The CPS makes a major contribution towards improving effectiveness and efficiency of

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Working Together

The Criminal Justice System involves many agencies working together to ensure that our country is a safe place to live. These agencies include the Police, The Crown Prosecution Service, Prison Service, Probation Service, Magistrates Courts, Crown Courts and many others. For more information about the Criminal Justice System visit the GOV.UK website’s Crime and Justice page .

The Criminal Justice System

The CPS works in partnership with the police, courts, the Home Office, the Ministry of Justice and other agencies throughout the Criminal Justice System.

For comprehensive information about the Criminal Justice System (CJS) please visit the GOV.UK website’s Crime and Justice page .

Others in the Criminal Justice System

The Law Officers

The Attorney General fulfils the role of chief legal adviser to the government and superintends the principal prosecuting authorities within England and Wales. These are the Crown Prosecution Service and the Serious Fraud Office. The Attorney General also has overall responsibility for the Treasury Solicitor’s Department, the National Fraud Authority and Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate, and fulfils a number of independent public interest functions. The Attorney General for England and Wales also holds the office of Advocate General for Northern Ireland. For more information about the Law Officers go to .

The Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice has responsibility for different parts of the justice system – the courts, prisons, probation services and attendance centres. Its work spans criminal, civil and family justice, democracy, rights and the constitution. For more information about the Ministry of Justice, go to

The Home Office

The Home Office is the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, counter-terrorism and police. For more information about the Home Office go to .

The Serious Fraud Office

The Serious Fraud Office prosecutes serious or complex fraud, and corruption. For more information about the Serious Fraud Office go to .

The Courts

Provide administration of the civil, family and criminal courts in England and Wales.

Advocates representing the CPS prosecute the majority of the criminal cases that are heard within the magistrates’ courts and the Crown Courts. Magistrates’ courts deal with the less serious criminal offences. Youth courts are special magistrates’ courts which deal with all but the most serious charges against people aged between 10 (the age of criminal responsibility) and under 18. Crown Courts deal with the most serious offences, which are triable by judge and jury. For more information about the courts go to .

The Police

There are 43 police forces across England and Wales responsible for the investigation of crime, collection of evidence and the arrest or detention of suspected offenders. Once a suspect is held, in minor cases the police decide whether to caution them, take no further action, issue a fixed penalty notice or refer to the CPS for a conditional caution, or in the more serious cases, send the papers to the CPS to decide upon prosecution. For more information, go to your local police force website through the Police Services Portal at .

The National Offender Management Service (NOMS)

The National Offender Management Service provides administration of correctional services in England and Wales through Her Majesty’s Prison Service and the Probation Service. Prison and probation services ensure the sentences of the courts are properly carried out and work with offenders to tackle the causes of their offending behaviour – .

Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate (HMCPSI)

HMCPSI is an independent organisation that inspects and reports on the operations of The Crown Prosecution Service. For more information go to .

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Experienced Attorneys Serving the North/Northwest Chicago Suburbs

At Lois Kulinsky Associates, Ltd. you will find lawyers who have been providing skilled representation to people throughout Illinois for more than 45 years combined. We have helped thousands of people get positive outcomes in practice areas that include family law, estate planning, disabled estates, guardianships, probate and business law.

“Excellent attorney and caring person. Very professional and informed. Actually returns phone calls! Highly recommended!” — S. Lindstrom, Palatine, Illinois. Read more testimonials.

We have earned the trust and respect of the people we serve, as well as from the legal community itself. In fact, a significant portion of our clients is referred to us by members of the legal community, including attorneys and judges. These people have seen our integrity in action in the courtrooms of Illinois; they know we care about our clients and work hard to get a positive outcome in every case we handle.

We charge affordable rates and maximize every dollar by working as a team on each case. Installment plans are available, and we accept credit cards. Contact us online or call 847-459-4448 (Wheeling office), (Buffalo Grove Office) or 847-281-0200 (Libertyville office) to set up a free half-hour initial consultation with our experienced family law attorneys.

Communication Is Key

The hallmark of our practice is communication. By communicating frequently with our clients, we make sure that their needs are being met and that they feel secure in what we are doing for them. We pledge that we will:

  • Send monthly statements to you, with all expenses carefully itemized (this is above and beyond the quarterly statements required by law in family law cases)
  • Return all of your calls and emails quickly
  • Get your approval for every action we take
  • Keep you informed about all developments in your case

Even if you do not become one of our clients, we can provide you with information to help you through your legal issues.

See our Articles page to read articles written by our attorneys.

Contact Us Now for a Free, Half-Hour Initial Consultation

Contact us to speak with one of our attorneys about your legal needs. We focus our practice on the north and northwest suburbs, but we serve clients throughout greater Chicago. Our main office is in Wheeling, and we also have an office in Libertyville and Buffalo Grove for your convenience. We are pleased to provide free, half-hour initial consultations to all new clients.

Case Tried by Lois Kulinsky Sets Precedent in Illinois on Military Survivor Benefit. Read More

23 Years of Herpes Lawsuits – Do You Have to Tell You

23 Years of Herpes Lawsuits Do You Have to Tell You Have Herpes and When?

You CAN be sued for not telling someone you had herpes. 23 years of herpes lawsuits proves this.

Starting in 1987, Let’s Look Over 23 Years of Herpes Lawsuits

In 1987 Tony Bennett made headlines when he was ordered by the courts to undergo medical tests to determine if he could have given a woman genital herpes. Bennett said he didn’t have herpes and that his doctors report confirmed this. Her lawsuit was for $95 million and he, naturally, was counter suing for $100 million.

I can find many references to the filing of this case, and none to how it was eventfully settled .

Also in 1987, this was making headlines:

The decision upheld the right of Jane Maharam, 56, to sue her former husband Robert, 56, on her claim that he had herpes and did not tell her. The court found that such partners have a legal duty to inform each other about their venereal diseases.

1992 was another big year in herpes lawsuits:

One of the big news items was that a 1986 lawsuit filed again the actor/comedian Robin Williams was finally settled. That’s 6 years later after the herpes lawsuit was filed! The case was settled out of court for an “undisclosed sum.”

The 1992 article in The New York Times, “Pillow Talk ” brings up much that is still hotly being debated today:

1. Mr. Williams s lawyer, argued in court papers that a person who doesn t ask and doesn t insist on prophylactics should assume the risks.

2. So, legal experts have begun to ask whether the responsibility for taking precautions should be shared. Everybody should be on notice that unprotected sex creates risks of all sorts, and you shouldn t rely totally on the good-faith disclosure of a partner, said Catherine O Neill of the Legal Action Center.

3. He also noted that judges have not come right out and described what they would consider a legally acceptable way to break the bad news to a lover. They haven t exactly spelled out a kind of Miranda warning for these cases, Mr. Rabin said.

4. In herpes litigation, the claims against partners have ranged from those who sinned by omission, keeping mum about their status, to those who, when asked if they had a sexually transmitted disease, lied. In a 1984 opinion in a herpes case, a California appellate court acknowledged that while rulings on bedroom behavior infringed the right to privacy, public-health-policy concerns loomed larger. Courts have decided that if someone is infected, aware of it and sexually active, that person has a duty to inform a partner, who by extension, has a right to know.

2004 Herpes Lawsuits

In 2004 it was alleged NOT that Liza Minnelli had actually given David Gest herpes, but that Liza Minnelli had not told him that she had herpes until months after they had been married. Essentially, what was put forth was that this would make the prenuptial agreement invalid as the agreement would have been based on fraud… not all the information was given to Gest when signing the prenup.

2006 Herpes Lawsuit

Michael Vick, the football player who was later went to jail for dog-fighting and animal cruelty, settled a lawsuit filed by a woman who said he knowingly gave her herpes. The name “Ron Mexico” became infamous as that was the fake name Vick is reported to have used when seeking treatment for herpes.

2007 Herpes Lawsuit

In Los Angeles CA, Elizabeth Mazzocchi filed a herpes lawsuit against NYPD Blue actor Esai Morales. Once again, you only can find reference to the announcement of the lawsuit, and no reference to its outcome .

2009 Herpes Lawsuit

A woman was awarded $7 million in a suit filed by a 56 year old woman who was infected with herpes by a 77 year old man. Interesting here is the woman said she was denied health insurance after getting infected with herpes. The77 year old man said he would appeal.

2010 Herpes Lawsuit

A woman from Chicago filed a herpes lawsuit seeking $50,000 against her husband. The 1987 Tony Bennett lawsuit was for $95 million. Now, lawyers will take cases for $50,000. It seems it’s getting easier and easier to sue for herpes.

Where there is blood in the water, you are sure to find sharks. Lawyers seem to be more actively chasing the herpes ambulance.


• Is there a double standard for oral herpes and genital herpes? Is this fair?

• Should people have to disclose that they have oral herpes before kissing another person?

• Can you be sued for having HSV-1 (usually oral herpes) and having oral sex, and not telling the other person?

• If you give a person HSV-1 through oral sex can you be sued?

• Can you be sued for KISSING another person and giving them HSV-1 oral herpes?

• Do you have to tell that you have genital herpes if you practice safe sex and it’s a one night stand?

• If you are participating in RISKY BEHAVIOR, does that mean you assume the risk? (Could a prostitute sue someone for giving her herpes?)

• Do porn stars have a right to know if the person they are working with has herpes?

• Must you tell the truth of your STD status if the other person asks? In other words, “Is LYING the same as simply not telling?”

• Is the responsibility of discussing herpes and other STDs a one way street? Is only a person who knows they have or have had an STD required to bring it up?

• Is a person who has unprotected sex with lots of people required to be truthful about this when asked? After all, it’s the risky behavior that makes a STD more likely. People that get tested are simply being responsible. Must the responsible people bear all the responsibility simply because they got tested?

• Does a person have a LEGAL responsibility to know their STD status? If a person is having unprotected sex with multiple partners, shouldn’t they know that they may be passing on STDs to other people, even if they haven’t received an official test? A reasonable person would know this.

• Is a person who has a STD but fails to get tested still legally responsible for giving the other person their STD? (The ignorance is bliss excuse is an excuse…)

• Is HSV-1 a sexually transmitted disease?


Miami Divorce Attorney, Miami Personal Injury Lawyer, Andrew H Boros, Esq, florida


florida legal malpractice insurance

Attorney at Law

2333 Brickell Avenue

Miami, Florida 33129

Phone: (305) 854-8689

Andrew H. Boros, Esq.

Attorney at Law

Andrew Boros has over 30 years of extensive trial law experience in the State of Florida, representing clients in:

  • Florida Divorce Law
  • Family Law
  • Catastrophic Personal Injury
  • Automobile Accidents
  • Criminal Law
  • Wrongful Death
  • Slip and Fall
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Construction Accidents
  • Negligence

For Personal Injury, Divorce & Family Law

Besides representing clients in state and federal courts, Mr. Boros appeared in front of the United States Supreme Court, which is every attorneys’ zenith moment, in the matter of Hubbard v. United States, 514 U.S. 695 (1995) . The United States Supreme Court overturned in part Hubbard’s criminal conviction by a unanimous vote overturning its own 40 year precedent.

