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Sheet Metal Hand Brake Machines by Chicago Dreis Krump

Our metal benders are available in standard straight bending or Box Pan brake style, floor mounted or benchtop and even push button control with hydraulic power. A sheet metal hand brake normally bends sheet metal by using a hinged clamping bar to hold the metal down against the bed. A hinged bending “leaf” is lifted to fold the metal around the fulcrum point of the clamping bar to the desired angle which is controlled using a stop rod.
A box and pan brake machine is needed to avoid having the metal hit against the clamping bar when the 3rd and 4th sides are being bent. This is done by removing a “finger” from the clamping bar at each end of the box since the clamping bar is divided up into many sub-assemblies called “fingers”.

Chicago Dreis Krump offers more machine options: Extension Fingers are used to form inside corners with a return flange across the top. See pictures above and down below. Open End Fingers are used to form tubes of triangular, square, rectangular, or tapered shape. See picture below. Radius Nose Bars are available for bending your metal around a radius, which is useful for bending aircraft aluminum. See picture below. An insert bar is used to form offset (“zig-zag”) bends close together. Radius formers are attachments used for hand forming of thin sheet metal shapes such as gutters, architectural mouldings and prototype modeling.

Don’t settle for a poorly engineered machine. Since the Chicago Dreis & Krump Company pioneered the standard sheet metal bending Hand Brake in the year 1899, lots of people have copied their designs, but none have been able to surpass their quality, engineering, dependability, or options, then or now. Available options include a handwheel back gauge, extra small insert bar, radius formers, open end fingers, extension fingers, radius nose bars, and even push button hydraulic powered metal bending.
For even more info, click for our instructions How to use a Sheet Metal Brake .
If you need parts for your old Chicago Dreis & Krump machine; CLICK HERE to see a parts list.
If you dont want use the strength of your back and arms to manually bend metal on a Hand Brake machine, we offer a push button electric-hydraulic power leaf brake machine to do the same work.
Also see the new innovative magnetic powered hand brake down below.

Below is a conversion chart that converts sheet metal gauge numbers into metal thickness.


Chicago Dreis & Krump heavy duty machinery construction. Designed for accurate and economical bending of standard and special design forms. Ideal for bending mild steel with a 1 inch minimum flange to the rated capacity of the machine. Capable of 1/4 inch reverse bends on lighter metal. Even usuable for occassional hemming.

Options most hand brakes can’t offer:
� Handwheel Back Gauge – 25 inch travel to measure and square up your metal (see below)
� Insert Bar – 1/4 inch (for closer offset bends)
� Radius Formers – for forming gutters, mouldings, prototypes, etc, from thin sheet metal.

NOTE: Mild Steel = 55,000 psi tensile strength and Stainless Steel = 90,000 psi tensile strength

Incorporates all of the outstanding features of the standard hand brake plus removable, sectioned fingers that can bend any length of metal from 3 inches long to the full length of the machine. Boxes and pans can be up to 6 inches deep. A very versatile well built Chicago Dreis & Krump machine.

Options most hand brakes can’t offer:
� Handwheel Back Gauge with 25″ travel to measure and square up your metal (see below)
� Extension Fingers (to form rigid inside corners with a return flange across the top)
� Open End Fingers (to form tubes of triangular, square, rectangular, or tapered shape)
� Radius Nose Bars up to 1.5″ (great for aluminum aircraft work)
� Insert Bar – 1/4 inch (for closer offset bends)
� Radius Formers – for forming gutters, mouldings, prototypes, from thin sheet metal.

Add an optional Chicago Dreis & Krump Back Gauge:

Who says a hand brake can’t have sophistication?
Tired of always using a tape measure to mark lines that must be lined up with the nose bar? This back gauge has a 25 inch travel with a inch/cm scale so it is a must for those who want a labor saving, time saving, accuracy improving hand cranked back gauge to speed up production and improve quality. It measures where your metal bend will be and it squares up your metal to the machine.


