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Why Expert Dry?

  • 16 Years Experience in Multi-owner, High-rise Commercial Properties
  • Familiar with Condominium Associations
  • IICRC Master Restorer on Every Project
  • Licensed Florida Mold Acessor and Mold Remediator
  • Gulf Coast Hospital Engineers Association Member
  • Baldwin County Homebuilders Association
  • Baldwin County Realtor’s Association

Expert Dry: We Dry Wet Buildings

Expert Dry, specializing in water damage restoration, mold remediation and indoor environmental consulting, is the leader along the Gulf Coast in drying out wet buildings. Our remediation and restoration specialists provide essential services, including the following:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation
  • Indoor Environmental Consulting

Concentrating on commercial, residential and vacation rental condominiums, we are your source to call along the Northwest Florida and South Alabama coastlines for any and all water damage problems.

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Bikini Laser Hair Removal Costs #bikini #laser #hair #removal, #bikini #laser #hair #removal #cost, #prices, #pubic #hair #removal #cost, #bikini #line #hair #removal, #laser #treatment


Bikini Laser Hair Removal Costs

For many individuals, the idea of permanently removing unwanted hair from their bodies is an extremely attractive option. The idea of never shaving, or plucking, or waxing certainly sounds ideal, particularly in sensitive areas like the bikini line. But some shy away from bikini line laser hair removal because they view it as too expensive, and they don’t really take the time to take a good look at the numbers. So, how much does bikini laser hair removal cost really?

There are many factors that influence the price of bikini hair removal. The average cost varies drastically across the country, with the average price for a single treatment in the Midwest ranging from $200-300, while, unsurprisingly, Southern states with year-round warm temperatures, will cost you more—about $500 per session. The average cost of a single bikini hair removal laser treatment in the U.S. is around $400. Laser bikini hair removal typically requires only three to six treatments.

Of course, region isn’t the only factor impacting the varied pricing of bikini hair removal. Fees among medical professionals vary, even within regions. Those with more years of experience will naturally charge more than those with fewer. The number of treatments included in a package will affect the per-session cost, and there are different types of laser treatment that can be performed, each varying in price.

Let’s take the average cost of a single treatment and do a little number crunching. Most people need three to six treatments for the best results. Let’s say you need six, so this would run, on average, about $2400 total. Now, if you’re a waxer, you know that if you want a Brazilian, it will run you about $100 a wax, and if you strictly want the bikini line, it will cost around $40. Typically, you’ll need to wax every three weeks, which will cost $680/year for the simplest bikini wax. So, three and a half years of waxing is equivalent to the price of permanent hair removal.

If you shave, you spend about $70-100 per year on razors and shaving creams. On the conservative side, 34 years of shaving costs the same as six treatments to permanently remove your hair with laser treatments, on average. Even more importantly, that’s 34 years of cuts, razor burn discomfort, redness and bumps, for a total of about 3 hours in the doctor’s office.

For a perfectly smooth bikini line, with no irritation between shavings or waxings, laser hair removal is really an excellent option. Ultimately, it is both more affordable and more convenient than other available options. If you’re interested in bikini hair removal, schedule a consultation with a licensed laser treatment provider today. It is extremely important to find a professional with experience and skill, so always be sure that you’re not sacrificing quality to save a little extra cash. For a list of trusted providers in your area, visit our hair removal clinic directory. Your medical professional will be able to help you decide whether bikini laser hair removal is the best option for you, and can discuss payment plan options if available.

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Birthmark Removal – Irvine, Ca #irvine #laser #hair #removal



Types of Birthmarks

Nearly everyone has a pigmented spot on their body or face that is present from birth. They can range from barely noticeable to disfiguring, and can cause a person to feel shy or self-conscious. In addition, some birthmarks can be linked to more serious medical conditions. Our board certified dermatology practice located in Irvine, California, offers leading edge birthmark treatment and birthmark removal services.

There are two main categories of birthmarks. The first is a vascular birthmark. These red marks are caused by a malformation of blood vessels and appear when the underlying blood vessels are either too wide or too numerous. They have several different visual characteristics.

Vascular birthmarks

Macular stains are faint red or pink marks most often found on the back of the neck, eyelids or forehead and generally fade in early childhood, although they sometimes remain visible into adulthood. These marks are harmless and require no birthmark treatment.

Hemangiomas can occur above the skin (superficial) or below the skin’s surface (deep). Superficial hemangiomas are usually raised and bright red in color because of the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin, while deep hemangiomas may have a bluish color due to the blood vessels in the skin’s deeper layers. Dermatologists frequently treat hemangiomas with corticosteroid injections. Lasers can be also an effective treatment for hemangioma birthmark treatment and birthmark removal.

Port-wine stain s are magenta-colored stains that usually appear on the face, neck, arms or legs. These can be any size, but tend to grow in proportion to body size and can become darker, thicker, and take on a pebbly texture in adulthood. Port-wine stains never disappear on their own and are sometimes associated with glaucoma and/or seizures when located on the forehead, eyelids or both sides of the face. New types of vascular laser birthmark treatments are showing promising results in treating port-wine stains. This outpatient treatment is FDA-approved and is available at our office in Orange County.

Nevus of Ota is a blue-black stain similar to port-wine stains. This type of mark is usually present at birth, although it sometimes develops during puberty, and occurs mainly in persons of Asian especially Japanese descent. Like port-wine stains, this type of lesion can be associated with disorders of the eye. Alexandrite laser birthmark treatment of Nevus of Ota can result in dramatically reduced coloration or complete birthmark removal in 90-100% of cases according to researchers at Vancouver General Hospital in British Columbia.

Pigmented birthmarks

The second category of birthmarks are pigmented birthmarks, which are caused by an excess of melanin. the substance that determines skin color. There are several different types as well.

Café au lait spots are light- to dark-brown spots that can appear anywhere on the body and sometimes multiply with age. More than one spot larger than a quarter can be a sign of a more serious medical condition and should be evaluated by a board certified dermatologist.

Mongolian spots are usually present on darker-skinned children of Asian, American Indian, African, Hispanic or Southern European descent. These blue/black marks on the lower back and buttocks usually fade by school age.

Moles can be present at birth (congenital nevus), or can appear throughout a person’s life, and can be black, brown or tan, raised or flat, and sometimes have hair growing from them. Exceptionally large congenital nevus, and, to a lesser degree, smaller moles, can be at greater risk for melanoma later in life and should be monitored by a doctor through yearly skin checks.

Removing and lightening birthmarks

People who feel that their birthmark may cause health problems, or people who suffer from low self-esteem because of their lesions, can benefit greatly from birthmark treatment or birthmark removal .
Methods for birthmark treatment and birthmark removal depend on size, type, location and other factors. Our dermatology office in Irvine, California offers the latest in laser treatments for birthmark treatment and birthmark removal .

The Alexandrite Laser. also known as the AlexLAZR, uses a special wavelength that maximizes the laser’s penetration, providing optimal results in birthmark removal on both surface and deep skin pigmentations. The AlexLAZR by Candela Laser is a specialty laser used to remove a variety of pigments in the skin, whether naturally-occurring or implanted into the skin by tattooing. This laser targets and removes:

  • black, blue, and green and other tattoo colors
  • brown and dark-colored naturally produced pigmented lesions
  • congenital bluish or black birthmarks

Photo Source Candela Laser

The AlexLAZR s (alexandrite laser) special wavelength maximizes beam penetration providing optimal results in the reduction and removal of surface pigmentation as well as deeper pigmented lesions like Nevus of Ota. A gentle laser, the AlexLAZR does not cause hot spots common with other lasers. This minimizes discomfort and adverse effects while reducing the chance of skin texture changes and risk of tissue damage such as bruising.

Asian and ethnic skin treatment

Asian skin is highly sensitive to heat and often hyper-pigmentation can result from improperly chosen devices and poor administration of laser treatment. Various specialized lasers such as the AlexLAZR now offer desirable treatment outcomes to ethnic skin types without the risks associated with other general laser devices. Laser technology is specific in its ability to treat various problems.

Importance of laser selection

The AlexLAZR is an especially welcome addition to the laser family that solves very specific skin pigmentation problems in a safe and desirable way. Although many lasers have multiple uses, no single laser can effectively or safely treat every skin concern. It is useful, if not crucial, for patients to know and understand this concept and carefully select a physician who uses specific lasers for specific problems. Used improperly or by a poorly skilled technician, laser treatment can result in poor results, unnecessary discomfort, increased pigmentation or even scarring.

Dr. Pilest is a frequent educator of other physicians in the use of specialized lasers and is sought after by a number of the leading laser device manufacturers to provide proper educational instruction. Knowledge and experience play a vital role in the outcome of any dermatological procedure.

The Vbeam Laser emits an intense, but gentle, burst of light that destroys the blood vessels of your vascular birthmark without harming the surrounding skin. The Vbeam has proven to be an effective birthmark treatment for both hemangiomas and port-wine stains.

Photos Courtesy Fine Lines Cosmetic Center Photo source Candela Laser

For more information on birthmark treatment and birthmark removal call or come in for a consultation today. We do not currently treat infants or children, but will gladly refer you to a reputable pediatric clinic.

Total Dermatology 2017 | 16100 Sand Canyon Avenue Suite 190 Irvine, CA 92618

Nissan Pilest, MD, is a board-certified dermatologist offering complete cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments in Irvine. The practice provides services to patients in all of Orange County, including Lake Forest, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, and Newport Beach. Specialties include BOTOX® Cosmetic, Acne Scar Treatments. Body Contouring, Skin Discoloration and wrinkle treatments such as Juvederm®, Radiesse® and Restylane for Under Eye Hollows.

Patient images are copyrighted, digitally watermarked and may only be used with prior written permission.

Disclaimer: Before and after photos on this website represent outcomes of individual patients. As each patient is unique, results may vary. Content is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered medical advice.

South Jersey Termite – Pest Control – AB-Con Exterminators #pest #control, #exterminator, #exterminators, #bug #removal, #termite #control, #termite #inspection, #termite #inspections, #contruction, #damage #repair, #structural #damage #repair, #termite #treatment, #termite #damage #repair


AB-Con Termite Pest Control of South Jersey

Serving Camden County. Burlington County and Gloucester County in South Jersey, we specialize in Hard to Solve Problems for Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers and Real Estate transactions .

Our fully trained, experienced and certified staff is committed to providing you with prompt, professional and efficient service at an affordable cost to protect your most valuable investment – your home or business and give you peace of mind.

We provide Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Pre-Purchase property inspections to protect our customer’s Real Estate investments can handle even the most complex structural damage repairs. We pride our excellence on our experienced Inspectors. Inspectors are full-time, credentialed, licensedspecialists who provide home buyers with the security of an inspection service for which they can rely.

Our team of experienced trades’ people can assess damage due to wood destroying insects and perform the repairs in a timely cost-efficient manner. This is important because it means you only deal with one company.

AB-Con Termite and Pest Control – the right choice for you — “Professional People. Positive Solutions”

  • Free Estimates
  • Advanced Technical Methods of Applying Chemicals
  • Prompt, Professional Service
  • Guaranteed Results
  • FHA, VA Conventional Certifications
  • Senior Citizen and Veteran’s Discounts
  • Fully Licensed and Insured

Serving Camden, Burlington. and Gloucester Counties in South Jersey. we also provide One Year Renewable Termite Warranties, Necessary WDI Treatments and Structural Repairs Due to WDI Damage.

We look forward to working with you!

5 Best Mold Removal & Remediation Pros – Baltimore MD #mold #removal #baltimore


Mold Removal Services in Baltimore, MD

Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold
Glen Burnie, MD

i had MJ home service come out to my house for mold restoration in my basement. It was such a blessing to have them come do the work on my house they were super friendly and did amazing work. Mj home service made sure all of the mold was taken care of an that everything was treated. i would recommend this company to anyone. thank you Melissa John and Dale.

Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold
Baltimore, MD

These guys did the job just like they promised.I thought this was unbelievable truly from my experience with some other contractors I have had experience with.

Things to Consider Before You Hire a Mold Abatement Company:

  • Is this an emergency?
  • Has the property been tested for mold?
  • Select the reason(s) for removing the mold:

    Just want it removed
    Purchasing property
    Cold, allergy or asthma symptoms
    Selling a property
    Evidence of water / dampness

  • Where is the mold located?

    Interior walls or ceiling
    Basement or crawl space
    Ducts and/or heating & air system
    Don’t know

    Ideas Inspiration from Baltimore Mold & Asbestos Companies

    Construction of one of many Custom Modular Homes.

    A great aspect to building a custom home is the homeowner’s ability to really make it their own by customizing every.

Tattoo Removal Training #best #tattoo #removal #nyc


Just Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal Training Course

Our laser tattoo removal training course provides comprehensive classroom/didactic education, clinical observations, and hands-on tattoo removal training within our luxury medical spa where students will be treating actual clients. This course is ideal for those who want to specialize in laser tattoo removal treatments. Students will have opportunities to work on multiple different clients and tattoo types in order to practice safe and effective cosmetic laser techniques. The technology we use is most effective and includes all three wavelengths (1064/755/532) to address all colors. Although most tattoo devices do not include all three wavelengths, knowing the different types is key to success.

Laser tattoo removal works by using cosmetic laser technology directed at the tattoo’s ink. The light and energy break the tattoo down into microscopic pigments that are then flushed out through the body’s lymphatic system. Students who attend our laser tattoo removal training course will learn laser safety involved with laser tattoo removal as well as proper protocols, conducting client consultations, and tattoo removal techniques. This tattoo removal course is taught by leading laser experts who have been in this industry for years.

