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Third Party Patch Management using Microsoft SCCM

Supports patching of 250 + third party applications

Microsoft SCCM has a great infrastructure to manage desktops and their applications. But, one of the limitations of SCCM is its inability to patch non Microsoft applications. This is a source of inconvenience for IT administrators as they have to work with multiple patch management tools in order to update all business applications in the network, making this task highly time consuming.

Patch Connect Plus is a tool that helps deploy patches to over 250 third party applications such as Adobe applications, Java and WinRAR using your existing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager server. Hence, delivering a solution to the problem by integrating with your existing SCCM patch management infrastructure.

Automate non-Microsoft patch management

Protect your systems from security threats with regular patching. Schedule regular scans and gain vulnerability information of the systems managed. Deploy patches to the vulnerable systems automatically using SCCM patch management infrastructure.

Get the most out of your SCCM investment

Using Patch Connect Plus with your existing SCCM framework will help you patch almost any application. Hence, you overcome the requirement of having yet another IT solution for Patch management of third party applications. Also by using the same SCCM console, you overcome the need of learning about a new console for third party patch management alone.

Patch only required applications

Approve patches only to the required applications which are significant to you. Therefore, gain higher control over the applications which you want to patch.


Receive the status reports of the patches available, last database updated time and new products being supported by Patch Connect Plus.

Intelligent patching

Deploy patches to the applications when they are not in use. Hence, providing reliability to the deployment process by adding precision which leads to the success of patching of applications in the right manner.

Great user experience

Patch Connect Plus provides its users with convenience of easy installation and one time setup requirement. Also, the UI is easy to understand with support documents at every step to help users.

Available in 2 editions

Patch Connect Plusfor Microsoft SCUP

Readily available updates to patch via SCUP catalog.

Patch Connect Plusfor Microsoft SCCM

Fully automated patching using SCCM infrastructure.

PGA and USGA step to new sets of tees in nationwide Tee


PGA and USGA step to new sets of tees in Tee It Forward initiative

Simply put, TEE IT FORWARD can make golf much more fun for millions of people, said PGA of America President Allen Wronowski. We believe that by moving up to another set of tees, golfers will experience an exciting, new approach to the game that will produce more enjoyment and elevate their desire to come back and play even more golf.

Barney Adams, the founder of Adams Golf, provided the concept that led to TEE IT FORWARD. By playing from forward tees, amateur golfers have the chance to play the course at the same relative distance as a touring professional would over 18 holes. The playing field is leveled by giving golfers the opportunity to play from distances that are properly aligned with their abilities.

With many more golfers hitting approach shots with 6- and 7-irons instead of hybrids and long irons, their chances for enjoyment increase. Also, playing from forward tees should result in fewer overall shots, shorter distance traveled on each hole, and potentially, fewer lost balls.

The passion that golfers have for our game has the potential to be enhanced by the TEE IT FORWARD initiative, said Jim Hyler, president of the United States Golf Association. This is an innovation that we think will appeal to golfers of all skill levels because it gives them a new challenge that better aligns with their abilities. We hope that TEE IT FORWARD will be embraced by players and golf facilities across the country.

TEE IT FORWARD is not necessarily about creating a new set of tees — many facilities already have multiple tees in use every day. It is about changing the mindset of golfers in a positive way — encouraging people to consider setting aside playing from 6,500-6,700 yards and moving up to a length of 6,000-6,200 yards or moving from 6,000-6,200 yards to 5,700-5,800 yards.

The 6,700-yard course that many amateur golfers play today is proportionally equivalent to a PGA Tour player competing on a course measuring 8,100 yards — 700 yards or more longer than a typical PGA Tour layout.

Jack Nicklaus, who shares the record with Walter Hagen for most PGA Championship titles with five and also shares the U.S. Open record with four victories, is a proponent of TEE IT FORWARD.

I love the game of golf but I will be the first to tell you that there are things about our game we need to improve, Nicklaus said. Now The PGA of America and the USGA have come together to develop ways to that can make the game more attractive and more enjoyable. Tee It Forward is the first of many initiatives we have discussed together, and I think families around the country will enjoy alternate formats like this to make the game more fun.

All of us deeply involved in the game constantly encourage golfers of all skill levels to play the proper tees, but too often golfers want to bite off as much of the golf course as they can. What ends up suffering is their scorecard and their overall enjoyment. This program should help stimulate people to play the proper tees and maximize the golf experience.

