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EdD/PhD, Leadership: Organizational Leadership Specialization

The doctoral program in leadership with a specialization in organizational leadership curriculum is both strategically focused and innovative, aligning contemporary leadership theory with today’s best leadership practices. The coursework offers students the opportunity to identify and achieve personal learning objectives and professional goals as well as the opportunity to make immediate and significant contributions to their organizations.

Offered as a specialization within the EdD/PhD program in leadership, the organizational leadership specialization will develop scholar practitioners who will grow their organizations by incorporating various methods of strategic planning and forecasting, innovative change initiatives, organizational diagnostic strategies and purposeful reform interventions.

Program Objectives

The specialization in organizational leadership is designed to equip students with the:

  • Knowledge of leadership theory and best practices.
  • Appreciation of leadership history. research, implementation and evaluation.
  • Ethical framework for effective strategic decision making and organizational forecasting.
  • Ability to analyze trends. regression, growth management and systemic change agenda.

Learning Objectives

In addition to the overall objectives of the leadership department and its programs, students will acquire the following knowledge, skills and competencies in the Leadership program’s specialization organizational leadership:

  • Apply and analyze knowledge of the social and political contexts of organizational culture and decision-making to enhance high-performing organizations.
  • Conduct strategic research and evaluation of organizations in order to interpret and apply results to strengthen competitive advantage.
  • Implement and assess organizational change and development initiatives and reform efforts.
  • Lead and facilitate the development of learning organizations by promoting creativity and adaptability to ensure effective organizational performance.

The doctoral degree specialization in organizational leadership is intended for students who have selected to study organizational growth and development from theoretical and systemic perspectives. The specialization curriculum is strategic and innovative in its focus and content in order to prepare students to make continuous improvements within the organizations they serve.

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Distance Learning – Coastline Community College #distance #learning #phd #programs


Distance Learning

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Distance Learning

Coastline goes the distance to help you meet your educational goals. At Coastline, you can enroll in college courses that are delivered to your home, worksite or location near your home.

Contact Information

Distance Learning Department Room 318 (3rd Floor)
11460 Warner Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708-2597

New to Distance Learning? Start Here!

To get to your Coastline online course, click on the “Canvas Login” tab at the top of the page. For instructions on how to log into Canvas for the first time, go to our Course Portal page .

To learn more about applying for, registering in, and getting started in DL courses, view the following document for The Most Common Questions Asked by New Distance Learning Students .

To find the minimum recommended computer and software requirements for our online courses, view the following Canvas Help Guides:

What Is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning combines technology-television, computers, FAX/modems, telephone-with textbooks and printed materials to bring course content, instructor and students together.

With almost 30 years’ experience in distance learning, Coastline offers a variety of college-credit course options to meet your educational needs.

The benefits of distance learning include:

  • Convenient, flexible options for fulfilling degree requirements.
  • Academically proven, well-produced curriculum developed by college faculty, scholars, practitioners and instructional design specialists.
  • Opportunity to attain educational/career goals without sacrificing full-time employment or family.
  • Technology-enhanced learning experience.
  • Opportunities for K-12 teacher credentialing and salary advance credit.
  • Programs tailored for highly motivated, committed, goal-oriented learners.
  • Accessible learning options for students with disabilities.

Course Types

Telecourse/Cable Courses Students watch professionally produced video lessons made available through a variety of viewing methods, combined with a required textbook, study guide, and course student handbook outlining the requirements of the course and expectations of the instructor. Coursework is submitted via U.S. mail, FAX, or in person. Students are not required to have online access for these courses; however select online components are made available for flexibility and ease. Exams are completed in person, either onsite or through a pre-approved proctor. Independent Study Study independently using specially prepared course materials that include reading materials, textbooks, study guides, self-paced assignments and video materials. May also include CD-ROM multimedia materials, Internet access or lab kits. Interact with instructor via phone, FAX or e-mail, watch or listen to pre-recorded review sessions, mail in assignments and quizzes, and take on-site or proctored exams. Online Courses Take your course online and work according to the schedule defined by the instructor. Using Coastline’s Canvas system, students are able to complete most coursework, including exams, directly online. This varies course to course. Some courses will require students to complete exams in person onsite or through a pre-approved proctor.

Earn an A.A. Degree or Certificate 100% via Distance Learning!

Distance Learning courses fulfill transferable degree requirements. Coastline offers a comprehensive selection of distance learning courses that allow you to meet all requirements for several certificates and Associate in Arts (A.A.) Degrees. View a list of degrees and certificates that you can earn from Coastline entirely through distance learning. (Note: A.A. degrees listed are “Option 1” degrees, as they do not offer public speaking online. Students should speak with a counselor regarding degree requirements.)


Online Education Initiative Course Exchange

How to View Telecourse/Cable Videos

There are several ways to view Coastline’s telecourse and cable TV course videos. Most of our videos can be viewed online through each course website in Canvas. In addition, most of the videos can be purchased on DVD from our bookstore or through other sources. Also, you can view all of our programs on Time Warner Cable if you are a subscriber in our local area. Download the most recent broadcast schedule below.

Download the Broadcast Schedule

Finally, we offer several viewing centers in the local area where you can go to see the videos. See the list below.

College Center

Viewing, Examination, and Assessment Center

Call location for hours of access.

Coastline Community College – College Center
11460 Warner Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Phone: (714) 241-6216

Garden Grove Center

Viewing and Examination Center

GGC has a viewing center on the ground floor, in the Information Commons area. Please call the Garden Grove Center for hours and the availability of resources.

Coastline Community College – Garden Grove Center
12901 Euclid Street
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Phone: (714) 241-6209 x17306

Le-Jao Center

Viewing and Examination Center

Parking: Students attending classes at the Le-Jao Center on Friday evenings and weekends may park for free in the court parking lot located at All American Way and 13th St. Additional free parking is available, after 5:30 P.M. and on weekends, in the City Hall/Community Services lot at the corner of Westminster Blvd. and All American Way. On weekdays before 5:30 P.M. students will be required to pay $1.00 per hour to park in the lot. Coastline parking permits are not valid in the parking lots used by the Le-Jao Center. Do not park in the lot directly opposite the Center, which is by police permit only.

Coastline Community College – Le-Jao Center
14120 All American Way (formerly Monroe Street)
Westminster, CA 92683

Phone: (714) 241-6184

Golden West College Library

Viewing Center

Call location for hours of access.

Golden West College – Library
15744 Golden West Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92647

Phone: (714) 895-8741

Orange Coast College Library

Viewing Center

Call location for hours of access.

Orange Coast College – Library
2701 Fairview Road
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Phone: (714) 432-5885

IMHS Metaphysics Institute – Premier Metaphysical University, Metaphysical Studies, Metaphysics PhD Degrees – IMHS Metaphysics Institute #metaphysical, #metaphysics, #phd, #paranormal, #metaphysics #degree, #metaphysical #degree, #metaphysics #schools, #contemporary #metaphysics, #metaphysics #university, #metaphysical #university, #metaphysical #studies, #metaphysical #science, #doctorate #in #metaphysics, #spiritual #counseling #certification, #spiritual #counselor #certiication, #life #coaching #certification, #reiki, #tarot, #spiritual #meditation, #law #of #attraction, #hypnosis, #hypnosis #certification, #distance-learning, #online #learning, #new #metaphysics, #university #of #metaphysics, #metaphysics #study, #degree #metaphysics, #metaphysical #college, #metaphysical #ethics, #metaphysics #consciousness, #metaphysics #college, #about #metaphysics, #metaphysics #education, #metaphysics #course, #metaphysics #courses, #new #age #metaphysics


I always knew I wanted my degree, but the traditional setup of college was a drag to me and every semester there was always an additional class that was required or an increase in tuition or both. I feel as if this program is designed for people like me who want to expand their thinking and be challenged without feeling dumb or getting into debt. I am extremely grateful for a degree program that allows me to simply think and to be myself. —Britney Bryant, USA

IMHS is Fresh, Innovative, and Contemporary: [ Read More ]

Metaphysics is about more than just the abstract; it is also about a successful life. The abstract will certainly stimulate your thinking and can lead to great spiritual development, but for spiritual development to be effective and meaningful, it must be activated by practical life-skills; powerful everyday tools that will enable you to have better relationships, better communication skills, better critical thinking skills, and more. IMHS gives you both the spiritual development and the practical life-skills you need for a balanced, successful life!

IMHS is Powerful and Cutting-Edge: [ Read More ]

The IMHS curriculum is based on the Life Leadership Paragon TM. an exclusive and elegant model for success that has changed countless lives for the better. It is only taught at our schools. For more than a decade, this model has been carefully crafted and developed into a powerful, cutting-edge system for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. The Life Leadership Paragon TM also serves as the foundation for Life Leadership Coaching TM. a blend of life coaching and transpersonal spiritual counseling which is also only taught at our schools. Students specializing in Holistic Life Coaching or Spiritual Counseling will really appreciate this creative and highly effective approach to helping others!

IMHS Gives You the Training and Skills You Need: [ Read More ]

In addition to spiritual development and practical life-skills, IMHS actually gives students the skills they need to be successful in their chosen areas of specialization (major). Many of our students take additional courses in their areas of interest beyond the ones required for graduation because they have come to know that our courses are comprehensive and beneficial to their personal and professional development. IMHS graduates are well-equipped to go out and make a positive difference in the world!

