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Embracing Hospice is the leading Hospice provider in delivering passionate, competent and comprehensive end-of-life care in Atlanta and the surrounding communities. For more than ten years Embracing Hospice has been devoted to easing the physical, emotional and spiritual pain and suffering that often accompanies terminal illness.

We provide comprehensive services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a very compassionate, experienced and well-trained hospice team of physicians, nurses, hospice aides, medical social workers, spiritual care specialists, clinical pharmacists, bereavement counselors and volunteers. We promise to always put patients and families first and strive to make every contact with you or your loved one meaningful.

Embracing Hospice accepts most private insurance and is a Medicare and Medicaid licensed provider. Both Medicare and Medicaid provide 100% coverage for care related to the terminal illness. This includes physicians, nurses, hospice aides, medical social workers, counselors, equipment, medications, oxygen, and medical supplies. Medicare and Medicaid patients will never receive a bill from us.

Please call us at (404) 659-0110 to speak with one of our caring healthcare professionals about hospice. Learn if hospice is right for you, your loved one, or your patient. Also, feel free to browse our web site for additional information about our hospice, our locations, virtual tours of our facilities, and other useful information.

IBM, a Pioneer of Remote Work, Calls Workers Back to the Office


IBM, a Pioneer of Remote Work, Calls Workers Back to the Office

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The 105-year-old technology giant is quietly dismantling its popular decades-old remote work program to bring employees back into offices, a move it says will improve collaboration and accelerate the pace of work.

The changes comes as IBM copes with 20 straight quarters of falling revenue and rising shareholder ire over Chief Executive Ginni Rometty’s pay package.

The company won’t say how many of its 380,000 employees are affected by the policy change, which so far has been rolled out to its Watson division, software development, digital marketing, and design — divisions that employ tens of thousands of workers.

The shift is particularly surprising since the Armonk, N.Y. company has been among the business world’s staunchest boosters of remote work, both for itself and its customers. IBM markets software and services for what it calls the anytime, anywhere workforce, and its researchers have published numerous studies on the merits of remote work.

In the past, IBM has boasted that more than 40% of employees worked outside traditional company offices, and a May 4 post on the company’s Smarter Workforce blog stated that telework works.

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IBM may be part of a broader rethink of remote work under way at large companies, as corporate leaders argue that putting workers in the same physical space hastens the speed of work and sparks innovation. Employers tread a fine line, however, since workers rate flexible-work programs highly, and research has found telecommuters often work more effectively than their cubicle-bound counterparts.

Yahoo Inc.’s decision to call telecommuters back to the office in 2013 set off a furor among employees and workplace experts. Yet more recent decisions at Bank of America Corp. and Aetna Inc. to greatly reduce telecommuting have elicited little outrage.

Big Blue’s leaders want employees to work differently now, said Laurie Friedman, a company spokeswoman. The company has rebuilt design and digital marketing teams to quickly respond to real-time data and customer feedback, collaborations that happen more easily when teams work shoulder-to-shoulder, Ms. Friedman said, adding that the vast majority of IBM’s telecommuters have chosen to join their teams in person.

Workers in affected IBM divisions have been given 30 days to decide whether to move to company-maintained office space that can be hundreds of miles away from their homes.

For example, marketing employees were invited to move to offices in Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, New York or San Francisco, or leave the company. Those unwilling to move were also given 90 days to seek another role within IBM.

The changes have stunned longtime IBMers like marketing manager Ron Favali. The 15-year company veteran has spent the last 12 years working from an office in his home outside Tampa, Fla. and considered himself a remote-work success story.

His team uses IBM’s Sametime instant-messaging voice and video chat software to stay connected and on task, despite being scattered in three states. Working remotely came with career trade-offs, he said. I was never going to be named vice president of marketing for anything, but I’m okay with that.

He has declined IBM’s offer to return to a company workspace, and will leave the company next month to start a marketing firm out of his home.

Companies began offering generous remote work policies because they expected large savings in office and real-estate costs, said Jennifer Glass, a University of Texas professor who studies telecommuting and advises companies on remote-work strategies. Those savings haven’t materialized, Ms. Glass said, so workers are being called back to the office.

Relocating offices or asking employees to move can sometimes be read as layoffs in disguise, since a certain percentage of workers won’t be able to relocate.

IBM says its co-location plan isn’t a cost-saving measure. Ms. Friedman noted that the employees who cannot join an in-person team can apply for one of more than 5,000 open jobs in the U.S.

Working from the master bedroom in her Ogden Dunes, Ind. home, Penny Schlyer helped market IBM mobile software and services for companies reliant on workers who aren’t bound to a desk, such as retail employees, financial advisers or doctors.

Her seven years telecommuting with IBM could have been plucked from one of her marketing campaigns: she has logged work hours from the sidelines of her sons’ sporting events and used Sametime to communicate with her colleagues.

She was dismayed when IBM requested the 48-year-old mother of three move to the company’s New York City office. The irony is definitely not lost there, she said.

Though IBM offered to pay for the move and make a small cost-of-living adjustment to her salary, Ms. Schlyer declined. I could never afford to live in New York City, and probably not anywhere close.

She has found a new job leading product marketing for SA Ignite, a Chicago-based software company, but her office won’t change: she is still in the master bedroom.

Virtual office in Washington DC, District of Columbia, 1425 K Street, 20005


Intelligent office of Washington DC Virtual Office in Washington DC DC

The Washington, D.C. clientele take advantage of the office’s prime location on the K Street Power Alley with its close proximity to the White House and Capitol Hill. Many clients have utilized services from the Washington, D.C. Center since its debut. But the clients who value us most are those who want new business and new clients. Thoroughly integrated into the local business community, Washington’s Office has become the premier choice for those needing professional office and communications solutions in our Nation’s Capitol. Offering highly trainable Intelligent Assistants able to handle clients calls by acting as integral parts of their staff, each individual customer is handled exactly the way the client wants it done. Intelligent Office/Washington, D.C. benefits from (and appreciates) the ongoing stream of referrals from existing clients. The Washington Office is located in a beautiful class A office building in Downtown Washington, D.C. with a magnificent green roof top terrace overlooking the White House. Professional office, a la carte. Professional staff, a la carte, Telecommunications solutions, a la carte.

  • Receptionist Greeting
  • Administrative Support

Give Your Business the Professional Image it Deserves. Use a virtual business address to receive your mail and packages, register your company, and utilize for marketing purposes.

Each location will accept your mail and packages from USPS, FedEx, UPS and any other independent courier. If you are unable to pick-up your mail, you have the option to have it forwarded. Use the center to meet and engage with your clients in a professional setting. United Virtual Office can provide your business the right image and services without the cost and commitment of traditional office space.

Intelligent office of Washington DC
1425 K Street NW. Suite 350
Washington DC, DC 20005

Talk to one of our Virtual Office Advisors now at 1-888-456-3342

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Within This Page

The Office space type refers to a variety of spaces including: meeting spaces integrated into the office environment, reception, office support spaces such as work rooms, storage rooms, file rooms, mail rooms, copier areas, service units/coffee bar, and coat storage integrated into the office environment, and telephone and communications equipment rooms located in tenant suites containing tenant equipment.

Spaces and features that may be classified as a separate space type or covered as a special feature include:

  • Millwork other than service unit/coffee bar and coat storage
  • Meeting spaces and conference rooms that include special lighting systems, acoustical treatment, moveable partitions, millwork, or A/V systems
  • Secure storage, strong rooms, vaults, and hardened partitions located within the office suite
  • Large filing, library, or storage areas with concentrated floor loads
  • Enclosed spaces requiring acoustical separation higher than 40 STC, partitions to structure with acoustical insulation, and ductwork sound baffling
  • Specialized window treatments (blackout shades, plantation shutters, motorized fabric draperies, etc.), interior windows, glass block partitions, and glazed doors
  • Humidity, pathogenic, or hypoallergenic air treatment systems
  • Upgrade or changes to standard items such as plaster or vaulted ceilings, specialty lighting, or upgraded ceiling tiles
  • Private toilets, elevators, or staircases

Office space plans can be arranged in several scenarios, including: 100% closed office (fully closed), 80%-20% (open), 20%-80% (closed), and 100% open office (fully open). See also WBDG Office Building .

Space Attributes

Over 50 percent of workers in the U.S. spend the workday in office buildings and spaces, and employers today are increasingly bearing the responsibility of providing a quality workspace. Thus the Office space type is typically a flexible environment that integrates technology, comfort and safety, and energy efficiency to provide a productive, cost-effective. and aesthetically pleasing working environment. Typical features of office space types include the list of applicable design objectives elements as outlined below. For a complete list and definitions of the design objectives within the context of whole building design, click on the titles below.

  • Integrated Technology . Begin the design process with a thorough understanding of the technological requirements of the space, including anticipated future needs.
  • Occupancy . Office space types fall into the B2 occupancy classification, with sprinklered construction. The GSA acoustical class is C1 for enclosed offices and Class C2 for open offices.
  • Flexibility . The office space type is durable and adaptable, and will typically include features such as a raised floor system for the distribution of critical services (power, voice, data, and HVAC) and mobile workstations to accommodate changes in employee, equipment, and storage needs over time.
  • Comfort and Safety . The health. safety. and comfort of employees is of paramount concern to employers. For this reason, the office space type should be designed with increased fresh air ventilation, the specification of non-toxic and low-polluting materials and indoor air quality monitoring. Non-quantifiable benefits such as access to windows and view, and opportunities for interaction should also be taken into account.
  • Energy Efficiency . As energy costs increase with higher reliance on technology, strategies such as the specification of high-efficiency lighting and lighting controls; the application of daylighting; the use of occupancy sensors; and the installation of high-efficiency HVAC equipment should be considered. For more information, see Optimize Energy Use .

Example Programs

Two sample building programs and plans are provided, for ‘fully closed’ and ‘fully open’ offices. They include minor file and library reference areas, conference space, break space with service unit/coffee bar, and reception area.

“Fully” Closed Office

Tenant Occupiable Areas

Commercial Office Movers – Moving Company in Denver, CO #office #movers #denver


Commercial Office Movers, Denver CO

Office moving companies- what do they do and what can you require from them?

Moving the office. is a complicated job that can hardly be handled by individual office owners or members. One of the very essential activities that commercial office movers handle, is to empower the clients with the necessary instruments and to provide tips they need in order to make an informed conclusion while they are searching for the optimal office relocation company .

What do office moving companies do?

The standard service you can expect from an right office moving company. is the provision of resources for individuals or teams moving their offices locally, regionally or nationally. The recourse center offered by such a company includes a large range office moving tips, checklists and resources that will provide a smooth relocation experience. These resources are provided in form of free forms and online files, and they give insight into all things that require to be done at any step of the office moving exercise. The useful resources also includes all other useful information that can really help the office user plan and regulate estimated expenses and other personal resources that are needed to provide effortless office moves. Making an informed decision before, during and after corporate and business moving services. is hence the important business of an ideal corporate moving company .

The specialists that is associated with business relocation services includes versatile staffs who are familiar with common and uncommon difficulties of business moving and they put in their utmost strategic and operational experience into the entire operation, to guarantee a successful agreement. Many companies ignore the complex planning operation of commercial moves and they end up doing shoddy works.

The process of office move can be broken down of complicated tasks into simple and easier ones, it also involves using tested and trusted office move checklist and guides.

What to expect from a credible office relocation company

All reliable business moving companies have do s and do n ts that manage their operations. Among the Do s of commercial movers is the use of particular move tags that are personalized, in order to determine their clients features. No matter how small and inconsequential an office item is, it needs to have a tab. Computer cables, chairs, book cases, cabinets, typewriters, trash cans, desks, credenzas, white boards, floor mats, and computer accessories, are just few of office stuffs that are labelled. Package used by business relocation moving companies are usually tagged at their ends and not on the top. The office relocation companies also provide that all belongings in hidden locations are specially tagged for easy move. Most important, moving companies for businesses check and choose the best suitable storage and shipping packages for all units, no matter if such items are delicate or not.

As a preventive process, office moving companies do suggest their customers to disconnect all electrical appliances before the start of office furniture removals. Along with this, the office furniture movers would advise their clients to empty the contents of articles such as drawers, desks, credenzas, shelving, storage cabinets, and book cases, before office furniture move and disposal services commence.

One of the do n ts of office moving companies is that they assure that copy machines and printers are not moved unless the toner inside them has been cleared. The corporate moving companies often advise their clients to avoid clearing vertical (narrow-designed) cupboards simply because it is a lot easier and safer to move them when they are full. Personal items like cash, computer disks, and all other valued effects are normally not moved by the office moving company during business moves- these must be handled by the office owner.

The final business moving checklist

An perfect corporate relocation for business movers, usually use a final checklist for a regular moving company business. These consist of the following:

  • Is the office desk clear?
  • Are all supply cupboards cleared?
  • Are the file drawers locked?
  • Are all wall items taken down?
  • Are all fragile stuffs carefully packed with the right packaging materials?
  • Have the typewriter carriages been centered?
  • Have the appropriate tags been used (Do not move tags, as an example)?
  • Are the equipments containing fluids been thoroughly emptied?
  • Are the desk and chair pads been properly tagged?
  • Are proper stickers used on all stuffs?

What to look out for in an perfect moving company
Ensuring a perfect office moving involve choosing the most proficient business moving company. You need to do some search and streamline your business moving companies by asking the following questions:
Is your office moving company certified to handle my kind of corporate moving services ?

  • Does your business moving company charge per hour or per item piece?
  • Do you have minimal charges for your office moving services. Do you levy in incremental or charge more for larger stuffs?
    Do you charge extra for office moves in the evening and night?
  • What kind of payment options do you offer and do you request deposits for commercial moving services?

Does your commercial relocation company make use of permanent or temporary employers (keep in mind that office moving companies who hire temporary labour are not usually insured).

  • What kind of training and qualifications do your office movers possess?
  • Will my office stuffs be ensured while office furniture moving ?
  • What kind of cancellation rule does your office relocation company give?
  • Does your office relocation company offer free and no-obligation price quote for all types of commercial moving services ?
  • Do you offer tracking and guidance on how to make easy the office moving and storage process?
  • How do you resolve emergency situation challenges for business moving. what are your contact numbers?
  • Do you offer any special discount or an all-inclusive office relocation services ?


