site is for informational purposes only, it does not creat an attorney-client relationship. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. The choice of a laywer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertising.

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    Workers Compensation Law – Lawyers, Attorneys, & Free Legal Information #workers #comp


    Workers Comp

    When an employee is a qualified worker within the workers’ compensation system, his or her employer is required to pay for workers comp insurance. If the worker is injured on the job, s/he will generally be entitled to collect benefits through workers comp. The workers comp system is designed to remove an employer s possible negligence as a factor when deciding whether or not a worker may collect benefits. In exchange for the simplicity of this system, the worker gives up his/her right to file a lawsuit against the employer using the civil court system, even if the employer is partially (or entirely) at fault for the accident itself.

    To learn more about workers compensation and what types of benefits are available, refer to the articles and answers in this section.

    LITIGATION Lawsuit Claims Internet Speed Rip-offs

    LITIGATION Court Says It’s OK to be Offensive on a Movie Set

    LITIGATION Twitter Protects Anonymity of Government Critics

    Not what you need? find your legal advice


    Law Advice

    FreeAdvice® has been providing millions of consumers with outstanding advice, free, since 1995. While not a substitute for personal advice from a licensed professional, it is available AS IS, subject to our Disclaimer and Terms Conditions Of Use. Privacy Policy

    Use for marketing or solicitation is prohibited. AttorneyPages ®, ExpertPages ® and FreeAdvice ® are trademarks and units of Advice Company or its affiliate AdviceCo Ventures Company.

    IRS Whistleblower Attorney #business #tax #fraud, #corporate #tax #fraud, #fraud #on #taxes,


    Welcome to The Ferraro Law Firm – Tax Whistleblower Attorneys

    Important News:

    An IRS whistleblower submission filed in the infancy of the program by The Ferraro Law Firm resulted in a $38 Million award for one of our clients.

    At The Ferraro Law Firm. those with information about tax underpayments can get the same high-quality representation that the largest corporations and wealthiest individuals enjoy. Big corporations and the super-rich spend millions of dollars on outside tax controversy counsel. The reason is that businesses need to defend the very types of underpayments you have discovered. With that in mind, ask yourself if it might not be time you had a tax whistleblower lawyer working for you—someone with the same type of experience who can fight effectively to protect your interests?

    The IRS Whistleblower statute gives anyone with information about large-scale tax underpayments, including accounting errors, tax fraud or evasion, a significant financial incentive to report it. The IRS must give you up to 30% of any money they collect based upon your information.

    If you believe that you have such information, contact The Ferraro Law Firm in Miami, Florida, for a confidential consultation.

    Our tax whistleblower attorneys have over $100 billion in active IRS whistleblower submissions, and years of experience handling tax controversies and other complex tax matters for some of the world’s largest corporations and wealthiest individuals while practicing at some of the country’s largest and most prominent tax law firms. As a result, they know exactly what an IRS whistleblower case entails and exactly how to take a case from beginning to end and guarantee maximum results. Today, their practice focuses on helping IRS whistleblowers maximize their rewards while protecting themselves from the underpaying taxpayers.

    Our tax attorneys practice exclusively in the area of IRS whistleblower claims and have hundreds of cases under their belt. We don’t do this part time, so you get experienced attorneys versed in the tax law and IRS procedures that directly apply to you case.

    More than anything, we know you want your case taken seriously and that maximizing your reward is of the utmost importance. We would like you to know, sincerely, that this is something we do every day for the people we represent. Learn more about reporting tax fraud .

    Confidential Consultations, Nationwide Practice — 1-800-275-3332

    We invite you to explore the rest of this website to learn more about the IRS Whistleblower Rewards program and other relevant topics. We also invite you to call or contact our lawyers directly at either our Washington, D.C. or Miami, Florida, area offices.

    Personal injury Lawyers Tampa #tampa #presonal #injury #lawyers, #tampa #marital #law #attorneys,


    Tampa Personal Injury Lawyers and Divorce Lawyers

    Hunter Law Group was established by Regina Powers Hunter, Esq. to initially serve the needs of individuals from in and around Tampa Bay seeking advice for family law matters. It was in her dealings with people getting back into life after divorce, that Regina noticed just a single act of negligence could cause people to slide backward due to an unforeseen injury or loss. The Hunter Law Group essentially became the only ear victims of accidents could think to approach.

