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The Lead Planet offers hot refinance mortgage leads as millions of homeowners go online to shop for refinancing loans online. Many borrowers are looking for refinance lenders to help them convert their adjustable rate as their payments have been rising. It seems like every other month we extend mortgage refinance lead offers and promotions to help brokers and net branches maximize their marketing budgets. Borrowers will always have a need to refinance their home mortgages. Many homeowners have first and second mortgage loans that they would like to combine. In most cases our conversion rates on refinance leads is very high. Most of our clients have been closing the most loans each month with our refinance leads. Discuss your lending niches and sales goals with one of our sales reps today and get started with the best mortgage refinance leads online today. We pride ourselves in delivering refinance mortgage leads from homeowners that want to work with competitive lenders.

The hot mortgage refinance leads right now seem to be the borrowers who have first mortgages that just converted to adjustable rate and their payments have been rising. Their motivation to refinance into a fixed rate loan is high, so get your spot locked with the Lead Planet. When the interest rates rise, they would rather not have to refinance their low rate 1st loan. The other popular inquiries from homeowners are in regards to the HARP 3.0 because this program requires no equity as lenders completely disregard the “loan to value” when underwriting these applications. We have seen a significant rise in HARP refinance leads. Let’s face it, with interest rates this low the market remains hot for home refinancing. Why not maximize your efforts buying marketing in a profitable market. For over fifteen years, we have been delivering qualified refinance leads that convert successfully for lenders and brokers across the nation.

Whether your niche is conventional, VA or FHA refinancing, our company understands the dynamics of loan origination and our marketing plans are centered on your niches. The reality is that the mortgage refinancing market will not be hot forever, so take advantage of our high converting refinancing leads that will drive your origination numbers higher each month.

Get signed up now before the lead prices increase. These refinance mortgage leads come directly from interested consumers online. Ask your sales representative about bulk discounts on semi and exclusive refinance leads for sale.

Target Homeowners that want to Refinance their home while interest rates are low.

Lead Planet Custom Filters that We Set Up Around Your Company’s Niches!

FHA Mortgage Leads – After the housing market imploded a few years ago, FHA leads became the most popular refinance lead over the last few years. Many applicants are looking for the FHA streamline program. We generate a high volume of FHA refinance leads.

Home Equity Leads – Millions of homeowners are searching online for a refinance loan that will consolidate their credit line or 2nd mortgage. The Lead Planet provides quality key equity leads that were initiated by homeowners looking for subordinate financing. Talk to bankers and brokers that offer credit line programs now. Ask about the surging conversion rates on cash out refinance leads as well.

Credit Repair Leads – Why not supplement your mortgage income with another revenue stream that helps people out by improving their credit.

Please note that does not offer home refinance programs. is not a bank, credit union, broker or mortgage lender. is a website that provides information about home financing and services that connect consumers to approved lending professionals. We do not offer refinance mortgages directly or indirectly through representatives or agents.

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In addition to offering the best Commercial Insurance Leads in the industry, we give you the ability to set when you accept leads and even what coverage and/or industries you would like to target. You can select as few or as many states as you like, what days and hours you wish to accept lead delivery, as well as your maximum # of leads per day. The coverage and industry filters allow you to select as many or as few coverage and industry combinations as you like.

Bond | BOP | Commercial Auto | Commercial Property | Liability | Workers Compensation

Accounting Financial | Advertising, Design | Media Services | Agricultural | Associations Religious Orgs | Auto Dealers, Service, Equipment | Cleaning Services | Computer, Web, IT Svcs Tech | Construction Contracting | Consultants – Management Marketing | Design Professionals | Energy | Entertainment, Hotels, Recreation | Home Based Business | Insurance Professional Stock Brokers | Laundry | Lawn Care / Landscaping | Lessors Risk | Manufacturers | Marine | Medical, Health, Wellness | Nonprofit / Social Services | Pet Services | Photography Video Services | Printing Copying | Professional Specialty Services | Professional Installers | Real Estate, Title Mortgage | Restaurants Bars | Retail | Salons Personal Services | Schools | Services Miscellaneous | Transportation – Trucking | Transportation – Uber/Lyft/Taxi/Limo | Wholesalers


Lead contact-ability is one of the yardsticks by which lead quality is measured. It is the measure of how often you can get in touch with a lead via phone or email. We take this measurement very seriously and our goal is for you to be able to reach your prospects 100% of the time. As a matter of fact, we already have industry leading lead contact-ability levels and we are always working to improve them for you.