If moving offices. it is necessary to hire office moving company with credentials of near 100% success rates; these are commercial moving companies or corporate movers with high tracking capabilities. You have to think about all factors suggested above through the highlighted questionnaires, if you want to make the best possible solution.

Selecting a packaging and moving service provider

Do you need a reliable in Denver, Colorado office moving company for your next move?

CNA & Nursing Assistant Training Programs #office #assistant #training


CNA Nursing Assistant Training Programs

While it is possible to find free CNA classes, you will want to consider enrolling into an accredited school that offers CNA or LPN training. These courses and programs are offer at both offline and online campuses, and include programs such as CNA, nurse assisting, Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) and Licensed Vocational Nursing (LVN). Here is an example of just a few of the top schools located in your region that offer these programs.

Use our search tool below to narrow down programs offered close to your region.

Get Your Degree!

Find schools and get information on the program that s right for you.

Matching School Ads

Train for the real-world skills that help you launch a successful technology or healthcare career with a degree, or diploma from Florida Career College.


  • Patient Care Technician (10-month diploma program)
  • Medical Assistant Technician (10-Month diploma program)
  • Dental Assistant (10-Month diploma program)
  • And more.

Since 1977, Keiser University has maintained a practical, hands-on approach to career education to help our students achieve their personal and professional goals. Our student-centered approach remains at the foundation of the Keiser University mission and continues to attract students who prefer a more personal learning experience.


  • Associate of Science in Medical Assisting
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Accelerated)
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • And more.

Get hands-on training with Brookline College. We offer diploma and degree programs in the areas of health care, business, nursing, criminal justice, paralegal, and computer security. We understand that today’s student is busy with many responsibilities, so we offer day, evening, and online classes, giving you options to fit school into your schedule.


  • Diploma – Medical Assistant
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Baccalaureate Degree Graduates
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • And more.

Arizona College prepares students to work in the ‘real world’ of medicine. With the use of lecture and laboratory teaching, we provide our students with hands on experience.


  • Medical Assisting
  • Nursing- Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
  • Dental Assisting

About Brightwood College

Brightwood College offers accelerated programs that combine flexible schedules and professional instruction to create a rewarding learning experience for individuals focused on gaining the skills for specific careers. Brightwood College is owned and operated by Education Corporation of America.

About Education Corporation of America

Education Corporation of America’s institutions broaden access to postsecondary educational opportunities.


  • Patient Care Technician
  • Nurse Assistant
  • Vocational Nursing
  • And more.

Take your career to a whole new level with a degree from Everest Institute. Programs available in Accounting, Paralegal, Business Administration and more.


  • Patient Care Technician (Diploma)
  • Practical Nursing (Diploma)
  • Medical Assistant (Diploma)
  • And more.

Get hands-on training with Vista College. We offer certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs in a wide variety of fields at our campuses in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and Amarillo, Beaumont, El Paso, Lubbock, Longview, and Killeen, Texas.


  • Practical Nursing
  • Medical Assistant
  • Patient Care Technician
  • And more.

If you want to make the world a better place, start at the University of San Francisco. Our 21st-century mission to create a more humane and just world comes alive in our diverse learning community and is broadened by our global orientation. You are challenged to reach higher standards and to use your education to promote justice and serve the common good. At the University of San Francisco, you’ll find the excellence inherent in an institution established over 150 years ago, and inherent in nearly five centuries of Jesuit education.


  • Online Associate Degree to Master Degree Nursing program
  • Online Bachelor Degree to Master Degree Nursing program

Fortis Institute can give you the skills you need to train for a career in the healthcare field.

* Programs vary by location

* Please contact each individual campus for accreditation information


  • Patient Care Technician
  • Practical Nursing
  • Medical Assistant
  • And more.

Successful careers begin at the Milan Institute. We offer quality hands-on training, experienced faculty and a staff committed to helping you realize your goals.


  • Nursing Assistant
  • Medical Assisting
  • Dental Assistant
  • And more.

Lake County Family Lawyer #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney,


Experienced Attorneys Serving the North/Northwest Chicago Suburbs

At Lois Kulinsky Associates, Ltd. you will find lawyers who have been providing skilled representation to people throughout Illinois for more than 45 years combined. We have helped thousands of people get positive outcomes in practice areas that include family law, estate planning, disabled estates, guardianships, probate and business law.

“Excellent attorney and caring person. Very professional and informed. Actually returns phone calls! Highly recommended!” — S. Lindstrom, Palatine, Illinois. Read more testimonials.

We have earned the trust and respect of the people we serve, as well as from the legal community itself. In fact, a significant portion of our clients is referred to us by members of the legal community, including attorneys and judges. These people have seen our integrity in action in the courtrooms of Illinois; they know we care about our clients and work hard to get a positive outcome in every case we handle.

We charge affordable rates and maximize every dollar by working as a team on each case. Installment plans are available, and we accept credit cards. Contact us online or call 847-459-4448 (Wheeling office), (Buffalo Grove Office) or 847-281-0200 (Libertyville office) to set up a free half-hour initial consultation with our experienced family law attorneys.

Communication Is Key

The hallmark of our practice is communication. By communicating frequently with our clients, we make sure that their needs are being met and that they feel secure in what we are doing for them. We pledge that we will:

  • Send monthly statements to you, with all expenses carefully itemized (this is above and beyond the quarterly statements required by law in family law cases)
  • Return all of your calls and emails quickly
  • Get your approval for every action we take
  • Keep you informed about all developments in your case

Even if you do not become one of our clients, we can provide you with information to help you through your legal issues.

See our Articles page to read articles written by our attorneys.

Contact Us Now for a Free, Half-Hour Initial Consultation

Contact us to speak with one of our attorneys about your legal needs. We focus our practice on the north and northwest suburbs, but we serve clients throughout greater Chicago. Our main office is in Wheeling, and we also have an office in Libertyville and Buffalo Grove for your convenience. We are pleased to provide free, half-hour initial consultations to all new clients.

Case Tried by Lois Kulinsky Sets Precedent in Illinois on Military Survivor Benefit. Read More

Executive Suites and Office Space Rentals – Servcorp #executive #office #suites, #executive


We give you time to live a little

The World s Finest Workspace Solutions

More than just an office, it s your community

Premium Executive Suites

Your Community

Grow your way

Your kitchen

Your support team

We give you time to live a little

The World s Finest Workspace Solutions

More than just an office, it s your community

Premium Executive Suites

Your Community

Grow your way

Your kitchen

Your support team

Executive Suites

World s best address

  • Premium offices in the best buildings
  • Spectacular views and happy teams to welcome your clients
  • Unbranded fit out, original artwork, leather furniture, and signature checkerboard granite floor
  • A local telephone number answered onsite by your local receptionist (no call centers)

See Locations

Leading Technology

  • 100MB – 1GB fiber internet connection
  • USD 100m global telecommunications network saves you time and money with our unique Connect Package
  • Unique management portal gives total control of your telecoms
  • Videoconferencing, secure printers, copiers and fax machines
  • Unique Onefone app: make and receive telephone calls anywhere as if you were in the office
  • Free calls across locations

Don t buy a lie

The right team support

  • First class service from highly-trained and experienced team
  • 2 – 3+ Servcorp team members per location to support your business (more than anybody else in the industry!)
  • Dedicated receptionist to manage your calls and greet your guests
  • In-house desktop IT support 24/7, just dial *1 from your Servcorp phone
  • Transparency code adhered to

See Locations

What you get:

  • FREE coffee and tea
  • FREE secure and high-speed Wi-Fi
  • FREE access to coworking space
  • FREE 5 days per month office and lounge usage
  • FREE access to Servcorp’s 35,000 global community

See Locations

Connect Laptop, Computer, Ipad, Tablet, Notebook, Smartphones To TV Wireless, wireless office


wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone systemWireless office phone system

Conference Room

Wireless office phone system

  • Wireless Presentation System
  • Over Network Connection System
  • Wireless Projection Gateway
  • Wireless – Networked Screen Mirroring Device
  • Video over IP receiver with Audio
  • Wireless – over Ethernet AV System


Wireless office phone systemWireless office phone system

Class Room

Wireless office phone system

  • Wireless Presentation System
  • Over Network Connection System
  • Wireless Projection Gateway
  • Wireless – Networked Screen Mirroring Device
  • Video over IP receiver with Audio
  • Wireless – over Ethernet AV System


Wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone systemWireless office phone systemWireless office phone systemWireless office phone systemWireless office phone system

Our devices used world wide

Wireless office phone systemWireless office phone systemWireless office phone system

Wireless office phone system

Wireless office phone system


Wireless office phone system

Teq AVIT is the pioneer in wireless presentation systems since 2006 with Air Present technology. AirPresent is the best technology in Wireless or Video over IP presentation /screen mirroring system with integrated collaboration. AirPresent allows up to 64 users to connect to HD displays like projector, TV, touch screen, or IWB from any computer or mobile device over Wifi network or existing LAN network. AirPresent is compatible with any with Windows OS laptop, notebook, ultrabook, MacBook, iPad or iPhone with iOS and Android OS based tablet or smartphone, ideal for BYOD or BYOT.

AirPresent combines ease of use, low cost, and best ROI to be the versatile and future-proof solution for any corporate, business, educational, healthcare or government entities and many other industries where meetings, conferences, teaching and training happens in AV or IT environment. We have time and time again produced long lasting reliable and cost effective devices that our users, dealers, integrators and consultants like and trust.

Wireless office phone system

Office Cleaning NJ, House Cleaning New Jersey, Janitorial Services, Mold Removal #house


Professional Janitorial, Commercial, Industrial Cleaning Services
Residential Cleanup – Heavy Detailed House Home Cleaning
Certified Mold Remediation Removal Of All Health Hazards
Eight Diverse Service Divisions Serve NJ, NY, PA

Call 732-225-0662 Now For A Free Cleaning Quote

Gerrus Maintenance, Inc. and its eight service divisions are the best providers of professional cleaning services and complete building cleaning services in New Jersey and nearby areas of Staten Island NY and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We offer a full range of janitorial. health hazard removal. sanitizing. certified mold remediation and certified microbial remediation services from customized office building cleaning contracts, to specialty industrial cleaning and maintenance, to heavy-duty residential projects. When you need one-time or repetitive commercial cleaning services. or our heavy duty residential cleanups, our quality-controlled staff, supervised and managed by professional chemical engineers, provides extraordinary detail. Green maintenance supplies are always available. Our US EPA Certification number is NAT-43984-1. Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete scheduled janitorial programs or one-time service calls for any building. We clean carpets, floors, windows, walls, and everything in between. Comprehensive, flexible, professionally trained staff. Fully insured and bonded. Sanitary and maintenance supplies. Optional “green” products. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.

Complete cleaning and sanitizing services from floors to ceilings and everything in between, including basement cleaning. attic cleanup and garage clean out. We perform heavy-duty, move-in, move-out, pre-sale, and post-construction cleanups. Throw-outs with dumpster service. Health hazard cleaning and odor control. ACAC-certified microbial and mold removal and retardation. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. Disaster and emergency services. Specialized teams for compulsive hoarding cleanup, sanitizing and deodorization. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete cleaning services from floors to ceilings and everything in between. We perform heavy-duty, move-in, move-out, pre-sale, and post-construction cleanups. Throw-outs with dumpster service. Health hazard cleaning and odor control. ACAC-certified microbial and mold removal and retardation. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. Complete fog and contact sanitizing. Disaster control and comprehensive emergency services are available. Call us for experienced, sensitive hoarding syndrome cleaning, senile squalor cleanup, OCD cleaning assistance, and pet or other animal hoarding sanitation problems. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete industrial and warehouse cleaning for buildings and their contents. We utilize specialized equipment and proprietary techniques to provide clean room sanitizing, HEPA vacuuming, steam cleaning, high pressure washing, solvent degreasing, and other state-of-the-art cleanups. Engineer on staff. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.

Sewage, flood and water damage disinfecting, deodorizing and drying. Fire, soot and smoke cleaning and odor neutralization. Heavy duty, health hazard and total premises cleaning. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. ACAC-certified microbial and mold cleaning and remediation. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Safe indoor allergen neutralization and removal. The staff of Gerrus Maintenance Inc. is managed by an experienced chemical engineer. We will treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate house allergens and other biological pollutants. Our experts employ modern technology to accomplish the task and improve indoor air quality at your home or business. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Safe odor neutralization and microbial decontamination services at home or work. Our chemical engineer managed staff will treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate odor, chemical and biological pollutants at your home or business. We are experienced certified mold and microbial remediators. We will eliminate a bad smell at the source using modern bio and physical remediation technologies, such as HEPA air scrubbing, allergen neutralization, contact and fog disinfecting, enzymatic digestion, chemical oxidation, and decontamination washing. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Floor cleaning and sealing services. We apply hardeners, densifiers, dust-proofers, penetrating sealants, and coatings. Resurfacing and repairs. Contract or one-time auto-scrubbing or sweeping services. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Click Here to read our Healthy Cleaning Blog .

Complete Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, House Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Business Cleaning Services, Building Maintenance & Remediation by a Chemical Engineer Managed Staff – The Best In New Jersey Since 1974.

Call today for more information! For emergency service, call 24x7x365

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 – Free download and software reviews – CNET


Microsoft Office Communicator 2007

Editors’ Review

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 is an official add-on from Microsoft that is designed to allow better collaboration and communications between several individuals. At the core, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 contains an IM and voice call component, with the ability to share desktops and videos between participants. Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 downloads and installs seamlessly.

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 integrates with Office tightly and adds to the ways you can share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and other files with others. Sharing is configurable down to the individual user level, so not everyone on a call will have the same permissions, for example. Also, there’s a presence indicator that shows you who is available and what their status is. If someone makes a change to a shared file, that status change shows immediately. At its heart are the IM and call modules, which allow for audio or video calls and messaging between any number of people. You can share your desktop easily, which is a very handy feature. We tried Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 with sharing in a smallish group (up to 20 people), but we could not try it in larger Enterprise environments, so we can’t comment on the scalability and stability with hundreds of people participating.

If you are a Microsoft Office user and you share documents with others collaboratively, Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 is a tool you will love. Instead of relying on separate messaging and call tools, a desktop sharing tool, and others apps for collaboration markups, you can now use Office and its familiar interface.

Editors’ note: This is a review of the trial version of Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 2.0.6362.