IMHS is Objective and Grounded: [ Read More ]

Rather than obscure, fringy, and highly esoteric concepts, IMHS approaches metaphysics in an objective, grounded, and real-world manner while still keeping the door open to the great mysteries of consciousness and our Universe. As humanity evolves, many people are leaving the confines of old religious and social notions and seeking new paradigms that focus on the value and worth of the individual. This is why IMHS teaches a human-centered spiritual philosophy which does not surrender one’s power to anyone or anything else. It empowers, encourages, and builds people up. It refreshes the mind, spirit, and soul!

Genuine, Bona-Fide, and Legal Degrees: [ Read More ]

Our degrees are absolutely genuine, legal, and “real.” IMHS is not a diploma mill. Our degrees are non-secular (religiously-based) in nature and require effort on the student’s part. Non-secular degrees are neither better nor worse than traditional degrees; they are simply used for different purposes. Therefore, students can rest assured that the degree they earn is completely legal and “real,” and the title of “Doctor” can be used in front of their names. This applies to nearly every country in the free world–especially countries that protect religious freedom.

Metaphysics for the 21st Century: [ Read More ]

With the many demands of life in this day and age, most adults simply do not have the time to spend several years getting a degree. Nevertheless, many busy adults would like a degree to enhance their lives and careers. Therefore, we have simplified and streamlined our Metaphysics PhD program by offering Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees in an accelerated format that takes less time to complete thus allowing students to begin using their degrees sooner. And the best part is that our degree program provides an excellent learning platform that is concentrated, comprehensive, and affordable. We think you’ll find this 21st Century approach to getting your Metaphysics PhD degree a refreshing change from the past century!

Clinical psychology program #ubc #psychology, #ubc #psych, #psychology #ubc, #university #of #british #columbia #psychology, #ubc #psychology #department, #ubc #psychology #requirements, #psych #ubc, #psych #major #ubc, #ba #in #psychology, #bsc #in #psychology, #minor #in #psychology, #ubc #psychology #faculty, #health #psychology, #behavioural #neuroscience, #clinical #psychology, #cognitive #science, #developmental, #quantitative #methods, #social #personality #psychology, #masters #in #psychology, #phd #in #psychology, #ma, #phd, #ubc #psychology #research,



UBC s Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology s broad mission is to advance clinical science. We view clinical science as composed of research efforts and practice directed toward:

  1. The promotion of adaptive functioning
  2. Assessment, understanding, amelioration, and prevention of human problems in behaviour, affect, cognition or health
  3. The application of knowledge in ways consistent with scientific evidence

The program s emphasis on the term science underscores its commitment to empirical approaches to evaluating the validity and utility of testable hypotheses and to advancing knowledge and practice by this method.

The Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology is accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association. If you are interested in more information about our accreditation status, contact the Director of Clinical Training (Lynn Alden ) or:

Initial accreditation 1986-87
Next site visit due 2015-16

As of 2012, CPA and APA signed the First Street Accord which is a mutual recognition agreement on accreditation. It demonstrates that the APA views the accreditation standards and principles of the CPA as equivalent to the Commission on Accreditation guidelines and principles. View the statement .

This webpage presents an overview of important information about the clinical program. To fully understand the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at UBC, please read the material in all the links on this page and in the Graduate Student Handbook.

PhD in Nursing Science: Programs: Graduate: School of Nursing: Indiana University #doctor #of #philosophy #in #science, #phd, #online, #nurse #scientist, #research, #phd #program


Length of Program

Full time, three years; part time, five years

Degree Awarded

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science

Distance Learning

Our PhD program will prepare you for a career in nursing education, research, health systems, or clinical science to enhance the care of individuals and families across the lifespan. Explore the PhD in Nursing Science to see if it’s the right fit for you.

The PhD Program is a hybrid, distance-accessible program using videoconferencing technology to synchronously place you in the classroom with your classmates. You can also choose in-person classes (if available) if you prefer to learn in a face-to-face setting. We attempt to schedule the required PhD courses across one day each week so that students know in advance which day to plan to be available for class. PhD students will attend two required on-campus, 4-day Intensives during the first two years of the PhD program. These Intensives are typically held in early June of the first two years of the PhD Program and give you the opportunity to interact with other students and with faculty, attend professional development sessions, meet with faculty mentors, and network during a variety of informal receptions.

As a PhD student, you are linked with faculty researchers who provide supportive mentoring throughout your entire PhD program. You can choose to work with faculty experts in Clinical Nursing Science or Health Systems. which includes Nursing Education .

Clinical Nursing Science concentrates on the interrelationships of health promotion, health behavior, and quality of life in acute and chronic illness throughout the lifespan. This focus area includes the prevention and early detection of disease and disability across the continuum of care and the enhancement of the health and well-being for individuals, families, and communities. Examples of scholarship and faculty research in clinical nursing science include:

  • Improving quality of life in persons with chronic illness, including epilepsy, stroke, and renal disease
  • Behavioral oncology across the cancer continuum (including cancer prevention, detection, and symptom management)
  • Childhood and family adaptation to chronic illness
  • Family caregiving across the lifespan
  • Tailored intervention studies to improve quality of life
  • Patient care safety

Health systems operate to create structures and resources that enable individuals and communities to achieve optimal health. This focus area includes the science of nursing education, informatics, health policy, and administration. Examples of scholarship and faculty research within the focus of health systems include:

  • Nursing Education
  • Teaching and learning in web-based courses
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Assessment of learning and program evaluation
  • Health policy and public policy analysis
  • Computer systems to enhance care delivery
  • Nursing informatics
  • Narrative pedagogies
  • Patient care simulations
  • Community-based care coordination
Student Learning Outcomes

As a PhD graduate you are well positioned for a successful career as a leader within academic and practice settings. Graduates of the program are expected to:

  • Synthesize knowledge from nursing as well as biological and behavioral sciences to investigate health phenomena.
  • Utilize analytical and empirical methods to extend nursing knowledge and scholarship.
  • Conduct and communicate Independent research that advances the body of scientific knowledge.
  • Defend the social significance of the expanded knowledge base of nursing.
  • Interpret nursing science within an inter-disciplinary context.
Vision Statement

The vision for the IUSON PhD in Nursing Science derives from the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) representing the ultimate formal education for a career in research and the scholarship of discovery. You will be prepared to develop, communicate, and expand science that informs nursing. According to the AACN, “The PhD graduate develops the science, stewards the profession, educates the next generation of nurses, defines its uniqueness, and maintains its professional integrity” (“Research-Focused Doctoral Programs in Nursing: Pathways to Excellence,” AACN, 2010). The PhD provides beginning preparation as an independent scientist. Graduates possess both a strong scientific foundation within the discipline and an understanding of interdisciplinary collaboration.

PhD Contact

Online Ph #phd #leadership #online


Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership

Ideal for managers or supervisors who are interested in becoming better leaders, The Chicago School’s online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership degree program prepares graduates to take on executive roles in for-profit and nonprofit businesses. Guided by practitioner faculty, online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership students will focus on the following areas: Human diversity and ethics Research strategies Strategic [ ]

Ideal for managers or supervisors who are interested in becoming better leaders, The Chicago School’s online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership degree program prepares graduates to take on executive roles in for-profit and nonprofit businesses.

Guided by practitioner faculty, online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership students will focus on the following areas:

  • Human diversity and ethics
  • Research strategies
  • Strategic change management
  • Team-building
  • Organizational interventions
  • Interpersonal dynamics
  • Psychological theories of leadership and motivation
  • A range of electives to support each student’s individual career goals

Prepared to assume high-level consulting positions in today s global, multicultural business environment, graduates of the online Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership program will be able to further their careers by creating and implementing leadership models that fulfill organizational needs and objectives.

Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership Online Program: Student Experience

Through the convenience of The Chicago School’s online programs, your life remains intact. Our online Global Student Dashboard is where you will find the coursework and assignments for your organizational leadership courses, interact with fellow students, and are asked questions from your instructor.

Sample Courses

Management Philosophy and Practice

This course looks at various management philosophies and their practical applications. Topics include an examination of management and leadership philosophies and styles, and a comparison and contrast of the differences between management, leadership, and mentorship.

Emerging Theories of Leadership

This course examines current theories regarding leadership. Topics include an examination of ethical leadership and the various theories of leadership and leadership development.

Envisioning the New Health Human Service Organizations

Students will apply advanced understanding of strategic management concepts to analyze and assess complex organization problems, envision new paradigms and innovative solutions, and create organizational change. This course investigates the complex ethical, legal, political, economic, regulatory, social, technological, and international issues facing health and human services leaders.

Hands-on Experience

Students must have access to an organizational environment that will be available for use in research and reference for course work.

Students also engage in two brief residencies (roughly three and one-half days each) at our Chicago campus, which provides an opportunity for face-to-face interaction and networking with fellow students from around the globe. At the first residency, which occurs during Year 1 of the program, students engage in focused seminars aimed at helping them formulate dissertation topics and prepare for the research process. At the second residency, in Year 2, students complete their competency exam. A third residency is optional.


Completion of the dissertation is an essential aspect of a student’s academic experience and professional education. It provides the school the opportunity to evaluate the student’s ability to apply Organizational Leadership theory and research and to think critically and creatively about an issue in the field.

The dissertation should clearly and concisely demonstrate the student’s command of the research in a specific area of organizational leadership. In the dissertation, the student will critically evaluate and synthesize relevant research and theory in the topic chosen for study. The student’s dissertation Committee is responsible for determining the appropriateness and acceptability of the dissertation proposal, and for final approval of the dissertation.