Business owners searching for commercial insurance find our site using the major search engines. Some of these visitors complete our web form that helps them select the appropriate set of coverages for their business. Once they submit the form, we run a series of automated quality checks to make sure the lead is valid. Additionally, we phone verify many of the leads ourselves to make sure they meet our standards. We then match the prospect to the agent that is the best fit. We also display that agent’s contact information to the prospect and deliver the lead to the agent all in real-time.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ for answers to common questions or feel free to give us a call!

Generate Life Insurance Leads Using These Four Life Insurance Prospecting Ideas, exclusive


Life Insurance Leads

The Life Insurance Agents Life Support System.

Insurance agents, this is your help website.

Each topic page on our website is a mini training experience.

Click on your topic of interest using the nav bar on left side of page

Four Methods To Generate Life Insurance Leads.

Life insurance leads are usually generated by a variation of these 4 methods depending on who you talk to. We will provide a general discussion of each area.

If you want to review more detailed information on any of these methods discussed below, just click on the highlighted links on this page.

So what is the real story on how to get insurance leads !

Based on my years in the business, it is not uncommon that the agents first 100 prospects will probably consist of people they know. And then when they are gone, oops, what do we do? Well like most of us that started in this business we go through the following progression, which we call the prospecting ladder.

Generating life insurance leads requires a system. It needs to be adhered to, day in and day out. It must become a habit. You must understand that this is how you replenish your inventory. When you run out of Inventory, you are out of work.

Additionally, I have included some other concepts and prospecting ideas (methods 2,3 and 4 below ) that i learned and are not usually taught in home office schools.

Prospect or Die E-Book – Just published Developed for insurance agents in need of prospecting ideas, techniques and concepts. Get yours now

Name generation or cold calls as I refer to them. They require the most work. But they are names and people to call and they will create activity.

These type of names are generated through, newspapers, credit bureau green sheets, chamber lists, club lists, new married, new babies born, buying lists of names and so on.

These type of insurance sales leads usually consist of lists of people and are usually unqualified names. All you really have is a persons name, address and maybe couple other pieces of information.

Here is a more indepth discussions on prospecting.

METHOD NUMBER 2: These techniques provide a more qualified prospect.

Setting up your own board of directors, (What is a board of directors?) and using lunch appointments to sit down with these key people from time to time is a good method. This is a low profile method to keep generating life insurance leads by using key people.

Orphan policy holders. (Existing clients that no longer have an agent because the agent quit, moved away or whatever) your company manager can provide you with orphans. Just ask your agency manager.

Just Meeting people in social events. Never get into discussion about your product. Set up teaser question and get persons name. “Mr. jones, Has anyone ever helped you set up a formula for saving money and determining your financial goals in life? I would like to give you a call and share some ideas with you sometime, if that is okay. Is it best to contact you during the day or is the evening better.” (remember,always give a choice.)

METHOD NUMBER 3: And my most fun favorite was asking the people that said no when I was phone calling them for an interview: this was fun for me because I wanted to see how good I was and it was always a challenge.

Here is how it worked—

Before you hang up you should say something like this: Mr. Prospect, thanks for visiting with me, even though you are not interested in getting together with me at this time.

Who do you know that may have just bought a new house, just had a baby, just got a job promotion? Wait for response. (Believe it or not most people will be glad to help give you life insurance leads, you just need to ask)

METHOD NUMBER 4: Referrals:

But the best way to generate free life insurance leads is the Referred lead System. Learning the referred lead concept will make your life easier in the long run and help you accelerate to the top of the prospecting ladder. This method is the most efficient. Not only will your income increase, but the size of your case and your persistencey will go up. There are two methods I used when I was selling: The referred lead card system and the appreciation dinner concept. So if your new just starting out in the business or a struggling agent, and if you want to make prospecting and selling life insurance less stressful, while making your professional life easier, take the time to learn the referred lead card system. Practice it till you get it right so that it is working for you.

I hope this Life insurance leads and associated articles will help you with your prospecting skills.