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Andrew H. Boros is a graduate of the University of Miami and South Texas College of Law. Prior to entering law school Mr. Boros was employed as the lead Crime Scene Investigator by the Miami-Dade County Sheriff’s Department. After graduating from law school in 1976 he was hired and trained by Gerald Kogan who attained the eminent position of Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court, now retired.

Mr. Boros is a Martindale Hubbell AV rated South Florida Lawyer specializing in litigating complex cases primarily concerning personal injury, medical malpractice, matrimonial and criminal.

He has attained the AV rating which is the highest and preeminent rating based upon lawyers and judges attesting to his legal ability and professional ethics.

Florida legal malpractice insurance


When searching for a South Florida Lawyer

for your legal representation, look no further.

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Legal Studies – B.S.

This degree includes an internship option, where students join the professional workforce while still in college. This real-world exposure helps students begin their careers and make job connections while still in college. The Legal Studies program also incorporates courses that expose students to the business aspects of the practice of law.

  • Legal research
  • Legal writing
  • Law including: Business Law, Civil Litigation, Constitutional Law, Criminal Practice, Family Law, Negligence and Intentional Torts, Real Property Law, Wills, Trusts and estates
  • Recent high school graduates
  • Paralegal studies transfer students
  • Criminal Justice transfer students
  • Working professionals or students wanting online courses

The Legal Studies program has grown from 38 students to 97 students between 2008 and 2014. It continues to be the only four-year undergraduate Legal Studies program within the 64 campus SUNY system.

Assistant Professor, Legal Studies

Legal studies degreeReal-World Experience

Instructors in this program have a wide variety of real world experience including attorneys who are practicing, or have practiced law. This allows students to learn from the experiences of professionals from governmental agencies and from the private sector.

No Time? Try SUNY Canton Online!

The Legal Studies degree is one of SUNY Canton’s signature online programs. Students don’t have to travel to take an online course, eliminating geographic barriers. Because internet courses don’t have set classroom schedules, students can participate at any hour and from anywhere, even from your job. The Legal Studies degree can be earned entirely online if necessary.

Legal studies degree

Real-World Learning

Students work to produce well-written, well-researched documents applying client’s facts to the law. Students learn this process hands-on with case examples and studies.

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Legal Assistant Training – Legal Assistants

According to the American Bar Association (ABA), the terms legal assistant and paralegal are considered Legal assistant classessynonymous. A legal assistant performs the intellectual heavy lifting in a law office, for this position conducts research, prepares key documents, evaluates case histories and more.

Most assistants and paralegals receive their training at one of more than 600 legal assistant training schools across the country.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree in another field, you can qualify to work in a law office in as little as three semesters of classes leading to a legal assistant certificate. Or you can attend a four-year program in legal professional studies. Both are broadly recognized by the ABA.

Legal Assistants Perform Intensive Work

Whether they’re hired by a legal firm, a corporate law department, or a federal, state and local government agency, legal assistants should be prepared to roll up their sleeves for intensive research and writing.

While prevented by law from actually arguing cases in court or giving out legal advice, legal assistants increasingly are called upon by law firms to prepare briefs, analyze judicial precedents and history, draft mortgages and trusts, and investigate legal literature.

Legal Assistants Employment Outlook

According to federal statistics, law firms will be hiring legal assistants and paralegal professionals at a steady rate through the decade. It pays to research the firms that are hiring to ensure that you work in the area of law that most appeals to you. The legal assistant will focus on the specialty of the firm where they work, whether criminal, civil, corporate, environmental, and so on. Your work may center on personal injury, environmental, real estate, family law, bankruptcies, or immigration cases.

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Helping You When You Need It Most

The Richmond phone book is full of lawyers. It’s easy to find an attorney who will take your case. You don’t want an attorney from the phone book. You want — and deserve — an attorney who takes the time to get to know you, who understands your unique situation and who knows what it takes to get you where you want to be.

Experienced and Dedicated Lawyer Representing Your Interests

You do not have to face your legal issues alone. I have years of experience that I use when handling my clients’ cases – whether defending a client facing solicitation or prostitution charges, assisting a client in obtaining a record expungement or advising a client through a real estate matters. A substantial portion of my practice involves helping individuals restore their right to own firearms. If you have a prior felony conviction, I can help you explore your options and file a petition to the Governor and the circuit court in the city or county where you live.

I am thorough and detail-oriented, which allows me to better present your case to the opposition, a judge or a jury. It is important that we develop a trusting relationship. When you are honest with me about your situation, needs and goals, I can take steps toward protecting your rights and pursuing a resolution that is in your best interests.

Guiding People Through The Expungement Process

There is no greater satisfaction than helping a client overcome barriers. Many people do not recognize the damage that comes with a criminal case even when an arrest does not result in a conviction. Arrest records and court documents are publicly available and may appear on a background check. These records can be viewed negatively by prospective employers. As an experienced Virginia criminal law attorney, I can help you put the matter to rest once and for all by helping you get criminal records expunged.

At the Law Office of Susan E. Allen in Richmond, I offer friendly, aggressive and experienced legal counsel to people throughout Richmond and the surrounding area. Contact my office or call me at (804) 592-2058 to set up a meeting to discuss your legal needs.

My areas of practice include:

  • Criminal defense : I provide vigorous criminal defense for people facing felony and misdemeanor charges. As a knowledgeable Virginia criminal law attorney, I provide aggressive defense representation in a full range of criminal cases. I handle offenses that include solicitation and prostitution. drug crimes. assault and battery, theft and probation violations.
  • Traffic violations : I represent Virginia residents and out-of-state motorists, including commercial truck drivers, who have received traffic tickets for speeding and reckless driving.
  • Expungements : If you were charged with a crime but never convicted, I may be able to help you remove the charges from your criminal record.
  • Fathers’ rights : I protect the rights of fathers in actions involving custody, visitation and support, including modifications.
  • Child support : I defend fathers in child support actions, including enforcement actions and modifications.

E-mail meor call me at (804) 592-2058. I am available Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. and evenings and weekends by appointment.

Long Island Lawyers – Attornies – Law Offices in Nassau – Suffolk


Long Island Lawyers

No matter what type of legal issues you are facing, having a lawyer assist you can make addressing legal issues less stressful, and easier to take care of. From preparing wills and protecting assets, to helping you resolve legal troubles and lawsuits, having a lawyer work with you through the process of handling legal matters can take much of the burden off of your shoulders. There are many lawyers on Long Island that specialize in different types of law, whether it be property, taxation, criminal, divorce or any other specialty, finding the right law firm to help you handle your. Read More No matter what type of legal issues you are facing, having a lawyer assist you can make addressing legal issues less stressful, and easier to take care of. From preparing wills and protecting assets, to helping you resolve legal troubles and lawsuits, having a lawyer work with you through the process of handling legal matters can take much of the burden off of your shoulders. There are many lawyers on Long Island that specialize in different types of law, whether it be property, taxation, criminal, divorce or any other specialty, finding the right law firm to help you handle your issues can make a world of difference in resolving your troubles promptly and efficiently. Show Less

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New York City Legal Malpractice Lawyers

Bold labels are required.

Manhattan Lawyer Misconduct ◊ Attorney Ethical Violations

The Catafago Law Firm, P.C. in New York City brings more than 20 years of experience helping individuals and businesses who have suffered financial loss because of lawyer malfeasance. The firm understands the breach of trust that clients feel when an attorney engages in misconduct. The firm’s lawyers emphasize honesty and integrity throughout the course of representation, working hard to restore clients’ trust and confidence in the legal profession.

The firm offers a complimentary consultation to all new clients. Contact the firm.

The Firm’s Legal Malpractice Counsel

To successfully recover on a claim for legal negligence, you must demonstrate that your attorney committed errors while handling your case and that those errors caused financial loss. Because of their experience and knowledge, the lawyers at the Catafago Law Firm, P.C. know how to gather, assess and prepare evidence to support your claim. They will conduct a thorough investigation of the details of your prior case and provide you with a quick assessment of your likelihood of success.

The firm provides counsel in all types of legal malpractice claims, including cases involving:

  • General negligence — failure to meet accepted standards of conduct within the legal profession
  • Conflicts of interest — taking action that promotes the interests of another person (including the attorney) at your expense and in conflict with your interests.
  • Failure to file documents or pleadings in a timely manner, including failure to file the summons and complaint within the period of the statute of limitations .
  • Ethical violations — behaving in ways that contradict the Code of Professional Responsibility which require an attorney to act in your best interests.
  • Billing and fee abuses — over-billing, charging for services not rendered, charging for unauthorized services

Contact the Catafago Law Firm, P.C.

To arrange a complimentary consultation with experienced New York City legal malpractice attorneys, contact the firm. Evening and weekend meetings can be scheduled by request. The firm maintains offices in the Empire State Building.

Las Vegas NV State – Federal Criminal Defense Attorney #lawyer, #attorney, #law


From your initial consultation through the final resolution of your case, I will handle all important tasks including research for and preparation of any necessary legal pleadings as well as evaluation of the evidence.

Your case will not be handed off to an assistant or associate, but will be managed directly by me. This allows me to handle your case in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

When you are charged with a crime, you need a powerful defense. Let me take immediate action in your case to protect your rights, to challenge the evidence presented against you, and to fight to reduce the penalties in your case. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.

Nevada State and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer Patricia M. Erickson

When you are charged with a crime, you need experienced, strategic, results-driven legal counsel to protect your rights throughout your case. My name is Patricia M. Erickson. and I have defended clients in Nevada state and federal courts for over 20 years. Whether you have been charged with a crime or believe that you may be charged with one, I can begin an immediate review of your case and take every necessary step to protect your rights.

Reliable, Honest, and Strategic Legal Counsel

I will always provide forthright and honest feedback regarding all aspects of your case. I will not tell you only what you want to hear, but what you need to know to make a sometimes difficult decision. Some attorneys aren’t as straightforward with their clients as they should be, even when the outcome may be significant penalties or jail time. I understand that you need to know what is going on and will keep you informed about the status of your case.

During your entire defense, you can be confident that I will be thoroughly prepared regarding the facts and evidence so that I will be able to make the most compelling arguments in your defense.

I can assist you with the following:

A Lawyer You Can Trust in Confidence

Many of my clients are facing very difficult situations by the time they seek my legal services. They may have been charged with crimes that their families or employers are unaware of, and they worry about how a trial, or worse, a conviction, would affect their lives and security. When you work with me, I will remain an open and supportive advocate on your behalf. I will never judge you based on the facts of your case. Throughout your case, every detail will be kept confidential and I will do my best to protect you and your reputation.

