Master of Science in Software Engineering #online #master #software #engineering


Master of Science in Software Engineering

Texas Tech University’s online Master of Science in Software Engineering provides students with a firm foundation in the definition, development and maintenance of complex software systems using traditional engineering process methods.

Program Overview

  • 36 credit hours, non-thesis
  • Coursework is completed online.
  • Prerequisite: bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or its equivalent. In absence of the proper background, leveling courses are required.
  • Students are not required to enroll in a certain number of courses each semester, so completion time varies by individual. Learn more about the difference between part-time and full-time Student status..
  • Semester-based courses align with the Academic Calendar of Texas Tech University. New students may enroll at the beginning of any one of the four semesters throughout the year.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Program Website

Related Programs: Master of Science in Systems and Engineering Management Doctor of Philosophy in Systems and Engineering Management Master of Engineering

Application Process

Although there is no application deadline, prospective students are encouraged to submit all application materials at least three months prior to projected initial enrollment.

  1. Apply to Texas Tech University’s Graduate School.
    • Complete the Graduate Admissions Application.
      • $60 initial application fee or $50 for each subsequent application (including changes of entry date, add/change program requests, or readmission requests).
      • Students planning to pursue a master’s degree must submit Graduate Records Exam (GRE) scores to the Graduate School. Scores must be less than five years old at the time of application.
      • International students must also submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score to the Graduate School. Scores must be less than two years old at the time of application. Learn more about International Graduate Applications.
  2. Apply to the Whitacre College of Engineering.
    • Applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation and a statement of purpose. To get forms for these documents, contact the Program Coordinator.
  3. Apply for financial aid and/or scholarships.
    • Financial aid is distributed based on full-time enrollment and several other eligibility requirements. Your enrolled hours as of the 12th day of class in the fall and spring semesters determines your enrollment status for the semester, and financial aid is disbursed accordingly. Attending less than full-time could mean a reduction in aid. Student status..
  4. Check your admissions status. Texas Tech University will notify you of your admissions status by updating the Applications tab in your Raiderlink.

Program Requirements

The Master of Science in Software Engineering (MS SE) through the Computer Science department is intended to give the graduate a firm foundation in the definition, development and maintenance of complex software systems using traditional engineering process methods.

The degree plan for students pursuing a MS SE degree must include the following courses:

  • CS 5363 Software Project Management
  • CS 5373 Software Modeling and Architecture
  • CS 5374 Software Verification and Validation

In addition, students select electives from the following categories:

SE Electives
  • CS 5332 Special Topics in Software Engineering
  • CS 5355 Real Time and Time Sharing Systems
  • CS 5377 Distributed Systems
  • CS 5379 Parallel Processors and Processing
  • CS 5380 Fault-Tolerant Computer Systems
  • IE 5320 Systems Theory
  • Other Software Engineering electives
Computer Science Electives

Students must take five courses from the SE electives and four courses from the CS electives. As non-thesis students, distance students cannot apply CS 6000 or CS 7000 toward their degrees. In addition, students must pass a written comprehensive examination near the end of their studies.

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What is Human Resource Development? #human #resource #master #degree, #what #is #human #resource #development?


What Is Human Resource Development?

Find out about the field of human resource development (HRD). Learn about jobs, education requirements and degree programs, as well as the career outlook for HRD professionals. Schools offering Accounting & Human Resources degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Essential Information

Human resource development (HRD), or employee development, is the process of training and mentoring employees to increase their knowledge, skills and abilities. HRD professionals typically work in human resource offices and plan and administer HRD programs. HRD often includes technology, language and leadership training classes. Some companies also encourage their employees to complete degrees by supplying funding and incentives through their HRD program.

Important Facts About Human Resource Development

Instructional, interpersonal, analytical, listening, and speaking skills

Typically working with people and giving presentations full-time during regular business hours, sometimes traveling

Offered through the American Society for Training and Development and the International Society for Performance Improvement

Instructional Coordinator, School/Career Counselor, Labor Relations Specialist

Jobs in Human Resource Development

Jobs in HRD include both trainers and managers. Training and development specialists assess the needs of businesses and organizations, determine what training programs are needed and conduct the training. These workers typically need a bachelor’s degree and some experience in teaching or training. Training and development managers oversee HRD specialists and programs. They determine the HRD budget and sometimes instruct specialists in training techniques. Managers in this field need a bachelor’s degree, but many have master’s degrees, and all need experience in the field. Many managers begin their career as training specialists.

Education Programs

Many colleges and universities offer degrees in human resource development. The majority offer master’s degrees. Some master’s degree programs focus on preparing graduates to teach human resource development. Others focus on preparing graduates to apply what they’ve learned in organizational settings. Many of these programs are directed towards working professionals and offer part-time and online options.

Career Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for training and development specialists are expected to grow at a slightly faster-than-average rate of 15% from 2012 to 2022. Employment of training and development managers is expected to grow at an about-average rate of 11% during the same period. In 2014, the BLS reported that specialists earned a median annual salary of $57,340, while managers earned a median of $101,930.

To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

Master of Science (MSc) in Biochemistry – University of Copenhagen #master #in #biochemistry


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Master of Science (MSc) in Biochemistry University of Copenhagen

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Master of Science (MSc) in Biochemistry

Biochemistry is the right choice for you if you want to undertake basic research or work in the pharmaceutical field. You will address biochemical and molecular biology problems experimentally and theoretically within a focus area of your own choosing.

The programme is offered in English.

Do you want to be at the cutting edge of the research? To develop new drugs, carry out basic research or create biotechnologigal products of the kind we need as society becomes increasingly environmentally aware? Do you see greatness in small things? At the molecular level?

” The students on my course are really into their subject. The Danes as well as the foreign students. They don’t just concentrate on completing their studies. They really take an interest in class. And I like the way students freely can discuss the teaching and the subject.

Vaida, MSc student, Biochemistry

If you are into test tubes, microscopes, computers and a future that is progressing at breakneck speed, an MSc in Biochemistry may just be right for you.

Your MSc will offer you a wide range of career paths to follow. In Denmark as well as internationally.

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Plumbers in Calabasas, CA #plumber #calabasas, #plumbing #calabasas, #calabasas #plumbing, #calabasas #plumber, #plumbing #contractor #calabasas, #master #plumber #calabasas


Plumbers in Calabasas

Running toilet? torn pipe? blocked drain? – APlumbers is your affordable plumber finder in Calabasas. Listed here are plumbing companies that work hard to cater to the plumbing needs of the 21,035 residents in Calabasas. Locate your plumber from numerous plumbing companies operating across the 13.15 square miles of Calabasas. Aplumbers will connect you to local plumbers near your home that match your plumbing needs and budget range. Compare several plumbing quotes in Calabasas, and select the best plumber charging reasonable plumbing charges. The following plumbing services in Calabasas include but are not limited to:

  • Septic Tank/Sewer Line Replacement
  • Piping Fittings
  • Water Heaters/Boilers
  • Sinks, Bath Tubs and Toilets
  • Backflow Prevention
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Leak Detection
  • Repairs, Replacements Installations
  • Basement Flooding
  • Plumbing Costs in Calabasas

    Getting an accurate plumbing costs evaluation of a plumbing problem usually requires the presence of a professional plumber to see the problem, explore it, touch the pipes, the drain, sewer trap and other parts to accurately estimate the scope of the job.

    The following are plumbing costs for common plumbing jobs in Calabasas, CA

    Average Plumbing Repair Costs in Calabasas:

    Plumbing Quote in Calabasas

    Fill in the form and get plumbing quotes in Calabasas by up to four local professional recommended plumbers.

    When getting a plumbing quote, ensure you get a detailed offer in which the plumber clearly explained the labor part, the plumbing supplies (if needed) and scope of work (regarding hours/ days).

    Having all these will enable you to compare rates with other plumbers that offer their services for the same project.

    Services area covers the following zip codes in Calabasas :
    91302, 91372

    Recent Job Requests

    • Swanstone sink stopped
    • KitchenAid disposal burnt motor
    • TOTO toilet running
    • GT Water Products bath faucet leaks
    • Price Pfister shower head low water pressure
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    • Viking garbage disposal doesn’t drain

    Additional Local Plumbers in Calabasas, California:

    GR Plumbing Rooter
    24 hour repair, sewer-repair/replace
    Hydro jetting, trenchless excavation
    Camera excavation

    Anything Inc
    Drain cleaning special as low as $49.99
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    $500 dollars off major repair of any

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    Le rapport d’activité 2016 est disponible


    Polytech en partenariat avec Job Teaser

    Le réseau POLYTECH se dote d’une nouvelle plateforme de recrutement à destination de ses 15 000 élèves-ingénieurs. Les étudiants pourront y retrouver toutes les offres de stage ciblées qui correspondent à leur profil et à leurs critères de recherche.

    Job Teaser permet d’accéder à des offres de stages, d’alternance, de VIE. Avec le filtre “Polytech”, des offres exclusivement réservées aux élèves ingénieurs Polytech s’affichent.

    Conservez cette adresse. Cette adresse sera valable tout au long de votre vie professionnelle et vous permettra de maintenir un lien avec l’école.

    Se connecter à Job Teaser

    En cas de difficulté, contacter Jérémy Vacquié. responsable des Relations industrielles.

    Table ronde sur la fabrication additive © N. Seling

    5e soirée des partenaires

    Sur le thème de la fabrication additive (3D)

    Jeudi 29 juin a eu lieu la cinquième Soirée des partenaires de l’école, organisée par le service des Relations industrielles. L’événement a rassemblé environ quatre-vingt personnes, industriels, représentants du secteur économique régional, universitaires et étudiants.

    Une table-ronde, animée par Fabien SOULIÉ, enseignant-chercheur, a abordé le thème de « La fabrication additive dans les applications industrielles, citoyennes, de la recherche et de la formation ».

    Stéphane ABED, président de la société Poly shape, Yann LEFEBVRE, président du FabLab « LabSud », André CHRYSOCHOOS, directeur du centre PRO3D et Christian JORGENSEN, professeur au CHU de Montpellier et directeur de l’unité INSERM “Cellules souches, plasticité cellulaire, médecine régénératrice et immunothérapies”, sont intervenus pour partager leurs expériences et échanger sur les applications de ces technologies.

    Les diverses interventions des invités ont permis de montrer le spectre très large des champs d’applications de ces nouvelles techniques de mise en œuvre de la matière, allant de l’industrie de pointe à la recherche médicale avancée, sans oublier les applications standardsaccessibles à tous ” précise Fabien Soulié.

    Les présentations ont aussi su faire ressortir toutes les étapes de la démarche de conception, de dimensionnement et d’optimisation, préalables à la phase d’impressionproprement dite ” ajoute André Chrysochoos, concluant que “la fabrication additive est apparue aux participants comme une solution complémentaire aux techniques classiques de fabrication, mais possédant ses propres limites “.

    Voir les photos de la soirée

    A partir du 5 juillet 2017 à 14h

    Votre inscription à POLYTECH Montpellier

    Les i nscriptions seront ouvertes à partir du lundi 21 aôut 2017 à 14h et les réinscriptions jusqu’au mercredi 19 juillet 2017 et à partir du lundi 21 août 2017 à 14h.

    Du 22 juillet au 20 août

    Congés d’été

    Attention, l’école ferme ses portes du samedi 22 juillet au 20 août. Réouverture prévue lundi 21 août. Bonnes vacances à tous !

    Online Masters in Healthcare Administration Programs #online #masters #in #healthcare #administration, #masters #in #health #administration #online, #master #of #health #administration #online, #online #masters #in #health #administration, #online #health #administration #masters #degree


    Online Masters in Health Administration Programs
    (found programs from 84 schools)

    Below is a list of all of the Online Masters in Health Administration Programs we could find, from over 570 schools across the US.

    A number of well-regarded universities and colleges offer courses to earn your Masters of Health Administration online. Many of these degree courses are designed for working professionals, so you can work on your degree at a pace that works for you.

    To find an online Masters in Healthcare Administration degree program that can help you advance your career, simply contact the schools on this page. You will want to request information from all of the schools that offer the programs you are interested in, so you can compare the available offerings.

    There are several important things to evaluate about schools that offer a Master’s in Health Administration online including accreditation status. The U.S. Department of Education has recognized the Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) as the sole source of authority on MHA programs. You will also want to compare tuition rates, financial aid opportunities and matriculation rates.

    Additionally, many schools that offer a Master’s of Health Administration online require at least one campus visit. Campus visits may be mandatory for orientation periods, specific courses, or for capstone and thesis projects. Campus visits are usually geared toward developing strategic and creative thinking skills fostering collarborative leadership traits, and completing hands-on management projects.

    School Profiles

    Below, we interview Dr. Anne Hewitt of Seton Hall University, which offers an Online Master’s of Healthcare Administration and Dr. Liesl Riddle of George Washington University, which offers an Online Healthcare MBA program.

    Paying for an online master’s in health administration:

    Funding your master’s degree can be accomplished in several ways. If you are already working within healthcare, check to see if your employer has a grant program or a tuition reimbursement program. Many large healthcare organizations encourage healthcare professionals like you to return to school, as upper management positions routinely require a graduate level education.

    Another place to look for tuition assistance is with the college you are considering attending. Each school you contact can provide you with financial aid information including scholarships that may be university-specific. Some schools also have funded fellowships and work/study programs. The Association of University Programs in Health Administration also offers a full listing of scholarships that you may be eligible for. Contacting the schools themselves is the best way to gather the information you will need to determine which online Health Administration Master’s degree program you can afford.

    Online Master’s in Healthcare Administration Curriculum

    Master’s level Health Administration programs are comprised of courses geared toward creating leaders who can drive healthcare change and improvement. You will likely be taking classes in organizational behavior, ethics, human resource management, statistics, finance and leadership. In addition to regular coursework, most schools require a graduate thesis or capstone project, demonstrating your ability to synthesize and employ what you learn over the course of the program.

    To complete your Master of Health Administration online, you will need to earn anywhere from 40-60 credit hours. You can expect to complete a program in anywhere from two to four years, depending upon your enrollment status. Again, reaching out to those schools that offer the program you are interested in is the best way to learn specifics for each option.

    Career Opportunities: Master in Health Administration Online

    Once you have completed your online Health Administration Master’s degree program, you will be ready to move up the ladder and into a management, research, consulting or executive role within healthcare. Healthcare administration positions are generally concentrated within hospitals and medical groups, pharmaceutical and insurance companies, state and federal agencies, and independent organizations such as the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

    The salaries that come along with executive and management positions in healthcare can be quite enticing. In 2013, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the mean annual wage for medical and health services managers is $101,340. which translates to $48.72 per hour. Even more important than the earnings potential that comes with a position within healthcare administration is the role you will play within the healthcare landscape at large. Your leadership skills and authority can help you to drive positive change and improvement within our nation’s healthcare system. In an age when healthcare system reform and innovation are of top priority, the personal satisfaction you can derive from being an agent for that change can be very rewarding.

    As a healthcare administration professional, it may behoove you to become involved with professional organizations if you haven’t already. Most associations offer student memberships at a discounted rate, which you can take advantage of if you return to school to earn your Master’s of Health Administration online. Some groups also offer scholarships and networking benefits to members that can be invaluable in creating a successful career.

    Organizations offering scholarships include the American College of Healthcare Executives. the Association of University Programs in Health Administration. the American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management. Scholarships are just the beginning of the valuable resources these organizations provide, both while you are attending schools and through your career. Lifelong continuing education and networking opportunities abound, making professional membership an advantageous move.

    To learn more about which online Health Administration Master’s Degree program is right for you, contact the schools below. Don’t wait another day to move toward the career satisfaction you crave.

    Featured Online Schools:

    Accelerated Bachelor – s-Master – s Degree Programs #master #degree #for #nurses


    Accelerated Bachelor s-Master s Degree Programs

    Sacred Heart University offers qualified University undergraduates the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree within 5 to 6 years, depending on the degree program. Students choosing one of these options must work carefully with their undergraduate advisor to follow a specific sequence of study.

    Isabelle Farrington College of Education


    • Elementary Education (K-6)
    • Secondary Education (7-12) subject areas include:
      • Biology
      • Chemistry
      • General Science
      • English
      • History/Social Studies
      • Math
      • Spanish
      • Art
      • Special Education

    College of Health Professions | Accredited by ACOTE, CAATE, CAPTE


    • Clinical Track
    • Performance Track

    Jack Welch College of Business | Accredited by AACSB International

    College of Arts and Sciences

    • Community Psychology
    • Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    • General Applied Psychology
    • General Chemistry
    • Molecular Biochemistry
    • Criminal Justice Management
    • National Security

    School of Communication Media Arts

    • Corporate Communication and Public Relations
    • Broadcast and Digital Journalism‌
    • Digital Multimedia Production
    • Children, Health and Media
    • Media and Social Justice
    • Athletic Communications Promotions
    • Sports Broadcasting

    School of Computing




    What Is So Important About Early Childhood Education? #master #in #early #childhood #education, #early #childhood #education


    What Is So Important About Early Childhood Education?

    Many people have reservations about the importance of pre-kindergarten education. This was clearly manifest in 2006 when the California legislature unsuccessfully attempted to pass a law that would make pre-school education mandatory for all children. Many Californians did not agree with the importance of using tax payer funds to fund mandatory pre-school programs, including parents desiring to educate their children themselves.

    Research has show that children enrolled in Head Start programs benefit by receiving formal education before kindergarten. According to some studies, children enrolled in these programs are more behaved and have higher IQ scores upon enrolling kindergarten than their peers without formal education. Likewise, it was shown that children enrolled in Head Start programs learned quicker than children not enrolled in these programs.

    Critics of pre-kindergarten education claim the differences between children enrolled in pre-school programs and children not receiving formal education are only discernible during kindergarten, first, and second grade. During subsequent years, children who’ve not received formal education prior to kindergarten test at the same level and behave like their peers with pre-kindergarten formal education. Therefore, Head Start children may be at an advantage for a couple of years, but after that, their classmates perform at similar levels. Another major problem with Head Start programs is that children qualifying for these programs usually come from families living below poverty-line, so these programs are not readily available for children from all backgrounds. However, children can receive formal education in other ways other than Head Start programs, including daycare and parents teaching their young children. Even though children in daycare programs can develop intellectually, children benefit most when parents stay at home with their children and educate them.