Why Laser Tattoo Removal?

The laser tattoo removal marketplace is booming! According to The Patient’s Guide, tattoo removal increased 32% in the last year. Laser tattoo removal is a series treatment, meaning clients will need more than 1 treatment to see results. Because of this, the average revenue for a laser tattoo removal client is roughly $1,400. It only takes an average of 5 minutes to perform a laser tattoo removal treatment, which means tattoo removal could earn you nice financial profits. In fact, The Huffington Post wrote that laser tattoo removal may be a bigger business than actual tattooing.


You can expect to learn the following in this custom laser tattoo removal training course :

• Tissue interaction
• Wavelengths and laser selection
• Pre and post procedural care
• Treatment contraindications
• Treatment plans and tattoo types
• Clinical observations on real clients
• Hands-on training with real tattoo clients
• Exposure to different skin and tattoo types
• Clinical experience within a retail medical spa environment

Career Advancement

If your business objective is to pursue a niche career in laser tattoo removal, then National Laser Institute is the school for you. Attendees who have received laser tattoo removal training from us have gone on to work in laser clinics, medical spas, tattoo shops, and have even opened up their own business. With cosmetic laser technology, anything is possible.

Laser Training Testimonials

I have been working as a laser technician out in Reno, Nevada. I do everything from tattoo removal to laser hair removal. I have been very successful and love working with lasers. I learned so much by coming to your school. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I had the best experience and I tell everyone that wants to get in this field to go to National Laser Institute. All of your staff were so great and so smart. They really do an amazing job. You really do have a wonderful program and it is a dream of mine to teach some day. Thank you so much!
Brooke Daisley

I have been hired as a laser technician in a large medical spa in Anchorage, Alaska doing laser hair removal and tattoo removal. Without the great education and support I received I know I would not have found such a great job! I highly recommend NLI to anyone interested in the field of lasers and feel strongly that my money was well spent!
Mary Ellen Genstler BBA, CLT, LMT, Esthetician

National Laser Institute went beyond my expectations for the laser tattoo removal course. The instructors were simply amazing. Shelley Cook helped me learn the ins and outs of laser tattoo removal. I was surprised at how much practical experience time I received and the variety of different clients that I worked on was great. I can’t imagine going anywhere else to learn laser tattoo removal. Thanks, National Laser Institute!
Edwin Miller

View hundreds more testimonials here!

All General Courses at NLI

National Laser Institute is the leading cosmetic laser school in the nation. We have been providing training to attendees for over a decade. Our courses are led by expert medical professionals and laser technicians in the field. Upon course completion, we give our graduates access to our online medical aesthetics library. which holds thousands of pages of resources like clinical studies, marketing materials, videos, and much more. Our Graduate Services Department also sends out between 200-500 job leads from all across the country each month.

Classes are offered every month, click to view the schedule .

For more details on our laser tattoo removal training course, please give us a call at 1-800-982-6817 or fill out our form on the bottom .


Office Cleaning NJ, House Cleaning New Jersey, Janitorial Services, Mold Removal #house #cleaning #new #jersey, #housecleaning #services #nj, #professional #office #cleaning #services, #janitorial #service, #residential #cleaning, #commercial #cleaning, #building #maintenance, #mold #remediation, #odor #removal, #deodorization, #industrial #cleanup #services, #repetitive #one #time #cleaning, #heavy #duty #cleaning, #health #hazard #cleanup, #janitor #cleaning #services, #office #maintenance, #flood #damage, #disaster #cleaning, #allergen #removal, #pet #dander


Professional Janitorial, Commercial, Industrial Cleaning Services
Residential Cleanup – Heavy Detailed House Home Cleaning
Certified Mold Remediation Removal Of All Health Hazards
Eight Diverse Service Divisions Serve NJ, NY, PA

Call 732-225-0662 Now For A Free Cleaning Quote

Gerrus Maintenance, Inc. and its eight service divisions are the best providers of professional cleaning services and complete building cleaning services in New Jersey and nearby areas of Staten Island NY and Northeastern Pennsylvania. We offer a full range of janitorial. health hazard removal. sanitizing. certified mold remediation and certified microbial remediation services from customized office building cleaning contracts, to specialty industrial cleaning and maintenance, to heavy-duty residential projects. When you need one-time or repetitive commercial cleaning services. or our heavy duty residential cleanups, our quality-controlled staff, supervised and managed by professional chemical engineers, provides extraordinary detail. Green maintenance supplies are always available. Our US EPA Certification number is NAT-43984-1. Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete scheduled janitorial programs or one-time service calls for any building. We clean carpets, floors, windows, walls, and everything in between. Comprehensive, flexible, professionally trained staff. Fully insured and bonded. Sanitary and maintenance supplies. Optional “green” products. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.

Complete cleaning and sanitizing services from floors to ceilings and everything in between, including basement cleaning. attic cleanup and garage clean out. We perform heavy-duty, move-in, move-out, pre-sale, and post-construction cleanups. Throw-outs with dumpster service. Health hazard cleaning and odor control. ACAC-certified microbial and mold removal and retardation. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. Disaster and emergency services. Specialized teams for compulsive hoarding cleanup, sanitizing and deodorization. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete cleaning services from floors to ceilings and everything in between. We perform heavy-duty, move-in, move-out, pre-sale, and post-construction cleanups. Throw-outs with dumpster service. Health hazard cleaning and odor control. ACAC-certified microbial and mold removal and retardation. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. Complete fog and contact sanitizing. Disaster control and comprehensive emergency services are available. Call us for experienced, sensitive hoarding syndrome cleaning, senile squalor cleanup, OCD cleaning assistance, and pet or other animal hoarding sanitation problems. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Complete industrial and warehouse cleaning for buildings and their contents. We utilize specialized equipment and proprietary techniques to provide clean room sanitizing, HEPA vacuuming, steam cleaning, high pressure washing, solvent degreasing, and other state-of-the-art cleanups. Engineer on staff. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.

Sewage, flood and water damage disinfecting, deodorizing and drying. Fire, soot and smoke cleaning and odor neutralization. Heavy duty, health hazard and total premises cleaning. IICRC-certified water damage remediation and drying. ACAC-certified microbial and mold cleaning and remediation. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Safe indoor allergen neutralization and removal. The staff of Gerrus Maintenance Inc. is managed by an experienced chemical engineer. We will treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate house allergens and other biological pollutants. Our experts employ modern technology to accomplish the task and improve indoor air quality at your home or business. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Safe odor neutralization and microbial decontamination services at home or work. Our chemical engineer managed staff will treat, remove, remediate and encapsulate odor, chemical and biological pollutants at your home or business. We are experienced certified mold and microbial remediators. We will eliminate a bad smell at the source using modern bio and physical remediation technologies, such as HEPA air scrubbing, allergen neutralization, contact and fog disinfecting, enzymatic digestion, chemical oxidation, and decontamination washing. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Floor cleaning and sealing services. We apply hardeners, densifiers, dust-proofers, penetrating sealants, and coatings. Resurfacing and repairs. Contract or one-time auto-scrubbing or sweeping services. EPA Certification # NAT-43984-1.Florida Mold Remediation License (MRSR1121, FL). NJ HIC #13VH07561200.

Click Here to read our Healthy Cleaning Blog .

Complete Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, House Cleaning, Building Cleaning, Business Cleaning Services, Building Maintenance & Remediation by a Chemical Engineer Managed Staff – The Best In New Jersey Since 1974.

Call today for more information! For emergency service, call 24x7x365

Protected trees #durham #tree #removal


Durham County Council

Protected trees

Trees are an important part of our heritage and environment. In England, Local Planning Authorities have the power to protect important trees by making a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Trees are also protected if they are in a conservation area.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and trees in conservation areas

A TPO is a legal document made, administered and enforced by us as the local planning authority. It protects specified trees and woodlands, and prevents cutting down, uprooting, topping, lopping, wilful damage or destruction of trees (including cutting roots) without our permission.

A TPO can protect anything from a single tree to all trees within a defined group or woodland. There are currently around 700 TPO s in County Durham.

Tree preservation orders on a map

The Tree Preservation Order data shown on the map, while based upon our register, is not the legal document and is supplied for information purposes only. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the data, Tree Preservation Orders are subject to change and amendment and we will not accept any liability sustained as a result of reliance on this data.

There are 93 conservation areas within towns and villages in County Durham – find out if a tree is within a Conservation areas .

Getting permission to prune/remove a protected tree

If you intend to carry out any work to protected trees, you must apply for consent from us first. If you do not own the tree you must also obtain the owner’s permission before carrying out the work.

You may also need to submit supporting technical information if the reason for your application relates to the condition of the tree – for example due to the presence of pests, diseases, fungi, or structural defects affecting the safety of the tree. Written evidence from an appropriate arboricultural professional may be required to support your application. The Arboricultural Association has a list of arboriculturalists who are members. If the reason for your application relates to suspected structural damage caused by the tree, please submit a report from a structural engineer/surveyor together with technical advice to support your application.

Consent is not required where the tree is dead or dangerous, but we should be given five working days notice before any works are carried out, unless works are urgently necessary to remove an immediate risk of serious harm. In this case you should notify us as soon as practicable after the works become necessary.

Work on trees with in a Conservation Area

If a tree has a stem diameter greater than 75mm (3 ) measured 1.5m from the ground level, you are required to give us six weeks notice of any tree works that you are proposing. This enables us to assess the proposed works and if necessary serve a TPO. If no decision is received within six weeks then consent is gained by default. Please notify us by using the standard ‘Tree Works’ application form.


Please contact us by using the standard application form, available from the Planning Portal or by downloading a planning application form from Planning Portal: planning application forms. If sending your application by post, please send it to our Local Area Planning Office and not to our Tree Officers. Please note: Any application not made on the standard form, is incomplete, or fails to include the required information will be invalid.

Our decision

Once an application has been submitted, we may either grant or withhold consent for work on a tree with a TPO or we may give a conditional consent. Permission to fell a preserved tree usually carries a condition to plant a replacement, which will automatically become the subject of the TPO.

You have a right of appeal (see for Planning Portal: Tree Preservation and Replacement Appeals details) both against the making of a TPO or any refusal of consent to do work to the tree.

Removing a protected tree without permission

If you carry out work on a protected tree without our consent, this may result in a criminal prosecution and a fine of up to £20,000.

Further information

If you would like further information about protected trees, please read Protected Trees – A guide to Tree Preservation Procedures (PDF, 57kb). It is written for the benefit of tree owners, the general public and amenity groups and answers some of the most common questions about tree preservation procedures.

Other protection of trees

In addition to TPOs and conservation areas, there are various other factors which may constrain work to trees. These include:

  • Felling – a felling licence from the Forestry Commission may be required if you wish to fell more than five cubic metres of timber per calendar quarter. For further information, see Tree Felling – getting permission (PDF, 211kb) by the Forestry Commission.
  • Many wildlife habitats are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the Countryside and Rights of Way Act making it an offence to kill, injure or take wild birds, their young, their eggs or nests. Non-urgent major tree work involving tree removal/reduction and hedge cutting operations should not normally be undertaken during the bird nesting/breeding season, which is considered to be from 1 March to 31 July.
  • Bats are European Protected Species and are protected by the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2010 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended). It is an offence to kill, injure, or take, any bat. It is also an offence to interfere with places used by bats for shelter or protection, or to intentionally disturb bats occupying such places. The presence of bats or bat roosts is not always obvious and it is recommended that you consult a qualified bat surveyor. The Forestry Commission website contains more details and guidance.
  • Where planning permission has been granted, trees may be protected as a condition of that permission. Any works to such trees will require consent from us and an application for a variation of the planning condition may be required.
  • Occasionally, restrictive covenants attached to the deeds for a property may restrict what work can be undertaken to trees.

Contact us

  • Customer Services
  • Telephone 03000 26 0000
  • Post Our address is:
    Durham County Council
    County Hall
    County Durham
    DH1 5UQ

Document downloads

Mold Removal Washington DC #mold #removal #washington #dc


Mold Removal


Do you believe you have a mold issue in Washington DC?

If you are concerned about mold growth in your home of building, call the experts at AdvantaClean of Capitol Riverfront to ensure your mold issue is properly addressed.

Our process, including third party clearance testing by an expert Mold Assessment Consultant ensure that your home or building is properly remediated.

Mold Inspection Washington DC

AdvantaClean of Capitol Riverfront is the leading provider of professional mold inspections in Washington DC. Our experienced mold specialists are highly trained to ensure our services for mold inspection in Washington DC. AdvantaClean of Capitol Riverfront’s experts follow to the latest industry standards, providing mold remediation in accordance with the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ), Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification ( IICRC ).

A mold inspection is the first step in the process of determining if you have a mold problem. During a mold inspection in Washington DC, AdvantaClean of Capitol Riverfront will inspect, sample and test the air in and around your home or commercial property for mold detection.

Our certified mold inspectors will use a variety of mold detection techniques to look for mold and mildew, identify the types of mold present and offer suggestions for cleaning mold or removing mildew.

A mold inspection is important to both the safety and health of a home or building and its occupants. Since mold removal in Washington DC can sometimes be costly, a professional mold inspection is highly recommended.

Mold licenses will be required by DC Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) starting next summer.

Do you need mold removal in Washington DC?

If you suspect a mold or mildew problem in your home or building, or can see mold growth on walls or ceilings, contact AdvantaClean for mold removal in Washington DC. Why? It’s always best not to try and clean mold or remove mildew yourself, but to have mold testing or a mold inspection performed by a certified mold remediation firm in Washington, DC.

