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Rising rates of hospice discharge in U.S. raise questions about quality of care

At hundreds of U.S. hospices, more than one in three patients are dropping the service before dying, new research shows, a sign of trouble in an industry supposed to care for patients until death.

When that many patients are leaving a hospice alive, experts said, the agencies are likely to be either driving them away with inadequate care or enrolling patients who aren’t really dying in order to pad their profits.

It is normal for a hospice to release a small portion of patients before death — about 15 percent has been typical, often because a patient’s health unexpectedly improves.

But researchers found that at some hospices, and particularly at new, for-profit companies, the rate of patients leaving hospice care alive is double that level or more.

The number of “hospice survivors” was especially high in two states: in Mississippi, where 41 percent of hospice patients were discharged alive, and Alabama, where 35 percent were.

“When you have a live discharge rate that is as high as 30 percent, you have to wonder whether a hospice program is living up to the vision and morality of the founders of hospice,” said Joan Teno, a Brown University hospice doctor and researcher and the lead author of the article published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine. “One part of the reason is some of the new hospice providers may not have the same values — they may be more concerned with profit margins than compassionate care.”

Two types of improper practices emerge

A patient must have a life expectancy of six months or less to enroll in hospice care, according to Medicare rules. Hospice treatment focuses on providing comfort to the terminally ill, not finding a cure.

While judging life expectancy is inexact, the rising rates of live discharge in the U.S. in recent years has raised concerns that the rapidly changing industry has become rife with one of two types of improper practices.

First, some hospices appear to be forsaking patients when their care becomes expensive. Hospices bill by the day, so added tests and treatments can cut into their profits. Researchers found, for example, that 1 of 4 patients who leave hospice alive are hospitalized within 30 days.

Some hospices “abandon their end stage residents to the nearest hospital ER and have the legal representative sign the [hospice] revocation papers — all to save money and avoid intensive continuous care at the end of life,” W.T. Geary Jr. medical director at the Alabama Department of Public Health, said in an e-mail.

In what researchers described as a particularly alarming pattern, more than 12,000 patients in 2010 were released alive from hospice, entered a hospital and within two days of leaving the hospital were re-enrolled in hospice. Those are the kind of abrupt transitions that can be disruptive and confusing for the dying, and which hospice care is supposed to transcend.

“The concern is that hospices could be discharging people to avoid expensive care, such as a CAT scan or an MRI — and that they are trying to game the system,” Teno said.

More than just financial harm is noticed

The other problem driving up the numbers of people leaving hospices alive is the practice of hospices enrolling patients who aren’t actually dying.

The federal government in recent years has sought to recover more than $1 billion from hospices that, according to attorneys, illegally billed Medicare for patients who weren’t near death.

The new research supports the idea that many of the patients released alive from hospice are far from death: More than one-third of patients who were released alive from hospices did not re-enroll in a hospice and were still alive six months after being released.

While the federal government has filed numerous lawsuits to recover the money spent on hospice patients who weren’t dying, the harm is not just financial.

Hospice care often exposes patients to different, more powerful drugs, including morphine and other potent painkillers. In some cases, those medications led to the death of patients who were not otherwise dying, families say.

“My mother was not dying, just old and in a lot of pain,” said Shalynn Womack, a writer in Tennessee whose mother entered a hospice with the diagnosis of “failure to thrive.”

After receiving what Womack called a “toxic cocktail” of drugs, her mother passed away. Womack has since testified to a Tennessee legislative committee about what she considers to be the dangers of enrolling patients in hospice who aren’t dying.

“Putting her in hospice was putting her in harm’s way,” Womack said.

Changing nature of hospice population among factors

In December, The Washington Post reported a rapid growth in live discharge rates, based on an analysis of more than 1 million patient records over 11 years in California — a state that, by virtue of its size, offers a portrait of the industry.

More recent Medicare statistics show a similar trend nationally: Between 2000 and 2012, the overall rate of live discharges increased from 13.2 percent of hospice discharges to 18.1 percent in 2012.

The forthcoming study, to be published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine, is based on an analysis of more than 1 million records of Medicare patients across the U.S. during 2010, and provides more detail on the variance of rates between hospices and states. It found that more than 182,000 hospice patients were discharged alive. More than 400 hospices released more than one in three of their patients alive.

A spokesperson for the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, the industry trade group, declined to comment on the findings because they have not seen the research.

In the past, industry advocates have argued that the national rise in live discharges stems from the changing nature of the hospice population. A larger portion of hospice patients today have ailments that are harder to predict, such as dementia. That, they say, could explain why more patients are exiting hospice care alive.

This explanation, however, does not appear to explain the vast differences between states that the researchers found.

For example, the live discharge rate was 41 percent in Mississippi but only 17 percent in neighboring Arkansas; it was 35 percent in Alabama but only 16 percent in neighboring Tennessee.

Becoming a commercial enterprise in the industry

The new paper also finds substantial differences between older hospices and newer ones.

In recent decades, what began as a movement to improve the end-of-life experience has become more of a commercial enterprise. In 2000, only 30 percent of hospices were run by for-profit companies, while the rest were operated by community organizations, religious groups and government agencies. By 2012, the proportion of for-profit companies had nearly doubled, to 6o percent, according to Medicare figures. Moreover, many hospices are relatively new, largely because the number of for-profit hospices has tripled, rising from 672 in 2000 to 2,196 in 2012.

At small for-profit hospices open five years or less, the live discharge rate averaged 32 percent, according to the research. That compares with 14 percent of older for-profit companies.

“That is a very striking difference,” said Melissa Aldridge, associate professor at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, who has proposed that a hospice’s live discharge rate be considered as a measure of quality. “What we have found is that smaller, newer hospices had higher rates of live discharge. The ability to deal with a patient who’s having a crisis at home — to be able to send a team out there — may be more difficult for smaller hospices.”

Those patients end up going to the emergency room, Aldridge said, “and that’s usually not what someone on hospice wants. They usually want to be at home.”

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The AB Motel is the perfect budget accomodation for all travellers.

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However, if you need any help with anything they are only more than happy to help at reception. They also have computers with the internet and wireless available for a reasonable price! Car rental and bike rental can also be done from reception.

The location of this motel is perfect, right in the heart of Pentai Cenang.

Its no 5 star resort, but for someone whos on a budget but likes the comfort of their own private room/bathroom, this place is excellent!!

If you google it you will find a few sites with contacts for booking. I just walked in off the street and that was fine, but you may have trouble doing that during peak seasons.

Comfortable clean beds!!

60MYR per night. *As at Aug 08

Recently stayed at AB Motel at Family room. Very reasonable price of RM100 per night for family room (2 queen-size beds). Location is perfect..along the beach front where the sea sport center is. Suitable for family with children. Rooms are clean and spacious. Bathroom comes with shower. I will definitely check into AB Motel again.

View of the family room

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Home Loan Interest Rates Service Charges

Acquiring your own dream house is a lifetime decision which requires extensive research, planning your necessities and large amounts of finances, all of which will impact your final decision of buying a house. For this purpose, DHFL offers you one of the best home loans with a competitive housing loan interest rate, making it easier for you to fulfil your dream of buying your own house.

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Valuation fee in Construction Linked Loan cases

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Dewan Housing Finance Corporation Limited

Disclaimer – As regards deposit taking activity of the company, the viewers may refer to the advertisement in the newspaper / information furnished in the application form for soliciting public deposits; The Company is having a valid Certificate of Registration dated 31/07/2001 issued by the National Housing Bank under Section 29A of the National Housing Bank Act, 1987. However, the National Housing Bank does not accept any responsibility or guarantee about the present position as to the financial soundness of the company or for the correctness of any of the statements or representations made or opinions expressed by the company and for repayment of deposits / discharge of the liabilities by the company.

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The Cheapest Way to Move Furniture Across Country

Moving furniture across the country

Moving furniture cross country can be stressful. Whether you have a lot of furniture to ship or just a few pieces, U-Pack ® can help! Our services are designed to help you move furniture and household belongings across the country while staying on budget. We’re an affordable and convenient alternative to truck rentals. container shipping services and traditional full-service moving companies. We can handle shipments of one room’s worth of furniture up to an entire house (or more)! Let’s compare furniture shipping companies and see why many customers decide that U-Pack is the best way to ship furniture long distance.

How to ship furniture with U-Pack

Here’s how a U-Pack move works: we bring the moving equipment to your door, you load your belongings inside and then we deliver it to your new home. Customers appreciate the simple convenience —and many find that U-Pack prices are often cheaper than rental trucks when compared to the cost of the truck plus fuel.

Cheapest shipping option

If you’re looking to save even more, U-Pack offers an option called a terminal-to-terminal move. This involves loading furniture and other household items at a local service center near you. U-Pack moves your furniture across the country and you unload at the service center closest to your new home. We also offer hybrid moves where you load at the terminal and unload at home, or load at home and unload at the terminal. Either way, these options can help save hundreds on your move!

What makes U-Pack a cheap furniture moving solution?

Equipment options. We offer two types of equipment, the trailer or ReloCube ®. When you get a quote, we’ll automatically give the cheapest equipment option available for your particular shipment (based on the date, shipment size and location). However, we put you in control — if more than one equipment type is available, you’re able to compare options and choose what you prefer.

Pay only for the space you use. Your moving quote is based on the linear footage your furniture shipment takes up in the trailer, with a 5 ft. minimum. Learn more about how “paying by the linear foot” works. U-Pack rates are based on linear feet rather than weight because it’s easier to estimate how much space your furniture will take up rather than trying to estimate its weight. Quotes include a per-foot adjustment rate that you can add or subtract if you need more or less space on moving day. This makes it easier to control your moving costs by packing and loading efficiently. To get an idea of how much space you’ll need, use our space estimator tool to calculate a linear footage estimate.

If you move in our ReloCubes, you’ll only be charged for the number of Cubes used. Reserve how many you think you’ll need, but only pay for the ones used!

DIY loading and unloading. By doing the packing, loading and unloading yourself, you’re able to save quite a bit of the cost compared to a full-service move. And if you need a hand, ask friends and family for assistance or call a U-Pack consultant to schedule moving help for one or both ends of your move. It’s a great way to get a full-service experience for significantly less money!

No extra costs. Don’t forget to include the extra costs associated with truck rentals (fuel, sales tax, road tolls and liability coverage) when comparing to U-Pack rates. There are no hidden charges or fees when shipping furniture with U-Pack – it’s all included in one low rate. Want to know how much it is to ship furniture across country? Get a free moving quote !

Transit time. With many full-service movers, transit times can average 2-4 weeks (especially during peak moving season). If you use a truck rental, you’ll have to drive slower than you would in your personal vehicle (U-Haul recommends a maximum speed of 65 mph). U-Pack does it better! Our transit times average 2-5 business days and you’re free to travel at your own speed. Consider the savings: you’ll spend less on “extra” expenses like hotels and eating out.

If you’re on a tight schedule and need your furniture on a specific day, you can add U-Pack Guaranteed and get your shipment delivered on the exact day you need it—with 100% money-back guarantee. Just ask about it when you call.

Other ways to get the cheapest cost for shipping furniture

Only move what’s needed. Paying based on space puts you in control of the price. Get rid of pieces you no longer need or want by donating or selling them. Fitting everything into less space means you pay less!

Load and/or unload at the service center. You already know a terminal-to-terminal move is the cheapest way to move furniture cross country. Check with a U-Pack moving consultant to determine the best option for your situation.

Pack and load efficiently. Efficient packing and loading saves space, which equals money saved. Use professional moving boxes and paper padding. designed for moving and wrapping furniture thoroughly, for the greatest protection. The U-Pack box store provides FREE shipping on all orders to help you save even more money! And when loading, maximize the space by loading high and tight and securing your shipment. To pack and load properly, check out these best practices along with our how-to videos:

Reserve online. It’s the easiest way to save! Reserve your U-Pack move online and automatically save $25.

How to ship furniture

We’ve talked about how to move furniture for less — but how do you actually ship it? Follow these tips to move your belongings safely:

  • Do some prep before shipping furniture. Start by gathering packing supplies. Disassemble furniture by removing mirrors from dressers, feet from chairs and couches and shelves from desks. Wrap items using protective supplies like furniture pads. stretch wrap and moving blankets. It’s important to pay extra attention to corners, weak areas and the polish/finishing while packing.
  • Load furniture properly. Take care when moving furniture into the trailer or Cube so you don’t damage the pieces or doorways. For heavier items, consider using forearm forklifts or a moving dolly. Load heavier items on bottom and lighter items on top, making sure to pack high and tight.
  • Secure the furniture shipment. The most important step is securing your furniture inside the trailer or Cube. Use rope or ratchet straps to tie the furniture down using the logistics tracking inside the equipment. Doing this will help prevent your furniture from moving around during transit.

Get a furniture shipping quote from U-Pack

Since 1997, U-Pack has moved more than 850,000 shipments across the country quickly and safely, with reliable transit times. See why U-Pack is the best way to ship furniture by getting an instant quote online or calling a friendly moving specialist at 800-413-4799 .

If you have any questions about moving furniture with U-Pack, leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!