Publisher’s Description

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 is a unified communications client that helps people be more productive by enabling them to communicate easily with others using a range of communication options, including instant messaging (IM), voice, and video. Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 introduces a wide range of new features, most notably enhanced presence and enterprise voice capabilities, enabling users to place computer-to-computer calls and to place outbound calls to, and accept incoming calls from, traditional (PBX/PSTN) phone users.

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 also introduces robust call-forwarding features, support for USB audio devices, automatic setup of audio and video devices, and the ability to add Active Directory Domain Services distribution groups to your Communicator Contact List. This version is the first release on CNET

What’s new in this version:

This version is the first release on CNET

Microsoft Communicator – Lync – No big deal

2015-01-30 10:40:17 | By wizbang-FL

| Version: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 2.0.6362

It is integrated with Outlook and if you use exchange it can share you availability as far as meetings, etc.

Microsoft has made their server solutions so cumbersome to implement with existing telephone systems that most organizations choose to simply ignore the built in telephone technology. But, it’s impossible to get Communicator/Lync to just ignore it’s built in telephony so a mis-click causes it to try to dial a number and then pop up 3 error windows saying that feature isn’t configured. Also many of the features that an individual may find useful (like keeping logs of prior IM messages) corporate “powers” may not like individuals to have that ability so many times it’s disabled for the individual but on a corporate level the logs are kept for potential future litigation. In other words it’s used to protect the company, but of no use to an employee attempting to substantiate a IM conversation occurred with say. a manager or supervisor.

Had the potential to be a nice system if it wasn’t so hampered by Microsoft demanding that they be the center of the universe. Also the ability to manipulate the feature set makes useful things disappear and it just becomes another base IM solution (but it can reflect current availability via exchange/outlook if that is your email solution) For a individual it’s only functional with Office Communications Server/ Lync Server so no use to an individual. Some mention that it’s also included with office 365 but the last thing I want to do is subscribe to office suite (or adobe, etc) The last thing I want to worry about during lean times is trying to pay for monthly subscriptions.

does Communicator 2007 R2 have capability of tracking?

2012-02-24 11:29:53 | By johnramirez2

| Version: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 2.0.6362

Great product when communicating between employee internally.

Tracking of conversation history not available

does Communicator 2007 R2 have capability of tracking conversations? is there a special setup required? can this also be setup to NOT keep track of history?

Read more: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 –

Reply by superfreddy2002 on May 22, 2013

if this application is running on servers, linked to exchange and managed by a server admin, then yes it does. all conversations can be traced back to your outlook account. under the tab “conversations”, all communications you have using this application will be there.

this all depends on what parameters your server admin has in place.

it links to your AD account

I cannot get Office Communicator to Launch.

November 09, 2011 | By JTomey

2011-11-09 07:22:14 | By JTomey

| Version: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 2.0.6362

It was fast to download!

It is telling me that it is an older version. Also when I go to uninstall it. it never completes the de-installation. Please help!

Reply by superfreddy2002 on May 22, 2013

at the time of your post, Communicator 2012 had been released. 2007 R2 is still supported by Microsoft and can run on Server 2008

2011-02-03 18:37:14 | By Mike Cogswell

| Version: Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 2.0.6362

No too many. It installs OK I guess.

Virtually everything about it.

Completely hopeless communication solution. I work in a company with 2,000+ employees and we use Communicator (or we try to) for text messaging, file sharing (small files between users, rather than larger collaborative sharing for which we use our own company’s software; yes we are a large software company ourselves), voice calls, voice conferences, and one on one screen sharing and conference screen sharing. For a program that is called “Communicator” it makes Communicating pretty darned difficult. Text messaging works 90% of the time, but the other 10% you get (usually minutes after the message has been sent) notification that the server rejected the message or the receipient did not receive it. I don’t think I (or anyone else I know in the company) has successful shared a single file using Communicator. When it comes to voice calls it’s hit and miss. Sometimes we can’t get a connection at all, and other times it works perfectly. When it does work, it works well, but it’s so hit and miss it cannot be relied on. I find I often have to revert to land lines or Skype. Finally, for screen sharing it is like voice calls; hit and miss. For example, last night we had a large conference call. We had people from several countries involved in the call (USA, Germany, Australia, Canada, Pakistan) but the video kept disconnecting different people at different times. For a while there it was working great for me since only other people were getting kicked off, but eventually it caught up to me too. I missed probably 45% of the meeting. Other people missed more. We all agreed we can’t keep using this poor software. I strongly recommend you look elsewhere. You’ll regret it otherwise. Lastly, I’m sure the instant rebuttal wil be something along the line of it must be something to do with your internet connection. My answer to that is that this is not just me running into this trouble, it’s everyone I know in my company. Furthermore we do not have these kinds of issues with Skype, LiveMeeting, Outlook or any other communications solution; only Communicator (the software that doesn’t let you Communicate). OK, I’m off to try to sign in to Communicator, but when I right-click the system tray icon and choose “Open”, nothing happens, period. In fact when I right-click and choose “Exit” nothing happens either. This is certainly some truly well engineered software. NOT!

Reply by wizbang-FL on January 30, 2015

Found out the hard way that it’s better to start with the telephony solution and look for the feature set you want from the same organization. (avaya, cisco, etc) Microsoft seems set to make things difficult to configure with regard to Lync/Communicator. I actually had a graphic that I downloaded from MS website on how to get everything working together as they promote like it’s simple. The graphic has over 100 connection points and required 6 different servers (plus lync server) Trying to piece a solution together from different vendors never seems to work out the way they would like to promote.

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Get Office 365 for free

Meet Microsoft Teams

Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place. Educators can create collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learnings communities, and communicate with school staff all from a single experience in Office 365 for Education.

Save time and be successful with your free Office

Built for teachers and students, full of powerful tools, and accessible from your favorite devices.

Organize in one place

Capture and organize all your class materials in OneNote, your digital notebook.

Engage in new ways

Create interactive lessons and spark student creativity using Sway.

Individualize learning

Bring students together in a collaborative space or giving them individual support in private notebooks within Class Notebook.

Collaborate without boundaries

Create, share and even collaborate real-time with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote—without worrying about lost formatting.

Students and teachers, get your free version of Office now

All you need to get started is to enter a valid school email address below.

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What is Office 365 for Education?

Office 365 for Education is a collection of services that allows you to collaborate and share your schoolwork. It’s available for free to teachers who are currently working at an academic institution and to students who are currently attending an academic institution. The service includes Office Online (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote), unlimited OneDrive storage . Yammer, and SharePoint sites. Some schools allow teachers and students to install the full Office applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs for free. If your school provides this additional benefit, you’ll see the Install Office button on your Office 365 home page after you complete sign-up.

What are the eligibility requirements?

You must be a full-time or part-time faculty or staff member or student at an academic institution and:

  • Have a school-specific email address provided by the school (for example, that can receive external email.
  • Be of legal age to sign up for an online offer individually.
  • Have Internet access.

How do I get Office 365 for Education?

To see what’s included in Office 365 for Education, visit the Office 365 for Education plan page. You can enroll your school from there.

How long can I use this plan?

You can use the plan as long as you are working at a qualified school. Your eligibility may be re-verified at any time. When your Office 365 for Education plan expires:

  • The Office applications enter a reduced-functionality mode, which means that you can view documents, but you cannot edit or create new documents.
  • Online services associated with the school email address—for example, Office Online and OneDrive—will no longer work.

How long does it take to be approved as a qualified academic institution?

In many cases, the response time is instantaneous through an automated verification process. In other cases where an institution needs to be verified, it shouldn’t take more than three to seven days. If you are nearing the end of your 30-day trial and have not received approval of eligibility, please contact customer support .

I’ve already signed up my school for Office 365 for Education. How can I get the word out to students and teachers?

We’ve created a promotion kit to help you communicate to students and educators how they can take advantage of the state-of-the-art productivity and collaboration tools you are providing for them through Office 365. Learn more .

What can I do if I’m not eligible?

Office provides a range of options for students, so it’s easy to find one to fit your budget. Learn about ways you can get Office .

Who manages the OneDrive account provided with this offer?

This account is associated with the school and should be used for school-appropriate content. Permissions and access can be changed by the school’s IT administrator at any time.

Can I share this plan with others?

Office 365 for Education is licensed for use only by the eligible teacher.

What are the minimum system requirements for Office 365 for Education?

To install Office 365 for Education, your PC or Mac must meet the minimum system requirements. View the system requirements.

How do I migrate my files and settings to Office 365 Personal?

IP Office 9 #ip #office #manager


IP Office Assistance

IP Office 9.1 security settings

With 9.1 there are a lot of changes made to add more security to the system.
One of them is is that you are forced to change the default passwords at the first log in.
One exception is when you upgrade from a lower version, you will keep your current credential until you reset the security settings.

So when you want to open the config of your system then you will get a new screen where you are asked to change the default credentials.

Once you have done this and clicked on the OK button then you will get three notifications that the new passwords are set.

Personally i like to have the system password the same as the Administrator password.
But as probably noticed it cannot be the same when you set the new passwords.
Don t worry as you can do that later.

When you log in to the security settings with your new password then you are shown the general settings.
A new option is the IP Office user details part.
This option forces you to give every user a password enforcement.

When you go to the section System you will see a tab called Unsecured interfaces when you can change the system password as mentioned before.

You can change the system password in this section.
There is also a new option called Use service user credentials which forced the system to use the Administrator credentials.
When you have an IPDect system then you might want to enable the option TFTP Directory read
When you do not do that then your IPDect system is unable to read the directory and the IPDect phones won t have a working directory.

Another major change is the Service users who are not enabled anymore by default.
As you can see the only enabled service users are the Administrator and EnhTcpaService accounts.
The IPDect service account is disabled by default so if you want to connect an IPDect system then set a new password and enable the account.
When you do not set a new password then your IPDect system will not work and the account will be set to disabled as there is no password match.
When you install One-X Portal then also set a new password and use the same password when you configure the Providers within One-X Portal.
After settings the Providers password in One-X Portal check if the account is still enabled in the security settings.

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Online Class: Excel 2016

Course Description

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that comes packaged with the Microsoft Office family of software products. Just like the other programs by Microsoft, Excel can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as creating an address book, grocery lists, tracking expenses, creating invoices and bills, accounting, balance checkbooks and other financial accounts, as well as any other purpose that requires a spreadsheet or table.

This course will cover the many features of Excel 2016 and will teach you how to use them, starting with the simple and working to the most complicated. The good news is that Excel 2016 makes everything easy. By learning how to navigate the program and where to find each feature, operating Excel can become a breeze.

This course will teach you how to:

Create a spreadsheet

Format cells, rows, columns, and entire worksheets so they fit and match your data

Enter data into a spreadsheet

Use formulas and functions for math, accounting, and totaling.

Create formulas and functions

Calculate data

Create charts and diagrams for your data

Create data lists and forms

Create and use pivot tables and pivot charts.

Work with Excel templates

Share and protect your worksheets and workbooks

Use What-If Analysis to determine possible outcomes. For example, sales goals

And much more

This course was designed to teach you skills you’ll need to successfully use Excel 2016. Each lesson contains instructions and illustrations to show you how to use the features, then walks you through step-by-step so you can see how everything is done. You don’t need previous experience with Excel to be able to complete this course. This course will start with basic skills, then move forward to more advanced features and techniques. Although you do not need access to Excel 2016 for this course; it is highly recommended. A free trial of Excel 2016 is available on the Microsoft website.

7/3/2017 11:39:52 AM

Lesson 1: Introduction to MS Excel 2016

Excel can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as creating an address book, grocery lists, tracking expenses, creating invoices and bills, accounting, balance checkbooks and other financial accounts, as well as any other purpose that requires a spreadsheet or table.

  • Lesson 2: Navigating Excel 2016

    In this lesson, we’re going to focus on the major elements of Excel 2016 and take a few minutes to become familiar with their purpose.

  • Lesson 3: Worksheets and Workbooks

    Worksheets are stored in workbooks, and workbooks are the files that you actually save.

  • Lesson 4: Entering Information into MS Excel 2016

    Starting to enter information is as simple as clicking on a cell in the spreadsheet and typing, but there are some things that are helpful to know – and that you can do – before you ever type that first letter or number.

  • Lesson 5: Introduction to Working with Cells, Rows, and Columns

    If you want to move data from its original location and relocate it somewhere else, you must cut the data, then paste it somewhere else. You can cut or copy cells, rows, columns, or entire worksheets.

  • Lesson 6: Formatting Data and Cells

    Taking the time to format a worksheet can take it from the black and white page of data and gridlines to something that looks professional and attractive.

  • Lesson 7: Formatting Rows and Columns

    In Excel 2016, the width of a column is determined by how many characters that can be displayed within a cell.

  • Lesson 8: Editing Cells, Rows, Columns, and Worksheets

    Excel 2016 makes creating – and editing – spreadsheets a lot easier because correcting errors is easy mess free.

  • Lesson 9: Introduction to Formulas and Calculations

    If you use spreadsheets to do accounting for a business, track totals, invoice customers, or anything that requires mathematics, Excel’s ability to calculate formulas is going to save you errors and headaches.

  • Lesson 10: Working with Formulas and Functions

    In Excel, a function is a predesigned formula that does a certain calculation. This can make it easier because you don’t have to construct every formula yourself.

  • Lesson 11: Maintaining Worksheets

    It’s important to learn how to maintain your worksheets to help you keep on top of all the information.

  • Lesson 12: The What-If Analysis

    A what-if analysis lets you explore possibilities by entering possible values into the same equation so you can see the possible outcomes in the cells of your spreadsheet.

  • Lesson 13: Adding Images and Graphics

    You’ve already learned how to format a worksheet and enter information into Excel. Now we’re going to show you how to add elements such as graphics and images.

  • Lesson 14: Charts and Diagrams

    Charts and diagrams are tools you can use to visually represent the data in a worksheet.

  • Lesson 15: Creating Data Lists

    A data list or a database table are types of worksheets that aren’t used to calculate values, but to store information, such as names and addresses of clients or perhaps a library of books.

  • Lesson 16: Managing Data

    A form is simply a dialog box that lets you display or enter information one record (or row) at a time. It can also make the information more visually appealing and easier to understand.

  • Lesson 17: Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

    A pivot table sounds more difficult and confusing than it really is. Most people say they don’t like pivot tables, or they don’t understand them. In truth, they’re not that difficult at all.

