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Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM)

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Certified program manager

The CKM is the Flagship Certification from the KM Institute; the

top choice for Managers and Leaders of KM Initiatives, whether

public or private sector, large or small – the CKM is the international

standard for all KM Professionals.

Includes a proven methodology and the methods/techniques

necessary for success in the Knowledge Age.

Early Bird Discount! Register before Sept 16 and take 10% off!

Who Should AttendCertified program manager

The KM Institute CKM is the premier Certification program designed for those tasked to lead or improve KM initiatives; anyone interested in gaining a solid grasp of common KM principles at an advanced level with actual “hands-on” experience performing KM.

CKM Graduates range from newcomers to seasoned practitioners, project managers to CKOs, public/private sectors.

Learn to.

  • Perform KM using proven tips/tools anyone can use!
  • Build Collaborative Environments; better communication, spark innovation
  • Transform your organization into a rapid-learning environment
  • Develop innovative ways to do Knowledge Mapping
  • Create the KM Vision for your company, including a solid strategy to get there
  • Initiate with your peers successful Communities of Practice
  • Discover usable, real-world KM principles and keys to success

Regardless of your organization’s size, structure or purpose, we provide you with the knowledge and skills to lead successful, real-world knowledge management initiatives. No IT experience needed. Geared to KM Team leaders — whether new or advanced, anyone can start!

How to Earn your Certification

  • Complete the Online Pre-Class Learning Modules – All KMI CKM students gain access to Theme One of the eCKM online program for pre-class study, featuring instructor video, animation and interactivity. This means you and your classmates arrive with a level-set understanding of the concepts and terms, regardless of background and experience.
  • Attend the CKM Workshop – typically a five-day face-to-face workshop where you participate in practical exercises and “hands-on KM.” Now offered in multiple locations throughout the world – click on our calendar of events, and choose the location and dates best suited for you. Private workshops available for groups – see info below.
  • Complete the Online Post-Class Testing – done entirely online, so you do not have to travel to a testing site. There are no additional fees, and, your Certificate is ready to print immediately after you pass. A score of 70% or better is necessary to pass, and you may retake the test – no charge – as many times as necessary to pass. Testing is part of your Certification package and there are no additional fees.

Recent CKM Class, Washington DC (Tysons Corner, VA), July 2017.

Certified program manager

Further Enrichment: E-Learning Package and The KMI Knowledge Hub

Certified program manager Your KM learning doesn’t stop when you achieve Certification. As an added bonus,

all Certification students receive the complete eCKM (e-learning) package, plus a

free membership in the KMI Knowledge Hub.

The K Hub is your “go to” location for:

  • Continuous Learning – via “Hot Topics” Training Videos – presentations by subject matter experts on specialty areas relevant to KM practitioners
  • New Content – leverage new content and enhancements to the Certification program
  • Future Course enhancements – our Hub members will be the first to know when new/premium offerings are available!

Student Testimonials

Certified program managerStudents in London and Washington DC were interviewed for this multi-part video, covering their thoughts on KMI Instructors, student confidence level, and why Certification is important to them, plus more.

Certified program manager

Click Here for Current Calendar of Training Events, Locations and Rates

Group or Private class?

Let us come to you! For a minimum of 10 students (North America) and 12 students internationally, KMI can deliver a private CKM class at your location or nearby hotel.

  • We come to you!
  • Save on travel
  • The Team learns together
  • Focus on your team’s hot-button issues
  • Low cost per student

Please contact KMI for special rates/availability. Please allow at least 30 days to coordinate/schedule.


Certified program manager

Contact us or Call (US) 866-360-IKMI (4564)

Undergraduate program #undergraduate #program


EPP/MSI Undergraduate Scholars – Class of 2017. Front row (left to right): Kayleen Torrez, Danielle Olive, Imani Wilburn, Nikola Rodriguez and Camisha Few. Back row (left to right): Sarfo Kantanka, Draven Hawk and Stephen Thompson. (NOAA)

The EPP/MSI Undergraduate Scholarship Program provides scholarships for two years of undergraduate study to rising junior undergraduate students majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields that directly support NOAA’s mission. Participants conduct research at a NOAA facility during two paid summer internships. Since 2001, over 186 students have completed the program and over 75% go on to graduate school.

Students attending Minority Serving Institutions as defined by the US Department of Education (Hispanic Serving Institutions, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Tribal Colleges and Universities, Alaskan-Native Serving Institutions, and Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions) are eligible to apply for the program.

About the program

  • Students receive awards valued at up to $45,000 in total support (including travel and conference participation) during their junior and senior years.
  • Students complete an 11 week paid summer internship and training at NOAA in Silver Spring, MD, between May and July of the first summer. During the second summer, students complete a 10 week paid internships at NOAA facilities across the country. Students are paid a stipend and receive a housing allowance during summer internships.
  • Student scholarship recipients attend a two-week orientation at NOAA in Silver Spring, MD, and begin their first summer internship in early June.
  • At the end of both summer internships, students present the results of their projects at an Education and Science Symposium in Silver Spring, MD (travel expenses paid).


  • Applicants must be U.S. citizens.
  • Must be currently enrolled as a full-time 2nd year student in a four-year academic program; or transferring from a two-year to a four-year institution; or a 3rd year student in a five-year program.
  • Studying a discipline related to NOAA’s programs and mission at an accredited minority serving institution (college or university within the United States or U.S. territories).
  • Must earn and maintain a minimum 3.2 grade point average on a 4.0 scale.

Apply and contact information

To apply for an EPP/MSI USP Scholarship, visit: https://oedwebapps.iso.noaa.gov/uspa. The application is available annually September through January. If you have questions, please contact:

College of dupage nursing program #college #of #dupage #nursing #program



Curriculum NUR.NUR.AAS (C218A) Nursing, Associate Degree
Curriculum NUR.PNU.CERT (C317D) Nursing, Practical

Triton s Nursing program provides students with a basic knowledge of nursing theory and practice, humanities, and social and biological sciences. Clinical experiences are provided in a variety of settings. Graduates earn an associate in applied science degree and qualify to sit for the National Council Licensing Examination (NCLEX) for the registered nurse. Students may choose to sit for the NCLEX for the practical nurse after successful completion of the first two semesters of the program and NUR 190 ◊. Students are required to achieve a satisfactory score on a standardized comprehensive nursing exam prior to graduation with a Practical Nursing certificate or associate in applied science degree. Students who are unsuccessful in completing the PN or RN standardized comprehensive nursing exams, during enrollment in NUR 190 ◊ or NUR 290 ◊, may enroll in NUR 095 for Practical Nurse certificate or Associate in Applied Science degree (AAS) completion. Candidates for the PN and RN-NCLEX are required by law to meet fingerprinting requirements, submit to a criminal background check and report conviction of any criminal offenses as part of the licensure application process. The program is approved by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, 100 West Randolph, Suite 9-300, Chicago, IL 60601, (312/814-4500). The associate in applied science degree is accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), 3343 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 850, Atlanta GA 30326 (800/669-1656), website: www.acenursing.org. The Practical Nurse Certificate is a non-accredited certificate program.

Admission is determined by a point system based on a nursing pre-entrance test, Grade Point Average for college level prerequisite courses (RHT 101 ◊, PSY 100 ◊, and BIS 136 ◊ or BIS 240 ◊), and previous college academic history. Candidates are required to meet CPR, health, criminal background check with no findings, alcohol breath testing and drug screening requirements prior to entry into the clinical setting. Preference is given to candidates who are permanent residents of Triton College s district. Nursing is a selective admission program with preference for admission given to the most highly qualified individuals for the available seats. Nursing courses have a higher tuition rate and fees.

  • High school graduation or GED
  • Attendance at a Nursing Information Session is highly recommended
  • Triton College Placement Test, with scores permitting entrance into MAT 085 (or higher) and RHT 101 ◊
  • Satisfactory scores on the nursing admission test*
  • Computer proficiency (word processing, email, internet use) as evidenced by transcripts, employer documentation or completion of CIS 100 ◊

PREREQUISITE COURSES — All prerequisite courses must be completed with grade of C or better

Algebra (MAT 085 or higher)

**PRE-ADMISSION COURSES — Cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5 to 4.0 or better is required for all three of the college-level pre-admission courses. All pre-admission courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

*All math and all science courses must be completed within five (5) years of program entry.

*The five-year limit for BIS 101 ◊ may be waived, provided that BIS 136 ◊ or BIS 240 ◊ is taken within five (5) years of program entry.

*Students may be admitted pending successful completion of Introduction to Nursing Academics (NUR 105 ◊) with a minimum grade of B . This course is required for all students who:

  • meet the minimum standard criteria on the pre-nursing admission test AND/OR
  • earned a C grade in the biology, chemistry, anatomy and physiology prerequisites, AND/OR
  • graduated from high school within eight months of entry into the Nursing program

Last Update Effective: 1/22/17

Gainful Employment

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PhD in Nursing Science: Programs: Graduate: School of Nursing: Indiana University #doctor


Length of Program

Full time, three years; part time, five years

Degree Awarded

Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science

Distance Learning

Our PhD program will prepare you for a career in nursing education, research, health systems, or clinical science to enhance the care of individuals and families across the lifespan. Explore the PhD in Nursing Science to see if it’s the right fit for you.

The PhD Program is a hybrid, distance-accessible program using videoconferencing technology to synchronously place you in the classroom with your classmates. You can also choose in-person classes (if available) if you prefer to learn in a face-to-face setting. We attempt to schedule the required PhD courses across one day each week so that students know in advance which day to plan to be available for class. PhD students will attend two required on-campus, 4-day Intensives during the first two years of the PhD program. These Intensives are typically held in early June of the first two years of the PhD Program and give you the opportunity to interact with other students and with faculty, attend professional development sessions, meet with faculty mentors, and network during a variety of informal receptions.

As a PhD student, you are linked with faculty researchers who provide supportive mentoring throughout your entire PhD program. You can choose to work with faculty experts in Clinical Nursing Science or Health Systems. which includes Nursing Education .

Clinical Nursing Science concentrates on the interrelationships of health promotion, health behavior, and quality of life in acute and chronic illness throughout the lifespan. This focus area includes the prevention and early detection of disease and disability across the continuum of care and the enhancement of the health and well-being for individuals, families, and communities. Examples of scholarship and faculty research in clinical nursing science include:

  • Improving quality of life in persons with chronic illness, including epilepsy, stroke, and renal disease
  • Behavioral oncology across the cancer continuum (including cancer prevention, detection, and symptom management)
  • Childhood and family adaptation to chronic illness
  • Family caregiving across the lifespan
  • Tailored intervention studies to improve quality of life
  • Patient care safety

Health systems operate to create structures and resources that enable individuals and communities to achieve optimal health. This focus area includes the science of nursing education, informatics, health policy, and administration. Examples of scholarship and faculty research within the focus of health systems include:

  • Nursing Education
  • Teaching and learning in web-based courses
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Assessment of learning and program evaluation
  • Health policy and public policy analysis
  • Computer systems to enhance care delivery
  • Nursing informatics
  • Narrative pedagogies
  • Patient care simulations
  • Community-based care coordination
Student Learning Outcomes

As a PhD graduate you are well positioned for a successful career as a leader within academic and practice settings. Graduates of the program are expected to:

  • Synthesize knowledge from nursing as well as biological and behavioral sciences to investigate health phenomena.
  • Utilize analytical and empirical methods to extend nursing knowledge and scholarship.
  • Conduct and communicate Independent research that advances the body of scientific knowledge.
  • Defend the social significance of the expanded knowledge base of nursing.
  • Interpret nursing science within an inter-disciplinary context.
Vision Statement

The vision for the IUSON PhD in Nursing Science derives from the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) representing the ultimate formal education for a career in research and the scholarship of discovery. You will be prepared to develop, communicate, and expand science that informs nursing. According to the AACN, “The PhD graduate develops the science, stewards the profession, educates the next generation of nurses, defines its uniqueness, and maintains its professional integrity” (“Research-Focused Doctoral Programs in Nursing: Pathways to Excellence,” AACN, 2010). The PhD provides beginning preparation as an independent scientist. Graduates possess both a strong scientific foundation within the discipline and an understanding of interdisciplinary collaboration.

PhD Contact

Passaic County Community College Nursing Program Review – Nursing Schools Guide #pccc


Passaic County Community College Nursing Program Review

Accredited online nursing programs can put a BSN or MSN within reach.

Passaic County community College (PCCC) opened its doors to the residents of Passaic County in 1971. PCCC offers academic and non-credits programs including associate degrees, certificates and continuing education. In its efforts to offer accessible learning methods, PCCC has evening, weekends and online learning modes to supplement the traditional day programs. The college has its main campus in Paterson and another 3 satellite academic centers in Wayne, Wanaque and Passaic City. This public, 2-year community college helps students to acquire career training for direct job entry or transfer opportunities.

Nurse Education Program at PCCC

The Associate in Applied Science nurse program at PCCC accepts two categories of students: recent high school graduates and Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) seeking advanced placement to become registered nurses (RN). High school graduates have an option of choosing between the Day and Evening programs. Both the generic and the LPN mobility option are approved by the New Jersey Board of Nursing and approved by the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission.

Associate in Applied Science in Nursing

This degree track has two admission options namely Day and Evening options. Admission into the program requires candidates to have a high school diploma or a GED. Before applying, candidates must complete a TEAS V test and a College Placement Exam. Selection of candidates is based on the entrance exams and GPA scores. Candidates looking forward to start on the evening option are required to have completed all general education courses prior to application.

The day option is for students who wish to complete their nurse education program in no more than 4 semesters of 2 years. Students in this program take general education and nursing courses from PCCC on a full time basis. The program is completed within 2 years after taking 34 general education and 34 nursing credits. Students graduate with an occupation-oriented Associate in Applied Science degree and become academically eligible to take the NCLEX-RN to become registered nurses.

Accredited online nursing programs can put a BSN or MSN within reach.

As mentioned, evening candidates must have completed at least 24 general courses before applying. If this requirement is met, students are able take a lighter course load; hence the program is suitable for working students. Basically, the remaining courses can be completed in 4 normal semesters and 2 summer sessions. The track takes at least three years to complete although the period can be extended up-to five years after taking the first nursing course. Since the degree requires 68 credits to complete, students in this track take a maximum of 44 credits to graduate with the associate degree and take the NLCEX-RN exam.

Nursing –LPN Mobility

This track is designed for Licensed Practical Nurses who wish to become registered nurses. Besides being an LPN, a candidate must meet all admission requirements for the associate in applied science in nursing program. Candidates must also hold current New Jersey LPN licenses to be eligible to apply. In addition, a Nurse Acceleration Challenge Exam for LPNs or a TEAS test must be completed during the application process. LPN students start by taking a Nursing Mobility course during the first spring semester followed by a summer, fall and another spring session. The program is designed to prepare LPN to take the NLCEX-RN exam and become registered nurses within one year.

PCCC Nursing at Sussex County Community College

The Nursing Program at Passaic County Community College is also offered to residents of Sussex County. This same program is offered from Sussex County Community College and is restricted to its residents only. The program begins every spring semester at Sussex with alternate day and evening options. This works in such a way that the day program is offered in even-numbered with the evening option being offered in odd-numbered years.

Passaic County Community College
One College Blvd, Paterson,
NJ 07505

★ Featured Online Nursing Programs

You might also be interested in one of the following featured nursing programs that are currently accepting students and have online or hybrid nursing programs. You can get in touch with these featured programs directly to get your questions answered. Be sure to check with each program on specific prerequisites for their program!

Online BSN Programs

Online MSN Programs

Nursing Programs in Ohio and Online #hondros #college, #school #of #nursing, #nursing


Hondros College of Nursing

Nursing Programs

The focus of our Nursing Programs at Hondros College of Nursing is to educate professional nurses who enter the workforce of the Ohio communities in which we serve.

Each member of our administrative, staff, and faculty team wants to see you succeed in your schooling and in your career. Hondros College of Nursing offers three distinct nursing programs:

  • LPN Licensed Practical Nursing
    This campus-based program prepares students to receive their practical nursing diploma to be certified to the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) who will determine the student’s eligibility to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX -PN) to become a licensed practical nurse. Students can choose the daytime or evening/weekend schedule. The program can be completed in 12 months.
  • RN Registered Nursing (Associate Degree in Nursing)
    This campus-based program lasts 15 months and prepares students to receive their Associate Degree in Nursing to be certified to the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) who will determine the student’s eligibility to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX -RN) to become a registered nurse.
  • RN-BSN Online Completion Program (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
    This online completion program is designed to provide currently licensed RNs with the training needed to obtain their Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. The program can be completed in as few as 24 months. Must be enrolled full-time at an average of 15 quarter credits per term to complete RN-BSN in 24 months.

Our unique approach to education provides an alternative to traditional two and four year degrees, and provides students more flexibility to balance work, life and family commitments.

Our Ohio nursing programs are perfect for those just getting started in the nursing field, or LPNs and RNs who are ready to take their career to the next level.

Hondros College of Nursing’s relationship with hospitals and health care facilities throughout the state of Ohio enables us to understand the skills needed to prepare you for a rewarding career in nursing.

Your success is our mission. To learn more about our nursing education, please visit us at an Information Session. stop by any of our four Ohio campuses for a tour, or complete the form on this page and we’ll contact you with additional information.

