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progressive is my pick

you never really know how good (or how bad) your insurance is until you need it. you know what they CLAIM to be, but not what they really are. i have been. Read complete review

you never really know how good (or how bad) your insurance is until you need it. you know what they CLAIM to be, but not what they really are. i have been a customer of progressive insurance for about four years and have not needed to file a claim. i was always pleased with them because they save me about three hundred dollars a year from my previous insurance company, but then came the true test of how good the company comes through when you need them. i was driving down the road and a deer jumped on top of my car. yes, that is what i said. it jumped ON TOP of my car. after calling progressive about my unusual claim, they brought a rental car to my house that same day. my car was totaled. what came next was what i expected to be a long drawn out process of collecting on my car. progressive called me on the third day after my wreck and told me they had a check for me for the total payment for my car. i was shocked and progressive has a lifelong customer.

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nasty rude personal.

i have never used this company for insurance but have had to deal with them over an accident caused by one of their clients.

a young man insured by progressive fell. Read complete review

i have never used this company for insurance but have had to deal with them over an accident caused by one of their clients.

a young man insured by progressive fell asleep at the wheel, ran off the road, hitting several things in our yard including our boat.

when we contacted progressive they sent out an appraiser 5 days later (he brought his wife and child with him as he was on his way to the lake and just stopped by to do a quick write up!!)

He gave an outrageously LOW appraisal for the repair of our boat hull and motor. insisting on us using used parts for the repair of the motor that he could get from a buddy of his

on our own we got 3 different appraisals and no one would repair the boat without sending it back to the factory to repair the hull (for liability reasons they said). progressive refused to approve this and offered $2500 for a settlement.

after we refused this it took several weeks to get the agent handling our claim back on the phone. she was extremely rude and informed us she would not sign off on our claim until after her vacation. (which ended up being 2 weeks)

it took 4 months and a letter from our lawyer to settle the claim

never will i use or recommend this company to anyone. not even my worst enemy.

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i have been with progressive for 10 years.Full coverage, my son wrecked my jeep and it was totaled out. progressive offered me a payout that was not even close to market value.I cannot find a jeep across the united states that i can buy for the price they are offering, I can prove this to them. but they cannot prove the price they are giving me is market value. scam insurance company. do not go with them. 10 years i paid them clean record and they cannot replace my vehicle with fair market value. progressive sucks.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Comments about Progressive :

Stay away from this company, they are not fair and do not have your best interest when you need them.

Our new car recently got rear-ended and is now totaled. Progressive is coming back with a value for our car that’s $3,000 below what Kelly Blue book recommend as the retail value of our car. They have their own system of calculating the value of the car. The way that they do this is by pulling 4 listed retail value of the car and then subtracted milage and a projected sold adjustment amount (haggle amount from negotiation to deduct, not sure how they come up with this value) from the listed retail value. The four car that they provided, one was high, one was middle, and two was way below value. When I try to call the dealerships to confirm these car, three out of the four were not in their inventory and if they were, they were sold long before our accident. I’m not sure how to handle this right now, we need a new car but I hate to give in and let them cheat us.

This has been a terrible experience. We expect to negotiate with the other driver insurance for a fair price on our car because he was at fault. I did not think I would have to deal with my own insurance company that’s supposed to have our best interest.

We are definitely never going to use progress again for our house or car. If anything should happen to our house, I have already got a taste of how they will treat us.

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from Santa Rosa, Ca

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On my scooter on the way to my class I was struck by a speeding/going at a high speed driver while changing lanes to go around a bus who had been behind me in the original lane and who had been behind me not going when I had exited. She would later change her story when speaking to my agent after failing to get me to pay her outside of the insurance. There was a ‘witness’ on scene who would give a statement to my agent saying he did not see my get hit but he saw the woman who hit me get out of her car to yell at me while I was still pinned under my cycle, so I had to be at fault. On scene he convinced me to go to the hospital and that the police weren’t necessary, just take photos. Called my agent and he spoke to me as if I was guilty of something and I needed to confess, I told my story and would from then on send him photos that I took at the scene and photos of my injuries.
After a month of him never answering my calls or emails in a timely fashion or addressing any questions of mine like did he call the bus agency to get a copy of its camera footage that we were in the scope of, or could I be given an agent in my town, he left me a voicemail saying something to the point of ‘there has been a decision in your claim.’ This decision was that I was 100% at fault without consideration of any physical evidence but only on the testimony of those other two. To completely dismiss me he eventually said the choice line of: Think about this for second: if you had not been there would there have been an accident?
I had a panic attack, and a few days later I contacted him to appeal this, and he blocked completely because he had already made his decision.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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About Ameritas Dental

About Ameritas Dental Insurance

As one of the nation’s top providers of affordable dental and eye care products and services, Ameritas Group serves more than 41,000 employer groups covering 3.5 million insured members nationwide. Ameritas Group is a division of Ameritas Life insurance Corp. which consistently earns high ratings for financial strength and stability from independent insurance industry analysts.

Our process is very simple: we do whatever it takes to help our customers get the care they need. And whatever it takes includes:

  • Processing more than 3.6 million dental claims each year.
  • Having a claims processing turnaround time of 90% in 5-7 working days.
  • Being so meticulous that our accuracy of processed claims exceeds 99%.
  • Putting into place a high-tech electronic claims system specifically designed for processing dental claims.
  • Accurately processing customized deductibles, coinsurance levels, maximums and claim allowance.

Facts at a Glance

  • Experience:
    Established in 1887, Ameritas Life offers more than a century of insurance industry expertise and superior customer service.
  • Coverage Area:
    50 States
  • Membership:
    Over 41,000 employer groups, insuring more than 3.5 million people nationwide
  • Network:
    Nearly 80,000 PPO Provider Access Points

Awards and Recognition

  • A (Excellent)-A.M. Best Company.
    For financial strength and operating performance. The third highest of Best’s 15 ratings.
  • AA- (Very Strong)-Standard Poor s.
    For insurer financial strength. The fourth highest of S P s 21 ratings.

Our Address

Ameritas Life Insurance Corp.

5900 O Street. Lincoln. NE 68510