Tabletop Standard Sheet Metal Brake:

The full featured machines are constructed with hefty steel weldments using brass hinge pins for smooth operation and trouble free forming. Clamp handles include plastic covers for positive grip. Their easy operation, precision performance, portability and cost make them perfect for light duty table top use, on-site work, sheet metal shops, industry and vocational schools.
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Magnetic Box Pan Sheet Metal Hand Brake

A magnet holds your metal during bending!
Maximum Length: Choose from 48 long or 96 long
Maximum thickness: 16 gauge steel or 20 gauge stainless.
Electric Power: 220 volts, 1 phase.
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A strong 6 ton magnet in the bed is activated by foot pedal or push button control to hold down a mild steel clamping bar of almost any configuration across the bed width or bed length. The sheet metal is pinned between the magnetic mild steel clamping bar. The bottom bending leaf is lifted to make the bend. The steel clamping bar can be made of straight bars (of various widths for tight boxes) for straight bends or segmented clamping bars for box and pan applications of any other configuration such as totally enclosed boxes, triangles, alternate bends on varying planes, round items such as scrolling applications, and much more. Great for bending mild steel sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, coated materials, and heated plastics. The bottom leaf�s bending extension can be removed for the tightest bends. The scaled stroke angle control can be set for repeat bends. Parts supports and adjustable back gauge for production runs, easy to use gap adjustments on the clamping bars for different sheet metal thicknesses.

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Diamond Pattern Forming Machine GMC DFM-20

This machine forms Diamond Plate Pattern on stainless steel for truck doors, catering trucks, kitchen, etc.
Features: Capacity 50″ x 20 gauge Stainless Steel.
Motor: 2 HP, 110 Volts. Variable Speed.
Infeed table with side gauge.
Machine weight: 1650 Lbs
Dimensions: 63″ x 53″ x 43 inches
Made in Taiwan

Hand Operated Sheet Metal Notcher

To notch out the corners for making box or pan shapes using pull down lever
Maximum Force: 4 Tons
Max Notching size: 6″ x 6″
Metal Capacity: 16 gauge (.06″) [1.6mm]
Stroke: 3/4″

$ 695. Call 773-334-5000 to order this machine.
Weight: 220 pounds. Optional Stand: $195.

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Installing Windows Server 2016 on Bare Metal Step-By-Step – ITProGuru Blog #bare #metal #virtual #machine


Installing Windows Server 2016 on Bare Metal Step-By-Step

Insert Windows Server 2016 DVD and boot your computer from the DVD. If you do not have the media, you will need to download. See for the Technical Preview. You could also download from MSDN.MICROSOFT.COM or other subscription service. You may also opt to create a bootable USB drive to use as an ISO. You can get step by step instructions from


Image / FYI Information

Description / Step breakdown

  1. Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5

Insert Windows Server 2016 DVD and boot your computer from the DVD. Boot to the DVD/USB ISO (you may have to go into bios or interrupt boot to boot from external media).
Click the Next Button

Click the Install now Button

Optionally, enter your product key then Next or click I don t have a product key

  • Accept Terms of Use

    READ the license terms. Click on I accept the license terms then Click the Next button.

    The Evaluation DVD may have more options than TechNet/MSDN DVD. Make sure you choose “Windows Server 2016 Standard/or/Datacenter (Desktop Experience).
    NOTE: DEFAULTS TO “Server core Installation” (no Desktop Experience)Click the Next Button

    The Evaluation DVD may have more options than TechNet/MSDN DVD.
    Make sure you choose Windows Server 2016 Standard/or/Datacenter (Desktop Experience)NOTE: DEFAULTS TO Server core Installation (no Desktop Experience)Click the Next Button

  • Where? Delete Existing Partitions

    ** NOTICE ** the following steps WILL wipe out all data on your drive. These instructions are for a bare metal install. If you do not want to wipe your drive, cancel the install and follow instructions at:

    You should remove any secondary or external drives to prevent accedental deletion of data.
    Click each of the listed Drive 0 drives then click the delete button. Im prompted that this partition might contain important files or applications from your computer manufacturer. if you delete this partition, any data stored on it will be lost If you are sure you want to wipe this drive, click OK.

  • Where? New Partition, do the install

    Click Drive 0 Unallocated Space then click Next

    Give it some time to finish
    The system will automatically reboot when finished. If you walk away, you may have to remove the USB or DVD and reboot so it boots to the hard drive instead of the installation media.

  • Set Administrator Password

    Enter a password for the administrator account into the password adn Reenter password fields then click Finish

    Press [CTRL-ALT-DEL] to bring up the login screen

    type in your password and press [ENTER] to loginif you are on a wired network, you will be asked Do you want to allow your PC to be discoverable by other PCs and devices on this network? If you are on a priviate network you should select Yes.

    Notice server manager is automatically opened for you.

    In the video we also cover creating a new administrator user

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  • Hip Replacement #hip #replacement #failure #rate, #metal #on #metal #hip #joint, #metal #on #metal #hip #replacement, #metal #on #metal #joint, #metal #on #metal #joint #replacement #surgery, #metal #on #metal #joint #replacement, #metal #on #metal #hip #implants, #metal #on #metal #implants, #


    Metal Hips Fail Faster, Raise Other Health Concerns

    For many people with severe hip arthritis, total joint replacement brings pain relief and improved mobility for the life of the implant typically 15 years or more. But a new study shows that some metal-on-metal implants are likely to fail much sooner, especially in women. The study adds to a growing list of problems linked to metal-on-metal implants, including bone and tissue destruction and high levels of metal ions in the blood.