Click here to view our brochure.

Get Started

Ask about our evening and weekend program for earning your LPN license.

  • Request Info Request Info
  • Attend Information Session Info Session


Next Steps

Accreditation and Approvals
College Accreditation: Accredited member, Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS), 750 First Street, NE Suite 980, Washington, DC 20002, (202) 336-6780. RN-BSN Programmatic Accreditation: The baccalaureate degree in nursing program at Hondros College of Nursing is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, One Dupont Circle, NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036, (202) 887-6791. State Approvals for the College: Ohio Board of Nursing (Practical Nursing and Associate Degree in Nursing programs) and Ohio Department of Higher Education (RN-BSN program). Registered with State Board of Career Colleges and Schools: Westerville 13-09-2024T, West Chester 13-09-2027T, Fairborn 13-09-2025T, Independence 13-09-2026T, Maumee TBD. Consumer information available at hondros.edu. The Hondros College of Nursing online RN-BSN program is approved and offered through the Westerville Main Campus, located at 4140 Executive Parkway, Westerville, OH 43081. Hondros College of Nursing cannot guarantee employment or salary.

Contact Hondros College of Nursing at: 1-855-90-NURSE

Independence (Cleveland)
5005 Rockside Road, Suite 130
Independence, OH 44131

Campuses are located in five Ohio regions: Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo.

Physican assistant program #physican #assistant #program


PA C Pierre ClinicAvera Medical Group Pierre, SD, United States

PA CAvera Medical Group Pierre, SD, United States

Full-time San Francisco Plastic Surgery Aesthetic / Surgical First-assist PAC or RNPAzala Medical Aesthetics / Scott W. Mosser, MD FACS San Francisco, CA, United States

NP or Physician Assistant/PANP Now Gary, IN, United States

NP or Physician Assistant/PANP Now Minneapolis, MN, United States

NP or Physician Assistant/PA- Primary CareNP Now Lynchburg, VA, United States

NP or Physician Assistant/PA (Electrophysiology)NP Now Augusta, GA, United States

NP or Physician Assistant/PANP Now Lancaster, NH, United States

NP or Physician Assistant/PA- Primary CareNP Now Burlington, VT, United States

Orthopedic PA CCascade Orthopaedics Auburn, WA, United States

Advanced Practice ProviderJefferson Healthcare Port Townsend, WA, United States

Physician AssistantArlington Orthopedic Associates Arlington, TX, United States

Physician AssistantTri-County Health Care Wadena, MN, United States

Full Time Physician Assistant (PA)New Jersey Urology, LLC (NJU) Clifton, NJ, United States

Neurosurgical PA-CThe NeuroMedical Center Baton Rouge, LA, United States

Physician AssistantPhysician HealthCare Network Port Huron, MI, United States

Assistant Professor Faculty PAIndiana State University Terre Haute, IN, United States

Heart Vascular Surgical AssistantSouthern Ohio Medical Center Portsmouth, OH, United States

NEUROSURGERY PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTCentral California Faculty Medical Group Visalia, CA, United States

EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT PHYSICIAN ASSISTANTCentral California Faculty Medical Group Fresno, CA, United States

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Online Nurse Practitioner Programs #family #nurse #practitioner #online #program, #online #nurse #practitioner


Online Nurse Practitioner Programs: School Info and Requirements

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Clinical Nursing
  • Critical Care Nursing
  • Direct-Entry Midwifery – LM, CPM
  • Licensed Vocational Nurse Training
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Neonatal Nursing
  • Nurse Anesthetist
  • Nurse Assistant or Patient Care Assistant
  • Nurse Midwife
  • Nurse Practitioner or Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Nursing Administration
  • Nursing for Adults and Seniors
  • Nursing Science
  • Occupational Health Nursing
  • Operating Room and Surgical Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Public Health Nurse or Community Nurse
  • Registered Nurse

School Selection Criteria

When looking for a program you want to make sure the you choose best fits you occupational goals and schedule. Further considerations for students in this field:

  • Schools accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education or the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission may better prepare students to sit for certification exams after graduation.
  • When choosing a program, students should consider whether they are interested in the specialty options a school offers, which may include focuses such as family health, women’s health, gerontology or oncology.
  • Students should keep in mind their personal schedules; some programs are offered entirely online, while others require in-person attendance for weekend courses or semester residencies.

Master of Science in Nursing

A Master of Science in Nursing program requires approximately two years of full-time study. Coursework in these programs focuses on training students to assess and diagnose patients as well as make and manage health care plans. To attend these programs, students must be registered nurses. Students lacking prerequisite courses may be required to attend courses on-campus prior to admission.

Doctor of Nursing Practice

For a student who already has a master’s degree in the field, a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program takes about two years to complete. These programs train students to evaluate health care and nursing informatics and implement evidence-based nursing practices based on the gathered information. Students in these programs complete electives and capstone experiences tailored to their specialties, and they may also need to complete a scholarly project or write a thesis. Graduates of these programs are usually eligible to assume leadership positions in health care settings.

Registered Nurses wanting to advance their careers as a nurse practitioner may choose to either pursue a MS in Nursing, or for more advanced leadership roles a doctorate in nursing practice. These programs may be found online and are designed to fit RN schedules.

Next: View Schools

Are you curious about what nurse practitioners do and wondering if this is a good career choice for you? Take this short quiz.

Nurse practitioners and nurses are both healthcare workers specializing in patient care, rehabilitation and the education of.

Discover the difference between a nurse practitioner and a physician assistant. Find out job duties and education requirements.

Advanced practice nurses are required to complete at least a master’s degree in a specialty field of nursing, and those wanting.

  • Doctorate
      • Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)
      • Doctor of Nursing Practice with an Emphasis in Educational Leadership
      • EdD in Organizational Leadership – Health Care Administration
  • Master
      • MBA and MS in Nursing: Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems (dual degree)
      • MS in Nursing: Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems
      • M.S. in Nursing: Nursing Education
      • MBA: Health Systems Management
      • MS in Health Care Administration
      • MS in Nursing: Nursing Education
  • Bachelor
      • BS in Nursing (Registered Nurse – R.N. to BSN)
      • BS in Health Care Administration
      • BS in Health Sciences: Professional Development & Advanced Patient Care
      • Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science

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Internet Marketing Coaching Program – Internet Marketing Coaching Program, internet marketing program.#Internet


Internet Marketing Coaching Program

Internet marketing program

The Golden Egg of Internet Marketing. We will help you create a Lead Generation Machine leveraging your Website, Blog and Social Media Marketing. A lead generation strategy is the process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service

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Ranking at the top of Google gives you a huge competitive advantage over other companies in your industry.

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Search engine/ pay-per-click marketing allows you to get found on Google when prospects are searching

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Advertising to people who have recently visited your website is a great way to stay top-of-mind at a

very low cost, and show your visitors that you re ready for them when they re ready for you.

Are you controlling your Online Brand? Are you getting new leads and sales from your Social Media platforms?

We can help you develop a Social Media strategy that supports your business growth goals.

Social ads are a very effective way to reach your target audience. Leveraging Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

and even Instagram now to find your perfect client or customer.

We use a combination of usability testing, best practices analysis, user feedback and A/B split testing to

increase the percentage of your visitors who become paying customers.

Landing pages are an essential piece of lead generation campaigns, such as Social ads or search

marketing. Landing pages are great for converting visitors into paying customers. You also must

have a legitimate Sales Funnel in place to turn leads into paying customers.

Getting the attention of your users quickly is absolutely essential to your success.

Professional copywriting will help you tell your story in a way that resonates with your audience and earns their trust.

We can help you set up a personalized, event-triggered email marketing campaign that puts people

into different email sequences based on past behavior and personal preferences.

Content is the best way to get people to keep coming back to your website. It s also a great way

to showcase your expertise and become a thought leader in your industry.

Do you have content you want to put in front of your target audience? We use a combination

of social media advertising and blogger outreach programs to get the word out about your content.

If people don t trust you, they won t do business with you. We can monitor your reputation online

so you can leverage positive comments, and address negative ones to keep your reputation intact.

Do you have retail locations? Developing a strong presence on local sites and directories like

Google Places/Brand Pages/Maps and Yelp is absolutely critical to the success of your company.

Integrating your offline marketing with your online marketing is absolutely essential to the

success of your business. We can help you make the connection.

Your website is a medium to get new customers. That s why we design websites with the end user

in mind. Why settle for pretty when you can have pretty and effective?

These days, half of your traffic is coming from other devices, like smart phones and tablets.

If your website isn t optimized for these devices, you re ignoring half of your customers.

If you re a consultant or sell your expertise in some way, positioning yourself as an expert

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Internet marketing program

Internet marketing program

Minnesota State – Career and Technical Education #minnesota, #msu, #university, #midwest, #twin


We want to know you!

Minnesota State is working to improve our website and add new features to better serve you, but we can’t do that without you!

So we’re conducting a brief survey to get to know more about you and the reasons you are checking out. If you are interested in participating in our survey, the survey should only take about 5 minutes and your responses are completely confidential. You will be given the option to participate in further studies or you can choose to stay anonymous.

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Career and Technical Education

Quick Links

Welcome to Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Minnesota State. We partner closely with the Office of College and Career Success at the Minnesota Department of Education to prepare students to enter high skill, high wage or high demand employment in Minnesota.

What’s new?

  • The 2017 CTE Works! Summit Call for Proposals is Open
    Get full details on how to submit your conference proposal and register at cteworksminnesota.org .
  • Consortium Perkins Plan Opens March 1st
    Consortium leaders will submit their plan on WebGrants
  • CTE Student Success Infographic Released (January 2017 Edition)
    This CTE Student Success infographic is a collaboration between Minnesota State and Minnesota Department of Education.
  • The iSPEAK CTE Blog
    We invite you to peruse our blog on all things related to career trends, the future job market, and higher education in Minnesota.

What’s New?

Toll-free: 800-456-8519
International: +1-651-5560596
MN Relay: 800-627-3529

Johns Hopkins School of Education – Master s Degree Programs #john #hopkins


Master’s Programs

The School of Education offers several Master’s degree programs, both full- and part-time, that will help put you on the path to your dream career as an educator. Learn more about our available programs by visiting the links below.

  • Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) — with concentrations in Elementary Education and Secondary Education (in a variety of subject areas)
  • Master of Science in Special Education — with concentrations leading to both certification and non-certification
  • Master of Science in Counseling — with concentrations in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling
  • Master of Science in Education — with concentrations in:
    • School Administration and Supervision
    • Reading
    • Gifted Education
    • Technology for Educators (online)
    • Educational Studies (individualized interdisciplinary program of study and Independent Schools options)
    • Educational Studies (online Teach For America , online TNTP and Urban Teachers collaborations).
  • Master of Education in the Health Professions (MEHP) — representing an innovative collaboration among five Johns Hopkins University schools (Business, Education, Medicine, Nursing and Public Health), the MEHP program prepares the next generation of health professionals to teach effectively in school and training programs in medicine, public health, nursing and other health-related professions.


Johns Hopkins University School of Education

Education Building
2800 North Charles Street, Baltimore MD 21218

Windows 10 Firewall Control: Sphinx Software #free, #windows #10, #firewall, #control, #solution,

#Windows 10 Firewall Control � � More � Screenshots � Video � Windows 10 Firewall Control. simple and exhaustive solution for applications network activity controlling and monitoring. Prevents undesired informational incoming and outgoing leakage of applications running locally or remotely. Detects and stops zero-day malware. prevents from �phoning home �, unwanted automatic updates and sending �telemetry �, increases your network security and privacy. Puts you in control of all network communications your PC has. Provides detailed logging and notification of any application network activity. Allows using and creating applications permissions to control the network activity easily. Rich set of predefined, ready-to-use applications permissions applicable with a single click. Ability for creating virtual computers group (sub networks) with flexible permissions to control mutual connect ability inside Local Network. Manages external network hardware devices. Almost any modern application is a network active one. Applications check for updates. verify licenses and registrations, submit problem reports and perform a lot of other network actions without any notice to you and without your permissions typically. Such network activity is expected and welcomed sometimes, but hardly always. Do you need an application installed recently starts informing its developers that the application is just installed? The application will just send a short message to its developers. There will be no strictly personal data in the information sent probably. The question is whether you need such communications at all. If you want to manage such network activity evidently and not to allow any bit of data sent to somewhere without your explicit permission or a notice, Windows 10 Firewall Control is for you precisely. If you accidentally obtained a fresh malware installed, the program may be not detected by an antivirus. The antivirus database updates are fast and regular typically, but the update can not be immediate. Windows 10 Firewall Control is nearly the only way to detect and stop the malware activity. Windows 10 Firewall Control filtering rules are protected against an intrusion strictly. The rules consistency is monitored. Even an intrusion happens, Windows 10 Firewall Control will detect the intrusion. try to fix the broken rules automatically and notify you with the details anyway. Benefits

  • Multiple Editions, Free Editions available
  • By domain. by site. by name filtering.
  • Perpetual license without subscriptions
  • Blocking unwanted telemetry. sending problem reports, gathering statistics and phoning home
  • 100% compatibilty with any Windows version from Windows 10 to Windows 7
  • Desktop and WindowsStore/Metro applications protection
  • Light setup

5MB, small memory footprint

  • Automatic applications listing/prompting
  • Permanent network activity monitoring and instant notifications of blocked/allowed network incoming/outgoing events
  • Remote management, remote applications protection
  • Portable version (no installation required) available (for USB connected devices)
  • External network connection (firewall/router) hardware support
  • Features

    • Designed for Windows 10 /8/7/2008/2012
    • Easy to use
    • Per-application security settings
    • Automatic network activity detection and applications listing
    • Strict network activity statistics for every application
    • Zone based network permissions management
    • Flexible permissions settings, 30+ predefined security zones for applications, single click the zones usage
    • Ability to compose new security zones and update/modify the existing zones
    • Detailed blocked/allowed events monitoring, management and logging. Instant notifications
    • Complete IPv6 support
    • Ability to manage applications permissions and control applications network activity locally and remotely
    • Group zone and application permissions management
    • Predefined mode for decreasing expenses of mobile/satellite internet connection
    • Integration with Windows Explorer for direct access permission management
    • Applications connections monitoring and management
    • Automatic Port Forwarding-to-applications management/synchronization

    Network/Cloud Edition Features

    • Ability to protect multiple computers by a single installation
    • Ability to monitor and manage multiple applications installed on multiple computer simultaneously and automatically
    • Ability to create virtual sub networks in the same LAN
    • Control of mutual in-LAN connectivity. Ability to isolate a dedicated (child s) computer from other in-LAN computers

    (c) April-Stock Company LLC ��� All rights reserved

    Winston Salem State University #salem, #wondered, #into, #good, #looking, #program, #university, #state,


    Winston Salem State University – page 2

    I am looking at the accelerated program through WSSU as well. So far I’m getting the impression that they might not be as organized or as interested in speaking with potential students as UNC/CH or Emory, for example. I had appointments to speak with people at those schools within a week of my inquiry. At WSSU they are offering me an appointment 4 weeks down the road.

    I am moving back to NC this summer and am trying to decide between Durham (Duke or UNC/CH options) or Winston-Salem (anything other than WSSU. anyone knows of?)

    Either way I go, I’ll have 2 semesters of the pre-reqs to complete at the community college. As a 45 yr old I would like to choose a city where I think I could potentially stay and call home, and make it work rather than considering moving again in another year. I love everything about W-S except for the reservations I currently have about WSSU. Like the school options in Durham, but not the cost of living (for UNC at least.)

    How many students DO apply to the WSSU program? Is it ridiculously difficult to get into?

    If you have a high previous GPA say 3.3 or higher, you should look into UNC Greensboro’s nursing program. I just graduated. It is an excellent school. In fact, it was one of the three schools selected nationally by the National League of Nursing as a center of nursing education excellence.

    The school is small enough for a personal touch and large enough to have resourses. UNCG graduates are highly regarded and sought after by all the area hospitals. In short, we have an excellent local, state and national reputation. UNCG has an average NCLEX 1st test pass rate around 92% and 100% pass rate for the 8% who took it the 2nd time. Just for reference, UNCG averages graduating about 90 students. So 7 out of 90 not passing the first time isn’t to bad.

    That being said, admissions is tough. It depends mostly on GPA, and then on a pre-nursing class with lab that is used as a semester long interview. If your GPA is less than 3.0 lifetime, there is no reason to even apply. If you want a realistic chance of getting in, then 3.5 is the real goal.If you do poorly in NUR210/220 or get a bad reference from clinical faculty you will not get in. Also, grades in classes like biology, chemistry, micro, and A P need to be high, straight A’s if possible.

    Hope all the info helps.

    CSN – S Associate of Nursing Program #csn #nursing, #csn #s #associate


    Yelp North Las Vegas

    I ve reviewd the general reviews for CSN. Can anyone give me more specific information on their experience with the nursing program? I will be transferring credits from out of state and have lived here just over a year. Any advice. do s or don ts. I would appreciate anything you can pass along. All I ve heard is that it s extremely competitive. I have taken most of the prereqs. I only have Microbiology left.

