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SIP for PBX in a Flash

Simplify Your Communications Infrastructure with SIP for PBX in a Flash™

The SIP.US trunking service is compatible with the Astrisk open source PBX and a variety of Astrisk distributions, including PBX in a Flash. The combination of SIP and PBX in a Flash gives companies a flexible, powerful and easy to deploy communications solution.

About PBX in a Flash

Asterisk PBX is a free, open source private branch exchange (PBX) application. It runs on Linux platforms and comes in many different distributions. Distributions are a complete software package that includes everything required to install and deploy the Asterisk PBX. PBX in a Flash is a free distribution containing a pre-built Asterisk server. It has been developed to run on a PC. PBX in a Flash is popular because it is a complete distribution that contains everything that is needed to install and configure an Asterisk PBX quickly. The flash is about the seed with which the solution can be deployed.

Implementing PBX in a Flash

Although installing PBX in a Flash may seem technically challenging, the website contains excellent documentation that will help walk you through it in a step-by-step manner. The PBX in a Flash development team has eliminated telco jargon and uses simple instructions to ensure that anyone with a working knowledge of the basics of computer operation can successful set-up and maintain the solution. Support services and an active user forum are available to assist.

Why Choose SIP.US for PBX in a Flash?

The Astrisk PBX software at the core of PBX in a Flash provides the functionality required for call control and unified communications features like automated attendants, voicemail and customized call routing. PBX in a Flash contains the other software components necessary to make an Asterisk installation quick and painless. All that remains is the selection of a method to deliver calls from the PBX to the PSTN (public switched telephone network), the network that routes calls to their intended destination. Customers who choose to deploy SIP for PBX in a Flash using SIP.US gain a number of advantages:

  • Deploying SIP for PBX in a Flash represents a significant cost savings vs. more traditional carrier provided toll lines
  • By utilizing a data network, rather than carrier lines, SIP.US gives clients the flexibility to subscribe to only the number of channels (or active calls) that they require. Carriers require customers to buy groups of 23 channels, meaning that customers are often paying for more than they need.
  • Although some providers of SIP services require that clients purchase Internet bandwidth from them, SIP.US does not. Our customers choose the high-speed Internet connection that they prefer.
  • SIP.US has made it easy to administer your trunking solution with online tools. Clients can easily add or remove channels on-the-fly.
  • In order to ensure the voice quality and reliability that our clients expect, we use only Tier-1 upstream providers.
  • SIP.US has been tested and deployed with a number of open-source PBX solutions and distributions, including PBX in a Flash.

Customer Feedback

Here is what our customers have to say about working with SIP.US:

Switching to SIP.US was simple. Our service is smoother and more reliable and our costs have gone down. Miles Fawcett, Urban Alarm

I don’t have any experience with SIP trunking, but connecting my Asterisk PBX to SIP.US was fast and easy. Eddy Pareja, Sangfroid Web Design

Configuring SIP for PBX in a Flash

Instructions for setting up PBX in a Flash for use with SIP.US are available at W e are also avaialble to help clients with system configuration. If you d like this assistance, just visit our support site and open a new ticket.

SIP for PBX in a Flash Frequently Asked Questions

What are the broad-band requirements to use SIP for PBX in a Flash?

SIP.US supports most broadband Internet options including; Metro Ethernet, cable, T1-data and DSL. Many SIP trunking providers insist that clients purchase connectivity from them. We prefer to let our clients select the most cost effective, reliable option of their choice.

Is a dedicated public IP address needed to use SIP for PBX in a Flash?

A dedicated public IP address is not required to use SIP.US with PBX in a Flash, but we do recommend it if possible.

Do you offer a free test period?

Yes. Please feel free to test SIP.US before you provide any credit card information. Click on the get started button on any page in this website and we ll start your free trial. It includes sixty minutes of calling to the lower 48 US states and Canada.

Join our other clients who have improved employee productivity and increased flexibility while saving money with SIP for PBX in a Flash. Start your free trial today.

Get Started Free SIP Trunk in 60 Seconds

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Virtual PBX Softphone for iOS – Free download and software reviews –


Virtual PBX Softphone for iPhone

Publisher’s Description

From Virtual PBX: The Virtual PBX Softphone application turns your iPhone into a full-featured VoIP phone in a Virtual PBX phone system. You can receive and make calls over your data connection that enable all of the high-end features available to Virtual PBX VoIP phones, without using your phone’s minutes. Audio compression is included at no added cost, providing high-quality calls with 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi. Capabilities include:Outbound calls use your company Caller ID, instead of your personal phone number.Record both inbound and outbound calls automatically or on demand.Centralized business voice messaging, with voicemails sent to your email address.Real-time reports, logs, and monitoring of all calls with detailed records.Customized company greetings, voicemail, hold music, and more.Dial other extensions directly, using just the extension number.Instant access to your Virtual PBX main menu by pressing just one key.Enhanced security though Virtual PBXs unique provisioning system.This app must be registered to a Virtual PBX VoIP system. Virtual PBX is the award-winning hosted PBX service that can make a business-class phone system out of your cell phones and land lines, or can give your company a complete business VoIP phone system based on Internet phone lines. You can even mix and match business VoIP service with mobile phones and landlines to get a custom setup that works perfectly just for you. Features include a custom auto-attendant, follow-me calling, True ACD queues, call recording, voicemail, internet fax, conferencing, and more.

