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Why We re the Best

Experience like no other. Repairing and constructing over 7,000+ foundations. We know homes.

There are a lot of companies offering foundation repair in the Los Angeles area. How do you know which one is best? We believe experience should be the deciding factor. Julian Construction was formed in 1994, and our focus has always been on building foundations, doing repair, replacement, earthquake retrofitting and house leveling. We have inspected over 16,500 foundations .

If you also talk to another foundation contractor, ask how long they have been doing foundation repair. Not how long they have been in business. But how long they have been doing foundation work. There are some contractors in the LA area who have been doing foundation work for a year or less. Would you trust the safety of your home to them?

When the safety of your home and family are at stake, we think you ll want to go with Julian, the company that has been working under homes for nearly 20 years.

Best value. Our affordability comes from the efficiency of expertise and smooth-running crews. All equipment and vehicles are company owned. Julian Construction also offers 0% financing .

100% expert oversight. From start to finish, licensed and expert managers oversee all projects, ensuring perfection, timeliness and safety.

PTSD and Substance Abuse in Veterans – PTSD: National Center for PTSD


PTSD: National Center for PTSD

PTSD and Substance Abuse in Veterans

Substance Abuse Flyer

Some people try to cope with their Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms by drinking heavily, using drugs, or smoking too much. People with PTSD have more problems with drugs and alcohol both before and after getting PTSD. Also, even if someone does not have a problem with alcohol before a traumatic event, getting PTSD increases the risk that he or she will develop a drinking or drug problem.

Eventually, the overuse of these substances can develop into Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and treatment should be given for both PTSD and SUD to lead to successful recovery. The good news is that treatment of co-occurring (happening at the same time) PTSD and SUD works.

How common is co-occurring PTSD and SUD in Veterans?

Studies show that there is a strong relationship between PTSD and SUD, in both civilian and military populations, as well as for both men and women.

Specific to Veterans:

  • More than 2 of 10 Veterans with PTSD also have SUD.
  • War Veterans with PTSD and alcohol problems tend to be binge drinkers. Binges may be in response to bad memories of combat trauma.
  • Almost 1 out of every 3 Veterans seeking treatment for SUD also has PTSD.
  • The number of Veterans who smoke (nicotine) is almost double for those with PTSD (about 6 of 10) versus those without a PTSD diagnosis (3 of 10).
  • In the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, about 1 in 10 returning soldiers seen in VA have a problem with alcohol or other drugs.

How can co-occurring PTSD and SUD create problems?

If someone has both PTSD and SUD, it is likely that he or she also has other health problems (such as physical pain), relationship problems (with family and/or friends), or problems in functioning (like keeping a job or staying in school). Using drugs and/or alcohol can make PTSD symptoms worse.

  • PTSD may create sleep problems (trouble falling asleep or waking up during the night). You might “medicate” yourself with alcohol or drugs because you think it helps your sleep, but drugs and alcohol change the quality of your sleep and make you feel less refreshed.
  • PTSD makes you feel “numb,” like being cut off from others, angry and irritable, or depressed. PTSD also makes you feel like you are always “on guard.” All of these feelings can get worse when you use drugs and alcohol.
  • Drug and alcohol use allows you to continue the cycle of “avoidance” found in PTSD. Avoiding bad memories and dreams or people and places can actually make PTSD last longer. You cannot make as much progress in treatment if you avoid your problems.
  • You may drink or use drugs because it distracts you from your problems for a short time, but drugs and alcohol make it harder to concentrate, be productive, and enjoy all parts of your life.

VA has made it easier to get help. It is important to know that treatment can help and you are not alone.

What treatments are offered for co-occurring PTSD and SUD?

Evidence shows that in general people have improved PTSD and SUD symptoms when they are provided treatment that addresses both conditions. This can involve any of the following (alone or together):

Talk with your provider about treatment for specific symptoms like pain, anger, or sleep problems.

What should I do if I think I have co-occurring PTSD and SUD?