Admission Requirements

Admissions Operations
c/o The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
350 N Orleans ST STE 1050
Chicago, IL 60654-1822

Application to The Chicago School’s Organizational Leadership doctoral program is open to any person who has earned a master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution in psychology, the behavioral sciences, organizational discipline or other related field, and who meets other entrance requirements. Students applying to the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership (post-Master s) program must submit the following:

  • Application
    • Apply Online
  • Application Fee: $50
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
    • Three or more years of work experience is preferred
  • Essay Please answer the following question in approximately 500-750 words.
    • Tell us how leaders have personally inspired you in your professional and personal life.
  • Statement of Research (using APA format)Official College/University Transcripts
    • Students must submit official transcripts from all schools where degrees have been earned. The Chicago School requires that all schools be regionally accredited higher education institutions. Official transcripts may be sent directly from the institution or with your application for admission as long as they are official, sealed, and signed across the envelope flap when they arrive.
  • Preparatory Coursework:
    • Aside from general admission requirements, this program requires applicants to have successfully completed at least one (1) foundational course in statistics, and one (1) foundational course in psychology or organizational behavior with a grade earned of ‘C’ or better by the end of their first semester (second online term) of study. Students who have not done so through previous coursework must successfully meet this progression requirement though the options outlined in the catalog .

Tuition and Scholarships

The Chicago School is dedicated to keep our professional degree programs accessible to anyone regardless of financial status. In addition to the scholarships that may be available, our Financial Aid Department will help provide you with information to determine what financial arrangements are right for you.

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) Online Program #phd #nursing #programs #online


Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) Online Program

Program Overview

Consider a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) if you want a focus on research in a clinical, academic or scientific environment. You can enter the PhD level of graduate study as a post-Bachelor of Science in Nursing student (BSN-PhD Option – 79 credits) or as a student who has attained a master’s degree in nursing (MS-PhD Option – 64 credits) or a student who has attained a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP-PhD option).

Part-time and full-time options are available. Full-time study requires a minimum of 9 credits per semester. MS-PhD students who have not completed a graduate statistics course within the past five years will be required to enroll in a graduate statistics course the first fall semester of the program. As a PhD graduate you will:

  • generate and disseminate knowledge to advance nursing science and facilitate its translation into practice
  • design and evaluate innovations to improve health outcomes
  • engage in and lead collaborative research teams
  • influence health science agenda-setting and policy initiatives

Coursework in nursing and other sciences are emphasized during the early portion of an individualized program of study. As you continue through the program, time is increasingly devoted to research conducted under the supervision of a faculty researcher and mentor. For the College, our three areas of research excellence are listed below.

  • Biobehavioral Neuroscience (faculty with this focus)
  • Health Disparities and Illness Self-Management (faculty with this focus)
  • Population Health Wellness: Health Promotion, Systems and Informatics (faculty with this focus)

To download a list of courses available in each substantive area of research excellence, please click here .

The PhD program coursework is completed fully-online. Students are required to attend a mandatory, on-campus, one-week orientation known as the Resident Intensive Summer Experience (RISE) each year. RISE attendance for part-time students may vary. RISE typically occurs the week prior to the fall semester, in August of each year.

Because of the requirements of the PhD program, international applicants must verify all appropriate documentation and review all regulations and procedures with both the University of Arizona Office of International Student Services and the Graduate College regarding program admission, enrollment in an online program and requirements for on-ground attendance at RISE each year.

Faculty Advisor/Mentor:

Your educational goals and mentorship experience will be best met when they are aligned with faculty research interests and areas of expertise. Please review the article “Finding a Match and A Mentor in Doctoral Study ” by Terry Badger, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN. You are encouraged to contact potential faculty mentors to discuss your research goals in relation to faculty expertise. Please see our PhD Substantive Areas.

Program Application System

For more information and instructions on the PhD Application, please click here .

DNP/PhD Dual Degrees

If you are interested in attaining broader advanced clinical practice skills with strong research competencies, consider taking advantage of our dual Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degrees. You will be prepared at the highest level of professional nursing practice and with advanced skills for engaging in research to create, apply and translate new knowledge to improve health care – in practice domains and/or academia. You will work closely with clinical mentors to develop specialty competencies, as well as faculty research mentors to create a program of research. The DNP/PhD Dual Degrees option is available upon admission to one of the doctoral programs. Dual degree students must satisfy both DNP and PhD posted admission and enrollment requirements.

Post DNP-PhD Option

If you are interested in attaining strong research competencies, consider taking advantage of our Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree. Your plan of study will be individualized upon admission to the PhD program. You will be prepared to engage in research to create, apply and translate new knowledge to improve health care – in practice domains or academia. You will work closely with faculty research mentors to create a program of research.

For more information contact:

State Authorization

Changes to the Higher Education Act (HEA) require The University of Arizona and the College of Nursing to comply with individual state/jurisdiction authorizations of distance education programs. As the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing program is 100 percent online, most states are authorized or exempt from authorization. The College of Nursing can only admit students from authorized, exempt and in progress jurisdictions at this time. The following authorizations are in place: PhD Authorization Map .

For additional information concerning The University of Arizona’s compliance with these regulations please contact the Outreach College or visit the State Authorization webpage .

Green Pharmacy #phd #help #desk


Column: Don t blame mental illness for president s behavior
The Columbus Dispatch
Dr. Allen Frances. a professor emeritus of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke University and a textbook author on mental illness, wrote to The New York Times, saying it s unfair to the mentally ill to say Trump is sick. Trump “causes severe .
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University of Missouri medical school expansion continues with new building
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American Medical Association president David Barbe said that as vice president of regional operations for Mercy in Springfield, he is responsible for recruiting physicians at Mercy s many rural practices in southwest Missouri. He is “embarrassed” about .

Chavez: Prez entitled to set policy, but bungled rollout
Boston Herald
According to the American Psychiatric Association. gender dysphoria “is not in itself a mental disorder. The critical element of gender dysphoria is the presence of clinically significant distress associated with the condition.” It seems fair to say .

New study shows link between football hits and CTE
A study conducted by the Journal of the American Medical Association examined the brains of more than 202 deceased football players. More than half played in the NFL. And more than half of them suffered from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy or CTE.
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After latest CTE study, it s time to re-examine our uneasy love affair with football
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Mad at myself, I walked out of the auditorium at Olivet Nazarene University feeling a mixture of disbelief and regret. Bears coach John Fox and general manager Ryan Pace had spent 30 minutes on the first day of training camp in Bourbonnais answering.
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Study reveals CTE in 110 of 111 brains of former NFL players
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I wasn t happy. I wasn t really sad, either. I wasn t much of anything. (blog)
I was afraid antidepressants would throw a monkey wrench into my creative process, that it would dull the emotion that I needed to plug into in order to write. And I didn t want to be sick again. That was a lot of it. I d tried over the past decade to .

American Medical Association Statement on Senate Skinny Repeal Vote
eNews Park Forest
Washington, DC–(ENEWSPF)–July 28, 2017. Statement attributed to David O. Barbe, M.D. President, American Medical Association. “While we are relieved that the Senate did not adopt legislation that would have harmed patients and critical safety net.

Health care systems relieved, encourage collaboration
Bloomington Pantagraph
American Medical Association President Dr. David Barbe said, While we are relieved that the Senate did not adopt legislation that would have harmed patients and critical safety net programs, the status quo is not acceptable. We urge Congress to .

Scaramucci Did Not Invent the Word Paranoiac
New York Times
Not everyone suffering from paranoia will end up with the same diagnosis: paranoid personality disorder and delusional disorder are two diagnoses, outlined in the American Psychiatric Association s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.


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EdD/PhD, Leadership: Organizational Leadership

The organizational leadership specialization curriculum is both strategically focused and innovative, aligning contemporary leadership theory with today’s best leadership practices. The coursework offers students the opportunity to identify and achieve personal learning objectives and professional goals as well as the opportunity to make immediate and significant contributions to their organizations.

Offered as a specialization within the EdD/PhD program in leadership, the organizational leadership specialization will develop scholar practitioners who will grow their organizations by incorporating various methods of strategic planning and forecasting, innovative change initiatives, organizational diagnostic strategies and purposeful reform interventions.

Program Objectives

The specialization in organizational leadership is designed to equip students with the:

  • Knowledge of leadership theory and best practices.
  • Appreciation of leadership history. research, implementation and evaluation.
  • Ethical framework for effective strategic decision making and organizational forecasting.
  • Ability to analyze trends. regression, growth management and systemic change agenda.

Learning Objectives

In addition to the overall objectives of the leadership department and its programs, students will acquire the following knowledge, skills and competencies in the Leadership program’s specialization organizational leadership:

  • Apply and analyze knowledge of the social and political contexts of organizational culture and decision-making to enhance high-performing organizations.
  • Conduct strategic research and evaluation of organizations in order to interpret and apply results to strengthen competitive advantage.
  • Implement and assess organizational change and development initiatives and reform efforts.
  • Lead and facilitate the development of learning organizations by promoting creativity and adaptability to ensure effective organizational performance.

The doctoral degree specialization in organizational leadership is intended for students who have selected to study organizational growth and development from theoretical and systemic perspectives. The specialization curriculum is strategic and innovative in its focus and content in order to prepare students to make continuous improvements within the organizations they serve.

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Counseling PhD Programs #online #phd #programs #in #counseling


Counseling PhD Programs

Nobody says you need to write a doctoral dissertation to be licensed as a counselor. Nobody says you need to do ground-breaking research either. For some, though, it is a calling. Across the United States, professional counselors are licensed on the basis of a master’s degree. Many professionals, though, opt to study at the doctoral level. The Council for Accreditation of Counseling & Related Educational Programs (CACREP) lists 63 doctoral programs in its directory: the vast majority conferring PhDs, some granting EdDs.