    Regina Powers Hunter, Esq. made the conscious decision to begin offering additional personal injury legal services for clients who did not know where to turn. Personal Injury Lawyers Hunter Law Group brings their tenacity, compassion and a holistic approach to representing people injured due to the negligence of others. The team helps people who have been injured in automobile accidents. people who have suffered due to the inappropriate care of a medical professional and individuals who have suffered grave brain injuries .

    If you need the services of the divorce lawyers Hunter Law Group for family law matters, you are encouraged to contact the office by calling 813-DIVORCE. Personal injury inquiries should be directed toward the Hunter Law Group using 844-HUNTERLAW.

    HUNTER LAW GROUP · 5025 West Lemon Street · Tampa FL 33609
    Tel: 813.287.2227 · Fax: 813.287.2228

    UAB – Information Engineering – Management #engineering, #professional, #masters #degree, #engineering #management,


    Masters of Engineering Management
    Information Engineering Management
    Online Campus

    What to expect from Our Information Engineering Management (IEM) Master s Program:

    Entrepreneurship focus on Engineering IT management
    Invest 2 days a month for 20 months 100% online
    Engineering undergraduate degree not required
    Flexible classes that fit into work and family schedules
    All online student clients pay in-state tuition
    Real-world focus with immediate life/job use
    Faculty comprised of employed industry leaders
    No GRE/GMAT required for admission

    Is IEM right for you? Here’s what we look for:

    Who we are:

    IEM stands for Information Engineering and Management. We are an executive master degree available in house or 100% online. providing an entrepreneurial focus to engineering and technology.

    Why you want a master degree in Information Engineering and Management:

    You will learn how to network effectively, identify your strengths, bolster your weaknesses, and you will gain the technical skills and perspectives you cannot get anywhere else.

    Charleston Real Estate Law Attorneys #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer,


    Charleston Real Estate Law Attorneys

    Experienced Real Estate Lawyers

    Helping You Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Real Estate Transaction

    Real estate transactions and disputes involve innumerable issues and considerable risk. When you need real estate law legal assistance, it is important that you work with attorneys who are highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of real estate law.

    The attorneys of Weeks Irvine, LLC. concentrate on real estate law and have handled thousands of real estate transactions. We attend closings, facilitate short sales. provide title insurance and offer a full range of real estate law legal services.

    Real Estate Law Isn’t a Sideline Business. It’s Our Primary Focus.

    Since the disruptions in the national real estate market there has been a rush of law firms seeking to branch out into the active field of real estate. The attorneys at Weeks Irvine, LLC have focused on real estate law for several years.

    We don’t “dabble” in real estate law. We represent buyers, sellers, developers, lenders and other parties who face real estate law challenges daily.

    We Focus on Educating Clients

    It’s difficult to see a way to avoid foreclosure when you are unaware of the alternatives. Likewise, it’s challenging to troubleshoot a construction loan or purchase adequate title insurance without knowledgeable counsel.

    We draw on our years of real estate law legal experience to provide clients with the information they need to make knowledgeable and strategic decisions.

    Take the surprise out of the real estate process. Contact Weeks Irvine, LLC.

    Contact Us

    For experienced legal help in the Charleston, South Carolina, area, contact Weeks Irvine, LLC. We charge competitive rates and will work around your schedule, including evening and weekend schedules. To contact us, call 843-553-9800 or 800-553-7449.

    Real Estate Attorney, Personal Injury, Immigration, Commercial Litigation Lawyer Miami Florida #real


    Live Help 305-397-8547 Call Now

    Real Estate, Personal Injury, Immigration Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Miami, Florida

    Isaac Benmergui believes your lawyer should be your partner in helping you build a better business and living. As part of that philosophy, he emphasizes being proactive and essentially practicing preventive law: we want our clients to get it in writing, document everything and keep accurate, comprehensive records. When you have a question or a legal problem, talk to us as soon as possible. By becoming involved early in the process, it is often possible for us to resolve matters more efficiently, thus keeping the legal process short and your overall costs down.