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All About Sales

Also See the Library’s Blogs Related to Sales

In addition to the articles on this current page, also see the following blogs that have posts related to Sales. Scan down the blog’s page to see various posts. Also see the section Recent Blog Posts in the sidebar of the blog or click on next near the bottom of a post in the blog. The blog also links to numerous free related resources.


What is Sales?

Before learning more about how to do successful sales and selling, it’s important first to get a sense of what sales is, so you can more accurately understand the guidelines, tips and tools provided throughout this topic. Also, it’s useful to understand different viewpoints about sales, especially so you can more accurately understand how your clients talk about sales.

Understanding the Sales Process (Sales Pipeline)

There is a general, overall process that successful sales people follow, although there are different perspectives on that process, including names for the various steps along the way. The next major section in this topic includes more detailed guidelines, tips and tools for each stage of one perspective on the sales process, or sales pipeline as some people refer to it.

Understanding the Sales Cycle

The sales cycle is often referred to as the time it takes to do the sales process mentioned above. Timing is critical because the faster and shorter the sales cycle, the faster that more revenue is generated, customers are satisfied and more customers can be gotten by the organization.

Value of Product Knowledge

There’s an old saying that a good salesman can sell anything. That’s not so true today when the nature of products and services can be highly complex and the nature of customers and clients can be highly demanding. Yet there’s an ongoing argument about which is best — product knowledge or sales skills.

Useful Knowledge and Skills to Have in Sales

You don’t have to read all of the resources referenced from the following links. Rather, a quick scan will give you an impression of the different types of knowledge and skills to start learning over time. Perhaps for now, realize that there’s more to being a good salesperson than learning the sales process and sales cycle. Many of the following are also more directly associated with other subtopics in this overall topic of Sales.

Useful Business Skills for Salespeople

Useful People Skills for Salespeople

Understanding Types of Clients and How to Engage Them


Trade Shows

2. Qualifying the Client — Is Client a Prospect?

Once you have a list of leads, you need to qualify them, that is, you need to assess whether they are likely to buy your product or service based on, for example, their needs and wants, match between their needs and wants and the nature of your products and services, key decisions by the decision makers, ability to pay and preferences for the timing to buy. A qualified lead is a prospect. (Depending on the nature of your product or service, you might be asked to provide a proposal, even without having an opportunity to more carefully qualify the lead. In that situation, you can skip to the section Proposals .)

First Impressions and Establishing Rapport With Leads

Understand the Needs and Wants of Each Lead — Ask the Right Questions

One of the worst approaches now is to start pitching or pushing your product or service. Instead, learn more about the lead, especially by asking useful questions. Here’s where the guidelines in the previous topic Understanding Types of Clients and How to Engage Them are especially useful because you’ll need to really understand more about the lead in order to discern if they are a prospect, if they are likely to buy from you.

Getting to Decision-Makers

Often, the person you first contact is not the person who ultimately will decide whether to buy from you. So even if the first person really likes your product or service, it’s as important that you influence the real decision maker. Many times, that person is a very busy upper manager who does not want to be bothered by someone trying to sell something to him or her.

Following-Up With Potential Prospects

Effective follow-up shows you are thorough in your work and are sincerely committed to working with the prospect. Also, your follow-up often reminds the prospect of your initial contact– a contact that they might have forgotten in their busy work lives.

3. Sales Interviews and Presentations With Prospects

Effusive Sales Presentations

Convincing the Customer and Dealing With Objections

4. Sales Proposals and Negotiations

Proposals and Sales Letters

If you have been successful in prospecting the lead and the prospect indeed is interested in your product or service, then you might be asked to provide a proposal that provides more information about your organization, its products and services, and how you would work with the potential client. The client also might be asking several vendors to provide proposals, so that the client can have more choices from which to choose.


Often, your proposal or sales letter is the first time that the client really absorbs the details of the opportunity that you’re bring to him or her. It’s not uncommon that the client wants to modify certain terms or pricing. Thus, it’s useful for you to have at least some basic skills in negotiating.

5. Closing the Sale

The closing process is getting the commitment of the prospect to buy your product or service. The close is when the client has committed. It represents the close, or ending, of the sale process. However, many would assert that the sales process really doesn’t end there, rather the sales process continues to ensure a strong, successful relationship with the client even after a contrast has been signed.

Techniques for Closing

Sales Contracts

6. Account Maintenance and Management

What’s Account Maintenance and Management?