CACREP Accredited PhD in Counseling Program :

Capella University offers four online CACREP – Accredited Graduate Programs in Counseling including the CACREP accredited PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision. SMaster’s specialty tracks include Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy, Addiction Counseling, and School Counseling. Click here to contact Capella University and request information about their programs.

For some highly educated candidates, the doctoral degree is the first counseling degree (though there may already be a string of initials beside their name). For many, though, the doctoral degree is a continuation of counseling studies. Many counseling PhD programs only admit students with master’s degrees in counseling or closely related fields.

Here is a look at some types of counseling PhD programs and the professional goals you may achieve.

Counselor Supervision and Education PhD Programs

Counselor supervision and education is a common designation. The PhD level internship typically includes hours spent supervising master’s candidates and teaching graduate level courses.

Some jurisdictions set educational requirements for counselor supervisors higher than those for counselors. A PhD in counselor supervision and education can be a chance to go beyond the minimum.

This can be the ticket to more than just a tenure-track faculty position –some professionals even conduct research in the counselor education arena. A group of three at Regent got a head start as doctoral students when they worked on a project comparing the experiences of students of online and traditional CACREP-accredited counseling programs ( ).

CACREP lists all doctoral level counseling programs as “counselor education and supervision” but notes that there are actually many specialties possible. Indeed, many PhD students are carving out their own niches. Browse the student profiles of Idaho State University’s Counseling and Counselor Education and you’ll find diverse interests ( ). One student includes among her interests sand tray therapy, creative interventions with adolescents, and blending Eastern and Western philosophies. Another is interested in counselor supervision as well as adventure counseling and using music in counseling. Yet another, experienced in counseling mentally disabled sex offenders, counts mindfulness, advocacy, and supervision as “scholarly interests”.

Capella University offers one of the very few online General Counselor Education and Supervision Ph.D. programs. Click Here to contact Capella University and learn more about their program.

Pastoral Counseling PhD and PhDs in Related Fields

Some master’s level practitioners pursue degrees in counseling and pastoral care or pastoral counseling so that they can integrate spirituality into their professional practice.

Others advance the pastoral counseling field without providing direct care. If suitable mentors are available, PhD students may focus their dissertation on pastoral counseling issues even if the track does not specify “pastoral care”; this is more likely to be the case at a university with a spiritual or religious focus. One PhD candidate at Regent University focused on Honduran mental health needs as identified by counseling students at a religious seminary

Mental Health Counseling PhD Programs

The PhD in mental health counseling is an opportunity to distinguish yourself in a particular area of the field, for example, grief counseling.

In addition to becoming an expert in the clinical arena, you may become a leader in professional organizations.

At Pace University, in addition to passing a comprehensive examination and writing and defending a dissertation, PhD students create a developmental action plan which can include presentations, publications, research, and mentoring. One of their first tasks is to begin a professional portfolio; this portfolio is updated as they achieve professional goals.

A professional portfolio is necessary if you aspire to be a diplomat or fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association. Attaining such status does more than just provide a sense of personal accomplishment. Accolades are an asset if you want to present your findings… and want to be heard.

Sample of Online Counseling PhD Programs

Capella University offers an online General Counselor Education and Supervision PhD program accredited by CACREP.

*CACREP lists several campus based Counseling PhD programs in their directory. They are all listed as Counselor Education and Supervision PhD programs. Click Here to see their listing of Counseling PhD programs.

10 Best Online Colleges for Web Development in 2017 #phd #in #web #development


10 Best Online Colleges for Web Development in 2017

Web development is the process of creating websites, including the design, content, programming, client-side/server-side scripting, business strategy, and other components. Like other areas of computing, those who study web development typically have a higher degree of understanding of computers as well as general computing literacy. Some are even well-versed in a computer language prior to enrolling in a best online colleges web development program. Web developers are also currently in high demand, and those who possess web development knowledge and skills are a great asset to various types of organizations and businesses.

Those who graduate with a degree in web development have many options in choosing a career. A direct path for most grads is to become a web developer. Web developers specialize in the development, design, and maintenance of websites and web applications. They oversee the efficiency of specific websites and focus greatly on optimizing the user’s experience to drive sales, increase click-through rates, and other strategic goals. It is a versatile field with many employment options. They can find work at large corporations, government agencies, and small companies as full-time employees, independent consultants, contractors, or alone as freelancers. Web development graduates can also work in other computing careers, such as programmer, web designer, web master, and computer network architect.

There has been a lot of discussion over the past few years as to whether a degree is necessary to become a web developer or work in another computing career. While it is not unheard of for some people to succeed as self-taught web developers, programmers, web designers, or webmasters, most opt to get their bachelor’s degree in web development, computer science, or other related fields to ensure that they have the proper education and training to secure an entry-level job after graduation. Students also have the option of attending vocational and technical schools that offer job-specific training in web development, web design, and other computing subjects. Other students may prefer majoring in web development online. Many well-trained web developers earned their degrees from the best online colleges web development programs and find success in the industry today.

Capella University’s online Bachelor’s in Web Development degree program enhances your ability to design effective organizational web solutions. This program will teach you workplace-ready skills in developing databases, web sites, web applications, web services, web technologies, and more.

  • Southern New Hampshire University’s Master of Science in Information Technology program is designed for students seeking to gain the information technology knowledge and training to serve the needs of today’s global employers and communities.

    Choosing the right web development degree program can be difficult, but there is certain criteria that needs to be met before you make your final decision. One of the first things you need to find out is if your web development program is accredited. It is in your best interest to only enroll in accredited web development programs to ensure that you are receiving a quality education from a legit institution that will be recognized by future employers and other institutions of higher education. Check the U.S. Department of Education’s database of accredited institutions to see if your school of choice meets the criteria.

    After graduating from a web development program, you will walk away with a breadth of knowledge in the areas of web design, coding, programming, arts and graphics, content, and marketing. Graduates of the best online colleges web development programs are well-versed in specific developmental tools, such as Acrobat and Dreamweaver, and have a thorough understanding of mark-up/scripting languages like HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL. Depending on your degree program and area of focus, you may also acquire knowledge of multimedia publishing tools, such as Flash, and basic graphics work that will come in handy for designing the appearance of websites and making them look modern and innovative.

    One way web development graduates can boost their resumes and increase their professional skill set is to get certified. There are several web development certifications available for beginners and advanced workers. For instance, beginner web developers who are interested in mastering HTML may want to consider earning the HTML Developer Certificate offered online at the World Wide Web Consortium. Whereas those who are more interested in becoming certified in specific development technologies, such as Microsoft Visual Studio or the Microsoft .NET Framework, may consider pursuing the Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD) certification to take their developer skills to the next level. Although certification is completely optional for web developers, it can create new career opportunities and complement even the best online colleges web development degree.

    If you’re interested in working in the challenging, yet rewarding field of web development, it is crucial that you continue to build upon and improve your web skills every year. Professional web developers can do so by teaching themselves new tools and computer languages, as well as going back to school for further education in web development and other computer-related specialties. A much simpler way to continue your education is to go back to school online and pick the best online colleges web development program that fits your career needs and goals. Keeping up with the rapidly changing and growing field of Internet technology will help you stay competitive in the job market and widen your skill set.


  • UAB – Information Engineering – Management #engineering, #professional, #masters #degree, #engineering #management, #systems #management, #business #engineering, #professional #engineering, #engineering #entrepreneurship, #ma #degree, #master #of #science, #masters #in #business #administration, #phd #engineering #management, #masters #in #public #administration, #master #s #programs, #master #of #business #administration, #masters #in #finance, #masters #in #management, #master #programs, #software #engineering #degree, #masters #in #industrial #engineering, #masters #in #computer #engineering, #masters #degree #capitalization, #master #of #public #administration, #phd #in #engineering #management, #engineering #management #phd, #software #engineering #management, #engineering #management #program, #masters #in #economics, #financial #engineering, #master #in #business #administration, #masters #in #systems #engineering, #biomedical #engineering #schools, #engineering #management #masters, #degree, #masters #of #business #administration, #masters #degree #in #economics, #masters #degree #in #computer #science, #masters #degree #in #mathematics, #information #technology #degree, #masters #degree #abbreviation, #masters #degree #capitalized, #masters #degree #in #management, #masters #in #public #policy, #master #program, #master #business #administration, #cornell #engineering #management, #masters #degree #in #engineering, #management, #masters #of #management, #masters #in #risk #management, #masters #in #mathematics, #masters #degree #in #law, #master #of #management, #master #program #online, #graduate #engineering #schools, #masters #computer #engineering, #masters #degree #engineering, #management, #masters #industrial #engineering, #masters #in #international #business, #information #technology #degrees, #masters #degree #in #political #science, #management #masters, #information #management #degree, #mba #engineering #management, #management #masters #degree, #master #in #management, #industrial #engineering #masters, #masters #management, #online #masters #in #finance, #computer #science #master #degree, #master #in #businessmasters #in #information #managementonline #master #s #program, #msc #management, #mba #management, #masters #degree #mathematics, #phd #engineering #management #online, #uab #masters #programs, #masters #information #management, #executive #masters, #information #technology #courses, #engineering #management #mba, #master #s #degree #in #engineering, #master #marketing


    Masters of Engineering Management
    Information Engineering Management
    Online Campus

    What to expect from Our Information Engineering Management (IEM) Master s Program:

    Entrepreneurship focus on Engineering IT management
    Invest 2 days a month for 20 months 100% online
    Engineering undergraduate degree not required
    Flexible classes that fit into work and family schedules
    All online student clients pay in-state tuition
    Real-world focus with immediate life/job use
    Faculty comprised of employed industry leaders
    No GRE/GMAT required for admission

    Is IEM right for you? Here’s what we look for:

    Who we are:

    IEM stands for Information Engineering and Management. We are an executive master degree available in house or 100% online. providing an entrepreneurial focus to engineering and technology.

