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The Cheapest Way to Move Furniture Across Country

Moving furniture across the country

Moving furniture cross country can be stressful. Whether you have a lot of furniture to ship or just a few pieces, U-Pack ® can help! Our services are designed to help you move furniture and household belongings across the country while staying on budget. We’re an affordable and convenient alternative to truck rentals. container shipping services and traditional full-service moving companies. We can handle shipments of one room’s worth of furniture up to an entire house (or more)! Let’s compare furniture shipping companies and see why many customers decide that U-Pack is the best way to ship furniture long distance.

How to ship furniture with U-Pack

Here’s how a U-Pack move works: we bring the moving equipment to your door, you load your belongings inside and then we deliver it to your new home. Customers appreciate the simple convenience —and many find that U-Pack prices are often cheaper than rental trucks when compared to the cost of the truck plus fuel.

Cheapest shipping option

If you’re looking to save even more, U-Pack offers an option called a terminal-to-terminal move. This involves loading furniture and other household items at a local service center near you. U-Pack moves your furniture across the country and you unload at the service center closest to your new home. We also offer hybrid moves where you load at the terminal and unload at home, or load at home and unload at the terminal. Either way, these options can help save hundreds on your move!

What makes U-Pack a cheap furniture moving solution?

Equipment options. We offer two types of equipment, the trailer or ReloCube ®. When you get a quote, we’ll automatically give the cheapest equipment option available for your particular shipment (based on the date, shipment size and location). However, we put you in control — if more than one equipment type is available, you’re able to compare options and choose what you prefer.

Pay only for the space you use. Your moving quote is based on the linear footage your furniture shipment takes up in the trailer, with a 5 ft. minimum. Learn more about how “paying by the linear foot” works. U-Pack rates are based on linear feet rather than weight because it’s easier to estimate how much space your furniture will take up rather than trying to estimate its weight. Quotes include a per-foot adjustment rate that you can add or subtract if you need more or less space on moving day. This makes it easier to control your moving costs by packing and loading efficiently. To get an idea of how much space you’ll need, use our space estimator tool to calculate a linear footage estimate.

If you move in our ReloCubes, you’ll only be charged for the number of Cubes used. Reserve how many you think you’ll need, but only pay for the ones used!

DIY loading and unloading. By doing the packing, loading and unloading yourself, you’re able to save quite a bit of the cost compared to a full-service move. And if you need a hand, ask friends and family for assistance or call a U-Pack consultant to schedule moving help for one or both ends of your move. It’s a great way to get a full-service experience for significantly less money!

No extra costs. Don’t forget to include the extra costs associated with truck rentals (fuel, sales tax, road tolls and liability coverage) when comparing to U-Pack rates. There are no hidden charges or fees when shipping furniture with U-Pack – it’s all included in one low rate. Want to know how much it is to ship furniture across country? Get a free moving quote !

Transit time. With many full-service movers, transit times can average 2-4 weeks (especially during peak moving season). If you use a truck rental, you’ll have to drive slower than you would in your personal vehicle (U-Haul recommends a maximum speed of 65 mph). U-Pack does it better! Our transit times average 2-5 business days and you’re free to travel at your own speed. Consider the savings: you’ll spend less on “extra” expenses like hotels and eating out.

If you’re on a tight schedule and need your furniture on a specific day, you can add U-Pack Guaranteed and get your shipment delivered on the exact day you need it—with 100% money-back guarantee. Just ask about it when you call.

Other ways to get the cheapest cost for shipping furniture

Only move what’s needed. Paying based on space puts you in control of the price. Get rid of pieces you no longer need or want by donating or selling them. Fitting everything into less space means you pay less!

Load and/or unload at the service center. You already know a terminal-to-terminal move is the cheapest way to move furniture cross country. Check with a U-Pack moving consultant to determine the best option for your situation.

Pack and load efficiently. Efficient packing and loading saves space, which equals money saved. Use professional moving boxes and paper padding. designed for moving and wrapping furniture thoroughly, for the greatest protection. The U-Pack box store provides FREE shipping on all orders to help you save even more money! And when loading, maximize the space by loading high and tight and securing your shipment. To pack and load properly, check out these best practices along with our how-to videos:

Reserve online. It’s the easiest way to save! Reserve your U-Pack move online and automatically save $25.