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2017 Honda Civic

2017 Civic Overview

Though the N rburgring-conquering Civic Type R attracts big headlines, its uncompromising performance bent and expected price tag in the mid-$30,000 range preclude it from being anything more than a low-volume halo car for wealthy, diehard sport compact fans. The 2017 Civic Si on the other hand, with an affordable price of $24,775, is the performance Civic that most people will have a chance to drive and own, which arguably makes it more important than the Type R. To see if Honda has a winner on its hands, we drove the coupe at the Honda Proving Center in the Mojave Desert and on mountain roads near Los Angeles. The first thing we need to address about the Civic Si is the engine. It’s a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder that is based on the one found in standard turbocharged Civics, but it features a larger turbocharger. The bigger compressor allows the engine to make 205 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque, making it the most powerful Civic around until the Type R goes on sale. It certainly feels peppy, with boost coming on quickly, strongly, and smoothly. It accelerates willingly, and feels distinctly faster than regular Civics. The low-down torque also easily surpasses previous high-revving Si models to become the most tractable Si ever. The engine is quite smooth, too, and has a pleasant muted growl when mashing the gas pedal. But for all the power improvements the Si has, on paper it has a major power and torque deficit compared with the more powerful and torquey VW GTI and Ford Focus ST. In reality, that deficit comes through clearly, as the Si never pins you to the seat the way those hot hatches do. This is despite the fact that both of those cars are 145 pounds and 334 pounds heavier than the Si, respectively. It also doesn’t feel as eager to rev as the old naturally aspirated engines, nor does it shed RPM quickly, making upshifts less smooth and enjoyable. It’s possible that the aftermarket could offer a solution in the near future to address the horsepower deficit. An aftermarket tuner, Hondata, already offers a tune that makes a conventional turbocharged Civic more powerful than an Si, so just imagine what it could do to the Si’s engine with its bigger turbo. Connected to the Si’s turbo engine is a six-speed manual transmission – the only transmission available – and a helical limited-slip differential. The transmission is very good, though it isn’t one for the Honda hall of fame. Throws are very short and require hardly any effort, but it lacks some of the slick mechanical feel of best Honda shifters, such as those in the S2000 and even the 2006-2011 Civic Si. The limited-slip differential did a good job of getting power to the ground, since we never once noticed the inside wheel spinning away power in turns. Some of the credit may be due to the optional summer tires ($200) that were equipped to all of the test cars.
Full Review

2017 Civic Overview

Though the N rburgring-conquering Civic Type R attracts big headlines, its uncompromising performance bent and expected price tag in the mid-$30,000 range preclude it from being anything more than a low-volume halo car for wealthy, diehard sport compact fans. The 2017 Civic Si on the other hand, with an affordable price of $24,775, is the performance Civic that most people will have a chance to drive and own, which arguably makes it more important than the Type R. To see if Honda has a winner on its hands, we drove the coupe at the Honda Proving Center in the Mojave Desert and on mountain roads near Los Angeles. The first thing we need to address about the Civic Si is the engine. It’s a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder that is based on the one found in standard turbocharged Civics, but it features a larger turbocharger. The bigger compressor allows the engine to make 205 horsepower and 192 pound-feet of torque, making it the most powerful Civic around until the Type R goes on sale. It certainly feels peppy, with boost coming on quickly, strongly, and smoothly. It accelerates willingly, and feels distinctly faster than regular Civics. The low-down torque also easily surpasses previous high-revving Si models to become the most tractable Si ever. The engine is quite smooth, too, and has a pleasant muted growl when mashing the gas pedal. But for all the power improvements the Si has, on paper it has a major power and torque deficit compared with the more powerful and torquey VW GTI and Ford Focus ST. In reality, that deficit comes through clearly, as the Si never pins you to the seat the way those hot hatches do. This is despite the fact that both of those cars are 145 pounds and 334 pounds heavier than the Si, respectively. It also doesn’t feel as eager to rev as the old naturally aspirated engines, nor does it shed RPM quickly, making upshifts less smooth and enjoyable. It’s possible that the aftermarket could offer a solution in the near future to address the horsepower deficit. An aftermarket tuner, Hondata, already offers a tune that makes a conventional turbocharged Civic more powerful than an Si, so just imagine what it could do to the Si’s engine with its bigger turbo. Connected to the Si’s turbo engine is a six-speed manual transmission – the only transmission available – and a helical limited-slip differential. The transmission is very good, though it isn’t one for the Honda hall of fame. Throws are very short and require hardly any effort, but it lacks some of the slick mechanical feel of best Honda shifters, such as those in the S2000 and even the 2006-2011 Civic Si. The limited-slip differential did a good job of getting power to the ground, since we never once noticed the inside wheel spinning away power in turns. Some of the credit may be due to the optional summer tires ($200) that were equipped to all of the test cars. Hide Full Review

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Пошук готелів

Hotels.com пропонує сотні тисяч готелів у більше ніж 60 країнах. Ми пропонуємо зручну пошукову систему, чудові спеціальні пропозиції та унікальну програму для постійних клієнтів – Hotels.com Rewards, завдяки якій за кожні 10 діб в готелях Ви отримаєте 1 безкоштовну. Чіткі описи готелів та наведена подобова вартість номерів полегшують процес бронювання. Завдяки справжнім відгукам клієнтів Ви зможете обрати найкращий готель за справедливу ціну. Не варто також забувати про розташування готелю. На нашому веб-сайті ви знайдете карту з точним розміщенням помешкання і зможете бути певними, що будете в центрі міста, якнайближче до пляжу або ж найбільшої концентрації визначних пам’яток. Куди б Ви не зібралися: за кордон чи в інше українське місто, – не зважаючи на те, чи Ви подорожуєте з сім’єю, чи просто хочете десь переночувати під час відрядження, – у нас Ви точно знайдете підходящий готель. Ми також пропонуємо цілодобову гарячу лінію, куди можна додзвонитися з будь-якого куточка світу. Шукайте, порівнюйте та бронюйте прекрасні готелі за вигідними цінами і насолоджуйтесь відпочинком з Hotels.com.

Оберіть спосіб, за допомогою якого ви хочете розблокувати приховані ціни, щоб платити менше за готелі.

Ел. адреса

Підпишіться, щоб отримувати найновіші пропозиції

Застосунок Hotels.com

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Term Life Insurance Quotes and Rates #term #life #insurance,life #insurance #rates,term #life


Spectrum Insurance Group

Get Instant Term Life Insurance Rates in Less Than a Minute

Whether your term life insurance need is short term or long term, temporary or permanent, meant as an investment, or a retirement vehicle. We will give you the right information and the most appropriate quotes instantly.

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Term life insurance is a simple and affordable way to ensure your beneficiary financial security in the event that you die within the period of, or term of the policy. The term of the policy can vary from one to thirty years of coverage. The face amounts stay level throughout the term and generally begin at $25,000 and increase to meet your specific needs.

Types of Life Insurance We Sell:

Term life insurance is affordable because it does not accrue a cash value and only pays the death benefit. Therefore, the initial premium is much lower, allowing you to easily budget for your coverage. This option offers great value to an individual that needs a death benefit for a specific period of time.

For example, term life insurance is a good choice for people that have started a family and need to consider paying for college, have amortized loans, or have a specific financial burden that will decrease over time. After the kids graduate from college, the amortized loans are paid down, or the specific financial burden has decreased, the need for cost effective high levels of coverage may not be as great. At this time your options vary.

Term life insurance policies (10 year, 20 year, 30 year) can usually be renewed at the end of the term. Perhaps at this point in your life a shorter term and smaller face value will adequately meet your needs.

Keep in mind that there is a direct correlation between age, health and premium costs. Subsequently, with advanced age and the health issues associated with age, your premiums will probably be higher and eligibility is not as easy. You may want to consider converting to a permanent life insurance policy at this time.

Get Simplified Information:

Often information is sought from surfing web pages endlessly and ultimately making it more confusing that when you started in the first place. All you need to do is input the information asked, and our quote engine will give simplified information instantly that will enable you to make the right decision for your insurance needs. We help you access information simply and easily.

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Not sure if you should get Term or Whole Life Insurance, read our opinion on this subject – Whole Insurance vs Term Insurance. Or explore a No Medical Life Insurance policy and avoid the hassle of an insurance medical exam upon applying.

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Pact of Privacy:
You can always be sure that the information supplied to us will only be used for the purpose of quoting term life insurance rates by us or one of our trusted partners.

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Motels Near Me Weekly Rates

Booking a hotel early in Motels Near Me Weekly Rates is the best thing to do. If you do not book ahead you may not be able to get the room you want or even stay at the inn you prefer. You can book online at the hotel website or through an online travel discount website. You may also book a hotel by calling in advance and using your charge card to hold the room then pay in cash when you arrive or by speaking to your travel agent about when and where you will need the arrangements to be made. To get the best fees shop around online and book at least 3-6 weeks in advance with a major credit card. If you must cancel the reservation be sure to due so in advance so you will not be charged for the room.

Many families are struggling financially and will be looking at cheap and lower priced hotels for their summer vacations to Motels Near Me Weekly Rates. There are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best bargain. Bargain accommodations are just that, a bargain. Don’t expect many amenities, some of these hotels don’t even have elevators. These hotels are great choices if you don’t plan to spend much time in your room. Don’t choose a place that is too far away from the attractions and scenic spots that you plan on visiting. You’ll spend more money on gas and more time traveling. Check hotel reviews online and pick carefully, you can get some really great deals if you look hard enough and you are willing to skip the extras.

When you first enter your hotel room, check to make sure it is clean in each room and the linens have been changed. Most hotel and motel attendants take great pride in their work and like to be noticed with a tip at the end of your stay. Leave a tip of your choosing with a card to say thank you. It can range from a couple of one dollar bills or a twenty. Be sure to tip waiters and other service people each time. If you are in a gambling town and happen to win a jack pot, be sure to tip the person that works the pay out for you and do not be cheap if it is a big jackpot. When you are ready to travel to a gambling town, make tips a part of the budget plan for all hotel and motel staff. They work hard for a small amount of money and many times the tips are the only thing that increases a low wage.

Getting a hotel does not seem like a rigorous task to do. However, if you rush into the selection without putting too much thought into it, you might be sorry. The first thing that you should consider is where are you going to spend most of your time during this vacation? You will want to book a hotel close to where you are staying. If you choose a hotel too far away, any money you saved will be lost to gas or in travel time. Another thing you should consider when booking is why are you on this trip? If you are traveling for a romantic weekend, do not cut corners to save money. Treat your significant other to a nice room, it will make the stay that much better. If you are traveling with kids, try to find a kid friendly hotel or area to stay in. When the kids are happy, everyone is happy. The last thing to consider is that booking early is not always best. Many hotels will offer great prices at the last minute just to get people in their hotel for the night. Look online at the last minute and you might be surprised what you find.

Traveling to a foreign country can seem like a major ordeal. There are way too many folks that never travel out of this country because of the fact that they feel like it is just way too much of a problem to get anywhere else. However, it is not nearly as hard this people think it is. There are so many different ways to enjoy what foreign countries have to offer that it would be a shame to miss out on. The fact is that many of the traveling tip that we use in our country are of the same as what they would be when traveling to Motels Near Me Weekly Rates. Sure there is a language barrier in most cases, but it is often fairly easy to find a way to get all of the information that you are looking for. For example, there are many different websites that offer to help you book hotels in foreign countries.

If peace and quiet are at all important to you when staying in a hotel in Motels Near Me Weekly Rates, then you are not going to be content if a large group of students on a school trip is staying at the same hotel. Just using the elevator when gangs of students are present can be an unpleasant experience, especially if the teens are not being properly supervised. You will want to stay as far from the pool as possible, unless you enjoy a lot of yelling and constant splashing. As for breakfast in the morning, finding a place to sit in the breakfast room or waiting for a chance to make a waffle can send you across the street to restaurant. Save yourself some grief and call the hotel directly well before your arrival and find out if any large groups of students are booked at the same time. If so, stay elsewhere.

There are so many advantages when it comes to staying in a hotel in Motels Near Me Weekly Rates. Privacy is something that comes standard while staying in pretty much any hotel room. Security is another plus to staying in a hotel because all a person needs to do to keep their belongings safe is lock them in their room using the incredibly secure door locks. Individuals who are staying in a hotel will never get bored with all of the things to do. Staying in a hotel room will allow individuals to focus on places they really want to visit during their vacation. Another benefit of staying in a hotel room is the very helpful staff that is there to please the occupants ensuring that their stay is pleasant and exciting. A hotel is the one place an individual or family can stay that allows them to forget about their worries and the problems experienced in everyday life.

Hotels are always the best selection when planning a vacation to Motels Near Me Weekly Rates that requires an overnight stay. Inns can range from a one star to a five star in ranking. Many hotels have been around for many years. There is the choice to book the hotel room online or even over the phone. Using online services gives you the option to shop around for the best available bargains and services nationwide. If you searchonline, there might be able to find a promotion or a discount that the particular hotel may offer. A lot of hotels offer specials deals such as breakfast and activities which will be free with a paid night of hotel services. Hotels also have special amenities including a swimming pool and even a gym.

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Timothy Horton. Many people have cell phones with wifi connection capability

Thank you for asking me the question but since I live in the Orange county area, actually Corona, I typically do not need a motel to lodge in. My suggestion is just get online and search for weekly rates but don t rule out Rooms for rent . You might someone that is in need of money and even a few hundred dollars would be helpful to them. However, if you do find a room versus a hotel or motel, your privacy and the security of personal items would be a concern.

I do travel a little and normally to Sacramento. I am also on a tight budget and since I an a male, not a small one lol, I have less fear of staying in a one star facility than a woman probably would. and I don t blame them a bit. But I have also stayed at nicer places and had some security and safety issues.

Typically in OC, the lessor rates are still $200.00 plus a week and taxes and weird charges. So, if you find a place that has weekly specials, make sure to verify, confirm, lock down the total costs. The little nickel and dime extra fees can add up in a hurry. I do remember seeing some motel weekly room specials adjacent to the 55 Freeway in Costa Mesa, I believe was less than $200.00 per week. There are a few inexpensive motels in Costa Mesa, just be a little extra careful in that area.

One more possibility. I don t know if you are a person of faith in a specific denomination, but another consideration would be a kind hearted same denominational person willing to put you up for your visit. Don t be shy! I am a Seventh Day Adventist and I would have no problem finding the closest Adventist Church, in the area I would be staying in, and contacting the Church to see if they have a bulletin board with room listings or the pastor might even know of someone that could benefit by your stay.

When I travel, business of pleasure, as long as the room is clean, the plumbing works and the bed is not a concrete slab I am good with it. Of course. gotta have WiFi.

Motels With Weekly Rates in null, Connecticut with Reviews – Ratings #home

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Motels With Weekly Rates

1. Windsor Towne House

2. Holiday Inn Express

111 Cone Street NW, Atlanta, GA Motels, Lodging, Hotels, Corporate Lodging, Banquet Halls Reception Facilities More Info (877) 654-0232 Directions


    1 Bright Meadow Blvd, Enfield, CT Motels, Hotels, Corporate Lodging, Wedding Reception Locations Services, Lodging, Banquet Halls Reception Facilities, Resorts More Info (800) 345-8082 Directions


    1070 Main St, Bridgeport, CT Motels, Wedding Reception Locations Services, Banquet Halls Reception Facilities, Corporate Lodging, Resorts, Hotels, Lodging More Info (800) 345-8082 Directions

  • 5. Holiday Inn Express BRANFORD-NEW HAVEN

    6. Holiday Inn Express SOUTHINGTON

    120 Laning Street(I-84, Exit 32), Southington, CT Motels, Corporate Lodging, Banquet Halls Reception Facilities, Hotels, Lodging More Info (800) 345-8082 Directions


    100 E River Dr, East Hartford, CT Motels, Wedding Reception Locations Services, Banquet Halls Reception Facilities, Resorts, Lodging, Hotels, Corporate Lodging More Info (800) 345-8082 Directions

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  • Top 10 Life Insurance Myths, million dollar life insurance rates.#Million #dollar #life


    Top 10 Life Insurance Myths

    Million dollar life insurance rates

    Million dollar life insurance rates

    Million dollar life insurance rates

    Life insurance can be tricky to figure out with all its technicalities and rules. This article will briefly examine the top 10 misconceptions surrounding life insurance to make the road to coverage a little smoother.