    I ve heard that they have a tough program but that it s comprehensive. I have also heard that they have one of the higher NCLEX pass rate in Nevada. If you re willing to work hard and put effort then you ll succeed no matter where you go. College is for adult learners and I believe you will get as much as you put into it so why pay more at a private school/University when good quality education is available at your local community college? My wife goes there and she has not said anything negative. She says that there are a lot of good quality, free resources available to students but she comments that most people, especially those who need it, do not take advantage of it. Free tutoring, online and on-campus resources! Take advantage of all they offer and put your time and effort, after all, you deserve what you ve paid for.

    I just moved here and three of the nurses in my office were trained there, all seem very competent and that speaks volumes. I can ask specific opinions on the program itself, if you like.

    If recommend finishing ALL your pre-reqs first. Micro is worth 5-10pts. If you re applying for full-time you ll need about 27-29pts. I got in to the part-time track (now called extended track and requires at least 29pts) with 31 pts out of 35. You get points based on GPA, grades in Biology, medical experience, pre-req completion. Once in the program, kiss your social life goodbye. Nursing program at CSN is what pushed me to drink a lot. it made me realize it was interrupting with my travels and drinking and I make the same money as a nurse right now so after 1 year into it, I left.

    Roger T. Michael U. Cathy C. thank you so much for taking the time to give ur wonderful feed back. I visited the campus about a year ago and spoke with someone. I calculated my points based on the courses I have and had 29 pts. before my ACT stores added. So Cathy C you confirmed what I was thinking about getting micro out of the way first. That s good news. It s good to know that they have tutoring available. I ve never been good with math so two years ago I once again attempted to pass the pre cal. I started with the remedial math and got it done. So now my concern is that I haven t done any math in about two years and have to take the ACT. I m afraid I ve forgotten it all. Other than that I might be in good standing. Does anyone know whether there is a score requirement for the ACT. I can t remember.

    Best Email Clients 2017 – Compare Reviews and Pricing #email #program, #email


    Compare Email Clients

    How to Choose the Right Email Client

    An email client is a software computer program that is used to efficiently and effectively manage emails. A good email client can save you time and energy as it aggregates all of your email addresses into one spot while giving you functionality not found in most web-mail solutions. When searching for an email client, there are certain features you should look for. Possessing basic functionality such as HTML Support and UTF-8 can assure that you never run into problems with formatting. Message labeling and virtual folders will make organizing your emails extremely simple while image blocking and spam filtering will keep you safe from unwarranted solicitation.

    Make sure to use the filters on the left hand side to find the best email software for you. First, select the platform of the computer from which you will be accessing the email client, this will assure that the software will function properly on your system. Use the Software License filter to differentiate between paid and free email clients. Then use the General and Message Features filters to find a solution with all the tools you need to take control of your emails.

    Software License

    The type of software license that the email client is distributed under.

    • Free Software License. A free software license will usually allow for use, alteration, and even resale of the software without any fee.
    • Proprietary. A proprietary software license can be purchased for personal use.

    The chart above displays the percentage breakdown of software license across all Email Clients on SoftwareInsider.

    General Features

    These general features reflect the functionality of the email client.

    • Conversation View. The conversation view feature consolidates related replies into one email. This creates a thread of back and forth emails, creating a conversation out of several messages.
    • Encryption. Email encryption secures the contents of the message through authentication protocols and cryptography. This protects the content of the messages from being intercepted and read by unintended third parties. Some email software deal exclusively with providing secure encryption and validation functionality.
    • HTML Support. An email client with HTML support will be able to read and present HTML tags in the emails contents, whereas an email software without HTML support will not be able to transform text dependent on HTML tags.
    • Image Blocking. The image blocking feature can be set to block images in your emails by default. This will speed up your email load time and protect you from inappropriate spam.
    • Local Spam Filtering. Local spam filtering refers to the email software’s ability to filter out spam after it has been distributed to you from the mail server, allowing your local computer to automatically filter out unwanted mail.
    • PGP Support. PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy, which is a legacy encryption program. Email software with this feature will have increased privacy and security by supporting the PG framework.
    • Phishing Filtering. Phishing is a way to extract personal information from a victim who would not normally give that information to the perpetrating party. The victim gives this information to the other party because they are fooled to believe that the other party is actually a trusted source, such as the victim’s bank or health insurance provider.
    • Scheduled Backup. A scheduled backup will automatically create backup copies of your emails in order to prevent valuable data loss in the event of a system failure or other error.
    • Server Spam Filter. The server spam filtering features signifies that the email software allows the server to screen for and remove spam emails before they even reach your computer.
    • UTF-8. UTF-8 is a character encoding unicode. This allows you to write emails in a variety of fonts.
    • Virtual Folders. Virtual folders allow you to easily organize your emails in folders which you create.

    The chart above displays the percentage breakdown of general features across all Email Clients on SoftwareInsider.

    Message Features

    These features relate to the type of messaging functionality included in the email clients.

    • Bi-Directional Text Support. Bi-directional text support allows emails to be read and written in any language. An email software without bi-directional text support can only support languages that read left to right (ex. English or Russian); email software with bi-directional text support can display languages that read right to left as well (ex. Arabic or Hebrew).
    • Bottom-Posts Replies. The bottom-posts replies feature automatically posts a reply to an email underneath the original quoted email in order to provide context.
    • Message Labeling. The message labeling feature allows you to add labels to an email or ‘conversation’ (group of subsequent emails). These labels act in the same way that folders do, in that they allow you to organize your emails by category. The difference between folders and labels is that more than one label can be added to an email.
    • Reformat Received Messages. Reformatting received messages allows you to change the layout of an email that was sent by someone else.
    • Scheduled Message Sending. Scheduled message sending allows you to delay sending a message until a specified time.
    • Signatures. The signatures feature signifies the ability to add a signature with your name, title, and contact information underneath any email you send automatically.
    • Spell Check. Spell check automatically checks your spelling inside of the email in order to eliminate typos.

    The chart above displays the percentage breakdown of message features across all Email Clients on SoftwareInsider.

    Smart Rating

    The SoftwareInsider Smart Rating for email software is a weighted average ratings from CNET, PCMAG, and Internet.com.

    Range across all Email Clients

    Outreach – definition of outreach by The Free Dictionary #global #outreach #program



    References in periodicals archive ?

    1 Environmental Education Outreach Research, Development, And Implementation Of A Public Outreach And Media Strategy: Services May Include Research Of Most Effective Public Outreach Channels And Development Of Plans To Utilize Those Channels.

    Cardon Outreach has been working with IASIS Healthcare to help manage their revenue cycle for nearly 12 years through the delivery of secondary placement for Medicaid eligibility and out-of-state services.

    The outreach committee will continue to look for ways to encourage more donations, as even small amounts will help a great deal.

    In his new role at Outreach. Gilligan will focus on the UK marine and offshore sectors, responsible for field sales of the Palfinger range of marine cranes, including knuckle boom, stiff boom and telescopic models, as well as Ned Deck’s range of Davits and Rescue Boats.

    The state-run National Aids Control Organization (NACO) had recently terminated the services of nearly a thousand outreach workers in India, citing lack of grants and funds.

    I wondered at first if my questions were misguided: perhaps global short-term medical outreach is just clinical care, and not “research” at all.

    Quick found out Monday that Single Mothers Outreach has been selected to receive a $25,000 grant from the Paul Hughes Family Foundation based in Glendale.

    The student loan community [has] been involved in college outreach for years.

    In August, the League of Women Voters was honored as the first recipient of the Hod Greeley Judicial Outreach Award at the American Bar Association (ABA) annual meeting in Hawaii.

    The Outreach Recruitment Champions, which includes sworn and civilian members of the Ottawa Police Service and community members and leaders, is one of the recruitment project’s pivotal elements.

    But DNC spokesman Damien LaVera said a fact sheet issued the day after the Grassroots Report shows the Democratic Party is as gay-inclusive as ever and that all outreach director posts were eliminated by Dean in favor of a new, more effective outreach program called the American Majority Partnership.

    FMCSA’s education and outreach programs–New Entrant, Non-Entrant, Motor Coach, Safety Belt, and Household Goods’ target different audiences, including the motor carrier industry, commercial vehicle drivers, and the public.

    Online Associates Degree in Health Physics: Program Overview #associate #degree #online #programs,


    Online Associates Degree in Health Physics: Program Overview

    Essential Information

    Online associate’s degrees in health physics are rare and usually take two years of study to complete. Degrees in this field are more commonly offered at the bachelor’s degree level or higher, and students with an associate’s degree will likely need further study in order to work in the field. Extensive lab components mean the program cannot be completed entirely online, but students may be able to complete some courses through distance learning. Online study allows them to view lectures and turn in assignments at any time, although there are established deadlines for completing work. Before enrolling in an online program, students may need to equip their computers with specific software.

    Prospective students who seek the flexibility of a fully online program in a health-related field may instead choose an associate’s degree in healthcare administration. These programs prepare students for office work within medical facilities, so they do not have the science lab requirements of health physics programs.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Community Health and Preventive Medicine
    • Environmental Health
    • Health Physics
    • Health Services Administration
    • International Health
    • Maternal and Child Health
    • Medical Scientist
    • Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene
    • Public Health Education
    • Public Health Medicine, Treatment

    Health Physics Associate’s Degree

    Although more common at higher degree levels, a few schools do offer online associate’s degrees in health physics. Health physics programs aim to teach students how to protect the public from the damaging effects of radiation, particularly radiation used in medical treatment. Students learn fundamentals of nuclear physics, the effects of radiation on living organisms, safe handling techniques and use of radiation survey equipment. A high school diploma or GED certificate are the minimum admission requirements for an associate’s degree program.

    Program Information and Requirements

    Online associate’s degree programs in health physics often include a lab component that must be completed on site. These types of programs are considered hybrids and are common for many programs in science and medicine. In the online portion of a program, students access all course materials and submit assignments and exams via a school’s website. Online content is accessible at any time of day, but assignments must be completed by deadlines. Technical requirements include a personal computer and Internet access. Students may also be asked to purchase software and textbooks to compete specific courses. Associate’s degrees are typically earned in two years.

    Common Courses

    Associate’s degree programs in health physics include courses that cover the various areas of the life sciences, such as biology and chemistry. These courses help a student fulfill a program’s general education requirements.

    Introduction to Health Physics

    This course introduces students to the basic principles of atomic physics. Topics covered include radioactivity, the biological effects of ionizing radiation and safe handling of radioactive substances. Students are able to receive instruction through DVDs and online tutorials.

    Radiation Biology

    Students in this course conduct a more in-depth examination into the effects of ionizing radiation on human tissue. Cellular response, short-term damage and long-term chromosomal damage are among the topics covered. Students can communicate and get immediate feedback from students and instructors using instant messenger.

    Nuclear Instrumentation

    Students learn to operate portable radiation survey equipment in this course, including gamma ray spectroscopy, portable counters and liquid scintillation. Coursework emphasizes techniques to identify radioactive materials. Audio and video streaming are available through the Internet to educate students on these topics.

    Career Information

    Health physicists work for government laboratories and regulatory agencies, medical institutions, manufacturers and nuclear power plants. Graduates of an online associate’s degree program in health physics are likely to need further education to work in this field. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, most positions require a bachelor’s degree or higher. Employment of health physicists and other health and safety specialists is expected to grow 4% from 2014-2024 (www.bls.gov ). PayScale.com reports that health physics technicians earned between $43,826 and $83,198 as of October 2016.

    Continuing Education Information

    A bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in health physics opens up a wider range of career possibilities. While online bachelor’s degrees in health physics are rare, many schools offer online master’s degree programs in this subject.

    There are a few hybrid-format associate’s degree programs in health physics that provide a basic introduction to the applications of radiation and nuclear technology to medicine while also requiring students to complete on-campus labs. Students can find more comprehensive programs in the field at higher degree levels.

    Next: View Schools

    Learn about the education and preparation needed to become a health physics technician. Get a quick view of the requirements as.

    Anything in excess isn’t healthy, and alcohol is no exception. If you’re a college student who tends to drink regularly, you.

    Licensing and certification are recommended credentials for health inspectors. Get some quick facts about the required.

    Students pursuing a Ph.D. in Community Health take on advanced studies in human behavior and public policy. Get more.

    Five-Year Combined Bachelor s and Master s Criminal Justice Degree Program #primary:


    Five-Year Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s Criminal Justice Degree Program

    Expand Your Career Opportunities with a Bachelor’s — and a Master’s in Criminal Justice

    Many entry-level positions in criminal justice — including those at federal agencies and institutions — now require a master’s degree. Point Park is the first university in Pennsylvania to offer a five-year combined Bachelor of Science in criminal justice and Master of Science in criminal justice administration program. In other words, students have the opportunity to earn both an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in just five years.

    Individuals who enroll in this Downtown Pittsburgh program can take advantage of many key benefits including:

    • Early admission into the graduate program ;
    • An opportunity to take six credits of graduate course work (at the undergraduate tuition price) during the last year of the B.S. program ; and
    • Five years of individual mentorship from experienced faculty who have worked directly in the criminal justice field.

    Students in this program will also receive guidance on selecting criminal justice internships and elective courses that will expand their career opportunities.

    Criminal Justice Degree Program Course Offerings

    Point Park offers a well-rounded education through its core curriculum and major-specific classes. Some of the courses in the five-year combined B.S./M.S. program include:

    Take Action

    • Criminal Investigations
    • Criminal Evidence
    • Evolution of Policing
    • Transnational Criminal Activities
    • International Criminal Justice
    • Fraud Investigations
    • Corrections, Probation and Parole
    • Criminal Justice Administration and Management (graduate course)
    • Theories of Criminology (graduate course)
    • Professional and Research Writing (graduate course)

    For a comprehensive list of degree requirements and course descriptions, see the links at the top of the page.

    Tuition Discount for Allegheny County and City of Pittsburgh Employees

    Point Park University offers tuition discounts to Allegheny County and City of Pittsburgh employees, among others. The level of the discount varies according to the agreement in place. View the tuition discount programs page for the full details and list of participating companies and organizations.

    Criminal Justice Internships

    Point Park’s criminal justice students have interned at various places throughout the region including:

    • Allegheny County Department of Corrections
    • Allegheny County Jail
    • District Attorney’s Office
    • Pittsburgh Bureau of Police
    • Juvenile Court
    • Federal Court
    • Federal Probation
    • Gwen’s Girls
    • Public Defender’s Office
    • Shuman Juvenile Detention Center
    • The Bradley Center, Inc.

    Criminal Justice Careers

    Graduates with criminal justice degrees can pursue various career opportunities at the federal, state, county, city and township levels, such as:

    • State and Local Policing
    • Federal Law Enforcement
    • Corrections
    • Judicial System


    PTSD and Substance Abuse in Veterans – PTSD: National Center for PTSD


    PTSD: National Center for PTSD

    PTSD and Substance Abuse in Veterans

    Substance Abuse Flyer

    Some people try to cope with their Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms by drinking heavily, using drugs, or smoking too much. People with PTSD have more problems with drugs and alcohol both before and after getting PTSD. Also, even if someone does not have a problem with alcohol before a traumatic event, getting PTSD increases the risk that he or she will develop a drinking or drug problem.

    Eventually, the overuse of these substances can develop into Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and treatment should be given for both PTSD and SUD to lead to successful recovery. The good news is that treatment of co-occurring (happening at the same time) PTSD and SUD works.

    How common is co-occurring PTSD and SUD in Veterans?

    Studies show that there is a strong relationship between PTSD and SUD, in both civilian and military populations, as well as for both men and women.

    Specific to Veterans:

    • More than 2 of 10 Veterans with PTSD also have SUD.
    • War Veterans with PTSD and alcohol problems tend to be binge drinkers. Binges may be in response to bad memories of combat trauma.
    • Almost 1 out of every 3 Veterans seeking treatment for SUD also has PTSD.
    • The number of Veterans who smoke (nicotine) is almost double for those with PTSD (about 6 of 10) versus those without a PTSD diagnosis (3 of 10).
    • In the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, about 1 in 10 returning soldiers seen in VA have a problem with alcohol or other drugs.

    How can co-occurring PTSD and SUD create problems?

    If someone has both PTSD and SUD, it is likely that he or she also has other health problems (such as physical pain), relationship problems (with family and/or friends), or problems in functioning (like keeping a job or staying in school). Using drugs and/or alcohol can make PTSD symptoms worse.

    • PTSD may create sleep problems (trouble falling asleep or waking up during the night). You might “medicate” yourself with alcohol or drugs because you think it helps your sleep, but drugs and alcohol change the quality of your sleep and make you feel less refreshed.
    • PTSD makes you feel “numb,” like being cut off from others, angry and irritable, or depressed. PTSD also makes you feel like you are always “on guard.” All of these feelings can get worse when you use drugs and alcohol.
    • Drug and alcohol use allows you to continue the cycle of “avoidance” found in PTSD. Avoiding bad memories and dreams or people and places can actually make PTSD last longer. You cannot make as much progress in treatment if you avoid your problems.
    • You may drink or use drugs because it distracts you from your problems for a short time, but drugs and alcohol make it harder to concentrate, be productive, and enjoy all parts of your life.

    VA has made it easier to get help. It is important to know that treatment can help and you are not alone.

    What treatments are offered for co-occurring PTSD and SUD?

    Evidence shows that in general people have improved PTSD and SUD symptoms when they are provided treatment that addresses both conditions. This can involve any of the following (alone or together):

    Talk with your provider about treatment for specific symptoms like pain, anger, or sleep problems.