    Real Estate

    As a Real Estate attorney in Miami, Florida. Mr. Benmergui helps solve the legal issues facing businesses, homeowners, contractors, architects, engineers and others in the business, real estate and construction industries. Mr. Benmergui provides the tools anyone entering into a real estate transaction needs to help avoid many of the legal pitfalls from the very beginning. The real estate law topics in which Mr. Benmergui concentrates are the following:

    • Foreclosure foreclosure defense
    • Leases leasing law
    • Title property rights law
    • Commercial real estate law
    • Closings
    • Loan modifications
    • Bankruptcy
    • Condominium law

    Florida Personal Injury Law

    There are a wide variety of injuries and claims which fall under the general title of Personal Injury Law. Some examples of this type of claim are automobile accidents. slip and fall accidents. and premises liability claims. The most common and well known of these claims are those relating to automobile accidents. The automobile accident claim does not start with the filling of a lawsuit, but from the moment of the accident onward. Mr. Benmergui’s pre-litigation process gets involved from the moment you come to his office. Prompt contact to the insurance company is initiated as quickly as possible as well as the process for the injury claim. Other Florida personal injury law areas in which Mr. Benmergui concentrates are:

    • Construction accidents
    • Dog attacks
    • Negligent security incidents
    • Slip and fall accidents
    • Car accidents

    Immigration Law

    Immigration attorney Isaac Benmergui provides immigration legal services to Florida’s business community and individuals seeking visas, residency, citizenship or relief from detention and deportation proceedings. Mr. Benmergui is highly qualified to assist clients on immigration issues such as:

    • Interpreting the text of laws
    • Filling requests for citizenship, state residency, green cards, student or work visas
    • Filling all type of immigration forms
    • Appearing in court for any necessary immigration proceeding

    Commercial Litigation Law

    Miami Commercial Litigation Attorney, Isaac Benmergui defends the rights of his clients throughout the Miami Dade area. If you are a property owner, we want to help you protect your investment against construction defects or unscrupulous contractors. While we try to mediate whenever possible to seek a timely and cost-effective resolution, we will aggressively litigate whenever necessary. Mr. Benmergui has been involved in complex commercial litagation matters, contract disputes, real estate claims and other matters involving arbitration throughout Miami dade and South Florida.

    We have close to 10 years of experience handling Real Estate, Personal Injury, Immigration and Commercial Litigation cases throughout Miami and South Florida, and will use our expertise to help your case to the best of our abilities.

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    How to File Bankruptcy in California (with Pictures) #california #bankruptcy #law


    How to File Bankruptcy in California

    If you are contemplating bankruptcy in California, there are several important decisions you must make as you start. First, try to avoid formal bankruptcy by finding an alternative way to pay off your debts. Second, before you can file for bankruptcy you will need to complete a required counseling class that will help you determine your eligibility. Once you file for bankruptcy and complete the process, most of your debts will be discharged. However, some debts will remain with you.

    Steps Edit

    Part One of Seven:
    Finding Alternatives to Bankruptcy Edit

    Avoid bankruptcy on your own. Before you dive into bankruptcy proceedings, try to take some steps to avoid the process altogether. If you’re financial situation is not beyond repair, try:

    • Reducing expenses;
    • Increasing your income;
    • Negotiating lower interest rates; and
    • Selling your property. [1]

    Contact creditors. If you cannot avoid bankruptcy without some help, start by contacting your creditors to work out a payment plan. [2] If you do not want to do this on your own, hire a credit counseling agency or lawyer to act on your behalf. They can help you make a budget and negotiate repayment plans with lower interest rates and reduced principal. In addition, credit counseling agencies and lawyers can work to stop the harassing calls and aggressive collection practices.

    • If you are going to hire a credit counseling agency, be aware of scammers. [3] Do some research and make sure the agency you hire is legitimate.

    Obtain a debt consolidation loan. An unsecured debt consolidation loan will pay off your creditors while you will be left to pay off the loan itself. If you have the means, you can also consolidate your debts through a second mortgage or a home equity line of credit.

