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PCI Compliance Made Easy!

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PCI Compliance

Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance can seem daunting. That’s why every day we receive questions from dozens of terrified business owners about what responsibilities a small merchant has when it comes to compliance.

It doesn’t matter how many transactions a company does, it is a sure shot that PCI compliance applies to you, your business, and every company that collects, transmits, processes or stores cardholder information. This includes point-of-sale (POS) terminals (remember the Target hack?), e-commerce and even the lonely mail/phone orders.

PCI DSS is not a federal law or a state law. Rather, it’s a security standard developed by the the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). The council is composed of credit card bigwigs such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and JCB.

PCI SSC developed the Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), a comprehensive security standard that acts as a set of guidelines for merchants to ensure the protection of their customer’s sensitive card data. The industry regulations were put in place on June of 2005, in a secret cave. The PCI SSC enforces the security standard with corporal punishment and/or fines (but really just fines). It applies to any company that accepts credit cards in any form (except for a hologram projection). If your company stores, processes, or transmits any of the information recorded on a credit or debit card then you are required to be PCI compliant or face serious consequences such as:

  1. Compensation to regain lost trust. Sometimes after the general public has lost faith in your company, the only way to get them back is with bribes.
  2. Legal fees. The world is quick to sue. If you suffer a security breach prepare for lawsuits to follow.
  3. Bank fines. If you’re not PCI Compliant and you suffer a security breach your merchant bank is going to come down on you for every customer who they had to reimburse after the theft or fraud.
  4. Federal audits. The FTC might get involved if you’re company is one of the big players. They might audit you from that point until eternity and throw in a few fines while they’re at it.
  5. Cleanup. Chances are that you’ll have to investigate the security breach, hire or fire employees and up your security.
  6. Profits will fall. After the internet finds out about your security breach nobody is going to come near your business for a long while. Remember, many large companies have declared bankruptcy after a security breach. Target’s profits fell $440 million in their fourth fiscal quarter following their POS security breach in 2013.
  7. Google will haunt you. Even a decade after your security breach, everytime someone Googles your name, chances are one of the breach headlines will surface. If your company was once a bright, shining success in the eCommerce world, it certainly isn’t anymore.
  8. Angry witches will beat you with broomsticks. As a merchant it is your responsibility to protect consumer credit card data and any other data you collect. This could include:
  • Card readers
  • POS systems
  • Store networks and wireless access routers
  • Credit card storage and transmission
  • E-commerce applications and web services
  • Phone numbers from over-zealous, flirtatious, househusbands or housewives.

The PCI DSS standards are in place to give merchants, like you, a step by step list of what you need to do to meet compliance standards so that you’re not schooled by the terrifying PCI SSC humans. This standard consists of 12 requirements that are fairly direct in their instructions on what one must do to be compliant (it no longer involves a riddle and a troll named rumpelstiltskin). What’s more, the PCI Security Standards Council even explains why you should put each of the requirements in place. Get a copy of the PCI DSS 3.0 requirements at https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/security_standards/index.php. It is also required that your business maintains current compliance at all times. Small merchants can do this by filling out an annual self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) and fulfilling any other compliance validation requirements set by their merchant bank such as Security Scanning to PCI Compliance. It’s very easy to “fall out of” compliance; for example, failing a PCI Security Scan, forgetting to renew malware, etc. If at any time your business is not in complete compliance, your business will be liable should you suffer a security breach. The PCI SSC will come for you. They’re like the Russian mafia, only not at all. Still, you don’t want to get on their bad side.

The ability to accept credit cards is absolutely necessary for business owners to conduct business regardless of size. Losing the privilege to process cards could mean bankruptcy for even the largest corporation. You don’t want your children to end up like that little orphan girl in Annie (the original, not the remake), so please, make sure you’re compliant.

E-Commerce Advantages #e-commerce #overview, #e-commerce #applications, #e-commerce #constraints, #e-commerce #business #models, #e-commerce


E-Commerce – Advantages

E-Commerce advantages can be broadly classified in three major categories:

Advantages to Organizations

Using E-Commerce, organization can expand their market to national and international markets with minimum capital investment. An organization can easily locate more customers, best suppliers and suitable business partners across the globe.

E-Commerce helps organization to reduce the cost to create process, distribute, retrieve and manage the paper based information by digitizing the information.

E-commerce improves the brand image of the company.

E-commerce helps organization to provide better customer services.

E-Commerce helps to simplify the business processes and make them faster and efficient.

E-Commerce reduces paper work a lot.

E-Commerce increased the productivity of the organization. It supports “pull” type supply management. In “pull” type supply management, a business process starts when a request comes from a customer and it uses just-in-time manufacturing way.