What’s new in this version:

Major Changes:- Bug fixes when adding/editing of contacts and call log detail views on iOS 8.2 or newerOther Changes:- Improved support for iPhone 6/6+- 64-bit support support for iOS- Removed Facebook sharing and status updates due to restrictions imposed by Facebook- OpenSSL 0.9.8ze – Updated the library to OpenSSL 0.9.8ze.

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PBX Phone Systems

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Nextiva Office

FluentStream VoIP

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ShoreTel Sky

RingCentral Office

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Action Desk

Cisco Unified Communications Manager

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Huawei eSpace

Voice Complete

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Last Updated: August 15, 2017

The term PBX, for private branch exchange, is in most cases simply a synonym for business phone system.

Internet Protocol PBXes, or IP PBXes, are phone systems that connect calls via the internet rather than the traditional phone network.

We ll explain the core features and benefits of IP PBX systems. We ll also take a look at some of the key factors that businesses need to consider when investing in a new phone system.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • What Is a PBX and an IP PBX?
  • IP PBX
  • Which Businesses Need Them?
  • Key Considerations

What Is a PBX and an IP PBX?

The term PBX itself is a relic from the early-20th Century, as we explain in our extended definition.

Pbx system cost

Broadly speaking, a PBX s function is to unite all the separate phone extensions that a business uses so they can function together as one system. Specifically, PBXs:

  1. Route incoming calls to whichever extension a caller chooses.
  2. Distribute calls automatically to internal extensions based on pre-set rules.
  3. Connect internal extensions to outside lines when employees place a call.
  4. Connect calls internally between the business s extensions.

PBXs have been performing these same tasks for decades. As the internet increasingly takes over the function of the traditional phone network, however, the capabilities and features of PBXs have also evolved.


VoIP, or the Voice over Internet Protocol, has brought many changes to all aspects of business telephony PBXs included. With VoIP, it s now possible to send calls over an internet connection, as opposed to paying for traditional business phone service.

In order to reap the benefits of VoIP, you need an IP PBX rather than a traditional PBX, as an IP PBX system can connect directly to the internet. Older PBX systems, on the other hand, connect to analog or digital phone lines.

There are devices known as gateways that allow you to use VoIP service with an older PBX system. If you re replacing your system, however, it makes much more sense to simply invest in an IP PBX.

IP PBXs exist in several very different forms. Although they all perform similar functions, there is no strict definition of the term. An IP PBX can refer to:

Which Businesses Need Them?

Traditionally, PBXs were very expensive to purchase and maintain, and they were only used by relatively large businesses. Smaller businesses had alternatives such as Key Systems, which are scaled-down and less automated, but perform similar functions. (With Key Systems, users manually select lines: for example, by pressing “9” for an outside line.)

Now it s common for businesses with even a few employees to use some sort of IP PBX for their office phone system.

IP PBXs allow incoming calls to be routed and automatically distributed, and allow internal extensions to dial each other and share external lines. They provide the same basic functions as traditional PBXs, and can be useful to businesses of almost any size.

Further, as more businesses seek out the conveniences and cost-savings of VoIP telephony, IP PBXs in one of the forms mentioned above have become an increasingly common choice. Rather than trying to modernize an older PBX so it can work with VoIP calls, it often makes more sense to upgrade the whole system. Upgrading also gives buyers a chance to bring in new features which may have previously been unavailable.

Key Considerations

Hosted or on-premise. This is probably the most critical decision to make. Companies should look at both options. On-premise systems will typically have higher initial costs, and may also require periodic system maintenance. Hosted PBXs will cost less up front, and will be managed by the provider, but have higher recurring costs. The total cost of ownership for all potential systems should be compared.

Call capacity. PBXs can only handle a limited number of concurrent calls and a limited number of total extensions or registrations. (Each VoIP phone connected to the IP PBX requires a single registration.) Assess how many total connections you ll need, count one for each hardphone and softphone you plan to connect, as well as any devices such as FAX machines that may also be connected via your existing phone service provider, and estimate how many calls your employees will be making and receiving simultaneously when you re at peak call volume.

Unified communications. This term refers to a range of features that involve communicating across platforms and between different mediums. A common example of this is visual voicemail: a feature that automatically transcribes voicemail messages and emails the transcript to the recipient. Many IP PBXs have UC functions included.

Security. VoIP calls have special network requirements and they often don t work with well with standard office firewalls. To avoid problems, ensure that your existing firewall is compatible with SIP and VoIP traffic. An alternative is to get an IP PBX that includes a built-in firewall, as many do. Many also include VPN gateways to connect with a corporate Virtual Private Network.

Finally, you can use a device known as a Session Border Controller (SBC), which provides additional security specifically for VoIP systems by policing the pinholes that you need to open in your firewall for your VoIP calls.