    For the study, published online in 2012 in The Lancet, researchers used data from the National Joint Registry of England and Wales the world s largest joint replacement registry to track more than 400,000 patients who underwent primary hip replacement from 2003 to 2011. Of these, 31,171 received metal-on-metal implants hips with a ball and cup made of a cobalt and chromium alloy.

    Compared with implants made of other materials, all-metal joints had a substantially higher overall failure rate. After five years, 6.2 percent of metal-on-metal hips had failed, whereas only 3.2 percent of ceramic hips and 1.7 percent of metal-on-plastic implants had. Failure rates were highest for younger women and for implants with larger heads 36 millimeters or more in both men and women. The head is the ball of the device that fits into the hip socket.

    Joel Buchalter, MD, a clinical assistant professor of orthopaedic surgery at New York University Medical Center, explains that manufacturers developed metal-on-metal implants with larger heads to prevent the problems that lead to early failure.

    Hip replacements can fail for several reasons, but the most common is loosening, in which components detach from the bone. Friction from normal wear produces debris that causes inflammation in the tissues around the joint. Over time, bone erodes and the implant loosens, leading to pain and decreased function. Implants can also dislocate meaning the metal ball slips out of the socket often within the first few weeks after hip replacement. Failed hips must be removed and replaced in a complex revision surgery. This operation is often less successful than the original hip replacement because bone loss makes the new implant harder to anchor.

    Dr. Buchalter says the metal-on-metal devices were targeted at active younger adults who needed a hip that lasted decades. In mechanical models, metal-on-metal implants with large-diameter heads showed extremely low wear and better lubrication, so they seemed an excellent solution, he says.

    The Lancet study authors thought so, too, until they looked at the data.

    We were surprised by the results, as studies suggest that larger heads should have lower wear and a lower risk of dislocation. However, we have seen an increase in revisions for pain and loosening, particularly in women, says Alison Smith, a study author and statistician at the University of Bristol in the U.K.

    Depending on patient age and implant head size, the revision rate for all-metal hips is three to four times higher in women and two to three times higher in men compared with other implants.

    Ashley Blom, MD, a study author and professor of orthopaedic surgery at the University of Bristol, suggests that hip anatomy or the presence of osteoporosis (which is more common in women) might account for the greater number of problems in women. He adds that several small studies show women also are more sensitive to the metal ions shed by the implants.

    Why all-metal hips fail more often still isn t entirely clear, and the British researchers conclude that more research is needed. We do not fully understand the mechanism of failure of these hips, they say. We need more studies to shed some light on this.

    In 2010, device maker DePuy recalled its articular surface replacement hips, or ASR hips, after they failed in about 12 percent of patients who received them. The recalled ASR devices were excluded from the current study.

    Metal-on-metal implants have raised other concerns in addition to early failure rates, including potential harm from cobalt and chromium ions released into the bloodstream when metal parts rub together. In February, the journal BMJ published results of a comprehensive investigation of metal implants. Among other findings, investigators concluded that systemic metal ions can cause cardiovascular problems and may damage DNA.

    However, Art Sedrakyan, MD, an associate professor at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, points out that no good studies of the short- and long-term effects of ions exist. We don t know what the consequences of even moderately elevated ion levels might be over time, and there is no clear evidence that they lead to cancer or cardiomyopathy or other complications. We just don t know, he says.

    Dr. Sedrakyan, an authority on comparative effectiveness research, adds that in May 2011, the FDA ordered 21 makers of metal-on-metal hip implants to provide safety studies, including information on metal ion levels. Once that data is available and independent experts can analyze it, we can make better decisions, he says.

    David Lewallen, MD, an orthopaedic surgeon at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. and board chairman of the newly launched American Joint Replacement Registry (a national center for data collection and research on total hip and knee replacements), says it s also important to put current findings in context.

    Hip replacement is one of the most successful surgeries in the history of medicine, and the improvements it makes in the lives of patients are dramatic, he says. The majority of people, including those with all-metal hips, do extremely well, he adds.

    Still, many physicians and leading orthopaedic institutions, such as Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and the Mayo Clinic, have halted or scaled back use of all-metal implants.

    But what about the 500,000 Americans who already have metal hips? Unlike Britain, no formal guidelines or protocols exist in the United States for dealing with metal-on-metal implants, so doctors are developing their own.