Contact me today for a consultation with an experienced Las Vegas, Nevada criminal defense attorney. Located conveniently in downtown Las Vegas near the courts and jails, my law office is open 8:30 – 5:00 weekdays, and after-hours appointments and jail meetings are available upon request.

Littleton Divorce – Family Law Lawyer #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


Call 720-316-0394

Littleton Divorce and Family Law Attorney

Protecting Clients’ Interests and Pursuing Positive Resolutions

The outcome of a divorce case or other family law matter can have a major impact on your life, from your relationships with your children to your income and assets. Your attorney’s responsibility is to ensure that you are treated fairly and that your interests are respected.

At the law firm of Martin D. Brown, PLLC, we provide zealous representation in family law cases. Littleton divorce and family law lawyer Martin Brown is committed to protecting clients’ rights while pursuing resolutions that enable them to move on with their lives.

An Experienced and Recognized Legal Advocate

Our firm practices primarily in the area of family law. and every case we accept is handled by attorney Martin Brown. Mr. Brown has been practicing law since 1965 and in Colorado since 1982, and he has gained a number of prestigious peer recognitions; namely, he has been:

  • Selected for inclusion in every edition of Colorado Super Lawyers since 2006
  • Rated AV Preeminent* through Martindale-Hubbell’s peer review process
  • Admitted to membership in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Our approach to family law representation is to carefully advise clients on their legal rights and practical options, help them minimize unnecessary conflict, and diligently advocate for their interests in settlement negotiations and — when necessary — in contested litigation.

Highlands Ranch Lawyer · Divorce, Child Custody, Property Division

If you need assistance with your divorce or any other family law matter, we encourage you to contact us at 720-316-0394 or by e-mail to discuss our services. Our offices are conveniently located off State Highway 470 in Littleton, and we accept credit cards for payment of our fees.

* AV Preeminent and BV Distinguished are certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc. used in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards and policies. Martindale-Hubbell is the facilitator of a peer review rating process. Ratings reflect the confidential opinions of members of the bar and the judiciary. Martindale-Hubbell ratings fall into two categories: legal ability and general ethical standards.

Dripping Springs Family Law Attorney #lawyer, #attorney, #law #firm, #law #office, #legal


Dripping Springs Family Law

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

At The Law Office of Milena Christopher, we offer caring, knowledgeable legal representation to help individuals and families going through divorce and other family-related matters.

Our Dripping Springs family law attorney works with clients to resolve child custody and child support issues, as well as many other legal disputes that affect their lives and their families.

If you need the assistance of an attorney with nearly 25 years of experience, then you should call 512-858-9779 or contact our Texas law office online today.

Professional Representation Focused on Your Goals

Attorney Milena Christopher has practiced law since 1988 and has been in private practice in Texas since 1997. While developing her law practice, attorney Christopher was at the forefront of the mediation boom, and she became a certified mediator in 1991. She currently holds the designation of Credentialed Mediator – Advanced by the Texas Mediation Credentialing Association (TMCA).

She is a strong proponent of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution as the best means for resolving most legal disputes. She has been a pioneer in the field of collaborative law, a relatively new approach to resolving disputes that offers many benefits to divorcing couples, including saving money and time.

In collaborative law and mediation, the focus changes from who is at fault to how to solve the problem. – Attorney Milena Christopher

Compassionate and Experienced Legal Counsel

With a master’s degree in psychology counseling in addition to her law degree, attorney Christopher knows how to handle sensitive family issues. Her communication skills, professionalism and compassionate demeanor also contribute to her success as a mediator and negotiator. Speak with our law firm today if you need help resolving:

  • Family law issues, including divorce. child custody, child support, visitation and other family law matters.
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation or collaborative law
  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Personal injury
  • Business startups

Contact a Texas Child Custody Attorney

To learn more about our legal practice, please contact our family law office online today or call 512-858-9779 to schedule an initial consultation with Milena Christopher.

Workers Compensation Law – Lawyers, Attorneys, & Free Legal Information #workers #comp


Workers Comp

When an employee is a qualified worker within the workers’ compensation system, his or her employer is required to pay for workers comp insurance. If the worker is injured on the job, s/he will generally be entitled to collect benefits through workers comp. The workers comp system is designed to remove an employer s possible negligence as a factor when deciding whether or not a worker may collect benefits. In exchange for the simplicity of this system, the worker gives up his/her right to file a lawsuit against the employer using the civil court system, even if the employer is partially (or entirely) at fault for the accident itself.

To learn more about workers compensation and what types of benefits are available, refer to the articles and answers in this section.

LITIGATION Lawsuit Claims Internet Speed Rip-offs

LITIGATION Court Says It’s OK to be Offensive on a Movie Set

LITIGATION Twitter Protects Anonymity of Government Critics

Not what you need? find your legal advice


Law Advice

FreeAdvice® has been providing millions of consumers with outstanding advice, free, since 1995. While not a substitute for personal advice from a licensed professional, it is available AS IS, subject to our Disclaimer and Terms Conditions Of Use. Privacy Policy

Use for marketing or solicitation is prohibited. AttorneyPages ®, ExpertPages ® and FreeAdvice ® are trademarks and units of Advice Company or its affiliate AdviceCo Ventures Company.

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Charleston Real Estate Law Attorneys

Experienced Real Estate Lawyers

Helping You Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Real Estate Transaction

Real estate transactions and disputes involve innumerable issues and considerable risk. When you need real estate law legal assistance, it is important that you work with attorneys who are highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of real estate law.

The attorneys of Weeks Irvine, LLC. concentrate on real estate law and have handled thousands of real estate transactions. We attend closings, facilitate short sales. provide title insurance and offer a full range of real estate law legal services.

Real Estate Law Isn’t a Sideline Business. It’s Our Primary Focus.

Since the disruptions in the national real estate market there has been a rush of law firms seeking to branch out into the active field of real estate. The attorneys at Weeks Irvine, LLC have focused on real estate law for several years.

We don’t “dabble” in real estate law. We represent buyers, sellers, developers, lenders and other parties who face real estate law challenges daily.

We Focus on Educating Clients

It’s difficult to see a way to avoid foreclosure when you are unaware of the alternatives. Likewise, it’s challenging to troubleshoot a construction loan or purchase adequate title insurance without knowledgeable counsel.

We draw on our years of real estate law legal experience to provide clients with the information they need to make knowledgeable and strategic decisions.

Take the surprise out of the real estate process. Contact Weeks Irvine, LLC.

Contact Us

For experienced legal help in the Charleston, South Carolina, area, contact Weeks Irvine, LLC. We charge competitive rates and will work around your schedule, including evening and weekend schedules. To contact us, call 843-553-9800 or 800-553-7449.

Real Estate Attorney, Personal Injury, Immigration, Commercial Litigation Lawyer Miami Florida #real


Live Help 305-397-8547 Call Now

Real Estate, Personal Injury, Immigration Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Miami, Florida

Isaac Benmergui believes your lawyer should be your partner in helping you build a better business and living. As part of that philosophy, he emphasizes being proactive and essentially practicing preventive law: we want our clients to get it in writing, document everything and keep accurate, comprehensive records. When you have a question or a legal problem, talk to us as soon as possible. By becoming involved early in the process, it is often possible for us to resolve matters more efficiently, thus keeping the legal process short and your overall costs down.

Real Estate

As a Real Estate attorney in Miami, Florida. Mr. Benmergui helps solve the legal issues facing businesses, homeowners, contractors, architects, engineers and others in the business, real estate and construction industries. Mr. Benmergui provides the tools anyone entering into a real estate transaction needs to help avoid many of the legal pitfalls from the very beginning. The real estate law topics in which Mr. Benmergui concentrates are the following:

  • Foreclosure foreclosure defense
  • Leases leasing law
  • Title property rights law
  • Commercial real estate law
  • Closings
  • Loan modifications
  • Bankruptcy
  • Condominium law

Florida Personal Injury Law

There are a wide variety of injuries and claims which fall under the general title of Personal Injury Law. Some examples of this type of claim are automobile accidents. slip and fall accidents. and premises liability claims. The most common and well known of these claims are those relating to automobile accidents. The automobile accident claim does not start with the filling of a lawsuit, but from the moment of the accident onward. Mr. Benmergui’s pre-litigation process gets involved from the moment you come to his office. Prompt contact to the insurance company is initiated as quickly as possible as well as the process for the injury claim. Other Florida personal injury law areas in which Mr. Benmergui concentrates are:

  • Construction accidents
  • Dog attacks
  • Negligent security incidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Car accidents

Immigration Law

Immigration attorney Isaac Benmergui provides immigration legal services to Florida’s business community and individuals seeking visas, residency, citizenship or relief from detention and deportation proceedings. Mr. Benmergui is highly qualified to assist clients on immigration issues such as:

  • Interpreting the text of laws
  • Filling requests for citizenship, state residency, green cards, student or work visas
  • Filling all type of immigration forms
  • Appearing in court for any necessary immigration proceeding

Commercial Litigation Law

Miami Commercial Litigation Attorney, Isaac Benmergui defends the rights of his clients throughout the Miami Dade area. If you are a property owner, we want to help you protect your investment against construction defects or unscrupulous contractors. While we try to mediate whenever possible to seek a timely and cost-effective resolution, we will aggressively litigate whenever necessary. Mr. Benmergui has been involved in complex commercial litagation matters, contract disputes, real estate claims and other matters involving arbitration throughout Miami dade and South Florida.

We have close to 10 years of experience handling Real Estate, Personal Injury, Immigration and Commercial Litigation cases throughout Miami and South Florida, and will use our expertise to help your case to the best of our abilities.

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Gaithersburg Criminal Defense Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #attorney


Committed to Personal Service

Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving, Family Law, and Personal Injury Attorney in Maryland for 32 years

Ever since Richard L. Healy opened his law firm, in May of 1982, he has wanted to help people. His philosophy has always been to treat each client as he would like to be treated if he were to walk into an attorney’s office. This means being treated with courtesy regardless of one’s financial status, his or her educational background, how a person is dressed or their standing in the community. It also means understanding that a person’s time is valuable and should not be wasted.

During Richard L. Healy’s 32 years of practicing law, he has represented clients in a wide range of legal matters, including drunk driving, criminal defense, divorce and family law matters, wills and estates, serious motor vehicle violations, business matters and automobile crashes. Over the years, Mr. Healy’s experience has enabled him to help thousands of people navigate the legal system and understand their rights in the process.

If you have questions that need to be answered, feel free to contact the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. in Gaithersburg at 301-990-6100 or in Frederick at 301-663-8470.