    Most childhood education specialists claim that young children learn best when they’re not pushed too hard, they have an opportunity to interact with their peers, and their parents and instructors treat them kindly. Likewise, children learn best when instruction and educational activities are only a small portion of their days. This is especially true of children enrolled in pre-school programs since it’s not good for young children to be separated from their parents for extended periods of time. Children usually do not benefit in programs with inexperienced teachers and large classroom sizes.

    Children taught at an early age usually benefit in the following ways: improved social skills, less or no need for special education instruction during subsequent school years, better grades, and enhanced attention spans. Likewise, some researchers have concluded that young children enrolled in pre-school programs usually graduate from high school, attend college, have fewer behavioral problems, and do not become involved with crime in their adolescent and young adult years.

    The research detailing these benefits was completed during the 80’s. In addition to benefiting children experiencing normal development, it was also shown that children with learning or other physical disabilities benefit immensely from pre-kindergarten education. Also, children with parents highly involved in their pre-kindergarten education do not experience the same positive results from Head Start programs as children coming from homes where it’s not as much an emphasis. Children taught how to speak a second language during their early developmental years are also in a better position to learn English at a young age.

    Many people do not feel the government should determine whether children should be required to receive formal pre-kindergarten education. One reason for this is children who are educated by their parents during their early developmental years experience the same benefits as children enrolled in pre-school programs, especially children receiving a lot of attention from parents. Parents deciding to educate their young children themselves should utilize creative ideas and activities when educating them.

    No matter the differences in opinion about formal pre-kindergarten education, children benefit from receiving some type of education during their early developmental years. However, there is not one-size fits all instruction best suited for all children. While some children benefit immensely from pre-school, it may not be the best educational setting for other children. In most cases, children benefit most by receiving educational instruction from their parents. Parents must evaluate a child’s unique personality before determining which program is best suited for a child since not all programs benefit children the same way.

    This widget requires JavaScript to run. Visit Site for more.

    Penn State Online #educational #leadership #master #of #education, #penn #state #online #master #of #education #programs, #penn #state #world #campus


    Master of Education in Educational Leadership

    Education Leaders Drive School Success

    Quality educational leadership is vital to the overall success of an individual school or school system. Strong academic leaders are key to high-performing schools; they help orchestrate school reform, and serve as motivators to fellow teachers and students.

    To help you prepare for your new role as an education leader, Penn State World Campus has partnered with the College of Education to offer you a completely online Master of Education in Educational Leadership, with your choice of three emphasis areas:

    Teacher Leader: Our program allows you to continue teaching in the classroom while you pursue additional roles, such as a lead teacher, mentor teacher, or department head. In your course work you will explore topics that include learning theory, teacher leadership, teacher inquiry, and curriculum design.

    School Leader: Approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the School Leader emphasis meets Pennsylvania State educational requirements for certification as a school principal. This option offers an internship allowing you the opportunity to integrate the specialized knowledge learned through coursework into the field under the supervision of an approved on-site mentor principal. The internship must span a full calendar year. At this time, only Pennsylvania-certified educators are eligible to apply for the Graduate Certificate for Principalship and/or the School Leader emphasis of Masters in Educational Leadership. Our Masters in Educational Leadership with the Teacher Leader emphasis is open to educators from other states and countries. Please note that switching from one emphasis area to another is not permissible once the student has been accepted into a specific program emphasis.

    School Leader (without Principal Certification): Same program (courses) as above without principal certification. The internship (which is the capstone assignment for the degree) is modified accordingly. This emphasis area is best aligned to students in international and private schools, domestic and abroad.

    Why Educational Leadership Online at Penn State?

    Earn a respected degree from a school with more than 15 years of experience in online learning and 100+ years of distance education experience. Our College of Education is regularly ranked among the nation’s best graduate schools, according to U.S. News World Report. and your master’s program is taught by the same nationally recognized faculty.

    Act 48 Approved

    Penn State is an Act 48–approved provider for Pennsylvania educators, so the courses for the Master of Education in Educational Leadership may count toward your professional development hours.

    Who Should Apply?

    If you are a K–12 teacher who wants to broaden your leadership potential, expand your knowledge about schools, teachers, and student learning, and renew your passion to work on behalf of public education as you meet professional development goals, Penn State’s educational leadership master’s program is for you.

    Online Master – s Degree in School Guidance Counseling #masters #in #guidance #counseling, #online #master #s #degree #in #school #guidance #counseling


    Online Master’s Degree in School Guidance Counseling

    While accredited online programs aren’t common, you can find some school guidance counseling master’s degree programs offered via the Web. Classes in psychology and counseling methods plus clinical experiences can prepare you for a career as a school and vocational counselor. Schools offering Counseling degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

    Can I Earn My School Guidance Counseling Master’s Degree Online?

    There aren’t many online master’s degree programs in school guidance counseling, but the Council for Accreditation of Counseling Related Educational Programs does accredit some programs, most of which are offered by for-profit schools. In these online guidance counseling master’s degree programs, you are often required to attend on-campus sessions periodically, and you usually still need to participate in internships and clinical experiences. This helps give you the clinical face-to-face experience necessary to work with school children.

    Many universities around the U.S. offer campus-based school guidance counseling master’s degree programs. When you enroll in an on-campus guidance counseling master’s degree program, you’ll take lecture-based courses and spend time in clinical settings.

    Online classes plus on-campus sessions and internships; on-campus programs

    Group counseling, substance dependency, counseling children and adolescents, crisis intervention

    Median Salary (2014)

    $53,370 (for school, and career counselors )

    Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

    What Will My Coursework Cover?

    The courses you take in a school guidance counseling master’s degree program give you the background you need to help students handle academic, personal, social and family issues. You take courses in psychology, group counseling, alcohol and drug dependency, family structure and crisis intervention. Additionally, you learn about counseling children and teenagers. Counseling methods and guidance principles are also discussed.

    Most school guidance counseling master’s degree programs include extensive real-world clinical practice, even if you find an online program. Some of these experiences could include role playing with classmates, projects and supervised clinical work. Additionally, you often need to undertake a research project and prepare a thesis to complete your master’s degree program.

    What Kind of Career Will I Have?

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for school and vocational counselors are predicted to increase about 8% between 2014 and 2024 ( ). School guidance counselors are increasingly being called on to work with students who have troubles at home or issues with drugs and alcohol, says the BLS. The middle 50% of school guidance counselors earned between $40,900 and $69,250 in May 2014.

    State licensure or certification requirements for school guidance counselors vary by state, but you will need credentials in most cases. Some states also require you to have a teaching license, according to the BLS. If you’d like to advance, you can teach other counselors or move into school administration, both of which require a higher degree.

    To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

    The schools in the listing below are not free and may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. Tuition and costs will vary across programs and locations. Be sure to always request tuition information before starting a program.

    Popular Schools

    Minnesota State – Career and Technical Education #minnesota, #msu, #university, #midwest, #twin #cities, #metro, #metro #area, #north #dakota, #south #dakota, #wisconsin, #iowa, #minnesota, #college, #colleges, #university, #universities, #mnscu, #higher #education, #degree, #major, #program, #application, #undergraduate, #associate #of #arts, #associate #of #applied #science, #associate #of #science, #bachelors #degree, #masters #degree, #master, #masters, #aa #degree, #as #degree, #aas #degree, #minnesota #online,, #mnonline, #mnonline, #minnesotaonline, #minnesota #online, #online #education, #online #courses, #online #programs, #certification, #certificate, #customized #training, #training, #workforce #education, #worker #training, #teacher #education, #nursing, #first #responder, #technical #college, #community #college, #alexandria, #anoka, #anoka-ramsey, #bemidji #state #university, #central #lakes, #century, #dakota #county, #fond #du #lac #tribal #and #community #college, #hennepin #tech, #hibbing, #inver #hills, #itasca, #lake #superior, #mesabi #range, #metro #state, #metropolitan #state, #minneapolis, #minnesota #state #community #and #technical #college, #minnesota #state #university #mankato, #minnesota #state #university #moorhead, #minnesota #west #community #and #technical #college, #normandale, #north #hennepin, #northland, #northwest #technical #college, #pine #college, #rainy #river, #ridgewater, #riverland, #rochester, #st. #cloud #state #university, #st. #cloud #technical #college, #saint #paul #college, #south #central #technical #college, #southeast #technical #college, #southwest #minnesota #state #university, #vermilion #community #college, #winona #state #university, #albert #lea, #alexandria, #anoka, #austin, #bemidji, #bloomington, #brainerd, #brooklyn #park, #cambridge, #canby, #cloquet, #coon #rapids, #detroit #lakes, #duluth, #east #grand #forks, #eden #prairie, #ely, #eveleth, #faribault, #fergus #falls, #grand #rapids, #granite #falls, #hibbing, #hutchinson, #international #falls, #inver #grove #heights, #jackson, #mankato, #marshall, #minneapolis, #moorhead, #pine #city, #pipestone, #red #wing, #rochester, #rosemount, #st. #cloud, #st. #paul, #staples, #thief #river #falls, #virginia, #wadena, #white #bear #lake, #willmar, #winona, #worthington, #albert #lea, #alexandria, #anoka, #austin, #bemidji, #bloomington, #brainerd, #brooklyn #park, #cambridge, #canby, #cloquet, #coon #rapids, #detroit #lakes, #duluth, #east #grand #forks, #eden #prairie, #ely, #eveleth, #faribault, #fergus #falls, #grand #rapids, #granite #falls, #hibbing, #hutchinson, #international #falls, #inver #grove #heights, #jackson, #mankato, #marshall, #minneapolis, #moorhead, #pine #city, #pipestone, #red #wing, #rochester, #rosemount, #st. #cloud, #st. #paul, #staples, #thief #river #falls, #virginia, #wadena, #white #bear #lake, #willmar, #winona, #worthington


    We want to know you!

    Minnesota State is working to improve our website and add new features to better serve you, but we can’t do that without you!

    So we’re conducting a brief survey to get to know more about you and the reasons you are checking out. If you are interested in participating in our survey, the survey should only take about 5 minutes and your responses are completely confidential. You will be given the option to participate in further studies or you can choose to stay anonymous.

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    ” data-content=”Privacy Policy. ” data-placement=”right” > Read more about our privacy policy

    Thank you!

    No thanks. Yes, take me to the survey!

    Career and Technical Education

    Quick Links

    Welcome to Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Minnesota State. We partner closely with the Office of College and Career Success at the Minnesota Department of Education to prepare students to enter high skill, high wage or high demand employment in Minnesota.

    What’s new?

    • The 2017 CTE Works! Summit Call for Proposals is Open
      Get full details on how to submit your conference proposal and register at .
    • Consortium Perkins Plan Opens March 1st
      Consortium leaders will submit their plan on WebGrants
    • CTE Student Success Infographic Released (January 2017 Edition)
      This CTE Student Success infographic is a collaboration between Minnesota State and Minnesota Department of Education.
    • The iSPEAK CTE Blog
      We invite you to peruse our blog on all things related to career trends, the future job market, and higher education in Minnesota.

    What’s New?

    Toll-free: 800-456-8519
    International: +1-651-5560596
    MN Relay: 800-627-3529

    MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration #mba #with #a #concentration #in #healthcare #administration,healthcare #administration #(mba),master #of #business #administration #(mba), #healthcare #administration


    MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration

    The MBA Healthcare Administration Concentration

    The MBA Healthcare Administration concentration is a program designed for working professionals employed in the areas of education, child care, social services, health care and business. The curriculum will focus on management systems, decision making tools, new technologies, financial management, referral systems as well as current issues in health law and ethics.

    Tiffin University’s Accreditations:

    Tiffin University is authorized by the Board of Regents of the State of Ohio to award the MBA degree. The program is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. The program has also received a national and international stamp of approval with an accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) and the Eurpoean Council for Business Education (ECBE).

    Your Life Experience Equals A Dynamic Classroom Experience

    Our commitment to quality begins with an application process designed to ensure that students entering our program have the ability and background to be successful. The average MBA student enters the Tiffin University program with nearly 10 years of post-graduate work experience. The student body has degrees in fields ranging from business to medicine, from the social sciences to engineering, from law to liberal arts, humanities, and more. The life experience of this diverse student body contributes to the dynamic and interactive nature of the educational atmosphere at Tiffin University.

    The Tiffin University Academic Tradition

    Tiffin University is in its twelfth decade of educating students for success, providing a solid foundation upon which to build your own personal success. Yet at the same time, the curriculum and educational methods at Tiffin University are undergoing a continuous process of improvement. Our curriculum is distinguished by a focus on developing competencies in leadership and teamwork, communication skills, and managerial decision-making and problem solving.

    We Provide You With Personal Support

    We understand that your success depends on our ability to answer your questions quickly and correctly. Virtually every survey or study designed to identify the critical success factors in online education confirm that keeping students connected is a top priority. Our students rate the personal support they received at Tiffin University as the primary reason for their success, and they would recommend Tiffin University’s online programs to a friend or coworker because of it.

    Healthcare Administration Concentration 8 hours

    • HCA540 Managing Healthcare Systems
    • HCA552 Current Issues in Healthcare Administration
    • HCA633 Healthcare Finance and Process Management
    • HCA642 Healthcare Policy, Law, and Ethics

    MBA Core Curriculum 28 hours

    • ACC510 Financial Accounting
    • ACC512 Managerial Accounting
    • CIS514 Information and Decision Support
    • ECO524 Managerial Economics
    • FIN612 Managerial Finance
    • MAT513 Statistical Methods for Managers
    • MGT511 Individual and Teamwork
    • MGT522 Management of Human Resources
    • MGT613 Operations Management
    • MGT614 Global and Transnational Management
    • MGT622 Strategic Management
    • MGT623 Legal and Ethical Issues in Management
    • MKT523 Marketing Management
    • MKT611 Business Research Analysis

    Total MBA 36 hours

    This is a sample course sequence to illustrate course offerings for this major. Consult the official Academic Bulletin for detailed registration and advising information.

    Master of Arts in Teaching Guide #masters #of #arts #in #teaching, #accredited #master #of #arts #in #teaching #guide


    What is a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree?

    Master of Arts in Teaching Degrees provide individuals with great opportunities working with toddlers, children, young adults, and adults in daycare centers, schools, and colleges everywhere. It is through these degrees that professionals acquire the advanced skills in leadership, teaching strategies, student management, math, science, languages, history, and other areas that enable them to help others enhance their educations. Around the world, teaching professionals work as aides, teachers, counselors, principals, superintendents, and professors that earn anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 or more per year.

    Most often, individuals who desire to obtain the best career and salary potentials in the field of teaching must acquire a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree through an accredited school. Luckily, there are many outstanding colleges that offer qualified individuals opportunities to advance their educations through this degree program.

    How to Find the Top Master of Arts in Teaching Programs

    When it comes to colleges and universities, it is essential for students to pursue quality, reputable means of enhancing their educations through Master of Arts in Teaching Degree programs. For schools that offer these degree programs, accreditation and reputation are important aspects that students should verify before enrollment. For individuals who desire to work while still continuing to go to school, online schools can offer them some quality, convenient, and flexible options. Provided below is a detailed overview of two schools that offer the best Master of Arts in Teaching programs.

    The University of Kansas: The University of Kansas is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It is ranked as the best special education school by U.S. News and World Report. This school offers both a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree program and a Master s of Science in Education Degree program to individuals who possess at least a Bachelor s Degree. The tuition cost for these programs is $22,860 per year.

    The University of Southern California: The University of Southern California is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council. This school is ranked as one of the top universities in the World by U.S. News and World Report. The University of Southern California offers one of the best online Master of Arts in Teaching Degree programs to students who possess at least a Bachelor s Degree and a minimum GPA of 3.0. An on-campus Master of Arts in Teaching Degree program is also offered. The tuition cost for this program is $21,081 per semester.

    Careers and Salaries for Individuals with Master of Arts in Teaching Degrees

    It is well-known that there will always be a great need for educational professionals and their skills, which are essential to the development and maintenance of an educated society. Fortunately, there are many excellent Master of Arts in Teaching careers available to qualified individuals around the world. A few of the best of those careers are described below.

    1. Teaching Aides: Teaching Aides assist teachers and students with day-to-day testing and educational programs. Most often, these professionals consist of entry-level teachers in elementary, middle, and high schools. Teaching Aides earn an average salary of $20,285 per year.

    2. Physical Education Teachers: As both child and adult obesity rates continue to grow, so too does the demand for quality Physical Education Teachers. The main role of these professionals is to provide students with exposure to sports programs, wellness education, and other activities that keep them fit and healthy. On average, Physical Education Teachers earn $45,000 per year.

    3. Special Education Teachers: Special Education Teachers provide extra support services and programs to students who suffer from developmental, social, and/or academic challenges. These professionals earn an average salary of $47,853 per year.

    4. Principals: Principals provide students, teaching aides, teachers, and secretarial staff with discipline and administrative support services. These professionals often report to superintendents. On average, Principals earn $93,754 per year.

    5. Superintendents: Superintendents oversee each of a school s teaching, discipline, administrative, and financial operations.These professionals earn some of the highest Master of Arts in Teaching salaries. Superintendents earn an average salary of $141,895 per year.

    As members of a field that continues to grow, there is no doubt that individuals who possess the occupations described above can possess satisfying, long-term careers. Ultimately, it is through quality Master of Arts in Teaching programs that they acquire job stability and success in those career areas.

    Penn State Online #master #of #business #administration, #mba, #penn #state #online #mba, #penn #state #world #campus


    Master of Business Administration

    The Redesigned Penn State Online MBA: Greater Flexibility, More Choice

    When it comes to selecting an MBA program, you want a quality education that fits your needs. The Penn State Online MBA, led by the internationally ranked Smeal College of Business, is designed to offer you an experience customized to fit your busy lifestyle and career goals while delivering a world-class education.

    This AACSB–accredited MBA incorporates a focus on business strategies, collaborative teamwork, strategic leadership, and an integrative and interactive curriculum across all functional areas of business. You will be able to concentrate on the functional areas in which you want to specialize while working at a pace that works for you.

    Your Online MBA Curriculum

    The 48-credit Online MBA includes 39 core credits and 9 credits of concentration course work. The core course work will prepare you to become a more effective business professional by exposing you to the principles and practices essential to modern management: accounting, economics, data analysis, ethics, communications, human resources, finance, marketing, leadership, supply chain, strategy, innovation, and digital transformation. In addition to learning in individual courses, you can develop skills that will be integrated throughout the Online MBA curriculum, including business analytics, problem solving, influencing others, critical thinking, and cross-functional business savvy.