    What should I do if I think I have co-occurring PTSD and SUD?

    The first step is to talk to a health professional and ask for more information about treatment options. Each VA medical center has an SUD-PTSD Specialist trained in treating both conditions to reach the best health outcomes. If there are signals you are at risk for both disorders, you will be encouraged to talk with a provider about how to best support your recovery. There are treatment resources at every VA medical center. The VA wants you to have the best possible care for co-occurring PTSD and SUD.

    If you continue to be troubled or distracted by your experiences for more than three months or have questions about your drinking or drug use, learn more about treatment options. Life can be better! Talk to a VA or other health professional to discuss choices for getting started.

    Date this content was last updated is at the bottom of the page.

    UCLA Anderson School of Management – Acceptance Rate #business, #b #school, #b


    UCLA Anderson School of Management Located in Los Angeles, California

    • Among the toughest schools to get in (17.8% acceptance rate)
    • One of the top GMAT scores (714 average)
    • Very high undergrad GPA (3.50 average)
    • One of the largest entering classes (354 students)
    • Significantly male dominant school (70% male – 30% female)
    • Average prior work experience (5 years on average)
    • Most common previous industry: Finance
    • Extremely high in-state total cost ($96,966 USD)
    • Extremely high out-of-state total cost ($109,540 USD)
    • Very high salary ($111,000 USD average)
    • Most common industry entered: Technology
    • Public institution
    • Programs offered:
      • Full-Time MBA
      • Part-Time MBA
      • Evening/Weekend MBA
      • Executive MBA
    • Relatively small endowment ($80 million USD)
    • Parent Institution: University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA)
    • Very warm winter weather (56.2°F)
    • Very cool summer weather (68.4°F)

    Why Is UCLA Anderson School of Management Ranked #6?

    StartClass has developed a ranking system for business school MBA programs by analyzing the statistics relevant to the quality of the institution and how it prepares graduates. The following breakdown explains how this school stacks up against all other business schools for data the school has reported.

    • Better than Average
      • Post-Graduation Salary: $111,000 USD (top 20%)
      • Acceptance Rate: 17.8% (top 10%)
      • Average GMAT: 714 (top 10%)
      • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.50 (top 20%)
    • Average
      • Previous Work Experience: 5 years

    Similarly Ranked Business Schools



    Admissions Statistics

    Difficult to Get In, Lower Than Average Percent Yield

    UCLA Anderson School of Management extends offers to 17.8% of applicants. This is one of the lowest compared to all business schools (average: 56.6%). Of those that get offers, 48.2% enroll in this school, which is below the average percent yield (60.8%).

    Difficult to Get In, Lower Than Average Percent Yield

    UCLA Anderson School of Management extends offers to 64.1% of part-time applicants. This is lower than average compared to all business schools (76.9%). Of those that get offers, 71.9% enroll in this school, which is below the part-time average percent yield (76.7%).

    Acceptance Rate (Part-Time)

    Percent Yield (Part-TIme)


    Higher than Average GMAT

    Students enrolling in UCLA Anderson School of Management have an average GMAT of 714, which is one of the highest compared to all business schools (average: 613).

    Undergraduate GPA

    Average Undergrad GPA

    Higher than Average Undergraduate GPA

    The entering class of UCLA Anderson School of Management has an average undergraduate GPA of 3.50. This is much higher than average compared to all business schools (3.35).

    Adjust the numbers on the left to find out how well an MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management pays off.

    Assuming it takes 2 years and you earn $60,000 annually before attending, obtaining your MBA means forgoing a salary of $120,000. Combining this opportunity cost with the total nonresident program cost of $109,540 USD (not including food, rent, etc.) gives a total of $229,540.

    The 10-year ROI is 279% and the total 10-year gain is $411,933. ROI takes the cumulative 10-year salary difference and divides by the total cost (MBA program and lost wages). The gain takes that 10-year salary difference and subtracts the total cost. Post-MBA salary is assumed to be the average for this school ($111,000 USD) and pre-MBA and post-MBA salaries are assumed to grow at a rate of 5%. Numbers are not inflation-adjusted and do not take into account sign-on bonuses and other compensation or qualitative gains such as networking and skills. Cost does not consider loan interest.

    Similarly Ranked Business Schools with Lower Costs

    In-State Total Program Cost

    StartClass is an education site that uses Graphiq’s semantic technology to deliver deep insights via data-driven articles, visualizations and research tools.


    Full-Time Industry vs. Average

    Education/ Government/ Nonprofit

    Pharma/ Biotech/ Health Care

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    All Business Schools

    More Graduates Go Into Tech Compared to Average

    Looking at the industries graduates go into compared to the average for all business schools, those from UCLA Anderson School of Management more often go into tech. On the other hand, a smaller percentage than average go into manufacturing. All schools have different naming conventions, but StartClass has normalized them into common buckets to help guide prospective MBA students towards programs that cater to the industries they desire. The rest of the employment section gives further details on the industries and functions graduates and interns enter to the extent that the school makes this data available.

    Full-Time Employment by Industry

    Percent of Employed Graduates

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Education/ Government/ Nonprofit

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Percent of Employed Graduates

    Education/ Government/ Nonprofit

    Education/ Government/ Nonprofit

    Percent of Employed Graduates

    Mean Signing Bonus

    Education/ Government/ Nonprofit

    Full-Time Employment by Function

    Percent of Employed Graduates

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Business/ Corporate Development

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Operations/ Logistics/ Supply Chain

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Percent of Employed Graduates

    Business/ Corporate Development

    Operations/ Logistics/ Supply Chain

    Percent of Employed Graduates

    Mean Signing Bonus

    Business/ Corporate Development

    Operations/ Logistics/ Supply Chain

    Intern Employment

    Percent of Employed Interns

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Internet Services/ E-Commerce

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Investment Banking/ Brokerage

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Health Care Products

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Consumer Products – Beverages/ Food

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Private Equity/ Venture Capital

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Consumer Products – Household/ Personal

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Multimedia Products & Services

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Technology Equipment/ Hardware/ Networking

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Energy/ Utilities (incl. Alternative Energy)

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Percent of Employed Interns

    Internet Services/ E-Commerce

    Investment Banking/ Brokerage

    Health Care Products

    Consumer Products – Beverages/ Food

    Percent of Employed Interns

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    UCLA Anderson School of Management

    Corporate Finance/ FP ?>

    Online Masters in Special Education #masters #of #psychology #online #program #accredited


    Online Masters in Special Education

    The online M.Ed. program is 36 credit hours and takes two years to complete.

    What do I do with this degree?

    • Advance your skills and marketability
    • Complete coursework toward the BCBA
    • Become competitive for doctoral level admissions and funding.

    Who Should Apply?

    • General Educators
    • Special Educators
    • Behavior Coaches
    • Administrators
    • Counselors
    • Clinicians and therapists

    Why Special Education at Texas A M University?


    U.S. News and World Report’s Best Grad Schools ranks our graduate program among the best in the nation.


    TAMU is a “best-value” for your educational dollar by U.S. News and World Report.


    You will learn from well-known scholars and practitioners in special education.


    Develop your expertise in Autism and single case research. We emphasize academic and behavioral interventions, positive behavior supports, and prevention programming. As well as bilingual special education, literacy and reading, and transition.


    Faculty earn certification and take training in online instruction.


    Our course design and use of technology are top-notch. National reviews by Quality Matters (c) are a component of our programming.


    Our coursework teaches scientifically-supported interventions, assessments, and practices.


    We include issues educational disparity in our course work.

    Competitive Edge

    Our pass rates for ABA certification are in the top 10% of the country for distance programs.

    Applied Behavior Analysis Option

    The Behavior Analyst Certification Board, Inc.® has approved the coursework requirements. Graduates are eligible for Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)® examination. The BACB® has also approved the practicum sequence. These experiences quality for the BCBA® exam. Please see the BACB® website for more information bacb.com. The ABA option includes:

    • 18 credit hours online
    • Asynchronous and synchronous course formats
    • Preparation for the BCBA exam

    Distance or Online Courses

    Online instruction does not mean independent study. Our program provides quality instruction and rewarding learning experiences. We offer courses that incorporate peer collaborations and personal interactions with professors. Classes meet in both synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (on-demand). The two-year program starts each summer in June.

    When to Apply

    The application deadline is February 15th. Only completed applications move to review by the Master’s Program Committee. You should receive an email notifying you of a completed application. Notices to applicants occur in April and May.

    Online Course: Excel 2016 – Certificate and CEUs #editing #certificate #online, #excel


    Online Class: Excel 2016

    Course Description

    Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that comes packaged with the Microsoft Office family of software products. Just like the other programs by Microsoft, Excel can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as creating an address book, grocery lists, tracking expenses, creating invoices and bills, accounting, balance checkbooks and other financial accounts, as well as any other purpose that requires a spreadsheet or table.

    This course will cover the many features of Excel 2016 and will teach you how to use them, starting with the simple and working to the most complicated. The good news is that Excel 2016 makes everything easy. By learning how to navigate the program and where to find each feature, operating Excel can become a breeze.

    This course will teach you how to:

    Create a spreadsheet

    Format cells, rows, columns, and entire worksheets so they fit and match your data

    Enter data into a spreadsheet

    Use formulas and functions for math, accounting, and totaling.

    Create formulas and functions

    Calculate data

    Create charts and diagrams for your data

    Create data lists and forms

    Create and use pivot tables and pivot charts.

    Work with Excel templates

    Share and protect your worksheets and workbooks

    Use What-If Analysis to determine possible outcomes. For example, sales goals

    And much more

    This course was designed to teach you skills you’ll need to successfully use Excel 2016. Each lesson contains instructions and illustrations to show you how to use the features, then walks you through step-by-step so you can see how everything is done. You don’t need previous experience with Excel to be able to complete this course. This course will start with basic skills, then move forward to more advanced features and techniques. Although you do not need access to Excel 2016 for this course; it is highly recommended. A free trial of Excel 2016 is available on the Microsoft website.

    7/3/2017 11:39:52 AM

    Lesson 1: Introduction to MS Excel 2016

    Excel can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as creating an address book, grocery lists, tracking expenses, creating invoices and bills, accounting, balance checkbooks and other financial accounts, as well as any other purpose that requires a spreadsheet or table.

  • Lesson 2: Navigating Excel 2016

    In this lesson, we’re going to focus on the major elements of Excel 2016 and take a few minutes to become familiar with their purpose.

  • Lesson 3: Worksheets and Workbooks

    Worksheets are stored in workbooks, and workbooks are the files that you actually save.

  • Lesson 4: Entering Information into MS Excel 2016

    Starting to enter information is as simple as clicking on a cell in the spreadsheet and typing, but there are some things that are helpful to know – and that you can do – before you ever type that first letter or number.

  • Lesson 5: Introduction to Working with Cells, Rows, and Columns

    If you want to move data from its original location and relocate it somewhere else, you must cut the data, then paste it somewhere else. You can cut or copy cells, rows, columns, or entire worksheets.

  • Lesson 6: Formatting Data and Cells

    Taking the time to format a worksheet can take it from the black and white page of data and gridlines to something that looks professional and attractive.

  • Lesson 7: Formatting Rows and Columns

    In Excel 2016, the width of a column is determined by how many characters that can be displayed within a cell.

  • Lesson 8: Editing Cells, Rows, Columns, and Worksheets

    Excel 2016 makes creating – and editing – spreadsheets a lot easier because correcting errors is easy mess free.

  • Lesson 9: Introduction to Formulas and Calculations

    If you use spreadsheets to do accounting for a business, track totals, invoice customers, or anything that requires mathematics, Excel’s ability to calculate formulas is going to save you errors and headaches.

  • Lesson 10: Working with Formulas and Functions

    In Excel, a function is a predesigned formula that does a certain calculation. This can make it easier because you don’t have to construct every formula yourself.

  • Lesson 11: Maintaining Worksheets

    It’s important to learn how to maintain your worksheets to help you keep on top of all the information.

  • Lesson 12: The What-If Analysis

    A what-if analysis lets you explore possibilities by entering possible values into the same equation so you can see the possible outcomes in the cells of your spreadsheet.

  • Lesson 13: Adding Images and Graphics

    You’ve already learned how to format a worksheet and enter information into Excel. Now we’re going to show you how to add elements such as graphics and images.

  • Lesson 14: Charts and Diagrams

    Charts and diagrams are tools you can use to visually represent the data in a worksheet.

  • Lesson 15: Creating Data Lists

    A data list or a database table are types of worksheets that aren’t used to calculate values, but to store information, such as names and addresses of clients or perhaps a library of books.

  • Lesson 16: Managing Data

    A form is simply a dialog box that lets you display or enter information one record (or row) at a time. It can also make the information more visually appealing and easier to understand.

  • Lesson 17: Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts

    A pivot table sounds more difficult and confusing than it really is. Most people say they don’t like pivot tables, or they don’t understand them. In truth, they’re not that difficult at all.

  • Lesson 18: Printing Worksheets and Workbooks

    Headers appear at the top of a worksheet. Footers appear at the bottom. Both can contain page numbers, and headers often contain the title of the worksheet and perhaps the date.

  • Lesson 19: Templates

    Templates are worksheets that are already designed for you.

  • Lesson 20: Protecting, Saving, and Sharing Workbooks

    Add protection to worksheets so that they can’t be edited by other people. You can lock cells or an entire worksheet.

  • Additional Course Information

    • Document Your Lifelong Learning Achievements
    • Earn an Official Certificate Documenting Course Hours and CEUs
    • Verify Your Certificate with a Unique Serial Number Online
    • View and Share Your Certificate Online or Download/Print as PDF
    • Display Your Certificate on Your Resume and Promote Your Achievements Using Social Media

    Course Title: Excel 2016

    Course Number: 8900368

    Languages: English – United States, Canada and other English speaking countries

    Course Type: Computer Skill

    CE Accreditation: Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).

    Grading Policy: Earn a final grade of 70% or higher to receive an online/downloadable CEU Certification documenting CEUs earned.

    Assessment Method: Lesson assignments and review exams

    Instructor: UniversalClass Staff Instructor

    Duration: Continuous: Enroll anytime!

    Accelerated accounting degree #albright #college, #albright #college #accelerated #degree #programs, #albright’s #accelerated



    Albright’s ADP curriculum features an accelerated seminar format with intense use of the Internet as well as additional computer technology. Interaction between students is emphasized and much of this collaboration involves applied group activities.

    While traditional classes meet 40-44 hours per semester, Albright’s ADP courses meet for four hours per evening for five to seven weeks. Remaining class time is fulfilled by a combination of Internet usage and independent study.

    Through a special partnership with Reading Area Community College, Delaware County Community College, Harrisburg Area Community College, Lehigh Carbon Community College, Montgomery County Community College, Northampton Community College, and Warren County Community College, most associate degrees (A.A. or A.S.) from these colleges transfer fully to Albright ADP (and acceptance is automatic if all Albright transfer admissions criteria are met.) Albright College offers a $2,500-3,200 Partner Scholarship based on GPA to graduates of these colleges. (Any applicant with an Associates Degree is eligible for a $2,500 scholarship.)

    ADP offers bachelor’s degrees in:

    Accounting: The accelerated program in accounting prepares students for careers in public and private accounting and in obtaining professional certifications. This major also provides students with a strong foundation for entering a graduate school program.

    Business Administration: The accelerated program in business administration prepares students for a wide variety of careers in finance, banking, marketing and management. This major also provides students with a strong foundation for entering a graduate school program.

    Crime & Justice: The accelerated program in crime and justice involves an analysis of criminal deviance and its roots, plus an in-depth understanding of our criminal justice system’s successes and failures. Unlike other criminal justice programs, students are not trained specifically for police work. Rather, students are educated in the academic study of crime, criminology and justice in preparation for a variety of positions within the criminal justice system.

    Digital Communications: Albright College offers one of the only evening accelerated-hybrid programs in Digital Communications in the area. Focus on strategic communication across media platforms including publications, videos, and websites in the Albright College Digital Communications program. (This program is currently offered exclusively at our Reading location.)

    Computer and Information Systems: The accelerated program in information systems is based on common structures and degree programs in the United States and Canada. It also meets the recommendation of the Association for Computing Machinery, which sets a variety of standards in technology fields, as well as graduate study programs.

    Organizational Behavior / Applied Psychology: The accelerated program in organizational behavior / applied psychology prepares students for a wide variety of careers in social services, management, human resources, training and development. This major also provides students with a strong foundation for entering a graduate program.

    Information Systems and Management: Albright s distinctive new major in information systems and management (ISAM) is designed to provide students with both the technical skills and the business acumen required to excel in information systems and business environments.


    • Curriculum designed specifically for adult learners
    • Applied thesis project completed in workplace setting
    • Courses taught by Albright College faculty
    • 9-15 adults work as a cohort through the entire program
    • 20-24 months accelerated schedule (including breaks)
    • Four-hour session one evening per week (6-10 P.M.)
    • Convenient, “student friendly” approach
      – Textbooks / instructional materials
      delivered to your class
      – One-time registration
    • Full-time student status permits a variety of financial aid options


    Your access to this site has been limited #regional #occupational #program #riverside


    Your access to this site has been limited

    Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Please try again in a few minutes. (HTTP response code 503)

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    If you are a site administrator and have been accidentally locked out, please enter your email in the box below and click “Send”. If the email address you enter belongs to a known site administrator or someone set to receive Wordfence alerts, we will send you an email to help you regain access. Please read this FAQ entry if this does not work.