TEE IT FORWARD also coincides in July with The PGA of America s Family Golf Month, which has approximately 2,200 facilities already registered for that national initiative.

About the USGA
The USGA annually conducts the U.S. Open, U.S. Women s Open, U.S. Senior Open and 10 national amateur championships. It also conducts two state team championships and helps conduct the Walker Cup Match, Curtis Cup Match and World Amateur Team Championships. Each year, more than 35,000 players representing more than 80 countries submit entries to play in USGA championships. The USGA s Course Rating and Handicap systems are used on six continents in more than 50 countries. The USGA writes and administers the Rules of Golf, conducts equipment testing, provides expert course maintenance consultations, and, since 1920, has been a global leader in the development and support of sustainable golf course management practices. It serves as a primary steward for the game s history, and funds an ongoing For the Good of the Game grants program. For more information about the USGA, visit .

About The PGA of America
Celebrating its 95th year, The PGA of America has maintained a twofold mission of its founders: to establish and elevate the standards of the profession and to grow interest and participation in the game of golf. By establishing and elevating the standards of the golf profession through world-class education, career services, marketing and research programs, The PGA enables its professionals to maximize their performance in their respective career paths and showcases them as experts in the game and in a multi-billion dollar golf industry. By creating and delivering dramatic world-class championships and exciting and enjoyable promotions that are viewed as the best of their class in the golf industry, The PGA of America elevates the public s interest in the game, the desire to play more golf, and ensures accessibility to the game for everyone, everywhere. The PGA of America brand represents the very best in golf.

Non 12 step Drug Rehabs for Long Term Recovery #non # #step


  • Non 12 Step Rehab
  • Rehab Success Rates
  • Rehab Components
  • Detox Treatment
  • Drug Rehab Blog
  • About Us
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Finding True Recovery With Non 12 Step Drug Rehabs

For over 70 years, those with drug and alcohol problems have had little, if any, help in maintaining sobriety. Traditional types of treatment based in the AA or NA methodology can set people up for later backslides and slip ups. They do not give the comprehensive support and guidance that non 12 step drug rehabs can offer.

After a typical 12 step program, patients are left feeling vulnerable and that they have to battle addiction for the rest of their lives. This creates more stress after recovery, which can lead directly to continued drug and alcohol use.

Long Term Recovery With Non 12 Step Treatment Is Possible!

While the NA/AA standard for rehab has been along for a long time, the truth is that less than 10% of people who attend 12 step programs achieve long term success.

Why is success so difficult for these 12 step programs?

  1. They rely on group therapy, which can prevent patients from addressing their individual needs. Patients in group therapy often trade war stories of abuse which can trigger renewed cravings.
  2. They use heavy indoctrination to reinforce the belief that the patient is powerless. In these programs, patients are taught that they have a disease and there is no hope but a daily battle with addiction.
  3. They place an emphasis on submitting to a Higher Power. While there is nothing wrong with finding strength through spirituality, faith based rehab programs can be alienating and complicate the recovery process.

Why Non 12 Step Drug Rehabs Have Better Success Rates

Modern and advanced non 12 step treatment facilities have seen increased success rates due to their methodology. Instead of coercing a patient to stay sober through indoctrination and a belief in a higher power, non 12 step drug rehabs focus on the entire recovery process.

While all non 12 step treatment facilities operate a bit differently, most have the following components in problem.

-They guide patients through a complete biophysical detox to decrease cravings (and therefore temptation). Non 12 step treatment helps patients physically recover so they can dig down to the deeper issues.

-They allow patients to explore their emotional and psychological reasons for drug abuse in safe one on one therapy environment. Non 12 step treatment is focused on individual therapy, rather than group pressure.

-They give patients the tools to deal with the challenges of their post recovery life. Non 12 step treatment facilities understand that life does not end when the treatment is up. They give patients skills and coping mechanisms to avoid relapse in the real world.

Non 12 step drug rehabs have a better success rate because they center the treatment on the individual – not on the group, not on a higher power and not on the disease mindset. Many patients see terrific results with non 12 step treatment because they are allowed to feel empowered about their recovery.

However, find the right non 12 step treatment center is not always easy. That’s why we created this site. Learn more about our experience with non 12 step drug rehabs. get insight into why this type of drug treatment works. and then reach out when you’re ready to find the right program.

Call 1-800-238-7309 Today
Find The Right Non 12 Step Drug Rehabs & Recovery Programs

Successful Alternatives

Fill out this form or call the number below to get in touch with an addiction counselor or call now to find quality non 12 step rehab programs.