How to ship furniture

We’ve talked about how to move furniture for less — but how do you actually ship it? Follow these tips to move your belongings safely:

  • Do some prep before shipping furniture. Start by gathering packing supplies. Disassemble furniture by removing mirrors from dressers, feet from chairs and couches and shelves from desks. Wrap items using protective supplies like furniture pads. stretch wrap and moving blankets. It’s important to pay extra attention to corners, weak areas and the polish/finishing while packing.
  • Load furniture properly. Take care when moving furniture into the trailer or Cube so you don’t damage the pieces or doorways. For heavier items, consider using forearm forklifts or a moving dolly. Load heavier items on bottom and lighter items on top, making sure to pack high and tight.
  • Secure the furniture shipment. The most important step is securing your furniture inside the trailer or Cube. Use rope or ratchet straps to tie the furniture down using the logistics tracking inside the equipment. Doing this will help prevent your furniture from moving around during transit.

Get a furniture shipping quote from U-Pack

Since 1997, U-Pack has moved more than 850,000 shipments across the country quickly and safely, with reliable transit times. See why U-Pack is the best way to ship furniture by getting an instant quote online or calling a friendly moving specialist at 800-413-4799 .

If you have any questions about moving furniture with U-Pack, leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!

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Deluxe ComfyBelt

The Deluxe ComfyBelt has a PU-coated lining that gives superior grip and extra
security when transferring clients for example, providing stability and support
when rising to standing and walking.

Small 56cm – 81cm
Medium 71cm – 115cm
Large 101cm – 141cm


The bright and cheerful ComfyKids is designed specifically for paediatrics. It can be used for activities such as walking, cycling, horse riding, floor work or any situation where extra stability and security are needed.


The HydroBelt is constructed from NeopreneTM which is totally waterproof and non-absorbent, for wet environments. It is ideal for bathing, showering, swimming and hydrotherapy using a non-slip, soft material that is comfortable to wear both in and out of the water. Suitable for children and adults.

Extra Small 37cm 64cm
Small 56cm 81cm
Medium 71cm 115cm
Large 101cm 141cm

ComfyBelt Partner

The ComfyBelt Partner is a convenient, unpadded transfer belt to keep at hand, should an unexpected situation arise. It is small and discreet, so can fit in the carer s pocket, or be worn around the waist.


The ComfySling has additional looped handholds to provide carers with an extended grip when handling in and around beds or chairs. It is ideal for repositioning clients in bed and leg transfers.

Transfer Board

MEDesign Transfer Board

Our secure and robust MEDesign transfer board is specially designed to allow easy transfer of clients from one seat level to another.

  • Curved shape: useful in restricted or confined spaces and in angled transfers
    when a straight board can’t be used
  • Tapered ends: enables the board to be easily placed under the client
  • Supports independence: reduces the carer’s workload by enabling clients to
    slide themselves from one level to another, for example from bed to wheelchair
  • Versatile and cost-effective: can be used in a range of transfer routines
    Maximum user weight 120kg (19st).

Positioning Aids


The ChestStrap provides secure upper body support for wheelchair users who cannot retain an upright position. Padded for comfort and simple to adjust, it fastens at the back with a quick release buckle and works independently of the wheelchair frame.

Small 61cm – 84cm
Medium 66cm 106cm
Large 89cm 136cm

One-Way Slide Sheet

The one-way slide sheet helps to keep the pelvis upright and supported, and prevent sacral sitting. It rolls in one direction locking to stop the client sliding forward. The Integral Visco-Elastic foam cushion offers pressure relief for low and medium-risk users.

