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15 Things You Should Know about Safe Deposit Boxes

I ve had a safe deposit box for over a year now. When I first got mine I did some research on safe deposit boxes and thought I d share some of what I found out.

1. Safe deposit boxes are pretty affordable. I have one that is roughly four inches high by six inches wide and two feet long, which costs me $20 per year. The larger the size the higher the price. Annual fees for boxes typically range in price from $20-$150.

2. The contents of a safe deposit boxes are not covered by FDIC insurance.

3. Store copies of important documents in multiple locations. Don t leave the only copy of an important document such as a will, mortgage, title, or insurance policy in your safe deposit box.

4. Seal documents in a zip lock bag or Tupperware for added protection. According to a few articles I ve read, flooding is one of the most common hazards to safe deposit boxes.

5. If given the choice, choose a box that is higher up off the floor to give you greater protection from flooding.

6. Never store a passport or any document you might need to get a hold of in emergency in a safe deposit box. What would you do if you needed to get a hold of an important document in your box when the bank is closed.

7. When you first get your safe deposit box ask the bank if there is a number you can call to get access to your box in case of an emergency when the bank is closed.

8. Consider giving a trustworthy person such as a parent or sibling access to your safe deposit box in the event you become disabled or are out of the country and need access to an important document inside your box. This person will need to sign a signature card to gain access to your box.

9. Talk to your insurance agent to see whether your homeowners coverage extends to items in your safe deposit box.

10. Keep an inventory of what s in your safe deposit box and take a picture of the contents to help you with making a claim.

11. Make sure to pay the box rent as the contents of the box may be seized as unclaimed property by the sate if it goes unpaid.

12. When I opened up a safe deposit box the banker told me that it was illegal to store U.S. cash in your box. The banker said this is considered taking currency out of circulation which is against federal law. I read an online post by another commenter whose attorney and banker confirmed this. However, I don t believe it is widely known that you are not allowed to store cash in your safe deposit box. I asked my banker if you could store foreign currency in a safe deposit box but she didn t know. I assume it s ok.

13. Many people use safe deposit boxes to store precious metals like gold and silver. In the 1930 s it became illegal to own gold and it was confiscated by the U.S. government. When you went to your box a bank representative would have to make sure there was no gold in your box. If there was, they confiscated it and paid you the prevailing price for your gold in cash. I don t believe this will happen again, for one thing, back in the thirties the dollar was pegged to gold which was the primary driver of the policy. We have since gone completely off the gold standard and the dollar is no longer pegged to gold.

14. If you just want to store copies of important documents you might want to consider an online safe deposit box as an alternative. Some banks are starting to offer these, but check the price because they can sometimes cost more than physical safe deposit boxes which doesn t make much sense to me. If you re not too concerned with security you could also store documents with an online e-mail service like gmail or Yahoo mail.

15. Safe deposit boxes are pretty popular. At one of my local banks not one single box was available. If you are considering getting a box you may want to enquire with your local bank as to availability and move quickly if there are only a few left.

Do you have any safe deposit box tips? Please share them in the comments below.

Six tips for driving long distances #motoring, #long #distance #driving, #long #car


Six tips for driving long distances

There is a real pleasure in driving long distances. Even on today s congested roads; the freedom, the sense of adventure, the sheer joy of the road unfolding before you. But without proper planning, your adventure could turn into a nightmare.

Here are our top tips on how to enjoy your long journey in safety.

1. Keep your car in good condition

If you keep your car serviced regularly and check the basics before a long journey, your car is unlikely to let you down.

This means checking the oil, water and fuel levels, making sure all your lights work, and making sure your tyres are at the correct pressure. By doing so you ll be avoiding the most common causes of breakdowns at a stroke.

Read our simple tips for maintaining your car

For extra peace of mind, you might like to consider taking out Saga Breakdown Assistance .

2. Pack an emergency kit

It s important to keep an emergency kit in your car at all times.