    • Be aware that if you choose to take out a second mortgage or a home equity loan, you will be required to use your home as collateral. If you fail to make the required payments, you could lose your home. [4]

    Complete a credit counseling plan. If you enroll in a credit counseling plan, your creditors will be more likely to reduce interest rates and accept lower payments because you will enter into a debt repayment plan. As part of your plan, you will deposit money each month with the credit counseling service and they will pay your creditors according to the payment schedule you agree upon.

    • When you are choosing a credit counseling service, be sure to look at the fees. Some services will charge little to no fee to manage the plan. Other services will charge monthly fees that will add up over time. [5]

    Look at your options. There are four main options when you file for bankruptcy. Each one is named for the federal Bankruptcy Code chapter that describes them. Chapter 11 proceedings are most often used for corporations and Chapter 12 proceedings are for family farmers. Unless you fit into one of those categories, your focus will be on Chapters 7 and 13. [15]

    Qualify for Chapter 7. If you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your qualifying assets will be liquidated (i.e. sold by the court) and the proceeds will be used to pay your creditors. You will keep exempt property and while most of your debts will be wiped out, some debts are excepted from these proceedings.

    • You cannot file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy unless you pass the Means Test or are exempted. [16]

    Determine if you have to take the Means Test. If you want to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy you must pass the Means Test unless you are exempt. This test only applies to higher-income filers so if your income is below the California median for your household size you are exempt from the test and may file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You are also exempt from the test if your debts are not primarily consumer debts or if your debts were incurred while on active duty in the military and you are a disabled veteran.

    • The Means Test is used to determine if Chapter 13 is a viable option as opposed to Chapter 7. [17]

    Select Chapter 13. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will work out a repayment plan with the court and will pay off your debts over a three to five year period. To qualify, you must have a regular income that rises above a certain level.

    • In Chapter 13 proceedings, you will keep your property. However, there are limits to how much debt and what type of debt you can have and still qualify for these proceedings. [18]

    Gaithersburg Criminal Defense Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #attorney


    Committed to Personal Service

    Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving, Family Law, and Personal Injury Attorney in Maryland for 32 years

    Ever since Richard L. Healy opened his law firm, in May of 1982, he has wanted to help people. His philosophy has always been to treat each client as he would like to be treated if he were to walk into an attorney’s office. This means being treated with courtesy regardless of one’s financial status, his or her educational background, how a person is dressed or their standing in the community. It also means understanding that a person’s time is valuable and should not be wasted.

    During Richard L. Healy’s 32 years of practicing law, he has represented clients in a wide range of legal matters, including drunk driving, criminal defense, divorce and family law matters, wills and estates, serious motor vehicle violations, business matters and automobile crashes. Over the years, Mr. Healy’s experience has enabled him to help thousands of people navigate the legal system and understand their rights in the process.

    If you have questions that need to be answered, feel free to contact the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. in Gaithersburg at 301-990-6100 or in Frederick at 301-663-8470.

    Experienced Legal Advice in Maryland

    At the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. Mr. Healy strives to provide each client with the best legal service that he is capable of rendering based upon the principles of honesty, integrity, caring and a personal commitment to each client’s case. For over 32 years the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. has placed an emphasis on:

    Drunk Driving and Criminal Defense

    • Car Accidents
    • Truck Accidents
    • Motorcycle Accidents
    • Serious Personal Injury
    • Contested Wills
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Advanced Directives
    • Trusts

    Contact Richard L. Healy, P.C. for More Information

    The law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. offers a free initial consultation for prospective clients where we can discuss your legal concerns. At our meeting, Richard L. Healy will provide you with his legal advice concerning your best options, and a strategy about how to achieve your desired results. Contact the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. to schedule an appointment in Gaithersburg at 301-990-6100 or in Frederick at 301-663-8470.