    Dr. Lewallen urges all hip replacement patients to see their doctors at regular intervals, even if they have no symptoms. And he recommends surveillance of metal ion levels for patients with metal-on-metal implants, especially if they have kidney disease or other health problems. Ultimately, he says, care should be individualized to the needs of each patient.

    Nicolas Noiseux, MD, an assistant professor of orthopaedics at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, also endorses a patient-specific approach.

    I see patients who have large-head metal implants once a year, and at the slightest complaint, I suggest testing for blood cobalt and chromium. If the numbers are seven parts per billion or above, I follow patients more closely than a yearly interval and may recommend further imaging, such as an MRI, to assess fluid accumulation around the joint. And certainly in that case, or in the face of metal ions above seven parts per billion, some patients have elected to have [the implant removed], he explains.

    Dr. Buchalter endorses a similar program for patients with metal hips, but believes annual monitoring for the life of the implant now required in Britain is essential. He says regular blood tests and MRIs can alert doctors and patients to impending implant failure.

    Dr. Sedrakyan agrees that all options should be discussed in order to decide the best course for each patient. But, he says, as more information accumulates, we will be able to frame these recommendations based on better evidence.

    As for the future, Dr. Lewallen says metal hips may even have a silver lining. Patients are now aware that being seen regularly is crucial, and that awareness may help prevent more serious problems, he says.

    He adds that concerns about metal implants have helped increase interest in an American Joint Replacement Registry. Until recently, the United States lacked a large, nationwide registry to track long-term outcomes of joint replacments. Dr. Lewallen says that by uncovering problems sooner, registry data should improve patient safety and overall quality of care.

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    Custom Electronic Enclosures for Engineers and Designers #custom #electronic #enclosures, #electronic #enclosures, #custom #rackmount #enclosures,rackmount #chassis, #rackmount #enclosure, #prototype #enclosures, #metal #enclosures,electronic #enclosure #design, #online #enclosure #cad, #protocase #designer, #electronic #enclosures



    Protocase’s innovative business model allows you to buy custom electronic enclosures with a whole new level of speed and convenience.

    Start with your CAD Drawing

    Starting from a CAD drawing is the quickest and easiest way for experienced CAD users to specify custom enclosures.

    Learn more.

    Start with your
    CAD Drawing

    Protocase Designer free enclosure cad

    Our free downloadable 3D enclosure CAD software is the fastest way to design enclosures, and features instant online quoting and ordering. No prior experience is required.

    Learn more.

    Protocase Designer
    free enclosure CAD

    Start with a free CAD template

    Our free CAD template generator will create a blank enclosure design for you, so all you have to do is add your cutouts, fasteners accessories.

    Learn more.

    Start with a
    free CAD template

    Let us design for you

    Too busy or don’t have the CAD software? Take advantage of our CAD design services. We can start from a rough sketch, a description or just components.

    Learn more.

    Let us design
    for you


    Here’s why we’re the supplier of choice for over 12,000 engineers who work for organizations that range from one-person firms to the largest and most prestigious companies, universities and research institutes.

    We supply fully finished enclosures in your choice of steel, aluminum, stainless, or galvanneal, including cutouts, powder coat, silkscreen, fasteners, and hardware, all in one easy stop, to save you time.

    We offer unheard-of manufacturing speed. This lets you complete your electronics before you finalize your enclosure design, greatly reducing painful and time-consuming rework.

    We’re here to help our customers get their jobs done, so we’ll give your order the same priority and respect, whether it’s a single enclosure for a one-off project, or a production run of thousands.

    Protocase’s sales and technical staff are here to serve you and help you make your project a success. We encourage our customers to communicate directly with our expert designers, and if you’re either too busy or lack the resources, we can even design your enclosure for you.

    Advanced Design Tools

    Protocase has developed advanced tools that make it faster and easier to design enclosures.
    Protocase Designer free 3-D CAD is the fastest and easiest way to design custom rackmounts, U-shapes, L-shapes, and front panels, and offers real time price quotations and online ordering.

    CNC Machining


    CNC Machining
    for Scientists, Engineers Innovators

    Metal Roofing Color Charts #v #crimp #metal #roofing



    We also offer case studies that demonstrate how our products have been used to create outstanding results at job sites of all kinds. We offer case studies because we’ve found that reading about someone else’s challenges (and the ultimate solutions for those challenges) can be a powerful idea generator for your next project. Take a look at the specific information you need, available in the downloads above, and we encourage you to take a look at the case studies as well.