AdvantaClean of Capitol Riverfront offers free consultations. Call us 24/7 and speak to our friendly office staff about your concerns because you will be glad you did!

Call AdvantaClean of Capitol Riverfront today at (202) 875-5633 to schedule your mold inspection or estimate!

Laser Hair Removal in Washington, DC at Cultura, learn laser hair removal.#Learn #laser #hair #removal


Laser Hair Removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Learn laser hair removal

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal at Cultura

  • Skin color
  • Hair color
  • Ethnicity
  • Tan level
  • Skin sensitivity
  • Hair diameter

As Dr. Battle continues training physicians nationally and internationally in the use of lasers for hair epilation, he ensures that the staff at Cultura remains current in the latest hair removal tools, techniques, and procedures.

Common Treatment Areas

Additional Benefits

What to Expect

Learn laser hair removal Learn laser hair removal

Treatment Protocol

Our Expertise Makes a Difference

Learn laser hair removal

If you are interested in financing your procedure, you can do so through our partner, CareCredit. Simply click the “Apply Now” button to apply right now. If you’d like to learn more about our general payment options, please click here.

Wildlife Animal Control – Pest Critter Removal #gopher #removal #methods


Wildlife Animal Control

My name is David, and I am a nuisance wildlife removal expert. This website is a resource to help educate people about wild animals, and some of the problems that wildlife can cause. This website contains many guides to help you solve your critter problem. I have also written several information articles about the most common nuisance wildlife species, just click your animal.

Wildlife removal is not easy. It is also fraught with health and safety risks. Most wildlife control situations are significantly more complex than they may seem. It is also illegal in most US states for non-licensed persons to trap or relocate wild animals. In, not all, but many cases, critter removal is not a do-it-yourself job.

HUMANE HINTS: Sometimes you don’t need to remove wildlife at all! When possible, use exclusion, rather than trapping, techniques. Always be aware that an animal in your attic likely has a nest of babies inside. NEVER attempt to poison a mammal. Set traps in shade, and never leave an animal in a trap for more than a few hours. If you are uneducated, please enlist the help of a professional.

If you wish to hire professional help, I have complied a directory of expert wildlife removal specialists, covering over 500 different US cities and towns. I have spent significant time talking to these companies, and have even directly trained many of them, and believe that the companies in this directory are superior to most of the companies you may find in your own search. Just click your state on the below map, and you will find a good wildlife expert in your area. Updated weekly, current 2017.

If you have any additional questions about your wildlife problem, feel free to email me, or go ahead and click the above map, and talk to the person I have listed in your city or town. They will surely be able to answer your wildlife questions, and if you wish, they can give you a price quote and quickly solve your problem – usually same-day or next-day.

I have personally trained many of the operators on this list. However, since I do list companies in over 500 US cities and towns, I of course did not train them all. However, I have spoken with all of them, and I do know that they are all dedicated wildlife control specialists, not big-name pest control companies. I have listed them for many years, and have not heard any complaints about their services – but I certainly have heard many compliments! However, if you should ever have a bad experience with any of the wildlife operators that I recommend, let me know, so that I can talk to them and perhaps revise my listings to someone better. Just give them a call, talk to them, and see for yourself.

This month’s featured wildlife removal education article: Why do groundhogs dig?

Groundhogs are known to be the most excellent diggers; they are capable of making both simple and very complex burrows that are used for different purposes. Most burrows dug up by groundhogs are usually from two to five feet deep with a length of approximately thirty feet. These burrows usually have several entrances but in most cases you will come across two entrances leading to a single burrow. Their main entrance is usually visible in the sense that there is always a very big mound of freshly dug soil and other dirt.

The other entrance points dug are not very visible because they act as escape routes when their homes have been invaded by enemies.

Groundhogs usually use the dug burrows for sleeping, hibernating or raising their young ones. Groundhogs usually dig very large burrows that are later on partitioned to serve different purposes. Typically, you will find two main chambers; the nesting chamber whose main function is sleeping and also raising their young ones and an extreme chamber that is used as toiletry. The burrows dug by groundhogs slightly differ but they all have entrance points, a hole that is used for spying purposes, a nest for resting and another chamber that is used as a toilet.

Since groundhogs are one of the few animals that enter true hibernation, they usually dig separate burrows commonly referred to as winter burrows. They are witty animals therefore they will dig the burrows in areas that either woody or bushy. The burrows are then built below the frost line which allows the burrows to maintain constant warm temperatures during the extreme winter periods.

Groundhogs are accustomed to digging because they are diurnal animals, the burrows and dens that they build also act as homes to other small animals once they abandon them because they are usually dug deep into the ground.

Historically, groundhog burrows have led to revelation of an archeological site, as they dug burrows into the soil that brought to the surface significant artifacts that are believed to be archaeological. They are also known to have dug small ridges that have led to the introduction and important historical sites.

Sex offender registry removal #removal #from #sex #offender #registry, #get #off #sex #offender #registry, #sex #offender #registry #removal, #sex #offender #attorney, #sex #offender #lawyer, #sex #offense #lawyer, #sex #offense #attorney, #how #to #get #off #sex #offender #registry, #sex #crime #lawyer, #sex #crime #attorney


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Getting off the sex offender registry

Mr. McColl, a sex crime lawyer. has over 30 years of experience in all aspects of sex offender cases, from getting No-bills before the Grand Jury (that is, keeping an indictment from being returned); successfully trying aggravated sexual assault cases to a jury or a panel of “members” in a military court martial with resulting “not guilty” verdicts; filing successful applications for writs of habeas corpus to set aside convictions; and, preparing motions to have a client’s name removed from the sexual offender registry.

Contact Arch McColl now for a 30 minutes of free consultation on how to get off the sex offender registry.

Examples of sex offender registry removal cases successfully argued by Mr. McColl

Case Study 1

An example of sex offense lawyer McColl’s having set aside aggravated sexual assault convictions would be McColl’s getting back-to-back life sentences overturned from a State District Court in Denton County, Texas, because of an alleged sexual assault by the client of a 13-year-old.

Sex offense attorney McColl successfully (and accurately) convinced the Court that the conviction was erroneous and was able to free the client, who would never have been outside of prison for the rest of his life.

Case Study 2

An example of sex offender attorney McColl’s efforts in connection with drafting legislation was to get a bill sponsored by a State Senator and a State Representative from Dallas, to introduce companion bills whose purpose was to allow for a jury trial on the issue of mistake of fact of the age of the alleged victim, where the so-called victim had already created, in advance of the offense, a tangible object (such as a website or fake driver’s license) with the obvious purpose of deceiving the public as to his/her age.

Case Study 3

Another example of aggressive, innovative work in a sex-related criminal case occurred where McColl, on more than one occasion, has interviewed the underage, alleged victim on videotape before the police or Child Protective Service got involved; and, got the potential Complainant/victim to acknowledge that they were mistaken and/or that the offense did not happen; and, that they were just retaliating for having been punished (by a teacher or parent) or having been spurned because of their unsuccessful romantic advances ( e.g. to a teacher). *

Process (or how to get off sex offender registry )

As for a client getting his name off the sex offender registry, that takes a combination of the following: A thorough knowledge of a complicated area of the law; intense scrutiny of all the case facts and the biographical facts of the client; imagination; resourcefulness; targeted persistence and a clean record of the client since the date of the entry of the judgment for the sexual offense. There is an interrelationship between the federal statutory scheme and any state statutory scheme. An effective legal strategy is to use the federal statutory scheme as leverage for the petition to get off the state registry. Under the federal statute there are three levels of severity of sexual offense:

Tier 1 – In general, non-violent sexual contact;
Tier 2 – Non-violent but serious commercial involvement with sex, such as sex trafficking;
Tier 3 – Aggravated sexual assault involving violence, kidnaping, etc.

The time periods required to stay on the federal sexual registry are as follows: Tier 1 – 15 years; Tier 2 – 25 years; Tier 3 – Lifetime. Under the federal statute (Sexual Offender Registration Act, also known as SORNA), one can file an application to reduce the period of time that one’s name must remain on the sexual offender federal registry.

Four things are necessary in order to apply to shorten the above referenced periods of time under SORNA:

  1. The sex offender, for a ten-year period, has not committed any crime punishable by over one year’s imprisonment, since the date of his sentence ( e.g. custody, probation, supervised release), (Tier 1); or 25 years (Tier 3); the statute does not provide for a reduction of the time period of 25 years (Tier 2);
  2. The sex offender has committed no additional sex crime other than the original one;
  3. The sex offender has successfully completed a certified sexual rehabilitation course that is accepted by the federal government;
  4. The sex offender has successfully completed probation, parole or supervised release.

A successful legal strategy a sex offender lawyer could employ is to apply for the reduction in the time period under SORNA and then, once granted, file the petition in the applicable state court for getting completely off the state sex offender registry.

This whole process takes time and patience, but the upside is that a person doubles his chances for a successful petition in state court if he first gets the federal motion granted, as described above. The downside, of course, is that the offender may have to wait a few years. However, given the alternative ( e.g. in Texas) of lifetime registration, and the greatly improved chance of getting the state petition granted after the federal motion is granted, it is well worth any wait that may be required, and one can be productive during the waiting period, as noted below.

During the waiting period before filing, there is much preparation that needs to be accomplished, such as the following: The Complainant can be approached and an affidavit obtained from her/him consenting to the applicant getting off probation, but this is a delicate process, and needs to be approached very cautiously; numerous letters of recommendation, especially from employers, should be obtained. However, for those letters to have maximum effect, they must contain specific comments about certain categories. Polygraphs can be taken regarding the facts and circumstances of the case and/or the rehabilitation that has been accomplished; the details and the credentials of the programs that have been taken or, in the case of a residential, enrolled in, are very important; a detailed employment history and current detailed employment, specifying the skill and level of responsibility required, are critical; past accomplishments where the offender has shown a civic responsibility to nonprofit or charitable institutions on a sustained basis is helpful; a carefully worded statement from the offender documenting his self-knowledge, his rehabilitation and his plans for the future is vital; the detailed clinical report of a Ph.D. psychologist who specializes in sex offender evaluation is a must; and, there are up to a dozen other important items that will make the federal motion, and, later, the state petition, compelling.

Most, if not all, of the items noted above can be used in support of both the federal motion and the state petition. Once the federal motion is granted, if the items are to be used for the state petition, they should be appropriately updated. The legal relief available under both the federal SORNA and Art. 62.401, et seq. of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, exists for a reason: The U.S. Congress and the applicable state legislature have determined that it is appropriate to give relief to those who have earned it. The successful lawyer will present an extremely well-documented and compelling case, showing by clear and convincing evidence why the client deserves the privilege of receiving legal relief, as provided by both federal and state law.

In conclusion

Arch McColl, an experienced sex crime attorney. can get a client’s name removed from the sex offender registry or answer a client’s questions regarding that subject or sex offender prosecutions in general. For over 30 years, Mr. McColl has had a successful history dealing with sex-related offenses, including derailing many potential prosecutions. He has also taken clients to the legislature to testify on pending bills designed to ameliorate harsh penal code statutes relating to sexual offenses. He has also been successful in filing applications for writs of habeas corpus to get judgments in sexual assault cases completely set aside.

Mr. McColl provides 30 minutes of free consultation. Contact Arch McColl now for a free case evaluation.

Laser Hair Removal Chicago #hair #removal, #i-lipo, #cellulite #body #shaping, #skin #rejuvenation, #skin #tightening, #skin #resurfacing, #acne #treatements


A revolution is underway for permanent body hair reduction that is virtually painless. The Pain-Free Laser is the new next generation laser hair removal treatment that can now free you from daily shaving, painful plucking and expensive waxing to give you silky smooth and beautifully bare skin. an effective and permanent hair reduction solution that is simple and easy. It takes cutting-edge medical laser technology and combines it with the comfort and convenience we provide at Amerilaser Center. In fact, pain-free laser hair removal uses new breakthrough technology tha has been described as one of the most comfortable and cost-effective laser hair removal system. Is is an amazing quick-fix. Read More >>

Non-invasive, award-winning technology alternative to lose inches..
Independent clinical studies have shown Non-Invasive Liposuction to achieve better overall results, when compared to results achieved by compared to Invasive Liposuction with its post-op complications. Ultrasound imagery shows up to 30% reduction in the fat layer depth after just one treatment. Additional treatments improve results further. Results can be seen immediately after each treatment as the fat cell contents are released. Light exercise post treatment can accelerate the removal of the released fat. Having lesser fat is a wonderful feeling! Read More >>

(MP)2 technology generates a magnetic field that induces the release of growth factors required for the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts, as well as for the sprouting of new blood vessels. In addition, the RF component of (MP)2 increases collagen and elastin synthesis through controlled thermal damage mechanism, and triggers enzyme mediated lipolysis. These effects lead to decreased subcutaneous fat mass, improved blood circulation and stabilization of collagen strands, resulting in cellulite reduction. Read More >>

Our laser skin tightening is for anyone who would like to revitalize their look without invasive procedures or injections. You no longer have to accept fine lines and wrinkles or skin discoloration as an inevitable part of the aging process. If you’re not ready for a facelift, but you’re no longer satisfied with the results of topical creams and lotions, try skin tightening. The treatments are safe, comfortable, and effective without surgery or down time. It can be used on any skin type, and you are free to return to normal activities immediately after each session. Read More >>