    San Francisco DUI Lawyer and California DMV Hearing Attorney #san #francisco, #california,


    San Francisco Bay Area DUI Lawyer and California DMV Attorney

    San Francisco Bay Area DUI lawyer Robert Tayac has been an attorney for more than twenty years and is recognized as being among the top driving under the influence (DUI) defense lawyers in California. With offices in San Francisco, Redwood City, San Rafael, Walnut Creek and Napa, investigators and experts working with this highly specialized DUI attorney represent clients accused of driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or driving with a blood alcohol level (BAC) at or above the legal limit in the criminal courts of San Francisco. San Mateo. Marin. Alameda. Santa Clara. Contra Costa. Sonoma and Napa counties and the Federal DUI Courts for the Northern District of California. Additionally, Mr. Tayac’s office represents clients accused of driving with blood alcohol level (BAC) of 0.08% or greater stemming from California driving under the influence arrests before the Department of Motor Vehicles’ Driver Safety Offices in San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Santa Clara. This law office accepts only a California driving under the influence case and a related California Department of Motor Vehicles license suspension action .

    Each investigator and expert working with this San Francisco Bay Area criminal defense firm specializes in drunk driving defense. Mr. Tayac is a present or past member of professional organizations whose focus is directed at representing individuals who are accused of driving under the influence, including the National College for DUI Defense, California DUI Lawyers Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ), and California Public Defenders Association. As well, Mr. Tayac is a member in good standing of the The State Bar of California and is licensed to practice law in all California criminal courts and United States Federal courts for the Northern, Eastern, Central, and Southern Districts of California.

    California driving under the influence (DUI) arrests almost always initiate two distinct cases. The first case is the California driving under the influence criminal case. The District Attorney of the county in which the driving under the influence arrest occurred will most often charge the driver with two separate criminal violations following a California drunk driving arrest. The first criminal charge is for driving under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs in violation of California Vehicle Code section 23152, subdivision (a). The second criminal charge is for driving with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater in violation of California Vehicle Code section 23152, subdivision (b). (Please note, a driving under the influence offense case will be prosecuted in the United States Federal Court for the Northern District of California by a lawyer working for the United States Attorney’s office if the arrest occurred within the geographic boundaries of the Presidio National Park in San Francisco, Moffett Federal Airfield in Santa Clara County or other land under the jurisdiction of the United States.)

    The second driving under the influence case is a California Department of Motor Vehicles administrative per se license suspension (APS) action. in which a person is at risk of having their California driver’s license (if licensed by the State of California) or privilege to drive in California (if licensed by another state) suspended. Drivers arrested for driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or greater in California have only ten (10) calendar days from the date of the driving under the influence arrest to request a DMV administrative per se (APS) hearing. If a hearing is not requested within ten (10) calendar days of the DUI arrest, the person’s California driver’s license (if licensed in California) or privilege to drive in California (if licensed by another state) will automatically be suspended thirty (30) days from the date of the arrest for a minimum of four (4) months.

    California Department of Motor Vehicles license suspension hearings are highly technical and case specific. For this reason, DMV hearings should only be handled by a lawyer with specialized experience in DUI defense and California DMV cases. To suspend a driver’s license following a California drunk driving arrest, the Department of Motor Vehicles need only prove by a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not) that the police had reasonable cause to believe a violation of Vehicle Code Section 23152 or Section 23153 was committed, that the driving under the influence arrest was lawful, and that the driver had a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or greater at the time of driving. California DMV administrative hearings can be won, but usually only by an attorney with knowledge of the administrative per se hearing process. the type of evidence presented and familiarity with the possible defenses in drunk driving and DMV cases.

    The stakes are high in a California drunk driving case and the consequences are severe. A driving under the influence arrest in California may result in jail. large fines. driver’s license suspensions. mandatory alcohol education classes. ignition interlock devices. and other punishment. For that reason, it is important to have a qualified driving under the influence defense lawyer handling your case as soon after the arrest as possible. If you, a relative or someone you know has been or may be accused of drunk driving, driving with a blood alcohol level at or above the legal limit, or driving under the influence of medication or drugs, we invite you to read the information contained in this website and welcome you to call our office to discuss your case with an experienced DUI lawyer. If you prefer, you may submit a confidential case questionnaire which will be reviewed by a lawyer and receive a prompt response.

    Dallas Criminal Lawyer #dallas #criminal #lawyer, #dallas #federal #criminal #lawyers, #dallas #criminal


    Ron Wells is a Criminal Defense Attorney specializing in Federal and State crimes, Bank Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, and White Collar Crimes. Ron Wells protects and defends the rights and freedom of individuals who have experienced unjust criminal conduct or charges, are involved in a criminal investigation, or have been indicted or convicted of a State or Federal crime. We provide legal expertise to individuals who require a confidential environment, intuitive strategies, time tested goals, and dedicated personalized representation with the best results for your case.