    Myth #1: I’m Single and Don’t Have Dependents, so I Don’t Need Coverage

    Even single persons need at least enough life insurance to cover the costs of personal debts, medical and funeral bills. If you are uninsured, you may leave a legacy of unpaid expenses for your family or executor to deal with. Plus, this can be a good way for low-income singles to leave a legacy to a favorite charity or other cause.

    Myth #2: My Life Insurance Coverage Needs Only Be Twice My Annual Salary

    The amount of life insurance each person needs depends on each person’s specific situation. There are many factors to consider . In addition to medical and funeral bills, you may need to pay off debts such as your mortgage and provide for your family for several years. A cash flow analysis is usually necessary in order to determine the true amount of insurance that must be purchased – the days of computing life coverage based only on one’s income-earning ability are long gone.

    Myth #3: My Term Life Insurance Coverage at Work is Sufficient

    Maybe, maybe not. For a single person of modest means, employer-paid or provided term coverage may actually be enough. But if you have a spouse or other dependents, or know that you will need coverage upon your death to pay estate taxes, then additional coverage may be necessary if the term policy does not meet the needs of the policyholder.

    Myth #4: The Cost of My Premiums Will Be Deductible

    Afraid not, at least in most cases. The cost of personal life insurance is never deductible unless the policyholder is self-employed and the coverage is used as asset protection for the business owner. Then the premiums are deductible on the Schedule C of the Form 1040.

    Myth #5: I Absolutely MUST Have Life Insurance at Any Cost

    In many cases, this is probably true. However, people with sizable assets and no debt or dependents may be better off self-insuring. If you have medical and funeral costs covered, then life insurance coverage may be optional.

    Myth #6: I Should ALWAYS Buy Term and Invest the Difference

    Not necessarily. There are distinct differences between term and permanent life insurance, and the cost of term life coverage can become prohibitively high in later years. Therefore, those who know for certain that they must be covered at death should consider permanent coverage. The total premium outlay for a more expensive permanent policy may be less than the ongoing premiums that could last for years longer with a less expensive term policy.

    There is also the risk of non-insurability to consider, which could be disastrous for those who may have estate tax issues and need life insurance to pay them. But this risk can be avoided with permanent coverage, which becomes paid up after a certain amount of premium has been paid and then remains in force until death.

    Myth #7: Variable Universal Life Policies are Always Superior to Straight Universal Life Policies Over the Long Run

    Many universal policies pay competitive interest rates, and variable universal life (VUL) policies contain several layers of fees relating to both the insurance and securities elements present in the policy. Therefore, if the variable subaccounts within the policy do not perform well, then the variable policyholder may well see a lower cash value than someone with a straight universal life policy.

    Poor market performance can even generate substantial cash calls inside variable policies that require additional premiums to be paid in order to keep the policy in force.

    Myth #8: Only Breadwinners Need Life Insurance Coverage

    Nonsense. The cost of replacing the services formerly provided by a deceased homemaker can be higher than you think, and insuring against the loss of a homemaker may make more sense than one might think, especially when it comes to cleaning and daycare costs.

    Myth #9: I Should Always Purchase the Return-of-Premium (ROP) Rider on Any Term Policy

    There are usually different levels of ROP riders available for policies that offer this feature. Many financial planners will tell you that this rider is not cost-effective and should be avoided. Whether you include this rider will depend on your risk tolerance and other possible investment objectives.

    A cash flow analysis will reveal whether you could come out ahead by investing the additional amount of the rider elsewhere versus including it in the policy. (Read more at Are Return-of-Premium Riders Worth It?)

    Myth #10: I’m Better Off Investing My Money Than Buying Life Insurance of Any Kind

    Hogwash. Until you reach the breakeven point of asset accumulation, you need life coverage of some sort (barring the exception discussed in Myth No.5.) Once you amass $1 million of liquid assets, you can consider whether to discontinue (or at least reduce) your million-dollar policy. But you take a big chance when you depend solely on your investments in the early years of your life, especially if you have dependents. If you die without coverage for them, there may be no other means of provision after the depletion of your current assets.

    The Bottom Line

    These are just some of the more prevalent misunderstandings concerning life insurance that the public faces today. Therefore, there are many life insurance questions you should ask yourself. The key concept to understand is that you shouldn’t leave life insurance out of your budget unless you have enough assets to cover expenses after you’re gone. For more information, consult your life insurance agent or financial advisor.

    Credit Union Deposit – Loan Rates, RBFCU, title loan rates.#Title #loan #rates


    Title loan rates

    Title loan rates

    RBFCU offers competitive rates and options on our loan and deposit products. We strive to ensure each member has the tools and resources needed to work toward a healthy financial future. Whether you need an auto loan, a personal loan, a savings account or a mortgage, we re here to offer you the products you need at the best rate possible.

    Below are our annual percentage rates (APR) and annual percentage yields (APY) associated with deposit accounts, consumer loans, mortgages and home equity loans.

    • Deposit Rates
    • Auto Loans
    • Personal Loans
    • Credit Cards
    • Mortgage Loans
    • Home Equity Loans

    The is current as of:

    The is current as of:

    The is current as of:

    The is current as of:

    The is current as of:

    The is current as of:

    With high-value products and services, Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union (RBFCU) is a trusted financial partner for thousands of members in Texas, as well as around the world. RBFCU offers all the banking services you would expect from a leading credit union, and we’ve also made it our mission to help improve our members’ economic well-being and quality of life. Our commitment to personalized service makes RBFCU membership the smarter banking choice.

    Any alternate website that you visit by a link from RBFCU’s website is solely the responsibility of that entity. Third-party links accessed from this site are provided for the convenience of RBFCU members. RBFCU is not responsible for the content of the alternate web site and does not represent either the third party or the member if the two enter into a transaction. Privacy and security policies on the third-party site may differ from those practiced by RBFCU.

    Contact us today or stop by a local branch to find out how you can become a member.

    Federally Insured by NCUA. Equal Housing Lender. Title loan rates

    Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union 2017.

    Cheap Car Insurance #car #insurance, #auto #insurance, #cheap, #cheaper, #cheapest, #low #rates,



    We understand consumers often need the lowest price possible when it comes to choosing an auto insurance company. Our customers also want the right amount of coverage to keep their family safe and protected from life s unfortunate accidents.

    At Cheap Car Insurance. we believe in having the best of both worlds — low rates, excellent coverage and local reps who are there every step of the way. This is what sets Cheap Car Insurance apart from our competition. And that’s what makes us the obvious choice when it comes to your car insurance needs.

    Why We Exist

    Extreme Savings

    Our emphasis on red tape removal and streamlining translates to serious savings for our customers. In a world where corporate bloat is the inevitable outcome of mega-sized insurance companies, we focus on the exact opposite: making things easier and faster. When other companies are saying, How can we add another step to make things better? we are asking ourselves, How can we remove a step to make things better?

    We also do not spend billions on advertising like some companies in attempts to attract every customer in the world because we prefer to pass those savings on to you and rely more heavily on our customers telling their friends about us. That s how good products should be sold.

    Un-Corporate-Like Transparency

    While other companies make empty promises about savings, we actually let our customers report them publicly for the world to see. Check out our Recent Savings chart to the left to view their unfiltered comments. True, not everyone saves money here, but most do.

    We focus on improving the conversation with our customers, which has resulted in one of the highest satisfaction rating in the industry.

    Personal Customer Service

    We believe in providing exceptional customer service and we hope that your time on our site is always a first class experience. Our support work is never outsourced to other countries. We also only hire experienced reps who help us respond faster than most insurance companies.

    If cheap car insurance is what you need, then you ve come to the right place.

    The Cheap Car Insurance Commitment

    We stand behind our commitment to do our best to get you the lowest auto insurance quotes online. Now it’s easier than ever to search and shop for cheap auto insurance quotes.

    Furthermore, we know our customers want the right amount of coverage to help keep their family safe on the road. That’s why we emphasize on red tape removal and streamline processes to help find cheap full coverage car insurance rates and the cheapest insurance companies for our customers.

    One Good Reason to Shop With Us

    “After being with my insurance company for just shy of 10 years, and after having shopped at companies that everyone around my hometown swore were the cheapest (including unadvertised “bargain” companies and giant comparison shopping brands), I decided to shop here at CheapCarInsurance and ended up saving just under $1,100 off my annual insurance bill, which is a lot more than I ever could have imagined anyone saving, especially me, an avid online shopper and extreme bargain hunter [. ]

    This is pretty ridiculous considering the fact that: 1st, I had regularly asked my former insurance company for reviews and discounts; 2nd, I recently got a speeding ticket in a school zone (which I am a bit ashamed to say) just before I switched; and 3rd, that $1,100 savings was before I got an additional discount for bundling my home insurance on my policy (which is a lot lower now too).

    Unfortunately, and surprisingly, 10 years of loyalty did not pay off for me, and was replaced by a 5 minute quote that will save me thousands down the road. In short, our family owns 3 cars, and my new rates are about half my old rates; so not bad for the little additional time it took to compare quotes and digitally sign a policy.

    Obviously, not everyone will save nearly as much as I did, but it’s well worth your 5 minutes to find out, even if you end up only saving a few hundred dollars per year, potentially adding up to thousands over a couple years.”

    Whether you need a free car insurance quote or are just shopping around, by filling out our easy-to-use form, we’ll find the best and cheapest full coverage car insurance options tailored to your insurance needs. At Cheap Car Insurance, we are the simplest and safest way to save money on your car insurance!

    How Much Did You Save With Us?

    Tell us how much you saved on your car insurance, and we might just feature your savings right here on our site along with our other top savers!

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    Пошук готелів

    Hotels.com пропонує сотні тисяч готелів у більше ніж 60 країнах. Ми пропонуємо зручну пошукову систему, чудові спеціальні пропозиції та унікальну програму для постійних клієнтів – Hotels.com Rewards, завдяки якій за кожні 10 діб в готелях Ви отримаєте 1 безкоштовну. Чіткі описи готелів та наведена подобова вартість номерів полегшують процес бронювання. Завдяки справжнім відгукам клієнтів Ви зможете обрати найкращий готель за справедливу ціну. Не варто також забувати про розташування готелю. На нашому веб-сайті ви знайдете карту з точним розміщенням помешкання і зможете бути певними, що будете в центрі міста, якнайближче до пляжу або ж найбільшої концентрації визначних пам’яток. Куди б Ви не зібралися: за кордон чи в інше українське місто, – не зважаючи на те, чи Ви подорожуєте з сім’єю, чи просто хочете десь переночувати під час відрядження, – у нас Ви точно знайдете підходящий готель. Ми також пропонуємо цілодобову гарячу лінію, куди можна додзвонитися з будь-якого куточка світу. Шукайте, порівнюйте та бронюйте прекрасні готелі за вигідними цінами і насолоджуйтесь відпочинком з Hotels.com.

    Оберіть спосіб, за допомогою якого ви хочете розблокувати приховані ціни, щоб платити менше за готелі.

    Ел. адреса

    Підпишіться, щоб отримувати найновіші пропозиції

    Застосунок Hotels.com

    Завантажте застосунок та бронюйте, де б ви не були

    Hotels.com™ Rewards

    Станьте учасником програми зараз і за 10 діб в готелях отримайте 1 безкоштовну*

    Motorcycle Insurance – Compare to Get the Best Rates, best automobile insurance


    Motorcycle insurance: a guide

    Best automobile insurance rates Best automobile insurance rates Best automobile insurance rates Best automobile insurance rates Best automobile insurance rates

    Ride a motorcycle? Better make sure all your insurance coverage is in place, and get multiple quotes to ensure you get the best motorcycle insurance.

    “Best” doesn’t just mean cheapest. The minimum required coverage may leave you with stacks of bills if you have to lay your bike down.

    Yet motorcycle insurance can be less expensive than car insurance, and you are entitled to most of the same discounts.

    What insurance is needed to cover motorcycle injuries?

    Liability insurance pays for the damage you do to others. Comprehensive and collision pay to repair or replace your ride. Unless you buy some kind of specific medical coverage (either personal injury protection or medical payments), if you are at fault in an accident your own treatment costs are either paid by your health insurance or out of your own pocket.

    Your own health insurance, if you have it, is likely to cover hospitalization costs, but not all policies do. Ask. It may have a deductible — in some cases, as much as $5,000 to $10,000.

    Even if you have health insurance, it won’t cover injuries to your passenger.

    If another driver is to blame, it’s crucial to understand the importance of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, says Alex Hladkevych, motorcycle product director at Liberty Mutual. “If the driver responsible for a crash does not have adequate coverage,” he says, “you could be stuck with a big hospital bill.”

    The average treatment cost for a rider with traumatic brain injury was about $48,000, according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

    How much is motorcycle insurance?

    Motorcycle insurance can be anywhere from $71 to $297 a year depending on multiple factors like where you live and what type of coverage you get. Motorcycle insurance can be cheaper to insure than car insurance, but it depends a lot on where you live and the cost and performance level of the motorcycle you want to insure. Here’s a couple of examples to give you a clearer picture of how state and coverage affect rates. Also, how motorcycle rates compare to car insurance rates.

    Pricing out coverage on a used Honda Shadow Spirit 750, a 24-year-old rider in Jacksonville, Florida, looking for state minimum liability levels would pay about $71 a year, according to quotes provided by Insurance.com. The same driver would pay about $830 a year for basic liability coverage on a 1998 Honda Civic.

