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Outsource Online Captcha

Free custom magento module to add captcha to your magento store.Which will protect magento sites from spam posts.Below is brief description about writing/creating a custom magento module based on this custom module.Those who want to customize this magento module will find this helpfull.I also hope this will be a good guide for anyone who are in magento development looking for any kind of magento customization

For getting extension key or to see screenshots visit magento connect page of this custom magento extension check the new magento connect page of this module
Latest version 1.0.9
Compatible with 1.3 to 1.6 versions of Magento.Protects forms registration,One page checkout,contactus,product review and send a friend from spam bot postings

Magento sites are targeted by spam bots like any other sites.In order to effectively prevent the bots you need to make use of captcha.Captcha is basically an image where some squiggly characters are written in such a way that only a human eye could read.The user is prompted to add the characters and the control will go further only if the characters submitted matches the characters in the image.

This custom magento module will add captcha functionality for magento forms for registration,One page checkout,contactus,product review and send a friend .Simply install the module and check the aforementioned forms.There are no addtional settings to configure if you only want image captcha proection but it is recommended to clear your cache after installing.If you dont see admin options in configuration section logout and again login .

Proactive spam protection in backend with botscout.com API

There is an addtional option to add proactive spam protection in backend with botscout.com API for magento.You can choose not have the conventional captcha image and only have the invisible spam protection with this API.You need to register(its free ) in http://www.botscout.com/ and get their credentials to use this feature.My Personal suggestion is to use both image captcha (good for blocking bot posts) and botscout protection(for blocking human spam posts to an extend).

This is the first module I submitted to magento since I started working on magento customization .Unlike customizing other opensource CMSs ,customizing magento appeared more complex in the begining.But once I started more involved in it I started to love it .Gradually magento development became a thing of interest.I would like to thank those who wrote great tutorials about creating custom magento modules.My special thanks to fontis whose recaptcha extension helped me a lot to build this module.Infact this module is actually a forked version of their recaptcha extension.Below I have explained internals of this module including using AJAX in magento modules.Please go through if you are interested in the internals of this module.Those who want to customize magento will find this helpfull.I also hope this will be a good guide for any kind of magento customization.If you have any doubts regading customization of this module feel free to contact me through tha form below

Creation of OutsourceOnline Captcha for magento/Writing a custom module for magento/Magento Customization basics/Using AJAX in a magento module/MVC in magento

Please install the module from magento connect before proceeding further.Please refer the following links and come back so that you can have a clear idea regarding the basics of module creation and AJAX integration in magento(if you haven’t t done this before)

I am not explaing the inner contents of each files since you will have the files added to your magento .Please note the naming conventions for each class and config nodes.By naming conventions I mean the usage of uppercase and lower case letters and underscores(_).For example a class name must contain the name of each folder in the path of that class from app/code/community folder,names of folders will be with first letter uppercase and remaining letters in lowercase.Each name should be sperated with an underscore. Custom modules will not work properly in magento without following naming conventions properly

Files of this module

Let us now go through the files that constitutes this custom extension

app/etc/modules/OutsourceOnline_Captcha.xml – lets magento know that the new module is in app/code community folder

etc /
——-config.xml – mentions the frontend,routing,model ,view,controller,template and layout files,translater file and admin default values
——-system.xml – admin configuration fields,field sources
Block /

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