Auto attendant. This is the automated answering system that greets inbound calls, presents pre-recorded information and gives callers a list of extension options from which to choose. Most IP PBXs include auto attendants, but the level of functionality supported by different systems differs. Advanced IVR systems, the voice menus that allow callers to complete actions such as checking account balances over the phone, are generally only found in call center suites.

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IP PBX Systems

With all of the business communications features included in IPitomy, there is never any conflict between one component and another. In the past, voice messaging systems, music on hold, call queuing, conference bridge, and automated attendants may have been separate components developed by different manufacturers. Integration of all of these devices required much time and expertise to accomplish. With IPitomy, everything is designed to work together in one comprehensive package solving the integration issues and making everything much simpler to use.

All Inclusive Applications on the IPitomy Pure IP PBX platform.

  • Smart Personal Console is accessible through any web browser and can be used by any user. Simply login to the correct extension and configure the extensions settings.
  • Individual Extension Forwarding can be set for user on the system and allows for calls to be directly forwarded to any internal location or any external number. This feature can easily be activated and de-activated from your IPitomy phone or your mobile phone. Forwarded calls can be transferred even from your mobile phone or land line!
  • Call Recording can allow any user to record calls with the touch of a button. Automatic Call Recording is also available as an optional feature.
  • Meet Me Conference Bridge with full administrative features. The Conference Bridge allows conference calls to be hosted by users and includes advanced features like announce on entry, mute/unmute users, remove users and more. Two available conference rooms, each supporting up to 16 users. Passwords and entry features are fully customizable through the web interface.
  • Branch Office allows you to connect multiple sites together and use them as though it was one system.
  • Call Reporting allows full list of all call activity on the system.
  • System Monitoring allows an administrator to monitor all extensions, SIP Providers and Branch Office Connections.
  • Diagnostics can be turned on/offand viewed by an administrator through the web interface.
  • IPitomy Dialer With the click of a mouse button a user can call any number stored in their Outlook Contacts, stored numbers or any number in any program or browser..
  • Q Manage r ( Optional ) Provides presence management, text messaging, monitors the extension status of other users in the system and provides call control on the desktop for fast call handling and advanced functionality such as call recording and coaching.
  • Follow Me can ring your desktop phone or any number of alternative phones simultaneously. Receive calls on your mobile phone while away from your desk. Follow Me can be enables after a configurable amount of rings and then begin trying other phones all at once or one at a time.

IPitomy IP1100 Compact Powerful IP PBX Systemfor Up to 50 Users
IP1100 Powerful IP PBX System Fully featured IP PBX that supports the complete line of IPitomy Features including the Desktop Q Manager. Besides all of IPitomy s great features, the IP1100 is a compact chassis that is easy to mount in a rack. Powerful text messaging with all users plus text messaging with cell phones using any XMPP chat client. Full presence management in the office or from a mobile phone such as the IPhone or Android.

The IP1100 supports screen pops in any web based application such as, V-Tiger or even can display incoming caller location on a Google map.The system is an impressive application platform that will meet the needs of any organization.

Of course the IP1100 supports SIP trunks and analog gateways. Remote users, ACD, 32 port confernce bridge, web based administration and all of the IP PBX features you need to keep your business on the technological forefront of features and benefits. The IP1100 is upgradeable to the IP1200 system if necessary.

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Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX – Do you know enough about Cloud PBX to be worried about it?

If you are worried about Cloud PBX, then you don’t know enough about Cloud PBX. If you are running a business you have a lot to worry about, and your phone system may seem like the least of those problems. However, a good phone system can make a big difference, and if you are looking for efficiency and low cost, your best option may be a Cloud PBX system. What is a Cloud PBX system? It sounds confusing, but the answer is quite simple. Cloud PBX is merely a phone service which is provided through the internet, instead of a phone line.

Did you know that Cloud PBX can offer you peace of mind?

When you are in the Cloud, using a Cloud PBX, you no longer need to worry whether or not you have a scalable, flexible, and reliable, business phone system.

  • More and more businesses are seeing the advantage to switching over to cloud PBX phone systems.
  • The phone service provider is responsible for the maintenance of your cloud PBX system, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business.
  • In addition to the maintenance and hassle free advantages of Cloud PBX, there are many other reasons that make it increasingly popular.

How big can you go? Cloud PBX can take you there.

  • A key benefit to Cloud PBX is scalability.
  • This means that your Cloud PBX system will not limit how many lines you have.
  • With normal telephone systems, it is necessary to pay more or install additional wiring to add another phone line, but this is not the case with a Cloud PBX system.
  • Cloud PBX is also more flexible than other phone systems.
  • Because the whole system operates through the internet, you can have a telephone connected to the hosted PBX service without geographic limitations.
  • As a business expands this is an especially nice feature, because the Cloud PBX can connect employees in different states while all being included in the same system.
  • This makes it easier to call and manage business aspects even if one phone is far from another.

Here’s the scoop on Cloud PBX.

Cloud PBX is a new internet phone technology which is making phone services cheaper and more convenient for many people around the globe. However, Cloud PBX isn’t a phone system which only has one form; instead there are several options or services available on the Cloud PBX system, such as Public Cloud PBX, Private Cloud PBX, and Hybrid Cloud PBX. Each of these Cloud PBX systems uses VoIP-voice over internet protocol- technology, and are great phone systems in a number of ways.

