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A Beginners Guide to Call Recording and Compliance

In this educational piece, we look at what the law says regarding call recording and financial transactions and how Oak’s solutions can help you tick the right boxes.

Compliance is a murky subject. A casual glance presents the uninitiated with a series of rules and regulations that can seem at once critical and yet apparently contradictory. Some state that certain financial transactions must be recorded, whilst others, so it seems, demand that financial details be excluded or covered up. The only thing that appears obvious is that as a company you have the obligation to get it right or you will be in trouble.

Let us shine a little light on the situation.

There are currently several guidelines and laws relevant to the recording of calls. First and foremost under the Data Protection Act. you must let your employees and customers know that you are recording calls and why the ubiquitous calls are recorded for training and monitoring purposes serves this purpose well. In terms of what calls or parts of calls must be recorded or not, these are laid out by two central bodies: the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). In this article we ll examine the requirements of both of these and explain how Oak s products work to help you meet the necessary criteria.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Thou shalt record thy calls

The FCA regulates firms and financial advisers so that markets and financial systems remain sound, stable and resilient, thereby inhibiting abuse and promoting confidence in the sector. Since March 2009, the FCA has determined that certain types of business must record some calls in particular:

i) calls that conclude an agreement with any client or with another regulated firm on behalf of a client; or

ii) calls that are conducted with a professional client or eligible counterparty with a view to concluding an agreement.

These calls must be recorded and stored securely so that they may not be tampered with (this also complies with EU law). They must also be made easily accessible for a minimum of six months .

These rules apply to firms whose products include qualifying investments (shares, bonds, options and futures) that are traded on a prescribed market, or other types of investments that are related to these. The rules do not apply to other financial services (financial advisors, insurance and mortgage brokers, solicitors, estate agents and firms receiving and executing loans). However, these firms may well be advised to use call recording.

The FCA s Policy on Telephone Recording 08/01 2.1 states that recorded communication increases the likelihood of successful prosecution. This in turn, it argues, reduces the perceived value of committing market abuse of the system in the first place, and in principle leads to greater market confidence and greater price efficiency.

Since November 2011, the FCA does not discriminate between landline and mobile calls, so a good call recording solution will be able to securely store transactions made on both.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Thou shalt not record thy calls

PCI DSS does not just affect certain financial services, but is concerned with any business that handles card payments. Its purpose is to minimise the risk of fraud etc through the best practice handling of card details. For our purposes here, that means that if your company uses call recording software, that software must ensure that the card validation codes and values in particular (the actual payment details needed to transfer money) are not accessible following authorisation and preferably not stored on a system. The PCI DSS website states:

It is a violation of PCI DSS requirement 3.2 to store any sensitive authentication data, including card validation codes and values, after authorisation even if encrypted.

It is therefore prohibited to use any form of digital audio recording for storing CAV2, CVC2, CCV2, CID codes if that data can be queried. Where technology exists to help prevent the recording of these data elements, such technology should be enabled.

For companies who record calls and take payments over the phone, this is a major compliance issue. Any call recording software must offer features that allow the required parts of the calls to be hidden or omitted.

Oak Call Recording Solutions

Oak s call recording solutions have been designed to help you comply with all the legislation outlined above.

For when you must record calls, Oak solutions offer.

  • Full security – All call recordings are automatically encrypted and tamperproof.
  • High capacity storage Our storage capacity far exceeds the minimum requirement of 6 months; you may choose to archive calls for much longer.
  • Easy search and retrieve Calls can be found easily using criteria such as date, time, extension, CLI, DDI, phone number, user defined flags or even customer reference if linked to a CRM system.
  • Fraud deterrence Just letting callers know that you record calls can prevent misconduct.

Mobile compliance – Oak s mobile application is currently available for Blackberry users only. This is because the app can be loaded centrally onto the Blackberry Enterprise Server (rather than individual handsets) making it scalable from one mobile user to hundreds. The app enables calls to be recorded and stored on the business central Oak call recording solution, keeping all the call information in one place. The app we use is secure and tamper proof, it cannot be turned off, and will even flag up if a user tries to change the SIM. It is also a cost-effective solution, as most alternatives require a separate SIM and may vastly increase your call charges.

. And for when you must not record calls

Oak s solutions also provide a number of means to ensure that card details are not recorded or stored on the system. Whichever option you choose, that part of the call is simply replaced with a silence.

  • DTMF Detection This is the most basic method that will work on any system. To pause and resume the recording of a call, the agent simply presses a series of digits on their phone pad. The CV2 number is not recorded at all while the rest of the call is recorded and made easily available for playback. There is also a built in timeout option that can tell the system to resume recording should the agent forget to do so manually. Oak line side call recording solutions include this manual option as standard.
  • PCI Click An Oak software client is installed on each client PC allowing a user to login as themselves with an associated extension. Calls are stopped and restarted on demand by right clicking. This method requires a CTI connection.
  • PCI Web This automated method integrates Oak s call recording system with a business s payment system and is set up at the time of installation. A call can be paused either by a change of URL (when the user goes to a different screen to input payment) or by clicking on specific fields on the payment system. The call recording is resumed when the user clicks on a certain field or through some other agreed trigger. A CTI connection is essential to ensure that the correct call is paused.