The first step is to talk to a health professional and ask for more information about treatment options. Each VA medical center has an SUD-PTSD Specialist trained in treating both conditions to reach the best health outcomes. If there are signals you are at risk for both disorders, you will be encouraged to talk with a provider about how to best support your recovery. There are treatment resources at every VA medical center. The VA wants you to have the best possible care for co-occurring PTSD and SUD.

If you continue to be troubled or distracted by your experiences for more than three months or have questions about your drinking or drug use, learn more about treatment options. Life can be better! Talk to a VA or other health professional to discuss choices for getting started.

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Taxation Solutions, Inc.

If you have tax problems, Taxation Solutions, Inc. has the answers you need. We re a fully licensed and insured tax help firm staffed by tax consultants with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. We care deeply about providing top-quality tax resolution services that make a difference in our clients lives and financial security. Whether you need help securing a tax settlement, having tax penalties lifted, or preparing for an audit by the IRS, Taxation Solutions team is ready to help. Call now to schedule your initial consultation with a tax attorney or other pro from our firm, and to get a free cost estimate!

  • Tax Resolution Services
  • Tax Audit Representation
  • 40 Years of Experience
  • Licensed Insured
  • Emergency Tax Help Available

We re pleased to provide tax assistance to individuals and business owners throughout the greater San Antonio area. Contact our office if you re based in Austin, Live Oak, Kirby, Stone Oak, Southside, New Braunfels, San Marcos, Boerne, Floresville, or anywhere else in the local area. We ll book the earliest available appointment with one of our skilled tax consultants and get right to work providing you with the tax resolution services that will bring you tax relief.

We take pride in the high quality of our tax resolution workmanship. We credit our four decades of experience and our affiliation with the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers for giving us an extensive body of knowledge regarding both federal and state tax codes, as well as for keeping us up to date on tax issues that affect our clients. We aim for nothing less than thorough, accurate, and effective tax resolution service coupled with friendly and professional customer service to ease your burden when you re facing problems with back taxes, IRS audits, tax penalties, or government actions against your assets.

Contact Taxation Solutions, Inc. via phone or e-mail today if you re ready to take control of your financial future. From tax settlement negotiation to tax audit representation and beyond, we re San Antonio s tax relief company of choice. Why would you trust your own or your business s tax problems to anyone else? Our tax attorneys and other tax consultants have the knowledge, skill, and commitment to get you the best possible results.

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Common Problems for Students #college #campus #problems


Common Problems for Students

Problems May Include, But are Not Limited to:

  • Disorganization/feeling overwhelmed
  • Eating right and staying healthy
  • Failing to manage money
  • Failing to network
  • Homesickness
  • Not resolving relationship issues
  • Poor grades/not studying or reading enough
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Skipping classes
  • Wasting time/procrastinating


The following tips are for students to help themselves avoid some of the negative affects of these problems. While these issues are certainly not exhaustive, many college students will be affected by a number of them during their college experience.