    The program provides opportunities for you to apply your knowledge to solving real-world business problems. Graduates should possess a strong foundation of understanding how businesses operate, how to integrate knowledge across functional areas, how to work effectively in high-performing teams, and how to lead and manage strategically for the future.

    Five-Day Residency

    A defining component of our program is the five-day residency held at University Park, Pennsylvania, at the start of the program. This opportunity allows you to get a jump-start on earning credit towards your degree. Designed to acquaint you with aspects of the program in a face-to-face environment, the residency provides an opportunity to meet your instructors and student peers, immerse yourself in a team performance class while earning credit, and attend workshops covering student advising services, career management, stress management, alumni relations and networking, time management, and online technology.

    Keynote speakers will share their expertise and facilitate engaging conversations focused on the translation of your Online MBA degree to the real-world environment. You will also have an opportunity to connect with the Penn State community through campus tours and events.

    Customize Your Education with a Concentration

    Penn State’s comprehensive list of Online MBA concentrations was developed to address skill gaps in today’s competitive business environment. These concentrations allow you to customize your education while gaining highly marketable skills that are in demand right now. As a student, you can select from the following 9-credit concentrations:

    • accounting foundations
    • advanced accounting
    • business analytics
    • corporate innovation and entrepreneurship
    • finance
    • general management
    • human resource management
    • marketing analytics
    • project management
    • supply chain management

    Each concentration allows you to sharpen skill sets specific to your career aspirations. If you are seeking a broader business education, the General Management track might be right for you.

    Student Support and Career Services

    You will have access to an array of resources as a Penn State student. The Online MBA program team consists of expert full-time faculty, a top-ranked Penn State World Campus Technical Support team, experienced career advisers, and highly qualified administrative staff. The team provides personal assistance and advice in regard to your academic plan and career goals throughout your time as a Penn State student. You will receive the same educational support resources that our on-campus students receive in their MBA program.

    Related Programs

    Master Electrician & Electrical Contractor #electrical, #electrician, #tx, #electric, #electrical #contractor, #master #electrician, #atascocita, #humble, #kingwood, #porter, #spring, #the #woodlands, #texas, #parco #electric


    Since 1995, Parco Electric has provided quality electric services at an affordable price. Serving Atascocita. Humble. Kingwood. Porter. Spring. The Woodlands. surrounding Texas communities, Parco Electric is an electrical contractor who specializes in all types of electrical services, whether for residential, commercial or industrial projects. Whatever your electrical project, Parco Electric is a licensed electrician who can help.

    Residential Commercial Electrical Contractor

    Licensed Master Electrician – #229766

    Over the years, Texas based Parco Electric has installed circuit breakers, completed power efficiency checks, rewired homes, installed lighting, and is experienced with generator installation with fully automatic transfers. Parco Electric takes pride in being operated by a master electrician and electrical contractor who is committed to getting every electrical job finished on time and on budget. Serving Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Porter, Spring, The Woodlands, Texas.

    If you live in Atascocita, Humble, Kingwood, Porter, Spring, The Woodlands, or surrounding Texas communities, and need a master electrician with years of experience then contact Parco Electric today. We are a licensed electrical contractor dedicated to providing quality workmanship to all our valued clients. At Parco Electric we are not interested in hard sales, just good, honest results that last for years.

    Call 281-816-3902 today!

    Bioinformatics: Online Master – s Degree #bioinformatics #online #degree, #bioinformatics: #online #master #s #degree


    Bioinformatics: Online Master’s Degree

    A master’s degree in bioinformatics can lead to a career in genetics, biotechnology or the pharmaceutical industry. Read on to learn about program courses and career descriptions. Schools offering Bioinformatics degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

    What Does a Bioinformatics Online Master’s Degree Program Involve?

    Bioinformatics is a field combining information technology with biology, and is one of the newest and fastest growing branches of the biological sciences. Specifically, bioinformatics involves the use of computers to organize and draw inferences from biological data. This is especially important in fields like biotechnology and genetic engineering. The Human Genome Project and other efforts to sequence DNA relied heavily on bioinformatics.

    An online master’s degree in bioinformatics could give one an entry into this advanced branch of science. In these programs, you will likely learn about molecular computer modeling techniques and their application in the study of genetics, genomics and general molecular biology. You can also acquire the skills to deploy, evaluate and develop computational biology and bioinformatics applications, as well as computational, programming, IT and quantitative skills. You should gain the strategic, practical and theoretical skills necessary to manage, analyze, understand and collect bioinformatics data.

    Involves using computers to organize and analyze biological data

    Data management, application development, computer modeling, data analysis

    Molecular genetics, computational methods, functional genomics, macromolecular structure

    Biomedical engineer, database administrator, microbiologist, research scientist

    What Classes Could I Take?

    Some bioinformatics master’s degree programs are offered virtually. If you enroll in such a program, your classes will be delivered fully online via your institution’s distance-learning software. In this format, you may have some flexibility as to your study times, but your assignments and tests may still have set deadlines. Some of the classes you may be expected to complete include:

    • Molecular genetics
    • Macromolecular structure
    • Functional genomics
    • Computational methods of molecular biology

    What Could I Do After I Graduate?

    Bioinformatics is a new and emerging field with positions available in university research, public research and various private industries. Jobs may be found with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, public institutions and IT companies. There is a shortage of graduates with life sciences and computing skills necessary to work in the bioinformatics industry. As a graduate, you could work in the following careers:

    • Biomedical engineer
    • Microbiologist
    • Computer and information research scientist
    • Database administrators

    To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

    The schools below may include sponsored listings but are popular choices among our users.

    Doctoral Programs #concordia #university #chicago #s #college #of #graduate #and #innovative #programs #has #highly #ranked, #on-campus, #cohort #and #online #programs. #we #offer #masters, #post-masters, #endorsements, #certifications #and #doctoral #programs #in #education, #business, #humanities #and #leadership. # #/ # #meta #id= #metakeywords # #name= #keywords # #content= #concordia #university, #chicago, #illinois, #graduate #degree #programs, #master #s #degree, #master #s #programs, #ma #programs, #doctoral #degrees, #doctoral #programs, #edd, #mba, #mbas, #master #of #business #administration, #master #s #of #business #administration, #education, #early #childhood #education, #teaching, #reading, #christian #education, #curriculum #and #instruction, #c #amp;i, #esl, #esl #endorsement, #educational #technology, #school #counseling, #school #leadership, #accelerated #degree #completion, #adult #education


    Doctoral Programs

    Welcome to Concordia University Chicago and thank you for your interest in applying to one of our doctoral programs. All documents relating to admission should be submitted to Concordia University’s Office of Graduate Admission and Student Services prior to the deadline for your anticipated term of enrollment. See your degree of interest on this Web site for application and file completion deadlines.

    Admission Requirements

    Admission to the doctoral program occurs prior to initiation of course work. The number of students admitted will be limited to ensure quality of program and dissertation advising.

    Applicants who are successful in their application for admission for entrance into the doctoral program will meet the following criteria:

    • Master’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA
    • A completed Doctoral Application for Admission
    • Submission of rationale statement, including personal goals for applying for admission to the program.
    • Transcripts: Submission of official transcripts of all previous credits.
    • Testing: Current Graduate Record Exam or Miller Analogies Test scores (test taken within the prior three years).
    • Letters of recommendation from two persons qualified to comment upon the applicant’s potential for doctoral study.
    • Past experience: At least two years of successful teaching/administrative experience (required only for doctoral programs in K-12 education).
    • Writing sample: Submit a paper that demonstrates your ability to write in a scholarly manner at a level typical of graduate work. A paper from your master’s program would be most appropriate. This sample should approach, but not exceed, five pages in length.

    All documents should be submitted to:

    Office of Graduate Admission and Student Services
    Concordia University Chicago
    7400 Augusta Street
    River Forest, IL 60305

    The office fax number is (708) 209-3454.

    Once the admission file is completed and initially reviewed, qualified applicants will complete an extemporaneous writing sample followed by a personal interview with an admission committee.

    Admission recommendations are submitted from the admission committee to the Dean of the College of Education, who will then make the final admission decision and communicate the decision to the candidate. The admission committee may establish an admission waiting list, if necessary. Students admitted should consult the Doctoral Program Handbook for additional program information.

    Students who are applying for admission to the doctoral program are precluded from enrolling in any courses which met doctoral program requirements until the student has been completely admitted to the program.

    The Graduate Admission Committee reserves the right to request additional information or documentation deemed helpful in evaluating applicants for admission.

    Additional Testing

    Depending on program of study, students may be required to take additional tests such as the Graduate Record Exam, Miller Analogies Test and/or the Illinois Basic Skills Test. A writing sample, essay, FBI fingerprint criminal background check, valid teaching certificate and/or interview may also be required to determine what may be necessary for a student to qualify for a graduate program.

    Pending Status

    Doctoral and international students are not eligible for Pending Status .

    International Students

    Applicants who are not U.S. citizens are required to meet all admission standards listed for the program they wish to enter. In addition, the following are required to be considered for admission:

    • TOEFL: A score of at least 550 (paper-based) or 72 (internet) minimum requirement on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or successful completion of Level 112 at an English Language School (ELS) unless English is the native language, and an unqualified recommendation from an ELS program director is provided. (International students who have earned an advanced degree from an accredited institution in the United States do not need to submit TOEFL scores.)
    • Transcripts: Official transcripts from each college/university attended showing all college/university course work with certified English translations of all transcripts originally prepared in any other language. Also, any international transcripts must be evaluated by a Concordia-approved international credentialing service such as WES (World Education Services), ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators), or AACRAO (American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers).
    • Financial Support: A certified document guaranteeing adequate financial support for at least the student’s first year of study and, barring any unforeseen circumstances, adequate funding from the same or an equally dependable source, for subsequent years.
    • Medical: A physical exam, adequate medical insurance, and proof of immunization are required prior to enrollment.
    • Regular Admission Requirements: International students must qualify for regular admission to a degree program in order to enroll.

    All documents must be received by the Office of Graduate Admission and Enrollment Services at least three months prior to the expected date of entry. I-20 forms may be issued only after University acceptance is granted and will remain in effect only for students who continue to make satisfactory progress as full-time students in an accepted university program. The program length may vary for each student.

    Application information

    Excelsior College #mba #degree, #mba #program, #business #administration, #mba, #human #resource #management, #degree, #degree, #earn #degree, #get #degree, #accredited, #affordable, #online #classes, #credit #by #exam, #transfer #credits, #programs, #business, #bachelor, #master, #certificates, #online, #distance #learning, #excelsior #college


    Human Resources Management

    Effective HR management leaders put individuals in a position to succeed. We do the same thing at Excelsior College: We help adult students succeed by offering a fast, affordable route to an Master of Business Administration (Human Resources Management) .

    A national leader in distance learning for more than 40 years, Excelsior College can help you fit an MBA program into your schedule and budget. Our human resources management concentration features:

    • Online classes that you take at your convenience.
    • A fast track to graduation, with liberal credit-transfer policies that get the most out of your previous education (including approved military classes and professional certificates).
    • Budget-friendly tuition, financial aid, and flexible payment options. (Get the exact figures on Excelsior’s low tuition and fees. )
    • Rigorous HR management classes that are academically equivalent to traditional on-campus programs.
    • Personalized academic advising and support.
    • Sensitivity to the particular educational needs of working adults.

    Here’s how an Excelsior College MBA can help you fast forward your career.

    A Practical MBA With a Real-World Focus

    Excelsior College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. To learn more about the MSCHE accreditation programs and specialized accreditations, see our accreditation page.

    Excelsior’s MBA programs emphasize practical workplace knowledge over theoretical learning. You’ll take online HR management classes in subjects such as:

    • Labor relations
    • Conflict resolution
    • Compensation and benefits

    Review the degree requirements for Excelsior’s online MBA program.

    Upon completion of an Excelsior College Master of Business Administration, the graduate will be able to:

    1. Analyze real-world business problems and generate recommendations for action.
    2. Integrate accounting, marketing, finance, management, and economics into strategic business analysis.
    3. Assess the impact of the global business environment on business situations.
    4. Apply quantitative methods to analysis of business situations.
    5. Perform ethically and professionally in business and society.
    6. Communicate effectively to relevant audiences orally and in written materials.
    7. Collaborate in teams to produce required deliverables.
    8. Apply project management skills to business situations.
    9. Assess the ethical implications of actions for diverse stakeholders.

    The MBA requires 36 – 51 credits, depending on a student’s prior learning. Students may transfer in up to 24 approved credits. The program has 5 foundation requirements that can be waived on the basis of prior upper level undergraduate study in the relevant areas. Approved undergraduate courses must be no older than 10 years, with a grade of B or better. The foundation requirements are:

    • Ethics
    • Economics
    • Marketing
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Quantitative Analysis

    Any waivers will be counted as part of the 24 credits allowed in transfer. See catalog for further details.

    See the credit requirements in chart form .

    IACBE Specialized Accreditation

    Excelsior College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), 11374 Strang Line Rd. Lenexa, KS 66215; 913-631-3009; . The IACBE is a specialized accrediting agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE: Bachelor of Science in Business and Master of Business Administration.

    ServiceMaster Restore by Reed – Restoration Services #servicemaster, #service #master, #servicemaster, #service #master, #water #damage #restoration, #fire #damage #restoration, #mold #damage #restoration, #water #damage #repairs, #fire #damage #repairs, #mold #removal, #water #damage #cleanup, #fire #damage #cleanup, #mold #damage #clean


    Why Call Ser viceMaster?

    • 24/7 Quick Response Time
    • Best Customer Service,BBB “A” Rating
    • FREE* Estimates
    • Insurance Preferred Vendor Direct Billing
    • Over 60 Years of Experience
    • One Stop Service for a Complete Restoration
    • Licensed, Insured Bonded
    • Latest Technology and Equipment
    • People you Can TRUST, No Hidden Fees
    • Worldwide Company, Industry Leaders
    • We do it all! from Plumbing to Rebuild; Hassle Free!

    What We Do:

    • Water Damage Restoration (Dry out, Cleanup Repairs)
    • Sewage Backup Cleanup (Dry out, Cleanup Repairs)
    • Fire / Smoke Damage Cleanup Restoration
    • Mold Removal Remediation
    • Trauma Bio-hazard Cleanup
    • Carpet Upholstery Cleaning
    • Tile Grout Cleaning
    • Mold Inspection
    • Reconstruction
    • Plumbing, Roofing Flooring

    We are the Experts on Water Damage, Fire Damage and Mold Damage Restorations

    You have come to the right place. With over 60 years of experience, ServiceMaster by Reed, can take care of any Water, Fire, Smoke or Odor Damage of any size.
    Our goal is to restore your home and peace of mind as quickly as possible. We understand that water damage or fire damage can be a stressful situation, that s why ServiceMaster s team of trained, caring and professional technicians will guide you and your family through every step. We are here to help you. For over 60 years, ServiceMaster has been the leader in restoration services across the nation, and worldwide. Call Service Master Experts Now! 24/7 Water Damage Restoration.

    “I am very pleased with their services. They’re very honest and hardworking. Big thanks to you!”
    Superpages review
    by maileytine

    “Very pleased with their services They were on time and my carpet looks new and smells fresh. They were very careful with my furnishings and walls and it was obvious that they take pride in their works. I will definitely use them again.”
    Superpages review
    by transportationnewengland

    Some of the Areas We Serve:

    Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood – Pembroke Pines – Weston – Miami Beach – Aventura – Sunny Isles – Coral Gables – Kendall – Coral Springs – Doral – Tamarac – North Lauderdale – Pompano Beach – Sunrise – Plantation – Hialeah – Miramar – Homestead – Hallandale – Davie – North Miami – Miami Lakes

    Some Zip Codes of The Areas We Serve:
    33002 33008 33009 33010 33011 33012 33013 33014 33015 33016 33017 33018 33021 33023 33024 33025 33026 33027 33028 33029 33054 33055 33056 33101 33102 33109 33111 33112 33114 33116 33119 33122 33124 33125 33126 33127 33128 33129 33130 33131 33132 33133 33134 33135 33136 33137 33138 33139 33140 33141 33142 33143 33144 33145 33146 33147 33149 33150 33151 33152 33153 33154 33155 33156 33158 33159 33160 33161 33162 33163 33164 33165 33166 33167 33168 33169 33172 33173 33174 33175 33176 33178 33179 33180 33181 33182 33183 33184 33185 33186 33188 33193 33194 33197 33199 33222 33231 33233 33234 33238 33239 33242 33243 33245 33247 33255 33256 33257 33261 33265 33266 33269 33280 33283 33296 33299

    *For homeowners based on visual assessment, does not include mold inspection reports, other restrictions may apply, call for more details.
    2013 ServiceMaster by Reed. All rights reserved. An independent business licensed to serve you by ServiceMaster Clean
    Unless otherwise noted, the graphic images, buttons, layout, and text contained in this Web site are the exclusive property of ServiceMaster by Reed and its related, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and may not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of ServiceMaster by Reed. 4099 N. 28th Way Hollywood, FL. 33020

    UAB – Information Engineering – Management #engineering, #professional, #masters #degree, #engineering #management, #systems #management, #business #engineering, #professional #engineering, #engineering #entrepreneurship, #ma #degree, #master #of #science, #masters #in #business #administration, #phd #engineering #management, #masters #in #public #administration, #master #s #programs, #master #of #business #administration, #masters #in #finance, #masters #in #management, #master #programs, #software #engineering #degree, #masters #in #industrial #engineering, #masters #in #computer #engineering, #masters #degree #capitalization, #master #of #public #administration, #phd #in #engineering #management, #engineering #management #phd, #software #engineering #management, #engineering #management #program, #masters #in #economics, #financial #engineering, #master #in #business #administration, #masters #in #systems #engineering, #biomedical #engineering #schools, #engineering #management #masters, #degree, #masters #of #business #administration, #masters #degree #in #economics, #masters #degree #in #computer #science, #masters #degree #in #mathematics, #information #technology #degree, #masters #degree #abbreviation, #masters #degree #capitalized, #masters #degree #in #management, #masters #in #public #policy, #master #program, #master #business #administration, #cornell #engineering #management, #masters #degree #in #engineering, #management, #masters #of #management, #masters #in #risk #management, #masters #in #mathematics, #masters #degree #in #law, #master #of #management, #master #program #online, #graduate #engineering #schools, #masters #computer #engineering, #masters #degree #engineering, #management, #masters #industrial #engineering, #masters #in #international #business, #information #technology #degrees, #masters #degree #in #political #science, #management #masters, #information #management #degree, #mba #engineering #management, #management #masters #degree, #master #in #management, #industrial #engineering #masters, #masters #management, #online #masters #in #finance, #computer #science #master #degree, #master #in #businessmasters #in #information #managementonline #master #s #program, #msc #management, #mba #management, #masters #degree #mathematics, #phd #engineering #management #online, #uab #masters #programs, #masters #information #management, #executive #masters, #information #technology #courses, #engineering #management #mba, #master #s #degree #in #engineering, #master #marketing


    Masters of Engineering Management
    Information Engineering Management
    Online Campus

    What to expect from Our Information Engineering Management (IEM) Master s Program:

    Entrepreneurship focus on Engineering IT management
    Invest 2 days a month for 20 months 100% online
    Engineering undergraduate degree not required
    Flexible classes that fit into work and family schedules
    All online student clients pay in-state tuition
    Real-world focus with immediate life/job use
    Faculty comprised of employed industry leaders
    No GRE/GMAT required for admission

    Is IEM right for you? Here’s what we look for:

    Who we are:

    IEM stands for Information Engineering and Management. We are an executive master degree available in house or 100% online. providing an entrepreneurial focus to engineering and technology.