    Upgrading to a newer bike that’s financed, a 2013 Honda CBR250R, requires collision and comprehensive coverage; that would bring the annual bill for the 24-year-old to $297. The same level of coverage on a financed 2007 Mazda3 would be $1,558.

    In California, those numbers look a lot different: $209 a year to insure the paid-off motorcycle, but $1,940 for full coverage on the new bike. Insuring the paid-off Civic would cost the driver $768 a year, and the financed Mazda is actually cheaper than the new motorcycle at $1,544 a year.

    You typically pay more to insure a sport bike or high-performance bike than a cruiser.

    Many motorcycle policies include some level of accessories coverage — $3,000 is typical — and roadside assistance.

    Recommended motorcycle insurance coverage

    Like auto insurance, motorcycle insurance requirements vary from state to state. Insurance.com Managing Editor Des Toups and experts at Liberty Mutual Insurance and Progressive Insurance recommend:

    Bodily injury and property damage liability, which covers you if you’re at fault for an accident that injures another person or damages someone’s property. This is mandatory in most states.

    Guest passenger liability, which covers anyone riding pillion. Not all liability policies automatically cover your passenger, Toups says. You may have to buy additional coverage, depending on your state laws and your insurance company. Ask.

    Comprehensive and collision coverage, which pays to repair or replace your motorcycle if it’s stolen or damaged in an accident or stolen. This is optional unless your lender requires it.

    Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, which covers you when the person at fault for an accident doesn’t have insurance or doesn’t have enough insurance. Some states require it; others don t.

    Medical payments, which covers the cost of medical care you require as the result of a motorcycle accident. It can be used regardless of who is at fault. (States with no fault laws requiring automobile owners to buy personal injury protection typically exempt motorcycles, making this coverage even more important.) It can also be used to pay the deductible on your health insurance.

    What kinds of motorcycle insurance discounts are offered?

    Most discounts that are available to automobile drivers are available to those insuring a motorcycle. A few are specific to bikes, though. Ask your insurance company about:

    Safety course discount: Almost all insurers will give you a discount of at least 5 percent for completing an approved safety course, usually within the previous three years.

    Riding association or affinity discount: Usually 10 percent, for members of approved ridership groups such as the American Motorcycle Association, BMW Motorcycle Owners of America, Gold Wing Touring or Road Riders Association, Harley Owners Group, Honda Riders Club of America, Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Motorcycle Touring Association.

    Good rider or safe rider discount: Depending on the carrier, three to five years without a claim or major violation wins you preferred status.

    Layup discount: Bikes stored for the winter typically can get reduced rates.

    Anti-theft discount: Motorcycles equipped with a GPS-driven locating device get as much as 20 percent off comprehensive coverage. Some carriers will waive your deductible.

    Antilock brake and airbag discounts: While these features are not common, they are becoming more so. Nationwide and Farmers offer discounts for antilock brakes; Farmers has one for airbags as well.

    Helmet discounts: Not a discount, exactly, but you can save money by wearing one. For example, Farmers Insurance offers additional medical payments coverage for riders who use a DOT-approved helmet. The state of Florida requires that riders who go without a helmet carry at least $10,000 worth of medical payments coverage.

    Can I get a multi-policy discount? How about a home and auto bundle?

    If you insure more than one vehicle or have multiple types of policies with the same company, there is almost always a discount. It may be a:

    Multi-bike discount: For those with more than one insured motorcycle with the same carrier.

    Multi-policy discount: If you have a car insurance policy and a motorcycle policy with the same company. (Multi-car policies typically require two automobiles rather than a bike and a car.)

    Bundling discount: A home and auto bundle isn’t the only way to get a discount. A motorcycle insured with the same company that insures your home typically will get you a discount on both. Bundling works with renters insurance, too.

    Most other forms of automotive discounts apply to your motorcycle coverage as well. You can get discounts for early renewal, payment in full and even a transfer discount for switching companies.

    Bear in mind that while discounts can add up, the total amount is almost always capped at no more than 40 percent of your premium. That means it always makes sense to shop around and start with the cheapest rates you can.

    Do I need to insure a scooter?

    Yes, in most states, if the engine has a displacement of 50 cc or more. See “Do scooters need insurance?”)

    Best automobile insurance rates Best automobile insurance rates Best automobile insurance rates Best automobile insurance rates Best automobile insurance rates

    Does mileage affect auto insurance rates? #low #car #insurance #rates


    How does mileage affect my car insurance?

    Here’s what you need to know.

    • Usually insurance costs more for a new car. However, if you have an antique or classic car, insurance is more expensive despite having fewer miles on the vehicle
    • For everyday cars, the more mileage you put on your car, the more you are using it and the risk of damage increases which means insurance providers will charge more for coverage
    • Insurance companies charge you according to the potential costs you present to them. Therefore, the less you drive, the less you will usually pay

    While there are many factors that affect the rates of your car insurance, mileage is one of the bigger, ongoing ones. The mileage on your car will make a difference in what you pay when you first insure it, but the miles you put on your car afterward will also have a substantial impact.

    No matter how many miles you have, you can always get a cheaper rate by entering your zip code now to get multiple car insurance quotes .

    Reducing Your Car Insurance Mileage

    When you buy a car you certainly don’t buy it with the intention of storing it in a garage for rare, occasional use. Unless, of course, the car is a show car or a project car! In that case, look into very specialized antique or classic car insurance .

    Therefore, plan on putting miles on your car and plan on your insurance possibly going up as a result of it. One of the best ways to avoid an increase in your car insurance premium is to keep your mileage to a minimum.

    When you first insure your car, your insurance company will ask you how many miles you estimate your car will be driven annually. Try to keep this number as accurate as possible. If you underestimate the mileage, your car insurance premium can easily increase.

    Free Car Insurance Comparison

    Compare Quotes From Top Companies and Save

    Mileage Accuracy

    Insurance companies will periodically ask how many miles you have on your car. It is never a good idea to cheat on your car insurance, so even if you are tempted to lie about this, don’t do it.

    The only person you are hurting is yourself, especially if you have a claim that can’t be substantiated by your mileage.

    Imagine if you tell your car insurance company you only have 10,000 miles on it when you have 17,000 miles. Although it seems like a small white lie, it can technically be considered insurance fraud ; and this type of insurance fraud will only save you a minute amount of money.

    Yes, you may benefit from a low mileage discount. but it s not worth the cost of losing your coverage.

    The insurance company will most likely not come to your house to verify your car’s mileage. However, if you have any accident or any insurance claim, your mileage will be reviewed by the insurance adjuster and the repair shop.

    If this happens, your world could crumble around you if your mileage is not close to what is expected.

    Your insurance claim can legitimately be denied, leaving you financially responsible for all damages involved. You can also be held liable for insurance fraud, which would cause a hassle because it would have to be proven in a court of law.

    Estimating Car Insurance

    The best way to avoid problems with your car insurance and still pay a fair rate is to be honest and calculate your mileage as accurately as possible. If your mileage varies widely on an annual basis, discuss this exception with your car insurance agent.

    Otherwise estimating the mileage for your car insurance is relatively easy. The initial mileage on your car becomes negligible once you buy your car insurance. So, after you report your beginning mileage you only need to determine how many miles you drive on an annual basis.

    Clock how many miles you drive to work and back and then calculate your annual usage for using your car for work. Add personal usage to your mileage as well.

    It is also a good idea to include your annual road trip for your vacation. If you drive 500 miles one way every summer to visit your aunt in a bordering state, add 1,000 miles to your mileage estimation.

    The difference may not increase your insurance premium at all, but at least you will have appropriate coverage.

    The insurance company is not going to hold you to every mile you estimate. They use your estimate to gauge if you drive 7,500 miles or less every year or if you drive more than 10,000 miles every year.

    It is in your best interest to give a fair assessment of your estimated mileage to your insurance agent so that your insurance premium is calculated correctly.

    If you are not a regular driver, your car insurance should be somewhat less than the person who wears out a car every couple of years. Mileage of 7,500 or less annually is usually considered average and should garner you a fair rate.

    Shop around to avoid paying too much for your car insurance. Enter your zip code now to compare car insurance quotes !

    Furnace Installation Livonia, MI – Novi, MI, Furnace Repair Farmington Hills, MI


    Heating A/C Installation, Repair Service Livonia MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Plymouth MI, Redford MI, Farmington Hills MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Novi MI, Westland MI, Dearborn MI

    Locally Owned Operated HVAC Company

    Family owned since 1996, Harriman Heating Air Conditioning upholds a longstanding reputation for quality service. We take every extra effort to help you achieve your comfort goals, and financing is no exception. With our financing options through Wells Fargo, we are able to offer special financing options for our heating and air conditioning products with approved credit. There are no long delays, and you are able to conveniently manage your account online, have access to competitive interest rates, and flexible montly payments. All of our financing options through Wells Fargo are subject to credit approval.

    Furnace Repair and Service Company AC Installation ContractorHeating and Cooling Company in Livonia MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Plymouth MI, Redford MI, Farmington Hills MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Novi MI, Westland MI, Dearborn MI

    If your furnace or air conditioning unit suddenly breaks down, you need prompt, trustworthy, and skilled service at a reasonable price. Harriman Heating Air Conditioning protects your best interest with a team of fully licensed and insured professionals that are waiting to help you and your family. Our 24/7 Emergency Service is here to look after you. We are available around the clock to make sure your family stays safe and warm. We are proud to service all manufacturers and styles of heating and cooling equipment and have the experience, and range of replacement parts standing by to repair your HVAC unit in a timely fashion. To protect your investment, Harriman Heating Air Conditioning offers service plans to make sure your HVAC system is running efficiently, and we can catch any issues before they fail completely resulting in costly repairs.

    Most Trusted Heating and Cooling Repair Company
    Furnace and AC Repair Contractor in Livonia MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Plymouth MI, Redford MI, Farmington Hills MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Novi MI, Westland MI, Dearborn MI

    Whether you re looking to maintain your old HVAC unit, or replace it with a new energy efficient model, Harriman Heating Air Conditioning has the right products and most skilled technicians to get the job done right. Saving money up front by buying the cheapest HVAC system can often cost more in the long run. Whether it s because they aren t as reliable and require more maintenance to keep running, or possibly as a result of being less energy efficient, driving up your energy bills on a monthly basis. Our new HVAC installations are certain to help reduce your energy bill and have a proven record of long-term reliability. Trust Harriman Heating Air Conditioning for your furnace and air conditioning repair installation this year!

    Our HVAC Services Include:

    • Air conditioning repair
    • Air conditioning service
    • Air conditioning installation
    • Heating repair
    • Heating service
    • Heating installation
    • Water Heaters
    • Generators

    HVAC Repair, Furnace Repair Contractor, Furnace Installation, Air Conditioning Repair Service, AC Installation, Heating System Repair Service, Heating and Cooling Contractor in Livonia MI, Canton MI, Southfield MI, Plymouth MI, Redford MI, Farmington Hills MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Novi MI, Westland MI, Dearborn MI

    HVAC Service in Livonia MI. Furnace Repair, Furnace Service, Heating Service Maintenance, Furnace Installation, Heating Repair, Heating and Cooling Company in Livonia MI, Farmington Hills MI, Canton MI, Plymouth MI, Novi MI, Redford MI, Southfield MI, Northville MI, West Bloomfield MI, Westland MI, Dearborn MI, Ann Arbor MI, Commerce MI

    Contact us at (734) 271-6200, and we ll make sure you re completely comfortable.

    La Quinta Inns – Suites – Special Rates and Discount for Travel

    #discount motel rates


    Bright Now

    Designed to help small businesses save money, La Quinta’s bright now® program lets you save up to a 10% discount off our already great low rates at any La Quinta Inns Suites® in the U.S. Canada and Mexico. That’s up to 10% savings in addition to all the FREE extras:

    • FREE Bright Side Breakfast®
    • FREE High Speed Internet, and more

    Plus, bright now members receive exclusive promotions and partner offers to make your travel dollars go further.

    Want to earn FREE nights fast? Join La Quinta Returns® and your bright now stays will earn Points toward FREE nights and other great rewards, fast.

    Want To Start Saving? Start Here.


    La Quinta is pleased to welcome all AARP® members to our hotels across the U.S. As a member of AARP, you’ll save up to 10% and La Quinta is committed to ensuring your comfort and satisfaction. Book now by requesting the AARP rate and present your AARP card at check-in to receive your discount.


    Federal employees, military, cost-reimbursable contractors, and state government employees can enjoy clean and comfortable accommodations at more than 800 La Quinta Inns Suites locations nationwide. Remember to select the Government rate when making a reservation online and show your government ID or government orders at check-in. If you’re a state of Texas employee, check out the special rates designed for both business and personal travel.

    Senior Citizen

    Whether you’re traveling to visit family or friends across the state or across the country, La Quinta is the choice for mature adults 65 and older. Our significant senior discount provides you with extra savings at all of our La Quinta hotels. Keep your ID handy, as proof of age will be required at check-in to receive your special rate.

    Bethany Arms Motel and Apartments Bethany Beach (Delaware) – Reviews and Rates

    #bethany arms motel


    Railay Garden View Resort Krabi

    Bethany Arms Motel and Apartments

    30-40 mile an hour winds.

    We stopped for a picnic lunch in Cape Charles, hoping to catch a glimpse of the lighthouse which bears its’ name. We did not find it – instead seeing a town water tank painted to resemble an iron lighthouse. Someone here has quite a sense of humour.

    We have ended the day in Fruitland – a place where most people, like us, are “just passing through”.

    A travel blog entry by gurufamily on Sep 15, 2015

    This morning, woke up at 7:00am and Legend was ready to go outside. Beautiful brisk morning. I have on pants and jacket. The sun feels good! Legend is getting used to going to the bathroom with cars buzzing by on the highway. Jess and I spent some time today at the outlet mall next to the hotel browsing. We tried a very popular seafood restaurant this evening too. It was crowded at 5:30 with a 20 minute wait. when we left, the wait was over an hour. It’s.

    A travel blog entry by gurufamily on Sep 14, 2015

    Ryan and I awoke early and headed outside with Legend. The air is brisk. I had my jacket on and Ryan wished he wore his. Invigorating and awesome. We had breakfast and coffee and are preparing for the day. I will work from the lobby for a few hours and Ryan may have to go to his testing for work soon. Matt and Jess are still.

    A travel blog entry by happytrails123 on Aug 28, 2015

    3 comments. 22 photos

    what we’re going to be looking for on our future beachcoming!