  1. Reducing feelings of homesickness may be difficult for some but may be accomplished by remaining on campus during the week and on weekends. This may help students to get to know their campus and become more involved in athletic and social events. Students learn more about campus resources and make friends with other students, with whom they may find common ground. Stay in touch with those back home through phone, mail and email but force yourself to become part of the culture within your new academic world.
  • Eating right and staying healthy will help you accomplish your academic goals and make your college experience much more fun. Get enough exercise and monitor the amount and quality of your food and drink consumption. This will increase the odds of staying physically and mentally healthy.
  • Poor sleep habits will leave you ineffective in your work and play as a college student. Take this challenge and read a current study related to the need for sleep and the effects of sleep deprivation on our health, both our physical and mental health.
  • Unresolved relationship problems commonly cause bitterness, resentment and anger. Any of these feelings can cause us to loose focus of the goals we are attempting to achieve. Even if we must move, separate or even just agree to disagree, successful attempts at relational conflict resolution are necessary in each of our lives.
  • While the temptation to skip classes may be high at times, you are spending your money to gather information given during class times. When you are not there, you are not receiving the benefit of the instruction as well as information regarding grading, future assignments, and opportunities outside the classroom of which you may want to take advantage. You may also be failing to spend time with professors and classmates who may, upon graduation, become part of a valuable network for you. This takes us into problem six.
  • When we do not get to know and spend time with classmates, professors and other academic advisors, we lack support and a place to go for ideas and answers when a problem does arise. Practical experience and internship opportunities should always be taken advantage of, in order to provide maximum networking opportunities for students.
  • Know what your resources are and develop an appropriate spending plan. Seek the advice of a financial planner or counselor. Don t spend money unnecessarily or borrow money that may be difficult or even impossible to repay. Only the federal government can do that. Be careful about being drawn into credit card opportunities offered to college students. Easy cash is never easy and may also come with high interest rates.
  • Facing considerably more freedom than the high school years, coupled with a lack of accountability it becomes easy to fall short of completing the necessary reading and studying to increase your odds of academic success in college. Failure to dedicate the appropriate time to studying and reading is likely to have a negative impact on grades. Some ideas to increase your odds of success are to be in class, every class if possible, be accountable to others for you academic performance, know each course, the syllabi, the requirements and the professor along with his/her expectations.
  • While college is a social as well as an academic experience, these must be balanced in order to maximize success in both areas. Procrastinating may have been an acceptable exercise in high school but will likely become problematic in college. While getting to know other students/faculty, establish deadlines for assignments that minimize your stress level.
  • In as much as college is a time when many people feel overwhelmed with the requirements of life, don t let this go on for long. Consider seeing a professional counselor to help you organize, prioritize and better manage the demands being placed upon you.

  • Troubleshooting Hinge Problems – How to Repair Any Door in Your House


    Troubleshooting Hinge Problems

    To get that satisfying “thunk” when a door closes — rather than rattles, squeaks, or scrapes — there must be an even gap between the door and the jamb all around; the hinges should be flush with the jamb and move freely; and the stop and the strike plate should be correctly aligned, so the door’s latch easily clicks into the hole in the strike plate when the door closes.

    The door itself may be solid-core, hollow-core, or made of panels. Hinges are attached to the jamb, which is attached to the house’s framing on the sides and above. An interior door usually has two hinges and a heavier exterior door usually has three. Usually there is a gap between the jamb and the framing, which is filled with shims positioned near the nails.

    Stop molding is positioned so the door bumps against it when closed. If the stop is too tight, the door will be difficult to close; if it is too loose, the door will rattle. On the latch side of the jamb, a strike plate is positioned over a hole in the jamb; the door’s latch bolt engages a hole in the strike plate to latch the door. On an exterior door there is often a dead-bolt lock as well. The holes and strike plate must be correctly positioned for the door to close properly.

    Hinges are attached to the other edge of the door with screws. They grab effectively only in solid wood (not particleboard). Long screws can be used if the door is solid wood, but shorter screws are used for a hollow-core door or a solid-core door with a particleboard core.

    A squeaky hinge may only need a squirt of the right lubricant. If you see rust, first use penetrating lubricant to free rusted parts. Then apply powdered graphite or silicone lubricant for a longer-lasting solution. Also use lubricants to free a balky latch bolt.

    On the jamb leaf of a hinge, long screws are effective if they can reach house framing. Where the screws would go into drywall. shorter screws are just as good.

    What door binding means

    A binding door may need to be planed, but often simpler repairs will solve the problem. If a door binds on the latch side at the top, the upper hinge may be loose; tighten the screws or repair the screw holes. If it binds on the latch side at the bottom, you may need to fix the bottom hinge screws.

    If the door binds along the latch side, the hinges may need to be set deeper or the strike plate may need to be set deeper. If the hinge side binds, one or both hinges may need to be shimmed out. If there is binding along the top or the bottom, the door needs to be planed or trimmed.

    Tightening a loose hinge: Step 1

    If a door binds, open it, grasp the knob, and lift up to see if a hinge is loose. If one is loose remove two or more screws and try driving in longer screws.