    At McElroy Metal, we’ve been providing high-quality metal components since 1963, when our founder first began working out of our original site. Today, in addition to our Bossier City headquarters, we offer 12 manufacturing and several service centers nationwide. This national footprint means we can better respond to your real-time needs, providing valuable access to a wide range of metal components that are essential to your project’s success.

    While we’ve grown a great deal since we first went into business in the 1960s, we remain a values-oriented, customer-focused business that still feels like a local metal shop. We haven’t lost our ability to get to know our customers and anticipate their needs. When you choose McElroy Metal for your company’s metal needs, you get the quality, durable, attractive components you need, as well as industry-leading customer service that seeks to be a boost to your work.

    Our selection of products includes: specialty roofing panels, sub-structural products, curving systems, onsite rollforming, exposed fastener panels, standing seam systems, retrofit systems, canopy panels, concealed fastener wall panels, soffit panels, slit coil and flat sheet, insulated metal panels and much more. And you can always find a McElroy Metal service or manufacturing center in your region, strategically located to be available to customers nationwide. We’re where you need us to be, offering the products you need to excel in your work.

    Take a look at the downloads above as you seek out more in-depth information. Also, keep in mind that computers can sometimes open a file that’s stored in cache. When opening a file that you’ve already opened once, it may be necessary to refresh the page before opening again for the latest information.

    Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can always reach out to us directly for more information. Our customer service representatives are available to answer questions or provide expert guidance as you consider your metal product options. You’re never alone when trying to secure the perfect metal components for your next project.

    Browse our downloads above, or reach out to McElroy Metal today.

    JavaScript is currently disabled. Please enable it for a better experience of Jumi.

    Cornell Roofing Co #roofing, #flat #roof #repair, #roofing #contractors, #metal #roofing #contractors, #roofing #contractors #ca


    Where Quality Counts

    Need a new roof? Need roofing repairs? Need new gutters? Is your roof leaking?
    You have come to the right place.

    Cornell Roofing Co. Inc. specializes in installation of top quality roofing systems and roof repairs, as well as installation of new gutters. We’ll take a look at your leaking roof and give you an honest assessment of what needs to be done to fix the problem.

    Cornell Roofing Co. Inc. is different from other roofers in the Concord area because we have the right people in the right positions. It is our mission to make a positive impact on the customers we serve.

    Cornell Roofing Co. Inc.

    P.O. Box 21372
    Concord, CA 94521

    Bill Maderos, General Manager
    Cell Phone: 925-250-0971

    Corie Oakes, Office Manager
    Cell Phone: 925-250-0997

    Business Hours:
    Monday – Friday
    7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

    • 1. We answer our own phones.
    • 2. Full-time, available office staff.
    • 3. Long-term track record.
    • 4. No money down.
    • 5. Personal and trade references available.
    • 6. We have completed thousands of roofing and gutter contracts.
    • 7. We show up on time, and don’t leave until you are satisfied.
    • 8. We provide you peace of mind through an impeccable BBB record.
    • 9. Meticulous supervision, insuring you the highest quality of work.
    • 10. 24-Hour “emergency” service.
    • 11. Approximately 75% of our business comes from referrals.
    • 12. We offer free estimates .

    YP LLC. All rights reserved. YP, the YP logo and all other YP marks contained herein are trademarks of YP LLC and/or YP affiliated companies. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Privacy Policy

    Corrugated metal culvert, culvert metal pipe manufacturers China #corrugated #metal #culvert,corrugated #metal #pipe,corrugated #metal #pipe #culvert, #structure #plate #corrugated #pipe #culvert #and #highway #corrugated #steel #pipe #culverts


    Corrugated metal arch, span 8 meters, applied to SongTong ex.

  • Diameter 6 meters corrugated metal culvert pipe with bitumen.

  • Corrugated steel pipe in BiWei expressway, diameter 3 meters

  • Structre plate diameter 6 meters, culvert length 130 meters.

  • Corrugated metal pipe diameter 3 meters in double Guang expr.

  • Corrugated metal structure plate arch apply to magazine

  • Diameter 4meter corrugated steel pipe in PanZhiHua

  • Corrugated steel culvert GuangYue avenue in SiChuan province

    Address: Hegang Road, Wuyi Circle Economic Zong, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China

    Tel: +86 318 5876 998

    Fax: +86 318 5876 111

  • SMACNA 2016 Annual Convention #sheet #metal #and #air #conditioning #contractors # #national #association,sheet #metal #and #air #conditioning #contractors # #national #association #(smacna),sheet #metal #and #air #conditioning #contractors # #national #association #(smacna) #event


    Refine your results by

    SMACNA 2016 Annual Convention

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    Paris Climate Agreement


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