Advantages to Customers

24×7 support. Customer can do transactions for the product or enquiry about any product/services provided by a company any time, any where from any location. Here 24×7 refers to 24 hours of each seven days of a week.

E-Commerce application provides user more options and quicker delivery of products.

E-Commerce application provides user more options to compare and select the cheaper and better option.

A customer can put review comments about a product and can see what others are buying or see the review comments of other customers before making a final buy.

E-Commerce provides option of virtual auctions.

Readily available information. A customer can see the relevant detailed information within seconds rather than waiting for days or weeks.

E-Commerce increases competition among the organizations and as result organizations provides substantial discounts to customers.

Advantages to Society

Customers need not to travel to shop a product thus less traffic on road and low air pollution.

E-Commerce helps reducing cost of products so less affluent people can also afford the products.

E-Commerce has enabled access to services and products to rural areas as well which are otherwise not available to them.

E-Commerce helps government to deliver public services like health care, education, social services at reduced cost and in improved way.

Outsource Online Captcha: Free custom magento AJAX captcha module #outsource,outsourced #online,php, #mysql,rets,real


Outsource Online Captcha

Free custom magento module to add captcha to your magento store.Which will protect magento sites from spam posts.Below is brief description about writing/creating a custom magento module based on this custom module.Those who want to customize this magento module will find this helpfull.I also hope this will be a good guide for anyone who are in magento development looking for any kind of magento customization

For getting extension key or to see screenshots visit magento connect page of this custom magento extension check the new magento connect page of this module
Latest version 1.0.9
Compatible with 1.3 to 1.6 versions of Magento.Protects forms registration,One page checkout,contactus,product review and send a friend from spam bot postings

Magento sites are targeted by spam bots like any other sites.In order to effectively prevent the bots you need to make use of captcha.Captcha is basically an image where some squiggly characters are written in such a way that only a human eye could read.The user is prompted to add the characters and the control will go further only if the characters submitted matches the characters in the image.

This custom magento module will add captcha functionality for magento forms for registration,One page checkout,contactus,product review and send a friend .Simply install the module and check the aforementioned forms.There are no addtional settings to configure if you only want image captcha proection but it is recommended to clear your cache after installing.If you dont see admin options in configuration section logout and again login .

Proactive spam protection in backend with botscout.com API

There is an addtional option to add proactive spam protection in backend with botscout.com API for magento.You can choose not have the conventional captcha image and only have the invisible spam protection with this API.You need to register(its free ) in http://www.botscout.com/ and get their credentials to use this feature.My Personal suggestion is to use both image captcha (good for blocking bot posts) and botscout protection(for blocking human spam posts to an extend).

This is the first module I submitted to magento since I started working on magento customization .Unlike customizing other opensource CMSs ,customizing magento appeared more complex in the begining.But once I started more involved in it I started to love it .Gradually magento development became a thing of interest.I would like to thank those who wrote great tutorials about creating custom magento modules.My special thanks to fontis whose recaptcha extension helped me a lot to build this module.Infact this module is actually a forked version of their recaptcha extension.Below I have explained internals of this module including using AJAX in magento modules.Please go through if you are interested in the internals of this module.Those who want to customize magento will find this helpfull.I also hope this will be a good guide for any kind of magento customization.If you have any doubts regading customization of this module feel free to contact me through tha form below

Creation of OutsourceOnline Captcha for magento/Writing a custom module for magento/Magento Customization basics/Using AJAX in a magento module/MVC in magento

Please install the module from magento connect before proceeding further.Please refer the following links and come back so that you can have a clear idea regarding the basics of module creation and AJAX integration in magento(if you haven’t t done this before)

I am not explaing the inner contents of each files since you will have the files added to your magento .Please note the naming conventions for each class and config nodes.By naming conventions I mean the usage of uppercase and lower case letters and underscores(_).For example a class name must contain the name of each folder in the path of that class from app/code/community folder,names of folders will be with first letter uppercase and remaining letters in lowercase.Each name should be sperated with an underscore. Custom modules will not work properly in magento without following naming conventions properly

Files of this module

Let us now go through the files that constitutes this custom extension

app/etc/modules/OutsourceOnline_Captcha.xml – lets magento know that the new module is in app/code community folder

etc /
——-config.xml – mentions the frontend,routing,model ,view,controller,template and layout files,translater file and admin default values
——-system.xml – admin configuration fields,field sources
Block /

Credit and Gift Card Processing on the App Store #credit #and #gift


Credit and Gift Card Processing

Open iTunes to buy and download apps.


