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Hiding liner is one of a pond owner s greatest problems

Rock on a Roll is the solution

Rock on a Roll is a flexible material that has the look and texture of natural stone. It conforms to any shape, allowing you to hide pond liner, skimmers, filters and hoses without piling up lots and lots of boulders.

We developed Rock on a Roll over 15 years ago for use in our clients’ ponds. We wanted an alternative to the harsh, jumbled appearance that too many boulders can create. Our solution was to create a thin, flexible, lightweight sheet that has the appearance of bedrock, and that could be laid over rubber liner in place of stone.

Other pond builders and pond owners saw and loved it, and we now ship Rock on a Roll to water garden enthusiasts all over the country. People tell us they love using Rock on a Roll in their ponds because it is

  • Easy to use Rock on a Roll is very flexible and can easily be made to fit any three dimensional shape. This makes it ideal for hiding liner, filters and skimmers. It can be cut with a heavy duty utility knife.
  • Attractive The secret to Rock on a Roll s success is that it has same color and texture variations as natural stone. We spent many hours closely examining rocks, trying to understand what gives them their quality of, well, rockiness. We found that in every square inch there is a range of colors, shades and textures, intermingling in a detailed and complex way. It took years for us to reproduce that complexity and rock like quality.
  • Light weight One 34″ by 8 piece of Rock on a Roll weighs 6 lbs. To cover an equivalent area with real stone would require six wheelbarrow loads. Also, because it is very thin, Rock on a Roll takes up almost no space on the inside of a pond an important factor in small water features.
  • Cost effective Stone is not cheap. Run of the mill boulders are often over $150 per ton. Delivery adds more cost. True ornamental stone can easily run $400 per ton. On a per square foot basis, Rock on a Roll is a great value.
  • Fish and plant safe Rock on a Roll is made of entirely inert materials. There are no cementitious compounds that can affect pH, and there are no adhesives or other chemicals that can dissolve in water. It will have absolutely no effect on water quality, on the health of your fish, or on the health of your plants.
  • Long lasting Rock on a Roll is resistant to UV radiation, submersion in water, and other environmental factors. It will provide years of reliable service.

So what is Rock on a Roll exactly?

In technical terms, Rock on a Roll is a variety of polymers laid over a flexible backing, which are textured and colored to replicate the aesthetic qualities of bedrock. It comes to you as a roll that is 34 inches wide by 8 feet long. When you unroll it, it lays flat. Like a blanket, it will take on the shape of anything it is laid over. It comes in two colors – sandstone and slate gray.

Rock on a Roll has proven to be an invaluable material to thousands of pond lovers throughout the US. We hope you decide to give it a try. We guarantee that it will allow you to build a prettier and more natural looking pond with less time, money and effort. Or you’ll get your money back.

To see pictures of Rock-on-a-Roll in action, take a look at our Photos page. Or go to the Product details to learn more details.

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Thanks to PMC Building Materials, members of the home improvement trade receive FREE admission to the show on Friday March 24! » Click here to read more.