    Why you want a master degree in Information Engineering and Management:

    You will learn how to network effectively, identify your strengths, bolster your weaknesses, and you will gain the technical skills and perspectives you cannot get anywhere else.

    AndrewMcCulloch – Cardiac Mechanics Research Group #phd #programs #in #san #diego


    Distinguished Professor
    Department of Bioengineering
    Adjunct Distinguished Professor
    Department of Medicine
    University of California San Diego
    9500 Gilman Drive
    La Jolla, CA

    Email: amcculloch AT ucsd DOT edu

    Dr. Andrew McCulloch is Distinguished Professor of Bioengineering and Medicine at the University of California San Diego, where he joined the faculty in 1987. He is member of the UCSD Institute for Engineering in Medicine, the Qualcomm Institute, a Senior Fellow of the San Diego Supercomputer Center, and a member of the UCSD Center for Research on Biological Systems. Dr. McCulloch is a Principal Investigator of the National Biomedical Computation Resource and the Cardiac Atlas project, and Co-Director of the Cardiac Biomedical Science and Engineering Center at UCSD. He served as Vice Chair of the Bioengineering Department from 2002 to 2005 and Chair from 2005 to 2008. Dr. McCulloch is Director of the UCSD Interfaces Graduate Training Program and the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Specialization in Multi-Scale Biology.

    Dr. McCulloch was educated at the University of Auckland, New Zealand in Engineering Science and Physiology receiving his Ph.D. in 1986. Dr. McCulloch was an NSF Presidential Young Investigator and is a Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering and a a Fellow of the Cardiovascular Section of the American Physiological Society. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Bio-Medical Engineering Society, and is currently Associate Editor of PLoS Computational Biology and Biophysical Journal and co-Editor-in-Chief of Drug Discovery Today: Disease Models. He is also chair of the Physiome and Systems Biology Committee of the International Union of Physiological Sciences.

    Dr. McCulloch’s lab uses experimental and computational models to investigate the relationships between the cellular and molecular structure of cardiac muscle and the electrical and mechanical function of the whole heart during ventricular remodeling, heart failure and arrhythmia. Current interests include developing multi-scale models of myocyte excitation-contraction coupling mechanisms and their regulation by PKA and CaMKII. Dr. McCulloch’s group has also scaled cellular level models of these processes up to the tissue and organ scales to investigate mechanisms of arrhythmias and ventricular dysfunction associated with targeted gene defects and congestive heart failure. Genetically engineered mice are an important model system for developing and validating these computational models. Important phenotyping techniques in the mouse include optical electrical mapping, isolated muscle mechanics testing and magnetic resonance imaging. The lab is also developing new methods to generate patient-specifc models of the failing heart for clinical use. A second major area of research in the lab has been the role of cytoskeletal and membrane proteins in cardiac myocyte mechanotransduction mechanisms and how defects in costameric and z-disk protein complexes can alter mechanotransduction and lead to dilated cardiomyopathy.

    Selected Presentations

    Slides and Movies

    AndrewMcCulloch (последним исправлял(а) AndrewMcCulloch 2016-02-10 20:02:02)

    NINR Job Opportunities #nurse #phd


    NINR Job Opportunities

    NINR Job Opportunities

    Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity at the National Institutes of Health, National Institute for Nursing Research, Division of Intramural Research, Vascular Biology and Cardiovascular Symptoms Units

    The National Institute for Nursing Research, Division of Intramural Research, Vascular Biology and Cardiovascular Symptoms Units are currently seeking highly motivated postdoctoral fellows who are interested in training in the areas of Cardiovascular Physiology specifically endothelial function and assessment of flow mediated dilation by ultrasound. Our research group is interested in the link between nutrition and vascular function as a result of healthy aging and various risk factors for coronary heart disease.

    We are seeking individuals who are dedicated to the development of knowledge, new methodologies and nutritional interventions aimed at improving cardiovascular health. Trainees have the opportunity to learn methodology for measuring arterial stiffness and flow-mediated dilation and have access to state-of-the-art technology. Training support is provided up to 5 years period and includes an annual stipend based upon years of experience since earned doctorate. More information about our research is located at: and

    The postdoctoral fellowship opportunities are open to individuals who meet the following criteria:

    1.) Completion of their dissertation within the last 2 years or who will have completed their dissertation by June 2016.

    2.) Earned PhD, MD or equivalent in nursing, biomedical or health-related science discipline and have no more than five years of relevant research experience since receipt of their most recent doctoral degree.

    3.) Applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

    4.) Strong background in Cardiovascular Physiology

    5.) Good communication skills (written/spoken English)

    6.) Excellent academic record

    7.) A keen desire and initiative to learn and ability to function as part of a team

    8.) Previous research experience working with patients

    9.) Prior experience with vascular imaging.

    Preferred: 1.) Certification as a Registered Vascular Technologist

    Additional Employment Resources:

    For NINR and other NIH employment opportunities, visit HHS Careers. There you can search NINR, NIH and other DHHS vacancies. See also: USA Jobs – The U.S. Government s official site for jobs and employment information provided by the United States Office of Personnel Management.

    What Is Positive Psychology? #positive #psychology #phd #programs


    What Is Positive Psychology?

    Updated May 06, 2016

    Positive psychology is one of the newest branches of psychology to emerge. This particular area of psychology focuses on how to help human beings prosper and lead healthy, happy lives. While many other branches of psychology tend to focus on dysfunction and abnormal behavior. positive psychology is centered on helping people become happier.

    Martin Seligman and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describe positive psychology in the following way: We believe that a psychology of positive human functioning will arise that achieves a scientific understanding and effective interventions to build thriving in individuals, families, and communities.

    Over the last ten years or so, general interest in positive psychology has grown tremendously. Today, more and more people are searching for information on how they can become more fulfilled and achieve their full potential. Interest in the topic has also increased on college campuses. In 2006, Harvard s course on positive psychology became the university s most popular class. In order to understand the field of positive psychology, it is essential to start by learning more about its history, major theories and applications.

    The History of Positive Psychology

    Before World War II, psychology had three distinct missions: curing mental illness, making the lives of all people more productive and fulfilling, and identifying and nurturing high talent, Seligman wrote in 2005. Shortly after WWII, the primary focus of psychology shifted to the first priority: treating abnormal behavior and mental illness .

    Healthy Mind

    Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life.

    During the 1950s, humanist thinkers such as Carl Rogers. Erich Fromm. and Abraham Maslow helped renew interest in the other two areas by developing theories that focused on happiness and the positive aspects of human nature.

    In 1998, Seligman was elected President of the American Psychological Association and positive psychology became the theme of his term.

    Today, Seligman is widely viewed as the father of contemporary positive psychology. In 2002, the first International Conference on Positive Psychology was held. In 2009, the first World Congress on Positive Psychology took place in Philadelphia and featured talks by Martin Seligman and Philip Zimbardo.

    Important People in Positive Psychology

    Major Topics in Positive Psychology

    Some of the major topics of interest in positive psychology include:

    Research Findings in Positive Psychology

    Some of the major findings of positive psychology include:

    • People are generally happy.
    • Money doesn t necessarily buy well-being; but spending money on other people can make individuals happier.
    • Some of the best ways to combat disappointments and setbacks include strong social relationships and character strengths.
    • Work can be important to well-being, especially when people are able to engage in work that is purposeful and meaningful.
    • While happiness is influenced by genetics, people can learn to be happier by developing optimism, gratitude, and altruism .

    Applications of Positive Psychology

    Positive psychology can have a range of real-world applications in areas including education. therapy, self-help, stress management. and workplace issues. Using strategies from positive psychology, teachers, coaches, therapists, and employers can motivate others and help individuals understand and develop their personal strengths.

    Understanding Positive Psychology

    In a 2008 article published by Psychology Today . the late Christopher Peterson, author of A Primer in Positive Psychology and professor at the University of Michigan, noted that it is essential to understand what positive psychology is as well as what it is not.

    Positive psychology is. a call for psychological science and practice to be as concerned with strength as with weakness; as interested in building the best things in life as in repairing the worst; and as concerned with making the lives of normal people fulfilling as with healing pathology, he writes.

    He cautioned, however, that positive psychology does not involve ignoring the very real problems that people face and that other areas of psychology strive to treat. The value of positive psychology is to complement and extend the problem-focused psychology that has been dominant for many decades, he explained.

    Gable, S. Haidt, J (2005). What (and Why) is Positive Psychology? Review of General Psychology, 9(2), 103–110

    Goldberg, C. (2006). Harvard s crowded course to happiness. Boston Globe. Found online at

    Peterson, C. (2006). A Primer in Positive Psychology. New York: Oxford University Press.

    Peterson, C. (2008). What Is Positive Psychology, and What Is It Not? Psychology Today. Found online at

    Seligman, M. E. P. Csikszenmihalyi, M. (2000). Positive psychology: An introduction. American Psychologist, 55, 5-14.

    Snyder, C. R. Lopez, S. J. (Eds.) (2005). Handbook of Positive Psychology. New York: Oxford University Press.