  • Lesson 18: Printing Worksheets and Workbooks

    Headers appear at the top of a worksheet. Footers appear at the bottom. Both can contain page numbers, and headers often contain the title of the worksheet and perhaps the date.

  • Lesson 19: Templates

    Templates are worksheets that are already designed for you.

  • Lesson 20: Protecting, Saving, and Sharing Workbooks

    Add protection to worksheets so that they can’t be edited by other people. You can lock cells or an entire worksheet.

  • Additional Course Information

    • Document Your Lifelong Learning Achievements
    • Earn an Official Certificate Documenting Course Hours and CEUs
    • Verify Your Certificate with a Unique Serial Number Online
    • View and Share Your Certificate Online or Download/Print as PDF
    • Display Your Certificate on Your Resume and Promote Your Achievements Using Social Media

    Course Title: Excel 2016

    Course Number: 8900368

    Languages: English – United States, Canada and other English speaking countries

    Course Type: Computer Skill

    CE Accreditation: Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

    Grading Policy: Earn a final grade of 70% or higher to receive an online/downloadable CEU Certification documenting CEUs earned.

    Assessment Method: Lesson assignments and review exams

    Instructor: UniversalClass Staff Instructor

    Duration: Continuous: Enroll anytime!

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    When you are charged with a crime, you need experienced, strategic, results-driven legal counsel to protect your rights throughout your case. My name is Patricia M. Erickson. and I have defended clients in Nevada state and federal courts for over 20 years. Whether you have been charged with a crime or believe that you may be charged with one, I can begin an immediate review of your case and take every necessary step to protect your rights.

    Reliable, Honest, and Strategic Legal Counsel

    I will always provide forthright and honest feedback regarding all aspects of your case. I will not tell you only what you want to hear, but what you need to know to make a sometimes difficult decision. Some attorneys aren’t as straightforward with their clients as they should be, even when the outcome may be significant penalties or jail time. I understand that you need to know what is going on and will keep you informed about the status of your case.

    During your entire defense, you can be confident that I will be thoroughly prepared regarding the facts and evidence so that I will be able to make the most compelling arguments in your defense.

    I can assist you with the following:

    A Lawyer You Can Trust in Confidence

    Many of my clients are facing very difficult situations by the time they seek my legal services. They may have been charged with crimes that their families or employers are unaware of, and they worry about how a trial, or worse, a conviction, would affect their lives and security. When you work with me, I will remain an open and supportive advocate on your behalf. I will never judge you based on the facts of your case. Throughout your case, every detail will be kept confidential and I will do my best to protect you and your reputation.

    Contact me today for a consultation with an experienced Las Vegas, Nevada criminal defense attorney. Located conveniently in downtown Las Vegas near the courts and jails, my law office is open 8:30 – 5:00 weekdays, and after-hours appointments and jail meetings are available upon request.

    Affordable Self Storage in Hampton, VA #affordable #self #storage, #reviews, #ratings, #recommendations,


    Affordable Self Storage

    Information about this business (4 )

    6 locations to serve you6 va locations to serve youavailable-boxes andceilings-truckscobbs creek shacklefordcontrolled unites-highgloucester matthews hampton poquoson safe-clean-climatethe friendlier morethe friendlier more affordable alternative 223910attr:climate controlledstorage household & commercial

    Posted on May 08, 2015. Brought to you by localcom.

    Affordable Storage Inc is located at the address 1635 W Pembroke Ave Ste A in Hampton, Virginia 23661. They can be contacted via phone at (757) 723-6551 for pricing, hours and directions.

    Affordable Storage Inc has an annual sales volume of 0 – 500K. For more information contact Dan Bolkhel, Owner or go to

    Affordable Storage Inc provides Dry Storage Units, Self.

    Posted on September 02, 2014. Brought to you by chamberofcommerce.

    We offer self storage to keep your personal items safe while you are moving, haveing work done to the house, TDY, or just need a place to put your access items till you can make room for them. We are open 7 days a week and will stay later if needed to assist with your move in. We are the friendlier more affordable storage company.

    Posted on July 20, 2014. Brought to you by facebook.

    Posted by Anonymous on June 30, 2009. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

    Average Rating 20

    I rented a unit for one month back in July 2007. As of today, March 4, 2008, I have not received my $10.00 deposit. I have spoken to them several times. I will not stop until I get my money. Are there others who have not gotten their deposit?

    Posted by jj9801 on March 03, 2008. Brought to you by localguides.

    Business description (5) view all

    Affordable Storage can be found at W Pembroke Ave 1635. The following is offered: Warehouse Storage. The entry is present with us since Sep 9, 2010 and was last updated on Nov 14, 2013. In Hampton there are 6 other Warehouse Storage. An overview can be found here.

    Posted on September 20, 2015. Brought to you by opendius.

    Business, Climate Controlled, Home, Packing Supplies, Personal

    Posted on November 03, 2014. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

    Littleton Divorce – Family Law Lawyer #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


    Call 720-316-0394

    Littleton Divorce and Family Law Attorney

    Protecting Clients’ Interests and Pursuing Positive Resolutions

    The outcome of a divorce case or other family law matter can have a major impact on your life, from your relationships with your children to your income and assets. Your attorney’s responsibility is to ensure that you are treated fairly and that your interests are respected.

    At the law firm of Martin D. Brown, PLLC, we provide zealous representation in family law cases. Littleton divorce and family law lawyer Martin Brown is committed to protecting clients’ rights while pursuing resolutions that enable them to move on with their lives.

    An Experienced and Recognized Legal Advocate

    Our firm practices primarily in the area of family law. and every case we accept is handled by attorney Martin Brown. Mr. Brown has been practicing law since 1965 and in Colorado since 1982, and he has gained a number of prestigious peer recognitions; namely, he has been:

    • Selected for inclusion in every edition of Colorado Super Lawyers since 2006
    • Rated AV Preeminent* through Martindale-Hubbell’s peer review process
    • Admitted to membership in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

    Our approach to family law representation is to carefully advise clients on their legal rights and practical options, help them minimize unnecessary conflict, and diligently advocate for their interests in settlement negotiations and — when necessary — in contested litigation.

    Highlands Ranch Lawyer · Divorce, Child Custody, Property Division

    If you need assistance with your divorce or any other family law matter, we encourage you to contact us at 720-316-0394 or by e-mail to discuss our services. Our offices are conveniently located off State Highway 470 in Littleton, and we accept credit cards for payment of our fees.

    * AV Preeminent and BV Distinguished are certification marks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc. used in accordance with the Martindale-Hubbell certification procedures, standards and policies. Martindale-Hubbell is the facilitator of a peer review rating process. Ratings reflect the confidential opinions of members of the bar and the judiciary. Martindale-Hubbell ratings fall into two categories: legal ability and general ethical standards.

    Dripping Springs Family Law Attorney #lawyer, #attorney, #law #firm, #law #office, #legal


    Dripping Springs Family Law

    Don’t see what you’re looking for?

    At The Law Office of Milena Christopher, we offer caring, knowledgeable legal representation to help individuals and families going through divorce and other family-related matters.

    Our Dripping Springs family law attorney works with clients to resolve child custody and child support issues, as well as many other legal disputes that affect their lives and their families.

    If you need the assistance of an attorney with nearly 25 years of experience, then you should call 512-858-9779 or contact our Texas law office online today.

    Professional Representation Focused on Your Goals

    Attorney Milena Christopher has practiced law since 1988 and has been in private practice in Texas since 1997. While developing her law practice, attorney Christopher was at the forefront of the mediation boom, and she became a certified mediator in 1991. She currently holds the designation of Credentialed Mediator – Advanced by the Texas Mediation Credentialing Association (TMCA).

    She is a strong proponent of mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution as the best means for resolving most legal disputes. She has been a pioneer in the field of collaborative law, a relatively new approach to resolving disputes that offers many benefits to divorcing couples, including saving money and time.

    In collaborative law and mediation, the focus changes from who is at fault to how to solve the problem. – Attorney Milena Christopher

    Compassionate and Experienced Legal Counsel

    With a master’s degree in psychology counseling in addition to her law degree, attorney Christopher knows how to handle sensitive family issues. Her communication skills, professionalism and compassionate demeanor also contribute to her success as a mediator and negotiator. Speak with our law firm today if you need help resolving:

    • Family law issues, including divorce. child custody, child support, visitation and other family law matters.
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution such as mediation or collaborative law
    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Personal injury
    • Business startups

    Contact a Texas Child Custody Attorney

    To learn more about our legal practice, please contact our family law office online today or call 512-858-9779 to schedule an initial consultation with Milena Christopher.

    Divorce lawyers in st louis mo #st. #charles #bankruptcy #attorney,st. #louis #debt


    A L, Licker Law Firm, LLC provides bankruptcy. personal injury. and family law legal services to residents of St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County, Missouri and to nearby Illinois residents. While our cases may seem small to other attorneys, we understand that your case impacts your life in a big way. We pride ourselves on providing affordable and professional legal services that get results.We will do our part, so you can move past this difficult time in your life.
    Our clients agree. Our awards include:

    • Voted #1 Law Firm in St. Charles by the Reader s Poll of the St. Charles Flash Flyer: 2008, 2009, 2010
    • Named Law Firm of the Year 2012 by the Consumer Business Review
    • A rating from the Better Business Bureau

    Our attorneys are experts in their fields. They stay up-to-date on the latest changes in bankruptcy, personal injury law, and family law so our firm can provide you with the best possible service. We are members of:

    • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy
    • American Bankruptcy Institute

    Our attorneys help protect your liesence after a driving violation such as speeding (Traffic Ticket), driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while suspended (DWS).

    A L, Licker Law Firm, LLC handles bankruptcy cases for individuals and companies in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

    When you just can t pay your debts, bankruptcy may be an option. Bankruptcy can stop the sale of your house, harassing creditor calls and wage garnishments. Our attorneys have helped thousands of people just like you to get out of debt and move on with their lives. Call our bankruptcy lawyers; we are here for you.

    We guarantee our clients that their debt will be discharged through their bankruptcy or we will refund the attorney fees. We have filed over thousand bankruptcy cases and have not had one case rejected by the court. Our main office is located in St. Charles where we are the most trusted bankruptcy law firm, we file more bankruptcy cases (chapter 7 and chapter 13 ) than any other law firm.

    Contact our office to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys will determine which form of bankruptcy will work for best in your situation. Our office will prepare the bankruptcy petition and fill out the necessary documents and file them on your behalf. We are with you every step of the way.

    Want more information? Request our free book: Everything You Need To Know About Bankruptcy . The book explains the bankruptcy process in Missouri and how it can help you to get a fresh start.

    A divorce or custody battle can be a traumatic experience. Whether you are starting divorce proceedings or revising a previous agreement, you need a caring and professional lawyer who will make sure your needs are protected. The family law attorneys at A L, Licker Law Firm, LLC can guide you through the process and look out for your interests while minimizing the emotional impact on your family. We provide a full range of family law services, including:

    • Divorce
    • Child custody
    • Separation agreements
    • Support (alimony/palimony, child support)
    • Modifications to existing agreements

    Our Missouri family law attorneys will help you get through this difficult time in your life, so you can take the first steps to a brighter future.

    A L, Licker Law Firm, LLC represents victims of car accidents in the greater St. Louis area. If you have been in a car crash and need help dealing with the insurance companies, give our office a call. We can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and help you get fair compensation for your property damage, medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income. If we can’t recover damages, you don’t pay anything.

    Do you need a fast, fair settlement? Contact the Licker Law Firm. The initial consultation is always free.

    1861 Sherman Drive

    A L, Licker Law Firm, LLC provides bankruptcy, personal injury and family law legal services to residents of St. Louis County, St. Charles County and Jefferson County, Missouri, including the cities of St. Charles, St. Louis, Florissant, O’Fallon, St. Peters, Wentzville, Troy, Lake St. Louis, Bridgeton, Hazelwood, Ferguson and the surrounding area.

    Disclaimer: The use of our web site is for informational purposes only, it does not creat an attorney-client relationship. We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. The choice of a laywer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertising.

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    Charleston Real Estate Law Attorneys #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer,


    Charleston Real Estate Law Attorneys

    Experienced Real Estate Lawyers

    Helping You Take the Uncertainty Out of Your Real Estate Transaction

    Real estate transactions and disputes involve innumerable issues and considerable risk. When you need real estate law legal assistance, it is important that you work with attorneys who are highly experienced and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of real estate law.

    The attorneys of Weeks Irvine, LLC. concentrate on real estate law and have handled thousands of real estate transactions. We attend closings, facilitate short sales. provide title insurance and offer a full range of real estate law legal services.

    Real Estate Law Isn’t a Sideline Business. It’s Our Primary Focus.

    Since the disruptions in the national real estate market there has been a rush of law firms seeking to branch out into the active field of real estate. The attorneys at Weeks Irvine, LLC have focused on real estate law for several years.

    We don’t “dabble” in real estate law. We represent buyers, sellers, developers, lenders and other parties who face real estate law challenges daily.

    We Focus on Educating Clients

    It’s difficult to see a way to avoid foreclosure when you are unaware of the alternatives. Likewise, it’s challenging to troubleshoot a construction loan or purchase adequate title insurance without knowledgeable counsel.

    We draw on our years of real estate law legal experience to provide clients with the information they need to make knowledgeable and strategic decisions.

    Take the surprise out of the real estate process. Contact Weeks Irvine, LLC.

    Contact Us

    For experienced legal help in the Charleston, South Carolina, area, contact Weeks Irvine, LLC. We charge competitive rates and will work around your schedule, including evening and weekend schedules. To contact us, call 843-553-9800 or 800-553-7449.

    Best Interest Rate on Senior Citizens Bank Fixed Deposits- July 2017 #fd


    Best Interest Rate on Senior Citizens Bank Fixed Deposits July 2017

    Highest Interest Rate on Bank Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens July 2017

    The post lists down the rate of interest on Bank fixed deposits for Senior Citizens as of July 4, 2017.

    You might want to bookmark this page as the FD interest rates would be updated every month. Would help you in better decision making.