    Mr. Wells is a Board Certified Dallas Criminal Lawyer. He has a passion for victory, a respect of the Judges and Courts, a beneficial relationship with the Justice Department, DEA, FBI, ATF, the local District Attorney’s Offices, and a highly effective and experienced network of attorneys, investigators, expert witnesses and resources. With almost three decades of experience and hundreds of trials, he is constantly evolving, improving knowledge, communication, negotiation and trial strategies. He knows this is part of the winning formula, which has provided success for his past clients and is available for our future clients. We are proud of our excellent history of results and the clients we have represented. As a Dallas Criminal Lawyer, Mr. Wells has prosecuted and defended literally thousands of criminal cases from misdemeanors to murder. Experience has developed the one attribute that can most effectively impact your future: our professional judgment, knowing what to do and when to do it.

    Criminal conduct, investigation, or charges may result in significant ramifications to your current financial position and future career, reputation and liberty. It is critical that you do not talk or communicate about your case to anyone or prepare any evidence until you have the case reviewed by a Criminal Lawyer with the right mix of experience, judgment, analytical skill and knowledge. This will provide you the ability to determine your situation, what the evidence will probably prove, and identify any risks or options you have.

    After reviewing your case, there is no substitute for speed, and timing and decisions in the criminal justice system to achieve the best result possible. The government will be using every possible investigative tool to assemble the case. Prosecuting a criminal case consists of gathering crime facts in the light most prejudicial to the Defendant: i.e. putting together a case. Defending a case consists of casting doubt upon � or actually disproving � the Defendant�s responsibility for either the commission of the crime or its aggravating features: i.e. taking apart a case. Knowing exactly how to utilize and examine this process may keep you out of court system altogether, failing can cripple you for life. This requires confidence, intelligence and most importantly, experience in prosecuting and defending cases similar to yours. Without this unique ability and experience of the entire process and system you can be left without the best result in your case.

    In some cases, many offenses can be proven by the State (or, in federal cases, by the Government). Knowing this, to obtain the best result for your case requires a unique strategy. We have developed extensive expertise in punishment mitigation or �damage control.� If investigation establishes that your guilt can clearly be established upon a trial, we have the resources and credibility to create a plea to cut exposure to a minimum, or identify an acceptable alternative to confinement, or at a minimum, show why a lesser punishment is appropriate.

    If you, a business associate, client or a member of your family is in need of assistance, please contact us at the Dallas, Texas office. Allow us to review the case, at no risk or cost. Please refer to the FAQ to receive additional information.

    Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyers, Auto Accident Attorneys #car #accidents, #truck, #motorcycle,


    Fort Worth Car Accidents Lawyers

    For most Americans, cars are not luxuries, but necessities. Every day, millions of Americans rely on automobiles ranging from personal cars to public buses in order to travel to and from work, school, and other appointments. Unfortunately, however, driving is still a highly dangerous activity, with an estimated 40,000 people losing their lives every year in auto accidents. Additionally, due to the size and power of most motor vehicles, even a minor collision or accident can result in significant injuries for all involved.

    Although sometimes driving mishaps are truly accidental, most stem from acts of negligence such as failure to maintain roads, drunk driving, and auto part manufacturing errors. In these situations, victims should not be compelled to cover the costs of their damages without full, generous compensation from the party at fault.

    Cases We Handle

    At the Woodson Law Firm, we have dedicated 20 years—and counting—to serving the victims of car accidents. Our dedicated attorneys have the skills and determination it takes to manage motor vehicle accident cases including those involving:

    Despite our many years of experience in handling auto accident cases, we have chosen to remain a small firm so that we can focus on the individual needs of our clients while still providing extensive legal resources.

    Contact Us

    If you or someone you know has suffered in a car accident caused by someone else, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your damages. For help with deciphering your rights and options, contact a lawyer of the Woodson Law Firm today by calling our offices at (817) 338-0303 to discuss your case with our legal team.

