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ParrotParrot is about to get better. Stay tuned for a whole new design and new features. Be sure to Like our new Parrot Parrot Facebook page where you can leave comments on posts if you have any helpful information to add – particularly any alerts you think parrot owners should know about. Also be sure to check out the latest stories in Parrots in the News

Parrot-Parrot is dedicated to all parrots from lovebirds (Agapornis species) and budgies (parakeets), to amazons and senegal parrots. Parrot Parrot is an excellent resource for anyone considering bringing a bird into their home. We also dedicate pages to our favorite amazon parrot (Inca, the Amazon Queen) and that devilishly handsome Senegal parrot, Maxwell.

Be sure to check out our Alerts and Toxins page so you know all the dangers in the household that you might not realize could seriously harm or kill your pet bird. Also check out our reviews of some great parrot training videos .

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Sometimes you just get a hen who is determined to mate. The hen chooses you to be this “mate.” You are now the recipient of nasty bites whenever you get too close to another human being. Basically, your roommate, spouse, or other family member becomes a threat. The jealo. Read More

parrotp1/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/inca-happy-150×150.jpg” /> One of the reasons humans love parrots is their ability to talk. We love their vocalizations (well, maybe not the screaming they are sometimes prone to), and we enjoy the feeling of communicating with these intelligent, beautiful creatures. (more ). Read More

We have previously discussed dangers such as nonstick cookware, zinc, junkfood, and hazardous toys and household items. One of the more critical concerns in a bird household is the presence of deadly fumes. Many fumes that would not be hazardous to humans and other pets, suc. Read More

Who Is Parrot Parrot?

Who Is Parrot Parrot? I’m Vera Appleyard. I was the first Guide to Pet Birds at I am a member of the African Love Bird Society and author of The Lovebird Handbook. I also run the popular Parrots & Pet Birds Discussion Forum. Parrot Parrot has information on all parrots: South American Parrots, African Parrots, and Australian Parrots! The site is dedicated to the health of companion birds and it is my hope that through educating the public about the responsibilities of owning parrots, that I might help prevent the mistreatment and/or abandonment of these majestic, intelligent creatures. Please take the time to carefully consider all the information on this site before plunging into “parrothood,” particularly the pages on how to buy a bird, the checklist, avian health, and the reference library. These pages will prepare you for parrot ownership and will help you decide if you really want the responsibility of owning a parrot. Although many people think a small parrot such as a lovebird or budgie is “easier” they still require quite a bit of time and care compared with cats or dogs.

parrotp1/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/wheatgrass.jpg” /> Wheatgrass Can Improve the Health, Vitality, and Fertility of Your Companion and Breeder Birds. Read More

Lovebirds Are Parrots

Many people think lovebirds are not parrots, but they are! They are an African species (there are nine species of lovebirds) and they have all the tell-tale characteristics, from the hooked bill to the two-toes-forward, two-toes-back. Lovebirds have the ability to mimic as all parrots do, but they aren’t as well-known for this. Lovebirds are one of the cuddliest and most playful parrots when they are hand-fed and properly socialized. We raise a few select color mutations of peachfaced lovebirds, hand-raising them to be the best pets possible, so be sure to check out our Lovebirds section!

What s Parrot Parrot About?

Our pages on avian health, nutrition, toxin and dangerous toy alerts will help make you a better parrot parent. Our checklist for potential bird parents will help you choose a healthy, well-adjusted pet. We also have a section on beginner breeding of lovebirds and information on lovebird mutations.

Our Parrot Articles Section covers many of the basics of behavior, nutrition, training, talking, and biting issues.

Having raised small parrots such as lovebirds and English budgerigars for many years (as well as hand-raising our own larger parrots as pets), we have put together all kinds of information on bird health, dangerous bird toys, wheatgrass (the ultimate health food for parrots), recipes, and a well-researched reference library that links you up to some of the best information on birds available on the web today. We are a growing site, so come back often. If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact me.