    Fixed Deposit Highlights:

    • Most banks offer FDs for tenure of 7 Days to 10 Years.
    • The Ratnakar Bank IDBI Bank do offer fixed deposits up to 20 years too .
    • For very short Term Deposits the interest rate is similar to that of Savings Account and so you should not worry about FD. Also Interest up to Rs 10,000 in Saving Account is Tax free .
    • Most banks compound interest quarterly
    • Banks offer Loan/Overdraft against the amount available in Fixed Deposit. The interest is generally 0.5% to 1% more than that offered to FD.
    • TDS (Tax deduction at source) at the rate of 10% is deducted, if the interest income is more than Rs 10,000 in financial year per bank. You can fill Form15G/H
    • You can fill Form15G/H if you want to avoid TDS .
    • There might be penalty for pre-mature withdrawal of Fixed Deposits

    Fixed Deposit Interest Rates:

    The highest interest rate is offered by The Deutsche Bank at 8.25% for 1 to 2 years Fixed Deposit.

    For comparing the best interest rates on fixed deposits over different duration of investment, we have it divided into following 5 slabs:

    • FD for Less than 1 Year
    • FD for 1 to 2 years
    • FD for 2 to 5 Years
    • FD for 5 to 10 years
    • FD for More than 10 years

    We show the highest interest rates on fixed deposits for the above duration buckets. We have also compared the best interest rates on offer by that being offered by State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank and Post Offices.

    Interest Rate (Senior Citizens) for FD Less than 1 Year:

    The highest interest rate is offered by The Ratnakar Bank (241 days to 364 days) at 7.60% .

    Shankar Iyer says:

    I suppose there has to be an extensive study before stats are pur out esp. with reference to Ratnakar Bank. If you could check Varacha Bank, Surat Peoples Bank, Sutex Bank, Sarvoday Coop Bank ( all coop banks in Surrat) whose financials are available and NPAs are available for view. These give better returns than Ratnakar. Also, see Gujarat Rajya Karmachari Coop Bank. Investments upto Rs. 1 lac is insured. Also, the investor needs to be educated on the maneouveing of applicant names while opening accounts with coop banks, so that only the benefit of sr citizen is obtained, but the deposits are also insured.

    I agree with your views and you can use various combinations of names of account holders to get benefit of deposit insurance. Historically co-operative banks have been riskier and so they offer higher interest rate. Also claiming insurance in case of default is not easy and it may take time. So it s individuals call weather to take risk for slightly higher interest rates.

    Business proofreading services and copyediting #business #proofreading, #proofreading #services, #copyediting, #internet #proofreading,


    Clients Love the Convenience, Speed, and Accuracy of
    Internet Proofreading from

    Internet Proofreading Is Convenient

    In this “I need it yesterday” world, you’re sure to agree with my clients that Internet proofreading is a blessing. The convenience of being able to simply email a message or attachment and have it returned to you polished and ready to impress is an absolute necessity. With Internet proofreading, all your copyediting can be handled quickly and professionally.

    “In the advertising/copywriting business, I always hear from customers who are in a hurry for copyediting. It’s such a blessing to know that is available to help me out in a pinch. The convenience factor of being able to email or fax a project to Cathy and have it returned in just a short while is a real lifesaver!”

    Internet Proofreading Is Fast

    I constantly hear my clients’ kind words about quick turnaround. Internet proofreading, in and of itself, speeds up the process. And I always strive to meet your deadlines even if you have a rush job.

    “Cathy Kessler has proven time and again to be a valuable asset in enhancing the effectiveness of many of my different types of written communications. I know that when I send something to Cathy for copyediting, not only will it be returned to me in a prompt manner, but also the document will be grammatically correct. Cathy’s helpful insights in the area of business proofreading have enabled me to clearly state what I want the reader to know, while doing it in a very straightforward, professional manner. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone who understands the value of the well-edited written word.”

    Internet Proofreading Is Accurate

    Most of my clients rave about the accuracy of Internet proofreading. Because the copyediting is done in digital format, the results are more reliable than marking the changes on paper and then having to make adjustments on your document later. If you’d like to see the changes I’ve made while copyediting, just ask, and I’ll gladly mark them for you.

    “It’s really hard to find your own mistakes, especially when you know how text/copy should read. I always run all my projects past Cathy’s meticulous eyes before releasing a project to press or production. On more than one occasion, she has found typos or grammatical errors that would have cost me money and aggravation to reprint, not to mention client dissatisfaction as a result, I’ve never had to reprint a project. I would highly recommend Cathy’s copyediting and proofreading services to anyone who writes or uses text/copy of any kind. She’s the best!!”

    How to Set Up a Mobile and Virtual Office #small #business #virtual


    Это видео недоступно.

    How to Set Up a Mobile and Virtual Office

    Опубликовано: 26 сент. 2013 г.

    Imagine the day when printers, desks, staplers, whiteboards, and even office walls don’t exist. Wouldn’t that be great?

    Well we’re almost there thankfully. Today, a laptop, or smartphone and an Internet connection are all we need.

    Everything else can be done online. That’s what I’m working on with my quest for virtual freedom.

    I write extensively about this in The Suitcase Entrepreneur book, especially in Chapter 7 where I did my research to bring you the most valuable resources and online tools to run your business from anywhere.

    When you set up a physical office, you probably ask yourself questions likes:

    Do we need to get a landline?
    How many phones should we install?
    How much does new office furniture cost?
    Do we need filing cabinets?

    You can see your costs adding up before your eyes and it’s scary, especially if you’re not turning a profit yet.

    As a virtual business owner with no office though, you save big time on your set up costs, especially when you use online tools that act as faxes and your local post office.

    All your activities, meetings and projects can be virtual and you can set up systems to manage your business and team that can be accessed anywhere and anytime, transcending time zones and international borders.

    So what tools do you really need? Well, you can look at a physical office and translate it into a virtual office pretty easily. Keep in mind too that with tools and a mobile office, less is always more.

    In this video, you’ll learn:

    Which two services to use to make your business appear to have a landline phone connection
    How to combat the issue of needing a mailing address and receiving/sending out physical mail
    Which suite of tools to always use for ease and optimal integration with other tools
    How to keep your receipts, documents, and business cards organized online
    What tool is best to manage your entire accounting system
    The easiest and fastest way to manage contracts with clients and partners

    Skype Personal Number
    Google Voice
    Google Everything — Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Apps — emails, online shared documents, drafts, forms, and scheduling
    Hello Fax
    Earth Class Mail
    Also, check out this article for more tips:

    Tips, Tools, and Resources: All You Will Need to Build Your Online Business
    Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to my Youtube channel for all of latest videos with travel and business tips!

    In the comments below, tell me one tool you find absolutely vital for your online business.



    Gaithersburg Criminal Defense Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #attorney


    Committed to Personal Service

    Criminal Defense, Drunk Driving, Family Law, and Personal Injury Attorney in Maryland for 32 years

    Ever since Richard L. Healy opened his law firm, in May of 1982, he has wanted to help people. His philosophy has always been to treat each client as he would like to be treated if he were to walk into an attorney’s office. This means being treated with courtesy regardless of one’s financial status, his or her educational background, how a person is dressed or their standing in the community. It also means understanding that a person’s time is valuable and should not be wasted.

    During Richard L. Healy’s 32 years of practicing law, he has represented clients in a wide range of legal matters, including drunk driving, criminal defense, divorce and family law matters, wills and estates, serious motor vehicle violations, business matters and automobile crashes. Over the years, Mr. Healy’s experience has enabled him to help thousands of people navigate the legal system and understand their rights in the process.

    If you have questions that need to be answered, feel free to contact the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. in Gaithersburg at 301-990-6100 or in Frederick at 301-663-8470.

    Experienced Legal Advice in Maryland

    At the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. Mr. Healy strives to provide each client with the best legal service that he is capable of rendering based upon the principles of honesty, integrity, caring and a personal commitment to each client’s case. For over 32 years the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. has placed an emphasis on:

    Drunk Driving and Criminal Defense

    • Car Accidents
    • Truck Accidents
    • Motorcycle Accidents
    • Serious Personal Injury
    • Contested Wills
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Advanced Directives
    • Trusts

    Contact Richard L. Healy, P.C. for More Information

    The law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. offers a free initial consultation for prospective clients where we can discuss your legal concerns. At our meeting, Richard L. Healy will provide you with his legal advice concerning your best options, and a strategy about how to achieve your desired results. Contact the law firm of Richard L. Healy, P.C. to schedule an appointment in Gaithersburg at 301-990-6100 or in Frederick at 301-663-8470.

    Midtown Office Space NYC – (212) 601-2700 – 1345 Avenue Americas #shared



    Midtown Office Space NYC

    1345 Avenue of the Americas
    2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10105
    Sales (212) 601-2700

    1345 Avenue of the Americas, a Sixth Avenue Class A building, is situated between 54th and 55th Streets. This prime, Midtown office space boasts a striking lobby that will leave a lasting impression on your guests and clients, on-site garage, close proximity to Fortune 500 neighbors, and some of the city s finest hotels and restaurants. The adjacent Fischer Park offers relief and tranquility from the hustle of the Ziegfeld Theater and the bustle of Sixth Avenue. The location of the property allows for convenient access to all forms of public transportation.

    This 40,000 square-foot office and meeting facility occupies the entire 2nd floor. It boasts 115 modernly-furnished offices, coworking space and team rooms. Our team rooms are large furnished offices that can accommodate 5-12 people per company.

    The Midtown business center includes these amenities:

    • Private office spaces ranging in size from a 2-person interior office (171 square feet from $1,425/month) to an 8-person Team Room (384 square feet from $4,525/month) up to a 10-person Team Room (399 square feet from $4,988/month).
    • Spacious Meeting Rooms with access to the pantry, lounge area and copy/fax center:
    • The Fischer Meeting Room is a private meeting room that seats 14 people. It is equipped with high definition flat screen television and wired/wireless Internet access.
    • The Columbus Meeting Room seats 10 people overlooking the New York Hilton. It is equipped with a high definition flat screen television, access to basic cable, and wired/wireless Internet access.
    • Remarkable Lounge Space – Clients meet guests, catch up on the national news and weather, and enjoy a quick break from the office or a nice lunch onsite with colleagues.
    • Copy/Fax Center – Features a high quality black/white and color printer, scanner, and copier. A fax machine is available for use.
    • Stocked Kitchen/Pantry – Includes a microwave, refrigerator, and a selection of coffees and teas. A variety of snacks and soft drinks may be purchased.

    Virgo s Midtown location serves the Manhattan areas of 6th Avenue, Avenue of the Americas, Columbus Circle, Midtown West and Rockefeller Center. Shared office space rental and lease durations start at one month.

    Call Virgo Midtown today at (212) 601-2700 to schedule a tour of this unique, shared office space and executive suites.

    Read Virgo Midtown s Reviews on Google+ .

    Midtown Office Space Photo Gallery

    (Click to enlarge each image)

    Samsung Telephone Systems – For All Your Business Phone System Communications Needs


    Samsung Telephone Systems – For All Your Business Phone System Communications Needs

    A Samsung Telephone System is the ideal phone system for your business in terms of flexibility, ease of use and expandability. Your business would benefit from the wide range of features that are available on a Samsung Telephone System such as ISDN Digital Lines, Voicemail, Automated Attendant. VOIP. Computer Telephony Integration and many more solutions. What’s more ,as it is a modular phone System, you only pay for the features and options that you need.

    Plexus is a well established and long time specialist Samsung Telephone System dealer and installer and we can provide you with expert advice and technical support .


    ” The new phones are great. And everyone is happy, especially the receptionists.
    I’d be happy to recommend you to any potential customers.

    Many thanks and have a great day “

    Rose Dege
    Finance Manager provides a range of VOIP Phone Systems from Leading Manufacturers. These phone Systems provide you with the latest technologies to save your organization both time and money by enhancing your Telecommunications environment.

    Some of the benefits of a VOIP enabled Phone System are:

    • Remote Workers.
    • Staff can be able to work from home as if they were in the office.
    • By simply plugging in programming a suitable IP enabled handset into your modem/router at home and connecting this to your Voip Phone System in the office using the internet, you would then be able to function exactly the same as if you were using the phone in the office.
    • This is great for management who work from home, or remote staff.
    • You will be able to transfer calls, answer inbound calls and see if the staff in the office are on the phone or not from the comfort of home.

    Internet Marketing Website Services

    Internet Marketing can assist your company develop an online presence to promote your company. A web desgin need not just be a destination address that gives your contact details. A well structured easy to read Website that is informative to your clients and engages them in order to provide the best solution for their business, will in turn benefit your business and help you grow it. Internet Marketing and E-Commerce Solutions can help you in all the phases and time lines for your Business.No matter what stage of the business Cycle your organizations is in, Plexus Communications Internet Services can assist you.Business plan You are in the Planning stages of developing a business idea

    In today’s highly competitive business environment being able to obtain a point of difference is vital. The Samsung OfficeServ range of IP applications gives you that edge, enabling you to implement simple ways to improve your customer service, increase your productivity, and communicate more effectively. Now you can do all this whilst saving money too!As a leading supplier of innovative IP telephony solutions to Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs), Samsung Communications has used its extensive market knowledge to tailor a range of OfficeServ IP Application Bundle Offers designed to make communication simple and effective for any type within your business…

    Phone Systems Brisbane #phone #system, #telephone #system, #office #phone, #pbx, #business #phone


    NEC SV8100 Phone System

    NEC SV8100SE Phone System

    NEC SL1100 Phone System

    Business VoIP

    We offer business and office phone systems, new or used, digital or VoIP phone systems with full installation and turnkey solutions, all at affordable prices. Whatever your needs or requirements are, we offer just about everything:

    • Business phone systems
    • Installation
    • Voice over IP
    • Network cabling
    • Telephone cabling
    • Business broadband
    • IT services
    • Office relocations
    • New line connections

    Get expert knowledge in the latest technology.

    We also offer VoIP telephone systems which can massively reduce your office communications costs.

    We cater for all business sizes. Please call us today to find the right solution for your business. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will guide you through every step of the way � so easy and hassle-free!

    Avoid the hassle of dealing with large Telco companies with poor customer service. We make it easy to connect new business phone lines – anything from analogue to digital or VoIP! Unbeatable plans at affordable prices!

    we also offer 1300 and 1800 numbers, caller id, line hunt, call forwarding, direct in-dial lines, fax to email, permanent number diversions and more.

    Line rental and making calls from your telephone system does not have to be expensive. Here are just some of the great plans we offer.

    Business Fixed Line plans suitable for all business telephone systems

    Is your business looking for an internet connection that provides you with you faster and more effective services than ADSL2+?