Hopefully things will feel a little clearer now, but If you have further questions, would like to discuss the best options for your business, or want to know more about the benefits of call recording, then do get in touch. We d be very happy to help.

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Kevin Johnson’s charter schools have long angered unions. Now teachers there may join one.

By Loretta Kalb

May 03, 2017 10:12 AM

A majority of teachers at the St. Hope Public Schools charter system have signed a petition to become members of the Sacramento City Teachers Association, the labor union announced Wednesday.

If completed in the coming months, as SCTA officials expect, the marriage of the activist-style teachers union and the charter school system founded by former Mayor Kevin Johnson would be an odd pairing within the Sacramento City Unified School District.

No other independent charter schools in the district have unionized, and education labor leaders have long been critical of Johnson and his wife, Michelle Rhee. The Sacramento teachers union has remained an ardent opponent of St. Hope since it won school board approval to convert Sacramento High School to a charter campus in 2003.

Rhee is a prominent advocate for charter schools, chairs the board for St. Hope and is the former chancellor for Washington, D.C. public schools, where she drew controversy for bucking the teachers union.

“It used to be insurance companies and the trial lawyers doing the big fight,” said Sacramento political consultant Andrew Acosta. “Now you have this becoming much more of teachers unions vs. charter school playing itself out.”

The Sacramento teachers union has eyed St. Hope schools for years. John Borsos, executive director for the labor group, said there have been periods since the school system was created more than a decade ago that educators expressed an interest in trying to organize.

“From the moment St. Hope was created, there was always a belief that if educators decided it was right for them, then being unionized made sense,” Borsos said.

St. Hope has more than 1,600 students and 100 teachers in four schools: Sacramento Charter High, P.S. 7 Middle School, P.S. 7 Elementary and Oak Park Prep. Its largest school – the high school – has more than 900 students and occupies the former campus of Sacramento High School. The city’s oldest high school, Sacramento High faced possible state takeover in 2003. It closed in June and reopened the next fall as a charter. Within a few years, its graduation rates improved and academic performance improved and its dropout rates fell. By 2009, more than 70 percent of its graduating class was accepted to a four-year college.

Stephanie Farland, a consultant on charter school oversight in California, said she sees the benefits that students can receive when there is no labor agreement. But she also sees the price that young or new teachers pay because of high involvement, home visits and long hours.

“Charter schools often are successful because they have highly engaged and involved staff,” said Farland, executive director of Sacramento-based Collaborative Solutions for Charter Authorizers, which works with school districts and county education offices in California.

One of the reasons, she said, is that “most charters don’t have union rules they have to follow. They really work the teachers pretty hard.”

That translates into historically high turnover rates and burnout, she said. “While they are there, they are doing a great job,” Farland said. “But once they burn out, there are really no protections for them.”

She said she understands the need for teachers to be paid well and fairly. “But for the charters that are successful and have high expectations for teacher involvement, I think unionization is going to hurt that.”

Statewide, about 30 percent of charter schools had some form of collective bargaining agreement or representation in 2015, according to the California Charter Schools Association.

“I think it has a lot to do with the national political context,” Borsos said. “I think there’s a lot of uncertainty and concern. And I think that one thing the labor movement has represented is stability, job security and professional advocacy. And the national turmoil has percolated down into the communities. I think people are feeling the turbulence.”

Borsos said the labor group expects that “when people see the success that St. Hope educators have,” teachers at other charters will want to join in.

The SCTA cited a lack of transparency and high turnover as key issues with the St. Hope system.

Kingsley Melton, a law and public service teacher at Sacramento High, was among those who talked to co-workers about signing the SCTA petition.

“It was not easy,” Melton said of those conversations. “But it was easy to talk about the issues. We’re all in agreement: teacher turnover, lack of voice in the decision-making process involving kids and financial transparency.”

Melton, 40, said some teachers were worried about their own job security. But he said he and others are devoted to the school.

“I do believe wholeheartedly in our school’s mission and vision,” he said, describing the mission as providing students skills and the mindset to graduate from college. “I see unionizing as the best way to do that.”

Dominique Amis, chief operating officer for St. Hope, said in an email that any unionization may change the culture of success in the school system.

“We recognize that there are improvements we can make to ensure our staff feel valued and supported,” she wrote. “We think the best way to do this is through direct, collaborative conversations and actions with our staff rather than combative contract negotiations driven by external parties. The flexibility, autonomy, and collaborative environment we have built at St. Hope has dramatically improved the academic performance and outcome for our students.”

She said that any form of unionization “may challenge the environment and culture of success we have built and prioritize the desires of adults over the needs of our students.”

Amis cited the high school’s strong record of graduating more college-eligible African American male students than all other high schools in the district. The college-eligible rate for the entire high school, she said, is 98 percent. In 2003, by contrast, just 39 percent of the graduating class was college eligible, she said. The high school serves a mostly minority population.

SCTA submitted a petition signed by a majority of teachers, psychologists and counselors to the state Public Employment Relations Board on Friday.

J. Felix De La Torre, general counsel for the employment relations board, said the agency sent a letter to St. Hope Public Schools on Tuesday asking administrators to post notices of the labor effort at school sites for 15 working days.

De La Torre said the school system has the option of filing an objection to the unionization based on procedural or other grounds, and those objections would be investigated.

St. Hope also has 20 days to provide the agency with a list of all employees in the proposed labor unit and their job classifications.


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