Process secure credit and gift card payments directly on your iPhone with the Mercury VirtualTerminalTM application. When you combine this application with an iDynamo secure card reader, your phone becomes a hand-held payment processing device. Accept credit and gift cards anywhere with a WiFi or 3G or higher network connection. Transactions are end-to-end encrypted and meet PCI data security standards.* Email transaction receipts to your customer and yourself. Features include signature capture, automatic end-of-day batch processing, and admin functionality to configure account settings, receipt settings, and email receipt settings. Also available for the iPad and iPod Touch.

You must have a merchant account with Mercury in order to log in and process credit cards on your iOS device. You may only submit transactions for those products/services that your account was underwritten for.

If you already have a merchant account with Mercury, please contact sales support at 800-846-4472 to configure the application on your iOS device and to purchase an iDynamo secure card reader. (The iDynamo secure card reader must be purchased through Mercury.)

To apply for a Mercury merchant account, please sign up now, or call 800-846-4472. Please note that new merchant accounts are subject to a site inspection prior to approval.

– Swipe credit and gift cards with the iDynamo secure card reader authenticator. The iDynamo features Triple DES encryption and protects card data from the moment the card is swiped all the way to authorization.

– Credit transactions include: Sale and Return

– Gift transactions include: Sale, Return, Issue, and Balance.

– Default batch close is time-initiated so that the merchant receives the best rates.
– Signature Capture to help eliminate chargebacks.
– Payment information is encrypted and is not stored on your mobile device.

– Email receipts to your customers and cc/bcc yourself with the sales details and info about your business.

– Free customer service 24/7/365.

Once you download the application, set up and configure your account settings and receive your iDynamo card reader…

1. Login with your MercuryView User ID and Password.
2. To make a Credit Sale, attach the iDynamo card secure card reader, enter the amount, select process, and swipe the customer’s card.
3. Done! Get confirmation and even send customers a customized email receipt with signature capture included.
Also allows for simple processing of Gift transactions and offers other transaction types listed above.

*Use of the Mercury provided iOS application does not remove the user from the scope of PCI security standards or the requirement and responsibility to comply with applicable PCI DSS. For more information, visit the PCI Security Standards Council web site at https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org.

Mercury provides support for the latest version of the application only. Please ensure that you have the most current version of the application.

What’s New in Version 2.1.2

* Relaxed email address field validation
* Fixed Issue with a double request for signature exposed by iOS 8 update
* Fixed layout and keyboard issues with textfields visible with iOS 7

Mercury needs to update soon for ios11!

I like the streamlined app to collect credit card payment from Mercury in my very small business, and the backend system works great for payment.

I keep getting notifications from Apple that this application will no longer work after iOS 11 is released. Apparently this application does not support 64 bit architecture. I’m worried I will no longer be able to use my card swipe device to collect payments. Mercury if you’re reading this review will you please start working on this app and notify your customers that they will be able to continue to swipe credit cards? Thank you

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

  • Category: Business
  • Updated: Jan 08, 2015
  • Version: 2.1.2
  • Size: 1.2 MB
  • Language: English
  • Seller: Mercury Payment Systems, LLC
  • © 2012-14 Mercury Payment Systems, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    Customer Ratings

    We have not received enough ratings to display an average for the current version of this application.

    Structured Settlement Buyout #structured #settlement #buyout,structured #settlement #buyout #in,lump #sum #structured #settlement

    Structured Settlement Buyout

    A structured settlement is a financial payout from a court case. These are set up in such a way as the court deems will best benefit the recipient of the funds. They are certain, predictable, and a means of being able to count on a specific dollar amount every month. A structured settlement buyout is not deemed to be the best financial choice that one can make, for many reasons.

    Many will argue that a structured settlement buyout is a safe financial transaction that will not burden the individual with high interest rates or loan debt. What is more, is that with a structured settlement buyout the consumer will not need to be burdened with credit checks or other invasive measures to assure that they are trustworthy for a loan or credit card.

    Structured Settlement Buyout Click Here

    The down side to this argument for a structured settlement buyout is that the individual will still have to engage a time consuming process in order to obtain a loan or credit card. The individual will also have to fill out many forms and hope that they will get the line of credit or money that they need. Although, if it is disclosed that they have a structured settlement payment they will probably be accepted for the loan or credit card.

    Financial advisers typically counsel their clients not to engage a structured settlement buyout. The reason for this is that with a structured settlement buyout, the consumer will lose money. The companies that perform a structured settlement buyout want the greatest profit margin they can get. This is not always 100% fair to the seller.

    The consumer will also need to keep in mind that in the event that they choose a structured settlement buyout, the process is not a right now kind of thing. There is a lot of paperwork and a court hearing that needs to be held. This process can take up to 2 months before the structured settlement buyout is final.