Customer Service

One of the main responsibilities in this phase of the sales process is responding to the needs and questions from customers. This phase also is where you can learn a lot about how well your product or service is meeting the needs of customers, and about any changes that you might want to make to those products and services. The following link is to many other links about customer service.
Customer Service

Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate goals of a sales process should be customer satisfaction. Without that, the revenue won’t follow. The necessary learning won’t follow about how to continue to improve products and services, about how to innovate to produce new products and services. The following link is to many other links about customer satisfaction.


Various Philosophies of Marketing and Sales

Before reading the following links, the reader is encouraged (if he or she has not yet) to scan the subtopics in this overall topic to get a sense of the activities required in sales and the order of those activities. This is in lieu of trying to learn about sales primarily be reading numerous different perspectives and opinions. Do come back to read some of the following after getting an overall impression of sales.

Challenges and Pitfalls


Staying Motivated



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Personalized REALTOR ® Website Complete Online Real Estate Marketing System.

Daniel MacQuarrie Sales Representative – Real Estate Homeward, Brokerage

After 2 years, I decided to switch to InCom. I was amazed! Within the first Month I picked up a Buyer Client, and we closed on a condo in Toronto! Talk about great ROI. In only 4 months, I have received nearly a dozen solid leads contact me through the website property search, and forms, through email and telephone. My previous website, before InCom, did not generate a single lead in 2 years. And the cost is basically the same. I don t know how they do it, but InCom is generating leads for me, regularly, that I am turning into clients. Thanks to the team at InCom! Keep up the great work!

Haro Shivratan Broker – Re/Max Premier Inc, Brokerage

First of all, I would like to thank InCom for your great customer service. The transition from my previous service provider was done quickly and efficiently. At any point in time when I need assistance with the website your staff have always been willing to help. The website allows for great flexibility when editing. Your team has definitely exceeded my expectations.

Claudia Kovalev Sales Representative – Upperside Real Estate, Brokerage

I called my InCom representative in July and asked them to help recover my online presence. In couple days my new InCom website went live and in less than 3 months, not only has my SEO ranking skyrocketed back to what it was before, but also my website started to generate multiple leads and resulted in closing 3 deals. I would like to truly thank the INCOM staff for all of your professional work, first class service, helping me grow my business, and for making me feel very special. I learned my lesson the hard way. I am your client for life.

John Gagnon Broker of Record – HomeLife/Unlimited Connections Realty Ltd. Brokerage

I am so happy with InCom. They built a fantastic agent website for a great deal, and they are constantly improving it with lots of new features at no extra cost to me. My business has grown rapidly since I joined InCom, as they have helped to market my service efficiently and uniquely on the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google.

Martin Byrne REALTOR® – Royal LePage Vision Realty

It s an absolute pleasure working with InCom in the creation of my website. The whole team at InCom are extremely responsive and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build an easy to use website. I can whole heartedly say my website has helped me generate sales and I am sure it will continue to do so.

Andrea Lombardo Sales Representative – RE/MAX Premier Inc. Brokerage

Building a website was never so easy. InCom is always available to help me with editing my page and the video tutorials make it easy for me to do things on my own as well. The built in IDX and CRM make it easy to manage my leads and get in contact with them all from 1 dashboard. Thanks to the entire InCom team for making the process so easy and helping me with all my edits.

Betty Main Vice-President – Red Carpet International, Inc.

As a note of thanks and recommendation, we thank you for the impressive website you have created for us at Red Carpet International, Inc. We have had a very positive response to the website, as well as compliments on how professional and esthetically pleasing it is.

We predict future listings for Real Estate #offrs,,seller #leads, #real #estate #leads,


All-in-One Lead Generation

Get Verified Seller Leads .

As an experienced Realtor entering a new marketplace I found it challenging to pick the right area to farm for business. After researching Offrs it was a no brainer that the monthly fee was well worth the information I would be getting. After one week I obtained my first listing, which will more than cover a full year subscription.

Lisa D. Sarasota, FL

As a Broker and Real Estate Agent, I have been using for over two years. We have leveraged their Smart Data to enhance all of our marketing programs including our direct mail, email and online ads. offrs consistently generates leads and provide real value to our agents. I believe every broker and agent needs Smart Data.