    Business grade EFM internet offers your business a powerful communications solution. Enjoy unlimited monthly data quota with our business grade symmetrical Ethernet or fiber optic internet connections. With our reliable and symmetrical connections, you can enjoy downloading and uploading at precisely the same speed.

    These types of connections are extremely reliable and are symmetrical, meaning the download and upload speed are the same. Not only do you get unlimited data quota each month, these connections can be configured for internet only or set up as a virtual private network or VPN for connecting multiple business locations together.

    Take a look at these great business plans below.


    Unlimited 4 wire Ethernet

    Unlimited 6 wire Ethernet

    Unlimited 8 wire Ethernet

    Hitec phone systems are a reliable communications specialist. We offer you complete home and business phone system and turnkey solutions.

    • Talk directly with a licensed technician
    • Great customer service
    • Free phone support
    • Affordable telephone systems and services
    • Ongoing local support
    • Cheap phone calls and internet
    • Turnkey solutions
    • Telephone systems
    • Voice over IP
    • Business phone lines
    • Business broadband
    • Phone cabling
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    • IT services
    • Installation and training

    Classes for business management #sharepoint #classes, #sharepoint #training, #microsoft #sharepoint #classes, #sharepoint


    Choosing from more than 80 classes allows you to put together your own custom SharePoint and Office 365 training experience. Whether you want to learn about the exciting new SharePoint 2016, are still making the most out of SharePoint 2013 or even 2010, or getting started and doing work with Office 365, you will find the SharePoint and Office 365 training you need at SPTechCon.

    Most of our speakers are Microsoft MVP’s and all are SharePoint and Office 365 experts. A rigorous review of the classes after each conference allows us to make sure we’re providing the best learning experience and the most topical classes in the industry. No wonder SPTechCon is the best independent SharePoint training conference.

    OVERVIEW: No previous knowledge of the class’s subject is required, and the session will be a high-level introduction of the topic.

    INTERMEDIATE: These broad technology sessions emphasize capabilities and how things work. As appropriate, the instructor will show examples.

    ADVANCED: These sessions teach attendees how to implement a solution. As appropriate, the instructor will include detailed samples.

    DEVELOPER ESSENTIALS: SPTechCon features technical sessions geared to software developers looking to write custom applications, or extend out-of-the-box functionality. These include: the new Add-in model, branding, JavaScript libraries including JQuery and Angular, Responsive Web Design for mobile apps, Bootstrap, display templates and much, much more.

    IT PRO: SPTechCon will features technical classes and tutorials that cover topics specific to your field.
    These include: setting up and managing SharePoint farms, upgrading to SharePoint 2016, setting up hybrid cloud/on-premises implementations, backup and recovery, integrations, authentication and authorization, storage and virtualization, and more!

    INFORMATION WORKERS / POWER USERS: These sessions are geared to business users who are looking to SharePoint for document storage and management, search, and reporting, as well as working with lists, libraries and forms. SharePoint also enables collaboration through Team Sites, User Profiles and through tools such as Yammer and OneDrive for Business. Also, power users looking to create their own simple SharePoint applications or manipulate metadata and content would benefit from sessions on the new PowerApps and other low-code solutions for creating workflows, dashboards and more!

    ARCHITECTS: Systems architects need to ensure that SharePoint is configured in a way that maximizes its value, whether for business intelligence, video, top performance, or even scaleability. Will your SharePoint be in the cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid setup? Information architects need to make sure that SharePoint documents are labeled correctly using metadata when stored for efficient discovery and retrieval, to make sure workflows can be created in the most direct way, and much more.

    BUSINESS DECISION MAKERS: If you’re at SPTechCon, you’ve either already made the decision to use SharePoint, or you’re looking for information to see if it’s a fit for your business. SPTechCon offers sessions about how SharePoint can be strategic within your organization, as well as classes that can help you decide if upgrading is right for your company, if you need to be on-premises or in the cloud, and on how to get your employees to use SharePoint now that you’ve adopted it.

    Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Dallas TX #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice,


    State and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers — Dallas Law Firm With National Experience

    Sophisticated Criminal Defense at Every Level

    Sorrels, Udashen Anton is a nationally prominent criminal defense firm located in Dallas, Texas. Our firm handles criminal cases at both the trial and appellate levels. With nine attorneys focusing exclusively on representing persons accused of criminal offenses, the firm is large enough to marshal the resources necessary to handle any criminal case at any level.

    It doesn’t matter how large or complex the case is or how daunting the odds. We have the specific legal knowledge and experience you need when facing the power of the government. Contact our state and federal criminal defense attorneys in Dallas to learn more about our practice.

    A Law Firm Other Lawyers Trust

    Sorrels, Udashen Anton is known as a firm other lawyers turn to when there is a need for the assistance of skilled criminal defense attorneys. Other criminal defense attorneys regularly call upon the firm’s attorneys for help with their more difficult cases because of the firm’s experience and deep understanding of criminal law and procedure.

    The attorneys at our firm represent clients charged with crimes at the federal and state level, including white collar crimes. drug crimes, fraud charges and any other criminal charges. From local DWI cases to complex federal defense. criminal defense attorneys at our firm provide diligent and aggressive representation to each and every client.

    Recognized for Excellence

    The attorneys at Sorrels, Udashen Anton are recognized for excellence, not only in Texas, but throughout the country. The firm is listed in U. S. News and World Report Best Law Firm Rankings in White Collar Criminal Defense, Non-White Collar Criminal Defense and Appellate Practice. Barry Sorrels, Robert Udashen, Gary Udashen and Bruce Anton are Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. They are also regularly included in prestigious peer-review listings, such as Best Lawyers in America, Super Lawyers and the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers. When Texas Monthly. D Magazine and Texas Lawyer survey Texas attorneys for lists of top criminal defense practitioners, attorneys from Sorrels, Udashen Anton are always among those named.

    DWI — Drug Crimes — White Collar Crimes — State Court —Federal Court — Attorneys in Texas

    To discuss the specifics of your case, whether you are facing federal or state criminal charges, please call our Texas criminal defense law firm at 214-468-8100 or contact a white collar crimes or state court lawyer in Texas by e-mail.

    Barry Sorrels was inaugurated on January 15, 2011 as the 102nd President of the Dallas Bar Association. He was recently interviewed on CBS 11 News concerning Casey Anthony. See the video here. He has been listed in Best Lawyers in America and voted as one of the top 500 lawyers in America by He has also been named a Texas “Super Lawyer” by Texas Monthly since 2003 and listed as D Magazine’s “Best Criminal Defense Lawyers” since 2003.

    Robert Udashen was named in 2007 by Texas Lawyer as one of 5 Top Notch criminal defense attorneys in the State of Texas. Mr. Udashen is listed in Best Lawyers in America in the categories of white collar criminal defense, non-white collar criminal defense and appellate law. He has been named a Texas Super Lawyer by Texas Monthly every year since 2003 and has been listed as one of the top criminal defense attorneys in Dallas by D Magazine since 2009. Mr. Udashen was named 2014 Dallas White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year by Best Lawyers in Amerca.

    Gary A. Udashen is listed in the publication “Best Lawyers in America” in the categories of Criminal Defense White Collar, Criminal Defense Non-White Collar and Appellate Law. “Best Lawyers in America” is the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession. Mr. Udashen was also named by Best Lawyers in America as Dallas White-Collar Defense Lawyer of the Year in 2011 and Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year in 2014. Mr. Udashen has been a Texas Monthly Super Lawyer each year since 2003 and is Board President of the Innocence Project of Texas.

    Bruce Anton has been a Texas Monthly Super Lawyer each year since 2003 and was listed in D Magazine Best Lawyers in 2011. He is a frequent speaker on criminal law topics such as Applications for Writs of Habeas Corpus, DNA Post-Conviction Relief, Shaken Baby Syndrome Defense, Defense of Child Abuse Cases and Preserving Error for Appeal.

    California Accident Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney, #car

    Obtaining Compensation and
    Care for Injury Victims

    A serious accident can change your life forever. You owe it to yourself and your family to get the compensation and care you need to recover to the fullest extent possible.

    At the Law Offices of R. Steven Peters, Inc. we have been representing clients in personal injury cases for over 30 years. We are experienced, aggressive and determined to win for our clients.

    A Record of Success

    Our firm has successfully represented thousands of clients in personal injury cases involving car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents and other acts of negligence. Over the years, we have found that success comes from skill, hard work and determination. We carefully research the facts, develop persuasive arguments and seek to obtain the largest settlement possible in every case we handle.

    In your case, we will work to maximize the compensation you receive.

    Providing Attentive Client Service

    We devote our full attention to every case, no matter how large or small. Our firm is committed to providing attentive client service throughout the entire legal process. One of our experienced trial lawyers and at least two paralegals are assigned to each client, providing high levels of professional representation and accountability.

    Our attorneys and staff understand the stress and uncertainty you are experiencing in this time of crisis. We will do everything we can to help you get the care and compensation you deserve.

    Call us for a free preventative insurance consultation. We can review your insurance policy and provide you with an unbiased evaluation of your coverage. Our recommendations could provide increased protection for you in the event of a car accident. We will even give you a free gas card in appreciation.

    Free Consultation Offices Throughout Southern California

    If you have been involved in an accident, contact us immediately for a free consultation and help with your claim.

    1-800-559-9925 or 1-800-515-4LAW

    Phones answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can also visit clients at the hospital or in their homes when that is most convenient for them. We serve clients in San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County and elsewhere throughout California.

    ProLaw Law Firm Business Management Software #law #firm #case #management #software #reviews,



    Law Firm Business Management Software

    The practice of law is much different today than it used to be. Today, clients are in the driver’s seat determining the need and cost, billing is more complex, technology is changing quickly, and competition is everywhere, from down the street to online services. Still, the pressure is on for firms to perform better than the year before. The good news is, with ProLaw law practice management software, it’s possible.

    ProLaw enables law firms to fully automate the practice and manage the business of law, so you can focus on growing your business. As part of Thomson Reuters Elite’s complete end-to-end enterprise business management solution, ProLaw streamlines and automates your processes, maintains and improves profitability, and meets your growth expectations by connecting all four major areas of firm investment:

    Built from the ground up on a single database, ProLaw is a fully integrated solution that combines case and matter management as well as time, billing, and accounting capabilities, with no extensive customization or development needed. It provides comprehensive integration with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Westlaw research, court rules and many other popular applications to help you build and maintain a productive and profitable practice. In short, it gives you the tools you need to manage the entire matter lifecycle from beginning to end. This comprehensive law office management software simplifies, streamlines, and coordinates the work of lawyers and staff, so you can do more with fewer resources.

    We’ve Thought of Everyone

    As an integrated firm-wide solution, ProLaw benefits everyone including:

    Not a Law Firm?

    We can help. Thomson Reuters Elite offers advanced technology and workflows that revolutionize case and matter management within corporate legal departments and government agencies .

    Contact your account representative by completing the Information Request Form at the top of this page or by calling +1 800-977-6529.

    Aurora Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer,


    Turn to the Lawyers Other Lawyers Turn To

    Family Law | Personal Injury | Criminal Defense

    When you are facing a serious legal issue, your choice of an attorney is one of the most important decisions you will make. In and around the Chicago area, many lawyers and other professionals choose the law firm of Camic Johnson, Ltd.

    Our lawyers combine extensive knowledge of Illinois law and years of experience in trial courts. We practice in three main areas of law:

    • Criminal law: Our lawyers handle cases ranging from DUI to murder. The firm has also successfully represented clients seeking appeals and engaging in post-conviction litigation, including taking over cases from other lawyers after their clients received adverse judgments. We believe we have represented more lawyers charged with crimes than any other law firm in the area.
    • Family law and divorce: We represent people seeking divorce, determining child support and visitation plans, or needing help with a post-divorce dispute. Our goal is to get you through the process as smoothly and efficiently as possible with a minimum of stress for you and your family.
    • Serious personal injury: When your life gets turned upside down by an accident that was no fault of your own, you can turn to our personal injury attorneys to hold the other party and his or her insurance company accountable.

    We represent clients from a wide range of backgrounds, including priests, school teachers, police officers, prosecutors, judges, justices, principals, lawyers, elected officials, gang members and drug dealers. No matter what your legal concern, our attorneys will work hard to help you obtain the best possible outcome. The success of the firm is built on satisfied clients. Eighty percent of our clients are referred to us by former clients and other lawyers.

    Put Camic Johnson, Ltd. to Work for You

    Contact Camic Johnson, Ltd. law office today to get an experienced attorney on your side. You can also call our office at 630-859-0135 to schedule an initial consultation at one of our four convenient locations in Aurora, Elgin and Sycamore. You can also send us an email by completing our simple contact form.

    Have questions? Get answers now:

    Bold labels are required.

    Denver Personal Injury Lawyers #medical #malpractice, #birth #injury, #medical #negligence, #serious #injury,

    Denver Personal Injury Lawyers

    How Our Lawyers Can Help

    Our medical malpractice law firm is devoted to helping victims and their families injured by the negligence of physicians, nurses, surgical technicians or other medical professionals. We handle cases ranging from birth injuries to a doctor’s failure to diagnose a disease to wrongful death. We work to obtain the compensation our clients deserve. See a few of our verdicts and settlements.

    We also handle personal injury cases resulting from ski accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, aviation accidents, train accidents, defective products and other accidents caused by negligence. If you have been injured, we will seek maximum compensation on your behalf.

    In addition, we represent individuals who have suffered losses due to legal malpractice. If your former attorney failed to meet a necessary deadline and you lost out on your chance to file a lawsuit, we can advise you about your options.

    Focusing 100 Percent On Personal Injury, Defective Products And Medical Malpractice

    Our senior attorney, Dennis M. Mahoney, M.D. has more than 40 years of legal experience and is a licensed obstetrician. He is joined in his law practice by his sons Paul Mahoney and Kevin Mahoney. Under his guidance, our law firm offers exceptionally knowledgeable legal representation in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, with the warmth and understanding you would expect from a good physician.

    Contact Our Denver Injury Lawyers Today

    Contact The Mahoney Law Firm, P.C. today to arrange a free consultation to learn how a Denver medical malpractice attorney can help you with your negligence lawsuit. Our telephone number is 303-800-3168 or we have an easy to fill out online request form on this page you can send to us.