    The best thing to do is to never be spontaneous with the decision to get a structured settlement buyout. Get as much information on the structured settlement buyout process and the company involved. A structured settlement buyout is losing guaranteed income for an electric bill or some groceries. A structured settlement buyout is simply not worth the net gain that interest with the payments will bring you.

    As a rule of thumb a structured settlement buyout is developed to benefit the company buying the payments. It is not a beneficial or wise money transaction for the recipient of the payments. The long term goals of the payments is to aid the individual in securing their financial future and a structured settlement buyout seeks to benefit the company taking over reception of the payments.

    If the consumer truly needs money immediately, a better choice than a structured settlement buyout is a conventional loan through an established, trustworthy banking institution. It may take a couple of weeks to get the loan, but that will be far quicker than selling off the payments that were put in place to protect the interests of the individual. The choice of a structured settlement buyout does not make good money sense.

    Structured Settlement Buyout

    Affordable Self Storage in Hampton, VA #affordable #self #storage, #reviews, #ratings, #recommendations,


    Affordable Self Storage

    Information about this business (4 )

    6 locations to serve you6 va locations to serve youavailable-boxes andceilings-truckscobbs creek shacklefordcontrolled unites-highgloucester matthews hampton poquoson safe-clean-climatethe friendlier morethe friendlier more affordable alternative 223910attr:climate controlledstorage household & commercial

    Posted on May 08, 2015. Brought to you by localcom.

    Affordable Storage Inc is located at the address 1635 W Pembroke Ave Ste A in Hampton, Virginia 23661. They can be contacted via phone at (757) 723-6551 for pricing, hours and directions.

    Affordable Storage Inc has an annual sales volume of 0 – 500K. For more information contact Dan Bolkhel, Owner or go to www.affordablestorageva.com

    Affordable Storage Inc provides Dry Storage Units, Self.

    Posted on September 02, 2014. Brought to you by chamberofcommerce.

    We offer self storage to keep your personal items safe while you are moving, haveing work done to the house, TDY, or just need a place to put your access items till you can make room for them. We are open 7 days a week and will stay later if needed to assist with your move in. We are the friendlier more affordable storage company.

    Posted on July 20, 2014. Brought to you by facebook.

    Posted by Anonymous on June 30, 2009. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

    Average Rating 20

    I rented a unit for one month back in July 2007. As of today, March 4, 2008, I have not received my $10.00 deposit. I have spoken to them several times. I will not stop until I get my money. Are there others who have not gotten their deposit?

    Posted by jj9801 on March 03, 2008. Brought to you by localguides.

    Business description (5) view all

    Affordable Storage can be found at W Pembroke Ave 1635. The following is offered: Warehouse Storage. The entry is present with us since Sep 9, 2010 and was last updated on Nov 14, 2013. In Hampton there are 6 other Warehouse Storage. An overview can be found here.

    Posted on September 20, 2015. Brought to you by opendius.

    Business, Climate Controlled, Home, Packing Supplies, Personal

    Posted on November 03, 2014. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

    Can You Buy a Home With No Down Payment? ReadyForZero Blog #down


    Can You Buy a Home With No Down Payment?

    Prior to the Great Recession, it was fairly easy to buy a home with no down payment. But the mortgage crisis and the financial crisis shook things up a bit. Credit requirements especially for home loans tightened substantially.

    Many home buyers began turning to FHA loans (which require as little as 3.5 percent down as of this writing) once the number of zero-down mortgages began drying up.

    Now that the Great Recession is fading away, things are changing again. Just as many home buyers thought that the FHA loan required a too-high down payment prior to the mortgage market problems, that mindset is creeping back since it’s possible to find zero-down home loans again. Just remember, if you do get a mortgage, make a plan for how you re going to pay those payments and track your plan using a tool like ReadyForZero .

    Conventional Lending and Zero-Down Mortgages

    While it’s not exactly easy to buy a home with no down payment in the current climate, it is possible if you can show that you have adequate income and a good credit score. You’ll also have to be willing to pay a higher interest rate. The price you pay for having no “skin in the game” is a mortgage rate that ensures that you’ll pay extra tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your home loan compared to borrowers who have down payments. You will also probably need to purchase private mortgage insurance (PMI).

    In some cases, lenders will get a little creative with the financing. You might be able to take out two mortgages: The first is for 10 percent or 20 percent (depending on the lender) of the purchase price. This serves as your “down payment” even though you aren’t actually putting anything down. The other loan is for the remainder of the purchase price. But before you do this, realize that the interest rate on the small mortgage serving as your down payment will probably be higher than the rate on your “real” mortgage.

