How to Enable Ping on Windows Server 2012 R2 Firewall #server #ping


How to Enable Ping on Windows Server 2012 R2 Firewall

If you wish your Windows 2012 R2 server to respond ping commands but not by disabling the complete firewall service, here is the simple guide about how to enable ping on Windows server 2012 R2 firewall.

It is always an good idea to enable ping response in Windows 2012 R2 servers, so it will be easy to monitor and manage the network and IPs. We have already published a guide to ping the all IP addresses on same network to manage the IPs. Also you can find more articles about enabling ping in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 7 .

Here is the running Windows 2012 R2 server used for following demonstration.

Simple Way to Enable Ping on Windows Server 2012 R2

The below method is applicable for Windows 2012 server also.

1) Go to control panel from Windows charm bar or search for ‘control’. Open ‘Windows Firewall’.

3) We need to create a firewall rule to allow ICMP echo packets which used in ping command. Luckily the rule is already there in Windows 2012 server and it just needs to be enabled.

To enable inbound rule of allowing ICMP packets, select ‘Inbound Rules’. Find out and right click on ‘File and Printer Sharing (Echo Request –ICMPv4-In’), select Enable Rule .

That will allow incoming ping requests in Windows 2012 R2 server and respond to them without completely disabling firewall service.

Below screen shot shows how the Windows 2012 R2 server started responding ping request when the above rule was enabled.

This would be a simple and easy guide to follow.

Voip monitor, voip monitor.#Voip #monitor


voip monitor

Voip monitor

Voip monitor

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  • Using Resource Monitor to Troubleshoot Windows Performance Issues Part 1 #windows #server


    Using Resource Monitor to Troubleshoot Windows Performance Issues Part 1

    Hello AskPerf! Leonard with the Performance Team here to discuss the Resource Monitor tool and we can use it to troubleshoot Windows Performance issues. In this blog, (the first of 2 on the subject of underutilized tools) I will discuss Resource Monitor which is available on both client and server versions of Windows starting with Windows Vista. Resource Monitor can be launched from the advanced tools tab in “Performance Information and Tools”, which is located in Control Panel. It can also be launched directly by running Resmon.exe .

    Resource Monitor is a method of viewing Perfmon data. In fact, Resource Monitor is composed of Perfmon data combined with Windows Event Tracing data. You can view this tracing session by launching Perfmon, expanding Data Collector Sets, then select Event Tracing Sessions. There you will see a session called WDC.GUID (the GUID will vary). You can confirm this provides the data for Resource Monitor by observing that this trace is only running when Resource Monitor is running. Also, when it is running, you can view the channels that provide the data. Launching Resource Monitor will also launch a background process of Perfmon to act as a data source.

    Resmon will show the window below on first launch. Each new launch will show the view as configured when Resmon was closed.

    There are 5 tabs to choose from. The overview tab gives a summary of the other ones. The main tabs are CPU, Memory, Disk and Networking. In each of the tabs the windows on the left can be collapsed, expanded and resized. It is also possible to filter each view by the process, for example you are only interested in seeing the activity for Explorer, check the box for that process and the bottom window will only show the activity for that process. With no processes selected, the bottom windows will show activity for all active processes. The graphs on the right can be resized between small, medium and large, but I would recommend keeping them at the default large setting. The numeric scale for the graphs will change as activity changes.

    My Favorite features

    The memory tab has one unique graph that provides a quick view of what physical memory is being used for.

    It is easy to see the total physical memory and what it is being actively used along with showing what is hardware reserved. Hardware Reserved represents physical memory addresses that have been reserved by hardware (generally busses like PCI or video cards) and is not available for Windows to use. It is usually small on x64 systems (except servers that do memory mirroring) but can be several 100MB up to 1GB on x32 systems. This means a 4GB x86 system can have only 3 GB of accessible memory.

    The network tab is useful in that it not only shows the process that is generating activity, but the IP address it is connected to.

    I recently had an issue where the system process was showing high CPU activity on a Windows 2008 Server. Two of the things that run in system are the SMB and SMB2 processes. I suspected that the high CPU was due to network activity and was a load based problem and not a problem with a process. To confirm that was the cause, I used Process Explorer to determine the threads that were running in the system process. I confirmed that there were 15+ SMB and SMB2 threads that were always the highest consumer of CPU. I then ran Resmon and looked at all of the IP addresses that were associated with system. We identified a management server that was receiving a lot of data. Based on that information, we were able to narrow down the problem to the request coming from that server. While the problem could have been identified using different tools, Resmon provided the most efficient way to identify the problem.