Experienced Legal Advice in Maryland

At the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. Mr. Healy strives to provide each client with the best legal service that he is capable of rendering based upon the principles of honesty, integrity, caring and a personal commitment to each client’s case. For over 32 years the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. has placed an emphasis on:

Drunk Driving and Criminal Defense

  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Serious Personal Injury
  • Contested Wills
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Advanced Directives
  • Trusts

Contact Richard L. Healy, P.C. for More Information

The law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. offers a free initial consultation for prospective clients where we can discuss your legal concerns. At our meeting, Richard L. Healy will provide you with his legal advice concerning your best options, and a strategy about how to achieve your desired results. Contact the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. to schedule an appointment in Gaithersburg at 301-990-6100 or in Frederick at 301-663-8470.

Orange County Employees Rights Attorneys #call #(877) #529-4545, #employment #law #team #is



Why Should You Choose The Employment Law Team ?

Issues related to labor laws and rights of employees and duties of employers have been front page news in California and other states for the past few years. The internet is inundated with articles about large judgments against major corporations due to not following up state and/or federal laws that pertain to employees. A major reason for these large verdicts is the fact that federal and state laws that deal with many aspects of employer-employer relations are less than clear. Another reason is the sensitive and emotional nature of terminating an employee’s tenure which can in many situations turn into a heated battle. The Orange County employees’ rights attorneys at the Employment Law Team have dealt with many employment law matters and our expertise ranges from drafting and negotiating employment contracts, to advising employers on their statutory and common law obligations such as issues related to age discrimination, violation of FEHA, assisting employers conduct pre-litigation investigation and representing employees who have been denied their rights or mistreated by their employers. Representing both sides of the aisle our Orange County employment attorneys bring a wealth of experience to our clients and have been able to turn that experience and knowledge in judgments and settlements which have kept our clients happy for many years.

The following are some of the areas of employment and labor law that we can assist our clients in:

Drafting and negotiating employment agreements.

Non-Solidification and non-disclosure agreements.

Advising our clients on overtime laws (i.e. exempt non-exempt issues) under both California and Federal laws (i.e. FLSA, Labor Code, etc.)

Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Dallas TX #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


State and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers — Dallas Law Firm With National Experience

Sophisticated Criminal Defense at Every Level

Sorrels, Udashen Anton is a nationally prominent criminal defense firm located in Dallas, Texas. Our firm handles criminal cases at both the trial and appellate levels. With nine attorneys focusing exclusively on representing persons accused of criminal offenses, the firm is large enough to marshal the resources necessary to handle any criminal case at any level.

It doesn’t matter how large or complex the case is or how daunting the odds. We have the specific legal knowledge and experience you need when facing the power of the government. Contact our state and federal criminal defense attorneys in Dallas to learn more about our practice.

A Law Firm Other Lawyers Trust

Sorrels, Udashen Anton is known as a firm other lawyers turn to when there is a need for the assistance of skilled criminal defense attorneys. Other criminal defense attorneys regularly call upon the firm’s attorneys for help with their more difficult cases because of the firm’s experience and deep understanding of criminal law and procedure.

The attorneys at our firm represent clients charged with crimes at the federal and state level, including white collar crimes. drug crimes, fraud charges and any other criminal charges. From local DWI cases to complex federal defense. criminal defense attorneys at our firm provide diligent and aggressive representation to each and every client.

Recognized for Excellence

The attorneys at Sorrels, Udashen Anton are recognized for excellence, not only in Texas, but throughout the country. The firm is listed in U. S. News and World Report Best Law Firm Rankings in White Collar Criminal Defense, Non-White Collar Criminal Defense and Appellate Practice. Barry Sorrels, Robert Udashen, Gary Udashen and Bruce Anton are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. They are also regularly included in prestigious peer-review listings, such as Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers and the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. When Texas Monthly. D Magazine and Texas Lawyer survey Texas attorneys for lists of top criminal defense practitioners, attorneys from Sorrels, Udashen Anton are always among those named.

DWI — Drug Crimes — White Collar Crimes — State Court —Federal Court — Attorneys in Texas

To discuss the specifics of your case, whether you are facing federal or state criminal charges, please call our Texas criminal defense law firm at 214-468-8100 or contact a white collar crimes or state court lawyer in Texas by e-mail.

Barry Sorrels was inaugurated on January 15, 2011 as the 102nd President of the Dallas Bar Association. He was recently interviewed on CBS 11 News concerning Casey Anthony. See the video here. He has been listed in Best Lawyers in America and voted as one of the top 500 lawyers in America by He has also been named a Texas “Super Lawyer” by Texas Monthly since 2003 and listed as D Magazine’s “Best Criminal Defense Lawyers” since 2003.

Robert Udashen was named in 2007 by Texas Lawyer as one of 5 Top Notch criminal defense attorneys in the State of Texas. Mr. Udashen is listed in Best Lawyers in America in the categories of white collar criminal defense, non-white collar criminal defense and appellate law. He has been named a Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly every year since 2003 and has been listed as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Dallas by D Magazine since 2009. Mr. Udashen was named 2014 Dallas White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers in Amerca.

Gary A. Udashen is listed in the publication “Best Lawyers in America” in the categories of Criminal Defense White Collar, Criminal Defense Non-White Collar and Appellate Law. “Best Lawyers in America” is the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession. Mr. Udashen was also named by Best Lawyers in America as Dallas White-Collar Defense Lawyer of the Year in 2011 and Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year in 2014. Mr. Udashen has been a Texas Monthly Super Lawyer each year since 2003 and is Board President of the Innocence Project of Texas.

Bruce Anton has been a Texas Monthly Super Lawyer each year since 2003 and was listed in D Magazine Best Lawyers in 2011. He is a frequent speaker on criminal law topics such as Applications for Writs of Habeas Corpus, DNA Post-Conviction Relief, Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense, Defense of Child Abuse Cases and Preserving Error for Appeal.

James Scott Farrin North Carolina Legal Staff and Lawyers: About Us –


About Our Staff and Attorneys

Rely on experienced personal injury lawyers in North Carolina

The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin employs a large staff and uses state-of-the-art technology geared solely toward serving its clients. Our firm focuses on providing aggressive representation for people who have sustained serious injuries and families that have lost loved ones due someone else’s negligence.

North Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers

The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin was founded in 1997 to help people receive the compensation the law may provide. The firm has since grown from the two employees and 30 clients we started with to over 100 employees and thousands of clients and former clients. We have an active car accident injury litigation and trial practice, and we have been involved in several high profile North Carolina personal injury cases that have been covered by the media. We were involved in one of the largest civil rights cases in the United States. We have the experience, ability and commitment to take clients’ cases to court, or wherever necessary, to seek justice on their behalf.

As we have grown, we have tried to stay true to our founding purpose: combining quality representation with exceptional service. Whatever the size of someone’s personal injury or car accident case — whether it involves a car accident, personal injury, workers’ compensation, patent infringement, or civil rights, we believe they deserve the best representation and service we can provide. This belief inspires us to hire individuals who are dedicated to professionalism in all that they do. Our values of teamwork, integrity, professionalism, quality, and community guide our employees in achieving results for our clients.

At the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, customer service is one of our highest priorities. We offer the following services:

  • 24/7 Toll free phone access at 1-866-900-7078;
  • Free and expedient initial case evaluation;
  • We will come to your home, job site, or hospital — morning, noon, or night;
  • Periodic customer service calls to make certain we are delivering outstanding client service;
  • Internal goals of frequent case managers or attorney client contact;
  • If we cannot assist you, we will strive to place you in contact with someone who may be able to help;
  • Many convenient office locations around the state. Click here to view all of our locations .


Our attorneys will fight for you and strive to provide you with excellent customer service. Our case management team will keep you informed every step of the way. The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin currently employs more than 20 attorneys and more than 100 professional staff. Among our attorneys, several are North Carolina Board Certified Specialists in Workers’ Compensation Law and one is a North Carolina Board Certified Specialist in Social Security Law. Several presently hold or have held leadership positions within the North Carolina Advocates for Justice and several of our attorneys are admitted to practice law in other states.

Bilingual Staff

Our firm is proud to employ many bilingual staff members. Our Spanish-speaking clients usually speak directly to Spanish-speaking staff members, not through translators, and several of our attorneys are also fluent in Spanish. En las Oficinas de James Scott Farrin sabemos lo difícil que es entender y comprender el proceso legal y el funcionamiento de las leyes en los Estados Unidos y si le añadimos que tal vez no entendemos muy bien ingles, lo hace aun mas difícil. Es por eso que en las Oficinas de James Scott Farrin contamos con un amplio personal bilingüe que lo podrá atender en español.

Call Center

When you call the Law Offices of James Scott Farrin, you will speak with an experienced call center representative who will ask you to provide detailed information about your accident and your injuries. Your answers to these questions will help us determine what kind of case you might have.

Paralegals and Case Management

Paralegals and case managers serve as the primary point of contact for most active clients. The Law Offices of James Scott Farrin employs paralegals and case managers who deal with a variety of cases — from personal injury cases involving soft tissue injuries, head and brain injuries and serious bodily injuries, to workplace injuries involving workers’ compensation, as well as other types of cases such as those involving patent infringement and civil rights.


Your case will be reviewed by one of our attorneys. If we are able to represent you, we will send one of our investigators to your home, office, job site, hospital or any other place at in which you feel comfortable to sign your paperwork. They will provide you with a list of necessary documentation that you may need to gather about your case. Investigators are also charged with further looking into your case and, if applicable, may need to take pictures of your physical injury, your wrecked vehicle, or speak with witnesses about your case.

Arizona Personal Injury Attorneys #personal #injury #lawyer, #injury #lawyer, #accident #lawyer, #accident


Zanes Law

Tucson Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers

The Zanes Law injury lawyers have helped clients recover tens of millions of dollars on their personal injury claims. Over the years, we have helped thousands of clients on everything from normal everyday car accident claims to extremely complex wrongful death claims. We take an aggressive approach to how we represent our clients because we care deeply about them and understand that we are here to fight for them. Our personal injury lawyers are some of the best in Arizona and have helped clients on a variety of injury cases, which include car accidents, truck accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, wrongful death claims, and more. We are personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers with years of experience.


We are an Arizona personal injury law firm with offices in Tucson and Phoenix, but we help clients nationally. So regardless of your location, we can help you on your personal injury or car accident case. Our Tucson and Phoenix personal injury lawyers are here to help you, regardless of where you live.


If you drive a car, unfortunately sooner or later you will be involved in a car accident. At least that is what the statistics show. If and when that happens, Please call a Zanes Law Phoenix car accident lawyer or Tucson personal injury attorney so that we can help you. This is important. It is important that you have a Phoenix personal injury attorney or a Tucson car accident lawyer who has the experience to get you the compensation that you deserve. Hiring the right personal injury lawyer will help to ensure that you get the highest compensation possible. Although there are many car accident law firms and personal injury lawyers to choose from, it is the Arizona car accident lawyers at Zanes Law who have a proven track record of success. Our personal injury lawyers strive to provide our clients with the best possible representation and our car accident lawyers have successfully helped thousands of clients.