It needn t be expensive or take up much room, as it only needs to contain a first aid kit, spare fuses and bulbs for the car, a foot pump or tyre inflator, tyre pressure gauge, a litre of engine oil, a road atlas, a couple of snack bars and a bottle of drinking water.

If you add a couple of blankets and a shovel in the winter, this should help keep you mobile no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

Try our ultimate guide to driving in the snow

3. Plan your route

Why not plan your route to take in a tourist attraction or somewhere you d like to see? It might add time to your journey but you ll end up enjoying the trip more, breaking the monotony (important if you re using a lot of motorways), and turning a necessity into an adventurous road trip!

4. Take regular breaks

The Government s advice portal recommends taking a 15-minute break every two hours to avoid fatigue, a major cause of driver-related accidents.

It also suggests getting a good night s sleep before a long journey, stopping in a safe place whenever you feel tired, drinking a couple of cups of caffeinated coffee and taking a short snooze if you feel sleepy.

Four must-visit motorway services

5. Entertainment

Don t worry, we are not about to suggest a game of i-Spy! Long journeys can get tedious, so why not try a spoken-word book instead of the radio? Most libraries will lend them to you for free and they re a great way to help the time fly.

6. Take the road less travelled

Why not dodge motorways and use smaller roads instead? Yes, it will take longer but it s bound to me more interesting, and even if you want to do the bulk of your journey on them why not detour for a break?

Websites like offmotorway.com and nearthemotorway.co.uk provide an easy way to find great, independent places to eat and stay that are the antithesis of corporate bland.

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Great Stuff From Connect Safely

I have heard from numerous child safety experts who tell me that stories such as “the dangerous game has been linked to at least 130 teen deaths,” as reported in the British tabloid The Sun, are grossly exaggerated. And, it turns out that most of the initial stories about Blue Whale originated as fake news [ ]

Powerful people — politicians, media personalities and even the president of the United States, are publicly cyberbullying others. How do you tell your children to behave civilly when people in authority – perhaps people you or they admire – are acting badly

ConnectSafely.org, the Internet safety organization I co-founded does not take political stances, but we do stand against cyberbullying, which means we must speak out against it, even when it comes from the President of the United States.

This post first appeared in the San Jose Mercury News The latest global cyberattack is a good reminder of the importance of “safer computing.” Notice the “r” at the end of “safe.” Being 100 percent safe is a great goal, but it’s not attainable. But safer is easily attainable. Protecting your devices is like protecting [ ]

by Larry Magid Lecturing kids about internet safety has never been a good strategy. Conversations help, but engaging children in ways that are fun can have a much bigger impact. That’s why ConnectSafely is proud to partner with Google on its new Be Internet Awesome program, a fun way to help kids learn about internet safety, privacy [ ]

Scroll down for FTC tracking guidelines This post first appeared in the San Jose Mercury News On Tuesday, KCBS co-anchors Jeff Bell and Patti Reising and I talked about Google’s new plan to track brick-and-mortar transactions with online behavior during my daily live radio segment. But before I started explaining the plan, Patti began by [ ]

By Kerry Gallagher Often connected educators advise their new-to-the-PLN (personal learning network) colleagues to create a separate Twitter/Instagram/Facebook account for professional purposes. While most are already connected to family and friends on social media, many are not yet using social media as a means to professional learning and growth. Dipping their toes into using social [ ]

Read the guide online or download the PDF You’ve heard about fake news — stories that appear online and in media that are wholly or mostly fake. Sadly, it’s not likely to stop but as parents and educators, we can help stop the spread of fake news but helping our kids recognize it, not believe [ ]

Click to read guide (Palo Alto, CA. May 10, 2017) ConnectSafely.org, a leading nonprofit internet safety organization, is releasing the Parent Educator Guide to Media Literacy Fake News, now available for free online. The guide helps parents and educators understand not how to address the topic of “fake news,” but the larger issue [ ]