    I hope this overview of Resource Monitor will make it one of the tools you use the next time you need to look at performance data or activity on the system.

    1. I opened Resmon.exe from command windows with elevated access.
    2. Clicked on Monitor in Menu, and clicked on Start monitoring.
    And I get below error

    [Window Title]
    Performance Monitor
    [Main Instruction]
    When attempting to start Resource Monitor, the following system error occurred:
    Access is denied.

    Top 5 Bandwidth Monitor Software For Windows 7, 8 #top, #best, #bandwidth


    Know Your Network Bandwidth With Top Bandwith Monitoring Software

    Download 5 Best Bandwidth Monitor Software for Windows 7, 8.1

    Du meter is a network bandwidth monitor that displays real-time graphs. creates reports and alerts depending on uploads and downloads made on your computer to make your computer more efficient.
    Key Features: Security update, fixing of rare memory leakage, enhancement of automatic error reporting and recovery, improvement on install and uninstall and as well as fixation of various additional minor bugs and typos.

    Networx is a powerful and free tool that assists you to evaluate the condition of your bandwidth and makes sure you don’t go beyond your bandwidth limits which have been specified by your ISP.
    Key Features: Networx includes highly customizable visual, sound alerts on different events including bandwidth quotas, network downtime as well as activity of the suspicious network, graphical representation of the traffic and logged files.

    Bandwidth Monitor software offers real-time network traffic of any SNMP gadget and gives the details of the bandwidth usage at both interface and device levels. The SNMP is used to generate the details of bandwidth utilization of the interface network.
    Key Features: Bandwidth Monitor software are the trends of historical bandwidth usage, alert based on threshold, exporting the reports of bandwidth to the format of XLS, monitoring bandwidth, speed, volume used and the packets transferred and agent-less bandwidth monitoring.

    This is one of the ultimate applications used to optimize and prioritize the connections of your internet so as to maximize your subscription. It offers new management system for every internet connection established by your computer without minding the state of uploading or downloading.
    Key Features: Traffic shaping which adds RWIN expansion to the standard of the Windows RCP Auto-Tuning. Another one is prioritization that automatically sets particular applications like Web browsers, VoIP or games to higher priority when compared to ordinary or file sharing download and the operations of uploading. The third one is interface chart display.

    This is one of the applications that assist users to test their internet speed giving them one of the friendly interfaces. It comprises of clean and well arranged interface with few options of configuration to make things much easier. The test performed by this software is pretty fast. It entails test which is the only tab that allows users to adjust settings.
    Key Features: Statistics helps to display the results of the test coupled with the information such as country, IP address, city, state, proxy, ping, average download and upload speed.

    Network Administrators need this softwares for windows 7. 8.1 because it is the best tool when ISP gives limited quota for uploading and downloading. The Bandwidth Monitor Software not only monitors the Internet usage and bandwidth but also checks the speed and detect any activity of the suspicious network.

    The Net Uptime Monitor Story – Net Uptime Monitor #monitor #uptime


    The Net Uptime Monitor Story

    Are you frustrated by your unreliable internet connection? We know your pain!

    For more than four years, the lead developer of Net Uptime Monitor suffered with a flaky internet connection. His broadband cable connection, from the biggest internet provider in the USA, worked great most of the time. It seemed that early in the morning the connection would drop out multiple times, sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for minutes. Some days it would be better, some days worse.

    The “tech support” on the phone was no help. It was always “It’s working ok now”. It seemed like it might be related to heat or the time of year, but without specific records of outages, how can you know? And how can you convince your provider that the problem is real?

    So a program was written to detect those failures and keep a detailed log. Presented with this specific information, the internet provider got serious. It took a lot of technician hours, monitoring the connection, onsite inspections, and even digging up the cable, before the problem was discovered.

    Finally, it was discovered that the cable that entered the building through an exterior wall was actually two pieces. Hidden inside the wall, there was a connector joining the outside cable with the inside cable. That connector was loose! When the sun hit that outside wall in the morning, the heat caused the metal connector to expand and the connection failed. When it cooled off, the connection became stable again. Ten seconds to tighten that connector and four years of frustration was over!

    Since then, that simple program has been polished and enhanced to the present Net Uptime Monitor utility. Your problem might be very different than a loose connector, but Net Uptime Monitor will help you and your internet provider understand what’s happening – and get them to take you seriously!