As our generation continues to age, the popularity of aesthetic procedures continues to skyrocket. Brown spots, broken capillaries, & others are easy targets for laser systems that use broadband light to repair defects through a process called photorejuvenation. Using relatively low-energy, short-pulse broadband light, imperfections such as erythema of rosacea, age spots, and other discolored signs of photoaging can be gently heated and eliminated, replacing it with younger looking skin. Read More >>

Wrinkles are usually associated with aging which brings about multiple biological changes in the skin layers dermis, and epidermis, increased collagen fragmentation, decline in the number of dermal fibroblasts that produce collagen, and reduced dermal circulation lessen the skin’s elasticity and cause the formation of wrinkles. A potent treatment will promote the production of collagen and elastic fibers and improve blood flow, and thus restore elasticity and revitalize the skin. Read More >>

Rejuvenate your skin with Laser360™. It’s an exciting new aesthetic laser treatment that combines three revolutionary technologies to deliver softer, younger-looking skin in just 60 days. The Laser360 skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatment reveals brighter, younger and healthier-looking skin, from the inside out. It treats fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations from deep within the skin to give you a lasting new, revitalized look. Read More >>

Before, the skin appears lax, swollen and dimpled. Bipolar Superficial dermal heating releases the collagen bonds and unwinds the collagen bundles. Fibroblas are released to the surrounding area stimulating the growth of new collagen. this results in a thickening of the dermal layer and improvement in skin’s laxity and surface texture. After: The skin appears smoother and tighter. Read More >>

Resurfacing your skin. It’s an exciting new aesthetic laser treatment that combines three revolutionary technologies to deliver softer, younger-looking skin. The skin resurfacing treatment reveals brighter, younger and healthier-looking skin, from the inside out. It treats fine lines, wrinkles, and discolorations from deep within the skin to give you a lasting new, revitalized look. If you’re not ready for a facelift, but you’re no longer satisfied with the results of topical creams and lotions, laser skin resurfacing is for you. Read More >>

Laser treatments for wrinkles, rosacea more As the our a generation continues to age, the popularity of aesthetic procedures that aim to turn back the clock continues to skyrocket. Brown spots, broken capillaries, and others are easy targets for laser systems that use broadband light to repair these defects through a process called photorejuvenation. Using relatively low-energy, short-pulse broadband light, imperfections such as erythema of rosacea, age spots, and other discolored signs of photo-aging can be gently heated and eliminated, replacing it with younger looking skin. Read More >>

We offer low monthly payment plans through CareCredit to allow you to get the cosmetic procedures you desire today

Plastic Surgery by Board Certified Surgeon Dr #best #laser #hair #removal #austin


Advanced Plastic Surgery Center

Located in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, Advanced Plastic Surgery is an elite plastic surgery practice founded by Dr. Talal Munasifi. Advanced Plastic Surgery offers a diverse collection of the very best reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. From breast procedures, body contouring, facial plastic surgery, and nonsurgical rejuvenation procedures, Dr. Munasifi has the extraordinary training and experience to give his patients natural and perfectly balanced results.

Dr. Munasifi believes that high-quality cosmetic surgery is the result of supporting patients, communicating with them well, and listening to what they want. The Advanced Plastic Surgery Center believes in thoroughly educating each patient so that they have a good understanding of their procedure before they go into surgery.

The Advanced Plastic Surgery Center has its own private operating room and surgical suite that is fully accredited with the AAAASF. Every single one of our patients will be able to have their plastic surgery procedure in the safety and comfort of our luxurious surgical suite.

Meet Dr. Talal Munasifi

Over a long career that has spanned the globe, Dr. Talal Munasifi is a plastic surgeon who has amassed an incredible amount of training that allows him to masterfully perform a wide range of treatments. Today, Dr. Munasifi has made the Advance Plastic Surgery Center into a bastion of the latest and most advanced techniques and medical technology. Dr. Munasifi has specialized in breast surgery, liposuction, laser skin resurfacing, tummy tucks, facelifts, eyelid lifts, and much more.

Dr. Munasifi is not only considered to be one of the most well-respected plastic surgeons in the field, but he has a remarkable list of credentials and accomplishments. Dr. Munasifi has been listed in Washingtonian Magazine’s Top Doctors list since 1991 and featured in the 1997, 1998, 2006, and the 2013-2016 issues. He was also listed in Castle Connolly Top Doctors and was named the Top Cosmetic Surgeon of 2017 by the Arlington Magazine. Dr. Munasifi is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Munasifi was also previously the President of the Medical Staff at Virginia Hospital Center Arlington, Virginia, one of the top 100 hospitals in the country.

Because of his renowned reputation as a world class plastic surgeon, Dr. Munasifi has worked with eminent dignitaries, well-known luminaries, and patients from all over the globe.

Center for Obesity Surgery Dallas, Lap Band Surgery, Gastric Bypass, Gastrectomy – Dr #obesity #surgery #center, #morbid #obesity #surgery, #bariatric #surgeon, #lap #band #system, #reduce #weight, #gastric #bypass, #stomach #reduction, #dallas, #excess #fat #removal, #permanent #weight #loss, #sleeve #gastrectomy, #texas, #ideal #body #weight, #gastric #bypass #surgery #dallas


If you or someone you know is struggling with obesity and suffering from related health conditions.

The Center for Obesity Surgery Dallas can help!

We specialize in Obesity and Weight Loss Surgery procedures,
as well as long-term patient management,
to help our patients take control of their obesity and regain their health.

With a highly trained team of cardiologists, nurses, nutritionists, exercise therapists and psychologists, our experienced bariatric surgeon, at The Center for Obesity Surgery Dallas, is able to provide patients with safe, effective weight loss surgery, comprehensive pre-operative and post-operative education and ongoing post-op comprehensive care to help our patients reshape their lives!

The decision to have obesity surgery is not to be taken lightly. Our goal is to provide each patient with detailed information
to determine whether they are a candidate for weight loss surgery and decide which bariatric procedure is right for them
based on their individualized health history and lifestyle.

Since 1979, The Center for Obesity Surgery Dallas has specialized in the medical and surgical treatment of obesity serving patients
in the greater Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and throughout the United States! Dr. Victor Gonzalez performs bariatric and weight loss surgery
at Medical City Dallas Hospital, First Baptist Medical Center and Texas General Hospital. Our office is located in Medical City Dallas Hospital,
just minutes North of downtown Dallas, off Central Expressway [Hwy 75] and Forest Lane.

We are here to guide you to a happier, healthier life!

ServiceMaster Restore by Reed – Restoration Services #servicemaster, #service #master, #servicemaster, #service #master, #water #damage #restoration, #fire #damage #restoration, #mold #damage #restoration, #water #damage #repairs, #fire #damage #repairs, #mold #removal, #water #damage #cleanup, #fire #damage #cleanup, #mold #damage #clean


Why Call Ser viceMaster?

  • 24/7 Quick Response Time
  • Best Customer Service,BBB “A” Rating
  • FREE* Estimates
  • Insurance Preferred Vendor Direct Billing
  • Over 60 Years of Experience
  • One Stop Service for a Complete Restoration
  • Licensed, Insured Bonded
  • Latest Technology and Equipment
  • People you Can TRUST, No Hidden Fees
  • Worldwide Company, Industry Leaders
  • We do it all! from Plumbing to Rebuild; Hassle Free!

What We Do:

  • Water Damage Restoration (Dry out, Cleanup Repairs)
  • Sewage Backup Cleanup (Dry out, Cleanup Repairs)
  • Fire / Smoke Damage Cleanup Restoration
  • Mold Removal Remediation
  • Trauma Bio-hazard Cleanup
  • Carpet Upholstery Cleaning
  • Tile Grout Cleaning
  • Mold Inspection
  • Reconstruction
  • Plumbing, Roofing Flooring

We are the Experts on Water Damage, Fire Damage and Mold Damage Restorations

You have come to the right place. With over 60 years of experience, ServiceMaster by Reed, can take care of any Water, Fire, Smoke or Odor Damage of any size.
Our goal is to restore your home and peace of mind as quickly as possible. We understand that water damage or fire damage can be a stressful situation, that s why ServiceMaster s team of trained, caring and professional technicians will guide you and your family through every step. We are here to help you. For over 60 years, ServiceMaster has been the leader in restoration services across the nation, and worldwide. Call Service Master Experts Now! 24/7 Water Damage Restoration.

“I am very pleased with their services. They’re very honest and hardworking. Big thanks to you!”
Superpages review
by maileytine

“Very pleased with their services They were on time and my carpet looks new and smells fresh. They were very careful with my furnishings and walls and it was obvious that they take pride in their works. I will definitely use them again.”
Superpages review
by transportationnewengland

Some of the Areas We Serve:

Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Hollywood – Pembroke Pines – Weston – Miami Beach – Aventura – Sunny Isles – Coral Gables – Kendall – Coral Springs – Doral – Tamarac – North Lauderdale – Pompano Beach – Sunrise – Plantation – Hialeah – Miramar – Homestead – Hallandale – Davie – North Miami – Miami Lakes

Some Zip Codes of The Areas We Serve:
33002 33008 33009 33010 33011 33012 33013 33014 33015 33016 33017 33018 33021 33023 33024 33025 33026 33027 33028 33029 33054 33055 33056 33101 33102 33109 33111 33112 33114 33116 33119 33122 33124 33125 33126 33127 33128 33129 33130 33131 33132 33133 33134 33135 33136 33137 33138 33139 33140 33141 33142 33143 33144 33145 33146 33147 33149 33150 33151 33152 33153 33154 33155 33156 33158 33159 33160 33161 33162 33163 33164 33165 33166 33167 33168 33169 33172 33173 33174 33175 33176 33178 33179 33180 33181 33182 33183 33184 33185 33186 33188 33193 33194 33197 33199 33222 33231 33233 33234 33238 33239 33242 33243 33245 33247 33255 33256 33257 33261 33265 33266 33269 33280 33283 33296 33299

*For homeowners based on visual assessment, does not include mold inspection reports, other restrictions may apply, call for more details.
2013 ServiceMaster by Reed. All rights reserved. An independent business licensed to serve you by ServiceMaster Clean
Unless otherwise noted, the graphic images, buttons, layout, and text contained in this Web site are the exclusive property of ServiceMaster by Reed and its related, affiliated and subsidiary companies, and may not be copied or distributed, in whole or in part, without the express written consent of ServiceMaster by Reed. 4099 N. 28th Way Hollywood, FL. 33020

Drill Pipe – Riser Cleaning #waterjetting, #water #jetting, #water #jetting #equipment, #water #jet #equipment, #water #jet #equipment #manufacturer, #waterjet, #hydroblasting, #high #pressure #pumps, #pumps #high #pressure, #high #pressure #water #jetting #equipment, #high #pressure #water #jetting #machines, #tube #cleaning, #tube #cleaning #equipment, #heat #exchanger #cleaning, #condenser #tube #cleaning, #pipeline #cleaning, #pipeline #pressure #testing, #cold #cutting #equipment, #shell #side #bundle #puller, #shell #side #bundle #transporter, #shell #side #bundle #cleaning, #aerial #bundle #extractor, #tube #cleaning #robots, #robotic #tube #cleaning, #hydraulic #rollers, #hydro #demolishing #equipment, #ultra #high #pressure #pumps, #ultra #high #pressure #water #jetting #machines, #pipeline #cleaning, #pipeline #pressure #testing, #paint #removal, #surface #preparation, #ship #paint #removal, #oil #tank #paint #removal,


Drill Pipe Cleaning

Aqua Energy are a market leader in manufacturing and supplying drill pipe and oil riser cleaning systems.

For manually cleaning pipes, box pins in different locations our diesel engine driven, 10′ foot, containerised unit, our skid mounted or trailer mounted units are ideal.

We manufacture a mobile semi-robotic drill pipe cleaner that is installed inside 20′ foot or 40′ foot container. Once on site two operators take several hours to set up the cleaning system. Once set up the semi robotic system should easily clean forty to eighty 48′ feet pipes inside and outside in an eight our shift.

For permanently situated inside pipe yards we manufacture and supply semi robotic or full robotic pipe cleaning systems.

Our very basic equipment will clean 20 to 30 drill pipes in an 8 hour shift and our fully robotic system can clean up to 130 (one hundred and thirty) 14.80 metre (48′ feet) long pipes, box and pins in the same 8 hour shift.

  • With our robotic equipment the customer has many options.
  • He can clean the pipe ID first and then clean the OD.
  • Or if he requires fast production, he can clean both the ID and the OD at the same time.
  • Plastic lined pipes are not damaged due to the variable pressures of the system.
  • Using 2,800 bar (40,000 psi) pressure we can clean the pipes, box and pins to a surface finish suitable for NDT inspection.
  • With our larger pumps removing hard concrete or cement from the pipes is not a problem.
  • With our system there is no requirement for abrasive bead blasting.
  • NORM Scale is easily removed.
  • Our Riser cleaning equipment is the fastest on the market.

Please visit our YouTube channel for videos of our equipment in operation.

Pipe before after cleaning

The above risers are being cleaned with our Model: DC-400, 20′ foot containerised unit.

Pipe Cleaning

This image is of our Model: DT-60-ST, Diesel Engine Driven, Trailer Mounted, Low Pressure Pipe Cleaning Unit.

The small 50 horsepower pumps are driven with 61 horsepower engines and are ideal for removing sand, silt and light rust from 8″ metal pipes.

The DT-60-ST has twin water tanks that hold up to 1,000 litres of water and these are good for pipe yards that don’t have water readily available.