The attorneys at Zanes Law have helped thousands of injured people make smarter, more confident legal decisions so that they are made whole after an accident. Today it’s your turn.

Do you have questions or concerns about health insruance, providers, and covering medical costs?

Medical Bills

Medical bills caused by an auto accident are a cost that should be covered by your injury settlement. If you have health insurance, you should present your insurance card to all medical providers so they will bill your health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, you will need to find a medical provider that will treat you on a lien. This is something that Zanes Law can help you with.

*Treating on a lien: This means that you will not be charged any up-front costs for treatment and the provider will be compensated upon your settlement. This provider would require payment for their services before you receive your proceeds from the claim.

Property Damage Insurance

Car rentals: If you have rental car coverage through your insurance carrier, you should request your car rental through them. It’s usually an easy process and your insurance will be reimbursed if liability is accepted by the adverse party. When you do not have rental coverage, you will have to wait until liability is established with the other driver’s insurance.

Property damage: Open a property damage claim with your insurance company (even if the accident is not your fault). If you have collision coverage on your insurance, your insurance company will fix your car and will work with the other car’s insurance to ensure they cover the costs. Please note, you may be required to pay your deductible up-front if liability has not yet been established. Once it is, your insurance company will be able to get your deductible back and reimburse you. Click here for information about property damage after a car accident.

Bodily injury: Injury claims are completely different than property damage claims. If you are injured due to a car accident, we recommend you consult with a personal injury lawyer or accident lawyer to open your bodily injury claim for you. If you were injured in the accident, you need to seek medical care immediately and you need to speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. If you are injured and choose to speak with the insurance adjuster on your own, you must make it clear to the adjuster that you are in fact injured. However, our advice is that you seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney and that you limit the conversations that you have with the insurance adjuster. Let your personal injury attorney handle all of these conversations on your behalf.

Lost Wages Compensation

Lost wages: If your accident has caused you to miss time from work, you are entitled to some type of compensation through your injury claim. You should document all time you took off and keep all doctor’s notes that justify your time off.

Pain and Suffering: This is a term used in the legal industry that refers to emotional and physical stress, as well as the actual physical pain, caused by a car accident. Injury victims are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering.

Overall compensation: Settlement amounts are directly correlated to the facts of a particular case. Some factors that determine a settlement amount are: types of injuries sustained, how long the individual sought medical treatment, total amount of medical bills, future medical bills, and many other factors. We recommend that you contact the personal injury attorneys at Zanes Law in order to find out what the actual value of your claim is.


Bills, property damage, medical treatment, insurance, lost wages, and compensation.

If all of the above are concerning you right now, we recommend you speak to a personal injury attorney to answer your specific questions. Yes, a personal injury attorney. Not a general attorney who practices all case types. A personal injury attorney works on these cases all day, everyday and is more experienced when it comes to injury claims. An accident attorney can assist with motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents, construction accidents, premise accidents, bicycle accidents, mass torts, burn injury and class action lawsuits to name a few.

Arizona Law Offices

4222 E. Thomas Rd. #230
Phoenix, Arizona 85018
United States
Phone: 602.999.9999
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NEW YORK CRIMINAL ATTORNEY #manhattan #new #york #city #criminal #defense #lawyer, #new


New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer

Jon Marks New York City Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Law Firm of Jonathan Marks, P.C.

The Law Firm of Criminal Defense Lawyer Jonathan Marks has been successfully defending clients facing criminal charges since 1978. Over the past 40 years, the Firm has earned an outstanding reputation for obtaining favorable results for its clients through all stages of the criminal justice process

The Firm’s criminal cases range from complex white collar prosecutions to narcotics and violent crimes. In addition, the Firm handles cases involving police brutality and other instances of police misconduct. With 40 years of experience and dedication to the specialized field of criminal law, the Law Firm of Jonathan Marks can be trusted to maintain total confidentiality and to energetically pursue your legal rights and goals.

Professional New York Legal Counsel for criminal defense

The Firm believes that all of its clients deserve personalized expert legal services that are cost-effective and that efficiently resolve any pending criminal charges. The Firm treats each client as a partner in his or her case and emphasizes that the best defense results from a well-informed client and well-informed attorney. At the same time, the Firm remains keenly aware that its criminal clients are facing an inordinate amount of personal stress and that part of an attorney’s job is to do all things possible to minimize that stress.

Hire one of the best criminal attorneys in New York

Attorney Marks has received the highest rating (AV) for competence and integrity from Martindale-Hubbell for the past 40 years. He has taught trial advocacy to lawyers and at law schools in the New York area. Jonathan Marks is proud of the recognition and appreciation he has received from his clients for his devotion to their cases and the good outcomes that have resulted. One client even named his first son after Attorney Marks .

Jonathan Marks has been a life member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a member of the New York Council of Defense Lawyers, the New York Criminal Bar Association, and the Federal Bar Council.

If you are facing criminal charges in New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn or Queens and are looking for highly experienced and personalized legal assistance, please contact the New York City Law Firm of Jonathan Marks. P.C. We speak Mandarin Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Rudlings Wakelam Solicitors Bury St Edmunds Thetford Brandon #rudlings #wakelam, #solicitors, #will


All of our teams work closely together, sharing ideas and challenging current thinking – pushing the boundaries to give you the service we can. For over 90 years, we have found that this approach works. Our service is founded on strong and long lasting relationships with our clients that are built on trust, and our clients return to us as their ‘trusted advisor’ time and time again throughout their lives.

At Rudlings Wakelam, we do not only strive to do the things right but to do the right thing. When you become a client, we promise to:

  • provide you with the highest standards of client service
  • be open, approachable and friendly
  • treat you with respect and dignity at all times
  • work with you to achieve the best outcome for you
  • provide you with advice that is practical and clear
  • ensure that quality is at the forefront of everything we do for you
  • ensure that our fees are transparent, with no hidden surprises

We have 3 offices across East Anglia – Bury St Edmunds, Brandon and Thetford. We have 4 partners, 25 other solicitors and support staff and offer a broad portfolio of services to our clients, whether they are individuals, businesses or organisations. We have a reputation for being a friendly, approachable and forward thinking practice that truly does provide advice through every aspect of your life.

Quite simply providing ‘. advice for life’ .

The Legal Buzz

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  • Agriculture
  • Company and Commercial
  • Child and Adoption Law
  • Commercial Property
  • Conveyancing
  • Court of Protection
  • Debt Recovery
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Employment Law
  • Equestrian
  • Family Law
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Licensing
  • Litigation
  • Personal Injury
  • Family Law
  • Probate and Tax Planning
  • Trusts and Wills

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Rudlings Wakelam take the security of our systems and data extremely seriously. However it is possible for determined fraudsters to attempt to impersonate an email from any organisation. If you receive an email or telephone call advising you that Rudlings Wakelam’s bank details have changed, do not send any money to the new account. It is extremely unlikely that Rudlings Wakelam will change bank accounts and should we do so, the change will not be notified to you by email or cold call. Rudlings Wakelam cannot accept responsibility for money sent by you to an incorrect account.

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What Is a Divorce? #divorce, #separate, #custody, #moms #and #dads, #remarriage, #remarry,


What Is a Divorce?

Do you know someone whose parents are divorced? Are your parents separated or divorced? Chances are that you can answer yes to one or maybe both of those questions. And you are not alone! About 1 out of every 2 or 3 marriages ends in divorce.

A divorce happens after a husband and wife decide not to live together anymore and that they no longer want to be married to each other. They agree to sign legal papers that make them each single again and allow them to marry other people if they want to.

Divorce Is Hard for Everyone

It might sound simple, but it’s not easy for a husband and wife to decide to end a marriage. Often they spend a long time trying to solve problems before deciding to divorce. But sometimes they just can’t fix the problems and decide that a divorce is the best solution. Change is a natural part of life, but when it happens to your family, it is sometimes really hard to deal with.

Sometimes both parents want to divorce, and sometimes one wants to and the other one doesn’t. Usually, both parents are disappointed that their marriage can’t last, even if one wants a divorce and to live apart more than the other.

Sometimes it hurts kids’ feelings when one parent wants to leave the house where they live. It is hard not to take it personally. It’s important to remember that divorce happens between the husband and wife, and even though it affects the whole family, it doesn’t mean that a parent who leaves the house doesn’t care about the kids.

Many kids don’t want their parents to divorce. Some kids have mixed feelings about it, especially if they know their parents weren’t happy together. Some kids may even feel relieved when parents divorce, especially if there’s been a lot of fighting between parents during the marriage.

It’s important to remember that divorce doesn’t change one important fact: A dad or mom who lives somewhere else is still your dad or mom. That’s forever. That will never change.

Kids Don’t Cause Divorce!

People divorce for lots of different reasons. Usually, parents divorce when they have too many problems and they just can’t seem to fix them, no matter how hard they try. Sometimes anger builds and parents fight a lot or say mean things to each other. Sometimes they stop talking to each other because they’re mad at each other, and sometimes they meet someone else that they fall in love with and want to live with.

Adults have their own reasons for divorce. Whatever the reasons are, one thing is for sure: Kids don’t cause divorce.

Still, many kids believe they’re the reason their mom and dad got divorced. They think that if only they had behaved better, gotten better grades, or helped more around the house, the divorce wouldn’t have happened. But this isn’t true. Divorce is between moms and dads only!

Even if you once heard your parents argue about you, or your friend next door thinks his parents broke up because he got in trouble at school, these things don’t cause a husband and wife to end their marriage.

You might feel you’re to blame for your parents’ divorce, but you are not the cause. And the fact that your parents decide not to stay married is not your fault.

Kids Can’t Fix Divorce!

Just like the divorce is not a kid’s fault, getting parents back together is not up to the kid, either. And most likely, this doesn’t happen, although plenty of kids wish for it and even try things they think might work. Acting like an angel at home all the time (who can do that?) and doing really well at school may make your mom and dad happy, but it doesn’t mean they’ll get back together.

The opposite is also true. Getting in trouble so your mom and dad will have to get together to talk about these problems is not going to make the divorce go away either. So, just be yourself and try to talk through the feelings you have with a parent, another family member, friend, or teacher or counselor .

Date reviewed: January 2015

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Obtaining Compensation and
Care for Injury Victims

A serious accident can change your life forever. You owe it to yourself and your family to get the compensation and care you need to recover to the fullest extent possible.

At the Law Offices of R. Steven Peters, Inc. we have been representing clients in personal injury cases for over 30 years. We are experienced, aggressive and determined to win for our clients.

A Record of Success

Our firm has successfully represented thousands of clients in personal injury cases involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and other acts of negligence. Over the years, we have found that success comes from skill, hard work and determination. We carefully research the facts, develop persuasive arguments and seek to obtain the largest settlement possible in every case we handle.