    Net Uptime Monitor is the product of an independent software developer in Arizona, USA. First offered for sale in September of 2011, Net Uptime Monitor is now licensed by thousands of users in more than 70 countries.

    Download Free Trial

    You can use the trial version of Net Uptime Monitor as many times as you want for as long as you want. Each time the trial version of the program is started it will run for at least 30 minutes but no more than 60 minutes, then it will close automatically.

    Purchase License

    Get a permanent license for a one time payment of just $9.95. Click to buy through our secure payment gateway using a credit card or Paypal. A license code will be emailed to you. Just enter that code in the trial version to remove the limitations.

    Copyright 2016 Becker Software LLC
    Design by FabricEleven

    Windows 2003 Performance Monitor #performance #monitor #server


    Windows 2003 Performance Monitor

    The performance monitor, or system monitor, is a utility used to track a range of processes and give a real time graphical display of the results, on a Windows 2003 system. This tool can be used to assist you with the planning of upgrades, tracking of processes that need to be optimized, monitoring results of tuning and configuration scenarios, and the understanding of a workload and its effect on resource usage to identify bottlenecks.

    Bottlenecks can occur on practically any element of the network and may be caused by a malfunctioning resource, the system not having enough resources, a program that dominates a particular resource. In fact, 40% network utilization is considered a bottleneck.

    Using perfmon will help to identify these bottlenecks and allow you to take action.

    It can be opened by navigating to the performance icon in the administrative tools folder in the control panel, from the start menu or by typing perfmon.msc in the run box.

    System Monitor

    Adding a counter

    Right click anywhere on the graph and choose Add Counter.

    The Add Counter box consists of the following options:

    • Computer: The source system of the object. You can choose to select the local computer or another computer on your network – type \\computer_name in the appropriate box.
    • Object: The subsystem of interest. This refers to the virtual part of the computer that you want to monitor. Memory, Processor or Network Interface, for example.
    • Counter: The aspect of performance of interest. This refers to what parts of the object you want to monitor – they differ depending on the object.
    • Instance: The specific object to be measured when multiple objects of the same type exist on a single system. For example, if you go to the Process performance object, the instances list will display all the active processes on the specified computer.

    System monitor properties

    Right click anywhere on the graph and choose Properties. This brings up the System Monitor Properties window that will allow you to customize the appearance and settings. You can change the view to graph, report or histogram style, the monitoring time interval and the colour of the counter lines, amongst others.

    Using the monitor for network related performance.

    The performance monitor can be a great tool to help with investigating the performance of your network. You are able to monitor things such as the Network Interface, TCP, UDP packet flow, terminal services sessions, and ICMP, amongst others. You can then compare the collected data and keep it as a record or use it for problem analysis.

    In my example I have chosen to use the Network Interface as the performance object.
    The following counters were added:
    Current Bandwidth – to display the amount of bandwidth the network interface has.
    Packets/Sec – to display the amount of packets transferred per second.
    Bytes Total/Sec – to display the total amount of bytes per second.

    The image below displays a graph of network activity that took place within the space of five minutes. The purple line represents the number of packets per second, the yellow line represents the total bytes per second and the light green line shows how much bandwidth is available.

    To simulate this activity I navigated to a share on another computer on the network and browsed through the folders.

    With the use of logs you are able to capture data that you can analyze later. Logged counter data information can be exported to spreadsheets and databases for future review and reporting. Alerts allow you to set an action that will be performed when specified counters reach a given value. These actions include sending a network message, executing a batch file, recording an item in the application log of the event viewer, and to start logging performance data.

    You can use Alerts to send out warnings when disk space is running low or when network or level of CPU utilization poses a risk.


    There are two types of logging features:

    • Counter Logs: are used to record the measurements of specific counters
    • Trace Logs: are used to record memory and resource events.

    The above image displays the counter log window that allows you to specify which counters should be monitored. The schedule permits you to set the start and stop time of logging. Go to the Log Files tab if you want to customize the name, size and location of the log file.

    The above displays the trace log window which allows you to change what events will be logged by the system provider. Click ‘Provider Status’ to bring up a window that will show what system trace log providers and available and their current status. If you wish to add non system providers then select that option and press Add. You can run the this process as a different user, type the username in the Run As box and press the Set Password box to enter the password of the user.

