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College put on event Simply For Ayrshire Hospice

Ayrshire College students were delighted to once again deliver Ayrshire Hospice’s fantastic ‘Simply For You’ programme at the college’s Ayr campus.

‘Simply For You’ is an informal workshop designed to boost confidence and morale for ladies struggling with changes to their appearance.

Amid lots of fun, laughter and pampering, the Ayrshire Hospice ladies picked up a few style and colour tips from the students while enjoying the friendly support of other women facing similar challenges.

Students at Ayrshire College have been supporting the programme since 2014.

This year the Make-Up Artistry and Beauty students provided facials, hand care and make-up sessions, and colour analysis to the hospice women.

The day was a resounding success, summed up best by one of the ladies who attended. She said “I’ve had a great time! It’s been nice learning some new ideas from the young ones who are training. The Ayrshire Hospice team have been fantastic again.”

Lisa Flint, Curriculum Manager of Hair, Beauty, Complementary Therapy and Make-up at Ayrshire College, said “We were delighted to hold our first ‘Simply for You’ programme at the Ayr campus. The relationship we have built over the past couple of years with the Ayrshire Hospice provides our learners with invaluable real-life experience whilst supporting our local community.

“I am extremely proud of the professionalism, knowledge and high standard of treatments the learners provided. They were true ambassadors for Ayrshire College and have gained more insight into the Ayrshire Hospice. The feedback from guests and students proved that this was a huge success and a very enjoyable day for all involved. We are looking forward to holding our next event.”

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