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    Salary and Career Info for a Doctorate in Counseling #phd #in #counseling #salary, #salary #and #career #info #for #a #doctorate #in #counseling


    Salary and Career Info for a Doctorate in Counseling

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Clinical Pastoral Counseling
    • Community Health Services
    • Genetic Counseling
    • Marriage and Family Counseling
    • Medical Social Work
    • Mental Health Counseling
    • Mental Health Services Technician
    • Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis
    • Substance Abuse Counseling

    Career Information for Counseling Psychologists

    Counseling psychologists work with individuals, families and groups to help cope with emotional, mental and behavioral issues that affect their lives. A doctoral program in counseling psychology trains students to assess and diagnose mental and emotional problems in order to develop a therapeutic treatment plan. Counseling psychologists often run a private or group practice or work in healthcare facilities. Some counseling psychologists choose to go into more specialized fields of psychology, such as education or rehabilitation counseling. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 19% growth in employment for psychologists for the 2014-2024 time period.

    Licensing Information

    All states require counseling psychologists to be licensed in order to practice. State requirements vary, but common provisions include a doctoral degree with a minimum number of internship hours and post-doctoral experience. The National Board of Certified Counselors oversees three exams, but states recognize the National Counselor Examination for Certification and Licensure as the most common.

    Certification Information

    The American Board of Professional Psychology oversees and administers board certified specialist exams. Candidates are required to complete both a written and oral test. Thirteen specialist exams are currently available, including a counseling psychology specialization. Requirements for becoming board certified include a doctoral degree from an accredited psychology program, an internship, a state license and post-licensure experience. Additionally, two psychologists must endorse the qualifying candidate.

    Salary Information for Counseling Psychologists

    The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average mean annual salary for clinical, counseling and school psychologists collectively was $76,040 in 2015. Those working in elementary and secondary schools made an average of $74,130 per year at that time, while those who worked in individual and family services made an average annual salary of $68,440.

    Individuals with a doctorate in counseling are trained to assess and diagnose individuals with mental and emotional problems, and develop therapeutic plans to help these individuals address their issues. A state license is required to work as a clinical psychologist, while certification is optional. Annual salaries average to roughly $75,000 per year.

    Next: View Schools

    • Medical and Health Professions
      • Dental
      • Health and Fitness
      • Medical Administrative Services
      • Medical Diagnostic and Treatment Professions
      • Medical Residency Programs
      • Mental Health Services
        • Community Health Services
        • Mental Health Counseling
      • Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration
      • Public Health and Safety
      • Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Professions

    Get Started with University of Toledo

    Areas of study you may find at Harvard University include:
      • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
      • Post Degree Certificate: Postbaccalaureate Certificate
      • Undergraduate: Associate, Bachelor
    • Medical and Health Professions
      • Dental
      • Medical and Health Preparatory Sciences
      • Medical Residency Programs
      • Public Health and Safety

    Get Started with Harvard University

    9 Popular Schools

    The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users.

    • Ph.D. in General Psychology – Performance Psychology
    • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
    • Doctor of Strategic Leadership – Healthcare Leadership
  • University of Toledo

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    PhD Degree – Buy PhD Degree

    When a person wishes to make his education status more profound with a doctorate or PhD degree he has to dedicate complete time to it. Full time job does not allow people to fulfill their wish. Though it is ideally impossible to buy PhD degree in the traditional education setup, with online education it is possible. No matter what setup you are in if you have the urge to take your education to the next level, buy PhD online is the most ideal solution. The revolutionary online solution has enabled even those working adults and veterans to make their education status complete with authentic online PhD degree. Online PhD degree is considered equally authentic and is accepted ubiquitously. Whether an individual wants to make big in his career life or continue with education accredited PhD degree online come in handy everywhere.

    With the avenues opening and opportunities growing, importance of higher education is increasing on a very rapid pace. Normally PhD degree is a prerequisite for people who want to build their career as professor and researcher.

    There are points in life when you have gained enough experience and made learning that could be easily translated into a PhD degree. However, with the tight schedule it is practically impossible to work your plan out. Online PhD degree enables you to add one more feather to your hat without compromising on your education. It s convenient and time effective and does not require you spent years scurrying between the library and your instructor. Today, people who have spent years in the field and have acquired knowledge adequate enough to be translated in a PhD Degree opt for online universities. These universities are accredited and recognized by globally accepted online accreditation bodies and provide students with accredited PhD degree online.

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    Different universities have different ways to evaluate and test their students for accredited online PhD degree. Some universities have test system which requires students to pass the test in order to get their accredited PhD degree online. For them university management make the course material available on their website. Should they need help students can easily contact their designated online instructors for advice and instructions. Other method involves prior learning assessment where student is evaluated by the team of qualified instructors and educationist for the PhD degree. Since getting online PhD degree is faster and more convenient, it is getting popular with the people on a very fast pace. Just a computer and access to internet is all what required to pursue accredited PhD degree online.

    When we talk about online universities that are offering PhD degree, Ashwood University remains on the top. We offer accredited online PhD degree in all disciplines. Our quick and reasonable method allows anybody with adequate prior learning to enjoy the fruit of authentic and recognized PhD degree.

    How to Get Your PhD? #earn #phd #online, #how #to #get #your #phd


    How to Get Your PhD?

    • Doctor of Business Administration – Management
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
    • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
    • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Special Education
    • Ph.D. in General Psychology – Cognition and Instruction
    • Ph.D. in General Psychology – Industrial and Organizational Psychology
    • View more
    • Ed. D. in Organizational Leadership
    • Ed. D. in Organizational Leadership – Higher Education Track
    • EdD Organizational Leadership – Digital Learning Track
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice
    • EdD Organizational Leadership
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice – Advanced Practice Nurse
    • View more
    • Doctor of Strategic Leadership – Healthcare Leadership
    • Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership
    • Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership – Ecclesial Leadership
    • Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership – Entrepreneurial Leadership
    • Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership – Individualized
    • Doctor of Strategic Leadership – Global Consulting
    • View more
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Education – Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Education
    • Doctor of Psychology – Criminology and Justice Studies
    • Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services
    • Doctor of Psychology in Non-Profit Management
    • Doctor of Psychology in Organizational Leadership
    • View more

  • Phd special education online #phd #special #education #online


    Special Education Doctorate Degree (Ph.D.)

    The doctoral program is designed to prepare students for faculty and leadership positions in colleges, universities, research institutes, or human service agencies. The program is competency based, with specific emphases on research and teaching. An individually crafted program of study consists of core requirements and an individually designed series of courses and competencies.

    In addition to engaging in research activities on topics of particular interest and importance, our doctoral students have opportunities to prepare and submit grant proposals and many of our students have received grants from the U.S. Department of Education. Expectations for college teaching and supervision include a two-step competency in college teaching under faculty direction.

    Our doctoral students have numerous opportunities to publish throughout their program. They also present their work widely at state, regional, and national conferences. Such experiences provide them with strong professional portfolios that lead to faculty and research positions in leading programs across the country.

    The Early Childhood Program is designed to serve infants, toddlers, young children, and their families who deal with a wide range of developmental delays including cognitive, communication, social, adaptive behavior, and/or motor skills.

    The High Incidence Program is designed to serve children and young adults with learning disabilities, behavior disorders, and mild/moderate intellectual disability.

    The Severe Disabilities Program is focused on research and leadership addressing children, youth, and adults who have intellectual disability, autism, multiple disabilities, and other students with extensive support needs.

    The Education of Students with Visual Impairments Program is open to individuals committed to the education of children and young adults who are blind/visually impaired.

    Cross Disciplinary Collaboration

    The Department of Special Education is closely associated with the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center for Research on Human Development, one of 12 national centers for research on intellectual disability and related aspects of human development. This relationship allows students to benefit from the many available resources and programs.

    Additionally, the Department of Special Education offers you the opportunity to work cooperatively with other academic programs at Peabody and other schools at Vanderbilt. This option fosters the study of relevant issues, develops related competencies, and can lead to apprenticeships in appropriate positions.

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    Ph.D. Program in Mathematics

    Degree Requirements

    A candidate for the Ph.D. degree in mathematics must fulfill a number of different departmental requirements:

    • 72 points of credit
    • a written comprehensive examination
    • an oral preliminary examination
    • an oral defense of the dissertation


    All students in the Ph.D. program must complete 72 points of credits (24 courses of 3 points each). It is possible, with departmental permission, to take courses, relevant to students’ course of study, in other departments at NYU or at other universities. A base minimum of 32 points of credits must be completed at the Department of Mathematics. Information on potential transfer of credit is contained in the forthcoming section on GSAS and Departmental Policies and Procedures.

    Sample course schedules (Years 1 and 2) for students with a primary interest in:

    Year I – Fall Term

    Year I – Spring Term

    Differential Geometry I

    Differential Geometry II

    Ordinary Differential Equations

    Functional Analysis I

    Year II – Fall Term

    Year II – Spring Term

    Advanced Topics in Geometry: Isometric Immersions Before and After Nash

    Advanced Topics in Geometry: Randomness and Complexity

    Advanced Topics in Geometry: High Dimensional Expanders and Ramanujan Complexes

    Advanced Topics in Geometry: Topics in Geometric Nonlinear Functional Analysis

    Advanced Topics in Geometry: Analysis and Geometry of Scalar Curvature

    Advanced Topics in PDE: Resonances in PDEs

    Advanced Topics in PDE: Analytic Aspects of Harmonic Maps

    Probability: Limit Theorems II

    The Written Comprehensive Examination

    The examination tests the basic knowledge required for any serious mathematical study. It consists of the three following sections: Advanced Calculus, Complex Variables, and Linear Algebra. The examination is given on two consecutive days, twice a year, in early September and early January. Each section is allotted three hours and is written at the level of a good undergraduate course. Samples of previous examinations are available in the departmental office. Cooperative preparation is encouraged, as it is for all examinations. In the fall term, the Department offers a workshop, taught by an advanced Teaching Assistant, to help students prepare for the written examinations.