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    Your computer’s time.

    Master of Library and Information Science #information #technology #masters #program


    Master of Library and Information Science

    Click here for our new asynchronous MLIS Information Session.

    The role of information professionals has changed dramatically as the volume of available information has increased and technology for information search and retrieval has advanced. The ability to manage the growing array of information tools has led to new opportunities for those who want to work in the information field, a discipline which bridges the management of both traditional and emerging information sources. The MLIS program, which we are pleased to say is accredited by the ALA through 2020. is responsive to the information marketplace and encourages the development of creativity, professionalism, and a proactive attitude to the needs of various clienteles in library and information service environments.

    The MLIS degree is a 36-credit program that can be completed in three consecutive terms of full-time study or up to four years (twelve terms) of part-time study.

    There is a series of mandatory core courses — the remaining courses are tailored to your career goals or chosen area of interest. It is important to plan carefully, in consultation with your faculty advisor, to make the best use of the educational opportunities available at the School of Information Sciences.

    Students will take the four required courses * for the MLIS degree.

    * The area of interests (see this page ) may have different core and required courses — students should work with their advisors to ensure that they are following the proper course of study.

    Upon completion of the MLIS degree, graduates will incorporate the knowledge, skills, ethical foundations and social responsibilities of the information professions into professional practice. See our Goals for Graduates of the MLIS Program .


    Our three pathways have been developed in response to needs expressed by the profession. In addition to the core knowledge of librarianship, you ll gain specific skill sets pertinent to your career goals.

    Statute of Limitations

    The Master s Degree program must be completed within four years of the first term in which courses were taken after admission. The normal full-time course load is 9 to 12 credits per term; thus, a full-time student will complete the program in three or four terms. The normal part-time course load is 6 credits per term, which permits the part-time students to complete the program in six terms. The faculty, in response to a student petition, must approve exceptions to the four-year limit if extenuating circumstances exist.

    Learn More!

    The iSchool hosts a number of opportunities for you to explore the LIS program. Attend Information Sessions at the iSchool or online, whichever suits your schedule. More

    Boarding School for Troubled Teens #on #boarding #program


    We Can Help Your Girl!

    Columbus Girls Academy is a year-round Christian boarding school for girls ages 12-17. We offer a loving, relational, and affordable program just for girls with life-controlling issues. We feature a first-class school, spiritual support and counseling to repair behavioral issues brought on by trauma, adoption, family discord, peer pressure, or substance abuse.

    We Can Help Your Girl!

    Columbus Girls Academy is a year-round Christian boarding school for girls ages 12-17. We offer a loving, relational, and affordable program just for girls with life-controlling issues. We feature a first-class school, spiritual support and counseling to repair behavioral issues brought on by trauma, adoption, family discord, peer pressure, or substance abuse.

    Meet Our Directors

    We believe in teenagers! We also know there is a very real battle for the mind and soul of every young person. We believe that when given the right opportunity, a girl s potential is unlimited. Through the years we have witnessed one life transformation after another and that fuels our passion to help teens every day.

    Bob and Karla Lee, Executive Directors

    Top Academics

    Every student has the opportunity to achieve a premium education that is well-rounded and fully accredited. CGA is a year-round school, which allows students to achieve phenomenal progress towards high school completion and beyond. Our educational atmosphere spurs a desire to succeed and reach their full potential.

    Recent Facebook Posts

    Columbus Girls Academy is a Christian boarding school for teenage girls struggling with life-controlling problems. We offer a disciplined and structured environment that emphasizes character development, spiritual growth and personal responsibility. Our non-profit therapeutic program for girls is designed to develop the whole person in four main areas: spiritual, social, academic and physical. For over 45 years, CGA has shown that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ changes people’s lives. To that end, students participate in chapel services, local youth group, and in biblical studies. We surround our students all day long with a Christian environment to help facilitate life change through the witness and guidance of our staff and counselors.

    Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy added 41 new photos to the album: 2017 Unity Night – Revival on the River. Friday, May 19th, 2017 at 8:01am

    Pictures from the recent event Unity Night. The community came together for this awesome event to worship God and enjoy fellowship across denominational divides. Our students ministered with their urban dance routine. It was a memorable night for all!

    Teen Challenge Christian Boarding School for Girls Who are Struggling with Life-Controlling Issues and Misbehavior

    Paralegal Studies – Associate Degree #aba #approved #online #paralegal #program


    About the Program

    The Paralegal Studies Associate Degree program is a 60-credit-hour program that prepares students to assist lawyers in carrying out their professional responsibilities. Working under the direct supervision of an attorney, the paralegal does research, prepares documents and interviews clients. Employment opportunities are also available in such diverse areas as insurance, real estate, mortgage companies, government agencies, courts and banks. Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.

    This program is approved by the American Bar Association.

    Learning experiences for students in the Paralegal Studies program are provided in classrooms on the Airport and Beltline campuses as well as online.

    Click here to learn more about the Paralegal profession.

    Click here to view the program plan for the Paralegal Studies – Associate Degree program.

    Click here to view links to paralegal organizations.

    Paralegal Program Legal Specialty Course Transfer Policy

    Upon a student’s admission to Midlands Technical College (MTC) and enrollment in the Paralegal Program, we review transfer credits and may accept up to two-thirds of the requisite number of legal specialty credits from regionally accredited, ABA-approved schools. This translates to as many as five legal specialty courses in the certificate program and seven legal specialty courses in the associate degree program.

    Each legal specialty course submitted for transfer consideration is evaluated by the program director. Transferability is based on course content, hours of instruction, and the grade earned in the course by the student. College transcripts are reviewed to determine whether acceptance of transfer credits is appropriate. In addition, each student must complete a minimum of ten credit hours of legal specialty courses through traditional classroom instruction.

    Legal specialty courses cannot be accepted from a college that does not have regional accreditation. We may accept credits from non-ABA approved schools if adequate evidence is provided to document that the course meets an appropriate level of academic rigor and compliance with ABA guidelines for paralegal education.

    Special Requirements

    Basic typing skills are required for successful completion of the program.

    Students must earn a grade of “C” or better in all of the courses offered within the Business and Public Services Department for the grade to be counted toward graduation. Specifically, these include courses with the following prefixes: ACC, BAF, BUS, LEG, MGT, and MKT.


    General Education Course Requirements Show

    English Comp I

    This is a (college transfer) course in which the following topics are presented: a study of composition in conjunction with appropriate literary selections, with frequent theme assignments to reinforce effective writing. A review of standard usage and the basic techniques of research are also presented.

    English Comp II

    This is a (college transfer) course in which the following topics are presented: development of writing skills through logical organization, effective style, literary analysis and research. An introduction to literary genre is also included.

    Contemporary Mathematics

    This course includes techniques and applications of the following topics: elementary number theory; algebra; geometry; measurement; graph sketching and interpretations; and descriptive statistics.

    General Psychology

    This course includes the following topics and concepts in the science of behavior: scientific method, biological bases for behavior, perception, motivation, learning memory, development, personality, abnormal behavior, therapeutic techniques, and social psychology.

    Public Speaking

    This course is an introduction to principles of public speaking with application of speaking skills. Students entering this course must be able to communicate clearly with American speakers of English.


    This course is a study of the various classifications and functions of tort law, including intentional and negligent torts, causation, proximate cause, and defenses.

    Business Law I

    This course is a study of the basics of commercial law, with emphasis on the formation and enforcement of contracts and the rules particular to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) and sales of goods.

    Business Law II

    This course is an in-depth study of the Uniform Commercial Code with special emphasis on the essentials of Article 3, Commercial Paper, and Article 9, Secured Transactions. Business partnerships and corporations and their formation are studied.

    Legal Bibliography

    This course is a study of the methods of legal research, proper citation of authority, use of legal treatises, texts, reporters, and digests. This course introduces students to the techniques and procedures of legal writing and analysis.

    Introduction to Law and Ethics

    This course provides a general introduction to law, including courts, legal terminology, procedures, systems, and laws of society. Emphasis is on ethics and the role of the paralegal in the legal system.

    Civil Litigation I

    This course is a study of the principles of litigation and the rules of procedure for each court in the south carolina system, including pleading, practice, and discovery procedures.

    Family Law

    This course includes an examination of the laws of marriage, divorce, annulment, separation, adoption, custody, and the juvenile.

    Property Law

    This course includes an overview of South Carolina property law, including the mechanics of various commercial and private property transactions and mortgage foreclosures. Students are introduced to techniques and procedures examining titles to real property.

    Law Office Management

    This course is a study of the basic principles of office management, including administrative procedures, client relations, and office operating procedures.

    Wills, Trusts, and Probate

    This course includes a detailed study of testacy and intestacy, preparation of wills and codicils, and fundamentals of trust and probate administration. Students probate a simple estate.

    Law Practice Workshop

    This course includes the application of substantive knowledge in a practical situation as a paralegal.

    Introduction to Computers

    This course covers basic computer history, theory and applications, including word processing, spreadsheets, data bases, and the operating system.

    Program Tuition*

    * Program tuition is for 60 credit hours.
    ** Fairfield County, Lexington County, and Richland County residents only.
    Tuition for out of county residents

    Similar Programs

    Online Masters Degree in American History: Program Info #online #masters #degree #in


    Online Masters Degree in American History: Program Info

    Essential Information

    A small number of schools offer online master’s degree programs in American history. This may involve taking American history courses as part of a general history program. In addition to online courses, students must complete independent research. Thesis and non-thesis programs are available. Students can complete this program fully online without any on-campus visits.

    A master’s degree is typically the educational level required for historians. High school history teachers are not necessarily required to hold a master’s degree, but some states require teachers to earn a master’s degree after earning teaching certification. Important prerequisites for master’s programs include a bachelor’s degree and GRE scores.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • American History
    • Ancient Studies
    • Asian History
    • Classical Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies
    • Cultural Resource Management
    • European History
    • Historic Preservation
    • History of Science and Technology
    • Holocaust Studies
    • Medieval and Renaissance Studies
    • Museum Studies
    • Public History and Archival Administration

    Master’s Degree in History – American History

    Online master’s degree programs in history are offered by a handful of schools and typically allow students to tailor their studies to their personal interests; American history is a common concentration offered for this degree. Although subject matter will vary, most program courses cover the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, domestic and international politics and a variety of cultural developments and changes that have occurred up through the modern period.

    Since teachers often pursue master’s degrees to increase their salaries, the online degree programs are often designed with history teachers in mind. However, they are also appropriate for students intending to move on to doctoral programs. Most programs require students to have a bachelor’s degree and submit GRE scores.

    Program Details and Information

    In order to complete an online master’s degree program in American history, most schools require students to conduct independent research and write a master’s thesis; however, there are also non-thesis online programs available. Non-thesis programs typically require students to complete 36 credits of coursework, and many students are able to finish their degree within three years. Most programs can be completed entirely online, and schools rarely require students to attend classes on-campus.

    Students interested in an online master’s degree program in American history should make sure their computers are running a current operating system and an updated Internet browser. Some schools will require students to familiarize themselves with Web-based course management software like Blackboard; this program is used to deliver online course materials to students, including recorded lectures, exams and assignments.

    Course Topics

    Online master’s degree programs in American history allow students to focus on the periods and aspects of the U.S. timeline in which they have the greatest interest. Most schools also have a core curriculum of classes that all students must take.

    American Revolution

    This course covers the cultural and sociological context of the Revolutionary War. Students also discuss the importance of social and cultural factors in relation to military action of all types.

    Constitutional History

    In this class, students examine the origin, content and legacy of the United States Constitution. The course also covers both contemporary and historical debates over topics such as State’s rights, amendments and Due Process.

    African-American History

    This course focuses on the social and cultural development of the African-American community in the United States. Students discuss the transportation of Africans to the New World, the civil rights movement and contemporary African-American issues.

    Teaching American History

    This class is designed for high school and college American history instructors. It teaches students how to approach curriculum development, create assessments and craft lesson plans.

    Career Information

    Graduates of online master’s degree programs in American history often pursue careers in education. Students who weren’t already professional history teachers upon enrollment will need to apply for teaching licensure in their state if they wish to teach at the K-12 level. The licensure process typically involves passing both a general teacher certification exam and a subject-specific exam in history.

    Graduates who already held teacher licensure before entering the master’s degree program may continue in their history teaching careers, often with increased salary prospects. A master’s degree in history is also a beginning qualification for teaching at the college level.

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, certified secondary school teachers (in all areas, not just history) earned a median annual salary of around $57,200 as of May 2015. Meanwhile, postsecondary history teachers earned a median salary of $69,400 that same year (www.bls.gov ).

    Continuing Education Information

    Once a student completes an online master’s degree program in American history, he or she is eligible to move into a Ph.D. program. Many schools offer both online and on-campus Ph.D. programs in American history, allowing students to conduct independent research and work towards completing a dissertation.

    Individuals who have an interest in American history and are interested in become high school or postsecondary teachers have several online options to choose from at the master’s degree level. These degrees can also be good preparation for doctoral degrees.

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    Areas of study you may find at Youngstown State University include:
    • Liberal Arts and Humanities
      • Cultural Studies
      • Ethnic and Gender Studies
      • Geography and Cartography
      • Human and Consumer Sciences
      • Human and Social Services
      • Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies
      • Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies
      • Philosophy
      • Political Science
      • Public Administration
      • Religious Studies
      • Social Science and Studies
      • Social Studies and History
        • American History
        • Historic Preservation

    Get Started with Youngstown State University

    Areas of study you may find at Yeshiva University include:
    • Liberal Arts and Humanities
      • Human and Social Services
      • Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies
      • Philosophy
      • Political Science
      • Social Science and Studies
      • Social Studies and History
        • American History
      • Theological, Religious, and Ministerial Studies

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    Areas of study you may find at Yale University include:
    • Liberal Arts and Humanities
      • Cultural Studies
      • Ethnic and Gender Studies
      • Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies
      • Philosophy
      • Political Science
      • Religious Studies
      • Social Science and Studies
      • Social Studies and History
        • American History
        • Medieval and Renaissance Studies
      • Theological, Religious, and Ministerial Studies

    Get Started with Yale University

    9 Harvard University

    Areas of study you may find at Harvard University include:
      • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
      • Post Degree Certificate: Postbaccalaureate Certificate
      • Undergraduate: Associate, Bachelor
    • Liberal Arts and Humanities
      • Cultural Studies
      • Ethnic and Gender Studies
      • Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies
      • Philosophy
      • Political Science
      • Public Administration
      • Religious Studies
      • Social Science and Studies
      • Social Studies and History
        • American History
        • Asian History
        • Classical Mediterranean and Near Eastern Studies
        • History of Science and Technology
        • Museum Studies
      • Theological, Religious, and Ministerial Studies

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    Areas of study you may find at Worcester State University include:
    • Liberal Arts and Humanities
      • Geography and Cartography
      • Liberal Arts, Humanities, and General Studies
      • Social Science and Studies
      • Social Studies and History
        • American History

    Get Started with Worcester State University

    10 Popular Schools

    The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users.

    UTSA Extended Education #university #of #texas #san #antonio, #education, #online #learning, #six


    Continuing Professional Education

    Lean Healthcare Fundamentals

    Leaders and staff learn key Lean principles such as waste, 5S, flow, standard work, A3 problem solving, balanced work and Lean layout and how to apply these principles to their workplace.

    Learn More

    Advanced Placement (AP) Summer Institute

    Under the guidance of College Board, UTSA welcomes hundreds of AP teachers from across the country to 24 workshops covering math, science and the humanities.

    Learn More

    IT Security Training Programs

    UTSA understands the evolving cyber threat and the need for educational resources. We offer courses in cybersecurity, and prep courses in Network+, Security+ and Certified Information Security Systems Professional.

    Learn More

    Paralegal Certificate Program

    The Paralegal Certificate Program is designed and taught by practicing attorneys to prepare students to be knowledgeable, ethical and effective assistants to attorneys while emphasizing legal areas where paralegals are most in demand.

    Learn More

    Registered Behavior Technician

    This training program is based on the Registered Behavior Technician Task List and is designed to meet the 42-hour training required for competency certification for the RBT credential.

    Learn More

    Six Sigma and Lean Thinking

    These courses are theory and practice-oriented, suitable for company executives, directors, and upper level managers who wish to sustain enterprise-wide lean transformation. Yellow, Green and Black Belts are offered.

    Learn More

    Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA)

    All courses are held at UTSA’s Downtown Campus and provide quality training facilitated by OSHA authorized instructors. Courses can be applied towards a professional certificate from the UT- Arlington’s Region VI OSHA Education Center.

    Learn More

    Strategic Advocacy Campaigns Workshop

    The Strategic Advocacy Campaign Workshop Series will provide participants an opportunity to focus on the elements, methods and tactics required to conduct a successful and strategically well-planned advocacy campaign.

    Learn More

    Graduate Record Examination (GRE)

    Workshops include over 21 hours of instruction on powerful test-taking techniques and reviews on previous examination materials/questions in a classroom format.

    Learn More

    Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

    Two full-length practice tests to measure your results are included: a pre-diagnostic at the beginning of the workshop and post-diagnostic towards the end.