    Keep in mind that the more events you choose to log the more space will be required, especially if you choose page faults.


    Right click anywhere on the white screen and choose “New Alert Setting” to bring up the properties window for a new alert. In my example I have set it to monitor the packets received errors and if they exceed three then an alert will be triggered. The schedule tab gives you the option to set the start of stop times of the scan.

    Apart from bottlenecks slowing down the entire system, they do not allow you to take full advantage of your network infrastructure. Using the performance monitor on your Windows Server will help you identify where the problem is coming from. If this tool is used with correct configuration and planning to suit your network environment then the administrator can benefit from being able to tackle problems in less time, therefore making the situation more efficient.

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    Are internet affairs different? #monitor #on #psychology, #research #findings,,internet #affairs, #cybersex, #emotional


    Are Internet affairs different?

    The typical affair used to start in the office and move to a seedy motel room, but the vast reach of the Internet has brought infidelity into many couples’ homes over the past decade.

    The growth in steamy chat room conversations and cybersex also has triggered a rethinking of the meaning of infidelity. If there is no physical contact or actual sex, is it still an affair?

    “It’s not just that you’re communicating with someone online but that there is a sexual or emotional nature,” says Katherine Hertlein, PhD, an associate professor at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas who studies online affairs. “With the Internet, we’re moving away from just physical ideas about infidelity and acknowledging emotional infidelity.”

    While there is no universally accepted definition, an Internet affair frequently involves intimate chat sessions and sexually stimulating conversation or cybersex, which may include filming mutual masturbation with a Web camera.

    Several studies suggest that even when there is no in-person contact, online affairs can be just as devastating as the real-world variety, triggering feelings of insecurity, anger and jealousy. Women usually feel more threatened by the emotional betrayal of a partner’s online affair, while men are more concerned about physical encounters, Hertlein says, but the gender differences are lessening.

    “That is starting to even out in part because of the equality of opportunity that the Internet brings to everybody,” she says.

    While men traditionally have been the more unfaithful sex, gender roles are reversing in some cases as more women experience cybersex. “I think there is this bias that women don’t cheat for sexual reasons at all,” Hertlein says. “Women are supposed to be the nurturers and the matriarchs in our society.”

    Due to the secretive nature of online affairs, reliable statistics are hard to find, but a 2005 study of 1,828 Web users in Sweden offers evidence about the prevalence of cybersex and online affairs. Almost a third of the participants reported cybersexual experiences, and people in committed relationships were just as likely to engage in cybersex as those who were single. But gender and age made a difference. While men’s interest in cybersex decreased with age, women’s interest increased slightly, with 37 percent of women age 35 to 49 reporting cybersexual experiences compared with only a quarter of men in the same age group (Archives of Sexual Behavior. Vol. 34, No. 3).

    A 2008 Australian study offers more insight into Internet affairs. It found that of 183 adults who were currently or recently in a relationship, more than 10 percent had formed intimate online relationships, 8 percent had experienced cybersex and 6 percent had met their Internet partners in person (Australian Journal of Counselling Psychology. Vol. 9, No. 2). More than half of the respondents believed an online relationship constituted unfaithfulness, with the numbers climbing to 71 percent for cybersex and 82 percent for in-person meetings.

    Kimberly Young, PhD, who directs the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery in Bradford, Pa. says about half of the couples in her practice are seeking counseling because of online affairs or excessive use of online pornography. Young sees more women who are online cheaters, in part, she says, because women gravitate toward erotic chats and webcam sessions while men often are drawn to pornography.

    “The Internet is opening up these new ways of exploring your sexuality and that includes infidelity,” she says.

    Right under your nose

    Americans now spend as much time online as they do watching TV — about 13 hours a week. While TV viewing has remained fairly constant, time spent surfing the Web has increased more than 120 percent over the last five years. With the burgeoning use of the Internet, many practitioners are seeing more couples because of online affairs and are addressing new issues in therapy, psychologists say.

    “It starts in the home, which is very different than most affairs. It starts right under your roof,” says Elaine Ducharme, PhD, a psychologist in Glastonbury, Conn. who specializes in cybersex addictions. “You can’t usually get rid of your computer in the house. Every time you walk by, you’re asking yourself if he or she is using it for an affair.”

    While most relationships are hampered by such workday realities as household chores and paying the bills, online relationships exist in an electronic nether world where strangers can construct their own identities, Hertlein says. “On the Internet, you can be whoever you want to be. You can type, backspace, delete. You don’t have to be this constrained person you think you should be.”