  • Pressures for this model range from 100 bar up to 600 bar.
  • Water flow from 30 litres per minute up to 100 litres per minute.
  • Special build models can be supplied in 1,500 bar up to 2,500 bar.

The photo shown is in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean where the customer purchased two of these small units specifically for pipe and sewer cleaning.

Which laser hair removal Glendale clinic and med spa is the best? #laser #hair #removal #glendale, #ca


About LA Beauty Skin Center

LA Beauty Skin Center is one of the most unique Medical Spas, where professional medical services are provided with the best aesthetic results. All services here are provided or supervised by Dr. Arman Karapetyan. At LA Beauty Skin Center every patient receives the best specialized care she/he deserves. We use the most advanced technologies, and adhere to the highest standards of service and care. And we firmly believe that in modern world beauty should be accessible to everyone.

Candela Gentle Max Pro Laser Machine

The GentleMax Pro is a single consolidated system that delivers a range of treatments all skin type hair removal, as well as pigmented and vascular lesions. It is a dual wavelength laser platform that combines the fastest and most powerful 755 nm Alexandrite laser with the 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for high performance treatment capabilities in terms of speed, efficacy, ease-of-use, outstanding performance, safety and patient satisfaction.

Arman Karapetyan MD, PhD

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Dr. Arman Karapetyan has graduated from YSMU. After completing residency training in Dermatology, he continued on as a PhD student in Dermatology, and successfully completed the program. Later he was practicing and teaching Dermatology as an Assistant Professor at Pavlov State Medical University in St.Petersburg, Russia. Dr. Karapetyan served as the editor of the prestigious Journal of Dermatology and Cosmetology in Russia, and has been involved in numerous research studies in the field. In the United States, Dr. Karapetyan has completed residency training in Internal Medicine in New York City. He is board certified in Internal Medicine. After completing residency training Dr.Karapetyan has been practicing as an Internist and a Weight Loss Specialist in Beverly Hills. Since 2012 Dr.Karapetyan is practicing Aesthetic Medicine at LA Beauty Skin Center incorporating his extensive and diverse knowledge and expertise in Dermatology, Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine.

Please note that LA Beauty Skin Center makes every effort to keep its website and spa menu updated, please note that prices, services and special offers are subject to change at any time without any notice.

Water Damage Colorado Springs – Call (719) 888-3500 #water #damage #colorado #springs, #mold #removal #colorado #springs, #mold #remediation, #mold #mitigation, #flood #restoration #colorado #springs, #water #damage #restoration, #fire #and #smoke #damage


Water Damage Colorado Springs (WDCS) is the leader in Colorado water and flood damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire/smoke damage restoration. We provide 24 Hour emergency service and have a super fast response time. We are licensed and insured so we have the capability to work on all commercial and residential jobs.

Why Choose Us?

  • Trusted in Colorado for many years! #1 Voted many times
  • Licensed and Insured IICRC Clean Trust Certified
  • Highly trained employees NO sub-contractors or day labor workers
  • Fast Response Time 24 Hour Service
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment Technology

Residential Services

We have the experience and equipment to respond 24/7 to any residential restoration job. See a full list of our residential services below.

Commercial Services

Your business property’s appearance is the number one factor in gaining new clients. When it’s impacted by fire or water damage, you need professional help. Every hour spent restoring your property is lost revenue. Count on us to handle all of your commercial water damage restorations.

  • Commercial Water Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Mold Remediation / Removal
  • Commercial Sewage Backup Cleanup

What You Should Do First!

  • Safety is Your #1 Top Priority
  • Do not use any form of electrical equipment or appliances while standing in or on wet floors.
  • Never use electrical equipment that has been water damaged.

Stop the Leak or Drip (Water Source)

  • Prevent any further Damage
  • If water is coming from a burst or leaking pipe, try to find the closest shut off valve and turn it off immediately.
  • If water is coming in through the roof or broken windows, cover as best you can with tarps or plastic.
  • Take detailed Notes
  • Take lots of photos and videos. This is key, and the ultimate form of proof for insurance agents.
  • Save all your damaged items. Your claims representative may want to inspect them and compensate you.
  • Keep a list of temporary repairs you make and associated out of pocket costs.
  • Save all claim related bills and receipts to be reimbursed later.

Protect Your Belongings

  • Clean Up as best as possible.
  • Move wet items to drier areas.
  • Place aluminum foil, coasters, or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • Remove area rugs from the floor. Dyes in carpets can stain flooring, carpeting and wood floors. Mold can also set in.
  • Clean up as much water as possible by mopping, blotting with towels, and wet vac use.
  • When safe to do so, use fans to circulate air and encourage drying.
  • After r eporting your claim to your insurance provider. you can use a water mitigation company like us to fix the damage. Talk to your claims representative about which option is best for you and how to proceed.

We’re on call 24 hours a day. Dial (719) 888-3500 or click the button below from your mobile device.

Service Area

We serve the entire Colorado Springs Metro area. See our list below.

Avondale | Black Forest | Briargate | Calhan | Canon City | Cascade | Castle Rock | Centennial | Central Colorado Springs | Central Pueblo | Cherry Hills Village | Cimarron Hills | Colorado Springs – Downtown | Colorado Springs- Downtown | Columbine Valley | Divide | East Colorado Springs | East Pueblo | Edgewater | Elizabeth | Englewood | Florence | Florissant | Fountain | Greenwood Village | Highlands Ranch | Ken Caryl Ranch | Lakewood | Larkspur | Littleton | Lone Tree | Manitou Springs | Monument | Mountain View | North Colorado Springs | North Pueblo | Northeast Colorado Springs | Northgate | Northwest Colorado Springs | Old Colorado City | Parker | Penrose | Peyton | Pine | Pueblo – Downtown | Pueblo West | Rock Creek | Security | Sedalia | Sedona – Yavapai | Southeast Colorado Springs | Southwest Colorado Springs | Teller County | University Park | Vineland | West Colorado Springs | Wheat Ridge | Woodland Park | Yoder

The Most Trusted Laser Hair Removal Clinics in Australia #laser #hair #removal #men #face


Hair removal has become affordable for everyone. Since 2005 we have been providing treatments in Sydney to more than 20,000 clients. its no wonder we are considered the most reputable laser hair removal clinic in Sydney. For any questions or FREE consultations please come in and see us and find out how these treatments can benefit you.

  • Effectiviness 95%
  • Down Time 5%
  • Results 95%
  • Skin Trauma 5%

Our Locations

We have several state of the art and convenient locations across Sydney, simply click on the maps for directions.


Explore our Social Media

You can can receive special offers and our latest promotions or view informative videos about our treatments and services.

Laser Hair Removal by Sia

Laser by Sia is one of the most respected, reputable laser hair removal clinics in Sydney. Our hard-won reputation is the result of years in the laser industry, perfecting our skills and ensuring that our services use the latest technology and are administered by experienced and trained professionals. In fact, our clinic staff undergo rigorous testing and ongoing training, so our customers get the best and most experienced people available. We are honest with our clients, meaning we tell you upfront what results you can realistically expect from our hair removal service. We believe that laser hair reduction should be affordable. For this reason, our clinic offers the most cost-effective and top quality services in Australia. Our clinic offers the best, most permanent hair removal system using the very latest international technology. We use the latest Candela Alexandrite technology and not IPL, which means our treatments are the most effective for permanent hair removal. This means that your treatments will be more successful and you will also need fewer sessions compared to other types of treatments. Our treatment can remove unsightly hair from your face, nose, ears, eyebrows, cheeks, neck, back, chest, feet, arms, genital area, and more. In fact, we can permanently remove hair from just about anywhere

Our Laser Hair Removal Process

Our clinic s laser hair removal process is quick, hygienic and easy. It only takes approximately 5 minutes to treat your hairline, bikini line, underarms or your neck to get rid of annoying collar rash and ingrowns, or approximately 15-30 minutes to treat larger areas such as the legs, back or arms. Please refer to our price list for a comprehensive rundown of our services.

Comparing LaserbySia to other laser clinics Hair Removal Methods

Laser centers are popping up all over the place, but can you really trust these? Many of these clinics make unrealistic promises, make you pay for your entire treatment course upfront, or use older laser equivalents. We use actual Candela Alexandrite lasers, the most advanced laser technology available today, and NOT IPL at our clinics. Unlike IPL, our lasers emit one exact wavelength, which is the correct wavelength to stick to the melanin in the hair and damage the follicle for the best and most permanent result. Aside from getting rid of unwanted hair, we can also treat and prevent ingrown hairs.

Laser Stops Ingrowns!

Medically, laser is the only treatment which permanently stops ingrowns as well as gets rid of hair. Laser stops hair from getting trapped under the skin which would normally result into infection due to the trapped oil and strand. So avoid ingrown hair by visiting us here at Laser by Sia.

Benefits at LaserbySia

At Laser by Sia, you can expect:

  • Affordable, premium quality treatments
  • Qualified staff and medical practitioners
  • A luxurious, discrete environment
  • Lasers registered with The Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG)

So if you are looking for a clinic that offers you an affordable way of removing unwanted hair almost anywhere on your face or body, allow Laser by Sia in Bondi Junction. Castle Hill and Sydney s CBD to provide you with professional, discreet and friendly permanent hair removal treatments .

Dead Animal Inside House – Removal Information & Facts #atlanta #squirrel #and #rat #removal


Dead Animal Removal Tips

Summary of Step-By-Step Instructions:
1) Attempt to narrow down the odor to one specific room – this can actually be tricky, because the odor will be strongest in an area with the least air flow, even if it’s not closest to the dead carcass.
2) If you have an elevated house, crawl underneath to look for a dead opossum, raccoon, or stray cat.
3) Crawl in the attic above the worst-smelling room, and move back and forth, sniffing all the way. You may have to dig around in the insulation, in case a rat has died in there.
4) If the animal is in a wall, sniff with your nose directly on the wall, until you hit a very powerful stench. Use a drywall saw to cut a hole in the wall at that area.
5) When you find the carcass, remove it with rubber gloves and place it in a plastic bag.
6) Spray the area with an enzyme-based cleaner, and remove any live maggots.
7) Incinerate or bury the carcass. A squirrel, rat or mouse can go in the regular trash outside.

Dead animals can be found both inside and outside homes. Depending on when the animal died, decomposition will be accompanied by an odor. This smell is the result of bacteria and microscopic organisms breaking down the tissue. If an animal has died inside your home or near your property, smell is one of the easiest ways to locate it.

Dead Animal Location: In a closer indoor setting, a dead animal is often noticed by the increase and decrease of odor. In a home, the air flow will indicate where in the structure a dead animal is. If the smell is strongest in the heat of the day, the animal probably isn’t located in the basement. Similarly, knowing where an animal will go when it is about to die can help you locate the body. Many animals, depending on the reason for death, will feel the need to seek out water prior to expiring. Sick animals will often head to their nests or dens for comfort. When their body temperature begins to drop, they will seek out a heat source.

Click here to read more about how to find a small dead rodent in a house or walls. since small animals like rats and mice are usually harder to locate, even though the odor they give off can make the whole house smell terrible.

A dead animal outside can be located in a number of ways. If the animal was recently injured and you are attempting to track it down, there are a few tricks that can be employed to make the task easier. First, look for a blood trail. Keep in mind that as long as the animal is moving the blood will continue to pump through the body. Even a seriously injured animal can travel a significant distance if it is being pushed by adrenalin. If there is no blood trail, look at the landscape. An injured animal will move away from you in a hurry. Fear will negate the forethought of desired travel, making the route straight and unwavering. Stressed and hurt animals will also take the path of least resistance. When the animal feels it is not being pursued, it will lie down and die.

Animals that have been dead outside for longer than a day can usually be detected by the presence of carrion feeders in the immediate area. Vultures and other birds of prey will circle the general area of a carcass. Mass movements of predators into an area may also signify the presence of remains.

Hygiene Precautions. One of the most important things to do when dealing with any dead animals is to make sure that you take as many hygiene precautions as possible, which is a minimum of wearing rubber gloves. Some people will also want to wear a facial mask to cover the mouth, especially if the carcass is being moved. It is also wise to keep an alcohol gel close to hand in case any blood or fluid from the carcass finds its way onto your skin, and at least one or two tissues for the same reason.

Another important thing to do is to shower immediately after moving or handling the dead animal, and also to wash the clothes you are wearing immediately. There are many wild and domestic animals that will carry parasites, and once the host dies these parasites will look to attach to the nearest compatible host, which will often be you if you are handling the carcass. Washing the clothes will also minimize the risk of these parasites from infesting your home, which they can do if the clothes are left in the basket for a few days.

Click here to read more about how eliminate the dead animal smell in the house with various types of cleaners. However, remember that the most important thing is finding and removing the carcass.

What To Do With The Carcass. The first thing to do is to check and see if there are any state regulations about disposing of an animal carcass. Some will insist that wild animals will need to be incinerated at a state facility. If there are no regulations governing the disposal of animal carcasses, the majority of small animals should be double bagged in a thick plastic bin liner, and then placed in the garbage. For larger animals, it may be difficult to deal with the animal yourself, so moving it away from the road or away from a public pavement until a state official can collect the carcass will be the best option.

Dead Animal Concerns: The most offensive part of a dead animal is the smell, though a host of other issues can occur. Dead animals may draw in other, larger predators to feed on the carcass. If in a home, a dead animal can facilitate the reproduction of flies, resulting in an infestation of the insects. Damage to homes can also happen if the bodily fluids from the decomposing tissue seep into walls, floors, ceilings, or duct work. Cleaning and repair can be costly and time consuming.