    What Is a Divorce? #divorce, #separate, #custody, #moms #and #dads, #remarriage, #remarry,


    What Is a Divorce?

    Do you know someone whose parents are divorced? Are your parents separated or divorced? Chances are that you can answer yes to one or maybe both of those questions. And you are not alone! About 1 out of every 2 or 3 marriages ends in divorce.

    A divorce happens after a husband and wife decide not to live together anymore and that they no longer want to be married to each other. They agree to sign legal papers that make them each single again and allow them to marry other people if they want to.

    Divorce Is Hard for Everyone

    It might sound simple, but it’s not easy for a husband and wife to decide to end a marriage. Often they spend a long time trying to solve problems before deciding to divorce. But sometimes they just can’t fix the problems and decide that a divorce is the best solution. Change is a natural part of life, but when it happens to your family, it is sometimes really hard to deal with.

    Sometimes both parents want to divorce, and sometimes one wants to and the other one doesn’t. Usually, both parents are disappointed that their marriage can’t last, even if one wants a divorce and to live apart more than the other.

    Sometimes it hurts kids’ feelings when one parent wants to leave the house where they live. It is hard not to take it personally. It’s important to remember that divorce happens between the husband and wife, and even though it affects the whole family, it doesn’t mean that a parent who leaves the house doesn’t care about the kids.

    Many kids don’t want their parents to divorce. Some kids have mixed feelings about it, especially if they know their parents weren’t happy together. Some kids may even feel relieved when parents divorce, especially if there’s been a lot of fighting between parents during the marriage.

    It’s important to remember that divorce doesn’t change one important fact: A dad or mom who lives somewhere else is still your dad or mom. That’s forever. That will never change.

    Kids Don’t Cause Divorce!

    People divorce for lots of different reasons. Usually, parents divorce when they have too many problems and they just can’t seem to fix them, no matter how hard they try. Sometimes anger builds and parents fight a lot or say mean things to each other. Sometimes they stop talking to each other because they’re mad at each other, and sometimes they meet someone else that they fall in love with and want to live with.

    Adults have their own reasons for divorce. Whatever the reasons are, one thing is for sure: Kids don’t cause divorce.

    Still, many kids believe they’re the reason their mom and dad got divorced. They think that if only they had behaved better, gotten better grades, or helped more around the house, the divorce wouldn’t have happened. But this isn’t true. Divorce is between moms and dads only!

    Even if you once heard your parents argue about you, or your friend next door thinks his parents broke up because he got in trouble at school, these things don’t cause a husband and wife to end their marriage.

    You might feel you’re to blame for your parents’ divorce, but you are not the cause. And the fact that your parents decide not to stay married is not your fault.

    Kids Can’t Fix Divorce!

    Just like the divorce is not a kid’s fault, getting parents back together is not up to the kid, either. And most likely, this doesn’t happen, although plenty of kids wish for it and even try things they think might work. Acting like an angel at home all the time (who can do that?) and doing really well at school may make your mom and dad happy, but it doesn’t mean they’ll get back together.

    The opposite is also true. Getting in trouble so your mom and dad will have to get together to talk about these problems is not going to make the divorce go away either. So, just be yourself and try to talk through the feelings you have with a parent, another family member, friend, or teacher or counselor .

    Date reviewed: January 2015

    TroubleShooters: Resolving Comcast customer billing issues #action #news #troubleshooters,comcast,comcast #customers,comcast #complaints,comcast #problems,comcast,consumer,action


    TroubleShooters: Resolving Comcast customer billing issues

    Wednesday, May 06, 2015

    The Action News Troubleshooters have gotten more complaints about Comcast than any other company. Now the cable giant claims to be re-inventing their customer experience – something many say is long overdue.

    “I think they are horrible to their customers,” said Carol Lehman.

    The Lehmans tell us that for five years, Comcast erroneously charged them for a cable box they’d actually turned in.

    “I am not happy about it, that’s over $600,” said Lehman.