In your case, we will work to maximize the compensation you receive.

Providing Attentive Client Service

We devote our full attention to every case, no matter how large or small. Our firm is committed to providing attentive client service throughout the entire legal process. One of our experienced trial lawyers and at least two paralegals are assigned to each client, providing high levels of professional representation and accountability.

Our attorneys and staff understand the stress and uncertainty you are experiencing in this time of crisis. We will do everything we can to help you get the care and compensation you deserve.

Call us for a free preventative insurance consultation. We can review your insurance policy and provide you with an unbiased evaluation of your coverage. Our recommendations could provide increased protection for you in the event of a car accident. We will even give you a free gas card in appreciation.

Free Consultation Offices Throughout Southern California

If you have been involved in an accident, contact us immediately for a free consultation and help with your claim.

1-800-559-9925 or 1-800-515-4LAW

Phones answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can also visit clients at the hospital or in their homes when that is most convenient for them. We serve clients in San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County and elsewhere throughout California.

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Turn to the Lawyers Other Lawyers Turn To

Family Law | Personal Injury | Criminal Defense

When you are facing a serious legal issue, your choice of an attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make. In and around the Chicago area, many lawyers and other professionals choose the law firm of Camic Johnson, Ltd.

Our lawyers combine extensive knowledge of Illinois law and years of experience in trial courts. We practice in three main areas of law:

  • Criminal law: Our lawyers handle cases ranging from DUI to murder. The firm has also successfully represented clients seeking appeals and engaging in post-conviction litigation, including taking over cases from other lawyers after their clients received adverse judgments. We believe we have represented more lawyers charged with crimes than any other law firm in the area.
  • Family law and divorce: We represent people seeking divorce, determining child support and visitation plans, or needing help with a post-divorce dispute. Our goal is to get you through the process as smoothly and efficiently as possible with a minimum of stress for you and your family.
  • Serious personal injury: When your life gets turned upside down by an accident that was no fault of your own, you can turn to our personal injury attorneys to hold the other party and his or her insurance company accountable.

We represent clients from a wide range of backgrounds, including priests, school teachers, police officers, prosecutors, judges, justices, principals, lawyers, elected officials, gang members and drug dealers. No matter what your legal concern, our attorneys will work hard to help you obtain the best possible outcome. The success of the firm is built on satisfied clients. Eighty percent of our clients are referred to us by former clients and other lawyers.

Put Camic Johnson, Ltd. to Work for You

Contact Camic Johnson, Ltd. law office today to get an experienced attorney on your side. You can also call our office at 630-859-0135 to schedule an initial consultation at one of our four convenient locations in Aurora, Elgin and Sycamore. You can also send us an email by completing our simple contact form.

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Denver Personal Injury Lawyers

How Our Lawyers Can Help

Our medical malpractice law firm is devoted to helping victims and their families injured by the negligence of physicians, nurses, surgical technicians or other medical professionals. We handle cases ranging from birth injuries to a doctor’s failure to diagnose a disease to wrongful death. We work to obtain the compensation our clients deserve. See a few of our verdicts and settlements.

We also handle personal injury cases resulting from ski accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, aviation accidents, train accidents, defective products and other accidents caused by negligence. If you have been injured, we will seek maximum compensation on your behalf.

In addition, we represent individuals who have suffered losses due to legal malpractice. If your former attorney failed to meet a necessary deadline and you lost out on your chance to file a lawsuit, we can advise you about your options.

Focusing 100 Percent On Personal Injury, Defective Products And Medical Malpractice

Our senior attorney, Dennis M. Mahoney, M.D. has more than 40 years of legal experience and is a licensed obstetrician. He is joined in his law practice by his sons Paul Mahoney and Kevin Mahoney. Under his guidance, our law firm offers exceptionally knowledgeable legal representation in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, with the warmth and understanding you would expect from a good physician.

Contact Our Denver Injury Lawyers Today

Contact The Mahoney Law Firm, P.C. today to arrange a free consultation to learn how a Denver medical malpractice attorney can help you with your negligence lawsuit. Our telephone number is 303-800-3168 or we have an easy to fill out online request form on this page you can send to us.

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Ayuda legal gratis y de bajo costo

Es difícil encontrar un abogado gratis o de bajo costo porque hay muchas personas que necesitan abogados pero no tienen los recursos necesarios para contratarlos. Estos son los grupos principales que pueden llegar a ayudarlo:

Servicios de autoayuda de la corte

Todas las cortes superiores de California ofrecen cierta ayuda legal a personas que no tienen abogados y se están representando a sí mismas. Como hay muchos tipos de servicios e información para ayudarlo a obtener ayuda de su corte, hemos creado una sección entera dedicada a esos servicios. Haga clic para obtener más información sobre cómo obtener ayuda en su corte.

Agencias de ayuda legal

Muchas ciudades de California tienen oficinas de ayuda legal. Las agencias de ayuda legal son organizaciones sin fines de lucro que brindan servicios legales gratuitos a personas por debajo de un cierto nivel de ingresos. Antes de poder obtener ayuda de una agencia de ayuda legal, en general tendrá que demostrar que está calificado para recibir ayuda debido a sus bajos ingresos. Como hay tanta gente que necesita ayuda legal, para ser elegible sus ingresos tienen que ser bastante bajos.

Además, las agencias de ayuda legal no pueden ayudar con todos los tipos de casos. Las agencias de ayuda legal en general proporcionan ayuda con casos de violencia doméstica, derecho familiar, desalojos, beneficios públicos, inmigración, asuntos laborales y otros tipos de casos que pueden causar problemas serios en la vida cotidiana de una persona. Probablemente no lo podrán ayudar si quiere hacerle un juicio a alguien por un accidente de carro, por ejemplo (a menos que presente su demanda en una corte de reclamos menores, donde algunos programas de ayuda legal proporcionan ayuda).

Pero si necesita un abogado y no tiene recursos para pagar sus honorarios, siempre le conviene tratar de obtener ayuda de una agencia de ayuda legal de su zona. Pero no se desaliente si no lo pueden ayudar.

Para encontrar las oficinas de ayuda legal en su zona y averiguar qué áreas del derecho cubren, use (en inglés). Este sitio web también lo puede ayudar con servicios de remisión a abogados y otros servicios gratis y de bajo costo en su condado. Y, si hace clic en el enlace “Spanish/Español” que aparece en la parte derecha de cada página, podrá obtener información y recursos en español.

Grupos de interés público y sin fines de lucro

Las organizaciones públicas y sin fines de lucro, como los grupos preocupados por las libertades civiles o la discriminación en la vivienda, pueden llegar a ayudarlo. Estos grupos tienen a veces abogados empleados en su organización que pueden ayudarlo con su caso. Otros brindan ayuda legal sólo a grupos de personas, en vez de individuos. Por ejemplo, es posible que puedan ayudarlo a usted y a sus vecinos a convencer al concejo municipal que instale un semáforo en una intersección con mucho tráfico.

Para encontrar grupos sin fines de lucro en su zona y averiguar si lo pueden llegar a ayudar con su problema legal, use (en inglés).

Hay varias dependencias gubernamentales que pueden ofrecerle ayuda legal. Si consulta la información de este sitio web para su tema de interés, podrá encontrar información sobre dependencias gubernamentales específicas que lo pueden ayudar con ese tema.

Por ejemplo, en la sección sobre manutención de los hijos podrá encontrar información detallada sobre el Departamento de Servicios de Manutención de los Hijos y cómo pueden ayudar a los padres a cobrar y pagar la manutención de sus hijos. Haga clic para encontrar la agencia local de manutención de los hijos (en inglés) de su condado.

Si lo acusan de haber cometido un delito y no tiene recursos para contratar a un abogado, puede ser elegible para recibir ayuda de la oficina del defensor público de su zona. En general, la corte lo remitirá al defensor público. Si el defensor público no puede tomar su caso, o no hay ningún defensor público en su zona, la corte en general nombrará a otro abogado de oficio para que lo represente sin cargo. Haga clic para encontrar al defensor público (en inglés) de su condado.

También puede encontrar estas dependencias gubernamentales en las páginas de gobierno de su directorio telefónico. Y además las puede encontrar haciendo una búsqueda en línea.

Los servicios de remisión a abogados lo pueden ayudar a encontrar un abogado. También le pueden dar información sobre servicios gratis y de bajo costo en su zona para personas que cumplen con ciertas condiciones. Si no llega a ser elegible para recibir ayuda gratis, le proporcionarán otra información para ayudarlo a encontrar ayuda legal sin que le cueste mucho dinero. Por ejemplo, tienen una lista de abogados que se pueden reunir con usted una vez para hablar de su caso. No le cobrarán mucho, en general de $20 a $45. A veces sólo necesitará esta consulta inicial para manejar el caso por sí mismo. El abogado también le explicará los servicios que le puede ofrecer y cuánto puede llegar a cobrar. Algunos abogados cobran honorarios más bajos cuando los clientes no tienen mucho dinero. Algunos abogados lo pueden ayudar con partes importantes del caso y dejar que usted se encargue del resto (esto se llama “representación de alcance limitado” o “desagrupada”).

Algunas facultades tienen clínicas legales gratis para ciertos tipos de problemas legales. Su colegio de abogados o su corte probablemente sabrán de estas clínicas y le podrán dar más información. O puede averiguar en la facultad de derecho de su zona.

Muchas comunidades cuentan con programas de “resolución de conflictos”. Estos programas pueden tratar de ayudarle a “mediar” o resolver sus problemas sin tener que ir a la corte, y evitar así tener que contratar a un abogado. Haga clic para obtener más información sobre cómo resolver su caso fuera de la corte .

Es posible que sea miembro de un plan de servicios legales grupales prepagos por medio de su empleador, sindicato o unión de crédito. En general, los planes más básicos brindan asesoramiento legal y consultas por teléfono, y también pueden brindar consultas breves en la oficina, revisión de documentos legales simples, preparación de un testamento simple, servicios legales descontados por medio de una red de abogados, acceso a una base de datos de documentos y formularios legales, y cartas breves o llamadas telefónicas del abogado a la parte opuesta. Averigüe si pertenece a un plan.

Los planes de servicios legales prepagos funcionan de varias maneras distintas. Cuando considere un plan, preste atención en particular a lo que cubre y no cubre el plan. Si no anticipa tener necesidades legales en el año entrante que serían cubiertas por el plan, piense con cuidado antes de comprar un plan. Por otro lado, si cree que puede sacar provecho de un servicio proporcionado por el plan, como por ejemplo la preparación de un testamento simple, tenga en cuenta que los abogados que aceptan el plan probablemente le tratarán de vender un servicio más completo. En algunos casos puede ser conveniente comprar este servicio, pero quizás no ahorre nada por el hecho de pertenecer al plan.