Dead Animal Diseases: The most common illness from decomposing bodies has to do with water contamination. When intestinal fluid leeches into a water system, it can cause severe upset in those that drink the contaminated water. Aside from that, the nausea and headaches from overwhelming odors are all legitimate concerns, though are not from direct contact with decomposing material. Secondary illnesses, such as contamination spread through the fly population, can be a concern. Any suspected dead animals should be removed from the immediate location. Animals left outside will be a food source for other animals, but those new pests may pose greater risks than the original, deceased creature.

Dead Animal Appearance: The definition of a dead animal is an animal that has forever ceased the functions necessary for the continuation of life. Brain activity has stopped. There is no breathing; no heartbeat. All metabolic functions have stopped. This death can occur naturally or by deliberate infliction. A dead animal will have no eye reflexes. The body will quickly lose warmth. Any color in the mucous membranes will ebb away and be replaced by paleness. This is because the blood has pooled in the lowest point of the body. Eventually, the limbs will become stiff and unmovable.

This site is intended to provide dead animal education and information, so that you can make an informed decision if you need to deal with a dead animal problem. This site provides many dead animal control articles and strategies, if you wish to attempt to solve the problem yourself. If you are unable to do so, which is likely with many cases of dead animal removal, please go to the home page and click the USA map, where I have wildlife removal experts listed in over 500 cites and towns, who can properly help you with your nuisance dead animal.

Mold remediation south florida #water #removal, #water #damage #cleanup, #water #damage #restoration, #mold #remediation, #mold #removal, #water #cleanup


When disaster strikes, you want to get back into your home and living your life again as soon as possible. You want to clean up and move on, so it is all just a bad memory. But what do you do? Where do you begin when you have just been overwhelmed by flood, fire, mold or other disaster?

You want answers fast, and you don’t want to pay an arm and leg. You don’t want to get “taken” by someone out to make a quick buck at your expense.

Super Restoration is here to help. Anytime day or night, click the link above for a response within five minutes, or dial 800-516-8059 to be connected immediately.

Or keep reading for some background information without needing to talk to a soul until you are ready.

What to do when you have experienced a disaster

  1. Schedule an appointment. When a natural disaster hits a community, restoration providers quickly become overwhelmed with requests. You want to schedule your appointment right away to minimize long-term damage to your home and to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.
  2. Ensure safety. Nothing in your home is more valuable than you and your family. Before taking any additional steps, always make sure the situation is safe. If in doubt, wait for a professional. You don’t want to fall through a floor that has been weakened by fire or flood, or to get sick from breathing in mold spores.
  3. Take steps to clean what you can and minimize damage. Click on the appropriate link for the disaster you have experienced (water. mold. fire ) to learn what steps you can take to reduce damage while you wait for the restoration team to arrive.
  4. Take pictures. Although some people like to keep these as a reminder of a life experience they have overcome, there are more reasons than just emotional ones to have photos. A photo provides a reference point that shows the situation at its worst. For example, by the time your response team arrives, water may have receded. Any photos you may have can provide additional information for your team, and can be added to your case file.
    It is also an unfortunate truth that empty houses are sometimes targeted by thieves. Super Restoration will secure the affected area and provide an itemized inventory of the items in the affected area. Photographs can be additional documentation provided to your insurance company if any items come up missing between the time of the disaster and the time you are able to return to your home or restoration is complete.
  5. Contact your insurance company. Advise your insurance representative of the nature of the disaster, the restoration company you have chosen, the date and time of your appointment, and what steps you have taken to minimize damage.
  6. Relax . If possible, spend a few minutes relaxing. Do something enjoyable that will take your mind off the situation, knowing you have done all you can for the moment. You will have enough stress working through the restoration process, especially if you have to leave your home, so now is the time to give yourself space to breathe.

Why Super Restoration

Super Restoration is here to make the restoration process as quick and stress-free as possible. We realize that until your life is completely back to normal, there will be stress. So we make it our priority to focus on serving your needs quickly and completely.

Our exemplary restoration services have made us leaders in the disaster restoration industry. We handle any restoration task. From the cleanup to the disaster restoration process, you can rely on Super Restoration to get the job done right.

Not only is Super Restoration is an industry leader, but through Super University, we provide training for restoration professionals throughout Southeast Florida. So you can rest assured that when we restore your home, we address all the issues… even the ones you cannot see. We know the hidden damage that disasters can cause and we address them during your project, so you don’t have to deal with bigger problems later.

Living with the after effect of damage is difficult and oftentimes dangerous. Don’t risk the safety of your family. Let Super Restoration take care of the damage repair necessary, restoring your property to its former state.

We’re experienced in restoring damage caused by mold, fire, water, or other sources of natural disasters. Dial 800-516-8059 anytime for your free estimate.

When life throws you an unexpected curve ball, we’re available 24 hours a day to assist you. Don’t let a disaster ruin your home or harm your family.

At Super Restoration, we’re focused on serving the community. In addition to the work we do, we are active in the community, donating to charities and giving back to our surrounding area. Learn more about Super Restoration and our involvement with the community here .

Walker Roofing Ltd, Norwich, Norfolk – Industrial Roofing and Cladding Contractors, Agricultural Roofing, Commercial Roofing and Asbestos Roof removal Contractors #walker #roofing #ltd, #roof #over, #industrial #roofing, #industrial #roofing #norwich, #industrial #roofing #norfolk, #cladding #contractors #norwich, #cladding #contractors #norfolk, #agricultural #roofing #norwich, #agricultural #roofing #norfolk, #commercial #roofing #norwich, #commercial #roofing #norfolk, #asbestos #roof #removal #norwich, #asbestos #roof #removal #norfolk.


Welcome to the Walker Roofing web site! Based in Norwich, Norfolk, we are a family firm with an excellent reputation for offering high quality, but cost effective, roofing. Since 1973 we have been supplying and fitting roofing for Industrial and Commercial buildings throughout East Anglia and surrounding areas. We specialise in:

  • Supplying and fitting of metal and composite panel roofs and cladding on Industrial and Commercial buildings
  • Covering existing Asbestos roofs with new metal roofing
  • Stripping and replacement of existing roofs
  • Upgrading insulation values
  • Asbestos cement removal

At Walker Roofing we pride ourselves on offering a prompt, reliable, friendly and professional roofing service. Situated in Norfolk the company is ideally situated to serve customers throughout East Anglia and surrounding areas. All our staff are fully qualified within the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and all our contracts are fully insured – your satisfaction is assured.

We constantly monitor our work to ensure our customers receive the best value for money and complete satisfaction with our service. Walker Roofing are also members of the Skills Register, an online directory of skilled trades companies committed to the very highest of standards.

With customers including individuals, local authorities and the construction industry, no job is too small or too large. We have worked on properties ranging from residential houses to large industrial buildings.
Former and current clients include: British Sugar, ICI, Anglian Windows, Jackson Building Services, Dencora 2000, John Young’s Ltd, Big Box Storage Centres, The Royal Norfolk Agricultural Associations and the MOD, Forestry Commission and Breckland District Council.

For any further information or assistance, please complete the e-mail enquiry form below. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly.

Walker Roofing (Norwich) Ltd

44 Greenways,
NR4 6PE,
United Kingdom.

Tel +44(0)1603 452493
Mobile +44(0)7766 463416
Fax +44(0)1603 259726

Wymondham Office and Works

Unit 18 Postmill Close,
Spur Industrial Estate,
NR18 0NN,
United Kingdom.

Registered in England No: 01216120

Registered office: 54 Thorpe Road, Norwich NR1 1RY

Kim Kardashian Credits Laser Hair Removal, Not Plastic Surgery, To Her Changing Looks #kim #kardashian, #kim #kardashian #plastic #surgery, #laser #hair #removal, #plastic #surgery, #plastic #surgery #rumors, #celebrity #news


Kim Kardashian Credits Laser Hair Removal, Not Plastic Surgery, To Her Changing Looks

Kardashian spoke to People magazine about her new beauty obsession. No, it s not a hip and trendy plastic surgery procedure. It s actually laser hair removal .

I have the hairiest forehead you could ever imagine, and I would always break out and get all cracky on my forehead just from all the hair that I had. So in high school, I would wax it off because there was just so much hair, and then I would laser it off a little bit.

Kim credits her changing looks to this lengthy beauty treatment. She forgot to mention that her rumored plastic surgery procedures have also changed her looks over the years.

If you Google 2008 or 2007, I had the craziest, hairiest hairline, so I did laser it. Everyone would just Photoshop it every time I did a photo shoot [anyway]. I didn t really change the shape, I just got rid of all the baby hairs.

Kardashian also revealed a beauty secret that forever changed her life. She said that it s really important that she gets her eyebrows groomed. Kardashian also says that regular grooming, not plastic surgery, also helps change up her looks every so often.

I didn t know how much they shape your face and how different they make your face look. Generally I think that they have a good shape. I love where my eyebrows are going right now.

Not are fans are believing this story though. Plastic surgery rumors have been following Kim Kardashian for years. She told ABC Nightline News in a 2010 interview that most of the reports are false. Kim admitted that she s had Botox. but she s never had a nose job or breast augmentation surgery .

I m totally not against plastic surgery. Trust me honey, if I take this bra off you will tell me I need to get them done. I ve never had my nose done. What s funny is about my nose, it s my biggest insecurity. I always want to get my nose done I went to the doctor, I had them take the pictures, he showed me what it would look like and it just didn t I wouldn t look the same.

However, that doesn t stop the media from speculating over Kardashian s constant changing looks.

Do you think Kim Kardashian s changing looks came from laser hair removal and eyebrow grooming, or do you think she s had plastic surgery?

[Image: Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

Atlanta Plumber – Call Now For Atlanta Plumbing Services #water #removal #services #atlanta

Atlanta Plumbers 24 Hour Plumbing Services in Atlanta, Ga.

Call Atlanta Plumbers Today: 770-339-8359

Akins Plumbing is the best choice for your Metro Atlanta Plumbing needs. We offer a full service line for residential customers in the Plumbing, Septic Tank, Sewer and Leak Detection fields. Most companies will send out technicians from three or four different companies – we’re different! We have experts of each category in house. This saves you time and money!

Wherever you are – from Atlanta to Athens – we have you covered 24/7/365. Akins Plumbing is here to help you through any difficult times. We understand that no problem is a small problem when it comes to your home’s plumbing system. A leaky toilet or faucet can cause havoc on your home and end up costing thousands of dollars to repair and restore. Our goal is to diagnose your plumbing, septic tank or sewer emergency as quickly as possible. The quicker we can find your problem the less damage your house will incur. When we say we are a different kind of company – we really mean it! We are family owned and operated since 1986 with the same master plumber at the helm from the start! Our company started off as a small plumbing service company servicing North Georgia’s plumbing needs. While we have grown tremendously over the years, we have never compromised our dedication to excellent service and taking care of our valuable customers.

A real live plumber will ALWAYS answer your phone call when you call Akins Plumber. Stop wasting time on appointment setters and receptionists. When you call Akins you are immediately talking to a master plumber that can begin helping you with your issues from the start. A few minutes can make a huge difference to the health of your home or business! We think it’s pretty simple: we keep our customers satisfied and taken care of for a fair price, we believe if you treat your customers right and perform expert quality work you will gain not only customers for life, but also the trust of the community. In fact, we are so sure you will agree with guarantee it. If you are not 100% completely satisfied with our work or service you can talk to the owner directly over the phone or via email ( [email protected] ). We will take care of you and any issue you have.

Akins Plumbing is proud of the relationships with our community and professional organizations we have built over the past 30 years. We believe our customers care about our past and service record – so here it is: A+ Better Business Bureau rating from the start! We take great pride in our BBB A+ rating and you should too never compromise for a company that isn’t dedicated to satisfying the customer. In addition to our perfect BBB rating, we have been licensed, bonded and insured with the same policy for over 15 years – talk about stability! We are also members of various industry trade organizations that further our education and keep us up to date on new industry technology and techniques. These organizations include: Member of the National Society of Sanitary Engineering, Georgia Onsite Waste Water Association, Georgia Plumbing Trade Association, Master Plumber (Class 2 unrestricted), State Certified Septic Tank Installer,

Akins Plumbing is a proud member of theBetter Business Bureau with an A+ Rating! See why we are the best Atlanta Plumber!

We are proud to service the North Metro Atlanta area for all of your plumbing, septic tank, and leak detection needs. All of our technicians are trained fully in all of our areas or expertise. Why call multiple companies? We can take care of it all with one simple phone call or email. If you are looking for more information on our septic division, please click here for our Atlanta Septic Tanks page.

Atlanta Plumbing Services

We know there are hundreds of Atlanta Plumbers to choose from, let Akins Plumbing be your service experts! We can tackle any job, no matter the size! We employ only the most skilled and experienced professionals available in our industry. Each Akins Plumbing employee is extensively trained with hundreds of hours of expert training each year. We are also fully insured and bonded so you can rest easy knowing your job will be done right the first time! Call us now at 770-339-8359 and we let us worry about your emergencies.