    Learn More

    Law School Admissions Test (LSAT)

    The cost of the course includes 40 hours of classroom instruction, all workshop materials (textbook and workbook) and pre and post-diagnostic exams.

    Learn More

    Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)

    Workshops include over 21 hours of instruction on powerful test-taking techniques and reviews on previous examination materials/questions in a classroom format.

    Learn More

    Policies, Discounts and Registration Information

    Review test preperation workshop policies, discounts offered and registeration and refund information.

    Learn More

    Online Instruction Center

    Online short courses are self-paced and follow an asynchronous learning model. You may complete the course sooner than the standard six week timeframe. Online short course are traditionally six weeks or less.

    Learn More

    Online Career Training Center

    Preparing for a career change? Try our extensive catalog of career training programs in Healthcare, Business, Information Technology, Media Design and more!

    Learn More

    English for Researchers

    English for researchers will enable beginning and intermediate English speakers to develop the vocabulary and grammar necessary to communicate with other researchers.

    Learn More

    Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

    Our simple, easy-to-follow model can help you execute a win/win for all parties; resolving your issue AND preserving or building a relationship. The program leads you through the process to gain confidence addressing sensitive topics.

    Learn More

    Narrative Non-Fiction Writing

    Narrative Non-Fiction Writing focuses on the development of short form essay writing for adult learners who wish to learn how to craft a first- or third-person account of a real life event.

    Learn More

    Conversational English in the Workplace

    Don’t let a language barrier keep you from getting the job you want. San Antonio and Central Texas are prime areas for job seekers to have bilingual skills, so you can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

    Learn More

    Course Registration Information

    The following information are general guidelines to our registration processes. For more specific registration information, please visit the specific offering you wish to attend.

    Learn More

    Lean Healthcare Fundamentals

    Leaders and staff learn key Lean principles such as waste, 5S, flow, standard work, A3 problem solving, balanced work and Lean layout and how to apply these principles to their workplace.

    Experience the cost saving benefits: an increase in overall revenues and patient satisfaction scores and defraying costs in supplies, labor, and overtime.

    Latest News

    Lean Six Sigma Courses Now Open for Individual Registration

    Lean and Six Sigma, two methodologies evolved separately, share the same ultimate goal, which is to answer voices of customers by achieving process excellence. While Lean is famous for its continuous pursuit of perfection, Six Sigma provides a structured data-driven methodology to achieve world-class operational capability.

    UTSA’s Advanced Placement Summer Institute Increases Offerings in 2017

    This year, the UTSA APSI is comprised of nineteen course subjects focused on college-level curriculum including biology, calculus, physics, statistics and studio art. Teachers will participate in a four-day program that emphasizes hands-on, high impact learning through course activities, labs and field trips.

    What we do


    Extended Education remains a top tier resource for professional learners through continuous origination and development of contemporary courses and programs designed for the knowledge economy.


    We seek to create continuing professional education opportunities by harmonizing UTSA faculty skill sets with the demands of professional learners in San Antonio and South Central Texas communities.


    We make a promise to empower our constituency by providing globally-focused educational opportunities that lead to the growth of economic prosperity and intellectual capital in the community.

    LPN to RN Bridge Programs #rn #to #msn #bridge #program


    LPN to RN Bridge Programs via Credit-by-exam

    Our credit-by-exam LPN to RN Bridge Programs are our most popular programs at Achieve Test Prep! We help thousands of LPNs work towards achieving their RN license.

    Every year Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) choose to become Registered Nurses (RNs). We understand why! Becoming a registered nurse can be a great career move for a licensed practical nurse. RNs generally have more career options and can earn up to 50% more than their LPN counterparts!

    What is an LPN to RN Bridge degree using credit-by-exam?

    Our LPN to RN program is a test prep curriculum for LPN’s who wish to become a Licensed Registered Nurse. For LPNs that want to advance their careers, the credit-by-exam LPN toRN bridge program i s ideal.

    Why should you enroll with Achieve Test Prep?

    Achieve Test Prep’s proven test-prep bridge program makes achieving your RN fast and affordable. Our fast-track program combines the effectiveness of real classroom learning with the speed of credit-by- examination. You can choose online or on-site courses. Both programs are the same, offering full support and designed to ensure your success. Achieve is not one of those online self-study programs that sends you books and expects you to learn everything on your own. There are no long-term contracts and you can take as many or as few classes as you like.

    Call us at888-900-8380 to learn more or request more information .

    Excelsior College #mba #degree, #mba #program, #business #administration, #mba, #human #resource #management,


    Human Resources Management

    Effective HR management leaders put individuals in a position to succeed. We do the same thing at Excelsior College: We help adult students succeed by offering a fast, affordable route to an Master of Business Administration (Human Resources Management) .

    A national leader in distance learning for more than 40 years, Excelsior College can help you fit an MBA program into your schedule and budget. Our human resources management concentration features:

    • Online classes that you take at your convenience.
    • A fast track to graduation, with liberal credit-transfer policies that get the most out of your previous education (including approved military classes and professional certificates).
    • Budget-friendly tuition, financial aid, and flexible payment options. (Get the exact figures on Excelsior’s low tuition and fees. )
    • Rigorous HR management classes that are academically equivalent to traditional on-campus programs.
    • Personalized academic advising and support.
    • Sensitivity to the particular educational needs of working adults.

    Here’s how an Excelsior College MBA can help you fast forward your career.

    A Practical MBA With a Real-World Focus

    Excelsior College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. To learn more about the MSCHE accreditation programs and specialized accreditations, see our accreditation page.

    Excelsior’s MBA programs emphasize practical workplace knowledge over theoretical learning. You’ll take online HR management classes in subjects such as:

    • Labor relations
    • Conflict resolution
    • Compensation and benefits

    Review the degree requirements for Excelsior’s online MBA program.

    Upon completion of an Excelsior College Master of Business Administration, the graduate will be able to:

    1. Analyze real-world business problems and generate recommendations for action.
    2. Integrate accounting, marketing, finance, management, and economics into strategic business analysis.
    3. Assess the impact of the global business environment on business situations.
    4. Apply quantitative methods to analysis of business situations.
    5. Perform ethically and professionally in business and society.
    6. Communicate effectively to relevant audiences orally and in written materials.
    7. Collaborate in teams to produce required deliverables.
    8. Apply project management skills to business situations.
    9. Assess the ethical implications of actions for diverse stakeholders.

    The MBA requires 36 – 51 credits, depending on a student’s prior learning. Students may transfer in up to 24 approved credits. The program has 5 foundation requirements that can be waived on the basis of prior upper level undergraduate study in the relevant areas. Approved undergraduate courses must be no older than 10 years, with a grade of B or better. The foundation requirements are:

    • Ethics
    • Economics
    • Marketing
    • Organizational Behavior
    • Quantitative Analysis

    Any waivers will be counted as part of the 24 credits allowed in transfer. See catalog for further details.

    See the credit requirements in chart form .

    IACBE Specialized Accreditation

    Excelsior College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), 11374 Strang Line Rd. Lenexa, KS 66215; 913-631-3009; www.iacbe.org . The IACBE is a specialized accrediting agency recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE: Bachelor of Science in Business and Master of Business Administration.

    The Real Cost of Leasing vs #buying #solar #panels, #leasing, #solar #electric


    The Real Cost of Leasing vs. Buying Solar Panels

    Buying solar panels requires an investment and more decision-making than leasing, but over the long term the benefits of owning your system are hard to beat.

    Best Ways to Pay for Your Panels

    Buying your solar electric system outright is best. It usually costs $15,000 to $20,000 after tax credits and can reduce your electricity bill by 70 to 100 percent, depending on the size and orientation of your roof and local regulations. Most systems pay for themselves in five to seven years.

    Home Equity Loan
    If you need to finance your solar panel purchase, the most cost-effective way to do it is to use a home equity loan or a home equity line of credit. Because your house serves as collateral, these options have low interest rates (currently about 3 to 5 percent). The interest you pay is tax deductible. Equity loans range from 5 to 20 years and usually have fixed interest rates. Equity lines last 10 years and have variable rates (so the interest may increase).

    Solar Loan
    There are unsecured and secured solar loans. With an unsecured loan, your house doesn’t act as collateral and the interest isn’t tax deductible. Many solar installers work with lenders that offer solar loans, but you’ll probably find better rates by directly checking with banks, and credit unions. Watch out for high origination fees. Fannie Mae also offers consumers financing for solar system installations through its HomeStyle Energy Mortgage Program when they buy a new house or refinance.

    Why Leasing Isn’t a Bright Idea

    The steep up-front costs for a residential solar system can make a leasing company’s sales pitch sound pretty appealing: Pay little or nothing and save hundreds of dollars per year on average. (The premise is that you save because the combination of your lease payment and your electric bill is less than what you currently pay for power.) Leasing can also look seductively simple compared with buying: There’s no need to shop separately for an installer and financing; you just sign on the dotted line. So it’s not surprising that 72 percent of the people who installed residential solar systems in 2014 did so through leasing or another type of third-party arrangement. But the reality is not quite so sunny.

    Your Savings Will Be Modest
    People who lease their solar systems save far less than those who buy them outright or with a loan (they also miss out on federal tax benefits and any local incentives). Many leases contain an escalator clause that can further reduce savings by increasing payments 3 percent per year. So if you’re paying 12 cents per kilowatt-hour in year one, with a 3 percent escalator, you’ll be paying 18.2 cents in year 15. That means that if the cost of energy doesn’t rise as quickly as the contracted lease payments increase, your savings could evaporate.

    You Lose Control of Your Roof
    Leasing companies want to maximize their profit, so there’s a chance you could wind up with more panels than you want and that they could be installed in highly visible places—such as facing the street—without any regard to appearance. To avoid that, check the final system design and placement before signing the lease. It could be different from the initial mock-up.

    Leases Can Scare Off Home Buyers
    If you put your house on the market before the lease is up (usually 20 years), you will either have to buy out the lease or the person purchasing your home will have to assume it—which some are reluctant to do.

    That’s what happened to Andrew and Nora Barber, who had to buy out the lease on the solar system on their Clovis, Calif. home after two prospective buyers were frightened away by it. “I offered the solar company $16,000, which was the total of all the payments for the remainder of the contract,” Andrew says. “But $21,000 was the buyout price in the contract, and the company wouldn’t budge.”

    Some solar leasing companies may offer to relocate their systems from one house to another. That could cost $500 for an initial audit and another $500 to transfer the panels, if the leasing company determines it can be done. You would also need approval from your utility and local landmarks commission or the condo or homeowner’s association, if applicable. Plus the new house must be able to accommodate the old system.

    And remember: At the end of the lease, the solar company could remove the system—and your savings along with it.

    Service Plans Don’t Serve You
    Though leasing companies tout their service plans, maintenance is a red herring. “Generally, there’s really no scenario where the maintenance plan is going to kick in,” says Joshua Pearce, an engineering professor and solar expert at the Michigan Tech Open Sustainability Technology Lab. Equipment problems aren’t covered by the maintenance plan, they’re covered by the warranty. And if a storm destroys your panels, the damage may be covered by your homeowners insurance.

    That’s why—whether you buy or lease—it’s essential that you inform your insurer. (Roof-mounted solar is generally added as part of a standard homeowners policy at no additional cost; ground-mounted solar may require an insurance rider.)

    Online Physician Assistant Bachelor s Degree Program Information #online #physician #assistant #degrees,


    Online Physician Assistant Bachelor s Degree Program Information

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Athletic Trainer
    • Cardiovascular Technologies
    • Electrocardiograph Tech. – ECG, EKG
    • Electroencephalographic Tech. – EEG, END
    • EMT and Paramedic
    • Genetic Therapy
    • Industrial Radiologic Technology
    • Medical Radiologic Therapist
    • Nuclear Medical Technologist
    • Perfusionist
    • Physician Assistant
    • Radiation Protection Technology
    • Radiological Science and Technologies
    • Respiratory Care Therapy
    • Surgical Technologies
    • Ultrasound and Sonography Technologies

    Essential Information

    Fully-online bachelor’s degree programs in physician assisting are rare to nonexistent, although some on-campus programs may permit some requirements to be completed online. Bachelor’s programs in the healthcare field are rarely offered entirely online, with a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences being one of the few exceptions. Clinical experience is a major component of most bachelor’s programs. Some programs may have specific undergraduate coursework prerequisites.

    Fully-online programs in this field of study are more readily available at the master’s degree level. Most accredited physician assistant programs are, in fact, offered at the master’s degree level.

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), physician assistants are required to be licensed in all states and must follow a specific course of education. After earning a bachelor’s degree and, typically, some work experience, physician assistants complete an accredited, 2-year educational program that typically leads to a master’s degree.

    Physician Assistant Bachelor’s Degree

    Physician assistant bachelor’s degree programs provide the scientific and administrative skills required to assist physicians in the clinical setting. Students explore the communication, problem-solving and critical reasoning necessary to address issues affecting patients of all ages. The challenges of working with the sick, as well as current issues affecting the practice of physician assistants are also explored.

    Information and Requirements

    Most institutions require bachelor’s candidates to complete prerequisite coursework in the life sciences. Some schools may require students to have previous health care experience. Students also participate in internships in a clinical setting to gain practical experience in the field.

    Online elective courses require reliable access to a computer with up-to-date software and hardware, as well as an Internet connection. Word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, is typically recommended, but not required.

    Common Courses

    Bachelor’s students examine current issues that affect the physician assistant. They gain practical knowledge of the scientific and administrative theories that guide the discipline. Core coursework covers topics such as microbiology, biochemistry and life span development; however, bachelor’s degree programs for physician assistants generally only allow for some prerequisite or elective coursework to be completed online.

    Anatomy and Physiology

    Students explore the organization and basic functionality of the human body through study of the 11 organ systems. The curriculum focus includes overviews of the nervous system, circulatory and respiratory systems, tissue structure, brain functionality and cellular metabolism. A detailed examination of the human life span is also included.

    Principles of Chemistry

    In this online course, students are provided with a top-line overview of the theoretical and practical principles of inorganic chemistry. The material in this course serves as a foundation for further study in the subject.

    Career Information

    Graduates of a bachelor’s degree program are qualified to seek a position as a licensed physician assistant under supervision of a physician. The BLS projected job growth of 30%, much faster than the average for all occupations, for physician assistants from 2014-2024. As of May 2015, the BLS reported, the median annual salary of physician assistants was $98,180.

    Continuing Education Information

    Opportunities for further study exist in fully online and hybrid program formats. Master’s degree programs provide advanced theoretical and clinical instruction, as well as prepare students to sit for the certification exam offered through the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants and apply for state licensure. Students are required to complete a field experience to satisfy degree requirements. Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses are available in both online and hybrid formats covering topics such as prescribing of controlled substances and pain management.

    Bachelor’s degree programs for physician assistants cannot be found entirely online as they typically require extensive in-person training. Students study human anatomy, physiology and the basics of chemistry, preparing them to work as licensed physician assistants.

    Next: View Schools

    Discover the difference between a nurse practitioner and a physician assistant. Find out job duties and education requirements.

    Physician assistants (PAs) are licensed health professionals who provide primary health care under the guidance of a doctor.

    Learn how to become a surgical physician assistant. Research the job description and the education and licensing requirements.

    Physician assistantship requires significant formal education. Learn about the training, job duties and licensure requirements.

    Gulfstream Aerospace – Product Support – Computerized Maintenance #airborne #product #support, #avionics


    The beauty of Gulfstream’s personalized Computerized Maintenance Program (MyCMP) lies in its simplicity.

    Gulfstream was the first aircraft manufacturer to create a Web-based program to organize, track and coordinate aircraft maintenance and inspections. The program is so well-regarded that for five consecutive years, Aviation International News has named it the top maintenance tracking program in the industry.

    MyCMP is available to owners and operators at any hour of the day or night from any computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access.

    The program streamlines essential records management and creates a history of maintenance, inspections and compliances required of every aircraft with Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) and Aeronautical Information Management (AIM). Detailed documentation coordinated through the original equipment manufacturer also helps establish aircraft value.


    With the enhanced MyCMP, users have electronic recordkeeping and signature capabilities, as well as 24/7 access to analyst support.

    MyCMP creates all-digital task cards that can be signed electronically. A PDF of the e-signed paperwork attaches to the aircraft history, which ensures airworthiness requirements are met.

    Records management is only one aspect of MyCMP. Gulfstream also has systems analysts who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist with maintenance questions. MyCMP analysts have an average of 15 years experience with Gulfstream aircraft and were chosen for the program because they are top technicians and quality control professionals.

    CMP analysts also provide their expertise through a Gulfstream training program. MyCMP Web-based training sessions are offered on a monthly basis.

    The bottom line for Gulfstream aircraft maintenance needs: better records management, quick, easy access to experts and numerous training sessions covering a host of technical topics.

    MyCMP provides the whole package.