Comcast is giving parents more control over their WiFi networks, including how their kids are using devices in the home. The company is calling Xfinity xFi, “a new way to personalize, manage and control the home Wi-Fi experience.” The service, which will be immediately available to 10 million Comcast customers, allows users to: Set up their home [ ]

Great Stuff from Net Family News

The term “fake news” has largely (and rightfully) been discredited because, at best, it’s simplistic and, at worst, used to dismiss or discredit legitimate news providers. But there is such a thing as real fake news: misinformation and disinformation that goes viral in this digital age and then leads to real tragedy. So the “Blue Whale” [ ]

Now that I’ve just passed the 20-year mark of writing about youth and digital media, I thought I’d share with you my top takeaways as a participant observer in the Internet safety space. Here‘s Part 1. Now the three chunks of Part 2: 4. It’s individual, situational and contextual. Internet safety works best from the inside [ ]

I usually write about other people’s work – especially that of the researchers I’ve followed through the years. But now that I’ve just passed the 20-year mark in writing about youth and digital media (yikes!), I thought I’d share with you my own top takeaways as a participant observer of Internet safety’s early years. Here’s [ ]

This is Part 1 of my 2017 update on bullying and cyberbullying in the U.S. Part 2 will be insights from students themselves. If we want schools to be safe for all kids, we cannot ignore the direct connections between bullying, sexual harassment and homophobic name-calling in middle school. That’s according to groundbreaking research presented [ ]

June 11, 2017, adding an update in the form of author, journalist and game designer Andrea Angiolino’s response to sensationalist tabloid “coverage” in Italy of a new arrest in Russia – see the first sidebar below. My first post on the “Blue Whale challenge” was published March 13 here. Much has happened since then in a [ ]

Just from watching Engadget’s 6 min. video report about it I could tell “The Last Goodbye” – a 16 min. virtual reality experience that debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival that just wrapped in New York – will have a profound impact on anyone who experiences it. The reporter called it “emotionally harrowing.” So there [ ]

By now, if you live or work with young people, you’ve probably heard about “13 Reasons Why,” Netflix’s dramatic series about a teenager’s suicide. Based on a Young Adult book of the same title, the series – now a hot topic at schools in the U.S. and other countries – needs discussing. On one hand, [ ]

Google made a bit of history today, opening up its universe of apps and services to users under 13 as their parents design it. Family Link, the name of the new parental control toolset, describes it well: Parents download the tools to their own and the kids’ devices, then link them up for a whole [ ]

[Thank you to all commenters on this post! I’ve just posted an update (5/17/17) that I hope you’ll read before commenting further here.] It has been reported as real news here in the U.S. in recent weeks, just as it was earlier in eastern Europe, and what a dark, disrespectful message it sends about young [ ]

Hope Harbor Services, safe harbor treatment center.#Safe #harbor #treatment #center


Buena Vista Regional Medical Center

Safe harbor treatment center

Related Links

Hope Harbor

Safe harbor treatment center

Safe harbor treatment centerService since June 2002

Safe harbor treatment centerOperate independently

Safe harbor treatment center10 Bed unit

Safe harbor treatment centerAverage length of stay is 7-10 days

Safe harbor treatment centerGeriatric patients exclusively, 62 older


Safe harbor treatment centerComprehensive medical psychiatric evaluations

Safe harbor treatment centerIndividual group therapy daily

Safe harbor treatment centerPastoral counseling

Safe harbor treatment centerCommunity resource linkage

Safe harbor treatment centerSerial testing for cognition, anxiety depression

Safe harbor treatment centerNeuropsychological testing if needed

Safe harbor treatment centerOccupational, physical speech therapy

Safe harbor treatment centerDietitian

Safe harbor treatment centerWOC (Wound, Ostomy, and Continence) Nursing

Safe harbor treatment center

Safe harbor treatment centerSafe environment

Safe harbor treatment centerWhirlpool tub baths or showers

Safe harbor treatment centerSelf selection of menu items for meals

Safe harbor treatment centerIndividualized care plans

-encouragement of family/facility involvement

Safe harbor treatment centerPatient/family education

We Are Prepared To Help Those Individuals Who Are Dealing With One Or More Of The Following:

Safe harbor treatment centerMarked mood changes

Safe harbor treatment centerExcessive feelings of anger or aggression

Safe harbor treatment centerSudden onset of forgetfulness /or an inability to care for oneself

Safe harbor treatment centerSeeing or hearing things that others do not see or hear

Safe harbor treatment centerIssues related to changing health status, life roles illness, disability, or concerns about personal safety

Who Can Make A Referral

Safe harbor treatment centerPrimary care provider

Safe harbor treatment centerNursing care facilities

Safe harbor treatment centerA loved one

Safe harbor treatment centerAnyone concerned for the patients well being

Safe harbor treatment centerCourt committal if necessary

Affordable Self Storage in Hampton, VA #affordable #self #storage, #reviews, #ratings, #recommendations,


Affordable Self Storage

Information about this business (4 )

6 locations to serve you6 va locations to serve youavailable-boxes andceilings-truckscobbs creek shacklefordcontrolled unites-highgloucester matthews hampton poquoson safe-clean-climatethe friendlier morethe friendlier more affordable alternative 223910attr:climate controlledstorage household & commercial

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Affordable Storage Inc is located at the address 1635 W Pembroke Ave Ste A in Hampton, Virginia 23661. They can be contacted via phone at (757) 723-6551 for pricing, hours and directions.

Affordable Storage Inc has an annual sales volume of 0 – 500K. For more information contact Dan Bolkhel, Owner or go to www.affordablestorageva.com

Affordable Storage Inc provides Dry Storage Units, Self.

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We offer self storage to keep your personal items safe while you are moving, haveing work done to the house, TDY, or just need a place to put your access items till you can make room for them. We are open 7 days a week and will stay later if needed to assist with your move in. We are the friendlier more affordable storage company.

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Posted by Anonymous on June 30, 2009. Brought to you by merchantcircle.

Average Rating 20

I rented a unit for one month back in July 2007. As of today, March 4, 2008, I have not received my $10.00 deposit. I have spoken to them several times. I will not stop until I get my money. Are there others who have not gotten their deposit?

Posted by jj9801 on March 03, 2008. Brought to you by localguides.

Business description (5) view all

Affordable Storage can be found at W Pembroke Ave 1635. The following is offered: Warehouse Storage. The entry is present with us since Sep 9, 2010 and was last updated on Nov 14, 2013. In Hampton there are 6 other Warehouse Storage. An overview can be found here.

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Business, Climate Controlled, Home, Packing Supplies, Personal

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DMB Interlock – Safety Services, Inc #interlock #montana, #ignition #interlock, #ignition #interlock


DMB Interlock Safety Services, Inc has teamed up with Draeger Safety to provide our customers with the very best in Ignition Interlock products. We pride ourselves in being the very best at what we do and strictly adhere to our business ethics.

Our Customers and Employees are the very backbone to the success of DMB Interlock Safety Services. The owners will strive to ensure that each customer is treated with the utmost care and service, providing them the service they deserve. Our employees and Contract vendors will be compensated competitively, providing a work environment in which they can be proud to be a part of.

Our success will be ensured by providing our customers a personalized service during every transaction, with fanatical attention to detail in everything we do. The competitive strength of the company is outlined in our every day operating principals of Safety, Accuracy, Timeliness and personalized friendly service.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we are doing. We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you in the future.


DMB Interlock Safety Services is proud to announce our new partnership with SafeKey, Inc. to provide the States of Montana and North Dakota with the latest in GPS vehicle tracking devices and Voluntary Interlock devices.

F eatures S napshot:

  • Rapid and noninvasive assessment of reaction time – More
  • SOS feature – More
  • Theft prevention – More
  • Real time tracking – More
  • Results by SMS text messaging or Email alert – More
  • Remote access – More
  • GeoFence and defined routing capability – More