VoIP and basic Cloud PBX technology have been around for a few years, but the technology is still advancing making PBX systems increasingly popular and even more beneficial. In fact, Cloud PBX has been so successful, as a phone service alternative, that advances are being made every day. Your PBX host provider can choose from the very best of the emerging technologies and upgrade your system with little or no hardware costs.

The “Cloud” in Cloud PBX systems, just means that the Cloud PBX phone system uses an internet connection to connect you to the person you’re speaking with instead of telephone wires. This makes expansion and mobility in a business much easier, because your business won’t have to commit to a different phone service which won’t be able to offer you the benefits that Cloud PBX can.

One benefit of a PBX phone system is that your business telephone service can grow with your business, add capabilities when needed and remove capabilities when needed. You choose the services, and the Cloud PBX will meet your needs.

Cloud PBX is also a good phone system choice for a business, because there is no additional charge for additional phone lines, making business expansion cheaper and easier. The Cloud PBX system is also mobile- your business can move location, or an employee can move, and the whole Cloud PBX system can travel with them. You even keep your old phone number. Cloud PBX has all the features other phone systems offer, such as call waiting, caller id, and other services, while still being a cheaper phone option. Your business telephone system can serve your office needs well into the future.

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Business Lines

Feature Rich Local Business Phone Lines

OneConnect’s basic business phone line can be layered with additional features depending on your organization’s specific communication needs. We offer reliable and affordable voice services that support legacy business phone lines to help you migrate to IP based technologies when the timing is right for you. Whether you need a main line, point of sale or fax line, we can provide it to you in a cost-effective manner, with excellent call quality.

Our traditional analog line solutions provides features such as:

Reliable Trunk Lines and PRIs

OneConnect s Business Trunks provide unlimited two way connectivity between a PBX or Key System to the PSTN via analog with the same variety of calling features as seen with a traditional Business Line. Call hunting and instant scalability makes this local line service a reliable option. Our Primary Rate Interface (PRI) solution allows you to bundle up to 23 lines, all with their own number and calling features. Replacing multiple lines with this reliable interface leverages your PBX technology and adds up to big savings on your monthly phone bills!


Discover the crystal clear quality of OneConnect Business Lines Today!

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Includes a free router for either service. Installation in 3-6 weeks! Subject to availability.

Welcome to DIGILINK

DigiLink is a Business VoIP and Internet Service Provider serving businesses that value performance, reliability, and a level of service that is simply not available from huge telephone and cable companies.

DigiLink has provided quality service for over 20 years with a demonstrated rock solid up time of 99.998%. We give the highest level of service at the lowest price.

Los Angeles ISP – DigiLink provides Broadband internet service, as well as connecting businesses all over the world through it’s VoIP Hosted PBX and SIP Trunk Services. DigiLink is based in Marina del Rey, California. We serve businesses in the greater Los Angeles region, Orange County and throughout United States.

“The cure for the common ISP” is our motto. Every day we go extra mile to be a part of your Business Success!

Business Class Wireless Internet!

Special Introductory Offer:
3 Mbps Symmetrical Wireless Internet Service (twice the speed of a T1 line),
for as low as $390.00/month *.
$0 installation!

Internet T1 Line

When you connect to a Full-Duplex DigiLink Internet T1, you are tapping into an extremely well engineered and supported network. As low as $250/mo * for a limited time.
Upgrade to Bonded T1 service for higher bandwidth.

DigiDial Hosted PBX

Get powerful business voice features with DigiDial-VoIP. DigiLink’s hosted business Voice over IP PBX service can save you big bucks compared
to a traditional PBX!

Extreme Bandwidth T3/DS3

For the ultimate in connectivity we offer Full T3/DS3 Internet connection. 45 Mbps T3 line. Now as low as $3000.00/mo*. Router included!

DigiDial SIP Trunks

DigiDial SIP Trunks provide quality VoIP service for your IP PBX or VoIP application. 10 channel Basic SIP trunk as low as $145/month *
with Free local

DigiLink hosts and expertly maintains systems for some of the web’s most demanding customers. Being an Internet Service Provider we can put your gear in the Heart of the Internet. Quality rack space for any budget.

Copyright 2005-2017 by DigiLink, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Small Business VoIP – Voicebuy VoIP Provider #small #business #voip #pbx


Small Business VoIP Solutions

Efficient communication is one of the major factors standing behind the success of businesses. To develop infrastructure that promotes communication among employees throughout the enterprise is not an easy task. And that is where setting up a business VoIP phone system may be quite helpful. Our small business VoIP solutions are specially designed and ideal for business enterprises. Feature-rich and flexible cloud VoIP phone service offered by Voicebuy helps you configure a business phone network and connect your offices worldwide.

Small Business VoIP Solutions by Voicebuy

As one of a leading wholesale VoIP and small business VoIP providers. Voicebuy is here to help you build your own small business phone system by providing complete and flexible solutions to improve your business communication. Switching to IPPBX phone system may be the wisest decision for all large and small businesses who own one or more offices and are concerned about managing the inter and intra-office communications.