    UAB – Information Engineering – Management #engineering, #professional, #masters #degree, #engineering #management,


    Masters of Engineering Management
    Information Engineering Management
    Online Campus

    What to expect from Our Information Engineering Management (IEM) Master s Program:

    Entrepreneurship focus on Engineering IT management
    Invest 2 days a month for 20 months 100% online
    Engineering undergraduate degree not required
    Flexible classes that fit into work and family schedules
    All online student clients pay in-state tuition
    Real-world focus with immediate life/job use
    Faculty comprised of employed industry leaders
    No GRE/GMAT required for admission

    Is IEM right for you? Here’s what we look for:

    Who we are:

    IEM stands for Information Engineering and Management. We are an executive master degree available in house or 100% online. providing an entrepreneurial focus to engineering and technology.

    Why you want a master degree in Information Engineering and Management:

    You will learn how to network effectively, identify your strengths, bolster your weaknesses, and you will gain the technical skills and perspectives you cannot get anywhere else.

    Division of Health Careers – Angelina College #grayson #county #college #nursing #program


    Division of Health Careers

    Radiologic Technology Program Effectiveness Data 2015 PDF Word
    Radiologic Technology Program Effectiveness Data 2014

    Are you interested in a career in the health professions but you’re not sure if the profession is for you?

    The Health Careers Division can introduce you to the health professions programs in a new course being offered starting fall 2006. HPRS 1201 – Introduction to Health Professions is an overview of the roles of various members of the health care system, educational requirements, issues affecting the delivery of health care, and methods of credentialing and licensing requirements on a state and national level.

    In addition, legal and ethical issues and decision making that affects the practice of health care professionals and the rights and responsibilities of health care professionals will be introduced.

    Enroll in HPRS 1201 and let us help you make a decision about choosing a career in the health field.

      • Health Careers Division provides higher education in health occupations.
      • Certificate and Associate of Science Degrees are offered in the areas of concentration.

    There are specific degree/certificate and course requirements for associate degrees.

    Contact the Health Careers Division office at (936) 633-5279 or or h p r n l n u for information about the following programs:

      • Paramedic Certificate Program
      • Emergency Medical Services Associate of Applied Science Degree
      • Nursing Associate in Applied Science Degree
      • LVN to RN Transition
      • Vocational Nursing Programs (VN)
      • Radiologic Technology Associate of Applied Science Degree
      • Respiratory Care Associate of Applied Science Degree
      • Pharmacy Technology Certificate Program
      • Mammography Certificate Program
      • Sonography Associate of Applied Science Degree
      • Surgical Technology Level I Certificate


    The goal of the Health Careers Division is to provide quality education. The faculty believes in the philosophy and purpose of Angelina College, and: (1) that education in health occupations can be provided through a framework of higher education; (2) that our communities provide suitable clinical/practicum experiences; and, (3) that through a carefully designed curriculum, the graduate of these programs can be gainfully employed.


    As a student enrolled at Angelina College, you will encounter certain risks while your are enrolled in a classroom or laboratory experience, or in a clinical or practicum setting. In the event that you sustain an injury and/or require any medical testing or care, all resulting medical expenses (hospital, ambulance, or physician fees) are your responsibility and not the responsibility of Angelina College or the clinical/practicum site.

    It is recommended that you purchase a student/personal health insurance plan (medical/hospitalization) if you are not covered by a group health insurance plan.


    The college will accept to the limit of its physical and financial resources all who wish to attend and who meet the admissions requirements of each program. The Health Careers Programs, because of excessively high demand, have additional admission requirements and recommend early application; however, the Division does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, age, national origin or disability.

    A person must show evidence of good physical and mental health, a medical record with specific health requirements and immunizations are required upon admission, followed by an annual TB test. Each student who registers is required to purchase liability insurance yearly.

    As a student enrolled in a Health Careers program, you will encounter certain risks while you are in a classroom or laboratory experience, or in a clinical or practicum setting. In the event that you sustain an injury and/or require any medical testing or care, all resulting medical expenses (hospital, ambulance, or physician fees), are your financial responsibility and not the responsibility of Angelina College or the clinical/practicum site.

    Health Career Programs

    Winifred Adams
    Associate Dean of Instruction in Health Careers
    da an li ed
    (936) 633-5266

    Kay Gibbs
    Health Careers Division Administrative Assistant
    Emergency Medical Services, Surgical Technology, Associate Degree Nursing, Vocational Nursing
    kgibbs angelina.edu
    (936) 633-5265

    EMS Faculty

    Fax: (936) 633-5241

    Mailing Address:
    Emergency Medical Services
    P.O. Box 1768
    Lufkin, Texas

    Janice Hartsfield
    Emergency Medical Services
    ha s e g i . u
    (936) 633-5420

    Nursing Faculty

    Pharmacy Technology Faculty

    Elaine Young
    Pharmacy Technician Program Director
    e n n in ed
    (936) 633-5433

    Radiography Program Faculty

    Angie Wilcox
    Radiography Program Director
    a l x n l a d
    (936) 633-5413

    Autumn Conner
    Radiography Program Clinical Coordinator
    o n r a g a e u
    (936) 633-5422

    Steven Donahoe
    Radiography Program Clinical Coordinator
    (936) 633-5414

    Respiratory Care Faculty

    Sonography Faculty

    Autumn Conner
    Diagnostic Medical Sonography
    c n e a g l e u
    (936) 633-5422

    Casey Davis
    Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Director
    cdavis angeli
    (936) 633-5268

    Surgical Technology Faculty

    Benchmark Passages #reading #program, #leveled #reading, #leveled #books, #lesson #plans, #student #worksheets,


    Digital Running Records on Raz-Plus

    With our Online Running Record tool, Raz-Plus or Raz-Kids members can:

    • Assign and listen to recordings of Benchmark Passages and Books.
    • Score recordings using an online running record tool.


    Find students’ instructional levels by assessing their reading skills with developmentally appropriate texts while recording reading behavior. Benchmark Passages are short text selections that are one part of a three-part process to help place students at their instructional levels for leveled reading sessions and to assess their readiness to progress to the next level.

    Why Benchmark Passages

    Benchmark Passages assess comprehension and reward students’ progress from level to level. They are one part of a three-part process that provides a more complete assessment of reading behavior and comprehension than any of the parts independently.

    • Each level has 2 fiction and 2 nonfiction passages.
    • Each level has at least 1 fiction-nonfiction passage pair on the same topic.
    • Each passage uses a level-appropriate percentage of words from leveled books at that reading level.
      • aa-E = 100%
      • F-J = 95% + 5% new words
      • K-Z = 90% + 10% new words
    • The text of the entire passage is used in the Running Record.
    • Most are one page long, but upper level passages can be two pages.
    • ALL are available on Raz-Plus .

    How to Use Benchmark Passages

    1. Give a student a Benchmark Passage he or she has never seen before to read aloud. If you prefer to use familiar text, use the fiction-nonfiction topic pair at each level. Use one passage from the pair to support a student’s understanding of the topic before assessing with the other passage.
    2. Record the student’s reading behavior using the passage’s Running Record form.
    3. If a student scores 90 percent, assess the student’s comprehension using a Quick Check from Level A-Z and Retelling Rubrics .
    4. If a student scores from 90%-94% percent on the running record and answers comprehension questions at 80%-100%, he or she is at an instructional level. (For more details, see About Running Records ).
    5. Use Benchmark WOWzers to reward students’ progress from level to level.

    Features and Chart

    • 2 7 words per line; 4.5 words average
    • 1 line per page
    • 30 55 words total
    • Complete sentences
    • Repetition of high-frequency words
    • Repetitive pattern with one or two word changes per page
    • Pattern may change on last page, such as a surprise ending
    • Predictable language
    • One-to-one text-to-picture correspondence
    • Familiar topics
    • Consistent text placement
    • 10 pages

    Big and Little

    Ted Sees a Pond

    Near the Pond

    We Read About Animals

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    2017 LAZEL, Inc. All rights reserved. Learning A-Z, Headsprout, Raz-Kids, and Science A-Z are registered trademarks of LAZEL, Inc. Reading A-Z, ReadyTest A-Z, Vocabulary A-Z, and Writing A-Z are trademarks of LAZEL, Inc. Other trademarks, logos, and service marks used in this site are the property of LAZEL, Inc. or third parties.

    Lawn Care Services Near Me #lawn #care #program


    Lawn Care Made Easy with Lawn Doctor

    A greener, more enjoyable lawn has never been easier to achieve, thanks to the lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor.

    From fertilization to weed control. lawn aeration to pest protection, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.

    With services carefully customized for your lawn and your area’s local climate, our lawn care services will give you the perfect outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of.

    Some of Our More Popular Lawn Care Services:

    Your Local Lawn Care Experts

    The Lawn Doctor difference starts with our unique, carefully pre-planned approach to lawn care services. When you choose Lawn Doctor for your lawn’s care and maintenance, your services will be carefully customized for your lawn’s exact mixture of grass types and any other conditions that might affect your lawn’s health or appearance. Our local offices also bring experience and expertise about your area’s climate and growing conditions to your service plan. This way, you’ll achieve a greener, healthier lawn, no matter your location.

    Beautify Your Lawn with Lawn Doctor Turf Care

    With Lawn Doctor as your lawn care provider, you’ll have everything you need to give your lawn strong roots, thick growth, and vibrant color. Our turf care services work to ensure your lawn receives all the vital nutrients it needs, and include the use of our proprietary Turf Tamer ® lawn care equipment. We help homeowners achieve healthier, more attractive lawns through turf care services like fertilization, core aeration, power seeding, and soil pH correction.

    Take Back Your Lawn with Lawn Doctor Weed Pest Control

    With our weed control and pest control services. you’ll be able to protect your lawn against invasive plants and insects that can make your lawn a less enjoyable and less attractive space. Our weed control services eliminate everything from crab grass to dandelions and include pre-emergent weed control to stop new weeds before they start. Our pest treatment programs include Yard Armour ® mosquito and tick control and perimeter pest control to rid your yard of common pests.

    The Lawn Doctor Guarantee

    At Lawn Doctor, we’ve worked hard to bring the very best in lawn care to American families. Countless families have already fallen in love with our services, and we’re confident you will too. That’s why we offer the Lawn Doctor Guarantee*. If one of our service treatments leaves you less than 100% satisfied, we ll make it right.*

    Contact Our Lawn Care Experts Today

    Ready for a greener, more enjoyable lawn? Call today for a free lawn care estimate. Each of our lawn care service experts start to understand the needs of each customer with a comprehensive FREE Lawn Evaluation of his or her landscape or yard.

    Once we have determined your lawn’s problems, we figure out the ideal solution for you, from a single lawn treatment to ongoing yard maintenance. Every landscape is different, so we will customize a lawn solution to address your lawn’s specific requirements. Lawn Doctor’s advantage is our local professionals who know all about your area’s specific characteristics, from weather to soil types.

    Contact us for a FREE Lawn Evaluation or contact the Lawn Doctor in your area to learn more about our local yard services.

    Medical Assistant Frequently Asked Questions #medical #assistant #faqs, #medical #assistant #program, #frequently


    FAQs About Medical Assistants

    Here are several of the most frequently asked questions about Medical Assistant career training at Everest:

    Q. How do I prepare for the Certified Medical Assistant test?

    A. A variety of national and regional certified medical assistant (CMA)/ Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) test organizations exist, and many require the school to be accredited. At Everest, all of our schools are institutionally accredited while many of our Medical Assistant programs are programmatically accredited by either CAAHEP or ABHES approved. If a graduate wishes to become a CMA or a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA), such as through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) with CAAHEP or ABHES or American Medical Technologists (AMT), the program must be CAAHEP or ABHES approved accredited in order for the graduate to take the test. Check with your local campus Admission Representative for more information as to which test your school’s program accreditation allows.

    Q. How long does the medical assistant program take to complete?

    A. The medical assistant program can be completed in under a year. Programs may vary by campus.

    Q. What type of career can I expect?

    A. Outpatient care centers and doctors’ offices are just a few of the venues where you can pursue entry-level employment. Your own hard work, attitude and experience will also play an important role in future employment opportunities.

    Q. How comprehensive is the school’s support system?

    A. Very. Everest is there every step of the way in helping students make the adjustment in pursuing a higher education.

    Q. Will the school I choose help me find employment?

    A. Everest is dedicated to helping you find employment in your field of choice. While employment is never guaranteed, Everest is committed in helping you make the best presentation possible with respect to your interviewing skills and cover letter and resume effectiveness.

    Q. Is the school I wish to attend respected by the Industry?

    A. Everest is accredited. This means programs and teaching facilities have been approved by the industry professionals who set the rules.

    Q. What can I do with a diploma in medical assisting?

    A. An Everest medical assistant diploma means you’ve met the training standards that qualify you to pursue entry-level employment in your field.

    Q. What is a medical assistant and what exactly does one do?

    A. Medical assistants help health care professionals by attending patients and providing front or back end office support. Contact a school representative to find out about additional career possibilities.

    Q. How much do medical assistants make?

    A. Medical assistant salaries or wages may vary depending on location, experience and work ethic. An Everest representative can be of help in providing more information.

    We know you may have a lot more questions, please contact us by calling or filling out our contact form. We will occasionally update this page with more questions and answers as we get more of your questions!

    2017 Zenith Education Group, Inc.

    For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please visit our website at http://www.everest.edu/disclosures .

    Masters in Community Health Nursing: Program Overview #masters #degree #in #public #health


    Masters in Community Health Nursing: Program Overview

    Essential Information

    Master’s degree programs in community health nursing teach registered nurses (RNs) to develop, implement and promote nursing service programs in needy communities. Specifically, students are trained to identify high-risk populations, develop and evaluate health policies, and provide disease prevention services. Students gain hands-on experience in the field through clinicals and a nursing practicum.

    Applicants to the master’s degree program must hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing and an RN license. They must also submit GMAT or GRE scores, a statement of intent, and three letters of recommendation.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Clinical Nursing
    • Critical Care Nursing
    • Direct-Entry Midwifery – LM, CPM
    • Licensed Vocational Nurse Training
    • Mental Health Nursing
    • Neonatal Nursing
    • Nurse Anesthetist
    • Nurse Assistant or Patient Care Assistant
    • Nurse Midwife
    • Nurse Practitioner or Family Nurse Practitioner
    • Nursing Administration
    • Nursing for Adults and Seniors
    • Nursing Science
    • Occupational Health Nursing
    • Operating Room and Surgical Nursing
    • Pediatric Nursing
    • Public Health Nurse or Community Nurse
    • Registered Nurse

    Master’s Degree in Community Health Nursing

    Community health nursing students take courses that cover theoretical foundations in nursing, research methods, health promotion and disease prevention. In order to graduate, they must complete 36 to 48 credit hours of coursework. Common course titles include:

    • Epidemiology principles
    • Policy and professional issues
    • Management principles and practices
    • Health assessment
    • Health promotion

    Employment Outlook and Salary Information

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment for registered nurses is expected to grow 16 percent between 2014 and 2024, which is much faster than the national average, likely due to the growing elderly population and the increase in the number of people who have access to healthcare because of federal health insurance reform. As of May 2015, the BLS reported that registered nurses made a median annual salary of $67,490.

    Continuing Education Information

    Completion of the master’s program qualifies students to sit for the certification exam offered by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) to become advanced practice clinical specialists in community health nursing. The examination consists of ten parts and covers community health nursing foundations, assessment and application.

    Community health nurses holding a master’s degree can also pursue a doctoral degree in nursing. They may pursue a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or a Ph.D. in nursing. The DNP is typically designed for nurses pursuing practical medical training, whereas Ph.D. programs focus on research in the field.

    Through a master’s degree program in community nursing, students gain the medical training and public health expertise that they need to earn licensure and practice in the field. The degree also provides the necessary foundation for doctoral studies in nursing.

    Next: View Schools

    English Language Immersion Program: Improve Spoken – amp; Written English – Boston


    English Language Immersion Programs

    Private English Language Immersion Program

    The Private English Immersion Program is designed for professionals who wish to dramatically improve their spoken and written English in a short period of time. Whether currently required to use English on a daily basis, suddenly called on to interact with English-speaking clients, or facing the need to make an important presentation, professionals attending this intensive training will develop the skills they need to conduct business with confidence and effectiveness. Areas of study include making presentations, participating in meetings, conducting negotiations, and writing business documents. Over the years, English Language Immersion program has been successful in enhancing the English skills of engineers, programmers, business executives, educators, graduate students, medical practitioners and other professionals. The private program meets 40 hours per week. from 9 a.m. to 5p.m. Monday through Friday. It is normally organized in one to eight-week sessions and taught by a team of two to four instructors. Each instructor is responsible for a particular aspect of the program. The Immersion program is offered both as a private and a semi-private course.

    Group English Language Immersion Program

    The Group English Language Immersion Program is designed for individuals who wish to improve their English in a short period of time. With a minimum of four and a maximum of twelve students per class, students have the benefit of practicing their spoken English skills in a small group environment. The group program meets 25.9 hours per week. from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 9 a.m. 1 p.m. on Friday. Using the communicative method of teaching English, this program helps students develop their English skills by integrating listening, speaking, writing, reading, grammar, vocabulary development, and pronunciation.

    Tredd s Self Storage Software – Home Page #self, #storage, #software, #self


    Tredd s Self Storage Software is intuitive, easy-to-use, and priced right at $495 with no monthly or yearly licensing fees. Check out some of our features and be sure to view some of our actual program screens.

    When you purchase our software, we go the extra mile for our customers. All building graphics are drawn, billing cycle settings are entered, and your business information is entered. You simply install the software and start clicking your way to adding customers, accepting payments, charging credit cards, viewing reports, printing customer letters, and managing your self-storage business like never before.