Get Immediate Help

Non 12 Step Rehab Locations

Find Non-12 Step Drug Rehabs And Recovery Programs In The Following States:

Finance for non-financial managers, finance for non finance managers course.#Finance #for #non


Finance for non-financial managers

Finance for non finance managers course

  • Price: 75.50 kr
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Download for FREE in 4 easy steps.

Finance for non finance managers course

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Finance for non finance managers course Finance for non finance managers course

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Finance for non finance managers course

  • Understanding Financial Performance

    Finance for non finance managers course

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    Finance for non finance managers course

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    Finance for non finance managers course

  • Corporate Numeracy Financial Matters, Techniques And How To Use Them

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    Finance for non finance managers course

  • About the book


    Today’s managers need to be more commercially aware more so than ever before. Even if they do not have to manage budgets or finances themselves as part of their role they still need to understand about the financials of a company, what it all means and the impact of their actions on the bottom line.

    In this textbook you’ll receive a thorough grounding that explains what all of the financial statements of a company means from a “non finance” point of view. Explained in easy to understand language, you will soon gain a great insight into the finance aspects of a company even if you have no direct input into the financials yourself.


    Today’s managers need to be more commercially aware more so than ever before. Even if they do not have to manage budgets or finances themselves as part of their role they still need to understand about the financials of a company, what it all means and the impact of their actions on the bottom line.

    In this textbook you’ll receive a thorough grounding that explains what all of the financial statements of a company means from a “non finance” point of view. Explained in easy to understand language, you will soon gain a great insight into the finance aspects of a company even if you have no direct input into the financials yourself.

    Sean McPheat, the Founder and Managing Director of management development specialists, MTD Training is the author of this publication. Sean has been featured on CNN, BBC, ITV, on numerous radio stations and has contributed to many newspapers. He’s been featured in over 250 different publications as a thought leader within the management development and training industry.

    MTD has been working with a wide variety of clients (both large and small) in the UK and internationally for several years.

    MTD specialise in providing:

    • In-house, tailor made management training courses (1-5 days duration)

    • Open courses (Delivered throughout the UK at various locations)

    • Management & leadership development programmes (From 5 days to 2 years)

    • Corporate and executive coaching (With senior or middle managers)

    MTD provide a wide range of management training courses and programmes that enable new and experienced managers to maximise their potential by gaining or refining their management and leadership skills.

    Our team of highly skilled and experienced trainers and consultants have all had distinguished careers in senior management roles and bring with them a wealth of practical experience to each course. At MTD Training we will design and deliver a solution that suits your specific needs addressing the issues and requirements from your training brief that best fits your culture, learning style and ways of working.

    Our programmes are delivered when and where you need them! We believe that training should be fun, highly interactive and provide “real world” practical techniques and methods that you can use back in the office – and that’s exactly what we provide.


    1.1 Understanding Finance Basics

    1.2 Three Basic Finance Principles

    1.3 Basic Finance Terms

    1.4 Overview of the Ebook

    2. Financial Information Every Organization Needs

    2.2 Bookkeping (Accounting)

    2.3 Chart of Accounts

    2.4 The General Journal (Original Book of Entry)

    2.5 The General Ledger

    3.2 What a Balance Sheet Tells You

    3.3 What the Balance Sheet Doesn’t Tell You

    4.2 Elements of the Income Statement

    4.3 What an Income Statement Tells You

    4.4 What an Income Statement Does Not Tell You

    5.2 Cash Flow Categories

    5.3 Preparing the Cash Flow Statement

    6.2 Approaches to Budgeting

    6.3 Reading the Budget

    7.2 How Important is Price?

    7.3 Demand for the Product or Service

    7.4 Your Environment

    7.5 Pricing Strategies

    8. Applying Your Knowledge

    Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management – Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay,


    non profit management

    Non profit management

    Non profit management

    For information on individual program offerings please visit our current program schedule .

    Today, a good idea isn’t enough; leaders must demonstrate that their idea will deliver measurable results to the bottom line. To drive innovation and organizational success, leaders need to make effective business decisions that provide the most economic value to their organizations. In many organizations, miscommunication and limited access to financial management training hinder effective decision-making.

    The Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management will provide you with the basic skills and knowledge needed to establish and maintain a strong system of financial management.