    Fantasy also is a huge factor in online affairs, and fantasy always trumps reality. “Your primary partner will never be able to compare with the fantasy partner,” Hertlein says. “They will never win.”

    According to Young, people with low self-esteem, a distorted body image, an untreated sexual dysfunction or a prior sexual addiction are more at risk to develop addictions to cybersex or online pornography.

    Therapy can be more complicated if the cheating partner doesn’t believe his or her online activities qualify as an affair, Ducharme says. “The excuses are, ‘I didn’t have sex with this person. I didn’t go out and see anybody or catch any diseases,’” she says. “But the other partner often feels such an emotional betrayal that they are going through the same feelings as if their partner was having a real affair.”

    Online affairs can contribute to divorce and child custody fights as the involved partner becomes more enmeshed in the online relationship. A 2008 article in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (Vol. 34, No. 4) by Hertlein and a colleague reviewed eight studies of Internet affairs and documented many negative effects from online romances, including less interest in sex in the committed relationship and neglect of work and time with children. Almost two-thirds of the participants in one study reported they had met and had sex with their Internet partners; only 44 percent of them reported using condoms.

    Reasons behind cheating

    Several studies have focused on the “AAA engine” that drives online affairs, namely accessibility, affordability and anonymity. “The Internet is extremely accessible no matter where you are,” Hertlein says. “You could be at home or at work or sitting on the couch with your partner chatting to someone online.”

    As costs for Internet access have dropped, online affairs are also very affordable. They can be easy to conceal, as long as the cheating partner deletes the Web browser history and any incriminating e-mails. “It’s really difficult to track what your partner is doing,” Hertlein says. “There aren’t receipts for hotels or dinners or excursions.” With the faceless nature of the Internet, anonymity also is easy to come by. People often feel more comfortable revealing intimate details of their lives to relative strangers because the relationship exists only in cyberspace, Ducharme says. “Things happen so quickly online,” she says. “Some people really begin to think the other person is in love with them. They develop this intimacy and fantasy relationship. The cool thing about fantasy relationships is they don’t require any work.”

    Therapy is similar for online or traditional affairs, with couples working on issues of trust, betrayal and forgiveness. Hertlein also encourages couples to use the Internet to strengthen their relationships by enjoying pornography sites together or visiting websites for ideas about romantic dates or new sexual skills.

    After an Internet affair, couples often need to move the home computer to a public space, such as the living room, and install tracking or blocking software, Ducharme says. But to build lasting trust, couples must dig deeper in therapy.

    “In terms of treatment, the first step is about the individual taking responsibility for the online affair,” she says. “But the couple also needs to examine what was happening in their marriage that led to one of them cheating online.”

    Brendan L. Smith is a writer in Washington, D.C.

    Install – UltraVNC: Remote Support Software, Remote Support tool, Remote Desktop Control,


    UltraVnc Installation

    • Start the setup and choose the installation language.
    • Click Next on the Welcome screen.
    • Accept the license agreement.
    • Read the release notes.
    • Select the destination directory where UltraVNC should be installed.
    • Select the components which should be installed.
      Note. Updating the driver is experimental and not guaranteed to work at the moment.
    • Select the Start Menu folder where the program’s shortcuts should be placed.
    • Select additional tasks:
      • Select if UltraVNC server should be registered as a system service.
      • Select if UltraVNC service should be started or restarted.
      • Select if MSLogon II should be configured.
      • Select if UltraVNC Admin Properties should be configured.
      • Select if old UltraVNC registry entries should be removed.
      • Select if additional desktop icons should be created for UltraVNC server, viewer and repeater.
      • Select if files with extension .vnc should be associated with UltraVNC viewer.
    • Specify location of ACL file.
      The format of the ACL file should follow the MSLogonACL specification.
      If no ACL file is specified, the Administrators group is configured. This works only on the English OS versions.
    • Specify location of Properties file.
      The Properties file should be a valid registry file.
      The intention is to populate the \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ORL key.
      If no Properties file is specified, no options are configured.
    • Verify if you choose the correct installation settings.
    • Read what’s new in UltraVNC.
    • Click “Finish” to end the installation.

    Automate Installation

    If you need to install UltraVNC on a large number of computers, you might consider automating the installation.