    Attorney Advertising. Hiring of a lawyer is an important decision that should not be based solely upon advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free information about our qualifications and experience. This web site is designed for general information only. The information presented at this site should not be construed to be formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.

    Ohio OVI DUI Law #ohio #ovi, #ohio #dui, #ovi #law #ohio, #dui


    Welcome to OVILAW.COM.

    the comprehensive web site for information regarding drunk driving in Ohio. What is OVI? OVI is an acronym for Operating a Vehicle Impaired. Formerly known as DWI, DUI, OMVI, or drunk driving, the Ohio General Assembly changed the statute to OVI in January 2005 to more accurately reflect the actual scope of the offense since it doesn’t necessarily require driving or that the operation be in a motor vehicle.

    Much of the OVI Law site is provided for the general public as a free resource of OHIO OVI information, while portions of the site require membership and is designed to assist those Ohio OVI attorneys who are dedicated to the zealous defense of Ohio OVI cases.

    Members Only Information offers member access to Ohio OVI Case Law through our Case Law Update area. With a paid membership, Ohio OVI Defense Attorneys have access to OVI case law published throughout the State of Ohio. Keep in tune with new and updated case law. learn more offers member access to Ohio Police Officer Data. With detailed references to OVI DUI citations searchable by County, Patrol Post and much more, you too can build your OVI Defense case with solid reference information. Sure up your OVI Defense. learn more

    Public Accessible Information provides an OHIO OVI Attorney Directory for the purpose of providing the public with a listing of attorneys who handle Ohio OVI and Ohio drunk driving cases. Many of the Ohio OVI Attorneys listed in the Attorney Directory offer free OVI consultations; however, you will need to check with each individual OVI attorney to determine if he/she offers free consultations for drunk driving cases in Ohio. provides a complete listing of State of Ohio approved Driver Intervention Programs. If charged with a 1st Offense OVI (DUI), the Court can allow you to participate in a 72 hour (3 Day) Alcohol Intervention Program in lieu of a 3 day mandatory jail sentence. Get a complete list of Ohio approved 72 Hour Intervention Programs searchable by county.

    The OVI Resources page contains helpful and/or interesting information and links to articles and websites that deal with OVI, DUI, drunk driving, OVI Penalties, DUI Penalties, ignition interlock devices, law enforcement and other important OVI/DUI issues. Ohio OVI is an informational section that explains Ohio’s OVI Law and it’s penalties in an overview. These links, sites and articles are not endorsed by and are only provided for additional information to the user.

    NY Mesothelioma Law Firm Expands into New York’s Capital District #new #york

    February 28, 2013 – The New York City products liability and asbestos litigation firm, Levy Konigsberg LLP, has opened offices in Albany, New York, to better serve the hard working men and women of the Capital Region who have been injured by asbestos, chemicals or other dangerous and defective products.

    NY Products Liability Mesothelioma Law Firm Expands into New York’s Capital District

    Levy Konigsberg LLP, a New York City products liability law firm, specializing in mesothelioma and other asbestos-related actions, whom U.S. News World Report recently named 2013 Law Firm of the Year in Product Liability, opens offices in Albany, New York.

    ALBANY, New York, February 28, 2013 – The New York City products liability and asbestos litigation firm, Levy Konigsberg LLP (“LK”), has opened offices in Albany, New York, to better serve the hard working men and women of the Capital Region who have been injured by asbestos, chemicals or other dangerous and defective products.

    LK was recently named 2013 Law Firm of the Year in Products Liability. in the U.S. News World Report’s Best Lawyers edition and has been a leader in asbestos and toxic tort litigation for over 25 years. Its asbestos attorneys have won numerous landmark jury verdicts in New York and across the Nation.

    LK has a long track record in upstate NY and has represented men women in the Capital Region and Central New York for years. In the past 5 years alone, LK has won some of the largest verdicts in Upstate NY history.

    Firm partner Jerry H. Block. who spearheaded the firm’s Capital Region expansion, tried the first Onondaga County, NY, mesothelioma lawsuit in 2008, on behalf of a former Navy Boilerman Douglas Pokorney, which resulted in a $5 million dollar award – the largest mesothelioma compensation verdict in Upstate New York at that time. In the following year, Mr. Block surpassed the record-setting verdict by obtaining an $8 million dollar award in Schenectady County for a former submarine shipyard worker suffering from mesothelioma.