    With a focus on best practices, the certificate courses will build your ability to make sound decisions that affect your nonprofit’s programs and operations. They will demystify financial jargon, as well as teach you about financial record-keeping. Course material uses easily understood and relevant case examples as well as engaging, interactive explanations for financial terminology, assumptions, and concepts.

    The programs includes a combination of finance and accounting topics and enables participants to interpret financial information, assess the costs and benefits of business decisions, and communicate operational and financial strategies.

    • Introduction to Nonprofit Financial Management
    • Tools for Cash Management Analysis

    The two, half-day classes required for the Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management provide financial instruction and confidence for non-financial staff members who have to deal with “the numbers,” but lack an accounting or finance background.

    To be awarded the Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management you must complete the two (2) required programs within 12-months. Upon completing both programs you may request your Certificate in Nonprofit Financial Management.

    Victory Outreach Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment – Free Rehab Centers #non


    Provides non-medical drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation facilities in a structured Christian environment, including daily Bible studies, church services, and peer counseling. Program lasts 1 year.

    Rehab location: 8348 Cacus Street, Spring Valley, CA 91977

    Must be 18 years and older. Different residential facilities for men and for women.

    Is this treatment center really free?

    Most of the listings on this website are free; however, we decided it would also be helpful for our visitors to see sliding scale treatment centers and low cost rehab centers for low income persons.

    Find a free drug and alcohol treatment center in your state or zip code.

    Important Definitions

    Sliding Scale Treatment Fees that are variable based on the clients ability to pay. Fees are reduced for lower income persons or have less money due to high expenses.

    Non Profit Treatment Many non profit treatment programs are free or are lower cost due to the non profit organizations status.

    Faith Based Treatment Many religious organizations offer drug and alcohol recovery treatment at no cost as part of their ministry services. Many also offer payment assistance for those that qualify.

    Payment Assistance Payment assistance is available at a large group of treatment centers. We list this detail in the description. Payment assistance programs are often structured due to the situation. You will need to call the location to find out specific details on payment assistance programs.

    News and Articles

    The Access To Recovery Grant Program provides vouchers to substance abuse users who need clinical treatment and/or substance.

  • If you are wondering if there really are free rehab centers available to the public? The answer is, definitely yes!

    About Us is about providing the most complete list of free, low cost, sliding scale, and low income assisted rehab list on the Internet. We scoured thousands of non profit organizations that provide alcohol, drug, another other assistance with substance abuse rehabilitation.

    Helpful Sites

    Latest News

  • Business Loans #non #collateral #business #loans


    Business Loans

    Alternatives is committed to small businesses. We want your business to succeed, and we are looking for long term lending and deposit relationships. We ask for comprehensive information for the application, and have provided a list of requested items below. The information is needed to enable us to make a responsible loan decision. As time-consuming as it sometimes is to compile, our experience shows that careful financial planning can be a significant factor in the success of a business.

    Please note: Alternatives is a regional credit union. We offer business loans to businesses located in Ithaca, Tompkins County, and the surrounding counties of Schuyler, Chemung, Tioga, Cortland, Cayuga and Seneca.

    What you will need to apply for a Business Loan at Alternatives:

    • Loan application form
    • Personal financial statement
    • Business plan (including all necessary financial statements)
    • For existing businesses, three years of financial statements and tax returns

    Support for idea development and compiling these important documents is available through our Business CENTS Program.

    Loan types
    Women and Minority Subsidized Loan

    Alternatives can now offer a subsidized loan for women and minority-owned businesses. This loan will assist women and minority borrowers who have a minimum of one year in business and are looking for assistance with continued growth and expansion.
    Loan Information:

  • New loans only, no refinances
  • Term: Up to 5 years
  • Rate: 4% Fixed
  • Maximum Amount $50,000
  • Equity Requirement: 10% of loan amount (additional equity may be required)

    Working Capital Loan
    Decisions relating to working capital and short term financing are referred to as working capital management. These involve managing the relationship between a firm’s short-term assets and its short-term liabilities. The goal of Working Capital management is to ensure that the firm is able to continue its operations and that it has sufficient cash flow to satisfy both maturing short-term debt and upcoming operational expenses.

    Line of Credit
    Cash flow is often an issue in business. Whether your need is inventory or funds for day-to-day operations, look towards a Line of Credit. Secured by business assets, the Line of Credit makes funds available when the need arises. Every small business and non-profit should have a Line of Credit in place for opportunities, emergencies or to cover inadvertent overdrafts.