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Randyll Tarly

Appearance and Character

Randyll is a lean and balding man with a short, bristly grey beard. [1] [2] He is a narrow man but iron willed, shrewd and capable, [3] and is considered one of the finest battle commanders in Westeros. [4] Randyll prizes courage and martial ability, which causes him to despise his eldest son, Samwell because of his cowardice and softness, and strongly favor his younger son, Dickon. who is much more fierce and robust. [5]

In the field Randyll wears mail and boiled leather with a breastplate of grey steel. [6] He carries the ancestral Valyrian steel sword Heartsbane across his back in a jeweled scabbard. [2]


Randyll was married to Lady Melessa Florent. Their first-born child, Samwell. was born in 283 AC. [7] They would later have three daughters, born within three years time, and a second son, Dickon. [5]

A martinet, Randyll became disappointed in his gentle, timid firstborn son Samwell and made several harsh attempts to engage him in manly, martial pursuits, but all to no effect. [5] Once, he brought his son with him to the Arbor. but Samwell was mocked endlessly while there, and despite the fact that he had planned to leave his son at the Arbor as Lord Paxter Redwyne ‘s page and squire, he brought Samwell back home with him. [10] After his wife, Melessa. gave birth to their second son, Dickon. Randyll began to ignore Samwell, leaving Samwell to his own devices until the boy turned fifteen. Lord Randyll summoned Samwell the day of his fifteenth nameday, and threatened to end Samwell’s life if he did not join the Night’s Watch. thereby nullifying his claim to Horn Hill, allowing Dickon to become Randyll’s lawfull heir. [5]

Recent Events

A Game of Thrones

Samwell Tarly tells Jon Snow how Randyl gave him the choice between joining the Night’s Watch and death, shortly after his arrival at the Wall. [5]

A Clash of Kings

When Renly Baratheon calls his banners, Randyll joins with House Tyrell in supporting Renly. [1] Randyll is hosting Renly at Horn Hill when they receive Stannis Baratheon ‘s letter claiming that the late Robert I Baratheon ‘s children are bastards. [11] While at the camp by Highgarden. Randyll is told by his son and heir, Dickon. of a cruel game that several of the knights are playing on Brienne of Tarth. Randyll summons Brienne and tells her that some of the men laid wagers on the first to claim her maidenhead. He then tersely advises her that women have no place on the battlefield. [6] Randyll accompanied Renly’s army to Bitterbridge. where he meets Catelyn Tully when she arrives during the melee. [1]

After the parley with Stannis beneath the walls of Storm’s End. Lord Randyll counsels attacking Stannis to make sure he gains no strength while Renly is away. [11] Randyll and Lord Mathis Rowan discuss tactics for the upcoming battle. Before it can take place, however, Renly is assassinated. [12] Afterwards, Randyll continues to follow the Tyrells in forsaking Stannis’s cause. [13] He captures Renly’s stores at Bitterbridge and puts a great many men to death, mainly those sworn to House Florent. his wife’s family. [14]

Randyll is sent out with Lord Rowan to find Lord Tywin Lannister and bring him to Tumbler’s Falls where Lord Mace Tyrell is waiting with a huge host and a fleet of barges. [15] Once again following the lead of his liege lord, he joins with the Lannisters and fights against Stannis, commanding the center at the Battle of the Blackwater. [16] For this, he receives a commendation for his services – although the abandoned Florent seat at Brightwater Keep is awarded to Garlan Tyrell.

A Storm of Swords

A Feast for Crows

Randyll, along with Lord Mathis Rowan. is named by Ser Kevan Lannister as a good candidate for Hand of the King. but Queen Regent Cersei Lannister refuses to name a Tyrell bannerman as Hand, failing to understand that such a move would actually weaken the Tyrells by placing of their most powerful bannermen in a position of authority higher than the Warden of the South.

Randyll takes his forces and begins reconstruction of Maidenpool. His son Dickon is married to Eleanor Mooton. the daughter of the pardoned Lord William. [21] Brienne encounters Randyll again while he is dispensing harsh but fair justice in the market square. He extracts her business from her, but allows her to leave. [6] After Brienne returns with the heads of several Brave Companions. Randyll complains that he has executed many outlaws, but cannot find their leaders. [22] When word of the imprisonment of Margaery Tyrell reaches Randyll, he marches his army to King’s Landing.