    They say they have all their bills – five years’ worth to prove it.

    “I’m upset because it is so much money,” said Lehman.

    Tim Hershey in Sicklerville, New Jersey told me he, too, was erroneously charged for a cable box for the past 5 plus years.

    But trying to get their money back from Comcast?

    “Dealing with them is like banging your head against the wall – you get nowhere,” said John Lehman.
    The Camerons tell the Troubleshooters that Comcast claimed they didn’t turn in their box either so they were erroneously charged for an extra month after they canceled their service.

    “The problem is their customer service needs to be fixed – I mean there’s something radically wrong,” said Sienna Cameron.

    The Camerons tell us they made phone call after phone call to Comcast.

    “Over and over – every time I’d have to go through the whole thing,” said Ronald Cameron.

    After the Action News Troubleshooters got involved, Hershey told me Comcast agreed to credit his account for the additional charges for the past five years.

    The Lehmans got a voicemail from Comcast saying they would give them their $600 but only if they agreed not to talk about it.

    The Camerons didn’t have that issue.

    “Channel 6 came through and got our $200 back for us,” said Cameron.

    Comcast says, “We have apologized to our customers and these issues have since been resolved to their satisfaction. This week, Comcast announced plans to significantly improve the customer experience, and those efforts will go a long way to prevent the experiences these customers went through last year.”

    So what is Comcast promising? Among other things, in the future – digital receipts when customers turn in equipment.

    And a new measure in place right now lets customers drop off their equipment at certain UPS stores. Comcast says – “Walk in, drop off, that’s it.”

    But my advice? Ask for and keep your receipt.

    Meantime, as part of its so-called “transformation,” again Comcast promises to create more than 5,500 customer service jobs over the next few years.

    It also says it’ll create three new customer support centers in Albuquerque, Spokane, and Tuscon – and triple the size of its team that serves customers on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

    For more information on Comcast’s upcoming changes:

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze transmission problems – complaints #2011 #chevrolet #cruze #transmission #problem,

    # Car complaints, car problems and defect information

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze

    About is an online automotive complaint resource that uses graphs to show automotive defect patterns, based on complaint data submitted by visitors to the site. The complaints are organized into groups with data published by vehicle, vehicle component, and specific problem.

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    On August 31, 2010. Seattle Police Officer Ian Birk shot John T. Williams to death in broad daylight, in downtown Seattle, WA, and was permitted to simply quit the police force and move away.

    In 2005 WA State Trooper, Michael Idland. was permitted to plead guilty to misdemeanor counts despite having sexually assaulted at least nine women in fake DUI traffic stops and subsequent arrests, thus avoiding the requirement that he register in the future as a sex offender. He received administrative pay during his 16 months in jail pending trial.

    These are just two examples. in just one American city (Seattle, WA), that prove the criminal justice system to be wholly inept, and indifferent, when it comes to serving justice in the instances of crimes committed by public servants. Far too numerous to count or review, these instances and this systemic inadequacy are utterly unacceptable, and they serve to prove that community action is required to reacquire and preserve a civil society for America�s children, its women, and the family.

    CITIZENS OVERSIGHT COMMISSIONWe the People have to address this problem on our own because our servants have failed us. When a group of competent individuals can confirm that a crime has, in fact, been committed by a public servant, without the participation of or interference from, prosecutorial authorities, political pressure can then be asserted to diminish or vanquish altogether the official right of the perpetrator to approach any individual in the future about any matter related to their office.

    Decency, security and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen . In a government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Our Government is the potent, the omnipresent teacher. For good or for ill, it teaches the whole people by its example. Crime is contagious. If the Government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy . To declare that, in the administration of the criminal law, the end justifies the meansto declare that the Government may commit crimes in order to secure the conviction of a private criminalwould bring terrible retribution. Against that pernicious doctrine this Court should resolutely set its face .�

    See Olmstead v. United States. 277 U.S. 438, 471-485 (1928).