    Business Equipment Loan
    Need funds to purchase equipment, inventory and furniture or business assets? The Business Term Loan, secured by business assets, will enable you to borrow funds while at the same time setting up a budget payment that won’t change every month.

    Commercial Mortgage
    If you’ve found the perfect place to start or expand your business and you need to purchase or improve the property, Alternatives offers a Commercial Mortgage to meet your needs. We offer flexible repayment terms up to 15 years.

    Share Secured Loans
    If you would rather not touch the money in your savings or certificate account, but need capital, consider a Share Secured Loan. Have money for business needs without losing interest on funds invested at Alternatives. Share Secured Loans are also a good way to build a credit record to support future borrowing.

    Small Business Administration (SBA) Guaranteed Loan
    Minimal collateral, credit concerns, and higher risk business ideas can create problems when trying to get a loan. If this is your situation, we can offer you a solution. An SBA loan can be used for general business purposes, the purchase of assets or real property, and working capital.

    What we look for in a business loan applicant:
    Steady income sufficient to repay the loan and other obligations.

    • A good past credit history.
    • Sufficient collateral that is readily identifiable, with a wide market of resale.
    • Financials in line with or exceeding peers.
    • Owner equity in the business.

    Often, a business cannot provide the level of information we request. In that case, we will review the loan with the information presented. If the information provided is not sufficient to grant the loan, we reserve the right to require additional information. The loan may be considered for approval on the basis of the owner(s) personal credit.

    To provide a complete application, please enclose the following items:

    1. Three years financial statements and tax returns, as well as current (to within three months) financial statement (including income statements, balance sheets, and supporting schedules). Statements must follow Generally Accepted Accounting Principals.
    2. A Personal Financial Statement from each principal of the business.
    3. A description of any collateral offered or purchase receipts or price quotes for new equipment.
    4. Pro-forma projections month by month basis for two years or the length of the loan, whichever is less.
    5. Business plan detailing the structure of the business (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and ownership), a description of the product or service offered, the marketing strategy, an evaluation of the competition, a listing of trade references, and the names of the business principals.
    6. If the business is a corporation or partnership, include a copy of the certificate of incorporation or partnership papers, and a resolution from the Board of Directors or partners authorizing the loan request and designating who will sign loan papers.
    7. Personal guarantee(s) of the owner(s) of the business are required for each business loan. The requirement may be waived, for non-profit businesses only, at the discretion of the Credit Union. A personal guarantee demonstrates the signer’s commitment to seeing the business succeed, and means that the principals are personally responsible for the loan payments. This guarantee is requested by other financial institutions as well, and is a legal requirement for credit unions.

    The Credit Union can provide resource materials on business planning and analysis, and we run a series of business seminars. For members with credit needs beyond our limits and terms we will do loans with the Small Business Administration (SBA) and can aid in placing loans with larger institutions.

    Online Access

  • Non emergency medical transportation service in Georgia #long #distance #medical #transportation, #medical


    Finest Non-Emergency Medical Transportation in Georgia

    Need Local or Long Distance Transport?

    We treat your loved ones like our own to ensure safe medical transportation you can trust.

    All About Medical Transportation (AAMT) is dedicated to providing safe and timely non-emergency medical transportation options in Georgia to individuals with special medical needs. Our goal is to provide the most relaxing and stress-free medical transportation in our spacious and well-equipped vehicles. AAMT’s professional, caring drivers go above and beyond to ensure the comfort and safety of every passenger en route to the hospital, doctor’s office, assisted living center, or other facility. Our non emergency medical transportation service in Georgia is fully-equipped with essential medical equipment: including stretchers. breathing assistance devices. blood, pressure kits. first aid supplies. medical bags and more. Our drivers are trained to use this equipment, ensuring that passengers receive the care they need en route to their destination.

    Request a quote

    Transport Services

    Whether you need long-distance transport or local medical transport in Georgia—whether in Savannah, Rincon, Bloomingdale, or another city—your loved ones can rely on the wheelchair and stretcher transportation services provided by All About Medical Transportation for a safe and comfortable trip. Our staff is highly trained and well-prepared to assist with any medical or healthcare needs.


    At All About Medical Transportation, we focus on providing a meticulously punctual service offered in the utmost comfort. Our vehicles are specially designed for stretcher and wheelchair transportation, and provide ample space and luxurious amenities. State-of-the-art wheelchair lifts ensure comfortable entry and exit, and all of our wheelchair vehicles feature 4-point wheelchair locking systems for maximum safety during transport.