A Dance with Dragons

Randyll Tarly with Heartsbane – by Kevin McCoy ©

Randyll’s army reaches King’s Landing before his liege lord, Mace Tyrell. The Faith releases Margaery and her cousins into his custody after Lord Tarly swears a holy oath to return them for trial. To try and undo the damage Cersei did to the Tyrell and Lannister alliance, Kevan Lannister. now the Lord Regent, makes Tarly the new justiciar – and restores the title of master of laws – on King Tommen I Baratheon ‘s small council. [23]

When news of the taking of Griffin’s Roost and the landing of the Golden Company arrive to the capital, Randyll expresses doubts about the identity of Jon Connington as well as that of his Targaryen pretender. dismissing him as a “feigned boy”. Ser Kevan thinks that Randyll is more dangerous than Mace Tyrell, the new Hand of the King. [3]

Quotes by Randyll

Randyll: No disrespect to you, Lady Stark, but it would have been more seemly had Lord Robb come to pay homage to the king himself, rather than hiding behind his mother’s skirts.

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The #1 Northwest Movers


In 3 Easy Steps


“I could probably write a book about how wonderful the team at Olympic Moving & Storage was during the move. Prior they send one of their representatives out to give you a detailed quote. Their representative is very thorough and also explains the process.
Our team of movers showed up on time and they were super careful with everything they moved. Although our move was a short one, they still managed to complete it under the estimated time. They were personable, caring, and efficient. I’m glad we hired Olympic Movers and plan to hire them for our next move.”

Sherri H. Olympia, WA

“The Olympic moving and storage team of James, Doug and Andrew are a packing tornado!They had me packed up in no time, and I had a town house full of stuff. Highly recomended. I would ask for them specifically.”

Katherine S. Bremerton, WA

“We hired Olympic with fairly short notice in October, and they were flexible with our time schedules and showed up on time and had 3 experienced movers that worked quick and effective. The movers were professional and even helped us pack things (we only hired them to load and unload the trucks). We would not hesitate to hire them again, which in fact we did a few weeks later to help us empty out a storage unit. It was great to have them put together our furniture (beds, dining room table, desks) in our new home so that our first night in our home was enjoyable.”

Sarah T. Federal Way, WA

“I used Olympic Moving & Storage twice. I was referred by another company. They are very professional and my move went very smoothly. Melanie Hare was the associate who arranged everything and arranged for storage for 10 days as the place was not ready. I would highly recommend them to anyone. The crew was very respectful and on time. They made sure all my furniture was handled with care wherever it needed to be kept. They went over the list to make sure all the items were delivered. I will definitely use them again. It was a real pleasure to work with Melanie!”

Nasreen A. Olympia, WA

“The first week of May 2015 I found myself in a situation with two 20­foot shipping containers of personal household goods arriving from overseas at Seattle Port. I needed each container picked up, one at a time, transported to my new address, unloaded, returned to the Port, and the next container picked up the next morning following this same procedure. Alas, I was looking at HUGE à la carte expenses. Olympic Moving & Storage was the only company who allowed me to bundle all those services for a significantly lower rate. Many thanks to the very pleasant Barbara (ex­cheerleader from Oklahoma), who made it all administratively possible in spite of a bad cold.”

Thrifty T. Tacoma, WA

meet the management team

About Olympic Moving Storage

The Top Northwest Movers

Olympic Moving Storage has been the top Northwest moving company since 1994. We’ve earned the ProMover accreditation with the American Moving and Storage Association and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, relocating thousands of households and businesses within Washington and to destinations all over the world. Moving can be one of the most stressful situations that people experience in their life. It is our goal to lessen the physical and mental burden of moving by providing our customers a solid game plan, a professional pack/move team, and consistent communication throughout the moving process.