    Entering students with a solid preparation are encouraged to consider taking the examination in their first year of full-time study. All students must take the examinations in order to be allowed to register for coursework beyond 36 points of credit; it is recommended that students attempt to take the examinations well before this deadline. Graduate Assistants are required to take the examinations during their first year of study.

    For further details, consult the page on the written comprehensive exams .

    The Oral Preliminary Examination

    This examination is usually (but not invariably) taken after two years of full-time study. The purpose of the examination is to determine if the candidate has acquired sufficient mathematical knowledge and maturity to commence a dissertation. The phrase “mathematical knowledge” is intended to convey rather broad acquaintance with the basic facts of mathematical life, with emphasis on a good understanding of the simplest interesting examples. In particular, highly technical or abstract material is inappropriate, as is the rote reproduction of information. What the examiners look for is something a little different and less easy to quantify. It is conveyed in part by the word “maturity.” This means some idea of how mathematics hangs together; the ability to think a little on one’s feet; some appreciation of what is natural and important, and what is artificial. The point is that the ability to do successful research depends on more than formal learning, and it is part of the examiners’ task to assess these less tangible aspects of the candidate’s preparation.

    The orals are comprised of a general section and a special section, each lasting one hour, and are conducted by two different panels of three faculty members. The examination takes place three times a year: fall, mid-winter and late spring. Cooperative preparation of often helpful and is encouraged. The general section consists of five topics, one of which may be chosen freely. The other four topics are determined by field of interest, but often turn out to be standard: complex variables, real variables, ordinary differential equations, and partial differential equations. Here, the level of knowledge that is expected is equivalent to that of a one or two term course of the kind Courant normally presents. A brochure containing the most common questions on the general oral examination, edited by Courant students, is available at the Department Office.

    The special section is usually devoted to a single topic at a more advanced level and extent of knowledge. The precise content is negotiated with he candidate’s faculty advisor. Normally, the chosen topic will have a direct bearing on the candidate’s Ph.D. dissertation.

    All students must take the oral examinations in order to be allowed to register for coursework beyond 60 points of credit. It is recommended that students attempt the examinations well before this deadline.

    The Dissertation Defense

    The oral defense is the final examination on the student’s dissertation. The defense is conducted by a panel of five faculty members (including the student’s advisor) and generally lasts one to two hours. The candidate presents his/her work to a mixed audience, some expert in the student’s topic, some not. Often, this presentation is followed by a question-and-answer period and mutual discussion of related material and directions for future work.

    Summer Internships and Employment

    The Department encourages Ph.D. students at any stage of their studies, including the very early stage, to seek summer employment opportunities at various government and industry facilities. In the past few years, Courant students have taken summer internships at the National Institute of Health, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and NASA, as well as Wall Street firms. Such opportunities can greatly expand students’ understanding of the mathematical sciences, offer them possible areas of interest for thesis research, and enhance their career options. The Director of Graduate Studies and members of the faculty (and in particular the students’ academic advisors) can assist students in finding appropriate summer employment.

    Visiting Doctoral Students

    Information about spending a term at the Courant Institute’s Department of Mathematics as a visiting doctoral student is available on the Visitor Programs page.

    • New York University
    • Arts Science
    • College of Arts Science
    • Graduate School of Arts Science

    New York University

    Top PhD Programs in Management: List of Schools #doctorate #programs #in #management, #top #phd #programs #in #management: #list #of #schools


    Top PhD Programs in Management: List of Schools

    View popular schools

    VE note: Characters in business attire (suit/tie for male characters, knee-length skirt and blazer for female characters) with briefcases in one hand and textbooks in the other, suggesting businesspeople who are also studying

    Students desiring to earn their Ph.D. in management from a top-ranking institution can choose from several in the United States. Learn more about these top schools and what makes their programs stand out from the rest.

    Title Bar: School Overviews

    Stanford University, the University of Chicago and Harvard University are three of the nation’s leading institutions with Ph.D. programs in management. At these universities, students have options to specialize in an area of interest. Learn more about these U.S. News World Report top-ranking schools.

    Title Bar: Stanford University, California

    VE Note: Here is the Stanford seal:

    VE Note: Business student characters with thought bubbles showing future-them in front of a classroom when discussing teaching and making notes from open books when discussing research

    Stanford University is a private research university that placed 5th on U.S. News World Report ‘s 2017 ranking of national universities, and first in Forbes magazine’s 2016 ranking of America’s best colleges. The Graduate School of Business offers a Ph.D. in Business program for those interested in teaching and researching management at the university level. Seven specialized fields of study are offered, including accounting, marketing, organization behavior and political economics. Students participate in a summer assistantship that results in a research paper at the end of the session

    Title bar: University of Chicago, Illinois

    VE Note: here is an image of the Nobel medal

    VE Note: Here is the seal of the University of Chicago:

    VE Note: Business student characters can be observing groups of employees for the organization behavior specialization and at a computer with numbers onscreen for the management science focus

    The University of Chicago ‘s Booth School of Business offers the nation’s oldest management Ph.D. program.

    Eighty-nine Nobel laureates have been associated with the University of Chicago, which was named the third best national university in 2017 by U.S. News World Report. Management Ph.D. students select a dissertation area and a support area from seven areas of specialization. The specialization in managerial and organization behavior explores decision-making and human interaction within groups. while the management science and operations management focus uses mathematical and computer modeling to study the processes in production and distribution.

    Title bar: Harvard University, Massachusetts

    VE Note: Here is the Harvard University wreath logo:

    VE Note: Can illustrate business student characters having specializations – business economics with floating dollar signs, organizational behavior with an organization tree chart, and health policy management with a caduceus

    VE Note: For the Doctor of Business Administration programs, ensure that the onscreen text breaks it as ”management, ‘accounting and management,’ and ‘technology and operations management”

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Actuarial Sciences
    • Business and Commerce, General
    • Business Statistics
    • Customer Service Management
    • eCommerce
    • Logistics, Distribution, and Materials Management
    • Management Science
    • Office Management
    • Operations Management
    • Public and Nonprofit Organizational Management
    • Purchases, Acquisitions, and Contracts Management
    • Transportation Management

    Harvard University ranks second on U.S. News World Report’s 2017 list of best national universities. Doctoral students can choose from five traditional areas of study in business, or pursue interdisciplinary options in conjunction with the Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, including business economics, organizational behavior and health policy management. Doctor of Business Administration programs are also offered in management; accounting and management; and technology and operations management. Students have access to world-class libraries, regional research centers and the Faculty Research Computing Center.

    Title Bar: Top Management Doctoral Schools

    VE Note: A map off to the side with markers that pop up as each school is discussed

    The following universities also provide potential Ph.D. students with top doctoral programs in management:

    The Ohio State University in Columbus has a Ph.D. program in operations management. and the Department of Management’s Center for Operational Excellence provides chances for roundtables and networking with member companies.

    Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN, houses the School of Management that operates a number of research centers and initiatives. including institutions focusing on business opportunity, economic education, leadership communication and entrepreneurship.

    Texas A M University in College Station allows management doctoral students to specialize in strategic management or organizational behavior and human resource management.

    The University of Arizona in Tucson has a management and organization doctoral program that features a student-faculty ratio of 1:2.

    The University of California, Berkeley ‘s School of Business supports think tanks for innovation, energy, finance and economics, real estate and international business.

    The University of Georgia in Atlanta has Ph.D. students and faculty that frequently publish together in the management program.

    The University of Texas at Austin has a Ph.D. in Management program that offers a major in organizations and strategy where students can focus on either organization science or strategic management.

    Several top-ranking institutions across the nation offer Ph.D. programs in management. including Stanford University and Harvard University. All of these top programs are distinct in the unique specializations, resources and facilities that they offer students.

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    PhD in Internet Marketing: Degree Programs #degree #in #internet #marketing, #phd #in #internet #marketing: #degree #programs


    PhD in Internet Marketing: Degree Programs

    Individuals who wish to study Internet marketing at the doctoral level may enroll in a Ph.D. program in general marketing and then focus their research on Internet marketing. Learn about graduate programs related to Internet marketing, including online options, prerequisites and course topics. Schools offering Marketing degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

    What Types of Graduate Degrees in Internet Marketing Can I Earn?

    Internet marketing is an emerging industry still in its developing stages. As such, you won’t find many graduate programs offering degrees specifically in the field. Some colleges and universities offer master’s degrees in Internet marketing and master’s degrees in business administration with a focus on Internet marketing. You can also pursue a graduate certificate or an executive certificate in Internet marketing. While no Ph.D. programs in Internet marketing are available, you may find doctoral programs in business administration or marketing generally.

    Doctoral degrees in business administration or marketing; master’s degrees and graduate certificates in Internet marketing

    Online programs are very rare

    Lower level degree, coursework in general business, marketing or business experience

    Analysis of merchandising strategies, advanced marketing, implementation of advertising strategies, evaluate marketing trends

    Can I Earn a Degree Online?