    All About Medical Transportation’s vehicles are fully furnished with state-of-the art technology and are well equipped to handle a wide variety of medical injuries and illnesses. Each vehicle is stocked with essential medical equipment, including wheelchairs, stretchers, first aid kits, medical bags, oxygen assistance devices, and more.

    TLC Medical Transport #tlc #medical #transportation, #wheel #chair, #wheelchair, #gurney, #transportation, #sacramento,


    TLC has been serving northern California since 2005 with offices in Sacramento.
    Our regular hours of operation are Monday to Saturday 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
    and open all major holidays regardless of date, after hours transportation is also available. Each time you call TLC you will be greeted by a live voice during regular business hours.
    TLC works closely with individuals, hospitals, nursing homes, long term care facilities, healthcare networks and insurance agencies including workers compensation to determine how to best serve clients in need of medical transportation. The focus of the company is ensuring tha t the patient receives high quality service while still controlling costs.
    TLC provides hospital discharges, doctors appointments, specializes in dialysis transportation and non-medical trips. Local and long distance transports are available. By providing a variety of transportation options, case managers and transportation coordinators can choose the services that best suit their clients needs. What is offered is a full range of services to ensure patients receive the most appropriate assistance and care, regardless of the nature of their transport.

    Our specialty services include:

    Wheelchair Lift Vans

    Gurney Van with Attendant

    Local or Long Distance

    Oxygen Equipped Vehicles

    TLC’s Mission Statement:

    We treat every client as if they are our personal family members. Our drivers are CPR and First Aid certified, kind, courteous and professional.

    TLC offers the most varied types of transportation than any other company. We have an Assisted Taxi for ambulatory client. Wheelchair and Gurney vans are also available for those requiring additional assistance.

    Here at TLC we do more than just medical transportation. We will also provide transportation for many other Special Occasions.

    Transport available Monday to Saturday.

    TLC has competitive pricing and accepts Visa and Mastercard for your convenience.

    Buy Online Phd Degrees – Ashwood University #buy #phd #degree, #online #phd


    PhD Degree – Buy PhD Degree

    When a person wishes to make his education status more profound with a doctorate or PhD degree he has to dedicate complete time to it. Full time job does not allow people to fulfill their wish. Though it is ideally impossible to buy PhD degree in the traditional education setup, with online education it is possible. No matter what setup you are in if you have the urge to take your education to the next level, buy PhD online is the most ideal solution. The revolutionary online solution has enabled even those working adults and veterans to make their education status complete with authentic online PhD degree. Online PhD degree is considered equally authentic and is accepted ubiquitously. Whether an individual wants to make big in his career life or continue with education accredited PhD degree online come in handy everywhere.

    With the avenues opening and opportunities growing, importance of higher education is increasing on a very rapid pace. Normally PhD degree is a prerequisite for people who want to build their career as professor and researcher.

    There are points in life when you have gained enough experience and made learning that could be easily translated into a PhD degree. However, with the tight schedule it is practically impossible to work your plan out. Online PhD degree enables you to add one more feather to your hat without compromising on your education. It s convenient and time effective and does not require you spent years scurrying between the library and your instructor. Today, people who have spent years in the field and have acquired knowledge adequate enough to be translated in a PhD Degree opt for online universities. These universities are accredited and recognized by globally accepted online accreditation bodies and provide students with accredited PhD degree online.

    Since it has become easy to buy accredited PhD degree online many individuals have enrolled themselves in the online PhD degree program. Online PhD degree helps people in creating a difference in their lives which can only come an authentic degree. People such as working adults, disabled people, students and others can now get degree that both authentic and acceptable worldwide. All online universities today offer PhD degree. Students can buy PhD degree online without giving up on their jobs.

    Different universities have different ways to evaluate and test their students for accredited online PhD degree. Some universities have test system which requires students to pass the test in order to get their accredited PhD degree online. For them university management make the course material available on their website. Should they need help students can easily contact their designated online instructors for advice and instructions. Other method involves prior learning assessment where student is evaluated by the team of qualified instructors and educationist for the PhD degree. Since getting online PhD degree is faster and more convenient, it is getting popular with the people on a very fast pace. Just a computer and access to internet is all what required to pursue accredited PhD degree online.

    When we talk about online universities that are offering PhD degree, Ashwood University remains on the top. We offer accredited online PhD degree in all disciplines. Our quick and reasonable method allows anybody with adequate prior learning to enjoy the fruit of authentic and recognized PhD degree.