    The following command line parameters can be passed to the setup:

    /dir=”Dirname ” Sets installation directory to Dirname. /no restart Suppresses a reboot at the end of the installation.
    Not required since the installation no longer requires are boot. /silent or /very silent Suppresses either pop-up of dialog boxes or any GUI at all. /loadinf=”Filename ” Loads the configuration file Filename for the installation.
    This configuration file can be generated by going through setup with UltraVNC-xxxx-Setup.exe /saveinf=”Filename ” .
    Filename should be fully qualified. /log Writes a log file to the Temp directory.
    Could be used for debugging.

    Security Camera, Security DVR System and PC Base DVR Surveillance Systems #security


    Featured Security Cameras / Surveillance Products

    Why should I have a security camera DVR system?

    Having a security camera system may decreases the chances of a burglary and act as loss prevention during operation hours. Even if the security DVR system does not keep a burglar from breaking in, it may cause the burglar to stay a shorter amount of time and may provide evidence of the burglary.

    What should a security camera, security DVR system include?

    Most security DVR systems include the security camera which can be combination of different cameras like Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, C-Mount or Infrared the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Power supply and a monitor. It is best that all exterior potential points of entry have and sensitive area have security camera covering those areas. Security DVR, security camera should not be used as the only means of detection because they do not detect someone until they are already in the premises.

    If you are looking for a security camera, video surveillance system or a digital video recorder, then we have the solution for you ; DVR Master store is your ultimate source for all your surveillance and security camera needs. We specialize in digital security surveillance technology. Buy online PC Based DVR, Stand Alone DVR’s, CCTV cameras and capture cards, remote video surveillance and security system.

    Surveillance System Security Camera Consultation

    DVRMaster is proud to offer you free unlimited consultation to setup your video surveillance DVR, we have certified security camera and CCTV experts standing by to answer all your security camera, digital video recorder (DVR), and CCTV questions. Our security camera consultant are professional in specs and field experience, our consultant gained experience in design, installation and servicing security camera systems for more than 10 years.

    Custom Security Camera and Surveillance Systems with Remote Access

    DVRMaster computer based security DVR and surveillance systems offers you state of the-art remote access to your cameras from anywhere using any internet access. DVRMaster security systems provide any feature available from remote view of recorded video, triplex functionality, around the clock or built in motion detection technology, PTZ camera control, scheduled recording and more. We have video Surveillance Camera System with 4, 8, 16, and 32 Security Camera channels. surveillance system offers smart advanced Playback functionality, export video function, and more.

    High End Professional Security Camera

    Professional Security DVR System

    Our security DVR systems and security cameras features digital recording, motion detection, signal detection, remote monitoring and recording of up to 32 CCTV cameras simultaneously in MPEG4 and H-264 Technology, total control of host settings via remote computer, PTZ Support, input trigger recording, full network compatibility, and outstanding digital video image quality.

    Video / DVR System Software software is included as part of the DVR system, and gives you the freedom to monitor, record and control your home or business from anywhere in the world! Video can be transmitted over standard phone lines, networked computers (LAN or WAN) as well as the Internet.

    Call Us now for your free consultation at 1-888-925-3235


    CART: 0 items


    I have purchased a few systems through DVR Master. Each time I have made a transactions, had a warranty issue or just a general question, I have been extremely satisfied with the results. Service is prompt and prices are extremely competitive. In dealing with Leah (my contact for the company) she never disappoints and has always gone above and beyond to make sure we get the five star service experience. 10/10 I highly recommend!
    A.J. Taylor
    General Manager
    Galaxy Tulare 10,Tulare, CA

    I have been using DVR Master and service for the last 8 years. That’s because I can always count on the DVR Master team for the best products, best pricing and superior customer Service time and time again. They go out of their way to make sure I am always a satisfied customer. Leah is our rep and she goes out of her way to support us. I highly recommend DVR Master.
    Doug Reeder
    Ore-Com Telecommunications, LLC, Portland, OR

    Kudos for Jessica. I just wanted to take a moment and express my heartfelt thanks for your knowledge of your product line, your skills in navigating your systems, your responsiveness both online and on the phone and your excellent customer service attitude. It is people like you that engender long term customer relationships that are foundational to any organization’s success over the long term.
    Bradley Young
    Charleston, WV

    I want to say thank you for the excellent tech support from DVR Master and much thanks to Jessica for helping us get the tech support that we needed for remote access. We also want to thank the management and tech support team for a job well done and great customer support. We look forward to doing more business with your company.
    IT Director
    Orangeburg, SC