As a top agent for Wheaton World Wide Moving, we are part of a global network of movers. With our trusted partners we can transport virtually anything domestically or internationally. Our professional Move Coordinators offer free moving estimates, tailored to fit each customer s specific needs and budget. Our experienced packers and movers are screened, trained and continually evaluated to ensure quality that meets our high standards and your expectations. Our large fleet of moving vans and moving equipment are kept clean and well maintained in order to provide secure and damage free transportation of your goods. As a full service moving and storage company, we offer safe, secure and clean storage facilities throughout the state, country or world. All of Olympic s warehouses are approved by the Department of Defense, climate controlled, strictly monitored and regularly inspected.

At Olympic, we are dedicated to the unique needs of our clients, whatever they may be. When you’re ready to make your next move, make it an easy one by calling the top Northwest movers. Olympic Moving Storage.

Olympic Moving Storage

Moving Guides and Resources

Moving to the Pacific Northwest?

Interesting Facts!

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Washington State is home to several economic juggernauts including Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon, and Starbucks ­as well as one of the wealthiest men in the world, Bill Gates. But here are some fun facts you might not know about this evergreen gem:

  1. The Northwest produces more apples than any other part of the country.
  2. There are more glaciers in the Northwest than the other 47 contiguous states combined.
  3. Jimi Hendrix, Bing Crosby, and Kurt Cobain were born in the Northwest.
  4. The oldest operating gas station in the United States is in Zillah, WA.
  5. The state insect for Washington is the Green Darner Dragonfly.
  6. The Northwest contains the only rainforest in the continental United States.
  7. By the turn of the 20th century, Aberdeen, WA had earned the distinction of being “the roughest town west of the Mississippi” because of the excessive gambling, violence, extreme drug use, and prostitution. It remained off-­limits to military personnel into the early 1980’s.
  8. The popular games Pictionary, Pickle­ball, and Cranium were all invented in the Northwest.
  9. The Northwest has the only state to be named after a U.S. President. (Washington)
  10. The world’s largest building is located in Everett, WA ­- Boeing’s final assembly plant.

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Specially oriented towards Architecture, Second Skin is an architectural vision of traditional ceramic. Play with the light and shadow projected from the three Dimentional shapes and their Illumination. Where ceramic in essence,

Light surface wefts convey the feeling of a collection inspired by modernity. Clean, and refined, available in 5 neutral colors options in 32″x32″ format.

Tangram: in the tradition of the Chinese game to interlock, build up and break down geometric forms, the basis for infinite installation layouts. Attractive, unconventional effects run across the surface

Posted December 12, 2016

Cultures across the world have used tile work as decorative architectural accents, as well as for surfaces upon which to walk. Modern tile work frequently appears on bathroom floors, on walls as decorative accents, and even on ceilings as a

Posted August 8, 2016

Horizon Italian Tile New Orleans is moving full speed ahead! We are proud to announce our red carpet sponsorship for the 2016 Architecture and Design Film Festival in New Orleans, being held August 11-13. Attendees will be treated to a

Posted April 28, 2016

IIDA Houston City Center’s Product Runway benefitting the Houston Furniture Bank commenced Friday April 22nd at Revention Music Center and Horizon was VERY well represented by a fantastic team of designers from PDR Teams were revealed February 11th where designers from PDR were

Posted July 1, 2015

We had a fun filled event celebrating 20 years of business at our anniversary party located at our recently remodeled warehouse showroom in June. With live music by the Def Points, an on-site pizza oven, and amazing barbecue, we celebrated

Hours Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM


TEXAS: DALLAS, HOUSTON, AUSTIN, SAN ANTONIO, DFW, Fort Worth, North Dallas, Downtown Dallas, Arlington, Garland, Irving, Plano, Carrollton, Denton, Frisco, Grand Prairie, Highland Park, McKinney, Mesquite, Richardson, University Park NATIONWIDE: New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA; Chicago, IL; Phoenix, AZ; Philadelphia, PA; San Diego, CA; San Jose, CA; Detroit, MI; San Francisco, CA; Jacksonville, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Columbus, MO; Charlotte, NC; Memphis, TN; Boston, MA; Baltimore, MD, Seattle, WA; Denver, CO; Nashville, TN; Milwaukee, WI; Washington, D.C.; Las Vegas, NV; Louisville, KY; Portland, OR and the rest of the United States.

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