    OBJECTIVE – Members of the commission or panel will be studious and versed in weighing evidence and testimony against the language of criminal statutes to accurately determine which crimes, if any, have indeed been committed against the individual who approaches the panel for a determination. If successfully proven, a statement affirming the accusations will issue, and the accuser will then be armed with the public�s view of the conduct, in writing, and could then approach the media and, more importantly, the superiors of the accused, with reasonable proof that public service on the part of the accused should be terminated.

    A PUBLIC RECORD – The cases heard by the commission will be formally presented and argued at hearings, video recorded, and placed on the commission�s YouTube channel, and the documents relating to the case will be posted in an orderly fashion on the commission�s web site. Documents will include proof of service showing that the accused was given a chance to appear and defend, and that radio, t.v. and news outlets have been apprised of the commission�s findings and the places where more information is available.

    GETTING THE WORD OUT – From individual instances of abuse to systemic fraud and extortion, the occasions when justice is truly served are virtually nonexistent. The public has to know of the commission�s existence and goals, and it must be within the reach of victims of government abuses. Social networking, online and otherwise, must be a part of the commission�s activities in the first months of its existence. The education and experience behind this effort are substantial and will prove in stark detail many ways the law is subverted on literally a daily basis, and in every state, county, and city.

    . Nevertheless, merely disagreeing with the law does not constitute a good faith misunderstanding of the law because all persons have a duty to obey the law whether or not they agree with it.

    See Ninth Circuit Model Criminal Jury Instruction 9.42.

    On its face, this is an attractive argument . Petitioner urges that, in view of the severity of the result flowing from a denial of suspension of deportation, we should interpret the statute by resolving all doubts in the applicant’s favor. Cf. United States v. Minker. 350 U.S. 179, 187-188. But we must adopt the plain meaning of a statute, however severe the consequences . Cf.Galvan v. Press. 347 U.S. 522, 528.

    See Jay v. Boyd. 351 U.S. 345, 357 (1956).

    THE LAW IS PERFECT – With only statute as the tool of choice, standard operating procedures of municipal, state, and federal agencies and courts will be exposed as mere racketeering schemes, or worse, in relation to income taxation, motor vehicle code enforcement, and other daily intrusions that have become all too familiar and menacing. This effort is a step boldly taken into the personal space of the individual who would have everyone believe that honest Americans have no remedy. Don’t tread on me.

    Miami Counseling – Resource Center #therapy, #therapist, #therapists, #psychologist, #psychological, #counselor, #counseling,


    We Provide The Help You Need.

    Check Out Our New Group Therapy Workshops!

    Miami Counseling Resource Center is a full-service mental health treatment center providing psychological services and therapy to children, teenagers, and adults for a wide range of mental health, emotional, behavioral and relationship issues.

    Miami Counseling Resource Center:

    The Miami Counseling Resource Center is a multidisciplinary mental health treatment center staffed by psychologists, child psychologists, marriage and family therapists, licensed professional counselors, social workers, nutritionists, and both adult and child psychiatrists.

    Psychological Testing is Available:

    Psychological testing conducted by our child psychologist is available to children and adults for a variety of presenting problems, including intelligence and gifted placement, learning disabilities, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), personality testing, and diagnosis of other emotional and behavioral problems.

    Individual Family Therapy:

    Individual and Family therapy are the predominant modes of therapy / counseling offered at our convenient Miami South Florida offices located in the heart of downtown Coral Gables. Group therapy is provided in the areas of assertiveness, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, divorce, parenting, grief and loss, children s issues, self-esteem, stress management, and other relationship issues.

    Psychopharmacological Management

    Psychopharmacological Management of psychiatric symptoms by our talented child, adolescent, and adult psychiatrists are offered in conjunction with our other mental health treatment services.

    1st Choice Foundation Repair Co #frisco #foundation #repair, #foundation #repair #plano, #foundation


    We will thoroughly explain the repair process. We will show you how and where we plan to provide repairs.