Click here to learn more

Our small business VoIP solutions are aimed at offering novel approaches to ensure a better run communications both for large enterprises and small businesses. In this sense, we want to underline the importance of DID numbers to especially small business. With DID numbers, your small company will have what only big enterprises have – multinational representation. VoIP phone services offered by Voicebuy are the most affordable means for maintaining efficient communications and help you increase your work productivity.

PBX System for Small Business

Voicebuy delivers a range of converged VoIP services to combine and simplify your business communication tools. We offer you a complete set of small business VoIP solutions for your business communication needs – IP PBX technology will enable you to create your own business phone system. All your business branches and offices will be easily connected and that will result in work productivity raise. You will particularly like such features of IP PBX like Call Forwarding. Voicemail, Auto Attendant, Intercom, Call Parking, Hunt Groups, Music on Hold, as well as Caller ID management and Answering Mode . You can read more on Voicebuy IP PBX features here .

VoIP DID Numbers

Another much demanded service of IP PBX are VoIP DID numbers. These let you establish the presence of your company in as many countries as you like by acquiring local numbers of that country. You can order from Voicebuy local, regional, mobile and toll-free numbers of more than 60 countries. Read more on Voicebuy DID numbers here .

The Major Advantages That Make Business VoIP Services Worthy of Use

Here are some advantages of business VoIP services:

Business VoIP phone system significantly lowers costs on both local and overseas telephone calls. You only pay a low monthly flat rate, for unlimited incoming calling, and all the features you need are included at no extra charge. It also allows making huge savings on travel costs with the web conferencing or other collaboration tools. Over time, with the penetration of more small businessVoIP providers into the market, the cost-saving opportunity of using VoIP services becomes, even more evident.

Click here to learn more

By gradually replacing traditional landline phone services, VoIP has become one of the cheapest and flexible means of communication. It lets your employees remain in regular touch with office, partners and clients no matter where they are. The use of internal VoIP numbers assigned to each of the employees results in a more convenient and easier communication both in and out of the office, thus helping you conduct business even on the run.

Large and small business VoIP networks come with a bundle of more improved and professional tools. The abundance of feature-rich services such as group calling, call hold and forwarding, intercom, speed dialing, music on hold are all designed to contribute to your business expansion.

Whether you are a large or small business in quest of a reliable VoIP service provider, we are ready to assist you. Voicebuy wholesaleVoIP and business VoIP services will completely meet your business needs and will bring to the improvement of your business communication efficiency. Register for free and check out all the advantages you can get using Voicebuy small business VoIP service.

Phone Systems Brisbane #phone #system, #telephone #system, #office #phone, #pbx, #business #phone


NEC SV8100 Phone System

NEC SV8100SE Phone System

NEC SL1100 Phone System

Business VoIP

We offer business and office phone systems, new or used, digital or VoIP phone systems with full installation and turnkey solutions, all at affordable prices. Whatever your needs or requirements are, we offer just about everything:

  • Business phone systems
  • Installation
  • Voice over IP
  • Network cabling
  • Telephone cabling
  • Business broadband
  • IT services
  • Office relocations
  • New line connections

Get expert knowledge in the latest technology.

We also offer VoIP telephone systems which can massively reduce your office communications costs.

We cater for all business sizes. Please call us today to find the right solution for your business. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will guide you through every step of the way � so easy and hassle-free!

Avoid the hassle of dealing with large Telco companies with poor customer service. We make it easy to connect new business phone lines – anything from analogue to digital or VoIP! Unbeatable plans at affordable prices!

we also offer 1300 and 1800 numbers, caller id, line hunt, call forwarding, direct in-dial lines, fax to email, permanent number diversions and more.

Line rental and making calls from your telephone system does not have to be expensive. Here are just some of the great plans we offer.

Business Fixed Line plans suitable for all business telephone systems

Is your business looking for an internet connection that provides you with you faster and more effective services than ADSL2+?

Business grade EFM internet offers your business a powerful communications solution. Enjoy unlimited monthly data quota with our business grade symmetrical Ethernet or fiber optic internet connections. With our reliable and symmetrical connections, you can enjoy downloading and uploading at precisely the same speed.

These types of connections are extremely reliable and are symmetrical, meaning the download and upload speed are the same. Not only do you get unlimited data quota each month, these connections can be configured for internet only or set up as a virtual private network or VPN for connecting multiple business locations together.

Take a look at these great business plans below.


Unlimited 4 wire Ethernet

Unlimited 6 wire Ethernet

Unlimited 8 wire Ethernet

Hitec phone systems are a reliable communications specialist. We offer you complete home and business phone system and turnkey solutions.

  • Talk directly with a licensed technician
  • Great customer service
  • Free phone support
  • Affordable telephone systems and services
  • Ongoing local support
  • Cheap phone calls and internet
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Telephone systems
  • Voice over IP
  • Business phone lines
  • Business broadband
  • Phone cabling
  • Data cabling
  • IT services
  • Installation and training

Starfish PBX – Open Source Phone System #asterisk, #voip, #pbx, #freepbx, #switchvox,


Open Source Phone System

No need for expensive dedicated hardware or advanced knowledge to set up your own PBX. Starfish PBX is based on open source software and can run on any Linux powered computer.