    Our Maintenance Plan includes for one year: unlimited customer support, unlimited upgrades, unlimited software licenses, unlimited customer SMS texting. and unlimited use of our online Cloud backup server.

    Click here for a quick online demonstration of our software or call us toll free at 1-800-690-7956 for a no-hassle consultation about our software.

    New in v7.2.2.C : New [Pay In Full] button on Receive Payment window, ability to send custom SMS text messages to customers, added Word like capabilities to customer letters, and more.

    We are celebrating our�20th year�of producing quality software for the self storage industry with our latest release 7.2.2.C on 15 June 2017. Check out the What’s New to read about the 50+ new features we added in the past year including Credit Card Processing with Authorize.net and many more features requested by our customers, such as how our software can help you be Earth Friendly and Green .

    Our software is 100% compatible with all latest versions of Windows including XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. We are also compatible with all latest Window server editions.

    If you have any questions about our software, please contact us.

    Show Ambassador Program #leadership #ambassador #program


    Show Ambassador Program

    The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) seeks students (and recent graduates) with outstanding customer service skills to be interns at IAAPA Attractions Expo and Asian Attractions Expo. Successful applicants will get the opportunity to see and be involved in the premier amusement and attractions trade show and conference in the U.S. and/or Asia.

    The elements of the program include:

    • Event Management: Working with the association s expo management team and on-site vendors to oversee a range of special events at IAAPA Attractions Expo.
    • Education Program: Working with IAAPA s education staff to conduct the on-site logistics for the education workshop program, Institute program, and off-site tour programs.
    • Trade Show Support: Working with the expo management team, floor managers, and vendors in support of trade show logistics.
    • Behind the Scenes Education: Providing a behind the scenes look at IAAPA s tradeshow vendors. In addition, each ambassador is scheduled a specific list of seminars to attend.
    • Social Program: Ability to network with other peers in the industry as well as to make contact with facility operators in the amusement and attractions industry and interact with one of the premier trade show management teams in the industry.

    An intern program by its nature is a balance between the work needs of the employer and the education needs of the students the IAAPA Ambassador Program will balance these needs by providing specific education opportunities throughout the week that will be pre-scheduled as a part of the program. Part of that balance is what IAAPA provides and what we expect each Ambassador to bring to the expo.

    • An unforgettable experience
    • World class training
    • Shared housing (IAE only)
    • Daily breakfast and lunch (only lunch AAE)
    • Networking opportunities
    • This exciting opportunity features a structured learning program, scheduled work hours (approximately 10+ hours per day), and a ticket to one of the largest trade shows in the world.
    • Small Per-Diem for local transportation additional meals

    Successful Ambassador Applicants will offer:

    • Enthusiasm initiative
    • Hard work complete dedication of their time during this event Professional appearance “can do” attitude
    • Outstanding Customer Service skills and experience
    • Background or current studies in hospitality, event management, engineering, journalism, or related subjects
    • Transportation to and from the Expo sites (IAE-Orlando, Florida, AAE 2017-Singapore)
    • Full-time commitment (2017 dates: IAE-Nov. 10-17, AAE-June 10-17)
    • Must be 18 or older on or before the first day of the program
    • In exchange for a valuable learning opportunity, successful candidates will provide energy, initiative, and a strong customer-focused attitude to the improve guest experience for all IAAPA attendees.

    Asian Attractions Expo 2017
    Program dates: Sunday 11 June – Friday, 16 June
    24 January: Application opened
    31 March: Application deadline
    2-8 April: Those invited to interview, contacted
    9-22 April: Interviews conducted via video conference
    28 April: Acceptance e-mails sent
    If accepted:
    11-12 June: On-Site Training
    13-16 June: Asian Attractions Expo 2017

    IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017
    Program dates: Friday, Nov. 10 – Friday, Nov. 17
    Feb. 23: Application open
    May 1: Spring application deadline
    May 15-22: Those invited to interview, contacted
    May 23-31: Spring Interviews via video conference
    June 30: Acceptance e-mails sent to first round*
    Sept. 1: Fall application deadline
    Sept. 6-9: Those invited to interview, contacted
    Sept. 11-16: Fall Interviews via video conference
    Sept. 29: Acceptance e-mails sent for remaining slots
    If accepted:
    Mid-October: Ambassador Webinar
    Nov. 10-12: On-Site Training
    Nov. 13-17: IAAPA Attractions Expo 2017
    Nov. 17-18: Wrap-up

    *Some spaces will be held open and filled after the September deadline. All applications (including those submitted prior to the spring selection round) are automatically considered to fill remaining positions. IAAPA generally notifies all applicants of their status by early October.

    If you have any additional questions about the program, please contact the

    Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet and Natural Treatment #paddison #program, #rheumatoid #arthritis #diet, #rheumatoid


    • As RA sufferers we are told by the medical community that there is no Rheumatoid Arthritis Cure and that we are destined for a lifetime of medication and pain-management. Needless to say that with this prediction it is very easy to lose hope. Especially as your condition worsens with time or the latest medications fail or create strong side-effects. The truth is, RA symptoms can be dramatically eliminated using 100% natural strategies which address the underlying cause. Below I will share with you the path that I followed so that you can do the same.
    • Supplements such as Fish oil tablets or Glycosamine Sulfate for joint pain are never going to reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms. In fact, these can often be a distraction from applying the necessary efforts to do what really works. We’ll explore what type of approach REALLY works in just a moment.
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms are primarily caused by food sensitivities. The challenge for me was ‘How do I eat in a way that does not trigger my food sensitivities?’ I’ll tell you the exact type of approach that worked for me and is now giving others incredible results worldwide.
    • You DON’T need to waste your money on expensive alternative therapies. Although these may help to reduce symptoms temporarily, the only way to cure Rheumatoid Arthritis is to eliminate the root cause which stems from undigested food particles getting into your blood stream. Eliminate these particles and eliminate the autoimmune attack on your own synovial tissue.
    • Experimenting with nightshade vegetables and/or grandma’s home recipes for arthritis like ginger tea or honey and lemon are going to get you nowhere. RA is a chronic, debilitating disease and it took me years (and a lot of lost cartilage!) before I uncovered the solution that I have used to help people now in 49 countries worldwide.

    If you’re looking for dramatic Rheumatoid Arthritis relief then you need to begin by restoring the health of your gut. I’m a living example of what can be done by applying natural techniques to achieve dramatic elimination of Rheumatoid Arthritis symptoms. I’ve compiled my Rheumatoid Arthritis research into the ultimate and comprehensive downloadable guide called the Paddison Program for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Remember, this will not only treat the symptoms that you feel and see on the outside such as:

    Swollen and Inflamed Joints

    Joints that are red, swollen and warm to touch

    Stiffness and ‘Locking Up’ of Joints

    A lack of mobility such as unable to straighten elbows or close a fist

    Lack of Energy And Strength

    Weakened ligaments and tendons around joints that are caught up in the inflammation process

    Chronic Fatigue

    A complete lack of energy, motivation and zest for life

    But it also treats the underlying cause of Rheumatoid Arthritis – the part you DON’T see – the actual immune system cross-wire that causes your body to aggressively attack your joint linings that results in severe inflammation and rapid joint degradation.

    More Customer Feedback

    Paul L. June 2013: “At age of 8 I was diagnosed with JRA. Now at the age of 49 I have been experiencing more symptoms of Arthiritis. My left knee has very little meniscus tissue left and I walk with a cronic limp. I was living on naproxen and trying any supplement I could to find relief. No help, until now. For the last six weeks I have implemented the Paddinson Program. I have not taken a naproxen or any supplements since the start. My limp is gone. I have lost 17 pounds and feel great. My blood pressure which normaly is around 130/78 is now 112/71. I cannot tell you thanks enough for the help that you have given me. I feel like I can do anything. You have forever earned yourself a friend and my praise. Thank you for sharing this life changing Program with us. July 2013: Although changing ones lifestyle is never easy. To rid myself of joint pain is so worth it. I walk with a constant limp from left knee pain and surgery. The limp and pain are gone. As for my general health, I feel better, have lost 22 unwanted pounds, my blood pressure is down and my cholesteral is down in normal range.” Angelo Morgillo. Australia When i started your program my CRP count was 38, after 1 month it went down to 11. Eventually i went for a blood test last week just to see where i was at even though i knew i was misbehaving with my diet, Drum roll. unbelievably as of last week it is 5.6, i was stunned! Psoriasis is under control and would be gone by now if i was disciplined enough, my toe nails have grown back the heady fog negative thoughts emotions are nonexistent, maybe the euphoria of being pain free who knows but it’s real i feel great! That’s it, a big thanks mate, i don’t know how you researched what you did but I’m grateful you did, i’m glad to say the journey has been the best thing i’ve done for myself family over the past 6 years i’ve learnt a ton about nutrition what we have actually been doing to ourselves in ignorance. Feel free to contact me for further info Clint, would love to have a chat with you about how to help others, I’m free anytime day or night.

    You Can Get Back Your Life, Confidence and Self Esteem

    With The Paddison Program for Rheumatoid ArthritisTM, you’ll discover my extremely powerful healing system that got me from debilitating pain into freedom from this horrific disease. For only 49, you can download the entire guide right away to your computer.

    • The real cause of RA and how to address it immediately
    • How to reduce your pain in a matter of days without expensive supplements or drugs
    • A 12-day detailed dietary program to dramatically reduce pain and heal your body internally
    • Which drugs for RA actually make your disease WORSE
    • How to step-by-step get off your medication whilst working with your Rheumatologist
    • How to create a complete wellness approach to life and
    • Unusual exercises for pain relief and joint healing

    Will I Get Instant Access To This Program?

    Yes, you will be able to get started immediately. There are PDF downloadable files that will work on your PC, Mac, Kindle or Tablet along with videos that can be viewed with an internet connection. The main ebook is a long document (132 pages) so we recommend reading on your viewing device and then printing just the parts that you need to follow along during the first 12 days.

    I have had RA for 20 or more years – will this work for me?

    Yes. Some of the most remarkable results that this program has achieved has been with people who have had RA for decades. The program works on the inflammatory component, however cannot change permanent structural damage.

    Will This Enable Me To Get Off All Medications?

    May people are able to reduce their medications and some are able to come off medications completely. The process behind doing this safely, in conjunction with your Rheumatologist, is described step-by-step inside the program. Check with your doctor, but it s normally not necessary to adjust medications whatsoever before commencing.

    Will I Be Able To Do This Program In A Non-Western Country?

    Part of this program involves dietary changes. Since we have had customers now in 49 countries, we have learnt how to provide alternative food options for people who live in countries like India, Pakistan and many more. So you do not need to worry, food alternatives are provided for all of the main sections so you can find local, fresh produce near you.

    Physician Assistant Program #accelerated #medical #assistant #program


    Physician Assistant Program

    People who succeed as physician assistants enjoy direct patient contact, have a passion for medicine, and embrace challenges. Physician assistants practice medicine with physician supervision in many settings and in many medical and surgical disciplines.

    The Department of Physician Assistant Studies at Upstate Medical University was developed in 2009 as a result of the health care needs of Central New York. As reported by the Health Resources and Service Administration, fourteen of the seventeen counties encompassing the Central New York corridor from Canada to Pennsylvania are designated as health provider shortage areas. The need for physician assistant services in these communities is documented by these designated medically underserved communities.

    The mission of the Physician Assistant Program is to educate highly qualified physician assistants with patient centered values who practice medicine confidently and ethically by demonstrating academic excellence and clinical competence. Our emphasis is on serving the rural and medically underserved populations throughout New York State.

    A unique feature of our training program is the design of the clinical year of training; the remaining 12 months consist of 11 four-week clinical rotations where students practice medicine in a supervised medical setting with clinical preceptors whose primary medical or surgical practice is located within that community. Students live in an assigned medically underserved community in Upstate New York for 12 months, completing all clinical rotations in that designated region.

    In 2010, 2011 and 2015, the PA Program was awarded four Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grants, totaling 4.5 million dollars. These grants have supported program expansion, student scholarships, high fidelity simulation equipment and enhancement of clinical training.

    The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant (ARC-PA) has granted Accreditation-Continued status to the SUNY Upstate Medical University Physician Assistant Program sponsored by the State University of New York. Accreditation-Continued is an accreditation status granted when a currently accredited program is in compliance with the ARC-PA Standards .

    Accreditation remains in effect until the program closes or withdraws from the accreditation process or until accreditation is withdrawn for failure to comply with the Standards. The approximate date for the next validation review of the program by the ARC-PA will be September 2026. The review date is contingent upon continued compliance with the Accreditation Standards and ARC-PA policy.

    Program accreditation is a requirement for the Physician Assistant National Certification Exam (PANCE) as well as for physician assistant practice in the United States. Students enrolled in an accredited program are eligible to take the PANCE.

    Best Accounts Payable Software #accounts #program


    Top Accounts Payable Software Products

    Tipalti provides the world s only end-to-end Accounts Payable Automation solution, eliminating 80% of the workload spent managing the entire global supplier payment operations. Tipalti s holistic cloud system includes supplier on-boarding, tax compliance, invoice processing (including OCR), payment method and currency selection, cross border remittance, supplier payment status communications, payment reconciliation, ERP integration, and tax filing preparation reporting. View Profile

    Tipalti provides the only end-to-end Accounts Payable Automation solution, streamlining the entire global supplier payments operation. View Profile

    You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

    by Precoro

    Spend management solution designed to help companies control their spendings and generate savings. Precoro lets you conveniently split purchases between different departments or locations so you can adjust entries before the end of your accounting period and make payments with confidence. View Profile

    Get more visibility into company spending. Ensure everything is in order before money leaves the bank. View Profile

    You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

    by Araize

    Easily tailored to how you run your fiscal department with multi-level cost centers, object codes and sub-accounts. View Profile

    Easily tailored to how you run your fiscal department with multi-level cost centers, object codes and sub-accounts. View Profile

    You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

    by SlickPie

    Free online accounting software for small businesses. Send invoices, collect payments, track expenses, get bank feeds, more. No spam. View Profile

    Free online accounting software for small businesses. Send invoices, collect payments, track expenses, get bank feeds, more. No spam. View Profile

    You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

    by Micronetics

    Client Write-up along with complete integrated accounting including AR, AP, inventory, GL, payroll, PO, OE and other modules. View Profile

    Client Write-up along with complete integrated accounting including AR, AP, inventory, GL, payroll, PO, OE and other modules. View Profile

    You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare

    by Go Daddy Online Bookkeeping

    Simple online bookkeeping for small businesses; track income, deduct expenses, prepare taxes, automate invoices and receipts. View Profile

    Simple online bookkeeping for small businesses; track income, deduct expenses, prepare taxes, automate invoices and receipts. View Profile

    Online MBA #mba, #masters #degree, #graduate #program, #online, #business, #leadership, #strategic #leadership,


    Graduate Degree: Business and Leadership (MBA, M.A.)

    Graduate Degree: Business and Leadership (MBA, M.A.)

    Online MBA, master s in strategic leadership, certificates of graduate study

    At Messiah College we offer online graduate degrees and certificates to equip you to have an immediate impact in your career, the teams you lead and the organizations you serve. Join a nationally ranked Christian college that will help transform your perspective on the value leaders and businesses can create for their customers, employees and communities. Experience the Messiah difference and see business and leadership differently .

    Master of Business Administration

    Messiah College offers an MBA with concentrations in:

    • Digital marketing
    • Social entrepreneurship
    • Organizational and strategic communication
    • Strategic leadership
    • Management
    • Dietetics (available to those who have completed the dietetic internship)
    M.A. in strategic leadership

    Messiah s M.A. in strategic leadership has a curricular focus on leading people and organizations with integrity and ethics.

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    This program is for affiliate partners only. If you are a hotel property please go to our Hotelier page to get in touch with us.

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    CalSouthern’s Online Degree Programs

    CalSouthern s Online Degree Programs: A Closer Look

    California Southern University offers online degree programs in business, law, and psychology. Regardless of your academic experience whether you are just beginning your journey in higher education or you re an experienced professional looking to obtain your doctorate you ll be able to find an online degree program well-suited to your educational and career goals.

    Coursework at CalSouthern is conducted online, via our proprietary online learning platform. Because of this, you can work toward your online degree on your own time and at your own pace, all without compromising your work or professional obligations.

    CalSouthern s online degree programs are constantly updated, rigorous, and compelling. They re taught by Faculty Mentors who are not only gifted educators, well-versed in CalSouthern s robust e-learning platform, but they re also experienced professionals in their fields, and utilize this practical experience to help you apply academic theory to current issues and challenges in your field of study. They ll get to know you, and will strive to make your educational experience meaningful and relevant to your particular interests and professional goals.

    The moment you enroll in CalSouthern, you become part of a community of faculty, administration, staff, and fellow students who are eager to provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed in your academic program. CalSouthern is different from other online schools. Every day, we measure ourselves by our students satisfaction and success. It s what distinguishes our university and it s what we take pride in.

    Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with our academic programs and to read profiles of our faculty as well as a few of our distinguished alumni. We hope you ll give us a call. You ll speak with a dedicated education professional who will take the time to learn about your particular educational and career goals and help you determine if a CalSouthern online degree program is right for you.