Beth D. Siesta Key, FL and predictive analytics is the future of real estate. If you want to build a business and leverage sophisticated marketing techniques like social media marketing, online ads and smart farming you absolutely need They accelerate your brokerage by providing the data, platform and services your agents need to succeed.

Tony G. Beverly Hills, CA was instrumental in our team becoming the #1 fastest growing office in the Northwest. We were one of the first offices on their R.O.O.F. program and generated over 70 leads in first 90 days.

Troy T. Seattle, WA has generated listings for me and my agents consistently since I joined the program. I am a big believer in Smart Data, and have leveraged it to build a very successful marketing program.

Dan C. Madison, WI is one of the best ways we have found for consistent seller lead generation. We operate in a very competitive marketplace where we need every competitive advantage we can get to help us be first in the door. is a critical piece to our success.

David D. Hoboken, NJ

Six Ways we Improve your Business .

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My definition of sales enablement

Posted: May 21, 2013 By Matt Heinz

We can get far more granular, of course, and talk about creating content for sales that maps to each stage of both the buyer s journey and their documented sales process. We can talk about going beyond simply passing along sales qualified leads, to also providing sales with messaging, follow-up tools and other support to increase lead responsiveness and conversion.

But that s getting tactical. It s doing the fishing, vs. teaching he organization how to fish.

The fundamentals of fishing, and sales enablement specifically in this example, is rooted in revenue responsibility. Get that part right and the rest often falls into place.

So what does that mean? Depending on your company and culture, it might mean tying marketing s bonus structure to pipeline contribution and/or closed business. It might mean making sales-qualified leads and/or pipeline contribution the #1 measure of marketing effectiveness.

It might also mean taking a hard look at the distribution of responsibilities across marketing. What would happen if you took just one head focused on demand generation, and instead focused that person on sales enablement strategy tactics? Would lead volume really go down? And if pipeline contribution actually went up, would you really care?

Fundamentally, you could easily argue that generating sales-qualified leads is itself sales enablement. Good leads are certainly more efficient than random cold-calling.

But we all know it goes well beyond that. And a tactical definition of sales enablement that fits all companies – sizes, industries, cultures – would be next to impossible.

So instead, I think the right definition of sales enablement is more accurately a guiding principle.

Revenue responsibility means a melding blurring of the line between sales marketing. It means new, seminal books such as The Challenger Sale are textbooks for not just sales, but marketing as well.

It means a focus not on internal execution but customer-cetric alignment. The tactics of sales enablement are delivered internally, but the value is 100% realized in the field and with your prospects.

This also doesn t mean sales enablement needs to be a department, or even an individual role. Sales enablement is everyone s responsibility. How does this effort impact our prospects? How will our sales team translate this to our prospects? How will prospects react, and how should our organization respond in kind?

These are the questions that, in part, will define how your organization executes successful sales enablement.

Great post. I especially like the point Sales enablement is everyone’s responsibility which is critical to the overall success of the organization adopting and powering sales enablement. As they say there is power in numbers and if there is a belief that you are either in sales or enabling sales the organization can reach new levels of revenue performance while reacting to changing markets.

Great post Matt, I couldn t agree with you more on many of your assertions!

Sales enablement is the ongoing process of optimizing your revenue generation capabilities. Trying to define it in cliché, anachronistic terms is offensive to real world practitioners. Such an example would be enterprise
technology sales teams responsible for producing a huge revenue number, or they lose their jobs.

There are many complexities and layers involved. Is it a brand new market that you are trying to build? Are you a challenger with established market leaders? Creating a definition that uses a just in time reference (e.g. IDC) is analogous to comparing a simple game of checkers to the three-dimensional game of chess that Spock played so brilliantly on the Star Trek TV series. They are completely different and not everyone is capable of playing them well with the same training.

Start by considering the business context. Why is sales enablement such a hot topic these days? The simple answer is because the buyer-seller dynamic has gone through wholesale changes courtesy of the Internet and availability of information. The seller can no longer dictate a sales process to the buyer. The buyer is in complete control of the process.

What are the business implications of this? Win rates are falling. The number of sales reps achieving quota are at historical lows. Sales cycles are getting longer: too many deals are stalling or resulting in no decisions. It takes too long to ramp up new sales team members. Sales team attrition rates are too high.

Great sales teams understand this and are constantly arming, educating and developing their sales teams with the capabilities they need to optimize their revenue generation capabilities.

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