    There are other creative ways to avoid the down payment, from getting a gift from a close relative or friend, or participating in local housing programs that allow you to use “sweat equity” to help pay for your home. In the latter case, you do some of the work building your house, and helping build others’ homes, and in return you don’t have to worry about a down payment.

    Buying or Selling a Home in 2016?

    Agent Ace uses historical home sale data to identify the #1 agent in your market to find your perfect home or sell your home for more. Get My Agent

    Government Programs and Zero-Down Mortgages

    On the other hand, if you qualify for certain government programs that could provide an avenue for you to buy a home with no down payment. One of the most popular loan programs that allow you to buy a house without a down payment is the VA loan program. This program is only available to military veterans and to their surviving spouses. Depending on your credit situation and income, you might qualify for a zero-down VA loan.

    There are also government programs that will help you buy a home with no down payment if you are willing to buy in qualified rural areas. or in qualified high-crime areas. These programs are designed to help bring greater prosperity to certain areas with the introduction of homeowners. If you take the risk in rural or high-crime areas, you might be able to get a low-cost home without the need for a down payment.

    As with all mortgages, zero-down home loans require that you show that you have good credit, and that you are likely to handle the payments. Someone is taking a risk on you, whether it’s a conventional lender, the government, or even the seller.

    But Should You Buy a Home With No Down Payment?

    Now that you know there are options for buying a home with no down payment, the question remains: is it a good idea?

    In most cases, we’d recommend using a down payment when buying a house. This does a few things that will help you in the long run: (1) if you play your cards right and do your research, you’ll be able to get lower interest rates when you have a down payment; (2) by paying a portion of the cost of the house up front, you’ll be closer to having the house paid off than if you start with no equity in the home; and (3) the experience of saving up for a down payment will help you prepare for homeownership which often requires having an emergency fund to deal with any unexpected repairs or maintenance issues that may arise.

    While many individuals and families are eager to begin their new life as homeowners, it’s usually a good idea to wait until you have a down payment so that you can start that new life on stronger financial ground. If you’re currently deciding whether to take the leap into homeownership, use our Mortgage Resource Center to help get prepared. And also check out our blog posts on What Should You Do Before Buying a House. What Is a Good Credit Score for Buying a House. and How Much of a Mortgage Can I Afford .

    Are you currently deciding whether to buy a house or how much of a down payment to use? Share your thoughts or questions in the comments below!

    This post was published by Miranda, ReadyForZero Writer for » ReadyForZero. ReadyForZero is a company that helps people get out of debt on their own with a simple and free online tool that can automate and track your debt paydown.

    Making a bond claim – NSW Fair Trading #payment #bond #claim


    Making a bond claim

    Information for landlords

    Property agents and self-managing landlords must be registered with Rental Bonds Online

    From 30 January 2017. property agents and self-managing landlords must be registered with Rental Bonds Online (RBO), Fair Trading’s easy and secure service to manage bonds online. Agents and landlords must also offer the service to new tenants as the first option for lodgement of their bond.

    Information on registering as a user is available on the Taking a bond page on the Fair Trading website.

    When the tenancy has ended and the tenant owes you money, you can make a claim against the tenant’s bond.

    Reasons for claiming

    The main reasons a claim can be made against the bond are:

    • unpaid rent
    • the reasonable cost of repairing damage to the premises, beyond fair wear and tear
    • unpaid water usage charges, so long as you had requested payment within 3 months of receiving the bill
    • any ‘break fee’ or other charges payable as a result of the tenant breaking the tenancy agreement early
    • the reasonable cost of cleaning any part of the premises not left reasonably clean, having regard to how clean the premises were at the start of the tenancy
    • the reasonable cost of having the barrel of the locks changed or other security devices replaced, if the tenant has failed to return all keys and security devices they were given.

    This is not an exhaustive list. There may be other legitimate reasons for making a claim against the tenant’s bond, such as the cost of disposing of goods left behind by the tenant. The claim must relate to a breach of the tenancy agreement by the tenant.

    Fair wear and tear

    Your tenant is not responsible for fair wear and tear to the premises. Fair wear and tear means the deterioration that occurs over time with the use of the premises even though the premises receive reasonable care and maintenance. Such deterioration could be caused by exposure, time or just by ordinary use. The tenant is only liable for negligent, irresponsible or intentional actions that cause damage to the premises.

    These examples may help to explain the difference.

    Fair wear and tear

    Claiming a bond using Rental Bonds Online

    Tenant claiming a bond using Rental Bonds Online

    Claiming a bond using a Claim for Refund of Bond Money form

    Providing evidence to the tenant