  • We will provide you with references from many happy, satisfied customers. We encourage you to call them.
  • We will back our work with a LIFETIME, TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY .
  • We will provide you with fair and competitive pricing and offer you our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE .
  • We will treat your home with the same care and respect we would our own. That?s why over 50% of our business comes from referrals!

  • Slab Foundation Repair

  • Pier and Beam Foundation Repair
  • Steel and Concrete Piers
  • Repair of Horizontal and Vertical Cracks
  • Evaluations from Independent Structural Engineers
  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty

  • Plano, TX Information:

    Plano, Texas is on State Highway 75 fifteen miles north of Dallas in central Collin County. A dramatic growth of Dallas and migration into the Sun Belt in the 1970’s had an impact on the town with population reaching 72,000 by 1980, more than half from outside of Texas. Population of Plano in January 2005 was 246,869. The median household income in 2005 was $78,722 and the average home price was $191,000. Zip codes in Plano include: 75023, 75024, 75025, 75074, 75075, 75093, and 75094. Frisco Foundation Repair Foundation Repair Frisco

    Helpful Plano, TX Resources:

    For Foundation Repair Designed to Last a Lifetime – Plano Homeowners Count on 1st Choice Foundation Repair

    Quality foundation repair backed by our BEST PRICE guarantee

    Your home is meant to last a lifetime. Shouldn?t your foundation repair meet the same challenge? At 1st Choice Foundation Repair, we believe it should. That?s why we?re sticklers for quality.

    When dealing with structural problems, there are plenty of variables. For that reason, our team of foundation repair experts are well versed in local soil conditions and can offer a strategy designed to meet your home?s specific requirements. We use the latest technology to quickly repair your foundation with minimal disruption — often in as little as 1 or 2 days. Once repaired, your home will be backed by a transferable lifetime warranty that will protect both you and future owners.

    Our dedication to our customers? satisfaction has resulted in a gratifying referral rate –over 50% of our new foundation repair business in Plano comes from word of mouth!

    So if you?re seeing signs of foundation repair damage in Plano, like cracks in the ceiling or walls, sticking doors, or sloping floors, call for your FREE foundation repair consultation today. We?ll help get your home?s foundation back in the right condition to last a lifetime?

    Why 1st Choice Foundation Repair is a smart decision ?

    There when you need us — we’ve been serving the foundation repair needs of Plano, Frisco, Allen, McKinney and the surrounding area for more than 17 years.

    We are fully insured for your protection.

    We?re part of the community. our business is locally owned and operated.

    Active members of the Dallas Better Business Bureau.

    Our Lifetime Transferable Warranty will protect both you and future owners.

    Affordable and economical pricing, backed by our Best Price Guarantee .

    Our great service and high quality workmanship is evidenced by our many client referrals.

    We offer concrete piers or steel piers for the best repair options.

    We offer Independent Foundation Engineering.

    What you can expect from your FREE Plano Home Foundation Inspection

    We willl show up on time for our scheduled appointment.

    We?ll visually inspect the entire property and invite you to walk with us as we do so.

    We?ll take precise elevation measurements to verify our findings.

    We?ll explain our assessment and take the necessary time to answer all your questions.

    We?ll offer you valuable tips and suggestions to help prevent further foundation repair damage.

    We?ll present you with a written estimate along with many customer references to review at your convenience.

    4 Simple Tips to Help You Select the Right Company

    Compare the pricing to the value of services provided and make sure you understand what services each company is recommending.

  • Be sure the foundation repair company is insured and ask to see their certificate.
  • Checks at least 5 references and inquire with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Evaluate the foundation repair company?s warranty. It should always be a lifetime transferable warranty to protect you and future potential buyers.

  • We feel that after this process, the right choice will be clear, the same way it was for many other Plano residents and investors. 1st Choice Foundation Repair is the BEST decision. just ask any of the customers on our lengthy list of references.


    Jason, you are a gift from above! Your bid was thousands less than the other guys. I was a little worried that the service would suffer, but you always answer my calls. The other company won?t even return my call!

    -Bill K. Mesquite, TX