Starfish PBX captures the power of a full featured phone system into a user interface that everyone can use.

Starfish PBX aims to be an open source alternative to Digium s Switchvox. The goal is to have a software equivalent to which we can add additional functionality like :

  • Configure additional, non-digium, telephony cards
  • Provisioning for wide range of VoIP phones
  • Support for additional telephony hardware (ex: chan_mobile).
  • Option to chose between different fax implementations (ex: HaylaFax)
  • Better support for non-SIP phones (ex: IAX2, SCCP, MGCP)
  • Interface I18N
  • And why not, possibility to use FreeSwitch as a backend

In order to achieve all this, we need you help !

NOTE. Starfish PBX is in a early development stage right and and not suitable for production use but you re encouraged to download and test it. We re opened to your suggestions and questions on the forum and on our irc channel (#starfish-pbx on freenode).

Latest Blog Articles

Read more in the license page.

It s a long time since I have not updated starfish but I decided not to give up on it yet. I ve started by changing from the proprietary license to GPL v2 in the hope that this will bring more developers into the action and why not maybe a company to fund the development.

Stay tuned for more actual changes to come, easy to install iso in coming soon

Small Businesses PBX Phone System – Matrix Telecom Solutions #best #business #pbx



In today’s competitive business scenario, small businesses need an efficient phone system that can increase employee productivity, reduce telephony costs and provide high-endcall management features. Matrix ETERNITY NE is a next generation IP-PBX for small businesses sized between 10 to 32 users. A small yet powerful IP-PBX, ETERNITY NE provides all business-class telephony features to be productive, look professional and enhance customer services.

Key Features

Converged Platform
ETERNITY NE is a true convergence of communication technologies with integrated interfaces for FXO (CO), GSM/3G and VoIP networks. ETERNITY NE intelligently selects the most cost-effective route to place local, mobile or long distance calls and reduces telephony costs.

Flexible Phone Options
ETERNITY NE offers flexibility to choose from convenient phone options such as analog phones, digital key phones, IP phones and Mobile phones as office extensions to communicate from device of user’s choice.


  • 2×24 and Swivel LCD
  • 17 Touch-Sense Keys for Features
  • 16 User-Programmable Keys
  • Optional 64 Keys Expansion Unit (DSS16x4)
  • Backlit and Contrast Control
  • Full-Duplex Speaker
  • Ringer and Message Wait Lamp
  • Desk-Top and Wall Mounting


  • 6×24 and Swivel LCD
  • 17 Touch-Sense Keys for Features
  • 16 User-Programmable Keys
  • Optional 64 Keys Expansion Unit (DSS16x4)
  • Backlit and Contrast Control
  • Full-Duplex Speaker
  • Ringer and Message Wait Lamp
  • Desk-Top and Wall Mounting


  • 2 Line LCD with Backlit
  • Fixed Function Keys Voice Mail, Mute, Do Not Disturb, Forward, Logs, Speaker
  • Fixed Function Keys (Without LED) Hold, Conference, Contacts, Transfer
  • 12 DSS/BLF Keys for Feature, Line, Extension
  • Headset Interface – 3.5mm, RJ9
  • Volume Adjust Keys
  • High Quality Full Duplex Speaker Phone
  • Adjustable Desk Stand
  • Message Wait and Ringer Lamp


  • 240*64 Pixels Graphical LCD with Backlit
  • 4 Programmable Context Sensitive Keys
  • Alphanumeric Dial pad Keys
  • Fixed Function Keys (with LED) – Voice Mail, Mute, Do Not Disturb, Headset, Speaker
  • Fixed Function Keys (without LED) – Hold, Conference, Redial ,Transfer
  • Built-in 16 DSS Keys for Feature, Line, Extension
  • Message Wait and Ringer Lamp
  • Headset Interface – 3.5mm, RJ9
  • Adjustable desk stand
  • High Quality Full Duplex Speaker Phone
  • Volume Adjust Keys


  • 2 Line LCD with Backlit
  • Fixed Function Keys (With LED) Voice Mail, Mute, Do Not Disturb, Forward, Logs, Speaker
  • Fixed Function Keys (Without LED) Hold, Conference, Contacts ,Transfer
  • 12 DSS/BLF Keys for Feature, Line, Extension
  • PC and LAN Ethernet Ports
  • Headset Interface – 3.5mm, RJ9
  • High Quality Full Duplex Speaker Phone
  • Adjustable Desk Stand
  • Message Wait and Ringer Lamp
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Plug-n-Play


  • 4.3″ Large Color Touch Screen Display
  • Ergonomic and Modern Design
  • Fixed Function Keys – Hold, Transfer, Conference, Voice Mail, Headset, Mute
  • Superior Voice Quality with HD Audio
  • On-screen BLF monitoring – 18 Contacts
  • Presence Indication
  • Local Phonebook (500 entries) with LDAP Client
  • PC and LAN Ethernet Ports
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Built-in 12 DSS keys for Feature, Line, Extension