Además, si no le llega a gustar el abogado asignado por el plan, quizás no pueda conseguir otro abogado a través del plan o no haya otros abogados que acepten el plan en su zona. Quizás le convenga averiguar quiénes son los abogados locales que aceptan un plan en particular antes de tomar la decisión de comprarlo.

Si está comprando un plan por medio de un representante independiente, en vez de directamente de una empresa que patrocina el plan (o por medio de un grupo, como por ejemplo su empleador, sindicato o unión de crédito), debería prestar particular atención a los términos del contrato del plan y compararlo con las promesas que le hizo su representante. Los planes que venden sus servicios por medio de intermediarios pueden negarse a asumir responsabilidad por promesas falsas realizadas por un representante independiente, cuyo mayor interés puede llegar a ser ganar una comisión en vez de representar sus intereses.

Es posible que sea elegible para participar en un plan de servicios legales grupales prepagados por medio de su empleador, sindicato o unión de crédito. Si no es así, puede consultar planes avalados y esponsorizados por una organización de renombre como el American Prepaid Legal Services Institute (Instituto Norteamericano de Servicios Legales Pre-pagados ) del American Bar Association (Colegio de Abogados de los EE UU ) en la lista de planes de servicios legales (en inglés). La Better Business Bureau (Agencia de Buenas Prácticas Comerciales ) de su zona también le puede llegar a brindar información (en inglés) al consumidor sobre ciertos planes en particular.

2017 Judicial Council of California

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Call (214) 368-0777

Home Page

Dallas, Texas, Social Security Disability Attorney

At the Law Office of Ronald D. Honig in Dallas, Texas, we focus our efforts on Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases. Count on us to be attentive to your needs and diligent on securing disability insurance benefits, SSI children’s benefits, or Social Security benefits for children and spouses. We will see your case through to resolution and ensure that it receives constant attention by one of our attorneys. We have served clients with the following disabilities:

Bi-Polar Disorder (Manic Depressive)

Our first job is to secure evidence, including medical information, to help understand your situation. From there we analyze your case under Social Security Regulations. Records are collected from the Social Security Administration and checked for accuracy and admissibility. All of your rights will be protected, including your right to a fair hearing or appeal.

Our diligence and tenacity in seeking a satisfactory resolution to your case includes appearing before the U.S. District Court and 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. At our firm, we take pride in how we handle our appeals, exploring all legal, medical, and financial aspects. Our high success rate in appeals has resulted in fellow attorneys referring appeal cases to us.

Background on Ronald D. Honig

Ronald D. Honig has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years, including 12 years with the Social Security Administration. He is admitted to practice in the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Districts of Texas, 5th and 6th Circuit Courts of Appeals, and the Western and Eastern Districts of Michigan.

Mr. Honig is an active member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives (NOSSCR), Fifth Circuit Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Attorneys (FOSSCR), and Dallas Association of Social Security Claimants’ Attorneys (DASSCA). He has lectured at various industry conferences and published a law review article on Social Security.

From the initial filing to resolving your case, we will strive for the best result. We will explore all aspects of your disability, not based solely on a doctor’s diagnosis, but rather how your disability affects your daily life. Increase your chances of success with knowledgeable legal representation. Contact us today.

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Call 602-252-7552


Arizona Debt Relief

Your Financial Future

Struggling with debt and financial worries is not a new phenomenon, however, in today’s economy, many who thought they would never find themselves in such a position are now unfortunately discovering that it can happen to about any one, at any time. Being faced with these circumstances can create a tremendous amount of fear and frustration. At Mark W. Lischwe, P.C.. we strive to take some of those fears and frustrations out of your life and put you back on track to regaining control of your financial future.

Learn More

Please take some time and explore the links on our website. Under “Resources “, you will find sites that provide an abundance of information to not only many commonly asked questions, but some you’ve probably never thought of. Under “Bankruptcy Overview “, a general summary is provided on the different chapters of bankruptcy our office handles. In “Attorney Profile “, you will find Mark W. Lischwe’s legal credentials and experience in the area of bankruptcy law and under “Contact Us “, you can obtain information on how to arrange for your free consultation and prepare for your appointment.

We hope that after your visit to our website and a meeting with our office, you feel you have been informed and educated as to the bankruptcy process and that you have made the right decision toward taking control of your financial future. Schedule your free initial consultation by Contact Us or by calling 602-252-7552.


Recipient of Phoenix Chapter 13 TrusteesAward for Excellence .

Ex-Marymount Hospice executive’s legal case resolved #hospice

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Ex-Marymount Hospice executive’s legal case resolved

Legal proceedings between the former chief executive officer of Marymount Hospice in Cork and the hospice board were resolved amicably yesterday at the High Court sitting in Cork.

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B.A./B.S. in Business Administration – Online

Compare 20+ online undergraduate degrees

Now accepting students for summer 2017. Classes start June 26.

Oregon State University’s business administration degree program online prepares profession-ready students who provide innovative solutions to complex, global challenges. This AACSB-accredited program is a general business option that is not offered on the Corvallis campus at Oregon State.

The curriculum is taught by professors and instructors who have vast experience in each area of study, focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship and experiential learning. Program topics include leadership, retail management, finance, marketing, project management, legal and ethical business practices.

This degree program is offered by OSU’s College of Business and delivered online by Oregon State Ecampus.

Specialization in supply chain and logistics management

As a student in this bachelor’s program, you can specialize your studies by selecting the supply chain and logistics management option. This will give you an alternative focus and enable you to acquire a mastery of international operations and supply chain and logistics management concepts.

Christine Mosser balances her life as a double major in business administration and Spanish online while shuttling her dog, Chesty, to events as the U.S. Marine Corps mascot. Read more »

Advantages of an Oregon State University online degree

  • All classes are developed by Oregon State’s renowned faculty, who are known worldwide for their research, expertise and innovation.
  • Oregon State is regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
  • Enhance your degree with a minor. OSU Ecampus offers a diverse selection of minors online.
  • Online students receive the same Oregon State diploma as on-campus students.
  • Students can study from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

With more than 1,000 online courses in more than 90 subjects, discover how OSU Ecampus can turn your passion into a lifelong career.

We’re here to support you

We understand that there is more involved to being a student than just completing a class. Oregon State Ecampus offers a full range of support services to help our students be successful, such as online tutoring, career services, library services and disability access. Plus, every degree-seeking student has an academic advisor to offer guidance in selecting courses and staying on track for graduation. If you need assistance, please contact Ecampus by email or call 800-667-1465 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT.

* cost per credit and total cost are calculated using tuition per credit for the current academic year. It does not include associated fees, course materials, textbook expenses, and other expenses related to courses.

Ranked top 10 in the nation

OSU Ecampus earned a top 10 ranking for the third year in a row on a list of America’s best online bachelor’s programs. Learn more

Tips to help you along the way

Self-guided online classroom tour

Distance learning for your lifestyle

Let us answer your questions


Contact Info

About Oregon State Ecampus

Providing access to quality education with 50+ online degree programs

Quick Navigation

OSU Ecampus Resources

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Division of Extended Campus

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Lawyer Referral & Information Service

The OCBA’s Lawyer Referral Information Service (LRIS) is the only non-profit legal referral service in Orange County sponsored by the OCBA. It has been referring callers to some of Orange County’s finest attorneys for over 50 years.

LRIS panel attorneys have expertise in 35 areas of the law. Each call is carefully screened by trained representatives to assure referral to the right attorney. Prospective clients receive a free brief consultation to review the legal issue and discuss fees.

LRIS provides bilingual services, meets American Bar Association (ABA) standards set forth for referral services and is certified by the State Bar of California. (Certification #0033)

An administrative fee of $25 is charged for your first referral in one area of law. You will receive additional referrals as needed for a maximum total of three. You will not receive all referrals at one time. The administrative fee collected helps defray operating costs of this nonprofit service. This fee is waived for Criminal Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Medical Malpractice issues, Personal Injury, Social Security and Workers’ Compensation. A Modest Means program is also available.

Don’t take chances with your legal needs. Call LRIS at (949) 440-6747 or (877) 257-4762. You may also request a referral on-line .

OCBA members interested in joining LRIS may contact the LRIS Administrator at 949.440.6700.

Orange County Bar Association P.O. Box 6130 Newport Beach, CA 92658 (949) 440-6700

The Different Types of Child Custody #shared #legal #custody


The Different Types of Child Custody

Physical Custody

Physical custody means that a parent has the right to have a child live with him or her. Some states will award joint physical custody when the child spends significant amounts of time with both parents. Joint physical custody works best if parents live relatively close to each other, as it lessens the stress on children and allows them to maintain a somewhat normal routine.

Where the child lives primarily with one parent and has visitation with the other, generally the parent with whom the child primarily lives (called the “custodial” parent) will have sole or primary physical custody, and the other parent (the noncustodial parent) will have the right to visitation or parenting time with his or her child.

Legal Custody

Legal custody of a child means having the right and the obligation to make decisions about a child’s upbringing. A parent with legal custody can make decisions about the child’s schooling, religious upbringing and medical care, for example. In many states, courts regularly award joint legal custody, which means that the decision making is shared by both parents.

If you share joint legal custody with the other parent and you exclude him or her from the decision-making process, your ex can take you back to court and ask the judge to enforce the custody agreement. You won’t get fined or go to jail, but it will probably be embarrassing and cause more friction between the two of you — which may harm the children. What’s more, if you’re represented by an attorney, it’s sure to be expensive.

If you believe the circumstances between you and your child’s other parent make it impossible to share joint legal custody (the other parent won’t communicate with you about important matters or is abusive), you can go to court and ask for sole legal custody. But, in many states, joint legal custody is preferred, so you will have to convince a family court judge that it is not in the best interests of your child.

To learn more about child custody and how it is determined in your state, see the Child Custody Paternity section on (part of the Nolo network of legal websites).

Sole Custody

One parent can have either sole legal custody or sole physical custody of a child. Courts generally won’t hesitate to award sole physical custody to one parent if the other parent is deemed unfit — for example, because of alcohol or drug dependency or charges of child abuse or neglect.

However, in most states, courts are moving away from awarding sole custody to one parent and toward enlarging the role both parents play in their children’s lives. Even where courts do award sole physical custody, the parties often still share joint legal custody, and the noncustodial parent enjoys a generous visitation schedule. In these situations, the parents would make joint decisions about the child’s upbringing, but one parent would be deemed the primary physical caretaker, while the other parent would have visitation rights under a parenting agreement or schedule.

It goes without saying that there may be animosity between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. But it’s best not to seek sole custody unless the other parent truly causes direct harm to the children. Even then, courts may still allow the other parent supervised visitation.

Joint Custody

Parents who don’t live together have joint custody (also called shared custody) when they share the decision-making responsibilities for, and/or physical control and custody of, their children. Joint custody can exist if the parents are divorced, separated, or no longer cohabiting, or even if they never lived together. Joint custody may be:

  • joint legal custody
  • joint physical custody (where the children spend a significant portion of time with each parent), or
  • joint legal and physical custody.