We can fix any problems you may have, from a simple leaky faucet in your kitchen or bathroom to a complete kitchen renovation! Each and every project is completely guaranteed and of course, we quote all of our work up front NO SURPRISES! Click here to read more

Atlanta Septic Tank Services

Looking for a reliable expert in Atlanta Septic Tank services? The best way to maintain your home is to make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent disasters. Your plumbing and septic tank system are no different. Your septic tank should be pumped every 3-5 years to maintain maximum health of your system. Failure to maintain your septic system can result in thousands of dollars of repairs in the end. At Akins Plumbing we want to be your maintenance partner to ensure you aren’t coming out of pocket with unnecessary repair bills. Don’t worry if your system is having issues – we will get you back to tip top shape in no time. Akins Plumber explains each and every step and keeps you informed of your project’s progress. We treat our customers the same way we would our own family. You will never be charged for unnecessary repairs or expenses. You pay for the quality of the job and when the job is complete and satisfactory. We also warranty each and every project we perform. Simply give us a call if you aren’t completely satisfied and we will make it right for you.

Give us a call today and see if it s time for you to schedule your septic tank pump or services and save thousands of dollars in the long run! We use the latest chemicals and devices in the industry to protect your septic tank system and the health of your family! Click here to read more

Atlanta Leak Detection

Pesky leaks may not seem like a big problem for your house, but a leak over the course of time can turn into a very large headache and end up costing thousands of dollars in damage. Call Akins Plumber today and see how we can expertly locate leaks inside of outside. We use only the best technology in all of our leak detection projects.

Call us today and save thousands of dollars in the long run. Once we find your leak, we will complete the repair right on the spot. Don t wait! Call today before your leak turns into a disaster! Click here to read more

Why Choose Us for your Atlanta Plumbing?

Plumbing issues are common and unfortunately pretty frequent in cities like Atlanta, Georgia. Atlanta is a city that has many older buildings and older buildings usually have many Atlanta leak issues and other Atlanta plumbing problems. People in the downtown area are especially vulnerable to emergency plumbing situations since pipes are often made from outdated and unreliable materials. We are well aware that emergencies can arise at any time so we offer emergency services to residents of Atlanta. Call us any time day or night and we will answer the phones. We are here every day of the year, including weekends and all holidays! There is no time you will call and we won’t be there for you.

Many of the residents in the houses around the city are setup on Atlanta septic systems instead of sewer systems common to other areas. We offer full septic services to residents ranging from Atlanta leak detection tests to complete Atlanta septic tank installation and replacement. You can call us today to schedule your appointment or you can book online today. Booking online is recommended for non-emergency services and you can receive a 10% discount when you make your appointment using our website.

Ricky Akins founded our company in 1986 with the mission to serve the area and earn a stellar reputation amongst the residents. Akins has since earned the reputation we deserve and we have many repeat customers who would recommend us to their neighbors. Of course, we are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau too!

Our Service Area

From Atlanta to Athens, we have you covered when you need work done to your home. We live here, we grew up here and we are proud to now service our fellow Georgians in their time of need. No one enjoys calling a plumbing company and it can be a stressful time for you. We are different.

If you aren’t in our service area we can make exceptions to come to your home. If we can’t, we will recommend a reputable company or partner in your area. We can’t guarantee their work, but we will not recommend a company to you that we wouldn’t use ourselves. If you aren’t sure or have any questions about our service area call us at 770-339-8359 or email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Cost of Mold Remediation – Estimates and Prices Paid #mold #remediation, #mold #remediation #cost, #mold #remediation #prices, #mold #removal #cost, #mold #remediation #costs, #mold #remediation #price, #cost #of #mold #remediation,how #much #mold #remediation #cost, #average #cost #mold #remediation


Mold Remediation Cost

Molds are simple organisms (fungi) that grow on almost any organic substance as long as there’s oxygen and moisture. Small amounts of indoor mold are normal, but large quantities can cause odors, health problems [1 ] and, in some cases, structural damage to wood. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) offers “A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture, and Your Home” [2 ] .

  • If the mold is confined to a surface area of no more than 10 square feet (about 3-feet-by-3-feet), the EPA suggests you can remove it yourself [3 ] by scrubbing hard surfaces with detergent and water, then drying.
  • Removing mold from an average house crawlspace [4 ] ranges from $500-$4,000, according to Charter Oak Environmental of Connecticut. Overall, a typical mold remediation project to remove mold from the ducts, crawl spaces, walls and attic of a house runs around $2,000-$6,000. And if the mold has caused widespread structural damage, repair costs can increase the total to as much as $10,000-$30,000 or more.

Related articles: Mold Inspection. Lead Paint Abatement. Asbestos Removal

What should be included:

  • Also called mildew, mold can grow on wood, paper, carpet and food. Although some forms of mold are extremely dangerous or even toxic, most molds are relatively harmless. To reproduce, molds release tiny spores which are often (but not always) airborne. It’s not possible to eliminate all mold and mold spores — the key to controlling mold growth inside your home is controlling moisture. Fix any leaky plumbing or other sources of water, and dry any water-damaged items or areas with 24-48 hours to prevent mold growth. North Carolina State University’s Cooperative Extension Program provides a mildew prevention guide [5 ] .
  • Even when mold is dead, the remains can still cause health problems. Remediation includes killing the mold and removing it. Specialized professional equipment includes air scrubbers, HEPA-filtered air movers, industrial-strength biocides and moisture meters. When mold is disturbed, it sends out reproductive spores — so it’s essential to prevent the spread of mold during the cleanup process. Workers wear respirators, gloves and special protective clothing. The work area should be surrounded by plastic sheeting, and all air vents, doors or other openings covered. A large project or a toxic mold may require a decontamination chamber or airlock for entering or exiting the work area. North Carolina State University provides mold remediation guidelines [6 ] .

Additional costs:

  • Usually mold testing or inspection should be done before the remediation work to determine the extent of the problem, and afterward to be sure the process was successful. Although some remediation companies offer free inspections, many industry experts recommend having the inspections done by a different firm.
  • The presence of mold means there’s a water problem that must be fixed or the mold will return. This could require new plumbing; improving your home’s ventilation or drainage; moving air conditioning units out of the attic; adding a vapor barrier; or repairing or replacing the roof. Costs will depend on the type and extent of the problem.
  • If there is toxic mold or the remediation area is large, it may be necessary to pay for other housing until the work is done.


  • The cost of mold remediation might be tax deductible [7 ] ; check with your tax professional or the IRS [8 ] .

Shopping for mold remediation:

  • Mold spreads easily when disturbed, and an untrained mold remediation contractor can do more harm than good. Check with your state licensing board [9 ] to be sure a contractor is licensed specifically for mold remediation. Request and check references; ask about training, certification and experience; know exactly who in the company will perform any needed work; and be sure the company has general liability insurance. Check for any complaints with the Better Business Bureau [10 ]. A Texas company explains how to select [11 ] a mold remediation contractor.
  • There are a number of organizations offering mold “certification” — some require only a fee or an online course to qualify as a certified expert. Check to be sure that your contractor is certified by a group requiring training, experience and testing. Referrals are available from the American Council for Accredited Certification.

Extent of Damage: Attic space

April 2015 (drop down box does not give 2015 as an option)
I bought a 1600+ sq ft ranch house that needed mold remediation in the attic. My best guess of why the mold was there is perhaps when the previous owner replaced the roof, they forgot to properly ventilate the three bathrooms and they covered the soffit vents with insulation to save money on heating bill. The roof is about 7-10 years old, so I’m guessing this was how long the house had improper ventilation.
The company I hired for mold remediation in my attic used mostly bleach. I didn’t do much research beforehand, but in the documents that I signed, the contractor said they would use Microban, ShockWave, SurfaceShield, and bleach
It is too early to determine the quality of the job they did. If you’re reading this at a later date, please email me if you’d like an update.

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Extent of Damage:

If you have or suspect mold in your house, basement, attic or crawl space; then I strongly suggest hiring a professional to inspect and remediate the problem. Ask for certifications. And not just GL insurance but also Environmental Pollution (EP) insurance. If one doesn’t have EP insurance then any damage from the remediation will not be covered by just their GL. EP covers mold water intrusions and is very expensive to have. trust me Also, the use of bleach is not recommended as it will cause an allergic reaction with some types of molds releasing harmful spores into the air. An antimicrobial solution should be used to remediate the mold. This type of product cost about $25-$35 more a gallon than bleach. That’s why unprofessional contractors have taken jobs away from me because they were cheaper. They also used bleach in which the home owners had no idea of the risk. If your in VA and have ?’s about mold, please feel free to contact me. Hope this helps. D. Nixon 804.437.0870

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Extent of Damage: basement

If you are willing to buy a house with mold or one that has flooded in the past (whether or not the seller allegedly clean it out), the best thing that you can do is to hire an environmental specialist to inspect the damage first (this is not covered in the initial inspection of the home as this is not part of their job description). They will be able inform you how much damage there really is and give you an estimate of how much it will cost to repair the damages. If there is visible damage, there is a definite possibly that the mold spead to the structure of the house as well. If there is no visible damage, there may be damage under the paneling or wall that you can not see. This also has the possiblity of causing structural damage. Weighing the results from the environmental specialist’s views will help you to determine if the house is worth it in the end. If you choose not to use an environmental specialist due to costs, you are better off finding another house because the damages are could be higher than hiring a professional only for an estimate. Especiially seeing that many of them will do the estimate for free.

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Well, I was looking in purcharing this house when I readed on it, it’s SOLD AS IS an I read in the clause that it has mold in the house but I don’t know how bad it is. I really like the house but I’m not to sure should I get the house since I have three small children an my finacee is like really back out the deal cause he thinking about the saftey for my kids. I’m not to sure should I go head an buy it an spend more money on the house or should I keep looking for something else?

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Mold Removal Coral Springs – Mold Remediation Coral Springs #coral #springs, #black #mold #removal #coral #springs, #kill #mold #coral #springs, #mold #mildew, #mold #removal #coral #springs, #cleaning #mold


Call Us Today For a Consultation at: (954) 691-0698

Mold Remediation Coral Springs – Mold Removal Company

We have probably all encountered mold at one time or another. It might have been in the shower, or on a stale piece of bread or wet drywall. Mold is part of the natural decay process of organic materials. There are many different species of mold, and while they are diverse, they share some common characteristics:

•Molds require oxygen, so they do not grow under water.
•Molds require moisture. To prevent mold, buildings must be kept dry.
•Molds are spread by tiny particles called “spores.”
•Molds require an organic food source. The most common food source indoors is cellulose, which is found in building materials such as wood and drywall.

•Active mold colonies more often than not release a very unpleasant, musty odor.
•Because it will eventually destroy whatever surface it grows on. The job of mold is to digest, decay and recycle dead organic matter.
•Exposure to mold spores can cause mild to severe allergic reactions, depending on individual sensitivity.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a helpful guidebook for homeowners about the cleanup and prevention of mold problems in homes. This booklet, entitled “A Brief Guide to Mold, Moisture and Your Home”, can help you decide when you can handle mold cleanup yourself and when you should call a licensed professional.

Living or working in a moldy home or building is not advised just because the extent of the effects of mold is still to be determined. The obvious response is to address water intrusion issues quickly and thoroughly, before mold has the chance to grow. Water Damage Coral Springs in the Coral Springs area is one of the industry leaders in professional water damage mitigation and restoration services and is ready to serve you. Our mold technicians are certified to handle the problems associated with your loss. If you suspect you may have mold, call today for a complete inspection and estimate.

Our Services

Water Damage, Fire Damage, Mold Restoration Services #water #damage, #restoration, #cleanup, #flooding, #flooded, #fire #damage, #fire #damage #clean #up, #mold #damage, #black #mold, #mold #removal, #water #clean #up, #removing #water


SERVPRO of Greensboro North
Faster to Any Size Disaster

Residential and Commercial Restoration and Cleaning Services

SERVPRO of Greensboro North is a trusted leader in the restoration industry and has the training, equipment, and expertise to handle your restoration and cleaning needs. As a locally owned and operated business, we can provide 24-hour emergency service and are dedicated to responding immediately to commercial or residential needs.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any Size Disaster
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment

Have Questions? Call Us Today – (336) 379-1772

Residential Services

Whether you need emergency flood restoration or just need your upholstery cleaned, SERVPRO has over 1,700 Franchises ready to respond faster to any size disaster. SERVPRO of Greensboro North has advanced equipment and highly trained technicians to make it “Like it never even happened.” We can help you with the following residential services :

Commercial Services

Fire and water damage can interrupt your business operations in an instant without notice. An unexpected period of lost productivity and revenue can be devastating. SERVPRO of Greensboro North has the training, equipment, and resources to get your commercial property back to business quickly. Learn more about our commercial services :

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We are proud to be an active member of this community. SERVPRO of Greensboro North is locally owned and operated. so we’re already nearby and ready to help Greensboro, NC residents and business owners with any size cleaning or restoration emergencies.