  • 3 SIP Accounts
  • LAN and WAN Ports
  • PoE Option
  • User-Programmable Keys
  • Anonymous Call and Selective Call Rejection
  • Auto Configuration
  • Auto Answer with Headset Interface
  • Conference
  • Peer-to-Peer Calling
  • Dialed, Received, Missed and Rejected Call Logs
  • G.711, G.722, G.723, G.726 and G.729AB
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Message Wait Indication
  • Voice Mail Key
  • Multiple Call Handling (4 Calls)
  • Phone Book with 100 Entries
  • Ringer, Speech and LCD Controls
  • Desk-Top and Wall Mounting
  • Web Configuration

SPARSH M2S (Mobile Softphone)

  • Comprehensive Call Management
  • One-Touch Access to PBX Features
    Call Hold, Transfer, Conference, Return, Forward, Pick-up
  • Corporate Directory Integration
  • Video Calling
  • Presence Sharing and Instant Messaging
  • Voice Mail Access
  • Conversation Recording
  • Busy Lamp Field (BLF) Keys

Modular Architecture
ETERNITY NE comes in standard configuration of CO Lines with Analog and Digital extensions to fulfill the essential requirements of start-up businesses. ETERNITY NE flexibly accommodates the growing communication requirements with optional interface modules such as GSM, UMTS (3G), VoIP Server, Voice Mail and Door Phone to integrate in the same platform in future.

Enterprise-grade Features
ETERNITY NE is embedded with advance functionalities and productivity enhancing features of enterprise-grade phone systems. Features such as Call Park, Transfer, Hold and Forward, Six-way Conference Calling, Automatic Route Selection, Automated-attendants, Web-based administration and many more are provided as built-in without any additional cost.

IP Trunks and Extensions

Key Benefits

Control Call Costs

Range of cost control features helps optimizing use of system resources and reduces monthly telephony bills considerably.

  • Call budgeting on trunks and extensions
  • Toll control for authorized usage of trunk line resources
  • Call duration control to limit unwanted lengthy conversations
  • Least cost routing for lowest call costs
  • obile CUG for office and field workers for free calling

Improve Staff Productivity

ETERNITY NE offers all convenience features and productivity enhancing tools as available to enterprise users.

  • Auto redial saves time spent in dialling of a busy number
  • Distinctive ringing helps prior identification of an incoming call
  • Conference helps quick decision making and reduces delays
  • Hot line feature helps quick connectivity to a trunk or an extension
  • Priority ensures calls from important numbers are served first

Extend Business Reach

Mobile workers can utilize full capabilities of ETERNITY NE phone system on their mobile phones. This enhances customer responsiveness and helps in quick decision making.

  • Remain connected with office communications with mobility features
  • Share voice mail, dial plan and class of services from mobile
  • Use Mobile, Laptop or PDA as mobile extensions
  • Hold and Transfer Customer calls and Initiate Conference with office users to give a complete solution

Future-Proof Solution

The state-of-the-art design and modular architecture allows connecting optional interfaces in the same platform, as and when required.

  • Add or remove interface or user capacity as required in future
  • Optional and field pluggable interface modules
  • Open standard SIP support
  • Built-in call routing gateway features

Ease of Management

Eliminate the need for dedicated IT staff. Users on their own can make minor changes such as allocating class of services, adding or removing extensions, configuring voice mail and lot more.

  • Web-based local and remote management
  • Multiple language support
  • System localization as per country-specific parameters
  • Password protected access


Pbx hosting providers #pbx #hosting #providers


Why We Are Different

Diagnose and help solve all related problems even if the issue is not related to HMC

70% of all Hosted Voice and VoIP voice quality issues are related to the user’s Internet, firewall and internal network. These are areas that are typically outside of the control of most Hosted VoIP providers. Unlike others in our industry, we will not point fingers. Instead, we will work directly with our customers’ ISPs and Data VARs to help pinpoint and solve these issues both before and after installation. If necessary and at our customer’s request, we will review and change settings directly in customer supplied equipment (routers, firewalls, switches, etc.). In addition, we created our own proprietary Internet circuit testing tool which constantly monitors and gives detailed reports pinpointing the source of troubled Internet connections. Not only will we call an ISP on our customer’s behalf, but when we talk to them we are armed with specific details including proof of trouble and its location.

HostMyCalls offers great flexibility for managing your inbound business calls. Support Engineers are U.S. Based, Experienced, Knowledgeable and ACCESSIBLE

We have been installing and maintaining business telephone systems for almost 70 years. Our entire support system is designed to support businesses and their complex needs only. We are not distracted by consumer business. All calls are answered by live English-speaking, U.S. based, knowledgeable support personnel who don t read from a script. The average tenure of our Support Engineers is 20+ years. Each Support Engineer has the capability and knowledge to solve complex issues. They are the equivalent of tier 2 and 3 technical support at other providers. All support personnel will supply phone number and email addresses where they can be reached. They are accessible and therefore accountable.