Joint Custody Arrangements

When parents share joint custody, they usually work out a schedule according to their work requirements, housing arrangements and the children’s needs. If the parents cannot agree on a schedule, the court will impose an arrangement. A common pattern is for children to split weeks between each parent’s house or apartment. Other joint physical custody arrangements include:

  • alternating months, years, or six-month periods, or
  • spending weekends and holidays with one parent, while spending weekdays with the other.

There is even a joint custody arrangement where the children remain in the family home and the parents take turns moving in and out, spending their out time in separate housing of their own. This is commonly called “bird’s nest custody” or “nesting.”

Pros and Cons of Joint Custody

Joint custody has the advantages of assuring the children continuing contact and involvement with both parents. And it alleviates some of the burdens of parenting for each parent.

There are, of course, disadvantages:

  • Children must be shuttled around.
  • Parental noncooperation or ill will can have seriously negative effects on children.
  • Maintaining two homes for the children can be expensive.

If you have a joint custody arrangement, maintain detailed and organized financial records of your expenses. Keep receipts for groceries, school and after-school activities, clothing and medical care. At some point, your ex may claim he or she has spent more money on the kids than you have, and a judge will appreciate your detailed records.

For more information about child support, including how it’s calculated, see DivorceNet’s section on Child Support .

For more on child custody arrangements, see Building a Parenting Agreement That Works: How to Put Your Kids First When Your Marriage Doesn’t Last . by Mimi E. Lyster (Nolo).

Talk to a Divorce attorney.

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San Antonio Personal Injury Attorneys

Serious Lawyers For Serious Accident Injuries

Car wrecks, work disasters and other injury-causing accidents are more than events that cause physical pain. They can be emotionally draining and financially crippling, leaving entire families struggling to make ends meet.

At the Law Offices of Fidel Rodriguez, Jr.. we understand how much a serious accident can affect our clients and their families. We know this from legal experience: Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience, and founder Fidel Rodriguez, Jr. has been a board-certified personal injury trial lawyer for nearly 30 years.

We also know from personal experience: Our attorneys and staff come from hardworking South Texas families, and when a client is kept from working and enjoying family time because of accident injuries, we understand how this affects spouses, children, parents and extended family. That is why we work so hard — and are so proud — to represent our clients and help them through the legal system to get the compensation they deserve.

Are you ready to speak with a lawyer about your case? Call toll free 866-545-HURT (4878) for a free consultation with one of our attorneys. Hablamos español.

Accident Lawyers Representing Clients Throughout South Texas

When people are seriously injured in accidents, our firm is here to fight on their behalf. We handle cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents to construction accidents, defective product cases and other personal injury claims. As one of the most established injury firms in South Texas, we have also become a go-to firm for workers with oil field injuries in the Eagle Ford Shale.

Contact Our Firm For A Free Consultation

We understand that contacting a lawyer may be an intimidating experience. We want to make your experience in the legal system as simple and stress-free as possible, beginning with your free case evaluation. Schedule yours by calling our main office in San Antonio at 210-465-1212 (toll free 866-545-HURT (4878)) or send an email. We will respond to you as quickly as possible to learn the details of your case.

Begin Your Consultation

Bankruptcy Attorney Orlando #florida #bankruptcy #lawyer,orlando #debt #settlement #attorney,medical #issues,loss #of #job,divorce,bad


Orlando Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident please click HERE so we can get to work for you.

You’re reading this right now because you are considering bankruptcy but you are concerned how it will affect your future or if you will lose your car or house. The truth is most people don’t lose anything but their debt. After filing bankruptcy, you may become debt free. No more calls, no more lawsuits. Suddenly, the worlds feels a bit brighter and filled with possibilities. Filing bankruptcy is not failure. It is a unique financial planning tool that can change your life. But that word bankruptcy. When you think of the word bankruptcy, do you get a sick feeling? It is okay; most people do. No one looks forward to filing bankruptcy. But unfortunately, a great deal of people have no other choice. I know I didn’t. Yes that’s right. I filed bankruptcy before. And guess what? It is not nearly as bad as the word sounds. When your bills have gone unpaid for months and you continue to earn the bare minimum just scraping by, hiring an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer is sometimes the best option. Or maybe you are up to date on paying your bills since you have been withdrawing from your 401K and have finally come to the realization that you just can’t keep up the payments anymore. A great many people think they should enter into a program with a debt settlement company or a credit counseling program before filing bankruptcy. The problem is most times these companies get you into a worse situation than before.

There are others that may be reading this right now that think they are either too young to file bankruptcy or scared to file because they heard they will lose their car or family and friends tell them not to do it. I want to breakdown all the misconceptions and give you the truth during a free consultation with me. I want to share with you my own personal experience with filing bankruptcy and it how it can eliminate your debt, stop harassing debt collector calls and let you sleep at night again. Our Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney Firm helps clients obtain debt relief by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and we will continue to help our clients restart their lives.

We understand that most unpaid debts are the result of medical issues, loss of job, divorce or bad luck. Many of our clients even find themselves in a situation where they are being sued by a debt collector; CACH, LLC, Capital One, Chase Bank, Portfolio Recovery. Did you know that if you file bankruptcy, these debts and most judgments against you will most likely be discharged in an Orlando Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You are probably in a situation where you are trying to figure out what to do. You have probably been thinking about filing bankruptcy in Orlando and Kissimmee for quite some time, but you were worried about what you have heard about filing bankruptcy. Stop worrying. Most people recover from a bankruptcy on their credit report within two years.

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Orlando and Kissimmee

The Orlando Bankruptcy Law Firm of Walter F. Benenati, Credit Attorney P.A. has a commitment to aggressive, relentless advocacy on behalf of each client to stop creditor harassment and to help individuals and families get a fresh start. Though as aggressive as we may be in defending your rights, you are not going to see us parading on websites or advertisements looking tough. WE DO NOT HAVE LAWYER EGOS. We understand what our clients are going through. We treat our clients with respect and compassion. That is how we do business. Whether you are the real estate agent that has not sold a property in months, the construction worker trying to put food on the table to feed his family, or the janitor down the street working two jobs, we have devoted our professional careers to helping our clients with their problems and take extreme pride in the results we achieve for them through Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy .

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debts, we can help. We are not a law firm with twenty lawyers where you will get lost in the shuffle. In our bankruptcy law office, WE DO ALL THE WORK FOR YOU WHEN WE FILE YOUR CASE. Trust our dedication to providing effective representation while focusing on your needs. Like our slogan says, “Life Has A Restart Button.” Let us help you restart your life.

Call us today at 407-BANKRUPT (407-777-7777) or complete our online form to reset the clock and discuss your need for debt relief in a free office consultation with experienced Orlando, Kissimmee, and Sanford Bankruptcy Attorneys .

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Organizations and Rehabilitation Service Practitioners

Maryland law (LE-9-671, LE 9-6A-18)
mandates that practitioners must be certified or registered before providing vocational rehabilitation services to a Maryland injured worker. Practitioners providing vocational rehabilitation services for more than three (3) injured workers per year are required to be certified with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Practitioners providing vocational rehabilitation services for three (3) or less injured workers per year are required to be registered with the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.

MCRSP/ Rehabilitation Services Practitioner Training/Workshops

NOTICE: The Commission will not host any on-site workshops/informational meetings; however, the Commission offers its MCRSP Practitioner workshop on-line. This on-line course below may be taken to satisfy the yearly workshop or information meeting requirement specified by WCC rules and regulation in order to maintain status as a Workers’ Compensation rehabilitation provider for workers’ compensation cases in Maryland.

MCRSP Vocational Rehabilitation Meeting Information for WCC Vocational Rehabilitation Providers.

  1. The Rehabilitation Providers’ Mandatory Training Program – see the MCRSP Rehabilitation Practitioner Training Program LINK above.

To qualify for renewal of the Maryland Certified Rehabilitation Service Practitioner (MCRSP), practitioners are required to participate in a yearly informational meeting/training conducted by the Commission. These meetings are mandated under COMAR LE (3) (ii).

  • Continuing Education Credits Request Form and Information sheet:
    Six (6) credits of CEUs must be obtained through WCC mandatory training programs. An additional six (6) CEUs must be obtained by attending seminars or workshops by other organizations that are approved by the Commission. All CEU credits must be acquired within the three-year certification period. The form can be used for all programs whether by organizations or individuals submitting for approval of a program.

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    Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Arlington And Neighboring Communities

    People who are injured are bombarded daily by lawyers who want to help them. Words and phrases like fair compensation and justice seem to lose their significance after hearing them so many times. If you are injured, you are probably overwhelmed, confused and afraid.

    So Where Should You Turn For Experienced And Compassionate Help?

    Personal injury attorneys and legal professionals at the Brandy Austin Law Firm, PLLC have helped people injured in accidents at work, while driving, and simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We understand that you are angry that someone s carelessness or indifference caused you so much pain. Please call us at 800-958-4948 to arrange a free consultation.

    You have a right to expect the other party s insurance company to help you get your life back together.

    If you have been injured due to someone else s negligent behavior, we can help you. We represent clients who have been injured in situations such as:

    Turn To Us For Guidance And Peace Of Mind

    As soon as possible after an injury, please contact us. It is very important that that we preserve evidence, take photographs, and obtain documentation of your injuries and the accident. Also, we advise that you do not discuss the accident with the insurance company representing the person who caused the accident or the workers compensation insurer without one of our attorneys present. We have flexible appointment hours and can meet with you at a convenient location. We are in Arlington, Texas, but serve personal injury clients throughout the state of Texas. Please call us at 800-958-4948 or complete our online form to arrange a free consultation. We are happy to talk to a relative with your permission, as well.

    Arlington Crash Map

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    North America


    Winston Strawn s San Francisco office is home to more than 115 attorneys and professional staff. Located in the center of the city s financial district, the office provides stunning views from the Golden Gate Bridge to the rolling hills of the East Bay. With Silicon Valley just down the road and the city s technology industry growing, our San Francisco office sits at the heart of California s high-tech corridor.

    Created as a result of the firm s 2003 merger with Murphy Sheneman Julian Rogers, our San Francisco office opened with a notable team of restructuring, corporate lending, private equity, and commercial litigation attorneys. Over the past decade, we have quickly grown our Bay Area presence to offer services to clients in a number of other areas, including the energy and financial services sectors, and experience in antitrust, white collar defense, intellectual property, state and local tax controversy, and labor and employment. Our strong litigation practice recently expanded to include capabilities to assist clients on compliance and enforcement matters arising under the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and other countries anti-bribery laws.

    With a culture that represents the Bay Area s innovative spirit, our attorneys are regularly honored with high-profile awards and frequently recognized by publications, such as Chambers USA. The American Lawyer. the Daily Journal. and The Recorder .



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