    Why you want a master degree in Information Engineering and Management:

    You will learn how to network effectively, identify your strengths, bolster your weaknesses, and you will gain the technical skills and perspectives you cannot get anywhere else.

    Masters of Healthcare Administration (MHA): School of Health Administration: Texas State University #master #of #health-care #administration


    Masters of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

    The School of Health Administration at Texas State University-San Marcos is one of only a few universities in the nation with both an undergraduate program certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration and a graduate program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). The school is proud to have offered both undergraduate and graduate programs in healthcare administration since 1974.

    The healthcare administration program is designed to enhance the career mobility of parttime students currently employed in health professions as well as to provide a solid base of academic experiences for full-time students who wish to enter the healthcare administration profession. The primary focus of the curriculum is middle to senior-level management.

    The program is offered to full-time students during the day and to part-time students during in the evenings. The school s awardwinning faculty bring rich experiential and educational backgrounds to the classroom.


    Texas State s master of healthcare administration (MHA) program has been accredited by CAHME since 1992. CAHME is the only organization to accredit master s level healthcare management programs in the United States and Canada.

    Through CAHME accreditation, students are assured that accredited healthcare management education programs are evaluated extensively and conform to set standards. Accreditation requires continual self-evaluation, regular reports and periodic external review. Because of this, students are assured that the educational quality of the programs remains current and reflects changes in knowledge and practice of the profession.

    Course Work

    Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) The MHA program usually includes 43 hours of core courses and either a field experience of six to eight hours or six hours of thesis, depending on the student s previous experience in health administration.

    Principal areas of study include health and disease; sociological, economic, legal and political forces that affect health care; and management and organizational behavior including such specializations as financial management, human resource management, planning, marketing, and data generation and analysis.


    A nine-hour cognate in health administration is available for students majoring in other disciplines. Required courses are Healthcare Organization and Delivery, Healthcare Law, and Healthcare Organizational Behavior/Theory.

    Area of Emphasis

    A 12-hour area of special emphasis in health administration is available to students pursuing MBAs. Required courses include Healthcare Organization and Delivery and three other healthcare administration courses selected from a list provided by the MBA advisor.

    Minor in Healthcare Administration

    A 15-hour minor in healthcare administration is available to students majoring in other disciplines. Required courses are Healthcare Organization and Delivery, Healthcare Law, and Healthcare Organizational Behavior/Theory. The remaining six hours are selected with the School of Health Administration (SOHA) graduate advisor according to the student s area of interest and needs.

    Admission Policy

    Course prerequisites for MHA students include: statistics, economics and financial accounting. These prerequisites may be accepted from other universities and must be taken prior to entering the graduate program.

    Applicants must meet the Graduate College s minimum GPA requirement of 2.75 for the last 60 hours of letter-grade course work leading to the bachelor s degree as well as for any graduate or professional work. They must also earn a minimum score of 575 on an admission index calculated by multiplying GPA for the last 60 hours of undergraduate work by 100 then adding it to the applicant s new GRE score (verbal quantitative).

    To apply, each applicant must submit the following to The Graduate College at Texas State:

    • An official Texas State Graduate College application form;
    • A non-refundable application fee of $40.00 (check or money order payable to Texas State University in U.S. currency);
    • Non-Texas State graduates must submit one official transcript from each senior level, post-secondary institution attended. These transcripts must be mailed directly from the institutions to the Office of the Graduate College;
    • Official scores on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) verbal and quantitative portions combined (you must have your GRE scores on file prior to acceptance) ;
    • Three letters of reference from professionals competent to assess the applicant s interest in pursuing a career in their chosen field of study*; and
    • Applicant s written statement of purpose indicating ability and interest in completing the degree program*.

    * Your references and statement of purpose can be uploaded to The Graduate College via their website at .

    Once these materials are received, the School of Health Administration graduate advisor will schedule an interview to confirm the applicant s ability and interest in not only pursuing, but completing the program. Because of the writing and speaking requirements in the MHA program, applicants for the MHA program are required to complete an on-campus interview. For the interview, you are required to bring a current resum .

    Visit for access to an online application and additional details. Applications are due June 1 for the fall semester and October 1 for the spring semester. The Graduate College will continue to process applications received after these deadlines, but such applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, with no guarantees of admission.

    Financial Assistance

    For information about scholarships, financial aid and application deadlines, visit the Graduate College Web site at and click on Financing Your Graduate Education.


    Dr. Kimberly Lee
    Assistant Professor Graduate Programs Director
    School of Health Administration
    Health Professions Bldg, 260

    Raymond A #mason #school #of #business, #college #of #william #and #mary, #master #of #business #administration, #b-school, #business #school, #master #of #accounting #


    Managing Up, Redefined – Part 2 In the second half of our discussion, Margaret Liptay explains how properly managing your relationships can create results and growth for everyone involved.

    Managing Up, Redefined – Part I Margaret Liptay discusses a different take on managing up. Rather than seeing the relationship as a supervisor-subordinate dynamic, leadership coach Margaret Liptay recommends a different approach. Listen Now

    Hidden Heroes When examining how the real work gets accomplished, Dave Heenan found one group of professionals – the “exceptional subordinates” – who he calls “hidden heroes.” Heenan discusses these selfless individuals who find success in the shadows. Listen Now

    Data Visualization Skye Morét is a data visualizer at Periscopic in Portland, Oregon, and joins us to discuss the many ways data visualization helps professionals tell compelling stories. Listen Now

    Effective Communication Associate Dean of MBA Programs Ken White offers advice to help professionals communicate more effectively in business settings to achieve greater success in their careers. Watch Now

    Strategy Clinical Professor Bob Williams talks about the importance of strategy and the secret behind companies like AT T and Amazon surviving and thriving. Watch Now

    China’s Economic Impact Clinical Professor Deborah Hewitt talks about the influence China will have on the U.S. economy why it’s important for business professionals to understand. Watch Now

    A Passion for Leadership Dr. Robert Gates shares his advice on successful leadership. Listen Now

    Ariana Rincon “Take advantage of every networking opportunity provided by the program.” Read More

    Eric Albrecht “Take pride in everything that you do. Your work product will always be a reflection of you.” Read More

    Marcus Badger “Consider the MAcc program if you’re looking for the perfect bridge to help transition from school to the real world.” Read More

    Stephen W. Coyne “I highly encourage anyone who is interested in pursuing a MAcc degree to attend W M.” Read More

    Master s in Project Management #master #degree #project #management


    Lily Buth ’15 | Biological Sciences
    Student | Melbourne, FL

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent commodo neque sit amet massa facilisis molestie. Cras at enim purus. Donec venenatis vehicula suscipit. Suspendisse non libero est, a gravida felis. Nulla consequat rhoncus libero eget aliquam. Aliquam erat volutpat. Donec sit amet hendrerit diam. Etiam ullamcorper, dolor in tempor elementum, augue elit molestie diam, vel faucibus dolor nisl rutrum erat. Cras mollis convallis nunc eu malesuada. Etiam a pulvinar urna. Ut quis mi quis diam egestas fermentum eu non ipsum. Mauris sed mauris non felis lobortis consectetur at non turpis. Morbi eget massa at nibh tincidunt imperdiet id et velit. Cras mollis metus id nibh tempus vitae sodales metus venenatis. In ut felis lectus.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent commodo neque sit amet massa facilisis molestie. Cras at enim purus. Donec venenatis vehicula suscipit. Suspendisse non libero est, a gravida felis. Nulla consequat rhoncus libero eget aliquam. Aliquam erat volutpat. Donec sit amet hendrerit diam. Etiam ullamcorper, dolor in tempor elementum, augue elit molestie diam, vel faucibus dolor nisl rutrum erat. Cras mollis convallis nunc eu malesuada. Etiam a pulvinar urna. Ut quis mi quis diam egestas fermentum eu non ipsum. Mauris sed mauris non felis lobortis consectetur at non turpis. Morbi eget massa at nibh tincidunt imperdiet id et velit. Cras mollis metus id nibh tempus vitae sodales metus venenatis. In ut felis lectus.


    Master’s in Project Management At Florida Tech

    Develop Competencies in Operations and Information Systems

    Designed for professionals from diverse backgrounds seeking advanced leadership positions in the private, public and military sectors, the master’s in project management trains students for managerial positions where they assume responsibility for improving business performance.

    Because project management has become a business strategy of choice, this degree program develops skills and competencies in project management and in identified concentration areas such as operations research, information systems, or other areas of interest selected by the student. Graduates are empowered to become dynamic and effective project managers.

    All Florida Tech professors have doctorate degrees in management, information systems or related fields, with many certified as Project Management Professionals through the Project Management Institute.

    On Campus or Online

    Students earning a master’s in project management can complete the degree at one of our Extended Studies off-campus sites. or online through the Virtual Site. Our Extended Studies off-campus programs provide a high level of flexibility to working professionals, who can complete the degree program within two years.

    Dynamic Curriculum with Concentration Options

    The master’s in project managementdegree program covers relevant areas of study for today’s competitive marketplace including statistics, cost and economic analysis and five core project management study areas. In addition to coursework, lectures, class discussions, workshops and guest speakers help students develop mastery of the program’s curriculum.

    Hands-On Practical Experience

    During the final year of study, master’s in project managementprogram students have an opportunity to obtain hands-on, practical experience in the field by working with organizations needing project management expertise. The capstone experience involves work on a complex, real-life project management challenge in a team-based environment, and enables students to demonstrate mastery of project management competencies.

    Diverse Career Opportunities

    Career paths for graduates with a master’s in project management vary widely as public, private and military organizations all benefit from the expertise of project managers. According to a study published by the Anderson Economic Group (2008), an average of 1.2 million project management positions across several industries will need to be filled each year through 2016.

    Plumbers in San Mateo, CA #plumber #san #mateo, #plumbing #san #mateo, #san #mateo #plumbing, #san #mateo #plumber, #plumbing #contractor #san #mateo, #master #plumber #san #mateo


    Plumbers in San Mateo

    Aplumbers is your professional plumber locator in San Mateo – connecting 97,106 residents with local plumbing companies spread out across the 15.96 square miles of the city. Your job request will be sent to local plumbers in San Mateo that suit your plumbing description, and they will contact you with competitive plumbing charges. Compare between several plumbing estimates, and get urgent and reliable repair to common plumbing troubles like split pipes, blocked toilets and slab leaks by local plumbers in San Mateo – near you. The following plumbing services are provided in San Mateo, including but not limited to:

  • Tree Root Invasion
  • Sinks, Bath Tubs and Toilets
  • Basement Flooding
  • Grease Traps
  • Piping Fittings
  • Leak Detection
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Septic Tank/Sewer Line Replacement
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Oil Gas Heating
  • Water Heaters/Boilers
  • Plumbing Costs in San Mateo

    Getting an accurate plumbing costs evaluation of a plumbing problem usually requires the presence of a professional plumber to see the problem, explore it, touch the pipes, the drain, sewer trap and other parts to accurately estimate the scope of the job.

    The following are plumbing costs for common plumbing jobs in San Mateo, CA

    Average Plumbing Repair Costs in San Mateo:

    Plumbing Quote in San Mateo

    Fill in the form and get plumbing quotes in San Mateo by up to four local professional recommended plumbers.

    When getting a plumbing quote, ensure you get a detailed offer in which the plumber clearly explained the labor part, the plumbing supplies (if needed) and scope of work (regarding hours/ days).

    Having all these will enable you to compare rates with other plumbers that offer their services for the same project.

    Services area covers the following zip codes in San Mateo :
    94401, 94402, 94403, 94404, 94405, 94406, 94407, 94408, 94409, 94497

    Recent Job Requests

    • Kindred disposal broken
    • Porcher sink drain blocked
    • Everpure water filter leaking
    • Rheem water heating appliance thermal expansion
    • Maytag garbage disposal burnt motor
    • Hydrotek tap fixing
    • Jacuzzi toilet heavy condensation on cistern
    • Grohe showerhead poor spray action

    Additional Local Plumbers in San Mateo, California:

    Sugar Bear Plumbing, Inc.
    Quality service/ 100% 30 day money back
    Highly trained technicians/ on-time appt
    Friendly/ clean/ sf plumbers

    Architectural Builder Designer
    Install tubs and showers
    Install kitchen sinks and dishwashers
    Install waterheaters and low-e

    Rob Hansel Plumbing
    Residential custom homes and remodels
    Copper repipes, water heater replacement
    Waste, water, gas line install or repair

    Daystar Plumbing
    Service Repair plumbing
    tankless/tank WHs
    installation:plumbing fix

    AAA affordable plumbing
    Repairs/New Installation
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    All Plumbing Work

    AAA Mike Counsil Plumbi
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    A Miracle Plumbing
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    DMC Plumbing
    full plumbing service
    sewer camera inspection
    plumbing remodel

    Long’s Plumbing
    Water Heaters
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    tankless water heaters
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    Tankless CSST Gas Piping

    Magic Plumbing
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    Plumbing professionals since 1980

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    Commerical, industrial
    education and medical design build avail

    US Trenchless Inc.
    Plumbing, trenchless sewer,
    Gas line, water line
    Sewerline Sacramento

    Fresno Plumbing
    Full Service Dept
    New Construction Dept with design build
    No job to big or to small

    One stop shop bidet toilet seat for home
    Free shiping free diy accessories
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    Service 4 Plumbing, Inc.
    Residential Commercial Plumbing
    Re-pipes, Water Heaters, Clogged Drains
    We can handle all of your plumbing needs

    Stark Leak Detection LLC
    Leak detection services for plumbers
    Line location services
    Thermal camera,

    Ace Plumbing Rooter, Inc.
    San Francisco Plumber
    Bay Area Plumbing Sewer Contractor
    Emergency and 24 Service!

    Bel Carlos Plumbing
    Water Heaters

    RB Travis Plumbing
    Plumbing – Residential Commercial
    24-Hour Emergency Service
    General Construction

    Master of Communication: Degree Overview #masters #degree #in #communications #jobs, #master #of #communication: #degree #overview


    Master of Communication: Degree Overview

    Essential Information

    Communication programs explore general communication theories that explain how people listen and understand. Students may develop skills in critical thinking, analysis, business writing and public speaking. Therefore, the curriculum focuses on teaching students how to select and use different forms of communication to influence a group of people. At the end of the program, students must complete a capstone experience that utilizes the techniques and practical skills they’ve gained in order to graduate.

    The prerequisites of a 2-year master’s degree in communication are a bachelor’s degree, a resume, a writing portfolio and a written goal statement. A communication writing exam is required in select programs. You may specialize in strategic organizational communication, leadership and management, strategic communication, information technologies communication or dispute resolution. Course requirements include internships, thesis development/defense or a professional project.

    Master of Science in Communication

    Most M.S. in Communication programs combine theoretical and practical work, allowing students to develop management, leadership and communication skills while acquiring foundational knowledge about communication principles. Students often study real-world applications by analyzing issues, developing solutions and creating messages. Throughout coursework, students may develop an understanding of historical, ethical, legal and social concepts. Students may study topics that include:

    • Marketing
    • Citizenship
    • Persuasion Ethics
    • Strategy Leadership
    • Global connection
    • Business media

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Mass Communication Studies
    • Speech Communications and Rhetoric

    Master of Arts in Communication

    An M.A. in Communication usually combines areas of communication, business and instruction. Most programs are designed to guide students in leadership practices, business technologies and project management while developing skills in research, writing and editing. Coursework may teach students how to address conflict, analyze and evaluate situations and write for a variety of audiences. Programs may also provide students with the opportunity to connect to real-world issues. Students generally study topics such as:

    • Argument rhetoric
    • Human conflict
    • Social influence
    • Writing speeches speaking professionally
    • Intercultural communication
    • Mass media interviewing

    Popular Career Options

    A Master of Science in Communication can lead to careers in marketing, public relations and creative services for a variety of industries. Positions that an individual can pursue include:

    • Publicist
    • Speech writer
    • Intercultural communications specialist

    Students who obtain an M.A. in Communication tend to further their careers in education and business. This degree may lead to positions as:

    • Marketing managers
    • Public relations managers
    • Public speaking educators
    • Sales managers

    Employment Outlook and Salary Information

    Marketing managers could see employment opportunities grow 9% from 2014 to 2024, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ( ). In comparison, employment could increase by 7% for public relations managers and 5% for sales managers during that same period.

    In May 2015, the BLS reported a median salary of $128,750 for marketing managers. Public relations managers saw $104,140 as their median income, while $113,860 was the median wage for sales managers.

    Continuing Education Information

    Individuals may choose to continue their education by pursuing a doctorate degree in communication. These degrees lead to advanced careers in theory and research.

    A master’s degree in communication focuses on honing students’ skills in influencing people through effective communication. Depending on the specialization, graduates could choose from a variety of jobs available including becoming a communications specialist, marketing manager or PR manager.