    In November 2012, Mr. Block represented Eileen Clinton, of Troy, and won a historic victory in Federal court against RJ Reynolds/American Tobacco. It is believed to be the first federal jury verdict in favor of a former smoker against Big Tobacco in New York State.

    “Over the years our lawyers have represented and fought for hundreds of men and women throughout upstate NY and we are very excited to now have two local offices to better serve our community,” said Mr. Block.

    Each year, around 3000 Americans are diagnosed with mesothelioma, which is a rare, terminal cancer caused by asbestos exposure. The Capital Region’s long industrial history places it in the high risk category for asbestos exposure and asbestos related diseases. In Albany County alone, there are over 100 known jobsites where a variety of tradesmen were exposed to asbestos. Those workers also unwittingly exposed their families to asbestos by carrying home the deadly dust on their work clothes and bodies. Commonly known asbestos exposure sites in the region are the General Electric site in Schenectady, the American Locomotive Company, Niagara Mohawk, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory, Troy Steel Iron Company, Finch Pruyn Paper Mill in Glens Falls and numerous others.

    In addition to industrial workers, there is also a large veteran population in the Capital Region which increases the incidence of mesothelioma and asbestos lung cancer in the area. Sadly, 1/3 of all individuals diagnosed with mesothelioma are veterans that were exposed to the hazards of asbestos while honorably serving our Country.

    LK s Albany, NY office is located at 90 State Street in downtown Albany.

    For more information about Levy Konigsberg LLP, please contact the firm at 1-800-988-8005 or submit an online inquiry .

    ATTENTION. Mesothelioma has no known cure and often causes severe pain, suffering, and other types of damage, such as loss of consortium, and loss of income. Additionally, due to the exceedingly high cost of mesothelioma treatments, many families exhaust savings and accumulate financial debt in order to pay for the medical expenses of their family member.

    Under the law of most states, pain and suffering from mesothelioma may be compensated through the award of money damages, usually obtained with the help of experienced mesothelioma attorneys. In some states other types of damages may also be recovered.

    Asbestos litigation affords mesothelioma victims the opportunity to receive financial compensation and hold accountable the companies that caused their asbestos exposure.

    IMPORTANT. If you or your family member has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you should get in touch with a mesothelioma lawyer as early as possible to determine if you have a mesothelioma case and to:

    • Preserve your rights to bring a legal action against the responsible parties within the limited time frame allowed by law, known as statute of limitations;
    • Obtain maximum compensation in your case by being able to:
      • Preserve evidence and establish facts of the asbestos exposure while the claimant is still alive and able to provide information;
      • File and resolve a lawsuit against the responsible parties before they file for bankruptcy or, if they already have, to obtain compensation before their bankruptcy trust funds run out of money;
    • Expedite your case, as courts tend to give higher priority to mesothelioma lawsuits where the claimant is still alive.

    Find out whether you have a case by speaking to one of our experienced mesothelioma lawyers via our 24/7 toll-free hotline at 1-800-MESO-LAW (1-800-637-6529) or by submitting an email inquiry (see form above). Our attorneys will be quick to respond to you and happy to answer all of your questions.

    NOTE. While our offices are located in the states of New York, New Jersey, and Georgia, many of our mesothelioma lawyers are licensed to practice law in a number of U.S. states and have the capability and extensive experience of representing mesothelioma clients throughout the United States. You are encouraged to contact us with any questions.

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    San diego family law bar association #san #joaquin #college #of #law, #san


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    Richard Placido, Bachelor’s in Political Science

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    “Among the many challenges of law school, financing my education is not one of them. Utilizing my GI-Bill has ensured that it’s not. My military service has given me an invaluable toolset to achieve my career goals at SJCL.”

    Jason Trupkin, Veteran

    “Being a student at San Joaquin College of Law has allowed me to successfully balance a full time job at a professional local law firm, while at the same time, being able to focus on studies.”

    Michelle Vasquez, Fresno State, Criminology

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