    Next stop was “linner” as Barb calls it, at her favorite crabcake restaurant, Captain’s Galley II, on the waterfront in the Ocean City harbor. We three enjoyed the crab filled cakes and adult Orange Crush drinks.

    Thanks Barb for a wonderful visit! Time to move up the road Annapolis, MD is our next stop and a hopeful boating.

    A travel blog entry by gsnakehill on May 03, 2015

    State Park
    without hookups ($38) is unreal especially for an out of state camper. Considering that the parking RV sites are all
    on the loop roads with one s picnic table, fire pit and tenting sites.

    Other places to stay in Bethany Beach

    Bethpage Motel (New York) – Reviews and Rates #home #health #agency

    #bethpage motel


    Bethpage Motel

    Bethpage Motel

    A travel blog entry by wbecker on Sep 15, 2015

    1 comment. 14 photos

    and went inside the submarine “USS Growler”. What an eye opener that was. The quarters and work areas were so cramped. Spending 2-3 mths at a time on the sub I don’t know how they did it. We found Alex a 7 Eleven so the kids could mix up all the flavours in a slurpee then headed to Market Diner where we had the most delicious chicken sandwich and wraps. Caught the bus back to subway station and went back down to Wall Street. Warren really wanted to get a statue of “The.

    A travel blog entry by mazk on Aug 04, 2015

    A travel blog entry by jeffsymms on Jul 07, 2015

    it all in. In the centre is a large fountain and pond and the heat was drawing people to it like moths to a flame. They were paddling, dangling their hot feet, and some were swimming. Other folk were laying around on the grass, children playing in the park, people catching up over brunch. It was relaxing and a cool spot to stay a while. We then headed back for the subway to head back to mid-town to visit The Empire State Building. We had picked a great time as there was.

    A travel blog entry by cookcorn on May 07, 2015

    can take you to the statue. You have to admire this guys though they are incredibly self assured and I can see them winning over more than a few unsuspecting tourists. Queuing to get into the terminal was reminiscent of the security checks at the 9/11 memorial from a couple of years ago – think cattle. Shoes got to stay on but jackets, bracelets, watches, belts an anything else lose, off for the scanner. A couple of weeks ago a.

    A travel blog entry by thegirlgoes on Mar 28, 2015

    restoration project is underway for which the diocese is currently raising funds. As pictures from the sidewalk seemed to be out of the question, I was determined not to have a wasted trip and slipped inside the imposing wooden door. I was immediately enveloped in warmth, gloom and the reciting of afternoon mass. Throughout the church, people were whispering prayers with their hands spread in supplication. Trying not to make any noise, I shuffled to the pews off.

    Car Insurance: New York #new #york #car #insurance #rates


    Car Insurance. New York

    Posted September 20th, 2010 & filed under States .

    New York Auto Insurance Requirements

    New York has among the most stringent auto insurance laws in the country. Penalties for not properly insuring your vehicle are very severe. Minimum auto insurance coverage requirements in New York are mandated by state law and the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. The following minimum coverage is required on every registered vehicle, except as noted below:

    Driving without the mandatory liability insurance in New York can result in a fine of up to $1,500 for a first offense, and could result in jail time of up to 15 days. Subsequent offenses are subject to higher fines, reinstatement fees, and jail time.

    The New York Automobile Insurance Plan is available to drivers who are unable to obtain required coverage through the voluntary market. More information is available on the AIPSO website .

    Factors Influencing Car Insurance Premiums in New York

    Getting a quote for cheap car insurance in New York requires some research and rate comparisons between different insurance companies, even though New York ranks just below national averages for car insurance costs. Some factors that impact insurance rates in New York include:

    New York is a no-fault state, and requires PIP insurance coverage
    Vehicle repair costs are generally more expensive in New York than elsewhere
    Overall accident fatality rates are much lower than national averages
    A much lower percentage of uninsured drivers compared to national averages
    Auto insurance fraud
    Vehicle theft rates lower than national averages

    The average auto insurance premium for residents in New York is $1,627 in 2011; the national average is $1,790.

    Tips for Obtaining Cheap Car Insurance in New York

    If you re over 55, take a state-approved defensive driving course for a policy discount
    Several insurance companies offer pay as you drive car insurance for low mileage drivers in New York
    Maintain a good driving record
    Bind multiple policies (homeowners, life, auto) with the same provider
    Maintain a good credit score
    Create a personal emergency fund of up to $1500 and increase deductibles accordingly
    Discuss affinity discounts with your insurance provider
    Drop comprehensive and collision insurance on older vehicles

    New York Statistics

    Auto Theft. New York has a relatively low vehicle theft rate, and it has been decreasing (as is the case in most states) consistently over the past 10 years. This can be attributed primarily to anti-theft devices being standard on recent model cars, as well as public awareness of the issue:

    Automobile Accidents. The total vehicle miles traveled in New York has decreased in recent years, as has vehicle accident fatality rates. New York is well below the national average in numbers of deaths in car crashes, despite having a fairly high population concentration in the southeastern part of the state.

    Enter your Zip Code below to find Cheap Car Insurance in New York.

    Grand Hotel Mackinac Island -Guest Rooms and Rates – America’s True Grand

    #hotel room rates


    Fall Bed Breakfast

    History Weekend

    Somewhere in Time Weekend

    There is an added charge of 19.5% and a 2% Mackinac Island assessment on the above rates. Michigan 6% sales tax is added to all rates, including the added charge. A charge of $8.00 per person is automatically added for the round-trip transfer of luggage from the Mackinac Island ferry docks to Grand Hotel when you arrive, and back again when you check out. Taxi transportation on Mackinac Island is not included in the above rates. Many organizations conduct business meetings at Grand Hotel, so it is possible that a group will also be guests in the hotel during your visit. For deposit and cancellation policies click here .

    Tipping is neither expected nor permitted within Grand Hotel. There is tipping at the following offsite restaurant locations: Woods Restaurant, The Jockey Club at the Grand Stand, Fort Mackinac Tea Room, The Gate House, Cawthorne s Village Inn, Pool Grill, and Sushi Grand.

    Other Rates

    • Admissions pass for non-guests:
      $10.00 per adult, $5.00 for children ages 5-11 and under 4 are complimentary.
    • Adult child admissions redeemable at the Grand Luncheon Buffet.
    • Baggage handling charge $8.00 per person.

    The Best Ways to Book Cheaper Hotel Rates – TripIt Blog #napa

    #hotel cheap rates


    The Best Ways to Book Cheaper Hotel Rates

    Don’t hotels always seem to account for the largest portion of your travel funds? They certainly do for me. Even if you’re not booking a 4- or 5-star property, a few days stay in a hotel can easily set you back $500, if not more. I like a nice hotel as much as the next person, but when I’m on a budget, I want to make sure I have enough after airfare and lodging to actually enjoy my trip: have good meals, go sightseeing, and buy some souvenirs for my loved ones.

    After years of working in the travel industry and having lots of personal travel experience, I’ve learned a few tricks and tips on how to book cheaper hotel rates that I wanted to share. Be sure to share any tips you might have in the comments below.

    Use a Metasearch Engine

    The popularity of hotel metasearch engines is on the rise and for good reason: it’s one of the most efficient ways to find affordable accommodations. If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, a hotel metasearch engine is a website that searches multiple hotel booking sites at once. For example, instead of running a search on Expedia. Orbitz. Priceline. and the hotel’s website, you can use a metasearch engine to search multiple sites at once to see which provider offers the lowest rates and best value. Kayak. Hipmunk. Room 77. TripAdvisor. and Trivago are just a few of the options available.

    Call the Hotel Directly

    If you have a particular hotel in mind, calling the hotel directly can often result in better rates. Since you’re able to speak with someone in real time, the staff will often be privy to rates that aren’t advertised online or, at the very least, they ll be able to give you insight as to what s affecting hotel room pricing. Events like conferences, concerts, and conventions can cause hotel room prices to skyrocket, and of course, certain times of year, such as the holidays, will see more expensive rates. If I’m traveling and I’ve found out there’s an event causing hotel rooms in the city center to be more expensive, then I’ll research hotels away from the city center to find lower rates.

    Note: Be sure to call the hotel directly and not the 800 number, where you’ll just be routed through central reservations and end up speaking to someone who isn’t onsite at the property.

    Book Cancelable Rates

    Room rates can fluctuate as quickly as minute to minute because a hotel s inventory is always changing. It’s simple supply and demand: the more people booking rooms at a hotel, the more the hotel can charge. One thing I like to do if I’m flexible with my hotel choice is to book a cancelable rate. It should be fairly obvious which rates are actually cancelable; there’s usually a call-out that states something like “FREE cancellation – PAY LATER,” as seen on Booking.com. I’ll book this rate (I plead though – double and triple check that it’s actually cancelable) and then monitor the price, as well as prices of nearby, comparable hotels. It may take a little bit of extra legwork, but this tactic has saved me as much as $100 per night.

    Note: Not all hotels or providers offer cancelable rates. Look at a few different sites and properties to find a suitable hotel that provides a cancelable rate.

    Book Last Minute

    This is a trick best reserved for shorter trips, like romantic weekend getaways or impromptu get-togethers with friends in the city. I certainly wouldn’t advocate waiting till the last minute to book a hotel room for that expensive international trip you’ve been saving up for or leaving your lodging needs up to fate when there could be a major conference happening that results in a hotel room shortage. That being said, if you do a bit of research and are flexible, booking last minute can result in much cheaper rates. Last-minute booking apps like HotelTonight. which works with hotels to negotiate deep discounts on unsold rooms, are a great starting point, and many of the online booking sites, like Expedia and Priceline, have their own “Tonight” or “Deals Tonight” section.

    Tip: Many sites offer last-minute deals sections, but are really just pulling the available inventory for the specified locale (not that this is a bad thing), as opposed to working with hotels to provide negotiated last-minute deals. Just be aware of this and shop around before committing to any last-minute deals.

    Remember to use TripIt to organize all of your hotel confirmations (and any other trip confirmations) in one spot. You can also sign up for a free 30-day trial of TripIt Pro to try out premium features like alerts, alternate flights, seat tracker, point tracker, fare monitoring, and more.

    Affordable Self Storage in Hampton, VA #affordable #self #storage, #reviews, #ratings, #recommendations,


    Affordable Self Storage

    Information about this business (4 )

    6 locations to serve you6 va locations to serve youavailable-boxes andceilings-truckscobbs creek shacklefordcontrolled unites-highgloucester matthews hampton poquoson safe-clean-climatethe friendlier morethe friendlier more affordable alternative 223910attr:climate controlledstorage household & commercial

    Posted on May 08, 2015. Brought to you by localcom.

    Affordable Storage Inc is located at the address 1635 W Pembroke Ave Ste A in Hampton, Virginia 23661. They can be contacted via phone at (757) 723-6551 for pricing, hours and directions.

    Affordable Storage Inc has an annual sales volume of 0 – 500K. For more information contact Dan Bolkhel, Owner or go to www.affordablestorageva.com

    Affordable Storage Inc provides Dry Storage Units, Self.

    Posted on September 02, 2014. Brought to you by chamberofcommerce.

    We offer self storage to keep your personal items safe while you are moving, haveing work done to the house, TDY, or just need a place to put your access items till you can make room for them. We are open 7 days a week and will stay later if needed to assist with your move in. We are the friendlier more affordable storage company.

    Posted on July 20, 2014. Brought to you by facebook.

    Posted by Anonymous on June 30, 2009. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

    Average Rating 20

    I rented a unit for one month back in July 2007. As of today, March 4, 2008, I have not received my $10.00 deposit. I have spoken to them several times. I will not stop until I get my money. Are there others who have not gotten their deposit?

    Posted by jj9801 on March 03, 2008. Brought to you by localguides.

    Business description (5) view all

    Affordable Storage can be found at W Pembroke Ave 1635. The following is offered: Warehouse Storage. The entry is present with us since Sep 9, 2010 and was last updated on Nov 14, 2013. In Hampton there are 6 other Warehouse Storage. An overview can be found here.

    Posted on September 20, 2015. Brought to you by opendius.

    Business, Climate Controlled, Home, Packing Supplies, Personal

    Posted on November 03, 2014. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

    Best rates hotels #rosebud #motel

    #best rates hotels


    Пошук готелів

    Hotels.com пропонує сотні тисяч готелів у більше ніж 60 країнах. Ми пропонуємо зручну пошукову систему, чудові спеціальні пропозиції та унікальну програму для постійних клієнтів – Hotels.com Rewards, завдяки якій за кожні 10 діб в готелях Ви отримаєте 1 безкоштовну. Чіткі описи готелів та наведена подобова вартість номерів полегшують процес бронювання. Завдяки справжнім відгукам клієнтів Ви зможете обрати найкращий готель за справедливу ціну. Не варто також забувати про розташування готелю. На нашому веб-сайті ви знайдете карту з точним розміщенням помешкання і зможете бути певними, що будете в центрі міста, якнайближче до пляжу або ж найбільшої концентрації визначних пам’яток. Куди б Ви не зібралися: за кордон чи в інше українське місто, – не зважаючи на те, чи Ви подорожуєте з сім’єю, чи просто хочете десь переночувати під час відрядження, – у нас Ви точно знайдете підходящий готель. Ми також пропонуємо цілодобову гарячу лінію, куди можна додзвонитися з будь-якого куточка світу. Шукайте, порівнюйте та бронюйте прекрасні готелі за вигідними цінами і насолоджуйтесь відпочинком з Hotels.com.

    Оберіть спосіб, за допомогою якого ви хочете розблокувати приховані ціни, щоб платити менше за готелі.

    Ел. адреса

    Підпишіться, щоб отримувати найновіші пропозиції

    Застосунок Hotels.com

    Завантажте застосунок та бронюйте, де б ви не були

    Hotels.com™ Rewards

    Станьте учасником програми зараз і за 10 діб в готелях отримайте 1 безкоштовну*

    Great Rates, downtown location, free parking #about #health #insurance

    #bar harbor motel


    Rates Reservations


    Deposit Policy
    An advanced payment of one night s lodging per room is required to confirm all reservations.

    Cancellation Policy
    Cancellations made with at least 48 hours notice receive a refund of deposit less a $20 administrative fee per room reserved. Cancellations received with less than 48 hours notice forfeit the entire deposit. (48 hours notice is considered to be by 3 PM, two days prior to scheduled arrival.)