    Next: View Schools

    Areas of study you may find at University of Florida include:
      • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
      • Post Degree Certificate: Post Master’s Certificate
      • Undergraduate: Associate, Bachelor
    • Communications and Journalism
      • Communication Studies
        • Mass Communication Studies
      • Comparative Language Studies and Services
      • Digital, Radio, and Television Communication
      • English Composition
      • English Language and Literature
      • Foreign Language and Literature
      • Journalism
      • Public Relations and Advertising

    Get Started with University of Florida

    5 University of Georgia

    School locations:
    Areas of study you may find at University of Georgia include:
    • Communications and Journalism
      • Communication Studies
        • Mass Communication Studies
        • Speech Communications and Rhetoric
      • Communication Technology
      • Comparative Language Studies and Services
      • English Composition
      • English Language and Literature
      • Foreign Language and Literature
      • Journalism
      • Public Relations and Advertising

    Get Started with University of Georgia

    6 Syracuse University

    School locations:
    Areas of study you may find at Syracuse University include:
      • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
      • Non-Degree: Certificate
      • Post Degree Certificate: Post Master’s Certificate, Postbaccalaureate Certificate
      • Undergraduate: Associate, Bachelor
    • Communications and Journalism
      • Communication Studies
        • Mass Communication Studies
        • Speech Communications and Rhetoric
      • Communication Technology
      • Comparative Language Studies and Services
      • Digital, Radio, and Television Communication
      • English Composition
      • English Language and Literature
      • Foreign Language and Literature
      • Journalism
      • Public Relations and Advertising

    Get Started with Syracuse University

    7 Walden University

    School locations:
    Areas of study you may find at Walden University include:
    Online Programs
    • Communications and Journalism
      • Communication Studies
      • English Composition
      • Public Relations and Advertising

    Get Started with Walden University

    8 Northwestern University

    School locations:
    Areas of study you may find at Northwestern University include:
      • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
      • Non-Degree: Coursework
      • Post Degree Certificate: Post Master’s Certificate
      • Undergraduate: Bachelor
    • Communications and Journalism
      • Communication Studies
        • Speech Communications and Rhetoric
      • Comparative Language Studies and Services
      • Digital, Radio, and Television Communication
      • English Composition
      • English Language and Literature
      • Foreign Language and Literature
      • Journalism

    Get Started with Northwestern University

    8 Popular Schools

    The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users.

    Sports Management Careers #master #degree #sports #management


    Sports Management Spans from Head Coaches to PR Executives

    While talent recruiters and agents are vital figures in the industry, the field is populated with players harnessing unique skills, who use them in various ways to support the industry’s success. Talent scouts and managers are the exciting public face of sports management.

    Behind the scenes, facilities managers, public relations executives, broadcasters, nutritionists and trainers are just a few of the sports industry’s movers and shakers.

    What education or certification will I need to work in sports management?

    Consider an associate s degree first base in your quest to work in sports management. Once you’ve rounded it, you can start to focus on a particular field of study while earning your bachelor s. If your school doesn’t offer a specialization in sports management, many typical degree programs will prove useful, including management, marketing, business administration, accounting and health.

    Because competition for jobs in the sports industry is fierce, earning a master s degree will give you a significant advantage in embarking on your dream career. This will take between one and two years to complete. There are a few options to choose from:

    • Master of Business Administration: This standard business master’s shows a commitment to excellence and your ongoing pursuit of knowledge and mastery of the field. You’ll want to concentrate in finance, marketing or sports management, if available.
    • Master of Science in Sports Management: This degree prepares for a career in all levels of management, including recreational, juvenile, interscholastic, amateur, collegiate and professional.
    • Master of Science in Sports Medicine: This degree focuses on health care issues for athletes, including prevention, assessment, management and rehabilitation of injuries.

    When selecting your school and program, check to see whether they’ve been approved by the North American Society for Sport Management (NASSM) and the National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE). Once you’ve earned your degree, you can become a member of these associations to network and show your commitment to the field.

    Learn more about sports management curriculum on What You’ll Study .

    What does a sports manager do?

    The task of a sports manager depends on the subfield that they specialize in. Managing people in the college or professional sports arenas may be the first thing that comes to mind. Other management areas include in office systems, marketing, events and facilities. Opportunities also exist in sports economics, finance and information.

    Sports management professionals can also be found in business or medicine. A degree in sports medicine might see you teaching college football players how to stay healthy and keep fit by eating the right kinds of foods, or helping a tennis player deal with the psychological ramifications of stress and competition that come with being a professional athlete.

    What career paths can I take in sports management?

    Entry level opportunities in facilities and on sports teams are available to graduates with a bachelor degree, although you’ll want to position yourself in a community with multiple thriving sports scenes. Competition is so great for jobs in this exciting field that you’ll likely have many more options if you’re educated at the master’s level.

    For instance, earning your Master of Science in Sports Management may open up job titles such as sports administrator, corporate sponsorship director, head coach or general manager. A Master of Business Administration in almost any concentration will prime you for executive-level positions on and off the field. How far you go is up to you.

    Some students and professionals choose to continue their education by earning a doctorate degree, which allows an intensive focus on research, and job opportunities at the academic level.

    • A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in sports management includes study of the psychological or sociological aspects of sports.
    • A Doctor of Education (EdD) in sports management generally offers two areas of emphasis: sports medicine or Olympism, which studies the structure originated by the Olympic Games and encourages the balanced development of the body and mind.

    If you re passionate about sports and business, you re lucky to have twice the amount of similar career options to explore. In the realm of business, you can pursue business administration. international business. finance. accounting and human resources. In the sports realm, you can focus on medicine, physical therapy, broadcasting and public relations, among other areas.

    Master in business administration harvard #master #in #business #administration #harvard


    We search the world for you. Admissions Overview

    Where theory meets practice: curricular depth and experiential learning. Academics & Clinical Overview

    • Academic Calendar
    • Degree Programs
    • Course Catalog
    • Courses and Academic Programs
    • Handbook of Academic Policies
    • Clinical and Pro Bono Programs
    • International Legal Studies
    • Office of the Registrar
    • Continuing and Executive Education

    Dedicated to excellence in teaching, scholarship, and interdisciplinary exploration. Faculty & Research Overview

    Unrivaled access to opportunities and support for career goals. Careers Overview

    • Private Sector Career Services (OCS)
    • Public Sector Career Services (OPIA)
    • For Private Sector Employers
    • For Public Sector Employers
    • 1L Career Advising
    • Judicial Clerkships
    • Public Service Venture Fund

    Treasures collected from around the world, for the world. Library Overview

    Latest information from Harvard Law School’s news publications and multimedia channels. News Overview

    Explore resources for

    LL.M. Admissions

    Harvard Law School Graduate Program

    5005 Wasserstein Hall (WCC) 1585 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge. MA 02138 Contact Us

    The LL.M. (Master of Laws) program is a one-year degree program that typically includes 180 students from more than 70 countries. The Graduate Program is interested in attracting intellectually curious and thoughtful candidates from a variety of legal systems and backgrounds and with various career plans. Harvard s LL.M. students include lawyers working in firms, government officials, law professors, judges, diplomats, human rights activists, doctoral students, business men and women, and others. The diversity of the participants in the LL.M. program contributes significantly to the educational experience of all students at the School.

    Eligibility Requirements

    To be considered for the LL.M. program, an applicant must have a J.D. (Juris Doctor) from an accredited U.S. law school or a first law degree (J.D. LL.B. or the equivalent) from a foreign law school. Harvard Law School is rarely able to accept into its LL.M. program anyone who already holds (or is pursuing) an LL.M. from another law school in the United States.

    Admissions Criteria

    Admission to the LL.M. program is highly competitive. Last year approximately 1,600 applicants competed for around 180 places in the LL.M. program. Most applicants are fully qualified for the program, and the Committee on Graduate Studies must select from among a large number of candidates who have excellent credentials. In evaluating applications, the Committee takes into consideration the applicant s grades and rank in his or her law and other university studies, letters of recommendation, occupational interests, professional and personal accomplishments, and other factors, including the following:

    For LL.M. Applicants from Abroad

    The program is designed for intellectually curious and thoughtful candidates who come from a variety of legal systems and backgrounds and who have demonstrated an intent to return to their country to contribute to academia or the legal profession. We are equally interested in applicants pursuing careers in law teaching and research, government service, the judiciary, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and private practice.

    For LL.M. Applicants from the United States

    The program is designed for graduates of U.S. law schools who have had at least two or three years of experience beyond law school and who have committed themselves to a career in law teaching. In the admissions process, the Committee focuses primarily on applicants who have excelled in their basic law school studies, who elicit strong letters of recommendation from law school teachers and others familiar with their work, and who have spent at least two years working as a law school teacher, judicial clerk, or practitioner in a public agency or private practice. Evidence of graduate education in a field other than law is also significant. Weight will be given to materials demonstrating the applicant s interest in, commitment to, and capability for a career in law teaching.

    2017 The President and Fellows of Harvard College.

    Excelsior College #associate #degree, #administrative, #management, #degree, #degree, #earn #degree, #get #degree, #accredited, #affordable, #online #classes, #earn #credit #by #exam, #transfer #credits, #degree #programs, #business, #associate, #bachelor, #master, #certificates, #online, #distance #learning, #excelsior #college


    Administrative / Management Studies

    If you’ve learned business administrative management skills in a non-classroom setting such as the military or the work force, you can translate your experience into an Associate in Applied Science in Administrative and Management Studies from Excelsior College.

    A national leader in distance learning for more than 40 years, Excelsior specializes in meeting the needs of adult students—especially career changers and students from a military background. We grant academic credit for many forms of military-related education and training, speeding you toward a business associate degree that can put you on a new career path.

    Flexible, Affordable, Convenient—and Completely Online

    At Excelsior College, you’ll study with first-rate faculty from leading institutions around the country, learning core administrative and management skills such as:

    • Writing memos, reports, and other correspondence.
    • Using common business software and hardware.
    • Managing staff and advising superiors.
    • Basic accounting and bookkeeping.

    After earning an AAS degree from Excelsior College, you’ll possess business administrative management skills that employers look for—and value. Many students transfer directly into a business bachelor’s degree program. Others use their AAS degree to:

    • Earn a promotion from their current employer.
    • Land a new job with higher pay.
    • Change careers.

    Excelsior is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. (Learn more about the MSCHE accreditation programs and specialized accreditations on our accreditation page. )

    We expect that as an Excelsior College Associate in Applied Science in Administrative/Management Studies graduate you will be able to demonstrate:

    1. Effective oral and written communication skills.
    2. Introductory college-level knowledge in one or more of the subject areas in mathematics and/or natural sciences.
    3. Introductory college-level knowledge in one or more of the social sciences.
    4. A comprehension of cultural diversity, human behavior, and the relationship between business and society.
    5. A proficiency in administrative/management skills required in an organization.

    60 credits: 20 in arts and sciences, 20 career component credits, 20 electives to include a mandatory 1-credit information literacy course.

    Beginning January 1, 2012, an associate degree capstone course will be required.

    See the credit requirements in chart form .

    Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business and Management

    Bachelor of Science in Business with concentration in General Business

    Master of Arts in History #online #master #of #arts #in #history


    Master of Arts in History

    The Online Master of Arts in History offers a rigorous set of required and elective courses, along with supervised research and writing projects. Both demanding and flexible, the Online History MA is designed to appeal to students with a wide variety of interests and professional goals.

    All courses in the program will be taught by tenure-stream faculty in the History Department. Students accepted into the Online History MA will take all of their classes online.

    The focus of the Online MA curriculum is Modern US and European history, though courses will also be offered in non-Western and Early Modern areas as well.

    This program should be taken by:

    • Secondary school teachers who wish to improve their content knowledge in the field of history or need an MA for licensure, certification or promotion;
    • College graduates:
      • Who want to test their capacity for graduate work beyond their undergraduate studies;
      • Considering Law School;
      • Considering careers in journalism and media;
      • Considering careers in public humanities;
      • Considering careers that require writing and research;
      • Interested in going on to a PhD;
      • Interested in teaching at the primary or secondary levels;
      • Living beyond commuting distance from UMass Boston.

    Learn more about this program:
    To receive more information and connect with the program manager,please click on inquire now to the right.

    Click here for more information on the UMass Boston’s Master of Arts in History.

    The University of Massachusetts Boston i s currently not accepting students for online study who reside in Alabama, Arkansas, Maryland, or Minnesota, due to regulations in those states. Please contact your state’s Board of Education for details. Click here for information on distance education authorization in other states.

    *applicable when you register after deadline; non-refundable unless course has been cancelled

    ** applicable when checks returned unpaid

    *** Courses can vary from one to six credits; this total represents a standard 3 credit course

    University of Massachusetts has earned several awards for its distance learning programs, faculty and technology including:

    • University of Massachusetts Lowell’s B.S. in Information Technology Ranked Among Top Affordable Online IT Degrees by Get Educated in 2011
    • UMass Ranked Among Top 10 Best Colleges in Online Education in Communication Public Relations Degrees , 2011 by The Best Colleges
    • UMass ranks 19th highest-rated university in the world by the Times of London.
    • UMass ranked 56th in the Times of London’s Top 200
    • UMassOnline, UMass Boston President’s Special Achievement Award, Valerie C. Haven. Sloan-C 2010 Awards
    • University of Massachusetts Ranked Among Top 28 Best Value in Online Education for Human Services Psychology Professionals. 2009 by Get Educated
    • Ranked Top 10 Online Degrees Colleges – September 2009 (Online Degree
    • UMassOnline Awarded Public Sector of the Year by Mass Technology Leadership Council. 2008
    • Most Outstanding Online Teaching and Learning Program, UMass Lowell’s Online Graduate Behavioral Intervention in Autism Program. Sloan Consortium Excellence Awards, 2008
    • ‘Excellence in Online Teaching’ Award, Dr. Jeannette E. Riley, Sloan Consortium Excellence Awards. 2008
    • 21st Century Best Practices Award. United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA)
    • Program of Excellence. University Continuing Education Association (UCEA)-Journalism Certificate
    • Excellence in Faculty Development. Sloan-C Excellence Awards
    • Excellence in Online Programming. Sloan-C Excellence Awards
    • Excellence in Online Teaching. Sloan-C Excellence Awards
    • UMass Amherst Isenberg MBA, Top 10 national rankings, #4 Best Professors (2005, 2006, 2007 Princeton Review: Best Business Schools rankings)
    • 4th in Primary Care Education. U.S. World Reports
    • Excellence in Distance Teaching Education

    To apply for admission to a graduate study at UMass Boston, you must hold a bachelor’s degree from a U.S. institution of recognized standing, or an international equivalent.

    Admission criteria include:

    1. Graduate Application: Apply Online or Download application
    2. Non-refundable Application Fee ($60 for domestic applicants and $100 for international applicants)
    3. Official Transcripts: You must submit official transcripts from all institutions attended, even if you were not awarded a degree.
    4. Applicable Test Scores: Refer to your intended graduate program of study to determine which test scores are required.
    5. Letters of Recommendation: Applicants must submit three letters of recommendation from former teachers familiar with the applicant’s recent academic work, or from employers familiar with his or her professional ability.
    6. Statement of Purpose: The statement of purpose is your opportunity to show the graduate admissions committee your reasons for wishing to pursue graduate study, as well as your specific interests and goals. Be sure to check with your intended program of study to ensure you correctly complete the statement of purpose.
    7. Program Specific Requirements: Many programs have additional requirements. Please check with your intended graduate program of study to ensure that you submit a complete application.

    Most materials may be uploaded via the Online Application, or can be mailed to:

    Office of Graduate Admissions
    University of Massachusetts Boston
    100 Morrissey Boulevard
    Boston, MA 02125-3393

    Master of Science in Strategic Human Resources at the University of Denver #strategic #human #resources, #global #human #resources, #degree #in #global #human #resources, #master #of #human #resource, #human #resource #management


    Strategic Human


    The MS in Strategic Human Resources provides strategic skills in development, operations, and employment relations, plus the integral knowledge needed to succeed in a 21st century HR marketplace. You will gain the tools needed to align organizational aspirations with the talents of employees—all while addressing ethical considerations and global implications. Develop insight to a diverse range of organizations and how they each address talent management, employee relations, legal issues, inclusivity and diversity, and ethical challenges.

    This program prepares students to:

    • Analyze the roles and responsibilities of HR professionals
    • Influence the achievement of organizational objectives
    • Analyze the importance of the financial and budget implications of HR functions and decisions within the organizations
    • Evaluate the organizations, alliances, and agencies that impact HR and business

    Each course in the Strategic Human Resource Management curriculum is approved for 48 recertification hours of General, Strategic, or International credit with HRCI.

    “>An Approved Provider with the Human Resource Certification Institute

    Human Resource Certification Institute

    The University of Denver University College is an Approved Provider with the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). Each course in the Strategic Human Resource curriculum is approved for 48 recertification hours of General, Strategic, or International credit with HRCI. Upon successful completion of the course, human resource professionals may apply the credit earned towards their Professional in Human Resources (PHR), Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), or Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR) certification. HR professionals are required to earn 60 recertification credits every three years to continue their designations with HRCI. To recertify in the SPHR designation, 15 hours out of the 60 hour requirement must be Strategic credit. To recertify in the GPHR designation, 30 hours out of the 60 hour requirement must be International credit.

    Master’s Degree Concentration: A career-relevant master’s degree at University College requires 48 credit hours and is designed, delivered, and priced exclusively for working adults. Classes are offered online, on campus in the evenings, or in a combination of both.

    “>Master’s Degree Concentrations

    Six courses are required to complete a graduate certificate, which is designed to help students sharpen their abilities or add to their skillset through a shorter, focused program. Credits earned through a graduate certificate program may be applied toward a master’s degree in the same area.

    Director’s Message

    Thank you for visiting the Strategic Human Resources page(SHR). Human resources professionals are responsible for people and processes, leading to successful organizational outcomes, and meeting competitive challenges. It can be a busy, wonderful, and empowering profession. University College’s SHR program offers knowledge about theory and applications for experienced human resources (HR) professionals, people new to HR, career changers, and those managers who know the value of understanding HR roles and functions. Whether your interests lie in the critical role of HR management or in the fascinating world of global HR, this program offers ideas to provide the environment to retain and attract the best employees. I look forward to sharing this program with you!

    Master of Education #master #education


    Master of Education

    The Master of Education program is designed to develop the leadership abilities that emerge from graduate study, including critical reflection, research and writing.

    New students are welcomed mentored by returning grad students.

  • Every year starts with a Meet and Greet for students, faculty staff.

  • Seminars are flexible so students can pursue their own interests.

  • Students participate in Faculty events the work of our research groups .

  • There are many opportunities for students to present their research.

  • Participation in external conferences events is supported.

  • Our grad student facility has a library, desks, computers kitchen.

  • Faculty staff members are available to assist students. Contact us.