    Leah and the tech support team are Knowledgeable and helpful in advising on and supporting their products. Thanks.
    Junaid Ali
    Collabotive Inc. Plano, TX


    Network USB Monitor data theft protection tool #network #monitor #alert


    Network USB Monitor

    DRPU USB data theft protection software provides solution to protect USB data, specially designed to track and display connected and disconnected activities of USB devices on your computer. Software provides facility to send detail log file via email and also enable you to upload log file with captured image on FTP server by FTP. USB write blocker software is useful to prevent USB drive data theft activities and keep watch over multiple user USB drive usage with feature to write protect USB drive. USB monitoring tool supports all major brands and capacity USB mass storage devices including pen drives, USB cameras, memory card, pocket PCs, USB hard disk and other similar USB drives.

    Key Features of USB Data Theft Protection Tool

    USB data theft protection tool is interactive and customized monitoring tool with special features as follows:

    • USB activity tracker works in hidden mode as a background process so that it cannot be detected by any unknown users.
    • Provides facility to monitor and saves plug-in/plug-out USB drive activities with data/time information.
    • Facility to set password so that unauthorized user cannot access and change the software configuration.
    • USB drive activity analyzer easily monitors, capture, display, record, and analyze data transferred between any USB devices connected to any PC machine.
    • Provides facility to save USB activity log files and also have an option to view saved log files in HTML or TEXT file format.
    • Data protection tool facilitates you to export and import general configuration settings, Email settings and FTP settings to/from file, when you need to install software in multiple machines.
    • Software has capability to capture photos by enabling camera settings.
    • Provides facility to specify text log size. After achieving maximum log size, the recorded activities are saved to new log file to avoid over-sizing of activities log.

    Why to use DRPU USB Monitoring Tool

    System Information Downloads #little #snitch #network #monitor


    System Information

    SysGauge is a free system and performance monitoring utility allowing one to monitor the CPU usage, memory usage, network transfer rate, operating system performance, the status and resource usage of running processes, file system performance, USB performance, disk space usage, disk read activity, disk write activity, disk read transfer rate, disk write transfer rate, disk read IOPS and disk write IOPS for individual logical disks or all physical disks installed in the computer.

    PRTG Network Monitor is the powerful network monitoring solution from Paessler AG.

    With coconutBattery you re always aware of your current battery health.

    The most powerful WiFi Scanner for residential WiFi.

    • June 7, 2017
    • Commercial
    • Windows/macOS/Android

    Xinorbis is a simple but powerful hard disk analyser.

    SystemInfo is a component used in many of our benchmarks to identify the hardware in your system. It does not collect any personally identifiable information.

    Network Monitor II is a small but useful windows Gadget which shows important and interesting information about your Wired or Wireless Network and Internet connections.

    SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a free multi-threaded IP, NetBIOS and SNMP scanner with a modern interface and many advanced features.

    Home – Monitor Lifts #monitor #website #performance


    The service from the Monitor team though is BEYOND COMPARE! Wonderful easy to deal with people that I could not recommend highly enough. Thanks Joyce family and your team! I will definitely deal with you in the future.

    Just thought I would send you a quick email thanking you for your after service care and the smooth transaction that occurred between us, was very pleased with Tim s willingness to change over the trailer plug hassle free and the guard that you sent up for us, it has been a pleasure dealing with all of you guys at monitor and will be speaking very highly of your company in the future.

    Jamin, Arborist – Owner of an 1890 PRO Spider Lift

  • We appreciate the gift and most importantly the thought. For me …the things I value most are the human elements of integrity, respect and friendship as well great product and support. I think we get that in bucket loads from you and Monitor Lifts

    David – major rental company with several Monitor products

  • Your service is impeccable. Everyone is always friendly and you know what you re talking about.

    Shane, Tree Service, Owner of an 1890

  • I can always get service and parts fast, and that s more important to me than the price.

    This is a personal testimony the superb backup and skill of the dedicated maintenance and repair team, it has been a long time since I have been so impressed, the fault has been rectified and the machine performs well, it is robust and well made. To anyone wishing to purchase a machine off Monitor Industries I recommend they do so, the communication I had with the company was excellent, all phone calls and messages were answered and the parts I needed were shipped to me overnight.

    Michael, Arborist – Owner of an 2210 Spider Lift

  • We have increased productivity, the guys are very very happy, and management is happy too!