    Early Departure/Delayed Arrival Late Check-outs
    Deposits may be subject to a $20 fee if either arrival date is later or departure date is earlier than confirmed. Complimentary late check-out until noon is available, and must be arranged through the Front Desk. Late check-out between noon and 2 PM will incur a $20 fee. Those departing later than 2 PM will incur a full night s lodging charge.

    Check-In Check-Out
    Check in time is any time after 3 PM on the day of your arrival. If you will be arriving later than 10 PM, please call to let us know.

    Check out time is by 11 AM on the day of your departure. See above for Late Checkout policies.

    Balance of Payment
    Balance of payment is due upon checkout, and may be paid with Cash, Visa, Discover, Mastercard, or American Express.

    Preferred credit cards
    Though we do accept all major credit cards, we prefer Visa or Mastercard.

    Free parking is provided for all guests. There is one parking space for each room. If you bring more than one vehicle, you must park the additional vehicle(s) on the street during the overnight hours, as we cannot guarantee that we will have space for it during busy times, and it will take parking away from other guests with just one vehicle. There is no parking available for trailers, campers, motorhomes, RVs, etc. Motorcycles must park at least 2 to a spot. Please consult with Guest Services if you have any questions about parking at the hotel.

    Special Requests
    While we always make every effort to accommodate any special requests, please keep in mind that they are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. The Villager is a 2 level building, and we do not have an elevator. If anyone in your party has mobility issues that affect their ability to climb stairs, please let us know well in advance so that we can make arrangements for the room to be on the ground level.

    House Rules:
    There is absolutely no smoking, cooking or pets allowed in our guest rooms. For the benefit of future guests, we are very strict about this policy and may impose a fee of $150.00 for any infractions. We also reserve the right to assess a fee of $150.00 for excessive cleaning due to offensive odors or excessive wear caused by a guest(s).

    The Bar Harbor Villager Motel observes quiet hours from 9 PM to 7 AM for the comfort and safety of all of our guests. We are very strict about enforcing this policy and we have overnight security on the property to ensure that all of our guests can enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

    All of our rooms at the Villager are non-smoking. In accordance with Maine State Law, we request that you smoke at least 20 feet away from the building.

    Motels With Weekly – Monthly Rates in Orange County California #bournemouth #hotels

    #weekly motel rates


    Motels With Weekly Monthly Rates in Orange County California

    Stroll along the Pacific coast during a stay in Orange County. (Photo: Jupiterimages/Photos.com/Getty Images )

    Related Articles

    Orange County, known familiarly as the OC, is well-known for its amusement parks, such as Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, and white sandy Pacific beaches along the western shoreline. Anaheim, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach and Costa Mesa are a few of the cities within Orange County’s borders, offering access to surfing, parks, golf courses and entertainment venues. At the time of publication, travelers planning an extended stay may choose from four hotels offering nightly, weekly and monthly rates.

    Rodeway Inn Maingate

    Reserve one of 33 guest rooms at the Rodeway Inn Maingate (rodewayinn.com) to watch the nightly fireworks over Disneyland. Store snacks and beverages in the room’s refrigerator and prepare light meals in a microwave to eat at the provided table and chairs. After a day of exploring the sights of Orange County, relax in the outdoor hot tub or take advantage of guest laundry facilities to maintain an available wardrobe during a multi-night stay. A complimentary breakfast is served each morning and an on-site convenience store is open for guests needing additional items. The Rodeway Inn Maingate is just west of Interstate 5 and one block from Disneyland Drive in Anaheim.

    Extended Stay America Orange County Katella Avenue

    Choose from a studio or one-bedroom suite at Extended Stay America Orange County Katella Avenue (extendedstayamerica.com). King beds are available in studio suites, which have fully equipped kitchens, dedicated work spaces and personalized voice mail. Signature studio suites have contemporary decor and upgraded bedding, while one-bedroom suites feature sofa sleepers. Pets are welcome in most rooms at the Extended Stay, where housekeeping services are complimentary for guests staying seven or more nights. Guests staying fewer than seven nights may exchange towels daily or purchase a refresh service for an additional fee. The Extended Stay America Orange County is in the city of Orange, just east of Highway 57 on Katella Avenue.

    Lemon Tree Hotel

    Monthly and weekly-rate accommodations at the Lemon Tree Hotel (lemon-tree-hotel.com) include one- or two-bedroom apartments, two-room Disney kitchen suites, studio apartments or traditional hotel rooms. Apartments feature full kitchens and sofa sleepers for up to six. while Disney kitchen suites have three beds suitable for traveling families. Relax in an outdoor seating area adjacent to a Lemon Tree studio apartment or reserve a Jacuzzi hotel room for private relaxation after a day spent exploring Orange County. Hotel amenities include a free continental breakfast, barbecue area, pool and free parking. The Lemon Tree Hotel, in northeast Anaheim, is three miles from Disneyland.

    Residence Inn Irvine John Wayne Airport-Orange County

    Located three miles from John Wayne Airport, the 174-room Residence Inn Irvine (marriott.com) accommodates extended stay travelers with spacious suites featuring full kitchens and separate living areas. Dine at a table with seating for four during a stay in a Residence Inn suite or take advantage of the hotel’s complimentary daily breakfast buffet each morning. Choose from a studio suite for up to three guests, a one-bedroom suite with sofa sleeper or a two-bedroom suite sleeping up to five travelers. An outdoor pool and hot tub are open to guests seeking California sunshine during an extended stay at the Residence Inn, near the Interstate 405 and Highway 55 interchange in Irvine.

    Book Cheap Hotels, Bed and Breakfast and Resorts – Lowest Room Rates

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    Search hotels

    We have made booking hotel extremely easy and straightforward. Our aim is to help users to find book hotels at lowest rates. We analyse your search terms and run the searches those best matche your criteria. Lowest available rates are returned. There are different sorting options available to find the right option. We have hotels available in most locations but if you could not find the right hotel in desired location, we will be happy to help even if you do not have a plan to book now. Just let us know the criteria and we will give you the best options available.
    For your convenience we have prepared a guide on how to search hotels for your destination. We have compiled some pre run searches for top destinations including Venice hotels. Frankfurt hotels. Berlin hotels. Amsterdam hotels and many other cities.

    Best hotel rates in top destinations

    Book hotels in Rome

  • Hotels in London

  • Hotels in Las Vegas

  • Hotels in Santorini

  • Best Hotels in Corfu

  • Hotels in Koh Tao

  • Happy Bear Motel: motel, affordable lodging rates for ski vacations to Killington

    #cheap motel.com


    welcome to HAPPY BEAR MOTEL

    This motel features free Wi-Fi and guest rooms with a refrigerator and cable TV. Killington Golf Course is 2.8 miles from this motel in Vermont.The air-conditioned rooms at Happy Bear Motel include bathroom amenities.A continental breakfast is available at this motel. Free parking is possible on site.Area restaurants are within walking distance of the Motel Happy Bear. Gilford Woods State Forest Park is 2.3 miles away.

    For more information about AccommodationS AT HAPPY BEAR Motel, Call 800-518-4468

    Location LOCATIon

    So close to restaurants and clubs, with FREE parking you can leave your car and enjoy Killington on foot.

    The DOUBLE Room

    This is our double room right on the Killington access road. Make your reservations now .

    The SINGLE Room

    This is our queen room just minutes from Killington Mountain. Make your reservations now .

    Tombstone Motel (Arizona) Hotel – Reviews and Rates #lifecare #hospice

    #tombstone motel


    Tombstone Motel

    Tombstone Motel

    A travel blog entry by jason934 on Oct 10, 2015

    was one picture on the wall that was a bit scary. For dinner we drove into Tombstone centre and had Mexican food. We had a quick look around town but it was getting dark and the street lighting is old school so we drove back to the ranch before it got too dark. There was a really loud cricket noise through the night, but not enough to keep us awake. We have gained 2 hours in 2 days but our bodies haven’t adjusted yet so we called it a night relatively.

    A travel blog entry by coldunn on Oct 06, 2015

    2 comments. 48 photos

    during its heyday.

    Today I spoiled myself by buying some moose leather moccasins, a Harley Tombstone T-Shirt and a custom-made leather band.

    Unfortunately on my trip, I have lost two items which have sentimental value – my bloodstone ring (which Leonie gave.

    A travel blog entry by tpress29 on Apr 10, 2014

    corral. Including watching the dodgy automatronics that is on the actual spot of the shoot out. There was even Fry’s photography which was right next to the shootout. And was also the boarding house in which Doc Holliday was staying. His room was on show, including many of the photos Fry took of the region and the surrender of Geronimo. I watched a show of the town history and I did buy some mementos. I looked at the streets away from.

    A travel blog entry by clark65 on Aug 03, 2013

    1 comment. 22 photos

    kids will love you for it! Hint, hint. To other parents – do at least one over the top driving vacation before your kids get too old – the time and bonding is priceless! To children – try to appreciate the history in the world, the scenery and the adventure of reality – kids that do this have more fun during the moments! We truly miss living in San Diego! It is a beautiful city with so much to offer. Megan and I both cherish the years we had.

    A travel blog entry by steppingout on Jan 21, 2013

    Lake State Park to canoe (haha!), to celebrate Rene’s 27th birthday and to visit an important watershed area of the SW – the Gila Wilderness Riparian Area. Got to see coatimundis and actual running water!

    Our plan at this time is to stay in the southern regions of the Southwest, we are continuing east into New Mexico. to avoid the cold and snow. stay posted to see if our “strategic” thinking works out!

    Lowest Hotel Rates in Vegas #brisbane #motels

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    You can book online or by phone (1-888-ME-VEGAS ) 24/7 for the lowest hotel rates in Vegas. We guarantee it! Why pay more for the exact same room?

    Our fast and secure booking system works on all devices, so you can book on the go. Millions of happy customers have booked with us and we are A+ rated by the BBB. In addition to great customer service, Las Vegas Direct provides special perks you will not find on other sites, such as cash-back rebates. exclusive free coupon books, 2-for-1 dining and show offers, free buffet promos, unpublished secret hotel rates and more. Book Direct and Save!

    Popular Vegas Hotels

    Secret Phone Rates

    Call Us at 1-888-ME-VEGAS (888-638-3427) and ask about our Amazing Unpublished Vegas Rates. You won t believe the savings! Just give us a call today for a free no obligation Vegas hotel rate quote. You will be glad you did it and can enjoy all the savings on your Vegas trip. It just takes a few minutes for a quote and can save you a

    $100 CASH-BACK!

    Book a Las Vegas hotel with us and get up to $100 Cash Back! Get $20 with a 3-nt stay! Get $30 with a 5-nt stay! Get $50 with a 8-nt stay! Get $75 with a 10-nt stay! Get $100 with a 12-nt stay! Offer is only valid for reservations booked online. Applies to reservations that state cash back rebate . Minimum

    The Beachmere Inn, Ogunquit Maine ~ Year Round Rates #nc #little #hospice

    #ogunquit resort motel


    Rates for Your Stay at the Inn

    Minimum number of nights are required during certain times of the year. Rates do not reflect prevailing Maine state lodging tax. Rates vary for holiday vacation weeks and special weekends. Not responsible for typographical errors.

    Cancellation Policy: Deposits are refunded less a $25.00 cancellation fee with proper notification. Otherwise, the entire deposit will be forfeited. For reservations of 7 nights or more, notice of cancellation must be received 21 days in advance (30 days for Hearthstone). For reservations fewer than 7 nights, cancellation must be received 14 days in advance. The cancellation policy also applies to changes in your arrival / departure date, which will result in shortening your stay. You are responsible for your entire reservation. There are no refunds for late arrivals or early departures.

    Minimum Stays: The Beachmere has minimum stay requirements for reservations according to time of year and room. Reservations can be shortened if they still meet the minimum stay requirement that was in effect at the time the reservation was made and the change is not made within the cancellation policy.

    Special Requests: If you require a cot or a crib, please let us know in advance so that we may have your request in place upon arrival. We have a limited number of cots and cribs and these must be reserved in advance to ensure availability. The rates are $20 per night for a cot and $15 per night for a crib. Also, if you are in need of special equipment for purposes of accessibility, please inform us in advance of your arrival and we will make every attempt to accommodate your needs.

    Smoking Policy: The Beachmere Inn is NON-SMOKING for the health and safety of all our guests. Smoking will be permitted on the lawn or designated areas only.

    Pets: Sorry, but pets are not permitted at the Beachmere Inn.

    Parking: Due to limited spaces, only one car is permitted per room .

    Home Equity to Consolidate Debts #home #equity #canada, #debt #consolidation #advice, #refinance


    You are here

    Home Equity to Consolidate Debts – Refinance Your Home or Get a Second Mortgage

    What does using home equity to consolidate your debts mean? Essentially it is using the equity in your home / refinancing your home to consolidate your debts into one payment in order to pay off your debts.

    A “Home Equity Loan”, “Home Equity Line”,”refinancing your mortgage / re-mortgage” and getting a “second mortgage” are all different names for the same thing and are sometimes used as a debt consolidation option. These terms refer to the bank lending you money against the portion of your home that you own. So if the bank thinks that your home is worth $300,000 and your mortgage is for $250,000, then you own $50,000 of your house. This is called your “equity”.

    Increasing your mortgage is something that the bank may let you do, by taking out a second mortgage to use up some of this equity to pay off your debts. (Check out our handy mortgage and debt consolidation calculator ). You would then have two mortgages: your first mortgage and a second mortgage which could be the debt consolidation home loan . If this is something you’re interested in doing, speak with your bank or credit union to find out how it works, to get information about the mortgage rules in Canada and if this option could work for you. Sometimes if you have bad credit. it might be difficult to get a debt consolidation loan. so using home equity could be another possibility. Check with a Credit Counsellor to make sure that you choose the right option.

    Selling Your House to Pay Off Debt – Talk to a Credit Counsellor About Consolidating Debts

    You could also sell your house to pay off debts. though this should be a last resort and pertain to your situation, e.g. down-sizing in retirement. There are things to know before using your home equity line. so to choose the best way / option that fits your situation, especially if you’re retired and your income has changed, talk to a trusted, accredited non-profit Credit Counsellor.