    • Full-time or part-time study.
    • 2 degree patterns: 6 half-courses + thesis or 8 half-courses + project.
    • Each course is seminar style and consists of 36 instructional hours.
    • Students are assigned and meet regularly with an academic program advisor.
    • The minimum time for degree completion is 12 months (full-time) or 24 months (part-time), the average time is 18-24 months (full-time) and 36-48 months (part-time).
    • There is a MEd Dual Degree program available.

    Talk to a Current Grad Student

    Fields of Study

    Students in the M.Ed. program are not required to select a field of study. They will follow a general program selecting courses of interest from our graduate course offerings in consultation with their program advisor.


    Brief descriptions of the courses offered in the M.Ed. program can be found in the School of Graduate Studies calendar. All students in this program must take EDUC-890* (Introduction to Educational Research), and it is a prerequisite for all of the advanced research courses, i.e. 892, 894, 895, and 896.

    These schedules are samples only. Fall and Winter Term courses may or may not be offered in the terms shown on the samples. Specific dates are subject to instructor availability and are chosen in consultation with community partner organizations where the courses are held, to avoid scheduling conflicts with local events.

    Application Deadline Start Dates

    Applications are due by January 15, 2018.

    Full-time students are normally considered for September admission. A new application and non-refundable application fee are required if the applicant for September 2018 is accepted but requests to begin the program in July 2018 instead.

    Part-time students may begin their program in September, January or July. Note that part-time applicants who choose to apply for July 2018 admission are applying to the last term of the 2017/2018 academic year. A new application and non-refundable application fee are required if the applicant for July 2018 is accepted but requests to begin the program in September 2018 instead.

    Late Applications

    Late applications will be accepted from domestic applicants until April 15, 2018, including the submission of all supporting documentation, for the 2017/2018 academic year. This extension, unfortunately, does not apply to international applicants.

    Career Opportunities

    Graduates of the Queen’s M.Ed. program undertake or return to successful careers in a wide variety of professional settings, positions of increased responsibility in school boards, teaching at the college, primary or secondary school level, or continue graduate study in the field of education as a doctoral student.

    • professional experience, a B.Ed. degree or its equivalent, and a minimum of a B- (70-72.9%) average in a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, or
    • two years professional or industrial experience, and a minimum of a B- average in a Bachelor’s Honours degree or its equivalent, or
    • a B.Ed. degree, and a minimum of a mid-B (73-76.9%) average in a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent

    Part-time students may begin their program in September, January or July. Full-time students are normally considered for September admission.

    Special Admission Requirements

    Applicants who do not have professional teaching experience or a B.Ed. degree, but who have a record of high academic achievement (80% or higher) in an Honours Degree or its equivalent as well as demonstrated exceptional ability to undertake research, are also encouraged to apply. A maximum of five full-time students may qualify for special admissions annually.

    Prior to admission, applicants in this category must present courses that constitute preparation for research in education and, in Pattern I (thesis route), they must develop a program of study with a member of Graduate Faculty.

    The program of study may require more than the normal 10 half-courses, and may include courses from other Faculty programs. The program of study must be approved by the Faculty’s Graduate Studies and Research Committee before the application can be approved.

  • Master – s Degrees in Robotic Engineering: Online – Campus-Based #online #robotics #degree, #master #s #degrees #in #robotic #engineering: #online # # #campus-based


    Master’s Degrees in Robotic Engineering: Online & Campus-Based

    Robotic engineers design and produce robots that can accomplish a variety of tasks, from assembling products to assisting in surgery. Learn about your options for studying robotic engineering at the master’s degree level. Explore how online engineering programs work. Read about the course topics you’d study as either an on-campus or online student and check the work environment for robotic engineers. Schools offering Computer & Electronics Engineering Technology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

    Where Can I Find Master’s Degree Programs in Robotic Engineering?

    Most often, robotic engineering is found as a specialization in mechanical, electrical, computer, or electronic engineering programs offered through the engineering departments of colleges and universities. However, some schools offer master’s degree programs specifically in robotics or the related field of mechatronics. Before choosing a school, you may want to consider whether you’re more interested in building and maintaining robots or designing and programming robots, since some programs focus on one or the other.

    Master’s degrees in robotics are available, although robotics is more often offered as a specialization in other engineering programs.

    Distance Learning Opportunities

    Online degree programs are available, but you may be required to take exams in person.

    Robotics and animation, mechatronics, control systems design

    Pursue a career in the aerospace or automotive industries, or research new opportunities in agriculture and medicine

    What Online Options are Available to Me?

    You can find online programs that focus on robotic engineering. As a distance education student, you’ll typically watch pre-recorded lectures, view reading materials and submit assignments online. Communication with your instructors and classmates likely will take place via e-mail and Web-based discussions. While some schools will allow you to take exams online, others require that all test-taking be monitored by an approved proctor, such as a university representative or your employer.

    What Kind of Classes Might I Take?

    Admission to most robotic engineering master’s programs requires some form of undergraduate engineering degree, so classes at this level tend to be advanced and specifically related to robotics. Campus-based programs often are research-based and some require internships or participation as a research associate. Courses that might be featured in your curriculum include:

    • Fundamentals of robotics
    • Robot dynamics
    • Robotics and animation
    • Mechatronics
    • Control systems design
    • Biomechanics

    Where Could I Find a Job?

    Robotics engineering jobs often are found in industry, such as the automotive and aerospace industries. As the field matures, jobs may open up in agriculture, mining, nuclear plant monitoring, and other lines of work that could be harmful to humans. The use of robots in surgery and other medical applications also is increasing.

    To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

    The schools in the listing below are not free and may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. Tuition and costs will vary across programs and locations. Be sure to always request tuition information before starting a program.

    Popular Schools

    Kinesiology and Health Science #master #of #science #health #administration


    Welcome to the Department of Kinesiology Health Science

    The primary purpose of the Department of Kinesiology and Health Science is to prepare undergraduate health science, kinesiology, and dance professionals. The department is also concerned with the development of the total fitness, health and recreational sports skills of the general university student through programs of fitness and lifetime sports. In addition, programs leading to endorsements and certifications are offered in the areas of first aid, personal training, and water safety.

    The Department also offers the opportunity for the preparation of athletic coaches.

    For details on the department, programs and course offerings, please view our section in the SFA General Bulletin (under The James I. Perkins College of Education ).

    Undergraduate Programs


    The mission of the Dance Program is to professionally prepare future teachers who possess a breadth of understanding in the discipline and who will continue to uphold high standards of excellence. In turn the students will make contributions to dance in education and as an art form. Students are encouraged to reach their highest technical and creative potential to the extent that, should they desire to pursue graduate studies in Dance or a performing career, they will be sufficiently prepared to realize their goals.


    What is Kinesiology?

    Simply stated, kinesiology is the study of human movement. The discipline of kinesiology offers a range of traditional classrooms activities and experiential learning leading to the development of knowledge, skills, values and dispositions required for careers in physical education, medicine/rehabilitation, sports performance, fitness, research, and other allied health areas. The Kinesiology and Health Science Department offers two areas of specialization within the broad field of Kinesiology.

    Physical Education, EC-12 Teacher Certification

    EC-12 teacher certification in physical education is the specialization that many students select to prepare for careers in teaching and coaching in the public school systems. Students must maintain a 2.75 GPA and complete all degree plan coursework to graduate. While completing the degree plan students are eligible to sit for the State of Texas certification exams. Once a student has achieved a passing score on the certification exam and completed the undergraduate degree plan in Kinesiology with a specialization in EC-12 Physical Education, he/she may apply to the State of Texas for his/her teaching certification.

    Fitness and Human Performance

    Fitness and Human Performance Studies is the specialization that students select when they want to pursue careers in the following: fitness and personal training industry, performance/strength and conditioning. movement specialist and kinesiologist. This program prepares students to sit for gold standard certification exams offered by the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Also, the Fitness and Human Performance Specialization, an applied science and the Pre-Health Professionals Program prepares students for the rigors of graduate health professional degree programs, such as traditional and ostepathic medical school, physical/occupational therapy, physican s assistant and entry level Master s programs in Athletic training.

    Health Science

    The mission of the Health Science Program is to provide quality academic education and structured professional experiences designed to prepare students to promote health and enhance the quality of life for individuals and their communities.

    Community Health

    For students planning to conduct health education and health promotion in a non-classroom setting, including advanced concepts, such as consumer health, environmental health, chemical dependency, human sexuality, and evaluation and administration of health programs.


    Regents Scholarship – Kinesiology/Health Science Department- students eligible are those who are incoming freshman, sophomore, or junior-level students who have not previously attended SFASU; top 15% of graduating high school class; minimum 1220 SAT; or minimum 27 ACT.

    Harling-Jagoe Scholarship – Must be sophomore, junior, or senior with a 3.0 GPA and show financial need. Must major in history or kinesiology.

    J B Linney Scholarship – Junior standing (at least 66 hours) and may not be a member of an athletic team. Must plan to enter the coaching profession and have at least a 2.0 GPA.

    Dr. Lucille Norton Scholarship – Female with senior standing (at least 99 hours) minimum of 20 hours of physical education. Highest GPA for her classification.

    Dr. Jane Robertson Scholarship – Student majoring in Kinesiology all-level with a Special education endorsement, student must have at least a 2.5 GPA.

    Dr. June Irwin Outstanding Female Kinesiology Graduate Award – honors the top female graduate from the Kinesiology Department each year.

    Roy Hanna Outstanding Men s Kinesiology Graduate Award – honors the top male graduate from the Kinesiology Department each year.

    Applicants for all department scholarships must return a completed Stephen F. Austin State University Alumni Foundation Scholarship Application Form to the SFASU Alumni Office by March 1st.

    Graduate Programs

    The Graduate Program in the Department of Kinesiology and Health Science offers a course of study leading to a Master of Science in Athletic Training or a Master of Science in Kinesiology.

    Athletic Training

    The Master of Science in Athletic Training is an entry-level program that upon completion will enable the student to be eligible to sit for the Board of Certification (BOC) national examination. The Master of Science in Athletic Training is accredited at the graduate level by CAATE.


    The Master of Science in Kinesiology is a research-intensive, evidence-based training program that provides two emphasis tracks to accommodate varying interests in the fields of human performance, clinical physiology and rehabilitation, behavioral/lifestyle medicine, and psychosocial aspects of health.

    Kinesiology and Health Science
    Labs and Research
    Undergraduate Programs

    Clinical-Child and School Psychology Graduate Program @ SIUE #master #degree #in #child #psychology, #clinical #child #school #psychology #graduate #masters #specialist #m.s. #ms #m.a. #ma


    Master of Science in Clinical Child and School Psychology

    Why Study Clinical Child and School Psychology at SIUE?

    This program is highly unique as it is one of only a handful of combined clinical child and school psychology programs in the nation. It anticipated many developments in both school and clinical child psychology as it emphasizes prevention, the ecological/systems approach, and the consultative role of the psychologist. Further, the program focuses on evidence based practices, such as behavioral and cognitive interventions. Finally, practica experiences are seen as a critical and ongoing adjunct to the academic component of the program, with students engaging in practica every semester.

    The program includes two tracks: the Clinical Child track and School Psychology track. These tracks are designed to serve the needs of two groups of students. Students in the Clinical Child track will be prepared to work with children, adolescents, and their families in the health system and other community agencies, under the supervision of licensed healthcare providers. Clinical child psychology students are also well-prepared to pursue doctoral education at other universities following completion of their Master’s degrees. Some clinical child students are interested in becoming licensed; for that reason, we provide a web page about licensure .

    The School Psychology track prepares students with knowledge and skills necessary for further education and training in the specialist degree program in school psychology. Students pursuing certification in school psychology are admitted to the master’s degree program with the expectation that they will go on to complete the specialist degree program in school psychology. Students in the School Psychology Track who continue on for the specialist degree after completing the master’s degree are eligible for certification as school psychologists in Illinois.

    Curriculum across both tracks is equivalent during the first four semesters of training; practicum experiences are provided across various types of settings. Coursework and training experiences during the second year of the program, and particularly the latter part, are increasingly focused on either Clinical Child or School psychology.

    Unique Strengths of the SIUE Master s in Clinical Child and School Psychology

    The program has a number of unique strengths that allow it to stand out as a premier program in the nation, which include:

    • One of only a few combined programs in the nation
    • Practica begins immediately, during students first semester, and continues every following semester.
    • Ongoing partnerships with local school districts, Head Start. juvenile detention, and other local agencies
    • Breadth of training, including courses in prevention, psychotherapy, and crisis intervention
    • One of less than ten school psychology programs in the nation to include a course on autism assessment and intervention
    • Hosts two clinics unique to the St. Louis region, which are the Attention Behavior Clinic (ABC) and the Comprehensive Autism Spectrum Evaluation (CASE) site
    • Program was established in 1970 and the Specialist Program in School Psychology has been continuously fully accredited by NASP since 1999
    • Students work closely with faculty to develop their own thesis or research project
    • Students commonly present research at the annual conferences of the National Association of School Psychologists, Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, American Psychological Association, and other national organizations.
    • Students commonly coauthor research publications with program faculty.
    • Most importantly, you will learn from award-winning faculty!
    • Dr. Stephen Hupp received the SIUE Teaching Recognition Award in 2011.
    • Dr. Jeremy Jewell received the Mental Health Hero 2015 award from Wellspring Resources as well as the Vaughn Vandegrift Research Mentor award for the fall of 2012.
    • Dr. Elizabeth McKenney received the Extra Effort Award from Edwardsville School District 7 in 2014 and in 2013 received the Early Career Scholarship from the Trainers of School Psychologists.
    • In an analysis of publication productivity among school psychology faculty in all NASP-accredited, specialist-level programs (Laurent Runia, 2016 ), Drs. Jewell and Hupp were ranked the 24 th and 25 th most productive researchers in the U.S.A.
    • In the same analysis (Laurent Runia, 2016 ), SIUE’s school psychology graduate program was ranked seventh in the nation in scholarly productivity.

    Due to a national shortage of school psychologists, job prospects are outstanding for students who complete the school specialist degree. Prospects for students in the clinical child track are also very good. After the completion of their Master’s degree, clinical child track students find employment in a variety of clinical and community agencies under the supervision of a licensed professional. Students in the clinical child track are also highly successful at getting accepted into doctoral programs if they choose to apply.

    Please visit the application information page for admission requirements and procedures.

    Master Management – Trouvez votre Bac 5 Management #master #management, #master #gestion, #master #commerce, #master #management #alternance, #bac+5 #management


    Rejoignez un Master en Management !

    Le master de management forme les futurs dirigeants d entreprises. Ce dipl me reconnu par l tat peut tre pr par au sein d une cole de commerce ou de management .

    Qu est-ce qu un master en management ?

    M thode mise en place afin de g rer une quipe dans diff rents domaines. le management requiert de la rigueur ainsi qu un sens des responsabilit s. Il est pr sent dans de nombreux secteurs. marketing . finance . gestion . commerce et ressources humaines .
    l issue de leur cursus, les tudiants sont op rationnels dans l organisation et la coordination des clients, des investisseurs, des fournisseurs et des employ s.

    Dans le master management, il existe plusieurs sp cialit s. En voici quelques-unes :

    La plupart des tablissements proposent cette formation en alternance. Cela permet aux tudiants d appliquer leurs nouvelles connaissances dans la vie active et d tre, au passage, r tribu s .

    Le programme du Master de manager

    Selon la sp cialisation choisie, le programme varie. N anmoins, il existe un tronc commun d enseignement avec les fondamentaux du management et :

    • Comptabilit
    • Statistique
    • Analyse des co ts
    • Gestion fiscale et juridique
    • Finance
    • Marketing
    • Strat gie
    • Langues vivantes

    Tout au long du cursus, les tudiants assistent des s minaires et des conf rences anim s par des professionnels en exercice .

    Rejoindre un Master en Management et Gestion

    Les masters requi rent l obtention d un bac+3. par le biais d une licence et parfois d un bachelor. La s lection s op re sur les crit res suivants. le dossier scolaire. l entretien de motivation ainsi qu ventuellement les r sultats aux concours d entr e.

    Quels d bouch s l issue d un Master Manag rial ?

    Les tudiants qui souhaitent poursuivre leurs tudes peuvent int grer une cole d ing nieurs afin de pr parer un double dipl me du type Management / Ing nierie . De m me, ils peuvent choisir de se sp cialiser avec un master sp cialis .
    Ils peuvent pr tendre aux postes de :

    • Directeur d entreprise
    • Responsable formation
    • Directeur des ressources humaines
    • Conseiller en management
    • Chef de projet
    • Chef de produit
    • Attach commercial
    • Responsable qualit
    • Contr leur de gestion

    Intégrez une école de commerce avec les admissions parallèles 19/04/2017 Rejoindre une école de commerce après un BTS, un IUT, une licence ou un master est envisageable. Eh oui, la classe préparatoire ne constitue pas nécessairement une voie royale pour intégrer ce type d’établissement.

    Trouver une alternance. tous nos conseils pour chercher votre entreprise 04/04/2017 Grande angoisse des jeunes étudiants, la recherche d’une alternance est un art qu’il s’agit de maîtriser. Diplomeo vous donne tous les conseils pour trouver une alternance.

    Comment trouver son stage de fin d’études ? 30/03/2017 La fin des études est à l’horizon. Vous allez devoir effectuer le dernier stage de votre cursus. C’est un premier pied dans le monde du travail avant de faire le grand saut. Diplomeo vous livre ses conseils pour trouver un stage de fin d’études. le nouvel outil pour les bac+5 01/02/2017 Le ministère de l’éducation nationale, de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche vient de lancer un portail dédié à la recherche des diplômes de master. servira notamment aux personnes non sélectionnées dans les masters de leurs choix, comme le prévoit la réforme récente.

    5 bonnes raisons de s’engager quand on est étudiant 06/01/2017 La fin d’année 2016 a apporté une nouvelle loi égalité et citoyenneté et des mesures concernant les étudiants. Parmi elles, une meilleure reconnaissance de l’engagement des jeunes. Diplomeo vous donne 5 raisons de vous lancer dans un projet parallèle à vos études.

    Spécialisations des Masters Management

    Scolarités des Masters Management

    Master Data Management #master, #data, #management


    Master Data Management

    Want more research like this?
    Learn the benefits of becoming a Gartner client.


    Data management encompasses several interrelated technologies and techniques. It is also closely integrated with domains such as content management and application development. This reference architecture establishes a high-level context for examining the technologies, techniques, and related domains and is focused on data-management concerns; it is not intended to be exhaustive. For example, content and data integration typically entails integrating database management system (DBMS)-based data with content managed in non-DBMS systems.