We are proud to serve our local communities:

Commercial Weed Control & Prevention UK #weed #control #north #east, #commercial #weed #control, #weed #removal, #weed #prevention, #weed #spray #control, #commercial #weed #removal, #insect #control, #weed #control, #invasive #plants #removal, #herbicide #control


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  • 14/02/2017 09:54AM New Complete Weed Control team for East Midlands Complete Weed Control, the UK’s largest weed control contractor, has announced Conor Flynn as its newest franchisee to operate in the East Midlands. Conor is the latest to join Complete Weed Control and after working with cars for the majority of his working career, he decided that it was time for a change of direction. When the opportunity arose to join Complete Weed Control he decided to learn more about the company, which ultimately played a major factor in his decision to alter his career path. “I’ve worked with cars all my life, whether it is sales, events or driving around a track. Cars are my passion but when the chance arose to join Complete Weed Control I think the opportunity was just too good to ignore. “I met with managing director Ian Graham, to find out more on the company and learn about what would be involved in the daily running of the business – and that made my mind up.” Conor spent a year learning the business inside out by working under David Cocks, who had been in charge of the East Midlands area since 2000. Having recently just taken over the full day-to-day running of the business, Conor feels he is now ready to push on and grow the business. “I’ve got some great clients and work at some fabulous places, which includes golf courses and sports clubs and I’m really enjoying it so far. My plan is to keep growing and building on the relationships that David has built up over the past 16 years.” Since its beginnings in 1972, Complete Weed Control has gone from strength to strength and has built a reputation as the most professional and relied upon weed control contractor in the UK. The CWC group has been complimented by its hugely successful business model. Every inch of the UK is now occupied by a Complete Weed Control operative and also has a growing presence in Ireland. “It’s an incredibly progressive and forward thinking company, says Conor. “Head office is always on hand to provide you with support and everyone has a high ambition which is a great motivation. “I’m really looking forward to the road ahead with Complete Weed Control. It is great to be a part of this company.” For more information, please contact Complete Weed Control’s national office on 01325 324 277. Read More
  • 06/02/2017 12:25PM Statement regarding BTME and SALTEX In a company statement, Ian Graham – managing director of Complete Weed Control has announced that the company will no longer exhibit at BTME or SALTEX. “Historically both shows have been successful events which have resulted in good levels of interest. However, BTME and SALTEX enquiry numbers and values have been in steady decline. As a consequence our continuing presence has become a topic of conversation each year. “We have attended the two exhibitions since 1983 and therefore our decision to withdraw has not being an easy one. Overall, the budget for both shows, including stand space, time and all other associated costs, runs into many tens of thousands of pounds. We are very confident that this sum of money will be better diverted into digital and online channels where we have seen an increase in enquiry levels over the same period.” “It is also our intention to put together a series of regional events where we can invite existing and potential clients along to discuss the various services we can provide. Our opinion is that trade shows in general are becoming obsolete as a consequence of the success of digital platforms. Customers can find information quickly and at their own convenience whilst vendors are far more willing to visit a client for bespoke demonstration of their equipment or services. We will continue to attend both shows in the capacity of visitors and wish both BTME and SALTEX the very best for the future.” Read More

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Welcome to COIT Fort Lauderdale!

Fort Lauderdale offers residents a wonderful quality of life, with ample beaches, waterways, dining, and shopping, as well as countless other activities all available. The many scenic inland waterways have led to Fort Lauderdale being called the “Venice of America.” The semi-tropical climate and lush vegetation, and the diverse range of employment opportunities make it one of Florida’s most attractive places to live, work, and raise a family.

Our Services

For carpet cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. the COIT system performs like no other. Our truck-mounted equipment works to remove dirt, bacteria, dust mites, and allergens that have settled deep within the carpet fibers – offering impressive results that far exceed what other carpet cleaners can provide. Our expert team performs deep, thorough cleaning with special attention to high traffic areas and stains for a fresh appearance that is above and beyond what other Fort Lauderdale services perform. With over 67 years using the most advanced equipment and cleaning products, our experts get the job done correctly.

For air duct cleaning services that thoroughly remove allergens, dust, dirt, pollen, pet dander, pollutants, and other unhealthy particles that build up in your system, put your trust in COIT. Not only will the air be made healthier, your HVAC system can perform as it should — and your electricity bills could be lower as a result. Our exclusive HEPA-Aire vacuum and Aire-Sweep compressor work to pull out even the smallest particles – up to 1/300th the size of a human hair. Want cleaner, healthier indoor air? For air duct cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. talk to our friendly, respectful, and professional team at COIT.

Area rug cleaners employ various methods – and not all of them are created equally. At COIT, our experts are trained to treat area rugs correctly, and to use the right approach for the fiber and dyes used. Protecting valuable area rugs is important, and our professionals can help you keep Persian carpets fresh and clean without damage. The first step is to evaluate the condition of the rug to determine how to best bring them back to life, fully cleaned, and free from the dust, dirt, allergens, and other particles that have lodged deep in the fibers. For area rug cleaning in Fort Lauderdale from a team that you can trust to treat your rugs with respect and care, contact COIT.

Drapes and blinds protect your home from the blazing summer sun, but also attract dirt, dust, allergens, and bacteria. Our team of experts can restore your drapes, leaving them looking perfect, with pleats and hems where they should be. COIT can also keep your blinds spotless and free from the dust and dirt that makes your indoor air less clean and healthy. For expert drapery and blind cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. you can trust our experts to do the job correctly, and to care for your home as if it was our own. We also offer free take-down and rehanging, and all our services are guaranteed.

Grout cleaners purchased in stores often fail to restore a bright white to grout in showers, counters, and floors. For outstanding results, our COIT team of experts employs a specialized deep-cleaning grout cleaning machine, specially designed to cut through mold, mildew, bacteria, and stains that make your tiled areas unhealthy and unattractive. Tired of trying to scrub out stubborn stains? Let our experts do the job thoroughly, leaving your tiled shower, counters, floors, or outdoor tiled areas looking spotless and clean. For tile and grout cleaning in Fort Lauderdale that will restore the shine and leave the area free from unhealthy bacteria, call our experts at COIT.

Keeping your furniture upholstery free from dirt, dust, stains, and allergens will prolong the life of your pieces, as well as keep your home smelling fresh and clean. Do-it-yourself furniture cleaning can damage your investment; every fabric or other covering must be treated with the correct cleaning solution and process. Our experts can properly clean all types of upholstery, including the most difficult or delicate coverings such as silk, velvet, suede or leather. Our deep cleaning treatment removes surface stains and refreshes your furniture by removing any unpleasant or musty odors. For professional upholstery cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. you can trust the COIT team to do the job correctly.

Over time, stone floors, counters, showers, tiles, and wall treatments can lose their luster and start to appear dull and dirty. Our team of experts uses specialized professional cleaning agents, grease cutters, and compounds to return the stone to a gleaming, beautiful condition. Scratches, etches and wear marks are removed, and your stone floors, counters, or outdoor areas will be fully restored. A special sealant is applied after the stone is restored, to protect against future damage. For marble cleaning, granite cleaning, and natural stone cleaning in Fort Lauderdale. you can trust our professionals.

Many Fort Lauderdale homes have beautiful wood floors, but as time passes, they can lose their natural luster and shine. Cleaning wood floors with mopping and waxing does not thoroughly remove the ground-in particles of dirt, dust, allergens, and other contaminants that collect in the seams, corners, and on the surface of your floors. COIT’s expert wood floor cleaning in Fort Lauderdale involves several steps to achieve the ultimate in clean and shine – without expensive sanding. Your floors are cleaned not once, but twice to eliminate even the tiniest particles of dirt or residue, and given a top coat in gloss or satin for a truly streak-free shine.

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Water, Fire or Wind Damage.
When Disaster Strikes, ARG Will Be There!

Don’t let water damage, fire damage, or wind damage shut you down! Whether it is a natural disaster such as severe floods, storms or earthquakes, or more common emergencies like leaking or burst pipes, fire or smoke damage; a well prepared property manager or home owner is ready to handle the type of problems that will arise. Acting immediately after the emergency can save time and dollars in the restoration process.

American Restores Group provides Full Disaster Restoration Services

We specialize in complete water damage and fire damage restoration services to help put our customer’s minds at ease – minimize loss – when it comes to the property damage that natural disasters, accidents or other acts can cause. No matter how extensive the damage or difficult the job; commercial, industrial or residential, American Restores Group can handle it!

ARG is on the leading edge of the industry when it comes to using state-of-the-art restoration technology and equipment. ARG successfully restores water, fire and wind damaged property, shortening restoration time and reducing claim amounts.

American Restores Group has experienced and fully trained personnel who are ready to roll at a moment’s notice with a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles to handle virtually any job.

American Restores Group Specializes in:

  • Quick Response
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Trained Personnel
  • Water Extraction
  • Wet Carpet & Pad Removal
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Structural Dehumidification
  • Contents Restoration
  • Drying
  • Temporary Heat
  • Mold Remediation
  • Fire Damage Repair
  • Board-Ups
  • Smoke & Soot Removal
  • Smoke Damage Cleanup
  • Cleaning & Deodorizing

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Water Damage, Mold Removal – Fire Damage #water #damage, #mold #removal, #fire #damage

Rouse Inc. Restoration, is the leading provider of water and fire damage restoration services in the Baltimore area. With most every home expected to experience some form of water or fire damage at some point, it is imperative to call the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the industry to take care of your home and your possessions.

Water Damage

Water can affect your home any number of ways, from small leaks that go unnoticed until the damage is done, to large scale flooding problems that can literally shift your home on its foundation. The damage left behind can be overwhelming, and the long term problems that crop up as a result can make a bad situation even worse. In many ways, water is a more serious threat to your home than fire, because water will continue to cause damage until it has been removed and the area properly dried out and treated. Our team of experienced professionals uses the latest tools and procedures to remove the water and return your home to its pre loss condition. We will also dry and clean all carpets and rugs, upholstery, and furniture, dehumidify the property, and deal with any mold or mildew that may have occurred as a result.

Mold Remediation

Mold is the single most common byproduct of water damage. and can in many ways be an even greater problem. Water can be dried out, while mold continues to grow and spread rapidly. Mold that is touched or otherwise disturbed releases hundreds of thousands of spores into the air, meaning that you can conceivably end up with multiple growths in your home. While most molds are not dangerous, they are unsightly and may produce a disagreeable smell. Those molds that are dangerous can cause various health problems ranging from slight allergic reactions and skin irritations, to coughing sneezing, and even respiratory problems requiring a doctor’s attention. No, mold needs to be taken care of, and the staff at Rouse Inc. Restoration is able to handle any size mold problem, containing the growth, removing it, and most importantly, treating the affected area to improve ventilation and bring down relative humidity. Doing so ensures that the mold will not return in the future.

Fire Damage

Few elements can ravage a home or business like a fire. Flames can destroy property within minutes, and the residual effects from smoke damage can be just as bad. It is of utmost importance to isolate the damaged area and completely repair and restore all affected rooms in the home. This may include the scrubbing and cleaning of walls and flooring, as well as removal of smoke odor and airborne ash and soot. Fire can also adversely affect the structural integrity of the home, and proper restoration means repairing all structural support members and making the home safe for habitation. Our staff at Rouse Inc. Restoration are ready and able to handle even the largest cases of fire and smoke damage.

Rouse Inc. Restoration is a family owned and operated company comprised of third generation restoration professionals. Owner John Rouse remains involved in the cleaning process and can be found out in the field most every day. This hands on approach and commitment to excellence and first rate customer service. We treat every job as if the home we are working on is our own, which means using biodegradable and hypoallergenic chemicals that are completely safe for children and pets. Rouse Inc. Restoration serves the greater Baltimore area. Call our office at (443) 224-5294 .

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are the repository of every possible stain or spill that can occur in your home, and as such require thorough cleaning in order to maintain the beauty of your home and health of your family. Carpets are a natural magnet for pet urine and related odors, ink, sodas or tea spills, and even mud and dirt tracked in from the outside. At Rouse Inc. Restoration, our goal is to return your carpets to like new condition, using only biodegradable materials that do not leave sticky residue, unpleasant odors, or chaffed areas. We highly recommend that carpets receive a thorough cleaning at least once per year. Doing so increases the aesthetic appearance of your home, and this may prove invaluable for purposes of resale or rental. As with our other services, all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Sewage Cleanup

The damage caused by sewage and other contaminated water can be devastating, resulting in a myriad of long-term problems that worsen over time. The best way to deal with sewage contamination on your property is to get it taken care of quickly! The health hazards presented by a sewage leak can be serious, which is why you should always seek professional help when dealing with a situation like this. It is important to observe proper safety procedures when removing contaminated water from an area, and, like any water damage scenario, the hard work is just beginning. Once our service technicians arrive on the job, we won’t stop until we have your sewage contamination situation under control. This means not only removing the water from the affected area but also excess moisture from the air and surrounding rooms, as well as cleaning and decontaminating all affected materials. We will clean and dry your upholstery, carpeting, and furniture as well as lowering the humidity back to acceptable levels to avoid further damage from mold.

Service Area

  • Anne Arundel
  • Baltimore
  • Baltimore City
  • Carroll
  • Frederick
  • Harford
  • Howard
  • Montgomery
  • Prince Georges

District of Columbia

Why Choose Us?

  • Free Estimates
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Two thumbs up to the team at Rouse Inc. Restoration for the professional work they did when our basement flooded. When I first saw the basement I thought everything was gone, however the team was so knowledgeable about the water damage restoration process that everything was saved! Thanks again for going above and beyond!

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Laser Hair Removal Before and After Photos #laser #hair #removal #before #and #after #photos, #hair #removal #laser, #hair #removal #lasers, #laser #hair #removal #information, #laser #hair #removal #photos.


Laser Hair Removal Photos

Browse our photos to see the results of laser hair removal. These photos include case histories, tracking clients results after treatment with the Candela GentleLASE .

We don’t want to take up your time waiting for images to load. Because we have had many requests for before and after pictures we want to give you a chance to preview each photo – you can decide which photos to wait for. However. it is worth the wait to enlarge the image. These photos are detailed and look better larger !

Female Underarm Before

Female Underarm After

Before Laser Hair Removal
(photo flash was not used)

Immediately Following Laser Hair Removal Treatment. The shiny glare is from a double antibiotic ointment that was applied to speed the healing process.
Notice that there is minimal redness following treatment.