    Interest Rates for Second Mortgages – Can Be Higher Than First, Talk to Your Bank About Using Your Home Equity

    Sometimes you can get the same interest rate on your second mortgage as you got on your first mortgage, but this isn’t always possible (talk to your lender to find out more). If you do have to pay a higher interest rate on your second mortgage, you can set up the due date / term to correspond with the due date / term for your first mortgage. This will allow you to combine them at the bank’s best interest rate when they need to be renewed.

    Re-mortgaging may also be an option that your lender can explain to you. It may allow you to keep a low interest rate, only have one mortgage payment and still give you funds to pay off other debts.

    History of Mortgage Rates in Canada – Declining Since 1980’s

    Ever since the early 1980’s mortgage rates have been declining in Canada. They peaked at over 20% at that time but are now typically offered in the 3% – 6% range. It is wise to remain mindful of the fact that we are currently living with historically low interest rates. This means that we cannot count on them to stay this low forever. The average five year mortgage rate over the past 60 years has been 8.95%. So if you are considering refinancing your home, make sure you can afford an “average” interest rate of 9% in the long term.

    Finance Companies and Sub Prime Lenders or Loan Companies Offering Mortgages – Higher Interest Rates than Banks

    Finance companies and sub-prime lenders also offer mortgages. Their interest rates will almost always be higher than the bank’s and can often range between 14% – 30%. These rates are a lot higher because these companies tend to lend money / cash to people in financial situations that involve more risk than banks usually want to take on.

    High interest loans like these can be used as a tool to get you from point A to point B, but you should do your best to find a better arrangement as fast as possible. It is very hard to get ahead paying really high interest rates.

    Advantages of Using a Second Mortgage to Consolidate Debt

    1. The interest rates are typically low
    2. Flexible payment arrangements. You can usually extend your amortization (the length of time required to pay back the loan) to create an ideal monthly payment

    Disadvantages of a Second Mortgage

    1. You must have enough equity in your home as well as income to make both mortgage payments
    2. You may be charged a number of fees for the costs involved in setting up a second mortgage
    3. Banks often don’t like to do small second mortgages. $10,000 may be the minimum that they will consider

    Contact Us for More Information About How to a Use Home Equity Line to Consolidate Debts

    We can give you information on how to use home equity to consolidate debts / pay off debts. Contact us by phone at 1-888-527-8999, send us an email or chat with us online right now. One of our Credit Counsellors will be happy to offer you debt consolidation advice . Our appointments are free, confidential and informative. You may have other options that are better for your situation, so before you increase your mortgage, take out a second one (at a higher interest rate) or apply for a home equity loan. give us a call.

    Current Mortgage Rates in IN – Indiana FHA Mortgage #indiana, #mortgages, #in,


    Current mortgage rates in Indiana: HSH.com s FHA/VA Showcase

    Choose from Refinance lenders in Indiana for FHA 30-year mortgage rates

    The mortgage products on HSH.com are from companies from which QuinStreet may receive compensation. Compensation may impact where products appear on HSH.com (including the order in which they appear). QuinStreet does not include all mortgage companies or all types of products available in the marketplace.

    Indiana Mortgages

    FHA Loans are government insured loans from the Federal Housing Administration and are an attractive option for homebuyers who want to refinance.

    For Indiana, 88 counties have an FHA loan limit at $271,050 and the remaining 4 counties at $365,700.

    As of January 1, 2014, HUD approves new lower loan limits to take effect for FHA single-family loans. The current standard loan limit for areas where housing costs are relatively low will remain unchanged at $271,050. The new national-ceiling loan limit for the very highest cost areas will be reduced from $729,750 to $625,500. See the chart below for loan limits in your county.

    Bank Interest Rates in India #bank #interest #rates #in #india, #indian #bank


    Bank Interest Rates: India

    Here is a list of 20 bank interest rates of Indian banks. These are applicable from Jan 10th 2011, and the banks may change this anytime, so this list may not be up to date. Each bank name is linked to the website of the bank and clicking it will land you on the page which has the latest deposit rates. Click that to ensure that the data you are viewing is up to date.

    Most banks have laid out terms which are not very easy to compare from one to another, and so I have taken the rates which I found on most websites. Most of these rates are for deposits of under Rs. 15 lakhs.

    I stopped at 20 because each bank has listed out its terms differently and I wasn t happy with the bank interest rate comparison chart that follows. Treat this as a sort of a rough comparison chart of interest rates offered by Indian banks.

    Update: Despite its limitations and lot of people found this page useful, so I decided to include a few more banks and provide you a list of 30 banks here.

    I hope that the readers of onemint will find following links useful

    A. Get the Highest FD Interest Rates
    1. For Fixed Deposits
    2. Tax Savings Fixed Deposits
    3. NRI Fixed Deposits

    A (a) Fixed Deposit Rates
    You can get FD rates based on institution types like banks (Public Sector / Nationalized Banks, Indian Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks, Cooperative Banks, Post Office Savings Schemes, Companies etc.). You can get interest rates selecting as per deposit period range or you can select specific deposit period for your fixed deposit. You can also search for senior citizen and non senior rates as well. Many banks pay different rates of interest for large deposits, you can select this criteria as well.

    The search is broadly categorized in 4 types:

    1. FD rates based on institution type/deposit period range
    2. FD rates based on institution type/specific deposit period
    3. FD rates in selected institutions/deposit period range
    4. FD rates in selected institutions/deposit period range

    You then fill your search criteria and the resulting table can runs into hundreds of pages. In many cases you have to narrow your search or you have to be specific in your search so that the table may not run in many pages.

    You can sort this table as per you choice as per alphabetical list of institutions, period of deposit and rate of interest (highest to lowest) by clicking on the first row of the table.

    Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator Calculate how much interest payments you can get based on your fixed deposit amount, interest rate and interest payment period.

    FD Maturity Calculator Calculate the maturity amount and effective yield (compound interest rate) of your fixed deposit based on your deposit amount, interest rate and duration

    C. Find Bank IFSC Codes, MICR Codes, Postal Addresses

    I d like to monitor my FD figures and am plannning to calculate my FD maturity figures myself. So I am keen to know whether interest is compounded quaterly or monthly by Canara Bank.

    It should be quarterly, but you could just check with them and be a 100% sure.

    I am Looking For Tax Saving Fixed Deposit 5Yr or more(Under the Exemption of 80C).
    Please tell me the current Interest Rates for various Banks(in Tabulated Format) for 5yrs more time Fixed Deposit.

    Thanks Regards
    Sheetal Jain

    Sheetal here is a full post on the topic that has a list of banks with relatively higher interest rates on tax saving fixed deposits.

    let me know banking fd interest since 1990 to 2011

    Sun Suites – Hotel Weekly Rates #perinatal #hospice

    #weekly rates motels


    Book a Room.


    Special Offers and Free Tips.

    Hotel Weekly Rates

    Rent by the week and save. Whether you’re relocating. on the road for business. or simply visiting for a week or more, Sun Suites offers affordable short and extended stay lodging accommodations for business and leisure travelers.

    Guests enjoy spacious suites comfortably furnished and equipped with full kitchens and living areas. For added convenience, Sun Suites hotels provide free parking, Wi-Fi and premium cable TV with HBO as well as 24-hour access to the onsite laundry facility and vending area. Sun Suites is the ideal home away from home.

    In Every Hotel Room

    We have made every effort to make sure that every room has every amenity that you may need your short or long stay with us.

    Each one of our rooms comes with the following:

    • Large Suites
    • Comfortable beds
    • Television with free cable
    • In-room WiFi
    • Kitchen
    • Refrigerator
    • Two-burner stove top
    • Microwave
    • In-room coffee maker
    • Table/work area
    • Private bathroom

    Our Hotel Services

    Housekeeping Services
    Full housekeeping service includes:

    • Making the beds with fresh linens
    • Cleaning surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen
    • Vacuuming carpet, cleaning floors
    • Dusting and polishing furniture
    • Removing trash

    Weekly and monthly guests receive full housekeeping service once per week.

    Internet Services
    High speed wireless internet in every room. Please see in-room instructions.

    Laundry Services
    Coin-operated laundry facilities are available on the premises and are open 24 hours for your convenience.

    • Unlimited local 800 calls
    • Direct dial long distance service from each room
    • Wake up calls alarm clocks
    • Private voicemail in each room
    • Remote voicemail retrieval in each room

    Vending Services
    Snack and soda machines are conveniently located onsite.

    Business Services(not in every property)
    The following services are available on-site for your convenience: (nominal charges may apply)

    • Photocopies at the front desk
    • Fax service at the front desk
    • Mail and parcel service

    Hotel Amenities

    You can find these amenities at every Sun Suites.

    • Air Conditioned
    • Heated Guest Rooms
    • Maid Service
    • Electronic Door Locks
    • Handicap Facilities
    • Vending Machines
    • Children Welcome
    • Small Pets Allowed
    • Free Wireless Internet
    • Guest Laundromat
    • Elevators
    • Fire Safety Compliant
    • Sprinklers in Rooms
    • Free Outdoor Parking

    Special Offers and Free Tips.

    Sign-up for our extended stay special offers and our newsletter filled with travel tips for your next stay.


    Best Interest Rate on Senior Citizens Bank Fixed Deposits- July 2017 #fd


    Best Interest Rate on Senior Citizens Bank Fixed Deposits July 2017

    Highest Interest Rate on Bank Fixed Deposits for Senior Citizens July 2017

    The post lists down the rate of interest on Bank fixed deposits for Senior Citizens as of July 4, 2017.

    You might want to bookmark this page as the FD interest rates would be updated every month. Would help you in better decision making.

    Fixed Deposit Highlights:

    • Most banks offer FDs for tenure of 7 Days to 10 Years.
    • The Ratnakar Bank IDBI Bank do offer fixed deposits up to 20 years too .
    • For very short Term Deposits the interest rate is similar to that of Savings Account and so you should not worry about FD. Also Interest up to Rs 10,000 in Saving Account is Tax free .
    • Most banks compound interest quarterly
    • Banks offer Loan/Overdraft against the amount available in Fixed Deposit. The interest is generally 0.5% to 1% more than that offered to FD.
    • TDS (Tax deduction at source) at the rate of 10% is deducted, if the interest income is more than Rs 10,000 in financial year per bank. You can fill Form15G/H
    • You can fill Form15G/H if you want to avoid TDS .
    • There might be penalty for pre-mature withdrawal of Fixed Deposits

    Fixed Deposit Interest Rates:

    The highest interest rate is offered by The Deutsche Bank at 8.25% for 1 to 2 years Fixed Deposit.

    For comparing the best interest rates on fixed deposits over different duration of investment, we have it divided into following 5 slabs:

    • FD for Less than 1 Year
    • FD for 1 to 2 years
    • FD for 2 to 5 Years
    • FD for 5 to 10 years
    • FD for More than 10 years

    We show the highest interest rates on fixed deposits for the above duration buckets. We have also compared the best interest rates on offer by that being offered by State Bank of India (SBI), ICICI Bank and Post Offices.

    Interest Rate (Senior Citizens) for FD Less than 1 Year:

    The highest interest rate is offered by The Ratnakar Bank (241 days to 364 days) at 7.60% .

    Shankar Iyer says:

    I suppose there has to be an extensive study before stats are pur out esp. with reference to Ratnakar Bank. If you could check Varacha Bank, Surat Peoples Bank, Sutex Bank, Sarvoday Coop Bank ( all coop banks in Surrat) whose financials are available and NPAs are available for view. These give better returns than Ratnakar. Also, see Gujarat Rajya Karmachari Coop Bank. Investments upto Rs. 1 lac is insured. Also, the investor needs to be educated on the maneouveing of applicant names while opening accounts with coop banks, so that only the benefit of sr citizen is obtained, but the deposits are also insured.

    I agree with your views and you can use various combinations of names of account holders to get benefit of deposit insurance. Historically co-operative banks have been riskier and so they offer higher interest rate. Also claiming insurance in case of default is not easy and it may take time. So it s individuals call weather to take risk for slightly higher interest rates.

    Cheap rates for hotels #best #hotel #booking #sites

    #cheap rates for hotels



    Here at lastminute.com, we know hotels, and we aim to bring you the best price on a last minute booking. From modern apartments and traditional guesthouses to well-known brands and boutique accommodations; we’ve got a great choice of places to stay. If you’re looking to save a bit of money on your holiday, check out our selection of cheap rooms, or if you want to celebrate in style, take a look at our 5-star luxury hotels. You could even treat yourself to some pampering on one of our spa breaks.

    Why book our hotels?

    By booking your hotel room through us, you’re sure to get a great deal thanks to our Price Match Guarantee, and we have plenty of regular offers to help you save more. If you find your hotel cheaper on any other UK website within 24 hours, we will give you the difference. Conditions apply. With Top Secret Hotels, you can enjoy a night in a great hotel room for a fraction of the regular price, while our promo codes offer fantastic discounts.

    Top Hotel Destinations


    With a stay in one of our London hotels it’s easy to see historic icons including Big Ben and St Paul’s, as well as newer attractions like the London Eye and The Shard, catch a show in the West End or hang out with the hipsters in the East End, as we have rooms all over the city. If you fancy saving some extra money to spend in the stores of Knightsbridge and Oxford Street, then take a look at our selection of cheap London accommodations and browse through our London deals. Or see where the celebrities stay with our luxury hotels in town.


    Just as exciting, Manchester is one of the country’s most vibrant cities. Party the night away on Canal Street, or catch a match at Old Trafford; there’s a wealth of exciting opportunities awaiting you with our hotels in Manchester, including rooms near Manchester airport.


    Amsterdam is one of the Continent’s most popular places to visit, which is hardly surprising when you can stroll by its beautiful canals, shop at the famous flower market, and see historic sights like the Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum. Soak up the city’s unique culture in comfort and style.

    Business proofreading services and copyediting #business #proofreading, #proofreading #services, #copyediting, #internet #proofreading,


    Clients Love the Convenience, Speed, and Accuracy of
    Internet Proofreading from BusinessProofreading.com

    Internet Proofreading Is Convenient

    In this “I need it yesterday” world, you’re sure to agree with my clients that Internet proofreading is a blessing. The convenience of being able to simply email a message or attachment and have it returned to you polished and ready to impress is an absolute necessity. With Internet proofreading, all your copyediting can be handled quickly and professionally.