    Table of Contents

    • Template Applicability
    • Template Map
    • Template Diagram
    • Template Description
      • Master Data Definitions
      • Data-Quality Processes
      • MDM Services Management
      • MDM Utility Services
      • MDM Architectural Styles
        • Simple MDM
        • Local MDM
        • Federated MDM
        • Hub MDM
        • Federated Database MDM
        • Data Services Platform MDM
    • Notes

    2012 Gartner, Inc. and/or its Affiliates. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction and distribution of this publication in any form without prior written permission is forbidden. The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. Gartner disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information. Although Gartners research may discuss legal issues related to the information technology business, Gartner does not provide legal advice or services and its research should not be construed or used as such. Gartner shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies in the information contained herein or for interpretations thereof. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.

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    Why Gartner

    Penn State Online #renewable #energy #and #sustainability #systems #degree, #penn #state #online #master #of #professional #studies, #penn #state #world #campus


    Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems

    Lead the Shift toward Alternative Energy Production

    Policy changes, technological advances, and an increased awareness of the world’s resources are creating a growing need for advanced expertise in renewable and sustainability systems. Now more than ever, it’s critical to prepare yourself to serve as a leader of the emerging green economy. The iMPS in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems can help you succeed in this dynamic marketplace.

    This 32-credit online program provides you with the technical depth in areas related to renewable energy. Additionally, you can also gain a comprehensive understanding of the applications of technology in society, the energy economics, and the project development process.

    To make the most of your graduate program, we strongly encourage you to customize your degree by selecting an option in one of four key areas: bioenergy. solar energy. wind energy. and sustainability management and policy .

    Why an Online Degree from Penn State?

    Penn State’s online intercollege Master of Professional Studies in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems (iMPS-RESS) degree is delivered through Penn State World Campus, drawing upon a strong partnership between four colleges and eight academic departments from within the University. It offers you the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and unique perspectives of faculty with diverse backgrounds in renewable energy.

    Your Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems Curriculum

    This program presents you with a core curriculum focused on renewable energy and sustainability, plus the ability to choose from a number of courses focusing on wind energy, solar energy, bioenergy, and sustainability management and policy.

    You will take 11 credits of core program courses and 18 credits of electives selected in consultation with your program adviser. You will then complete your studies with the 3-credit capstone experience.

    Career Opportunities for RESS Graduates

    This program can benefit you if you are already in the renewable and sustainability industry and looking to advance in your current position, or if you want to move into another segment of this rapidly evolving industry.

    A Master’s in Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems can prepare you to make an impact in the industry by serving in professional roles, including sustainability project manager, vice president of business development, environmental scientist, energy project analyst, research analyst, community planner, and energy project engineer.

    Related Programs

    4 circumstances when two master – s degrees might make sense #college #choice, #dual #master #s, #grad #school, #graduate #school, #jon #fortenbury, #master #s #degree


    4 circumstances when two master’s degrees might make sense

    By now, the reasons to get a master s degree have been well-documented.

    Sometimes, a job may require it, or at the very least you d be a more favorable job applicant with a master s degree. Sometimes, a master s degree can help you change fields, make you more of an expert in your field or purely fulfill you intellectually.

    But what about two master s degrees? Do any of these initial reasons sound compelling, or is the idea completely bankrupt?

    Here are four circumstances when two master s degrees could make sense.

    1. When you can earn both degrees simultaneously

    There are a couple of ways to earn two master s degrees at the same time: dual degree and joint degree programs.

    Julia Kent, director of global communications and best practices for the Council of Graduate Schools, told U.S. News Word Report that both degrees show up on your diploma when you earn a dual degree.

    Dual degree programs are organized by the university and often involve program overlap to minimize cost and time. Joint degrees are usually interdisciplinary, sometimes combining two or more areas of study in two separate departments of the same campus or at two different schools.

    2. To be an even more compelling job applicant

    It s not often that you ll come across a job ad looking for someone with two master s degrees. In fact, you may never seen one. But if two master s degrees complement each other well, in a field that s interdisciplinary, then a second master s degree may make sense for you.

    For example, let s say you re a teacher who wants to teach two subjects or wants to eventually land in a specialized administration position. Perhaps having a bachelor s in education, a master s in one subject, and a master s in another subject may make you an attractive job applicant to some potential employers.

    Or consider an applicant for a tech job that may require a master s degree, like a systems analyst. Now imagine if the applicant had a MBA as well. While some teaching programs offer different options to specialize in teaching more than one subject, and some MBA programs offer a tech emphasis, for some people, the in-depth instruction they ll receive from working on two master s degrees could make sense. Check with your advisor to learn about all your options.

    This is a common reason people get the first master s degree, but perhaps even after getting a bachelor s and a first master s degree, you may still want to change fields or expand in your current field down the road. Depending on how drastic of a change you are looking to make, you could get a new associate s or bachelor s degree or go for the second master s degree.

    If you don t have a background in the field you d like to enter, you may have to take some undergraduate courses to get into the graduate program. Check with your school, as that s not always the case.

    4. For fun or intellectual fulfillment

    If you flat out love to learn, and free courses offered through sites like Coursera aren t doing it for you, you may want to get a second master s degree. But consider these two factors.

    For most, the cost is a biggie. While the cost of grad school wildly varies between programs and schools, it s probably not cheap (unless you land scholarships or grants, of course). Let s look at two examples. Tuition and fees for 12 in-state graduate credits at Kansas State University, as of 2013-14, cost $4,578.90. But master s degree students at Columbia University can expect to pay at least $20,000 a semester, depending on their program and financial aid situation.

    Then there s the fact that you may not get into the program you want. Depending on the program, intellectual fulfillment as a reason for going may not be compelling enough to admissions offices, especially if it s a very career-focused program. If you don t get in, you can always find other ways to learn, like auditing classes or reading a bunch of books independently (which I understand may not be as fun.)

    If you can justify the costs for the sake of learning, get a dual or joint degree, improve your chances of landing a job, or ensure a field change, then a second master s degree could be a good option. If not, you can always get a different kind of degree (such as an undergraduate degree. certificate, or Ph.D.) or find other ways to achieve your goals.

    Jon Fortenbury is an Austin-based freelance writer. He s been published by the likes of the Huffington Post and The Atlantic and is a featured contributor to Follow him on Twitter .

    Let s get social

    6 Top Value Counseling Master – s Degrees in Georgia #master #degree #programs #in #georgia


    Find Your Degree!

    Click the image for high resolution badge.

    Welcome to our ranking of the six top value master s degrees in counseling in Georgia.

    If you re thinking about earning your master s or Ph.D. in counseling and you live in Georgia (or you would like to) take a look at these top-ranked schools. Students in the South have more than their fair share of options; you ll find counseling degrees everywhere from large state schools in big-city Atlanta to private colleges in the suburbs.

    Click here to see the methodology we used for this best master s in counseling degree ranking.

    Internships and graduate assistantships ensure that students in this top master s degree in counseling acquire plenty of real world experience.

    6. Georgia Southern University

    Statesboro, GA

    School Counseling, M.Ed.; Community Counseling, M.Ed.; Student Affairs, M.Ed.

    With three concentrations in counseling at the master’s level, Georgia Southern University’s College of Education prepares students for careers that are as diverse as they are delicate. GSU’s CACREP-accredited programs in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, and Student Services in Higher Education are perfect for those looking to provide counseling services anywhere from public elementary schools to juvenile detention centers and mental health facilities. These top counseling graduate degrees offer graduate assistantships and internships alongside traditional coursework to engage students in and out of the classroom.
    Tuition and Fees: $18,669/yr
    Score: 56

    The University of North Georgia concentrates all of its energy on supporting an accredited counseling master s degree in Clinical Mental Health, so students can feel confident they will get plenty of attention and resources.

    5. University of North Georgia

    Dahlonega, GA

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.S.

    Mental health is a field that is only just earning the respect and academic rigor it has always deserved. Join the effort to rehabilitate and support those in need at the University of North Georgia, home to one of the top counseling master’s degrees in Georgia. Featuring extensive coursework in human development, psychotherapy, and individual and group counseling, this challenging program prepares students for rewarding and much needed counseling positions in psychiatric hospitals, college and university counseling centers, and rehabilitation programs. UNG also requires students to complete a substantial clinical internship requirement to ensure that they leave with real-world experience as well as a diploma.
    Tuition and Fees: $11,933/yr
    Score: 61

    Budget-conscious students should pay close attention: Albany State University has the most affordable counseling master s degree in Georgia with an annual tuition rate of just $10k!

    4. Albany State University

    Albany, GA

    School Counseling, M.Ed.

    It is a sad reality that many students are unable to succeed in school due to emotional disturbances, family issues, and even trouble with their peers. Albany State University’s affordable master’s degree in counseling addresses this nationwide problem by transforming compassionate and motivated individuals into life-changing professionals. But this degree in School Counseling is not just cheap; it also has accreditation from CACREP as well as the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), which ensures students that the highest standards of curricular and educational rigor are the university’s first priority.
    Tuition and Fees: $10,098/yr
    Score: 66

    Between summer internships and evening classes, Mercer University has one of the best counseling graduate degrees in Georgia for its ability to balance rigor and flexibility.

    3. Mercer University

    Macon, GA

    Community Counseling/Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.S.

    Practice (and only practice) makes perfect; that’s why Mercer University requires all of its graduate counseling students to complete a total of 600 hours of clinical practice and actually pass the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE) before they can earn their Masters of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. That may sound like a huge commitment, but Mercer helps students balance their work and class schedules with night classes that meet just once a week. Through a robust combination of summer internships, clinical practicums, and coursework in sociological and psychological theory, students in this top master’s degree in counseling in Georgia gain the confidence, knowledge, and experience they need to enter the field as consummate professionals.
    Tuition and Fees: $15,204/yr
    Score: 83

    Georgia State University is the only school on this counseling graduate degree ranking to offer a Ph.D. option.

    2. Georgia State University

    Atlanta, GA

    Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.S.
    Counselor Education and Supervision, Ph.D.
    School Counseling, M.Ed.

    Georgia State University’s CACREP-accredited graduate degrees in counseling—Clinical Mental Health Counseling (MS); Counselor Education and Supervision (Ph.D); and School Counseling (M.Ed)—represent the gold standard in counseling education in the South. With such a wide range of degree offerings, GSU’s Counseling and Psychological Services Department is perfect for any stage in your career. Whether you have a bachelor’s degree and are seeking state licensure and a career in a school or mental health facility, or you want to pursue your own research at the academic level, GSU has all the resources you need to pursue your goals.
    Tuition and Fees: $16,753/yr
    Score: 88

    For a top-notch education in school counseling, turn to the university with the best counseling master s degree in Georgia Valdosta State!

    1. Valdosta State University

    Valdosta, GA

    School Counseling, M.Ed.

    If you ever experienced bullying or some other frightening situation as a child, you understand how important student counseling services can be to the development of a young person. Valdosta State University’s CACREP-accredited graduate degree in counseling is designed to meet the needs of students in a huge range socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, from rural and isolated settings to dense, multicultural urban environments. As an offshoot of the Psychology and Education Departments, VSU’s Counseling Department utilizes data-based, theoretical models as well as in-person cultural training to develop compassionate leaders and advocates for children within the school system.
    Tuition and Fees: $12,178/yr
    Score: 100

    This concludes our ranking of the best value graduate degrees in counseling in Georgia.

    Published May 2016

    Find Your Degree!

    Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary: Certificate in Ministry #certificate #in #ministry, #cim, #austin #seminary, #austin #presbyterian #theological #seminary, #seminary, #theological #seminary, #austin, #presbyterian, #seminary #school, #mdiv, #m.div., #master #of #divinity, #master #of #arts #theological #studies, #dual #degree, #social #work, #karl #barth, #continuing #education, #continuing #education #classes, #presbyterian #church, #presbyterian #church #usa, #first #presbyterian, #dmin, #doctor #of #ministry, #theological #education, #cynthia #rigby, #allan #hugh #cole, #ted #wardlaw, #pcusa, #jennifer #lord, #gregory #cuellar, #whit #bodman, #david #jensen, #pastor, #ministry, #mission, #graduate #school


    Certificate In Ministry (CIM)

    The Certificate in Ministry is a primarily online program for church leaders and others seeking substantive theological education but who are not planning to pursue study in a degree program. Seven courses are required to complete the certificate program.

    Anyone who seeks theological preparation for church leadership or wishes to enrich his/her personal theological understanding will be well-served by the CIM program. In particular, the CIM may meet requirements for Commissioned Ruling Elders in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), and for leadership in other Christian traditions.


    • Church History (online)
    • Reading the Bible Theologically (online)
    • Worship and Preaching (online with some on campus instruction)
    • Christian Education (online with some on campus instruction)
    • Pastoral Care and Leadership (online)
    • Ministry Foundations in Bible and Theology (online)


    • PC(USA) Polity (online)
    • Comparative Religion (online)
    • Introducing Christian Ethics (online)
    • Effective Church Leadership
    • Evangelism
    • Additional courses are in development


    Spring 2017: March 27 June 2
    Application Deadline is February 10

    CIM.03R Worship and Preaching, taught by Professor Carolyn Helsel
    CIM.06R Ministry Foundations in Bible and Theology, taught by Professor John Alsup

    Fall 2017. Sept 5 Nov 10
    Application Deadline is July 14

    CIM.04R Christian Education, taught by Professor David White
    CIM.09E Introducing Christian Ethics, taught by Professor Asante Todd


    If you are interested in this program, please click on the “Application” link below. You may register for courses as soon as you have been admitted to the program; please allow up to two weeks to process your application.

    Master Data Management (MDM) Hub Architecture #master #data #management #architecture


    James is a big data and data warehousing technology specialist at Microsoft. He is a thought leader in the use and application of Big Data technologies, including MPP solutions involving hybrid technologies of relational data, Hadoop, and private and public cloud. Previously he was an independent consultant working as a Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence architect and developer. He is a prior SQL Server MVP with over 30 years of IT experience. James is a popular blogger ( and speaker, having presented at dozens of PASS events including the PASS Business Analytics conference and the PASS Summit. He is the author of the book “Reporting with Microsoft SQL Server 2012”. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

    The Master Data Management (MDM) hub is a database with the software to manage the master data that is stored in the database and keep it synchronized with the transactional systems that use the master data. There are three basic styles of architecture used for Master Data Management hubs: the registry, the repository, and the hybrid approach.

    Repository (also called Enterprise or Centralized or Transactional) The complete collection of master data for an enterprise is stored in a single database, including all the attributes required by all the applications that use the master data. The applications that consume, create, or maintain master data are all modified to use the master data in the hub, instead of the master data previously maintained in the application database, making the master data hub the system of entry (SOE) as well as the system of record (SOR). So if you have a CRM application, it would be modified to use the customer table in the master data hub instead of its own customer table (either by accessing the data directly in the hub or by the data in the hub being transferred to the source). Some of the benefits:

    • There are no issues with keeping multiple versions of the same customer record in multiple applications synchronized, because all the applications use the same record
    • There is less chance of duplicate records because there is only one set of data, so duplicates are relatively easy to detect

    But there are some issues to consider:

    • It s not always easy or even possible to change your existing applications to use the new master data (i.e. you are using an off-the-shelf product that does not have a feature to use or import data from another source)
    • Coming up with a data model that includes all the necessary data, without it being so large that it s impossible to use (i.e. you have multiple applications that require different address formats)
    • What to do with data elements that are not used by all applications (i.e. a customer added by an order-entry application would likely have significantly fewer attributes than a customer added by the CRM application)
    • It can be extremely expensive and take a long time to implement, because it requires changes to the applications that maintain and consume the master data
    • You will need to transform and load all the current databases into the hub, removing duplicates in the process.
    • You will need to figure out how to handle history since you are changing your databases to use a new key for all you master data so you have to deal with many years of history that was created using different keys for the master data.

    Registry (also called Federated) The opposite of the repository approach, as each source system remains in control of its own data and remains the system of entry, so none of the master data records are stored in the MDM hub. All source system data records are mapped in the master data registry, making the master data registry the system of record (a virtual master data system). Data maps show the relationship between the keys of the different source systems (i.e. one row in a table for each master data entity and columns for the keys of the application systems). For example, if there are records for a particular customer in the CRM, Order Entry, and Customer Service databases, the MDM hub would contain a mapping of the keys for these three records to a common key. Benefit: Because each application maintains its own data, the changes to application code to implement this model are usually minimal, and current application users generally do not need to be aware of the MDM system. Downside: Every query against MDM data is a distributed query across all the entries for the desired data in all the application databases. Plus, adding an application to the MDM hub means adding columns to the key-matching table, which is not a big issue, but it may also mean changing queries to include the new source of information. Finally, while it helps you find duplicates, it does not help you in cleaning them up (i.e. if a person has many records with different phone numbers, there is not a way to determine the one to use)

    Hybrid – Includes features of both the repository and registry models: Leaves the master data records in the application databases and maintains keys in the MDM hub, as the registry model does. But it also replicates the most important attributes for each master entity in the MDM hub, so that a significant number of MDM queries can be satisfied directly from the hub database, and only queries that reference less-common attributes have to reference the application database. Issue: Must deal with synchronization, update conflicts and replication-latency issues.

    There are other variations to the above three basic styles: A Data aggregation implementation that involves the creation of a new system that is neither the system of entry nor the system of record but a downstream system used to aggregate the attributes of multiple systems and pass them to lower level subscribing systems; a System-of-record-only implementation or Hub based implementation where the master data hub is the system of record, but the system of entry remains the sources systems and new records are transferred to the master data hub and any discrepancies in the data defer to the master data hub. Data flow is bidirectional as new records in the master data hub are pushed into the source systems. And optionally new records could be added into the master data hub, making it very similar to the Repository method (with the only difference being the master data hub is not the only system of entry).

    UCLA School of Nursing #master #science #nursing


    Bachelor of Science

    Program Description

    The UCLA School of Nursing Prelicensure program for undergraduate study leading to the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Nursing began in Fall of 2006. The B.S. Prelicensure program is designed to prepare students for a career in nursing. This is a four-year program beginning in the freshman year.

    This program focuses on managing both individuals and population-based cohorts within an acute care hospital or medical center. Conceptually, the curriculum has been developed according to the principles of primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention; moving from a systems, population-based approach, to a cohort-based or unit-based perspective, and culminating with an intense focus on the individual-level of care. Graduates of the program will be well-prepared to deal with the demands of the present day high acuity patient populations and sophisticated technological environments. The program provides an B.S. degree with a major in Nursing and eligibility to take the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) to be licensed as a registered nurse (R.N.) after completion of the program.