    Mark, Truck Bus Repairer – Owner of a Liftman air operated lift

  • The 1575 is the reason I m still in business. When I bought it I was a bit worried I wouldn t get enough use for it, but now I just use it all the time. It gets me places nothing else can go, and it has saved my body.

    Peter, Arborist – Owner of a 1575 Spider Lift

  • Love your service You sell it, but you back it up, you ring every now and then to check, your company is one in a million!

    Eric, Cleaning Maintenance – Owner of a 1575 Spider Lift

  • Your service to my company has been second to none.

    David, Rental – Owner of a TZ-34 Trailer Mounted Lift

  • I would like to thank the workshop boys, they were a great help to me on Wednesday problem solving an issue with the machine. 10/10 for customer service.

    Jesse, Arborist – Owner of a 2210 Spider Lift

  • Worth every dollar, wouldn t be without it!

    Specialised access solutions with dedicated customer support

  • NET – Powerful Open Source Cross Platform Development #server #monitor #open #source


    Develop high performance applications in less time, on any platform.

    Vibrant community

    Join a huge community of 6 million developers. Leverage the large ecosystem of components and Open Source software and enjoy online and offline communities to get help. And because .NET is all Open Source, you can join the 25,000 developers and 1,700 companies already contributing to the .NET platform. To learn more about .NET and open source visit the .NET repos in GitHub.

    What customers are saying about .NET


    “Using the same-size server, we were able to go from 1,000 requests per second per node with Node.js to 20,000 requests per second with .NET Core.”

    -John-Daniel Trask, CEO and Co-Founder

    “The event-driven, microservices paradigm eliminated a lot of the overhead that comes with a service-oriented architecture.”

    -Mike Hanrahan, CTO

    Stack Overflow

    “The Microsoft technology made it easy for us. It just works. We saved months of development time in the process.”

    -George Beech, System Administrator

    SQL Server Monitor #sql #server #monitor, #appmanager, #microsoft


    Microsoft SQL Server

    By monitoring SQL from the AppManager console, you can ensure your SQL database infrastructure is performing and available for end users. This module’s extensive alerting capabilities inform you immediately when incidents arise so you can take action. By responding proactively, you reduce downtime and ensure compliance with Service Level Agreements to better meet the needs of customers and end users.

    AppManager for Microsoft SQL Server

    Features benefits

    Analyzes SQL Server resource usage down to the SQL statement level and stores performance data directly in a SQL database.

    Provides proactive event management with robust fault management, detecting potential problems that could impact the availability of your SQL Servers.

    Allows for easy automation, letting you set up automatic event-driven notifications and corrective actions.

    Lowers support costs by enabling you to view the health and status of distributed SQL Servers from a central location.

    What’s monitored

    AppManager for Microsoft SQL Server includes out-of-the-box Knowledge Scripts that track simple or complex events and collect data for real-time or historical performance analysis. Examples of Knowledge Scripts include:

    Accessibility. Immediately alerts if the SQL Server or any specified database within the server is not accessible.

    BlockedProcesses. Detects when processes are blocked.

    EventLog. Detects when the SQL Server has written critical error messages to the Windows event log. Support is also available for monitoring SQL Server’s own log file.

    TopCPUUsers. Analyzes the CPU being consumed by SQL Server users and correlates CPU usage and SQL statements being executed by users.

    TopLockUsers. Identifies locking activity by user and identifies the SQL statements causing locks.

    TopMemoryUsers. Tracks memory usage by SQL Server users and correlates memory utilization to SQL statement activity.

    DBGrowthRate. Tracks the rate at which databases are growing.

    DBSpace. Tracks trends and raises alerts on the available space your SQL Server databases.

    LogSpace. Detects whether you are running low on SQL Server log space and provides an option to automatically truncate the transaction log file.

    RunSQL. Lets you invoke any SQL statement or stored procedure as a Knowledge Script or corrective action.

    NearMaxContent. Tells you whether available connections are running low.

    NearMaxLocks. Identifies whether SQL Server is almost out of locks.

    ServerThroughput. Measures key I/O statistics, such as transactions per second.

    ProcessingTime. Tracks the amount of time required to process a user-defined SQL statement.

    UserConnections. Tracks who connects into the SQL Server and how many connections each person is using.

    CacheHitRatio. Keeps watch of the SQL Server buffer cache, alerting you if you need to increase the memory allocated to SQL Server.

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