  • Reach support by simply dialing 6000 from your HostMyCalls Phone.
  • Training is supplied by live personnel as well as instructional user videos.
Unique Platform capabilities and offerings

Our 70 years of communications experience has given us a different perspective on the needs of our business customers. Our hosted service supplies all of the features that customers are accustomed to with their old phone system plus many of the features that are in demand today:

  • Unlimited Concurrent Calls – no call paths and never any busy signals.
  • Full-time Call Recording available for a modest charge with years of storage.
  • Unlimited fax to email.
  • Unlimited VM to email and unlimited VM storage.
  • Day and night Auto Attendant included.
  • Presence Status and Presence Status Messages are standard features.
  • Ability to pass through caller ID to mobile phones even if call goes through the Auto Attendant.
  • Purchase or rent the phones and even if purchased, phones are always under warranty which covers all normal wear and tear.
  • 10 person Conference Bridge included at no cost with no charges per person or per minute.
  • Integration with many web-based CRM services including Salesforce, ZOHO, SugarCRM, Clio and Solve 360.

About HostMyCalls

HostMyCalls provides the small business owner PBX telephone system features and applications once only affordable to big business enterprises.

The Hosted PBX service is provided from a network of state-of-the-art IP-PBX systems which are located in our own Network Operation Centers (NOC). Feature rich, business grade, VoIP telephone sets can be located wherever you need them.

Just connect them to your existing Internet enabled Local Area Network and your business calls and messages are at your fingertips. HostMyCalls is available in the lower 48 states and offers telephone numbers in most area codes in addition to toll free and Direct Inward Dialed (DID) numbers.

Key Benefits
  • Easy to make changes
  • Affordable monthly service fee
  • Keep your existing telephone numbers
  • Seamlessly include remote workers and office
  • Add numbers from other local markets
  • Can replace your existing or out dated telephone system
  • One stop shop eliminates dealing with multiple vendors
  • Integrates with any cell phone service for processing your business calls
  • No more adding and removing telephone lines with your local phone company
  • Delivered to your business via your broadband Internet connection
  • Never own another telephone system, use ours!
  • Available Through Authorized iMS Agents

Virtual PBX Service: Setup a Virtual Phone System in Minutes #pbx #phone


Get a Virtual PBX Service for Your Business

Sound Professional Stay Connected at a Low Cost

  • A Virtual PBX with toll free or local numbers
  • Sound professional with custom greetings, unlimited extensions and on hold music
  • Stay connected 24/7 with extensions that forward calls to any phone your cell, in the office, or at home
  • Keep in touch on-the-go with professional business texting from your toll free or local number
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Get a Number Sign Up or See How it Works

800 numbers, voicemail, extensions more

Stop the show! What is virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX stands for private branch eXchange, which is a fancy way of describing a phone system that uses the internet or Voice over IP (VoIP) instead of traditional phone lines.

Instead of hosting the wires and switches in your office, a virtual PBX (or hosted PBX) is managed by a third party.

What features does it include?

Many worry that a switch to PBX will prevent them from getting the features they need, but this simply isn’t true. If you’re considering using virtual PBX, you’ll be happy to hear that you’ll get touchtone menus, voicemail, conference calls, calling logs, and more. These features are standard parts of any virtual PBX system.

Benefits of Virtual PBX

  1. Cost Savings. Because you don’t have to buy hardware, virtual PBX is much less expensive than traditional lines. Most traditional systems have high startup fees, but virtual PBX systems allow small business owners to have a professional system at a low cost.
  2. Fast set-up. You won’t have to scramble around to set up the wires for a new system or additional extensions. You won’t have to hire someone to do it either. Virtual PBX allows you to set up the phone system quickly and effortlessly.
  3. Quality Service. The thought of giving up a traditional land line may make you nervous, but today’s virtual PBX systems are more advanced than ever before. You don’t have to worry about dropped calls or other discrepancies. Virtual PBX is a reliable and quality option.
  4. Great features. Virtual PBX systems have a bunch of features that traditional services don’t have, such as the ability to easily script voicemails, forward calls, send business texts, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about PBX

What’s the difference between virtual PBX and a regular phone system?

The basic difference is what’s physically in your office space. In a regular system, all the wires and switches will be in the office, and you’ll have to set them up (or hire someone to do it). A virtual PBX system is hosted by a third-party who manages and controls the wires and switches.

Can I switch my current business number over to a new virtual PBX system?

Yes. You can port the number over, usually when you sign up.

What’s the difference between virtual PBX and VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) makes and receives calls using your internet connection. Virtual PBX uses a third party provider rather than your personal internet connection, which makes it more reliable.

How does virtual PBX work with a VoIP system like Skype or Google Voice?

Virtual PBX tends to have more features than VoIP services. VoIP is mostly about making and placing calls, while a virtual PBX system is designed to manage and route incoming calls. If you already have a Skype phone number or Google Voice, a virtual PBX system can forward calls to those numbers. Basically, a virtual PBX system compliments VoIP services.

What are hosted PBX, VoiP PBX, IP-PBX, and IPBX?

These are all names for the same thing. VoiP PBX, IP-PBX, hosted PBX, and IPBX can all be used instead of virtual PBX.

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