    Students successfully completing the B.S. degree also acquire an educational foundation for entry into the master s program that prepares nurses for clinical practice for the hospital or advanced practice nurses for roles as nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and administrators in primary and acute care.

    After completing the B.S. program, graduates are able to:

    • Select, evaluate and apply, in hospital and a variety of other settings, basic and advanced theoretical knowledge of core concepts including advanced leadership and health care systems concepts to the nursing process in order to deliver health care to clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.
    • Analyze health problems at a unit, aggregate (community) and systems level, and develop nursing interventions that balance the health needs at the unit and cohort levels.
    • Demonstrate effective communication and collaboration skills with clients, research participants, other health professionals, colleagues, and policy makers.
    • Evaluate existing nursing and health care systems research, apply findings to advance nursing practice, and participate in the development of new knowledge.
    • Demonstrate leadership and system skills and critical thinking, which contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of nursing and health care.
    • Practice hospital- and community-based nursing based on the principles of ethics and law.
    • Participate in professional and community organizations and/or interest groups relevant to health care delivery and modify nursing standards and practices in keeping with current trends.

    Sample Curriculum Course Sequences:

    Online Masters of Business Administration MBA – Distance Learning – Aberdeen Business School #online #mba, #distance #mba, #distance #learning #mba, #e-mba, #amba, #mba #scholarship, #mba #by #distance #learning, #master #of #business #administration, #distance #mba #programs, #mba #distance #education, #distance #learning #mba #degree, #mba #online #uk, #online #mba #courses


    Master of Business Administration MBA

    Master of Business Administration – Online

    1. Overview

    Aberdeen Business School is recognised both nationally and internationally for its corporate and management education.

    It has been developed to ensure that it meets the highest international standards and is of direct relevance to the real world. This distance learning MBA course is delivered online through the University’s virtual learning environment, Campus Moodle, where you will have access to teaching materials and communicate with lecturers and fellow students.

    2. What you will study

    You will study online through the university virtual learning environment, Campus Moodle. There will be the opportunity for you to interact with tutors and fellow students from around the world.

    Semester 8
    Choose 1 option module from the following group:

    Modules and delivery order may change for operational purposes.

    The University regularly reviews its courses. Course content and structure may change over time. See our course disclaimer for more information.

    3. How you will learn

    Online/Distance Learning
    Our supported distance learning mode of delivery allows you to study online from any location and is designed to fit in around your work commitments. You will be taught and supported by experienced industry professionals who will recreate the same challenging interactive format of the on-campus courses for those studying at a distance.

    Our virtual learning environment, CampusMoodle offers students flexibility of where and when they can study, offering full and open access to tutors and other class members. Students have the benefit of being part of a group of learners with the invaluable opportunity to participate in active, group-related learning within a supportive online community setting. The online campus provides students with lectures and course materials and it also includes:

    • Virtual tutorials
    • Live chat
    • Discussion forums – student and tutor led
    • Up-to-date web technology for delivery methods
    • User friendly material
    • Access to our online library

    As online learners, students are part of a ‘virtual cohort’ and the communication and interaction amongst members of the cohort is a significant aspect of the learning process.

    Details on the distance learning are also available from our Distance Learning Guide .

    During the course of your degree you are required to attend a 10 day leadership week which takes place in the last week of May in your second year.

    You will need to factor in the cost for travel, accommodation and subsistence for these 10 days.

    This event brings together a number of speakers from academia and industry. During the event there will be a mix of academic and practical workshops. Each session will explore a different aspect of leadership and aims to enhance students skills and provide an opportunity to network.

    The event will be hosted in the modern facilities at Aberdeen Business School, Garthdee.

    4. Entry requirements

    • hold a 2:2 undergraduate honours degree or its equivalent
    • have at least 3 years of full-time professional work experience.

    Applicants with a lower degree classification and/or relevant work experience will be considered on a case by case basis.

    English Language

    Applicants whose first language is not English should have an IELTS of 6.5 overall, with no component lower than 5.5, or an equivalent.

    We accept a variety of in-country and secure English language tests, find out more:

    * All entry requirements listed here should be used as a guide and represent the minimum required to be considered for entry. A small number of courses require higher levels, but this will be stated explicitly on your offer letter.

    5. Placements and accreditations

    The course is accredited by Association of MBAs (AMBA). It is regarded as the international authority on the development of business leaders and the guardian of MBA quality standards. It plays a unique role in supporting business schools to develop business leaders and provides a network for MBAs, business schools and employer.

    Robert Gordon University is one of only a handful of institutions worldwide that have been accredited in respect of every form of the MBA.

    6. Student Funding

    Alumni Discount

    Robert Gordon University is delighted to offer a 20% loyalty discount on course fees for all alumni who have graduated from RGU, further information available via the Alumni page.

    7. Course Fees

    Part Time Masters of Business Administration MBA – Aberdeen Business School #mba, #amba, #mba #scholarships, #master #of #business #administration, #mba #uk, #mba #university, #mba #programs, #mba #course, #mba #ranking, #mba #management, #mba #degree, #top #mba, #mba #diploma, #mba #international, #the #mba, #accredited #amba, #mba #europe, #full #time #mba


    Master of Business Administration MBA

    Master of Business Administration

    1. Overview

    Aberdeen Business School is recognised both nationally and internationally for its corporate and management education.

    The MBA has been developed to ensure that it meets the highest international standards and is of direct relevance to the real world. Th part-time MBA course is ideal for you if you would like to continue your education and further your career, but are unable to commit to full time study.

    Our School has had AMBA accreditation since 1999 and is one of only 40 of the UK’s 120 Business Schools that have so far been accredited in all three modes of delivery.

    2. What you will study

    Semester 8
    Choose 1 option module from the following group:

    Modules and delivery order may change for operational purposes.

    The University regularly reviews its courses. Course content and structure may change over time. See our course disclaimer for more information.

    3. How you will learn

    Part-time Study
    Our part-time delivery mode combines aspects of distance learning and on-campus delivery. You will benefit from the support of the virtual learning environment but also face-to-face interaction with tutors and classmates.

    The University’s virtual learning environment, CampusMoodle. gives you access from home/remotely to your learning materials (including videos, e-books and journals).

    During the course of your degree you are required to attend a 10 day leadership week which takes place in the last week of May in your second year.

    You will need to factor in the cost for travel, accommodation and subsistence for these 10 days.

    This event brings together a number of speakers from academia and industry. During the event there will be a mix of academic and practical workshops. Each session will explore a different aspect of leadership and aims to enhance students skills and provide an opportunity to network.

    The event will be hosted in the modern facilities at Aberdeen Business School, Garthdee.

    4. Entry requirements

    • hold a 2:2 undergraduate honours degree or its equivalent
    • have at least 3 years of full-time professional work experience.

    Applicants with a lower degree classification and/or relevant work experience will be considered on a case by case basis.

    English Language

    Applicants whose first language is not English should have an IELTS of 6.5 overall, with no component lower than 5.5, or an equivalent.

    We accept a variety of in-country and secure English language tests, find out more:

    * All entry requirements listed here should be used as a guide and represent the minimum required to be considered for entry. A small number of courses require higher levels, but this will be stated explicitly on your offer letter.

    5. Placements and accreditations

    The course is accredited by Association of MBAs. It is regarded as the international authority on the development of business leaders and the guardian of MBA quality standards. It plays a unique role in supporting business schools to develop business leaders and provides a network for MBAs, business schools and employer.

    Robert Gordon University is one of only a handful of institutions worldwide that have been accredited in respect of every form of the MBA.

    6. Student Funding

    Alumni Discount

    Robert Gordon University is delighted to offer a 20% loyalty discount on course fees for all alumni who have graduated from RGU, further information available via the Alumni page.

    7. Course Fees

    Computer Information Systems, Master’s Degree #information #technology #master #degree #programs


    Computer Information Systems, Master’s Degree

    Related Programs

    Established in 2004, Boston University’s online master’s in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) immerses students in the fast-paced world of technological innovation—preparing them for IT leadership positions in all sectors. Designed for working professionals, the MSCIS ensures that graduates gain superior technical expertise and the ability to compete for managerial positions in a variety of computer science and information systems areas. MSCIS degree concentrations encompass some of the fastest growing and highest paid segments of the IT job market:

    BU students learn from expert faculty who are also industry leaders with hands-on involvement in building networks, developing applications, and fighting cybercrime for the world’s top companies. Online programs at Boston University provide something you won’t get anywhere else: a cutting-edge technical education rooted in BU’s 150-year old tradition of academic excellence.

    Students who complete the master’s degree in Computer Information Systems will be able to demonstrate:

    • Advanced knowledge in the analysis and documentation of requirements for architecture, design, and implementation of computer applications systems.
    • Proficiency in software and computing skills as they pertain to the design and implementation of database systems, data communications, systems analysis, and design.
    • Competence sufficient to identify current and emerging information technologies that may have strategic value for enterprise; assess where those technologies have value; and manage the implementation of those technologies in the enterprise.

    Awards Accreditations

    Certified by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS)

    Accredited by the Project Management Institute Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC)

    Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM)

    Why Choose BU’s Master of Science in Computer Information Systems?

    • In 2017, the MSCIS ranked #4 among the Best Online Graduate Computer Information Technology Programs (U.S. News World Report ).
    • The MSCIS program is certified by the Committee on National Security Systems (CNNS) through the National Security Agency s INFOSEC Education and Training Program.
    • Boston University is recognized by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security as a Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education and Research .
    • Students benefit from a supportive online network, with courses developed and taught by PhD-level full-time faculty and professionals with hands-on expertise in the industry.
    • Small course sections ensure that students get the attention they need, while case studies and real-world projects ensure that they gain in-depth, practical experience with the latest technologies.

    Meet Dr. Suresh Kalathur, one of the faculty members you’ll work with in the Computer Information Systems program.

    Health Informatics Degree Online #health #informatics #degrees #online, #online #master #of #science #health #informatics, #online #masters #degree #health #informatics, #online #courses #health #informatics, #northeastern #university #online, #boston, #ma. #


    Offered by

    The American healthcare system is undergoing dramatic changes and improvements that center around the increasing use of technology. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 put billions of dollars toward the adoption and use of electronic medical records and electronic systems. The ability to capture, analyze, and share data is central to this new development. To lead this transformation, the Northeastern Health Informatics Graduate Program is educating professionals to combine technical understanding, an understanding of business processes, and a familiarity with clinical processes and workflows.

    Experience the Online Learning Format
    To meet this challenge, Northeastern University now offers the Master of Science in Health Informatics in an online format. Designed for working professionals who wish to maintain personal and professional life commitments while earning an advanced degree in this growing field, it offers maximum flexibility in scheduling as well as continuous interaction with faculty and fellow students. The advantages of the online format go beyond mere convenience: it also helps students exchange views, consult with faculty, and work together on an ongoing basis, giving them greater freedom to shape their own learning experience. The program also benefits from Northeastern’s substantial experience in delivering high-quality education online.

    Program Expertise
    Expanded from the successful on-campus version of the program, the online Master of Science in Health Informatics addresses the critical shortage in health informatics professionals in New England and the nation. The interdisciplinary program brings together the expertise of Northeastern’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences and the College of Computer and Information Science to educate future leaders in Health Informatics. Our students come together from backgrounds in healthcare or technology to exchange ideas and learn from faculty and each other. Program faculty are all senior leaders in the field who bring both academic rigor and real-world learning to the classroom.

    “This program has excellent faculty with advanced healthcare information technology industry knowledge and is associated with reputed healthcare organizations. There is a huge growth opportunity in this industry. Shortage of HIT professionals is one of the most important driver to secure your future with this program.”

    Rakesh K. Class of ‘11

    Request Information

    Art Therapist Education Requirements and Career Information #master #degree #in #art #education, #art #therapist


    Art Therapist Education Requirements and Career Information

    Art Therapist Job Responsibilities

    Art therapists lead their clients through a variety of art activities in order to improve clients’ self-esteem, physical health and mental well-being. They believe that creating art can help people cope with problems that contribute to emotional, mental and physical issues. According to the Health Professions Network, art therapists employ a combination of studio art, psychotherapy and counseling to guide their clients toward a healthier outlook on life ( ). Clients sculpt, sketch, paint and create other unique works of art during their sessions with a licensed art therapist.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Art Therapist
    • Dance Therapist
    • Kinesiotherapist
    • Music Therapist
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physical Therapy
    • Prosthetics and Orthotics
    • Rehabilitation Technologies
    • Therapeutic Recreation
    • Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

    Education Requirements

    People who wish to enter the art therapy field must first hold a bachelor’s degree. They then apply to a master’s degree program in art therapy. According to the American Art Therapy Association, prospective art therapy graduate students must submit a portfolio of their artwork in order to be admitted to an art therapy degree program ( ). They must also possess 18 semester hours of art studio courses and 12 semester hours of psychology courses. Art therapy degree programs typically last about two years.

    Students enrolled in a graduate program for art therapists take classes related to psychotherapy, psychology, human development, ethics, patient assessment and other subjects related to the art therapy field. Graduates of a program typically earn a master’s degree in art therapy. They may also earn a master’s degree in counseling with a concentration in art therapy. Some art therapists return to school to earn a Ph.D. in art therapy.

    Certification Requirements

    Art therapists are required to be certified by the Art Therapy Credentials Board (ATCB). After earning a master’s degree and fulfilling post-graduate art therapy experience requirements, new therapists are eligible to earn a credential to become a registered art therapist (ATR). Registered art therapists must successfully pass a written exam administered by the ATCB to become board certified (ATR – BC), which is a more advanced credential ( ).

    Work Environment

    Art therapists work in schools, nursing homes, prisons, hospitals, recreation facilities, mental health hospitals and nonprofit agencies. They often work with other medical professionals to create a treatment plan for patients who may benefit from art therapy in addition to more traditional remedies.

    An art therapist must have a master’s in art therapy and certification in order to practice in this field. An art therapy program combines psychology with art studio classes to prepare the prospective art therapist for their career. Creative, counseling and communication skills are important for this job.

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    Nationally Ranked MPA – Rockefeller College of Public Affairs – Policy – A National Leader in Public Affairs Education – University at Albany #nationally #ranked #mpa, #m.p.a., #master #of #public #administration, #phd, #homeland #security, #non-profit #management, #local #government #management, #public #finance, #financial #market #regulation,health #policy, #it/e-government


    rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/1.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/2.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/3.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/4.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/5.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/6.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/7.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/8.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/9.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/10.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/11.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/12.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/13.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/14.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/15.jpg;

    Department of Public Administration Policy

    The Department of Public Administration and Policy provides graduate and undergraduate students the skills and insights necessary to participate in the management of public and nonprofit organizations and the creation of public policy. Our curriculum offers more than 30 areas of specialization, including IT/e-government, homeland security, financial market regulation, non-profit management, local government management, public finance, and health policy. The diversity of our offerings reflects the diversity of our faculty: 24 experts drawn from seven fields, plus a set of master practitioners who bring their wealth of experience to the classroom.

    Graduate School of Professional Psychology #master #of #arts #in #forensic #psychology


    Accepting Clients:

    The Sturm Center is a mental health clinic for veterans, service members, and their families.

    Let us help you COPE:

    GSPP faculty members provide expert commentary to the media, with recent quotes on competency to stand trial, couples therapy, and jail-based brain injury treatment.

    GSPP offers a fully online Master of Arts in Sport Coaching.

    The Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) emphasizes the continuous integration of practice, theory, and research, utilizing psychology to advance the common good.

    The Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) emphasizes the continuous integration of practice, theory, and research, utilizing psychology to advance the common good.

    The Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) emphasizes the continuous integration of practice, theory, and research, utilizing psychology to advance the common good.

    The Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) emphasizes the continuous integration of practice, theory, and research, utilizing psychology to advance the common good.

    The Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP) emphasizes the continuous integration of practice, theory, and research, utilizing psychology to advance the common good.

    DU Graduate School of Professional Psychology

    Master Certified Coach Short Course #behavioral #change #coaching, #master #certified #coach, #coach #training, #coach, #coaching, #change #tools, #behavior, #behavioral, #coaching, #executive #coaching, #coaching #course, #behavioral #coaching, #behavioral #change #models, #behavioral #change #training. #dr #perry #zeus, #certification, #behavior #change #coach, #master #coach #course, #accredited, #coaching #certification, #master #coach, #short #course.


    For the last twenty years, the Institute has indisputably been a leader in the development of the coaching profession .

    As the world�s most recognized brand in behavioral change coach training their graduates receive instant kudos and respect. BCI develop proprietary behavioral change models and coaching tools (not source it) and they advise many of the companies who are world leaders in the application of the coaching model of learning and change. AND, that means their curriculum is always far more advanced, up-to-date and practice oriented than any other.
    ICAA -Centre for International Education, Annual Report, 2016

    Pioneers of the Coaching field .
    Dr Perry Zeus (BCI’s Founder and current Chairman) is cited as one of the primary originators and influencers in the development of the coaching discipline in the first academic text book written on the History of Coaching.
    – ‘Grounded Theory of the Roots and Emergence of Coaching’ by Dr. V Brock 2009. International
    University of Professional Studies.

    As cited in
    Brain science research has significant implications for coaching. When professionals look at coaching from an investment perspective, they want scientifically proven methodology such as behavior based coaching provided by the Behavioral Coaching Institute .

    Invitational Master Certified Coach Course
    -with specialist Distance Learning Programs
    -Accelerated Credentialing Program for qualified, busy, professional people developers
    – No ADD-ON coach training hours, mentor coaching
    or coaching log required.

    – Learn via our exclusive Fast-Tracked course how to use the latest coaching methodology to help people fulfil their potential and live a more satisfying, happier, healthier life Read more

    – E-Learning, Blended Learning, Videoconference or Campus Format.

    – Full Certification gained upon course completion. No ‘extras’!

    No assessment, post-course supervision or additional

    training hours is required as this is an invitational Program for professionals. ( via submission of Course Application Form )

    -F or busy at work professionals. from HR, Executive Development and a wide range of other specialist fields who require the latest scientifically proven coaching tools and best practices that generate sustainable, measurable behavior change

    Dr. Suzanne Skiffington (BCI Founding Partner)
    Let him who would move the world first move himself.

    Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
    Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council

    ________________________ ICC Founding Board Member __________________________

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