    “In the advertising/copywriting business, I always hear from customers who are in a hurry for copyediting. It’s such a blessing to know that BusinessProofreading.com is available to help me out in a pinch. The convenience factor of being able to email or fax a project to Cathy and have it returned in just a short while is a real lifesaver!”

    Internet Proofreading Is Fast

    I constantly hear my clients’ kind words about quick turnaround. Internet proofreading, in and of itself, speeds up the process. And I always strive to meet your deadlines even if you have a rush job.

    “Cathy Kessler has proven time and again to be a valuable asset in enhancing the effectiveness of many of my different types of written communications. I know that when I send something to Cathy for copyediting, not only will it be returned to me in a prompt manner, but also the document will be grammatically correct. Cathy’s helpful insights in the area of business proofreading have enabled me to clearly state what I want the reader to know, while doing it in a very straightforward, professional manner. I would highly recommend Cathy to anyone who understands the value of the well-edited written word.”

    Internet Proofreading Is Accurate

    Most of my clients rave about the accuracy of Internet proofreading. Because the copyediting is done in digital format, the results are more reliable than marking the changes on paper and then having to make adjustments on your document later. If you’d like to see the changes I’ve made while copyediting, just ask, and I’ll gladly mark them for you.

    “It’s really hard to find your own mistakes, especially when you know how text/copy should read. I always run all my projects past Cathy’s meticulous eyes before releasing a project to press or production. On more than one occasion, she has found typos or grammatical errors that would have cost me money and aggravation to reprint, not to mention client dissatisfaction as a result, I’ve never had to reprint a project. I would highly recommend Cathy’s copyediting and proofreading services to anyone who writes or uses text/copy of any kind. She’s the best!!”

    Galway Bay Hotel (Galway) – Hotel reviews, photos, rates #joliet #area #community

    #galway bay hotel


    Galway Bay Hotel, Galway

    Bar / Lounge Business Centre with Internet Access Fitness Centre with Gym / Workout Room Free High Speed Internet ( WiFi ) Free Parking Children Activities (Kid / Family Friendly) Restaurant Room Service Spa Suites Swimming Pool Wheelchair access

    #2 Spa Hotel in Galway #2 Business Hotel in Galway #3 Family Hotel in Galway #6 Romantic Hotel in Galway

    Official Description (provided by the hotel)

    Voted as one of Europe’s Top 20 Resorts by the prestigious travel magazine Conde Nast, the Galway Bay Hotel is situated in Salthill overlooking breath-taking views of the famous Galway Bay and Clare Hills. The hotel is only 5 minutes from Galway City and is within easy access to Connemara and the Wild Atlantic Way route. Facilities include fully equipped gymnasium, pool, steam room and sauna. The Lobster Pot Restaurant offers modern style cuisine with fresh fish and lobster from the tank. ‘An Scadan Caoc’ Bar has an informal dining experience with live music at the weekends. Complimentary broadband access in all guest bedrooms and conference suites is available also. The hotel provides an array of complimentary activities to all guests including; Wine Tasting, Ballroom Dancing, Beauty Demonstrations and more. During school holidays the Galway Bay Hotel offers family packages that include kids camp and family activities. more less

    Additional Information about Galway Bay Hotel

    Address: The Promenade. Galway, Ireland

    Region: Ireland Western Ireland Province of Connacht County Galway Galway

    Bar / Lounge Business Centre with Internet Access Fitness Centre with Gym / Workout Room Free High Speed Internet ( WiFi ) Free Parking Children Activities (Kid / Family Friendly) Restaurant Room Service Spa Suites Swimming Pool Wheelchair access

    Price Range: ₹ 7,187 – ₹ 18,299 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

    Number of rooms: 153

    Reservation Options: TripAdvisor is proud to partner with Hotels.com so you can book your Galway Bay Hotel reservations with confidence. We help millions of travellers each month to find the perfect hotel for both holiday and business trips, always with the best discounts and special offers.

    Is This Your TripAdvisor Listing?

    Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

    Life Insurance – State Farm #life #insurance #rates,life #insurance,life #insurance #quotes


    Life Insurance Coverage, Rates and Quotes

    State Farm Life Insurance Company or State Farm Life and Accident Assurance Company (Licensed in New York and Wisconsin) can help you find coverage that’s right for you and your loved ones. Our life planning videos and calculator can help you understand your options, and figure out how much and what kind is right for you, before getting your life insurance quote.

    Get a Life Quote

    Learn About Life Insurance

    What is life Insurance? What are Living Benefits? Watch and learn all the ways life insurance from State Farm �can help you protect what matters most now and in the years to come.

    Agent Ashley Deadwyler-Jones talks about life insurance and some of the great things it can do for you.

    How much life insurance? What kind? Agent Gregory Daniels talks about a simple way to find what’s right for you.

    When it comes to life insurance, a good neighbor can make all the difference. Agent Manny Viadero shares why and more.

    How can Living Benefits of permanent life insurance help parents make sure their kids get the education they deserve? Agent Ashley Deadwyler-Jones explains.

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    First World Hotel Genting Highlands (Pahang) – Reviews and Rates #hotel #deal

    #first world hotel


    First World Hotel Genting Highlands

    First World Hotel

    A travel blog entry by chaitu1july on May 01, 2015

    This was actually a family trip from Kuala Lumpur. My family was so happy when we reached Genting highlands and particularly the first world hotel. We got connecting rooms with a great view of the mountains. First time, we were staying above the clouds. Though finding vegetarian food for my family was challenging, we somehow overcame the challenge

    Forgot to say yesterday how many steps we have to walk up, down, up. down everyday we stay here at Rainforest B B. 65 in total. If our backsides are not as tight as a fishes you know what after our stay here I will go HE. I have uploaded a video for you to experience the ‘downward’ climb and the only reason I did not show the upward climb.

    Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia amazingone

    After the Phillipines adventure, we had planned to head to Thailand with a quick stop over in Kuala Lumpur. However, we changed our plans a bit as I decided to head back to the UK for a visit to my gran who is poorly and Craig decided to stay in Asia and embark on an adventure.

    Therefore, we spent three nights in KL before heading our.

    Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia natandcraig

    Traveler Photos First World Hotel Genting Highlands

    Goa Hotels – Compare Rates for Hotels in Goa – Instant Bookings

    #hotels in goa


    Best Goa Hotels offers Hotels in Goa near beach. 4 Star Hotels in Goa. Goa Honeymoon Packages

    Holiday Deals in Goa with Best Goa Hotels

    Goa holidays are one of the best travel options whether you are looking for a budget or luxury beach holiday, a honeymoon package or a family beach holiday, a corporate event or a lavish wedding. At Best Goa Hotels, you can be assured of getting the best and cheap hotel deals.

    Goa offers an ideal mix of sun, sand and relaxation. But there’s much more to Goa than just beaches and beer. You can let yourself lose in the lap of lush natural beauty of the Goan countryside, explore spice plantations, go fishing, visit ancient churches and embark on adventure trips at Goa’s various Wildlife National Parks and Sanctuaries. At Best Goa Hotels, we have tied up with numerous Goa hotels and resorts to offer you all possible options and thus help you experience the best Goa holidays. Choose from our best hotel deals for luxury Goa hotels. budget Goa hotels. 5 Star Goa hotels. resorts and cottages in Goa. Holiday packages are available for most of the hotels.

    The best season to visit Goa is from October to March, which is also called the peak season. The rest of the year is calm and quiet since most holiday makers visit colder regions of India. This means that you can get cheap Goa hotel deals during this time and discover the natural beauty of Goa undisturbed. At Best Goa Hotels, you can make your Goa holiday bookings online through a simple process by making online payment. If you are looking for Cheap Goa holidays, try the budget hotels. If you are planning luxury holidays in Goa, try the 5 Star Goa hotels category. We also have packages for various beachside villas, cottages and huts.

    Goa is a place that offers you warm sunny beaches for fun, relaxation and enjoyment. With Best Goa Hotels, you can be assured that your Goa holidays will be memorable and fun. With our online reservation system, Goa hotel booking is absolutely safe and simple. Most Goa hotels offer holiday packages with attractive inclusions. Best Goa Hotels offers you accommodation at unbeatable prices as well as 5 Star comforts like no other online Goa hotel booking website.

    About Best Goa Hotels

    Best Goa Hotels is a Goa Hotels Booking & reservation website that offers you hundreds of hotels in Goa at the best prices. At present, we are the only exclusive Goa hotels booking website that let you book your accommodation online. (Exclusive Goa hotels booking websites are those that offer booking only for Goa.) If you face any issue during your Goa stay, please report the issue to us immediately. We investigate and reply to all queries and complaints concerning your Goa travel. In case you are facing any problems using this website, please use our feedback form (also given below). We strive to offer the best services!

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    When Can You Claim a Tax Deduction for Health Insurance? #tax, #taxes,


    When Can You Claim a Tax Deduction for Health Insurance?

    Each year, June 28 marks National Insurance Awareness Day, serving as a reminder that it’s a good time to review your insurance coverage and ensure that it still fits your needs.

    This is particularly true for health insurance and making sure you have the right amount of coverage at an affordable cost.

    Health insurance can be expensive, so being able to claim a tax deduction for some of your insurance costs can help you save come tax time.

    Since there are specific rules and qualifications you must follow, here’s an overview of when you can and cannot claim a tax deduction on your health insurance.

    When health insurance is not tax-deductible

    If you didn’t pay for health insurance, you can’t take a tax deduction for it. If your employer pays your health insurance premiums, you can’t deduct those costs. However, if an employer only pays for part of your premiums, you still may be able to claim a tax deduction for the portion you paid.

    If you received a subsidy or premium tax credit to purchase an insurance plan in the Health Insurance Marketplace through the Affordable Care Act, any advanced-payment subsidy that lowered the cost of your health insurance premiums cannot be claimed as a tax deduction. However, the money you paid out of your own pocket for your premiums might be tax deductible.

    You can’t take a deduction for health insurance you paid for with pre-tax money. If you have insurance through your employer, the premiums you pay are usually taken out of your paycheck before your income taxes are calculated. Since these premiums are paid with pre-tax dollars, they’re already income-tax-free, meaning you can’t claim them as a tax deduction.

    Also note, you can not deduct health insurance unless you itemize your tax deductions or you are self-employed. You don t need to know if you qualify for itemized tax deductions, TurboTax will figure it out for you.

    When health insurance is tax-deductible

    If you’re self-employed, your health insurance premiums may be tax deductible. If you’re self-employed and not eligible for an employer-sponsored health plan through a spouse’s job, you may be eligible to write-off your health insurance premiums on your taxes. However, you can’t write off more in health insurance premiums than you earned.

    Health insurance premiums paid with your own after-tax dollars are tax deductible. For example, if you purchased health insurance on your own through a health insurance exchange or directly from an insurance company, the money you paid toward your monthly premiums can be taken as a tax deduction.

    Some Medicare plans are tax deductible. This includes Medicare Part B and Part D prescription coverage.

    There are limits to the amount of your health insurance you can deduct. If you are able to write-off your health insurance, there are limits to how much of your premiums you can write off.

    If you’re able to claim your health insurance as a medical expense deduction. you can only deduct medical expenses that exceed 10% of your adjusted gross income (7.5% if you’re 65 or older). If you’re self-employed and claimed the self-employed health insurance deduction, you don’t have to exceed the 10% threshold because you’re writing the premiums off as an adjustment to your self-employment income rather than as a tax deduction deduction.

    As with all tax laws, TurboTax is up-to-date with the latest tax law changes. If you have more questions about the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts you and your taxes, you can get answers from TurboTax Health .

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    What Is The Average Car Insurance Price In Illinois? #car #insurance #rates


    Illinois is a state of great diversity, from the booming metropolis of Chicago to the far-reaching fields of the southern part of the state. Rural, urban, and everything in between co-exist peacefully in Illinois, and the residents of the state are proud of this fact.

    However, when it comes to car insurance, where you live can be a major factor in how much you pay, so residents of some parts of Illinois pay far more than others for their automobile insurance.

    The average automobile insurance cost for the state of Illinois is $1,047, well below the national average of $1,671. Even Chicago enjoys lower insurance premiums than the national average; Chicago citizens pay an average of $1,290 for yearly car insurance renewals.

    Other cities in Illinois reflect the lower-priced trend of automobile insurance across the state: Rockford averages $1,007 per year; Aurora averages $1,178 per year; Peoria averages $994 per year, or close to half the national average; Joliet averages $1,132 per year; and Springfield averages $1,017 per year.

    Clearly, rural areas in Illinois have lower average automobile insurance premium rates for all drivers, but the whole of the state is still well below the national average.

    It is helpful to remember when comparing automobile insurance averages that these figures are derived from all types of drivers and vehicles. Individual characteristics play a far greater role than simple location in determining automobile insurance premium prices, and age, gender, and driving record may skew averages tremendously.

    A young man living in Chicago who has several speeding violations and is driving a sports car, for example, will obviously pay much more for insurance than a middle-aged married woman in Chicago driving a sedan with a clean driving record. However, averages are useful as a “pulse point” for comparing rates in various locations throughout the United States.

    The young man in Chicago with a sports car will still pay less than a young man in California with the same car, because California’s average insurance premiums are much higher than those found in Illinois.

    Illinois is a tort-liability state, and requires a minimum of $20,000 per individual and $40,000 per accident in liability coverage for every driver. Illinois law also requires proper damage liability coverage in a minimum amount of $15,000, and uninsured motorist coverage with limits the same as those for liability.

    If a driver chooses higher liability limits or adds comprehensive and collision coverage, his or her premiums will naturally be higher than those of drivers with minimum coverage. The deductible amounts for each policy can be adjusted to bring insurance costs down, as well.

    When you buy your Illinois automobile insurance will also have an effect on premium price. For example, prices tend to be lowest in March and rise slowly through May in time for the “summer peak” when more people are on the roads and accident rates are higher.

    Similarly, October through December sees a reduction in price, but in January, when ice and snow are common road hazards, prices rise once again then drop in time for spring. The lowest-priced months in which to purchase car insurance were March at an average of $984 statewide, June at an average of $974, and December at an average of $972, according to data from the past year.

    The highest-priced months for the past year were May at an average of $1,089, September at an average of $1,066, and January at an average of $1,094.

    You can always find the lowest prices for Illinois car insurance by entering your ZIP code on our website and beginning the process of a free online quote comparison from major insurance companies.