    Very few Ph.D. programs in marketing are offered in an online format. Those that are may typically be found through private, for-profit schools. You may find more master’s degree programs and graduate certificate programs available online, allowing you to study at your own pace. Some universities may include all coursework through an interactive course management application, while others may require that you attend select courses, seminars or workshops on campus. Programs that incorporate work-study opportunities into the curricula may allow you to use experience through your current employer to satisfy the requirements.

    Are There Any Prerequisites?

    You’ll typically need a bachelor’s degree to enroll in a master’s program. Common prerequisite coursework includes general business topics, such as financial accounting and organizational behavior. Some programs may require that you have previous marketing or business experience prior to acceptance. You may only need a bachelor’s degree to enroll in a Ph.D. program, though some may require a master’s degree in a relevant field of study, such as business administration or marketing.

    What Will I Learn?

    Whether you study general marketing at the master’s or Ph.D. level, you may relate your studies to aspects of online selling and advertising. Common courses teach planning and implementation and analysis of merchandising strategies, which also pertain to organizing an effective Internet campaign. If you already have basic Internet skills, learning advanced marketing management and business principles can help you build a successful online advertising plan.

    Programs with Internet marketing courses show you how to implement your advertising strategies into an e-commerce, e-mail and website marketing effort. You can learn different affiliate advertising methods, click-through options and reciprocal ad linking, as well as learn how to analyze and improve sales conversion rates. Using current Internet marketing studies, you’ll evaluate which methods work, how trends affect advertising and tips to entice potential consumers.

    To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

    Courses Offered at ESSM #phd #in #sports #science


    Courses Offered at ESSM

    ESSM offers postgraduate training at the Honours, Masters and Doctoral levels. The Honours courses in Exercise Science and Biokinetics may only be undertaken full-time over 1 year. The correspondence MPhil courses in Sports Physiotherapy and Sport and Exercise Medicine may only be undertaken part-time. Selection for all courses is made primarily on the basis of academic merit.

    If you would like to know more about choosing a career in Sport Wellness, click here.

    BSc (Med)(Hons) Exercise Science

    This course is for graduates with a BSc degree who have at least one undergraduate course in physiology, biochemistry or another biological science. The aim of this course is to equip students with the basic knowledge and techniques for a career in exercise science or physiology research and teaching.

    Download the student brochure HERE

    BSc (Med)(Hons) Exercise Science (Biokinetics)

    Graduates with a degree in Human Movement Studies or Physical Education are eligible for this course. The aim of the course is to improve the knowledge of the exercise sciences and to combine this with some specific clinical experience in the management of rehabilitation. This course is followed by a one-year internship and subsequent registration with the Board of Physiotherapy, Biokinetics and Podiatry of the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

    Even though the university has a deadline for honours applications, you may still apply for a reasonable period after this deadline.

    Download the student brochure HERE

    MPhil (Biokinetics)

    ESSM s MPhil (Biokinetics) degree is among the first such qualifications offered in South Africa. A structured master s programme with research will provide an opportunity for important clinical continuing education for the biokineticist, as well as creating a platform for conducting clinically relevant research to add to the growing body of evidence-based practice.

    Download the student brochure HERE

    MPhil (Sport and Exercise Medicine)

    Graduates with a MBChB or equivalent degree are eligible for this course. The MPhil is a part-time degree that runs over a period of 3 years and consists of course work, clinical examinations and a research project. The course work includes basic information on the exercise sciences, with substantial emphasis on applied information on the clinical aspects of sports medicine, including the management of sports injuries and specific medical problems arising in sport and exercise.

    Download the student brochure HERE

    MPhil (Physiotherapy)

    This course is designed for graduates with a BSc degree in Physiotherapy. The aim of this degree is to enhance the physiotherapist s knowledge of the exercise sciences and to combine this with clinical experience in the management and research of sports-related problems relating to physiotherapy.

    Download the student brochure HERE

    MSc and PhD

    Students who hold a BSc (Med)(Hons), MBChB or equivalent degree are eligible for the MSc. However, only those students with an MSc or 1 year of full time registration for an MSc are eligible for the PhD degree. Students are required to submit a thesis, which is examined by external reviewers.

    What Is Health Economics? Master of Health Science in Health Economics (MHS) – Global Health Masters Degrees – International Health – Departments – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health #bloomberg #school #of #public #health, #school #of #public #health, #johns #hopkins, #departments, #academics, #research, #centers, #admissions, #preparedness, #infectious #diseases,johns #hopkins #university,johns #hopkins #bloomberg #school #of #public #health,academic #departments,biochemistry #and #molecular #biology,health #policy #and #management,biostatistics,international #health,environmental #health #sciences,mental #health,epidemiology,molecular #microbiology #and #immunology,health, #behavior # # #society,population,family #and #reproductive #health,population #and #family #health #sciences, #international #health, #global #health, #phd, #doctorate, #masters, #master’s, #mhs, #mph


    What Is Health Economics?

    Health Economics is an applied field of study that allows for the systematic and rigorous examination of the problems faced in promoting health for all. By applying economic theories of consumer, producer and social choice, health economics aims to understand the behavior of individuals, health care providers, public and private organizations, and governments in decision-making.

    From economic modeling to policy analysis, I am confident that the skills I have gained throughout the year will stay with me throughout my life. I am beyond lucky to have been at this incredible school alongside inspiring classmates, learning from professors who are true experts in this field. The MHS in Health Economics here at Hopkins is by far the best thing I could have done to start my career.

    Analyst, Healthcare Value Analytics

    McKinsey Company

    The MHS in Health Economics
    Program at Hopkins

    Health economics is used to promote health through the study of health care providers, hospitals and clinics, managed care and public health promotion activities. Health economists apply the theories of production, efficiency, disparities, competition, and regulation to better inform the public and private sector on the most efficient, or cost-effective, and equitable course of action. Such research can include the economic evaluation of new technologies, as well as the study of appropriate prices, anti-trust policy, optimal public and private investment, and strategic behavior.

    Health economics can also be used to evaluate how certain social problems, such as market failure and inequitable allocation of resources, can impact on the health of a community or population. Health economics can then be used to directly inform government on the best course of action with regards to regulation, national health packages, defining health insurance packages and other national health programs.

    Faculty of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School are currently conducting research on a wide variety of topics including the impact of health care, health insurance and preventative services on health lifestyles as well as providing research and advice to governments around the globe to enable a more effective and equitable allocation of resources. Further information on faculty retreat can be found on individual faculty research pages.

    Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
    615 N. Wolfe Street, Baltimore, MD 21205

    Nationally Ranked MPA – Rockefeller College of Public Affairs – Policy – A National Leader in Public Affairs Education – University at Albany #nationally #ranked #mpa, #m.p.a., #master #of #public #administration, #phd, #homeland #security, #non-profit #management, #local #government #management, #public #finance, #financial #market #regulation,health #policy, #it/e-government


    rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/1.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/2.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/3.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/4.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/5.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/6.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/7.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/8.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/9.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/10.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/11.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/12.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/13.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/14.jpg; rock_images/random_pagetops/2016/15.jpg;

    Department of Public Administration Policy

    The Department of Public Administration and Policy provides graduate and undergraduate students the skills and insights necessary to participate in the management of public and nonprofit organizations and the creation of public policy. Our curriculum offers more than 30 areas of specialization, including IT/e-government, homeland security, financial market regulation, non-profit management, local government management, public finance, and health policy. The diversity of our offerings reflects the diversity of our faculty: 24 experts drawn from seven fields, plus a set of master practitioners who bring their wealth of experience to the classroom.

    Which Universities Offer Online Doctorate Degree Programs? #online #universities #phd, #which #universities #offer #online #doctorate #degree #programs?


    Which Universities Offer Online Doctorate Degree Programs?

    A small number of universities across the U.S. offer online doctorate degree programs. These programs are available in select fields that include physical therapy and education. A practicum or other on-site commitment may be required. Read on to find out which universities offer online doctorate degree programs.

    About Online Doctorate Degree Programs

    While many universities only offer their doctorate degree programs on-campus, a growing number allow students to pursue these degrees through distance education. Some of these doctorate degree programs are a combination of Internet and live classes, while others are presented entirely online. Students who want to pursue online doctorate degrees can look into the programs offered by these schools:

    • University of South Dakota
    • Boston University
    • Northeastern University
    • University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

    Important Facts About This Field of Study

    Available in several fields, often accompanied by specialized training

    Programs typically require a master’s degree from an accredited university and a good GPA

    Physical therapist, registered nurse, university professor

    Available in several fields, particularly medical, to keep professionals up to date on current medical findings

    University of South Dakota

    The University of South Dakota, the state’s oldest university, began a transitional online Doctorate of Physical Therapy program in the fall of 2009. This is the South Dakota Regental System’s first online doctoral degree program. The five-semester, 25-credit-hour program includes courses in medical pharmacology and clinical pathophysiology.

    Boston University

    Boston University offers an online Doctorate of Musical Arts in Music Education program. The program takes seven years on average to complete, including time spent creating a dissertation with supervisor support. Among the 11 courses in this program are topics such as critique in music education, foundations of music education and music education research.

    Northeastern University

    The College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University in Boston provides two online doctorate degree programs – one in physical therapy and one in education. The physical therapy program culminates in a transitional doctorate degree. The education program is mostly online but does require some in-class training at one of the college’s three campuses.

    University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

    The College of Nursing at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee features the state’s first online doctorate degree program in nursing. The program enrolls students each fall term and is conducted entirely online. Students must earn 28 credits and conclude a 4-credit clinical residency to successfully complete the program.