    Main Office – Hospice Touch – Tomah, WI #end #of #life #care

    #hospice touch



    Caring and Quality Hospice, Serving Monroe Juneau & Adams Counties, Offices in Tomah Mauston & Friendship, Offices Intomah Mauston & Friendship.

    HOSPICE TOUCH – Main Office in TOMAH, WI – Monroe County is a business listed in the categories Hospices, Hospitals, Hospice Services and General Medical And Surgical Hospitals and offers Palliative Care, Providing Quality Hospice and Palliative Care in Western Wisconsin. If you did business with HOSPICE TOUCH, please leave a review and help us improve and help other people. Also, don’t forget to mention Hubbiz.

    Hospices, Hospitals, Hospice Services, General Medical and Surgical Hospitals


    Palliative Care, Providing Quality Hospice, Palliative Care in Western Wisconsin

    Discover Valuable Information We organize and make available for you to find over 30 million pieces of content shared by over 10 million local businesses and professionals.
    Find advice, how-tos, news, deals, videos and much more.

    Reviews for HOSPICE TOUCH

    0 Be the first to write a review

    Explore more like HOSPICE TOUCH

    HOSPICE TOUCH – Main Office

    Veterans Affairs Medical Center

    500 E Veterans St

    Tomah Memorial Hospital

    Tomah Memorial Hospital Community Outreach – Walk In Clinic

    Miracle-ear Center

    Hearing Aids Assistive Devices

    601 N Superior Ave Ste 7A

    TOMAH MEMORIAL HOSPITAL – Community Outreach

    or embed

    For your website

    Disable Archiving Options in Outlook 2007 using GPO #group #policy,outlook #2003,outlook #2007,office


    Disable Archiving Options in Outlook 2007 using GPO

    by Krystian Zieja on March 1, 2010 – 04:31

    Administrators often need to disable Outlook 2007 / Outlook 2003 archiving options for users, due to company policy requirements or because they use third party software to backup / remove old emails from Exchange Mailboxes. We always can instruct our users not to use those options, however as we all know, quite often giving the instructions to users is not enough. Hence we need to know the proper way to force our desired settings. The best way to reconfigure some settings is to use Group Policy Object, of course if we have Active Directory implemented, because it is the easiest and fastest way to change something for multiple computers or multiple users.

    The below procedure describes how to disable Archiving options for Outlook 2007, however doing the same for Outlook 2003 is almost the same. Outlook 2007 have two archiving options the first is Manual Archiving, which can be found under File | Archive, the second is Auto Archiving, which is located under Tools | Options, Other tab. Our goal in that tutorial will be how to disable both Archiving options: manual and auto.

    When you extract the downloaded file you will see following folders:
    ADM – which contains adm files
    Admin – which contains opa files
    ADMX – which contains ADMX files

    The next step is to copy proper admx files from ADMX folder to %SystemRoot%\PolicyDefinitions
    Additionally you have to copy corresponding adml files from folder ADMX\en-us (replace en-us with appropriate language if available) In our case it would be outlk12.admx and corresponding outlk12.adml from en-us folder.

    Open Group Policy Management (gpmc.msc)

    Create New GPO lets name it “Disable Outlook 2007 Autoarchive” then click Edit on that policy.
    In the Group Policy Editor, in User Configuration under Administrative Templates you will see new settings available.
    We choose Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 > Tools | Others > AutoArchive. Then we change the option Disable|File Archive to Enabled

    Next we will disable AutoArchive by Enabling policy option AutoArchive Settings. To prevent AutoArchive from running we will ensure that checkbox Turn on AutoArchive is cleared, as shown on below image.

    Then we need to link our GPO to appropriate OU. Of course we can add some WMI filtering if required, but that depends on what we want to achieve.

    Dallas Social Security Disability Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #attorney,


    Call (214) 368-0777

    Home Page

    Dallas, Texas, Social Security Disability Attorney

    At the Law Office of Ronald D. Honig in Dallas, Texas, we focus our efforts on Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases. Count on us to be attentive to your needs and diligent on securing disability insurance benefits, SSI children’s benefits, or Social Security benefits for children and spouses. We will see your case through to resolution and ensure that it receives constant attention by one of our attorneys. We have served clients with the following disabilities:

    Bi-Polar Disorder (Manic Depressive)

    Our first job is to secure evidence, including medical information, to help understand your situation. From there we analyze your case under Social Security Regulations. Records are collected from the Social Security Administration and checked for accuracy and admissibility. All of your rights will be protected, including your right to a fair hearing or appeal.

    Our diligence and tenacity in seeking a satisfactory resolution to your case includes appearing before the U.S. District Court and 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. At our firm, we take pride in how we handle our appeals, exploring all legal, medical, and financial aspects. Our high success rate in appeals has resulted in fellow attorneys referring appeal cases to us.

    Background on Ronald D. Honig

    Ronald D. Honig has been a practicing attorney for over 30 years, including 12 years with the Social Security Administration. He is admitted to practice in the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Districts of Texas, 5th and 6th Circuit Courts of Appeals, and the Western and Eastern Districts of Michigan.

    Mr. Honig is an active member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives (NOSSCR), Fifth Circuit Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Attorneys (FOSSCR), and Dallas Association of Social Security Claimants’ Attorneys (DASSCA). He has lectured at various industry conferences and published a law review article on Social Security.

    From the initial filing to resolving your case, we will strive for the best result. We will explore all aspects of your disability, not based solely on a doctor’s diagnosis, but rather how your disability affects your daily life. Increase your chances of success with knowledgeable legal representation. Contact us today.

    Dental Marketing – Dental Practice Management Consultants #dental #marketing, #dental #practice #management,management


    Dental Marketing and Management for More New Dental Patients

    Do you want more new patients now? Our turnkey LeadFire new patient marketing machine can add more new patients to your practice now at zero risk to you!

    Do you want to maximize your marketing potential? Choose from over 15 step-by-step team training tutorials or, for the best deal, access all of our tutorials with a subscription to The Wealthy Dentist University .

    Now is the time to provide you and your family with the increased wealth, comfort, and time that you deserve.

    LeadFire New Patient Marketing Machine

    Our LeadFire New Patient Marketing Machine is a complete new patient marketing solution that works side-by-side with your current Internet marketing.

    This program includes your own personal customizable New Patient Portals, online dental directory listings, mobile marketing and social networking options, team training bonuses, and more.

    Your New Patient Control Panel allows you to personalize your entire dental marketing plan by yourself 24/7. You can even track and monitor all of your new patients from this program.

    Team Training

    We also have a complete library of dental management and marketing tutorials.

    One of our most popular programs is our team training video series on How To Turn Your Front Desk into a Marketing Machine. This lesson can DOUBLE the number of new patients in your chair.

    And the reason is simple. Up to 50% of all new patients are lost at the front desk because of poor call handling and systems.

    Improving your front desk s marketing skills the most effective ways to increase your profitability, and it s a strategy that costs nothing to implement.

    The three Video Strategy Tutorials in this lesson walk you through the ins and outs of converting high-value new patient leads into dental appointments. This is one of the core internal marketing strategies that we ve developed and tested over the last 20 years.

    In addition to the Front Desk lesson, we have tutorials on a range of other topics, including Structuring a Dental Associate Agreement, Dental Practice Signage, Internal Marketing Communications, and many more.

    Remember: you re not in it alone!

    I ve got lots of expertise, and I m more than happy to share.

    Jim Du Molin
    Founder, The Wealthy Dentist

    What Dentists Are Saying

    Dr. Jan Ormsby
    Ithaca, NY

    When I first came to work with Jim, I was producing approximately $48,000 per month. At the end of the first year, I was producing 114% more than when I started. The value of new patients during that first year also doubled.

    When I first started, I had about 8-10 new patients a month. I was practicing alone in my home, so I had a very small practice. I knew I really had to grow the practice quickly because I moved into a new facility. With the different approaches the The Wealthy Dentist has given me, I was able to move the number of new patients up to 41 a month.

    Dr. Victor Sobrepena
    Foster City, CA

    The major benefit that I have received from having been a member of the The Wealthy Dentist has been my transition from managed care insurance plans to fee-for-service patients.

    Probably the biggest key that I ve seen that has allowed me to progress to where I am now has been really implementing a lot of the systems that I ve learned.

    You know: making sure I have a complete team that s working for a common goal. In addition to that, I m really implementing a lot of the marketing strategies that I found were the most effective for me.

    Especially when I first started, I tried a lot of different marketing techniques, and I wasn t sure whether they were going to work or not. With Jim and his team of dental management consultants, I ve really been able to copy genius instead of creating mediocrity.

    +Jim Du Molin is a leading Internet marketing expert for dentists in North America. He has helped hundreds of doctors make more money in their practices using his proven Internet marketing techniques. Visit

    Free Office software #free #office #software, #business #program, #office #suite, #office #program,


    Personal Information Manager, Database and Word Processor. Download TreePad and enjoy better access, organization and control over all your data, notes, bills, projects, clients, addresses, letters, speeches, research, collections, classroom notes, Web pages, links, bibliographic listings, and whatever else your creativity enables you to entrust TreePad with, for good organization, easy access, and safe storage.
    Despite all its features and power, TreePad is as easy to use as the Windows explorer and will fit (including data) on one floppy!
    Freeware, Shareware, Linux and Windows versions are available on .
    Created by Freebyte.

    Fully customizable addressbook program for Windows XP, Vista, 2000, NT, 95, 98, ME. Freeware and shareware versions are available. Custom Addressbook is an easy to use, small, and extremely flexible Address Management program. Another advantage of its small size, is that the program and its database file can run directly from an external disk, such as a USB stick, floppy, etc. Some of the additional features: password protection, minimize to tray, data encryption, data compression, import, search, backup, non-western fonts, etc.
    For more information, please see here. Created by Freebyte.

    Free online clocks, free clock programs which you can install, clock screensavers, clock widgets for your Website or blog, alarms and timers, time-related utilities, free project and time-scheduling software.

    Free general purpose calculators, calculator collections, scientific/technical calculators, currency conversion and exchange rates.

    Free personal finance software, free accounting programs, free invoicing software and free accounting scripts.

    Online Business Services
    Free Financial Software

    E-commerce services, virtual cash systems, payment processing services, check printing, business-to-business portals, online stock trading, currency converters, free accounting software, etc.

    Free Software
    created by Freebyte

    Free Personal Information Managers, free File and Disk Utilities, free Address Books, free eBook Software and more. All created by

    Free ebooks, free eBook authoring tools, free photo albums.

    Free online dictionaries for a multitude of languages, free specialized dictionaries (medicine, business, sports, computing, construction. ), free thesauri, free online spellcheckers, language tools, language links, and more.

    Online courses, education for kids, online university education, educational resources.

    Work from home, start your own business, make money from your Website, join affiliate programs, get paid to take online surveys, get paid by reading email, get paid by surfing the Web, money making tutorials, earn revenue by placing ads on your Website, advertisement programs, get a fee to refer customers, receive commission for offering custom builds, etc.

    Free programs to surf the Web, free email software, email virus protection, free newsgroup programs, free Internet chat, telephony and messaging applications, free telnet software, free firewalls, etc.

    Free screensavers, cursors, ringtones and desktop themes. Free 3D screensavers, nature, funny and artistic screensavers, screensaver construction packages which don’t require any programming, and more.

    A large listing of services that provide free but also non-free email addresses. Web based email, email forwarding, pop email, etc. Also: add email services to your domain.

    Free images, icons,
    clipart, backgrounds,

    Download images and clipart for free, royalty-free stock photographs, thousands of free fonts, free icons, free GIFs, animated GIFs, free backgrounds, wallpapers, etc.

    Free images, bars, arrows, flags, animated gifs and signs for your Web page.

    Freebyte Gallery:
    Background Images

    Free background images for your Web pages: stone, marble, metal, decoration, sky backgrounds, timber images, psychedelic, office, trees and plants, space and stars.

    Free Paint Programs, Free Image Viewers, Free Photo Albums, Free graphics converters, 2-D Animation Software, 3-D / Animation software and more!

    Free online encyclopedias, maps, satellite images, electronics, computing, physics, science, etc.

    The latest News Headlines; a large collection of news sites: English (USA/UK), German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian, Arabic, Scandinavian, weather, sports, science, showbizz, economy, Internet, computer, etc.

    Phoenix Arizona Bankruptcy Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer, #attorney,


    Call 602-252-7552


    Arizona Debt Relief

    Your Financial Future

    Struggling with debt and financial worries is not a new phenomenon, however, in today’s economy, many who thought they would never find themselves in such a position are now unfortunately discovering that it can happen to about any one, at any time. Being faced with these circumstances can create a tremendous amount of fear and frustration. At Mark W. Lischwe, P.C.. we strive to take some of those fears and frustrations out of your life and put you back on track to regaining control of your financial future.

    Learn More

    Please take some time and explore the links on our website. Under “Resources “, you will find sites that provide an abundance of information to not only many commonly asked questions, but some you’ve probably never thought of. Under “Bankruptcy Overview “, a general summary is provided on the different chapters of bankruptcy our office handles. In “Attorney Profile “, you will find Mark W. Lischwe’s legal credentials and experience in the area of bankruptcy law and under “Contact Us “, you can obtain information on how to arrange for your free consultation and prepare for your appointment.

    We hope that after your visit to our website and a meeting with our office, you feel you have been informed and educated as to the bankruptcy process and that you have made the right decision toward taking control of your financial future. Schedule your free initial consultation by Contact Us or by calling 602-252-7552.


    Recipient of Phoenix Chapter 13 TrusteesAward for Excellence .

    Governor, Office of the #executive #office #of #education


    Office of the Governor (GOV)

    Find Drought Information

    Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. – Home

    1 day ago . State of California – Office of the Governor. A biography of Governor Jerry Brown, and a look at his accomplishments in public service.

    Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. – Press Releases

    State of California – Office of the Governor. Photo Release: Governor Brown Discusses Climate Action with German Federal Minister for the Environment.

    Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. – Newsroom

    State of California – Office of the Governor. Photo Release: Governor Brown Discusses Climate Action with German Federal Minister for the Environment.

    Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. – FAQ

    State of California – Office of the Governor. How can I get a commemorative message from the Governor. How do I get a flag flown over the capitol? How can I.

    Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. –

    State of California – Office of the Governor. Prior to contacting Governor Jerry Brown, please review our FAQ section – there you ll find answers to common.

    Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. – Internship Program

    The Governor s Office Internship Program is designed for undergraduate students of all majors and backgrounds who have an interest in politics, California.

    Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. – Appointments Application

    Application Instructions Revisions: To all persons interested in applying for a position in the Office of the Governor. Thank you for your interest in being.

    Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. – Appointments

    To all persons interested in applying for a position in the Office of Governor Jerry Brown: Thank you for your interest in being considered for an appointment to a.

    Liquid Capital Insurance #liquid #cover,liquid #cover #insurance,liquid #capital #insurance,liquid #capital #insurance #contact


    Liquid Capital insurance

    Liquid Capital insurance

    Liquid Capital is a one-stop shop for the motor industry, providing a comprehensive offering of financial products and related services.

    Currently, Liquid Capital is one of the largest providers of end-to-end white labelled branded financial services solutions to the motor industry and provide a range of motor financial services products for over 12 international motor brands represented in South Africa.

    Liquid Capital is the Financial Services Partner to a number of international motor vehicle brands in South Africa including Hyundai Financial Services, Kia Financial Services, Daihatsu Financial Services, and Tata Financial Services.

    Liquid Capital is owned by the Imperial Group and they sell a number of products and services directly to customers. Their car products involve car insurance known as ‘liquid cover’ and it includes Service Plans, Maintenance Plans, Extended Warranty, Roadside Assistance, Tyre Rim Insurance, and Car Insurance Quotes.

    Liquid Capital Insurance is able to provide non illustrative comparative quotes from their panel of reliable insurance companies. Liquid Capital prides itself in being a one-stop shop for car and bike service plans, maintenance plans, extended warranties, roadside assistance and comprehensive insurance quotes. This means that instead of researching different insurance companies, all you need to do is call them and inquire for car insurance quotes. You can also subscribe on their newsletter in order to receive updates on their panel of insurance companies providing the best quotes for vehicle owners.

    Obtaining a Liquid Capital car insurance quote is therefore extremely easy, saving you a lot of time and effort. They ensure that you receive proper comparative quotes so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to your car insurance.

    Liquid Cover Insurance contact details:

    MY CELL NO. 083 651 xxxx


    Will it be OK if I get my car serviced on 6/2/201 6 My reg no is FBP246FS Hyundai Elantra?
    I will have 115000 k on the clock but I believe it should be serviced before 1/3/2016.
    Please let me know for I have no other time for a service.

    January 28, 2016

    Fire alarm, Security system, Access Control, Houston TX – OMNI Fire –


    Information regarding security systems, access control, security cameras and fire alarms relevant to the Houston, Tx area. Both home and business systems are supported.

    Our Services

    If you prefer a wired system we can do that. We also offer a line of Honeywell wireless security systems and fire alarms. Browse our products area. We are an authorized Honeywell Dealer. We are proud to be Texas monitored and operated. Our security systems serve warehouses over a million square feet, schools, retail, multifamily buildings, as well as outdoor alarm systems for storage yards, vacant property and construction sites. We offer 100% wireless security systems that require no electrical power, phone line or internet service, yet provide video clips and 24 hour monitoring by live central station operators.

    Annual Alarm Permits

    In order to cover alarm response costs and have the police respond to your burglar alarm, you may be required to have a permit with your local city or county. OMNI offers links to obtain the correct permit for your locale. Please visit this page to select your area and to download the correct form.

    Internet Phone Information

    OMNI Fire and Security is dedicated to giving our customers the latest information on Voice over IP phone service. Please read this document which addresses some common concerns. All internet phones are not the same.

    Open / Closing Reports

    Existing customers login here. For our commerical customers, we offer a service to view who is entering and leaving your buildings with timestamp information. To view a sample report of this service, click here .

    Live Video Servers

    Be sure to check out our video products here. We are now offering this at your home, office, or anywhere else you need real-time video feeds over the internet or telephone line. Contact us today for more info!

    Security A Valid Concern

    View current crime statistics for the City of Houston. Provided by the Houston Police Department online. OMNI is a proud sponsor of HPD s Aldine community Police Station.

    Permit Number Updating

    OMNI is collecting all customer permit numbers. We forward them to the monitoring station to help improve police response time. Please send us your information, by clicking here .

    San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney #law #firm, #law #office, #legal #advice, #lawyer,


    San Antonio Personal Injury Attorneys

    Serious Lawyers For Serious Accident Injuries

    Car wrecks, work disasters and other injury-causing accidents are more than events that cause physical pain. They can be emotionally draining and financially crippling, leaving entire families struggling to make ends meet.

    At the Law Offices of Fidel Rodriguez, Jr.. we understand how much a serious accident can affect our clients and their families. We know this from legal experience: Our attorneys have more than 50 years of combined experience, and founder Fidel Rodriguez, Jr. has been a board-certified personal injury trial lawyer for nearly 30 years.

    We also know from personal experience: Our attorneys and staff come from hardworking South Texas families, and when a client is kept from working and enjoying family time because of accident injuries, we understand how this affects spouses, children, parents and extended family. That is why we work so hard — and are so proud — to represent our clients and help them through the legal system to get the compensation they deserve.

    Are you ready to speak with a lawyer about your case? Call toll free 866-545-HURT (4878) for a free consultation with one of our attorneys. Hablamos español.

    Accident Lawyers Representing Clients Throughout South Texas

    When people are seriously injured in accidents, our firm is here to fight on their behalf. We handle cases ranging from motor vehicle accidents to construction accidents, defective product cases and other personal injury claims. As one of the most established injury firms in South Texas, we have also become a go-to firm for workers with oil field injuries in the Eagle Ford Shale.

    Contact Our Firm For A Free Consultation

    We understand that contacting a lawyer may be an intimidating experience. We want to make your experience in the legal system as simple and stress-free as possible, beginning with your free case evaluation. Schedule yours by calling our main office in San Antonio at 210-465-1212 (toll free 866-545-HURT (4878)) or send an email. We will respond to you as quickly as possible to learn the details of your case.

    Begin Your Consultation

    Medical Office Assistant #medical #office #assitant


    How to Become a Medical Office Assistant

    Doctors and patients alike rely upon medical office assistants to bring order to the complex world of medicine. As a medical office assistant (MOA), you are the first point of contact between patient and office, and as such, set the tone for the patient’s experience. In addition to guiding patients, MOAs also work behind the scenes to coordinate referrals, lab test reviews, chart updates, insurance reimbursements and other functions that keep a medical office running smoothly. A medical office assistant can be given great leeway by a doctor who trusts in his integrity and judgment, particularly in smaller practices where an MOA must inevitably fill a wide variety of roles.

    Larger medical practices or hospitals rely on medical office assistants, too, but for fewer and more specialized tasks. Regardless of the size of the practice, medical office assistants are an integral part of any medical office, and can tip the balance of a patient’s experience from mundane to superlative.

    Work Environment

    Medical office assistants most often work in doctors’ or dentists’ offices, hospitals, and surgical centers and less often in insurance companies and government agencies. An MOA interacts with people all day long, including patients, doctors, nurses and other staff. In smaller practices, an MOA may take patients to their exam rooms, record their weight, take their blood pressure and act as a chaperone for opposite sex exams. MOAs must be consummate multi-taskers, as frequent interruptions of one task to perform another are commonplace.


    A high school diploma or graduation equivalency degree (GED) is sufficient for an entry-level medical office assistant position, with further training done on the job.

    Many employers prefer to hire MOAs with an associate’s degree or vocational school training. Vocational school training consists of courses in biology and medical terminology along with record-keeping, accounting and insurance practices. Since every office varies in its procedures, a certain amount of on-the-job training is inevitable. On-the-job training for smaller practices will be more extensive due to the need for an MOA to cover a greater variety of tasks.

    Licensing and/or Certification

    A prospective medical office assistant can attend a training program accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP ) to become a certified medical administrative assistant (CMAA ). Certification will increase your chances of getting hired, as employers prefer the stamp of approval it bestows. Practice tests and other test preparation materials are available online at either of the links above.

    Necessary Skills and Qualities

    Medical office assistants need to be organized yet also personable, as they interact with others throughout the workday. The employer will assume a candidate has computer skills, including familiarity with basic word programs and spreadsheet functions. An MOA must be willing to learn new systems and methods, such as how to work with specific scheduling and billing software common to most medical practices. As in virtually all medically related jobs, attention to detail is a must.

    Opportunities for Advancement

    All but the smallest of private medical practices have a small hierarchy of office staff. Over time, experienced people in the pyramid need to leave work for one reason or another. Many employers prefer to move an existing employee into an empty spot and hire a new entry-level person. To be chosen for such advancement, an MOA needs to be competent and confident. Promotions will often include supervising other people, so demonstrating good people skills on a regular basis also helps an MOA stand out to supervisors.

    If you would like to gain the necessary education to become a medical office assistant, we highly recommend that you check out our free School Finder Tool located HERE .

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. the average MOA’s salary is $31,220 per year. The middle fifty percent of MOAs earn between $25,500 and $36,070 per year. Salaries improve with more experience and/or education, and also according to geography. Those living in larger cities and towns, particularly along both coasts, will earn more. The top three employers for MOAs are doctors’ offices, hospitals and dentists’ offices.

    Available positions for MOAs are increasing, driven by the ongoing retirement of the baby boom generation and general increases in population. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 29% growth in jobs for medical office assistants, which is far faster than average.

    Related Careers

    Also, check out our Health Careers page for more career guides.

    Further Reading

    Popular Degree Programs

    Last Updated: March 14, 2017

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    Surgical Technology #university #of #scranton,marywood #university,marywood,keystone #college,keystone,johnson #college,johnson,itt #technical #institute,itt #tech,mccann #school


    Surgical Technology

    Coming to Scranton for Fall 2017!

    Lackawanna College’s Surgical Technology Program is designed to be completed over a two-year period with day, evening, and Saturday courses as well as on- and off-campus clinical hours. Each program also includes summer session courses and clinical lab hours.

    Acceptance into Lackawanna College’s Surgical Technology Program is based on a selective admissions process with a maximum of 15 students selected annually.

    Degree information

    Through a balance of classroom instruction and clinical experience, the student will acquire applied skills and knowledge in the field of Surgical Technology.

    Surgical technologists work in the operating room under the direct supervision of a surgeon and a registered nurse. Surgical technologists help facilitate the draping, and prepping of the surgical patient. They gown, and glove other team members. They get all the instruments, supplies, equipment necessary for specific surgical procedures. As a member of the sterile team, surgical technologists will hand all necessary instruments and supplies to the surgeon and other team members.

    A surgical technologist has a broad knowledge of anatomy and physiology, microbiology, sterile techniques, and patient safety concepts as well as ethical and legal concepts. A surgical technologist must have an understanding of the hospital organization, policies, and procedures.

    Job opportunities and salaries in the healthcare specialty of surgical technology have been rising steadily over the last few years, and the U.S. Department of Labor predicts employment of surgical technologists is projected to grow 30% from 2012 to 2022, much faster than the average for all occupations. Advances in medical technology have made surgery safer, and more operations are being done to treat a variety of illnesses and injuries. The median annual wage for surgical technologists was $41,790 in May 2012.

    Most surgical technologists are employed by hospitals, day-surgery centers with the remainder working in the offices of physicians. After two years of experience, a certified surgical technologist may apply to become a traveling surgical technologist.

    Lackawanna College’s Surgical Technology program combines classroom instruction with practical clinical externships at local hospitals. Both career-specific and academic core courses are included. Students successfully completing the program are eligible to sit for the National Certifying Exam (CST).

    Surgical Technology Program classes are given days, nights and on weekends (based on the availability of the instructors). Clinical externships, however, must take place during the daytime.


    • To give students an understanding the need for surgical intervention
    • To develop an understanding of the role of surgical technologist as a member of the surgical team
    • To instruct students in the responsibilities which the performance of this role entails
    • To assist students in developing the knowledge of the organizational structure of the hospitals, its departments and the operating room
    • To develop a basic understanding of biological science as it relates to safe operating room procedure
    • To facilitate the hands-on, supervised experience in the operating room performing the duties of a surgical technologist.

    OAE-CST Pass Rate

    Annual reporting year

    Admissions criteria and requirements

    Prospective students must meet the college’s minimum requirements. Applicants must submit proof of high school or GED completion with official high school transcript or GED equivalent. Lackawanna College will determine the applicant’s current academic ability based on a combination of following:

    • SAT or ACT test scores, if applicable
      • Recommended SAT scores: 470 Verbal and 470 Math.
      • Recommended ACT scores: 20 or higher in each relevant section.
      • Most scores are valid up to 3 years from test date.
    • College Transfer Credits
      • If transferring credits from another college/university, official college transcripts are required.
    • Placement Test
      • Applicants without valid SAT/ACT scores and who have not previously earned college credits will be required to take the ACCUPLACER exam for determination of current academic ability. Applicants must achieve College Ready scores in Reading, Writing, and Math to be considered qualified for the Surgical Technology program.

    Due to the very specific nature of these degree programs, applicants with transfer credits may only transfer credits related to program core courses including the following:

    • Anatomy and Physiology I – 4 credits
    • Anatomy and Physiology II – 4 credits with lab (if taken within two years)
    • College Algebra
    • Computer Applications
    • College Writing
    • Effective Speaking
    • Introduction to Psychology
    • Medical Ethics (subject to review)
    • Medical Terminology (subject to review)

    Items for official placement into program

    • $100 commitment fee
    • Official high school transcripts
    • Official college transcripts
    • SAT/ACT scores, if applicable
    • FAFSA
    • CPR Certification
    • FBI Clearance
    • State Clearance
    • PA Child Abuse Clearance
    • 2 Step PPD
    • Recent Physical Examination
    • Copy of Immunization Records
      • Varicella Vaccination Date or Date/Year of Chicken Pox
      • Hepatitis B vaccination (3 shots) or waiver
      • MMR documentation or titers
      • Adult TDaP (after age 19)

    Interviews will be scheduled for qualified Surgical Technology program applicants who submit a fully completed application. A mandatory informational meeting will be required prior to start of the selected program.Qualified students will be notified of the date and time upon selection into program. The meeting will review the Surgical Technology department’s policies and expectations. The meeting will also allow for question and answer session and tour of the Lackawanna College facilities.


    Changes in the curriculum for this program have been approved by ARC/STSA and will be in effect for students beginning their studies in the Fall 2017 cohort.

    This degree program is moving to our Scranton campus in Fall 2017.